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Posted by Clearwater Revival (Farmer) on October 12, 2008 at 09:34:00

In Reply to: Re: Voting posted by Clearwater on October 11, 2008 at 21:10:03:

you said it better than Germany the percentage of those voting has dropped since a longer period...people are "voting-tired" it is coined here...due to the sentiment, that people don't get the "politics they want" or thought they would get, according to the own promises of the politicians or they make outrageous "mistakes".

If you think of it, in Germany you have 2 main Christian democratic parties/unions, the leaders of those parties often act, as if they hardly ever read the Bible, with offences as far as adultery...the Italian counterpart has decades ago been so "decent" by changing it's name altogether...I am therefore highly leery of politicians, people in great power, posing themselves as great Christians & by their politics actually proving, that they have either fooled themselves &/or the masses.

I said it several times before on the boards here, I have felt in the debate over the choice Kelly vsBush was an IMO unneeded/unwarranted drama...they happened to have both their Yale-society-background, leaving little leeway IMO in the final destination.I am really not convinced, that we as voters really have a lot of choice, good's more a farce, reminding of the villages/policy of Potemkin.

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