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Posted by Clearwater on October 11, 2008 at 21:10:03

Is there a way out of this mess? One guy is bad and other is worse. One guy is too old and other too young. The running mate of one is decent and of the other is an abusive power monger. After an 8-year monarchy one candidate wants to continue, the other will have a hard time undoing so many mistakes.

But then there is the positive optimistic nature of the citizens who can't do nothing else but do their best. The culprits of the mess will get to move out into the country, enjoy their old age, leave a off-shore great fortune to their progeny. And the new generations of Americans will once again try to rebuild their phoenix.

But under which leader? The one who has a hot temper and knows how to push the nuclear button? Or the idealistic pacifist who is bent on helping his unfortunate fellow citizens?

The majority of Americans are against the current administration but are driven by partisanship and blind ideology. They will want the old man with the abusive running mate to take over the country, and then the world. They are a dangerous bunch. They want to protect the unborn while defending the killing, maiming and destroying of thousands of children that had already been born. They say they are for peace but it is their view of peace, which means we want a piece of you.

We are in a mess. It is time to pray that sanity come to the country, instead of the American Pie.

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