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Posted by Farmer on August 28, 2011 at 17:03:52

In Reply to: Re: curious about this posted by long time exer on August 26, 2011 at 17:18:05:

LTE...didn't have time sooner to'll find, that quoted Gibo of Australia???!!...also responds to the above article...either he's into extreme sarcasm/irony...which I tend to quite often...or he's plain weird (or both ; ) )...anyway, the quote you refer to struck me too...there's something to it...thoughit's hard without further reference to comment on it particularly

You see...after TFI I really dug quite deep into the history of charismatic movements and there have been forerunner in church-history anyway...just have a look at the vita of several Catholic Saints...I think otherwise the charismatic movement either started in Keswick/England or rather in LA/USA D'souza street...what annoyed me most were the negative fallouts along the line, which makes it difficult to focuson "any positive"..I gave some links in the past of clips about Marjoe Gortner e.g....who exposed hiself and being a "child prodigy"/ex-preacher himself...he thereby pulled some plug out much of the phenomena coming along with such movements...

Just last week I saw the movie footloose...and the preacher also dwelled on the warning message first...I guess the movie playing in the Bible-Belt area of the US ???

Bycontrast, there are quite a few churches who insist on cessationism, that the outpouring with strong charismatas happened during NT-times...and those manifestations later ceased...along with tongues etc....forsuch churches it's "easier"...they say, that any such prophecying is out of man/imagination or plain from down under...this time I mean from the devil...not Australia ; )

But we could continue that on journeys...if you like...

Oh...and I do think, there has to be some warning...mixed with the message of love and hope...this mixture I see all the while in the NT

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