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Posted by consider the truth on October 03, 2013 at 11:39:11

In Reply to: Re: Personal Opinion posted by fh on October 01, 2013 at 04:52:33:

Mixed marriages don't always deal with problems if proactive. That couple I mentioned moved to an area in Spain where they could live peacefully and be true to themselves publicly and privately. The same could be said for mixed race couples who still would benefit from leaving certain areas of the USA, or same sex couples living in Cuba, Russia or certain areas of the USA where it is open season against them. Yes, berg was a chameleon for purposes of self gratification and a sense of extending his perceived power. I'd agree it's the same root as in political despots and totalitarian systems. I am a humanist with admiration for other humanists, religious or not, who care about the world around them. Unfortunately for some, they were driven to the protection of such a system so corporate greed would not destroy them or those they sought to help. I saw a photo of the earth on the web and it said "There is no backup plan for this planet. I find it sad when some believe God will take care of everything so it doesn't matter what we do to the planet or to each other because God's going to magically manufacture a whole new one and create a system where there's no more war or destruction and the lion will lay down with the lamb. It's a beautiful concept but in reality, imo, we humans are the ones that can choose to lay aside greed, prejudice, hatred and I don't see that on a global level in my lifetime. Still, it does not take away my own private choices about how I treat the world and others around me. I 'll never be perfect in aspiring to my ideals, but when I take better care of myself and what is around me I feel better.

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