Genocide is never acceptable

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Posted by humanizt on September 04, 2014 at 13:23:40

In Reply to: Re: The thing about humanitarian ideals posted by Student on September 04, 2014 at 08:36:25:

USA helped in WW II and we considered the resistance in the Warsaw ghetto to be heroes and freedom fighters. We responded to crimes against humanity which is why there are prominent people of Jewish heritage that are standing up against Genocide, O cupation and Apartheid now being exacted upon what remains (ever shrinking) of the Palestinian population. The recent 1000 acre LA d grab for Jewish settlements in the West Bank inland that belonged to Palestinians is a slap on the face after a supposed agreement to a truce. Israel is not following through with their promises but are in fact doing the opposite and then if Hamas reacts, they will be considered the truce breakers. The world is largely ignoring the slaughter of civilians there. In USA today, there are many Muslims. Palestinians are Muslim and Christian as main religions but are inclusive of all Including non believers which some of them are as well. This is not a religious war but an ethnic cleansing ignored because of the money trail. After all, we did not go after the Saudi's when 911 happened when the hijackers were Saudi and one or two from Yemen. Greed is the cause of the campaign against Palestinians. Look at the statistics of war in the region since July of 2008. There is no way this is anything other than .methodical ethnic cleansing/genocide. I am not antisemitic but I am anti-zionist. I don't believe genocide is ever justified and when it goes ignored it leads to extremism and desperation. What would you do if your entire family was wiped out after bombs took out your home while you were gone and your family had been given the impossible task of having EIGHT SECONDS to evacuate? Would you be singing Cumbaya?

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