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the grapevine
February 1, 1997
Issue #12

© February 1997, The Family, Zurich, Switzerland"©February1997,TheFamily,Zurich,Switzerland"

The Grapevine
consists of news from Family members around the world, and is not intended to be an official organ to reflect WS policy or views. Family policy and spiritual guidance will continue to be published in the GNs and FSMs.

world news

Latin America

       (From SPALIM:)
We are forging ahead on compiling the Spanish Electronic Library (HomeAR C). In a few short months the Spanish-speaking Family will have these precious treasures literally at their fingertips, with one touch of the keyboard. Another breakthrough is that our Family WEB site in Spanish is nearly finished and will soon be accessible on the Internet!

Christmas highlights


       (From EURCRO:) In the Ukraine, Channel 7 is regularly broadcasting the Kiddie Viddies and Treasure Attics in Russian, reaching 200,000 people. Another station (reaching 250,000 people acr oss the Crimean peninsula), will broadcast one Kiddie Viddie, one Treasure Attic and one Fantastic Friends show each week for a month. Another private TV station aired the Christmas Treasure Attic and Fantastic Friends on their children's program during December 25-27, reaching 200,000 people each time.


       (From ASCRO:) A close friend of the DF Home and important official, S., sponsored our Christmas program. He has been instrumental in making it possible for our YA and children's sin ging team to actively participate in a variety of anti-narcotics programs, including several nationally televised programs. The function room was overflowing with important guests, so much so that several times we had to have the hotel bring additional chairs, and there were still a number of people who had to stand. In the middle of the program, S. gave a touching speech about the Family, in which he explained how much he admires us and how he wants others to help support us.

South Africa

       (From Esther:) We held a Christmas party for 50 children from abused backgrounds and children's homes. The Lord provided presents for each one, as well as a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. We had a jumping castle, a little train ride and other fun things for them to do. Before opening their presents, they all prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Indian Subcontinent

       (From Gideon and Lily YA:) This field is 98% Muslim, and Christmas is not regarded as a holiday; thus we have to cre ate it! We did several performances for companies, handicapped centers, schools for the blind, and were able to give a sponsored set of videos to each of the centers where we did CTP shows for children. We got out 75 videos, 325 tapes, and won over 300 souls this Christmas. These are pretty cool figures for our Muslim field, where our witness and stats are normally more low-key.


       (From the Taiwan SC:) Wow! Oooh! Our fingers are burning from trying to keep up with the demand for CDs an d audio tapes this Christmas season! What a month! The tapes and CDs didn't just go like "hot cakes" -- that's a poor comparison. They went so fast that we had to go back to both our tape duper and CD duper twice with new orders. "Oh, us of little faith" at the SC! It was thrilling to see the tools go out like never before, and from all comments, the Christmas Treasures CD and audio tape were extremely popular!


       (From Jason [of Cedar], SGA/CRO:)Christmas Treasures was a hit! People just loved it (and we all loved it too!) which I think was one of the reasons that they sold so well -- we were sold on our product! The best yet! The tapes went out faster than we had anticipated! Our Home started with a goal of getting out 3,000 tapes and ended up getting out 5,000!
       The amazing thing about it was that it wasn't a struggle. It seemed like the Lord just carried us along! Although we tried to get in as much witnessing as possible, we also stopped for united Word time together and a n occasional day to rest, which seemed to be a key and kept everybody's batteries "charged."


       (From the young people at the Rose Garden Home:) Imagine! Eighty-eight world beauties piled into one city, and your Home happens to be in that city! Bangalore -- host of this year's Miss World contest! So what do you do? -- Keep up on the latest news about them and pray that somehow you bump into some of them?
       One day your mom comes home with the unexpected, always-dreamed-of-but-never-happe ns announcement! "We've been invited to do a short performance at a private Christmas party for ... (you have three guesses) ... all eighty-eight of the Miss World contestants and their escorts!" We were flipped and went to work right away practicing our dance routines, recording music and vocal tracks and getting our costumes ready. We had desperate prayer for the Lord to send His musical spirit helpers to help us, and that He would touch their hearts and make them fall in love with His Spirit.
       The big day finally arrived and the air was alive with excitement. Off we went to the Windsor Manor Hotel, where the party was to be held. Upon arrival, we were briefed about the evening, and learned that our appearance was to be a total surprise. When our cue was given, we jumped on stage before the crowd of over 300 people, as the MC gave a short but beautiful introduction about the Family.
       We jumped right into our version of "Jingle Bells," and the crowd went wild and began to clap, danc e and sing along. When we finished our first song, the whole crowd started shouting together, "More, more, more!" We then did the Christmas medley in various languages, which was perfect for the occasion. It really was quite an experience and a testimony of what the Lord can use, as this was our first time performing together. All glory goes to the Lord, as it turned out to be a beautiful, powerful witness to many influential people!


       (From Jeho, Consuelo and Home:) During our Christm as push, we had some of our close friends over to our house. When J. came, we sang songs together, our little singing team performed, and we took some time to ask the Lord to speak. It was just what J. needed, and we typed up the prophecies and gave him a copy. He gave $200 that evening and the following day gave us $2,000!
       Another friend, A., arranged for us to perform at the Korean community, for 40 or 50 people. We had a little stand with tools as well as a "donation box." When we opened th e box, it had $2,300 in it, and we had also sold about $600 worth of tools! They took us all to eat picanha (Brazilian steak -- the best beef you can get in Brazil) at a nice restaurant. What a treat!
       During the week the Lord blessed us as we kept hitting the "spots" (witnessing spots) with the CDs. We found a new little gas station en route to the local airport, and one day three of the girls got out 50 CDs between them. We also did a show for a home for homeless children and everyone got sav ed! This Christmas push was just miracle after miracle and the Lord supplied abundantly!
       The total score was 114 videos, 688 tapes and CDs, 2,500 posters and 165 souls! Our total income for the month was $16,700. -- Can you believe it?! This doesn't count the postdated checks and 30- and 60-day deposits which will also be coming in. It is a miracle!! Mama says that tool distribution would pay better than a System job if we would just dedicate as much time and effort to it, and proving it throu gh our Christmas push was a testimony to all of us.


       (From Margie, CRO:) Jerry and I had a burden to get the kids out witnessing on family days, and we also participated in a couple of shows in Tokyo, which was super inspiring!
       Doctor I. (our friend who helped us with Gabriel, our Down Syndrome boy) requested that we participate in the Christmas party he was holding for his Down Syndrome Association. There were 300 folks in attendance, and he invited several groups from the Family to perform. He shared the testimony of Gabriel, and people were extremely touched.
       He released for Christmas the Japanese translation of Angels Unaware. He wrote a beautiful post-face to the book, sharing the testimony of Gabriel, etc. It is so encouraging to see that this ministry the Lord helped us to start through Gabriel eight years ago is still continuing on. (Johanne and Lydia, with Paul and Maggie, also have a ministry to families of Down Syndrome children, where Doctor I. sends some of h is clients.)


       (From Andy and Joy:) We invited our many Chinese friends to our apartment for a special Christmas dinner. We watched the "Christmas Friends" Treasure Attic in Chinese with them, and our children also sang and performed in Chinese. Towards the end of our evening, Oliver (three years old) stood up and asked everyone if they would like a special Christmas gift -- to have Jesus as their best friend. Everyone responded, and Oliver (with Mommy's help) prayed the salvation praye r with everyone in Chinese. Over 70 souls have been won to Jesus this Christmas season!


       (From PAS [Peru Audio Studio]:) After a fruitful Christmas push, we began to prepare for our traditional yearly open house! Usually, this consists of a special dinner and Christmas show performed for our faithful friends, contacts and supporters.
       When we stopped to consult with the Lord, we discovered He had a surprising idea up His sleeve! He wanted us to have an open house -- yes, but a differen t one! He gave us the Bible passage, "When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, nor thy rich neighbors. But when thou makest a feast, call the poor!" (Lk.14:12-14) That was radical!
       He showed us that our special guests should be our poor gardener, the sweet cook (who we hire), the humble chauffeur of one of our friends, and the caretaker of our landlord's property, along with their extended families. We explained it to our friends and supporters, and we inv ited them also, but with the understanding that they would be the "servants."
       The day of our open house was a beautiful day! Our guests came early with their families to enjoy our large property and swimming pool. Then we had a typical "pachamanca" (Peruvian-style cookout), where we cooked the meat and other foods in an underground oven made with white hot rocks. Lunch was followed by a soccer game, where the stars were the workers and their children. We then got all dressed up to perform for our guests a complete Christmas show!
       These humble and poor people, who in some way or another have served us faithfully during the year, had a blast! They never expected we were going to throw a big feast for them, where their "bosses" waited on them and made sure they had everything they needed! For us, it was very rewarding also, and we were deeply touched by the love, appreciation and gratitude we felt from them!


       (From Ariana [17] and Isabel [15]:) Imagine personally witnessi ng to some of the most wanted narco-trafficking men on the entire Earth (prior to their captivity, that is). This became reality for us and it happened as follows:
       We were invited to do our Christmas show at the highest security jail in all Colombia, for the inmates and their families. It was a major operation to get inside -- ultraviolet stamps, fingerprints and signatures were only a part of the procedures.
       Finally, we began our trek through countless metal-detector doorways and darkened u nderground hallways. Then we arrived! The change of environment was drastic. It didn't look at all like a prison! We're talking about richly furnished rooms, private gyms, computer rooms and their own Chinese chef, to say the least.
       We were then face-to-face with the former top narco-trafficking leaders of Colombia! Despite their wealth, they were so poor spiritually and very hungry for our message. We sang for their entire families, and were able to give them the best present they'd ever rece ived -- Jesus!
       We were then introduced to the legendary "king" of the drug lords, the chief of the Cali Cartel (in Colombia he's more famous than the president!) who invited us to eat. We took this golden opportunity to witness to him and his family. He said he was sorry for all that he's done, and was very humble and sweet towards us.
       Last but not least, we were able to offer our materials to them. We distributed lots of tapes, and they happily helped us with generous donations. We are so t hankful to have had the opportunity to get these men -- considered by society as ruthless criminals -- forever saved! Please pray for us, as we have an open door to continue ministering to these precious people. This was our special Christmas present to Jesus!


       (From Ho and Ruth:) This Christmas season has brought us the most witnessing opportunities ever since coming to China. Ruth shared the real meaning of Christmas with her university class of 160 students by reading Christmas stor ies from our pubs interspersed with carols in Chinese from our Family CD.
       A few days later we invited them all to visit for a two-day Christmas open house (open seven hours each day). Our small house was packed out, and the YAs kept busy witnessing to these students and friends. We played Christmas music throughout the house and served home-baked cookies and snacks. We used a multimedia program called "Voyage Through the Bible," presented and narrated by Charlton Heston, to relate to them the Christmas story and the life of Jesus.


       (From John, Meekness and Peter:) Over Christmas we did several CTP programs:
       Our JETT and children's singing team performed for an old folks' home, for which the Lord supplied 100 men's shirts; and Christmas gifts for all 200 residents, as well as a cash donation to buy them a meal of meat and vegetables (their daily food is rice, pork fat, and fish sauce).
       A friend sponsored a Christmas party for the 14 street children we have been teachin g for a year. Another friend helped to sponsor renting a bus, enabling us to take 30 orphans on a picnic, and another friend bought shirts for the orphan girls.
       One of our friends runs a modern and attractive café, which is very popular among the young people. The Lord inspired him to have a couple of students dress up like angels to hand out Christmas cards and the Family-produced children's Christmas tracts to all his customers, as a witness. He also played Family Christmas videos on his vid eo/TV set-up, and the Christmas Treasures CD over his sound system! His "Christmas angels" were a hit, and the customers carefully read what they were given.



       (From David, Praise, Peter and Pearl:) Our Home base (Canada) sent a two-man road team to Havana, Cuba, for two weeks, staying near a popular beach teeming with Cuban youth. David and Peter found the people friendly, lively and very eager to pray! Because of Cuba's sensitive political climate, we did a lot of persona l witnessing, rather than anything too public or high profile. We passed out many Somebody Loves You tracts and posters to those we personally witnessed to. During these two exciting weeks, 47 people prayed with us to receive the Lord, and nearly 200 pieces of lit were distributed!


       (From Melody [SGA/CRO]:) The Lord is abundantly blessing the Home in Albania because they are very faithful to put the Lord and witnessing first.
       They have 18 live-outs/catacombers who are on-fire witne sses and have a thriving work. The catacombers get together once a week to pray and hear from the Lord amongst themselves, getting prophecies about new projects, etc. On their own initiative they provision for CTP ministries and do shows in hospitals, orphanages and institutions for handicapped children. They write their own newsletter to raise support.
       Christian (now mated to Hungarian Smile) is the first full-time DO Albanian disciple, and now there are two more on the way -- Gabe and Marco!


       (From the teens and YAs in Turkey:)Marhaba! (Hi!) -- And greetings from Turkey. We are a total of seven adults and 12 young people (ages 15-23; names listed in Grapevine #4, with the addition of Suzie [20, of Adam and Divina])! We'd like to give a little information about this country, to whet your appetite and give you a peep behind our borders.
       We live in Istanbul, which is divided in two by the beautiful Bosporus (strait connecting the Black and Mediterranean seas). Turkey is a very historical country with far-out places to visit, such as the "seven churches of Asia" from the Book of Revelation, beautiful beaches, resorts, mountainous regions, etc. Most of these places are tourist attractions, so while visiting them on road trips, the Lord makes it very easy for us to mix witnessing with pleasure.
       CTPs:We have been teaching a group of young deaf people weekly for one year now. We also teach English at a boys orphanage twice a week for about 20 kids, ages 10-17. Th is orphanage isn't far from our house, so we sometimes play a game of basketball or soccer with them.
       Youth: Turkey is a country of youth, with a number of universities, where we meet a lot of very potential sheep. When we hand out Turkish lit to the university students, they stop and read it then and there. Actually, that's how everybody is here. When we give our market contacts something new to read, they stop everything and read it. Many even photocopy the lit to give to their friends. Turk ey is a spiritually hungry country, and people are very open and receptive.
       Provisioning: When doing outreach or provisioning, we marvel at how much there is yet to do. This whole country is virgin territory, just waiting to be reached with the good news. We have provisioned a lot just through faxes, without ever meeting the people (i.e., five round-trip air tickets to attend our Summit `96 video meetings, food processors, four new tires for our jeep, etc.). We haven't even scratched the surfa ce along these lines.
       Music: The Turkish people love music and it is a real key here. We have done a few programs recently -- one for an audience of 8,000 people on National Children's Day, which was aired live on TV! There is potential for a big youth ministry here, and music will be a key to this door. Any musicians, singers or performers out there with the burden?! English music is extremely popular here!

tudio news

       (From Andrew V., for the JAS team:)
Your JAS team is racing against time, working to complete the new GP teen songs! We have been looking at our modus operandi this month, trying to find ways to produce music at a faster pace, while still keeping the quality level up. With the Lord's help we'll be doing better on that one. Hey, let's move right on and make that a prayer request. Want more music? -- Pray for us!
       Francesco P. is working on an FTT song called "His Love is Worth it All", and Andrew V. has his fingers in several FTT pastries with "The Upper Road" and "You Will Always Care for Your Own" in the works. Martin M. recently completed his new hip GP teen song, "Something is Hot." Last time we saw him he was in his cave producing a new song entitled, "What Have We Done Today?" Jerry P. finished a GP final mix of "Run to Me," while John L. is in his next-door cave rapped up in "I Hear them Calling" (GP)!
       Jerry P.'s daughter, Angelique, just arrived from Brazil. We look forward to doing some new recordings with her!

your views on issues

Th e humanly impossible

       (From Ariana, 16:) The segment "Is WS out of touch?" from the "Problems and Solutions" GN series got me thinking. I feel we're asking the humanly impossible if we expect our dear Queen Maria (and WS) to bear our weights, responsibilities and problems, and on top of that be our prophetess, read reports, listen to our difficulties and heartaches, write us personal answers, keep the Family rolling and organized, send us regular mailings and keep up with all their im portant jobs. Man, we wouldn't be able to do all that either!
       I'm so thankful for everything they already are doing for us; they practically live for us. I believe with all my heart that our beloved shepherds understand us probably better than we do, since they've got a "Secret Informer" (you know -- God!) and do their best to make things better for us. A thought-provoking question: Are we putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding their burdens and problems, like we so wish that they would do to us (and they do!)?

Check your look

       (Excerpts of an Open Letter from the Rio Provisioning Home:) Some of our contacts, including our weekly market donors, a local movie theater contact, a McDonald's contact and a local supporter have all made negative comments about the untidy way of dressing and general appearance, especially the long hair, strange hair styles or messy hair of some of our Family missionaries. Some have questioned, "Are they really missionaries?!"
       No on e should be judged by their outward appearance, nor by the way they dress, but unfortunately we live in a world where people greatly look on these aspects of our lives, and when we present ourselves as missionaries, they seem to have a preconceived idea of what a "missionary" should be like -- at least in this part of the world. We don't want to establish rules on how brethren should appear, but we wanted to communicate how the contacts are reacting to an appearance that seems to be somewhat "hi ppie-ish" to them.

Not playing favorites

       (From Christina M., [20, VS]:) I think many of our teens and YAs have a bad attitude toward and look down on people that are a bit "different," or who they don't think are as good or as handsome or beautiful as other people; or that they're not quite the "norm" (whatever that means). It saddens me, because we're supposed to be the Family of Love. The Lord has been saying so much about how we need to be loving and kind to others, and it breaks my heart to see someone crying, thinking that no one likes them.
       That's one area we need to shape up on -- especially the young people -- that of showing love to everyone and not being biased or having favorites. Of course we are going to have people that we love more, but we need to show love to everyone across the board, loving the unlovely and going out of our way to show people love, because they could be gone tomorrow.

Stop - pray - unite

       (From Melody [SGA, CRO]:) I've been sad dened to see how many problems and difficulties which the Homes have are simply because they don't meet to pray and hear from the Lord together, or to communicate and share their hearts together. In many Homes it's an "every man to his own tent" situation. Though they live under the same roof to meet the minimum requirements, spiritually things are dry and not what you would think of as a happy Home where everyone lives communally, works with each other and supports one another physically and sp iritually.
       During our visits, people have poured out their hearts about some of the big problems they face as a Home. When I would ask them if they've stopped to pray, hear from the Lord and research the Word about these difficulties, they usually haven't. As sad as it is, it hardly occurs to some of them that that's what they need to do. Most haven't been taking the time to apply the answers that the Word gives, just because they're "too busy."
       The Homes are so busy raising funds, teaching and training their children, etc., that they don't take the time to stop, pray and unite as a Home as to what direction they should be going in. Often people are unhappy with the way things are going in their Home and in their relationships with other Home members, but the sad part is that they simply have not taken the time to stop, pray and communicate about it.
       The contrast between those who read the Word but don't implement it, or simply ignore it because of the effort it requires, and tho se who do read the Word and do their best to implement it is so obvious when visiting the Homes. -- There is such a difference! Those who are doing their best to live the Word aren't perfect and they still have their struggles, but the Lord's blessings on them are far out, because they are trying and doing their best, and He honors that!

Parents and teachers

       (From an SGA single mother:) I agree that our children and young people need so desperately to see us (their older brothers and s isters) dedicated and on fire, but I also feel the parents need to be more involved.
       I know some OC/JETT children whose parents either haven't faced the facts that their children are having serious problems, or they realize it but don't know what to do. Therefore they don't really do anything, and the problems worsen. It's difficult for the childcare teamworker because they feel responsible for the children in their care, but they're limited as to what they can do to remedy the situation becau se the parents are often unapproachable when it comes to the subject of their children.
       In some situations, I've found that it is difficult for parents to receive things from YAs or SGAs, and I can understand why: Many of us don't have children of our own, and those of us who do haven't reached certain difficult stages with our children, whereas many adults have raised several children to adulthood and are now working on their "second batch."
       But this causes a double standard because as a CC teamworker or a teacher, you expect certain things out of a child; yet the child knows that he/she can basically get away with anything while with his/her parents. In some situations, it seems the parents feel they have too much work to do and aren't able to spend quality time with their children. Sometimes the parents are almost addicted to work, when in actuality, the work load wouldn't be so great if they would delegate more, which would also help train the younger generation.

Understandi ng teens

       (From an adult woman:) I think many adults have forgotten what it's like to be a teenager, and this can make it pretty hard for our younger teens. When things get so regimented and legalistic, teens have a hard time facing the adults or expressing their desires or trials for fear they are going to be labeled as not being spiritual enough, not working hard enough, or not being good enough disciples.
       The teens in our Home are normal kids -- not super spiritual, not super har d workers. They fulfill their duties according to the schedule, they like going out witnessing and they like watching movies on the weekend. They love the Word, Mama and Peter, and are sold out on the Family, and are a big asset to our Home. But that doesn't change the fact that they want and should be allowed a little fun and something out of the ordinary once in a while.
       When they find adults who don't understand them, or who are too strict, it confuses them. If they happen to get a little n oisy in the house, it bothers the adults; if they do a job hastily so they can go for get-out, it bothers the adults. -- Teens are just like that! Yet they still love the Lord and want to serve Him. What makes it difficult is when people have a lack of understanding as to how young people are at that age.

Hospitality and loving traditions

       (From a Home teamwork:) An area that may need strengthening is the need for more hospitality and warmth. Often when stopping by a Home, it's more like visiting an institution. When I drop by the home of a contact or a friend of the Family, I'm usually greeted with warmth and I feel welcome. A common scenario when visiting a Family Home is someone opening the door, a hug and "hello," then they run off to whatever they're busy with, leaving me to do what I need to do. -- The whole affair ending up like more of a business visit, rather than a visit to friends or loved ones.
       Of course Homes are busy, and I realize the welcome I get at homes of friends and contacts may have a lot to do with traditions, but it seems they're pretty nice and loving traditions, and it might do us well to have traditions like that also.

Thoughts on prophecy

       (From a female SGA:) Maybe some people are having a bit of a tough time with prophecy because they've been used to the way Dad did things, in the sense that Dad heard from the Lord and then passed on to us in his own words what the Lord had shown him. Perhaps because it was put in his own w ords, the tendency was to think, "Wow, this guy really knows something. He's really out there, he's taking us places." Of course, he was just passing on what the Lord had shown him, but as dumb sheep, the signals were easy for us to confuse.
Now, Mama and Peter are basically doing the same thing; they are passing on what the Lord is showing them, but instead of putting it in their own words, they're just giving it direct from the Lord. Yet some people get all in a huff about it. They expect Mam a and Peter to provide the answers themselves.
       But Mama and Peter don't have their own plan of where the Family is supposed to head (which I guess is what people must imagine if they think that prophecy is made up). They are just listening to the Lord and doing what He says, and then passing it on to us so that we can do it too. -- Cool!

our cute kidz

       -- While in Paris, we had been driving around for some time looking for a place to eat dinner. The kids were pointing out different resta urants where we could provision. Daddy, a little frustrated, said, "Where do you expect me to stop?" Maggie (5, of Peter Grin and Praise), suddenly piped up, "At the red light, of course!"
       -- We had been provisioning at McDonald's throughout our two-month road trip. One day Maggie (5) looked out the window and said, "Mommy, Mommy, look! That Big M has been following us all the way from Denmark!"
       -- Driving with a caravan, we have to handle sharp turns much more carefully than normal. When co ming to these turns, the concern of our whole gang is concentrated on it. Once Joanie (9, of Priscilla Joy) exclaimed, "Uncle Peter, watch out! Our caravan is going to hijack (meaning jackknife)!"
       -- While in Thailand, YC Carey (of Casper and Leani) came up to me and said, "Look, Auntie Rose, I drew a picture of a lion. "Oh, that's nice." "Here's my picture of a zebra." "Oh, that's very nice." "And here's my picture of a lion and a zebra." "Yes, I see the lion, but uh, where's the zebra?" "Can 't you see? The lion has a big stomach -- that's where the zebra is!"
       -- Courtesy of Rose (20, of Peter and Esther) for the Bravehearts, Denmark

"It applies to me!"
-- From the attendees of the US delegates' meetings (held in October, `96)

       We need to take up the challenge to take a JETT or OC under our wing and pour into them, even if it means sacrificing some free time with our peers. I believe this will make the JETTs of today turn into the strong disciples and leaders of tomorrow. I know it's possible to change someone with just a bit of love, time and attention -- because it happened to me.
-- Katrina, 15

       When I go to a mall or store, it's easy to get into clothing and styles, because I see all the things I think I just have to have! In reality, it's better I don't have them, because it gets me distracted, and then I want more and more.
       Another way worldliness enters my life is through movies. For a lot of girls, it's easy to get into talking about movie stars and wh o is the cutest -- although you realize it doesn't matter because they probably are very shallow anyway! I have also picked up on System attitudes towards relationships, which are totally the opposite of the Law of Love!
-- Rose, 16

       I've had problems in the past with familiarity, but in order to tell the truth, I think a lot of us need to not be afraid of losing a friend. I've lost a lot of "friends" that way, but I've also gained friends and strengthened friendships. So I'd say there is no c omparison in weighing up the effects of standing up for your convictions.
-- Aslan, SGA

       I think all of us SGA/YAs have seen the state of our Homes slowly worsening, but many of us haven't made the commitment to forsake the worldliness or amusements of the System.
       For example, I have had a job on and off at a carpentry shop. It's given me a heart for the average person in the world, showing me how mundane and routine their lives are; how boring it can be to not have the Lord and the Family. I know that now is the time to witness as much and as fervently as we can. It's very convicting to hear this when all you're doing is working at a System job day after day, and not really being a witness to others.
-- Dom (of Chris, SGAs)

       I now realize that the success of the Family depends a lot on us. -- How much of ourselves are we going to give?
       It's so easy to go with the flow -- watching unedifying movies, listening to System music, etc. -- and it takes guts to stand up for what you k now is right. That's what the Family needs right now -- 100% dedicated, devoted soldiers for Jesus, who are going to stand up for the truth.
-- From Ruthie, SGA

       It's convicting to realize the need and heart cry of our JETTs and teens. I've been failing them -- not intentionally, but I was thinking that there wasn't much I could do. I was thinking, "They're just my little brothers and sisters, and they don't listen to me or respect what I say." I see now that the answer isn't to get them to li sten to me, but to show them by example. If they see the joy and fulfillment I have from following the Lord closely, they will want it too.
-- Lisa, SGA

ama's mailbox
(Editor's note: In deference to those who have written in confidence to Mama, she has omitted the full names from the letters she submits to this section of the Grapevine. Consequently we will only use these folks' initials. If you don't mind your letter being published with your name included, please make a note of this in y our letter to Mama. Names will only be left in if she receives prior permission from the author of the letter.)

       Dearest Mama and Peter,
       I recently met Steven, Timothy Concerned's 21-year-old son, selling rings with some Israelis on the street in Tokyo. I know it was a miracle of the Lord that we met; maybe Tim was even guiding in the spirit. Steven was very sweet and positive, but did not know much about the Family, the Endtime, etc. He eagerly received and read the "Final Signs of the End " poster.
       I went by his stall the following day, and met his sister, Maeve, also. She does hostessing work here, as does Steven's girlfriend. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Maeve say how much she enjoyed reading Dad's early Letters that her folks have kept, still read, and hold in high regard.
       Both Steven and she fully related to my witnessing and confessed to be Christians. I offered her a Treasures, and she eagerly took it and gave me a donation. I also gave her a Fear Not tape, which she was happy to receive. When I left, I asked if I could pray for them, which they were happy for, and we all bowed our heads together. It was very sweet; I felt their dad was with us too.
       (Written later:) The Lord worked it out for both Steven and Maeve to come to a small Christmas party with us. When Steven phoned me I had told him that I had a message for them from someone who knew them well, but I didn't tell them who it was from, so their curiosity was really aroused.
       I explained that after we met them, we had written you and asked if you had any Words from the Lord to encourage them, and that the Lord had allowed their dad (Timothy) to come through and speak, so enclosed was a message from their dad to them. I said a prayer with them and gave them each a copy of his message. You could tell that they were really happy. They seemed to have no problem receiving it, and different people later commented that Steven and Maeve were really thankful and believed the message. We then had a cozy Christmas evening and fellowship time together.
-- Steven Ascribe (of Tabitha), Japan


       Dear Mama,
       This GN ("Crisis of Faith!"--Part 2) is terrific, and I'm sure it will be a great help to many! Most of the principles and promises seem to apply to anyone who is struggling for whatever reason -- not just those who are being hit with major doubts about the New Wine, yours and Peter's leadership, etc., so I really hope that everyone who could benefit from this counsel will take it to heart, even if they don't think they are battling with doubts.
       For example, my YA son is really going through it again. He has been quite down on himself for years, and sad to say, tries to compensate in all the wrong ways. Of course he's no fun to live with or be around when his problems get the best of him -- none of us are -- and this has created a vicious cycle he hasn't been able to break! I've felt for a long time that he is his own worst enemy, but because he doesn't have a lot of do ubts about the Word, the Family or its leadership, I never thought of him as a doubter. Because I considered low self-esteem to be at the root of his problems, I just tried to encourage him all I could.
       It wasn't until I read the prophecies and counsel in this GN and saw how much they applied to his situation that I understood that low self-esteem is really a form of doubt. It's self-doubt, but it can be just as deadly!
       We're not supposed to feel strong in ourselves, of course, but when we c ave in to self-doubts it's not really ourselves we are doubting, but Jesus and all of His promises that say He can and will change us and give us the victories that we need.
       Our part is to have enough faith in Him and His Word to believe and follow His universal "formula for victory," as summed up in paragraphs 9 and 54 of this GN. I can't think of a single personal problem or battle which that short list of steps to take doesn't contain the answer to. It's amazing!
       Overcoming our besetting sins or anything that hinders our service for the Lord and happiness therein comes down to a "crisis of faith."
-- Leslie, WS


       Dearest Mama and Peter,
       Thank you for answering the letter I wrote you, and most of all for asking the Lord about the questions I had. Those prophecies mean so much to me. I feel spiritually reinvigorated!
       In the prophecy that you sent me from Dad, it is so amazing that in one part of it, Dad uses the same words and terms he used in a short message in tongues th at he received for me 19 years ago (when I was on the Folks' staff). That short original prophecy has been a source of encouragement to me throughout the years.
       No one but Dad and I know about the message he gave for me in the past, but as I read the one you sent, I got so excited as it was so similar and said the same things as the original one. He used the exact same terms, just completing the thoughts of the first message.
-- J. (adult man), Brazil

correction time

       In issue #8 of the Grapevine, in the section "Quarterly Nationality Stats," the country Mauritius was incorrectly listed as Mauritania. God bless Michael (Mauritian) with his wife Lydia and family, who are reaching Mauritius with the Gospel!

Mama's e-mail address
       (From the HomeARC team:)
It has come to our attention that the e-mail address for Mama, which was published in the installation booklet "Installing the HomeARC Programs -- 11/96" that was sent with the HomeARC program, is not correct. The other e-ma il addresses listed in this booklet are correct. However, e-mail for Mama should be sent to: mpg@ibm.net.
If you have sent any e-mail to the "mpg@ibm.com" address, it is likely that it has not reached Mama, so please resend anything that was sent to that address. We are very sorry for this mistake!


       In February, in the British Isles, the court will review Pearl's custody of her son. When the judge ruled in Pearl's favor in late 1995, he stipulated that the case should be reviewed in a year's time. The court will consider how Pearl is raising her son and whether the Family is still a suitable environment for him to grow up in. We ask that you please pray desperately for this review, and for Pearl, who has asked for prayer for encouragement and against negative thinking. Mighty things happen when we pray, so please have united desperate prayer for these matters. Thanks.

movie ratings

Movies Rated for Senior Teens and Up

Demi Moore, Armand Assan te, Burt Reynolds
       Light action-drama about a single mom working as a stripper to make ends meet, while she struggles to gain custody of her daughter. Entertainment only.

Movies Rated for Junior Teens and Up

Sylvester Stallone
       Disaster thriller about a group of people who are trapped inside a collapsed tunnel. Traumatic in parts. Lots of good points for discussion, such as heroism, leadership, unselfishness/selfishness and teamworking. May be suitable for some JETTs.

Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger
       Romantic comedy about a hotshot sports agent struggling to make it in both his professional and private life. Deals with commitment and conviction, and the true values of life. Exposé on the big-money machine that drives the professional sports scene.

Ricki Lake, Shirley MacLaine, Brendan Fraser
       A pregnant, unmarried woman is mistaken for the new wife of a recently deceased millionaire and is welcomed into his h igh-society family. Good message about love, acceptance and parenthood.

Movies Rated for JETTs and Up

Halle Berry, James Belushi
       Drama/character study based on the true story of a group of Hawaiian high school students who enter a solar-powered car race with great aspirations. Good points for discussion on perseverance and pulling together as a team. Contains some foul language, sarcasm and bad attitudes which would be good to point out.

Movies Rated for OCs and U p

Kellie Martin
       Drama based on the Christian novel by Catherine Marshall, about a young woman who goes to teach in a poverty-stricken mountain community in 1912. Somewhat churchy in parts. Some portions might be traumatic for young viewers -- especially since this is the pilot for an American TV series and all the issues are not resolved -- so discussion with younger audiences is recommended. (Note: The TV series has not been viewed or rated.)

Movies Rated for YCs and Up


       Sweet half-hour story of a little railroad steam engine's determination to make it to a town across the mountains in order to deliver a load of children's birthday presents. A couple of mildly frightening parts, and a bad example of arguing in one place, but overall it is an uplifting story about perseverance and having the faith to keep going despite obstacles.

Non-Recommended Movies

LAND BEFORE TIME I, THE (Animated; 1988)
LAND BEFORE TIME II, THE (Animated; 1992)
LAND BEFORE TIME III, THE (Animated; 1995)


       I like the fact that we have more female vocalists taking the leads in up-beat songs. For example, "The Essence of Life," "Spend Time, Take Time," "Whispers of Love." Let's get the girls in the lead!
-- David (16), Middle East

       Yo, what's this talk of dropping rap music? Are you kidding? Our Home loves rap music. All 11 of us voted and it's unanimous -- "yes" for sure (the oldest is 38, the youngest is fiv e). "Tap into the Power" is an excellent step in the right direction. "Charlie" is sooo cool. The more rap the better.
       I decided to dump one System music tape for each new FTT tape. The music we like best is the stuff that gets into your bones and makes you move to the beat! And, how about some reggae?
-- Rose (20), Denmark


       Sometimes I get the impression by letters people write to me, or comments made by my peers that it isn't "cool" to be flipped over Family music. I personally think it comes down to a matter of obedience. Those who do what the Lord says to do are the real "cool cats." Besides, why get dragged down with all that System junk? You can't beat Family music! It's the best -- and getting better!!
-- A. (17), Earth


       "The Revolutionary Children of God" is great! I really like the fact that our musicians are taking old hits and beefing them up. And for those who don't understand rap, I'd be more than happy to send you a translation, ha!
-- Stephanie (17), Middle East


       In It Together
was a super hit!! -- One of the best so far. I especially liked "I'm Going Walking," "I Promise You" and "Butterfly." You did an excellent job beefing up "Professor of Love." GBYAKYPTO! (God bless and keep you pumping them out!)
-- From Aaron (18), Ukraine


       What could be better than our Family music?! The answer is ... nothing!! We've got the stuff!! The words and the beat of each song on Stir It Up are just great. I especially like the song "Behold" and "Set Me Fre e." Keep up the good work.
-- Betty (16), Czech

       We were surprised at some of the feedback in Grapevine #6, about rap being too aggressive and asking about voting against this style. The rap and the songs with a good strong beat are the songs we constantly listen to; we prefer that type of music. Thanks to our Family musicians who are making this mind-blowing music!
-- Tara (13), Malika (14) and Topaz (15), India


       The new tapes are DYNAMITE!!! My kids and I love them!
-- Esther Joy (T S), USA


       I copy my favorite songs on to a tape, so that I can hear those particular ones frequently. Doing that may be a solution for those who have trials with certain songs. -- Just pick out the ones you like.       "The Revolutionary Children of God," "Behold," "Charlie" and "Set me Free," amongst others are real hits. Keep `em coming!
-- Luchi (14), (Where are you?!)


       Hey -- studio musicians and song writers! I wanna give you all a big hip-hip-hooray for a job well done. Sorry you're gett ing some rap (flack), but I guess it comes with the job. You can't please everyone all the time, but I'm in the "pleased" sector.
       Sure, the more "hard core" songs have a driving beat, but it drives me in the right direction. It provides an alternative. Frankly, I wish we could wrap-up this rap on rap.
-- Paloma (SGA, of Gideon), Turkey

-- From the WS Audio Department

       -- Regarding the Plugged In labels and songbook: It was recently brought to our attention that Hopie (along with Sunny James) also helped in the writing of the lyrics for the song "Tap into the Power." Our apologies, Hopie!
       -- Regarding the Open for Love songbook: On pg.13 of the Open for Love songbook, the two "Bb/A" chords used in verse 1, line 4, and verse 2, line 4, of the song "Now and Forever" should actually instead be "Bm/A" chords. If you've received a copy of this songbook containing these errors, you might want to write the correct chord in. Sorry for the mistake!

what's up?

Gorbach ev and Kennedy

       (From Joshua and Rosella, TS:) This month I unexpectedly met Mikhail Gorbachev and Ted Kennedy! On both occasions, I was really there just "by chance." However, I was able to speak to both of them for a while and gave both tracts. I also gave Gorbachev a poster and tape.

Following a dream

       (From Andrew and Priscilla:) About 15 years ago, Priscilla had a distinct dream in which we were off the coast of mainland China, but able to go in and out through the bamboo c urtain to witness fairly easily. With that in mind, I (Andrew) went to night school to obtain a teaching certificate, and wrote the Bureau of Foreign Experts of China about a possible teaching position. At the time, however, it didn't seem it was the Lord's will for us to go.
       Yet now, after eight years in North America, the urge to obey Mark 16:15 is again heavy upon us. With the Lord confirming through prophecy the need to learn the language and to reach China, I was able to take a preliminar y trip to China and Taiwan with James and his son Tracy. It's easy to see that the need for laborers is great, and we hope to move to Taiwan in the next few months in fulfillment of the dream the Lord gave us.

Rock concert for 20,000

       (From ASCRO:) A close friend of the Family asked us to help out with an anti-narcotics program he was involved in. Though our team was quite basic, being that our main singing team was busy that day, the Lord came through beautifully! When they got to this performance, they found one of the largest crowds they'd ever performed for (about 20,000 people)! Our group performed several songs, and was able to meet a number of top people.

"Many are cold -- few are frozen…"

       (From Jered and the N.U.T.S:)(Editor's note: Yo, what do you N.U.T.S. stand for? Your name is far-out, but we can't figure it out! We know you consist of several [nutty?!] young people ... more details, please! All right, on with their "chilling" story:) Imagine bei ng stuck at night on an icy trail in the depths of a Russian forest, over 100 km away from the closest outpost of civilization. Plus, you're in an unheated bus, and you have just driven for half an hour without passing a single car when you then run out of gas! -- Sounds exciting, does it NOT?! Well, it happened to us recently! Not only were we out of gas, but we had no food, no blankets, and it was -35°C outside and nearly the same inside, and our limbs were creaking with the cold!
       Okay, we'r e getting ahead of ourselves here! Our story starts with eight nutty young people frantically rushing around at the last minute (as usual) to get together everything we needed for our prison concert and get out the door. A small provisioned bus was waiting downstairs to take us to a prison some 250 km (155 miles) away.
       For the first 15 minutes of our journey, we were all in best of spirits, enjoying the beats booming out of our walkman and speakers, until we noticed a tingly sensation in our t oes and fingertips. It appeared that our heating system was not working properly. It was supposed to be a two-hour drive, but the driver got lost and as two hours became three and three hours became four, we began to get desperate!
       We finally arrived at the prison, defrosted our limbs and performed our concert for an extremely receptive audience, almost all of whom got saved! After being fed a wholesome meal by the precious nachalnic (big cheese) of the prison, we got on our way as fast as pos sible, understanding full well the potential danger we faced: We were about to drive in the dark on tiny roads without any markings or road signs -- which makes finding your way difficult even in daylight (as our driver had already proven!).
       We prayed, huddled together for warmth, and set off. About half an hour later the engine died. -- We were out of gas! We knew the chances of a car passing by at that time of night were pretty slim, and let me tell you, if there was ever a time we got despe rate in prayer, it was then!
       The Lord never fails, and wonder of all wonders, He brought a car along within ten minutes! We all jumped out of the bus and stood in front of it so it had to stop. -- Ha! The driver helped us get the needed gas and soon we were able to be on our way. Words cannot describe how thankful we were to walk into our Home at 1:10 a.m. knowing that we could have been freezing to death out in the middle of nowhere if it hadn't been for the Lord's protection and faithfulness ! (Editor's note: Thank You Jesus! Glad you're all safe!)

Where hitchhiking led
South Africa

       (From Leyland [of Spring]:) While hitchhiking, a man who stopped to give us a ride turned out to be the main chef at a maximum security prison with 8,000 inmates. He said he was standing in the prison kitchen when a voice told him to get in his car and drive, and that he would meet somebody. He invited us to come to the prison to witness and give our testimonies. Spring and I attended and prayed wi th over 200 of the prisoners there. Some came up afterwards and forsook their drugs right on the spot.

Carman gets witness

       (From Sam [of Esther, SGAs]): One of our sisters gave a Somebody Loves You tract to a man in a convertible. He drove off, but returned later asking for 20 more tracts to pass out to his friends. He said, "This is the best tract I have ever read." He then asked, "Do you know who I am?" The sister responded, "No!" (Like, "Why? Should I know you?") "I'm Carman, the Ch ristian singer," he said. Our dear sister, being on the mission field most of her life still didn't know who Carman was. He drove off happy to have his tracts.

deas & tips

Recruiting agency for teens

       (From Daniel and Liberty:)
We need to move to receptive fields for the sake of our teens, who we have seen grow and awaken when faced with needy situations in new countries. Justin (16) went to Albania last year with James and Elizabeth, and he is happy and fulfilled.
       It would be wonderful if we could set up some sort of recruiting agency for both DO and TS teens to help in Family aid projects in the Third World or East Bloc. This could mobilize manpower to help with Family CTP projects, and could even be made available to non-Family members. Some would make it through and join the Family full-time as they work hand in hand with us on these projects, I'm sure.

Coffee shop dream

       (From Paloma:) I had a dream that's gotten me thinking, as our teens and their need for witnessing outlets has been on my heart. In my dream, the Family had opened a coffee house with all the trappings -- a real business enterprise -- completely run by our young people.
       It was a small, well-decorated little coffee shop/bar with nice curtains and tables, cozy wooden furniture, home-prepared brownies, pies, sandwiches, etc. It seemed that on a rotating basis, the teens in the area came to have a chance to witness and participate in whatever capacity they could, to try their ha nd at something challenging.
       When I woke up, the image of the place kept going through my mind and I got more ideas. I thought of the name "Who Said They're Dead?" and saw posters of the departed messengers who have recently spoken to us (River Phoenix, Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, etc.) on the walls, with a flyer carrying the message each one gave, available to the public under each larger poster. I thought of having a large screen TV and VCR for showing videos like "Countdown t o Armageddon," etc.
       There was definitely the feeling that we were doing regular shows in the evenings, rotating Family artists from various places like we used to do in the Poorboy Clubs. It reminded me of the old times when our clubs would be packed out, and we'd perform skits and play music, and many souls and disciples were won.
       It seems that our kids need hands-on responsibility and opportunities in order to get them to step out on their own faith. Here in Connecticut we are surrounded b y some of the most outstanding universities in the country, yet we haven't scratched the surface in getting in there and winning disciples like those won back in the `60s and `70s -- the cream of the crop. Here are all these kids studying their brains out, without even knowing how close we are to the Endtime, and our kids are often bored or unfulfilled wondering if they want to stay in the Family.
       It might sound far-fetched, but perhaps we could even make a little money with a well-run place l ike this, while giving our teens the chance to run with the ball. As long as we are still here in the US or any affluent country, I don't see why we can't go on the attack against Satan's stronghold and give it our best shot.
       Instead of being so drawn and sucked in by System influences, our kids could be doing some hard work, and experiencing challenging follow-up through the personal contact they get with other kids. If they could hear firsthand the problems that kids in the world have, and r ealize how much they have to offer, our kids would see that the US and its big fancy come-on is nothing but a bluff.
       My husband and I are musicians, and we sing regularly in places where people come to relax and watch a movie, or eat. For many years this has been our main form of outreach, and I have seen over and over the loneliness of the world and people's need for love and fellowship. It could be particularly fruitful if you have a place where they can find you and come back when they want to. A place like this could offer Bible classes during the day, and organize ministries to help the poor, etc. The possibilities are limitless if the Lord is in it!



       (From PACRO Office:) A junior teen meeting was held in Japan from November 26th till December 4th. The staff team was: Jeff (FGA/CRO), Sam and China (YAs), Jonathan (YA/VS), Marie Claire (SGA), Tender (YA), David Gypsy (FGA), Eryk (YA), Rejoice (FGA/VS), Anaik (SGA), Sam (senior teen), Jessica (YA) and Mik e (YA).
       Highlights of the meeting included entertaining and humorous skits by Jonathan, Eryk and Co. on a variety of subjects; two original Endtime classes by David Gypsy; a life-story session by the YAs/SGAs on what they were up to when they were juniors; a video-clip visualization of "My Heart Belongs to You" (showing clips depicting Jesus' crucifixion); a lively pow-wow and class on various aspects of our Home and personal standards; a never-to-be-forgotten-as-far-as-originality-goes talent night, and two fun dance nights!
       The main goals of this meeting were to answer questions, to emphasize that we are raising the standard in the Family, to show that living for the Lord can be fun, and to let the teens know that the Lord and we love them unconditionally. The teens all had a lot of fun, and many are asking to have meetings more regularly to help keep the vision and have more fellowship together.


       (From Meeky Bamboo and David [SGAs, of Dan and Joy Math]:) After a successf ul Christmas push, we helped to host a three-day "vacation/fellowship" with Jasper (of Love) and Charity (of Titus) for 35 teens/YAs from the Atlanta and Florida area.
       During those three days it was rainy and cold, and boy, were we thankful that the Lord had supplied several provisioned indoor activities such as bowling, WS-rated theater movies, the use of a gym and swimming pool, and provisioned meals out! -- Not to mention our united, fun, power-packed, audience-participation-style devotions , Loving Jesus inspirations, etc.! We tied in Word-related activities with our other activities, so as not to make them something to "get over with so we can do something else." The peer pressure was very positive, and it made everyone want to enter in.


       (From Tommy and Juan:) We organized a meeting for over 60 live-out members from all over Brazil, on the topic of discipleship.
       "The `Berlin Wall' has finally come down!" said one of our long-time friends, accurately reflecting the s pirit of the meeting. Many present made the decision to tithe faithfully, give more, and dedicate themselves to the Lord more fully. Our friends were able to feel that they are true Family members and have a future as disciples in the "hottest religious movement of the century."
       The first eight live-outs who participated in the 1996 Discipleship Program have graduated! (The program includes attending weekly classes, memorization, reading assignments, witnessing, etc.) As a result of their fait hful witnessing, our Home now holds nine weekly Bible studies with 60 participating members, 28 of whom are now live-out members reporting on our Home's TRF.


       (From Melody [SGA/CRO]:) From the end of September to early November, Andrew (of Mercy) and I traveled together, showing the Summit videos to the Homes in the Italy/Greece area.


more little love bugs ...

       -- Heidi (of Gideon) pregnant with #17 between them. Wow! Due in mid-January. -- Pakistan
       -- Lily (18, of Gi deon and Heidi), pregnant with her first child, due in April. -- Pakistan
       -- Miles Freemont, 9th child born to Michael and Michelle on November 12th. -- Finland
       -- Nicole Christine, 2nd child, 1st girl born to Aaron and Joanne (SGAs) on December 27th. -- Thailand
       -- Kendra Kristine, 3.8 kgs, 3rd child born to Gary and India. -- Brazil

newborns from NACRO ...

       -- Reina Melissa, born to Rosita (of Sammy and Belen) on November 10th.
       -- Moriah Jordan, 3rd child, born to Comfort and Jo (S GAs) on November 17th.
       -- Jordan Daniel, born to Mercy Claire (SGA visiting from Russia) on November 18th.
       -- Ana Rocio, born to Sara and Sam on November 25th.
       -- Christopher, born to Angela (21, has been in the Family for almost 2 years) on December 5th.
       -- Mary Fire, born to Susanne Fire and Philip on December 12th.
       -- Brandon, born to Ruthie Branch (19) and Phil Newlife (22) on December 18th.
       -- Donna Cindy Terah, born to Gloria and TJ on January 10th.



       (From Rain and Rejoice:) We participated in the 16th International Federation of Non-Government Organizations (IFNGO) conference for the prevention of drug and substance abuse. We've met a lot of top people and government officials who have been very receptive to our work, as we've shared with them about our fruitful Consider the Poor ministries. Our singing group also sang two songs for the delegation when they toured the drug rehab center which we work at weekly.
       As several in the Home are fluent in English and Indonesian, and the International Drug Conference was to be held in English, we were asked to act as interpreters, as well as put together, compile and edit all the notes from the meetings into a package to be given to the delegates at the end of the conference.


       (From John and Ruby:) One of our friends, who is a member of Parliament, arranged for us to participate in a short devotions at the Hungarian Parliament, attended by 25 members and workers of Parliamen t who get together weekly for a simple devotions. A couple of priests spoke first, and we were then introduced as The Family missionary group. Tim, Claire and Benji sang three songs to wrap up the devotions. People were visibly touched, and our friend later told us that people really liked it.

i'm wondering ...

(From Betty, Czech:) We've been trying to guess what happens to our TRF after we send it in. We figure that the various categories get sent to different people for compil ation, but it would be very interesting to hear what processing our TRFs entails.
       (Editor's note: We figured others may have similar questions, so we asked one of our friends from the NACRO office if they wouldn't mind summing up in writing what goes into handling your monthly TRFs. Procedures may vary from office to office, but at least this will give you the general idea.)
       Answer:(From Dawn [SGA] and Trust, at the NACRO Office:) We receive the TeleTRFs in the first week of each month. One person opens and sends the various files to the people responsible for processing each section: stats, tithes and gifts, comments and suggestions, etc.
       The paper TRFs arrive at our office during the second week of each month. Someone divides them into countries or areas, depending on the size of the country. Because we can't block and save each section as a separate file like we can with the TeleTRFs, it takes longer to process the paper TRFs, as the stats person, finance person and C&S (comm ents and suggestions) person all have to take turns handling the same TRF, but it always works out, TTL!
       One person is responsible to process the stats of the approximately 400 TRFs that we receive each month, which entails manually typing the statistics from the paper TRFs into the computer program. TeleTRFs are much simpler, since the computer can automatically tabulate the statistics from the TeleTRF files. It takes about a day for our stats person to make sure that all the TeleTRF files ar e in the correct format, etc., and to write phone messages to the ABMs, requesting any missing files or ones that need to be resent (so it really helps if you check your file to make sure it's okay before sending it, thanks!).
       Another aspect of the monthly TRF processing is updating the personnel list of every Home member, including age, marital status, etc. This information is vital, as we use this to calculate the number of publications sent to each Home.
       Handling TRF finances includes che cking the tithes and gifts that have been sent in, forwarding special or designated gifts, issuing FAF gifts to Pioneer Homes, issuing Baby Bonuses, logging in Home Loan payments, sending reminders to Homes who are delinquent on their Home Loan payments, and answering requests for new Home Loans. There are also payments for HomeARC CDs, orders for videos, and NPC fees that must be logged in and forwarded to the person(s) who will be filling the orders. Quite a job!
       Our mailing address list is updated each month, to ensure that the correct addresses are used for WS mailings, so none of the Homes miss any! New Homes are added and closed Homes are removed. This process usually takes one person a full day.
       We also check on Charter requirements such as undersized or oversized Homes, Homes reporting debts for two consecutive months, that tithes and FAF gifts were sent in on time, etc. We then must inform any Homes that are being placed on Probationary Notice, and send warning notices to Homes that are violating any Charter requirements listed on their TRF -- such as an undersized Home. We also receive replies to questionnaires, voting slips for Home Referendums and Confirmation Votes for Area Officers, etc. These polls and voting slips must be tallied and compiled.
       Processing the stats and finances takes about 7 to 10 days; however, the C&Ss take a little longer. Portions, such as witnessing testimonies, miracles of supply and healing, reactions to New Wine, major problems an d difficulties, letters to Mama or WS, and other articles that the worldwide Family might benefit from are sent to WS, and often included in Family pubs. (Editor's note: Like some articles in this Grapevine. -- Thanks, folks!)
Questions regarding clearances, Baby Bonuses, Home Loans, pubs requests, childcare and business-type questions are passed on to the office staff for answering. Some testimonies, tips or suggestions for childcare are gleaned and used for local pubs and the FED. Comments r egarding local problems, new ministries, personal letters to CROs, questions, suggestions for improvements in the area, etc., are passed on to the CROs.
       Answered prayers and prayer requests are divided into two categories: the worldwide Prayer List and the local area Prayer List.
       The average size C&S file (not including stats and finance reports) that we send to WS is 324K (roughly 90 pages of text). The average size of the file sent to the CROs is 170K (roughly 50 pages). The average size o f the file of questions that our Office staff needs to answer after a TRF processing session is about 120K (around 40 pages). Please remember that anything for WS or the CROs which we receive via paper TRF has to be typed, which takes considerably longer to process than the TeleTRF. (Hint, hint! Thanks for using the TeleTRF. We sure appreciate it!)
       There are many more details involved in TRF processing, but we'll just leave you with the basic idea, ha! It takes about three weeks to finish proc essing the TRFs -- just in time to start the next batch!


       We decided as a Home that each of us would teach the children according to the talents we have. It was difficult for only one person to teach and be with them all the time, as we are a small Home, so we felt the solution would be for all of us to participate as teachers.
       Most importantly, whoever is the teacher for the day has to do their best and give the kids quality school time.
-- Adam, Christina and Angeli ca, Russia

       Due to our premature baby needing fulltime attention, Gentleness was not able to be our main teacher this school year, and since some of our children were behind scholastically, we decided to try enrolling the kids in public school.
       So far, it seems to be bearing good fruit, and they have had to press in with their studies and homework, lest they get a bad grade. We don't have to get on their cases about studying, as peer pressure and their teachers do that for us, so we're able t o spend more quality time with them reading the Word, which previously was hard for us to find time for.
-- Micaiah, Gentleness Trusting and Jessica, USA

       We were burdened for our two 15-year-olds, who seemed unchallenged and were getting into trouble. We hired a Christian teacher who comes to our Home twice a week to tutor our junior teens, and this has helped greatly.
-- Miguel, Clara, Cathy and Mikol, Peru

       We needed a large amount of funds to buy a new computer for our children and CLE b ooks for the school year. We wrote a friend who is the director of a private hospital, asking him to help sponsor these items, which came out to a very large sum of money!
       He immediately said, "Fine! I can help you with it! My mother loves you and reads everything you give her! Can I donate the amount you need in two checks, one now and one later?" We almost fell off our chairs! God help our lack of faith! Through this dear friend, the Lord supplied our kids' educational needs for the entire s chool year.
       We clearly see that the Lord is behind the CLE and this kind of Godly education. He has supplied beautifully, and we are thankful for the opportunity to lead and guide our children through a Godly educational curriculum.
-- Paul, Esther, Andrew and Anna, Thailand

       I have always been sold on home-schooling, so it was a big battle to face the fact that my children's needs were not being met, and after five years they still hadn't learned the local language.
       The Lord brought to ou r attention a private Christian school that had managed to get approved by the System, albeit with persecution. It is free, providing you accept that they are Christians. They start the day with devotions, singing and prayer.
       I now have more time with my children than before. Because of the language, when they come home they need me full-time to help them with their schoolwork (which is all in Norwegian). It demands a lot more from me, as now I have to finish all housework, shopping, laundry a nd dinner before they come home, in order to be able to help them.
       I believe that no matter what they get exposed to outside, if they get a good Christian sample, standard, upbringing, care, attention, love and answers to their questions at home, this is what will determine their outcome.
--Tabitha (of Chris), Norway

       So far our kids are doing well in public school, and they are their teachers' favorite students. Annie (13) is a counselor's helper in junior high. Sometimes when the counselor is busy and problems come up with the students, Annie has to handle the situation. She said it's a hard job, and sometimes she has to leave her classes to settle the problem, but at the same time, she loves it because she can witness to the other students.
       -- Zion and Grace Mountain (TS), USA

       Our Home's major problem was that we didn't have someone who liked to be with the kids full-time, so we would rotate. This makes it difficult to follow a schedule or curriculum, so the kids end up doin g the same things over, or worse yet, end up in front of the TV.
       For the last two weeks we freed the mother of our Home's children from her other ministries so she could tune in to the kids.
       Even though it was hard initially, it has borne good fruit. -- The kids are happy, their scholastics are being taken care of, and they are progressing in their spiritual lives. Though perhaps some other ministries are being neglected, we are learning that the kids are a priority in our lives.
-- Silvia Labours (25), Hungary

       The high school that our older children attend has come out with several things on the occult and witchcraft in their school books.
       Our oldest (16) came home with a stack of papers called "Theme Fear." He was having to study about Dracula, vampires, people with special powers, split personalities, etc. We were shocked! Our daughters' first Dutch classes were also all about witches. We are watching with pain how school is taking so much of the children, with them being a t school from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are desperate to get our kids out of the schools and teach them again.
-- Andrew and Faith (TS), Holland

       We put our five kids in public schools last year, when we found ourselves short on personnel for home schooling in a small Home.
       While there are negative effects and obvious pitfalls to System schooling, and home-schooling is still the ideal, I feel there is something to be said for putting our kids in public schools in nice areas where the schools are safe and clean.
       Before making this decision, I spoke with the principal several times about the school, evolution, discipline, etc. Prior to our children attending public schools, they had reached the point where they no longer appreciated home-schooling and took it for granted. The System makes them work so hard that now they appreciate how "easy" they had it before, and look forward to going to the field and being home-schooled again.
-- Steven (of Katrina), USA

       While trying to find an educational program for my 16-year-old daughter who has left the Family, I had an interesting conversation with a man who runs a private Baptist school, four regular schools and a "home-based" program in the States. He was very positive about home-schooled kids, saying they're brighter, know more, think better and learn faster than kids who attend public or private schools.
       He explained that home-schooled children inevitably have "knowledge gaps," due to constant changes in the home environ ment, moving, family emergencies, or in our case, travel, different priorities, adjusting to new situations, etc. Because of this, when the home-schooled student enters a regular school, it takes three to six months for the student to catch up to his/her level.
       But if the student applies him/herself, within three to six months he/she passes the other students and shoots on ahead, never again to be passed up by others.
       Statistics indicate that those studying or learning at home learn four tim es as much per time unit as those in a pubic school.
-- Jonathan and Amor, China

letters to theeditor

       In issue #7 of the Grapevine there was a comment about how many teens and YAs are dead weight in the Family (article titled, "Have You Been Persecuted?"). When I read this comment I almost cried. It's so sad that some adults actually think that the teens and YAs in the Family are just hanging around for nothing. If I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be!
       I am not ashamed to stand up for the Family and what we believe; in fact, I can't wait till we get the new booklets for distribution! I don't think it is fair to say that "our teens and young adults don't seem to know what they're here for." I don't know about others, but I sure know what I am here for! Granted, there are young people in the Family who aren't here with their whole hearts, just as there are adults who aren't here with their whole hearts.
       It's discouraging when you are trying your best to stay on track and close to the Lord, following the Loving Jesus series to the best of your ability, and then all you hear from the adults is what they don't like about young people -- music, movies, "worldliness," and desire for love, friendship and fellowship with others our age. It makes you feel like they don't really appreciate the fact that many of us have forsaken much and have gone through a lot for the Lord and the Family.
       Just because there are some young people in your Home who seem like they are "out of it" doesn't mean they are dead weight. For God's sake, we're a Family! Maybe the Lord is expecting you to help this person through a rough time in their life. Someone did that with me, and as a result I am still here. Us young people are going through a crash course; having to learn all that the adults have learned during the past 20 years, in five years or less. So please try to have a little understanding and mercy, and remember what you enjoyed when you were young people -- and you can al ways pray!
-- A disheartened teen (female, 17), ASCRO

       God bless Tim (SGA) for bringing up that idea of adopting "sister Homes" (See Grapevine #7, "Sister Homes"). When he said that some Homes in more affluent countries could raise their weekly support in just three days, I nearly died!
       For some of us who are pioneering, fundraising is a 25-hour-a-day, 8-day-a-week business. The harvest is so plenteous and there are so many open doors that we find ourselves stretched to the limit trying to find ways to do everything at once. If we could count on some extra support (however small it may be) from a charitable Home across the globe, we guarantee that you would be making a difference. Yeslamu edeiku (May God bless your hands).
-- Mary (YA), Middle East

       I wanted to say a big "amen" to the comment on "Pregnancy and Marriage" from Rachel in Grapevine #4. For me it goes way back to the days of FFing and sharing, as those freedoms were many times abused and many were hurt as a result. In the same respect, I'm now seeing some of the same irresponsibility in our young people's relationships.
       To see quite a few of our young mothers with no father around makes me wonder what's going on.
       I've heard that some have shared with "lonely single guys" to help them in their need, which sounds commendable, but what happens when a child results? Did the child have any "say-so" in the decision on whether he or she gets a daddy or not?
       I thought it was ironic that right next to this ar ticle was the comment about people being on welfare and how it can be a bad testimony to outsiders. I wonder how people who we're trying to win and be a good Christian sample to look at these young mothers with no father around?
-- S. (TS), USA

umor mill

: There's been a rumor going around that Solomon Touchstone (drummer) has left the DO Family. Is this true?
-- Curious in the USA
(From PACRO Office:) Solomon Touchstone (now Francis Drummer) went TS about six months ago. He lives in Tokyo, where he is the drummer for a band that performs in night clubs around Japan. He is in fellowship with the DO Family and from what we've heard, still helps with various Family projects from time to time, such as shows that some of the Homes do, and recordings for Family tapes, God bless him!

find a friend

       -- Nat (a.k.a. David, Nohah, Roberto) looking for old friends from the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Singapore, WS. Add: Box 165, St. Petersburg 191123, Russia . E-mail: family@thefamily.spb.su.
       -- Looking for François Dick ("Jason"?) Please write Christine (Dick) Lumbroso. Add: 11918 S.E. Division #319, Portland, Oregon 97266.
       -- Matthew (Canada) and Chilean Ester. Friends, drop us a line. E-mail: rossopazo@vir.com.
       -- Job is looking for Crys and Nap, Andrew Sample. E-mail: r7clowns@ms5.hinet.net.

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