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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.

the grapevine
(Issue 125; January 1, 2002.)

The news and views from Family members published in the Grapevine are not intended to reflect WS policy. Suggested reading age for this publication is 14 years and up. Selected portions may be read by or with those younger at parents' or shepherds' discretion. The Grapevine, P.O. Box 168751, Irving, Texas, USA - 75016-8751 e-mail: gv@wsfamily.com Copyright © 2002 by The Family

       Laurent David
, 3rd child, born to Meeky and John P. on July 25.-Thailand
       Ryan Lee, 4th child, born to Peace and John D. on July 29.-Thailand
       Leila Arisa, 2nd child, born to Angie Flame and Ike Daniel on August 29.-PACRO
       Darren Reece, born to Kathryn and Brian on September 28.-India
       Nicola, born to Libertie Clay and David French on September 28.-India
       Naomi Angel, born to Ruth and Samuel on September 29.-Japan
       Satine Bella, born to Joanna and Peter in October.-Australia
       Ricky, born to Maria and Santi in October.-New Zealand
       Kaylee, born to Joan and Richard on October 6.-Japan
       Ethan Patrick, 4th child, born to Christina andTommy on October 13.-Thailand
       Anna Theresa, 1st child, born to Lily and Noah on October 22.-Taiwan
       Charmaine Victoria, born to Crystal Dear and John Benjamin on October 23.-India
       Connor David, 1st child, born to Clare and Nathaniel on November 12.-USA
       Sharlene Faye, 3rd child, born to Praise andAndrew on November 12.-Thailand
       Alan Derek, 2nd child, born to Leila and Paul on November 21.
       Ashley, 1st child, born to Beth and Tim on November 21.-India
       Nicola Katie, born to Jolena and Gus on November 26.-Kenya


new laborers…
       Peter Clay
rejoined on September 26.-India

Notice: Family Birthday 2002

By Mama and Peter

Dear Family,
       God bless you! We pray you have been able to rest up some after a busy Christmas and New Years season. When we asked the Lord if He had any particular instructions on what to do for this year's Family Birthday, He gave His suggestions and a general plan of events to choose from. Here is what He had to say:

       (Jesus speaking:)
When I declared the Family Birthday a national holiday in the Heavens, it was for all eternity! The Family Birthday is written in the annals of Heaven as a day to celebrate, a time to rejoice, a time of praise and thanksgiving, not only to Me, but to David, Maria, Peter, and to you, My Family, the ones who are to shine with the brilliance of My light and truth in the end of days. In your honor, dear Family, I regard this holiday to commemorate the birth of the Family in the highest degree, for without you, My loves, My mission would not be complete.
       The birth of the Family is a time to celebrate, to give praise to Me for choosing, ordaining and anointing you for the high calling of being My Endtime representatives, My most intimate brides, My face to the world, My mouthpieces of the Last Days!
       Celebrate the Family Birthday 2002 as you did last year. Declare two free days for all Family members! It should be a time to rest, relax, commune with Me, and fellowship with one another. How good and how pleasant it is for My brides to live and love together in unity. This year's birthday celebration is one of special significance, for having been freed from the evil Selvegion, having been delivered from lethargy, having cast out wicked Pan and Bacchus, with greater knowledge of the use of the keys to the Kingdom, with My promises of the Feast 2002, there is no stopping you, dear Family, and this brings cause for special celebration!
       This Family birthday is of tremendous importance for I give you great cause to celebrate! Celebrate the days of greater conviction; celebrate the fires of revolution that are rekindled and burn deep within your hearts. Celebrate the passion of My Spirit, your love for Me, your love for the lost, for the souls that cry out to you to be saved. Celebrate your freedom, your liberation to do My will! Celebrate, My loves, celebrate this awesome work of My hand-the Family of Love! Celebrate the birth of David, for by his obedience you all are made righteous! Celebrate your uniqueness and give thanks for your blessings! Dear Family, celebrate these days as follows:

*       Declare two free days for all Family members. This can be Sunday and Monday, February 17th and 18th, or Monday and Tuesday, the 18th and 19th, depending on which is more convenient for each Home. For many, the first choice will be best, yet for others, those involved in Bible study with Active members and outreach on Sunday, the second choice will work well. These days are for rest, relaxation, communion with Me, as well as to have fun and to enjoy the fellowship of one another. To help everyone organize these days to be able to derive maximum benefit, here is a basic plan to follow:

Day One:
Dedicate this day to rest, relaxation and communion with Me on a personal and intimate level. I remind you of the dire times you are entering. With renewed conviction and dedication, with the new weapons you hold in your hands, with the growing bleak world conditions that surround you, it is imperative, My loves, that you take this time, as much as possible, not only to rest and relax, but to refill. This is a special birthday gift from Me to each Family member-a day to commune with Me, to have personal one-on-one time with Me-to come and lie in My arms and share sweet love. This day, I want each Family member to enter My bedchamber for private communion with Me. This is My Happy Birthday gift to each one, time in My chambers, just the two of us.
       I wish for everyone to take a good portion of this day in private loving and fellowship with Me. The better part of the day should be a time of retreat-a time to commune individually with Me. Everyone can rest, sleep in if possible, and relax, but for the most part, the day should be a time to rest in Me, to refill, re-tank, have extra Word time, take time to hear from Me personally and commune with Me.
       The evening hours could then be spent in meaningful united activity with each other, with Me in the center-have talk-time with one another, share testimonies or real-life faith-building stories of supernatural experiences, relate miracles that happened in your lifetime, play Word-based games, have praise and loving Jesus time-or some such inspirational activity, or, if you have a particularly meaningful movie, you may end the evening with that if you wish.
       The thrust of this day should be to rest, relax, spend personal time in communion with Me, and wind up in a meaningful Word-based activity with the Home. You, My dear Family, work long and hard, the thrust of the day-to-day battle is fierce.-You need and are worthy of this time with Me. During this time, I will speak to each one and I will personally deliver the most valuable birthday gift anyone can hope for-special birthday words straight from My heart to each individual.

Day Two:
Let the birthday party begin! This day can also be to rest, relax, sleep in if possible, and after having good Word time with Me, enjoy a loving time of fellowship and fun with each other. You can celebrate your unity this day in any number of ways, with a special outing, a special dinner, cookout, or picnic, play games, go on a special get out, have a dance, eat ice cream and cake or have some other special treat!
       Some time during the festivities on this day, you'll want to stop and unitedly read a message from David. He has asked Me if he can have a little chat time with you on your birthday-so don't miss your time together with your Dad (coming via GN)! And don't miss singing Happy Birthday to David and to each other, unite arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder and sing songs of revolution, sing your song of victory! Celebrate the blessings of the unity that you possess, dear Family.

       There you have a general plan of events for the two-day Family Birthday celebration. As each Home teamwork comes to Me for fine-tuning of these ideas, I will lead and guide on how to organize the events according to your situation and needs.
       You deserve these days off, dear ones. I promise to make these birthday days unique and special in every way. Each one will receive their custom-made treat and blessing direct from Me as you come into My bedchamber to rest, relax, refill, re-tank, love Me intimately, and receive My personal words, My personalized birthday gift. And the following day, as you have fun and loving fellowship with one another I will bless, unite, and strengthen you as one body, one bride, and you will receive great satisfaction, refreshing and renewal from these days of communion with Me in celebration of your birthday. (End of message from Jesus.)

       Thank You, dear Love, for this exciting plan for our Family Birthday! That's a lot to look forward to, folks! Please begin making your plans accordingly, by praying and seeking the Lord now about how to best organize these two free days for everyone in your Home! We'll be praying for you as you prepare!

Much love,
Mama and Peter

       P.S. In addition to the Birthday message from Dad GN (mentioned above), in February you should be receiving Peter's “Year End Review” series and a “Fast Day Miracles” GN. Please keep these pubs in your prayers, that we can complete and get them to you, God willing, before the Family Birthday.

Foundation's Umbrella of FCF Projects

By Peter
       As you know, in the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series, Mama and I addressed the topic of being willing to stand up for and be associated with the Family, explaining that with your CTP projects and other witnessing and follow up activities, your Home should associate yourself with “The Family” name. (See GN 960, paragraphs 123 - 154.) In one of the prophecies that we published in GN 960, the Lord said:
       “I can understand taking on a certain name for a particular 'Consider the Poor' project if that name has meaning and possibly communicates more to the local people than simply the name 'The Family.' … Such names are immediately self-explanatory, and therefore people know right away what you're doing. If the motivation for adopting such names is for such a legitimate reason, then it's acceptable. But there should always be some association with the Family, some explanation or tie with the Family; otherwise your presentation is deceptive and I cannot fully bless you.”
       Relevant to this, a number of Homes around the world have applied to Family Care Foundation and been accepted as “FCF Projects” and thus operate by various names under the legal umbrella of Family Care Foundation (FCF), a 501(c)(3) charity registered in the USA. Some questioned whether they should or even could associate themselves with the Family if they operated under the FCF umbrella. FCF recently sent the following policy statement to their network of projects, and have given us permission to publish it in the Grapevine.

Memo to all FCF Project Managers-December 2001
Subject: Family Care Foundation's General Policy on Affiliations

       Recently a number of questions have been directed to us here at Family Care Foundation pertaining to other affiliations that you hold. Rather than attempt to respond to each of these inquiries individually, allow us this opportunity to state our general policy on affiliations.
       First of all, allow us to point out that the full spectrum of our FCF projects not only span a range of programs, but also a range of entities. Some of you Project Managers represent the equivalent of registered 501 (c)(3) charities in your countries, others have registered as NGOs, while still others operate with a more modest, informal local structure. To touch yet further on the diversity of FCF projects, some are affiliated with a certain Christian religion or denomination, others are Catholic, etc., while yet other projects are secular in nature.
       All of you qualify to operate an FCF project primarily because your goals and activities further the exempt purposes of Family Care Foundation. Other affiliations, of the Project Managers or of the project itself, be they religious or otherwise, do not factor in as far as qualifying to operate an FCF Project, since part of FCF's mission is to “cooperate with people and organizations from all cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds in our efforts to bring relief and hope to those in need.”
       Each of you retain your own separate identity under FCF's umbrella, and so you'll see from glancing at the listings of FCF Project names on our Web site (see “Our Network”), project names range from “Ayuda Para la Familia” to “Small Village Plan,” literally names from A-Z. We both welcome and encourage this diversity of FCF project names, your common denominator simply being that you are all “a project of Family Care Foundation.”
       By the same token, you may very well find reason to associate yourselves with other organizations or to form other affiliations, whether these are religious or otherwise. As far as FCF is concerned, there is no reason whatsoever why you cannot also associate yourself or become affiliated with other entities. While we're not trying to influence you one way or the other in stating this, the point is that there are no mandates or legal restrictions whatsoever from Family Care Foundation which hinder you from stating your other affiliations during the course of your day-to-day activities.
       For the purpose of your required reports and communications with Family Care Foundation, we expect that you will continue to refer to your FCF Project name and project number, as well as reporting your activities accordingly. Beyond this, any other affiliations are purely your own business.
       We trust that this explanation of FCF's General Policy on Affiliations provides an answer to any questions that you may have on the subject. (End of FCF Policy Statement.)

       Family Care Foundation policy states: “There is no reason whatsoever why you cannot also associate yourself or become affiliated with other entities. While we're not trying to influence you one way or the other in stating this, the point is that there are no mandates or legal restrictions whatsoever from Family Care Foundation which hinder you from stating your other affiliations during the course of your day-to-day activities.”
       Apparently some have felt that if they worked with FCF they couldn't associate their work with The Family name, but as FCF states, that's not a problem as far as FCF is concerned. If you have been operating under that premise, you should ask the Lord about your situation and what steps you can now wisely take to follow the counsel in GN 960 regarding associating with the Family.
       God bless all of you who work with FCF. We know you do a wonderful job and we're praying for you.


So, what next?

By the WS GP department
       Now that Christmas is over and you've distributed the Christmas CD cards far and wide, are you looking for another hot item to focus on getting out? The answer might just be found in our “Love” CD cards.-Available in English and Portuguese since last year, and coming soon in Spanish, DV. Check out the color flyer included with this issue of the Grapevine, featuring these four cards. They're a perfect item to promote in preparation for Valentine's Day in many parts of the world-and great for other occasions too!
       P.S. Flyers featuring yet other new distribution tools- Mottos for Success with a new look, in full color, Discovering Truth series, and more-are also included in this mailing. Don't miss ordering the latest tools from an SC near you!

LNF: new Xn magazine and important notice for parents

Dear Family,
       We love you, and are happy to announce that a new magazine-Xn-is on its way to you! This magazine will combine ingredients from several magazines you are familiar with, as well as a few new ingredients you're not so familiar with.
       Xn is for disciples-JETTs, teens, YAs, SGAs, and FGAs. That's right, JETTs and up are eligible to read this magazine. Parents, you may read portions of the new Xn magazine with your children younger than JETTs, but that is a choice you'll want to make on a mag-by-mag basis, as on the overall the content will be geared for teenagers and up. Some of the content WILL be heavy or too deep for OCs and younger children. With that in mind, you might not want to leave the magazine lying around where children can have access to it unsupervised.
       We love you and hope and pray that this new magazine is a great blessing to you all.

Much love,
Your Xn team


       Valentine's Day is not far away-why not provision the printing/photocopying of the new “Valentine's Day Blues” comic tract in an appropriate color (pink or red), and deluge your area with the key to true happiness and enduring love!
       Pink paper or no, don't forget to prepare for Valentine's Day way in advance. Other ideas: Provision armfuls of roses or small individually wrapped chocolates and pass one each out to people along with a tract; if you're in a Christian nation, post the tract on community bulletin boards (in supermarkets for example); create a little stand beside your regular busking/ballooning/Activated mag table spot, with a sign inviting people to take one. Don't forget to pray and ask the Lord for more creative ideas for how He wants to spread His love on Valentine's Day!

GNs ONLY on the MO site!

Check out the NEW GN titles listed below. They can be found ONLY on the MO site! Get them today!

Fast-day Follow-up! (ML #3381)
-Applying the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series

Rising Above! (ML #3379)

These jewels of My Word have been carefully mined, cleaned, polished, and prepared, and they are ready to be given to the Family. Even though these Words are not able to go out in print to the Family at this time, they will nonetheless be available to them, to all who wish to be fed. They are but a few clicks of the mouse and taps of the keyboard away from the Homes when posted on your Web site, and it is similar to My personal Words from Heaven for each of you.
       My personal Words are but a prayer away, easily available to all who call and ask and earnestly desire to hear from Me. You call and I answer and speak to you. These Words on the MO site are similar-you call by connecting via modem, you download the file of My Words, and I speak to you through them.
       Those who are hungry will be fed. Those who wish to hear My personal Words connect to Heaven, desirous of My Words, and they are fed and strengthened. And those who wish to hear these Words will connect to the Web site, receive the file, and likewise be fed and strengthened. Those who put forth the effort, who ask and seek and knock, will receive and will have these truths opened unto them. Those who do not put forth the effort, who do not ask and seek and knock, will not receive.
       So let whosoever will come and drink of the water of life freely, for I have good news from a far country, an Heavenly one, and I would quench the thirst of all who come with their cups outstretched! (End of message from Jesus.)

world news

To the Thais as a Thai [HAS PIX]

-Jonas and Christy perform in the USA, November 2001

By Steven, Thailand
Jonas and Christy received an invitation from a Thai lady in Bangkok to perform at a benefit concert in Chicago to sponsor scholarships for poor children in upcountry Thailand. A second performance was also held in Denver.
       Our team consisted of Jonas, Christy, Thai Pat, Angela PI and myself. The first program in Chicago took place at the local wat (temple), the night after we arrived. It is a very respected place and apparently one of the better locations in the USA for this type of thing. The program went very well. The venue and audience weren't huge, though it was full with around 600-700 people, all of whom were upper-class members of the Thai community in that part of the country.
       To close the program, Jonas and Christy performed a song honoring HM the King, and then waiied (to the ground) to the portrait of HM the King that was on the side of the stage. At that point, the entire audience burst into applause and gave them a standing ovation.
       Our friends who invited us congratulated us afterwards and said that the program really touched their hearts. Some people were even in tears and were especially impressed when we bowed to the portrait of Their Majesties the King and Queen at the end of the song.
       Another lady said of the program, “It was so versatile. You can sing Thai lukthoong, but then also Thai pop songs, and then you can sing English songs. It was fantastic. Not many people can do that-switch back and forth like that, and have such a repertoire.”
Many could hardly believe that Jonas and Christy were blonde and blue-eyed, but spoke Thai so well and were so Thai in their manners. Whenever they would say that they wanted to be like children to the Thai people, everyone would applaud and were very proud that a foreigner would want to do that. People were also very impressed when Jonas and Christy would sign autographs and write a little greeting in Thai. They'd say, “Oh, you write so well. You write better than our kids.” We got out over 110 CDs that evening.
       While Pat was backstage, she met a reporter who writes for the two Thai newspapers in the USA, and he wanted to interview Jonas and Christy. Pat was able to suggest a list of questions to him, which he used during the interview, which ended up being very positive.
       When we got back to Bangkok, we called our friends to thank them for taking such good care of us during our visit to the USA. They thanked us, saying that it was “by far the best and most successful program they've ever had for their fundraising efforts.”

Golden Triangle Friendship Concert
At the end of November, Jonas was invited to participate in the “Golden Triangle Friendship Concert,” which took place by the banks of the Mekhong River. There were 10,000 people in attendance, including representatives from various countries in the region, including the Chinese ambassador, high-ranking officials from Laos, Myanmar, and the minister from the PM's office from Thailand.
       The organizers asked Jonas to sing the Family song “Yod Kao” as an anti-drug message and he gave a little speech on the subject. The message of the song, “Yod Kao” is very good and people love this song, because it's very relatable to the daily struggles folks face in life. (Editor: See rough translation of this song on the MO site at: You can find the song “Yod Kao” on the MO site at: http://www.familymembers.com/audio/album.php3?aid=164&sid=contrib)

Concert in Prae

       The night before the above-mentioned program, Jonas performed in the neighboring province of Prae. They had fenced off an area for the concert with a capacity of about 10,000, but there were about two to three thousand additional people who wanted to see the concert but couldn't get tickets, so they just broke the fence down and joined in the fun!

Trip to Ubon and meeting Ad Carabao
The same evening that Jonas was performing at the Friendship Concert, a prominent foundation invited Christy and the dancers to participate in one of their fundraising events in Ubon province. This charity event was an all-night concert, or rather an “until-sunrise” concert.
       There were around 20,000 people there, many of whom were Laotians who had crossed the border to see the concert. The audience flipped out over the fact that Christy sang lukthoong and moh lam songs in the local dialect. Most Thais cannot sing in this dialect, so to see Christy singing it so fluently really impressed them. Almost half the audience got up and started dancing, clapping and singing along.
       Backstage after our performance, we met Ad Carabao, who is a Thai folk legend and also internationally known. (He's like the Bob Dylan of Thailand.) We talked with him about our work with the Family, and our participation in this project to promote Thai culture.
       He commented, “You guys are amazing. You are foreigners, but you dress like Thais and you speak so Thai and your mannerisms are so Thai. It puts me to shame. I'm a Thai, but here I'm singing Western music.” He invited us to drop by one of his three studios if we have the chance and gave us his cell phone number. He asked, “Do you think it's possible to have your dancers come up on stage? It would be an honor for me.” We quickly checked in with the Lord about it as he was the next performer up, and the Lord showed us that it would be good for us to accept his offer. So our dancers got up on the back of the stage with him and did some simple backup movements. After the song was done, he said to the crowd, “I normally never have any dancers. It's an honor for me to have these people on stage with me.”
       Then he asked Christy to join him on stage. (The Thai mentality is sort of “if you accept me, you accept my friends, too,” and it seemed to be his way of expressing his acceptance of and friendship with us.) As Christy came up on stage, he said, “I want to introduce you to someone I admire, who sang for you before.” He sang one song and she clapped along. When the song was over, he dedicated his speech to the audience to us, and said something like, “Christy is a foreigner, she comes from Holland, but look at her, she's so Thai. I can't even sing the songs she sings. She does volunteer work with all these people (pointing to the dancers) and they are helping Thai people. Even when she came to perform tonight, she came to help you and didn't charge any money, so give her honor. Let's give them a big round of applause.”

The wonderful world of tool sales

By Ahlai, Mexico
       I have been very rusty in tool sales and have not been involved personally in it for some time. I even shied away from it. I felt like “this doesn't go so good for me,” except perhaps in follow-up, grounding our sheep and new potentials, and in helping them teach their children the Word, where the tools are pivotal. Our singing team is the Home shiners in tools here, God bless them. Since someone had to stay back, it was me. I have loved taking care of the little kids, making nice meals for when the team returns, and not thinking much about tool sales at all. Maybe other moms or folks who have been doing other things for years feel like that too. Between shepherding, Activated, teaching my kids, and cooking and cleaning, tool sales was not on my daily to do list at all. But how differently I feel about that now!
       There is a whole world of ministry around tool sales that I never knew existed! Tool sales means witnessing, means new friends, means Activated members, means establishing the local church-exactly what we have wanted to do. Not to mention the support that our Home has desperately needed also.
       It all started with prayer and prophecy over a directory Alex gave me of phone numbers of companies in our city, a commercial directory-but the phone book would have done just as well. The Lord said: “Treat this gold mine as if every number were a precious soul. And souls, not diamonds are forever. Give them your heart and My tools.” Our Home had the faith that I could make the initial calls, even though my mixture of Portuguese/Spanish/English is a language most folks have never heard before, ha. I think a lot of the wonderful people of this country just hung on the line to find out what in the world this poor woman was talking about.
       After chatting a bit with whoever answers and asking who happens to be in charge of the company Christmas event or care of clients, we are usually directed to Public Relations or Compras, the purchasing department. Then it is all downhill after that! The product really does sell itself. You explain the beautiful Christmas cards that include a CD of wonderful Christmas music, for their employees, their store shelves, or their favorite clients as an special token, more than a card, but not as costly as a gift. People are captivated. Each one is a potential Activated member.
       About 80% of the time you are asked for a fax or e-mail of the product. It is still a cutting edge innovation, and of course we drop the price for sale of quantity. Response to that usually leads to appointments. Thank the Lord at that point for a very good partner, usually dear Alex or Sammy, who are very winsome, bilingual, and can effectively explain, help sell the product, and close the deal.
       We take public transport to our appointments and most of these appointments have meant sales (and souls). We donate Activated subscriptions to the sweet sheep that push these sales through with their overseers, who get excited because they are excited! It is so fun to watch and pray through these transactions! We hear from the Lord about it step by step. It does take a fair amount of calls to “get it right” and see it through-but that is what follow up with sheep is all about, and it has only brought us closer to those we are targeting.
       I can't say we are the tool shiners of Mexico, as there are lots of folks who are doing better and actually the only reason they are not writing something is because they are probably out tooling right now, ha. I happen to be in my Home today on meals and kids-but our Home goal is to be among the shiners. Anyone can do it really! The funny part is that most of the best responses we got to initial calls were made while the five kids were at the kitchen table coloring and I was cooking dinner. PTL, it's Christmas push!
       Mama and Peter, you said it was going to take multi-tasking to get this Activated ministry going. Well, we sure know what that means! It's all a miracle as we burn it at both ends, but it sure is fun to see one of your “tools” sheep respond to the Conectate mag you gave them with, “That helped me so much. Can I get more?” or like Cristina, a “tool” sheep who signed up for an Activated seminar.
       The first place we had an appointment with, we thought was a company that sold Scotch tape. Alex and I were so surprised and had to laugh, when Enrique, our contact sheep who wanted the CDs for his employees said, “You know, I think it could be really innovative to include these with one of our other main products, which are artificial Christmas trees.” How funny for the Lord to lead us to a Christmas product company without us even knowing it. They bought 1,000 CD cards and would like to be a regular client next year. Enrique is now a dear friend. We know his whole life story and he wants to work with us in our CTP ministries.
       The other company that bought 1,000 CD cards is a natural fruit juice company. We always wanted to provision from them-now they are really on the line. Roselia, our contact sheep, is now a Conectate subscriber. These are the only two big sales we have gotten, so it is not like we are hitting it every time. But we are excited about it and hope it inspires others of the world of fruit that can be borne through our tools. We have had other sales of 100, 50, 20-all of which represent precious sheep as well.
       We have some exciting fruit from interactive CD sales, and every other tool, at expos, trade shows, school bazaars, too. We were too late to get our materials on the shelves of a few store chains we tried-but no matter, this is shaping up to be a year-round ministry and already some of these corporations have given us appointments for January, February, March, June, and August! Actually, the way we feel now is: We'll sell anything the Family makes. You make it, we'll sell it!
       Thanks so much to our wonderful Family who have developed these exceptional tools and have kept us “in the margin” living by faith with them. As well as provisioning and the faith life-actually learning to live without dependence upon the System and a life of working for money-but rather a life of giving to others, of truly working for God. I consider that the most treasured gift and asset of the future that Dad, and you Mama and Peter, have given us. That one skill, we will find as time goes on, is literally worth its weight in gold.

By Mama

       I'd like to hear from others of you who have experience in mass distributing our tools and making the sales of our wonderful Family tools a ministry. Please write and share how you do it, the fruit it's borne, and any tips and suggestions with all! Thank you!


Meeting Brother Andrew

       Mary Meek, Dust, and Suzanna Dutch, Brazil: Remember the Bible smuggler? We met him! There was a congress in Holland from Open Doors (the organization of Brother Andrew that helps the persecuted church) and we happened to sit right behind him. In between speeches we spoke to him, briefly explaining that we were admirers of his and presenting him with a package of material: a Fear Not CD, a Xerox of the Life with Grandpa story about him, and a personal letter expressing our admiration for his work and explaining our work in the Family for Jesus.

“Creature” on the streets

Ahlai, Mexico: Mama and Peter, thank you for your counsel and guidance with the band project-you are a king and queen that are closer than a heartbeat. TTL, He is speaking to and tweaking us step by step, and the band is not doing jobs at this moment, but rather are putting their all into singing for Activated meetings, tools sales, shows at orphanages, and street witnessing with teens, etc.
For example, today John and David are on a CDing road trip with Alex, Sammy, and Jono; Godfrey is restaurant singing and selling tools with three teen girls from Phil's Home; Vas is at a booth with Serena getting out ICDs and CD cards; Robin is leading another road trip with Benito and Anim; Dust is provisioning, and I am on the phone closing a deal of tools. On it goes in an all hands on deck Christmas push! All that to say, it is the Lord's band and as of now “Creature” is out on the streets CDing! They'll crank up again after Christmas dinner for the poor (this year over 10,000 expected!) which is organized by Ben and Maria's Home.

Witnessing with our tools

       Dave, Ana, and Elías, Colombia:
We visited the general manager of one of the most important commercial centers in Bogotá to offer our Christmas show and our Christmas cards. When he saw our materials and our CTP, he said they will have a month dedicated to the children and he would like us to have a stand displaying our material. He sent his secretary to our house to look over our material, and then gave us a beautiful stand to use for two weeks. Another friend helped us decorate it, and other friends helped us to attend the stand. We witnessed to thousands of people and got out 105 videos, 20 CDs and Christmas CD cards! Many souls were saved and addresses collected, and management contracted us to do our Christmas show for nine days straight. The Lord showed us that it pays to put witnessing first and that He can still do great miracles with our wonderful tools.

Fire precautions

       Michael and Faith, Italy: We learned a sobering lesson when in one afternoon our storage room caught on fire and began burning fast. Thank God that one of our daughters realized what was happening, so we were able to stop the fire in time before great damage was done. We called the firemen, but when they arrived the fire had just been put out by Cristina (our 15-year-old daughter). Thank God nobody got hurt, but the whole room was pretty smoky.
       We found out that some cardboard boxes got stuck too close to a light bulb on a wall and the heat started the fire. The children had played in there and accidentally moved the boxes close to the light bulb. We learned the importance of not having any uncovered light bulbs, and to watch out for any flammable material being too close to a heating source.

Update on Jasper (of Love)
Love, USA:
Jasper is rising up like the Phoenix from the ashes of defeat. He has had a wonderful month and is starting to look more and more like the old Jasper. His facial expressions have come back and he is starting to mouth words and is making more of an effort to communicate. It's so good to see him smiling after months of being so glum. He is beginning to wheel his chair around the halls again and is greeting the staff members with a smile and a handshake.
       Eric (formerly Aaron, former member SGA), was down from Boston visiting my daughter and he visited Jasper. Right before he went over to see him he told me, “I don't think Jasper likes me anymore.”
       I replied, “You'll see, he still likes you.” Eric had a wonderful visit with Jasper and was moved to tears to see how responsive Jasper was and how much he seemed to remember him and the good times they had in Puerto Rico, etc.
       One of our friends had a wonderful idea about getting Jasper a telephone in his room so he can participate in prayer meetings by conference calls.

Almost drowned

       Victor and Pilar, Spain: At a fellowship get-together with the other Homes, our five-year-old daughter almost drowned in the pool during an unguarded moment. TTL someone saw her and got her out just in time. We learned that gatherings around swimming pools can be very dangerous since you cannot take your eyes off the kids for a second; thus, fellowshipping is better done somewhere where the children are in a safe, secure location within your oversight where you can at the same time talk with others.

Young people education

       Home in Middle East: We prayed about setting aside one evening a week earmarked for CVC/ young people education. The Lord blessed it by enabling us to find four GED books on sale which we promptly bought. Passing the tests, or working on each young person's portfolio is the next step. At first a few of the boys were like, “Oh, I don't know if I want to bother.” Then they started peeking over the table and pretty soon, there they were, making their study plan and trying out the tests.

Witnessing opportunities in NACRO

* Michael and Angie: While in Kamloops, Canada, visiting brethren, they met the famous group “Barenaked Ladies” and gave them all posters.

* Paul, Steven, TigerLily, and Vanessa, Oklahoma, USA: They were able to meet and witness to a soldier who had been held in China when their plane made an emergency landing in South China.

* Simon and Naarah, California, USA, met with Dennis Quaid after one of his concerts. Through a series of miracles they were able to meet, witness, as well as have their picture taken with him.

* Love (of Jasper), Florida, USA, met Governor Bush (President Bush' brother) at Jasper's nursing home. She was able to pass on an envelope with a few Reflections, Glimpses of Heaven, as well as pictures from the time he helped some Family teens get to sing for his dad. He later wrote Love a letter, thanking her for the material as well as offering her his prayers during this time of affliction for Jasper.

* Paul, TigerLily, Steven, and Vanessa, USA, met with the two remaining children from the Von Trapp Family, Johannes and Maria (who was a missionary for 40 years!), and were able to talk, witness, and hear about different happenings in their lives.

mama's mailbox

Dear Mama,
       The new “What the Future Holds” series is tremendous! I have a comment on the prophecy where the Lord uses chess as an illustration of the future and of our battle with the Enemy in these Last Days.
       I'm quite familiar with chess as I was ranked among the 10 top junior players in Sweden when I joined at the age of 18 in 1973. I also played extensively during a few years in the early and mid-'90s when I was a FMer, resuming playing for a club and participating in a number of tournaments.
       It's an interesting game, with a lot of factors involved, just like there are in the complete, full strategy and tactics of a battle in a real war. During that time (in the early '90s) I was also drawn/led to think about the real-life parallels to a chess game from the viewpoint of the Family and our future battle with the Enemy in the Endtime, and I believe the Lord gave me a few interesting parallels and analogies at the time. Among them, I got that you were the most powerful piece and “Endtime player” of the “white” forces-the Lord's forces-just as the Lord said in par. 31 of this Letter.
       My comment is concerning the power and characteristics of the pawns, as was touched on in par. 54-56. In there the Lord said, “All pawns are precious to Me, and I love one piece just as much as another. And though they may seem lowly, each pawn is a potential queen-the most powerful piece on the board.” I was thinking that when an ordinary Family member, who may not know much about chess, reads this, they could be tempted to say, “Yeah, yeah, that's very nice. I've heard this before: The Lord loves me. That's nice to know, but I already know this. And as far as the Lord saying here that I have the same potential power as a queen, that is probably just the Lord's way of giving some general encouragement, as He so often does.”
       For those who do not know the rules of chess, at least not well, they may not know that a pawn really IS a potential queen-or rook, bishop or knight. If and when a pawn manages to reach down to the end-row of the opponent's side of the board, he can exchange that pawn for the piece of his choice (any of the four mentioned above)-which usually, in 99 cases of 100, the player of course chooses to select a queen, since that is by far the most powerful piece. This is known as “transfiguration” in professional chess terms. (Though exchanging the pawn for a queen is by far the most common choice, there ARE exceptions, certain types of positions for which the characteristics and “traits” of one of the other pieces are better suited.)
       I thought it a likely “real-life” parallel, that just as in a chess game a pawn seldom manages to reach down to the last row of the opponent-sort of like “behind enemy lines” in a way-until the latter stages of a game, what is known as the “end-game” stage. Though the era of action has slowly begun, and the power and anointing of all of us Family members who, by God's grace, will follow closely, will increase with time, even to the point where we'll have miraculous manifestations, etc., the greatest outpouring of anointing and the greatest usefulness may not be obtained for some until the latter stages of this great Endtime game.
       One more point about pawns: Although it's true that they have the most limited movement of all the pieces, they are not necessarily to be underestimated, even with their “ordinary” powers (not counting the potential possibility of transfiguration if they can make it that far in the game). As anyone who knows the rules of the game is aware of, a pawn can catch/exchange an enemy piece if that piece is placed on either of the two squares diagonally in front of its own square. The point is, a pawn can catch ANY enemy piece-be it rook or queen-if it comes in direct contact with it in this way. In other words, even the pawns can be quite lethal even with their “ordinary” powers if the enemy pieces don't watch out. So the saying indeed is true that it truly is an honor just to have been chosen to participate in the game, and that all pieces have the potential to inflict serious damage to the enemy forces.
       -FGA male, Europe

If you're writing Mama…

By Ashley, Mama's secretary

Dear Family,
       Mama loves you very much. She appreciates receiving your letters and likes to be able to respond to as many as she can.
       From now on, we will only be able to answer letters that include at least the bare-essential information: your name, Home number, and country. The reason for this is that it's often difficult to send our reply without knowing these details. Sometimes it takes the COs a long time to track you down and pass on the message; possibly some letters never even reach their destination or end up going to the wrong person. When we have no way of knowing who you are and/or where you are, it's difficult to ensure that our reply reaches you safely.
       Mama takes your letters very seriously and listens to each one and prays for you. She wants to continue to be able to answer your heartcries and requests for help and prayer. Thank you for helping to make it easier for her to do so.

Subscription reminders

By the Europe/Africa Activated desk
       God bless all of you who have been faithfully sending in subscription addresses. Here are a few reminders regarding filling out and sending in addresses for subscriptions by e-mail or via the Web site:

We get some addresses that are all in CAPITAL LETTERS, which means we have to retype it. Please only capitalize the parts of the address that need to be capitalized.

Make sure that all the details are there such as country, city, etc. Please don't assume that we will know in what country the address is by who is sending it in. Please include as many details as possible, such as whether the person has already received magazine number one, etc.

We sometimes receive e-mail signed “love from David” or “Mary” or “John,” but we don't always remember what Home number this particular David, Mary or John is from. Please make sure to include your Home number every time you write to us. Thank you.

We are sending Activated out in three languages-English, Spanish and Portuguese-so it's very important that you specify which language your friends would like to receive the Activated magazine in if they are not in an English-speaking country.

       Thank you so much for your help with these “big” details which make it a lot easier for us to process the subscriptions that you send in without making mistakes. You're wonderful!


Movies Rated for Senior Teens and Up

Kirsten Dunst, Jay Hernandez
       A poor Latino boy falls for a troubled girl from an affluent neighborhood. Drama about the ensuing complications of their relationship.

This movie will touch your heart to see what teens in the world go through, without shepherds, without My guidance, just making their way the best they can. It shows the triumph and consistency and true help that love brings-real love. It's deeper than most teen movies, and is therefore more worthwhile than most. Some of the teens are really messed up and out of control, but their misbehavior and problems are not glorified, as they are in many movies these days.
       It's a traumatic testimony, but it's a pretty accurate portrayal of the miserable lives many teens in the System live and the hopelessness they face when they feel no one understands them or what they're going through. It's yet another “thank God for the Family” movie. It also shows the creative power of love. If one can have such a positive effect on another just through their own love, think how much more effect you can have through My love and the understanding and power I have given you!


Drew Barrymore, Steve Zahn, James Woods
       Drama following a young woman's life over a period of 20 years as she deals with the many unexpected setbacks and challenges that life throws her way, and tries to make something of herself.

This movie shows the reality of living in the System. It shows how hard life in the System can be for a single mom. If nothing else, it should help My Family count their blessings.
       This movie clearly shows the bad fruit of blaming your problems on others. Things could have turned out a lot better for all involved if they had had Me in their lives and were asking Me for My leading and guidance. Even with their mistakes, things could have been a lot better if they had taken responsibility for their actions and not counted mistakes as burdens, but blessings, and looked to Me for the solutions and found the good in it. I can turn seemingly bad things into good. That is one of the benefits of having Me as your God and not living in the System and assuming System attitudes.
       There are some light and entertaining moments, but for the most part this is more on the serious side, because it deals with the realities of life. This movie can help you appreciate the support you are able to give to your single moms in the Family and appreciate the stable environment you can give to your children.


Janet McTeer, Aidan Quinn
       Drama about an early 20th-century musicologist who discovers the music of the Appalachian Mountains and, despite obstacles and the initial reluctance of the locals, sets out to document and record it.

This is a pretty accurate look at life in the mountains, where people were stuck away for eons until their music was discovered, their way of life highlighted, and the good aspects of their culture brought to light for the rest of the world to enjoy and appreciate. These people had, and still have, their own culture, which the movie brings out.
       It's a fairly charitable look into a group of people that are often looked down on and made fun of by the supposedly more enlightened and refined society, and I like that. You know I'm always pulling for the underdog. There's something special to be found in everyone and every group of people, and this woman found it. In the process, she overcame a lot of her own hang-ups, prejudices and misplaced priorities. Learning to see the best in others brought out the best in her.

Movies Rated for Junior Teens and Up

Robert Redford, Brad Pitt
       Drama about a veteran CIA officer and his protégé, following their various assignments and the difficult choices they have to make. Interesting insight into espionage training, recruitment, and politics.

This movie is about a man who stuck to his beliefs and did what he knew to be right. He knew the System's way of “looking out for its own” and wasn't afraid to buck it. There were good examples of the younger having so much to learn from the elder, and also good lessons on teamwork, trust, being on guard, and an interesting look into the world of espionage. It isn't a spy fantasy story where the hero can shoot his way out of anything, but gives a more realistic perspective.
       It doesn't glamorize or glorify the U.S. military, which is good, but it's fairly realistic in its portrayal of both good and bad. It's an interesting look at the lives of some people who have been involved in covert operations and what they go through-the danger, and especially the lack of trust, never knowing exactly who is on your side. You can be thankful for the trust that you have in the Family because of your unity and the love I've given you.
       It shows how corrupt and evil the powers that be are, and how little respect they have for the pawns they use for their own purposes and for the lives of these people.
       There are some scenes in a Chinese prison that some might find disturbing, so be prayed up and be sure it is okay with Me for you to view this film, if you are sensitive to these types of scenes.
       It also shows how much My children need Me and My protection and the power of the keys, for how will they be able to fight against and outsmart evil men who will be out to get them in the Endtime without My supernatural power? That is why it is so important to train now with the spiritual weapons I have given. The Devil's powers are no match against My power.

Movies Rated for OCs and Up

Keith Carradine, Annette O'Toole, Brendan Fletcher
       Adventure set in the mid-18th century. In the wilderness of Maine, 13-year-old Matt struggles to survive and keep a promise to protect his family's new homestead until his father can return with the rest of the family. To survive in the wilderness, he must learn to trust and work with the Penobscot Indians. (Note to parents: It might be possible to show this to MCs as well, after having previewed to check for parts that might need explaining or fast-forwarding.)

       (Jesus:) This is an uplifting movie. It has good morals, good attitudes, and depicts life as it is with both its joys and difficult times. It has a lot of good lessons that would be relatable to kids and help them to appreciate their blessings. My children have so many blessings that it's easy for them to take the things they have for granted, but seeing this boy's sample of surviving out in the wilderness on his own will give them something to think about.It also has good lessons on growing up and maturing, on showing love and forgiveness, on being honest and true. There are many good principles brought out in this movie.

Confirmations on “Conviction vs. Compromise”

By Mama

Retirement plan for FGAs is doable!
In part three of the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series, the Lord outlined the Activated retirement plan for our FGAs. Here's one confirmation from an FGA couple in China on the subject:

A “Retirement Plan” for FGAs

       If you're sincerely concerned about your future and how you're going to support yourself or your mate and kids, think about what Activated has to offer. Most preachers of the world are supported by their congregations. They hustle their support every week as they feed their flocks from the pulpit. They win those congregations; those people depend on their pastors to minister to them spiritually, and they're willing to support and tithe as a result. It's a Scriptural principle, and many of the congregation feel it's their duty” (ML #3363:225).

       We totally agree with what Mama said here, as long before Activated was created the Lord had led us to some precious people in Malaysia and Singapore while we were still in Malaysia. We followed up on them and tried to faithfully feed them as much as possible but often fell short as there was always so much to do in the Home. Then the work closed up and all of us had to leave; we were left in the unique position of having all our sheep with no one to pass their care on to. The Lord led us to come to China and we continued to feed our friends from inside China via some brethren outside of China who would send off mailings for us. Since we didn't have any support within China, we went back once a year to visit these precious folks. As a result, these folks have provided enough support to keep us here year by year for the last three-and-a-half years!
       It does take work to feed these folks but the rewards are more than worth it. Not only have we cultivated our yearly support, but we have also become very good friends with all of them. It's often quite hectic when we visit our friends as most of our time is spent following up on them, and we try to be a help to them in any way we can. For example, on our last trip one of our friends who didn't know much about computers wanted to get online. We went out of our way to help him set up his computer and spent quite a few evenings trying to get his computer working properly. This man was so thankful that we were willing to take the trouble to do all this out of friendship, that he gave us another donation besides what he had already given us.
       We've been ministering to these people for the last five years. They confide in us. Some of them even treat us like relatives and each time we visit, they want us to stay with them.
       When the Activated program was introduced we were very gung-ho for it. We always felt as though we were falling short of our sheep's needs. Activated is the answer to our prayers for these dear friends and supporters. On our last follow-up trip we were able to get most of our friends Activated. We were so thrilled when even the most unlikely one willingly signed up for a year's subscription.
       It pays to cultivate friends and build up a list of people to follow-up on. From our experience, all the Word and counsel that has come out on cultivating a follow-up work is true. If you take care of the sheep, they will take care of you. As Mama said, get with Activated and follow-up now! Win yourself a flock!

The “God factor” at work

       By Carmen (of Juan), South America: It's amazing to me how the Lord as not failed in one of His good promises. My parents' sample (like that of so many of our faithful FGAs) is what convinces me that the Family does work-that the “God factor” is the single most important factor in securing our future financially!
       My parents have lived by faith since joining the Family. They've raised a family of seven, and the Lord has always supplied for them (us!) in amazing ways! They've had their share of English teaching and “wandering,” and have experienced their very low times, but whenever they have put the Lord, His work, and witnessing first, they've (we've!) never lacked for anything.
       A few years back they hit a “low” again in the vicious cycle of hitting the streets to make ends meet, to raise the monthly budget and pay the rent. I had a conversation with my dad at the time that convicted and changed me. He told me he was worried about Mom and us. He was tempted to quit, to take up a job, start a business, or work toward financial security, and “securing their/our future,” like many of his peers were doing at the time.
       “But,” he said, “I really believe that we're living in the Endtime and I know that it's the Lord's will for me to keep living by faith. The Lord asked me to be willing to teach the young people to witness and make it possible for them to get out there! So that's what I'm doing and I have to trust that the Lord will come through for me, like He always has!” For the first time I realized what a step of faith it was for them to keep trusting the Lord, the Family, and our way of life of “living of the Gospel,” when it seemed there was no way to change things no matter how old he got.
       But the Lord, true to His Word, turned that around and mightily blessed that faith, holding on, and trusting. The Lord opened doors through their faithful follow-up that led them to where they are now. They now have free rent, including some of their utility bills covered. The Lord is doing miracles in their tool distribution and they are getting out more tools than ever (due to their obedience to push Activated as a Home)! They're also involved with a group of 80 teenagers getting together for weekly meetings, a number of whom are turned on and potential disciples. They are holding Bible classes, pushing Activated subscriptions, and are busy for the Lord!
       The Lord has never failed. Just when it seemed that they were getting too old or tired to keep hitting the streets, the Lord came through and gave them just what they needed! They are still “hitting the streets,” but with renewed inspiration and with the freedom to witness full time without such heavy financial pressure. They are living proof that what God has promised He performs and God's guarantees are the very best!
       Dad and Mom, you never have to worry about us because you have secured our future in the best way possible by passing on to us the heritage of faith that has taught us to both preach and live of the Gospel, and through which we have access to all the riches and power of Heaven. You have given us the best financial security and the best future possible, one that is as bright, real and resolute as the promises of God!

It pays to share

By Ruthie, Europe
       I found that the Lord does test my living Acts 2:44-45 in the little things, and though it seemed like a sacrifice at the beginning, when I took the step to share the little things that mean so much to me, I soon found out once again that I can never make a sacrifice for the Lord!
       Because of frequent migraine headaches, I have to watch my diet, stay away from coffee, chocolate, and black tea, and be sure I include lots of calcium and natural wholesome foods with B vitamins in my daily diet. This way my headaches are kept to a minimum. A while back I also started to lose hair, so I decided to make special efforts to get brewer's yeast in my daily diet.
       We live on a poor mission field, where brown bread and other wholesome foods are hard to get, and brewer's yeast is not available. So a couple of years ago, I bought a supply of it when I went to a Western country, where I go twice a year to fundraise for our Home. I got enough brewer's yeast to last me for five months, and kept it in my room. Each morning I would put some in my milk, and would have to go to my room to get it. I was feeling quite guilty about keeping this for myself and not sharing it with others in the Home who could also benefit from it. Mostly, I felt I was not living Acts 2:44-45.
       On the wall of my bedroom I had the very convicting summary of goals for 1998, and one of them was to live Acts 2:44-45, ahem! I would excuse myself by thinking that for me it was really a necessity, not just a luxury or something good to have, because it would prevent me from being so often out of commission with my migraine headaches. However, I decided to ask the Lord about it, and He told me to make my brewer's yeast available to others in the Home, and that He would bless it. So I put the brewer's yeast on the kitchen shelves, and let others know that it was there, and they could use it when they wanted it. Of course, others started to use it, and it went down really fast, since we are a big Home. But I felt so much better about it, and guess what? Soon the Lord supplied a big amount for our Home through provisioning. So now not only do I not have to spend all that money on my personal brewer's yeast (it's quite expensive!), but that money is now turned in to the Home. And on top of it, there is enough brewer's yeast for all those who want!
       Since then, I experienced another similar situation. Again, due to my migraine headaches, I cannot drink coffee, and recently traveled to a country where we found a barley-based powder that tastes just like coffee when added to hot milk, yet without caffeine. I bought two cans and took them to the Home. I was looking forward to the next few months of having a nice hot barley milk drink each morning, but since I made it available to all, it barely lasted a week. I was a bit disappointed, and soon I had to again drink my tasteless milk each morning while others were enjoying their nice tasty coffee. But I did not regret making it available to the Home, because I knew that I had done the right thing. And guess what happened just a few months later? I don't remember how, but somehow we ended up with cans and cans of this barley powder-enough to last our whole Home for many months!

No getting away from the controversy!

By Abi, EMD
       In our FID (Family Information Department) ministry, there's no getting away from explaining the controversies about the Family. If we're shy about that, we're in the wrong ministry! When we circulate at conferences or go to speak with classes of university students, they want to hear what is unique about the Family. Believing in the Bible, going out as missionaries, taking part in humanitarian and charitable projects, those are all relatively commonplace. Even co-operative communal living is not unique in some Christian circles and other religious groups. The most common question we're asked is in essence, “What makes you different?”
       We are often in a situation where we're talking either privately or publicly about the Law of Love, how we use the gift of prophecy, Dad, the Endtime, our history.-Pretty much anything you'd consider the meat of the Word. I consider it a privilege to be involved in a ministry where people are eager to hear about these subjects, as it is a wonderful opportunity to give them the heart and soul of our message.
       In the past three years of conversations with academics, students, representatives of other religions ranging from New Age to Muslims, Christian theologians, and government officials, we've been asked what's different about us and we tell them, no holds barred. I can't say that we've had streams of converts-actually in our ministry we're not directly looking for converts but people who will stand up as “Gamaliels” in our favor in times of persecution. But what we have had is a lot of respect and good responses, even from people who you may ordinarily expect to dislike us. Even staid theologians and officials connected to the anti-cult movement have been respectful.
       I believe that most of all the Lord has worked to turn them towards us (“the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water he turneth it withersoever he will”), but the reason the Lord could do this is that we were willing to be open and not hold back. We've sat down and explained the meaty aspects of our doctrines and history, and we've explained the scriptural basis. They may not agree with our views, but they see that these are sincerely held religious beliefs and they respect us for it.-And some like it too! They can see that we “have a point” with the Law of Love and admit it is a good idea, even if they can't quite bring themselves to embrace it too.
       The Lord told our team, “It's time to stand up and be counted! … Come out on top! Make known who you are, and fight for your right to be there.”-When we put this into motion, it works!Honestly when I tell people about the Family, I have a feeling of pride.-Pride about the wonderful truth that the Lord has given us to benefit ourselves and the world; pride about the wonderful way of life the Lord has given us; pride in what our dear Family is accomplishing worldwide. My heartfelt prayer is that the Lord will continue to use us, the FID team, to be faithful representatives for you, our precious Family.

MO site login reminder

By the Web team
       We'd like to remind everyone that your MO site login information is for members of YOUR HOME ONLY. It is not to be passed around to other Homes, regardless of need or excuse. If an individual or a Home requests your information, you should not comply. If you feel you need to share your info, please ask us first (web@wsfamily.com). Thank you for doing all you can to abide by these guidelines and help to preserve the security of our site.

the Activated

Christmas witnessing in India

By Cephas
The Bangalore city Homes have been working together to prepare an appreciation show for our friends and contacts. The Lord inspired us to put into a musical play one of the Christmas spirit stories that we adapted, which our young people and a couple of their Active member friends practiced and performed for about 700 of our close friends here in Bangalore.
       A non-Christian friend of ours made the comment that he's not particularly impressed with how some other Christians have tried to witness to him, being aggressive and pushing their “religion” on him, but he said that he liked the way we did it, as it made it easy for him to receive, understand and come closer. The Lord had indicated that this was to be a time of the Family saying “thank you” and appreciating and giving to our friends. Each of the invited guests received an Activated magazine that they had not received before, with a subscription form inserted inside in case they were to pass it on to somebody else. We also had our tools displayed at the entrance, plus a lot of fellowship and witnessing after the performance. All the Homes in the city participated in this program, which was unifying and strengthening.
       A victory for November is that the field of India reached 770 full subscriptions. The Homes made a gallant effort to win as many as possible onto the subscription program. Also as a direct result of calling on the power of the keys, we have distributed, from the Activated desk, 33,500 of our 2002 Planners so far. Together with the original Mottos for Success, the field of India has sold over 50,000 of the Mottos for Success line of products for the year 2001.
       The Lord has been blessing our Activated efforts, as we made a decision to bring in all the old Activated mags from the U.S. desk. Together with what we had, there are about 72,000 to 75,000 magazines that we want to get out to the entire field of India by this next year. So far we have confirming orders for 55,000 of those magazines, as everybody would like to get them out during Christmas and because we're offering them at a very low cost, so that the Word can be spread abroad.

Getting my first subscription

By Coral, YAM Home, Rio, Brazil
       I've been trying to put Activated into practice in my own life but I'd been pretty burdened about it because I hadn't personally sold any subscriptions (only with a partner and they did most of the talking), I didn't really have any sheep on the line, etc. I don't get out much because I'm on kids full time and I'm still learning the language, but I knew the Lord could do anything, so I claimed the power of the keys that I could get a subscription within the next week.
       A day or two later, I went out bowling with the junior teens in the area and afterwards we got some ice cream at McDonalds. When we were done being served, I gave a tract to the lady who was serving us and started talking to her. She got saved and got a subscription as well! While I was talking to her, the teens started passing out tracts right there in the food court and we won 66 souls! This lady has visited our house twice already, and I hope to start giving her Bible classes soon.

Diwali online auction

By David and Chris, Mumbai, India
We have struck a deal with one of India's biggest online auctioneers. This weekend, the Diwali CD card will be released as the latest hot auction item. Internet users all over India will be able to bid for the Diwali cards online. The company will e-mail us all auction winners and we will be given their contact details to take over the selling of the cards to whoever made the highest bid for them.
       This all happened by quite a miracle as we approached this company originally with the idea of them buying the cards/calendars as corporate gifts. The manager we talked to was turned on with both our products and our work and proposed the idea of online auctioning. It is basically a no-risk venture as we have set a minimum price for the cards, so if the bidding does not reach that, the company will compensate us the shortfall.
       There will be a short write-up about our work accompanying the promotion of the cards online so people will know they are contributing to a social work. Because they will hand over people's contact details, we will also have a list of people to follow-up on. Our contact would like to introduce the calendars in October as well. He says we should sell around 25 cards a day but we're not counting our chickens yet! If all goes well this can be an ongoing relationship with other of our tools-videos, CDs, etc.

Our first Church of Love

By Pedro and Lily, Dominic and Marie, Madagascar
       The Lord supplied the free printing of 15,000 Christmas tracts and 15,000 Activated promotion flyers!-Thanks to the power of prayer and the keys!
       The Lord is increasing our fold, and we've just held our first Church of Love meeting, mainly using the “Christmas Collection” (FSM 379) reading material as a guide for this special time. We united the Activated members of both Homes and it was very inspiring, life-changing, and unifying for everyone! Our first COL in Madagascar was a total success! We can testify that it's generated great unity and inspiration in both Homes, and at the same time everyone's talents (French readers, singers, dancers, MCs, ice-breakers, etc.) have been used to the maximum.

This is meant for everybody

       (From someone in Nigeria who is benefiting from a sponsored subscription. We [EAD] sent him some tracts to pass out as well.)
       I am writing to acknowledge receipt of copies of Somebody Loves You tracts, posters and the first issue of Activated which has been so appreciated. I could not help but shed tears of joy when I received that bulky envelope addressed to me filled with tracts and posters from you, meant for the children of God. These tracts and posters came at a time they were mostly needed.
       In Jos (Plateau State) of Nigeria, my country, crises erupted and people were being killed in the thousands, followed by the news of terrorists attack in the United States of America, anguish, fear and loss of hope, rumors of war everywhere. What other time could be most timely than this, when these tracts came.
       I started with the hospitals where casualties were being cargoed in as a result of the devastation in Jos, and nearby neighboring states, Nassarawa, Benue, and Taraba. These places also recorded casualties because the killings in Jos spread to them.
       People are already disillusioned by the horrifying events here and there. Now is the time. What matters most is where the soul goes after death, not the manner of death. After counseling and praying with them I would help hang the posters on their hospital beds and drop the tracts on top of their beds and lockers. I also shared it to my fellow choristers in my local church, and right now we are learning to how to sing the subtitle of the tracts to use it to welcome first time worshippers in our church. I gave it to a couple in my neighborhood who have always had sorrowful moments because they are yet to have children of their own. I have always counseled them, this time again I had to share the reading of the tracts and posters with them.
       Oh, my God! This is meant for everybody. I did not leave my friends out of it either. My neighbors and colleagues share from it also. It has been an exciting experience. I wish to thank you for listing my name as one of the beneficiaries of your free years of Activated.

“I'll take it all!”

By Aaron Quixote, India
       “I have seen these materials before and they are good. Just take all of it and bill it to the school library,” said the delighted principal to the headmaster. We learned that the principal had seen the good fruit of the videos and tapes at his former school. At his former school the music teacher had brought the songs and the dance of Treasure Attic alive on big occasions with their students. Parents were awed at these occasions. So what do you think happened when this same principal met our tools face to face 1000 km away at the new school he is overseeing? We emptied our bags with only one regret-that we didn't bring more tools. That was the most tools out for my partner and me in a long time-8 VCDs, 4 videos, 4 CDs, 7 audios, 1 Mottos, 3 novels, and 7 Activated books!

Following Activated does pay

By Thaddeus and Esther, South Africa
       When we received the invitation for the Activated meetings this month, it was accompanied by a prophecy where the Lord encouraged us that if we put these meetings first He would supply our needs. The meeting fell at the same time of the month that we normally do a fundraising trip to raise finances for our rent and utilities. By faith we obeyed and those of us back home prayed for direction with some local fundraising. That particular week it virtually rained the whole week so the Lord had to pull a “big” one for us.
       However, on the one day that we did go out, someone bought two CDs and gave a small extra donation. We then met a guy who gave us a donation of more than double the amount he would have paid for his three CDs. Wow! We were on our way. Before the team had actually arrived Home we received a call on our answering service with a query about the Treasure Attics-this woman ended up taking 13 videos the following day, and we had managed to raise what we would normally get on the road, with just three people. We marveled, as it was tangible proof of prophecy.

reader searches out the Conéctate people

By Annie, Mexico
       A taxicab was passing very slowly by our house one day. He had no passengers in his car, so we wondered if he was looking for a specific address. Maria approached him and asked if he needed help. He asked if she knew of some Conéctate people that might live on this street! He said he had found Conéctate mag #1 on a park bench and had really enjoyed reading it. He liked it so much that he wrote to the address inside the cover but no response came. Then a few days ago he had been walking by the corner of our street and found mag #3, and a few steps later he found mag #4! He read them from cover to cover. He said he'd driven by our house a few times, and something told him to stop and ask at our house! He was thrilled to find that we are the Conéctate people, and enthusiastically said he and his family would definitely like to come to our next meeting.

I saw it too

(From one of our subscribers in Africa who is receiving a sponsored subscription.)
       I got the 8th issue of the Activated magazine in September. “The Paradise” (The Kingdom of God) was deeply emphasized in AE008. I also had a glimpse of paradise in a dream when I was about 12 years of age. Although I cannot recall all the setting of the scene again, what sticks to my memory even up till now is that we all dressed in white garments-like robes. And I saw a beautiful environment with a stream of clear and transparent water (inside were some crystal precious stones). Please turn with me to page 14 of AE 007. I quote: “And some of us have even been there! I have, so I know it exists.” &&&

“We get this magazine…”

By David (14), Detroit, USA
       One day I was witnessing inside a mall, and I was pretty discouraged because no one wanted an Activated subscription. Just then, we (me, and Faith, 7) went up to a couple and showed them a poster. I asked the lady if she believed in Jesus and she said, “Oh yes, with my whole heart.” After they had helped with a donation, the guy said, “We get these posters in the mail,” and the lady said, “Yes, and we also get a magazine. We really like it and we always read it.” I thought she was probably mistaking it for a Watchtower [Jehovah's Witnesses magazine] so I asked her what the mag was called. When I mentioned Activated she exclaimed, “Oh, yes! It's Activated! We really like it!”

Impossible to not be converted

Sent in by the Brazil desk
Thank you so much for sending me the Contato magazine (Portuguese Activated). I just got number 4, and wanted to thank you right away.
       Congratulations on the Contato magazine. It's impossible for someone to read it and not give himself to Jesus-not be converted. It's impossible to read it and continue feeling empty. I love and congratulate you for every magazine I read. Each article is like a light unto my feet. I've learned, am learning, and know I will continue to learn a lot more. Thank you all, thank you for everything.

Weekend warriors

By James, Goa, India
Everyone has been talking about getting out Activated but we didn't know how to do it. So in one of our outreach meetings, the Lord showed us to send out everyone every Sunday DTD activating. We have five adults in the Home and seven kids. So we sent out five teams and the goal was to come back home with one Activated subscription per team.
       We have so far done it for two Sundays and it works! The kids are very excited about it because if we get five subs, then they all get an ice cream. The whole Home also goes out every Wednesday to the beach to give out tracts and pray with people. This has become a very exciting project as the whole Home is involved.

Nu Beat

By Kathleen, for RadioActive Productions

Dear Family,
       Thank you so much for ordering our Children's Drama CD. We hope that you and your children are enjoying it. Thanks also for those of you who ordered Nu Beat 1-12 shows. We pray that these are also being a blessing to you and your friends.
       Since we still have a limited number of Nu Beat shows left, we wanted bring to your attention that these CDs are GREAT for your friends and family. Aside from each CD containing two Nu Beat shows on various themes as well as great music [about five songs per show] and interesting interviews, they also contain two or three separate hit songs played right after the second show-some of these songs were recorded right here in our African studios, found [at present] on no other Family CDs! These include:

       - Cry of a Continent
       - Soldier Boy
       - Spirit of Africa
       - Do My Best
       - Forever Free
       - Promotional Trailer - What Is Nu Beat?

As well as some of your favorites from the various FTTs, like:
       - When Will the War Be Ended
       - Make It Happen
       - We Can Change the World
       - Wake with the Morning Sun
       - Soul Song
       - Livin' and Lovin'
       - One Day at a Time
       - Heaven Is...
       - Love Is the Answer
       - Little Bit of Love
       - Always
       - Something Better

       All this and much, much more! They're meant to be a witness-remember MWM? Well, since then we've grown and our message is even stronger and clearer. What do you say? Order your set today! Only $30.00! It's worth it as these shows are timeless. You could even try playing them while you're getting out the Activated tools in a stationary setting and it's guaranteed to enhance your witness. No matter how you want to use them, they're sure to be a blessing to you and your witness in some way.


Documenting Family education

Ginny, USA: Although it is no victory that my son left the Family to join the Navy, in looking on the bright side, the Lord showed me that helping him to leave would provide me with information and experiences that I can help other parents with.
       I would say my son had a very typical Family education: Like many of our teens, he was schooled through the 8th grade level using CLE materials and a little CVC. Then he went to a field Home where he spent a year and a half without anything really structured educationally, and no solid plan except to perhaps take the GED. When he had time he would study a GED study guide and math book that I sent him. I also found some math CDs, since he wanted to learn algebra, and he used those as well. Of course he did plenty of vocational-type work in the Home and learned different skills, as well as spending a little bit of time learning the local language and a lot of time being exposed to it.
       In order to join the military or go to college, a high school diploma with transcripts and course descriptions was needed. After researching it and talking with a high school counselor, I knew my son was easily on par with graduating USA high school students, so we set out to prove it by documenting it. I had tried to get him to keep records in Japan of what he was doing vocationally and otherwise, but he didn't, so it took longer than if we had had records to refer to.
       It was pretty inspiring for my son to see all that he had accomplished, because at the beginning of this project, he felt because he hadn't followed a set curriculum that it meant he hadn't really done high school level work. Pardon me while I get up on my soap box for a moment, but this is a myth that some of our young people believe, but that I pray can be dispelled. Over three million children and teens are home schooled in the USA alone, and many in a very unstructured fashion (called “unschooling” in the home school world). Those young people “graduate” from their little home schools and go on to be successful in college or the work world. They feel confident and even proud of their unorthodox education. How much more should OUR young people be proud of their education! Unlike these other kids, our young people are usually born or at least spend time on foreign fields, which is highly esteemed in the educational world as just about the ultimate educational experience. Just by living in a Family Home, our young people learn life skills, people-handling skills, and vocational skills at levels their worldly counterparts would never attain to! Family education rules!
       Okay, back to the testimony: A lot of everyday-type work or Family experiences translate into credits for academic or elective courses. We followed guidelines from the CVC and a book I found about documenting home-schooled kids' educations (AndWhat About College? by Cafi Cohen). Once I got my son started, he worked on it for nearly two weeks, translating his academic and vocational experiences into “educationese” with the help of Scope and Sequences from System publishers and the CVC book. When it was done, he was so inspired to see that his education, which had seemed to him to be unorthodox compared to mainstream schooling and therefore inferior, was actually superior-and that he had done much more than the average USA public-schooled student. We gave him credits and a grade point average, then issued him a beautiful “home-school” high school diploma (from our computer!).
       It would have been easiest and even better if he could have gotten a CVC diploma, but he didn't want a Vocational High School Diploma, as they are sometimes not as highly esteemed or as useful as a General Diploma. And he was already out of the Family, so the General Diploma was not available to him.-Plus the general diploma from CVC covered more educational ground than he had done. So that's why we opted for doing our own.
       When a Federal government educational reviewer called me a few days later to quiz me about his education, I felt a little bit nervous, knowing that they look down their noses at home-schooled students. But the first thing the lady said was, “These are the best transcripts and course descriptions I have ever received or looked at in my career. We are so impressed. Your son has had an excellent education.”
       I might add that it helped a lot that my son scored high on a test they gave him, which was further proof of his education. Through this experience, he went from having a sort of negative attitude about his education and the lacks he thought it had, to being very thankful and even feeling a little superior and proud about his educational background. The whole experience has refueled my fire and passion to let the young people in the Family know just how great their education really has been, and to try to help dispel any doubts and lies of the Enemy about it being inferior.
       (Editor's note: If you're interested in obtaining information on how to make transcripts and course descriptions, you can contact Ginny through NAFED.)


       Home in Kenya: The Lord has been highlighting the area of competitive sports in our Home recently. Just about all the members in our Home love their get-out, and rain or shine, while on the road or at home, we are always quite faithful to fit it in. Of course, this is all good, but there were a few areas we weren't really up to par on.
       One of the main games we play is soccer, as all can join in and get good exercise, but seeing as it is a scoring game we started to find that our games were becoming too heated and weren't fun anymore. Due to our desperate desire to win and being too competitive, the attitude on the field was not one of love, but one of pushiness, frustration with a few hurt bodies as well as hurt feelings.
       This all became quite obvious and for a while we all tried to really go on a push to play right. We had our good days and bad days, but still were not quite getting there. Then things started to happen; some of us got sprained ankles, hurt knees, etc., and all from practically nothing.
       As our main ministry is our dance troupe, a sprained ankle is no light thing. We got desperate with the Lord and He sweetly but firmly explained that we needed to show a lot more love on the field and needed to make some solid steps in this area. The Lord in His love wasn't going to let us get away with it any longer. Seeing the seriousness of it, each one got down to business, getting desperate for the right attitude of heart, and asking the Lord to give each of us the victory we needed.
       The good news is that most of the ankles are healed, there is a lot more love on the field, even complimenting the other team when a goal is scored, (though we still have a lot of room for improvement). We are so thankful for the Lord's loving touch and personal shepherding, and thanks to His “stepping in” we now are experiencing fun and inspiring get-outs.

letters to the editor

Re: “Activate the World”

By John, USA
       I wanted to say how I enjoyed so much the new “Activate the World” Letter. It was so neat to hear the Lord's angels and people we've read about all our lives like Daniel the prophet talking and kidding around and being just normal people. That was so neat.
       The Jews have always been the funniest comedians and you can see it in shows on TV. I rarely watch these shows but am just pointing out how there is “Jewish humor.” The Lord Himself even manifested this in speaking of how He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver in the Old Testament. It was a kind of a sarcasm-”A goodly price they prized Me at!?”
       The joke about Isaiah was really funny, and also Nebuchadnezzar “still liking to be in front of a crowd!” Ha! It was neat to be in on one of the Lord's counseling sessions.

Re: GP e-mail responses

By Grace, PACRO
       It is very nice to read letters from the public sent to our GP Web site. I was especially happy to see positive letters written in by former members and those raised as children in the Family.


       I am Paul Little (25) from Ro016, Arad, Romania. I am Romanian. I would like to get in touch with Romanian Lily (21), formerly known as Julia from Sibiu, Romania. She now lives in a Detroit Home with Shine and Tim.

       German Selah is looking for Peruvian Tito. We met in Lima, Peru in 1982. Remember? Where are you? I would like to get in contact with you again! LU! Please write to: selah@addcom.de. Also anybody that remembers me, please drop a line!

       Jaymi X
, Davida, Abra, Gabes, Topher, Matteus (Papis), Ana Rosa and Myki, please write Tammy at: reina_ann@yahoo.com.

       Dan and Dawn (US) looking for Tim and Joy from Canada. Please write us at our e-mail address: dandawn777@yahoo.com. Thanks!

       Could the brethren that were in Fiji up until recently please contact me, also any Family inTahiti. I'm looking at possibilities of opening a Home in the area. TY! Write to Peter Seekfirst at: peter_islanduk@yahoo.co.uk.

help wanted

       Dear brothers and sisters! Hello from Russia! We are Steven and Lily, both Russian nationals. We want to ask you for help towards our move to Myanmar (Burma). We have clearance and a Home waiting for us there, but we're lacking about $3,000 for our tickets and landing funds. If you feel you can help with a donation and/or a prayer, we'd really appreciate it! You can send your gifts via your ABM to Steven and Lily in Russia. Thank you so very much!

       Dear GV readers, hi! I'm Mike, 16, in Lahore, Pakistan. I've been living here and in India for like (counts on fingers) my entire life, and have recently been praying for a change in location. I just finished high school and have been helping my dad pretty much full time on our vocational training center for deaf teenagers. It's fulfilling but I guess my major rush in the Lord's work comes from doing artwork, mostly cartooning. Maybe you remember the Heaven's Library stories “Yulta the Storyteller” and “All by Faith.”
       I did those almost a year ago, but now have been invited to a productions unit in Brazil, where I'll be able to pursue my artwork as a full-time ministry. That, of course, is a dream come true for me, but it comes with a kind of steep price tag for a third world field. Altogether I'll need roundabout $1,000 to get there, and haven't a clue where it's going to come from. Funds are hard to come by here, so this added amount is really, like, begging for a miracle. If the Lord moves your heart to help in any way possible, as in cash or if you have a spare plane you're not using (just kidding!), I know He will really bless you. Actual funds (being the probable object of choice) can be sent to: Mike, PK04, Lahore, Pakistan. Thanks so much.
       P.S. Check out what I'll be doing at www.kidzvids.com. You can also contact me directly at e-mail: lewis@go.net.pk.

       I'm Rachel Miracle (of Daniel), Indian national, writing from the wonderful land of India! I have an adorable little boy (almost 2) and I'm expecting number two in April. Due to complications, my first was a C-section and my next delivery will also have to be. Here in India, this costs close to US$400. The Lord laid it on my heart to write and ask my greater Family for help. If anyone would like to help towards this-big, small or huge-it would be greatly appreciated more than I could say! You can send donations to IA23, via TRF! Thank you all so much!

       We are a Russian couple, Philip and Praise, and we are expecting our second baby soon. It's expensive when it comes to having a baby. We can't do much fundraising as we work in a Service Home and producing tools for the field takes all our time. So we would like to ask for your help, support, and prayers for Praise's delivery. We need at least $200 to cover the expenses and any gifts towards it will be very much appreciated! Please send donations to RU001 for Philip and Praise (for delivery). Thank you so much!

Endtime Web sites

By Cassie, USA
       We thought it would be good to have a site that offers the two Endtime videos for sale-Countdown to Armageddon and Beyond Armageddon. When we went to get a domain name for the site we got beyondarmageddon.com. The Lord did a miracle a couple days later when we were working on the site. We wanted to check out some other Endtime sites online to see how they look, etc., and when we tried TheEndtime.com nothing came up. So we checked the name registration and it was available, so we grabbed it! The Lord said that He had reserved that domain name for the Family. The amazing thing is that we had tried to get that domain name a few years back, but it wasn't available.
       So, we put a “placeholder” site up on TheEndtime.com right after the Sept 11th attack, just in case there would be folks searching that domain name for news. The site links to the Countdown site as well as to The Future Foretold on the Family Web site. We're working on driving traffic to TheEndtime.com where we will be selling the Endtime videos and other material. And of course, in linking to the Countdown to Armageddon and the Family site, we'll be driving traffic there as well. You can check it out at: www.TheEndtime.com

E-mail sent to The Family's GP Web site
       From Vikkie:
Thank you so much for praying for me. I really feel God's loving power working in my life. I feel like I've crawled out of a deep pit and I haven't seen the light for years, but I do now. It has been bittersweet but now life is becoming just sweet. Thank you and thank You Jesus for that prophecy, I really know that He loves me but when I listen to the Devil's lies, my life goes wrong. Please keep me in your prayers and I'll keep you in mine.
       I'm 19 years old and live in Canada. I love the Family with all my heart, and Moses David. I used to be a member when I was a little girl. I grew up in the Family and know that we are all the Lord's children. It's especially hard for me now knowing what the truth is and then having to live back with the world when I know I don't belong and no one except for my family can understand how I feel because I didn't grow up with the world but was suddenly forced to fit in. I know the Devil is fighting me but with Jesus' help and if I just stay in tune with the Lord with His Word and prayer, He'll help me to resist the Devil and he will flee. Praise the Lord!!!

* * *

       Greetings to you in the name of our glorious Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for all the information brought to me, and also your prayer support. I must say that the Family is doing a tremendous work around the world-demonstrating the love of Christ in a practical way that is really touching. How can somebody become a member of the Family? Are you represented in Ivory Coast? What are your tenets of faith?

* *        *

From John David Stephen:
Happy are those who love the LORD!! The Lord has been tugging at my heart to bless your ministry with a gift. You see, I was trapped in religion for many years until I was ministered to by one of your members in the late '70s at Laguna Beach. Since that time I have been able to BOLDLY preach the Word of God and lead others to Christ, I was released from my bondage! It's so awesome to see that many have stayed faithful through the years. Just a week ago my friend and prayer partner told me that the Family was in Oceanside at the sea gathering in the Lord's name. He gave me the address to your site. I pass on all that the Lord gives me-as an ex-drug dealer, I network to all that cross my path, and many have already been blessed this morning by the Word and your words of encouragement! So how do I get this gift to you?

* * *

From Mike:
Hi. God. I never thought I'd be e-mailing you guys. Not sure who this e-mail is going to reach … maybe even Mama Maria, eh? Let's see. I'll start at the beginning. My name is Michael Hartnett and I grew up in the Family. Remember the raids of '94 in NSW, Australia. Well, I was one of those kids. Perhaps this letter will even reach people and teens I grew up with.
       My parents have since left the group. We became TRF supporters around 1996 and gradually drifted further from association. I know I had a unique upbringing and in a lot of ways I'm extremely grateful for what I was taught and the ethics instilled in me from childhood.
       I'd have to say that I recently went through the toughest period in my life. I feel a calling but I also feel lost and without hope. I want to make a difference with my life, yet I also know I rebelled against the Family's lifestyle. So I'm in Blackpool on a working holiday, working as a barman in pubs and clubs. Four weeks ago I was stabbed in a semi-unprovoked attack-the knife barely missing my left kidney and left me badly shaken. It really made me think-life is but a vapor, here one minute and then it's gone. I know Someone above is looking out for me but I feel confused and misguided.
       I've tried it all and sampled all the world has to offer, but I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, so to speak. I went to public school, I made friends, I tried drugs, more than I care to admit to, and I recently lost my sister to the needle. There has to be more but I still can't seem to find IT. I feel like I'm losing my sanity. I'm charging towards the edge and my brakes are failing. Reaching out to you ... is there Family in Blackpool, UK? Would love to hear from you soon. Please forward my e-mail to Maria and ask her to pray for me. God bless and keep you all. &&&

* * *

Re: September 11 bombing

       From Victoria: This is my mom's e-mail … she used to be in the Family and she told me to write you so she could get the 800 number to talk and see what you think about what is going on in America. She also wants to now what she should do because she's worried that something might happen and she doesn't know what God wants her to do.-Either stay in America or go to a different country.

* * *

From Michelle:
Hi, I received this letter and thank you soo much. I was horrified when I found out about this. I couldn't believe it happened. I wasn't aware of it till later on Tuesday. It is not easy not to cry and be upset due to the fact I have some friends up there that I knew-some dead and some okay. I know that I shouldn't fear because God is with me till the end. I just pray that everyone will get peace.

* * *

From Aaron:
I was glad to hear the brethren were all okay in New York. Take care of you and yours. You are in my prayers. Be strong as there are lots of us out here who need you. Looking to you for your leadership, as “they that understand … shall instruct many.”

Update from Matthew

By Marc and Claire, USA
       We recently received a sweet letter from Matthew (see GV #82). He is not always in communication that often, though we write him and send him Letters to read. We recently had received a note from him, asking us for our take on the recent terrorist attacks, so we edited down the World Currents GN and sent it to him. He was thrilled to receive it, and always considers receiving the Lord's Word a privilege. Following is his note:
       Hi Marc and Claire:
       I'm doing real well, thank the Lord. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, as you all are in mine. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the letter from Mama that you sent me on the 9/11 events and their aftermath. It was such an inspiration to me, and as warm-hearted and clear-headed response as I've heard, but I'm not surprised!
       Getting up-to-the-minute counsel like that really makes me feel a part of things, which I don't always feel, as you could well imagine. I've recently been going over many of the Letters from Dad that you've sent me in the past, and they've been an inspiration to me as well, needless to say.
       Looking forward to the day when we can ALL be together, Matthew

Mama jewels on … timing

-to a young staff member
       I don't think people realize how important timing is. You can say the same thing at two different times, and one time the person will be very agreeable, but at another time, it may not even go over. It isn't always what you're saying that's the problem, often it's the timing. Sometimes when things don't go over well, people think it's the context of what they said, and they don't want to bring up the topic again.
       Saying things at the wrong time comes from a lack of prayerfulness or a lack of patience. You have to make sure to ask the Lord when it's a good time to talk about some things, and then be patient. The Lord knows when is the right time to talk to someone about something, and He may tell you to wait because He knows the person is struggling at the time, or He needs more time to work in their heart. If we would all be faithful to ask the Lord for His leading on the timing of when we talk to others about important or more sensitive matters, then we would be met with a much better reception.


Answered Prayers
       From Anna, Taiwan:
(Prayer request was against deterioration of spinal bones). I just wanted to give my heart-filled thanks to all the brethren who prayed for me. I have recovered very well from my operation and feel stronger every day. I know it was your prayers for me that was the cause of my fast recovery. One day while I was thanking God for such a sweet and caring Family, I had a vision that I was lying helplessly on the ground; then all the Family lifted me up into the air on their outstretched arms in praise. Their arms lifted me into the light and I just floated on their fingertips. It was your carrying me in prayer that brought me back to full health. Thank you again, dear Family, for touching me in prayer. I love you all so much and need you!

       From Andres, Blanca and Sara, Brazil:
Sara had strong pains in her hip, which were making it practically impossible for her to walk without taking two or three painkillers a day. However, she was healed when we prayed for her in our Contato (Activated) meetings! Now it's been several months and she's walking normally without pain and without having to take painkillers!

       From Celia, Brazil:
I would like to share with you a miracle of healing that the Lord did. I had scheduled surgery to remove my uterus because of cancer in my cervix. However, I decided to trust the Lord for healing, claiming the power of the keys, and just recently when I had my last exam it showed that I did not have any more cancerous cells in the cervix!

       (Mama:) Looking over all these prayer requests can be a little overwhelming. But remember, we have the most powerful God and Healer in the universe just waiting on our prayers. He's more willing to answer than we are even to ask. And in comparison to the world and the illnesses so many are afflicted with, we suffer little in comparison, considering our CM/FM Family is made up of nearly 12,000 people. So even though some of our mates are suffering serious afflictions, we can rest assured that wonderful healing is available to them through our intercessory prayers. So please don't fail the Lord and these dear ones by not upholding them in prayer. (Reprint from Grapevine #111.)


       Please pray for our Family in the Middle East, especially those in dangerous climates, near fighting and outbreaks of violence. Pray also for the poor people in these countries who are suffering.
       Heidi: Periodic seizures, acute memory loss, and disorientation in time and space. Not yet diagnosed, but could be Alzheimer's disease or something similar.
       Faithy: Tumor.
       Lilly: Cervical cancer.
       Becky (of Mark): Recovery from operation to remove a growth of pre-cancerous cells.

Europe and Africa
       Marie Claire
(13, of Heidi of Samuel): After undergoing months of chemotherapy, and having been healed from a form of cancer in her arm for the last few months, the cancer has returned and quickly spread to her bones (knee, one vertebra, hips, two ribs, left arm), and also appears in small spots on her lungs. Marie Claire is having difficulty walking and moving around.
       Paul Fighter (of Maggie): HIV, Hepatitis C, causing inability to speak fluently.
       Maggie Love
(of Paul): HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and an undiagnosed blood aliment.
       Victoria: Cancer has now spread to lungs, and recent treatment has been ineffective.
(of Dan): Breast cancer.
       Mikey (14, of Thai Bright): Autistic, having a cyst on his brain for some time. Was recently diagnosed with a liver disorder.
       Marie-Jeanne (13, of Gideon and Lilly): Recovering from operation to remove tumors.
       Philip (of Gentleness): Leaking heart valve, causing numbness in both hands.
Fiona: Chronic tonsillitis.
       Nadia (of Steven): Benign tumor on thyroid.
       Martha (of Joseph, pregnant): Large kidney stone, and other kidney problems.
       Davida (of DJ): Long-term immune problems, cervical erosion.
       Karina (4, of DJ and Davida): Enlarged adenoids for some time, causing problems with breathing. Treatment has been ineffective.
       Michael (of Deborah): Chronic prostate infection.
       Lamb (of Gideon): Serious gum problem.
       Dave (of Heidi): Knee problems and thyroid condition.

North America
(baby, of Stephen and Amber): Though Vanessa has made a great deal of progress and has gone home from the hospital, she had to be rushed to the hospital again because of breathing difficulty that could be caused by heart failure. Also is unable to swallow (fed through tubes), has a few other internal problems, and has been diagnosed as blind and deaf.
       Elena (newborn, of Becky and Sam): Serious liver problems, causing blood infection. Underwent an operation to eliminate bile on her liver.

(of Joan): Severe pain in both legs, which is not yet diagnosed.
       Mark: Multiple sclerosis.

South America

       Miraculous supply and unhindered witnessing despite difficult economic and political situations in Argentina and Venezuela.
       Luz (daughter of David): Rare, progressive, degenerative disease, causing metabolic dysfunction. Speech, hearing, eyesight and strength are greatly debilitated.
       Elizabeth: Frequent dizzy spells, headaches and malfunctioning of some internal organs.
       Ana Ester (19, of Isaac and Promise): Endometriosis (abnormal and painful menstruation).
       Melody (15, of Isaac and Promise): Scoliosis.
       Pricilla (of Thiago): Reflux (stomach problem), causing much pain and discomfort.
       Philip (9, of Joseph and Iris): Continually declining vision.
       Brisa: Lupus. Swelling, hair loss and stretch marks resulting from strong medication.
       Rejoice (of Daniel): Myomas, excessive bleeding, and problems with right thyroid gland.
       Estrella (of João and Maria): Cysts in her ovaries, nausea and weight loss.
       Miguelito (4, of José and Clara): Pains in his chest and hernia in testicle. To gain weight.
       Anna (of James): Nodule and intestinal parasite, causing strong pains and digestive problems.
       Primavera: Toxoplasmosis.
       Rute: Scoliosis, causing spinal pain.
       Cephas: Sciatic nerve problems.
       Raquel (of Josué): Herniated disk.
       Rebeca: Arthrosis, causing constant pain in legs.
       Maresha: Tendonitis.
       Xavier (5 months, of Tim and Priscilla): Pneumonia and asthma.


       Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.

Christmas Rescue Workers

By the Bangkok DF Home
Here is a chiding and convicting prophecy that one of our Home members received for our Home, but we wanted to share it with others as it's so very convicting about our witnessing and Activated follow-up.

Consider Yourself a Rescue Worker and Your Home a Rescue Squad

       (Jesus speaking:) In any witnessing or follow-up, you can consider yourselves rescue workers. It's like you're rescuing people from fallen buildings, explosions, fires, and disasters. That's what it's like in the spirit-really, it is. You're rescuing them from danger, suffering and death in the Devil's system. You are spiritual rescue workers.
       Their very lives depend on you, the rescue workers. If you're too slow, they'll be lost. The work of a rescue worker is urgent. Time is of the essence. They must be swift and they must be there in time. Spiritual emergencies and disasters are taking place everywhere. The people are suffering, they are wounded, they are hurt. Some of them are trapped under heavy objects and desperately need you to come and loose them. If you don't rescue them, they aren't going to make it. Some of them might make it, but they'll be maimed for life if you don't get there to help them.
       Your Home is a rescue squad, but there aren't nearly enough of you involved in the rescue work. “Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, and you shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.” That's a good old-fashioned hymn that I love. That song portrays My heart. You should sing it and get your Home to sing it. Sing songs about loving the lost. Read and study the Word together about love for the lost. That's what will envision you and your rescue squad to do that dangerous rescue work.
       It's a dangerous job sometimes. You risk getting hurt or even dying yourself, but no greater love hath any man than this-that a man lays down his life for his friends. And the hours are unpredictable. Rescue workers have to be ready at all hours of the day or night to drop everything and engage in a rescue mission whenever needed. Rescue workers don't choose their hours and that's really what you need in your life and your Home. You need to have that attitude-ready to rescue them at whatever cost. And it will cost. It does cost. That's why not many people choose to be rescue workers. It's too sacrificial. You see, if you're not willing to work at odd hours, and if you're not willing to risk your life to save another's life, then you're not much of a rescue worker.
       So catch the vision. Let Me enlarge your heart. You're rescue workers, but you've got to act like it! Put your whole hearts into it as a team. No one can do it alone. You're a team. Everyone's expertise and skill is needed.
       There are so many who need to be rescued. How can you ignore their pleas for help when you are the only ones with rescue equipment? Sure, sure, there are a few others with outdated old rescue equipment and they're doing what they can, but even most of their workers are not trained or experienced or skilled in rescue work, and you're the only ones with modern rescue equipment that's effective in every type of disaster. You're the professionals. You're the trained experts. Won't you please do your job? My heart aches for those dying and suffering in the debris of this world. The alarms are sounding. Go team, go! Save lives, rescue them. They need you. They won't make it without you. I'm your Rescue Worker and I rescued you. Won't you do the same for others? My heart pleads with you to go. I love you.-Jesus

[Prophetic dreams and searching souls]
       Abe and Jodie, China:
Our Bible study group is growing so fast. It's beautiful to watch as each one shares testimonies and answers to their different prayer requests and miracles the Lord has been doing for them on a daily basis.
       Something happened recently as a result of their simple, but powerful, childlike faith. We were having a problem with getting the re-entry visa we would need after an upcoming trip we needed to make. The immigration office here oddly ran out of “stickers”-a new thing replacing the old rubber-stamp visa-and they had to be sent from another city which is very far away. The visa office was crowded with all types of people trying to extend their visas or apply for exit visas. The situation was a mess and the immigration officers didn't know what to do, so they were telling people that it would be quicker and more reliable to fly to another city and get their applications done there. They said they'd been waiting for these stickers for nearly a month and there wasn't too much hope of anything happening too fast.
       We couldn't believe what was happening!
       The next time we had communion together with our flock, we brought this prayer request before them and the Lord and wrapped it up in a bundle of faith, knowing that one way or another the Lord was in control.
       That same night Jodie had a dream that the visa stickers had arrived and the immigration officers were telling us that it was okay to come down and get our re-entry. Well, the very next morning she shared the dream with me and we then excitedly checked with immigrations who confirmed that they had in fact received the stickers. We were flipped out and immediately went and called each of our flock to share the inspiring answer to prayer.
       During Christmas, we armed ourselves with a guitar, a crazy faith in God, and the “Christmas Heart Skit.” Our Chinese Live-out disciple helped us learn some challenging new Chinese songs, and joined us in our performances. At our first performance we were all pretty nervous, but the songs, the “Heart Skit” and the whole Christmas message that was presented was indeed anointed of the Lord and beautifully received. One lady approached us after and said that she was feeling very depressed before seeing our show, but then after hearing the songs we sang she felt happy and good inside.
       Another woman told us that she wanted to know more about Christianity. She said that many of her friends had told her different things about Jesus, but she confessed that she was never really too interested. As time went by, she couldn't help but see her friends' lives being changed since they became Christians and they seemed to each have a certain peace within them, which was something that she herself said she also had longed for. She proceeded to tell us that her life seemed meaningless and dead and that she wanted to break out of her daily routine so badly. Jodie shared her personal testimony of before and after she met Jesus and the wonderful change and fulfillment that had taken place in her own life as a result. The lady listened intently and then prayed to receive Jesus. We've been able to follow up on her and many others we met during the Christmas season with regular Word and Bible classes.
       Thank You Jesus for these and many more Chinese who are out there waiting to be freed from their bondage through God's love and truth.

now that's funny!

       A minister had just finished giving a lecture on marriage at the local community center when three couples approached him. Impressed by his presentation, the couples asked if they could join his church.
       “Are you married?” the minister inquired of them. Each couple assured him that they were, and again, asked if they could become members of his congregation. “Well, I am impressed by your sincerity,” the minister responded. “But I need to know that you are serious about your commitment to spiritual discipline. So to prove this, you must pass a test.”
       “We'll do anything,” all three couples insisted.
       “All right,” he explained, “then here is your test: You must practice total abstinence from marital intimacy for three weeks.” The couples agreed, and left, promising to return at the end of that time.
       Three weeks later, the three couples met the minister in his study at the church. “I'm glad to see you again,” the minister began. Turning to the first couple, he asked, “Well, how did you two do?”
       “We've been married for almost thirty years,” the husband answered. “So it was no problem.”
       “Splendid!” exclaimed the minister. “Welcome to my church.” Then he looked towards the second couple, and asked them how they had done with the test.
       “Well I must admit, it wasn't easy,” explained the wife. “You see, we've only been married for five years, so we were tempted, but we didn't give in, and I'm happy to say we lasted the whole three weeks.”
       “Good for you!” the minister responded with a smile. “Welcome to my church.”
       The minister then turned to the third couple, who were newlyweds. “And you?” he asked gently. “How did you do with the test?”
       “Well pastor, I can't lie to you,” the husband began. “We were both doing okay until this morning right after breakfast when my wife bent over to pick up a box of cereal she'd dropped on the floor. We both reached down to pick it up at the same time, and our hands touched. Suddenly, we were so overcome by passion that we gave in to our desires right then and there!”
       “I appreciate your honesty,” the minister said to the couple. “But you did fail the test, and I'm afraid I just can't let you come to my church.”
       “That's okay, pastor,” the man answered. “We aren't allowed back in that supermarket anymore either.”
-courtesy of Sandra, SACRO

Shine On-November 2001
TEAMWORK       Per Adult       Total
       Gideon/Meg/Rachel, South Africa       1,732       6,928
       Samuel H. H., Mexico       1,333       4,000
       Salomon/Belen/Cristal, Mexico       1,000       7,000

       Andres/Maria, Argentina       731       1,463
       Hannah/Joy/Pauly/Philip, India       587       3,525
       Pablo/Cielo, Brazil       414       1,656
       David Daniel/Maria Rosa, Brazil       360       720
       Andy/Maria/Irene, Colombia       335       2,350
       Timothy/Windy, Colombia       300       600
       Pablo Testificador, Ecuador       257       773

       Ben/Meekness, Botswana       7,500       15,000
       Anna/Mark/Nic/Tenderheart, Philippines       2,500       15,000
       Chris/Dulci/Pablo, Peru       1,800       9,000

       Joseph/Marina/Sarah/Timothy, Japan       1,181       9,450
       Claire/Maya Woods/Titus Wells, USA       1,167       7,000
       Ama/Ben/Juan/Maria/Samuel, Mexico       1,116       8,926
       Martin/Mercy/Daniel/Jonathan, Mozambique       1,096       8,772
       Jesse/Joy/Maria/Michael, Japan       845       4,228
       Samuel H. H., Mexico       767       2,300
       Marianne/Shine/Timothy, USA       700       8,401

       Jeho/Consuelo/Angel, Brazil       1,688       11,819
       Joao/Clara, Brazil       355       1,065
       Andres/Maria, Argentina       350       700

       Lalo/Ruth/Faithy, Mexico       232       1,159
       Pedr/Joyful/Jon/Susana, Brazil       227       2,047
       Crystal/David/Joanna/Peter, USA       191       1,334
       Davi/Madalena/Virginia, Brazil       191       573
       Cristian/Victoria, Chile       160       320
       David/Esperanza/Santiago, Peru       157       631
       Jaret/Jo Brook/Joy/Phinneas, Mexico       143       998

       Jeho/Consuelo/Angel, Brazil       192.7       1,349
       Ben/Meekness/Sam/Sherri, Botswana       125       250
       Aarao, Brazil       100       200

       Cielo/Charity/Daniel, Brazil       40       280
       Lalo/Ruth/Faithy, Mexico       27       137
       Joao/Clara, Brazil       24       72
       Christina/James/Charity/Steven, South Africa       22       45
       Daniel, Mexico       20       40
       Juan/Ester/Primavera, Brazil       20       80
       Aaron/Joanne/Joseph/Pearl/Pearl, Thailand       18       449

Also included with this file:
Adam Issue 10 (By David Komic) Rockin' Recipes
Rockin' Recipes Letters from You.

       Caption 1 From an SGA guy, Peru

       Caption 2 I tried out the recipe (from a precious Adam issue) for Salmon Supreme Veal Casserole Soufflé Cream of Mushroom Banana Lasagna but came across a few snags. This surprised me as I'd followed the recipe very carefully
       I mixed the batter/gravy combination, adding the required amounts of shredded veal, butter, eggs, milk, prunes, tomato paste, raisins, molasses, and baking soda. However when I poured the mixture into the frypan, and added the peanut butter-balls and liver chunks, the molasses caused it all to stick to the frypan.
       At this point the mozzarella cheese, baking soda and cod liver oil mixture had an unexpected chemical reaction with the teaspoon of 'Aunty May's home-made Mustard' I added. The explosion was spectacular and left a 2-meter-wide crater where the oven used to be.

       Caption 3 [Editor's note: Uh oh. Sorry about that. We didn't get a chance to try out the recipe before we pubbed it-a 'must do' for future recipes.]
       Caption 4 Cover Photo: FGA Raymond of Ramona in Romania loves to sing along-loud-to every FTT song he listens to, much to the unfeigned delight of all the other members of his Home.

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