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Maria #248 DO 2965 1/95

Dear JETTs,

1. I was just thrilled with the many reports we received about the faithful, inspired job you did during last year's Birthday Fast. You really took up the torch and poured into your younger brothers and sisters, God bless you! (See "JETT Prayer-Warrior Victories!" on page 8.)

2. I would again like to ask you, dear JETTs, to be prayer warriors and "activity captains" for the children during this year's Birthday Celebration and Prayer Time. Would you like to do that? It is a very important assignment, and the Lord can do mighty things as a result of these special three days devoted to prayer!

3. Your job of leading and helping the children as prayer warriors is especially important because the teens and adults will be occupied for much of this time reading a new and life-changing publication: the Love Charter! There is a special introduction to the Love Charter in Kidz Mag #80 which I'd like you to read, preferably with one of your teachers or parents. It should also be read with the MCs and OCs as well, so they will understand what the Love Charter is about. In the days following the Birthday Celebration and Prayer Time, your teachers will probably spend some time with you JETTs going over the main points of the Love Charter in your Word classes.

4. Please read again the Letter I wrote to you last year, "Our JETT Prayer Warriors" (in FSM 251), as this Letter explains to you how important this special job is, of caring for and inspiring your younger brothers and sisters, and helping them grow into the prayer warriors that they need to be! If possible, you should take some time before February 15th to plan and prepare the activities for the children.

5. Thank you so much for your faithful, inspired help! I am sure all of you who were not JETTs last year, but who are JETTs now, will also do a wonderful job on this assignment! God bless you!

6. Lord bless each of our dear JETTs, and all those who help take care of the children at this time. Please give them a safe and happy time together, and give them fun ideas of things to do with the children. Protect them from any accidents that could hurt them. Give them inspired prayer times together, looking to You, Jesus, and claiming Your Word, Your promises, and we know You will answer! Thank You Jesus!

God bless you! I love you!

Love, Mama Maria

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