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Maria #261 DO 2980 3/95

1. (From Mama:) Techi is soon going to be leaving our Home to join one of our WS units. It will be her first time away from us. I prayed, asking the Lord to show us what would be the best way to prepare her, and to tell us what would be the most important things that I could share with her before she goes. Afterwards, we asked the Lord to speak and give His answers. It was so sweet that the Lord used Dad to present Techi's needs, as well as to talk about the needs of our other teens. Following is what the Lord gave us:

2. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) "Honey, this is a great big step for her, as shy as she is, and as young as she is, and as insecure about herself as she is. You've got to give her a lot of credit for her willingness to take the step. It's amazing, isn't it, how just as soon as the Charter gets out, that Techi turns of age (16). So we see what a lot of the other parents are going to go through with their 16-year-olds going off, growing up, making love, perhaps even getting pregnant, and really growing in the Lord, having to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

3. "They seem so young, don't they? They seem so green, so tender. But the amazing thing about it is that actually they are so strong and so much has been poured into them, for they've had the Word all their lives. They've memorized it since they were born, they've heard it and imbibed it; in fact, it's become part of them--although they don't even quite realize it because they're so young and immature.

4. "But these kinds of experiences, of launching out and being more on their own, will help to grow them up. And just like all these others are a little afraid and apprehensive about what they're going to do and where they're going to go and who they're going to be with and who they're going to love and whether they're going to get pregnant and what the Lord is going to do with them, these are the same things that sweet Techi is going through too.

5. "But one thing that all these kids need is reassurance--reassurance of the unconditional love of God, and reassurance of the unconditional love of their parents, that the parents are there for them and always will be, no matter what. These young ones need to know that even if they do make mistakes and maybe don't do so well, if they stumble and they fall, their parents are always there for them, unconditionally, lovingly caring for them and praying for them.

6. "And, boy, this is really going to make the parents pray for their 16- and 17-year-olds, plus their younger ones, and even the older ones, because they'll be putting them into the Lord's hands. That's a pretty big step, especially when some of them are so young, or seem so young. But the Lord has promised to keep them and to help them and to grow them and to teach them, that He would be their shepherd, and He will, for there is much in store for them all.

7. "What can the parents give unto these that are going, to these that are coming of age? They can show faith in them and let them know that they believe that they will do just fine. They can teach them to pray and to have faith in the Lord and in His Word, and show them that that is where the answers lie, that is where their strength lies. They can pray for them and they can assure them of their love, their unconditional love.

8. "And, honey, Techi isn't that much different. She needs these things as well. She knows you love her, and she loves you too. But reassure her of your unconditional love, that no matter how well or how poorly she may do, that you love her and will love her just the same. And that she is always welcome to come back home, come back to be with you. Because if she has that reassurance, it will make it easier for her.

9. "And show her how you are changing. Talk to her about how you are changing and the things that you have gone through. Because if she sees that you have gone through such a great big change, then she knows she can change too, and it will encourage her. For she knows that you had some big areas to change in and she has seen that you are changing, and this encourages her.

10. "You can show her too, and tell her that it's okay to have fun, but that there is a balance. You have fun, but you are also very serious with the Lord. See, she knew that I had fun and that I was serious with the Lord. Now she needs to know that about you too. So talk to her about these things and be both a friend and a mother unto her. And this will give her real reassurance.

11. "And sweet Gabe and Amy (Home shepherds) should keep talking and probing and asking her questions and helping her find the answers. They've been doing just great at it. They've been just what she needs. And they should continue doing that which they have been doing.

12. "But, Honey, you can speak to her about these other things, because it will reassure her, and then she'll go with a real confidence that she can change, and real confidence that even if she fails you'll still love her and she'll be welcome home. This will take some of the worry off of her and she will be more at ease, enjoy herself, not be so worried and have more of a peace that she will be able to learn more and to grow more.

13. "It's interesting, isn't it, being a parent of a 16-year-old at this time? But this gives you the compassion and understanding for so many of the parents of our younger ones, what they will be going through now, and in the years to come. But that's our job, to pioneer the way and to understand so that we can help them with the lessons that you are learning. All that crosses your path and all that the Lord brings unto you are things that will benefit our children everywhere.

14. "So be sure to write it down and get it out so it will be a strength unto others. And know, too, and understand that I will watch over her in your absence and she will be well protected and well kept, and she shall learn and grow, and she shall be loved by those there. She shall develop real friendships and closeness with those that care for her, and it will bear much fruit in her life as she grows and learns. She will be forever glad and thankful for the lessons that she learned and for your willingness to let her go.

15. "So don't you worry, Honey, and don't you fret, for she will be in good hands. For she will be within the hands of God."

Techi's Reaction to "Reassurance and Unconditional Love for Our Teens!"


I really appreciate you and Peter thinking about me, Mommy, and asking the Lord for something. Because this move is a big step in my life, I was so glad that you were able to get the Lord's counsel on it.

Also, I was happy that Grandpa got more mileage out of it by using it as an example to show us what other parents and teens in the Family will be going through. I really agree that love and reassurance are a major part of having the faith to do something.--Knowing that others believe you can do it, and even if you don't do it right, they'll still love you. Well, I know the Lord's going to help me, and I hope I won't fail.

It was really interesting how Grandpa brought out that important point of staying close to the Lord and the Word, even if you're disoriented and in an unfamiliar situation. Like Grandpa said before, when he had to move around a lot as a child, the only things that he could count on were the Lord and His Word. David was just sharing with me the lesson that he learned about staying close to the Word, and that that was one of the things that he got off track about, so it's really important.

You've really been wonderful, Mommy! You're the best! I'll miss you, but I hope I'll make you proud of me, and the only way I can do that is by getting desperate with the Lord to help me, and that's what I need.

As Grandpa said, "Don't you worry, honey, and don't you fret, for she will be in good hands. For she will be within the hands of God."

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