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Maria #265 DO 2984

(The following prophecy was given at Summit '95:)

1. "Ye must help these precious men and women to use their skills for Me. For they have been given gifts and talents unlike yours that can help the power of the Spirit of God to hit the nail on the head in the position where I have placed it.

2. "I have called you now to welcome this new group of people into your Homes. Feed them, love them, give them My Words. Continue to reach out your arms of love and compassion towards them. For a great battle rages within them--how to weigh the Words of David and the words of man. So help them, embrace them, feed them, and ask for the wisdom of My Spirit.

3. "Stay close to Me as you work with these, for your wisdom shall help give them power, and their gifts and talents shall give My kingdom greater power to destroy the works of the Devil.

4. "But I say unto you, beware lest ye be entangled with the yokes of the System. Be not charmed by its delicacies. Be not interested. Take not fire into your bosoms or ye shall be burned. Be not beguiled by their knowledge and their wisdom, man's wisdom. Be not enticed. Be not overwhelmed by the wisdom of man, the knowledge of this world. Do not let it trap you. Do not let it ensnare you. Do not let it suddenly destroy you. Ye must not let it use you. Ye must not let it hurt you. Ye must not let it destroy your beautiful spirit. Guard against that influence by fighting to stay close to Me, and by fighting to give Me to them.

5. "If some shall not receive Me, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me. Ye shall stand up for Me, and Me alone, and I shall give you wisdom. Stand up for Me in all sincerity of heart and mind and spirit and conviction, and do not back down. Stay true to the Words of David and understand your calling, and understand their calling, and help them understand their calling."

6. (From Mama, 3/95:) Recently when Peter and I were praying for our academic, legal and other friends, those who have stood by us and so greatly helped us during and after the various persecutions, the Lord gave the following prophecy. In it He shows how precious these friends are to Him and what a wonderful reward awaits them in Heaven. The Lord has mightily used their influence on others and their advice to us. This doesn't change the cautions outlined above and the need for us to stand up for our convictions, but it adds to that message by showing how He looks at them.--How dearly He loves them and how much care He wants us to bestow upon them. God bless them! We love them dearly. Please take good care of them, for as the Lord said, they are our brethren.

7. (Prophecy:) "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to love together. And behold what a testimony of My love it is to these that follow afar off, that you, My children, love one another.

8. "And behold, there are those who love you and who feel a part of you, but are afraid to be called by your name for the sake of the opinions of men and for their reputations, and even for their jobs. But in heart and in spirit they are one with you. For they know that in times of darkness and in times of despair and in times of need, it is unto you that they would turn, for they know that you are the habitation of the living God. They know that the love of Christ dwelleth in you. But they must keep their names and their old connections to keep the security that they feel they so desperately need. But in heart they are with you and in spirit they are true brethren, and they love you and they need you.

9. "Though they do not understand and they do not even agree with all that you believe, and they find the Words of David too coarse, too rough, or too simple, yet they love and they desire the spirit of David and the fruit of David. For they see in the children of David the light of Christ. When they come unto you, they feel that they are entering the tabernacle of God, for they know the Spirit of God dwelleth there. And it strengthens them and it gives them peace. It gives them great comfort to know that you are there and you are there for them, for they know in times of trouble, in times of defeat and in times of need, they have a place to turn.

10. "It humbles them, for they like to be seen as having all the answers and having all the strength, but in their heart they know it is not so. In their heart they know that they must turn to you, for you can give them the Words of God and the Words of David, which are the Words of God, though they may not accept them as such. It humbles them to think that they must turn unto you lowly ones, to you that are despised among men, you that are considered simple and naive. But I say unto you, you are learned and wise, for the Spirit of God and the Words of David and God rest upon you.

11. "These ones are your brethren, they are your loved ones. They are those that I have chosen to hedge you about and to strengthen you and to protect you, and to speak in the gates for you. For these are My secret disciples. These are My Nicodemuses and My Gamaliels. These are they of the household of Caesar who cannot spread abroad that they are one of you, but who are one of you.

12. "So feed them. Feed them the Spirit, feed them the love, feed them the Words of David. Draw them in. Bring them close, for they love you. Trust them. Be not afraid, for they love you, and in their hearts they are one with you even though they do not express this with their mouths. For they are proud and full of their own opinions and their own ways, and they have their own careers and their own reputations to think of. But they do you a great service, far beyond that which you know, and they are beloved of Me, for I have chosen them and I have led them to you.

13. "For many of them have searched and searched and studied and they have not found that which is true, until they found you, and they are mesmerized. They speak among themselves and they know that this is the dwelling place of God and of the Spirit of God. And, oh, they rejoice in their hearts that they have found the house of God.

14. "At first they feared, thinking, `Oh, no, this cannot be so, for we will search and we will find that which proves that God dwelleth not here.' But they have searched and they have looked. They have turned over the rocks; they have looked in every corner, and they have not found that which they feared they would find. Instead they have found Me and My Spirit and My love, and they have seen Me.

15. "They have seen Me shine through the faces and the eyes and the light of your children, and through the love of your words, and through the affection and through the spirit of love that I have poured forth upon you, and through the songs and through the work that you have done for them, and the kindness that you have shown to them, and the meals that you have fed them, and the dependability that you have shown unto them.

16. "Pray for them, for as true brethren, the Enemy fights against them to destroy them and their testimony and their love for you. So I say unto you, pray for them and feed them and draw them nigh unto you. For so do I love them, and so do I give them honor, for they honor Me in honoring you. In lifting you up, they lift Me up. In dwelling near to you, they dwell near to Me. In desiring your fellowship, so do they desire My fellowship.

17. "And in the day that the rewards are handed out in the halls of Heaven, these shall be held in great honor. For these are they that helped to turn the tide that was flowing strongly against My children. They were as a great wall that stood against the force of the water flowing against you and caused it to turn, and so they protected you.

18. "Even now are they a conduit of praise unto you, and the waters of this praise pour forth unto many and influence many. Many are able to drink of the waters of this praise and be refreshed, as it quenches the fear and replaces it with trust. For these that they trust, trust you. This speaks well for you.

19. "So care for them and love them and nurture them and give unto them that which they ask. If they ask for time, give unto them time. If they ask for information, give unto them information. If they ask for the Words of David, give unto them the Words of David, for they are your brethren, even though they be called by another name.

20. "For I look not upon the name, nor upon the place where they live, upon the church that they go to, or the profession that they serve. I look upon the heart, and I know the hearts of these. Their hearts are one with you, and thus their hearts are one with Me. So treat them as such, for My love for them is great, and their love for you is great.

21. "Bring them in. Bring them in. Tenderly gather them in. Gather them with My love. Gather them with My Spirit. Gather them with My Words. Feed them. Feed them and love them, for they too are My sheep, and they too hear My voice and follow Me.

22. "And fear not if some of them seem to be goats rather than sheep, for even the goats serve their purpose. And they still must be fed and they still must be loved, even though they are more stinky and they are more rebellious and more inclined to go their own way. It doesn't mean that they do not love you or care for you or need you.

23. "So love them all, big and small, and care for them. Help them, for they help you. Pray for their protection, for they protect you. Pray for their work, for they work for you. And help them by supplying that which they need. For you could not pay any amount of money to buy all that they have given unto you, for they are of great value. They are jewels of great price, and I have brought them unto you.

24. "So keep them, protect them, display them and love them. And I will bless you and I will keep you, and I will use them, for they are My instruments and My tools. Yea, they are a part of your Family, and they are part of My Family. And they are My children, even as you are My children. Together you further My Kingdom."

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