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MAMA'S LOVE STORY!--PART 2                Maria #274            17/2/95   DO 2993

--"Carry the Crown!"

--Day Three of the Family Feast!

--By Maria

                1. How is everybody tonight? Did you have another good Feast day? (Fam: Yes!) Praise the Lord! I heard it was fun this morning. I heard you singing over the intercom. We've been doing a lot of singing in our room too--those "songs in the night" (Job 35:10)--and it's been a real precious time. Thank You Jesus!

                2. And I wanted to tell you that we really do appreciate you and thank the Lord that you were so yielded to the Lord last night and the night before to give what He gave you. As you could hear last night, I was a little feeble in asking the Lord to speak. (See ML #2992:139, GN 635.) I thought, "Oh, Lord, help me not to be greedy. Here we've been reading all these beautiful things that You said for the last two nights, and these poor people had to have another whole prophecy session the night before." So I really battled asking the Lord to speak again.

                3. But we can't just cut the Lord off, because what if He does want to say something! And even though my request was a little bit feeble, the Lord was right there and you all were yielded and He came through beautifully. Thank the Lord! And it was such an encouragement to me, and the instruction that I really needed. I'll have to reflect a little bit more on what the Lord gave so I'm faithful to continue in the direction the Lord's been leading me. And the other things that you all got will be such a blessing for the Family too, to help them apply things--sort of an extension of what we've been talking about, but broadening it out for the whole Family. So it's very helpful and a real blessing, and in that way you're able to participate and be a big strength to the Family as a whole. Weren't you inspired by it? I know it takes a lot of faith sometimes to give what the Lord gives you in prophecy, but I really appreciate it and I know the Family will appreciate it as well.

                4. Please excuse me if I don't look in your direction. I should try, just to show you I'm thinking about you, but since I don't have my eyes open, it's difficult to remember to turn my head. So please excuse me if I don't look your way, because it's a little easier just to face one direction since I'm not looking! (Fam: We were commenting tonight how it's actually easier for us that you have your eyes closed, because then we can yawn and you don't see us!--Ha! When we were in classes with Dad we'd try to be real careful and time it just perfectly to yawn while he was looking the other way.) I don't know, I can still hear you when you yawn! (Everybody laughs!) But that's all right, I don't mind your yawning, and as long as I don't go over two and a half hours I won't feel too bad and you can yawn anyway. But if I go over two and a half hours and I hear you yawning, then I think I'll be very conscious of wanting to finish up real quick.

                5. Tonight, Lord willing, it should be a shorter meeting. Of course, we never can know exactly what's going to happen--our plans are not fixed in stone and the Lord can certainly change them. But it should be rather short because I don't want to tire you out, since this is our third meeting in a row. Would it be all right with you if we could plan on hearing more from the Lord in prophecy at the end of the meeting, like we did last night and the night before? (Fam: Yes!) I've got more faith for it for tonight because you all were so yielded. Thank you for your help and your consideration and support.

Keep Praying!

                6. And thank you for having prayer for us at dinner. I'm feeling pretty good, but Peter got a real pounder of a headache, and your prayers certainly were the thing that helped it. He went and took a shower and right afterwards he was feeling a lot better, but he still has a headache. So can a couple of you come up and pray for Peter?

                7. The Lord said we just have to keep praying. With some of these things you have to keep attacking and resisting the Enemy, just like with negative thoughts or whatever other problems we have. We can't just let it all accumulate and decide to wait until the end of the day, or not do it at all and expect the Lord to take care of it. We have to continue step by step, and as the battles come up we have to stop right away and deal with them no matter how many times it takes. You can have negative thoughts a thousand times a day, but you just have to handle each one as it comes up and rebuke the Enemy and get the victory over it.

                8. It's a battle to ask for prayer over and over and over, I know. It's a battle to just keep asking all the time, but that's what the Lord wants us to do for our own humility's sake, amongst other things, including your sake so you'll realize that it is a spiritual battle and so we can help to support each other and bear each other's burdens no matter how many times it takes. The Lord certainly doesn't mind hearing from us all the time, and He says the more we ask, the more He wants to give. And since He's that way, we certainly should be willing to be the same way with others. No matter how many times they need help, we should be willing to help when we know what power lies within our hands and in our prayers. Thank You Jesus!

                9. (Family member prays: Lord Jesus, we come before Your throne of grace to obtain mercy and strength to help in time of need. Peter is Your tool and Your vessel and he needs Your strength and healing right now. We resist this attack of the Enemy in Jesus' name! We rebuke this headache in the name of Jesus, and ask that You will take away every vestige of pain and discomfort and totally clear his head. You said in Your Word to "resist the Enemy and he shall flee," so he has to flee. We agree together on earth as touching this, that You will heal Peter and deliver him right away.)

                10. Amen, help us all tonight, Lord. Give us alertness, clearness of mind and heart and thought and receptivity to what You have for us. Draw us together in unity and the bond of fellowship with You and with each other. Thank You Jesus! Bless our praise and song to You. (To David:) Okay, sweetheart, are you ready? (David: Yes.) (David leads the song, "The Longer I Serve Him!":)

                Since I started for the Kingdom,

                Since my life You control,

                Since I gave my heart to You, Lord,

                The longer I love You,

                The sweeter You grow.


                The longer I love You,

                The sweeter You grow.

                The more that I love You,

                More love You bestow.

                Each day is like Heaven,

                My heart overflows.

                The longer I love You,

                The sweeter You grow.

                Every need You are supplying,

                Plenteous grace You bestow,

                Every day my sky gets brighter,

                The longer I love You,

                The sweeter You grow.

Chorus (2 times)

                11. Don't forget that line, "the more that I love You, more love You bestow." The more we love Him, the more He loves us, and the more He bestows His blessings and His grace upon us, and more love. Love begets love! Our love begets love, and the more we love Him, the more He loves us. Thank You Jesus! That's a beautiful song. Thank You Lord! (David leads in "Your Name Is Wonderful!":)

                Your name is wonderful,

                Your name is wonderful,

                Your name is wonderful,

                Jesus, my Lord.

                You are the mighty King,

                Master of everything,

                Your name is wonderful,

                Jesus, my Lord.

                You're the great shepherd,

                The rock of all ages,

                Almighty God are You!

                I bow down before You,

                I love and adore You,

                Your name is wonderful,

                Jesus, my Lord.

(Repeat entire song)

                12. Thank You Jesus! We do love You! We need You right now, Jesus. Please come to us and fill us, all of us, each one, each heart! Fill us to overflowing with Your love! Help us to feel Your love words, Your love kisses, Your caresses. We pray that Your words will bear fruit in more children to You. Thank You Jesus! Strengthen each one after a long day. Give their bodies strength and their minds clarity and their spirits the strength that they need to be receptive hearers of Your Word, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen. Hallelujah!

Our Wealth of Music!

                13. It's wonderful to praise the Lord in song, isn't it? It's so wonderful that we have these beautiful songs. We are of all people most blessed even in the song department, because we've not only got so many of the hymns of the church, and the gospel songs of the church, but we also have our own songs of all different kinds. And we've gone back and gotten a lot of the old church songs that the church today doesn't sing much. We have the most beautiful Christmas songs too! We just are so blessed! We have a wonderful wealth and variety of music. And then we also use some of the modern Christian music as well. So we've got a very wide variety to choose from to praise the Lord with. We've also got the whole Bible we can sing to the Lord! Thank You Lord!--Although if you do that, it can tend to sound like a little bit of a chant sometimes, ha!

                14. Peter is laughing because we tried that when we were praying and reading the Praise Promises. Do you remember that GN we put out one time of the praises from the Psalms? (GN 468, "A Prayer of Praise to God!") I don't know how many of you have used that. I just had the urge one time to pub that, because I was thinking, "How can we praise the Lord? What do we say? Instead of just saying 'We love You, Jesus! We love You, Jesus! Praise You Jesus!', let's enlarge our praises to the Lord.--And where can you find better praises than in the Word?" That's when I went through all of the Psalms, and even a few portions of the Old and New Testaments, and compiled all of those. I think there were 392 verses that we compiled to praise the Lord with, and they're very beautiful!

                15. So if you haven't used that in your praise time, I encourage you to try it. It's wonderful! Since I can't read it, Peter reads it out loud phrase by phrase, and I repeat it after him. There's something to saying those things out loud. We can hear the verses on a tape or we can hear someone read them, but there's something about voicing it that makes it more personal and brings it home. It makes you feel it more than when you're just listening to it and hearing it and giving mental assent to it.

                16. Putting it into words is quite powerful--I really realized that when I first heard Peter read those verses, before I started repeating them after him. I thought, "Now this isn't doing the trick! I'm not really praising the Lord with my whole heart. I'm just mentally affirming them." Of course, I can't read them because of my eyes, so I said, "I'll repeat phrase by phrase." So he would read a phrase and I would repeat it after him, and it was much more powerful. I felt like I was really praising the Lord that way much more than just hearing somebody else praising the Lord. It's very effective.

                17. So then the Lord said, "Sing it!" I said, "Lord, sing it? I can't sing, and it's going to sound like a chant!"--which it did! Ha! But I thought, "Well, the Lord loves ceremony. Peter likes ceremony, Dad likes ceremony." As you know, he was always having some kind of ceremony. And the Lord obviously loves ceremony. So I was sort of outvoted. I figured, "Well, I'd better just get over my hang-ups." The problem is my pride. It's not that I don't like ceremony just because it's ceremony, I don't like ceremony because then I'm spotlighted if it has anything to do with me. So I figured, "I'd better just get over that."

                18. So while I was fighting with that, I was repeating these verses, and I started stumbling over the words because I didn't remember them. You know how you have to concentrate to remember? So Peter thought I was going to sleep and he said, "Are you all right? Are you going to sleep?" I said, "No, I'm fighting with the Lord! I'm supposed to be singing these instead of saying them and I don't want to do it." (Everybody laughs.) So after I said that, then I had to do it, of course. So I did it and it sounded like a Catholic chant. (Peter: It was very sweet and beautiful.)

                19. Every phrase started on the same note and then it was practically monotone. But at least I did it, and I'm sure the Lord appreciated it because I obeyed. And if nothing else, it was just humbling for me, and maybe that was what I was supposed to do whether it sounded like a Catholic ceremony or not. The Lord made Peter take an aspirin the other day just because it was a humbling thing to do. So a lot of times we have to do things, not necessarily because they're really the "in thing" or the thing that the Lord wants everybody to do, or that we have to do all the time, but just to prove our obedience to the Lord, our yieldedness to Him and our humility. Sometimes it's just as a test and an exercise in humility.

                20. Anyway, thank the Lord, I finally passed the test!--Not without some fight, but at least I am always reminded of that Scripture in the Bible about the one son who said he wouldn't do his father's will and did it anyway, and the one that said he would but didn't do it (Mat.21:28-30). I figure if you finally come through and do it, at least it's better than saying you will and then not doing it. Of course, the ideal is to just say you will immediately and go ahead and do it, and Lord forgive me for not being more like that. But if at least you do it, even after a fight or a battle, then thank the Lord! And in some ways maybe the Lord gives you more credit for doing it after a battle. So if you finally give in and yield to the Lord there's nothing to be discouraged about. Thank the Lord!

                21. So as I was saying, we have such a wealth of beautiful songs! Thank You Jesus! I just love them! My favorite tape is the "Christmas Love" tape. We never ever should get so stuck in a rut that we say that's only for Christmas. That tape is about Jesus, and that tape is about love! That is what Jesus is and what He came to earth for and what He does for us and how we need to be to others. That is the most beautiful thing, because every song is about love and the love that came down at Christmas, "love all lovely, love divine! Love was born at Christmas." They're beautiful, inspired songs.

                22. And we've got other wonderful Family tapes too. During this time when Peter has been so sick, "When You Need Him Most" has been a real blessing. And the "Fear Not" tape and the love songs to Jesus, "My Heart, Your Home," and "Onward and Upward"--that fighting tape is really good! Most of them are old hymns of the church and they're quite profound, they're quite deep.

                23. So those Family tapes have been a very big blessing. Thank the Lord! I used to play the System instrumental background music more, because it was quite beautiful and we don't have a lot of our own Family background music. It didn't get me distracted and all wrapped up in System attitudes, because I didn't know the words and the music was quite beautiful.--But since then we've gotten some good instrumental hymns to use as background music, which is of course preferable.

                24. So listen to our Family music when you can and try listening to some during your prayer time, singing the words and praises to the Lord. It's very beautiful. Thank You Jesus! Well, thank You Lord! That's my little introduction. Help us, Lord, to know how to present this now.

The Lord's Wonderful, Unconditional Love!

                25. I told you that when I prayed about how to present last night's meeting, Dad said, "Tell them, 'Tonight I'm going to tell you a love story--a story of the Lord's love, my love and of Peter's love--and how we are helping you to learn to love.'" And I think we did get some of that told last night, wouldn't you say? One very big part of it was the Lord's love for me in humbling me--which is a great honor, as you'll hear tonight in something we're going to read--and the Lord's great love in not only humbling me, but in forgiving me and unconditionally loving me.

                26. The Lord is so wonderful in that when we fail, no matter how big our mistakes are, He's much more interested in us just getting the point and going on and doing the right thing than He is in scolding us and punishing us for what we've done wrong. Have you gotten that point yet? Do you realize that? When you make mistakes or when you fail--and even when they're not mistakes, but they're deliberate wrongs--if you repent and ask the Lord to forgive you, He isn't interested in punishing you. What He's interested in is having you do better.

                27. Of course, if punishing you will help you do better and that's the only way that He can get through to you and get you to change, then maybe He's going to have to punish you. But what He wants is for you to change and do better next time and get the point. He doesn't want to punish you and He doesn't even want to scold you. Because if you see your mistake and if you repent and you ask for forgiveness, why should He scold you? If you feel remorseful and sorry, then you've gotten the point, you've scolded yourself, and there's no reason for Him to have to do it.

                28. The love of the Lord is so wonderful! He just wants us to be able to love Him. He wants us to do the loving thing and what He knows will make us happy and make others happy. This is a great--maybe I shouldn't say mystery--but it's something that's probably clouded by what we've experienced in the past, or how people usually operate. It's hard to see that the way the Lord works is different than the way people usually work. But we need to look at the Lord and look at the way He works, and as the Word says, He's set us an example that we should follow.

                29. And if the Lord doesn't punish and doesn't even scold us or rebuke us, why should we do that with others? We just want the fruit, the good results, and if we don't have to do the other, why should we? I deserve a lot of rebuke for what I've done, yet the Lord is so patient and so sweet and doesn't give me what I deserve! As you also heard last night, the Lord told me in prophecy, "You did it and you admitted it. The Family needs answers, so just tell them. They'll love you for it."

                30. What kind of scolding is that? What kind of rebuke is that? That's just love, pure love. He says, "Get up and do better and do what you're supposed to do," and then all is forgiven. And as you heard last night, He said, "Don't regret the past, don't worry about it now. Just tell them, and then the wounds will be healed and the wrongs will be made right, and you can go on. I've given you a new heart and you can go on to a new day and do what you should do this time." The second bus came around. And let me tell you, I know I'd better get it right this time, folks! If I don't, the Lord might not be able to be so sweet and loving and kind, and He might have to give me a bigger shake-up.

                31. But if we could only get the point that the Lord is trying to love us!--He loves us so much and He wants to love us in every area of our life, in every aspect. He's so loving it's hard to believe it! The pure, unconditional love that comes from the Lord is greater than anything we can even imagine. And if in our interactions with people we'll try to think of the greatest way that the Lord could show us love, and then do the same to those that we're having interactions with, maybe we'll be able to give them a little bit of a sample of the Lord's love.

                32. So that was a beautiful sample of the Lord's love for me in helping me to be humble in the way He's treated me. And then you heard what Dad said in prophecy. Was there a big scolding there? (Fam: No.) He was just stating the facts, right? And look how he said he loved me so much, and he loves me even more now. There was no hint of reproach or rebuke, just, "Well, Mama, this is what you were like and now you're different, and I love you for it! I'm thrilled you're different now!" God help us! Lord help us please to get the point that this is the way You want us to be, and this is the kind of love You want us to show to others.

Commission from Dad to Carry the Crown!

                33. So it was really a love story last night when you think about it, but I wasn't completely finished with it, and that's why we're having an extension of it tonight to give you a little bit more of what Dad said about Peter's place with me. We had a little bit about that last night from Dad, just recently in the spirit world, and I'd like to review a few paragraphs of that right now. Then we'll share with you something that Dad said while he was still here with us, but that is as yet unpublished. Would you like that? (Fam: Yes!) Praise the Lord!

                34. (Peter: This is from the prophecy that Mama was reading to us last night, and Dad is speaking: "And concerning your love and the fact that I worked to put you two together, don't be afraid to share that. Don't be ashamed, don't worry, for it is only a continuation. It is a continuation of our love together, and it is a continuation of Jesus' and our love together. We're all still one. Weren't we one there? Did I not want to let others know even then?")

                35. (Mama:) Well, as you probably have seen in some of the Letters, anything that had to do with Dad leaving and my having to take on any responsibility or anybody taking care of me, I was very resistant to and didn't even want to hear about or talk about, which was very naughty of me and very unyielded. But Dad did talk a lot about it and we do have quite a bit about it in the Letters. And there would have been a lot more if I had been yielded to it, because when Dad would say anything about it, I didn't even want to write it down. But in this particular case of this unpubbed Letter that I'm going to read to you tonight, it was part of a lengthy talk that Dad had when he was very sick with the shingles. When it was just a little line or two here or there, I didn't feel I had to necessarily record it; but when it was an actual talk, I knew I had to get that, so we got that on record. You see how unyielded I was about things, Lord forgive me, but how much difference it makes when you just say yes? Okay, go ahead, repeat that last sentence.

                36. (Peter continues reading:) "Did I not want to let others know even then? Did I not even speak it that we three were one? Did I not bring Peter in? Did I not let him love you, and you him? Because we were one. What's the difference? Haven't you loved him all along? So what's changed? All that's changed is that I am here and that I have helped to put a deeper love in your heart, a greater appreciation and understanding, because it is teaching you many things and because it is good for you, and because I love you and I want you to be loved with the love that you need and that you deserve.

                37. "So don't be afraid to say it. Hey, shout it from the rooftops! Let it be known! It is my doing! We engineered it from here! So be not afraid, be not ashamed and be not worried about how it will be received. For again, it is only up to you to say the things that are placed in your heart to say, and to feed them the food that is given unto you. When you have done this, you have dispensed of your duty, and the words that shall pour forth shall not return unto you void; for they shall accomplish the purpose whereunto they were sent. And my children shall rejoice that you are well cared for and that you are happy, and that you have love and feel loved, and that you are not lonely or sad." (End of excerpt.)

                38. (Mama:) Thank You Lord! Well, that's another story of endless love, of Dad's love and the Lord's love. Isn't that beautiful? And that's how Dad always was with me, wasn't he, Gabe? (Gabe: Yes, it's true.) He always wanted to make sure I was well taken care of and loved. It was such a beautiful love, just like the Lord's love. Thank the Lord! So I just wanted to review that from last night in order to go on to give you one of these things that Dad said when he was so very sick and thought he was going to go be with the Lord. I think most of you remember when Dad had the shingles years ago, and you know how very painful and difficult it was for him. Would you like to hear this? (Fam: Yes!)

                39. This talk that I'm going to listen to on tape and repeat to you is called "Carry the Crown," which Dad gave about four years ago. I hope you don't mind if I pass it on to you this way--listening and repeating. I do stumble a bit because the tape goes pretty fast, and when I have to repeat what I'm hearing it's a little bit harder to put expression into the reading because I'm concentrating on hearing what's being said. And sometimes I stop, and then I have to go back and get whatever word I covered up by stopping the tape recorder. But if you don't mind, I like to do it this way sometimes. (Gary: It's like you're prophesying.) Yes, and it helps it to sink in. It goes slow enough that you get a little pause between phrases so you can think about it. So thank You Lord!

                40. Okay, I'll start now, I'm reading what Dad said when he was sick: "I'm shedding tears, Lord, for these, that You will help them to carry on. O God ... (Dad weeping in tongues.) Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, bless Peter and anoint him for this task to carry on after me, O God! And Mama, too, Lord. Give Thy anointing, Thy wonderful anointing. Anoint them, Jesus! Give them wisdom, Lord, and inspiration. Help them to hear Thy voice, that they may carry on to lead Thy people into the future. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! (Dad weeping.) Help them to lead Thy people into the future!--The duty of David, Lord.

                41. "Lord, I can't go on much longer, so You'll have to help them to do it. Anoint them with the spirit of David, the anointing of David. Give them the anointing of their father, the inspiration and the leading of their father, O God, that they may lead Thy people into the future. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! I love you! I really love you and I want you to carry on after me, okay? (Peter: Yes, sir.)

                42. "I want to hug you, Mama. O Jesus, Jesus! It's such a big job. O God, give these Thy anointing and inspiration, Thy guidance and Thy leading. Lord Jesus! You do it, Lord. You could do it just as clearly for them as You have for me. Show them the way, Lord, in Jesus' name. I love you, sweetheart.

                43. "Peter, please take care good care of Mama so she'll have the strength and the will to carry on. I know you will. Thank You Jesus! Oh Jesus, thank You Lord! I love you, son. Thank you for taking care of Mama and the sheep and all our children. Feed my sheep. Amen? (Peter: Yes, sir. Amen.) Feed my sheep, Mama. I know you're a good shepherdess and I know you will feed my sheep.

                44. (To Peter:) "I want you to take her hand, honey, and tell her that you will take care of her. (Peter: I'll take care of you, Mama.) And you will help feed my sheep. You've done a good job, honey. I'm proud of you. You've done a good job of taking care of Mama and all the sheep and the shepherdess."

                45. (To Gabe:) "Will you help Peter and Mama? (Gabe: Yes, sir. I will, Dad.) Mama, will you depend on Peter and the Lord to help you? (Mama: Yes, sir!) Peter, I love you! I love you, I really love you! Thank you for doing such a big job in helping Mama. I'm not much good any more, son. You're just going to have to help her carry on, okay? (Peter: Yes, sir. I will.) Thank You Jesus! Mama, I love you, in Jesus' name.

                46. "In the name of Jesus I bequeath it to thee. I bequeath it to both of you. Now it's your duty to lead the people into the future. That's what the Lord told me to do, to lead His people into the future. Oh, it's a heavy weight on me right now. It's heavy. Help me, Lord. Truly the crown is heavy to him that weareth it. I bequeath it to these, Lord, Thy king and Thy queen. I bequeath it to them, that they may wear it. The crown is so heavy, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Please lift this heavy load. It's so heavy, Lord. (Weeping.)

                47. "Are you willing to wear the crown? (Mama: We can all do it together.) You must. You must. You must take it off my brow, it's just too heavy, and I'm so tired. (Tongues.) Please help these to relieve Thy father and help him carry the crown. In the name of Jesus and Thy people, O God, that they may lead Thy sheep. In the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Help them carry it, Lord. Help them to lift the load. Thank You for how they have. Amen, He's going to help you.

                48. "I've passed it on to you now. You'll help me carry it, please. I've passed it on to you. It's a heavy load--the crown--a responsibility, a debt. This is your coronation day! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! You must help the king to carry his heavy load as you already do, and you must be ready to take it if I should slip away. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name, amen.

                49. "Thank you, sweet children. I love you! You must now carry the load of the crown. Okay? Carry on for me. Help me lift it. You can do it, the Lord will help you. That's why He has brought you into this ministry, that you might help the king to carry the crown, because he could slip away any day now, he's suffered so much. I don't know how much longer I can live. I'm trying, if you help me. If you help me carry the crown, okay? (Peter: Amen. Yes, sir.) In the name of Jesus. Amen, amen. God bless you, son, you've been such a blessing. I love you!

                50. "I anoint you now in the name of Jesus to carry the crown if I should die.--To carry the crown, to help the queen carry the crown. If I should go, then you two shall be able to carry the crown together. Amen? In the name of Jesus I anoint you to carry the crown. It's a heavy load, but the Lord will give you strength and wisdom, anointing and inspiration. All of this He will give you in the name of Jesus. I anoint you to carry the crown, in Jesus' name.

                51. "You are a king and a queen, better fit and able to carry the crown than I am, because now I'm old and I'm tired and I'm sick, and these people who are young and strong like you two can carry the crown. Okay? Amen. King Peter and Queen Maria. That's a good name, Peter. It's a great name. Try to live up to it, okay? You should go back to see it in the Bible, to see what Peter was and what he did.--And look in history about the other Peters.--Great kings, great saints. Amen?

                52. "In Jesus' name, I anoint them to receive Thy anointing and Thy blessing for this heavy task of carrying the crown! Amen. Now I feel better, because I know if I should slip away that you have the anointing. I anointed you, now don't forget that. Don't tell me you can't. You are now heirs apparent. Okay? Now that's that! Don't ever forget this little ceremony. When you get discouraged or you don't think you can do it, just remember this. It's the anointing of the Lord. It wasn't the biggest and strongest of Jesse's sons that Samuel anointed, it was just the little lad who was out tending the sheep, David. And I commit my anointing to you, okay? Do you hear me, Peter? (Peter: Yes, sir.)

                53. "So it's the Lord, and remember that only the Lord can help you do it. So even if I pass on, the Lord will anoint you to be able to carry on, because I'm pretty old and sick now and I don't know if I can last much longer. I'm trying to, and if you guys pray for me I guess I'll have to. Son, God bless you. Help thy children and thy sheep to learn how to pray--to pray for their old dying shepherd. I love you, son. God bless you! You can do it with His help, honey. He will help you and guide you to feed His sheep and help direct His shepherdess, in Jesus' name. I love you. Thank you for praying for me." (End of "Carry the Crown.") (Everyone praises the Lord!)

                54. (Mama:) Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for Thy Word, Lord! Thank You for this commission. It's not exactly an easy one, and we need all the help and the prayers of our loved ones that we can get. Thank You for it, Lord. Thank You that we can now accept and be thankful and grateful for this commission and this responsibility. Thank You for changing my heart, and thank You that You've given me help. I know I need it, Lord. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

Encouragement for Peter!

                55. This next prophecy was received for Peter when we were asking the Lord for encouragement for him before going to the Summit '95 meeting: "Behold this child of David, this son of David, who hath imbibed the spirit of David and of Maria for these many years.--This, My son, who now has their ways as part of his being, who knows their manners, their thoughts, their habits, their preferences, their approach, their attitudes, who has studied and learned and absorbed it, who has drunk of their cup so that now he is able to pour this same life-giving flow out to others from his own cup, who exudes the warmth and the love that they impart.

                56. "For as he has been with them, and they have been with him, so he is a faithful bearer of their spirit and of My Spirit; so he is a faithful encourager of others, even in ways he knoweth not. In his manner, in his self-effacement, in his humility, in his desire to lift Me up above himself, in simple ways that he knows not, he doth represent Me and he doth represent them, simply by what he has absorbed into his being. He is able to be an encouragement to others as I have called him to be." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

Afflictions and Fighting the Enemy!

                57. Now I'd like to go on to another subject--something that you've all been praying for during the last week or so--and that is the afflictions that Peter has been having.--Pretty serious ones with his recent heart attack and his back and chest pains and pretty constant headaches. You've all been praying and we appreciate it very very much. It's certainly been a wonderful blessing to have that prayer. But he was really going through it again last night and in quite a bit of pain, and I thought, "Well, let's ask the Lord again for some encouragement or comfort." No matter how much the Lord has given, He's still willing to give more and He wants to give more.

                58. That's something we really need to understand about the Lord, that He giveth, and giveth and giveth again, and He doesn't mind how much we ask. He's delighted when we ask and we keep asking. He wants to pour it forth to us. And that's one of the most comforting things you can hear--the voice of the Lord talking to you and reassuring you when you're in pain and in agony and you really are desperate for some help. So we asked the Lord for some encouragement, and would you like to hear what He said? (Fam: Yes!) You're not too tired, are you? (Fam: No!) Thank You Lord! Since you've been praying a lot for Peter, I thought you would want to hear this.

                59. When we have these serious afflictions, we often wonder, "What's the Lord doing? What's the reason for it?" Or if you don't even want to know what the reason for it is, you wonder, "What can we do about it? Is there something more we can do about it? When is the Lord going to lift this?"--And you usually have all kinds of questions, don't you? (Fam: Yes.)--Especially the one who's going through it certainly has a lot of questions. So I had some questions that I wanted to ask the Lord, and also have the Lord give some reassurance about it.

                60. Because when you pray and pray and pray and you just get temporary victories but it's still pretty serious and it continues, then you wonder, "What is going on? What are we supposed to do?" Like Peter said, "Maybe I'm not fighting enough." And that's always a question that we can ask ourselves when we're going through serious afflictions and we're not getting the victory. Maybe we're taking it too lightly somehow, maybe we're not fighting enough.

                61. But I think in a situation like this, the Lord had already shown Peter that He was using this to draw Peter closer to Him. (To secretary:) Just like with your headaches. He said, "Keep fighting, I'm not ready to lift it yet, but I'm using it." In other words, you do have to keep fighting, but you can't necessarily expect when you're fighting the Enemy on something like this that the Lord is going to immediately lift it. You have to do your part in fighting the Enemy, but you're not to say, "Oh, I guess I didn't fight hard enough, because the problem isn't completely gone."--Especially when the Lord tells you so definitely that He's not ready to lift it yet, like He did to you, Peter, and to me, and to some others of us that He said He's not ready to lift the affliction because we haven't learned our lessons yet.

                62. But He always tells us to fight, to keep fighting the Enemy, and that sometimes becomes a little bit of a dilemma. You think, "Well, if we're still supposed to have this and we're going to continue to have it, why should we even bother to fight the Enemy?" But apparently the Lord wants us to learn to be strengthened through fighting the attacks, and to have others help us to fight them too. We'll still have to go through these things, but when we can all attack the Enemy and fight him together, the Lord makes it easier for us to win victories, easier for us to take the afflictions, easier for us to learn the lessons that come through them.

                63. So we can't just say, "Okay, we're supposed to have this affliction and it's supposed to go on for a long time, so we don't need to fight the Enemy any more." That's been a battle for me too. I know I'm supposed to have this affliction and it's supposed to last till I learn my lesson, so sometimes I wonder what good is there in fighting it and constantly rebuking the Enemy?

                64. But whether we understand completely or not, when the Lord tells us to do that, we'd better do it! And I believe it makes it easier, because the Enemy will take as much territory as he can get and he'll make things a lot worse for us if he can. The Lord does allow these things in order to teach us lessons, but if we don't attack the Enemy, the Enemy is going to make them just as bad as he possibly can for us.--And he certainly is going to try to keep us from being cheerful and praising the Lord in the midst of them and getting the lessons that the Lord is trying to teach us from them. Whereas the Lord's not that interested in making them bad, He just wants them to be enough so we'll get the point. So we do need to keep attacking the Enemy.

Asking the Lord Instead of the Doctors!

                65. So I wanted to ask the Lord for more encouragement, because one of Peter's questions was, "Maybe I'm not fighting enough." And we also had questions about whether he should go and get a checkup. Some of his symptoms sound quite serious, and certainly those heart attacks he had were very serious and probably would have killed most people. Without the Lord's intervention he probably would've been gone. I don't think people can withstand that kind of a heart attack for that many hours at a time, and several times in a row. He not only had to battle the fear the Enemy brings, but it's obvious that there could be some pretty serious things wrong with his internal organs.

                66. So the question was, should we at least go to get a checkup and see what it is?--Not that we're necessarily going to do what the doctor says, but just to go. Then we were looking around to see what else we could do in the natural. We were talking about elevating the bed, and maybe that would help the headaches and the heart pain, etc. So there was some question, and in my own mind I was thinking, "Do we want to go to the doctor and get it diagnosed or not?" And when I was mulling this over and thinking and praying about it, all of a sudden I thought, "Now wait a minute! Even if we do want a diagnosis, even if we do want to know what the problem is, why are we asking the doctor when we should first be asking the Lord?"

                67. We all know that doctors' diagnoses are often wrong! It's been proven over and over in all kinds of exposés, and you guys know yourselves from personal experience. You've gone to doctors many times, and how many misdiagnoses have they given you? They just can't know. They're not God. They sometimes act like it, but God doesn't allow them to be gods, and He often allows them to miss.--Hopefully so their patients will get the point that the doctors are not God and that they'll turn to the Lord instead of the doctors.

                68. How many of you have never had a misdiagnosis? How many of you have had a misdiagnosis and you know about it? (Most people raise their hands.) There are a lot more that have had them than not. (Gary: One time a few of us had these red rashes that looked like bites, so I was elected to go to the doctor, and I made five appointments for the same day. I went to five different doctors and got five different diagnoses!--And five different sets of medicines prescribed! The diagnosis ranged from fleas in the house to internal infections, and the last guy told me, "Oh, it's this little bug in the grass this time of the year. If it's not gone in a week, come back. Otherwise I think it'll just fade out.") That's a good example of what happens worldwide. We've heard all kinds of stories in the news lately about misdiagnoses and medical errors on the part of doctors and hospitals all over! It's crazy!

                69. So the brilliant thought occurred to me--after all these years--why don't we just ask the Lord? Why do we have to go to the doctor for a diagnosis? If the Lord wants us to know, why don't we ask Him, and He can tell us much better than a doctor can, from whom it's possible that we'll get a misdiagnosis anyway. Of course, we didn't know whether the Lord even wanted to tell us, because sometimes the Lord doesn't want to tell you what it is, because He doesn't want you to get fearful. And sometimes He may tell you to go to the doctor. We're not saying everyone needs to stop using doctors. The main thing is simply to ask the Lord first!

                70. After all, the label of the disease doesn't really matter--what matters are the symptoms and what you're going through. We could put in the prayer list, "So-and-so has such-and-such disease"--and the person could be dying and in torture and agony, but nobody is going to know what it is just from the name of the disease. It's what you're going through and your symptoms that matter. The name is just something that provokes fear in people because of what they've heard about it.

                71. Most people haven't even been with somebody that's had cancer, but they have heard all these tales and so they're very fearful. When you hear the word "cancer" you think of the worst thing you can think of! And if the doctor tells you it's cancer, then you get very fearful. Poor Dad, a lot of times he thought he had tuberculosis because of his cough, and the Enemy just uses that sort of thing and plays on it. So sometimes the Lord doesn't even want to tell you what it is. And sometimes it's not even anything that the medical profession knows about, so they couldn't tell you anyway.

                72. So I had to ask the Lord to forgive me for my denseness and my being so carnally-minded and out of tune that I hadn't realized a long time ago that I should be asking the Lord, and if I want a diagnosis, I should ask the Lord about it first.

                73. But when serious afflictions like this come up, we do have questions about what to do.--You have questions, I have questions, Peter has questions. So I thought, "Why don't we just ask the Lord if we should go to the doctor for a checkup?" Peter had pretty much decided for sure he wasn't going to go the medical route. But even when you just go in for a checkup, they really put the pressure on, and they implant fears into your heart, and then you start wavering. Even if you're determined not to go that route, you still go through a lot of unnecessary battles because they've filled you with all those fears. (Please also see the Love Charter, Section 2.C. on page 12-13, and Section 13.A.8. on pages 58-59.)

Don't Be Afraid to Ask!--Heaven Is Waiting to Speak!

                74. So I thought maybe we should just ask the Lord for encouragement and comfort, and ask Him the questions. The Lord is there and He wants to speak, He wants to give us the answers, so why don't we avail ourselves of what He wants to give us? Like Dad has always said, He's much more willing to give to us than we are even to receive.

                75. Why don't we want to receive it? Why won't we ask when it's there and available for us? Sometimes it's because we don't want to ask other people to pray with us. Like in our meeting last night, I thought, "My goodness, I don't want to impose on these poor people that are tired, and I don't want to be greedy. We've already gotten so much from the Lord, why should we ask Him for more?" But that's not the Lord's attitude, and we have to get it through our heads that He is ready and willing and wants to speak to us. What are some other reasons why we don't ask the Lord at every available opportunity for His answers? (Fam: It's sometimes humbling to give the things the Lord gives you. It's not an easy thing to do and in the natural you sometimes fight it. It's hard and it takes faith.)

                76. If it's a desperate and important situation, we certainly have to overcome our resistances and our hang-ups in those areas. I was really desperate about this meeting tonight too. I knew in general what we wanted to talk about, but I didn't know how to present it. We had a lot of information to present, but I wasn't sure which to use or what to say. So I was really praying, "Lord, please help me to get this right!" And normally I would have said, "Well, I'll just have to figure it out." But finally I said, "Peter, could we pray about it and ask the Lord if He has any more He wants to say to me about it?"

                77. I thought, "Lord, maybe this is being greedy and I know You've probably told me enough already, and You'll probably just say 'open your mouth and I will fill it.'"--But at least I knew He'd say something, and I love to hear Him speak! So we went ahead and asked and it was wonderful! And do you know what the Lord said? Can anybody imagine what the Lord told me about my asking? (Fam: "Ask and it shall be given you"?) (Fam: That He loves your asking?) Yes, right!

                78. He said that the ministering spirits that are helping us are so happy that I asked, because they're designing all of this! (Heb.1:14, 7). It's their design and their plan, so how could I know what to do unless I ask? That's what they said! Isn't that neat? Then the joke was on me because they were saying, "Well, you should ask! It's a good thing you are asking. Don't be afraid to ask. The more you ask, the better!" Here I was thinking, "Oh no, now I'm asking again!" And they're saying, "It's a good thing you're asking again, you should ask again. We want you to ask again, because how can you know unless you ask?"

                79. Isn't that encouraging? It's so exciting, it's just wonderful! I'm so glad I have so much help, because I'm so nothing and I know nothing. I haven't the faintest idea of what I'm doing, so I'm so thankful to have the Lord to depend on and look to and give me the answers I need. And when He says He delights in answering, He wants us to ask and it doesn't matter how much we ask, it's just tremendous!

                80. (Fam: Our spirit helpers are probably even a little hurt when we don't ask. Like, "Oh no, here they go without us!") Yes, like last night when I was wondering if I should ask everybody to hear from the Lord again, one of you said, "Well, Grandpa and the rest of the cloud of witnesses were probably just waiting around for their opportunity to speak" (Heb. 12:1).--And if we cut them off and don't allow them to, think how disappointed they would be.--And Dad wouldn't have been able to speak to me either. And we wouldn't have gotten all the good instruction that I needed and those other beautiful things for the Family.

                81. When we cut them off, it's like thinking we're sufficient in ourselves. Heaven is waiting there to speak to us, and we're saying, "Forget it, we've had enough"--either because we're tired or we think we don't need any more or we think we are "imposing" on the Lord, or whatever the reason may be. Just think how disappointed they must be and how we obstruct their plan to help us and to teach us.

                82. So I'm sorry, folks, but you're going to have to get used to having a lot of prophecy around here, because that's just the way the Lord's doing things right now. He's speaking and it's beautiful and it's wonderful. So you'll just have to get over any hang-ups you may have, because this is the way the Lord's moving. I know I want it and need it, and He's giving it to me and helping me through it.--And I certainly think He's helping you all through it too. Aren't you being helped through it? (Fam: Yes!)

                83. The Lord says it's a new day, and we don't have to do everything the way we did before. Dad's not here now to give us Letters the way he used to. I'll give you some talks and lessons, but it's not enough. There's much more that's needed, and the most beautiful thing to me is to hear the Lord say it directly. I don't know about you, but right now I need the encouragement and the comfort and the instruction and the help, and I love it and it's making me happy. So don't you want me to be happy? (Everybody: Yes!)

                84. It really makes me happy! I always jump up and down every time I hear from the Lord. I speak the Lord's Words too, and you can jump up and down when you hear from me, but for me it's a little bit different in some respects. Don't you remember how it was for Dad? He would often put the Bible first before the Letters. But for us, the Letters were not only just as much the Lord's Words, but they were more real for us and more relatable, because they were God's Words for today and they helped explain the Bible. Dad told us we needed to study his Letters, but if he had to make a choice, he would've chosen the Bible, because it's a little harder for us who speak the Lord's Words through our own thoughts to have quite that same feeling about ourselves. It shouldn't be at all, but it just is.

                85. So I just love to hear the Lord speak in direct prophecy--maybe also because it's easier that way and it's harder when I'm speaking! Anyhow, thank the Lord! The Lord said He has many ways to speak, many channels, many ways to show us what He has for us, and He's going to use them all; but He has certain times for things that He puts more emphasis on. So don't worry about it! You may feel like you're being inundated with prophecy now, but just enjoy it! It may not last forever, and in the meantime, we need all the help we can get.

                86. It's a new day, and if the Lord wants to do something new, don't worry about it! We'll get where we're supposed to go and the Lord will help us to get there. So don't worry if some things are a little new and different. Is anybody worried about it? (Fam: No!) Okay. Thank the Lord!

                87. And let's be careful about not cutting off the help that the Lord wants to give us, and the words He wants to speak to us. Lord forgive me for feeling that way, and forgive us all for feeling that way sometimes--because the Lord wants to give, our heavenly helpers want to give, and all Heaven is waiting to give to us in any way possible! So let's be open to that and avail ourselves of the opportunities when we need help and encouragement.

                88. And don't worry, you're not going to get tripped off as long as you love the Lord and you're really living for Him and you're praying that He'll make you a clear channel. They're His gifts and He gives them because He loves us, and we'll get along fine as long as we're loving Him and serving Him and doing the best we can, and being obedient and prayerful. We have to be prayerful about everything or we're going to slip up, right? If you don't pray over your food, you may get food poisoning. So you'd better pray about everything, including your gift of prophecy. And as long as you love Him and you're doing your best for Him and you're dedicated to His service and His children, you don't have to worry! It doesn't matter if you have a few problems or NWOs. Goodness gracious, we all do, and you're never going to get rid of all your NWOs!

                89. Prophecy is a gift, folks, that the Lord gives you because He loves you--for your sake and for the sake of His children, His Family. He's not giving it to you so He can get you tripped up and because He wants to make it a test to see if you're going to listen to the Devil or you're going to listen to Him. He gives it to you because He loves you and He wants you to use it. It's all a part of you and your love for the Lord and your service to Him and His love for you. So don't worry about it!

It's Everybody's Battle!

                90. So we were asking the Lord for some comfort and encouragement for Peter, and since you all have been very involved and we're all in this together, we thought you would want to know what the Lord said. We're all one body, one Family, and we're fighting this battle together. It's not just Peter's battle, it's all our battle, and when one member suffers, we all suffer, and we bear each other's burdens.

                91. When any one of us in any of our Homes is having a battle, it should be everybody's battle! We should never ever look at it like, "Oh, so-and-so is having a battle with jealousy" or "so-and-so is having a big problem" or "so-and-so is having migraines or asthma or whatever, and we've got to pray for them." Our attitude needs to be, "Let's pray earnestly for them, because it's our battle too." They may be experiencing the physical pain, but we are experiencing the emotional pain, or the spiritual pain. For one thing, they can't be fighting as hard when they're going through the physical pain, but we can be fighting hard for them. We can probably fight harder for them than they can fight for themselves, because we're not going through the debilitating effects of the pain, which makes it very difficult to fight for yourself.

                92. Remember that beautiful little poem that says,

                "Oh, wonderful story of deathless love;

                Each child is dear to that Heart above.

                He fights for me when I cannot fight,

                He comforts me in the gloom of night.

                He lifts the burden, for He is strong,

                He stills the sigh and awakens the song;

                The sorrow that bows me down He bears,

                And loves and pardons, because He cares."

When we're going through things like that, we can't fight for ourselves. The Lord will fight for us, but He also wants the rest of our body to be fighting for us. That's how the Lord means it to be. We're one body, folks! And it's not just you, Peter, who is going through these afflictions, or someone else who is going through migraines, or someone else who is going through battles. We're going through battles! We're going through them together, and we're all affected.

                93. We should all feel affected. I know it's harder to feel affected when you aren't feeling the pain or the spiritual battle, but do it by faith. Ask the Lord to help you to get affected. You can't, of course, feel the pain, but the Lord can help you to feel it in the spirit. This is our battle, not just one member's battle. When one member suffers, we all suffer. That's what we need to be conscious of all the time, and if we are, we'll be a lot more pleasing to the Lord, we'll have a lot more blessings, our folks will get healed a lot quicker, and we'll all be a lot happier. Plus we'll know that if we fight for them when they need it, then they'll be fighting for us when we need it, and we'll all do a lot more and be able to be a lot stronger for the Lord. Thank You Jesus!

The Furnace of My Love!--Prophecy for Peter!

                94. So here's the prophecy for Peter. (Mama repeats from tape:) "Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. Let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.--Whole but broken; in pieces, but one. This, my son, thy Lord hath done.

                95. "But it is for a purpose, it is a test of thy worthiness. For as the metal is heated and forged in the fire and put under the hammer and cast into the cold and thrown again into the heat and bashed again on the anvil with the hammer to strengthen it and to temper it, so it is with thee. There is nothing thou canst do about it. For it is an affliction from the spirit, and all the remedies of man and all the words of man's wisdom cannot do anything to defeat My purpose." (Mama:) Think about that, folks. That's a pretty heavy statement, that it's an affliction of the spirit and all the remedies of man aren't going to be able to do anything to stop it to defeat the Lord's purpose.

                96. (Prophecy continues:) "The only remedy is faith--faith to trust in Me, faith to trust in My words, faith to hold on, knowing that I have promised that I will make thee whole. And when My purpose is accomplished, thou shalt be restored unto full health.

                97. "For it is the furnace of My love, and the heat of the furnace burns out the dross and the wood and the hay and the stubble. The hammer and the anvil pounds out the false strength and independence and pride and self. The cold waters drown the worldliness and the desires for the things of the world. And this process goes on over and over until the metal is forged and strong and fit for the Master's use. So if you must fight, fight to stay close to Me, fight to trust Me, fight to have faith in Me and in My words and in My promises.

                98. "See each heating and each hitting and each drowning as part of the goal of strengthening you, of making you into the tool and vessel that I wish to make. So don't be afraid, the aches and the pains will all cease in My time." (Mama:) Isn't that encouraging? (Family: Yes.) What if we'd missed it? When you're really going through it, you need all the help you can get!--And the Lord is standing there, more willing to give it than we are to receive it.

                99. (Prophecy continues:) "And as the knight standeth vigil, lo, these seven nights, that he may take the hand of the queen and be crowned her consort before all the people, so hast thou had seven nights of testings and of trials and preparation for this love and for this honor that I bestow upon thee. For I have given thee the hand of the queen to hold and to nurture, and I have honored thee through the words of David and the words which he hath spoken unto thee. But this honor in the sight of man is humility in My sight." (Mama:) Think about that. That's pretty heavy, isn't it?

                100. "For this crown, though in the sight of man is as great honor, is as great humility in My sight. And the robe that appeareth unto man to be glorious and jewel-studded is in My sight the robe of a beggar, one who beggeth Me for My help and for My mercy and for My strength, for My power. For thou hast taken the hand of the queen and thou hast taken the challenge. And Satan hath desired to sift thee as wheat, and has cast these fiery darts upon thee. But thou hast praised Me and thou hast loved Me, and I have held thee and I have protected thee and I will heal thee. And thou shalt always remember the price of this great love, this great honor, and this great privilege.

                101. "For she was born into this inheritance and thou hast been brought in under her mantle to have and to hold and to help and to strengthen and to encourage. I have chosen thee and I have tried thee, lo, these many years. And now because of thy faithfulness, I will honor thee. I will honor thee with humility, and I will honor thee with desperation, and I will honor thee with closeness unto Me. For there is no greater honor that can be bestowed upon a man, than that a man is so low that I can touch him, and that a man is so weak that I can keep him, and that a man is so desperate that I will hear him. For the honor of God is different than the honor of man, and I bestow upon thee the honor of God." (Mama:) Which is humility. Thank You for Your honor, Lord, Your humility. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Shall we pray and ask the Lord for anything else He has to say? Thank You Lord! (Everyone praises the Lord.)

Confirming Prophecies!

                102. (Fam:) "Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints, for even though they live, they must die to many, many things. For to be close to Me you must give up the world and all that it holds and entails. You must draw upon My strength and My love and My energy and My vision. For the less there is of you, the more there will be of Me. So come unto Me and I will make of you a great and a mighty nation, for My Spirit is supreme and there is no weapon formed against love. Love shall conquer all. Go and love them in My name and I will keep you, and I will bless you."

                103. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for Your great love. Hallelujah! (Pause in meeting.) Praise the Lord, folks. Stir up the gifts. The Lord wants to give it. Don't hold back! Thank You Jesus!

* * *

                104. (Fam:) (Dad speaking:) "God bless you, son! I love you and I'm proud of you for being a help to Mama. And as she was a help to me and manifested faith in me when I had no faith in myself, you've got to have faith in her and manifest faith in her when the going gets rough for her.--And it will get rough and she will need you, and she will need your faith and your encouragement. You must help to push her along and prod her even when you feel like you don't know what's ahead. You must manifest faith in her as she did in me. She never doubted. She gave me the faith to go on to heights I never thought could be reached, because of her faith and the Lord's anointing upon me.

                105. "You must manifest faith in her as she manifested it in me. I'm proud of you and appreciate your love for her and your concern. I know it has been rough in the past and you may have even felt like giving up, but I'm proud of you for holding on and fighting. There are battles and tests ahead, but do know that I am fighting for you and stand beside you, praying for you.

                106. "Don't give up. Keep fighting to the end, for there is a glorious, glorious crown awaiting you, more than you can imagine. For you are given a crown to be king for now, but there is a tremendous spiritual crown laid up which you can't even imagine. So hold fast to that which thou hast and let no man steal thy crown. I love you and I am proud of you."

                107. (Mama:) Thank you, Dad, for speaking to us. Thank You, Lord, for giving him the faith. Help the others, give them the faith. It's difficult sometimes, but help us to yield to You and get these beautiful things You want to give. Thank You Jesus!

* * *

                108. (David:) "Happy birthday! It's the first day of a brand new life! I want you to fly upon the new wings of love that I will give you. For My love is so great, My love is so high, My love is so deep, My love is so wide. I want you to swim in it, I want you to be immersed in it, I want you to drink it in and let it become a part of you. I want you to carry out this new love revolution no matter how hard it may seem, or no matter how much you may have to give of yourself. I want you to do your best to fulfill My love, to follow in My footsteps, to be a sample of My love. For that is how people will know that You have been with Me, and that you are My true children, if ye have love one to another.

                109. "For as I would often say, 'Listen to the words of your father,' now I say 'Listen to the words of your queen.' For I am giving her My Words and ye would do well to take heed to them and to let them be a part of you, to drink them in. They are from Me, and if you believe and do them, then I will make your way prosperous and you will have good success.

                110. "I have said that this is a new day, and with a new day come new changes and new ways. But fear not, because I will be with you, I will lead you each step of the way. You must continue to look to Me, you must hear from Me fresh every day, as I've told you before. You must follow close to Me. But do not fear, because I will always be there with you to answer your every question and to lead you in the way that I have for you."

                111. (Mama:) Thank You Lord for giving David the faith. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Praise You Jesus!

* * *

                112. (Fam:) (Dad speaking:) "Well, it's good to be here again! And I hope you don't mind if I jump back and forth from person to person, but I just want to let you know how thrilled I am to see you like this. We are all so happy to see you obey God's commandment and to open up the floodgates, for there's so much up here that we have to pass on to you, and we are just waiting on you to take the time to hear us.

                113. "My dear Peter, I just would like to let you know that I'm personally interceding for you during this time of affliction. As you know, I endured many afflictions in my lifetime and it did not keep me from loving my Lord to the utmost and from persevering. And all that I have learned along those lines I'm imparting to you now. So please hang on and rest assured that the trials will not be any longer or any harder than what is fit for you to bear. So do not despair, but look to me and to our Lord for the strength, and it shall be given thee.

                114. "I am proud of you and I'm counting on you to take care of my dear Maria. You and I will take care of her, and Jesus will help us. For great is her responsibility and the job at hand, but we will help her carry the load. I love you. I love you all. I'm proud of you all and I'll be back!"

                115. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Thank you, sweetheart! Thank you, Dad, for speaking to us. Thank You for giving this one the faith, Lord. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Beautiful! Praise You Lord! So sweet! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!

* * *

                116. (Fam:) "You have asked about this gift of hearing from Me, of receiving My beautiful Words in prophecy. You wonder, 'What will some think? Will they receive it? Will they understand? Will they trust? Will they believe?' Many will. In fact, I wish to give these gifts of My word unto many of My children. My revolution in its infancy received many prophecies, and there were beautiful promises I gave to encourage the faith of My David and My Maria and those helping to institute My new revolution. So will I pour forth again to encourage the faith of many in this time, this new age, this new stage, this new wave of My love.

                117. "As My David just said, there are many here who wish to give much to all of My children. So soon you will be hearing of a mighty new outpouring of My Spirit, of My Words, to encourage My children around the world, because they do want to draw closer to Me. They do want to love Me more and they want to love others more. And this gift of hearing from Me and speaking My Words will be a blessing not only to those receiving it, but unto all those who will be hearing it and receiving it into their hearts, cherishing My Words to their bosom.

                118. "These are indeed times of change. In the world around you there are troublous times, and these words will be an encouragement to you. Not only will they be guidance and instruction and help, but they will be a blessing to you and cheer your hearts and encourage you on to fight the good fight and to keep your mind on the goal ahead, that heavenly vision. So in this new time I will also be pouring forth more unto many of My children. Yes, this is indeed a gift to you. A gift of My Words to pour out in new ways to encourage, bless, nourish and uplift all the hearers thereof."

                119. (Mama:) Thank You for that beautiful encouragement. Thank You Jesus! Thank you for having the faith to give it. Thank You Lord!

* * *

                120. (Gary:) "For God speaketh once, yea, twice, but man perceiveth it not. God may speak in a dream, in visions of the night to hide pride from man, that he may receive it easily. For in the daytime pride reigns supreme and holds back God's voice from man. Yea, I speak in many ways. The voice of My Spirit tries to speak to your heart. It speaketh in a sunset, it speaketh through the voice of others. And many crowd into the Kingdom, and even now you are surrounded by many voices and many witnesses. Ye must give heed unto these voices, and ye must speak these voices as your own.

                121. "But God speaketh once, twice, and man perceiveth it not. So it is in this way [through prophecy] when you are quiet and you are silent and your heart yearneth for Me that I speak clearest, for you are listening clearest. And the voice of God speaketh through these, and the voice of direction is given through these. God speaketh once and twice and three times, but it is man that must perceive these things, and it is man that must receive these things.

                122. "For I have many things to say unto you, many things that you could not bear that I now wish to give unto you, but you must receive these things and you must listen for these things, and you must listen for the whispers. But because it is hard to hear the whispers in the daytime, I speak unto you in this way that you may perceive and that you may receive from Me."

                123. (Mama:) Thank You for explaining these things to us, Lord. Thank You Jesus! Thank You for giving Gary the faith for those beautiful words. Thank You Lord!

* * *

                124. (Fam:) "For this is My queen and this is My king, the ones that I have anointed with the oil of My Spirit. I have given them the mantle of My Spirit. For these are the ones that I will speak through and these are the ones that will lead and guide you, My precious Family. So please heed them and hold them up in your prayers, for they need you. By listening to their words and following closely I will bless and prosper you, My children."

* * *

                125. (Mama:) Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for Your Words, Jesus! We're so blessed to be able to hear from You, that You've deigned to speak to us little specks, little nothings, and that You come to us at our request and You serve us in love. You shower us with love, abundant love, abundant words, and do all that You can to love us, so beautifully! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! If You have anything else, Lord, please speak it. Thank You Jesus!

* * *

                126. (Fam:) "Did I not say that whosoever is ashamed of Me and of My Words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him also will I be ashamed when I come in the glory of My Father with My holy angels? Who else can I get to speak My Words? Who else will have the faith? Who else will proudly proclaim My Words in this last generation? Will the churches? Nay, they will not. Will the peace prophets? Nay. But you, My children, I have called My Endtime prophets, and ye prophesy for your help and your instruction.

                127. "I will also call you before kings and nations to prophesy their doom, and ye must not fear or worry, but ye must speak in faith the words that I give unto you. And they will cost you your life as you prophesy. But that is your job, because you, My Endtime Church, have given your life. You've surrendered all, you've yielded your bodies, your minds, your spirits, your hearts, so I can use you to give My Words to this last generation.

                128. "Therefore fear not to proclaim boldly the words that I give unto you. Give them in faith, for ye shall be brought before many nations and kings to prophesy, and to prophesy, and to prophesy again. So give, give, give, for I have many things to say, and be not ashamed of My Words, My children, and I will be proud of you."

                129. (Mama:) Help us, Lord! Help us to do it, to say "yes" to You! Thank You Jesus!

* * *

                130. (Fam:) "They rejoice, and they rejoice, and they rejoice, and they lift up their hearts unto Heaven, and they throw up their hands in sheer utter abandonment unto Me, in thankfulness for My precious queen and king. From their hearts will leap gratitude and devotion and thankfulness for their queen and their new king. My people are so thankful, My people are thrilled and happy and their hearts overflow with gratitude and thankfulness. They await thy words, they cling unto every word with true hunger and desire to follow and obey. They will be thy dedicated sheep and thy true followers through anything, for they have great love for thee. They wait for every word from thy mouth. They want to obey with all their hearts."

                131. (Mama:) Thank You for Thy precious Family, Jesus! What faith they have and what love they have for You! Thank You Lord! Help us not to fail them. Help us to stay close to You and give them what they need. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

* * *

                132. (Peter:) "Behold the insatiable woman who loveth to hear the voice of her Lord. And yea, I wish all My children would be so insatiable that they would desire to hear My voice and to be fed at My hand.--That they would ask Me for the direction that they need, the guidance that they seek.--That instead of stumbling in the darkness they would ask Me for the light to light their way. For I am a great light, but I can only shine upon those that seek and that ask.

                133. "How much better it is to find the way in the light than in the darkness. How much better it is to put your hand into Mine and to let Me lead you where you should go, than it is to try to find your own way and to stumble down the wrong roads and through the wrong alleys and have to backtrack, or to get lost in the brambles and in the bushes. How much better to ask the guide.

                134. "Why do ye not ask? Are you ashamed? Are you afraid? Fear not, for have I not said 'ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and it shall be found, knock and it shall be opened unto you'? For these are My Words. Have I not said 'call unto Me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not'? These are My promises. Have I not said that they that love Me most follow closest? For if you love Me you will spend time with Me, and if you spend time with Me you will speak to Me, and if you speak to Me you will listen, and I will speak unto you and show you the way. And thus you can follow closely, ever so closely.

                135. "As the days ahead grow darker and darker and more evil, so must you have the light of God to lead you in the way. As the world becomes more complicated, so must You have Me to get you through the maze of these complications; and you must seek Me and seek My guidance and My direction and My help. Seek My light, for I can show you things that you cannot see with your eye because of the darkness. But with My light I can show you many things that you know not. And the world will marvel at your wisdom, at your knowledge, at your understanding, if you will but seek Me and hear from Me.

                136. "So do not be afraid to ask. Were you afraid to ask your parents, your father or your mother, questions when you were young, when you didn't know the answer and you needed to know? No. You had no fear, you just asked and they answered. So it is with Me, for I have given you a multitude of spiritual helpers to help you. But you must listen to them. So become more sensitive to Me and to My Spirit. Keep your antennas upward, always listening, for I have much to say unto you and unto all My children.

                137. "And do not let the Evil One snatch away this gift, but use it and hone it and strengthen it and pray for it, and pray for those that have it. For it can be a great guide unto you if you will use it, and it will help you to know better the ways of God."

* * *

                138. (Fam:) "This is My blessed Maria in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye her, and follow her sample of love, yieldedness, humility and hunger for Me. For I long to give to thee all that thou desirest, even more than thou wishest to receive. The gentle dove of My Spirit needs soft, tender, broken and humble hearts to work through. Humble thyself under the mighty hand of God and He will work through thee mightily. He will manifest the great power of His love through thee in the days to come. Attend unto thy queen and love her greatly, for she is in need of thy love and care. Cherish her as David doth cherish her. For she loveth thee much and desireth to give to thee in abundant measure. Much love will emanate from this little one and be multiplied in thee and spread throughout all the earth."

* * *

                139. (Mama:) Thank You for Your Words, Lord, that are a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Thank You Lord! Thank You for Your encouragement. Hallelujah! Thank You for Your wonderful gifts of love that You give us and pour down upon us. Thank You for giving these the faith, Lord. Is there anything else, anyone else? Some of you need to pray for the gift. I know you have it--you just need to exercise it more. Thank You Jesus! Does anyone have anything else?

* * *

                140. (Fam: I saw lots of brilliantly colored jewels and gems being poured down from Heaven, and below were the Family with their eyes closed and faces lifted and arms outstretched towards Heaven, with great joy on their faces. As the jewels and gems which were being poured out from Heaven reached them, they melted from gems into brilliantly colored drops of water which fell upon their heads and faces and ran down over their bodies, and it was refreshing and thrilling them.

* * *

                141. (Fam: During one of the pauses in prophecy I had a vision that around this room there were many people who were excited and just waiting to speak. But between us and them there was this very thick curtain, and each one that would speak had to come through this curtain and come to one of us. I don't exactly know what that means except of course it's like the spirit world and the physical world. But there were so many people wanting to come through and say something, and then I think someone got the prophecy from Grandpa.

                142. (It convicted me to have more faith to speak, and not always have to hear someone else speak first. Because as Gary got too, there is so much that the Lord wants to say in all kinds of ways. But there was that real thick curtain, and when each person from the other side would get to come through and say something, it's like they leapt through, they were so excited and wanting to say something from the Lord. Thank You Jesus!) (Mama:) Think how happy it makes them. Thank You Lord!--And how happy it makes us! Thank You Jesus!

* * *

                143. (Fam:) I got a couple of verses for Peter: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13), and also, "This poor man cried and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles" (Psa.34:6).

* * *

                144. (Fam:) I got a verse for Peter too: "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (2Cor.4:17).

* * *

                145. (Fam:) I also got a verse for Peter: "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us" (Rom.8:18). It was like it is being revealed, and that what is happening now is a little bit of a foretaste. I also got a picture from "Heaven's Children" where Dad departed and was speaking to us from the spirit world. It was like Dad was showing the picture and saying, "This is what it's like!"

                146. (Mama:) It's being fulfilled! Thank You Jesus! Boy, this is a feast, isn't it? Thank You Lord!--Not just in name, but in actuality. Thank You Lord! Anything else?

* * *

                147. (Fam: Thank you, Mama, for getting us going.) I had to repent from last night when I was so weak. You guys had the faith last night. (Fam: We needed your help.) It takes faith, and thank the Lord that you answered the call and you were yielded and you just said yes. Praise the Lord! Beautiful! Thank You Lord! Isn't that encouraging? It gives you a high, doesn't it? Thank You Lord!

                148. Okay, anybody else? You should say it now, but if you don't you can always write it down and turn it in later. Our secretary got a beautiful prophecy for me one time that she turned in afterwards. She doesn't say much in these prophecy sessions, so she had to go and do it afterwards, ha! That's how I know she has a real beautiful gift, because she wrote it down and sent it to me. We know others of you do too. Thank You Lord! So if you ever get something later, or get something that you don't give here, you could write it down and turn it in, okay? And we won't say, "Oh, you should've given that in the meeting." Maybe you should've, but it's far better to give it later at least than not to give it at all.

Closing Prayer

                149. (Mama:) Thank You Lord for this wonderful feast, this wonderful time of fellowship with You and with each other and with our heavenly helpers, and for all the beautiful things You've said and revealed to us from the heavenly realm. Thank You Lord that You've shown us great riches and great treasures tonight. Thank You for them. Thank You that You love us so much and we're Your pets, Your special people. Help us to love You back and give to You and give and give as much as we can, to spread this love to others, that they may be blessed and helped and healed. Thank You Lord!

                150. Bless and keep each one tonight. Give us all a good night's sleep, safe in Thy care. And bless Thy Family around the world. Give them real strength and a wonderful, wonderful time, and bless them tomorrow too on our actual birthday. Make it a blessing and bring a real closeness to You and each other and to Dad and all Thy people, and all Thy spirits in the heavenlies, Lord, who look upon us with such joy and want to participate. Thank You Jesus! Bless each one, Lord. Thank You for them. Thank You for the faith they manifested tonight and thank You for the blessing that You've given us as a result. Keep us now, in Jesus' name.

                151. Hallelujah! Lift up your hands and praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! (Everybody praises!) Okay, and now you can go to bed and praise the Lord! (Everybody laughs.) Don't stop praising Him--keep praising Him wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Thank You Jesus!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family