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MAMA'S LOVE STORY!--PART 3 Maria #275 23/2/95 DO 2994

--"King Peter!"

--By Maria

1. How's everybody? (Fam: Fine!) We are too, and it's such a miracle, because Peter had a full-fledged cold! Normally a cold like he had would go on for quite a few more days, but we prayed that if the Lord wanted us to give this meeting, He would heal us, and He has! Thank the Lord!

2. Should we tell them what you were doing with the tissues? (Peter: Sure, of course!) Peter had a really bad cold, and he had a headache too, so he couldn't blow his nose. Lots of times when I've had a bad cold I haven't been able to blow my nose either because it affects my ears so much if I do. When you have a bad cold and your nose is running, you must be sure to blow it very gently, one nostril at a time, and teach your children to do likewise. Otherwise, you can get ear infections.

3. Bad colds should not be taken lightly, but should be taken care of and made a matter of prayer, that you will be healed quickly and not suffer any secondary infections. I have to pray against even the slightest case of sniffles as it affects my eyes adversely, and a full-fledged cold is terrible for both my eyes and my ears, making my eyes extremely sore and making me more prone to earaches. Since I can't use my eyes but instead do all my work via my ears by listening to tapes, it is extremely important that my ears stay free of problems. So whenever I do get a bad cold--which is rare, thanks to the prayers of all of you--I usually just stick a tissue in my nose instead of blowing it and risking damaging my ears.

4. Well, you feel miserable and the tissue makes you look miserable, too, but it works! You don't have to blow your nose into the tissue, it just runs into it on its own. So Peter was doing that but he was.... (Peter: Proud!) He was embarrassed to let me see him, so whenever he thought I had my eyes open he'd take it out! Show them how you looked, Peter. (Peter puts one corner of a tissue in one nostril and the other end is hanging down past his chin. Everybody laughs!)

5. (Peter: I told her, "This is my flag of surrender!--Surrender to the Lord and to humility!") But he still had a problem with it, so a couple of nights ago I said, "Okay, I'm going to do the same thing." (Mama puts tissue in one of her nostrils.) And I said, "Okay, Peter, now let's sing together." (Mama and Peter start singing while dangling the white tissues from their noses:) "All to Thee, Lord, I surrender, humbly at Thy feet I bow." (Everybody roars!) "Pride and vanity forsaken, take me, Jesus, take me now. I surrender all, I surrender all. All to Thee, my precious Savior, I surrender all!"

6. Of course, I have to keep my eyes closed most of the time. (Peter: So I played a little trick on Mama! I'll show you what I did.) Everybody close your eyes and don't open them till we say to. (Peter: I said, "Now, don't look, Mama. I want to be really surrendered. Okay, you can look now!") (Everybody opens their eyes and laughs! Peter has tissues hanging from both nostrils and hanging from both ears, waving them!) (Peter: It was sort of like when the Apostle Peter told the Lord, "Not my feet only, but also my hands and my head!"--Ha!)

7. So if you're wondering what we're doing in our room all day--besides praying and working, of course--Peter is entertaining me and making me laugh!--Ha!--And he's also helping me to be more humble. That's one of the most important things he's helping me with. (Peter: I think it's vice versa, Mama.) Well, we're helping each other. So thank You Jesus! It's nice to laugh, isn't it?

8. So now we'll go from, not the ridiculous, but from the very laughable to the sublime. Who would like to pray? (Gary: Lord, please bless our time together. We're so thankful that we can be gathered together like this and that You are here in our midst. We are really thankful we have this time of fellowship, not only together with Mama and Peter, but with You, and we ask that You will lead and guide the proceedings. Help us to have receptive hearts and be open to whatever You have for us.)

New Day Song!

9. (Mama:) This morning we received a tape outside our door from David, Techi and our dear handyman, and it said, "Dear Peter and Mommy, this is a song that we got together on and got from the Lord, and we wanted you to hear it." So Peter and I put it on as we were getting up, and we really liked it! We turned it up real loud because I was hoping if Techi was still in her bedroom in the next room she'd hear us listening to their song and would know that we appreciated it. As somebody said, it's probably the first "new day" song. When you hear it you'll know they really got it from the Lord. I won't rave too much about it beforehand.--I'll just let it speak for itself. We're going to let them sing it for you now.

10. Peter suggested we let them sing it one time through while we just listen to the words and concentrate on the spirit of it, and then the second or third times you can follow along with the words. Okay? Praise the Lord! Lord bless them as they sing. Thank You for this good idea, Lord, and for inspiring such a wonderful song! I think it has all the main points in it that the Lord is trying to bring out about this being a new day. Thank You Jesus! (David and handyman on guitar, singing along with Techi:)

It's a New Day!

It's a new DAY--DAY--DAY!


It's a (D)new day, and in a new way,

We're gonna (G)serve one (A)another in (D) love.

Every day, and in every way,

We're gonna (A)serve one another in (D)love.

Verse 1:

(A)This is the start of a (D)new life.

(A)Jesus is shining down a (D)new light. (D7)

(G)Not by might, we've got to (D)be meek,

(A)'Cause this day is for the (D)weak.

Repeat Chorus.

Verse 2:

(A)So take a long ride on this (D)new wave,

(A)Don't be frightened, just be (D)brave. (D7)

(G)There'll be a lot more waves to (D)come

(A)And the fun has just (D)begun.

Repeat Chorus.

Verse 3:

(A)The Lord will give the new (D)anointing,

(A)If we go the way He's (D)pointing. (D7)

(G)By His strong hand we'll be (D)led,

(A)Through the changes up (D)ahead.

Repeat Chorus.

Verse 4:

(A)Jesus promised us a (D)new love,

(A)Pure and gentle like a(D)dove. (D7)

(G)He said all your needs He'll (D)fill,

(A)So just (A7)say "yes,"

(A)I said (A7)say "yes" to His (D)will.

Repeat Chorus 2 times.

We wanna (A)serve one another in (D)love.

We wanna (A)serve one another in


11. Isn't that tremendous? Someone came into the room and said, "Wow! I thought that was a new Family song!" I said, "It is a new Family song!" Hallelujah! (Handyman: Well, it's just the Lord and His Words. Most of the words were from the prophecies and all the new things the Lord said that we heard during our first Feast talk. Mama kept saying, "Just say yes!" so she's the inspiration behind it.) (See "Just Say Yes to Jesus!", GN 630, ML #2989.) (Mama:) It's perfect! It's got all the principles of the new day. It's really good and it shows that the songs that are the most powerful are the ones that are based on the Word. Thank You Jesus! Okay, do you all want to try to sing it together now? (Everyone sings together.)

12. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Beautiful! Thank You, Lord, for that inspiration. Thank You for that beautiful song. It just typifies what You're trying to say and covers so many of the things that You want to tell us about this new day. Thank You Jesus! If we'll just say yes to You, Lord, we're going to have a lot of fun while we serve each other in love!--We're not to be afraid, but to go ahead by faith! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

13. Isn't that beautiful? Wow! Thank You Jesus! This is the first song for all three of you, isn't it? (Handyman: Yes! As a team we do it better!) For the sake of the worldwide Family out there, this is one of our wonderful staff members who really isn't known as a musician, but he plays the guitar and he's a little musical. And of course David also plays the guitar, and often leads our inspiration. But neither of them are exceptionally gifted; they're just like the majority of our other Family members worldwide who sing and play enough to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

14. It just shows that the Lord can inspire any of us with a new song to Him. You don't think He would be constantly telling us in His Word to "sing unto the Lord a new song" (Psa. 98:1) unless He wanted to give us one, do you? You can get a song even if you don't play the guitar. The Lord can give you a prophecy or you can read the Word and get the words and the melody and not even be a musician, not even play an instrument; and probably the Lord will give part of it to you and part of it to someone else so that it will be a team effort and no one person will get the credit, but the Lord will have used several folks in a group effort. He really enjoys doing things that way--working through us all together to accomplish His purpose. Thank the Lord for this beautiful song that the Lord used our little team right here to get!

15. At first they were singing it, "We've gotta serve one another in love," and I suggested that they change it from "gotta" to "gonna" or "wanna"! And they told me that they had originally had it "gonna" but they changed it to "gotta" because they just weren't sure which to use. We've gotta do it, that's true. But the Lord doesn't force us, and we'll want to do it through love, and love will constrain us to do it. When we're constrained by the Lord's love, even though we've got to do something, we want to do it. So that's why we decided to change it to say that we wanna do it.

16. All right, I guess that one song is probably enough for our musical inspiration tonight. Thank you, folks, so much. Boy, that just shows we have a lot of talent that the Lord can tap here. Let's get some more! Praise the Lord! Don't be scared, we won't force you. Thank You Jesus!

Intro and Prayer

17. Well, in our last meeting, and the meeting before, I told you I was going to tell you a love story about the Lord's love and Dad's love and Peter's love, and how they're helping me to learn to love, and we covered a few little bits and pieces of it. One of the meetings was more about how the Lord is loving me by helping me to be humble in confessing my faults, which is a wonderful thing and it certainly is necessary. I really want to be humble and I need to be humble, and the Lord knows that if we're going to serve one another in love and be His lovers and lovers of each other and lovers of the lost, that we are going to have to love greatly. And in order to do that, as He said, we have to be greatly humble. So that meeting was a good start and humbling for me, and I need a lot more of those. So the Lord is showing me His love in a wonderful way through this humbling.

18. Then in the last meeting we talked some more about the Lord's love and Dad's love in preparing me for when he would be gone, in putting Peter and me together so Peter could help bear the burdens and carry the crown. We read you the talk that Dad gave under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit a few years ago when he was very sick and thought he was going to die. He had the shingles and terrible, painful headaches and intense pains across his chest. It was the most sharp, intense pain I think he'd ever had, but the Lord pulled him through, thank the Lord.

19. Then we also read you a recent prophecy in which the Lord confirmed Peter being a help to me, with Dad himself saying from the spirit world that they'd engineered it there and that nothing had really changed as far as my love for Peter, so what was the big deal? He said, "Don't be ashamed to shout it from the rooftops!" Nothing could be clearer than that. So I figured we'd better go on and talk about it a little more, because I don't think we've expanded on this part of the love story quite enough yet, and the Lord has said some very beautiful things which I don't want you to miss. The Lord speaks so beautifully, and I hope you're all getting sold on the beauty and the wonderful power of the Lord's Words through direct prophecy.

20. Like the Lord says, He has many ways of speaking to us, and He does so very beautifully. Prophecy is one way, and when we have it by us, why not avail ourselves of it? If the Lord says "stir up the gifts," He must mean that we're supposed to use them. He didn't give us those gifts just to be left on the shelf, He wants them to be used. I just wonder why anybody wouldn't want to use such a gift when the heavens are opened to us and the God of the universe is speaking to us directly! It's something that everybody ought to be blowing the bugles and beating the drums and standing at attention for! It's a marvelous, amazing, wonderful event when the Lord speaks to us, and we should certainly avail ourselves of the priceless privilege.

21. And, Lord, help those of us who do hear from You regularly in this way not to get familiar with it and think, "Oh, well, it's another one of those prophecy sessions." That God would be willing to tell us the things He does through our little weak channels, our weak frail flesh, is almost unbelievable!--But not quite, because He does it, and it's a very awesome and amazing and marvelous thing that the Lord does for us! So I want to share these things the Lord's been saying to us with all of you, because they're so beautiful. I don't want to just keep them for ourselves, but I want others to hear them also!

22. Lord help us now to get across the beautiful words and the things You have to say, and most of all to show Your love, Jesus, that is so great--it's just so wonderful and powerful--and Dad's love, Lord, that You've given me all these years, and not only then but now. You said it's greater than ever now, and You've shown Your love again and again. And Dad has shown his love again by giving me Peter as my helper, and all these things that he is doing to help me and to help Your work. Thank You Jesus! Anyway, Lord, help me to express that and help them to understand.

King Peter!

23. In our last meeting we read Dad's Letter, "Carry the Crown"--and what was the thing that stood out to you the most about that? (Gabe: King Peter!) Yes. Gabe is the only one brave enough to say it, ha! When we were going over this talk, "Carry the Crown," preparing it to read to you, we thought, "King? Hmmm! What is that?" And Peter said, "I wonder if Dad really meant that?"--Ha! But we concluded, of course, that Dad means exactly what he said.

24. I said to Peter, "Knowing Dad and how Spirit-led he was, you know it was of the Lord. Dad came up with some quite unusual things sometimes, but they always worked out and they were always of the Lord, so I guess we'll have to go ahead with it. I don't quite understand it either, but that's what Dad said, and he was certainly in the spirit and he was praying. During some of it he was even speaking in tongues and it was actually a prophecy. So even though we don't understand it, we have to use it anyway."

25. Then afterwards someone voiced further questions about it and said, "The Family may have some questions about why the Lord called Peter a king instead of a prince."--Which is a very legitimate question that you could have. The usual thing with royalty is that when a ruling queen gets married, her husband is not titled a king, but a prince.--Like with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, for example.

26. Another question the Family could have is, "Look, we already have a king. Dad's still around and is working through you, Mama. He's whispering in your ear and he's right here and he's leading the Family through you. We still have a king, so why do we need another one?" Can anyone think of any other questions the Family might have about this?

27. (Gary: The Lord said, "On His head were many crowns" [Rev.19:12], so maybe the Lord has lots of crowns available because there are lots of kings.) Right, and He did call us all "kings and priests" (Rev.1:6). Thank the Lord! People might wonder, "Mama's supposed to be the queen, so is Peter now going to be on the same level with Mama, or what?" So there are questions that people might have.

28. But there have been a lot of questions in the past that have come up about different things that Dad put in the Letters that sometimes seemed quite outrageous! They were quite revolutionary and radical, and at first it almost made your head spin. You wondered, "What in the world is this?! What's coming next?" So Dad is being true to form and there's not anything too unusual about that!

29. But people may have thought that after Dad went to Heaven, maybe things would calm down a little bit because "conservative Mama Maria has taken over."--But Mama Maria hasn't actually taken over, ha! Dad's taken over more than ever and Mama Maria is just being a very yielded vessel now, much more so than before. (Fam: Dad's taken over Mama Maria!) Right, Dad's taken over Mama Maria more than ever, and he says he's delighting in it because he can control me better than ever! So, folks, please don't blame it on me. You can blame it on Dad and all of Heaven, because they're the ones that are doing it; I'm just being nice and yielded and surrendered. Thank You Jesus for that! It's a lot easier that way, let me tell you!

Ask Questions!

30. So those were legitimate questions, and I like questions. I don't mind questions at all, especially since I know the Lord has all the answers and I can just ask Him and it makes it so much easier. I've always liked questions because I don't like people to be holding things in and wondering about things and not asking, because most of the time we can get an answer. People talk about "dumb questions," but if it's a sincere question, it isn't dumb, it's legitimate, and we ought to ask if we have questions. The Lord said so many times in His Word, "ask and ye shall receive," so what do you think that means? It means that if you've got a question, ask it, and you'll more than likely receive an answer! He even says, "Ye have not, because ye ask not!" (Jam.4:2).

31. But if you don't ask it, you may find yourself drowning in confusion and doubts, and all tied up in knots, wondering what in the world is going on, when the Lord loves to get our questions and He loves to answer them. So if you have questions, for goodness sake, ask them, and we'll see if we can answer them.

32. Maybe the Lord doesn't want to tell you right away, but more often than not He doesn't mind. It's very sad that so many people don't ask questions. They're usually either too proud or too fearful. What are some of the other reasons people don't ask questions? (Fam: It shows you don't know the answer, so it's humbling.) Yes, it's humbling. What else? (Fam: You might be afraid of the answer.) That's true. (Fam: Or you might be afraid that someone will not like you asking questions.)

33. (Fam: Some questions can be doubts, so if you have a question you think, "Is this a doubt?") Yes, or you feel that you're into matters too high for you, things that you shouldn't be asking about and which aren't your place to ask. And it's true, that we should not ask questions that will cause other folks to doubt. The Bible says, "Foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes" (2Tim.2:23). But perhaps the distinction hasn't been made clear enough that the questions that people shouldn't be asking were those that would minister doubt, and the other kind of questions are the legitimate kind of questions that we should ask because we do need to find answers. It makes us a lot happier and it helps us, and the Lord is making it easier for us to be good by answering our questions.

34. You may even need answers for "doubtful questions," as when you ask them, the Word given in response will strengthen your faith. What may seem doubtful to you may not seem that way to your shepherd. The question shouldn't be whether you can ask such a question or not; it should be who you should ask.--Not whether you should ask, but who you should ask. Even if you have doubts, if in telling those who are strong in faith you are able to get your questions answered, then it is a good thing that you ask.

35. Many of us have questions that would be considered doubts by others who already know the answers to those questions. So those who know the answers should not criticize those who don't for asking questions that will help them find the answers. Neither should we criticize a person's presentation if it comes off argumentative and skeptical. That's just the way some people ask questions in order to get the answers that they need. Of course, once you have been given good Word-based answers and everything has been done to help you understand, there still may be some things that need to be taken by faith. There is a time to stop asking the same question over and over and just try to believe and accept the answers.

36. So this whole business of asking questions is one that has sometimes been unwisely handled by those who don't understand that people need to ask questions. People have lots of questions, and that is how they learn. And because they don't always ask them meekly and sweetly, doesn't mean that they are not sincerely trying to find the answers.

37. The problem is not that people ask questions; the problem can sometimes be who they ask. If you ask questions of others who have the same or similar questions, and who are also weak in faith, these are those who you can stumble and cause to further doubt, and this is what the Lord is against. This is often the temptation: to ask questions of those who likewise have questions and who are themselves weak in the Word or young in the Lord. But if you ask questions of the right people, they should welcome your questions and be happy to help you search the Word for the answers, knowing that there are answers that will satisfy those who are sincerely looking for answers.

38. There are several ways you can get your questions answered, of course: By talking to those who are strong in the Lord and the Word; by going to the Word yourself to search out the answers; or by getting together with others to ask the Lord your questions and hear His answers in prophecy. You might want to do this when you can't find the specific answers in the written Word, and you'll be amazed at how the Lord will not fail to give you what you need.

It's a Test!

39. So I thought, "Those are legitimate questions that have come up in people's minds about this 'king' business. In fact, I have questions myself, and Peter did, too.--So why don't we find the answers to these? Why don't we ask the Lord? I don't know if the Lord is going to give us real specific answers, but why not ask Him?" Because if He will, and we don't ask, we're not availing ourselves of a wonderful opportunity and we're losing all that we could be finding out. So I brought the questions to the Lord and I said, "Okay, Lord, here are the questions and could You please give us the answers? If You don't mind, and if it will make it easier for our dear Family to understand, would You please explain?" And the Lord did give us some answers!

40. So Gary is now going to read you a few paragraphs from this prophecy that we received when we asked the Lord about King Peter. Thank You Jesus! Bless it, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You that You answer us when we ask, and give us specific answers. It's so wonderful that when we don't know something we can go to You and we can say, "Could You please explain that a little further, Lord?" Or, "We didn't quite understand, is it all right if we ask You for further details?" and You're always willing to give them, always willing to tell us. And even if You don't want to tell us, then You'll tell us that too! But You're always willing to so sweetly speak to us in answer to our questions. Thank You Jesus!

41. (Gary reads: "Hear the words that I speak unto you and give ear that you may have understanding. For promotion cometh not from the east nor the west, but from above. And the gifts and the callings of God are without repentance. For behold, I have done a new thing, that which was unexpected, and that which the people were not prepared for. But have I not said that this is a new day? This is also a test, for I know the heart of every man, and I test them. There shall be many tests, and they must take things by faith, and they must trust. They must trust that their queen is in tune and in touch with Me and that she is My very voice.

42. ("And these things are a test to purge and to make white, to purify and to make ready, to prepare for the days ahead, for they must learn to have utter faith and utter trust in the words of the queen. For I have anointed her and I have crowned her with many crowns, and I have given her great ones to counsel and to help and to lead and to guide her.

43. ("But we must purge and purify and test the faith of your children that we may know who is worthy. So, yes, these things are new and they are different, and they are a challenge in the spirit. And each man will have to be convinced in his own mind and heart and spirit as to the truth of these matters, and must take them by faith and take them in trust, take them in courage, whether they understand them or not. Again, it is choices, choices, choices that they must make.

44. ("I could have called him 'prince' and everyone would have been comfortable and very accepting and it would have fit the picture that they had in their minds of the way it ought to be. It would have been so simple, but it would have required no faith, for all would expect it. But when I do a new and unexpected thing, it challenges them and they must come to grips with the words that I have spoken and the things that I am doing. They cannot just rock along and say, 'Oh, yes, I know it is right because I expected it. This is what I knew was going to happen, therefore within my mind and within my framework it is all okay and I will believe.' For is that faith?

45. ("Faith believes the impossible! Faith believes even the non-understandable, and without faith it is impossible to please Me. But how well pleased I am with those who have faith and who trust implicitly in the things that I do through My queen.

46. ("And in the early days there were those who said, 'How can this one be queen? What is she? She is nothing. Look at her background, she is churchy and we are a revolution.' But now they say, 'Oh, I see the wisdom of God.' For man seeth not as God seeth, and My ways are so much higher. But they will come to understand if they will but trust, if they will just accept, and if they will yield, and if they will have faith.

47. ("So what if I call this one 'king'? I could have called him 'dog'! Or 'beggar'! I have called him a faucet. I have called him a knight. What is in a name? Yea, there are many things, for it is a test, it is an honor, and it is what I have chosen. For those that give him counsel and speak unto him are kings, and they are great men of God and I honor them as well.

48. ("There are many reasons, but it is sufficient to know that it is a test. Some will accept it gladly without question. Others will struggle a bit, but will take the stand of faith and will believe. And others will not be able to accept and will lose faith. For I try the hearts of men that they shall know how they feel and believe, and that ye shall know how they feel and believe, and that I shall know how they feel and believe.

49. ("For there are many things ahead, many great places I wish to take you, but only those who are trusting and full of faith and willing to believe anything that I give can go. For this is a new faith trip and we are marching forth in faith, but we must go, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea, and My children must be steadfast and unmoveable in their faith for the days ahead.

50. ("For if they have a hard time with a simple name, what will they do when the time comes to call fire from the sky and to command Me to do great and mighty exploits? They must take the little steps now for the big steps later. They must understand that the times ahead are going to be very different, and as times wax worse and worse and darker and darker, they are going to have to wax stronger and stronger and greater and greater. They are going to have more light and more strength and more power, but these things will come by faith.

51. ("So it is choices.--Day by day, step by step, choices. And I watch for the worthy and I watch for the believing, and I watch for the faithful, and there are many. There are many who love their queen and who will follow. I am just sifting a little here and a little there. I am testing on this side and testing on that side.

52. ("And do not feel hurt or dismayed that some may fall by the wayside. For those which will remain will be the mighty men of David, full of faith, full of strength, full of devotion and full of loyalty, and they shall march forth victorious and glorious unto My Heavenly Kingdom! So give and give and be not afraid. For My Word tries the hearts, discerns the spirits, and strengthens the sinews.

53. ("I will create a strong and loyal band that will do exploits and will marvelously show forth My strength and My power, My love and My anointing. And it all comes from little things, little beliefs, little acceptances. And some day they will look back at this and say, 'Ha! What was that? That was no test, that was such a small thing.' For there are many big things ahead. Today this looks so big, but in time they will look back and it will be but a speck, for they will have so much faith.

54. ("So fret not. I will not do that which they think should be, but I will do a new thing, and I will rattle the foundations of their faith that they may know that they stand sure and they stand strong. And this is not your doing, but it is Mine. When David spake [see "Carry the Crown"], it came from Me.") (End of prophecy.)

King and Faucet!

55. (Mama:) It makes it a little easier if you know it's a test, because then you really want to pass it, don't you? Thank You Jesus! The amazing thing is that on that same day we received another prophecy from our secretary, who had not known anything about the above prophecy or that we were asking the Lord these questions. The only thing she knew is what she had heard in the meeting, the "Carry the Crown" Letter, and she had also read a prophecy that I'm going to share in one of the next meetings in which the Lord called Peter my faucet. (Secretary: It was after the meeting and your prodding us to stir up the gifts the Lord's given us.) When I said that you had a beautiful gift and you needed to use it. (Secretary: Yes, so the next morning I asked the Lord for something to go along with the meeting, and to give me whatever I should have given then, but didn't give.) Did you ask any specific questions or did you just say, "Give me a confirmation?" (Secretary: I just asked for a confirmation.)

56. So a transcript of her prophecy appeared at our door, and it was amazingly similar to this one! It even used the same verse, "Promotion cometh not from the east nor from the west," and some of the other illustrations. It was amazingly similar, and she hadn't known anything at all about what we were getting or asking the Lord about. It's very beautiful, thank the Lord, and God bless her for her faith to go ahead and surrender to the nudge. It was very encouraging. So here is her prophecy:

57. "This is My king in whom I am well pleased. He is no longer a consort, but a king. Do you think it strange that he should now be called king? Was he not a prince? And what are princes for if they do not become kings?--For that is what they are groomed to be, that is what they are trained to be. My David called him a king, and have I not called you all kings and priests? Why do ye think it strange that I should call Peter a king when I have called you all kings and priests unto Me? And ye shall be kings and priests, for some of you shall be rulers over 50 cities, and some over a hundred cities, and some over thousands.

58. "And what if I should call you president, or monarch, or king, or faucet? It makes no difference, for I set up whom I shall set up. For promotion cometh neither from the east nor from the west, but promotion cometh from Me, and I exalt whom I exalt, and I abase whom I abase. I exalt whom I see fit to exalt. For he hath passed the test, he hath humbled himself and sacrificed and hath been willing. He hath given himself wholly unto Me, and now I shall give wholly unto him.

59. "For what if I should call him faucet or king, it makes no difference. I have called him king, for I have given him the anointing and laid on him the government. And I have called him faucet, for he shall pour forth unto My queen. For whether I call him faucet or whether I call him king, one is not more important than the other. In the eyes of men they esteem the king greater than the faucet, but in My eyes, one is not more important than the other. They are both needful, they both have their role and they both have their anointing and their calling.

60. "And fret not for what the people will think. Worry not, for I have prepared their hearts and they are expecting it. I have put it in their hearts and they are looking forward with anticipation, because I have hinted to them of the shadow of things to come. They know there is a change; they feel the excitement. And have I not already told them in the Letters? Look at Peter and Heidi. It is not the first time.

61. "So worry not and fret not, but tell them. I have said to publish glad tidings, and these are great glad tidings that shall rejoice their hearts! They need a queen and they need a king; they need their shepherdess and they know that she needs a helper. So fear not to tell them, for if ye tell them not, I will tell them; I can speak to their hearts just as well. But I would rather that it come first from you, for they respect your anointing and your words as the oracles of God, and they will gobble them up and eat them up and they will follow and they will obey. Their obedience will surprise you!

62. "For I have given My queen a new scepter to rule in love, and they recognize that. And I have given her Peter, this new faucet, and they will recognize it. David was a fountain, and Peter is a faucet. And My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me. Did they not follow David? Did they not recognize My voice in him? And I called him by many names. I called him MO, I called him David, I called him Jeremiah, I called him Daniel, I called him a toilet, I called him Moses David. It doesn't matter what you are called, My sheep hear My voice and they will follow Me! So what if I call you faucet or I call you King Peter? Worry not, fret not. My sheep hear My voice and they will follow just as they followed David.

63. "For we are all one. My Maria is one with Me, Peter is one with Me, David is one with Me. All My children are one with Me, and we are all one. What I tell you, I can also tell them, but I prefer that it come from you first in written form. Publish glad tidings!" (End of prophecy.)

Crowned with Many Crowns!

64. (Mama:) Also, several months ago the folks at one of our WS units received some prophecies for Peter and Gary before they went to the Summit. And in the prophecies for Peter there was a prophecy that talked about some of the kings in the heavenly realm giving their crowns to Peter, that he was as a king and they were giving their crowns to him--their gifts of wisdom and patience and love, etc. It's a very beautiful prophecy which again confirms what the Lord has said. Thank You Jesus. Praise the Lord! Here is the prophecy:

65. "For I have given thee many crowns, and I have crowned thee as a king with many crowns, and each of these crowns is a king of nations, of people that wait before Me in My heavenly courts of wisdom. Each of these wait at My side to do My bidding, to answer thy pleas and thy cries. These are mighty men and sages of old, My kings of old, My people, who understand thy burdens, who understand thy great matters, thy weighty matters. They wait before Me and they do My bidding, and they answer thee and they by turn stand beside thee, speaking to thee, comforting thee, answering thy needs, bringing to thee My wisdom, bringing to thee their wisdom, their experience.

66. "So fear not for the great weight of the people, of all that thou seest in the natural realm of the great people who wait before thee. It is but a small part of thy life, if thou wilt continually look to Me, as thou dost. Keep thy face upon Me. Thou shalt be comforted with the crowns of these many, many kings, My kings who crown thee with their lovingkindness, with their mercy, with their wisdom, with their help, and with their encouragement.

67. "So fear not, nor feel that the weight is too heavy upon thy shoulders. It is truly too heavy for one man. It is too much for one crown, but thou dost not bear it alone, nor have I ever caused thee to bear it thyself. For thou art compassed about with a great and mighty cloud of witnesses that I have brought before thee to stand at thy side--many counselors and mighty men of wisdom that continually attend to thee. They are thy courtiers. They wait upon thee and Me. They fulfill thy bidding and they meet thy needs.

68. "So fear not, and remember that thou art not holding so great a cause in thine own hands. This is truly a matter for many great kings, and thou art a faithful messenger that hast heard and looked to Me, and they are able to succor thee. So fear not and look not to this people in thy realm as a great and weighty matter, as a great part of thy life. They are only a small portion of thy life. What thou must do and what thou must give to them is but a small portion of thy life and of thy time.

69. "For I am pleased that thou dost spend most of thy time in My courts, looking unto Me, hearing and receiving of My counselors, and therefore this shall be thy salvation and thy strength, and therefore thou shalt feel the crown much lighter, and thou shalt be lifted. They shall look unto Me and their faces shall not be ashamed. Their faces shall be lightened and they shall be renewed."

70. (Vision:) "I saw a picture of Peter in the courts of Heaven, and the kings were all around, and they would crown him with their crowns, which was their wisdom or their counsel. But it was also a gift of faith, and with each need they'd crown him with the faith for whatever was needed. The gift of faith was one of the gifts they were giving him, along with wisdom. Waiting for answers, receiving them, and partaking of this was the biggest part of his life. It was a very feeding ministry, and the 'drain' was very minimal, because he was being given so much in this heavenly time. As he spent time in this waiting atmosphere, it was just the opposite of a drain."

Dad's Blessing on Mama and Peter's Love!

71. (Mama:) In what we read in our last meeting, the Lord through Dad said nothing's changed. Peter's been with us 16 years and in love with me for 14 years, and we've been a close team and the three of us have been as one. So Dad said, "Nothing's changed, and I told you before about it, so what's the difference, except now you have a deeper love for Peter. Don't be ashamed to talk about it and shout it from the rooftops." Praise the Lord!

72. As you will have already read in "Peter's New Year's Lessons of Love" (GNs 632 and 634), when Peter got back from his two months at the Summit meetings, he had some big battles that he was going through, and we again asked some of our unit folks to pray for him, and they received some very beautiful encouragement from the Lord for him. One of the things they received was the following prophecy, which I'll repeat for you while I listen to it on my dictaphone:

73. "Within the heart of My queen there is a very special place, a special room, a special place that has the scent of roses, that is soft and loving, a special place that shall never be removed, which is thy special place in her heart. For she looks upon thee with such great love and such great mercy, such great understanding and tenderness, and she says unto thee, 'My sweetheart and my darling, my lover and my companion, my husband and my friend, my teamworker and my son, this one in whom I am well pleased, this one upon whom I can lean; this one who occupies a place in my heart which none shall ever take away. For this is my great friend, my great lover, this one whom I need now more than ever, this one whom I desire now more than ever.

74. "'But even I must put this need and this desire aside. For behold, there are many others who need my love and the encouragement and the assurance of my arms. But I say, fear not, for this special place in my heart shall never be taken away, for there is none other upon earth which can fill this place. For behold, thou art the creation of God, created and trained from the days of thy youth to fill this place, and there is none other upon earth who can fill this place beside me.'" (End of prophecy.)

75. (Mama:) So that was a beautiful prophecy, and when I heard it I said, "Lord, do I really feel that way about Peter? I don't think so, but You said it, so maybe I do, but I just don't know it." After all, "The heart is deceitful above all things...." (Jer.17:9). So I said to myself, "I do love Peter a lot, but I don't know whether I would actually say those words and express it in that way." And I told the Lord, "I'll just have to wrap this up in a bundle of faith. I know You're right even if I don't feel it, so I'll just accept it by faith."

76. And as we went through these battles together and spent hour after hour fighting desperately for the victory, I finally realized I was starting to feel that way, and the Lord was making it a reality.--Not just something that I had to take by faith, but something that I actually felt. It really draws you close to one another when you've had to fight for your spiritual lives together and call out desperately to the Lord and look to His Word and reach out to each other and do all you can to try to help bear each other's burdens and help each other make it.

77. So as those days went by I really started to love Peter in a much deeper way. And it's a funny thing, I started to feel the urge to call him "sweetheart." I thought, "Oh Lord, I don't know if I want to do this. I'm trying to keep my feelings under control!" (Everybody laughs.) At least I always have, and you all know what I'm like. Maybe I should have Gary put it into words--he's a good one at putting things into words and describing me.--Ha! What would you say, Gary? (Gary: You're wonderful!) I haven't been very sentimental and I haven't been very romantic.

78. Peter, how would you have described me for 14 years? (Peter: Pragmatic.) Pragmatic, yes. Not a gusher. (Peter: Very controlled in your emotions.) Reserved. (Gabe: Single-minded.) Oh, Gabe, thank you. (Fam: Dedicated to the Lord.) Praise the Lord. Thank You Jesus! Well, we're going to show you folks that we can be dedicated to the Lord and romantic and sentimental about each other at the same time. You know that "serve one another in love" business? (Everybody laughs!)

79. So I said, "Lord, calling Peter 'sweetheart' is a little too much! For one thing, I don't want to be disloyal to Dad. That's what I called Dad, so I don't know if this is a good thing. I really don't want to hurt Dad." I thought I'd better ask the Lord about it, because otherwise it's just going to slip out and then I'm not going to know what to do with it and I'm going to feel guilty. Peter has a beautiful gift of prophecy, so I said, "Peter, since I don't have the gift of prophecy, I'm going to ask you to ask Dad if it's all right if I call you sweetheart." (Everybody laughs!) And Peter said, "Oh, Mama! Really? Well, I promised you I'd do whatever you asked, so I'll do it. Maybe I can give the Lord a multiple choice: yes, no, wait or maybe!"--Ha! So I said, "Okay, I think He'll answer you if you'll ask Him."

80. So Peter went to his room that night and I called him on the intercom the next morning and he said, "You asked me to ask that question, and I got an answer!--But it wasn't exactly multiple choice, it was quite a long one." I said, "Oh really? Let's hear it!" See, the Lord answered us!--In fact, Dad answered. The Lord's going to answer you if you ask and if you are desperate to know the answer.--In fact, He delights in answering us. If we have gifts, the Lord wants us to use them! Why did He give them to us if He doesn't want to use them? He just loves us so much, isn't that wonderful? He answers all these questions! So here's what He said, and Dad is speaking. Thank You Lord! Lord, bless it. (Mama repeats from the tape:)

81. "My dear one, did I not tell you to take good care of Peter, but just not to forget me?" (Mama comments:) This is in reference to something Dad said about two weeks before he went to be with the Lord. I was having my nightly business meeting with Peter, and Dad was walking through the hall with one of you, and he stopped at the door and said, "Hi, Honey! Hi, Peter!" Then he started down the hall again and he called back over his shoulder, "Honey, take good care of Peter, but just don't forget about me." I said, "Okay, sweetheart." So this is in reference to when he said that. (Mama starts repeating from tape again:)

82. "My dear one, did I not tell you to take good care of Peter, but just not to forget me? And I'm very proud of you for how you have done this thing and you have fulfilled my wish. For I have seen the love that you pour forth to others, and I know the love that is within your heart, and I'm so very happy. I'm happy to see you pouring forth the love that I knew was within you. I am happy seeing you reach out and touch and love and hold those men that I have loved so dearly and who have fought so valiantly and who are the mighty men of David.

83. "It brings great tears of joy to my eyes as I see you pour forth this great love. You have no idea how much joy this brings to me! For it is only a touch of the great love that is here, a love that far surpasses any imagination or anything that I could've told you about or even experienced while there. Therefore be not afraid to pour forth your love and give, for in doing so you are spreading a touch of Heaven, the heavenly elixir, the Spirit of God!

84. "Sweetheart, things are so different here, they are so lovely, and we look at things differently. While there I had the burdens of earth and the things of earthly life which stood in my way, and which stand in your way; here I'm released from all of that, and I look at things so differently. And though on earth I rejoiced in the love that you gave, here I am exuberant! I'm thrilled! I praise and I leap and rejoice in spirit and in heart at the love you give!

85. "There on Earth things are much more of a struggle. There are more things to fight; there are the weights and the pride and the sins and the weaknesses that so drag you down. But here we are free! Here we are free to love. Here we are free to give and there is no pain, but only joy.

86. "So be not afraid to give and to love, and be not afraid to take this one into your heart, for I know I have a special place there and I know that I am one with you, and that shall never change. Do not worry, my sweet one, for what you do on earth does not hurt me here, because, like I said, we see things differently. While there we see through a glass darkly, but here face to face. There you have a touch of the heavenly, but here we are in the heavenly realm! While there we strive to pour forth love, but here it gushes forth in great abundance!

87. "So do not feel afraid. It is not necessary that I speak to you in this manner (in prophecy), because I have already spoken to your heart. For I have put these things into your heart--these words, these names, these endearments. For I am with you and I am teaching you and I am touching you, and I have placed these feelings in your heart that you may bring forth the fruit thereof, and that you may fulfill my desire.

88. "Do you not know that I have planned these things? Didn't I make myself clear to you? Be not afraid, just yield and give and love. I do not want you to be alone, for you have this need for companionship, for friendship, for loveship. So do not be afraid to step out and receive and to give and to express your heart. I know your heart, I know of your love and I pour forth my blessing upon it and upon you. I pour forth my love upon you and I wait with open arms for the day that you will join me here, and together we will have a love so abundant, so full, that far surpasses anything that you could ever ask or think or dream!

89. "You are my sweetheart. You are my love, but I am here and you are there and you have needs. Therefore be not afraid to have them fulfilled, and let this one love you and caress you and tell you of his love for you. For this love is love that has been implanted in his heart for you, to fulfill your needs.

90. "For I take your hand and I take his hand and I put them together and wrap my hands around them, and I look at you and I say 'love one another.' For this love is of God, and this love is ordained and it is blessed and I pour forth my blessing upon it. Even as I did while I was there, and even as I made it clear unto thee when I was with you, not only by my words but by my actions. So now fulfill my love and my will, that you two may be one in my love." (End of prophecy.)

91. (Mama:) So Dad made it pretty clear, didn't he? And he even made it clear while he was with us, including the "Carry the Crown" talk that we shared with you last time. And do you remember "Madame M on Maria"? (ML #705.) Madame M, inspired by the Spirit, said that very soon after Dad was gone I would remarry. She said it would be a sweet relationship and companionship with an interesting person, a marvelous person that would be able to fill the needs that I had, and she was quite turned on about it. She said, "You're recording this, but I don't know if you want to tell David this." I said, "Oh yes, yes. I'll be happy to tell him. I think he already knows." So it was real sweet. Thank the Lord!

92. Then there is the Letter "Heidi," which was very prophetic! (ML #206.) Peter's name is actually used there, and wouldn't you agree that most of the Family already have that in mind, that our Peter here is the one that's being talked about in the "Peter and Heidi" Letter? I think several people have mentioned that. So I don't think it will be too much of a surprise to the Family. Would you like to review that? David's going to read you just a little clip from the Letter.

Peter and Heidi!

(David reads excerpts from "Heidi," ML #206, written February 18, 1973, 22 years ago:)

93. "When I'm gone you must not stay here alone. You know that boy you like--that boy with the pipe, with that little feather in his cap that you like so much that cares for the goats? When I'm gone you can have my cave and my goats and my goat cheese and all my milk and my bed and lie together here and give many, many children. You give many, many children up here for all of us Romanis. We're very small people so we have to have many children. You must give Grandfather many children.

94. "I remember his name--it's Peter! I'm not too sick to remember. Will you bring Peter here and make love to him like you do to Grandpa? He'll like it very much. He can inject you with children. ... But now you go get Peter. I must talk to him. He's just down there in the meadow. Go get the sweet boy that plays the pipe.

95. "(Heidi is crying because Grandfather is talking about dying:) You must not cry. I'm not going to go far away. I'll still be here, although you can't see me, and if you be real quiet I'll sing to you songs of David and whisper you words of spirit. If you come to cave.

96. "Maybe Peter can build you a nice house right here in my cave, and the wind will never blow it and the rain will never strike it and at night you can hear me whisper and sing to you. Maybe Peter get jealous, Honey. (Heidi: No, He loves you.) No, I don't know about that, but he loves you. Don't cry, Honey. You make your eyes all sore and get your Grandpa all wet. Peter's nice boy and he love you and help you take care of Grandpa's goats, and he help you milk the goats and make the cheese and he make you good husband.

97. "(Heidi: He doesn't love me as much as you do!) Yes, he loves you very much, but he's just a boy. You've got to teach him how to love you. He loves you very much. He told me he loves you. He wants to marry you and live with you and sleep in our cave with us. You don't mind sleeping with Peter? Make me strong babies? Don't let them fall out the door, though.

98. "(Heidi: Are you going to go be with Jesus?) Of course! He come to be with me! He's going to let me stay here in the cave with you and Peter. You'll hear me if you listen. I'll still be your big snowman, Honey, and I scare the village people. I like to scare them! I come out and roar at them, and they all run and jump up and down and they all run so scared, and then I run back and laugh! (Laughs and laughs loudly:) Makes my chest laugh! You should see them run! All I have to do is jump up and down and flap my arms and they run! I squawk, and they talk! Ha, ha!

99. "Is Peter coming? You tell him when he comes, to close the door. Tell him to watch the fire. It's snowy and windy out there. But he can't sleep with you until I'm gone. I know he wants to, but he can't. But it's all right if you sneak off and love him when I'm asleep. Just so I don't know it. Why were you crying? You're such a worry wart!" (End of excerpts.)

100. (Mama:) Isn't that sweet? (Fam: There was even something in there about your eyes being sore when you cry.) Isn't that amazing? That long ago! And it talked about Peter's pipe! (Peter has a flute he likes to play.) I wonder if that was the first time Dad talked about his going to be with the Lord? (Gary: Also, "Heidi" was written on February 18th, which is quite significant.) That's really sweet, isn't it? Thank You Lord!

Peter's Pledge!

101. In the prophecy where Dad said, "I take your hand and I take his hand and I put them together and wrap my hands around them," it was almost like a little marriage ceremony in the spirit world. So Peter wrote me a pledge of his loyalty and I wrote him a response, which is like our marriage vows. He's going to read you his and I'll read you mine. Do you like this love story? (Everybody: Yes!) (Peter: I'm not known for my brevity, I'm afraid, so this pledge is really long. Lord bless it. Thank You Lord!) (Peter reads his pledge:)

102. (Peter: "This is my prayer and pledge to Jesus, Dad and Mama. Jesus, I address You first as You are He from whom all love comes, for You are God and God is love. I would have no love without You. I would have no joy, no happiness, no fulfillment, no existence. You are my life. You are my all in all. I love You more than anyone and I desire to love You more and more. I desire to be filled with You, to have You abide in me so completely that I have no will of my own, but only seek to perform Your Will.

103. ("Because I am Yours I come to You first about my love for Mama. You know my heart better than I. You know my secret desires, You know my meditations, my dreams. You, above all, know of my love for Mama. You also know I don't want any love to stand in the way of my love for You, and if any earthly love ever does, then please take that love away so that my heart will be fixed on You. I pray that the love You have implanted in my heart for my queen will never stand in the way of my love for You. As difficult as it is to say, I ask that if I allow my love for her to overshadow my love for You, that You will take it away if You must, to draw me unto You.

104. ("I see this love that You have given me for her, and her love for me, as a gift of divine love from You. It is nothing that I deserve, could ever earn, or could ever repay. It is a precious gift from Your hand to my heart. I thank You from the depths of my heart for Your gift of love and I pray that I will always see it as such, that I will never misuse it, that I will never hurt nor harm it in any way.

105. ("I pledge unto You, Jesus, to keep You first in my heart.--To love and serve You, to yield unto You, to devote my life to Your service in whatever place or way You choose. I pledge before You to care for Mama with all that is within me, to help her to fulfill the mission You have given her, no matter what the personal cost. I ask that You help me to love and serve her for as long as I live.

106. ("Dad, I love you and am so grateful for the great love and patience you have shown me for so many years, even to your own hurt. I know that my love for Mama would not be possible without your blessing. She is yours and the Lord's, I am only her servant and yours.

107. ("I have deeply loved her for the last 14 years, which I know caused you some hurt. I am very sorry for any pain my love for Mama caused you, and I'm eternally thankful that you so willingly bore it for my sake. You laid down your life and your wife for me in true, giving, sacrificial love. I pray I can so sacrificially share her love with others as you shared it with me.

108. ("You once had me take Mama's hand in mine and had me tell her that I would take care of her and help her to feed the sheep. You said that I would have to help the queen to carry the crown. She now has to wear that crown.

109. ("I come before you, Dad, and pledge to you that I will help your Maria in every way I possibly can. I will do my utmost to help her feed the sheep, to care for the lambs, to spread the Word of the Lord. I will uphold her in my prayers, I will do my best to care for her physically and spiritually at any cost. I will yield to her as I know you would want me to do and I will love her with the great love that Jesus and you have put in my heart for her. I ask that you help me, as much as is possible, to become the kind of man that she needs so that I may be a help and love to her.

110. ("Mama, my beloved, I love you from the wellsprings of my heart. You are my greatest earthly love. I've never known love like yours--enduring, caring, understanding--except for the love which Jesus gives. I acknowledge to you that I understand that the love you have bestowed upon me is the love of God, a love that He has put into your heart.--That when you hold me, it is He that is holding me, that your kisses are His, your caresses His, your words His. I would have it no other way. I have never experienced His love shown to me in such a wonderful, tangible manner. I am honored beyond words that you would be so yielded to the Lord as to love me with His love.

111. ("I pledge unto you to love you all the days of my life.--To be to you whatever you want me to be--a lover and a companion, a husband, a friend, a teamworker, a son. My desire is to be all of these things and more, but I yield unto thy desire.

112. ("I promise to do my best to help you serve and love our Lord. I pledge, with all that is within me, by God's grace, to uphold you, to follow you, to obey you, to flow with the way that His Spirit leads you, no matter what the cost. I dedicate myself to you in His service and His love.

113. ("I acknowledge that I only serve--I do not rule. I wait upon you, I do not dominate. I pledge myself to show you due respect and obeisance, honor, and even reverence as the Lord's representative. I pledge that I shall never seek for you to obey my will, but to encourage you to seek His will; for you serve Jesus, your eternal husband.

114. ("I am only thy bond slave, thy love slave. I seek to serve thee forever as thy humble servant and knight of thy realm, defender of thy faith, slave of thy love!--And so I am at thy service, at thy beck and call to do unto thee as thou wilt. Thou hast fed my hungry heart and given drink to my thirsty soul as thou hast enveloped the very passions of my body and ministered unto my flesh and spirit and have given me thy love and thy satisfaction! Behold, I am in thy debt, and I am thy servant and thy love slave forever, even as thou wilt!

115. ("For I bow before thee, sword and helmet in hand. I pledge my troth (faithfulness, loyalty) to thee! Please accept this, my humble devotion, and please receive this, my love, and please give me some token of thy love, that I may serve thy bosom and thy David, and our Lord and King, Jesus. I kneel and I bow before thee in thy service and my love to meet thy needs. Oh, whatsoever thou requirest of my love in His will, I shall give it unto thee!

116. ("Wilt thou accept my loyal devotion and service in thy realm? Wilt thou permit me to come in unto thee that I may be of service to thee, that I may perform that which is ordained for thy service to give thee love and my life and my devotion, that I may be wholly thine, now and forevermore?

117. ("Please accept me, O my beloved, my heart, my soul, and my queen on this day! I love you and am yours eternally.")

Mama's Pledge!

(Mama repeats her pledge from tape:)

118. "Peter, I accept your devotion and I pass it on to the Lord and to Dad because I know that it's because of them that you love me so much, and that you have pledged to be faithful and true to me, and loyal and devoted. I receive your love with great thanks. I will not be afraid to take you into my heart. I will fulfill my king's desire to yield to you and to give to you and to love you. Therefore I offer you my love. I offer you my tenderness. I offer you my understanding that Jesus and David have given me for you. David has taken our hands and has put them together and has wrapped his hands around them and has said, 'Love one another, for this love is of God.' And thereby he has blessed our union, that we two shall be one in God's love.

119. "Within my heart there is a special room, a special place that shall never be removed, which is your place, your special place in my heart. I look upon you with great love and with great mercy, my sweetheart and my darling, my husband and my friend, my lover and my companion, my teamworker and my son. In you I am well pleased. Upon you I can lean, for you are my great friend, you are my great lover. You are the one whom I need now more than ever. You are the one whom I desire now more than ever.

120. "Fear not, for this special place in my heart shall never be taken away. For you are the creation of God, created and trained from the days of your youth to fulfill this place beside me. None other on earth shall be able to fill it. Therefore I pledge to you that we shall continue to love Jesus our Savior, David our king, our precious Family, the starving world for which Jesus died, and each other for as long as we both shall live here on this earth, and into the world beyond. I love you forever."

Dad's Engineering It!

121. I struggled a little with all of this, because I've been with Dad for 25 years and it's just a little difficult to all of a sudden have this new husband dumped in my lap, not to speak of a king!--Ha! (Everybody laughs!) I love you, Peter, but it's just a little bit different and unexpected.--And the reason it was unexpected is because I was so unyielded. As you can see, even as far back as "Peter and Heidi" I was unyielded, all the way through till now. And when you reject the truth, then you just don't get it, and I think it came as a bit of a surprise to me.

122. After Dad passed on, I was all set to go my own independent way, doing my own little thing with Dad and the Lord, so it was a little bit of a surprise to me. And on top of that, I felt a little bit guilty when I started having deeper feelings for Peter. So I was telling Peter one night that Dad really knew what to do with me. He knew in order to get this all taken care of properly, that he was going to have to railroad his plan through, just like he had to do sometimes when he was here and I would put up such a fuss and was so argumentative and resistant.

123. So as much as I love you, Peter, Dad knew if he'd let me be in on the decision-making, I would have some problems with this and I just would feel strange about it and it would be difficult for me. So thank the Lord, the Lord and Dad engineered it, so there wasn't anything much I could do about it. You were having terrible battles and I had to take care of you and fight with you, and all these circumstances made it so that we couldn't do anything else. I was telling Peter all of this and Dad personally spoke to us after that in a prophecy and said the following, which Gary is going to read:

124. (Gary reads: "Sweetheart, I know you well, don't I? I knew how to get you to yield. You know that I know how to do these things, for I know you so well. But it had to be done this way, for there was no time for arguing or fighting against it or resisting. This would have been a difficult thing for you to accept, except that we worked it out from here, for you would have felt it was unloving to me, or that it did not look good in the eyes of others. But I want you to know that I am very happy and I am very proud of you for your willingness and your humility to accept the things that we are doing from here unto you there.

125. ("It amazes even me how much control and effect we can have from here when you are yielded and when you are listening and when you are saying 'yes.' It's so much more advantageous to work this way because we can accomplish so much together. It just works so well. I didn't understand the power that I would have from here to influence you there, but it's wonderful, it's marvelous and I love it!") (Mama:) Ha! I do too, sweetheart! I love you! ("And I'm more a part of your life and of the things that you do and of the decisions that you make, and we're truly working together as I desire to work with you.

126. ("I love to love you from here, and I love to kiss you from here, and I love to whisper to you from here. I love to be one with you from here. It's like we're more one than when we were together, for now we are together in every way possible. We are truly one. Oh, it's a great joy to me. I'm really inspired, and I'm really happy with you. Wow! You've changed! You've changed so quickly! So rapidly! And I've had such a big part in it. And I just love it!

127. ("So don't worry, I'm really proud of you for flowing along with what we are doing. It's as if we're controlling your movements and controlling your thoughts. We see the picture much clearer and we know where things are meant to go, and we are commissioned to try to help them move in that direction. And when you say 'yes' and you lay down your will and have the willingness to follow the plan that the Lord has given, it goes so easy and so smoothly, and we've really worked together as teamwork, as clockwork, each piece fitting in just perfectly. It's a great joy to behold. It's really wonderful! I really like it!

128. ("It excites me! I have so much control! It's like having my hand on the rudder, and I can help to turn the rudder, which will help to turn the ship, which will help to sail it to the goal and to the plan that the Lord has. In fact, I have even more control now than I had when I was there. I couldn't always understand what you were doing, and I couldn't always be involved, but now I both understand and am involved, and I can put thoughts in your head and I can lead you and guide you and I can help the Family get to where they need to go. And the more you are yielded, the more I can do this, and the more those that I work with can accomplish through you.")

129. (Mama:) The reason Dad said he couldn't always understand what we were doing and he couldn't always be involved is because he had voluntarily delegated to us a major part of the administration of the Family. He had gotten to the point where he was too weak and sickly much of the time to bear the load himself, so he had turned it over to us to take care of. And then of course, because he wasn't as involved, he sometimes felt a bit left out. But it was of his own choosing, because he couldn't take some of the things that were going on, and it was too hard for him to be so involved with everything. (See "Prayer for the Martyrs," ML #2815:29-38, GN 529.) But at the same time it was a little difficult for him not to understand everything that was going on. So now he knows it all and he's even engineering much of it.--Ha! Thank You Lord!

130. (Gary continues reading: "I am truly happy for how we are working together, and for your yieldedness and your willingness. Sorry I still have to engineer a few things, but I know you understand.") (Mama:) Yes, I do! I do, sweetheart! Keep it coming! ("And I know you love me. And I know your love for Peter does not detract from your love for me; in fact, I put that love in your heart because I wanted it to be easy for you, because I love you so dearly and I knew that if you had a love for him it would be easier for you to accept the things that we have planned. And I'm glad you didn't resist it. I'm proud of you that you didn't. I didn't know if you would. But you're so yielded, and it's very pleasant in my sight.

131. ("So I love you, my sweetheart. Keep carrying on! Keep forging ahead! Keep listening. Keep saying 'yes,' for you have places to go that you cannot imagine! We have things to do together that you cannot even comprehend! There is so much ahead, so much wonderment, so much enjoyment, so much progress. We have things in store for our children that they cannot imagine! I couldn't imagine them when I was there, but now I can understand them better, and now I can help to lead them there because I can help to lead you, because you are saying 'yes.'

132. ("Oh, I'm so happy! I've always wanted to have more control to really help the Family, but I can do so much more from here! It's so wonderful! I'm so happy! And I really really love you! XXX! XXX! XXX! Okay! Gotta go now! I love you, sweetheart!") (End of prophecy.)

133. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Wow! Isn't that beautiful? Thank You Jesus!--The story of the Lord and Dad's love! Thank You Jesus!

The Day of Love!

134. Okay, we have one more prophecy to read you, just a short one, and then maybe we can have prayer afterwards. (Mama repeats from tape:) "For behold, thou hast witnessed the true love of David and the true heart of David thy father. Forasmuch as he has loved thee, he has given unto thee all things. Rejoice in the love of thy father David, for great is his love for thee and great is his love for his children, thy children. And so shall he anoint thee and bless thee with his love, and so shalt thou go forth raising the banner of his love unto the nations, that they may see and rejoice for that which I have for them. My children shall rejoice and My children shall burst forth with love, and this love shall spread and abound upon the earth, and there shall be great rejoicing. For this is a day of love.

135. "And I have set My ensign of love in front of My people that they may know and understand Me in a new and better way, and that they may know and understand the spirit of thy father David. For in his releasing you to love, he is releasing his children to love in a new and greater way, that they too may be anointed with the Spirit of Love, My Holy Spirit.--That they may love one another and that they may love the lost and that they may win them with My love, the ultimate love, the laying down of My life for these whom I love.

136. "Therefore rejoice in the love of thy father David, for great is his love, and great is his love for you and for his children on this day, the Day of Love!" (End of prophecy.) Let's praise the Lord and ask the Lord to speak to us, okay? (Everyone praises!)

Confirming Prophecies

137. (Gary:) "Wherefore seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the burdens that do burden us, and let us look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. For I have called upon you to cast aside the burdens, and the great cloud of witnesses are not simply there observing, they are there to participate. They are there to reveal unto you the secrets of the Kingdom. For I have given unto you the keys of the Kingdom, but ye must ask, ye must try them in the keyholes to open the great doors of the mysteries of God.

138. "Ye are compassed about at this very moment with so great a cloud, that if I would reveal it unto you, it would fill this room! Many wise men and prophets would love to be part of this day, and are if ye will release them to speak the words of God. Therefore stir up the gifts that are within you and lean not to your old ways in which ye did seek Me briefly and go about your own way. But seek Me long and hard and call upon Me, and I shall be found and I shall speak unto you and make it plain.

139. "How shall My yoke be easy? If ye shall call upon Me and I shall show you and reveal unto you the way that ye should go. And ye shall not only hear a voice behind you saying, 'This is the way, walk ye in it,' but ye shall hear it on the left and ye shall hear it on the right. For I have many voices that long to speak unto you, but they have no channel but your mouth and your lungs and your larynx. Therefore stir up the gifts that are within you that ye may hear from Me."

* * *

140. (Fam:) "King Peter, Pied Peter, Peter Piper, Consort, Prince, Faucet, what have you! Peter Amsterdam. You have had many jobs and many administrations, many names, all for a certain purpose and for a certain time, for a certain season, each one as I have called you. You have been a faithful consort and a faithful prince, and now you shall be a faithful king.

141. "For I am the architect, and you are My work, fashioned well. You've labored many years in the field, seven years in the field, seven years with the flocks. And now I call you to come, My son, come into the house, for the father has come to be with Me. Therefore I give you the queen, the queen of the house, and the realm, and the flocks and the pastures. For thou hast been faithful in a little, and for thy labors of love I give you all of this. This is the inheritance of thy labors.

142. "And what think ye, Family? Do you think I would leave you fatherless? I have also raised up a father for you, Father Peter. For I supply for My children. Will I not care for My own? For every family needs a father and a mother.

143. "Do you wonder or do you think, 'Does he love us? Does he understand us?' Behold, I have broken his heart for you. I have tested him and tried him and he has come through the fires. He has put his face in the dirt and wept for you. He hath said unto Me, 'Not my will, but Thine be done.' He has no will of his own. He has laid down his life, and now I lift it up.

144. "And know this, there is nothing that you have gone through that he has not been willing to go through, for he comes not to be served, but to minister. He is your servant, he has been your servant for many years. He has served in the fields, he has worked long and toiled hard. So know this, that his love is great.

145. "And not only have I given unto him the hand of his queen, but I have also given him the key, the key of the House of David, which is love. Therefore, Family, behold thy queen and thy king, thy mother and thy father. And My queen and king, behold thy Family."

* * *

146. (Fam:) "Doth it amaze you that I would choose this one to be your king? I have many more radical things in store for you! For this one is the apple of Mine eye and he hath loved you and cared for you, lo, these many years. He has been tried in the fire and has not been found wanting, but has been found willing--willing to give his life, his time, his health, his energy, his everything for you. And I know that you love him.

147. "So be not amazed at these things, for this is the natural flow of My Spirit. And this will strengthen your kingdom, and your children and even your love, for two can put ten thousand to flight. So look to your king and queen, for they help and they will encourage and they will strengthen you in the mighty battles in the days ahead, for they love you dearly and care for you with all their hearts. For this is My will and this is My choice and I have made this anointing and given this anointing. For I love them both dearly because they love you all so much."

* * *

148. (Gary:) "Why have I grafted this natural branch into the royal tree?--That it may bear fruit unto Me. For every child needs a father and a mother, and the purpose of that is that they may bear fruit unto Me. For My Family has been as a single mother in longing and in need to receive seed, that it may bear fruit, that it be not stagnant. For I wish you to bear much fruit--fruit of the kingdom, new lambs, new sheep. For the Children of God must not grow stagnant either in spirit or in flesh.

149. "Ye have borne new babies into the Kingdom in the flesh, but you must bear also those of the spirit, for there are many crying out to be brought in. And by this symbolism I have shown unto you, My children, that ye must go forth and be united with others, that you too must not act on your own, but you must be joined together that you might receive seed, and that your seed may bear fruit.

150. "And except ye be grafted unto Me, except ye abide in the vine, ye shall not bear this fruit. So above all, seek to be married unto Me that ye may receive the power that you need for this task that is before you to reach the ends of the world and to bear much fruit for Me."

* * *

151. (Fam:) (Dad speaking:) "Well, son, I could trust you with the job because I knew that it wouldn't go to your head. This job is actually a humbling. It is a promotion, it is a great honor, but it is also a humbling. For he that is greatest among you must be servant of all. Did I dwell in palaces or deck myself with jewels? Nay, for these things are foolish compared to the glories of Heaven. I wore holey garments until there was no remedy. I did not care for the pleasures of this world. Therefore I have given my crown unto you, for I know that you think likewise.

152. (The Lord speaking:) "I know that the Family will understand that even though it is a great honor in My sight, it is not as the world seeth. For things are different up here. This promotion is a humbling, for it has great demands and it requires great love and great humility. And I know that thou didst not desire this promotion, but thou hast been found faithful, for thou art chosen and thou hast passed this test. And the Family will pass this test too, they will readily accept this change, for this change is of Me.

153. "Therefore rejoice on this coronation day, be exceeding glad, for this My son hath much much love to give unto his children. For My heart and My Spirit is within him and he doth follow My voice, and he will be the help unto My Maria that she needs. For I have blessed this union and I have approved of it. Therefore rejoice on this wedding day, for it is a new start, a new beginning for a new purpose and a new plan. For I have willed it. I cannot yet reveal unto you all that is ahead, but it shall be given thee day by day as thou wilt yield and follow."

* * *

154. (Fam:) "Ride the wave! Ride the wave! Don't try to stop it, don't fight it, but ride the wave, for there will be many more waves. Even now your King David is preparing for battles ahead and counseling with his counselors in preparation for new waves and new revolutions. So you must take this new wave and assimilate it, believe it, receive it and prepare for the next wave that is about to come. For the time is short. Ye must work fast, for the night cometh when no man can work.

155. "So ride the wave and prepare for the next one which is just around the corner, and do not doubt or be fearful, or worry. For I love faith and I love a vacuum, and I love it when you say, 'Give me more! Give me more!' And although sometimes it's hard to understand, I know My children, the Family of Love, will receive and believe and ride these waves.

156. "Thank you for your faith, thank you for your love, thank you for your surrender. Continue to have faith, continue to love, continue to surrender. For I am well pleased with you, My children. And when you come before Me I will say, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord.' There will be great rejoicing and great partying at the marriage feast, and happiness and also much love. But continue to ride this wave and the many waves that are coming. Receive them by faith and I will be well pleased with you."

* * *

157. (Fam:) "Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them. That means all of you. I'm here with you right now, and all My heavenly helpers, and your David too, and we love you. And I love when you stop and acknowledge Me and you praise Me and you thank Me. I love it!

158. "And on this special day, this special night, as you bestow due honor upon your new king and your sweet queen, I do bless you for that. It is good for you to have faith and trust in Me and in My love and in My leading. I will honor you all for that. But also this is a good example of how I long for you to be with Me.

159. "My sweet queen, Maria, your mommy, your shepherdess, your big sister and beloved friend, she doth lead the way to teach you how you can yield, and how you can have a closer love and relationship with Me, the things you secretly dream for and long for, that closeness with Me that you might not even understand. I desire for you to be this way with Me, and I love it when you love Me and long to love Me.

160. "So follow your queen's good example of yielding herself to Me. She sets the example in many ways, not only in her longing to be close to Me so that she can lead you well and lead you better, but in all of her sweet little ways.--The way she stops to acknowledge Me, the way she stops and wonders about each one of you and how you are doing and if you need anything, your prayer requests and your desires, your personal situation.

161. "She pleases Me in many ways. And your Peter too. He loves Me so much, and I, on this special day, publicly want to thank him for that. And I will bless him far beyond what he can imagine, and I have already blessed him beyond what he had imagined!

162. "And I wish to bless all of you with a special new closeness with Me. I know your hearts and I know you want to be close to Me. And though this closeness with Me is a special blessing for you, please remember it's not just for you. Love wasn't put in your heart to stay, love isn't love till you give it away.--Which is the theme of this whole new day--loving others for Me. Thank you for being My yielded children and wanting to do that for Me, to love all My children.--Not just in your precious inner circle of Family, but all My lost children around the world. I'm going to use you in a special way, so stay close to Me. I long to have that special closeness with you. I love you!"

* * *

163. (Gary:) "Be not afraid to launch out into the deep! Be not as those who crowd the shoreline and look out in wonderment and amazement at those who ride the waves. For have I not said that many changes will come like a mighty ocean breaker? And it shall come and come and come again, and ye must ride these waves. Even though ye understand not, ye must take the plunge into the cold water. Ye must fight against the current, ye must put your heart into getting into position, that the wave may catch you and drive you forward to new heights of the spirit.

164. "And, though ye may be inexperienced, and though ye may be cold or feel frigid, I ask only that ye step out onto the water that I may take you up, that I might come under you with the power of God like a mighty wave, that I may swoop you up. And ye shall find the exhilaration of My Spirit far beyond what ye have experienced before.--So much so, that you shall long for this feeling, you shall desire this change, you shall want more and crave more and never get enough.

165. "For have I not put in the heart of those who ride the waters the same desire to want more? And I shall put that desire in you if you will but take the first step and launch out into the deep for Me. But be not as those upon the shoreline who watch and marvel but do not partake. Ye must launch out to receive the benefits, you must strike out into the water, you must dive in! I will not require it before your time, but I will require it, each in his own way. But I have promised you that you shall be able to ride this wave and the many waves to follow, if you will only take the first step."

* * *

166. (David:) "Behold, My beloved queen and king in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye them! And I am also well pleased in you, My wonderful Family, as ye step out and follow Me day after day after day. Ye lay down your lives, your bodies, your spirit, everything, in sacrifice to Me. For ye have been through so much, ye have suffered so much, ye have experienced so much, all because of your love for Me, all because of your willingness to do what I have commanded you to do, to share the love and the joy and the peace that ye have found with those lost sheep out there who have none.

167. "Thank you for being My faithful witnesses. Thank you for being willing to sacrifice and to suffer. For if ye could only see the joy and the eternal rewards that I have laid up for you, ye would think that you had never made a sacrifice.

168. "Let down your nets for a catch--a catch of love that I will give unto you. But how can I give you this love, and how can I give you this guidance and power and anointing and everything else that I want to give you unless you make the effort of reaching out, of letting down your nets, of being open, of being willing to receive this new leading, this new guidance that I am giving to you, this new love? Ye must make that step, ye must be open, for I am pouring out lots of new wine. Can your bottles take it? I think they can. Ye must be moldable, ye must be flexible, ye must be like clay in My hands, so that I can shape you into the new vessels that I want you to be.

169. "For all I need is your will to be put on My side, then I will make the changes, I will do the work, I will mold you the way I see fit. All I need is your willingness and your yieldedness to follow Me one hundred percent, to give everything to Me. For it is then that I will be able to truly use you the way I want to. I will be able to take you to heights that ye have never even dreamed of, to help you reach goals that ye never thought possible. For I will be with you and I will protect you and I will keep you. Ye must yield to Me and ye must be willing to accept these new things that I am doing in your lives."

* * *

170. (Fam:) "This is the story of My love for you.--My unending love which I have poured out on My Queen Maria and My King Peter. This is just the beginning of My love story, and I would pour out this love upon all of you. Therefore ye must prepare yourselves and empty yourselves of any of your own thoughts, your own ideas, your own ways, your own preconceived notions of how things must be. Lean not unto your own understanding. For ye must not look upon these things with the carnal mind, because the carnal mind receives not those things which are of My Spirit. But yield yourselves, open yourselves, desire Me and My love and I will pour out abundantly upon you a beautiful stream of love from above. Therefore come unto Me, and I will make you anew."

* * *

171. (Fam:) "I am pleased with this coronation. I am pleased with this wedding. I am pleased with this honeymoon--this honeymoon of affliction, honeymoon of desperation, honeymoon of brokenness. For I have put you together and made you weak, that ye might learn that without Me, that is what you are--weak. And you will look back at this honeymoon of affliction and remember that without Me ye can do nothing, that without My power and My strength ye are nothing.

172. "I am pleased with the faith and the praise that you have manifested through this honeymoon of affliction, and I will strengthen you and bring you through these tests and trials. But it will be a constant reminder to you of how weak you are without Me and how you can do nothing without Me. Forget not these days and these battles and these tests, and use them as a reminder that if anything gets accomplished, it is only going to be through Me with My power."

* * *

173. (Fam:) "Have I said and shall I not do it? Have I spoken and shall I not make it good? For this is pleasant and well pleasing in My sight. If I shall call him King Peter, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me.

174. "I am leading you into a new era, the era of love, and this is My king and queen of love. For how can the queen show you how to love if she has no king to manifest My love to in a personal way? For they will be an ensample to you of how to love one another and bear one another's burdens and so fulfill My Law of Love. As they lay their hearts before one another and bare themselves to one another in humility and love, they do so before you. And through their examples of yieldedness and willingness to submit and serve one another in love, I will teach you. For how can ye be taught except ye have teachers? And as parents teach their children the ways of life and of love, so will I use your beloved queen and her king to teach you many things. For this is all part of My plan, and well pleasing in My sight.

175. "So do not fear, for your David is still here, and will continue to teach you and lead and guide you through your king and queen of love. It's a continuation of My story of love. For did not your David bare all to you in humility and love? He held not back, but gave and gave of himself, not caring what others thought. He bared his own soul and brought you into his bedchamber and shared with you the most intimate parts of his life so that ye could be taught the ways of My love and how to love Me and one another. And your king of love, David, continues to teach you through these, your new king and queen of love. For it is all a part of My plan."

* * *

176. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for those beautiful, beautiful words! Thank You Jesus! Does anyone else have anything?

* * *

177. (Techi:) I got some verses during the prophecies that are like the Lord and Grandpa's blessing on your love for each other: "The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His love, He will joy over thee with singing" (Zeph.3:17). And "His banner over thee is love" (SoS.2:4). And also for how the Family will appreciate you sharing this with them, I got the verse, "Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you" (John 15:15). Also, "love begets love," and "With my mouth will I make known Thy faithfulness to all generations" (Psa.89:1).

178. (Mama:) We were even singing that song last night, "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever, with my mouth will I make known Thy faithfulness to all generations." Thank You Jesus! Beautiful! Thank you, Honey, for having faith to give those. Those are really precious promises. So beautiful!

* * *

179. (Fam:) I had a picture of Dad in the back of a powerful speed boat or yacht. He had a beaming smile on his face like he was real excited and he said, "I'm still at the helm!" (Mama: That's for sure!) I also got the verse, "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever He will" (Pro.21:1).

* * *

180. (Fam:) I had a vision of soaring above the mountains, and I was thinking, "What does that mean, Lord?" And it came to me that it represented launching out into new horizons--like we're past just climbing the mountains and we're already in the clouds! At first I was hang-gliding, so I thought, "Lord, am I daydreaming or something?" But then it was like turning into a bird, and with the Spirit that's how we can soar above the mountaintops. We've been climbing mountains and now the Lord really wants to take us high! (Mama:) It's like the verse, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint" (Isa. 40:31). Thank You Jesus!

* * *

181. (Fam:) In Gary's prophecy about the wave, you can grasp the parallel in the spirit, like there's a certain effort we have to make to catch the wave. If you just stand there, it'll come rolling right over you and it won't be such a pleasant ride. In order to catch a good ride you have to start moving in the direction you need to go while the wave builds up. So that's an effort the Family as a whole needs to make, to start moving by faith.

182. The thought also came to me that the undertow represents the adverse forces that are fighting us, and we have to be aware of them. Because it's such a push of love, the Enemy is no doubt trying to stop it, and we cannot be ignorant of his devices.

183. And in regard to Peter and what you mentioned about how in worldly royalty he would normally be prince instead of king--I had a little picture of a chess board and how the little pawn has to get all the way across to the other side of the board. It's very difficult and it has to struggle through opposition and all these other things that try to eat it up. If it gets there, normally it becomes a queen. Well, Peter was struggling across and he became a king, and the Lord was saying, "So what if I want to change the rules! Big deal!"

* * *

184. (Fam:) I got the verse, "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another" (John 13:34).

185. (Mama:) The Lord did say it's a new way of loving now, it's a new day of love. The commandment has been there all the time, but now it's a new commandment, it's a different way of loving, a greater way of loving, and in this last day He's going to make us an even greater sample of His love than ever has been shown before.

Closing Prayer

186. Okay, praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Wasn't that a wonderful feast? Hallelujah! (Everyone praises the Lord.) Oh, Lord, You're so good to us, it's just wonderful! What a banquet! What a love feast, Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You and all Your heavenly helpers for coming to us and speaking to us. Thank You that they were able to tonight because Your children were good channels and open to You and ready to receive Your words. Thank You Lord! Thank You for their faith. We know it takes faith, but thank You for their faith and obedience. Thank You Jesus! As a result we can hear these beautiful things from You for our comfort, encouragement, instruction and strengthening of our faith. They were all such wonderful things! Thank You Jesus!

187. Thank You, Lord, for helping us to stop and take this time with You, and what a rich reward we've received! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Lord! Help us to follow Your words and Your waves and to go in the direction You're leading, and You'll carry us along and You'll help us. Help us not to fear and not to worry that we won't be able to make it, just help us to say yes each little step; it's not that far from one step to the next and we can make that. And if we can do that, then we can take the next step too, and the next step, and You'll help us along the way.

188. It won't be too difficult. You said Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light and You won't give us anything too hard for us, but You'll help us along and Your grace is sufficient. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Help us to look forward with challenge, excitement, anticipation and eagerness to what You're doing and the wonderful things we're going to be able to participate in as we surrender ourselves to You. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!

189. Bless and keep each one tonight, Lord, safe in Thy care, and give them a good sleep. Help us as we continue to serve You and to do our best for You in whatever place You've put us. And Lord, You'll honor us and reward us for that and for just yielding to You and doing the best we can in the job we have to do. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

190. Bless our dear Family worldwide and keep them strong in the power of Your might, putting on Your whole armor and standing ready to go, ready to stay, ready to do Your will, ready to fight the battles for You with renewed strength and increased vigor and restored in the spirit and wanting to take up the challenge! Thank You Lord! Bless and keep us all, in Jesus' name. Amen. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

191. Sweet dreams! Now you can go to bed and dream all night of the wonderful things the Lord is doing! Thank You Jesus! Bless our dreams, Lord. Give us sweet, happy dreams and keep us in Your care. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! What a miracle!

192. Thank you all for having the faith. I'm so proud of you all! It's just wonderful! Just think what a blessing you're being to our worldwide Family. If they know you're wholeheartedly behind this move of the Lord, then it really helps them and strengthens their faith. They look up to you and watch for your reaction too, and they like to hear from you. So thank the Lord! They like to know that you're yielded to the Lord, and if you're willing, then they figure they can be willing too. Thank You Jesus! (Peter: Okay everybody, come kiss the bride!) (Fam: And the bridegroom!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family