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MAMA'S LOVE STORY!--PART 5 Maria #277 3/95 DO 2996

--Revelations on Relationships!

--By Maria

1. Praise the Lord! Are you all happy? (Fam: Yes! Very!) And has it been a good day? (Fam: Yes! Wonderful!) Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank you for all you do to take care of us. We're sorry that Peter and I don't get to see many of you on the staff more, but we prayed about that and the Lord told us that we all have to sacrifice a little to do what He wants us to. We have to make a sacrifice to not be with you and to not be doing the things we used to do, and you have to make a sacrifice in that you have to take on some of the things that we used to do, and also maybe not see Peter as much as you used to. But the Lord said that it's a small sacrifice for all of us, and just a very small thing in order for us to accomplish His will.

2. I know you miss Peter, because you're used to seeing him a lot, but the Lord said that in order for us to take the time to hear from Him as He wants us to, we have to be away from you more.--But we won't be so incommunicado and holed up in our room forever--it's just for a season, until we learn what we're supposed to learn during this time. So we appreciate your understanding of us in that. I'd like to spend more time with you, Techi and David, and we'd like to be spending more time with all of you, and maybe we'll be able to get around to that in the Lord's time, God willing.

3. So now, thank You Jesus, we have some special songs from our dear singing team. They're going to sing together the wonderful new song the Lord gave them about our new day. Thank You Jesus! Lord, do bless them. Thank You for this beautiful song You've given as our keynote song for our new day. Thank You Lord! (David, Techi and another staff member lead the singing, starting off with their recent song "It's a New Day!" [See song words and chords in GN 637, page 2.])

4. Thank You Lord! And we've got another good song to sing tonight--how many of you know the "Snowman" song? Peter and I sat in our "cave" with Grandpa and sang this song the other night. Well, actually, we sat in bed and listened to David sing it--he'd played it for me on a tape--and we listened to it about four or five times, over and over. We had a little glass of wine and we pretended we were in our cave with Grandpa. That was just after we had heard from Dad in a prophecy, so we were really pretty high in the Spirit, and we listened to this song and it was real sweet.

5. This song is very inspired! Do you know who wrote it? (Gary: Michael Mountain. His name used to be Zabud.) Is he still with us? (Gary: No.) Oh, that's sad. But praise the Lord for this beautiful song that we have as a legacy. It's really inspired! I'm sure the Lord will honor him. At least he's the Lord's and the Lord will give him the credit he deserves for what he did. Even if he doesn't come back to us in this life, the Lord will give him the credit he deserves up there. Thank You Lord!

6. The Lord certainly said some beautiful things to you (secretary) last night on your birthday, didn't He? After you had celebrated all together, we had another celebration. Peter and I invited her to come in and we had a nice little cuddle time together, a real sweet time. And then we prayed for her and asked the Lord to speak, and Dad said some beautiful things to her! It was just really precious. So thank you, Michael Mountain. Thank You Lord! Okay, let's have "Snowman"! (David plays "Snowman" on the guitar and everyone sings along:)


Sit here beside me, please listen well,

Try to imagine the story I tell.

Grandpa and Heidi, Peter and goats,

Lived on a mountain all covered with snow.

Together they lived in a cave or they'd freeze,

Peter would play on his pipe, they were pleased.

Living on cheese and milk, berries and nuts,

For these mountain gypsies was more than enough.

Grandpa was dying 'cause he was so aged.

Heidi took care of this old mountain sage.


Peter is piping what Grandpa has growled.

Heidi has written on top of Jungfrau,

The mystery unfolded for children to see;

The story of Snowman and why he was free.

Grandpa the Snowman, or so was his name,

Was considered by most to be madly insane.

He roared like a lion and they'd run away,

Except for the daughters who wanted to stay.

Yes, the young maidens wanted to love him all night,

They'd love him till he couldn't muster his might!

But only dear Heidi would stay by his side,

She loved him more than all the other brides.

(Repeat chorus)

Grandpa was buried beneath an old tree,

His legend lives on like a great mystery.

But Heidi has written a book of his life,

To share with the grandchildren after he died.

Words of his wisdom will give you the key.

If you climb that mountain and listen, you'll see.

(Repeat chorus)

7. (Mama:) Beautiful! Thank You Lord for that beautiful song.--It's inspired! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank you, David, for playing that for me and sending me the tape. Thank you for singing it, folks. And Lord, do bless our meeting and help it to be an inspiration and a blessing, and provide guidance, instruction, counsel and even fun, and be all that You want it to be.

Humbling Meetings!

8. You probably wonder why we're having all these meetings and stretching it out with one meeting after the other talking about me and Peter and all these personal details. As we said before, the main thing we want to tell you about is Jesus' love and Grandpa's love and how it has been manifested, because the love of the Lord is so great and it just goes on and on and on and keeps pouring out and pouring out, and we want you all to be able to share in it. We want everyone to be able to feel it and to know the Lord's love and its richness and fullness. So I hope you understand that the reason we're having these meetings is not because I like to have meetings!--Ha! I think you know that these are the most meetings I've ever had in one short time period!

9. Peter put it quite well when he said to me, "Things are really hard for you, aren't they?" I said, "Yes, everything is a little hard for me!" Doing anything is difficult for me. To get A's in school I had to work much harder than a lot of other people, and to have meetings I have to work much harder than other people have to work. Peter dictated four or five important letters the other night in the time it took me to go through 15 minutes of a tape of corrections on the "Serve One Another in Love" GN. He said, "That's hard for you, isn't it?" And I said, "Yes, I do have to put a lot of effort into things, but the Lord always helps me."

10. I guess that's one way the Lord has of keeping me humble. Because with as much as He's given me and as much love as He's poured on me, if I didn't have some sacrifices to make and battles to fight, then I think I would be very very proud, God forbid. I'm already proud enough, so I need something to keep me a little humble, at least, and giving these meetings is very humbling. I hardly ever feel really anointed. I gave myself some good talks on that which have been printed for the whole Family--about how you can't go by feelings. (See "Feeling Inspired to Do God's Will," ML #2747, and "Feeling Close to Jesus," ML #2746, GN 500.)

11. I hardly ever feel very anointed, and after the last meeting I felt sort of down till the next morning. I thought, "Oh, that was so rough and it was so disjointed and I didn't say it the way I wanted to say it." But nobody else seemed to think the same way, at least not the people who talked to me about it. Well, that didn't exactly console me, but I just had to go by faith and trust the Lord and realize that with as much prayer as we have put into it, certainly the Lord had done it even if I didn't think it or feel that way.

12. But that's the way I feel most of the time, and I realized that I need to feel that way, because if I felt more confident in myself, then I really would get too proud and exalted. So that's just one of the things that comes with my job and that keeps me humble. I was praying to be humble and saying, "Lord, I'm not going through anything. Poor Peter is having all these afflictions and I'm just getting off scot-free." Just like with Dad, he had lots of sicknesses and terrible afflictions, but I didn't have anything that was very painful or that was much of a problem for me.

13. So I was praying, "How am I going to get humbled? What are You going to do with me?" And the Lord said, "Well, don't worry. I'll humble you through these meetings."--Ha! And it does humble me! It's very humbling and it's embarrassing and all those things, and it's difficult for me, but I just have to go ahead and do it because the Lord wants me to do it and He said I should do it. So I'm not bringing you here just because I want to "torture" you or make you sit here for hours, I'm doing this because this is what the Lord wants us to do! So if you know that you're fulfilling the Lord's plan and His will in sitting here with me while we discuss these things, maybe that'll help you to take it better. (Fam: We like it!) Thank you. I'm glad you like it, it makes things easier when you like them.

14. The Lord did say that we should have these meetings, and even if He hadn't told us any specific reasons why we should have them, I would want to have them just to be able to share with you all the beautiful things He's said to us. To not share all these beautiful prophecies would just be a tragedy! Why would the Lord spend all this time just giving them to Peter and me if we weren't supposed to share them? So if I didn't have any other instruction about having these meetings, I would want to have them just to be able to share the prophecies with you!


15. However, the Lord did tell us specifically that we should have these meetings. I've already shared with you about how He put Peter and me together and how He said that we should shout it from the rooftops. Then later He even more specifically said that we should talk about our--I don't like to use that word, but I guess we'll have to break down and do it--our relationship!--Ha! (Peter: Ohh, heavy-duty word!) (Fam: The R-word!) I don't know of any better word to use, so I guess I'll have to use that. I think the Lord did, and I'll tell you a little bit of what He said about having these meetings and talking about this.

16. By the way, if any of you have it in your mind that I've been against relationships all these years ... does anybody think that, by any chance? (Silence--then everybody laughs.) I know one person who's going to answer me affirmatively, one of the main subjects of my Letter "Love Relationships with the Lord and Others!"--Ha! (Maria #60, Daily Bread 3) (Peter: Wait, Gary. We want to get it on the record! We wouldn't want to miss this!) (Peter hands Gary the tape recorder.) (Gary: Mama, I wouldn't be surprised that the perception is that you're on the conservative side when it comes to relationships.) (Peter: Gary, you've got the anointing of a diplomat!) (Gary: That's as much as I'd like to say at this time, ha!) (Mama:) Thank you, Gary, that was said very sweetly and diplomatically.

17. But the fact of the matter is, I had a relationship with Dad for all these years, a very beautiful beautiful beautiful relationship, the most wonderful one I could ever imagine!--And it's still going on, and will for all eternity! The only reason we've been against some relationships has been when they distracted and when they were detrimental to the Lord's work. I think there was a time in the Family when many relationships got off the track and people got sidetracked from the Lord's will and the Lord's work.

18. When relationships get sidetracked and out of the Lord's will, usually the reason is that people haven't made the Lord their focal point and the center of the relationship. We have some very precious relationships in the Family, and the reason they're so fruitful is because they make the Lord the center of their relationship. We did go through some very difficult times in the Family a few years back when a lot of people got off the track, but I think lately they've been learning where they made their mistakes and they've been much more cautious and wiser in going into relationships.

19. I know we've had to lay down some pretty strict cautions on relationships, because many of them were going in the wrong direction. But now I think the Lord knows that people have learned a lot of lessons and they're wiser, they've grown up, they're more mature, and they're going to be able to handle the relationships better. And the Lord is making a definite push on putting Him first. He's coming out and saying very specifically that He wants to be first in our relationships. He agrees with the relationships if they're kept in their proper place and if He is made the focal point, and this is very very important to remember. He's promoting relationships for some of you if you will put Him first and if you will really make Him the center in every respect.

20. In a lot of cases that's difficult, you have to really work at it. You have to really work at putting the Lord first in your own personal life--not to say anything about relationships. You know how difficult it is and how you have to work to put the Lord first in your own personal life, just you individually. You have to work to take time with the Lord. You have to work to ask Him about everything you do and pray about every single thing and take the time needed. So when you get two people together, then you have to work doubly hard, in a way, to do the same thing, and it's a struggle at times. But the Lord is not against relationships if He can be part of them.--And the most important part.

21. So we'll now go on record by saying the Lord is promoting relationships!--If you will make Him the primary mate in your partnership. So I'm sorry we had to squelch them somewhat before, and perhaps we went a little overboard, but I think now the Lord is definitely saying that two are better than one--actually three, including the Lord--and a three-fold cord is not easily broken. He knows that this is a time when we're going to need the strength of the three-fold cord even more than ever before. So you who want to have relationships can cheer up, as long as you're willing to have the Lord as your primary partner. But you're really going to have to work at it! I hope that makes some of you happy.--Ha!

Lesson on Putting the Lord First!

22. So now we'd like to share with you what the Lord said when we asked Him about how we were supposed to conduct this particular meeting. Shall we play the tape? (The tape recorder chews the tape, so Mama asks Peter if he'd like to read it instead.) The Lord's kept our equipment so well, it's just wonderful! I think we've only lost one prophecy, and that was because I recorded over it. (Peter: No, I recorded over it.) Well, we recorded over it, and that was because I didn't do what I was supposed to do!

23. We received this prophecy and I said, "Maybe we should relisten to it to see what the Lord said to us," because it's a little hard to get the full meaning of a prophecy the first time around. But then I said, "Well, it's time to eat, maybe we should eat instead." So we decided to eat. I'd already rewound the tape to the place where the prophecy began in preparation for listening to it, but then we decided we would wait until after we had eaten. So in the meantime we were talking about something else and we wanted to record what we were saying. We had two dictaphones there and we picked up the wrong one, which happened to be the one which was rewound to the prophecy, so we recorded over practically the whole prophecy. And needless to say, I felt so bad!

24. I had a pretty good idea why the Lord had let that happen--because I had done something other than what the Lord was leading me to do at that moment. I felt really bad, but I didn't feel like all was lost because I know the Lord loves us very much and has mercy and He'll forgive us, and that we could ask Him and He would regive it. Poor Jesus! He has a lot of patience with us. So we asked the Lord to regive it and He did, really beautifully, and He also threw in the fact that, yes, I had done the wrong thing in wanting to get up and eat, and we should have stayed there and listened to His Word and gone over what He had for us. (It wasn't like we were ravenously hungry or anything.) But He was real sweet and said He'd allowed it because He wanted to show us that we shouldn't have worried about our schedules or our physical needs in this case, but should have put Him first.

25. We don't always have to stay in bed and listen to every prophecy after we get it, but the thing is, once the Lord has laid something on your heart and you've decided to do something, then you need to do it. I decided we should do it, but then I changed my mind. So that was a serious thing to the Lord and He wasn't real pleased with that. But He gave the prophecy again really beautifully and gave us extra counsel to go along with it.

26. (Peter: My lesson was that Mama said, "Let's listen to the prophecy," so I said, "Yes, okay. Let's listen to the prophecy." But then when she said, "Well, let's eat," I had a check that, no, we should listen to the prophecy.) (Mama:) I wasn't really hungry, but it was time to eat and I thought Peter would probably need to eat, so I was doing it more for him. (Peter: I probably was hungry, so it was really sweet of Mama. But the thing was, I had a check to say, "I think we'd better go ahead and do what the Lord showed us," but I kind of wimped out and I didn't do my part. So I look at it like it was more my fault than Mama's. Because if I would have just said, "Mama, maybe we should listen to the prophecies," she would have said, "Yes, sure, of course. Let's do that.") (Mama:) Yes, I would have. But the Lord said in the prophecy that I was to blame.

27. See, that's why I need Peter to help me. Two are better than one, and it's true, when you have the conviction to do something and your conviction wanes, the other person can lift you up. If one falls, or starts to fall, the other is supposed to pick him up and help him up. So it really does help to have two people, because you need that help a lot of times. Anyway, the Lord was so merciful to give the prophecy back to us and it was really sweet.

28. He said in there, "I am a loving but demanding Husband," and when we know what He likes and what He wants, and when we know what we should do and we don't do it, then it's a sin. "To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin" (Jam. 4:17). He loves us so very much and showers us with love constantly, and He doesn't really ask anything so difficult in return, but what He does ask, He expects us to do. So that was a real good lesson for us. Thank the Lord!

29. So that is one time when we lost a prophecy, but thank the Lord, in all these other times our equipment has worked well and we haven't erased anything, and it's just a miracle how the Lord has kept everything.

Love Story Prophecy!

30. So this is what the Lord said when we asked Him about having this particular type of meeting: (Peter reads: "Be not afraid. Have I not said that they will rejoice? Be not afraid, only speak the Words that I have given unto you. Be not fearful and do not stand in the way. Let Me pour forth through you, for I will show you what to say. Only be open and be ready and speak the Words that I give. And the Words that I give may be funny, and they may be natural, and they may be humbling, and they may be sexy. They may be serious. They may be loving. They may even seem naughty or dirty, but it is not for you to judge. It is only for you to give, and for you to be an open channel of My voice unto My children.

31. ("If I am going to allow the young ones to love, to touch, to kiss, to caress and to become one, one with another, do they not need to know the lessons? Do they not need to know it is My love? Do they not need to know and understand right from the very start? And who is going to tell them? So hold not back; and be yourself, for this is what they love to see. They love to see you laugh. They love to see you smile. They love to hear your story. And as you speak, the words will accomplish many purposes. It will draw them unto you and they shall feel your warmth and your friendship and your openness and your honesty. They shall feel as one with you, and it will cause them to greatly love you. It will also teach them these lessons of My love.

32. ("It will also help them to understand the things that I am doing in your life and why I have made you two one. It will also test the foundations of their faith and make them stronger. It will renew some of the love that has grown cold between those who are one and have been for a long time, as it brings forth a fresh new outlook on their marriages. It will help the young married ones to move over to the right track. It will help those that are fearful of falling in love to have more faith, for they will see the blessing of their queen upon their relationships. And it will prepare the young ones for what they are about to experience.") (End of prophecy.)

Our Relationship Is a Continuation of Dad's Love!

33. (Mama:) It's amazing, isn't it? The Lord had a lot more reasons for having these meetings than we had anticipated, which He usually does in almost everything He wants us to do. Usually He shows us some reason, but often there are many other reasons that we're unaware of until later. But thank the Lord He showed us these in advance.

34. I appreciated hearing from the Lord on this so specifically, to know that we were supposed to go ahead and why, but I had one little problem with it. I thought, "Well, I don't want people to think that now I have this great new relationship with Peter, but what happened to my 25 years with Dad?" I battled with that, because my relationship with Dad was so beautiful, and everything that I'm going to be talking to you about in relationship with Peter, I also had with Dad. But Dad was the one that did most of the talking about our relationship, and you've read a lot of the beautiful things he had to say about it. And of course there were a lot more that we never were able to print. From the volume of all the things that we needed to print, we had to choose what we considered the most important at the time. Perhaps we should have published more on the personal side, and the Lord did tell me recently, "You need to talk about yourself, or you need to have others talk more about you."

35. The Family knows Dad intimately, and they know everything about Dad!--Everything about his personal life and his likes and his dislikes and his feelings and his desires, and just everything we've learned about Dad through the Letters. So the Lord said to me, "You need to tell them more about you now." I thought that maybe I should be talking about my relationship with Dad now, and that's what I had planned to do after Dad went to be with the Lord. I thought, "Now is the time that I should be talking about that." But then, as I told you, every time I would think about it I'd get condemned about all the things I hadn't done. So I just had to leave it.

36. But thank the Lord, He's given me real big victories! That feeling of condemnation didn't last long, and now I can think of all the precious things and all our wonderful times together and not feel so bad. And I know Dad doesn't condemn me for it either. As he told our birthday girl in a prophecy last night, "Listen, don't worry about anything that you think was a problem or the times you think you failed me. All I remember and all I see are the wonderful times we had together, the good times we had together. Those are in my heart forever, and I love you for those things." So I think we can apply the same to ourselves. The principle is the same, that he doesn't even remember those other things against us, and even overlooks them. He doesn't even think about them, he just remembers the good things.

37. So thank the Lord I've gotten a victory over that. I also had the concern that, "I should be talking about my relationship with Dad." But the Lord and Dad apparently feel that Dad talked enough about our relationship in the Letters, and that this is a new day and the Lord wants me to talk about what He is doing now instead of going back into the past. Everything is new, and my relationship with Peter is a continuation of Dad's love, so I'm supposed to talk about this now.

38. I'm telling you all this so you'll be filled in and you'll know what I've been feeling and how the Lord has answered my questions. Are you interested in this? (Fam: Yes!) So we prayed about that, because when you have a question, why not pray about it and ask the Lord? If I can't figure it out on my own, then I should ask the Lord. Isn't it neat to be able to get all these answers from the Lord? (Fam: Yes!) I'm just having so much fun! Thank You Lord!

39. I said, "Lord, I don't want it to seem like I'm belittling or demeaning the relationship I had with Dad for 25 years." The Lord couldn't have given me any more of a wonderful relationship or more wonderful man in the world, and I didn't want it to seem like as soon as the old one is gone, the new one's here! So this is what the Lord said: (Mama repeats from the tape:)

40. "Honor the king. Show My children that the love thou hadst for David was deep and dear. Assure them of this, that nothing has changed, that thou dost greatly and deeply love David, for he greatly and deeply loveth thee. But because he is no longer there with thee in the flesh, he and I have given thee this one to love in his place. Yet it does not detract from the love that thou hast for David, for it is even a conduit for David's love unto thee.

41. "Just assure them that thou lovest David, and explain to them that it was David's place to speak of the love that you two had together. And now it is thy place to speak of the love that I have given thee through this one. For when David spoke of his love for thee, it was as a mother and a father speaking of their love one to another before their children, and it brought forth great comfort unto the children.

42. "So it is with thee now, for the children will be comforted that thou art well cared for and that thou hast love, and they will be happy. But as with all children who lose a parent and the remaining one remarries, they need assurance that the new love has not replaced the old love, it has simply been added to it. This makes it much easier to accept. But have I not said it is only a continuance? And, yea, the love that I have given thee through this one and the love that I have given thee through David is all the same, it is My love for thee. Even as thou wast My love for David, thou art My love for this one. For if thou assurest them of thy love for David, they can easily accept the love that thou hast for this one here and now. So give and share as I have said, and continue to help them to understand." (End of prophecy.)

A Four-fold Cord!

43. (Mama:) Isn't that sweet? Thank the Lord! Actually, instead of a three-fold cord, this relationship with the Lord and Dad and Peter and me is four-fold! So now I'll give you a few of the other things the Lord and Dad have said about how all four of us are one, and Peter's relationship with me is just a continuation of the love that Dad and I had before.

44. Do you like this? (Fam: Yes!) You're not bored or too tired? (Fam: No!) You can leave if you need to, I don't mind, and then you can read it later when it comes out in the GN. Nobody really has to come to these meetings, you know, but it does help me to have a little bit of an audience so I can say it in this way. It would be a little difficult to just dictate into a tape recorder, although I suppose I could do it. But it's a bit easier to do it like this and it certainly comes out more informally. The Lord told me not to worry about being so polished or formal, but to just speak informally, no matter how rough it seems to come out. So that's why I need to have some kind of audience, and I like to have you as an audience if you don't mind. But seriously, if you feel you need to leave at any time, I won't worry about it at all. I won't mind if you leave because you feel tired or you don't feel well, just so I have someone left to talk to. The rest of you can go take a rest if you want. It's okay. So please do remember that I really mean it. Thank You Lord!

45. In this next prophecy Dad is talking. You may have heard a few of these before in our other meetings, because this is a compilation of a few things that I wanted to bring out again. (Mama repeats from the tape:) "Here we're free. Here we're free to love. Here we're free to give, and there's no pain, only joy. So don't be afraid to give and love, and don't be afraid to take Peter into your heart. For I know I have a special place there and I know that I am one with you, and that will never change.

46. "Don't you know that I have planned these things? Didn't I make myself clear to you? Don't be afraid, just yield and give and love. For I don't want you to be alone. You have this need for companionship, for friendship, for loveship. So don't be afraid to step out and receive and to give and to express your heart. I know your heart, I know of your love, and I pour forth my blessing upon it and upon you. And I pour forth my love upon you and I wait here with open arms for the day that you will join me together here, and we will have a love so abundant, so full, that far surpasses anything that you could ever ask or think or dream!

47. "You are my sweetheart, you are my love, but I am here and you are there and you have needs. Therefore be not afraid to have them fulfilled, and let this one love you and caress you and tell you of his love for you. For this love for you is love that has been implanted in his heart to fulfill your needs."

48. (Mama:) Here's another one: "I take your hand and I take his hand and I put them together and wrap my hands around them. And I look at you and I say, 'Love one another, for this love is of God. This love is ordained and it is blessed and I pour forth my blessing.' Even as I did while I was there, and even as I made it clear to you when I was with you, not only by my words but by my actions. So now fulfill my love and my will, that you two may be one in my love."

49. (Mama:) These are all messages from Dad. Here's another one: "I am truly happy for the way that we are working together, and I am truly happy for your yieldedness and your willingness. Sorry I still have to engineer a few things, but I know you understand. And I know you love me. I know your love for Peter does not detract from your love for me. In fact, I put that love in your heart because I wanted it to be easy for you, because I love you so dearly and I knew that if you had a love for him, it would be easier for you to accept the things that we have planned. And I'm glad you didn't resist it. I'm proud of you that you didn't."

50. (Mama:) And here's another one: "And concerning your love for Peter and the fact that I worked to put you two together: Don't be afraid to share that. Don't be ashamed. Don't worry. For it is only a continuation of our love together. It is a continuation of Jesus' and our love together. We're all still one. Weren't we one there? Did I not want to let others know even then? Did I not even speak it, that we three were one? Did I not bring Peter in? Did I not let him love you, and you him, because we were one?

51. "What's the difference? Now I'm just here. Haven't you loved him all along? So what's changed? All that's changed is that I am here and that I have helped to put a deeper love in your heart, a greater appreciation and understanding, because it is teaching you many things, and because it is good for you and because I love you. And I want you to be loved and have the love that you need."

52. (Mama:) And here's one more: "I am well pleased, for we three are one, and we together are one with our Lord. I am here and you are there and we are one, for in the spirit these things are possible. And this oneness that we have shall bring forth much fruit. I love to love you from here, to kiss you from here, and to whisper to you from here. I love to be one with you from here. It's like we're more one than when we were together. For now we are together in every way possible. We are truly one. Oh, it's a great joy to me. I'm really inspired. And I'm really happy with you!" (End of prophecy.)

Dad's Ring--A Token of Love!

53. (Mama:) I'd like to preface this next prophecy by saying that the other day, all of a sudden I remembered that I had the ring that Dad wore, and I thought, "Oh, I should give that to Peter." Dad had gotten so thin he had to wear it on his thumb, that ring that he'd worn for years. I thought, "I can't wear that." I tried it on and it didn't fit, and I thought, "I'm not supposed to wear this, I guess Peter is supposed to have this." But I thought to myself, "How do I present it to him? l don't want to just tell him to stick out his finger and say, 'Here's Dad's ring.' Although I wouldn't mind doing that, because I'm not one for ceremonialism and it makes me nervous." It's because I'm too proud, ha! But I thought, "I know Dad sure likes ceremony, and every time he gave somebody a ring he made a big deal of it, and made it a real precious time, a real sweet time and very meaningful." And the Lord does that too. The Lord really makes a big deal of some things.

54. As you can see by all these prophecies and the way the Lord does things, He really does it in a way that will give honor where honor is due, and He explains things and words things in a beautiful way. He really does a beautiful job to make things special. And I know Peter likes ceremonialism too, so I was a little bit outvoted. But I thought, "I don't have any idea of what to say! I think I need to pray and ask Dad. It's his ring and I'll see what he wants to say about it." So I told Peter, "We need to ask the Lord about something." And he said, "Oh, what's that?" I said, "Something about you." He said, "Me?" I said, "Yes." I didn't tell him what it was at first, and he got a little nervous, wondering what in the world is coming this time!

55. So I prayed my prayer and I said, "Dad, sweetheart, I really need to know about this ring, because I need to know how you want to present it to Peter. I'm quite sure you want him to have it, but would you tell us about it?" And we received a beautiful prophecy in which Dad said, "Well, I'm glad I was able to get through to you and tell you that was my idea!"--Ha! So now I really know I'm just a robot and my ideas come from the Lord and Dad, and I can't take the credit for anything. Following is an excerpt from the prophecy, but I wanted to give you that little explanation first so you'd understand what it's talking about:

56. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) "Sweetheart, I'm very happy that I was able to get through to you about this. For I have given him (Peter) my wife and my children. So is it any great measure that I would give him this ring as a token of your love, of my love, of our oneship together, our unity? He shall wear it upon his hand and he shall think of me and of thee and of us together, that we are one. For it is a sign of our oneship, of our marriage together: You giving him my ring as I have given him my wife, and you two together as one with me, and we together as three; and, yea, a three-fold cord is not easily broken.

57. "And, son, I bestow this ring unto thee as a token of my love and as a token of my appreciation, and as a token of my oneship with you and Mama. (I put Dad's ring on Peter's finger.) For we are all three married together, and we all work together as one, even as we worked together when I was there. I leaned heavily upon you, and now you can lean heavily upon me. And when you look at your hand and see this ring, remember me, and remember to listen to me, and remember to seek me and my words." (End of prophecy.)

58. (Mama:) Wasn't that sweet how Dad said he leaned heavily on Peter when he was here, but we have to lean heavily on him now? Thank You Jesus! Amen. So those are the beautiful things Dad said about all three of us and the Lord being one, and how our relationship is just a continuation of what we had before. I just wanted to review a few of the things Dad has said to us so you will see how very close and how very precious our relationship still is, and the bond between us.

Letting Go of the Mantle of Administration!

59. Next I'd like to give you what the Lord has said about my calling and what I'm supposed to be doing now and how my ministry has changed. (Peter reads prophecy: "This is the work that I have for thee, the work of the apostles, for they would give themselves to prayer and the Word of the Lord. These affairs of the Kingdom do have to be taken care of, they are very very very important. And the administration of My Family, of My children and of their needs is greatly important unto Me and unto them, and this must be taken care of, but not by thee.

60. ("For the flame must be ahead showing the way. Even as I was a flame to the children of Israel in the desert, showing them where to go and leading them and guiding them, so art thou the flame of this children of Israel, showing them where they should go, where they should camp, when they should sleep, when they should play. And thou doest this through My Words, the Words that I give unto thee, and the Words that thou must feed unto the children.

61. ("How canst thou give the Words, and how canst thou be in front leading and guiding and feeding and strengthening and loving and caring if thou art encumbered with so much of the business and the affairs of the Kingdom? For I have raised up others and I have anointed them for these tasks. And I will pour forth the anointing upon them in an even greater way as thou dost release thy anointing in this area. For I cannot fully give unto them that which they need, because thou hast held onto it. But thou must release it and let it go and let it flow onto the others, that they may be able to do the job in full measure with a full anointing.

62. ("I know, my dear, it is so hard to let go, but I never take anything away unless I give thee something much greater, yea, a much greater anointing. For I am filling the cup of thy anointing, but I cannot fill it to its full brim with a new anointing because the old anointing is still there and thou refusest to let it go. But pour out, I say, sprinkle it out, pour it upon the others and it will make room for an even greater and fuller anointing of My Spirit and of My love and My power upon thee.") (End of prophecy.)

63. (Mama:) Isn't this interesting that the folks who are supposed to do the jobs that we have left behind because we have other jobs to do now, cannot do those jobs with a full anointing unless we let go of our anointing? It's like they can't exercise their faith to the full or make the decisions that they need to make while we are still trying to make those decisions. If we are still trying to seek the Lord about the answers to those things, then they can't really have the faith because we're the ones that are having the faith for these matters.

64. Another really interesting thing the Lord says is that He can't give me my full new anointing unless I let go of my old anointing. As long as I am concerning myself with my old job and expending my time and energy and prayer on that, I can't give myself fully to the new job, and therefore He can't give me full faith and the inspiration and the answers I need for it. I'm dividing myself between two ministries; therefore I can't concentrate on either one as I should.

65. (Peter: This is from another prophecy: "Just keep doing what thou art doing--praying and seeking Me, waiting and resting, hearing from Me, passing on the work to others, doing the job that only thou canst do, that of getting My Words and feeding them to the world. For this is the anointing that I have given thee, this is the mantle that has been placed upon thy shoulders.--Not the mantle of administration, for thou hadst that already, but I have placed upon thee the mantle of the voice of the Spirit of God, and this rests upon thy shoulders.") (End of prophecy.)

66. (Mama:) So that's the mantle I'm supposed to give up, the mantle of the administration.--And not only me, but Peter is supposed to give it up to you, Gary and Matthew and those that help us in the administrational side of the Family. The Lord said that if we will give up our anointing, then you can have it, and He'll give us the anointing that we're supposed to have for the time. Thank the Lord we were already doing that, and you're already feeling that anointing, and we are already seeing that anointing on you.

67. But in talking about how the Lord wants us to get away and just hear from Him and not get involved in the administration and business, we want to make it real clear that we don't mean that everybody is supposed to do this, and you shouldn't feel condemned or guilty that you can't do the same thing as we do, and you can't hole up in your room all day and just hear from the Lord and work on the Words. Because if we all did that, then the personal care of the sheep, the shepherding, and the very important business and administration that the Lord is talking about would never get done. It does have to be done, but Peter and I aren't supposed to do it. We're supposed to let go of that, even though it's something we've been very involved in for a long time.

68. Likewise, if we all stopped everything else and just spent all our time loving our brothers and sisters, sitting around holding their hands and conversing with them, we wouldn't be fulfilling all the other jobs the Lord has for us to do, especially the main one of hearing from Him. So anyone who may have gotten the idea from my "Lessons of Love" that from now on we are supposed to drop everything else and just take personal time with different individuals all day long, got the wrong impression, because that's just part of the picture. We do need to spend more time loving others, yes, but we also need to spend more time loving the Lord and in personal intimate fellowship with Him. And we can't neglect whatever other important work the Lord has given us to do either. So we need to prayerfully ask Him to help us balance our time properly, and ask Him to show us how to spend each day wisely, doing our work, loving Him and spending time with Him, and loving others.

69. The Lord is making it very clear that we all are supposed to take more time with Him than we have before, and we all are supposed to be putting Him in first place much more than we have before. And we need to not only do this work of loving our brothers, of feeding the hungry and taking care of the administration and all these other things that we've been doing, but we need to give much more time to the Lord than we have before and get much more connected to the Word. We should not only spend time praying for answers to our questions and the things that bother us and the things that we need for the administration of the Family and the business, but we're supposed to take that very special intimate loving time with Jesus too.

70. So we just need to have the right balance in things. For me and Peter the Lord is saying, "For this time especially, you're supposed to be away from everything." Like Dad's Letter, "I Gotta Split" (ML #28), we have to let go of all these other things in order to concentrate on getting close to the Lord and hearing from Him. And to a certain extent we all have to do more of that. But in your case you don't have to give up all the other work you've been doing, you just have to try to put the Lord first and give Him more time, and get rid of the things that you don't really need to do and that you can do more through prayer than through the works of the flesh.

71. There are so many things that would go so much more easily if you would just pray and fight those battles in the spirit instead of trying to maneuver and manipulate things and work them out in the flesh. The Lord wants things to be easier and the burden to be lighter, He wants you to spend more time with Him. And if you spend more time with Him, then you won't have to spend as much time on these things that bother you and worry you and weigh you down and take so much of your time. You'll have more time to spend with the Lord because He'll melt away all the problems through your time with Him and your seeking Him in prayer for the answers.

Confirming Prophecies

72. So what are we going to do next? I don't want to run this meeting too late. What's your opinion?--Do you want to come back and have another meeting on more of the specifics, or should we do it tonight? We still need to have prayer, so maybe we could just break it up and have another meeting some other time.

73. I sure don't want to miss having prayer and hearing from the Lord--not only because we don't want to prevent the Lord and those in the spirit world from talking to us, but also because the Lord has said we need to use this time as practice. So since we want to give the Lord time to speak before you're completely exhausted and it gets late, maybe we could save the rest of what we have to say for another meeting. What do you think? (Fam: Good idea.) Would you mind? (Fam: No!) So tomorrow we'll try to get into the specific reasons the Lord put Peter and me together, and hopefully a few illustrations.

74. Well, should we ask the Lord to speak? I really don't want to put the pressure on you, and not everybody has to hear from the Lord in prophecy. But if it comes, it comes; and if it don't come, it don't come. Apparently it comes most of the time with most of you, and in that case you should give it, of course. But I don't want to be putting the pressure on you. If the Lord wants to put the pressure on you, that's fine. I love it! But please don't feel like everybody has to give something. If you don't feel like you have anything to give, then the Lord's probably not giving it to you. Okay? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!


75. (Gary:) "The three-fold cord that I wish to form in you is not only a bond, but it is also like a musical harmony, and a unity that far surpasses that which two can have in the dynamics of the spirit. Think now on the Holy Trinity, for is this not also a three-fold cord in the operation of the spirit, each having its own portfolio--the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? And yet these three are one. I speak unto you a mystery, but have I not illustrated this in your own midst in the need for teamworks for each Home, with each holding a portfolio, each supplying what the other lacketh, and yet the three being one?

76. "And so have I wished upon My Family, that there be no divisions among you, but that ye might all be joined together as one. For a three-fold cord is not easily broken. But the cord that is most important and that ye must look to keep strong and unified with is the cord with Me, your Lord and Savior. And if ye shall do this, ye shall find great success in whatever your union, whatever your ministry and whatever your calling!"

* * *

77. (Fam:) "Mama's got a brand-new hitch! She's hitched up! Don't they make a beautiful team? She's hitched to Peter. I might even be able to take those blinders off now, because when she was pulling the cart all by herself she was a little bit giddy sometimes and shied from the edge of the road. Or if there was a log in the road and she would see it, she might stop. Or if there was a river to cross, she'd stop in her tracks sometimes. But with Peter there, he's a stabilizer, he can be harnessed with her and help her along. He provides a good balance to the team.

78. "David is still the driver, he's got a rein that goes to each of you and now he can control you both. But Mama knows her driver the best. When he clicks--(makes clicking sound) clk, clk, clk--she knows his clicks the best and she knows his hand and she knows just by the sound of his voice which way he wants to go, because she's very sensitive to his voice. But Peter's a good stabilizer, and if Mama shies away, he'll keep things on track.

79. "And you might not see Peter around the barn too often these days because he's hitched up and he's got to go out to new green pastures and he has to help pull the load now. So he won't be standing around the salt lick. There were other studs that I was grooming, but some were independent, beautiful stallions, smart and intelligent. And some were pretty strong-willed, so I had to let them go their own way. And there was even one who really didn't like My mare all that much. But Peter stayed in the barn a long time and he's been faithful, and he's really proven himself and makes a beautiful team. He's really worthy of the hitch.

80. "I put brand-new shoes on them and they're fit for the journey! They've got to travel a long way in a short time to find fresh green pastures for you. So don't they make a beautiful team? Giddy-up! Let's go!"

* * *

81. (Fam:) "For there are many new things that I will do. There are many new talks that I will give. There are many new sermons that I will preach, new revolutions and changes up ahead. And I have new songs for My singers if they will be willing to receive them and play them and sing them. For this song that I have given them will be a blessing to many and will inspire and be sung throughout the Kingdom. But there are others, new songs that I have for them if they will receive and write and play and sing them. For there are many, many songs to be sung, and many love music and need music and their keys are turned by Me. So sing, My singers; play, My musicians; inspire the Kingdom! Our army shall go forth with singing and I shall sing a new song, and many new songs shall be sung throughout My Kingdom." (Mama:) Do it, Lord! Thank You Jesus!

* * *

82. (Fam:) "Joy unspeakable and full of glory! Said I not unto you that if ye would put Me first in your life, I would give you joy unspeakable and full of glory? Look at the sample of these that love each other dearly. I can trust them because they have put Me first, I am their all in all. This is a sample for you, My Family, for those who need and want love of another, that if ye put Me first I will give you such joy and such happiness and such freedom in My Spirit. I will make strong teams, strong bonds that will draw many, many more into the Kingdom! I will take you to new heights in the spirit if ye will but keep Me first in all things."

* * *

83. (Fam:) "As a petal from a rose falls softly and gently into your hand and brings you much joy and happiness and comfort and love and is delightful to look upon and smells so pretty and makes your heart feel happy and rejoices you in the spirit, part of My creation and part of My love to you, so these Words come as My love to you. The Words that come from My Maria bring great joy and love and happiness to all that hear them. These are the treasures they have waited for. These are the rose petals that heal their hearts and bind up their wounds and wipe away their tears and give them back that fragrant flower and joy and happiness in their life that was amiss, and can be renewed now again. So that they can break forth and give out an even greater beauty to the world, a greater fragrance for others to feel My love and see My love.

84. "Treasure these Words and hold them close to your hearts.--My love kisses to you, My gifts to you, My Maria to you, My Peter to you, your king and your queen who live for you and serve you. Do not be afraid to yield to My Words. Get rid of the things that hold you back, that stop you from giving your heart and giving your all to Me and following closely. Rid yourselves of these hindrances, your pride; shake them off and break free!"

* * *

85. (Fam:) (Dad speaking:) "I love you, sweetheart! I'm so glad you're getting the hang of this! Isn't it fun? Aren't you enjoying yourself? Isn't it fun how you don't have to always follow your own program, but you're really getting in the groove and you're just being led by me and led by the Lord! You're doing just great! And thanks, Peter, for helping her. Thanks to all of you. I love you! I love you, sweetheart! Thank you for being such a trooper!" (Mama:) I love you too, sweetheart! Thank you for those beautiful words!

* * *

86. (Fam:) "The story of love shall inspire many! The story of love shall be a blessing to many, for there are others that wish to be together in love. What I have put together, let no man put asunder. And this story of love shall help to liberate and to free. But there are some that I have kept separate, I have kept single, so they can keep their hearts and minds set on Me. And ye must find your calling and abide in your calling, and everybody--every one, every two or every three must love Me first, and stay close to Me. For this is the key, to stay close to Me. For in Me ye will find true love and true happiness and true fulfillment and true satisfaction, and all your needs shall be supplied as ye delight yourselves in Me!"

* * *

87. (Fam:) "Have I not said that God is love? And now abideth, faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love. It is love which I have put on My king and My queen. It is a blessed love from Me as an ensample unto you. I will join many in this love, I will join the whole Family in this love. For ye have need of more love one for another, whether I join in two's, three's or in whole families. It is My doing. What is that to thee? Do not compare whether thou be single--know that thou art not single.

88. "From this day forth I betroth each and every one of you, that no one may be lonely. I have put an end to your loneliness, and I will supply your needs directly from Me, from My love, from My bosom. I will take each and every one of you unto Me to supply your needs.

89. "I have ordained cupids to go forth into this, My Family, to join many teams together. Therefore, be prepared, for ye know not at what hour it might come. But if it come, be ready to receive it. Yield to this love. Do not fight it, do not resist it, accept it as a blessing from Me.

90. "I have given you this love that your joy might be full. For I love you and I wish for every one of you to be fulfilled and fully satisfied in every way possible. Ye have laid down your lives for Me and for My sheep, and I have now blessed you with all the desires that could possibly be desired. Therefore ye are wise to continue to put Me first, for only in seeking Me first and My Kingdom shall ye find this fullness, uttermost fulfillment and contentment, and joy unspeakable and full of glory.

91. "Be ready! Be ready to receive it, for the cupids are even now on their way! And My love will cover this, My Family, and in turn the world." (Mama:) Beautiful! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord for giving him the faith to give it in spite of the noise outside. We rebuke it, in Jesus' name!

* * *

92. (Fam:) "Look up and ahead and see your queen Maria as she treads the path before you, as she goes up the narrow rugged mountain passes with her king Peter. For she must go ahead of you to clearly follow My voice, and where she can be alone with Me and hear My voice and seek My instructions, that she may lead you in the fresh, lush pastures where the clear waters flow, in the places that will be most fruitful for you and where ye will accomplish the most for My purpose and My Kingdom. She must be away from the commotion and the din and the bleating of the flocks of sheep so that she can hear My voice and then pass My Words to her children.

93. "For below on the mountain, the many mountain meadows and passes, are multitudes of My sheep, many many flocks; young sheep, old sheep, middle-aged sheep, baby sheep, many little lambs, and they all must go up this mountain path. They must all go at their own speed, following their king and queen. And there be many that they will bring and whom I will collect along the way, many stray sheep lost in the rocks and the brambles. They must gather these and bring these along with them. As I have said in My Word, the path of the just is as a shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day."

* * *

94. (David:) "As you pour out, I'll pour in, and you can never outpour Me. For there is a well in the midst of this parched desert, this parched land. It is a beautiful well, it is a large well, it is a deep well, and it is full. It is full of the water of My Word. And beside it stand two beautiful strong people. They are the water bearers. They reach down into My well and pull out My water to feed My hungry sheep and the hungry world. And everybody is so happy and joyous. They all bring their cups and stand before the well, waiting for them to be filled. Some have more faith than others. Some bring jugs, some bring buckets, but there is no rationing. For according to your faith shall ye be filled. All ye have to do is reach out your cup and My water bearers are faithful to fill it. For they are very strong and they are very skilled.

95. "But ye must pray for them, because it is hard work. It is not easy to lift the heavy bucket out of the well to draw out My Words. Ye must pray for them, that their strength does not fail, but that they can continue the hard job that I have given them. But it is a rewarding job as well. For My sheep are so happy. They are so happy to know that My well never runs dry and that I will always raise up somebody who is there to fill their cups. For they never need to worry. My Word is always there, and they may even reach into the well at times and get it for themselves. But I have commissioned these two strong water bearers to lead and guide them in the right paths to make it easy for them. But pray for them in the big work that they have to do."

* * *

96. (Gary:) "The water and the nourishment are ready for the day of planting, and the seed hath been prepared and is even being poured out in greater bounty than before. And the plow is ready and is set before you. I have called you to plow deep. But to dig the furrows before the seed may be planted and nourished and watered and bring forth fruit unto Me, first ye must be removed from your own furrows, your own ruts. Ye must break up the fallow ground of your hearts, of your own spirits, that ye may break up the fallow ground of the world that is laid before you. And though your field may look as though it is dry and dusty, I have the nutrients and I have the plan, and all I ask of you is that ye put your plow to the land that ye may dig a deep furrow for Me, the straight and narrow, the path of My will.

97. "But ye say, 'I know not how to farm, I know not how to plow, I know not where to go.' I say unto you that I have walked before you in these furrows and in these lands, and if ye will but keep your eye on Me and follow straight in My path, ye will find the way that I have ordained. And yea, others shall come behind you to plant the seeds, and they that go forth weeping shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bearing their sheaves with them. For this is My plan, that ye may plant and ye may sow, and ye may first break up the fallow ground, that it may bring forth fruit unto Me. For I have promised you a great harvest in the time of the End, and the time is at hand. But ye must do your part that I may do My part. For some shall water and some shall plant, but it is God who giveth the increase."

98. (Vision:) I had a vision of a field transformed before my eyes. It wasn't just a flat field, it was like a rolling plain, and there were all sorts of obstacles in the way, tree trunks and rocks and things. The Lord was walking ahead of the plower at a fairly leisurely pace, and the plowman just had to follow after Him, looking to Him. The next scene I saw was of long furrows as far as the eye could see, and they were just as straight as if a surveyor had plotted and perfectly planned them out. Then in each progressive scene it seemed like there was another furrow running parallel to it, and the landscape was transformed from being almost like a garbage dump or a landfill and real sandy dry soil, to a very lush field of wheat coming up.

* * *

99. (Fam:) "Even as the penis rises uncontrollably at the slightest touch from the one who loves you, the one who desires you, even so will I make this love within you grow and grow and grow beyond your control, so that ye may pour upon others and give and give and give. For love wasn't put in your heart to stay, and love isn't love until you give it away.

100. "For My lost and wandering sheep are ripe and ready to be harvested. I liken them unto a sexually aroused bride, ready and eagerly waiting to be ravished by her lover. Therefore this love that I give you was not meant to stay in your heart or to be enjoyed selfishly, but that ye may give and search out My lost sheep and save that which is lost--to go out in this last harvest and seek the lost. For as the love of many worldly people grows colder and indeed has grown colder, the poor and desperate and lonely, seeking, searching sheep are eagerly awaiting an answer, and your love will be the answer.

101. "And as the days grow darker and darker, and indeed have grown darker, the light of your love shall be a bright beacon unto the ones who are looking for the answer. There shall be a great and mighty reaping in this last harvest, for I have ordained it, and I have ordained you to go out and seek that which is lost. For I have no hands but yours, no eyes but yours, no lips but yours, no feet but yours. Therefore ye must go, and I will lead you every step of the way.

102. "Therefore go, My vibrant church, My called-out ones, and as a mighty sexy vibrant husband, ye must go out with love so strong, irresistibly driven by the desire to save that which is lost. Even as the male is driven by this irresistible desire to love, to woo and to penetrate the one that he loves, that he may bear fruit, so shall your love be strong and vibrant, and so shall your love penetrate the hearts of the ones who so desperately need Me and My love. Therefore go forth and bear fruit and let nothing stand in your way, for this is the great and last mighty harvest!"

* * *

103. (Mama:) Wow, what a feast! Anything else?

* * *

104. (Fam:) When you were talking, I was thinking of the illustration of a relationship being like a triangle with Jesus at the top. If two people are apart, the way they'll grow together is if they both grow closer to Jesus. The more they do that, the closer they'll get to one another.

* * *

105. (Techi:) I got the quote, "Hitch your wagon to a star and there will be no stopping you." Also, I got "In the multitude of counselors My purposes are being established," "in unity there is strength," and "three are much better than one, or even two."

* * *

106. (Fam:) When David was giving his prophecy about praying for Mama and Peter, I had the same feeling just before that, that they are in need of our prayers at this time to uphold them. (Peter: That's for sure! Please.) (Mama:) Yes, and when the Family prayed on the Feast Day for me, some of the offices sent the prophecies they had gotten, and in almost all of them the Lord was saying that the Family's part is to pray for us, because without their prayers we can't do the job we're supposed to do. So we have to work together on it. We're all involved and we're all part of the same great big team, and we certainly desperately need your prayers.

Closing Prayer!

107. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for these beautiful things You've given us, such a variety. When we open the door to You and to Your voices and Your heavenly spirits, we give them full sway to tell us what they will and to explain and instruct us in any way they wish. We thank You for such a wonderful wealth of treasures that You poured out tonight. Thank You so much for all Your Words, Lord, in whatever form they came, whatever subject it was on. We need it, Lord, and we love it and we want as much as You have to give! Thank You Jesus! Help us to use it to the fullest and the way You want us to, and to share it with others so that they may feel Your love and understand You better. Thank You Jesus! You're so good to us, Lord! We're so richly blessed, so full, Lord! Help us to overflow on others! Thank You Jesus!

108. Thank You for each one here that's such a yielded vessel and channel for You and Your love. Thank You for each of them sitting here after a long day and being tired, yet willing to do Your will and to help us get Your Words out to the world. Thank You for them, Lord. Thank You for the good team we make with You and those that help us from the spirit world. Thank You Jesus!

109. Thank You for our wonderful worldwide Family who are doing their part and working so hard to love each other and love the lost and love You and do all they can to get Your Words out. Bless each one of them in their battles and trials and tests and afflictions. Help them to draw close to You, and You be real close to them. Take them in Your arms, Lord, and heal them and be with them in every way. Thank You Jesus! If we draw nigh to You, You'll draw nigh to us.

110. Give us a good night tonight, Lord. Thank You for all Your blessings. We thank You for nice beds and wonderful places to live and all Your abundant blessings so wonderfully poured out upon us. Thank You for the wonderful breeze You sent along to give us fresh air.--Such a wonderful miracle, Lord. Thank You for all the things You give us every day as manifestations of Your love for us. Bless each one, Lord, and continue to make them a great blessing to Your work, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Amen. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

111. Okay, praise the Lord! You're dismissed, unless there's anything else. (Fam: Well, something you said in your prayer reminded me of a song. Is it okay if we sing it?) Yes! Of course! (Fam: I think we all know this one.) (Family sings together:)

Love, wonderful love!

The love of Christ for me!

Love, wonderful love!

So rich, so full, so free!

Wide, wide as the ocean, deep, deep as the sea.

High, high as the heavens above, His love for me!

(Mama:) Beautiful! That's a good one!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family