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A NEW DAY OF LOVE!    Maria #293            DO 30114/95

--April 1st Day of Pentecost Prophecies!

                A New Anointing of Love!

                1. (Mama:) The following prophecy came through Peter when he and I were praising the Lord in tongues after making love.  The Lord is speaking to all of you, His precious children. Take good note of all the things He's calling us to do and the changes He's asking us to make.

                2. (Prophecy:) "O, the Love of Jesus! O, the Love of Jesus! O, the Love of Jesus that fills me to the full!  So does My Love fill you to the full, yea, unto overflowing!  So do I give unto you seeds of Love, seeds of power, seeds of anointing and seeds of My Word.  For it doth not take much to please Me, with ye that are giving your whole lives to Me. I am pleased and I am thankful for your sacrifices of love, for your dying daily. For there are so few of My children who love Me so much to give Me their whole lives.

                3. "I look upon those who love Me so much with great love and care and tenderness.  I love all My children, but how I love those that live for Me, and those that die for Me--that die daily in their service unto Me, sacrificing, forging ahead, even trudging ahead!--Who carry on day after day, through hardship and strain and trouble, through toil and care.--Who love Me and serve Me even when it seems I am not loving and caring for them, yet they trust Me.--Even those who suffer unto death trusting Me.

                4. "Oh, how I love them! And because of My love for you--ye who serve Me, ye who love Me, and ye who have given your lives unto Me--I will now pour forth unto you and bestow upon you great measures of My Love!  For ye have all come before Me, seeking Me, pouring out your hearts unto Me, crying unto Me to be filled with My Love."  (The Lord is referring here to our April 1st "Day of Pentecost" prayers for an outpouring of His Love.)

                5. "I will answer your heartcry and your prayer, and I will pour forth My Spirit of Love upon you in great measure!  For I give unto you a way to more fully love Me. And I give unto you ways to receive My Love and to make known My Love unto others.

                6. "I call you forth now as an Army of Love, saying unto you:  Lovest thou Me?--Love one another. Lovest thou Me?--Care for one another. Lovest thou Me?--Sacrifice for one another. For by this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, that ye love Me, and that ye love one another!

                7. "Ye do many things out of your love for Me, to show Me your love. Ye obey, ye go forth to witness, ye even give your lives for Me.  Now I say unto you, do such deeds for one another, that all may know of your love for one another.  In doing these deeds for one another, ye do them unto Me. For he that doeth these things unto the least of these his brethren, doeth them unto Me.

                8. "For I have filled you with My Spirit of Love, but as with all gifts, it must be exercised. So begin--begin to love one another.  Begin with deeds of kindness, words of love, with touches of affection, with the showing of appreciation, with the speaking of kind words to one another, appreciative words to one another; the holding of hands, the patting on the back, the stroking of the face.  Begin by faith to manifest this gift of Love that hath been poured forth upon you.  And as with all gifts, as ye become exercised therein, it shall grow and grow, and become stronger and stronger, and ye shall radiate My Love for one another.

                9. "Think good thoughts of one another.  Do not criticize or look down upon another.  As ye look at each one, think in your heart that, `This one loves my Lover, Jesus. This one serves my Lord with his whole life.'  Think, `Jesus loves this one just as He loves me, and this one loves Jesus just as I do.'

                10. "Look not at the faults and the failings and the shortcomings, for I do not. I look at the love they have for Me. Do ye likewise. For all come short of the glory of God, even you. When ye think to criticize others, think of your own faults.  For all have shortcomings, and all have faults and failings.--You too.  So overlook those things and see as I see. See the love. See that these are faithful to serve Me and have given their lives unto Me, and have sacrificed in their service unto Me.

                11. "Look upon one another with love, think upon one another with love, pray for one another in love. Exercise this gift that I have given you, that ye may become strong in My Love for one another, that ye may become bonded all as one, as a strong Family united under the banner and anointing of My Love, that ye may go forth as a strong band of soldiers--united, loyal, faithful unto one another and all together unto Me.

                12. "For My banner is over you, and My banner is Love. And Mine anointing is over you, and Mine anointing is Love.  And this is the greatest anointing that could be upon you, because Love is the power that created the universe, My Love for you." (End of prophecy.)

                13. (Mama:) The Lord is saying that He has marvelously answered our desperate prayers to become a more loving Family!  He says that in answer to our prayers He has given us His anointing of Love, the greatest gift He could give us, because it is the power that created the universe!  He says He's done it because we love Him, we serve Him and we have given our lives to Him.  He says He loves us so much because we trust Him even when things look dark and we don't see the fulfillment of His promises. He honors that kind of faith, and He says He will pour forth His Spirit of Love upon us in great measure. He's happy with our love that has been manifested in so many ways in our service and obedience to Him, but now He is giving us a new anointing of Love so that we can love our brothers and sisters more, and in so doing, love Him more.

                14. He's saying that now He wants us to love Him by loving each other, by caring for each other, by sacrificing for each other, and if we will do this within our Homes and make them truly Heavenly Homes, manifesting Jesus' Love to each of those we live with, we will be loving Jesus, and the world will know by this that we are His disciples, because we have love for one another.

                15. He's given us a Spirit of Love, but we can't just sit around and wait for it to be manifested. He said that it's like all gifts--it has to be exercised, and we have to take that first step of faith in reaching out and starting to show that love to others!  He specifically tells us to "begin with deeds of kindness, words of love, touches of affection, with the showing of appreciation, with the speaking of kind words to one another, the holding of hands, the patting of the back, the stroking of the face."

                16. As we go ahead by faith in obedience to Him, this wonderful gift of Love that He has given us will grow and grow and become stronger!  He specifically says to think good thoughts of one another and not to look down on each other, because He says that He loves others just as much as He loves you. He wants us to overlook others' faults and instead look on how they love Jesus and have given their lives to serve Him and have sacrificed for Him.

                17. So upon each of you rests a marvelous anointing of power that can simply be released by your faith--a power of Love that can transform your life and the lives of others as you begin to use it! The Lord has not put the doorknob too high, He's made it very easy!  All we have to do is say the little words, smile the little smiles, touch the little touches, do the little deeds of kindness, and as we all do them together, those little things will grow and grow and will be multiplied, and this love that we extend to each other will do great miracles as we become bonded together in His Love, able to give Love from Him to others and able to receive His Love through others!

* * *

(The following are prophecies which were received during or after our prayer day for love. These were sent in from our pubs units, as well as the various CRO areas.)

                The Gift of Love!--The Greatest Gift of All!

                18. (Prophecy:) "In the day of Pentecost I poured forth My Spirit and the manifestation of tongues and prophecy, and now I pour forth My Spirit of Love!  This is a greater gift than the others. I also pour forth My other gifts of healing, of prophecy, and of tongues, but My Spirit of Love and My gift of Love is the greatest of all gifts. This is a gift that cannot be misunderstood.  Behold, I do pour forth as billows of waters and as the waves of the sea, and ye shall exercise these gifts as ye step out upon the waters by faith and speak these words of love and perform these acts of love, and it shall carry you forth and it shall hold you up in the midst of gross darkness and great tribulation. My Love shall hold and keep you." (End of prophecy.)

                19. (Mama:) Did you get the wonderful, thrilling promises that the Lord is making to us and what He says in the above prophecy?  This is something really big, folks! This is amazing! Please don't just pass it by as some pretty words, some beautiful poetic lines, something that sounds nice but really doesn't mean much to you. Think about this for a minute. Try to believe it! If you really believe what God says--that love is the greatest gift and that He has given it to you, each one of you, and that it is going to help you to survive in the dark days of tribulation--are you not going to be eager to practice it, to exercise it, in order to see it grow and multiply? Are you not going to look forward with great anticipation to see the wonderful things that the Lord is going to do for you and others as you practice it?  Aren't you going to be thrilled that He has given you the greatest gift of all, and not murmur or complain if you don't have some of His other less important gifts?

* * *

                Put on a New Robe of Love!

                20. (Prophecy:) "Turn your faces unto Me and receive the life and warmth of My Love! Receive it and take it in now, for this is your Pentecost. This is your anointing of Love that I desire to pour upon you. It envelops you and it is warm and beautiful. Receive it, absorb it, for ye need it much more than ye know. Ye need it for yourselves, ye need it for others, and ye need it for the lost. Put it on, try it on now, this new robe of Love.

                21. "Do ye think that ye have been loving? Ye have been loving, but ye shall be more loving if ye now put on this robe of Love and if ye turn to Me and face the light and feel its warmth upon your face, and let it be absorbed into you for your health and strength and your bright countenance which shall reflect My Love upon others.

                22. "So great is My Love, so beautiful and so wondrous, and I shall pour this Love into you as ye have never felt before.--Sweet as honey, warm as the arms of a lover, exciting and passionate as the moments of sexual pleasure. So shall ye experience this Love in such measure that I shall create new creatures--creatures of Love!

                23. "Celebrate My Love! Spread My Love! Speak of it! Rejoice in it and revel in it! For My Love is so abundant. It is so fresh and so free, and I long to pour it on you, to pour through you as never before. I have heard your prayers and I have seen your tears and I know your hearts and your desires and your willingness to love and to be what I want you to be. I will answer these prayers, and there shall be a glorious renewal and rebirth.  Ye shall be born again in My Love, strengthened in My Love, and renewed and refreshed.

                24. "Fear not the future and this new day, and fear not that ye have not the love or the strength that ye need. Go forth believing and receiving and rejoicing and reveling in My Love, and your hopes shall not be disappointed, your desires shall not go unanswered and your needs shall not be unmet. I will be your all in all!  I will be more to you than ye can imagine!  I shall be your most precious lover. I shall be your closest companion. I shall answer all your questions. I shall lead you through the darkness and supply your needs in the most unusual circumstances.  Therefore be not fearful. Fret not, worry not, but cast every burden upon Me, for I care for you. I love you, and I long to satisfy and to encourage and to strengthen and to fill you with love unspeakable." (End of prophecy.)

                25. (Mama:) What a beautiful description of the Lord's Love for us!  Read it again.  How does He picture it, what are the words He uses?--It's "life" and "warmth." It's "beautiful," it's "great," "wondrous," "sweet as honey," "warm as the arms of a lover," "exciting," "passionate," "abundant," "fresh" and "free." He says it's a "new robe."  What is our part in order to experience this wonderful gift?  What are we supposed to do?:  "Turn your faces unto Me," "believe," "receive," "take it in now," "absorb it," "put it on," "face the light," "celebrate it," "spread it," "speak of it," "rejoice in it," "revel in it"!

                26. What does He say this Love is going to do for you?  Let's go back to the text and make a list of all the things that He promises:  It will make you alive, it will warm you, it will make you beautiful.  It will help you to be healthy, it will strengthen you, it will give you a radiant, "bright" countenance to help win others.  It's going to renew you, make you into a new creature.  Wow, we still didn't get them all, there are more!  It will fulfill all your hopes ("they'll not be disappointed"), your desires will be answered, your needs will be met, with this Love you will have more than you can even imagine.  Jesus will be your most precious lover, He'll be your closest companion. He'll answer all your questions, you won't get lost in the darkness.  You'll be encouraged, you'll be strengthened, and you'll have so much love you won't even be able to describe it ("love unspeakable").

                27. Do you think the Lord is going to go into this much detail to describe something that's just a fairy tale, or pretty words?  Do you think He's just doing this to make you feel good as you read it?  Wake up, folks, He really means this!  This is really heavy stuff, and the only way you're going to find out how heavy it is, is if you'll believe it and take that step for Him that He has asked you to take, just that one little step of faith, to start doing it and exercising it, and then He'll unfold to you what all these amazing promises actually mean!

* * *

                Ecstasies of the Spirit!

                28. (Prophecy:) "Even as the man is uncontrollably, irresistibly driven by his desires to love a woman in the physical, so strong is My Love for you.  So do I wish to love you in the Spirit if ye would but let Me. I have allowed and created that physical lovemaking as an illustration of My Love and the ecstasies of the Spirit. Therefore I wish that ye, My children, be as ardent in love in the Spirit, each and every moment of the day with each other, as ye would in the flesh. Therefore, if these two are one, the flesh and the Spirit, ye shall have ecstasies ye know not of.  Let me excite you and thrill you with a greater Love, that ye may enjoy Me and each other to the full!" (End of prophecy.)

                29. (Mama:) Reflect a moment on your times of most intense sexual feeling or sexual desire for someone--how it was so strong that you couldn't control it and you had to be together unless something or someone forcibly kept you apart. Just think of what the Lord is saying here--that this is how strong His Love is for us!  He says He's drawn to us just like we are to each other, and He's "driven by desire" for us!  He wants us so much, and He's asking us desperately to let Him love us.  He's saying that if we will love each other ardently, we will be loving Him this way and letting Him love us. He says that it is possible, and He wants to do it so that we can have ecstasies with Him and each other that we've never known before!

* * *

                Listen to the Whispers!

                30. (Prophecy:) "Many more things do I long to bestow upon you. Many more thoughts do I wish to impart unto you. Can you hear the whispers? Listen to the voice of your Father (God), to the voice of your brother, to the voice of your helpers.  Are ye attentive to their every whim and desire? Are ye listening to the words of instruction? Or have ye before you the plans that ye must follow that day?

                31. "Seek unto Me that ye miss not the whispers of My Spirit, that ye miss not My instructions in your heart, that ye miss not the communion of heart to heart that I long to impart to you. Sit ye still and hear the voice of your Father, for the voice of your Father speaks to you continually!  The voice of your Father is always speaking in your ear. Do ye hear Me? Do ye hear that voice? Do ye feel the love? Can ye touch Me? Can ye feel Me? Can ye see Me? For if ye can see Me, if ye can feel Me, if ye can touch Me in the Spirit, if ye can lift up your hearts and your hands unto Me and make that connection with your Heavenly Father, then ye shall impart that to all whom ye meet. If ye can be filled to overflowing with the love that ye have for Me, ye shall impart that to all those around you.

                32. "Therefore, haste not, race not, speed not, but listen unto the voice of your Father, for I have many things to say unto you:  Words of love, words of endearment, words of encouragement, words of instruction, words from a Father who loves you and longs after you, who pleads with you that ye would hear His voice!  Please listen now to the whispers of your Father. In quietness and confidence shall your strength be." (End of prophecy.)

                33. (Mama:) The Lord wants to give us so much more than we already have, but in order to get it, we have to listen to Him and be attentive to Him and to our helpers in the spirit world.  We have to have a blank sheet of paper before us, ready for Him to fill in.  We have to be still in order to hear His plans which He is continually speaking to us.  We've got to touch Him, to feel Him, to see Him in the Spirit, and then His Love can be imparted to us and to all those around us.  He says not to speed, nor to race, but to slow down and be quiet and to listen.

* * *

                Create a Vacuum for His Love!

                34. (Prophecy:) "Dost thou require and dost thou desire this love for thyself and others?  Then thou must create a vacuum. For My Love is boundless, My Love is there for the receiving, but it layeth upon thy shoulders to create this vacuum, to create this desire.  And why dost thou not do it? Hast thou fear in thine heart? Fear doth not create a vacuum, but Love creates the vacuum. Fear holds back the things that may draw into that vacuum. Hast thou been hurt before?  Hast thou desired to love, but thou hast been rejected? Thou must cast aside these fears, for fear will obstruct the vacuum from receiving the love that I wish to pour into thee.

                35. "Cast aside thy fears and come unto Me with open arms, that thy vacuum may draw upon Me and My Love shall rush pure. Many of these other things may still plague thee, and these experiences too may come in the flow. But thou must take the good with the bad. For all is good unto thee, and all things work together for thy good. So be not afraid. Be thou desirous to open up to Me. Be thou desirous to open to others, and I shall pour unto thee in full abundance with full faith, if thou shalt only receive.

                36. "For My Love is limitless, but it may be limited by thee and thy lack of desire.  Thou must cast aside these obstacles, these things that stand in thy way, that are not of Me, that have been put there by the Enemy that he may hold back My Love from thee and My Love from others through thee. For have I not said that I will open the windows of Heaven and thou shalt not be able to even contain these things?" (End of prophecy.)

                37. (Mama:) Here's something else the Lord says you have to do to receive this Love:  You have to create a vacuum.  And what is the vacuum?  He says it's the "desire" to draw this Love from Him.  But what stops it? He's giving us some amazing insight into our hearts!  He says it's our fears that keep the Love from coming through--fears of rejection, fears of being hurt, memories of past hurts. He says we've got to cast aside those fears and just let His Love flow through us. And even though some of the things we fear may come to pass at the same time, they will also be washed by the Love, and all of them will work together for your good.

                38. If you just can't let go, if you're too afraid to open up to Him and to others, just cry out to Him and ask Him to help you to do it!  Tell Him you just can't do it on your own, but that you want to experience His Love to the full and you want to pour it out to others, so He's going to have to do the miracle to help you.  And then simply take a little step and see what He'll do!

* * *

                Be Still and Receive My Love!

                39. (Prophecy:) "Remember that I was in all points tempted as ye are. Ye feel, `I cannot do this! I am so weak, I am so vile, I fall so short. I want so hard to show Your Love, Lord, but I cannot!'  That is right, ye cannot.  But remember, I felt this, but My Own Father sent Me. He gave Me the grace, He gave me the Love. So by faith accept My Love and receive to overflowing. Just open your hearts and My Spirit will pour in, in all its power and in all its glory. And ye who feel so weak and incapable, that is good, for all of you are weak. By yourselves, none of you can do this wonderful work that I wish to work in you, to love My children, to love Me, to love the lost. So do not worry, just stand there. Be still. Commune in your hearts upon your bed. Be in awe and receive My power and I will do this work." (End of prophecy.)

                40. (Mama:) There it is again: He says to just be still and receive, and He will do it!

* * *

                Love One Another As I Have Loved You!

                41. (Prophecy:) "Behold, what manner of love I have toward you, in that while ye were yet sinners, I died for you.  Ponder this simple fact and reflect upon the depth of My Love, that while ye were yet sinners, while ye were full of iniquity and filth, I died for you. So great is My Love for you that I could see beyond your weaknesses, beyond your sins, and I could see the beauty of My creation. I gave My Love for you, I gave My life for you. So is My Love.

                42. "And this is My commandment unto you, that ye love one another as I have loved you; that ye see beyond the weaknesses and the idiosyncrasies and those things which would put you off, and those things which would frustrate you and bother you in those 'round about you; that ye let yourself be blinded to these things, that ye might instead show forth My Love and understanding and compassion for one another.

                43. "Look upon the many sacrifices and tests and battles that each one hath passed through, and so shall your respect and admiration for one another grow, and ye shall see one another as I see you.  Ye shall look past the things of the flesh and ye shall see the beauty of the Spirit and the glory of the creation which I have made. And in seeing this, such love shall spring up in you as ye have never known, for ye shall see as I see, and ye shall feel as I feel, and ye shall love as I love." (End of prophecy.)

                44. (Mama:) Think about how Jesus loved us when we were filthy and dirty and didn't want any part of Him, when we were insisting on doing our own thing, when we were slapping Him in the face by saying we didn't need Him.  He loved us so greatly that even though He had to make the supreme sacrifice and leave His Father and leave His Home to be tortured, to be condemned, to endure all the evils of sinful men, He did it because He loved you!--And if you had been the only one ever born into this world, He still would have done it!--For you!  He did it because He saw that underneath all that filth and all that sin, there was a beautiful creation of His.

                45. So now He says that we must love others with the same love that He loved us with; that we must look beyond their faults and failings and sins, and look for the beauty that He has placed there--the sweet things about them, the good things about them, the sacrifices they make, the things they do for others--that you try to look inside their heart.  He says He wants you to "be blinded to these things that bother you," and look at all the tests they've gone through and the heavy trials and temptations they've endured and the victories they've won and the progress they've made.

                46. Even though they may still have an awful long way to go, Jesus looks at how far they've come, not how far they have yet to go, and He wants you to do likewise!  He promises that if you'll make this step and try to see others the way He sees them, you will change, and your love and admiration and respect for each other will grow, and you will begin to see things differently, to see people differently.  He says that you'll actually be able to see as He sees, and feel as He feels, and love as He loves.

* * *

                Receive My Love--And Pour It Out to Others!

                47. (Prophecy:) "Stop and think now as ye go through the day: `Who am I passing by? I shall reach out and give him love.'  `Maybe he needs a prayer,' `Maybe she needs a hug,' `Maybe she needs someone to talk to,' `Maybe he needs a friend.' `I need to give correction today. How shall I do it?--In haste? Shall I say unto my brother in haste the anger I feel, the pent-up feelings that I feel?'  No, I say unto you, please say it in love. Speak as if spoken through, in the way that ye desire to receive it, and then ye shall know how to give it.

                48. "If ye pass by someone's door and see them sitting alone, why not stop and talk to them and give them some love? How many times have ye passed by the children and let them walk by, only seeing up to your knees? Lift them up and look in their face and give them much more love. For the greatest love I desire to pour upon you this day is My Love. Would ye love Me more than ye love Me now? I am right here beside you as a lover and a friend, a counselor and a guide. I love you much more than ye know, much more than ye can comprehend. If ye would just receive all the love I have to give you, then there would be no reason to stop and think about giving love, but it would pour out of you abundantly--there would be no room to hold it all!

                49. "Please stop and take time to listen to Me, to let Me kiss you, to let Me embrace you, to let Me touch your hair and hold you closely, to let Me look into your face as ye look into My eyes and see that I adore you.  I love you as a lover. Please take time to love Me and let Me love you. I need you and I want you to love Me. I need your love, for I am a jealous God and I will have no other loves before Me. If ye love Me more than all of these, then I shall give you such abundant love, abundant joy!  The freedom and love that ye shall feel shall burst out from you, and ye shall be a blessing unto Me." (End of prophecy.)

                50. (Mama:) He says if you'll just receive the great love that He has for you, if you'll just open up and let Him love you with the great love He has for you, that you won't have to work at loving others, but that it will just pour forth from you, and His Love will fill you to overflowing so that it will pour out on others with ease.  Don't forget that He needs your love and you need His Love, and others need yours and His Love, and together you can give it to them!

* * *

                How to Show His Love to Others!

                51. (Prophecy:) "Forgiveness, mercy, tenderness, gentleness, acts and deeds of kindness and caring, simplicity, thoughtfulness, rewards, words of love, words of encouragement, words of praise, all the positive and good things that you can say about someone, loving touches and caresses, giving of yourselves, taking time to talk, taking time to listen, making time to share, helping to carry the load, small acts of consideration, stooping to help the other--these will show My Love and will reassure others of My Love.

                52. "What makes you feel My Love?  Think about the things that happen in your life that reassure you that I love you and others love you.  There are many good answers there, and many ways that you can do the same for the one beside you:  A warm greeting instead of an indifferent glance; a smile and cheerful words reassure you that everything is okay; a moment to answer a question with consideration and sincerity, instead of pressured haste and busy rush, making others feel belittled or in the way; time to help the one next to you, and in so doing, help them to feel My appreciation and that I need them, that I appreciate them and their service to Me, I appreciate their labors in the duties that I ask of them.

                53. "The list does not really have an end, for My Love is endless and without limit and without bounds.  As ye learn to seek Me and desire My Love to grow in your hearts and in your lives, ye will be thrilled at the wonderful resurrection of love in your life, at the beauty and joy of simply giving and loving others.

                54. "Be a little channel of Jesus.  Be a little duct that the refreshing, soothing, comforting waters of My Love can flow through.  Be a little pansy to cheer their day. I need little channels. Upon the smallest, most insignificant, seemingly obscure stones is My great work laid." (End of prophecy.)

                55. (Mama:) Now, go back and make a list of all the things that you can do to show God's Love to others.  Write down the list from the above prophecy, and also add to it all the ways you can think of to share Jesus' Love with others.  The list above will give you a good start, but there are many more ways.  In fact, the Lord says that the list doesn't have an end, for His Love is endless!  All He is requiring is that you be a little channel for His Love to flow through with those little deeds of love.

* * *

                Bare Your Hearts!

                56. (Prophecy:) "It is difficult for so many to share their hearts.  It is not easy, and they are looking for those who see their hearts without them having to even say anything. But learn to say what is on your heart. Learn to open your heart, so others can love you more and understand you better and be able to love you with a greater love and understanding.

                57. "Take the time to do this, for it is very very important. It is very needed in order to give love. Ye cannot just say `I love you' and pass them by. Ye must see others for who they are and what they are, what they mean to Me, what they mean to you, what they mean to My Kingdom, even what they mean to themselves, in order to be a loving help and strength and blessing and encouragement. With this commission of love, I commission you today to love one another by understanding and getting to know each other's hearts, and also by baring your heart one to another." (End of prophecy.)

                58. (Mama:) Why is opening up to each other so important?  Please stop now and discuss this just for a few minutes, based on what the above prophecy says.  What's the commission that the Lord is giving you?

* * *

                Be Empowered and Touched with His Love, that You May Touch Others!

                59. (Prophecy:) "Ye have learned to love and serve and to give in your serving, but your serving will now need to be more filled with love.  Ponder what I have told of Martha, who did not recognize that the Spirit had visited her enough to stop and to look and to listen, to stop from striving and working and being recognized in works, and learn to simply sit at My feet and get refilled and empowered. For in this resting upon Me and stopping and tanking up and refilling, ye will have love that ye know not of.

                60. "Have I not given you the example of the Samaritan on the road to Jericho? There are many such occasions even in your everyday life where I would that ye would stop and touch and caress and hug and listen and heal and pray. For all these are a part of My Love and My care and My concern for those that I wish to bestow a touch of healing on. So be ye touched with My Love, that ye may touch others.

                61. "Will ye say, `I have given once, it is enough'? For there will be many upon the road of your day; many occasions for you to recognize a need for love. Therefore stop your working, be touched by My Spirit. For as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.

                62. "Have I not given you the sample of the good shepherd who leaveth the ninety-and-nine, the duty, the responsibility, the administration, all that he thinketh he must do, and his heart is pulled toward the one who crieth and needeth, to rescue those that are in need? Therefore, think not that ye know what to do, but look and listen, for I have to whisper into your ears what I see behind the outward appearance. Learn to look upon the heart, for I see it not as man seeth." (End of prophecy.)

                63. (Mama:) Go back and read this prophecy and reflect on the three examples which the Lord mentions.  Why is it so important to go slow and live for the present moment and not be racing towards some future event and all the work there is ahead of you?  Again, He is telling us that it's so important that we listen to Him so that He can show us what is in the heart, because it's not usually what we see on the surface.

* * *

                Say the Words!

                64. (Prophecy:) "Say the word and thy servant shall be healed. Ye have laid down your lives in love for one another.  Ye have laid down your lives in love for Me and My Work.  Ye have given in sacrifice and ye have had patience, and now I would that ye might receive the reward. So often ye do these things in dryness of spirit.  Ye fulfill the letter of the law and ye fulfill your duties faithfully and diligently, but ye receive not the promise of the joy and the love.

                65. "But I say unto you, say the words and ye shall be healed. Say the words, `I love you!'  Say the words, `Thank you!'  Say the words, `I appreciate you!'  Say these words of love and appreciation and tell one another what you feel, and ye shall be healed; ye shall feel the flowing water of My Spirit and ye shall feel the soothing warmth of My Love enveloping you and transforming your Home, transforming your lives.

                66. "Ye are married to one another, but so often your love and your marriage is a formality. Ye perform the duties and ye fulfill the obligations, but ye feel not the love.  But if ye will only say the words, I will do the rest.  The love, and the feelings of love, and the joy of love will come, if ye will only say the words and live it.  Look for it in faith and ye shall feel that love and joy that you've read about and which ye so earnestly desire." (End of prophecy.)

                67. (Mama:) From what the Lord says here, we see that this robe of Love is not just another burden or one more thing that we have to perform in the long list of requirements.  Although to love one another is a commandment, the love that He gives us in order to do it is a reward, because it's His great wonderful Love for us that enables us to pour out upon others.  It's that warm, wonderful, secure, abundant, heart-to-heart love that He rewards us with when we open up and receive, that is so great that we lose none of it by sharing it, and it just pours out all over us and all over others.  He says that it will cure the dryness and the weariness by giving joy and love in its place.

                68. The way that healing will be accomplished and that reward will be given is if we just say the words.  What words?  "I love you,"  "Thank you,"  "I appreciate you."  If we'll say these words, He says the rest will come--He'll do all the rest!  He'll give the joy, the love, the feelings.  Take the time right now to make a list of other words and phrases that the Lord means to be included in this category, things like, "I understand," "I need you," "You're special to me," "What a sweet thing to do," "I really have seen a change in you," "Please, can you help me?", "You make me so happy."  And there are many, many others.

* * *

                Sharing Love One Drop at a Time!

                69. (Prophecy:) "Come, My little butterfly. Behold, I say, come out of the cocoon, come out of the spider webs, come out of the cobwebs, come out of the webs that have bound thee. Come, My little butterfly--light upon this flower, and light upon that flower, and take thy pollen to this flower, and take a little sweetness over to that flower. Come, look at the garden! Look at all the flowers! Look at all those in need of thy love!  Look at all those who are so inspired with the sweetness that I have given thee. Behold, I say unto thee, take thy little drop of sweetness, and drop it here; and then take the one that I replace it with, and drop it there. I have given thee a channel of sweetness, and I give it to thee one drop at a time. Behold all of the flowers that are in need, for I have made My garden this way. Take a look at nature as an example.--This is how I have made it.

                70. "Behold all the flowers in thy garden, all the ones there. Take a drop of sweetness every day and drop it in another heart, and this shall keep thee renewed and refreshed and concentrating on the good things and doing the good things. I have a job for everyone in My garden. Let thy wings be carried by the breath of My Spirit, and drop a little sweetness into the flower that I take thee by."

                71. (Vision:) I had a vision of a whole field of closed flowers, buds that were not opened up yet.  I think they were roses.  Someone went up to one of the flowers and kissed the flower and it started opening, like time lapse photography where it slowly opens up.  Then that flower reached over and kissed one of the other buds, and it started to open up too. Then it was contagious, a chain reaction. As the flowers would kiss other flowers, the whole field of flowers just started opening up.  Then I saw that they all kept kissing one another, and if one flower wasn't kissed for a while, it would start to fold up again, so they had to keep kissing each other to keep their blossoms open.

                72. The kiss was a symbol of love, of loving each other.  Along with this at the same time I got the fairy tale of Snow White and how she was in a sleep of death. The only thing that could awaken her to life again was the kiss of her prince charming.  I got that Jesus is our Prince Charming, and He kisses us with the kiss of love, the gift of life, and that awakens us, like the Key of David.  So we need to constantly kiss each other with love to keep us alive and vibrant and open. (End of prophecy and vision.)

                73. (Mama:) Don't miss the very important point of all this: And that is, you don't get all your love at once, you just get one drop at a time.  Therefore, you're probably not going to feel that you have a lot of love, because you won't have all at once!  It just comes as you give it, one drop at a time.  But as you drop it on someone who needs love, you will get another drop, and as often as you keep dropping it, you will keep getting more drops. The more you share your drops, the more you will have!

* * *

                A Handbook of Specifics for Loving!

                74. (Mama:) In summary, in the prophecies above, the Lord gives a whole handbook of specifics for loving.  The Lord says that as you seek Him and desire His Love to grow in your life, "you will be thrilled at the wonderful resurrection of love in your life." He says you don't have to be something great--He's just looking for a little channel.  He commissions each of us to love one another by learning to know each other's hearts, and by also opening your heart to others.

                75. The main way that you're going to get this Love that Jesus wants so much to give you is to sit at His feet where He can empower you. You must be touched with His Love so that you may in turn touch others. He says you have to ask Him for understanding to know what is in a person's heart, because only He can show you that.  He says that it's very important that you start saying the words--"I love you," "I appreciate you," "I thank you."  If you say these things and open up your heart to others, you will be healed through the power of Love, and your life and those around you will be transformed.  The love and the feelings of love and the joy of love will come if you'll say the words and you will start living it.

* * *

                Remove the Obstacles and Let the Love Flow!

                76. (Prophecy:) "My Love is like a mighty reservoir--deep, wide and unending--but there are many dams built that measure out the water of My Love in meager portions, mere trickles or small streams, when I wish for it to burst forth and flood your hearts and souls and wash you clean and carry you along the current of My will!  There is more than enough of this water for all of you, a plentiful supply to share with others, to be carried far and wide to pour upon others and upon the thirsty ground, so that it bringeth forth to bud and flourish and prosper and grow and bear much fruit unto Me.  There is enough to cover this whole Earth and make it into a plush garden!

                77. "But ye must remove the dams made of many rocks and obstacles--some big, some small, but all obstructing the flow of the water.  Take away the rocks of pride, independence, fear, selfishness, weakness and the opinions of men.  Think not of yourself and your many weaknesses and inabilities, and what others will think of you or what the consequences will be. Think only of others and their need for My Love, and I will lead in the right path, directed by My Love and wisdom, and you need not worry about yourself and the results, for it will be glorious and it will bear good fruit and the results which I desire.

                78. "For I cannot fail!--Therefore My Love cannot fail, nor whatever is done in My Love. Fear not that the flood of Love will wash you away, but rather let it carry you to heights and places ye have not known, and it will be a great joy and delight unto your heart and soul. So let it go, let it flow, and trust Me!" (End of prophecy.)

                79. (Mama:) The Lord's Love has no end and no limit, and He wants to pour it out without measure to us and others, but He is limited by what we do.  He says there's so much love that it can cover the whole Earth, if we will let it, but we have to remove the dams made of many obstacles.  What are the obstacles, what are the rocks?--Pride, independence, fear, selfishness, weakness and the opinions of men.  He says if you will just forget yourself and think about others, you won't have to worry, because everything will come out right and you won't be harmed and you won't be hurt.  Instead, you will be healed and be given great joy.  He says just let it go and trust Him!

* * *

                Our Cups Overflow with Love!

                80. (Prophecy:) "Behold, the dam doth overflow, and the waters do break forth, and My Love hath no limit!  For I am Love and I cannot be contained, and I do pour forth. I do break forth on the right hand and on the left!  Ye come to Me with your cup, but I would open channels unto you, continuous channels of My Love!  If ye would look to Me, and seek Me first, and put Me first, and draw nigh to Me with your whole heart, then ye would overflow with My Love. Your cup would not be empty--your cup would overflow, your cup would run over continually! Ye would have not your own measly store, but the bountiful, immeasurable store of My Love to share with others, to pour forth, to give!  And as ye give, it shall be given unto you. For the waters that ye pour forth, I shall flood you with more, for there is no limit to Me or My Love!" (End of prophecy.)

                81. (Vision:) I was getting a vision of a dam or some type of a reservoir. It was so big you couldn't see across, just water, and lots of it!  I saw us going up and filling our cups and then going out.  It was as if the Lord was saying, "Don't do it that way any more.  Don't fill your cups that way, but make channels--tap into it!" He was saying that by tapping into the dam, it will be continuous. Just tap into the source, and then you can give it and give it and it will keep going!

                82. (Another vision:) I had a picture of a dam and how the water comes out through normal openings of the spillways and various gates that are built into the dam.  But at this moment the waters rose so dramatically that they started spilling all the way over the top of the dam in a huge volume, coming in a much greater capacity!

                83. (Mama:) How does He say we can overflow with His Love?--If you will look to Him and draw nigh unto Him and seek Him first and put Him first--with your whole heart!  He says when you pour forth, He'll fill you up again and you'll never run out!

                Become a Channel of His Love!

                84. (Prophecy:) "Fear not, and say not amongst yourselves, `From whence shall I give this love?' For behold, ye are not the source, but the channels. Ye do not need to be a reservoir, but a channel--to channel the water of My Love from the reservoir into the hearts of the needy.

                85. "Just be like the tap. Just open the tap and My Love will pour through. Ye do not need to work at it. It is not an effort of the flesh.  It is not a result of your own strength or your own goodness. But as ye look to Me, and as ye look to My Love and as ye look to My Word, ye become that channel of My Love.

                86. "For behold, I seek for channels, and in channels do I delight, those that are empty in themselves and seek only to be filled with Me and to let My Love flow through them upon others. Therefore remove the obstructions in the channels, that My Love may pour through easily and freely, that it be not hindered, that it be not stopped up. But even this I am able to perform. I am able to remove the obstructions, if ye will look to Me. For I will perfect that which concerns Me, and I will accomplish My will in your lives. As each of you look to Me, ye become that creation of God.

                87. "Behold, ye already are My creations of God. Ye are My jewels, My precious stones, each one a different color!  Each one shines in a different way, in a slightly different light, a slightly different shade, a slightly different reflection, but it is all the same light. I just want to polish you a little more so you will shine even brighter and you will be an even greater reflection of My light--to shine in the darkness, to shine on one another, to inspire, encourage, to lift up the feeble knees, to lift up those that are cast down.

                88. "For I have given you for one another. Ye are My children in whom I have great delight. Ye are My Family. Continue ye in My Love, and be ye one with Me, even as I and My Father are one.  For I have chosen you even from the beginning of the world to be vessels of My Love, to be channels of My Love. Fear not, for I will perfect that which concerneth you." (End of prophecy.)

                89. (Mama:) If you young people ever have any doubts about God's plan for your life, just look at the amazing things He says to you!--That He has chosen you "even from the beginning of the world to be vessels of My Love, to be channels of My Love."  What a calling, what a ministry, what a commission! When you think how long ago the beginning of the world was, and how the Lord must be counting on us to carry out His plan, because He planned it so long ago, it makes you feel like you can't possibly fail Him!  He's just looking for empty channels.  What if you're not empty?  He says don't worry, just ask Him to remove the obstructions and He will do it for you!

                90. Here's a statement that we need to remember: "For I have given you for one another."  It's like Jesus can't love your brother or sister the way He would like to without your help, and He needs you to do it for Him, and He's depending on you to do it for Him.  He really needs you.

* * *

                Be Hungry, Empty and Still--and He Will Fill!

                91. (Prophecy:) "Have I not said unto you that ye are called and chosen and faithful? For I have called you from the four corners of the Earth, I have brought you together for My purpose and ye have forsaken many things. Ye have forsaken houses, lands, families, wives, children, brothers and sisters, for My Name's sake, for the love that ye had for Me and for your shepherds, your parents in the Lord. And have I not promised that I would reward you an hundredfold?  Ye have just begun to taste the hundredfold that I would give unto you. For I would pour out My Love on you in greater measure than ever before, as a reward for your sacrifice and your dedication to Me.

                92. "And because ye are vessels that are yielded to Me, who have given your lives to Me, and who have said that ye would be used by Me as tools in My hand, it is My will to use you as tools of Love. For I am Love. This is the word that best describes My nature.

                93. "There are many hindrances to love. But because ye have committed yourself, I will show you how to break down the hindrances.  I will show you how to remove the obstacles, and I will help you to be vessels of My Love. But first ye must let Me fill you up!  A vessel that is moving cannot be filled; ye must be still. Ye must provide the time for Me to fill you. Ye must be as hungry, empty vessels with open mouths, still and waiting for Me to fill you up. Ye must take this time with Me for refilling. For ye cannot pour out of an empty vessel.

                94. "And do ye think ye will pour of yourselves? Ye will find very soon that your own love will be found wanting. As ye rub one against another, the idiosyncrasies and the quirks of another will frustrate you, and ye will say, `Where is this great love that I am supposed to have?'  Ye cannot do it by yourself, for even the little things will irk you. But ye can do it in My power!  As ye fill up on Me and My glorious Love, ye will have more than enough, and this love will pour out on everyone ye meet!

                95. "As ye spend time with Me, ye will go forth from your chamber with My Love shining on your face!  And those that see you will know that it is not of you, but it is of Me. For this does not come from your own might or your own power or your own habits or your own knowing how to love. As ye retire into your chamber and spend time with Me, I will teach you to love.

                96. "This will be the great blessing unto you that I have promised. This will be the hundredfold. Do ye think ye can have a hundred wives or a hundred husbands, ye who have forsaken these? But, yea, I will give you much more than what ye have forsaken. More than the children ye have forsaken, more than the many loves that ye have forsaken.

                97. "As ye have come to Me and forsaken all these earthly ties, I will reward you with Heavenly Love, so that ye will remember the sorrow no more that ye once felt in leaving the loved ones that ye had. Ye will be filled to overflowing with My Love. And in this do My promises fit together. For as ye keep one part, I will fulfill the other part. As ye draw nigh to Me, I will draw nigh to you, and I will fill you to overflowing!" (End of prophecy.)

                98. (Mama:) What wonderful promises! He's promised to blot out all the pain you have experienced and all the forsakings, and give you His Heavenly Love in its place!

                99. Again He reminds us that we can't pour out His supernatural Love on others unless we experience it ourselves, and the way we can experience it is by being quiet and letting Him fill us in loving communion with Him.  This is where He will show us how to remove the obstacles to receiving His Love and giving it to others.  We must be hungry, empty, and still.  He says that He has to "teach us to love," and as you know, you can only learn something by taking time to do it!  We can only get filled up by being still, and we can only love others with His Love, because our love is not enough.

                The Sample of David and Maria!

                100. (Prophecy:) "As your queen hath drawn nigh and hath seen the need for love and hath poured forth My Love and shared her lessons of love, even so shall ye draw nigh unto Me as ye draw nigh unto her. Even as David was a pillar to whom My crystals clung, by whom My light was imbibed, and pulsated with the same love and the same light and the same glow and the same power that I poured forth into My pillar, as ye do cling and hold fast and look unto My queen and partake of that which I give unto her and pour forth unto her for you, ye too shall glow and pour forth and send forth your light to them that sit in darkness and in the region of the shadow of death. And they shall come to your light and they shall arise and they shall rejoice in this, My light, and draw nigh to Me through you, through your queen, through My Words, through that which I give unto you, My children, in this day." (End of prophecy.)

                101. (Mama:) Let's work to make a good team for Jesus!

* * *

                102. (Prophecy:) "The angel of the Lord passeth before the throne of God and taketh from under the altar the burning coals of fire to cleanse His temple, to cleanse His people, that they may see the light and Spirit of God, and receive His cleansing. And behind him the censor, the pure prayers, the faith of the saints, the glory of all the Kingdom is upon you.  The high priest, even our Father David, marches before the camp and before the people, and maketh offerings unto God for us, His people, that we might be purified and cleansed and made holy, washed of our sins, and our robes made white in the blood of the Lamb. And that we might be joined together in unity and love and prepared against that glorious day of the Lord's appearing. Be strengthened, therefore, in the Lord!  Rejoice always in Him! Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." (End of prophecy.)

                103. (Vision:) I saw an angel taking the coals of fire, and he shone with a really bright light.  It was a high and holy day in Heaven--a consecration day.  Dad had the breastplate of righteousness on and he went before the altar and made intercession. It was like a purification for the Family, a dedication of the Family.

* * *

                104. (Prophecy:) "Behold the unconditional Love of God!  To you this day do I give great Love! Without measure do I give it unto you as My precious gift. For hath not David such great love for you, My children, that he hath disappeared from this flesh that he might live with you more intimately?--That he might help you and assist you and assure you that I am with you unto the end? For even as he sought to decrease that he might love you more, and impartially, as a marriage have I married you this day. For ye are My Bride, the Church of God, members one of another.

                105. "And as the manna was given unto My children of old and I commanded them that they gather not and store not, but each day fresh manna did appear upon the ground, man did eat angel's food. Even so was this given unto you, the children whom I have chosen, upon whom the ends of the world are come. I give unto you manna. I give unto you Love. I give unto you the power of Love, to touch, to heal and to understand, and to be moved with compassion.

                106. "Did I not give unto you a fine and an excellent example in My David and his love for his Maria? And in My Maria and her devotion and dedication for her David? Did he not say unto you that when he was weak, then she was strong; and when she was weak, then he was strong? For ye are My body, and there are times when parts of you are weak. Therefore look upon your body and nourish and cherish that which needeth to be strengthened. For who is your neighbor, but he that dwelleth by you? Look upon your neighbor with love. Cherish these times of Heaven on Earth, when ye have it by you to give unconditional love--love without measure, love that seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, neither thinketh nor imagineth evil, but is filled with praise and joy and caring and sharing!

                107. "Give this love, pour forth this love, and I will bless you!  Blessings untold that have never been witnessed before in the history of this world do I give unto you; yea, the great treasures of My Heavenly Kingdom!" (End of prophecy.)

                108. (Mama:) First the Lord gives us the power of Love, this great gift from Him, and then He says if we will use it and share it with others, He will "bless us with blessings untold that have never been witnessed before in the history of this world!"  What amazing promises! What wonderful love!

* * *

                Show Love to the World and to One Another!

                109. (Prophecy:) "For this is My will for you, My children, to go forth in love, and that your love may be made a witness to the world!  Ye are My children, ye are the children of Love, and ye have witnessed My Name and My Love amongst many nations. And behold, wherever ye go, people are touched by the feelings of My Love. For ye are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, called-out ones for Me, that in a world of darkness ye may shine as lights unto the eternal Kingdom and for the crown of righteousness which is laid up for each of you.

                110. "And I shall proclaim for all eternity: these are My children who showed love to the world and who showed love to one another!  This shall be held up as a sample for generations, and it shall be counted unto you for everlasting righteousness." (End of prophecy.)

                111. (Mama:) What are the two commissions the Lord has given us?--To show love to the world and love to each other.

* * *

                Our Love for One Another Has Drawing Power to Reach the Lost!

                112. (Prophecy:) "What the world needs now is love, more love; it's the only thing that there is just too little of. Can ye hear the cries of those who are languishing, the cries of those who are without love? Those who are desperate and empty and lonely?  Those who have no strength to carry on? Those who are so weak, they are nigh unto death for lack of love? Those who know you not and who have not love, but have only darkness and loneliness and despair?

                113. "Can your heart be touched and moved and broken for these who have no love? They have not even a little love, for they know not Me. And to know not Me is to have no love in your life, true and everlasting love which fails not, which cannot be broken and which will not let you down.

                114. "For why do I give such love, but to be a testimony, and to fill the need of those who are without, and those who have nothing.  They shall look upon you, they shall see this light in your eyes and this love upon your face, and they shall marvel! They shall look upon you with such astonishment. They shall say, `What is this brightness? What is this power that is drawing me?' It is then that ye shall give unto them the love that they seek to fill their hearts, as ye pour forth My Love and My Words upon these needy multitudes who sit in darkness and despair.

                115. "For have I not said that by this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another? This love is the very drawing power which shall bring the lost to your feet. They shall kneel down and they shall say, `Whatever it is that ye have that gives you this power, that gives you this brightness and this light and this love, give it unto us that we may partake also.' And there shall be a mighty reaping as there has never been since the beginning of time!  Multitudes shall follow after you and they shall marvel at this power, this love, and they shall desire with great desire to partake.

                116. "Ye shall find such great joy, such great satisfaction and such great pleasure in giving this love, and in this lovemaking of the Spirit. Your fire shall be lit and your passion shall burst forth, and ye shall say, `Give me more and more of this love! Give me more of this lovemaking of the Spirit! For I have never had enough. It is so wonderful, it is so thrilling!'  This lovemaking of the Spirit shall conceive and bring forth many children, many babies for My Kingdom. Therefore hold not back, but open your hearts and your arms and your bodies and your spirits and your emotions, that ye might love those 'round about you, and that ye might love Me, and that ye might bring many to Me and to My Kingdom!" (End of prophecy.)

                117. (Mama:) You say, "Why can't we just concentrate on loving the lost and not worry about loving each other?  After all, we all know the Lord and we have His Word, and that should be enough."  Well, it isn't enough, because as you know yourself, you need someone to tell you they love you, someone to tell you they care; someone to tell you they appreciate you, that they need you; someone to tell you "thank you for your labors."  But not only do you need this love in human form and this love in action, but look what the Lord says about it.  He says that the way we are going to reach the world is through our love for each other. "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another."  This is an amazing statement!  He doesn't say that if we have love for them we will win them, He says we must also have love for each other to win them.  Think on this.

* * *

                The Lord's Miracle-Working Power in Our Lives!

                118. (Prophecy:) "This is just the beginning!  I have marvels, miracles, and wonders in store for you that will blow your mind!  Ye shall be astonished at My miracle-working power in not only the lives of others, but in your own lives. As ye have called unto Me this day, so have I poured forth in abundance of My Love and My Spirit of Love. And ye shall see a change and ye shall feel a change and there will be a change. This is a new day, a new anointing, a new power of My Spirit. For there is a great need and there is great darkness. Therefore have I commanded that ye shine forth as a bright light, to draw My sheep into the power of My light, that they may feed of the cool, refreshing waters of My Spirit, that their thirst may be quenched and that they may be strengthened, and that they may find light.

                119. "Break forth with singing and rejoicing as ye pour forth as never before!  For I give this Love for a purpose, that ye may bear fruit, that ye may win many, that there may be a great reaping of souls and disciples, that there may be a great rejoicing in Heaven!" (End of prophecy.)

                120. (Mama:) Does this sound too great--too far-out?  It sounds pretty big, doesn't it?  Yet the Lord says that we will be astonished by His power, and that He is going to show us great marvels and miracles.  Have you felt the change yet? Have you seen it? If not, just believe, and there will be a performance of those things which He has promised.  Step out by faith, listen to what He says and then do it, and as you do it, you will see it turn into miracles in your life and in the lives of others!

* * *

                Shining Lights of Love in the Darkness!--And a Promise to Our Young People!

                121. (Prophecy:) "Behold, darkness shall cover the Earth, and gross darkness the people, but My light, which I have engendered and sown in you these many years, shall arise upon you.  But I say unto you, say not ye there are yet four months and then cometh harvest, but behold, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are now white unto harvest. For Satan hath gone about as a roaring lion and hath produced the darkness upon the Earth. Even now this deceiver doth weave his web of deceit.  Even now hath he convinced world leaders that pride and hate and deception will rule the world.

                122. "But I say unto you, My light will arise upon you!  Therefore, lift up your light, lift up your eyes, let your heart burn brightly, let My Love channel through you, for I have placed you in many countries throughout the world.  I have placed the seed of David in many lands, and where iniquity doth abound, grace doth much more abound.  Behold, I cause a great wave to rise in the ocean! I cause the tidal waves to rise up out of the people and to flow across the land and take away the boundaries that I've set upon the sand.  I command My wave to sweep the Earth, and I will not let Satan win!

                123. "The greatest force in the Earth is Love!  And I am Who I am, and Satan hath convinced many that I am not.  But My light shall arise upon you as a great and mighty wave that shall sweep the Earth! I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, look on the gangs, look on the youth of the world, look on the darkness. I beg of you to spread My Love, to let your love shine so brightly that they will see your good works and they will marvel that ye have been with Me. They will marvel that such Love doth exist on the Earth!

                124. "And to those of the younger generation, who pass through the valley of decision, I commend you and I promise you that those things which some of your brethren have left for and gone after, I will provide more abundantly for you.  For ye do lay up treasures in Heaven like that which your Father David doth now enjoy!  For he chose not to have the pleasures of sin for a season; he chose not to store up his riches on Earth, but he gave them away. And for each giving away, he stored up treasures in Heaven, which he doth now enjoy eternally and which do not rust, which never fade away, but drape about him as a great robe of righteousness and love and joy and all that he could desire, and more than he can desire!  And these things do I drape about you--eternal things.

                125. "Fear not, do not think that Satan will win, for I have stored My Love as a nuclear bomb within each of your hearts, and My Love shall cover the Earth!  As the floods at the time of Noah did cover the Earth, so shall My Love cover the Earth. And ye are the taps in the countries, ye do open the locks of the dams. Let the Love flow out!  Let your light so shine before these men that they may know that there is a God in Heaven and a God upon Earth!" (End of prophecy.)

                126. (Mama:) There is great darkness on the Earth, but there's great love in our hearts.  The Lord has commanded His Love to sweep the Earth, He will not let Satan win.  He says, "My light shall arise upon you as a great and mighty wave that shall sweep the Earth!"  He "begs" us to spread our Love.  As we do, they will marvel that real Love actually exists.

                127. For you young people, He swears to you that He will provide more for you than you could ever find in the world.  You may have to be patient for these treasures, but as you give away here, you are gaining up There, just like Dad gained by giving.

                128. How about that?--The Lord's Love is a "nuclear bomb" in your heart, and that bomb is about to explode!

* * *

                An Explosion of Love!

                129. (Prophecy:) "As the bird seeks the column of warm air that will carry it upwards to great heights, so must ye seek My Spirit, the breath of My Spirit that will carry you to mighty heights that ye know not of. But first ye must let go.  Ye must fall upon My Spirit; ye must be rid of all the props, of all that holds you up.  Ye must be free. Ye must let Me do the lifting. Ye must depend upon My Spirit and My power. For as in an atomic explosion, there first must be a mighty vacuum, a mighty implosion, a mighty infilling. This comes first, and then the tremendous power of the explosion. But My explosion is not of destruction; it is of rebuilding, it is of Love. It is of that which brings light and hope--a mighty light that can be seen by all, a mighty light that can be spread to all dimensions that all may see. But it is not of your doing. Ye must let Me do it.  It is by My power, not by your spirit; not by might, but by Me!" (End of prophecy.)

                130. (Mama:) The explosion has to be the Lord's doing, but we have to have the mighty vacuum that will help to cause it.

                131. (Prophecy:) "Let Me light your fire! For My Love is like a stick of dynamite and ye are the fuse.  Let Me ignite you. You do not have to ignite yourself.  Ye are the little spark that goes along the fuse, the line of My Love, the cord of My Love, and ye have only to sparkle along. Just burn away and burn free. But take care as ye burn along this line of Love that your cord does not get wet, that your little fuse does not get pinched or broken along the way by doubts or fears or the weights of sin or looking on the outward appearances of others.  Just keep sparkling until you get to the dynamite, until I explode!  For your part is the smallest part. I just ask you to sparkle, and then I do the exploding, the grand fireworks!  And when I blow up, everybody will see it--all of the magnificent colors, the boom! It is not you, it is Me.  You just sparkle along the fuse and I will do all the rest. Do not worry, this is God's explosion and I will do the blasting!" (End of prophecy.)

                132. (Mama:) All these glorious promises if we'll just yield and say "yes" to Him and get in tune with Him and start letting Him work through us and not do anything in our own strength. He says we must be "rid of all the props" and just depend on the Lord's Spirit and power, not on our own works or our own righteousness or our own talents, but only on Him.

* * *

                Wait Till the Lights Come On!

                133. (Vision:) I had a picture of a cathedral with many of us walking around doing our work, but the cathedral was very dark. People were walking around thinking, "Did this Love Revolution really happen? Is it really happening? What has changed? It seems really dark and dim." Then I heard a voice saying, "Wait till the lights come on!" So everyone out of obedience and faith went about doing what they were supposed to do.

                134. Then suddenly I heard the sound of floodlights turning on, and one window lit up really bright. It was a stained-glass window in the cathedral, and the picture was a reflection of how the Lord saw one of our brothers or sisters. We were shown their anointing and what the Lord had called them for. The Lord was shining this beautiful light and revealing who this person really was. Then another light came on and another picture came to life with beautiful colors, and it went on and on. Suddenly, you heard this sound continually and all around was a dome of light. Everyone in the cathedral hugged each other and laughed and cried, saying, "Wow, it's really happening! The Lord is doing it!"

                135. Then the scene started going around and around, almost like a spaceship, and when it stopped, it wasn't just one little church, but it was a large stadium where we were playing on the field. As we were playing, different ones who were cheering in the stadium got up, one after the other, and came down and joined us. I saw angels all around the stadium and saw Jesus on His throne, and He stood up, like when Stephen was martyred.

* * *

                Let the Love Flow!

                136. (Prophecy:) "Come, bring your vessels, not a few, for the Lord commandeth you to come. No matter what size your vessel is, bring it to Me and I will fill it and I will overflow it. Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters--the waters that can flow over you, the waters of My Love to fill you and thrill you and to pour upon others too, to wash them and cleanse them from the filth of this world, from the emptiness and the pain and the hunger that they feel for Me. It is My Love that will feed them. But it is not bought with money; it is not bought for a price; it is given freely. Flow it upon them through you. Let this Love flow out. Call the children to come unto Me and be filled with this Love. Come, children, come! Let it flow into you, and I will fill you." (End of prophecy.)

                137. (Mama:) It doesn't matter how old or how young we are, we can all have this overflowing of love.

* * *

                More Visions and Verses!

                138. I got a picture which seemed to be a glimpse into Heaven and what was happening right now as we were preparing to pray.  I saw all these little children running around the pathways of Heaven gathering what seemed to be essences or spices of Heaven.  They were in the air and in the flowers, and one of the essences was almost like this thick, rich, white chocolate.  They were filling vials with all the essences, and I got the impression that this rich white chocolate substance was tenderness of spirit, and it was a very special essence of Heaven.  Then they all came back to this big gathering of angels and departed Family members and other people, and they were looking out of a window of Heaven onto the Earth, and they started pouring all this essence out on us as we were praying.  It was not in scant measure, but they were bathing us in this essence, and we were knee deep in it!  I did make out that it was different facets of love that they were gathering from Heaven.

                139. Also, I got the impression that it was not just the infilling of Love and of the Spirit, but it was for a healing also. I got the words, "There was great healing in the land."  It was a healing of heartaches from yesterday and it was a new beginning.  Then at the end I saw Dad right in the midst of this gathering, and he was lifting his arms up and praising the Lord, and tears of joy were streaming down his face.

* * *

                140. I had a vision of a huge multitude. It reminded me of those huge crowds of fans at the rock concerts and how crazy, even hysterical the crowds can get, wanting to get at the rock stars.  But this picture was a much, much bigger crowd and it was a mixed crowd--old, young, rich, poor, blacks, whites, all colors.  It was like the people of the world, and they were reaching out to us for our love, in total desperation.  It was quite a vivid picture and it was as if we were their last hope.  The multitude was in utter desperation to get at us, with their arms reaching out, grasping at us, begging and pleading for what we have, our love.

* * *

                141. I had a vision of Grandpa and Mama and all of us, and Mama was giving birth. She was lying on her back and Grandpa was there, but he was just visiting, you could tell, as there was a glow around him.  He was definitely just helping at this particular time. There was a calendar on the wall with April 1st circled.  Grandpa was holding on to Mommy's hand saying, "OK, Honey, push, push!"  We were all standing around the room praising the Lord and singing and rejoicing, and the baby's head was crowning and we were all excited! You know how wonderful it is when you see that happening!  Then the baby was born and we were passing it around the room.  The baby's name was Love.  It was a struggle to give birth, but on this day it was like a whole new baby and a whole new life of love for all of us was born!

* * *

                142. When we first started to pray before we gave our prophecies I got a picture of a black pot and a gold liquid flowing into it, although I couldn't see where it was coming from. Then out of this big black kettle came this beautiful golden statue of a women, a bride, with her arms stretched up praising the Lord.  She was beautiful and golden and shining and radiant.  I got that she was the Bride, the Church of God.

                143. I looked at the kettle and was wondering what it was, and on the kettle was the word "yieldedness."  I was asking the Lord where the melted gold was pouring in from, and as I drew back and saw more of the vision, it was all of us in a circle around the kettle falling down before the Lord and then melting.  I got the verse about being "refined in the fire" (Zech.13:9), and as we were melting, we came out as one, as the Bride of Christ, giving praise and glory to Jesus.

* * *

                144. I got, "Do good unto all men, especially unto them that are of the household of faith" (Gal.6:10).  I also got, "Serve one another in love, esteeming others better than yourselves."  Sometimes we become so familiar with one another that we take each other for granted.  Perhaps to an outside person we would be like an answer from Heaven, and we would appear as very loving people, yet to one another, because we are familiar, we do neglect to take care of each other and neglect to reach out like we should.

* * *

                145. I got the verse, "If ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him" (Luk. 11:13).  And, "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30).  I also got a picture of "Diamonds of Dust" and how it is just a work of the Lord's Spirit and not a work of the flesh.  We just have to let the Lord blow on us.

* * *

                146. I had a vision like those life-after-death experiences where you're sitting in a room and you're up in the corner by the ceiling and you're seeing everything. I was hovering like that and then I saw Grandpa on the other side, and he was looking down and he was just so happy, pleased and smiling. Then he started to cry, and I thought, "What's the matter?" But they were tears of joy and happiness. He was so proud of each and every one of us.  The impression I got was that he just wanted to come and give everybody a big hug and tell us how much he loved us and how proud he was of us. It was really beautiful!

                Let's Take Him at His Word and Start Loving Today!

                147. (Mama:) Aren't those visions beautiful?  Dad loves each of you so much, and he's doing all within his power to help you.  Let's do everything we can to make him proud of us!

                148. In the above prophecies the Lord has been very specific, listing for us exactly what we need to do to exercise the gift of Love that He has given us. He hasn't told us to do anything great or glorious, just to do the little things, the little deeds of love, the daily words of appreciation and touches of affection that our own dear folks are so longing for. He's happy for your love for the lost, but what about your love for your brother or sister whom you live with?

                149. When it comes to loving those you have to work with, play with, eat with and sleep with, it's a lot more difficult. People have habits you don't like, they have quirks that bother you, they have NWOs that frustrate you. And what about all the little kids in the Family running around?  Some of you feel that there are too many of them and they're too much trouble, and you just wish they'd get out of your hair and somebody else would take care of them.  But here the Lord is putting them in front of you and saying they're your responsibility--you need to help them, you need to love them.

                150. And what about all of the single moms that need help and have no one to care for them? There you are, and they are right there beside you, and the Lord is saying they're your responsibility. And what about all the young people who are battling discouragement and need your understanding?  What about those who feel lonely and are missing their loved ones? What about those who are sick and need some encouragement?

                151. There's something you can do to show some love, consideration and concern to each person in the Home that you come into contact with during the day. This is what the Lord is saying, that you should not pass up an opportunity to give your brothers and sisters the love that He wants to show them. You are His instrument and You are His hands and His feet and His mouth, and He expects you to help them and show them love.

                152. For some time now, the Lord has been putting a real push on our loving each other.  He's giving us the specifics, not just the theory any more. He now expects us to do something concrete about it, and He is giving us the power to do so, so we have no excuse not to.  He's promised that He will make us into new creatures of Love.  Dad worked for years at teaching us to have love for each other, and we know all the principles. Now God is giving us the power in a greater way than ever before!

                153. If you couldn't do it before, don't worry and don't fear, because you can do it now!  He has promised, and we know that He will do it if you'll just desire it and receive it and believe it and start to exercise it in all the little ways that He has spoken of in the above prophecies--just by saying the little things and doing the little actions.  That's not too hard, is it?

                154. We've written some very specific Letters, starting around the time of the "Libby" GN (GN 603).  At this time, the Lord started really emphasizing the fact that we are not showing enough love for each other, and we're not getting involved in each other's lives enough.

                155. In the "Happy Home" GN (GN 616), the Lord explained in detail the steps we needed to take to live together fruitfully and lovingly.  We shared more counsel in my "Lessons of Love" GN (GN 622) and in "Personal Letters Number 3" about the single moms and the nationals (GN 611).  We wrote the introduction to the Charter emphasizing the love that we all need to have (GN 615).  We published the "Serve One Another in Love" GN (GN 623).

                156. In all of these, the Lord is emphasizing one aspect of showing love at a time, giving us specifics and showing us how we can put love into practice. He's been very specific about it.  In the single moms prophecy, He explains how some of our children feel when they don't have a daddy, and He advises us what to do about it (GN 624).  In another prophecy, He explains how the teens feel so insecure, a little unloved and uncertain and fearful, and He tells us specifically what to do to help them.  He wants us to show them unconditional love and help them to find their place (GN 625).

                157. So the Lord has really been zeroing in on one thing after the other, and supplying all the specific details of the how-to's. I don't think He's going to be very happy if we don't do what He's asking us, because we don't have any excuse not to!  He's showing us how very very important it is. And when the Lord Himself condescends to stoop to our level and gets into such detail for us in our little daily lives and tells us--one, two, three--what we are supposed to do each day, that is quite awesome! In addition, He has done everything possible to help us to love. He has given us a great anointing and told us that all we have to do is receive it and start to exercise it, and it will grow and multiply and be greater than we can ever imagine!

                158. If the Lord is so willing to get into the particulars, that is pretty wonderful love!  And because He has been so willing to do that, we certainly have no excuse not to do it. And I think the Lord is going to be very displeased now if we don't do it, after He's done all of this and given all of this counsel and instruction through Dad and through me, and now through specific prophecy detailing exactly what to do and how to do it! I think this is our last chance!

                159. This is an area that we have apparently been very delinquent in, and people haven't shown the love that they should.  We are supposed to be a Family of Love, but do we really manifest Jesus' Love to each other on a day-to-day basis, regardless of what we've done in the past or what we're doing now?  Let's let Him make us into the new creatures of Love that He's promised to if we will just accept His anointing. Let's let Him change us and make us shine upon others with His Love. Let's start saying those words:  "I love you, I appreciate you, I thank you," and let's do all those things that Jesus Himself listed for us. Let's all be molded together in love as we all "do unto others as we would have them do unto us."  Let's take Him at His Word and start loving! Let's not hold back through fear. Let's ask Him to help us get rid of the obstructions and let's step out by faith and see the wonderful places it will lead us!

                160. I love you very much and I know that you're not going to fail! I know you're going to just say "yes" to Him. I'm counting on you, He's counting on you, Dad is counting on you.  Please give it all you've got and the Lord will give you all He's got--and that's a lot!

                Love and prayers,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family