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LOVING JESUS!--Part 1 Maria #306 DO 30247/95

--By Maria

1. Since Dad has gone Home to be with Jesus, he and the Lord have done so many wonderful things in my life. The most outstanding one has been having the Lord speak so much to Peter and me in prophecy. It has been so marvelous! It's just wonderful! I just can't get over the fact that the Lord, the God of the universe, answers the many questions that I bring before Him! He not only answers, but He expounds on the answers in a beautiful and eloquent way! In His great love for us, and knowing how happy it makes us, He even allows Dad to speak to us and continue to give us his wise counsel. There's no doubt that he's still with us, and I just love it!

2. Besides being awed at how abundantly the Lord is pouring out His Words, I'm tremendously thankful for it, as it has made my job of feeding the Family so much easier! The Lord has been pouring out to us in great volume, so I would be surprised if we could ever get it all out to you! Almost every day the Lord gives us something new, as Peter and I pray together and bring our questions before Him.

3. Sometimes we don't have questions, we just ask Him if He has something that He wants to say to us, and when we do, He always has something special to say! It's just so marvelous, I can hardly do the subject justice! I just love to hear from the Lord. Haven't you enjoyed reading what the Lord has been saying in all the prophecies we've been printing? Hasn't it been a help to you? It sure has to me!

4. While the CROs were at the Summit '95 meeting, the Lord spoke to them a great deal about spending time with Him, having more intimate fellowship with Him.--That if we are going to have His strength and power, then we are going to have to spend time with Him to get it! The points from the Summit Meeting were covered in full in GN 623 (ML #2978:132-142), so I won't go over them again here, but I want to include a portion of one of the prophecies from the Summit which I believe shows that the Lord is looking for us to have more special closeness with Him:

5. "I am as a Lover who waits in the side room calling out to you, longing to spend time with you, and I am calling and calling and calling, and yet you do not hear! ... It is so sad, because the most important things, the most beautiful and wonderful and lasting things will be found with Me in this side room where I call you. If you would but enter into this room with Me, then these crises and these emergencies and these things which tumble about you and distract you and worry you and bring you down and make you tired and make you fret, would I take care of."

6. As Dad has said over and over throughout the Letters, and which the Lord is saying again in this prophecy, He wants us to spend time with Him, and if we do, He will reward us by giving us the answers we so desperately need to take care of all our problems.

7. Here's another recent example of the Lord saying the same thing: "Are you drinking from the Word? Are you daily partaking of My Spirit, delving into My Words and drinking and finding Me? Are you doing this? Are you living in the Spirit? Cry out to Me and I will bring these wonderful solutions! Cry out to Me and I will open the riches of My Spirit, the riches of My Word, and this world I will lay at your feet" (ML #2956:85, GN 616).

8. Oh how we need to make sure we are taking that time with Him to receive the power and strength we so desperately need to do the job of reaching the lost and teaching and shepherding the sheep the Lord has given us! We just can't do it properly without regular spiritual communion with Jesus. If you try, "You're going to get awfully tired and weary and upset and fearful and doubting and discouraged and worried and flurried and hurried, because you haven't been renewed in the temple of His Spirit with the voice of His Truth and the Heavenly vision, and because you haven't breathed that Heavenly air, and enjoyed that delightful fragrance!" (ML #191:12).

9. Ever since the beginning of the Family the Lord has been trying to hammer this point home, that "we cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power!" Recently, however, He has been emphasizing it much more strongly. He's been speaking to Peter and me about the need to pray more, praise more, listen more, spend more time with Him, to become more intimate and to abide more fully in Him. The wonderful thing about it is that He's not only telling us to do it, but He's also telling us how to do it!

10. There is a great deal that He's said on the subject, much more than I can tell you about in one or two Letters, so God willing, there will be a series of GNs on the subject of loving Jesus, drawing closer to Him through His Words, prayer, praise and intimate communion with Him. Much of it will be directly from the Lord Himself as I share with you what He has said to me. I believe you will greatly benefit from His Words, as I have, and that it will help you to "draw nigh unto Him" so that He can "draw nigh unto you" (Jam.4:8).

11. Almost everything the Lord is showing us about our need to be closer to Him has already been expressed throughout Dad's Letters, but it seems that the Lord is giving us some further insight, a new outlook, and is making us more desperate for it! Recently the Lord said that He is opening up some of the things Dad has said that we didn't fully understand before. He said, "I am pulling back the veil on My Word, on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant. The time was not then but the time is now, for we enter into the dark days, the days coming, in which there shall be gross darkness upon the people and upon the Earth." Part of what He is opening up more to us is the new, closer, more intimate relationship He wants us to have with Him.

12. Throughout this series of GNs I will make some references to the MO Letters, and will include various quotes to show what Dad has written on the subject, but I will mostly focus on those things that the Lord has said more recently on the subject. This doesn't detract from all the counsel that Dad has given--it adds to it! But because you are fairly familiar with what Dad's said, and since the Lord has given some added information, it is important to focus on what He has recently said.

13. When asked by one of the Scribes what the most important commandment was, Jesus said, "The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment" (Mark 12:29-30). As Christians, loving the Lord fully with all that is within us should be our main goal and desire. He gave His life for us so that we could have life here and life eternally, and He's blessed us beyond measure! He's given us the truth, joy, peace and a reason for living, so of course we love Him and want to express that love to Him the way He wants us to!

14. If you love the Lord with all that is within you, it means, of course, that you will obey His will, and thus you will serve Him, you will witness His love to others, and do all the other things He says for us to do. In the following prophecy the Lord brings out how proud He is of the Family for our love for Him, which we have manifested in a tangible form through our witnessing and our living for Him, and how He wants to bless us more greatly than ever before by drawing us even closer to Him through intimate fellowship with Him.

Be Kissed with His Words in the Bed of Love!

15. (Prophecy:) As a bride learns the ways of love and the ways to please her husband, so must My children learn of the ways to please and to love Me. I am well pleased in their service, in their love for Me as they go forth day by day to love others with My Love. I am well pleased with their sacrifice, their labors of love. I am so proud of My children, that they will reach out and touch the unlovely and the uncomely; that they will go forth where no man dares to go, to bring My Love and light to the lost, to the lonely, to the broken, to the war-torn, to those that weep, to those that are in darkness. And, yea, they bring the great light of My Love and the warmth of My Spirit to the cold and dark places.

16. Oh, I am so proud of My children and I love them so dearly! In this they have shown Me great, great love. But now they too must learn that I desire them and their love in My bedchamber, that they too must take that time to come and lie down in My arms that I may caress and love them, that I may fill them, for they too need My seeds and My strength and My power.

17. For as the dark days ahead come upon the Earth as a strong storm, so must these at that time know how to communicate with Me, how to hear My voice. They must learn and know how to hear the whispers of My Spirit in their ears. The way for them to learn this is to spend time with Me in the bed of love listening to Me.

18. And they must let Me kiss them with My Words, even the Words of David. For within the Words is great power and great strength. For within them is My voice, and within them is My Love, and within them is My strength and My power. But they must take time to let Me love them through these Words, to let me strengthen them through these Words.

19. They must let Me whisper unto them Words for these days. They must hear from Me fresh day by day. They must learn to rejoice at My voice as they would rejoice at the voice of their lover, and they must take time for My caresses and My Love.

20. My little one, I am well pleased that you are seeking Me, that you are searching for ways to woo My Love, and that you are learning the deeper things of the Spirit that you may instruct and teach this, My Bride, the ways of love. And how can you learn these ways unless you, too, spend time with Me? (End of prophecy.)

21. (Mama:) What a commendation from the Lord! He's greatly pleased with our service and our witnessing. He also brings out, however, that along with that service He wants time with us in His bedchamber, time to love us, and us, Him. We've spent much time with others sharing His Love; now He wants us to spend more time with Him, showing Him love and receiving His Love. As the dark days come, we will need to have a much closer link with Him and be used to hearing from Him, not only from the written Word, but also from hearing from Him fresh every day through His voice speaking to our heart, and also His voice speaking in direct prophecy.

22. Although we have all had the Words of David for many years, the Lord is wanting us to take the Word more seriously and be even more attached to it, because of the power, love and strength contained in it.--Strength, love and power that we need now and in the future!

23. The Lord is stating two major principles in this prophecy: First, that we need to absorb the printed Word, the Words of David, which are the Lord's Words, new and old; and second, that we need to hear His Words for us, fresh instruction daily for our own particular situations, through listening to Him speak to us through prophecy, visions, verses, or His still small voice speaking to our heart. Accomplishing these two goals requires us to take time with Him, time which He describes as being in the bed of love with Him.

24. In this prophecy, He is telling us that we need this time with Him--not only so that He can show His Love to us through His loving Words, but so we can learn of the ways to please and to love Him. He states that He wants us in His bedchamber because He wants to fill us with His seeds, strength and power! Sounds sexy, doesn't it? Well, that's because it is! We're His Bride, and the thing the Bridegroom wants to do most with His Bride is to make love to her, and she should want to do the same with Him. He has stated here that we need to take this time, and in the following prophecy He tells us the benefits of doing so.

Take Time to Love Him, and Be Strengthened!

25. (Prophecy:) Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. For I call you out of the wings and into My bedchamber, that you may lay your head gently upon My bosom, that I may wrap My arms around you, that I may stroke you and whisper unto you. For by taking this time in rest and repose you are calmed, you are strengthened, your faith is renewed, your spirit is uplifted. For time in the bedchamber with Me is time in My temple, is time in My Love, and is time in My strength. You will be renewed and refreshed for the battles that you face. And when you come to these battles you will have a renewed strength, a renewed vigor, for you have had a time of rest in My arms.

26. So neglect Me not and fear not to take the time that is required. For I say unto you, seek first the Kingdom of God, the arms of your true Lover, and all of these other things will be added unto you, all the strength that you need, and the wisdom and the faith. For as you take time with Me I will answer you, I will guide you, I will speak to you, and I will give you strength that you know not of, that you will be able to perform My will with ease. For you will be fighting with My strength and My power and My anointing. So neglect Me not. Do you understand? Neglect Me not. For it is in the time and the love spent with Me that you will have that which you need.

27. Look not at what is not being done, but look at what is being done; that you are building up a reserve of strength, and of wisdom, and of love. And I will pour forth unto you all that you need to do the things that you must do. For now you must walk by faith and not by sight. As you seem to fall further and further behind, it becomes a test if you will still love Me and put Me first. And as you do this thing, your strength will grow, and your capacity for understanding, for wisdom, for receiving My answers, for knowing and understanding My direction will grow.

28. This will be a wellspring of new faith, of new strength, of new confidence in Me! For you will truly know what these words mean, that the battle is not yours, but Mine, saith the Lord. And not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit.

29. For as you set these things aside by faith, you are showing that you trust Me and that you trust the way that I am leading, and that you trust My Word; that if you will lie in the bed of love with Me, I will empower you with My seed and with My Spirit and with My anointing in a new and greater way.

30. So shed these things of Earth and set your affections upon things above! And as you let go of the things that you think you must do, I will pour forth unto you a new way and new things. I will speak and I will comfort. I will encourage and I will strengthen you. And you will find renewed faith in My ability and capacity to perform all that I have promised you. (End of prophecy.)

31. (Mama:) Isn't that just beautiful? Who wouldn't want to spend time in bed with the Lord, especially when He wants to give us so much through it! As His Bride, we should be jumping at the chance to spend time with Him, making love and fellowshipping, whispering words of love and talking and sharing our hearts. The Lord is in love with us, and wants to kiss us with His Words!

32. The Lord explained how, through loving Him, we will receive many blessings: We will be calmed and strengthened, we'll have an uplifted spirit and renewed faith, strength and vigor. He will guide us, speak to us, and we'll be able to perform His will more easily. We'll fight with His strength, power and anointing. He will also empower us with His seed, His Spirit and His anointing in a new and greater way.--All of this if we will spend time loving Him!

33. Knowing how much each of us has to do, the Lord wisely included that it will be a test for us to take this time, as we will seemingly fall behind in our work. But He promises that if we keep at it, our strength, our capacity for understanding, for wisdom, for receiving His answers, and for knowing and understanding His direction will grow!

34. When you consider what He said in the earlier prophecy, about how we need to be able to communicate with Him and to get His answers for the dark days ahead, then it becomes even more clear why we need to spend this time with Him and His Word. From all the Lord has been saying on the subject of listening to Him and getting His answers from His Word and from prophecy, it seems that He really means business! He wants us each to become better connected to Him, to have a deeper, fuller relationship with Him.

35. No matter who you are or what your job is, you undoubtedly have a full schedule and you're busy from morning till night, and it's probably difficult for you to find sufficient time to spend with the Lord. If so, you will have to desperately pray for the Lord to show you how to make this necessary time for Him. Maybe the answer is to discuss it as a Home and try to work it into the schedule, which the Lord will certainly bless, as He has promised.

36. So far, the Lord has told us that He definitely wants us to spend more time with Him and His Word, and He has told us about the blessings that are there for us if we will! Now in the next prophecy He wants to show us how this will enhance our witnessing, and how if we take in His Words and His Love, we will be more like Him, more full of Him and His Spirit. Again, notice how sexy the Lord is--how He likens spending time in communion with Him to sex with Him!

Suck the Seeds!

37. (Prophecy:) Do you feel the comfort and rest in My arms? Do you feel the rest that you find as I hold you, as you lay your head upon My breast after sweet lovemaking, and you feel at ease and at peace, and you feel filled with My Love and satisfied in Spirit? And thus with this strength and this peace and this calmness you can go about the duties of your day. For there is much noise outside the bedchamber. There is confusion there. There are many voices and many duties. But if you have spent time being filled with love and with peace before you enter your day, you will take this peace and this love with you, and you will be a bubble of peace and love in the sea of the confusion of the world.

38. They shall see you, and they shall come to you and say, "We can find peace and rest with you. We can feel in the Spirit your peace and your love, and we want to know how you can have such peace in the midst of our storm and in the midst of our confusion." And you can then tell them of Me, of your Lover Who gives you this peace and love, and will give it to them if they will know Me and love Me.

39. But if you go forth into your day without receiving My peace and love, then you are much more like them. You do not reflect this calmness of Spirit, and it is more difficult for them to see the difference between you and them. For as you spend time with Me receiving My seeds, and as they become part of you and we become one, then you become more like Me, and this is reflected upon you as you are out there in the sea of confusion, and this reflection is seen clearly.

40. Therefore spend that time with Me each day. Spend that time with Me before you face the cares and duties of this world. Just as you wrap your arms around your loved one to kiss and caress and speak of love in the morning, so you must wrap your arms around Me and we must kiss and caress. You must let Me whisper My Words into your ears, and you must drink My Words into your heart, and you must be filled and filled and filled with My Words! For as you eat them, they strengthen you! As you suck on them and suck them into your heart, so they become part of you. They become part of your being if you digest them. They become you, and you become Me, and we become one for all to see!

41. For when they looked upon Peter and James and John and saw that they were ignorant and unlearned men, they marveled, because they knew they had been with Me. It reflected upon them and we were one. So it is with you.

42. Suck My seeds, suck My seeds, suck My seeds! Swallow them and they become part of you. Eat them and they enter into you, and they strengthen you, and they become you, and you become Me, and we become one. And when they see you, they will see Me; and when they feel your love, they will feel My Love.

43. This will give you more power in your witness, for it will not just be words, but it will be deeds. They will not just hear My voice, but they will see Me, because you are so filled with Me. So do not neglect time with Me in the quietness of My bedchamber. Do not neglect our sweet lovemaking. And do not forget to suck the seeds, to absorb into your very being the seeds of My Word, the seeds of David, the seeds that I have implanted in My children. For the seeds of David are the seeds of My Word, and these are the most powerful seeds on Earth!

44. These seeds fill you, these seeds strengthen you, these seeds give you power, these seeds transform you, and these seeds give you new life, new love, and new anointing! For these seeds are Me, and these seeds are My Spirit, and as you suck these seeds, so you suck Me; and as you imbibe these seeds, so you imbibe Me; and as you become one with these seeds, so you become one with Me. I in you and you in Me, and we are made one. (End of prophecy.)

45. (Mama:) Isn't it just marvelous how the Lord makes things so clear? If we just take that time in the bed of love with Him, He will give us such peace that those we witness to will see it and it will make them hungry for the same. Also, as we fill ourselves more with Jesus, His Word, His Spirit and His Love, we will become one with Him, He will fill us and He will shine brightly through us.

46. Like Dad said in "Glamour or Glory": "You have to have the Holy Spirit, which people recognize as something great. ... But you have to remember it is not you, it's something divine, the Holy Spirit, so people recognize they're not seeing you, they're seeing the Lord. We're showing God to the world. They don't know what He's like. The only way they're going to know is by seeing God in you, and that's not you. If they only see you like they see in the churches, ugh! But if in seeing you they don't see you, they see the Lord, that's the difference" (ML #328:12,13).

47. So if you want to know how to have Jesus shine through you so others will see Him instead of you, the answer is, spend time with Him! Spend time in His Word, in prayer, in praise, in lovemaking with Jesus. Just get full of Jesus!--So full that He oozes out of you!--Through your eyes, through your mouth, and through your spirit. Be full to overflowing! Speak His Words, think His thoughts, give His Love! You're His--His Bride--so spend time with Him! Love Him and He will bless you beyond measure!

Let God's Motor of the Spirit Empower You!

48. One morning Peter and I were praying desperately for the Lord's help and strength. We were both feeling very weak in body and spirit, and so incapable of the big job the Lord has given us in shepherding you, our precious Family. After a period of desperate prayer, beseeching the Lord to help us, and to do the job through us in spite of our weaknesses, He spoke wonderfully, encouraging us that as we sought Him He would give us the answers that we need.

49. (Prophecy:) Do you see the strength of weakness? Do you see what this means?--That through your weakness My strength is made perfect? For when you have no strength of your own, and you are weak, and you are weary, and you are desperate and feel that you know not what to do, and have no wisdom of your own, or strength of your own, or ideas of your own, and you get desperate with Me and seek Me, I then pour forth My Spirit upon you. I give the answers that you seek, and the strength that you need, and the power that you desire, so you know that I do these things, and you take no credit to yourselves. You say not that your own arm has saved you, but that the arm of the Lord has been raised, and in the power of His might, all has been taken care of.

50. For this is the power and the strength of weakness, that you have no mind of your own, no thoughts of your own, no ideas of your own, no plans of your own, but that you seek Me and that you operate according to that which I show you. Oh, that My children everywhere would learn to stop, to look, to listen, to hear My voice, to seek My will, that they may know that which they should do day by day, hour by hour. For I will lead them and I will guide them if they will diligently seek Me, even as I lead and guide you as you cry out to Me for My answers and My direction.

51. And they shall hear a voice behind them saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it!" It may be the voice of My Word. It may be the voice of My Spirit. It may be the whispers of the helpers. It may be the burdens. It may be the voice of leadership. But they must listen and they must cry out and they must seek Me, that I may give them that which they need, and the power that they must have to accomplish My will and My purpose.

52. But when they move according to their own power and their own strength and their own plans, I can only use them at a minimum. They do accomplish good things, but they don't accomplish the best thing. But those that hear My voice, that follow Me closest, that let Me lead and guide, and who operate according to the plans that I give unto them, and they that seek Me, diligently crying out to Me, these are used to the maximum. For I can pour forth unto them all of My will, and they can accomplish all that I intend to bring forth. They can do it with effortless ease because it will be according to My plans.

53. So seek Me in weakness and in humility, knowing that you are nothing, that I may pour forth unto you My strength, My plan and My will; that you in your weakness can operate in My strength and thus accomplish that which is much greater than you could do in your own strength or in your own flesh. For your power is very, very small, but My power is very, very great!

54. Your little motor is very weak, but My grand motor has power that you know not of! And if you will let Me empower you with My motor, the power of My Spirit, you will have strength that you never dreamed possible, for you will operate in the strength and power of God, empowered by the motor of My Spirit, to take you to places you never imagined!

55. So let your weakness lead to My strength. Let your weakness lead to My power. Let your weakness lead to My anointing.

56. (Vision:) Accompanying this, there was a little picture of our motor, which was like one of those tiny battery-operated motors they have in toys. And next to it was God's motor, which was like a huge turbine engine about two stories tall. There is absolutely no comparison between the two! (End of prophecy.)

57. (Mama:) Again the Lord is bringing out the importance of our taking time with Him, crying out for His answers, listening to Him and applying what He shows us to do. He's making it quite clear that He's not only speaking to Peter and me about this, but that it's His Message for each one of you. He says He will show each of us what to do if we'll take the time to ask. If we will operate according to His plan He will use us to the maximum, getting the job done with effortless ease. What a promise!

58. He says if we stop, look and listen, we will get His answers, but that His answers can come from different sources--from the Word, prophecy, checks of the Spirit, burdens, and the voice of leadership. We can't just assume that He's always going to speak to us in only one way. He's not limited, He can give answers in so many ways, so be sure you're listening! He may speak to your heart, He may have someone give you a suggestion, He may show you to read a certain Letter which contains just what you need, or He may lead you to ask Him to speak to you directly through prophecy. So be listening, be sensitive to the Spirit. And as He said, don't be so full of your own plans, ideas or thoughts that you miss what He's trying to show you.

59. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord says that if we will listen to Him, we will operate according to His mighty power, instead of our own, that we'll be empowered by His motor of the Spirit?--And that as we do, we will clearly recognize that it is He that is doing the work, so we will give Him the credit. Praise the Lord!

60. Both Peter and I feel very incapable of doing the job the Lord has called us to do, as we're sure many of you do about the job the Lord has given you. But we've found that going to the Lord daily and crying out to Him for help, and seeking Him specifically for answers to specific questions has greatly lightened our load. He has given us wonderful answers, many of which we have shared or will be sharing with you shortly, D.V. However, the Lord isn't limited to speaking only to us. He wants to speak to you as well. He wants you to take the time to love Him, to commune with Him in prayer, praise and through His Word, to rest in His arms so that He can whisper to you, so He can love you and fill you!

61. Listen to these precious Words of Love which show just how the Lord sees the time we take in intimate fellowship with Him in the Word and prayer:

Our Love Draws His Words!

62. (Prophecy:)Behold, I come into you with My Words to love you, to ravish you, to squeeze and to hold and to kiss and to caress! Behold, as you call unto Me in the bed of love, crying out for Me, so I come in unto you, and so I love you, and so I caress you, and so I give unto you My Words. Your love draws My Words out of Me as your love draws the seeds out of the penis.

63. For I love you, My child, I love you! No good thing will I withhold from you, for My Love for you is so great. And your desire for Me is so great, and this pleases Me well. I want to love you with an everlasting love, with a love that you have never known. For I want to be one with you, in you every moment of the day.--To be with you, to speak with you, to love you, to guide you, to strengthen you, to whisper in your ears the Words of Love and direction that you seek. And I am here and I will be with you always, for My Love for you is so great.

64. I am well pleased with your love. I am well pleased with the desires of your heart, your desire to love Me and to woo Me and to win Me and to caress Me and to let Me love you, to let Me hold you and to let Me be in you. I am well pleased, and it thrills Me! (End of prophecy.)

65. (Mama:) What a Lover! How sexy! How wonderful! He says that as we love Him by communing with Him, it draws His Words out of Him. Wow! Again, He's likening the intimate relationship He wants us to have with Him to that of ardent lovers, whose lovemaking is wild and passionate! Isn't that neat? And He says it thrills Him! In other words, it excites Him! If we spend time loving Him, He will give us the Words, the answers, the guidance and direction we need. Lord help us to do it!

66. The Lord says that He wants to love us with a love that we have never before known! This implies that there is much more to come in our relationship with Him, that we can fall more deeply in love with Him, and that we can become one with Him in a way that we have not been previously. He wants to be in us every moment of the day--to be with us, to speak with us, to love us, to guide us, to strengthen us and to whisper His Words of Love in our ears!

67. Since the Lord has told us these things, Peter and I have tried to take time every morning in prayer and praise, loving the Lord, thanking Him and seeking Him for answers. It's been so inspiring to have such sweet time with Him each day. The following is a prayer I prayed one morning, and the Words the Lord spoke afterwards.

Morning Prayer and Praise!

68. (Mama prays:) We're absolutely nothing without You, Lord! We're handicapped. We can't even function at all without Your care. Jesus, help us! Give us Your wisdom in everything that we do. We need You, Lord. We don't want to make a move without You, not in anything, because we're so in need of You. We're Your children and we know that You'll take care of us because You love us.

69. Jesus, we love You! Thank You for showing Your Love for us by the wonderful answers You give us, Your bountiful supply, Your unending strength, Your continuing protection. Right now we come to You to talk to You, to tell You that we love You. You don't even have to talk to us, we've just come to tell You that we are nothing and that we love You, that we need You, we want You, we desire You, we praise You!

70. We confess our need before You, that without You we are nothing! We humble ourselves before You and admit that we are incapable of shepherding Your wonderful Family. We need You to show us how. We're desperate for Your help, Jesus!

71. We just woke up, so before doing anything else we want to spend time with You. We want to tell You that we love You and that we need You. We're thankful for You, that You take such good care of us. We are Your Bride and You are such a good Husband to us, You're such a good Friend to us and such a good Father to us. You're such a good Teacher. You're such a good Lover, You're such a good everything! We just can't live without You! We don't even want to try!

72. There are so many matters before us this day, things that we have to make decisions about, but we have no idea how to make the right decisions unless You show us. We don't want to have any of our own ideas. Strip us of our own ideas, Lord, our own thoughts, because we only want Yours--Your mind, Your Spirit, Your Words! We want You to dwell in us richly--Your Words, Your Spirit, Your voice.

73. Lord, all to You we surrender! We lie here before You and just say, "Help us! We need You! We love You! We want You!" We're nothing and You're everything! You are the Creator, we are the creation--created to love You, for Your pleasure. Help us to be pleasurable to You. Help us to love You with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind, and all of our strength!--In Jesus' name.

Please the King!--And He Will Please You!

74. (Prophecy:) Oh, children, you do well to confess before Me your need, your nothingness and your nakedness, for how true it is! If you understood the power and the might of God, you would more greatly understand how nothing you are. And you would truly understand how great and how wise you could be if you were filled with Me, and the depths of the wisdom that you can have when you tap into Me, the Source of all wisdom and the Source of all knowledge and the Source of all power.--He that knoweth the future, He that is all-seeing, the All-Knowing!

75. Oh, the power and the strength that is there, that is waiting, just waiting! For, yea, I am Wisdom. I am Love. I am Strength. I am Knowledge. I am Power. All the things that you seek to do your job, I am. And as you come to Me for your empowerment and your love and your strength and your wisdom, and as you empty yourself of your own, so can I fill you with Me--My power, My wisdom, My strength, and My Love.

76. But this is only found in communion with Me--in the communion of praise, in the communion of prayer, in the communion of My Word. And this is only found in the quietness--in the quietness of spirit, in the quietness of self, in the quietness of prayer and praise and the seeking of Me and My Word.

77. You cannot receive the full power and the full love and the full wisdom that you need unless you take time in the quietness, seeking Me and praising Me. For there are so many things to be done, and they are always there, and it is a constant temptation to hurry, a temptation to push ahead, a temptation to accomplish. But I say unto you, in quietness and confidence shall your strength be. For it is in the quietness that you will hear the still small voice of God speaking to you, saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it."

78. Oh, the power and the might and the wisdom and the love that can be found there in the quietness, there in the peace. And, oh, how many neglect it! It does not take long. Oh, if you could see in the Spirit the riches that are given unto you in the quiet places, the quiet times, the quiet moments, in those moments when you seek Me and you lay down all else and say unto Me, "Come! Come! I am here for You!"

79. If you could see the jewels that I have and the strength that I can empower you with; if you could see tangibly, right there, the answers that I have for you, or the angels that I beckon to help you, or the wise men that I instruct to guide you, you would have greater understanding and you would not fail to stop, to look, and to listen!

80. But you do not see these things, and so often you simply see that there is so much to do, and feel, "We must labor, we must labor." But I say labor to enter into My rest. For as you enter into this labor, so do I send forth those who will labor for you and who will help you, who will guide you.

81. For it is at those times that I instruct those with the wisdom to guide you, and it is in those quiet moments when they can speak this wisdom unto you. So neglect not to come unto Me in quietness, and in doing so, receive all that I have for you. And, oh, I can make your job, your life and your ministry so much easier! I can give you that life that you need and desire, and I can give you the wisdom that you seek and the strength that you need. I can give you the power and might of the Spirit of God!

82. As Moses' face shone when he came down from the mountain from being in My presence, so will your face shine and your spirit shine and your soul shine, for it will shine with the presence of God! For it will be as if the shekinah glory is upon you, and you will shine and glow, and you will have peace, and you will have rest. You will have the answers, because those that I have instructed will be helping you, and My voice will be saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it." And then you can walk in peace and in confidence and in faith and in love--with no more worries or hurried and fretting feelings, but at ease.

83. Come! Come! Come, let us lie together! Let us hold one another and speak words of love one to another, and let Me whisper in your ears. Remember, I am a King, and when you please Me, I will please you, for I have many, yea, legions that I can instruct and say, "Go and do this! Go and take care of that! Give them this wisdom! Give them this anointing! Give them this love! Give them this strength!" And I do so willingly! But how much more can I do this when you please Me and when you come to Me and say, "This is My need." I can send forth many to help you as you seek Me in the quietness and in the solitude and in the communion of your love for Me. (End of prophecy.)

84. (Mama:) What precious Words of comfort, love and direction! Again, the message is to take time loving Jesus and He will give you all you need. He will give us the depths of wisdom because we will be tapped into the Source of wisdom, knowledge and power. He says that all the things that we need to do the job, He is! If that's the case, then we certainly should go to Him in prayer to seek the strength, power, wisdom and direction we need.

85. The Lord makes it very clear, though, that all of this is only found in fellowship and communion with Him, the communion of His Word and prayer. He says it doesn't take long, but that we are constantly tempted with the need to hurry, to push, to get things done! He says if we're going to labor, then we should labor to seek Him, and that if we do, He will make our job, ministry and life so much easier. I know it's true because that's what He's done for me!

86. Again in this prophecy He likens this fellowship with Him to lovemaking. However, this time He includes a slightly different aspect. He says, "Seek Me and ... lay down all else and say unto Me, `Come! Come! I am here for You.'" He's making the point that all of the time we spend with Him shouldn't be us receiving from Him, but that we should also be giving to Him.

87. Like any love relationship, there has to be an exchange of love, both the giving and receiving of love. The Lord says, "Come! Come! Come, let us lie together! Let us hold one another and speak words of love one to another, and let Me whisper in your ears." See, He's saying that you need to speak words of love to Him as well as hear His loving Words to you! So it would seem that the Lord wants us not only to receive His written Words, to read and study them, to drink them in, and His spoken Word through prophecy--both of which are His Words of Love to us--but that He expects us to tell Him of our love for Him as well!

88. This pleases Him, and as He says, He's a King, and if we please Him He will bestow His Love and favors upon us. Isn't that just beautiful? What a picture! It really makes sense, doesn't it, that He would want us to not only spend time with Him in the Word and listening to Him, but also in loving Him, praising Him, and telling Him how thankful we are for all He's done for us, how much we love Him and appreciate Him!

89. In this next prophecy the Lord again shows us that He is the One we need to constantly go to for our wisdom and strength. This was a personal prophecy for Peter and me, showing us how we need to depend on Him, because without Him we can't possibly do the job, but what He says to us applies very much to you as well!

Let Him Lead You to the Promised Land of His Love!

90. (Prophecy:) In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. It is in the quietness of your bedchamber away from the noise, and away from the multitudes, and away from the business where I will speak to you and give you that which you need to rule this, My great people, My chosen children.

91. For it is I that know their needs. It is I that see all things and know all things. It is I that see ahead to the future. It is I that have planned the destination and the route, for I know exactly where I want My children to go, and I know exactly the means by which they should get there. And you know nothing at all, for how can you know these things? You cannot see them. But I can reveal them to you. I can show them to you. I can lead you and guide you and direct you, if you will but listen.

92. Oh, the joy it brings Me when you wait to hear from Me and when you seek Me, and when you take this time together to stop to hear Me. For this is how I wish My children to be, that they would take time to stop and to hear from Me, to seek Me.

93. If you are willing to take this time with Me each day, seeking Me, crying out to Me for My guidance and My strength and for My wisdom, if you acknowledge that you are nothing and know nothing and need Me, so will I pour forth unto you all that you need. You must then just follow Me step by step. For I will show you this step and I will show you this place to go. I will lighten your path and make it plain and clear.

94. So follow faithfully by listening to Me, by seeking Me, by hearing My Word, by reading the Words of David, by praising Me and loving Me and by listening to the voice of My Spirit that I may help you, lead you and guide you. So will I inspire you and strengthen you and empower you!

95. For I know that you are but children and that you have not that great depth of understanding that My David had. But what you have is Me! What you have is the ability to seek Me and to hear My voice, to receive My Word, and thus you have the depth and the wisdom that you need.

96. For though you are weak, I am strong. For though you have no wisdom, I have given unto you wisdom through those that I have placed at your side to help guide you. For truly you are as children, but I am your Father and these are your counselors, and together we give you that which you need.

97. But never think that you can do this thing on your own or in your own strength and in your own wisdom. You have no strength and no wisdom, but you have Me and the things of My Spirit, and through this I will empower you. But you must hear from Me. You must seek Me. You must be strengthened by Me. You must seek My will, and you must move according to Me and My Spirit and My strength, that you may accomplish that which is My purpose. For without Me you can do nothing, but with Me you can lead this, My great people.

98. So hearken unto Me, seek Me, hear from Me, cry out unto Me and I will give you all that you need to direct and to guide My children into the Promised Land of My Love and of My Spirit and of My anointing!

99. Do you know the way to the Promised Land? Do you know what direction to lead? No, no! But I do! As you place your hand in Mine and as you hold on and follow, so can you lead My children in the path, and I will lead them on to this Land of the Spirit. (End of prophecy.)

100. (Mama:) One thing the Lord brings out very clearly, something that both Peter and I know for sure, is that we don't have the same depth of understanding that Dad had. But what we do have is Jesus, Who has promised to lead and guide us step by step if we seek Him daily, which we do. The Lord has even let Dad speak to us on numerous occasions.

101. I feel very desperate about shepherding the Family, as does Peter, and I am determined to cry out desperately for the Lord's guidance. Because like He said, I don't know the way to the Promised Land, but I do know the One that does!

102. Again in this prophecy the Lord speaks of the bedchamber and of spending time listening to His Word, His voice, reading the Words of David, as well as in praising and loving Him, which is something that He expects us all to do, as He has brought out previously!

103. This last prophecy I want to share with you is one the Lord gave when Peter was rather discouraged about the weight of the responsibility of the job the Lord had given him and with all the work that had stacked up, as well as the personal victories that he needed to win. Undoubtedly many of you also must feel that you already have so much to do, and now the Lord is asking even more of you--to spend time in the bedchamber with Him, loving and listening to Him. I believe this prophecy will help you, as it did Peter.

Look unto Him and Be Lightened!

104. (Prophecy:) When the Enemy comes in like a flood, My Spirit will lift up a standard against him! For he would fight you to defeat you, and thus defeat My purpose and My will in your life. But I am there as a strong wall to stand against his flood, and you must only step behind the wall, and thus be protected. For My Name is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it and are saved!

105. When you look forward to all that is ahead--the work, the weight, the responsibility, the job, the many things that must be accomplished--you see that you cannot do these things in your own flesh or in your own strength. But if you will look unto Me and follow Me step by step, heeding My checks, listening to My voice, listening to the whispers, doing those things which I show you to do when I show you to do them, these things will be taken care of and all will go well. For you will not be carrying these in the arm of the flesh, but they will be floating in the arm of the Spirit as I will be carrying them for you.

106. And so it is with these, My children, who have so many things that they too must do, for they too are burdened and they too look forward and say, "Oh, there are so many things that must be done. How can I do them all?" But if they too will seek Me and hear from Me, if they will listen to My voice and follow My instruction, and do those things that I say unto them to do, they too will be able to operate with the arm of the Spirit, with My right arm carrying the load, and My left arm opening the doors and showing them the way.

107. For Satan would have each one look at the weight, the job, the burden, the load; but I would have you to look unto Me! As he that climbs a steep mountain and looks down freezes for fear, so is it when you look at the waves, the wind, the storm, the weights, the burdens, the responsibilities, the job, the faults, the failings, the incapabilities. He that looks up, focusing upon Me, looking always upward, upward toward the goal, upward toward My Heavens, upward into My face, he it is that has strength to carry onward and upward, ever moving upward, not fearing the heights, not fearing the weights, not fearing the depths.

108. So come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, for I will carry the load. Listen not to the voice of he who would discourage you, or who would tell you of the weights, or tell you of your incapabilities, or tell you of your sins and faults and failings. Look unto Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith, for I am Love and I encourage you and I strengthen you. I look beyond these things, for I am He that went to the cross and paid the price that you could be free from these weights and burdens, that you could look unto Me and be lightened--lightened in load, lightened from sin, and enlightened with My Love, with My strength and with My power.

109. So look up. Look up to Me! Look ahead! Look forward! Do not look back, do not look down, do not look at the loads. Look unto Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith, and know that the burden is Mine, the weights are Mine, and I will carry them gladly! So let Me. Let Me by asking Me what you should do. Let Me by praying for My strength. Let Me by being led of Me. Let Me by having faith in Me. Let Me by trusting Me. Let Me by loving Me. (End of prophecy.)

110. (Mama prays:) Oh, Jesus, please help us all to let You! Help us to cry out to You so You can show us exactly what we are supposed to do! The loads are too heavy, we are incapable, we are weak, but we have You. Please help us to look upward into Your beautiful face, always trusting, always praying and praising and loving You! Help us to come to You, to tell You of our love for You, to constantly show our appreciation for You and to give You all the glory.

111. Help us to bring our specific questions to You, asking You for specific answers, so that we will know what to do--what You want us to do, not just what seems good to us. Help us to pray and to listen so that when we do take action on some matter, we can know we are operating according to Your plan, Your will, and not our own.

112. And, Jesus, when You show us what You want us to do, then please help us to do it! Give us the faith to carry through on it. Oh, Jesus, we need You so desperately, each of us! Please help us to draw nigh unto You so that You will draw nigh unto us. We want to be close to You! We want to enter the bedchamber with You! We want You to hold us in Your arms and to give us Your Word-kisses. We need You, Jesus! We love You and we ask You to help us to draw even closer to You! Help us to have a closer walk with You and a more loving relationship. Help us to be ever nearer to You! Amen.

113. Folks, I pray all these Love-words from the Lord will help you to better understand that Jesus wants you to be close to Him, to spend time with Him, to love Him more! Please make an effort to do so, because if we are going to get the job done that He's given us, then we are going to have to do it His way! And His way is by loving Him, listening to Him and doing those things that He shows us to do.

114. God bless you with good lovin'!--Lovin' with Jesus, lovin' His Word, lovin' His voice, and reaping the benefits of His Love!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family