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LOVING JESUS!--Part 2   DO 30257/95

--By Maria             Maria #307

                1. In the first Letter in this series I shared with you a number of prophecies in which the Lord spoke of His desire for us to be closer to Him, more intimate, to have a deeper, more loving relationship with Him. He expressed His desire for us to feel toward Him the way He feels toward us! He loves us so deeply and wants to spend time with us, and He wants us to do the same with Him!

                2. He said, "I am as a Lover who waits in the side room." "For I say unto you, seek first the Kingdom of God, the arms of your true Lover." "And you can then tell them of Me, of your Lover." It should not be surprising that the Lord would call Himself our Lover, as in the Word He calls the Church--us and all those who are joined to Him through Salvation--His Bride. And of course a bride and bridegroom--a husband and wife--should be lovers!

                3. Dad taught us that "marriage is a type of the spiritual union of the believing Bride with Christ" (ML #332C:84). Also, that "God in His wisdom has created this sexual union, this husband and wife relationship, this lover and loved intercourse, to be a marvelous picture, an illustration in the physical of your spiritual relationship with Him and your union with your Heavenly Bridegroom!" (ML #1188:78).

                4. Dad often referred to our relationship to the Lord as a bride, and a sexy one at that! "Are you the love-hungry, sex-hungry, intercourse-mad nymphomaniac new bride who never gets enough and who always wants more? `Give me more, more, more!' Are you the kind that never gets enough Letters, you never get enough seed, you're always crying for more and devouring it with everything you've got and always begging for more, and always producing new children, new disciples, always conceiving and bearing new fruit and spilling over into new areas with your increasing family, sending your children into new fields and gaining new territory, increasing the size of your domains by your burgeoning population?" (ML #1017:24).

                5. You'll remember that the Lord also said, "They must learn to rejoice at My voice as they would rejoice at the voice of their lover!" (See "Loving Jesus!--Part 1") Think about that. Just as we love to listen to someone that we're deeply in love with, He says we should rejoice at His voice, both in His written Word, as well as in all the other ways that He speaks to us, like in His still small voice, the burdens He gives us, Godly counsel, prophecy, etc. When you are with someone that you really love, don't you just love to talk with them, hear them, kiss and caress them? Don't you enjoy their company almost more than anything else? Well, the Lord is saying that's how we should be with Him!

                6. Recently when taking walks with different folks in our Home, I asked them how they looked at their relationship with the Lord. What was Jesus to them? One of our men said that He was like a best friend, someone who completely understands him and to whom he can tell anything. One of our women said that He was a very close friend. Almost everyone I asked said about the same thing, that He was someone who was very close, a friend who is always there.

                7. So I asked one of them, "Have you ever been in love before?" He said, "Oh yes! I was very much in love with my wife!" So I asked, "Did you ever have a very close and dear friend?" "Yes, I have," was his reply. So then I asked, "What was the difference in your relationship with your wife and that of your friend?" "Well," he replied, "I really liked my friend and I enjoyed his company, but I craved my wife's companionship and I longed to be with her all the time."

                8. That's really something to think about, isn't it? Although Jesus doesn't mind being our friend, and in fact likes to be our friend, He wants to be more than that! He wants us to love Him with all our heart and all our soul and all our mind and all our strength!--With everything there is within us! If we love Him this way we won't just think of Him as a friend, but He'll be our lover as well. He wants us to crave Him, His Word, His voice, His Love. He wants us to feel a burning desire for Him, a desperate need to be with Him and to communicate with Him.

                9. Once while speaking to Peter and me about our love for each other, the Lord told us: "Remember, the way you love one another, and the feelings you have for one another, and the desires to touch and to speak and to listen, are all just a manifestation of how you must be with Me. For it is an example of how I wish for My children to love Me and to lie in the bed of love with Me and to hear My Words and to feel My kisses and My caresses."

                10. So as I said before, the Lord is looking for us to draw closer to Him, to be more intimate, more loving, to crave Him and all that He has for us. The following prophecy says it much better than I ever could.

Those Who Love Me Most, Show Me the Most Love!

                11. (Prophecy:) I love your love! I love your kisses and your caresses! I love the sweet things that you whisper in My ear. I love your desire for Me. The more that you desire Me, the more I desire you. For as I have said, draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you. And as with a lover, when you say you want them, and you say you want to be with them, and you kiss them and caress them, and so they desire to be with you, to remain with you and become married unto you, so it is with Me.

                12. For I love all My children; every one is dear and precious to Me. But I spend more time with those who want Me and who love Me and who create a vacuum which I can fill; who lie in the bed with Me and call for Me and woo Me. When you woo Me, I will come.

                13. When you are stopping and calling, kissing and caressing, it creates a vacuum in the Spirit which I will fill. For as I hear your voice calling Me, saying, "Come, come. I want You! I need You! I love You!" so is My attention drawn to you. And so I come to you and love you and speak to you and hold you and caress you and fulfill your need. For as I said, ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. So when you ask for Me to come, when you seek for Me, when you knock at My door and say, "Oh please, I want You," then I am there.

                14. And think it not strange, for have I not said there are brides with oil and brides without? Those that are without do not come into the bedchamber. So knock, knock on the bedchamber door. Come, come into My room. Seek Me and you will find Me, ask Me and I will be there. For they that love Me most follow closest, and they who love Me most show Me the most love. And they that love Me shall have the most of Me.

                15. For this is how I work. I am there for all, but they that call upon Me with their whole heart shall have Me, and they that seek Me early shall find Me; and they that shall call out to Me and call My Name shall have Me. (End of prophecy.)

                16. (Mama:) If we want more of Jesus, then we need to give Him more of us! If we want His Love, then we must give Him ours! He wants us to show Him love by taking time with Him. He certainly is making that clear, isn't He? And if we do, it creates a vacuum that He will fill. He wants us to desire Him, and the more we do, the more He desires us! Imagine, the Lord really wants us to love Him richly, fully and deeply! That's how He loves us! Hallelujah!

Pour Forth the New Wine and I Will Give You More!

                17. After a special time of prayer and crying out to the Lord, He spoke to us some very special Words that greatly encouraged us and stressed the importance of getting out this message to you:

                18. (Prophecy:) I hear the whispers that you whisper in My ear, the whispers of love, and the tenderness of your hearts. I hear the love, and I smell the loving incense of your prayers unto Me, and behold, you make Me feel loved.

                19. I do have more to show you, I have much more to show you. But first you must give out that which I have already poured forth unto you, in order to make the vacuum, that I may fill you with more. For I have filled your cups to overflowing, and now you must do your part to pour from your cups into the cups of others, the cups of My precious Family, for their cups are empty and outstretched.

                20. They say to you, "Please come, come fill us with the water of the Word, with the juices of Love, with the refreshment that will refresh our souls! For you have given us the handbook (the `Love Charter') to free us and to make it easier for us, but we hold forth our cups for the Spirit of Love! These cups are our vacuum and we suck and we say, please fill us! Please show us, for we know there is more and we wait in anticipation. For there is an excitement in our hearts and a longing to know that which our God has shown you!"

                21. I do have more and I will give you more abundantly, but I too understand that as I pour forth and pour forth and pour forth unto you, that it builds up more pressure upon you, the pressure of feeling that you need to get it out, and there is just so much. I will not pressure you, as I am teaching you not to pressure them. I have shown you much, so work to get it out, to feed the children and fill their cups! And they shall rejoice and they shall feel inspired and they shall feel loved. They shall drink it in and it shall quench their thirst!

                22. For you must mix this love juice, this joy juice, to just the right potion, and as you pour it out, it will then fill their cups and quench their thirst. Fear not, I will lead you as you prepare. I will show you all that I have said unto you and I will make it easy for you, for it is My will that you pour forth this juice, the clear refreshing waters of My Word and the ecstasies of My Spirit mixed together, that you may quench their thirst and give them a new understanding.

                23. And while they are assimilating this and being strengthened by it, taking it step by step, I will show you more so that you can feed them and show them the next step. For we are all on the trip together, and I keep you a little ahead of the flock so that you can lead them and guide them. But I would that you would have them close behind you, as a good shepherd does not venture out too far ahead of the sheep, lest they worry and be concerned. But I would have you just at the head, showing them the way step by step by step by step. I am just ahead of you showing you the path, and showing you the waters, and showing you the green fields, because we are all in it together.

                24. Oh how I love it when you stop, when you praise Me, when you sing to Me! What true joy it brings Me! And it is even a greater joy to Me to know that you will be faithful to share these ecstasies and these secrets and these mysteries with My people, for they too will learn to love Me in a new and greater way, and it will bring Me great joy!

                25. So feed the flock of God which is before you, and pour forth unto them this beautiful, nourishing, refreshing, golden elixir, that as they drink, it will fill them with My Love, with My strength and with My power! Give! Give, I say unto you! Pour forth, and I will pour forth unto you an even greater measure of My Love and of My understanding. Take the step of faith and give, and I will match you step for step.

                26. And as you begin to give, I will begin to pour forth My blessings in a new and greater way, and you will know that it is because of your faithfulness, and because of your love, and because of your faith, and because of your humility that I have done this. For it does take humility to share the intimacies that you share with Me, with others. But your great humility will show your great love, and your great love will be multiplied in the hearts of many. And you will be held in great honor for your great humility, for before honor is humility.

                27. And My children will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have ordained you as a queen and as a king, as the Queen and King of My Love. This will be a proof to them that I have ordained you and I have anointed you, and that I have poured forth My Spirit upon you. For they shall taste of the waters, and they shall see that they are good. They shall be nourished and strengthened, and they shall say, "These are the Waters of Life! And these are they that pour forth this water unto us. We shall follow and we shall drink and we shall rejoice, for it is a new wine and it brings the joys and the ecstasies and the intoxication of the Spirit!"

                28. So bottle the juice, bottle the wine, cork it, package it and ship it! And I shall send forth a new harvest, a new crop which shall even be sweeter and stronger and more potent, more intoxicating and more exciting! Your vats are full, therefore pour forth and empty them that I may fill you again and again!

                Pour it! Pour the wine!

                For it is fine.

                It is yours and it is Mine!

                (End of prophecy.)

                29. (Mama:) Doesn't this sound exciting? It is! Praise the Lord! Peter and I and all of WS are doing all we can to bottle and ship what the Lord has given. Please pray for us, as it's a big job, since, as the Lord said, He is pouring it out abundantly!

                30. I think it's so precious that the Lord said that our prayers, our tenderness and our whispers of love make Him feel loved. It makes me want to be sure to regularly tell the Lord that I love Him, and show Him by spending time with Him.

The Bridegroom Cometh!

                31. One night after an extended period of singing praise songs and love songs to the Lord and crying out to Him, telling Him of our love for Him, He said some wonderful things to us!

                32. (Prophecy:) Behold, I have heard your prayers, and I have seen your tears, and I will heal you. I have heard your songs of love, your words of love and endearment unto Me. I have heard your words of praise and of giving glory unto Me. I have heard you listening to and absorbing My Words and turning them into prayers unto Me. These have come before Me as incense, as beautiful smells that remind me of you and of your love and of your praise. It draws My heart near unto yours. For as I love to speak to you, so I love it when you together speak to Me. As you think it is precious when I speak to you, so I feel it is precious when you speak to Me!

                33. Oh that My children everywhere would speak such words of love, such words of praise, and would sing unto Me such songs of love and of devotion, and would sing from their whole hearts, as you have done this night. And, lo, how I would empower them for their love! How I would greatly rejoice in the words of praise that they would say and sing unto Me. For, oh, how I wish to teach My children to seek Me desperately with their whole hearts, and to love Me wholly!

                34. I am teaching you and I am showing you the rewards of giving yourself wholly unto Me. I am teaching and leading you to the ecstasies of the Spirit so that these can understand how I wish for them to be with Me. In doing so, they will give Me great pleasure, and I will give to them great gifts. For if they give, they shall receive. If they give Me the things that I wish, I will pour forth unto them the things that they wish. Give and it shall be given! Yea, I say, give unto Me and it shall be given unto you.

                35. For does not the wife who gives praise and adoration and love to her husband receive of him good gifts and great love? So it is with Me. Why do I speak unto you so much and pour forth so much unto you? Because you speak unto Me in praise and in thanksgiving and in love and honor. You say to Me the things that are pleasing to My ears, and you send up such sweet perfume that it fills the Halls 'round about Me. I think well of you, and I pour forth unto you. And so do I wish for My halls to be filled with the praise and the adoration and the love and the songs of My children!

                36. When I walked the Earth, My disciples said, "Lord, teach us how to pray." And I say unto you, teach your disciples how to pray. Teach them how to praise. Teach them to commune with Me, with the communion that I wish to have. The come-union, the love-union, the praise-union, the glory-union, the worship-union. The loving union of a man and a wife.

                37. For I am teaching you. Slowly am I leading you step by step as this mystery unfolds, to teach My people the ways of Love, as a mother teaches a young virgin before her wedding night. And those that teach the virgin well, bring great joy to her bridegroom. So teach My virgins well, that you may bring great joy unto Me. Be not ashamed and be not afraid of what they will think, for I will work in their hearts and help them to understand. But you must teach them and speak the things that I have given unto you to show them. For they are young lovers and know not the ways of true love. But I have taught you these things, and you must be faithful to teach others, that they too can come to know Me in a new and special way.

                38. This is a test for you, a test of your faith, and of your willingness to humble yourself in the sight of man that I may get the glory and the praise of these, My children. So be not afraid to tell of your great love for Me. Be not afraid to expose yourselves to them as you have exposed yourselves to Me.

                39. Be not afraid to let them hear the words of love and the ecstasies of your love that you have poured forth unto Me! Yes, it will be humbling, but though it is humbling for the man and the woman to be naked one with another, it is soon forgotten in the ecstasies of lovemaking. So shall the humbling of the words and the exposure to all be soon forgotten when you rejoice that they are loving Me, and as they rejoice in their love with Me and in the fruits of that love. I look forward with great, great anticipation to a great lovemaking of My children! I know it is coming!

                40. And as a bridegroom looks forward to the day of his marriage, so I look forward to the day when My children will call unto Me in a new way, and will cry out to Me in desire. And oh, I shall rejoice! And oh, I shall be glad! I will shout with great joy! I will burst forth with great love! And I will bestow My gifts upon My children for their great love for Me. For they will be giving and giving and giving unto Me, and I will be giving and giving and giving unto them. This is the beginning of a great new marriage, and My Bride shall rejoice in the ecstasies of My Love! They shall be exceeding glad at the fruits of My Love, and they will be grateful to you for your faith and your faithfulness, and for your great love for Me.

                41. So do not hold back. Give unto them! Give unto them all that I have shown you, and in due season you shall reap a great and mighty harvest because of your faithfulness. For as you two have loved Me and have received the seeds of My Love, so shall it bring forth great fruit unto the children of David. For I say unto you, we are going to have a spiritual orgy! We are going to have an orgy of the Spirit and we are going to be loving and loving and loving, and fucking and fucking and fucking!

                42. The world and the church are going to stand back in awe, and they are going to scoff and say, "The children haven't changed!" But I say unto you, the children have changed, because they are no longer children, they are brides! They are going to be experienced lovers, and they are going to revel in the ecstasies of My Love!

                43. So come, let us love together! Let us revel together! For you are My Bride and I am your Husband, and the bed of our marriage is undefiled. And as the husband and the wife learn the ways of love together, and as they discover new and exciting things to do one to another, so shall we learn new ways to excite one another, and to pour forth to one another, and to show one another great love. Oh, what a marriage! Oh, what a loving! Oh, what a time we shall have together, My Bride and Me! And, oh, what love we shall have, and what love we will show the world together.

                44. So prepare yourself, the Bridegroom cometh! Trim your lamps, yea, trim your lamps and be ready and waiting! We shall have a great feast and we shall have great love, and we shall have a great, great, great big orgy together! This is My call to all the young virgins: Come, come, come! Come unto Me. I want to marry you. I want you in the bed of My Love. Come, I say, come unto Me! Do not think, "Oh, there are so many," for you are all one. I love each of you, and I will ravish each of you, and I will ravish all of you! And we shall rejoice together in a great love one for another!

                45. So I'm coming!--And it's coming!--And you'll be coming!--And we'll all be coming together! So come! Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest--rest in the bed of My Love. And through this rest and through this love there will be great strength and great fruit. For soon we will be naked together in the bed of love! So hear My call and heed My call. Be ready! (End of prophecy.)

                46. (Mama:) What a beautiful, powerful and wonderful Message! Wow! How sexy! I can't get over how much the Lord is trying to show us the importance of loving Him. It's just amazing to see things as He sees them. God is anything but conservative! He's radical and He doesn't seem to care if people know He's wild and free!

                47. Like Dad has said, the Lord is a sexy God! "If you can accommodate this new wine without asking why or trying to analyze its ingredients, God has such thrills and intoxication of the Spirit in store for you that you will be glad you drank it without question!--And you'll be whisked off into a world which you never dreamed existed, where you'll enjoy the very wonders of total intimacy with a sexy, naked God Himself in a wild orgy of the Spirit, as His totally surrendered Bride!" (ML #286:23).

                48. See, it's nothing new--even the Lord talking about us having a spiritual orgy with Him--it's been there all the time! The Lord just wants us to put it into practice. He wants us to love Him, to desire to be with Him like we desire to be with a sexy lover. He loves us, and we love Him, so let's learn to love Him the way He wants to be loved!

Usage of the Word "Fuck"!

                49. You undoubtedly noticed that the Lord used the word "fucking" in this prophecy. Some time back there was some question if we, as the Family, should be using this word or not. Dad used it on appropriate occasions, not as a derogatory "four-letter word" but as the natural synonym for sexual intercourse.

                50. When Dad said "fuck," he never did it in a demeaning or dirty way. I can never remember Dad saying "fuck you" in an angry or swearing way. There were lots of times when he said, "I want to fuck you," but the way it was said was very sweet and loving, meaning that he wanted to make love with me. He just used it when referring to sexual intercourse. Of course, the System uses it plenty in a derogatory way, and some people use it in just about every sentence! Unfortunately, I've heard that some of our immature young people have been using it as a swear word, which just shows how polluted by the System even our own kids can sometimes get!

                51. One of our leaders wrote quite some time ago asking if we should refrain from using this word, as he felt it seemed to be better to use the term "making love." At the time I basically agreed to suggesting that the Family not use the word "fuck," and wrote him and some of our other leaders letting them know this. We didn't make it official in a printed publication, but just informed the leadership of this suggestion.

                52. However, in light of the Lord saying it Himself in this and some other yet to be published prophecies, I thought we had better pray further about this and ask Him about this matter. As you can see, when we bring matters before the Lord He will answer and show us what to do. Following is my prayer, along with His answer.

Mama's Prayer About Using "Fuck" in Our Terminology!

                53. (Mama prays:) Jesus, we come before You to ask You about reinstituting the use of the word "fuck" in our pubs and vocabulary. This question is quite a dilemma, because Dad used the word "fuck" throughout the pubs in a very pure way; but the world uses it in exactly the opposite way, in a dirty, gutter, filthy way. Dad was an iconoclast, and his revolutionary, unconventional, untraditional ways, including his radical vocabulary, helped to drive a wedge between the Family and the System. He wanted to break us out of our churchy System ruts! He wanted to separate us from the world! He wanted to shock us and shock society!

                54. Also, Dad figured, "Why can't we put our own pure connotation on words?" He felt he had as much right to make a word mean whatever he wanted it to mean as the System does! Why not? It's society that puts these bad connotations on words. Look at the word "gay" and how they've changed it so nobody can use it any more in its original, sweet, delightful meaning.

                55. There must not be anything wrong with the word "fuck" in Your eyes, Lord, as You have even used it in some of the prophecies You've given us recently! But many of our young people have gotten very evil, corrupted, ungodly attitudes about sex from the world, which they have brought into the Family and incorporated into their own way of thinking, so now to them the word "fuck" is very tainted and perverted; to them it carries a carnal, dirty, lustful connotation.

                56. Of course, we can understand how they can feel that way, because they've gotten that from movies and other contact with the System. Anybody that has much contact with the System at all knows the way they use the word "fuck," and you can get propagandized pretty quickly by that kind of negative worldly input. So it's no wonder, Lord, that most of our young people, and even many adults, don't use the word "fuck" and don't like it when other Family members use it.

                57. If we reinstitute the usage of this word in our pubs and vocabularies without a good explanation and a cleansing of our people's minds, many Family members are not going to understand it or have the right attitude toward it. But if we just give in to the protests we've heard from various Family members and stop using it, then they'll conclude that we are admitting that the way Dad used it was wrong and impure and dirty, which is not the case!

                58. To complicate matters even further, if we reinstitute the word "fuck" in the Family, in a widespread everyday use to equate it with having intercourse, some will inevitably use it outside of the Home. What we say, the terms we use, our speech habits, anything we do on a broad scale is eventually heard of by our friends and the general public; it's not as though we can keep such things to ourselves. If we start using "fuck" and putting it in the pubs, maybe our adults could try to use it discreetly and only within the privacy of our Homes when talking with other Family members, but it seems some of our younger people will likely not be so discerning in their use of it.

                59. Society certainly will not understand our use of the word "fuck," which could hurt what we have tried to do with our friends and contacts to help them see that we are Christians, and that we love Jesus and that we have a standard of the Word and righteousness. Just the use of that one word alone is enough to give the impression to the System that you couldn't possibly be a Christian! Or if you could by some wild stretch of the imagination be a Christian, you certainly aren't a good one! The immediate impression they get when hearing you say "fuck" is that you are dirty, impure, unrighteous, unholy and ungodly!

                60. What are we going to do, Lord, if we've been a good sample and witness to someone and then they hear us saying "fuck"? Even if we try to explain it, how are we going to explain it well enough to them so they'll understand, so they won't be stumbled, and so our good won't be evil spoken of? If we've ministered to people and they look to us as real Christians, as a sample to follow, and they're drawn to us as their link to the Lord and to the Words, but then all of a sudden they hear us using the word "fuck," that can't help but lower their opinion of us, because they can't fathom anything else! They don't understand how we could possibly use that term and still be Christians or still be Godly!

                61. Lord, this is really a dilemma! We have some very good reasons for continuing to use the word "fuck." It's a very precise word, everyone knows it means intercourse. Whereas "making love" covers the whole range of sexual activity, sometimes including intercourse, but not always. Also, Dad used "fuck" throughout his Letters, so what business do we have to change it, unless You tell us specifically to change it. But if we are not going to change it and You want us to use it in the pubs and as part of our normal vocabulary, You will have to tell us how we can handle the results and pick up the pieces! It's not just the System that doesn't understand and that thinks we are being dirty and carnal and vulgar when we say "fuck," but it is our own young people too.

                62. Lord, we ask You to please do something about this dilemma, and help us to understand and know what we are supposed to do! If we are to use the word "fuck," help us to know how we can deal with the repercussions and what explanations we're supposed to give people. Help us, Lord!

                63. Thank You so much for giving us beautiful Words from You, so clearly and simply. We don't have to figure them out, we don't have to try to interpret them, they are so clear. And thank You for giving Peter a clear channel and a beautiful gift from You! Help him, Lord. We know it's a battle and the Enemy fights, but You are greater! Your power is so great it can overcome the Evil One, and You've promised, "greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world" (1John 4:4). We claim a clear channel and every Word that You want to give us. Whatever You want to do about this matter, that's what we want. We have no will of our own, Lord. We don't know anything of ourselves, and we need You so much to show us the answers. We love You, Jesus, and thank You for caring for every detail.

To the Pure All Things Are Pure!--But Walk in Wisdom Towards Those Without!

                64. (Prophecy:) To the pure all things are pure, but him that is filthy, let him be filthy still. The Words that I speak unto you are pure Words, golden Words, fitting Words, fulfilling Words! And if I use these words when speaking to you, then how can you say that these are filthy? For the Word of God is pure, and it is pure unto those that are pure. But those that are filthy, let them be filthy still! For do they not call all the goodness of God evil? Do they not call the freedom of God evil? Do they not call the freedoms that I have given to you evil? Do they not reject you for the freedoms that I have given to you? And do they not say that your actions are not of God, but are from Satan, and that you are deceived?

                65. But do you stop the freedom of God because of the opinions of man? Do you cease from sharing My Love one with another because man says that this is not of God? For whom do you listen to?--The voice of man or the voice of God? The voice of man says, "This is the way. This is what you must say!" But I say unto you, look at man, look how they seek to change all things that are true and right. Look how they seek to change My Word and to make My Word of none effect. For they say that they seek correctness and purity of word so that it offends no one. But I say it is hypocrisy, it is a cover-up, it is deception!

                66. For My Word is Truth! I speak truth. And My Word is clarity. When I called you to Me out of the life that you led before you knew Me, did this word have a holy meaning?--No, it did not, for you were not pure. But neither was My Name holy unto you. For some it was even a curse word. But when I brought you to Me, when I washed you by My Spirit and cleansed you through My Word, and when I instructed you with the Words of David, so did My Name become pure unto you.--And so did this word ("fuck") become pure unto you. So unto you who are pure, unto you who are holy, unto you who are called out from this world, so have I made these things pure unto you; and so have I given unto you My pure Words, My pure freedom, and My pure joy! And those that are without, let them be filthy still!

                67. But walk in wisdom towards them that are without. Become all things to all men, that you may be winsome. When you speak to those that think they be pure, use words that they think to be pure; for they understand not the true purity of God, and because of this they think that which is truly pure is defiled. For they be as Pharisees who think they know the ways of God, but who only know the way of man--man's interpretation of the ways of God. For they have the law and the letter, but are without the Spirit.

                68. Unto them, show yourselves wise and show yourselves loving, and be not offensive. But when they challenge you, as they challenged Me, speak then the truth, the whole truth, that they may hear, and that they may decide, and that they may be accountable.

                69. For your children who have been sullied and dirtied in their minds and in their spirits, I say unto you, cleanse them with My Word. Read to them that which your David has said unto them--that love is pure, that the giving of love, the making of love, the making of babies is pure, a pure gift from a loving Father!

                70. For did not your Father David teach you the ways of love, and the purity and holiness of sex? Did he not change your minds through the Words that he spoke? And will not these Words speak to your new generation and change their minds? Did not the Words of David cleanse you from the pollutants of the world, of all that which you grew up with? Did it not wash you clean? Did it not show you the truth and give you the wisdom and understanding of the ways of the Lord your God?

                71. I say unto you, these Words are alive today!--And as they cleansed you, they will cleanse your young people, and they will cleanse future generations. For the Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and Life! They are alive, they are pure, they work! They worked then, they work now, they work tomorrow, they work forever!

                72. And as your children, your loved ones, have been polluted by the deception of Satan, and by the world about them, so I say unto you, cleanse them! Cleanse them with the pure waters of My Word, and fret not to speak unto them the truth, to give unto them that which I have given, that which is holy, that which is pure, that which is clean. Help them to understand by the reading of My Word and by your ensample of love, of purity, of holiness, of faithfulness, and of loyalty.

                73. So study with them, that they may show themselves workmen that need not be ashamed, that they learn to rightly divide My Word of Truth! Lead them to My Words. Read with them My Words. Explain to them My Words. Help them to understand. For My Word is powerful! My Word is eternal! My Word is health and life unto you and unto your children. My Word is the antidote to the poison and the impurities of this world.

                74. You cannot keep yourself from all the poisons and all the impurities. You cannot shut your eyes and shut your ears and take in nothing from this world, for this world is all about you, and you are in this world. But if you would not be of this world, then you must cleanse yourselves and purify yourselves with the antidote of My Word, that you shall become clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you.

                75. Unto you young ones I say, heed My Words and listen unto them, and believe them, for Satan has desired to have you, to defeat you!--Not by a great flood, but by the little foxes that eat the vines. A little here, a little there; a little weakening; a little chipping away of the foundation here, a little chipping of the foundation there; a little disbelief here, a little doubt there; a little of your own wrong conclusions.

                76. If you would have a strong foundation, you must read and believe and drink in and be cleansed by the Words of David. When you read them, think not, "Oh, I have read this before. Oh, I know what this says. I know all of the Words of David." For you know not what you say. For though you may have read the Words of David all your life, you must also believe them and put forth a believing will and put them into action and let them be your standard--not that which you see about you and that which you view or hear.

                77. And I say this unto all: Let the Words of David, the Words of God, the Words of My mouth, the Words of My Book be your standard!--Not that which man says, not that which is politically correct but is a deception and a deceit and a lie, perpetrated by those who would destroy the Word and the works of God! For am I politically correct? Was David politically correct?--Or did he speak the Words of Truth as I spoke through him? Is the Bible politically correct? No, these things are an offense to man, but they nevertheless are the pure Words of God!

                78. And to those of you who are pure, these Words are pure, they are life-giving waters! They cleanse your spirit! They nourish your soul! They strengthen your minds and your hearts, and they draw you nigh unto Me. But to this world they are a stench and an offense because they are strong Words, and they are true Words, and they are convicting Words, and they are precise Words, and this, My Word, cuts to the heart!

                79. And these [of the world] would have nothing be strong and nothing be true and nothing be sharp, for they wish to have it all blended together in one great big mass of confusion where there is no right and there is no wrong, there is no up and there is no down; that no one is offended and no one is hurt, no one is convicted, and thus no one knows where lies truth, nor which direction they should go. Thus do they hate and thus do they speak against anyone who gives direction and who speaks the truth.

                80. Become not as they who have no guidebook, who have no map. For I have given you clarity and direction and absolutes, and these things be of Me! So be not deceived! Be not taken in by those who would blur everything, for I have given you clarity of thought, clarity of direction, clarity of sight.

                81. Though you may see so much through a glass darkly, these see not at all, and thus they lie in confusion and they seek to confuse. But I seek to clarify and to give you truth. So forsake not the Words nor the ways of David, for he spoke unto you truth, and he spoke unto you clarity, and he gave unto you absolutes. And I would that you would follow these--My Truth, My Words, My life--and that you would speak with clarity and with purity, using wisdom towards them that are without. (End of prophecy.)

                82. (Mama:) Aren't the Lord's answers amazing? He always answers above and beyond what we even expect, and gives us so much more than we even asked for! Not only does He give us the answer, but He explains why things are the way they are. He also helps us to know how to apply the knowledge He gives us.

                83. The Lord makes it clear that we are to use the word "fuck" purely, not derogatorily. Therefore, if any of you are using it as a swear word or in an unloving manner, then you are using it wrongly. He also says that when we are with those who think the word "fuck" is impure, that we shouldn't use it; that we are supposed to use wisdom and love in our interactions with others. So if it is going to stumble some outsider, then it shouldn't be used. But within our own Homes and in private conversation, it can be rightfully used.

                84. What an exposé of those who want everything to be politically correct! If you've wondered about "political correctness," here's what the Lord had to say about it!

                85. Also, the Lord takes this as an opportunity to drive home the importance of cleansing ourselves with His Words to counteract the evil, polluting influences of the System! It doesn't matter how strong you think you are spiritually, if you take in the System's thoughts and words and pictures and attitudes, you are going to be contaminated by them. Not everything in the System is bad, of course, but the System is filled with many negative influences and you are bound to pick up some along the way.

                86. The only thing which will keep you pure is to be cleansed by the Words! If you have more intake from the System than you have from the Word, you're bound to be weakened, no matter who you are! This is one of the laws of the spirit world: If you get more of the Devil's input than you get of God's input, then you become weakened. Even Peter, when he comes back from his missions in the System, asks for cleansing prayer, and makes the time to get refilled with strengthening Word to wash him clean from the System's thoughts and words and attitudes, which are so contrary to God's.

                87. Folks, it is a spiritual battle! Sometimes we can't help taking in the poison of the world and getting dirtied, but we can prevent ourselves from staying that way and from being weakened by it. The Lord has provided the antidote, the remedy, the cure! He says, "Now ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you" (John 15:3). So please make time for His Word, make time for loving fellowship with Him, and you will be strengthened by the renewing of your mind and spirit.

                88. May God bless you and help you to spend good loving time with Him--time in His Word, praising Him, telling Him you love Him and letting Him fuck you with His Word!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family