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WHERE ARE WE NOW?--Endtime Update!  DO 302711/95

--By Maria             Maria #309

Dear Family,

                1. We recently prayed and asked the Lord if He wanted to give you any further instructions about the Endtime, or any further indications of how close we are to the End. We thought that since Dad had so frequently written about Endtime events, but we hadn't had anything from him for a while, that it was time for an update. So we prayed and received an interesting message from both the Lord and Dad, which, although they may not give you the detailed answers you may be seeking, will give you far more important information than "times and seasons" (Acts 1:7).

                2. People are always trying to figure out the exact times so they can put everything in a box and make sure they've got everything figured out, but the Lord doesn't seem to go for this type of thing so much. Instead, He keeps us guessing, because it keeps us on our toes, and we can't get settled down. What the Lord and Dad had to say to us is of far more value than mere information on specific times and events. It seems that the Lord knows that telling us the "when" isn't going to help us; in fact, it might hurt us. However, telling us how to prepare for it will be of much greater benefit to us. Then it won't matter when it comes, because we will have prepared all along.

                3. So without further introduction, let me present to you again the One Who is all-wise, all-loving, all-knowing, the One Who delights in sharing His Love and wisdom and knowledge with His children in order to prepare them for the future!

Days of Preparation!

                4. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) These are days of preparation, preparation for that which is ahead. For I bring you along hand in hand, leading you, guiding you, preparing you, strengthening you. I give you what you need as you enter into these Last Days. But go not in unprepared. Take upon you the whole armor of God. I fit you with this armor and I prepare you. I teach you to battle with new weapons, with new methods so that you will be prepared.--And training takes time. This is not training in the flesh, but training in the Spirit.

                5. And whether you are prepared or not, the time will come, shortly. I try to prepare you, but your preparedness depends upon you, upon your willingness, your openness, your yieldedness, your desire for the things of the Spirit. For as a soldier learns the art of warfare, so must you learn to use My weapons of the Spirit. So must you learn to be strengthened in My Spirit. I test you and probe you now, that I may know what you are made of, so that in the time of those tests you will have the means to stand.

                6. So use this time, this time of peace, to prepare for the war, a war of the Spirit that is ahead. For these are the days of preparation. These are the days of training. These are the days of testings. These are the days that come before the Time of the End.

                7. I give you this time of peace not so you can lie back and relax, but as time to prepare. It's the lull before the storm. So prepare in Spirit. Learn to hear My voice. Learn to follow My Spirit. Learn to feed yourselves from the Words that I have poured forth. Learn to love one another. Learn to work in harmony, one with another. Learn to trust one another, for these are important matters. The days will come when these things will be the coinage of the realm, the things of great value. Your ministries and your talents, though useful, will not be as important as the attributes of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the yieldedness of the Spirit.

                8. In those days it will not matter if you can sing, if you have talents, if you have a ministry. What will matter is that you know Me and that you follow Me explicitly.--That you are willing to do the things which I tell you to do, for your life will depend upon it. The things that you feel are so important today will be as nothing! The things that distract you from My service now and from loving Me will be as nothing!

                9. Do you want to be strong? Do you want to do exploits? Do you want to prepare? Then prepare in the Spirit. Draw nigh unto Me, that I may draw nigh unto you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners. Purify your hearts, ye doubleminded. Be afflicted and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness. Be sober, be vigilant. Set aside the ways of the world and prepare for the day of the Lord! For this day shall come as a thief in the night to those who are not prepared.

                10. You who prepare not will be as the brides without oil, as one who merely goes along in the time of peace, not discerning the signs of the time and not preparing, and suddenly the day is upon you. Then you'll say, "Now I must do exploits. Now I must do those things which I have been told." But you will not have the means to do them in the same power of the Spirit as those who have prepared, who have diligently sought Me, who have been filled with My Word, who are led by My Spirit, who look unto Me in all their ways, who have separated themselves unto Me in Spirit, who have yielded, who have been obedient.

                11. For if two line up to run a race and one has prepared and practiced and built up his muscles, and the other has done nothing, and they be at the starting line and the gun is fired, so will the one that is prepared run the race with speed, with strength, and with energy. The one who prepared not will run the race in pain, gasping for breath, slowly dragging behind, yet still running.

                12. You must choose which runner you will be, and you choose by making those choices today in the days of preparation. Are you taking seriously those things which I am saying unto you? Are you learning to tune in to My Spirit?--To work together with your helpers, those of the spirit world who can show you things that you don't know and lead you and guide you?

                13. Are you shedding the things of this Earth and becoming more Heavenly minded? Are you setting your affections on things Above and not on things of this Earth? Are you living My Words? Are you loving your brothers and your sisters? For these are the things that strengthen the spiritual muscles that you need in the days ahead.

                14. If you want to know when these things be, I say to you, they are coming. They are coming! They are coming! Hearken unto the Herald! For the Herald says, "The days are ahead! The days are coming! The days are almost upon you! Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Look not to the right hand. Look not to the left. Look straight ahead. Get ready, for the day is at hand!"

Keep on Witnessing and Feeding the Hungry!

                15. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Well, the world is still in a big mess!--That certainly hasn't changed! It continues downward and downward, just like I said it would. Well, just like the Lord said it would. Nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, wars and rumors of wars.--And there is more to come.

                16. It's not going to be getting better, folks! It's going to be getting worse. Right now it's not too bad, but it's going to get worse. It's going to be more difficult.--More difficult to do your job, because it will be more difficult on you. But people will become more and more hungry as all the things that they trusted in begin to fade away, and then only the things of the Spirit, the things of Truth, will matter.

                17. One of the best things you can do is just keep on witnessing! Keep on getting out the Word! Keep on exposing the Enemy! Keep on telling the Truth! And feed people. Feed them, for they, too, need to be strengthened in the Spirit. Pour out to them. Feed them. For the ones that you feed today are the ones that will feed you in the days to come. For you will feed them food of the Spirit and they will feed you food of the flesh.

                18. So feed them, folks. Feed the hungry. Feed the lost. Win'm now while it's easier. Feed'm now while it's easier. For it will get more difficult to really feed them in the future. Things will be more scarce. You have it easy now, so use the time!

                19. Some of you think, "Oh, it's not going to happen. Dad's been talking about this for years. Nothing's changed. I haven't seen it. I don't believe it." Well, I've got news for you, you will believe it! The only problem is that because you don't believe it now, you won't be quite so ready. I suggest you start believing it, start living it, and start acting like it! Because whether you believe it or not doesn't make any difference. These events are not contingent upon your belief, they're contingent on the Word of God, and that never fails. He said it's going to happen, so it is going to happen. He said it's going to happen soon, so it is going to happen soon.

                20. My question to you is: Are you going to be ready? Will you have reached all those that need to be reached? Will you have ministered to those who will then minister to you? Are you dealing your bread to the hungry so that in those days it will return unto you? You've sure had ample warning. Are you using it?

                21. You don't have to worry so much about the details of it all. As the events begin to happen, it'll be very clear to you. The Lord will reveal it to you. But take advantage of the time that you have now to prepare--to prepare in the Spirit, to prepare through your witness, through your ministering and through your feeding of others.

                22. And like I used to sing, "Be ready!" Be ready! Be ready! (End of prophecies.)

Secret Information!--God Himself Is Helping You Prepare for the Big Battles Ahead!

                23. (Mama:) Well, folks, I hope you won't just read this once and let it go at that! There is so much in a prophecy that it's wise to always read it several times. It's also good to have a little review and see if you can remember what you read. It's nice to try to put things in your own words too, to see if you really got the point. That's why we often try to give you a little capsule summary at the end of these prophecies, repeating in our own words the main points of the prophecy.

                24. The Lord and Dad aren't just saying these things to fill up space! These are very serious, sober, important messages that we have the priceless privilege of receiving from Heaven, as do few people in the world! Don't look on this as a burden! Don't look on it as something the Lord is doing to make your life miserable! My goodness, if you have that kind of attitude, you've really got things backwards and upside down!

                25. Please, please see this for what it is! It's secret information that is more valuable than money could ever buy! It's God Himself helping you to get ready for the big one! He's doing all He can to give you a head start, to make things easy for you, to bless you and help you to be prepared for the great exploits when the time comes! It's God loving you so much that He's speaking personally to you and revealing His mysteries. It's God loving you so much that He's continuing to let Dad speak to you and counsel and guide you with the wonderful Words of David. It's wonderful! It's marvelous! And if we have this information and we don't use it, think how responsible we're going to be! Think of the millions of people in the world who don't even know what's going on and don't have any way to know. But here we know what the future holds and we know what to do about it. So if we don't take action on it, we are not only failing God, but we're going to be making it very difficult for ourselves.

                26. You young people who are jaunting around having a good time now, thinking you're freed from all the restrictions and you are going to finally experience doing your own thing--well, yes, you can make your own choices, but some of them are going to make things easier for you in the future and others are going to make things more difficult. If you think the present is all that's important and you want to just live for right now and not worry about the future or worry about others, that's your prerogative. You know the situation and you know what the Lord has said, and you're responsible.

                27. But for you who are "going for the gold" in every way, seeking to yield every area of your life to Jesus, He says He wants you to put on the whole armor of God and start preparing with new weapons and new methods. Getting fully prepared will take time, so it has to start now. How prepared you will be depends upon your openness, your yieldedness and your desire for the things of the Spirit, and not the flesh. Many of you are going through big testings right now, but these tests are to strengthen you for the tests to come, so the tests in the future won't be too great for you. You'll have already made it through very difficult tests and you'll know that nothing is too hard for the Lord to pull you through.

                28. This is the time of peace that the Lord has given us so we can prepare for the big battles ahead. These aren't days to relax in, they're days to do all we can to get ready for the battle. And how are we supposed to prepare? He says:

                1.) Learn to hear His voice.

                2.) Learn to follow His Spirit.

                3.) Learn to feed yourselves from the written Word.

                4.) Learn to love one another.

                5.) Learn to work in harmony.

                6.) Learn to trust one another.

                29. He says that in the future, these will be the most important things. Your ministries and talents, though useful, aren't going to be nearly as important as the gifts of the Spirit. He says in those days, what will matter is that you follow Jesus explicitly and that you are willing to do the things that He tells you to do, for your life and the lives of others will depend upon it. Many of the things that you feel are so important today and the things that distract you from His service and from loving Him will be as nothing. If you want to be strong and do exploits, you're going to have to prepare in the Spirit now by drawing close to the Lord and getting rid of all these weights and the sins which so easily beset you, so you can run this race without them bogging you down.

                30. He says you're going to have to cleanse your mind and your heart through the Word. The Lord wants you to get serious with Him, be sober and vigilant and set aside the ways of the world. The Lord says these days shall come as a thief in the night to those who are not prepared. In other words, these days of the End will just sneak up on you, and it will be too late for you to prepare when you finally realize it's happening! He says if you don't prepare, you are going to be like the brides without any oil. Remember what happened to them? Those five foolish virgins got caught without any oil and then they had to find some, and when they got back the doors were closed and it was too late for them to get in to the wedding. (See Mat.25:1-13.)

                31. When that day comes you're going to realize that you need to do exploits and you are going to realize that you are supposed to be doing all those things that you were told, but you aren't going to have the means to do them with the same power and spirit as those who have prepared by:

                1.) Diligently seeking Him.

                2.) Filling themselves up with His Word.

                3.) Learning to be led by His Spirit.

                4.) Looking to Him in everything.

                5.) Separating themselves from the world in spirit.

                6.) Being yielded and obedient.

What's your progress in each of these areas?

                32. The Lord likens it to a race where those who have prepared are very strong and able to run the race with ease. But those who have not prepared, although still running, are just limping along gasping for breath and finding it very, very difficult to continue. He challenges you to choose which runner you will be. You'll have to choose now, because your choice now will decide what kind of runner you will be in the end.

                33. Here are some questions the Lord asks you to answer so you can see for yourself if you are preparing as you should be:

                1.) Are you taking seriously the things the Lord is telling you?

                2.) Are you learning to tune in to His Spirit, and working together with your helpers in the spirit world who can show you things you don't know and lead and guide you?

                3.) Are you shedding the things of this Earth and becoming more Heavenly minded?

                4.) Are you setting your affections on things above and not on things of this Earth?

                5.) Are you believing His Words and living them?

                6.) Are you loving your brothers and sisters?

                34. He says these are the things that will give you the strength you need in the days ahead. Evaluate yourself on each of these points, and answer the Lord honestly in your heart. Go over specific examples in your conduct and attitudes that either show you that you're making progress, or show you that you're lagging behind.

                35. The Lord leaves you with a warning that the days are almost here and that we must prepare now.

Witnessing, Winning and Feeding!

                36. In the second prophecy Dad tells us that things are getting worse, and the worse it gets, the more difficult it is going to be for us to do our job. But people will become more and more hungry as they begin to lose all the things they trusted in. Then only the things of the Spirit will matter. So he says that one of the best things we can do is keep on witnessing and getting out the Word, as well as to keep on exposing the Enemy and keep on telling the Truth and feeding people.

                37. We need to not only win people to Jesus, but feed them to make sure they get strengthened too for what is ahead. He says one of the side benefits of feeding people is that in the days to come those we have fed spiritually will feed us physically. He says we need to be winning people and feeding them now while it's easier. It's easy for us now compared to what it's going to be then, so we should use the time we have wisely.

Doubts About the Endtime!

                38. Dad addresses the doubts that many of you young people (and maybe even some of you adults) have had about the Endtime. He says that some of you think this isn't going to happen because Dad's been talking about this for years and it seems that it's still a long ways off, you haven't seen the rise of the AC, etc. Dad says it is coming and you will believe it when you see it. But the only problem is, if you don't believe it now, you won't be ready. He suggests that you believe it and start living it and acting like it. He says, "These events are not contingent upon your belief. They're contingent upon the Word of God, and that never fails." The Lord said it's going to happen, so it is going to happen! He said it's going to happen soon, so it is going to happen soon!

                39. Some of you have the attitude that all things remain as before, and that nothing much changes, the world goes on and it will probably go on for a long time. If you are not convinced by just looking around you and seeing the signs of the times, you can either just believe it because the Lord and Dad and we and others say so, or you can disbelieve it and do your own thing and find out for yourself when it's too late.

Thoughts on the Endtime from Apollos

                40. Apollos recently communicated with me, recounting a conversation he'd had with one of our YAs who had been asking him questions about the Endtime. I'm going to share excerpts of his letter to me because it fits in so well with what we are discussing here.

                41. (From Apollos:) Dear Mama, GBY! Here is the gist of what I shared with this dear YA when talking about how far into the End I personally believe we are at this moment. My "preachment" here is how I presented it to him, and is not intended to be a sermon to you! Thanks! I love you!

                42. I told him that personally, I have no doubt that we're living in the Endtime right now, and that the very End is soon to come. But I suppose the big question we always have is "Just how soon is `soon'?!" Well, obviously the Lord hasn't seen fit to tell us too specifically, so that means we need to get ready by faith, so we'll be ready when it really hits.

                43. It seems to me that before the big trouble starts, there are a few things that must first be fulfilled. Nevertheless, I sure wouldn't want to be guilty of being a "peace prophet," saying "peace and safety" (1Thes.5:3), and then have sudden destruction come upon us unawares. Even though I can sit here and say that I don't think they are currently economically prepared to enforce the Mark of the Beast internationally on "all kindreds, tongues and nations"--which they've got to do according to Revelation 13--even though I may personally think that, you never know! I could certainly be wrong, and we could easily be surprised!

                44. It would just take one little nuclear weapon to go off to completely destabilize the entire worldwide economy, or one major earthquake to take out Tokyo or Los Angeles, or one big meteor or comet to strike a key city or area.--All kinds of things could happen. The entire System is so fragile and so interdependent, it's a house of cards, and with the slightest upset, it could crumble in an instant! And once it does, in order to avoid absolute chaos, the world's governments are going to have to unite, they're going to have to enact special emergency powers, and the AC could rise just like that!--Just as Dad has always told us.

                45. So even though it may logically appear to me like it has to be at least a few more years before the Great Tribulation could begin, it's very possible that what will actually happen will not be according to our "logic" or limited perspective. Like the Warning Tract says, "So sudden will be the Great Confusion, that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. But be ye not deceived! Be prepared!" (See ML #655.)

                46. And as far as what I would want to share with others or to teach to other Family young people, I would say, "Be prepared! Get ready!" Because if you're a little peace prophet and you go around saying, "Well, Dad was always saying that the Tribulation is going to be this year or it's going to be next year, or we have to get ready right now--get your survival water, get your typewriters, do this and do that, but I don't see what the big hurry is"--which is a sentiment that some people have expressed--remember, the Word warns that there are going to be scoffers in the Last Days saying, "Where is the promise of His coming?--All things continue as they were from the beginning!" (2Pet.3:3-4).

                47. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man" (Mat.24:37). In the days of Noah, don't tell me that everybody wasn't mocking Noah and his sons! "Man, you've invested all that time, all that effort, 120 years building this stupid, idiotic, gigantic boat!"--Noah and his sons and their wives slaving away on that boat, month after month, year after year! Imagine the ridicule and the scorn they received, as well as the battles they must have gone through at times, wondering if they had wasted all that time, all that blood, sweat, tears and toil, when it had never even drizzled yet! "But when it shall come to pass, and lo, it shall come!--Then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them!" (Eze.33:33).

                48. When the big-time stuff finally happens, most of the poor, ignorant Christians today are going to be in total confusion because they think they're going to have a pre-Trib Rapture! People say, "Oh, so David was an Endtime Prophet?--What Endtime? What Prophet? What profit is there in this Prophet?" Well, I'll tell you right now, when it happens, I don't know anybody else who is going to be as prepared as we are. I don't know anybody who is going to be able to give comfort and minister to others and even straighten out the poor, ignorant Christians who are going to be utterly devastated that they didn't all float up to Heaven on beds of roses before the hell of the Tribulation broke out!

                49. So, come three years from now, six years from now, 10 years from now, or whatever, if all hell is breaking loose and the Tribulation is in progress, I think we're one outfit which knows enough about Heaven that we won't mind getting martyred for our faith, we won't mind enduring torture as part of our witness. Of course we don't want that, but we'll be able to take it, because we know the wonderful things that are coming and we're ready because of all the things that Dad has taught us! Then people will appreciate what a prophet he was and what marvelous teachings he's given us! So rather than being a little peace prophet who goes around preaching, "Oh, I think we've got more time than it looks like, `peace and safety,' blah, blah, blah," I think it's good to remember that you don't really know if this or that "tower of Siloam" is going to fall on you, and your hour could be always ready! (Lk.13:4; Jn.7:6).

                50. Just think about those kids in Austin. What if they had been talking the night before and one of them had said, "You know, Dad's always going on about how it's the Endtime and that we have to redeem the time because the days are evil and all that kind of stuff, but I think it's time for us to just enjoy life and be happy-go-lucky teens. Let's go into Austin today and get some beer and just have a real blast! Let's get some heavy metal music and rock out and do our own thing for a while and have a real vacation!" What if they had done that, and then had that crash? Wouldn't that have been horrible! But thank God, there were posters and tracts and tapes all over the road, and those kids were going witnessing! They were missionaries, and the ones who went on, went on to a great reward in God's service. But what if you had been the peace prophet who was just telling them, "Oh, I don't really think the End is going to come soon, let's just take it easy."

                51. Look, all Hell could break loose tomorrow, because as I said, it just takes one economic crash, one earthquake in the right place, one little republic in the former Soviet Union to launch a nuke against another.--Anything could happen! So God forbid that any of us should ever be peace prophets! God forbid that we should be lackadaisical! If you're going to err, which side would you want to err on?--Telling people to get ready, it's coming soon, and then it doesn't come as soon as you predicted?--Or would you want to be preaching peace and safety, "all things continue as they were," and suddenly all Hell breaks loose and those you taught or influenced are caught unprepared?--They didn't go to the mission field, they didn't witness and win a soul that needed the Gospel that day, they didn't do what God wanted them to do because you were Mr. Laid-back Cool Guy who didn't preach the warning! Which would you rather be?

                52. Maybe in 10 years we'll all be flying through the air in our resurrection bodies; I sincerely hope so! Maybe even in four or five years we'll be sailing through the air and ruling and reigning over the Kingdom of God on Earth during the Millennium; that would be even better! But at this point, only God knows, and whatever your or my own personal theory may happen to be, since it's just a theory and we don't really know, the smartest thing to do, the truly wise thing to do, would be to get prepared as diligently as possible, and "build up yourself in your most holy faith" (Jude 1:20), so you're ready when it hits!--And encourage others to do the same! Like the Warning Prophecy says, "Be prepared!" (End of excerpts from Apollos.)

How to Witness About the Endtime!

                53. (Mama:) In the two prophecies above, both the Lord and Dad stress preparation. In His, the Lord emphasizes the necessity of preparing ourselves in Spirit and getting close to Him and learning to hear His voice and follow it. In Dad's, he stresses another aspect of our preparation, that of witnessing and winning and feeding to strengthen others. He's encouraging us to deal our bread to the hungry so that in the days to come it will return unto us.

                54. He says we don't have to worry so much about the details of it all, because as events begin to happen, it will become very clear to us. This is because of all the teaching that Dad gave us for so many years.

                55. If you don't understand all the intricacies of the Endtime, don't worry! I don't know anyone who does! While the Lord revealed a great deal to Dad, still there were many details that were not clear and about which Dad could only make some Spirit-led guesses. If we had our Endtime "theology" down pat, we would be tempted to get very rigid and legalistic, and even proud that we have it so "together." Besides, if something changed, then we might be "shattered." As it is, our uncertainty keeps us on our toes and looking forward in anticipation for the next clues.

                56. The best thing you can do in your witnessing about the Endtime is to point out what the Bible says about the signs of the End and show how those things are happening today, as a fulfillment that we really are in the Endtime, and that, therefore, it is important to give our hearts to Jesus, so we'll be prepared for what's to come. To witness about the Endtime you don't need to know all the Endtime "theology," nor be able to debate the issue. All you have to do is tell them what the Endtime is and how it was predicted in the Bible, and how we can see it coming to pass before our eyes. You can even teach your kids to do that!

                57. Many of you have missed the Currents that Dad used to write. I think the Lord knew, however, that Dad had already written so much that now it was up to you to apply those principles to events as they come up. And this seems to be what He is saying here: That because we know the Word and we generally understand what is to happen, when things do begin to happen, we will see things very clearly. If there are any unusual events that the Lord wants to tell us about, He will, and we will pass this on to you, as we have whenever the Lord has deemed something important enough to comment on specifically.

                58. So here He is telling you maybe not what you wanted to know about the Endtime, but what you need to know about the Endtime! Now what you do about it is up to you. Will you be ready?

Dad on Khrushchev!

                59. Recently the Lord allowed two former world leaders whom Dad had spoken of in previous Letters to speak of the burden on their hearts from the spirit world. The first message is from Nikita Khrushchev of Russia, who was head of the former Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964, before Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev, who was the last leader of the former Soviet Union. Dad said of Khrushchev:

                60. "I'm convinced that Khrushchev was a Christian at heart because of the seeds of the Word of God planted in his heart by that Orthodox monk in the school which he attended in [Soviet] Georgia when he was young.

                61. "Khrushchev was reared in Georgia by Orthodox monks in a school there, and in his early youth in Russian Orthodox Church school they had him memorize the entire four Gospels by heart and used to have him recite portions of it publicly as one of their prime stars and beautiful examples of students of their school! And he himself confessed that he had memorized the entire four Gospels and he could still remember much of it.

                62. "And I think if you'll recall his rule and reign, it was quite a radical change in Russian direction, a repudiation of Stalinism and the cruelty and suppression of the Stalin regime, the horrible persecution of Christians and massacres and pogroms and whatnot. Khrushchev was probably one of the most civilized, and I believe one of the most Christian leaders that Russia has had since the days of the Czars!--Maybe a little more honestly, truly Christian than even some of those horrible monster Czars that they had!" ("World History!--And Russia!" ML #1767:22,25-26, GN Book 20.)

                63. The little seed that was planted in Khrushchev's heart when he was a child, as you will see by his own testimony, through the faith of his mother, grew into a quest for the truth in Khrushchev's study and memorization of the Gospels. And once he had found it, he tried as much as possible to use it to help his country to turn toward God.

Message from Khrushchev!

                64. (Prophecy, Khrushchev speaking:) It's been a long century since I was born--way back such a long time ago--and things have changed so much. We were so poor when I was a boy. I was such a simple lad. My father was such a simple man, and my mother taught me about God and about Jesus. We were poor, but I was a happy boy until the war came--the terrible war where the people suffered so much! [World War I]

                65. After the war there was so much I wanted to do for my people, and the Bolsheviks had such wonderful plans! They professed to be doing all of these things just for the people, to help the poor, sweet Russian people whom I loved so much. So I got very inspired and put my whole heart into being a good Party member and learning all the doctrines and the policies, and striving so hard to become a key figure in the Party.

                66. But the activities were very dark and confused me, and I saw the people suffering. I saw much suffering, and I began to ponder these things in my mind. Some of the things I had to do to rise in the Party made me feel very sad and uncomfortable and caused me to question. I had so many questions in my mind! With power comes so many questions: "Am I really doing the right thing? Am I really helping the people?" It became confusing and made me unhappy.

                67. But I struggled on, because my goal was still to help the people, and Communism seemed like the answer. I saw that Capitalism didn't have the answer, so I thought maybe Communism had the answer. I became very indoctrinated by the Party and became an indoctrinator myself and was caught up in it. I was so caught up in it, so lost to the real meaning of things and living so far above reality. Yet in my heart I saw this vast difference between the Party members and the hierarchy in the Party, and the lowly Russians who were cold and hungry and even starving, so that we could build a political and military machine to fight for ultimate power in the world. I knew in my heart that it was wrong.

                68. So I turned to Jesus and I began to read the Gospels. I began to study and study them, and the more I burned them into my brain, the more I began to understand that neither Communism nor Capitalism was the answer, but the Love of God and the love of fellow man was really what was important. I used to flash back on the times in my life when I really loved people, when I really loved God. But then there was all the excitement and the hoopla and the propaganda--the Party, the Party, the Party! I had such ambition! I wanted to be in the Politburo. I wanted to be on the Central Committee. I wanted to control things so that I could make things right, so that I could help the people and I could create the utopian society!

                69. But I was so wrong! I am so sorry for some of the things that I did.--Some of my poor people that I hurt and disillusioned so badly. Especially that we convinced them to give us their children--to give them to a godless machine to make them robots and slaves of the Party!--To take God away from their children! It broke my heart, because these simple Russian people were so trusting--trusting us as their leaders to do the right things.

                70. And little by little God was removed and His blessing was removed, and I saw the people become sadder and sadder, and the Party become more corrupt with more extravagance, more lack of concern for the poor, more power struggles.

                71. As I got older I became more and more weary. I tried to bring in policies to pull us away from this extreme Communist doctrine, this extreme godlessness. But, oh, it was so difficult! To keep my position I had to be so careful. It was a very difficult, hard task to try to turn around the whole way of thinking, the whole mentality of these people.

                72. But in my heart I prayed to Jesus, and now I know that I did begin some major shifts to help bring God back to my people. And that was my comfort when I finally came Here, to realize that I had been instrumental in beginning to help God to get back into the lives of my people and the children, and beginning to open things up so that Jesus' real leaders, His missionaries, would be able to go in and feed the children--little by little by little--and bring them back to God.

                73. Please pray for the Russian people. Their lives are so difficult! So extreme are their living conditions--the sacrifices they make are unbelievable! But they are good people and there are many, many of them that will come to this wonderful Kingdom of Love, if you will only pray for your fellow man!

                74. Love is the answer! Communism is not the answer! Capitalism is not the answer! But Jesus is the answer! The Love of God from your heart to another is the answer! The hardships, the difficulties, the deprivations--all these things the people can take if they know that they are loved, if they know that their leaders are sincere, and especially if they know Jesus.

                75. Looking back on my life, I know that the times of happiness were the times of genuinely caring for others. Being a world leader was a very difficult job. But had I looked to Jesus and followed His Truth and His counsel--even if I had had to do it secretly, if I had done it prayerfully and in my heart--I could have made a much bigger difference and helped my poor people so much more.

                76. But the Lord's mercy is from everlasting to everlasting, and though my sins were many, Jesus forgave and welcomed me into His Kingdom, and has given me many opportunities to help my people and to help His missionaries, His genuine leaders. The smallest, simplest missionary reaching out to the heart of one of my people is much greater than all the leaders trying to drive and move people to a certain way of thinking, to certain beliefs. You can't change the mind of a man unless you change his heart. And that is the job that Jesus has for all those that love Him--to change hearts!--To move people with the Spirit of God!--To give them hope and courage!

                77. I am so thankful that the Spirit of God is now able to move into my country in a great and mighty wave of many, many Christians! There are many sacrificial Christians who have given up very comfortable things and lives to go to help my people. This is much more important than all the money and the technology and the expertise that the West has to offer, because this is what will make the big difference. This is what will really change and help my country to survive--putting God back into the lives of the children who don't know who Jesus is, but who are so hungry for love in a cold, dark land.

                78. The extreme cold weather of Russia is just a symbolism of the spiritual coldness that has been brought on the land there. So continue to open up your hearts and lives and pour out to these people, for they pray to Jesus and they ask for His help, because they are very desperate and longing for love and peace and truth! (End of prophecy.)

Living for Jesus Is a Blessing and a Privilege!

                79. (Mama:) Another former world leader who the Lord allowed to speak was Josip Tito of the former Yugoslavia.--Another Communist leader who in his childhood had opened his heart to Jesus and received His forgiveness. That's why it is so important to reach the children while they're young and moldable and receptive, when they have faith and innocence. Even though they may stray from the arms of their loving Heavenly Father, and even though they may never return in this life, He waits to bring them back to loving fellowship with Him in their Heavenly Home, at the end of their life. So great is His mercy, so limitless His Love!

                80. You might feel like, "That's not fair! All they had to do was say a little prayer, and then they got to live however they wanted the rest of their life!--And were still rewarded by being received into the Heavenly Kingdom to live with Jesus. Here we had to work hard for the Lord all our lives, while they got to live like hell!"

                81. Well, for one thing, that's the wrong way to look at it. Salvation is a gift, remember? It's not contingent upon what you do or what you don't do. If you want to live like hell the rest of your life, Jesus will still gather you into His arms at the end of your life. He doesn't withdraw His gift just because you are naughty and don't live for Him. How you live or you don't live doesn't have anything to do with His gift of Salvation. If you have accepted His gift, then it's yours and He doesn't take it back no matter what you do. But because you know that you need to live for Him and why He wants you to live for Him, if you don't do it, you're going to feel awfully bad and ashamed and you're going to miss out on some of your rewards.

                82. Anyway, look at it this way: Wouldn't you rather live a life of dedication to Jesus than to live just for yourself and the Devil? Do you think you should really be envious of those people who "get to do their own thing," while you "have to be living a life a sacrifice and dedication to the Lord"? If you feel this way, it shows you really don't have much understanding of the Lord's great Love, and that He has not only given you His wonderful free gift of Salvation, but that He has privileged you with the wonderful blessing of being able to live for Him, and be one of His missionaries, one of His special elite ones who will be the most honored in the Heavenly Kingdom!

                83. Living for Jesus is not a burden or a curse, it is a blessing! It's a wonderful privilege! Not only does it "pay" here on Earth in wonderful blessings, but it will richly pay above all that you can imagine in the next world. In Heaven, the "stars" are those who have dedicated their lives to Jesus and lived and worked for Him here on this Earth, the missionaries and the full-time Christian workers! (See Daniel 12:3.)

                84. Those who live for themselves or outright give themselves to the Devil--they're the unhappy ones. They are the ones that have the real trials, the real battles! They are the ones that can't claim God's wonderful help and support and protection and provision and peace and happiness and freedom--all these things that He gives to us, His children who serve Him!

                85. They have to carry all the weight themselves, because they're not in His will, they are not obeying Him, they are not living for others. They don't have the faith to turn to Him for anything, because they don't really know Him. Yes, they've received His gift of Salvation and they are going to be able to be a part of His Heavenly Kingdom, but that's as far as it goes. And here in this life they're pretty miserable because they are not living for Him! Because happiness really is to live a life for Jesus, to dedicate yourself to Him, to see Him do miracles in your life and that of others, to see the victories that you and He can win together! Sure there are battles, sure there are heartaches, sure there are trials, but you have Him to turn to, and He gives you strength and the help and the power and the anointing and the love and the peace and the joy that you need.

                86. He is an ever-present help in your trouble! He upholds you when you are cast down and He carries your burdens for you. He changes the darkness into light. He solves the difficult problems. He solves the most difficult dilemmas. He makes the "impossible" possible! He puts light in our eyes, and a smile on our lips, and enthusiasm in our spirit, and a spring in our step, and joy in our service, and challenge in our tasks! And even sometimes when all these seem to fail, still we know He's there holding us close, comforting and reassuring. We know Someone cares, Someone loves us. We never have to feel alone no matter how bad things get; we still have Jesus! And what would life be without knowing we can run to Him in our distress?

                87. Isn't it worth it to serve Him even through all the trials? Can't you see how blessed you are? Everyone has trials, everyone has battles, everyone has heartaches! This is an evil world, this is the world under the curse of sin. Everyone has to endure suffering, that's just the way it is in this world. But the Lord still triumphs over the Enemy's evil, and through it all the Lord gets some of His greatest victories! He uses those things the Devil has brought on the world and He turns them into good in our lives, into something beneficial and strengthening. He makes everything result in something good for us. Even though it may seem bad, He is the Heavenly Magician that can wave His magic wand and turn it into a thing of beauty in our lives. He doesn't let it harm us, but instead He makes it help us if we'll just cooperate with Him and yield to the work He wants to do in us.

                88. So, folks, we have it made! Any way you look at it, we've got the very best! We are privileged, we are blessed, we are the richest of all people on the face of the Earth! We've got our problems and our burdens and our heartaches, but they are completely different than the ones that the world has. We've got Someone to carry them for us. We've got Someone to turn them into good. We've got Someone who rewards us for enduring them! We've got a wonderful God, Who does everything to make it as easy as possible for us, but Who knows that sometimes some "hurt" is necessary in the short term in order to help us in the long term!--To draw us close to Him so that we will be truly happy.

                89. So everything that Jesus does in each of our lives is because He loves us. All that He brings into our lives He counts as blessings, even though there are a few that don't look that way to us. He richly loads us with benefits, and gives and gives and gives again to us who love and please Him!

                90. So never compare yourself unfavorably with those who have received Jesus into their hearts but are living their own lives and doing their own thing. You are the blessed ones, you are the privileged ones! And when He receives you into His Heavenly Kingdom and you hear His "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," you will experience such joy, such reward, such eternal glory that you will know that it has truly been worth it all, as He will more than repay you in every way! And thank God, you will not only shine as the stars then, but He exceedingly and abundantly blesses you here and now, "an hundred-fold now in this time!" (Mark 10:30).

                91. So be sorry for those poor souls who have it so difficult here in this life because they either don't know how to live for Jesus or they have refused to live for Him, and now they have to wait until His Heavenly Kingdom to be happy. Think of the miserable lives they lead now, the emptiness, the fear, the loneliness. So don't envy them, be thankful that Jesus loves them so much and that He's going to be able to show them the real values in the next life and wash away all their heartache and all their tears and all the wrong attitudes in the paths they have taken. Be thankful that you have found that happiness comes from serving and living for Him, praising Him and loving Him, knowing His Word and obeying it.

                92. In the following prophecy, the leader of the former Yugoslavia explains the reasons behind the extended suffering in his country. This coincides exactly with what Dad wrote in Letters to us while he was still here. (See "The Yugoslavia Revelation," ML #2735, GN 492; "Stop the World," ML #2795:52-85, GN 518; "The War in Yugoslavia and the First 3-1/2 Years," ML #2880, GN 564.) He brings out the plan of the Antichrist, confirming the many things that Dad has told us over the years.

Message from Marshal Tito!

(Given 14/11/95, one week before the peace accord was reached between the leaders of the former Yugoslavia.)

                93. (Prophecy, Tito speaking:) So much killing, destruction, pain, death, fire!--The sounds of Hell, the sounds of death, the sounds of misery! This is what I see in the former Yugoslavia. This is what I see in my former homeland, a place that once was rich with culture and industry and brotherhood; a place that once was thriving and booming and beautiful; a place that people visited from all over the world to see its beautiful sights and to enjoy its people, its culture, its many treasures.

                94. But now, what is left?--Nothing but destruction!--Nothing but pain and agony and the tears and crying of those who are lost and hopeless and dying. There's nothing but cold. There's nothing but emptiness and hopelessness as the people war one against another, as hate overflows their hearts and motivates their actions to kill and destroy and maim and rape and do all manner of evil one against another! What a horrible scene! What a nightmare! It's like something out of Hell itself!

                95. What could be worse on Earth than war? What could be more painful and more destructive and more of the Devil than war?--People motivated by pride and hatred and insanity to kill one another, to destroy, to tear down all that they once worked together to build. It's a pathetic testimony of man's inability to love; of man's inability to work together in unity, in oneness of mind and heart; of man's inability to care for another and to give of his own riches or his own blessings or his own power to supply the need of another who is weaker.

                96. When I was there on Earth, they called me the strong man, saying I ruled with a strong right arm, that I was a dictator. But I was like a father who loved my children. I disciplined them, I kept them in line, I scolded them. I made them obey. I made them do what I knew was right and what was good for them and what would preserve them and their way of life and their prosperity and the happiness of their families. Even though I was not perfect, I knew that only strength and determination would be powerful enough to keep together so diverse a people with their different languages, cultures and religions.

                97. So I ask you, what is better?--The strong arm, and peace and plenty and prosperity?--Or so-called freedom with destruction and death and what has become total anarchy?

                98. Many people ask themselves, "Why doesn't somebody do something? Why don't the strong, rich powers of the world do something?" Some say to themselves in disgust, "Is it because these small nations have no oil?" Others say, "Is it because these rich nations are overtaken with selfishness and they do not want to risk the lives of their own to save the meek and the weak of the world?" There are so many questions, so much controversy!--Arguing, debating, discussing back and forth, back and forth! But the truth of the matter is, no one wants to help. No one wants to rescue these who are desperate and lost and floundering.

                99. All sides lose!--Those who persecute and those who are the persecuted! Some advance, some retreat, but all sides lose, because in the wake of their advancement and their retreat lie bodies and bodies and bodies of dead; families destroyed; men, women and children killed in a land that is ravaged by war, which is Hell on Earth!

                100. But no one steps in to stop it because there are those that you do not see who have a plan in it all, a secret purpose. There is more to this situation than meets the eye. It is not just the Croats and the Serbs and the Bosnians fighting it out for their little plot of land, and bickering over boundaries. There is much more to this than meets the eye!

                101. It is designed by the powers behind the scenes that you do not see, to create confusion, chaos and uncertainty, to bring fear to the people of the world, to cast doubt on the United Nations and other powers that were formerly respected and admired and trusted. It is just another piece in the puzzle of those who work behind the scenes, those who truly are in control, those who are the puppeteers who pull the strings of the puppets, the world leaders. They have another plan, much, much greater, much more vast than you could ever imagine!

                102. There is one yet to be revealed who is worse than Stalin, who is worse than Hitler, who is worse than any dictator that has ever lived! This one who is known as the Antichrist--this one who will be a world dictator, who will create a one-world power, and who will lift himself up as God. This is the plan, this is the purpose behind the scenes. So these warring nations that you see, this instability that you see, governments crumbling and weakening, economies plunging, starvation ravaging whole nations, disaster upon disaster, and chaos threatening to break out on all sides, all works together in the puppet show of the puppeteers who are behind the scenes.

                103. You ask, "What is the purpose of such a puppet show, and who is the audience?" The puppeteers think themselves to be great and strong and mighty men, great minds who have plotted together for generations behind the scenes to bring about their final goal. They see themselves as victors, as conquerors, as kings, as powerful and great rulers. They see themselves as ruling the world through this, their superman, their mighty man, their great king, their savior, their Antichrist! All the people of the world shall wonder at this great savior, and in their desperation and in their inability to solve their own problems, they shall reach up to this one and receive him with gladness, for they are deceived. They are as those who think that man can save himself.

                104. But now I see things that I have never seen before. Now I understand these great mysteries of history. Before, I only saw and understood a little. I was caught between the two superpowers. I played one against the other for the good of my people. I did not want to be dominated. Then, I saw only a little truth. I thought I was a strong, wise leader, but really I was very weak and not so wise at all.

                105. But now I see and understand things so much better. Now I see why the powers of the world allow my people to be sacrificed to bring about their greater end. Now I see that there is more to this than meets the eye. Now I see that there is an entire plan going on, out of sight, unknown to most people, revealed only to a small handful of the most trusted! I also see that God, the Creator of the Universe, the greatest power in the Universe, has allowed this as a test, as an experiment, as an example!--The ultimate illustration of man without God, the clearest picture ever offered of man without God's Love, the ultimate testimony of man trying to save himself without God!

                106. I knew a little of God when I was a child. I was taught as a child about Mother Mary and about the Love Child, Jesus. I was taught about God the Creator. I also learned about the power of Allah and the blessings that He wanted to bestow upon His people. I knew and I believed in my heart the existence of God, the Creator, and I believed the story of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. But to me, this was an insignificant part of my life. It was something I learned as a child and quickly left behind as I became a man, as I became strong and independent and developed desires and aspirations and dreams of my own.

                107. I left behind the true greatness and power and strength that is found in God, and I reached out to try to find it in Communism, in the ways of the world, in the strength of military might, and the power of government. But oh, how fleeting all of that is! Look what is left now of my life of service! What do you see now of the power and authority and might that I once had? How fleeting, how temporary is the greatness of man! So small, so insignificant!--Here only for a moment and then it's gone! Such is the strength of man without God!

                108. The only thing that is truly eternal is the power and strength and blessing of God. Even the smallest person who lives for God shall be great in His Kingdom. The smallest person who gives his love to another and serves another in love shall be rewarded more greatly and more abundantly than the most powerful leader who does not know God.

                109. I implore you to have faith in God, have faith in Allah, have faith in the Creator, the Spirit of Love, the One Who has power to forgive and to give life eternal! For your greatest actions and accomplishments will be nothing when you stand before Him and before Jesus. The only thing that will matter then is if you had faith, if you had love, how you lived your life for others, and the choices you made.

                110. Everyone who lives today will be faced with a choice, to make a decision to bow down and worship the superman, the savior of the one-world government, the king who is yet to be revealed, who is even now hidden, but strong and powerful nonetheless.--Or will you worship and receive and believe in the unseen, the God of the Kingdom of Love and His Son, Jesus? Choose today to believe in this Kingdom of Love, this Spirit of Love, this God of Love and His Son of Love; for it is the only escape from the wars and destruction and Hell on Earth that is to come!

                111. People called me a strong man, a merciless ruler, wise but tough, strong and intolerant, Josip Broz Tito. But I say that I am not a strong man. I am now a weak man, humbled, brought low, but I rejoice because I have felt the mercy of God and His forgiveness. Because I believed as a child and in my innocence I had faith, God had mercy on me. He is a great God, He is the Strong Man, He is truly the Ruler over all! He shall be the Conqueror, the Victor! He is the One Who holds all the power in His hands, and He shall bring about His plan of salvation and mercy, and the meek shall truly inherit the Earth. (End of prophecy.)

                112. (Mama:) What the Lord showed Dad and he has passed on to us in the Letters for years, this man was able to see only after he had gotten to Heaven. We have been so richly blessed to be partakers of the wonderful Words of David from the very beginning.

                113. So my dear ones, let's be faithful to pass on the Words of David to the world, which is starving without them. Let's open their eyes to the Truth that the Lord has given us! Let's not neglect to do the great job that the Lord has given us to do. Even the world leaders of this Earth are in confusion with no truth, no light. All is chaos and confusion. They have no absolutes and they don't know how to lead the people, for true wisdom and authority is only found in following God and His leadership. So pray for the present world leaders, that they will follow God's plan and His righteousness. Pray that He will help us to reach them with His Message.

                114. Isn't this exciting? So far in this Letter we've heard from the King above all kings, the Leader above all leaders! We've also heard from Dad, one of the Lord's great kings and leaders. We've heard from a past world leader of the former Soviet Union and a past world leader of the former Yugoslavia. Following we'll hear from a representative from the great country of China. This was a further plea for the children of David to minister to his people, which came one morning while we were waiting on the Lord.

China Prophecy!

                115. (Prophecy:) Many have come to our land and labored there for long periods. Ours is not an easy land but a difficult land, for our culture is old, very old. There is much darkness, much darkness. But our people are sweet and tender, and they are needy.

                116. The harvest is beginning to ripen, and so we woo the harvesters, those who would come to harvest the ripe fruit.

                117. There are many dark spirits in my land, but these dark spirits are nothing compared to the Light of God. These spirits and their darkness oppress us, but the Light of God, the Truth of God, frees us.

                118. Ours is a great nation of multitudes, multitudes, multitudes! We hunger and we thirst! Our people seek for the true food of God, for the light of Truth, for we have been in darkness for such a long time.

                119. Our people have always been oppressed, and this oppression is nothing new, but we hunger, hunger! Therefore, fear not to come to us, to feed us, to give us the Words of David, the Truth of God, the Spirit of God, that we may have light in our hearts, light in our eyes, light in our spirits. For we hunger and we thirst and we are ready.

                120. So come to us! We call! Come to us! Come to us that you may fill us with your Light, with your Truth, so that we can have joy and happiness in the Spirit, and that we, too, may know the Truth of God! (End of prophecy.)

                121. (Mama:) Thank You, Lord! Help us to reach them! Help us to do all we can! Help us to help those that can go, Lord. Put a burden in their hearts. Help them to really seek You and find out what Your will for them is. Thank You Jesus!

                122. Give us more translators. Help us to win people who can help produce the Words. You can help us to win more disciples--inside or out of China--that can speak Chinese and help with such a huge job.

                123. Help the translators we do have, Lord. Bless their health, strengthen them and keep them. Inspire them and keep them going strong for You. Encourage all those involved with this important ministry, both our translators and our pioneers, and give them the needed support and prayer warriors to work together with them, in Jesus' name.

Prophecies for Africa!

                124. Some time ago when our first teams were praying about pioneering some of the countries of Africa, the European leadership received some confirmations in prophecy. As others of you may be considering Africa as your next mission field, these Words from the Lord may give you some insight into how He sees the nations of this great continent. Whether you are personally interested in ministering in Africa or not, the Lord would like to enlist your help as a prayer warrior to support those who do labor in this difficult field. Following are excerpts of the prophecies.

                125. (Prophecy:) They that walk in darkness will see a great light. I have said in My Word that where sin doth abound, My grace shall much more abound. These countries are indeed dark and the spirits that oppress them are strong, but greater am I that is in you than he that is in them.

                126. I send forth My children as beacons of light! I said in My Word that if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. I say likewise unto you, if you will just go, many will be drawn unto you, and therefore unto Me. I open unto you a great and effectual door. Fear not, proceed by faith.––Go in and claim that land!

                127. Do not look to the old ways. There was a time when I had set you apart and wished for you not to be yoked to the System, but this is a new way in a new land. Do not look to the old, but look ahead to the new! For these people are desperate. There are many who can heal their broken bodies and feed their hungry bodies, but there are very few who can heal their broken spirits and feed their hungry souls.--And you are amongst these few. Hold not back, for he that withholdeth, it tendeth to poverty.

                128. I have given you so much, you are so rich in so many ways! Do not fear what is ahead. Do not fear the poverty. Do not fear the stories of horrors, of war and of famine. This is all part of My Endtime, and the time is very short. Go in and claim those lands in My Name! As I have said, in My Name shall ye cast out devils, ye shall speak with new tongues, and the power of the Lord will be present to heal them. My presence shall go with you and I will manifest My power in a greater way than ever before.

* * *

                129. There are multitudes in the valley of decision. There are multitudes searching their hearts. There are multitudes looking for the Truth. There are more looking for the Truth than shall ever find it in this particular time period! But I have called you to go and to reach those that you can, for though you may not reach them all, you can reach some, and in reaching the ones you can reach, their testimonies will be shed abroad and others will hear, and those that do not know or have not heard will hear in My time.

                130. Be not distressed by the numbers of unbelievers. Do not hold back and say, "It is an impossible job, there are too many, it just can't be done!" But go in faith and I shall use you, and you shall teach one, and he shall teach another, and he shall teach another, and your efforts shall be multiplied far beyond that which you yourselves can do or accomplish.

                131. For it is not a day of might and power, but it is a day of the demonstration of My Love and the gifts and the manifestation of My Spirit, and I shall bring a healing to this troubled land. I long to pour My balm of healing upon it, but I have so few to pour My balm of healing through. I have so few who will go and be ministers of the ointment that I would pour upon this war-torn and wounded, hungry and famished land.

                132. So why sit at home where your faith dwindles down to a bare flicker and your strength is diminished and your hope wanes, encumbered by the cares of this life? Why not launch out and follow the leading of My Spirit to where you will grow strong and tall and you will find a new might and a new strength welling up in you, and you will find the power of My Spirit in the land where the anointing shall wait for you!

                133. Why tarry behind? Why sit in fat places when I have called you to minister My Word and My Truth and My Spirit to the lost and to the lonely? When I sent out My disciples two by two, lacked they anything? Did they not go with but one coat and no shoes, and did I not provide their every need? They returned unto Me rejoicing!--Rejoicing not only that they were fed and clothed and housed, but that even the devils were subject unto them, and they wrought miracles and healings. They found that their joy overflowed and flowed onto others, and many rejoiced in their anointing.

                134. So who will heed the call? Who will follow when I give the signal? Who will hear the trumpet blow? Who will hear the call of their Commander? Whose courage will rise up, and who shall pick up the banner of David and take it forth into the field that they may be a standard bearer and they may proclaim My Truth and My Word to these dying and desperate nations?

* * *

                135. With each prayer I will send guardian angels and My ministering spirits to help, to comfort, to lead, to guide, to give wisdom, to give understanding, to conquer the Enemy and to win the victory. But you must first look to Me and ask of Me, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost part of the Earth for thy possession. But you must seek Me, trust Me and hold on.

* * *

                136. (David Livingstone speaking:) And I, Livingstone, am at your beck and call, if you need one to lead you. For did I not give my life to this continent? Did I not say that I never made a sacrifice? If you will but go and heed the great commission as I did, you too will never make a sacrifice, because He shall supply all of your needs. He shall lead you through many dark waters, but you shall see the glories of those who will accept His Salvation and be the jewels in your crown, as many are in mine.

* * *

                137. Where I guide, I provide. I never fail. But you have to be willing. You have to take the step of faith. Do not reason in your mind. Do not look at the waves and the difficulties and the darkness, but look unto Me and look unto the souls waiting to be saved, waiting for the Message. They have been waiting a long time! Now is the time, it is your last chance. Go while the door is open. Do not wait for tomorrow. I say, go! Go and trust Me! Do not worry, but trust Me. I am ready to do mighty miracles for you, wonderful things that you can't even imagine! You just have to go in full faith. All you need is the faith, the faith to obey My call.

                138. I am calling you and I will open many doors that no man can shut. I have many children there that are waiting for the Words of David. They are desperately hungry, and you have treasures to share with them. Do not hold back nor get entangled in details, but just go for it.

* * *

                139. Do not look at these countries to see if they are poor or rich, but look to see if the door is open, for where I guide, I provide. Sure there will be difficulties, sure there will be diseases, afflictions, persecutions and troublesome times, but that's the life of a missionary. That was the life of many missionaries who have gone on before you. Yet I have kept them, I have taken care of them there despite the circumstances, despite the surroundings. And as you go and obey, I will be with you and strengthen you and protect you and keep you.

* * *

                140. I got the impression that the Lord doesn't want the Family to get stuck in one small little situation, but He wants them to cover the whole continent through travels and visitations; going to new people and new situations as the Lord opens the doors; to not get bogged down with all the physical details of running an orphanage or a refugee camp, but being the helpers to minister spiritually to them.

                141. I saw pictures of missionaries or refugee workers kind of weary and tired and at wits' end corner, praying for solutions and wanting help, and the Family coming to minister to not only them, but also the people they were ministering to. I could see the posters going out to their different congregations and churches and to different refugee camps, and our Family members were just flooding the place with the Word and with light! I got that the Lord would bring them in contact with many people and keep opening many doors so they could keep going all over the continent with the Message.

* * *

                142. Although it seems like Africa is a Gospel-saturated continent in some ways, I got the impression that they are getting the same Gospel rehashed over and over, but they haven't heard the Words of David. I got that they really need to hear the truth about the Endtime and Heaven, and I felt that they would receive it.

* * *

                143. I got the verse: "Walk in wisdom toward them that are without" (Col.4:5a). That our Family needs to be very prayerful with all the people they meet, as there may be some sheepy and some not, but that the Lord will guide them in each instance and tell them who to mingle with and who to stay away from; that there will be real spiritual warfare, but to walk in wisdom and to be prayerful about everything.

                144. I had the warning that some people will resist us and there will even be jealousy, but we just have to keep shining our light. In some cases it might be like the older brother who has been working in the fields and has been faithful for so long, and here we come in and help people to have renewed inspiration and hope, and the older might feel a bit resentful. But maybe if the Family is forewarned they'll seek the Lord's wisdom and guidance in how to handle these situations.

Confirm His Will and Go Forth to Conquer!

                145. (Mama:) The Lord is seeking laborers to live and preach the Words of David in these dark lands. Do you feel His call? Others of your brothers and sisters have gone before, and the Lord is supplying and opening doors to fruitful ministries. However, these are difficult fields and you must go in the power of His Spirit. You must labor in the power of His Spirit, with faith and yieldedness and obedience and conviction that you are within His will and doing what He wants you to do.

                146. Before you go, it will be very important that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Africa is God's choice of mission fields for you. You must desperately seek Him for His confirmations, and find others who can pray with you to get a definite go-ahead, in the mouth of two or three witnesses. A prophecy can be a very good indication, but make sure you use the other ways to know God's will as well, so that there will be no doubt in your mind what God wants you to do.

                147. This counsel applies not only for those of you who feel called to Africa, but those of you who are making any major changes. Make very sure you are doing what He wants you to do by getting as many confirmations as possible, so that you can go ahead in full faith and conviction. If you will "make your calling and election sure" (2Pet.1:10), then when things get rough and you encounter great obstacles, you'll have more conviction to stick it out and not give up, but to just fight harder to overcome.

                148. God bless all you brave pioneers as you go forth to conquer--whether it be to Africa, to China, to Russia or the many other mission fields of the world. You may feel very small and like you don't have much to give, but as the old song goes:

                "Little is much if God is in it.

                Labor not for Earthly gain.

                There's a crown and you can win it,

                If you go in Jesus' name!"

--Bearing the powerful Words of David that Dad has poured forth so abundantly to you. You have in them the Message that the world is seeking! You have the "meat of the Word," that the Lord is depending upon you to share with others. Even if you have nothing but the Word, you have everything! If you will realize how rich you are and will start sharing those riches with others, you will be amazed at the doors He will open!

Prepare to Bring Forth the Kingdom of God!

                149. During the course of working on this GN, we stopped to ask the Lord if He had anything further that He would like to include, and He gave us the following very wonderful counsel and encouragement to continue our preparation for the days ahead.

                150. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) These are not only the days of your preparation, to prepare yourself in spirit for that which is to come, but these are the days of preparation of the Evil One as he, too, prepares for his day. And do not even the nations now prepare for his day? Can you not read the signs of the time? Do you not see that which is happening before your eyes?

                151. For the stage is beginning to be set, and slowly but surely do the nations who will give their power to the Beast unite, for they unify together in their union. They work together to become one. These are preparations. This is the beginning of things which shall come.

                152. And do you not see the other signs?--The technological signs, the new advancements, those things which make possible that which was spoken of by him who revealed these things, lo, so many years ago. For did I not reveal these things unto My servant (John the Revelator), and did he not reveal these things unto My children? When these things were written, they were mysterious, incomprehensible, but now you can begin to understand them. Now you can see how such things are possible and how such things can come to pass. It is all part of the preparation for that which is to come.

                153. So do not be lulled into a false sense of security in thinking it will not happen, that you will not see the day. For I say to you, you shall see the day! Be patient and prepare. Prepare in Spirit. Prepare in dedication. Prepare in My Word. Prepare in love. Prepare in communication with Me. Prepare in closeness to Me. For I say to you, they prepare! They work hard and diligently to bring about their kingdom, the kingdom of the Evil One. Will you not prepare also to bring forth your Kingdom, the Kingdom of God?

                154. Prepare, I say, and watch! Look about you! See the signs of the time. Use this period of relative peace and relative ease, not for rest, not for self-satisfaction, but for preaching My Gospel to all the world! For now you have ease of travel, ease of movement, with few restrictions. Use it! For the time comes when such unrestricted moves will no longer be possible and there will be great difficulty.

                155. Fulfill your commission now! Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature! Saturate the world with My Words! Saturate the world with My Truth! Saturate the world with the Love of David! Teach others who can teach others! Raise up the indigenous churches! Pour forth the Truth into those who will be able to remain and to carry on!

                156. Do not forget the calling and commission that you have to preach the Gospel, to witness the Words and to love them into My Kingdom. Pour forth the Message while you can, while there is ease, while there is peace. For now is the hour for you to spread forth My Words like never before!

                157. I have not only given you freedom to travel, but I have given you freedom within My Family so that you can launch out and preach the Gospel. These freedoms were not given so you could revel in them. These freedoms were given so that you would not be held back nor bound from doing the job of reaching the lost! These freedoms were given so that you could turn your eyes outward upon the harvest, and you could easily go into the fields to reap the harvest.

                158. So use not these freedoms, these liberties, as an occasion for the flesh, but use them for the purpose for which they were intended, to free you to reach the lost, to preach the Gospel, to bring My Love and My Words to the nations of the world. In doing so, you will find My blessings.

                159. My freedoms test you, for they show you and they show Me the intent of your heart. They show you clearly the motivation of your heart, whether you are more interested in that which pleases yourself, or that which pleases Me. It shows whether you are motivated more by the love of self or the love of God.

                160. Realize that you are in the days of preparation, and that this is the time to propagate My Message of Truth throughout the world. So do I pour forth upon you abundant Word, abundant instruction, New Wine! So do I inspire your shepherds in new directions, that you will have the strength, the wisdom, the power and the wherewithal to preach My Gospel and to reach the hungry, the thirsty, the dying.

                161. So make your calling and your election sure, and know that that which you do must be for the sake of preaching the Gospel. For the vision of David, the vision to send forth his children into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature, has not changed. This is the focus. And if you wish to be prepared for that which is to come, you must work now to preach the Gospel, to feed the hungry, to teach and train them, so that in the day of your need they will help to keep you.

                162. So preach the Gospel! Spread the Word! Hold not back! Use the time of preparation to prepare by plowing the field, sowing the seed, watering that which has been planted, nurturing it and helping it to grow, that it will provide for you of its fruit in the days to come. (End of prophecy.)

The Lord Is Doing Everything He Can to Wake Us Up!

                163. (Mama:) What a priceless privilege to have Jesus' Own Words, Jesus' Own Love Messages to us--you and me personally--giving us our marching orders and informing us of the battle plans! Do you realize how blessed we are? The only Words of Jesus that most Christians have are the ones that are found in the Gospels written almost 2,000 years ago. But we have the treasures of His wisdom regularly poured out to us in such abundance that we can hardly absorb it all. What love He has for the children of David!

                164. He says that it is very important that we prepare for the troublous time to come, but whether we prepare or not, we can be sure that the Enemy and his forces are preparing and working very hard on their plans and strategies to defeat the Lord and His children. Unfortunately, many of us are not taking things seriously enough, and the Lord is having to get everyone into the act to help us to see what's happening and how dangerous it is if we delay. Dad is telling you, I'm telling you, Apollos is telling you, even Tito and Khrushchev are telling you, and the Lord Himself is spelling things out very clearly!

                165. He's doing everything He can to wake you up to the reality of the situation, by patiently pointing out the signs of the times to you again--amongst them, the nations of Europe coming together unitedly, and the technological advances that now make it possible for the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist's entire system to be put into place.

                166. The Lord is very clear: We are going to see the day! He's very clear about the need for us to prepare by dedicating ourselves to Him and drawing close to Him, by believing and receiving the Word and immersing ourselves in it, by learning to communicate with Him and hear His voice, and by loving Him and others sacrificially.

                167. Now, during these days of relative peace, when we can travel freely to other countries, we need to saturate the world with His Words of Truth and with His Love. We need to feed and train national leaders so that when we have to leave these countries they will be able to carry on.

                168. Through the Charter He has given us freedom of mobility and freedom to pioneer and live in small Homes--not so we can just goof off and do our own thing, but so we can travel to where the need is and do something about it. He warns us not to use these freedoms as an occasion to the flesh. The freedoms are also a test to see what you're going to do with them. They show the Lord, they show you, and they show others what's in your heart, and they show everyone whether you're more interested in what pleases yourself than what pleases the Lord. They show whether you're motivated more by love of yourself than love of the Lord.

                169. The Lord is giving you new revelations through the printed Word in order that you may have the strength, wisdom, power and wherewithal to reach the hungry world. Whatever He does, He does it to help us to accomplish the job, as well as to make us happy and fulfilled. Of course, doing the job is what gives us the happiness and fulfillment, so the Lord is able to accomplish both at the same time. He knows that if we do His will, we'll be happy as a result.

                170. However, if we look for our happiness first, and try to find it outside His will, it won't work. He says that whatever we do, it must be for the sake of preaching the Gospel. This is what Dad has taught us for years and continues to promote at every opportunity. This is the whole reason for our existence. They hope that we will do it out of love and compassion for the lost, but if that's not enough, both the Lord and Dad are telling us that if we'll be faithful to reach the lost and feed them now, they will take care of us in the days to come.

Advice from Dad on Finding God's Will and Battles with Prophecy!

                171. Finally, for any of you who need more instruction in making the right choices, as well as for you who need your faith in prophecy strengthened, here's Dad to give you some very important advice! Dad originally gave this for one of our dear folks who needed it, but as you'll see, as usual, he was thinking of all of the rest of you who needed this message as well, as he even addresses you collectively within his message. As you know, Dad always believed in getting as much "mileage" out of something as he could, and he figured what was good for one was good for a lot of others also! That's why we have some of our classic MO Letters: Because through the lessons of one person, many others were able to be helped also. Thank God that Dad realized the value of sharing the lessons of one with the whole body.

                172. We should thank the Lord that through the lessons of our dear brothers and sisters, we are able to learn from their experiences, and in many cases not have to go through the same things ourselves, because they were able to, in a sense, learn for us. Dad is working very hard to get these lessons across to all of you. Please don't disappoint him by not listening or not receiving. Most of all, please don't disappoint the One Who gives us these gifts and does everything possible to make things easier for us and pour out His Love upon us. So following is the latest MO Letter!

                173. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) The Lord is leading and directing you through Mama and Peter now the same as He led and directed you through me, as it all comes from the same Source, from the Lord. Learn to trust them, for they love and care for you. They want to see you used, just like we Here want to see you used mightily. The way to be used mightily is not to be doing things in your own strength, but to be tapped into the Spirit, and to be operating by the power of God, by the might of God, by the strength of God! The way to be used mightily is to be doing the thing that God Himself wants you to be doing, and the only way you can find that out is by seeking Him, by being yielded to Him, and by really hearing from Him and knowing what is His will.

                174. I don't have to tell you that sometimes His will does not coincide with our own plans, our own desires and our own wishes; sometimes yes, but not always. Remember that in the multitude of counselors there is safety. That's my advice to you. Like the Lord has clearly stated, in this new day people are to make choices, they have to decide what it is that they're going to do. The reason for that is so that people will learn. They will learn to seek the Lord. They will learn to counsel together and to pray, to make united decisions.

                175. On one hand, it's to free them so that they can do what the Lord wants them to do. On another hand, it is to teach them--to teach them that they need to pray and counsel and learn to make Godly decisions. On the other hand, it's a test to see where their hearts are at.--Whether they'll just run off and do the things that they want to do, disregarding what God wants them to do, or whether they will really seek the Lord and find His will, and in His will find the happiness and the peace and the usefulness that they seek.

                176. The problem with so many is they get led around by their feelings or the things that they think they should do, and they don't really seek the Lord. They don't listen to the counsel and wisdom of others either. So often their minds are made up as to exactly what they want to do, and it doesn't leave any room for others to help them, or for us on this side to get through. In the end they often learn the lesson, but often at the expense of a lost opportunity, of a bus that's missed. How much better it would be if they would seek the Lord, if they would pray with others, if they would know exactly what it is that the Lord wants them to do.--And it's not past finding out!

                177. These battles that people have with prophecy are really a device of the Enemy to keep them from hearing from the Lord themselves! For the Enemy knows how dangerous it is to him and his minions when one of God's children taps in to the voice of God, when they themselves and those that they live and work with stop and pray and get their instructions straight from God. Because when they do, those instructions work, and the job is done, the victory is won, and the Enemy is defeated!

                178. Why do you think so many people battle with it?--It's because the Enemy is fighting it so hard! Think of it! Just think of it, people are battling about hearing from God! Who is it that would not want them to hear from God?--The Enemy, of course! He fights it tooth and nail, because he knows if he can defeat someone in this area, it is a major defeat. If he can cause them to doubt prophecy, it keeps them from tapping into the Source personally, and it causes them to doubt the Words that the Lord is giving today.

                179. The Words the Lord is giving today are just like the Words that He gave me! I just got them a little differently, that's all. What's the difference whether the Lord spoke to my heart and gave me the Words to say, or if the Lord speaks to the hearts of those who Mama has asked to receive the Words? What's the difference? It's the Words that the Lord gives through the channel which is chosen, and the Words come out.

                180. If a message comes to you via a telephone call, or via a letter, or via a radio, or via another person, what's the difference if you get the message? The message is the same. It's not the carrier of the message that counts, it's the message itself.

                181. This is a battleground in the hearts and minds of my children! We see it Here. We see the Enemy attacking this foundation of faith, because he knows the defeat it can bring. So fight for this! Raise up the standard in this area. Use the gift yourself. Show faith in it. Show faith in others with the gift and use it. Let it help you in your decision-making.

                182. It is a gift of God! Use it, for it is the way of the future! The world thinks they are so advanced because they have the Internet. People can communicate all around the world. But you, the Family, are connected to the spirit world, to God Himself, to Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and you can send and receive messages via the Spirit!

                183. So use it! Believe in it! Have faith in it and don't let the Enemy steal it away from you! Don't let him cause you to doubt it, because within it there is great power!--The power to find and to understand what the Lord has for you to do.--The power to help you choose His choices, to have faith to follow and faith to do that which He shows you to do.

                184. So if you want to know what to do, promote hearing from God! Promote getting down on your face and praying and getting answers straight from Jesus. Promote faith in my Words, faith in the Words that God is giving today. If you want a commission, that's a commission! Teach that to others. Be an example of that!--An example of faith, an example of prayer, an example of hearing from God, for that is what people need to learn today. They need to learn to follow God! They need to learn to listen to God! They need to learn to obey God! They need to learn to counsel together, to pray together, to hear from God together. (End of prophecy.)

                185. (Mama:) Wasn't that a great Letter? Thank you, Dad! We love you so much! You're still going strong as ever! Please keep it up! We sure need it! And we love it! Thank You Jesus for letting Dad still speak to us!

                186. I shouldn't even have to comment on what Dad said above! You should just be able to read and study it and get everything out of it for yourself--and I hope you will! I don't know if you need it, but it helps me to repeat some of the important points.

Freedoms and Choices!

                187. Dad says that the way to be used mightily is to be operating by God's power, and to be within His will, doing what He wants you to do. But the only way you can discover what His will is, is by being yielded to Him and by listening to Him. Both the Lord and Dad seem to be talking a lot about freedoms and choices. Dad says above that people have more choices now because of the new freedoms that they have. The reason that the Lord has given these freedoms, and along with them, the choices, is so people will learn to seek the Lord, they'll learn to counsel with others and pray, they'll learn what is the right thing and what is the wrong thing by making the choices; they'll even learn by their mistakes, when they make the wrong choices.

                188. On one hand, you are given choices so that you will be free to do what the Lord wants you to do. On another hand, it is to teach you to pray and counsel, and to see whether you'll do the things the Lord wants you to do. So many people don't seek the Lord, they just go by their feelings or the things that they have made up their mind that they'd like to do. And when you have decided what you think is best for you, or what would be the most fun, or what you think would make you the happiest, of course you don't want to ask the Lord, and you don't want to ask others, because you know they might have a different idea, and you don't want it interfering with your plans, because you're determined to do what you want to do!

Stop Struggling and Enjoy All His Wonderful Words!

                189. Dad goes on to talk about prophecy and what a shame it is that people fall into the trap of the Devil, who is trying to get them to reject prophecy, when, in fact, it is one of the most wonderful gifts of love from Jesus. It could be such a tremendous blessing and help to you in making decisions and giving you comfort and encouragement in times of trouble, and providing direction when you need to have an answer, and even being a source of encouragement for others.

                190. When you reject prophecy, you usually reject it not only by closing yourself off to exercising your own personal gift, or that of those around you, but by also often refusing to receive the prophecies that the Lord is giving in the written Word as well. So not only are you bereft of these great riches as a personal tool, but you're depriving yourself of the nourishment and strength that the New Wine could give you.

                191. Dad gives some specific instruction: He says to fight for the gift, use the gift yourself, show faith in others who have the gift, use it in your decision-making.

                192. It's so much greater than the Internet, the network of worldwide communications that is booming and is the greatest thing yet to hit computer technology. But the network of our communication with the spirit world and the Lord's communication with us is far greater than any worldly Internet, and it has great power to help us to know what God wants us to do, great power to give us His answers and His encouragement for us and for others.

                193. So get on board, folks! Don't miss the thrilling new wave of technology of the Spirit! Embrace it wholeheartedly! It's thrilling! Don't be afraid! Let go of the shore! Step out into the water! It's just fine! You'll feel great! Don't let your questions worry you or stop you or stumble you. We'll never understand everything in the amazing world of the Spirit, but we can understand most of what He gives us and it'll be of wonderful use to us!

                194. So don't delay! Don't waste another day! Stop struggling and enjoy all the wonderful Words He's giving you. He's giving it to you because He loves you and He wants you to be happy. Don't cheat yourself and don't disappoint Him!

                195. God bless you with perpetual excitement in the Spirit as you receive and drink of the Lord's New Wine--as it thrills you and fills you and gives you new power and strength to go places you've never gone before, and to see things you've never seen before, and to do things you've never done before. Try it!--You'll love it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family