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LOVING JESUS for JETTs--By Maria            DO 3029Jet            12/95

--Excerpts of "Loving Jesus" Parts 3 through 6              Maria #310Jet


My dear sweet JETTs,

                1. I love you so much!  By the time you read this GN, you will have already performed your very important service to the Family of being our Family Birthday Prayer Warriors!  Thank you so much!  We greatly appreciate your labors of love.  I'm sure you'll soon see the results of your prayers--at least many of them.  You may have to wait a while to see the results of all of them, but you can know by faith that your prayers have accomplished a lot.  Praise the Lord!  Thank you for your faithfulness and diligence!

                2. I told you in my little Letter to you called "Learning to Love Jesus More" that I would be sharing more with you about the "Loving Jesus" revelation.  To do that, I have prepared this GN especially for you!  It contains excerpts from the "Loving Jesus" series that was read by the adults, YAs and teens during the Birthday Feast.  In this GN, you'll read some of the prophecies the Lord gave, which provide beautiful, clear word pictures that are easy to understand and relate to.  You'll learn things about Jesus that you never knew before.  You'll see Him in a different light, and understand more clearly how very much He loves you, just you!

                3. When I was working on preparing the "Loving Jesus" GNs for the Family, I thought it would possibly be sufficient to give you JETTs just a brief simple summary of what was contained in Parts 3 through 6 of the adult version.  But when further praying about it and asking the Lord to clarify for me how I should present this message to you, He had Grandpa speak to me, who instructed us to give you JETTs all we can, because the more of this message you can read, the stronger you will become.

                4. Grandpa encouraged us, saying that you dear JETTs hunger and thirst after the Words of life, and you desire to know the Lord more personally.  Grandpa said, "The JETTs want to be close to the Lord, and as they hear that He wants to be close to them, this will inspire them and this will cause them to reach out and to draw nigh to Him; and then the Lord's promise will be fulfilled in them, that as they draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to them."  What a beautiful commendation from Grandpa for you JETTs!  See?  Grandpa still understands your hearts and your desires, and he knows how much you long to please and serve the Lord.  In fact, maybe he understands you even better now that he is in Heaven.

                5. Did you catch that precious promise for you in what Grandpa said?  He said that as you understand more about how much the Lord loves you and how He wants to be close to you, that you will reach out more to Him.  And then He will be able to fulfill in your life the promise in the Bible that says, "Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you" (James 4:8).  These Words in this GN will give you a greater hunger to be close to Jesus, and He will respond to that hunger by drawing nigh to you--showing Himself to you more clearly, making His Word come alive more, and helping you understand and recognize His presence in your life. So if you've been feeling in need of some kind of spiritual boost, if you've been feeling a little discouraged or wishing you could do better and be closer to the Lord, love Him more, understand Him better, and desire His Word more, His message to you in this GN can help you do just that.  Thank You Jesus!  The Lord is so good to us!

                6. Before I get into the different prophecies and other important points that I want to share with you, I would like to recap for you a little of the background of this revelation.

                7. As He wishes to do with all Christians, the Lord has been trying to bring us into a closer relationship with Him.  Grandpa often reminded us of the need to have close communion with the Lord, to spend time with Him, to love Him, and to abide in Him through His Word abiding in us.  Building and maintaining this close contact, this intimate relationship with Jesus, is one of the challenges each of us faces, as there are always so many factors working against our spending time with the Lord: "I'm too busy. There's too much to do. If I stop my work for fellowship with Jesus, I'll fall too far behind. There is so much going on, I can't concentrate. Others will think I'm trying to be `spiritual.' Others don't do it, why should I?" These are just a few of the many reasons given for neglecting our time with the Lord.

                8. In the case of you JETTs, you probably have regular prayer time and Word classes with some of the adults or teens, so you personally don't have to take full responsibility for organizing your own schedule and trying to make time for the Word, but there are still probably some obstacles that you have to fight to overcome, like daydreaming or other interests.  You also might still be getting used to reading prophecy, so reading and getting fed from the new GNs probably requires even more concentration on your part.  So I can see how getting sufficient Word time and communing deeply with the Lord may be a battle for you too.

                9. Over the past few years, I believe the Family in general has become more acutely aware of the need to spend more time in communion with the Lord.  We have always been fairly faithful in reading the Word, but more recently we've included an emphasis on prayer, praise and listening to the Lord in prophecy.  These added dimensions have hopefully deepened our connection with Him, yet it is still difficult to have the needed motivation to come from the wings into His bedchamber.

                10. About a year ago, with Grandpa gone and my not being able to be as dependent upon him as before, I felt the need to draw even closer to the Lord. It was at this time that the Lord began to speak about praising Him and listening to Him more, topics which I have written to you about throughout this last year.  I knew that doing these things was pleasing to the Lord, and they helped me to stop, to look and to listen to Him.  I was spending more time with Him in these activities, for which I was very happy.

                11. As we spent more time praising, praying and listening, the Lord began to speak to us about His Love for us and our need to love Him more. I really did want to love Him more and be able to show Him my love and express it to Him more clearly, as I'm sure you would like to do also. As always, when I desperately sought Him for answers, He gave them.

                12. In the early months of 1995, Jesus began to show Peter and me how to love Him in a very personal way, so we could draw closer to Him and show Him more love and make Him more a part of our lives.  Peter and I continued to pray desperately, and almost daily we listened to what the Lord had to say to us in prophecy.  Over a period of about six months, the Lord revealed some important spiritual truths that had not, up until that time, been completely clear to us.  Through those revelatory prophecies the Lord gave the Family a very special gift--He told us much more about what it means to be His Bride, how He wants to love us deeply, passionately, intimately, as a husband loves his wife.

                13. In the course of revealing this new, more intimate way to love Him, the Lord spoke of many wonderful blessings that will be ours as a result of drawing closer to Him in this way.  The Lord said that we'll be much closer to Him and we'll learn to love Him as never before; we'll find new strength, power and anointing; we'll be better prepared for the dark days to come; we'll have greater love for one another; and we'll be better, more fruitful witnesses!

                14. The Lord promised in prophecy that He would strengthen us and prepare us for the future.  Of course, one of the most important ways of preparing for the future is to draw closer to Jesus, right?--To learn to love Him more deeply and more intimately.  Jesus is the source of all of our strength, power, anointing, love and everything that we need to do the job for Him, so the more you have of Him, the more you will have of everything that you need for today and the future.  Also, the closer you get to the Lord and the better you're able to be used of Him, the happier you'll be, and the more exciting life will be for you personally.

                15. Like I told the junior teens, the future holds a lot more for you young people than just working hard and laboring diligently for the Lord and His Kingdom.  Not only will you learn lessons and grow and become stronger in the Lord, but you'll also have a lot of fun and adventure as you serve Him.  You never know what is just around the corner!  Our lives are full of surprises! Besides surprises in the form of new revelations that the Lord will give us in the months to come, which you will read in upcoming GNs, He will probably do all kinds of exciting things for you personally!  For example, maybe you'll move to a new Home, city or country, or learn a new ministry, or you may perform the "Endtime Street Play," or participate in a new "consider the poor" ministry.  You might write a new song, or learn to play the guitar, or learn a different language, or make new friends, or take on more responsibility.  The possibilities are endless!  It's really neat how life in the Family is full of change and is so unpredictable!  So you have a lot to look forward to in the future.

                16. There's so much to do and learn and experience that it certainly makes you want to be as close to Jesus as possible, doesn't it? I don't want to miss any of the Lord's instructions or get out of His will in any way.  I want to be what He wants me to be, and do what He wants me to do.  And I'm sure you JETTs feel the same.  So let's do our very best to love Jesus and stay in tune with Him, okay?  And a good way to start is by drinking in His life-giving Words, like those in this GN.

                17. Just think, the Lord wants to tell you the secrets of His Kingdom!  He wants to show you more about what He is like, what He desires of you, and what He wants to give you. What a privilege!  Jesus is honoring you by telling you very personal things about Himself and His Love that He has not revealed to anyone but the Family.  This is very special, so please tune in as best you can.

                18. Also, it's important to pray desperately before you read this GN, and to sincerely ask the Lord to give you a spirit of faith, which will help you understand and receive His Truth.  (If you haven't prayed this type of prayer yet, I suggest you stop now and pray together before reading more of this Letter.)

                19. Now, without further introduction, let's begin, as I'm sure you're all eager to read what the Lord has said!

Quotes from Grandpa on the Bride of Christ!

                20. The first two Letters in this "Loving Jesus" series emphasized the importance of our having a more intimate and loving relationship with Jesus. There is a great deal said about this throughout the Letters, much of it referring to our role as Jesus' Bride, the Bride of Christ, His New Church, His wife. In fact, the very first MO Letter, "A Prophecy of God--on the Old Church and the New Church" (ML #A), as well as another early Letter, "More Prophecies on Old and New Church" (ML #117), were on that very subject.

                21. Throughout these Letters, the Lord was contrasting the Old Church, those who had grown cold in their love for Him, with the New Church, us, His new, vibrant and loving Bride! The Lord referred to the intimacy and love that His New Church gives to Him, and made it clear that this is what He desires.  You probably haven't read many of these Letters, so I'll quote you a bit from them so you can see what I mean:

                                22. "For I, the Lord, have done it, that I may glorify My Name and preserve her whom I love ... My hungry ones who love Me and not My wealth, who cherish My Person, not My palaces, who ravish Myself, and not My power only, and who dwell by My side in nakedness and humility and adoration. ... She which was least among all the daughters of men shall become My beloved and My darling one, My loved one. This is the Bride of Mine affliction. This is the darling of My Tribulation. ... She it is that loveth Me, therefore do I delight in her and do highly honor her" ("A Prophecy of God--on the Old Church and the New Church," ML #A:11,14,24-25).

                                23. "I look not on the outward appearance, but upon the heart, and she loves Me with all her heart. Therefore, she pleases Me greatly. ... Come with Me, therefore, My fair one, and let Me be ravished with thy love!" ("More Prophecies on Old and New Church," ML #117:1,10).

                24. I'll share a few more quotes from Grandpa on the subject, which again show the Lord's desire for us to be His loving Bride:

                                25. "He has raised us up His New Church, a young Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!--An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently and ardently to His slightest touch, and who is wildly ravished with His Love!" ("Lovemaking with Jesus!" ML #1525:20).

                                26. "My Bride shall enter into My chamber, and I Myself will lie with her and honor her before all the handmaidens" ("Prophecies of the Handmaiden of the Lord!" ML #19:17).

                                27. "This is why God has in these Last Days raised up our Family, His sexy New Church!--A young new Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom! He wants a Bride that He can love with His Spirit and His Word, His seed and His Love, to make her productive and fruitful, to bear everlasting children for the eternal Kingdom of God! `For herein is My Father glorified,' Jesus said, `that you bear much fruit!' (Jn.15:8).

                                28. "To be the kind of Bride He wants, you've got to first of all have enough faith in His Love to obey, and come and strip off all of the outer garments of appearances, cover-ups and false fronts, and expose yourself to the Lord, totally yielding yourself to Him in submission and humility. You must be willing to be stripped bare before Him. You're just you, and that's what He wants!--You!--All of you!

                                29. "So you've got to drop everything, forsake all, come to Him and be willing to be stripped bare, abandon all false cover-ups, and just expose yourself to Him. And then you've got to let Him make love to you and fill you with His Spirit and His seed, the Word of God, which, when conceived in responsive hearts, brings forth fruit, newborn babes into the Kingdom of God! Hallelujah!" ("Submit Yourself to God--Yield and Obey, Part 1," ML #2224:16-18).

                30. All of this sounds quite intimate, doesn't it? It sounds like the Lord actually means it when He says we are His Bride. As I said in the first GN on Loving Jesus (GN 659), a bride and a bridegroom are very loving with each other, very intimate, and very sexy. They crave being with each other. They love to have time together, to kiss, to caress, to make love. The Lord used this illustration because it is one that we can very easily understand.

                31. There has been some question about the Bride of Christ and exactly what it means. We know from the Bible that He sees His Church, the great body of believers worldwide, as His Bride. He has told Grandpa that we, the Family, are His New Church, His New Bride. Throughout the Letters, Grandpa has indicated that we are all His brides individually. So who is the Bride? What is the answer to this mystery? Recently, we prayed and asked the Lord to speak to us about His Bride, and He responded with the following:

"My Bride!"

                32. (Prophecy:) As My whole Church is My Bride and as each individual is My Bride, so is each Home My Bride. My whole Church must worship and love Me, and each individual must worship and love Me, and each Home must worship and love Me. For I look upon each as My Bride, whether I look upon the whole, or whether I look upon the Home, or whether I look upon the individual. Thus I must receive love from the whole, from the part, and from the individual.

                33. For I love to be loved and I love to love. I love to receive love. I love to give love. So few understand My need to be loved, My desire to be loved. So few understand My desire to be wanted, My desire to be called for and told that I am wanted, that I am needed, that I am desired, that I am lovely. In this I find great pleasure and great happiness, and for this purpose created I My children to love Me.

                34. Why do you think I was so angry at the children of Abraham?--Because I loved them, I gave unto them, and they turned away and spurned Me. They hurt Me. They did not receive My Love, and they did not love Me in return; but instead went awhoring after other gods. Why am I so displeased with the Old Church? Because they stopped loving Me. And why am I well pleased with you? Because you love Me! You have loved Me with your works, with your child-rearing and with your obedience. But now I wish for you to love Me with your words, with your spirit. I wish for you to love Me with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your spirit, with all of your strength, with all of your soul!

                35. For I wish to be loved in the way that I truly wish to be loved. So come, come I say, come in unto Me and be My Bride! For I long to be loved as a lonely man who does not seem to be lonely because He has so many friends and so much family, yet He lacks a sweetheart and darling.

                36. Please come, come to Me and be My darling! Come to Me and be My sweetheart! Come to Me and be My wife, My Bride! For you will find great love and great treasure, and you will find great reward. For does not the husband love to pour forth gifts of love, tokens of love and appreciation for the love that his loving wife gives unto him? I seek to be in love with you, and I seek for you to be in love with Me, that we may have a new relationship.

                37. Your queen knew that she loved her faucet [Peter], but at a distance; and though she loved him and gave him tokens of love, she was not "in love" with him. She did not have the true manifestations of love and the fullness of love within her heart. So is it with so many of you. But when she understood and when she began to say "yes" and when she began to yield, so did I pour forth a new love into her heart, and oh, that changed the picture! So will it be with My children who will take the step. They will go from a formal love, from an understanding love, to a passionate love, a desirous love! And oh, there is such a difference!

                38. So come! Come! Come, My Bride! Come, My loves! Come, I call, come! We shall revel in great joy and great passion, and you shall receive great love, great strength and great gifts! For you will be married unto a King and you will be a queen unto Me, and I will bestow upon you far above all that you could ask or think! For I will love you, and I will ravish you, and I will pour forth unto you; and you will be known as My Queen, as My Bride!

                39. You will be a Queen, and you will be greatly loved and greatly ravished in My arms! For you will be My Bride and you will be My true love and you will be crowned Queen above all! (End of prophecy.)

                40. (Mama Maria:) Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! We praise You, Jesus, for Your wonderful Words, the marvelous things of the Spirit that You reveal to us, Your children! We don't know why You've chosen us, when we're so undeserving, but thank You for making us Your Bride. Thank You for showing us this marvelous, intimate relationship that we can have with You, that You're desiring us to have, and that You are waiting for us to have with You! What a privilege! What a wonderful, wonderful gift, that You love each one of us so deeply and that You actually want us and desire us and that our love gives You pleasure!

Jesus' Need for Love!

                41. The Lord said some very amazing things in the above prophecy. Just thinking about how much Jesus loves us moves me deeply. His Words are amazing Words, of great significance. They support and are an amplification of what He said to Grandpa many years ago: "Look at the relationship between the Church and the Lord. We're all needed and we're all members of the same Body, and we're all the Lord's Bride, we're all married to the same Husband, but there's still a personal relationship between you and the Lord that doesn't include a lot of other people. Your personal private relationship with the Lord is one on one" (ML #2023:31).

                42. The Lord makes it quite clear in this prophecy that He sees the whole Church as His Bride, He sees your Home as His Bride, and He sees you personally as His Bride. He's also said He sees the whole Family as His Bride.

                43. You may have wondered why God even needs your love, as He has so much love! Why would the great God of the universe actually need your love in a very personal way? He's God, He's not a human being. But you see, this is where we haven't seen His heart! We haven't realized how much the physical illustration of the man and woman loving each other applies to Him and His relationship to us. That's one of the reasons He made human love, human desire, a human need for love: So we would understand His desire and His need for us!

                44. Jesus speaks so personally and intimately to us, as He exposes His heart, telling us that He longs to be loved as a lonely man, that He actually has a need to be loved by us. He's asking us, His New Church, the children of David, to please understand Him and fill His need!

                45. Even though He has many friends, He lacks a sweetheart, a darling. It's not that we haven't been loving Him all along--we have been, and He's very pleased with that love, as He said--but He talks about us having a new relationship with Him. He says He wants us to be passionately in love with Him, as He is with us. He wants us to love Him with "our words and our spirit," with all of our heart, mind, spirit, strength and soul.

                46. He goes on to tell us how wonderful our new relationship together can be, and says that as a result He will give us many gifts. We will be His Queen and His Bride.  He wants to accord us a special place of honor!--That of making us His Queen, His Bride! He wants to give us all the privileges and "rights" of the wife, of the bride, where He can show us off publicly as His Queen and His darling.

                47. Even though He is offering us such a marvelous place by His side, with many wonderful privileges and rewards attached, He knows that there is a commitment to be made. We have to give up some of our independence, some of our pride. We have to be willing to be there just for Him and to do whatever pleases Him. We have to be yielded to His wishes. He assures us that He will honor our yieldedness and humility, and He will give us back more--much more--than we could ever imagine!

Words of Love to the Lord!

                48. A while back I had a question about how we were to love the Lord more deeply, as His Bride. Grandpa already answered the most important part of this question years ago in that quote we gave you earlier (paragraphs 27-29). He said we're going to have to have faith in the Lord's Love, and strip off our outer garments of pride and appearances, our cover-ups and false fronts.

                49. Doing this is going to require total yieldedness, truly loving Him with all your heart and all your soul--which is your body and your spirit--and with all your mind. Sometimes loving Him with all your mind means giving it to Him and not trying to use it to figure out things in the natural, but to rather take them by faith, even if you don't fully understand them. Grandpa says that after you've yielded yourself to Him, you can become one with Him in total abandonment and let Him fill you with His Words!

                50. Okay, we want to be yielded and we want to give Him everything and we want to become one with Him in total abandonment, but I wondered, how do we do this? How do we put this into practice? How do we translate it into action? I knew the Lord wanted me to praise Him more, to tell Him I love Him more, but I didn't know exactly what to do. How could I express my love for Him in words? As usual, when we have a question and are calling out desperately to Him, He answers. "Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not" (Jer.33:3). Following is my prayer and excerpts of the Lord's wonderful answer!

                51. Jesus, we need You to show us how to praise You and thank You for Your wonderful Love. We need to know what words to say to convey it. We know the Spirit can speak through us in tongues and You understand that, but we believe that You want us to tell You in words that we understand too. We want to express in words how we feel from the depths of our hearts. We love You, Jesus, and want to tell You.

                52. Your Love is so great! It's overflowing and overwhelming! We're enveloped in it, and Your Heavenly Love just gushes all over us! It's more than a touch--it's many touches!--And the touches all run together into a whole flood of Love! It's so much, Lord, we don't even know how to describe it! It flows all over us and overflows us and feels so good. It's so wonderful! We feel so secure and so loved, so cared for, and we want to share it with others so they can know it too!

                53. You're right here with us, so personal and real. We know You desire us and You really want us to love You, because You love us. It makes You happy when we do, and we want to make You happy. So please, Lord, tell us what to say. How do we tell You we love You? How do we express our love to You? What do You want us to say?  (End of prayer.)

                54. (Prophecy:) Can you describe the very depths of the sea--or the highest points of the universe? Can you describe the deep things of the Spirit? Then how can you describe this great love that we have together with mere words of man? For My Love for you is all-encompassing, it is all Love, and it is unintelligible in the words of man.

                55. But you desire to tell Me in words your love for Me. You must look unto those things that you relate to and that I have given to you to help you grasp and to understand this love. For as a man and a woman love one another, and say words of endearment, do so unto Me.

                56. This love that is in your heart for Me is much greater than words, but the words help you to understand and help you to focus. So use these words with Me, for am I not your Husband? Are you not the Bride of Christ? Why do you think I give you these illustrations?  For, lo, I could have given any illustration, but I chose one that you could understand, and that would put things in the right perspective so that everyone could see and understand how I want them to be with Me.

                57. These precious words of love to Me are as special incense, special prayers that come up before Me, that fill My halls with a special perfume, a perfume of love! It excites Me! It thrills Me! For when I smell this perfume in the halls of Heaven, I look upon you with great love and with great care and with great excitement, and I want to fill you to overflowing like none other can fill you!

                58. Yes, I want praise and adoration, I want words of thanksgiving, but they that love Me most understand that I also want words of love. (End of prophecy.)

                59. The Lord explained that He wants praise and adoration, and words of thanksgiving, but He also wants words of love.  Because His Love is so magnificent, it's difficult to adequately describe it.  The Lord said it's "unintelligible in the words of man."  It's deeper and wider and more wonderful than we could ever say.  It's all-encompassing.  But because the Lord knew that we wanted to be able to understand Him better and love Him more intimately and express our feelings for Him more effectively, He used the example of what people who are in love say to each other when they're expressing their love for one another.

                60. In the adult version of this revelation, the Lord spoke to the adults about using words of love with Him that lovers tell each other when making love.  He did this because He knew it would be something that would help us older Family members understand and relate to His Love.  But since you JETTs are not yet of age to experience sex with others, the idea of you saying sexual love words to Jesus is not appropriate for your age.  But you can say things like, "I love You, Jesus.  I need You. I want You.  Please be close to me, Jesus.  I want to give You my love.  I want to be more than a friend to You, Jesus, I want to be Your Bride.  Please give me the seeds of Your Word."

                61. Practicing the sexual aspects of the Loving Jesus revelation is only for the older Family members, but I shared the excerpts of the above prophecy with you JETTs so you could understand the basic spiritual principle behind the use of such love words.  Also, even though saying sexy love words is a private matter, there's a chance that sometime you may inadvertently overhear some older Family members saying such love words to Jesus during their private fellowship time with Him.  Therefore it is important that you understand why they would say such things and why the Lord has allowed them to approach Him in this way.

                62. For the adults there are other sexual aspects to this revelation, besides the saying of sexy love words to Jesus.  The Lord explained through various prophecies how we older Family members can feel His Love more through our sexual experiences, and we, who are of age, can be His Love for one another in our sexual sharing.  However, since this does not relate to you JETTs, and since there is not much chance that you will be observing this practice at all, even inadvertently, it is not necessary for you to be aware of the details of this part of the revelation.  You can learn about these details when you are older.  You can read about some of the sexual aspects when you become a junior teen, and you can read the full revelation when you become a senior teen.

                63. I understand that you might initially be a little disappointed if you compare negatively what you are allowed to read with what others read, but I want to encourage you that you don't need to feel left out or discouraged at all.  You are reading basically the same message, except that the older Family members will be reading an amplification and continuation of that message. This GN and "Loving Jesus" Parts 1 and 2, which you can also read, are full of the Lord's fresh new golden seeds, which are very feeding and challenging!  If you drink in this New Wine and apply it with all your heart, you can be just as blessed and just as close to Jesus as the older Family members, because it's not necessarily how much you read, but what you do with what you read that counts.  The Lord will bless you just as much as the others if you're faithful to receive the Truth He gives you, even if they're allowed, because of their age, to read more of the message and practice the sexual aspects.

                64. Maybe you can relate to what I told the junior teens when I was encouraging them not to feel bad that they didn't get to read the full message, like the senior teens did. I said to them:  "See yourself receiving a big chest full of precious jewels from the Lord. Oh, they're so beautiful and valuable!  You're rich!  And even though down the road, when you're older, He will add a few more jewels to your treasure chest, you've already been given a great fortune. If someone received a huge load of jewels, even though a few were missing, they'd be happy over what they got rather than disappointed over what they didn't get, right?  Well, the same is true of you. Try praising the Lord for the wonderful love gift that He is giving you! He is so good to all of us!  And then when you're a little older,  you can read the parts you missed."  Plus, dear JETTs, this gives you something to look forward to! Praise the Lord!

                65. Let's go on now to other prophecies from the "Loving Jesus" series.

Pulling Back the Veil of His Word!

                66. I know this idea of being Jesus' Bride may seem to be a new concept, but it's not! Grandpa said the same thing years ago, but we just didn't fully understand it then.  Grandpa said, "God actually needs us and wants us and is in love with us, His Bride! ... What does God need from us? The thing He really wants the most is that intimate fellowship and love.--Just like a man needs sex from his wife most of all, her loving intimate fellowship. And then he also needs her service--he needs her to keep house and cook for him, etc. He does need us very much to meet His need for intimacy. He likes to love us with the Word, the seed, right? ... The thing He needs from us the most is that intimate fellowship in the Spirit!" ("God's Bride!" ML #1389:13-15).

                67. So you can see that the idea of loving Jesus intimately through a type of spiritual marriage union, with Him being our Husband, is not completely new to us, as the Lord had already revealed quite a bit about this concept to Grandpa, and he was faithful to share with the Family everything the Lord showed him. Recently the Lord built on the foundation of truth that Grandpa has given us when He revealed to Peter and me more of the details of the relationship that we can have with Him and what it means to be Jesus' Bride and how we, as His Bride, can relate to Him and speak to Him and love Him.

                68. In a message from Heaven, Grandpa explained that he did not tell us the details about this when he was with us on Earth because the Lord didn't reveal them to him. He could only give us what the Lord gave him. Grandpa gave the Family the concept, the idea of the love relationship between Jesus and His Bride, and now I'm giving the details. The Lord is building my ministry upon Grandpa's ministry. We learned about the theory, the concepts and the spiritual principles from Grandpa, but now the Lord is expanding or amplifying those concepts, and we're learning more about the practical application. Grandpa said that we didn't need to know the details of this revelation when he was with us, but we need to know them now.

                69. When we reviewed some of Grandpa's Letters we were amazed at how much of this truth he had already given us through the years, but we just hadn't seen clearly then what it all meant. The Lord explained that that's because He was keeping it a mystery!--Until now! Now He's unfolding the Words of David to us and allowing the "scales" to fall from our eyes. He's doing all this so that in this new day He can pour out His Love and anointing on us in a greater way than ever before!

                70. The Lord explained that He was pulling back a veil that had kept us from completely understanding what He meant about our being His Bride.  A veil is a thin, nearly-see-through cloth that allows you to see the general outline of what is behind it, but not the details.  The Lord, through Grandpa, has been talking about us being Jesus' Bride  for years. However, the Lord says that it's only now that He is taking away the veil that kept us from fully understanding what He meant. "I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant. For the time was not then, but the time is now!"

Loving Jesus in the Spirit!

                71. Would you like to hear more about our relationship with Jesus as His Bride?  First, listen to this very interesting quote from Grandpa.  He said, "And who's His Bride?--We are! All of us!--Not just you women, but all of us in this case! It's kind of a strange symbolism, but that's the way it is! Christ's Bride is both male and female, because there is no male nor female in Christ Jesus! (Gal.3:28)." ("Heavenly Society!" ML #1569:11).

                72. In a recent prophecy, the Lord said the following (excerpts):

                73. (Prophecy:)  I say unto you, there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, for you are all one. You are all Mine. You are all My Bride, the Bride of Christ. Did I not say unto David that after he was gone, it would be a day of women? For I have foretold of this day, the day when the weaker vessel shall become strong, that in weakness and in meekness you shall find your strength. Do not women have that sixth sense, that touch with the Spirit, because of their weakness? So do I wish to impart this unto all of you, My Bride.

                74. For I say unto you, I am the Bridegroom, you are the Bride. For Here things are different and we see things differently. There you have the distractions of life and of the flesh, and you do not understand the things of the Spirit; at least not fully, for you only see through a glass darkly. But I shed some light into your darkness, and I say unto you, there is no male nor female in Me.

                75. For what is it to you? Do I not also call you warriors and soldiers? Do the women say, "Oh, well, that's not me, for I am a woman"? Do I not sometimes call you children? My children? The children of David? Do you all say, "Oh, but I am a man"? No, you just accept! So if I can call you children, if I can call you soldiers and men, can I not call you My Bride?

                76. Be not afraid to humble yourselves in My sight. For I love the humble, I love the weak, I love the meek, I love My Bride, and I love you.

                77. I know you are strong soldiers, fighters, diligent in business! I have made you warriors of David, My soldiers, My valiant ones! But with all this strength and all this power and all this valiantness, you have need of more. You have need of great humility, great meekness and great weakness. So I ask you to lay down the armament of war and to play the role that I have asked you to play, of the meek and the weak, of the woman, of the bride, of My darling. This humbles you, but it also empowers you. For it is this that will make you the strong soldiers that you need to be for the days ahead. (End of prophecy.)

                78. (Mama Maria:) The illustration of us playing the role of His Bride is very interesting.  Grandpa said in "Glamour or Glory," "When God has given you a role to play and you can play it with divine anointing and real inspiration of the Lord and by the power of His Spirit, you become that creation of God!" (ML #328:19).

                79. Isn't it interesting that the Lord made reference to this being a "day of women"? This phrase was originally given to Grandpa in "The Shepherdess" prophecy. It says, "It shall be a day for women, and they shall rule My people with a kind hand and gentle staff and such words of love, so precious, so beautiful!" (ML #837:34). The Lord said way back then that after Grandpa was gone it would be a day for women. Now He is telling us that this is what He meant--not that our females would take over, but that we all, women and men, would begin to love Him as our Husband, as our Bridegroom, and be His Bride and His wife in the Spirit!

You're His Bride--The Holy Spirit Prophecy!

                80. When praying more about our being the Lord's Bride, we received the following very interesting prophecy from the Holy Spirit Herself.

                81. (Prophecy, Holy Spirit speaking:) Behold, I am the Comforter that goes forth upon all the Earth calling out, calling out and saying, `Come! Come, come, for I seek brides for My Son, My Beloved Son! Come, come, come be His Bride! Come to know Him!' For it is He that purchased your salvation by His Own blood. And I love Him so much that I want Him to have many brides as one. So come, I say, come unto Him as a bride!

                82. For though We Three are One, We have different ministrations. Is this not manifested even in your teamworks, where the teamwork is one and works together and counsels together and decides together, but each person has different ministrations, different portfolios? This, too, is a manifestation of how We work together as One, and counsel One with Another, but in different ministrations. For I am the Comforter, and He is the Father, and He is the Son, the Savior.

                83. When you love One, you love All. If you love Me, you love the Father and the Son. And if you love the Son, you love Me and the Father. But the only way to truly love Us is through the Son, for He purchased your salvation through His blood and through His sacrifice and through His Love. To truly love Us and to truly know Us, you must come through that Door, for He is the manifestation of Our Love. He is the face of Our Love. He is the embodiment of Our Love. And because He has purchased your salvation, you are His, His Bride.

                84. You can love Me, and you can love the Father, but you are the Bride of Christ, our Son. As you love and desire Him, so you receive of Us. Because He is married to you, so We are married to you, for We are One. But We call you unto Us through Him, for He is the Door, He is the Husband, He is the Shepherd, and He is the Lamb that was sacrificed for you. As He gave His life for you, is it any great thing for you to be His wife?

                85. If you wish for Me to come, I will come unto you, for I am the Comforter, I am Understanding. As a mother gives unto her children to comfort them, to help them and to strengthen them, to help them understand, so it is with Me, and so will I come unto you. But He is your Husband, and you are His wife, His Bride.

                86. For the ways of God are higher than the ways of man and cannot always be understood by men. Many cannot even understand how My Son, Who died so long ago, could forgive their sins, that His sacrifice could atone for their sins today. Many believe, not because they understand, but because they have faith, and they receive Him by faith, not understanding. Yet they believe and are rewarded for their belief and for their faith. As they act in obedience, so are they rewarded. When the time comes that they pass over to this side, that belief is tangible, and that which they only believed is seen and felt, and it is no longer by faith but it is reality.

                87. If you believe that My Son atoned for your sins, and if you can give your life in faith to serve Him, then why can you not believe that We have called you to love Him and to be His Bride?

                88. So come! Come, come, come, be the Bride of My Son!

                Come, come, come,

                Ravish Him with your love!

                Come, come, come,

                Love Him, love Him, My Son!

                Come, come, come,

                Be loved by Him from Above!

(End of prophecy.)

                89. (Mama Maria:) Thank You, precious Holy Spirit, for speaking to us about Your Son. So beautiful!

                90. The Holy Spirit actively seeks brides for Her Son because She loves Him so much that She wants us to give Him the intimate love that He desires. She says that if we call Her, She will come and help us to understand things better, but She adds that He is your Husband and you are His wife.

                91. She says that to truly know Her, the Mother, and God, the Father, we have to go through Jesus. The more we get to know Him in a very close, deep, personal, loving relationship, the more we will know Them. As we are married to Him, we are also married to Them. She says, "As you love and desire Him, so you receive of Us." She says that Jesus is the manifestation, the face, the embodiment of Their Love.

                92. Isn't it wonderful that She would stoop to our level to use our Home teamworks as an illustration to explain the Trinity?--To explain how She and the Father and the Son all work together. What wonderful love for us! How could we not want to do the things that They request of us that are so tiny and insignificant compared to Their great unending Love for us, that is willing to do anything and everything for us!

                93. What wonders the Lord will show us, because of His Love for us, if we stop and cry out to Him!

Newspaper/Love Letter and More Intimacy!

                94. As I spent time in prayer about all that the Lord has been revealing concerning the love relationship He wants to have with us, I wondered what place the written Word has in all of this. The Lord said a great deal in this series on the subject of loving Him, of speaking words of endearment to Him, about His filling us with His seeds, and I was wondering how this relates to all the Lord has said in the past about loving Him through the reading of His Word. I felt that this was a very important question, as for years the Lord and Grandpa have made a point of stressing the importance of the Word.

                95. Once again the Lord wonderfully spoke as Peter and I cried out to Him in prayer. I'm so thankful that He speaks to us in this way and answers our many questions!

                96. (Prophecy:) I will ask you a question: What do you prefer to read--the morning newspaper, or a letter from the one you're in love with?  If reading the seeds is only like reading the newspaper or reading a book, then it is not enough. When you read the seeds it must be as a letter from your loved one, as a letter from Me. It must stir your heart and stir your passions! It is not enough just to read, for this is formal. You must absorb as the body absorbs the seeds, to be strengthened and to benefit from the reading that you do.

                97. You will love My Words if you know the Author as Adam knew Eve. If you truly love Me, then the seeds take on a whole new meaning; the Words become life, they become joy! Yes, yes, yes, you must have the Words, you must be full of the Words! But you must take time in the bed of love, too, to love Me, and to tell Me of your love, to tell Me of your desire for Me. For in this way we become one.

                98. When you are ready to read My Words, stop for a moment and tell Me that you love Me, tell Me that you care, tell Me that you want Me. Just tell Me that you are ready and you are open, that I may send forth these Word seeds into you, and as you read the seeds, they will do the work in you which I have ordained. For the seeds are love letters from Me. The seeds are the Words of life, which bring forth life and fruit in your life!

                99. If we are married, if we are one, if you are My Bride, then yes, I want you to read My Words and to receive My seeds in this way. But I also want to receive your love in the bed of love where you whisper to Me, and you tell Me of your love.  And thus you can receive seeds this way too.

                100. Just understand, My children, I desire your love. I desire your love even more than you have shown Me until now. For we have been married, and we have had a good marriage, and we have been good friends, and we have been a good team, and we have accomplished a great deal. We have raised abundant children, and our children are happy and they are fruitful! But we have more awaiting us, more intimacy, and this is what I am seeking now. This is what I am calling for. This is what I am yearning for!

                101. For you are My Bride, and I wish to give you My seeds in a new way. As the days get darker and the times more difficult, loving Me and being in love with Me and being close to Me and being intimate with Me will help you through, and things will look brighter. As you love Me and look to Me and face Me and face My light and face My seeds and call for Me, all else will fade; and we will be one.

                102. For truly you will know that we are one. You will know that I have strengthened you; and you will know that I have blessed you, and that I have honored you as the king honors his queen, as the husband honors his wife, and says, `Yes, here she is, here is the one that loves me. Here is the one that bears my children. Here is the one that receives my seeds.'

                103. When you plant seeds in the ground, you cannot plant them in the cold and the hard ground, for they will not germinate and grow, they will not bring forth fruit. The seeds must be planted in the warm earth so that they can bring forth the fruit which they are ordained to bring forth. So is the seed of My Word. It must be implanted in the warmth of your heart, in the warmth of your spirit. And how do you have a warm spirit? By snuggling close to Me and by receiving My kisses and caresses, that you may be warm and ready for the implantation of My seeds.

                104. When you come before Me to read My Words, just tell Me you love Me, that is all I need. Tell Me you want Me. Tell Me you desire Me. Tell Me you want My seeds, and I will bring forth new life in those seeds! They will bring forth new meaning, for they have treasures new and old. You will be delighted and you will see by the fruit that the Words I say unto you are true, and that I will bless you as you do these things.

                105. I love you with a great love, and if you will pour forth your love unto Me in this way, I will pour forth a love upon you and a blessing upon you that there will not be room enough to contain! And these who scoff and these who mock shall marvel! They shall know that you have been known by Me, and that I have loved you and I have placed My blessing upon you, that I have put My mantle upon you and that you are Mine, I am yours, and we are one! (End of prophecy.)

                106. (Mama Maria:) Thank You Jesus for this wonderful privilege of hearing from You, Who are all-wise and all-knowing and all-understanding!--You, Who have all the answers, if we will but ask! To think that You, Who reign over all, actually love each of us so much that You want to get as close to us as You can, through giving us this beautiful gift of love with You!

                107. Thank You for these answers of instruction and wonderful promises that help us to see things more clearly. You explain things in such easy-to-understand terms. You stoop to tell us things in language that we can understand, using illustrations we can relate to, like newspapers and love letters and husbands and wives, etc. Thank You for loving us so much, for being so good to us, for sharing with us Your precious, wonderful Words!

                108. I am just amazed at all the Lord said in this prophecy! When the Lord asks us which we prefer to read, the newspaper or a letter from someone we're in love with, He is illustrating the two ways that we can read His Word: One way is like picking up a newspaper and reading it for information and instruction, without getting very personally involved; the other way is like reading a love letter from one who is very dear to us. When we read a love letter, we read it to find out what our loved one is thinking, to look eagerly to see what words of love he is communicating to us, to feel closer to that one and be reassured of his love for us. It excites us, thrills us, and we hang on to every word! Because it is a love letter from someone we deeply desire to hear from, it is the next best thing to having them right there with us. It makes us feel so warm and secure, so loved and needed! Those loving words stir our hearts and make us want more!

                109. The Lord has made it quite clear that the written Word plays the same role that it always has. He obviously still wants us to faithfully read and absorb His written Word. That has not changed. He wants to continue loving you with the seeds of His Word like He always has. We receive His seeds via reading His Word, but He's saying here that you can also receive seeds through telling Him you love Him and speaking words of love to Him.

                110. He repeats the importance of the written Word but adds that He also wants our Words of love to Him. "Yes, yes, yes, you must have the Words, you must be full of the Words! But you must take time in the bed of love, too, to love Me, to tell Me of your love, to tell Me of your desire for Me." It's very important that you understand that the Lord wants us to continue to read His Word, that the reading of the Word is part of our loving with the Lord, and as such we have been having love-up with Jesus through the reading of His Word all along.

                111. He's asking for more intimacy than we have been giving Him, for more love than we've been giving, and one of the ways He wants us to manifest that love for Him is by telling Him that we love Him and we want Him and we need Him.

A Step Further in the Same Direction!

                112. You may feel that you've been loving Jesus all along through various means, during your quiet time, during prayer and praise, during Word time, when witnessing, through a whole host of ways. And you're right, you have been! You've been loving up with Jesus all along! He says in this prophecy that you and He have been married and had a good marriage and have accomplished a great deal and raised abundant children (souls). If you've had a good marriage and borne abundant spiritual children, where did you get those children from? Of course it's been through loving Him and receiving His seeds! (1Pet. 1:23). The Lord has been loving you in the Spirit all along. And don't worry!--He's going to continue to do so as you continue to desire His Words, which is desiring Him!

                113. We've all been receiving His seeds, and because of it, we've borne much fruit. We have demonstrated that we love Him because we've accepted those Words, we've obeyed them and we've been faithful. This is why He's now able to give us this new additional way of loving Him more intimately so we can receive even more of His seeds.

                114. He's giving us this new way of loving Him--this gift of getting closer to Him and understanding Him better. He's helping us to understand what He wants and how much He needs us to be not just a formal wife, but an eager, passionate one. He's helping us to relate to Him more personally so we can desire Him more, and as a result receive more of His seeds, which represent not only His Words, but all that He is.

                115. This intimate way to love the Lord is not a complete change of direction. In fact, it isn't a change of direction at all. It's just going a step further in the same direction we have already been going. This is an extra step to draw us closer to Him so we can go even further with Him. He says, "But you and I have more awaiting us, more intimacy, and this is what I'm seeking now. This is what I'm calling for. This is what I'm yearning for!" The Lord is asking us to show our love for Him more intimately so He can give us the seeds of strength and love and anointing that we're going to need for the tough times ahead. He wants us to want more and to be eager to do anything we can to get more of His seeds, more of Him, more of His Words.

The Bed of Love--Your Private Time with Him!

                116. As the Lord explained in a recent prophecy, "These times in the bed of love are necessary because they are our most intimate times. These are the times when we communicate heart to heart, when you can tell Me and communicate to Me your deepest longings and desires without having to be conscious of everyone else around you. You can give Me your full attention, your full heart, your full mind, your full soul. Times in the bed of love are necessary, not just to receive My seed, but so we can communicate and be close, one on one."

                117. The bed of love is your private time with Him, one on one, where you can receive the seeds of His Word and say intimate things to Him and love Him deeply and let Him love you. This is the time when you can communicate much more deeply with Him. You can speak your heart freely and communicate the desires of your heart to Him so He can pour forth those desires to you. It's also a time when you can concentrate, without distraction, on what He is saying to you either through His Word or in His personal communication with you.

                118. He says that before reading His Word, either in private or unitedly, you will be more prepared to receive His seeds if you "stop for a moment and tell Me that you love Me, tell Me that you care, tell Me that you want Me. Just tell Me that you are ready, that I may send forth these seeds into you."--His seeds of love and strength and power and anointing--all that you need to do your job for Him!--Your job of loving the lost and your job of loving each other.

                119. One of the reasons He wants us to be more verbal about our love for Him is because it makes us feel our love for Him more. It makes Him more real to us, and thus His Word will take on more meaning, and truly become His love letters to us.

Another New MO Letter Hot Off Heaven's Press!

                120. Although Grandpa has said so much in the past on the subject of our being the Bride of Christ, and of Jesus being our Husband, I thought it would be a blessing if we could hear what Grandpa has to say on the subject now. I felt it would be wonderful to hear his counsel.

                121. So one morning I prayed and asked the Lord to have Grandpa speak to us, and he did, wonderfully! So here's a new MO Letter, straight from Heaven! I won't make any comments after this prophecy because we're all used to the way Grandpa says things, and I think we can all understand it clearly. As usual, Grandpa has gone from Genesis to Revelation on the subject. Praise the Lord! It's wonderful!

                122. (Prophecy, Grandpa speaking:) Folks, I've told you before that God's ways are not your ways. Look at Noah! Nobody had even seen a boat, especially not on dry land! But Noah did what God said and it saved his life, and he received the blessings and the promises were fulfilled. And what about Abraham, standing there looking over the land and God saying to him, "This land will be for you and your seed, and they shall be as the stars in the heavens, a multitude as the sand of the seas!" Those were some pretty big promises, and he had to just take it by faith.

                123. Think about Daniel; he had to have faith that what God showed him was actually a dream that Nebuchadnezzar had had. That was faith! He believed it, and he acted on it, and he was blessed because of it. And what about the prophets of old?--Eating dung, walking naked, virtually doing skits to get God's point across! But these were things God told them to do, and they believed it and they obeyed it, they did it! Even though it seemed ridiculous and certainly was embarrassing, humbling and difficult, yet they did it and were blessed, and the message was given.

                124. See, God doesn't always work the way we think He should. That's because man's mind does not see as God sees. The Lord has ways of humbling His children, always keeping them humble. The churches don't really humble themselves, so He can't use them so much, He can't give them so much, He can't trust them with so much in the Spirit. But you have constantly been humbled and He knows you can take it! And it's because of that willingness to be humbled that He makes you great!

                125. But you don't see the greatness. You look around you and you see the struggle and the difficulties. But here again, you're not seeing as the Lord sees. For you see smallness, but He sees greatness! Think about some of the things you already do.--To the outside they seem pretty foolish! Think about speaking in tongues, a gift of the Spirit. You know, they used to take people away that spoke in tongues, and say they were insane! Children had their parents committed because they spoke in tongues, because they had manifestations of the Spirit. You see, the carnal and the worldly people can never accept the things of the Spirit. Now that seems kind of funny that they would take you away and lock you up because you spoke in tongues, doesn't it?--But it happened! But now it has become accepted and understood that it is a gift of the Spirit.

                126. So if the Lord asks you to receive a new gift of the Spirit (of loving Jesus more deeply), shouldn't you be willing? It's no more strange than speaking in tongues. It's no more strange than the gift of prophecy. To an outsider it is strange that you would sit in quietness and receive words from God. But you don't think it's strange, and you don't think speaking in tongues is strange, and you don't think praying and expecting God to answer is strange! Well, these are all gifts, and now He wishes to give you a new gift; and He gives it to you because He knows that you're humble enough and believing enough to receive it!

                127. I hope you didn't think that the New Wine was going to end just because I left. God doesn't stop talkin'! Believe me, He's very much alive! He's very much in evidence and He's very active. Things are hottin' up! Things are moving along faster than you think they are! The picture is unfolding more and more each day and He's preparing you. All of the things that are happening are preparing you.

                128. You know, when there's a war, they don't usually start just from one day to the next. It might seem like that, but they don't. There's a long period of building up, of preparing, building armaments and stockpiling them, getting men into position, in place, so that when the little incident happens--which is usually just an excuse and often something that is triggered on purpose--they are ready. But when it happens, the armies are ready, because they've been preparing! They knew the war was coming, they saw it on the horizon, and they planned and prepared and were ready.

                129. So it is in the Spirit. The Enemy marshals his forces and the Antichrist prepares, and so does the Lord, and so do we Here in the Spirit, as we help to prepare His children. Look around! Look at the world! Look at the wars, look at the confusion, look at the polarization! It's all part of the preparation.

                130. And so are you all being prepared as well. The Charter is a preparation. The message of prophecy is a preparation, preparing you to hear His voice, to be comfortable with it, to be prayerful and to seek Him. And now this gift of love is also part of the preparation, for it draws you closer to Him, and Him to you, and it's really needed. And it will be more needed as time goes on.

                131. So kids, don't give up faith! Don't think, "Oh, it's not going to happen. It's just a fairy tale. The End isn't coming, the End isn't here, the End isn't near." It is! Be patient, it's coming! But as a very wise general, the Lord is preparing His army. He's giving them instruction and training, He's giving them power. But with each step it requires your obedience, your faith, and your yieldedness, so that He can give you more and more.

                132. He gives other Christians gifts that will help them too, that will bring them along a little bit further. He increases that which they have just as He's increasing that which you have. But because you have much, His increases take you further and further, and closer and closer to Him. Others have little, but what He gives them also brings them closer to Him.

                133. But He has given you this gift of love because you have proven to Him that you will obey, that you have faith, that you are willing to receive things of the Spirit no matter what! No matter what the cost, no matter what they are, you are willing to be made of no reputation just because you love Him, because you know He is the Truth!

                134. And sometimes, kids, the things that God says are hard to take! They're hard to believe sometimes! But you know, if you just believe it, if you drink it in and receive it, accept it by faith, He blesses you and it becomes easier, because you see the fruit, you gain the understanding. Faith doesn't always understand, faith just does it because it believes, and then comes understanding. But without faith it's impossible to please the Lord, for he that cometh to God must first believe that He is, and second, believe that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. He's now giving you a way to diligently seek Him, so that He can pour forth the great rewards that He has promised. And believe me, it's true! I've seen it, I'm Here, I know!

                135. The Lord and His courts are excited! They are electric with anticipation and they wait to see if you will do that which has been asked of you. You know, the Lord has thanked me over and over again for my willingness to give His Message no matter what the cost, and for teaching and training you to receive that Message, to believe it and to put it into action. Of course, I tell Him it was all His doing, but He says that there are so few who will believe what they receive and who have the faith to put it into action. There are so few who are willing to be truly humbled in the sight of man that they may be exalted in His sight; so He has great thankfulness for you, His children who are willing, His children who obey.

                136. The Lord looks at this as a great gift! So receive the gift, just receive it and believe it! You don't have to understand every facet, you don't have to examine it top to bottom, side to side, and try to figure it out. Receive it! You'll be greatly blessed by it. The Lord sees it as a blessing. He sees the victory, He sees the love, He wants the love. He wants to bestow upon you greater love than you have ever known!

                137. So let Him, won't you? Please let Him. Let Him receive your love, let Him give you His Love. You have no idea how much happiness it will bring to Him, and you have no idea how much happiness it will bring to you! You have no idea what strength in Spirit it will bring for your obedience and faith! You have no idea how much it will prepare you for that which is ahead! You have no idea how much it will change your lives, how much it will grow your spirit, how much more you will be connected to Him, the Source of all strength, all power, all wisdom!

                138. And it's yours through simple faith, through simple yieldedness, through simple obedience. So give Him your love so that He can bless you, prepare you and strengthen you. Give Him your love just because you love Him. Give Him your love so that you can learn more about how much He truly loves you, as knowing that will help you through the hardships ahead--the hardships of tribulation, the hardships of loss. For His way up is down--down in humility, down through the tests and the trials.--But up, up in the Spirit, up in victory, and finally up into His arms where He will comfort and love you beyond measure!

                139. So don't disappoint Him, He's looking for your love! He's wanting your love! He's waiting for your love and anticipating your love. So give freely, and He will freely give unto you! (End of prophecy from Grandpa.)

The King Who Has Everything, But Seeks to Be Loved!

                140. Something else I want to share with you is a precious prophecy the Lord gave Peter and me one morning right after we had a sweet time of loving Jesus together. I believe it will help you to better understand why the Lord wants us to love Him intimately and what it means to Him.

                141. (Prophecy:) I need your love and your loving. For though I am King of all the universe and even beyond, of all things, I cannot have your love unless you give it to Me, for I have made it this way. For I am as a King Who has multitudes at My beck and call. To one I can say, "Do this," and it is done; and to another, "Do that," and it is done.--For I am the Maker of all things, the Creator of all things, the God of all things. But in this I have limited Myself, for I do not make My children love Me; they have choice. I have the desire that they would love Me, and I long for it, that they would love Me. Thus I find great pleasure in those that love Me, for it fills My need to be loved by My children.

                142. (Mama Maria: He explained that He feels great tenderness, acceptance and joy when we love Him intimately as His Bride, for there are so very very few who have such love for Him.  He went on to say:)  Though I have many, many, many friends, those that are very close and dear, those that hold Me dear, that speak to Me, that pour out their hearts to Me, that do My will, that serve Me, and that love Me, I have so few lovers.

                143. But these, My children, shall be that sexy Bride that David has spoken of!--For they are ready, they are prepared, they are seeking, and they are wanting a closer connection, a more intimate relationship with Me. I have put it in their hearts to desire this thing, and I am preparing their hearts through the Words that I have spoken through you.

                144. Will you marvel at the great blessings that I will pour forth upon your children when they love Me with the love that I wish to be loved with? Marvel not, for when I find those who will love Me in this way, I will rejoice with a great rejoicing and I will pour forth My Love upon them in such abundance! I will give them My seed and they will bring forth fruit. I will give them My blessings, for they will be blessing Me with their love. So I will bless them with My Love, and My Love is so mighty, My Love is so fulfilling, My Love is so bounteous, My Love is so full!

                145. Oh, the great joy that they shall have for loving Me! Oh, the great blessings and rewards that they shall have for loving Me! I wish all My children to love this way, but they will not. But the children of David shall love this way, for they are willing to humble themselves. They are already lowly, they are meek and humble in heart; they are not rich and increased with goods. They already show Me great, great love in their obedience, in their hunger for Me, in their hunger for My Word, and in their yieldedness to do that which I have said in My Word. So I greatly honor them and greatly love them, and I know they greatly love Me, so I pour forth My new Love upon them.

                146. As they yield to My request for their love, so will I yield to their requests, and so will I answer their prayers, their needs and their desires in an even greater way. For now I test and I purge, and there be many that struggle; but in that day, they shall know that it has been worth the fight, and I will bless them in great abundance for their love for Me, the King Who has everything, but Who seeks to be loved! (End of prophecy.)

                147. (Mama Maria:)  Doesn't it touch you deeply to hear Him tell us that He's lonely and that He needs us?  He's begging for our love, He's longing for us and depending upon us, the children of David, to help meet His need for deep, intimate love!  Doesn't that change the way you've looked at the Lord before?  Now we see Him not only as a King, but also as One Who has needs.  Before, we thought He was well taken care of, and we didn't think that the faulty, imperfect love that we could give Him would make much difference.  We knew it might make a difference to us, but we didn't really realize that for Him personally it would make a difference.  We didn't realize what a need it was for Him!--A deep personal need, an aching void that He couldn't fill.

                148. The Lord has told us how much He needs us, His Bride!--On bended knee He has humbled Himself, He has condescended to totally bare His heart to plead for our love!  What more could He possibly do?  He gave us vivid word pictures to help us to understand the way He feels and how He desires us.

                149. We know the Lord is counting on us to have the humility to express our deep love for Him, because so few have that kind of humility.  So many of His friends in the church system who love Him so dearly as a friend could never understand His need for this kind of intimate, loving relationship.  He couldn't tell them because they couldn't receive it.

                150. Apparently we, the children of David, are the only ones He can get through to about this, the only ones to whom He can explain His need for a true husband-and-wife relationship.  Thank the Lord that through the Words of David He has set us free to tell Him how much we need Him and how much we love Him!

He's Given You Everything!--Won't You Love Him?

                151. Now, when I think of Jesus and how He needs us so much, it touches me so much more deeply than before. I'm so much more intimate with Him, so much more in love with Him. Now that I realize how much He needs us and how much He wants us and how much He yearns for us, and now that I've begun to give Him the love that He needs, I feel more emotion for Him. When I listen to praise songs or I pray, I am more touched now. Sometimes I cry when I think of how much He loves us. I think it's hitting me more now and becoming much more real and deep. It's just beautiful to be able to think of Him and the sacrifices He's made for us and to be able to relate a little bit more to it and to understand a little better what He has gone through for us. I feel very happy and fulfilled because I know that I'm meeting His need and I know that I'm making Him happy.

                152. I can tell that slowly those seeds that He's giving me during those times of our loving each other are bearing fruit in my life by making me much more aware and conscious of Him and His closeness to me, and mine to Him.--Maybe because now I understand His need for me a little better and I want to do everything I can to please Him.

                153. I want to love Him intimately because it makes Him happy, because He is the One Who has given His life for me and continues to give me everything!

                154. He's my Husband, He's my Savior, He's my King. He gave His life for me, He gave His Love for me! He's given everything to me and He's made me everything I am! He's given me my requests, and now He requests something of me!--And I want to give Him what He asks of me!  Don't you feel the same?

                155. He says He appreciates so much the great love that we already show Him in our obedience and our hunger for Him and His Word, and our yieldedness to obey. He greatly honors us for this, and this is one reason that He's giving us this great love gift of knowing Him in a deeper, more intimate way.

                156. Don't anybody say, "Well, this works for Mama Maria because she's so spiritual anyway. It's just natural for her to be enraptured with praise and love for the Lord!  But we're not that way, so we don't see how it can work for us!"  This is a false assumption, and the other day when someone said the above words to Peter about me, I got quite stirred up over it! I wrote to Peter, who was away at the time and who had passed this on to me, and said: "Peter, you know me and you know that this couldn't be further from the truth!  I'm just like everybody else! I don't get prophecies, I rarely have dreams, I've never had a vision. I was even complaining to the Lord the other day that I just can't hear clearly from Him."  (Although about 20 minutes later He spoke to me about something, so I had to retract what I'd said!)

                157. I suppose you all get this idea of me being so "spiritual" because of all the spiritual guidance I give you. But you see, that is something that is completely the Lord's doing.  It doesn't have anything to do with my feelings or any outer show of spirituality. It does not come natural to me to be "enraptured in praise"!  I told Peter, "If I'm spiritual, then the definition of spirituality has to be `weakness and desperation and the willingness to try to be yielded and try to obey what the Lord says.'"

                158. So, folks, if you're trying to be like me, all of you who feel very incapable, insufficient, ignorant, unclear and downright weak, very weak, but you're still struggling to obey and to just say "yes" to Jesus; all of you who feel like this are in the same boat as I am!  And if I'm spiritual, so are you; and if I can do what the Lord requires, so can you! Maybe we need to change our definition of "spirituality"!

                159. So dear ones, number one, the Lord is offering you the opportunity to have a wonderful, deep relationship with Him.  Number two, He is saying that He will lead you into it slowly and gently, step by step.  Number three, He promises that through this deeper relationship with Him, you will eventually find happiness, relief, release, understanding of Him and His Words, and love such as you've never experienced before!  For all of us, we know it will be well worth the small sacrifice of our pride in order to reap the great benefits.  When Jesus gives us something, we always eventually find out that it goes far beyond our natural expectations.  He gives us exceedingly abundantly above all that we could even ask or think!

Grandpa on Our Love Relationship with Jesus!

                160. When we were praying about this new revelation and marveling at how the Lord has now removed the veil from the Words of David, Peter looked up a number of quotes from the Letters on the subject of our love relationship with Jesus, some of which I have used throughout the first two Letters in this series. Now I want to share some more of what Grandpa said about our love relationship with Jesus.

                                161. We thank You, Lord, above all for our wonderful spiritual union with You, becoming Your Bride in the Spirit (Mop 118:39).

                                162. God actually needs you and wants you and is in love with you, His Bride! (Mop 77:35).

                                163. I'm the Bride of Christ! Whose bride are you? I don't want anybody but Jesus! Amen? (ML #20:25).

                                164. What do we have to do to bear fruit? We have to stay very close to the Shepherd, and like a wife to a husband, receive His seed so that we can conceive and bear children in the Lord. We need to mate with the Seed-giver and be a good wife and a good mother and bear fruit, bear children for the Lord (ML #1316:59).

                                165. For I look not upon outward trappings, but I look upon the heart. For there is your communion with Me. This is what I desire, the union of heart with heart, that your heart and My heart might be one, that we may be joined together as husband and wife (ML #2700:21).

                                166. I wanna get loved up with Jesus! I wanna be a bride! Let's fall in love with Jesus!  (ML #20:22).

                                167. Most of all, we're happy with Jesus and His Love!--And you're His Bride and He's been loving you with His Spirit and His Word and His seed and His Love to make you productive and fruitful and to bear Him children for the Kingdom of God!--Amen? Hallelujah! TYJ! Praise God!  (ML #1950:5).

                168. It's right there all through the Letters!  It's pretty straightforward, isn't it?  There are many more quotes, whole sections of Letters and even whole Letters on the subject of being intimate with Jesus, being His Bride, His wife. Some of this "New Wine" that you've been reading in these GNs has already been in the Letters for years, as you can see by these quotes from Grandpa!  It's just that only now is the Lord pulling back the veil, solving the mystery, and showing us that He has given us, His Bride, this precious gift of spiritual lovemaking with Him!

Promises of Greater Love and Strength!

                169. (Prophecy:) For I desire you!  I desire to hold you close and to fill you with My seeds!--My seeds of love, My strength, My goodness, My kindness, My loving, My giving, My compassion, My empathy!  The things that My Father has given to Me I will give to you, if you can receive it.  If you can open wide your heart to Me, I will fill you with My Love to overflowing, and you will revel in it!  You will love Me in a way that you have never known before!

                170. I will make you a strong Family, the strong soldiers that you wish to be.  For there are great battles ahead, and great struggles, and you will need My Love and My strength and that closeness with Me, that unbreakable bond between you and Me. I love you, and this is the reason that I pour My New Wine unto you, because I know that you love Me and you want to be My strong soldiers in these Last Days.

                171. Spiritual revelations are shocking, and they have shocked the world since the beginning of time.  And only the men of faith, only those that walk by faith have been able to enter in to each new phase, each new stage that I am taking you in this progression into the spirit world.

                172. So come, come with Me!  Let us come together in Spirit!  For I love you, and I need you.  I need you to be strong.  Have I not said unto you, "Lovest thou Me?--Feed My sheep"?  But without Me you can do nothing.  And if you wish to be stronger and stronger and stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, and lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you have never known before! I will use you even more mightily than you have ever been used!

                173. I will lead you into new realms in the Spirit, new depths! You shall plunge into waters that are so fresh and so deep and so full of My revelations and My wisdom and My knowledge and My understanding!  But first you must give yourselves to Me, fully, that I may know that your love is so bound with Mine that I can trust you with these deep things of My Spirit.

                174. Be not weary in well doing.  Lift up your hands and praise Me and trust Me, for I will lead you one step at a time.

                175. I love you, My children!  Trust Me, as you always have.  Trust Me now.  Trust your father David as he continues to lead and guide you and be My strong helper.  (End of prophecy.)

                176. (Mama Maria:)  It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths the Lord will go to express His Love to us, His Bride, and to explain to us what He wants to give us and why. If you will simply receive these words of comfort and encouragement and know that they're for you personally, they are from His heart to yours, it will make all the difference in the world for you!

                177. He has given you what you need in His many Words of instruction, explanation, love and comfort, if you will just avail yourselves of the strength and power therein.

                178. The Lord has a wonderful plan in this! He hasn't revealed these truths to us for no reason or just as a test of our yieldedness and humility.  This isn't some kind of vain exercise or humility training, but it's a wonderful gift, a precious blessing, a treasure of inestimable value!  He says He wants to give us His seeds of Love, strength, goodness, kindness, loving, giving, compassion and empathy!  He'll fill us to overflowing with His Love if we can just receive it! The Lord knows you will need all those gifts from His Spirit and His seeds, because there are great battles and struggles ahead, and you'll need His Love, His strength, and an unbreakable bond between you and Him!

                179. He says, "I love you, and this is the reason that I pour My New Wine unto you, because I know that you love Me and you want to be My strong soldiers in these Last Days!"  The Lord knows the desires of your hearts.  He knows you love Him and you want to be strong soldiers, well able to serve Him and feed the sheep and bear fruit.  Do you see that the Lord is answering your prayers?  It may not be as you expected; in fact, it may be contrary to your expectations.  But if you can receive it, you will find that this is what you need and what you've been longing for and waiting for!

                180. His promises are almost overwhelming, almost incomprehensible!  He says He will take us to new realms in the Spirit!  He'll plunge us into waters that are fresh and deep and full of His revelations and wisdom and knowledge and understanding!  Imagine!  He wants to give us all that!  He only asks that we give ourselves fully to Him. He knows that He can trust us with these deep things of the Spirit if we are bound together with Him in Love! These promises are conditional, and there is a small requirement that needs to be fulfilled on our part--that is to love Him fully, intimately, completely--but what He wants to give us is so much in comparison with the little that He asks of us in return.

                181. He says He'll lead you one step at a time.  He's waiting with outstretched arms to receive your love and bless you in return as never before!  He says, "If you wish to be stronger and stronger and stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, and lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you have never known before! And I will use you even more mightily than you have ever been used!"

Married to Jesus!

                182. In the next prophecy, the Lord gives more counsel on our personal relationship with Jesus, and the fruit that a close and loving relationship with Him will bring.

                183. (Prophecy:) There are many places that we shall go, My Bride and I.  For I am as a rich man who can go here and there and not worry about the cost, and who can treat his love, his bride to anything that she needs and wants.  I know that My Bride loves Me, and so do I love her, and so will I pour forth My Love in abundance upon her, and so shall she receive of My Love.

                184. What do I ask in return?  Simply that she love Me and that she obey Me and that she serve Me and that she yield unto Me.  In the doing of these things there is great reward, for in the doing of these things you prove your love for Me.  I will pour forth My Love upon you in great abundance and in great power, and you shall see My Love manifested in a greater anointing upon My children, and a greater supply of your needs.

                185. For if you give love unto Me, and if you remain faithful in your obedience of preaching My Word, so will I pour forth unto you in great supply to fill your great needs.--That your children shall have what they need, and that your young people shall have what they need, and that your older people will have what they need. For you are all My Bride and I will pour forth in great abundance. For you shall no longer be the beggar woman, but you shall be the Queen, for you have bestowed great love unto your King, unto your Husband.

                186. Therefore, love Me and honor Me with the praise of your lips, inviting Me to come, and, lo, I will fill you. I will fill you with inspiration. I will fill you with seeds. I will fill you with words. I will fill you with love. I will fill you with supply.  I will fill you with renewed strength. (End of prophecy.)

                187. (Mama Maria:) Isn't this beautiful? The Lord says that His Love for us is so deep and that He is rewarding us with His lovemaking because we lay down our lives day by day in service, obedience and yieldedness.  What a precious reward right here on Earth, a special touch and empowerment of His Love.

                188. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord gives so many word pictures?  This time He likens Himself to a rich man who can give his bride anything she wants, as He promises to give His Love in abundance.  To receive of Him, He simply states that we must love, yield to, obey and serve Him.

                189. He goes on to say that, besides the things mentioned above, if we also continue to preach His Word, He will pour out great supply, so that everyone's needs are met--our children, our young people and our adults.  From the sounds of it, He is talking about our physical and financial needs.  He also lists a number of spiritual blessings that He will fill us with: inspiration, seeds, words, love and renewed strength.  All this because we love Him, our King and Husband, the way He wants us to.

                190. There are a few more prophecies that I want to share which I believe will encourage you and will help you understand more about this precious gift of love the Lord has given to us, His Bride.

Strong Meat Belongs to Them that Are of Full Age!

                191. The Lord has given many spiritual gifts to Christians throughout the ages, gifts of healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues, etc.  Many of the charismatic or Spirit-filled churches that I've heard about recently have various manifestations of the Spirit.  Besides speaking in tongues, some are "slain in the Spirit," others have "holy laughter" and other such manifestations.  In the following prophecy the Lord explains a bit about these particular manifestations and the special gift He is giving us.

                192. (Prophecy:) For verily I give unto My children the gifts that they need, that they deserve and that they want, those gifts that help them to grow in their spiritual lives.  I give them gifts that they can receive, and I base these gifts on their maturity in Spirit and what I know they will do with them. For unto some I give this holy laughter, and unto others other manifestations of the Spirit, being slain in the Spirit, running and jumping and leaping for joy, tongues and other gifts.

                193. But unto you I am giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of love, the gift of love that you can love Me as your Husband, as I desire to be loved. For you will not use this gift as a vain show and only for fun and only for the edification of yourselves, but you will use this gift to bear Me children.

                194. And they (the churches) who receive these gifts from Me, they use them, and it edifies their spirit and helps them to feel a touch of the Heavenlies, of things that they can see and feel and touch in the Spirit so that they can have a measure of understanding of the things Above.--Even as I am giving unto you this special gift of love that you too can feel and hear and see things from Above.

                195. But the things that I am showing you are the deep things from Above, and these are the gifts that will bring you into a deeper relationship with Me, into a deeper love with Me, and into a deeper understanding of My Truth. For, yea, these are the deep things of God.

                196. They are all manifestations of My Spirit, for I give unto all My children those good gifts--gifts that edify them, gifts that make them feel love, gifts that are a tangible proof of My existence, My Love for My children.  Yea, these are as children and they play with the toys that I give them and the manifestations of My Love that I pour upon them, and they joy in them and it makes them feel loved by Me.

                197. But because your David sought the deeper things and was willing to pour forth by faith the truths that I gave him, and you were willing to put these things into action--the love of God, the FFing, the witnessing, the living together, the loving together, the sacrificial spirit--you have proven to Me over the years your love and your desire for the deeper things. So now I give unto you a new and deeper love for Me.

                198. Rejoice and be exceeding glad in the gifts that I have given unto you, in this, My precious gift of love!  For it is more than just these small gifts that I have given unto others. For you are My Bride, you are My wife.  I do love these others with a sincere and deep love, but they do not know how to return that sincere and deep love unto Me. They do love Me and they are happy in their loving unto Me, and I am happy with their loving, for this is all they know and this is all they can understand.

                199. But you understand Me better because of the Words of David and the depth of his Words and the width of his Words and the breadth of his Words. For I have revealed unto My David secrets that I have revealed unto no one else. And they are there, there in My Words, and I will continue to open them up unto you that you can know the deeper things of God. I will fill you with My golden seeds of love. (End of prophecy.)

                200. (Mama Maria:) Can you imagine?  The Lord says that He is giving us the greatest gift of all, the gift of loving Him as His Bride, as He desires to be loved.  And do you see why He's giving it to us?--Because Grandpa sought the deeper things of God and was willing to pour forth the truths that the Lord gave him, and because all of us, the Family, were willing to put them in to action.  Praise the Lord!  The wonderful fruits of obedience, faithfulness and yieldedness!

                201. The Lord says He has a very deep love for those in the churches as well, and that they do sincerely love Him, so He gives them spiritual manifestations, thus allowing them to be touched with things from Above.  That's so precious, isn't it?  He says that these gifts edify them, give them a tangible proof of the Lord's existence and make them feel loved.

                202. One of the major things the Lord brought out was that we understand Him better because of the Words of David.  The churches may have more money, more members, more acceptance, and may offer an "easier" religion, but we have a better understanding of God, of Jesus and of His will, due to Grandpa and all he has poured into us.  Isn't that wonderful?  Doesn't that make you thankful to be part of the Family?

                203. In some of the prophecies in this series the Lord indicated that the churches would scoff at us, but the Lord said we would be queens unto Him.  I'm sure that as news of this gift the Lord has given us gets out, we will be mocked and thought of as crazy, nasty, sinful, sacrilegious, blasphemous, etc.  But remember, Jesus Himself was called similar things.  He was willing to be made of no reputation, to be humble (Phil.2:7-8).

                204. I'm sure that when the Lord told Isaiah to walk around naked or Ezekiel to eat dung sandwiches or Hosea to marry a whore, they all had a few battles about it.  We know that Ezekiel did because the Lord first told him to use human dung, but Ezekiel couldn't handle it, so the Lord let him use cow dung instead. (Eze.4:9-15).  But in spite of their battles, they obeyed anyway and they fulfilled God's will.  I don't suppose that now, in Heaven, they feel too bad about having obeyed and pleased God.  I'm sure the Lord greatly honored and rewarded them.

                205. If people mock you, tell them you're thankful that you don't have to walk on hot coals or lie on beds of nails, or be celibate, or live in a cloister and not talk to anyone for the rest of your lives.  You don't have to shave your head or wear funny clothes.  You don't have to refrain from dancing. You don't have to sit in front of a picture of Grandpa or me and chant the same thing over and over again for hours, or drink the urine or bath water of your leadership, or any of the other torturous, odd or even repulsive things that many other religions have to do!  Actually, most religions have something within them that seems a bit odd to others who are not of that faith, so for us to love Jesus intimately as His Bride isn't really so odd after all!

                206. Though it sounds like the churches will ridicule us, in the next prophecy the Lord says that some individual Christians will believe it and will benefit from it.  The Lord indicates that no other group will receive this gift, but some individuals will.  The Lord also adds more reasons why He's giving this precious gift of love.

                207. This prophecy was received as Peter and I were loving up together and praying and speaking in tongues.  The first part was a little song that came in tongues, verse by verse, followed by the words in English.

Dropping the Veil!

                208. (Prophecy:) Oh, for the precious love, precious love, precious love,

                Oh, for the precious love,

                                for our dear Lord!

                Oh, for the precious love,

                                precious love, precious love,

                Oh, for the precious love of our dear Lord!

                So sing our song of love, song of love,

                                song of love,

                So we'll sing our song of love,

                                for our dear Lord!

                So we'll sing our song of praise,

                                song of praise, song of praise.

                So we'll sing our song of praise,

                                to our dear Lord!

                So we'll sing our song of love,

                                song of love, song of love.

                So we'll sing our song of love,

                                to our dear Lord!

                209. And so sing the songs of praise and songs of love and songs of rejoicing that you sing in your heart as you love Me!  It is a joy unto My ears to hear your song, to hear your singing, to feel your love and your desire for Me. And so is My love great for you, My children.

                210. And does not this bring great joy unto you? Lo, I say unto you it will bring great joy unto My children and they shall rejoice greatly in that they can learn to love Me and to be with Me and to sing unto Me and to praise Me and love Me. For so shall they rejoice!

                211. I will give them grace and power and understanding. For they do seek to be closer to Me, to draw nigh unto Me that I may draw nigh unto them. And they have found it not, for I have concealed this from them. But now I reveal it unto them that they may find new power and new love and new strength for the task that is at hand. For as the Evil One strengthens his forces, so do I strengthen Mine!

                212. But who will listen? Who will receive this new power? Yea, I say unto you, only the children of David!  For there are none other that are open and ready and willing to receive these seeds of life and this Truth!  So I reveal it unto you, for I shall give you great strength and great power.

                213. As you share this news, some others will listen and understand and will know and will learn and will grow and be strengthened because of it. But they are few, few in number.

                214. As the darkness comes, I will empower them too, but not with the great power that I will give unto the children of David for their obedience, but mostly for their love unto Me that they will show, and yea, they have shown. For the children of David have proven themselves faithful and loyal unto Me and willing to sacrifice and to die daily for Me, that I can pour forth upon them in great abundance this great measure of power and love that I have for them, that they may use it greatly in the times to come.

                215. So rejoice!  Rejoice, I say, rejoice in this wonderful gift that I give unto you!  A wonderful gift!  A gift that I have given unto you!

                216. I am revealing this unto you alone and I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant.  For the time was not then, but the time is now, for we enter into the dark days, the days coming when there shall be gross darkness upon the people and upon the Earth.  But you shall be a gleaming light, a light of love!--A light of strength and power and of My Words.  As the darkness grows, the light shall shine brighter, yea, brighter I say!

                217. There will be those who will listen unto you that are not of you, and they will have faith and it will draw them closer unto Me. But because of the great obedience of the children of David, and their great love for Me, and their great sacrifice, and their years, yea, years of faithfulness, so will I pour forth upon them in greater measure!--Greater than I have ever poured forth upon this Earth and upon My children in any times past. For now is the time that the power is needed and the strength is needed and the light is needed.

                218. And as My children learn to love Me, to draw upon My strength, to put Me first, to call unto Me and to desire Me, so shall I pour forth unto them in great abundance all that they need, for I shall care for them as a king cares for his bride, his queen. I will pour forth great love and great anointing and great provision and great protection, for you shall need all of these things. And you shall know that you are the delight of your King and your Savior and your Husband and your Strength. And for this delight that you bestow upon Me, so shall I delight to give you all the desires of your heart, all the power that you need and all the strength that you seek.

                219. I will bestow much, much love upon you for your humility, for your willingness and your yieldedness, for your faith and for your love, for I know that you truly love Me, and I am well pleased in you.

                220. So sing a song!  Sing a song of love unto Me!  Sing a song of rejoicing! Sing a song of praise!  And I will sing a song for you, a song of the showers of My blessing. (End of prophecy.)

                221. (Mama Maria:) The Lord once again brings out His pleasure in our singing and praising and loving Him.  He then tells us He will give us grace, power and understanding as we draw closer to Him.  We will receive new love and strength for the task at hand.  It's so obvious when you look around at the confusion of this world that the Enemy is strengthening his forces, so it's wonderful to know the Lord is strengthening His, isn't it?

                222. The Lord then asks who will listen and who will receive this power.  Apparently only we, as a group, will receive, believe and put into practice this special love for Him.  Because of it, we will receive the blessings of His great strength and power.  However, eventually the public will probably hear about this through various sources, and some others, though few, will also apparently receive and believe it, and He will empower them as well, but not as much as us.

                223. The reason the Lord says we will receive the full blessings and power is because of our obedience, our great love for the Lord, our great sacrifices and our years of faithfulness.  So if you've ever wondered if it's been worth it for you to "shtick," to be faithful and yielded, there's your answer!  It's because of your faithfulness, obedience and yieldedness, your sacrifice and love, that the Lord can bless you to the full.  As we enter into the dark days, He will bestow upon us all that we need to carry on and do His will.

                224. As we love Him, He says He will care for us as the King caring for His Bride, His queen, because we will be His delight. Wow!  I just can't get over how much the Lord wants to be loved by us.  I guess if you desperately wanted love and you finally found someone to love you deeply, the way you wanted to be loved, you would love and cherish them, care for them, provide for them and do all you could for them because of their love for you.  That's just what the Lord has been saying about Himself, that He very much wants our loving and that He will bless us abundantly for giving it to Him.

As the Shepherdess Seeks, the Lord Gives the Answers!

                225. Receiving and explaining this series of prophecies, which all together make up the revelation the Lord has given us, has been a monumental job.  It has required a great deal of prayer and faith.  I wanted to make sure I was getting it right and understanding all the Lord was saying, so I'd come before Him desperately seeking His wisdom.  I often had questions that needed answers, and when I did, He was faithful to answer them. Initially I thought He might get fed up with me asking Him so many things, but He never did.

                226. This next prophecy was a real blessing to me, especially as He encouraged me with, "She is My true shepherdess and she leads My sheep in a clear path, in a safe path.  Therefore fear not, for I will not lead this one astray."  Thank you, dear ones, for your willingness to follow.  I love you dearly.

                227. (Prophecy:) Behold this My faithful shepherdess, My queen, My faithful keeper of the Words!--This My flame, My prophetess, My great and precious lover, My wild and passionate bride!  Behold how she seeks after righteousness. Behold how she has been faithful and continues to be faithful in that which is least. As she seeks and as she questions and asks, it is My great joy and pleasure to give her the answers, to fill every need, to satisfy every longing, that she might have peace, that she might have blessed assurance that she leads her children aright.

                228. For she is My faithful shepherdess. She overlooks not one detail, and in her great love and her great desire to feed the sheep, she seeks Me at every turn and at every move.  This brings Me great joy!  For I have promised that she has but to open her mouth and I will fill it; and I will pour forth to this one My Words of Love and My kisses of Love and My caresses of Love, to fill her heart's desire, to give her peace of mind. Then she can say with complete assurance, "This is the way, walk ye in it."  For she is My good shepherdess, faithful and wise.

                229. She is My true shepherdess and she leads My sheep in a clear path, in a safe path.  Therefore, fear not, for I will not lead this one astray and I will not cause her to stumble. For she seeks Me diligently with her whole heart and does not lean to her own understanding and does not make assumptions, but in humility and desperation she calls out to Me. This is a great thing in My eyes, and because of this, I can bestow upon her these precious truths.  I can shine a light upon her that the world has never seen before, because of this faithfulness and this desperation, and because I know that she will faithfully pass these Words on to My children.

                230. What love I bestow upon this, My queen, for her faithfulness, for her love, for her diligence. What a shepherdess! What a lover! What a wife!  What an ardent love relationship we have!  How precious she is! How I long to take her into My arms! How I treasure the wonderful, passionate love times that we have together!  Oh, how she loves Me and desires Me!

                231. This is how I would that all My children would love and desire Me.  I would that they too would read My Words and with eagerness would jump to obey, would be happy to obey, would have the same desire and desperation to obey, to please Me, to make Me happy, to fill My need, to show their love, to humble themselves, to reach out to Me, to receive all that I have to give!  For, behold, it is a step of faith, yes, but the gift of love that I have to give is so great by comparison! (End of prophecy.)

The Volcano of My Love!

                232. (Mama Maria:) This next prophecy points out how just because I had yielded to Him and loved Him the way He wanted to be loved, it would bring about such a blessing for the whole Family. Though the first part of this prophecy is speaking to me personally, it applies to all.

                233. (Prophecy:) If you will follow Me hand in hand, footstep by footstep, I will lead you to new heights and new places.  I will lead you to new horizons that you have not even dreamed of. For there is so much that I have yet to pour forth unto you and to My children! I will use you as My vessel to pour it forth unto these that seek and hunger, that love Me and want to go where I lead.

                234. For you are the shepherdess, you are the one that I have chosen, and I have poured forth unto you My Love in great measure, in greater measure than I have poured before.  For these are the End times, and these must know that you love them, so that they will follow you wherever you go.  The place that you go will be the place where I lead you, for you will follow Me closely, because you love Me dearly. I will pour forth My Love upon you in great abundance, yea, great abundance!  You will be satisfied and happy, for I will fill you to overflowing.

                235. You shall rejoice in Me, your Bridegroom! You shall rejoice and rejoice in Me, your Husband! You shall rejoice, for the angels of Heaven will be at your beck and call, and they shall come and do the things that I have said unto them that they should do. A host of Heaven encamps about you and rejoices with you, that you have learned this touch of Heaven, that you have learned to love Me in this way.  For this has been a mystery, for so few love Me in this way.

                236. But through you, and through your love, and through your words, and through your honesty and openness, many shall love Me in this way. Yea, many, I say many, will love Me in a new way and a greater way and a more fulfilling way. They shall be filled and they, too, shall know the ecstasies of My Love, and the power of My Spirit, and the power that I will pour forth into them through My seeds of Love.

                237. They shall shine brightly with My Love and many shall see them, and they shall be beacons in all the land, beacons of My Love in the time of darkness when the world is so dark. Yet My beacons shall be a shining bright light that many shall see. Many shall come unto them, and they shall be enlightened and they shall be filled with the warmth of the light.  And they shall put forth their candles unto the light and they too shall be lightened, and they shall go forth with their light.

                238. And though their light may not be as strong as the beacons of light, yet it shall lighten the hearts of many, and many shall rejoice!  But My beacons shall be deep wells of love, and deep wells of light, and deep wells of encouragement, for they shall be filled with Me because they have loved Me and they have lain in the bed of love and they have been empowered by My seeds.

                239. This world shall see a new thing. They shall see the Christians that I have made, the Christians that have the Love of God, the true Love of God, that share My Love and that give My Love unto one another. And by this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another, and if you have love for Me. For how can you love one another unless you love Me above all?  For it is My Love that I will pour forth unto you for one another. It is My Love that will cause you to have great communication with one another. For it is Me.

                240. It is My Love that will do this thing in this new day, and people shall see it and shall rejoice!  They shall see that you are unlearned and ignorant men, but they will know that you love Me.  For you shall glow! Your eyes shall be enlightened. Your hands shall hold the Elixir of My Love to heal their broken hearts.

                241. And all of this shall spring forth from this one who loves Me.  For this is a great thing and a great mystery that I show unto her, how I want My people to love Me. All because she said yes, and all because she laid down in the bed of love and said, "Come, come unto me, my Love!  Come unto me, for I want You!  I need You and I love You!"

                242. From this seemingly small thing, in love for Me, I shall bring forth love in tremendous proportion which shall burst forth abundantly upon the face of the Earth!  As a volcano that is just an ugly mountain until it explodes from the heart of the Earth, so shall My Love explode from this one, from these words of Love, these caresses of Love, this lovemaking that she has done with Me.  So shall the volcano of My Love explode into all the world! So shall the heat of the volcano and the globs of heat that shall fall everywhere enlighten the land.  My children shall rejoice in a new day and rejoice in the love that I have given unto them through My sweet queen, through her love for Me and through My love for her. (End of prophecy.)

                243. (Mama Maria:) These are great, great promises that our natural minds cannot even comprehend right now. It boggles my mind to think that things of such great proportion could come out of this little step of obedience, this act of trying to love Jesus in this closer way.  I don't understand how doing this thing that He told me to do could have such worldwide repercussions, like a volcano of love pouring out everywhere, but because He said it, I believe it.

                244. In this last prophecy we are able to see more vividly than ever the ultimate purpose for this whole "Loving Jesus" revelation.

                245. The personal benefits are very great:  To make you happy and to make you feel loved and to draw you closer to Jesus and to give you strength and anointing and power and to prepare you for the days ahead!  But don't you see that by giving you all these blessings, He is making you into His beacon of light that will shine on many others to enlighten their darkness and to help them to find the Truth? He is not only making you happy, but He is making others happy at the same time!

                246. Everything the Lord does for us--all the love He showers upon us, all the happiness He gives us, all the blessings He bestows upon us, and all the supply He provides--these things are not only a sign of His Love for us, to make us happy, but are for the purpose of our sharing that love and happiness with others, especially the lost and dying world, His hungry, needy, starving sheep!

                247. The Lord is very efficient in what He does, and He gets everything possible out of a situation.  True, He wants us to be happy, and He wants to shower us with many gifts!  He loves us so much, that even if there weren't any lost souls in the world to reach, He would still be total Love to us and heap the richest of blessings upon us. But because there are lost souls and because He wants us to reach them so they can know His Love, as we have known His Love, He can use the fact that we are happy and satisfied "customers" to be a powerful testimony of His light and Love.

                248. By learning to love Jesus more and by letting Him love you more deeply and more intimately, you will be a much more powerful and more effective witness.  He is going to empower you and anoint you through this new relationship with Him, to shine more brightly than ever with His Love and to have a greater impact and influence on the needy world than ever before!

                249. The Lord has promised that this new, more intimate relationship with Him will result in many souls, because of the love they will see in you!  In addition, you will reap many personal benefits from it, and be showered with great blessings as a result. What a way to go!

                250. So if you have been wondering why there's all this big fuss and what's the whole purpose for this, now you know! The ultimate and probably the greatest reason for our lying in the bed of love with Jesus and being filled with His Love and being empowered by His seeds is so we can have love to pour forth upon each other and upon the world. He says, "How can you love one another unless you love Me above all?"  So our getting filled up with Jesus' Love will result in it overflowing on others so that they can receive Him into their heart to live and love with Him eternally.

                251. What better reason could there be?--And how could there be anything more important to sacrifice for?  What a thrilling, exciting, wonderful way to get the job done! It's like He is giving us priceless treasures and the richest rewards, knowing that it will naturally make us want to reach His lost sheep with the Gospel in a greater way than ever before!

                252. It's like what we do with our children!:  We want to make them happy, so we do all we can for them, because we love them! But at the same time, we know that if they feel happy and secure and fulfilled, these attitudes will be conveyed to others and will rub off on them too. They will be better able to interact lovingly with others. They will spend less time thinking about themselves, and more time trying to do what is good for others. They will have fewer problems. It's not that our main purpose in making them happy and showing them love is to help make others happy, but this is one of the results. It is a natural outgrowth, and one which is extremely important!

                253. So as we get filled to overflowing with Jesus' Love, and as we become His beacons of love and light throughout the whole world, Jesus will be happy, we will be happy, and together--we and He--will make His sad sheep happy!  Our sample of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment will be a testimony that they can't ignore!--And they will know that we have been with Jesus!  All of these rewards, all of these great blessings, all of His Love will spread throughout the world, because His brides are saying "yes" to Him in humility and love!

Here are some Bible verses showing that Jesus is our Husband and Bridegroom, and we are His Bride, and that He desires us:

                Psalm 45:11  So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty: for He is thy Lord; and worship thou Him.

                Isaiah 54:5  For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is His name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole Earth shall He be called.

                Isaiah 62:3-5  Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.  Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken ... for the Lord delighteth in thee, ... and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.

                Hosea 2:19,20  And I will betroth thee unto Me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto Me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness, and in mercies. I will even betroth thee unto Me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the Lord.

                Romans 7:4  Wherefore, my brethren, ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ; that ye should be married to another, even to Him Who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God.

                2 Corinthians 11:2  I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one Husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

                Revelation 19:7-9  Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him: for the Marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.  And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

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