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LOVING JESUS!--Part 3--By Maria                DO 3029For Voting Members Only                12/95

Maria #310

                1. As He wishes to do with all Christians, the Lord has been trying to bring us into a closer relationship with Him. Dad often reminded us of the need to have close communion with the Lord, the need to spend time with Him, to love Him, to abide in Him through His Word abiding in us. Having this close contact, this intimate relationship with Jesus, is one of the difficulties each of us faces, as there are always so many factors working against our spending time with the Lord: "I'm too busy. There's too much to do. If I stop my work for fellowship with Jesus, I'll fall too far behind. There is so much going on, I can't concentrate. Others will think I'm trying to be `spiritual.' Others don't do it, why should I?" These are just a few of the many reasons given for neglecting our time with the Lord.

                2. Over the past few years I believe the Family in general has become more acutely aware of the need to spend more time in communion with the Lord. We have always been fairly faithful in reading the Word, but more recently we've included an emphasis on prayer, praise and listening to the Lord in prophecy. These added dimensions have hopefully deepened our connection with Him, yet it is still difficult to have the needed motivation to come from the wings into His bedchamber.

                3. About a year ago, with Dad gone and my not being able to be as dependent upon him as before, I felt the need to draw even closer to the Lord. It was at this time that the Lord began to speak about praising Him and listening to Him more, topics which I have written to you about throughout this last year. I knew that doing these things was pleasing to the Lord, and they helped me to stop, to look and to listen to Him. I was spending more time with Him in these activities, for which I was very happy.

                4. As we spent more time praising, praying and listening, the Lord began to speak to us about His Love for us and our need to love Him more. I really did want to love Him more and be able to show Him my love and express it to Him more clearly. As always, when I desperately sought Him for answers, He gave them.

                5. Beginning in the early months of 1995 and continuing over a period of approximately six months, the Lord spoke to us in various prophecies about how to love Him in a new and special way, a way that He says is pleasing to Him. It's a way that Dad spoke about in the Letters, the full meaning of which the Lord has just now revealed to us. That is what this GN and the next three GNs are about: How we, His Bride, can love the Lord more intimately. For the past year Peter and I have been coming before the Lord in prayer and loving Him in the way He has revealed, and we have found it very rewarding indeed. It's brought about a real change in our attitude about spending time with the Lord, and has made it easier and more fulfilling. It has made us feel much closer to Jesus, much more intimate, more connected.

                6. More than six months ago we shared this revelation with our Home and one of our WS Homes. Many of those who read this message at that time received it gladly, and have put this revelation into practice. They also reported that it has been a great help in their spiritual lives and has deepened their relationship with the Lord. Some reported that it was initially a battle for them to receive this revelation, but when stepping out by faith, they found that it was a tremendous help to their spiritual lives. A few others said that the revelation was too difficult for them to implement in their prayer lives; but with time, most of the ones who had such difficulties in the beginning eventually got used to these new "strange truths" so that they didn't seem so foreign to them, and most of them were later able to practice this new way of loving the Lord, and were inspired and helped by it.

                7. The revelation the Lord has given us and which we are going to share with you in the next five parts of this "Loving Jesus" series is definitely radical and bottle-breaking. It even surprised Peter and me! But as we simply followed what Jesus said, as we tried it by faith, we personally saw the benefits manifested in our lives. As we researched all that Dad has written on the subject, we found that he had spoken of it quite often, but hadn't explained it fully, as it wasn't time for the Lord to reveal its deeper meaning.

                8. Dad used to say that his job was to give the Lord's Message no matter what it was. This is my commission as well, to tell you what the Lord has told me. So that is what I will be presenting to you in this series of GNs--what He has told me to tell you.

                9. Many times in the past, the children of David have received, believed and acted upon the New Wine and radical new doctrines that were revealed through Dad, even though it was difficult and a step of faith. That is why we, the Family, are where we are today!--Because we have had the faith to follow the Lord whithersoever He has led! Praise the Lord! I greatly admire your faith and obedience of the past, and I have confidence that once again you'll be receptive to this revelation, and that you'll take the time to study these Words and do what you can to practice them.

                10. In the course of revealing this new, more intimate way to love Him, the Lord spoke of many wonderful blessings that will be ours as a result of drawing closer to Him in this way. The promises are so many that I won't take time to list them all here, as they are made clear in the pages that are to come, but to summarize, the Lord said that we'll be much closer to Him and we'll learn to love Him as never before; we'll find new strength, power and anointing; we'll be better prepared for the dark days to come; we'll have greater love for one another; and we'll be better, more fruitful witnesses!

                11. I know that this revelation is of the Lord, because not only has it been confirmed by the Word and through the mouths of many WS prophets, but I have also seen it bear wonderful fruit in my life and in Peter's life and in the lives of others. I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord has given us a very special gift in this revelation, by showing us how we can love Him more intimately, and I pray that all of you will accept it as part of His Love for you.

                12. But a gift is not forced on the recipient. Our personal relationship with the Lord, our communion with Him, our means of communicating our love to Him and receiving His Love is a personal matter between Him and us, and we have to make any choices involved. So if you have a hard time receiving what the Lord has given in this revelation, please be assured that you are not going to lose your place in the DO Family, you're not going to be looked down upon, and you're not going to be considered a second-class citizen.

                13. The Lord is giving you this special gift; He definitely wants you to take it, but He's not going to force you to. The Lord has given me the privilege of passing this on to you, and I pray that you will receive it, because it will help you greatly, but the choice is yours. You may not totally grasp this revelation right away. It may take some time for it to "settle" and for you to get used to it and to understand it through more study of these GNs, so don't get discouraged if upon first reading this series you feel rather puzzled or disoriented. As with all New Wine, sometimes it takes a while to think and pray about it and develop a taste for it, so take your time. You can grow into this at your own pace. It's a personal matter between you and the Lord. Just relax and let the Word and the Lord's still small voice speak to you; and when you feel ready to step out by faith to try this new way of loving the Lord, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised that it's easier than you expected.

                14. The giving of this full revelation was a step-by-step process. The Lord spoke in prophecy giving the first part of the revelation. When we questioned Him later about it, trying to get a fuller understanding of what He meant, He revealed further aspects of it. In time, all of our questions were answered and we more clearly understood what He was showing us. We are presenting this revelation to you in pretty much the same order in which we received it, so if things are a bit unclear at first, or you may not fully understand what the Lord is saying or you have questions or reservations, please keep reading, as your questions will probably be answered by the time you are finished with the full series.

                15. Part seven of this series is a GN of questions and answers. Some points in that GN serve as a summary of the main points of the series, but other questions and answers provide new information that is not included in parts three through six, so even though the reading of that GN is not slotted in the Birthday Feast schedule, please be sure to take the time within the next week to read it fully and carefully. If you still have questions after reading parts three through six, you will probably find that they are answered in part seven. Also, because your questions will likely be answered as you read, please don't expect your shepherds to explain any aspects of this revelation that you don't understand until after you've finished reading the whole series. Thanks!

                16. As you read these GNs, you'll want to remember that this way of loving the Lord is a private matter. It's not for public meetings or groups. Also, it's not for children. So please do not practice this new intimate way of loving the Lord in front of your children, nor discuss it in detail with them.

                17. Okay, without further introduction, let's begin, as I'm sure you're all eager to find out what the Lord has said!

Quotes from Dad on the Bride of Christ!

                18. The first two Letters in this "Loving Jesus" series emphasized the importance of our having a more intimate and loving relationship with Jesus. There is a great deal said about this throughout the Letters, much of it referring to our role as Jesus' Bride, the Bride of Christ, His New Church, His wife, His lover. In fact, the very first MO Letter, "A Prophecy of God--on the Old Church and the New Church" (ML #A), as well as another early Letter, "More Prophecies on Old and New Church" (ML #117), were on that very subject.

                19. Throughout these Letters, the Lord was contrasting the Old Church, those who had grown cold in their love for Him, with the New Church, us, His new, vibrant and loving Bride! The Lord referred to the intimacy and love that His New Church gives to Him, and made it clear that this is what He desires. I'll quote you a bit from these Letters so you can see what I mean:

                20. "For I, the Lord, have done it, that I may glorify My Name and preserve her whom I love ... My hungry ones who love Me and not My wealth, who cherish My Person, not My palaces, who ravish Myself, and not My power only, and who dwell by My side in nakedness and humility and adoration. ... She which was least among all the daughters of men shall become My beloved and My darling one, My loved one. This is the Bride of Mine affliction. This is the darling of My Tribulation. ... She it is that loveth Me, therefore do I delight in her and do highly honor her" ("A Prophecy of God--on the Old Church and the New Church," ML #A:11,14,24-25).

                21. "I look not on the outward appearance, but upon the heart, and she loves Me with all her heart. Therefore, she pleases Me greatly. ... Come with Me, therefore, My fair one, and let Me be ravished with thy love!" ("More Prophecies on Old and New Church," ML #117:1,10).

                22. I'll share a few more quotes from Dad on the subject, which again show the Lord's desire for us to be His loving Bride:

                23. "He has raised us up His New Church, a young Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!--An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently and ardently to His slightest touch, and who is wildly ravished with His Love!" ("Lovemaking with Jesus!" ML #1525:20).

                24. "My Bride shall enter into My chamber, and I Myself will lie with her and honor her before all the handmaidens" ("Prophecies of the Handmaiden of the Lord!" ML #19:17).

                25. "This is why God has in these Last Days raised up our Family, His sexy New Church!--A young new Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom! He wants a Bride that He can fuck the daylights out of with His Spirit and His Word, His seed and His Love, to make her productive and fruitful, to bear everlasting children for the eternal Kingdom of God! `For herein is My Father glorified,' Jesus said, `that you bear much fruit!' (Jn.15:8).

                26. "To be the kind of Bride He wants, you've got to first of all have enough faith in His Love to obey, and come and strip off all of the outer garments of appearances, cover-ups and false fronts, and expose yourself to the Lord, totally yielding yourself to Him in submission and humility. You must be willing to be stripped bare before Him. You're just you, and that's what He wants!--You!--All of you!

                27. "So you've got to drop everything, forsake all, come to Him and be willing to be stripped bare, abandon all false cover-ups, and just expose yourself to Him. And then you've got to let Him make love to you and fill you with His Spirit and His seed, the Word of God, which, when conceived in responsive hearts, brings forth fruit, newborn babes into the Kingdom of God! Hallelujah!" ("Submit Yourself to God--Yield and Obey, Part 1," ML #2224:16-18).

                28. All of this sounds quite intimate, doesn't it? It sounds like the Lord actually means it when He says we are His Bride. As I said in the first GN on Loving Jesus (GN 659), a bride and a bridegroom are very loving with each other, very intimate, and very sexy. They crave being with each other. They love to have time together, to kiss, to caress, to make love. The Lord used this illustration because it is one that we can very easily understand, and it makes a clear standard by which we can measure our personal relationship with Jesus. We can ask ourselves, how does my relationship with Jesus compare to that of a bride and a bridegroom?

                29. There has been some question about the Bride of Christ and exactly what it means. We know from the Bible that He sees His Church, the great body of believers worldwide, as His Bride. He has told Dad that we, the Family, are His New Church, His New Bride. Throughout the Letters, Dad has indicated that we are all His brides individually. So who is the Bride? What is the answer to this mystery? Recently, we prayed and asked the Lord to speak to us about His Bride, and He responded with the following:

"My Bride!"

                30. (Prophecy:) Child, I love you. I love you as My Bride. I love you as one, as one Bride with Me. And I love you as one, as one Bride with all. For I love all My Bride as one, and I love each one as one Bride. This is part of the mystery, that I love all as one, and I love one as one, for you are all part of My Bride and you are all a Bride unto Me. I love you all and I give love unto all of you; and I love each one of you and I give love to each of you.

                31. For you are all My Bride, and you are individually My Bride. I make love to all of you collectively as one, and I make love to you individually as one. For as each member is part of the Body, so is each member part of the Bride. As a lover loves each part of his loved one's body, so do I love you, My overall Bride. Yet I love each one individually as a Bride, and each one is one with Me.

                32. As My overall Bride is one with Me, so is it become the Body of Christ, for we are one. As I have said that these two shall be made one flesh, so are My Bride and I made into one, and it becomes the Body of Christ. Even as My Father and My Mother and I are all one, so are you one with Me.

                33. As My whole Church is My Bride and as each individual is My Bride, so is each Home My Bride. My whole Church must worship and love Me, and each individual must worship and love Me, and each Home must worship and love Me. For I look upon each as My Bride, whether I look upon the whole, or whether I look upon the Home, or whether I look upon the individual. Thus I must receive love from the whole, from the part, and from the individual.

                34. For I love to be loved and I love to love. I love to receive love. I love to give love. So few understand My need to be loved, My desire to be loved. So few understand My desire to be wanted, My desire to be called for and told that I am wanted, that I am needed, that I am desired, that I am lovely. In this I find great pleasure and great happiness, and for this purpose created I My children to love Me.

                35. Why do you think I was so angry at the children of Abraham? Because I loved them, I gave unto them, and they turned away and spurned Me. They hurt Me. They did not receive My Love, and they did not love Me in return; but instead went awhoring after other gods. Why am I so displeased with the Old Church? Because they stopped loving Me. And why am I well pleased with you? Because you love Me! You have loved Me with your works, with your child-rearing and with your obedience. But now I wish for you to love Me with your words, with your body, with your spirit. I wish for you to love Me with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your spirit, with all of your strength, with all of your soul!

                36. For I wish to be loved in a new way, in the way that I truly wish to be loved. This is a step of faith for you, and a leap of faith for many! But have I not always honored these steps of faith that your father has taken, yea, the leaps? Have I not always brought forth great fruit as I promised? So come, come I say, come in unto Me and be My Bride! For I long to be loved as a lonely man who does not seem to be lonely because He has so many friends and so much family, yet He lacks a sweetheart and darling.

                37. Please come, come to Me and be My darling! Come to Me and be My sweetheart! Come to Me and be My wife, My Bride! Come, come, please come and lie in the bed of love with Me. For there you will find great love and great treasure, and there you will find great reward. For does not the husband love to pour forth gifts of love, tokens of love and appreciation for the love that his loving wife gives unto him? I seek to be in love with you, and I seek for you to be in love with Me, that we may have a new relationship.

                38. Your queen knew that she loved her faucet [Peter], but at a distance; and though she loved him and gave him tokens of love, she was not "in love" with him. She did not have the true manifestations of love and the fullness of love within her heart. So is it with so many of you. But when she understood and when she began to say "yes" and when she began to yield, so did I pour forth a new love into her heart, and oh, that changed the picture! So will it be with My children who will take the step. They will go from a formal love, from an understanding love, to a passionate love, a desirous love! And oh, there is such a difference!

                39. So come! Come! Come, My Bride! Come, My loves! Come, I call, come! Come to My bed, come to My arms, come to My kisses, to My lips! We shall revel in great joy and great passion, and you shall receive great love, great strength and great gifts! For you will be married unto a King and you will be a queen unto Me, and I will bestow upon you far above all that you could ask or think! For I will love you, and I will ravish you, and I will pour forth unto you; and you will be known as My Queen, as My Bride!

                40. Those who love Me only formally will look at you and think, "Oh, it seems to be only a mistress. It seems to be a prostitute." But I say unto you, you will be a Queen, and you will be greatly loved and greatly ravished in My arms! For you will be My Bride and you will be My true love and you will be crowned Queen above all! (End of prophecy.)

                41. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! We praise You, Jesus, for Your wonderful Words, the marvelous things of the Spirit that You reveal to us, Your children! We don't know why You've chosen us, when we're so undeserving, but thank You for making us Your Bride. Thank You for showing us this marvelous, intimate relationship that we can have with You, that You're desiring us to have, and that You are waiting for us to have with You! What a privilege! What a wonderful, wonderful gift, that You love each one of us so deeply and that You actually want us and desire us and that our love gives You pleasure!

Jesus' Need for an Intimate, Passionate Lover!

                42. The Lord said some very amazing things in the above prophecy. Just thinking about how much Jesus loves us moves me deeply. His Words are amazing Words, of great significance. They support and are an amplification of what He said to Dad many years ago: "Look at the relationship between the Church and the Lord. We're all needed and we're all members of the same Body, and we're all the Lord's Bride, we're all married to the same Husband, but there's still a personal relationship between you and the Lord that doesn't include a lot of other people. Your personal private relationship with the Lord is one on one" (ML #2023:31).

                43. The Lord makes it quite clear in this prophecy that He sees the whole Church as His Bride, He sees your Home as His Bride, and He sees you personally as His Bride. He's also said He sees the whole Family as His Bride.

                44. You may have wondered why God even needs your love, as He has so much love! Why would the great God of the universe actually need your love in a very personal way? He's God, He's not a human being. But you see, this is where we haven't seen His heart! We haven't realized how much the physical illustration of the man and woman loving each other applies to Him and His relationship to us. That's one of the reasons He made human love, human desire, a human need for love: So we would understand His desire and His need for us!

                45. Jesus speaks so personally and intimately to us, as He exposes His heart and humbly bares Himself before us, telling us that He longs to be loved as a lonely man, that He actually has a need to be loved by us. He's asking us, His New Church, the children of David, to please understand Him and fill His need!

                46. Even though He has many friends, He lacks a sweetheart, a darling. It's not that we haven't been loving Him all along--we have been, and He's very pleased with that love, as He said--but He talks about us having a new relationship with Him. He says He wants us to be passionately in love with Him, as He is with us. He wants us to love Him with "our words, our body and our spirit," with all of our heart, mind, spirit, strength and soul.

                47. He goes on to tell us how wonderful our new relationship together can be, and says that as a result He will give us many gifts. We will be His Queen and His Bride, though the Old Church will look upon us as only a mistress or a prostitute. But I wouldn't mind being a mistress of Jesus, would you? In the world, when a very important person has a mistress, there are many who look upon her with respect and admiration. Even being the mistress of Jesus would be a gift far beyond what we could ever expect!

                48. When a man has a mistress, you figure he must really love her and she must be supplying his need for love that his wife is not supplying.--That if he has a mistress, he must enjoy being with her because she gives him what he needs! But think of it! The Lord wants us to be more than a mistress to Him! He wants to accord us a special place of honor!--That of making us His Queen, His Bride! He wants to give us all the privileges and "rights" of the wife, of the bride, where He can show us off publicly as His Queen and His darling.

                49. Even though He is offering us such a marvelous place by His side and in His bed, with many wonderful privileges and rewards attached, He knows that there is a commitment to be made. We have to give up some of our independence, some of our pride. We have to be willing to be there just for Him and to do whatever pleases Him. We have to be yielded to His wishes. He knows that it will take faith!--A step of faith for some, and a leap of faith for others! But He assures us that He will honor our yieldedness and humility, and He will give us back more--much more--than we could ever imagine!

How Do We Do It?

                50. By now you might be thinking, "Okay, it's clear that the Lord wants me to be intimate with Him, to love Him in a deeper way, to love Him as His Bride. But how do I do it?" A while back I had a similar question. Dad already answered the most important part of this question years ago in that quote we gave you earlier (paragraphs 25-27). He said we're going to have to have faith in the Lord's Love, and strip off our outer garments of pride and appearances, our cover-ups and false fronts.

                51. Doing this is going to require total yieldedness, truly loving Him with all your heart and all your soul--which is your body and your spirit--and with all your mind. Sometimes loving Him with all your mind means giving it to Him and not trying to use it to figure out things in the natural, but to rather take them by faith, even if you don't fully understand them. Dad says that after you've yielded yourself to Him, you can make love with Him in total abandonment and let Him fill you with His seeds!

                52. Okay, we want to be yielded and we want to give Him everything and we want to make love to Him in total abandonment, but how do we do this? How do we put this into practice? How do we translate it into action? I knew the Lord wanted me to praise Him more, to tell Him I love Him more, but I didn't know exactly what to do. How could I express my love for Him in words? As usual, when we have a question and are calling out desperately to Him, He answers. "Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not" (Jer.33:3). Following is my prayer and the Lord's wonderful answer!

Words of Love to the Lord!

                53. Jesus, we need You to show us how to praise You and thank You for Your wonderful Love. We need to know what words to say to convey it. We know the Spirit can speak through us in tongues and You understand that, but we believe that You want us to tell You in words that we understand too. We want to express in words how we feel from the depths of our hearts. We love You, Jesus, and want to tell You.

                54. Your Love is so great! It's overflowing and overwhelming! We're enveloped in it and Your Heavenly Love just gushes all over us! It's more than a touch--it's many touches!--And the touches all run together into a whole flood of Love! It's so much, Lord, we don't even know how to describe it! It flows all over us and overflows us and feels so good. It's so wonderful! We feel so secure and so loved, so cared for, and we want to share it with others so they can know it too!

                55. You're right here with us, so personal and real. We know You desire us and You really want us to love You, because You love us. It makes You happy when we do, and we want to make You happy. So please, Lord, tell us what to say. How do we tell You we love You? How do we express our love to You? What do You want us to say?

                56. (Prophecy:) Can you describe the very depths of the sea--or the highest points of the universe? Can you describe the deep things of the Spirit? Then how can you describe this great love that we have together with mere words of man? For My Love for you is all-encompassing, it is all Love, and it is unintelligible in the words of man.

                57. But you desire to tell Me in words your love for Me. You must look unto those things that you relate to and that I have given to you to help you grasp and to understand this love. For just like you love one another, and like you say words of endearment and words of desire, and like you cry out words of ecstasy, do so unto Me. Just like you say, "I want you and I need you!" and, "Come in unto me--let us be one! Let us love! Let us lie in each other's arms. Kiss me, caress me, fuck me and love me, fill me to the full!" Like you say, "Hold me!" Like you say, "I love you! I want you! I desire you! Come lie with me! Come fill me!"--So say these words to Me. These are words that you can understand, for they express the desire and the love that is in your heart.

                58. This love that is in your heart for Me is much greater than words, but the words help you to understand and help you to focus. So use these words with Me, for am I not your Lover? Am I not your Husband? Are you not the Bride of Christ? Why do you think I give you these illustrations?

                59. For, lo, I could have given any illustration, but I chose one that you could understand, and that would put things in the right perspective so that everyone could see and understand how I want them to be with Me. But most are too proud. Most are afraid to say these things, for they feel foolish; but they don't understand. They don't understand that I, too, am their Lover. I, too, am their Husband. I, too, love to be wooed. I love to be kissed, and I love to be told that I am wanted and desired, just as a man would.

                60. And as a man does not want to force himself on a woman, but wants to be accepted and wants to be caressed and wants to be loved and wants to be held and wants to be desired, so it is with Me. So tell Me! Talk to Me as you talk to your lover. As you whisper things in his ear, so whisper things in Mine. As you say, "I love your caresses," say it to Me. As you say, "I want you in me," say it to Me. Because this is what you can understand.

                61. Do not be ashamed or afraid to speak these precious words of love to Me, for they are as special incense, special prayers that come up before Me, that fill My halls with a special perfume, a perfume of love and of lovemaking! It excites Me! It thrills Me! It makes Me want to give to you, and give and give some more, and again and again! As the thrust of a man upon a woman in lovemaking, so I want to give and give and fill you with My seeds!

                62. For when I smell this perfume in the halls of Heaven, I look upon you with great love and with great care and with great excitement, and I want to fill you to overflowing like none other can fill you! These things of the flesh are only a mere speck of the love that I have for you! But I give you the touches and the words and the feelings of the flesh and the sensations and the orgasms, the kiss upon kiss, the breast to breast, the being held, so that you will understand how I am with you.

                63. So love Me and be not ashamed! Do not be afraid to say that you want Me. Do not be afraid to say that you want Me to fuck you and to love you and to kiss you, to hold you. For it is in these words that you convey the feeling of your heart. Yes, I want praise and adoration, I want words of thanksgiving, but they that love Me most understand that I also want words of caresses and words of wooing and words of endearment; they understand that I also want the words of excitement, because this portrays in Spirit what you describe in flesh. This portrays that you are open unto Me and naked in Spirit, and that you are crying out for Me, that you are prepared, that you are wet, and that you are wanting Me!

                64. For, lo, some are brides full of oil, and others are brides without the oil. And those that are without are not lubricated, they are not wet for Me. But those who have the oil of My Spirit and of My Love, and who have utter abandonment unto Me, who will lie in the bed of love with Me, who will lie naked and open for Me, saying, "Come unto me! Come unto me! I want You," these are they that I will fill with My seeds in a way that none other can. These are they that shall have the strength of the Spirit that none other will know. These are they that I will fill, and fill, and fill again! And they shall arise from the bed of love and they shall be strengthened, and they shall have My seed within them. My seed shall grow and shall strengthen them and shall bring forth fruit.

                65. So do you understand? Do you understand how I want you to love Me? Be not ashamed. Be not ashamed to even love Me together in this way, because when you are loving one another, you are loving Me. So do not be afraid to say, "I want You, Jesus! Come into me, Jesus! Make me go, Jesus!" For in loving Me in this way, you are proving to one another your love for Me, and we are then altogether one.

                66. So please whisper to Me these terms of endearment, these words of excitement, that I may love you and fill you, and that I may hold you so close in My arms that we will be one. (End of prophecy.)

                67. (Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, for showing us such beautiful things, such wonderful treasures, such precious Words! Thank You for showing us how You want to be loved and what words You want us to use to express that love. It makes so much sense for us to use words that we are familiar with, words that we can relate to, words that communicate our love to You. Oh, Jesus, thank You for answering, for making it so clear, for giving us this new way to tell You of our love, to love You!

Pulling Back the Veil of His Word!

                68. What a truly amazing answer! The Lord wants us to tell Him the things we would tell our lovers when we are making love to them. He says that when we are having that quiet, intimate time with Him, He wants us to say things like, "I want You, I need You, come in unto me, love me, hold me, kiss me, caress me, fuck me, fill me to the full! I love You, I want You, I desire You!" and anything else you would say to your lover or mate.

                69. But you say, "It may make sense to you, Mama, because you're a woman, and in lovemaking you can say those things: `Come into me, I want You inside me, give me Your seeds,' etc., but obviously this doesn't apply to us men because we don't say those things to our lovers! This whole illustration seems to apply much more to women than to men!" That's just the point!--It does apply to women, you're right!--Because we, each one of us, are the Bride (the woman) of Jesus, and that's what brides say! If we believe we are truly Jesus' brides, as God's Word says we are, then why can't we say the things that brides say? It's no more unusual to say the words of the bride than it is to be the bride!

                70. You men are probably thinking of all kinds of questions, like, what about us saying these things to the Holy Spirit? How can we as men say such things to Jesus, Who is male? What about those men who have homosexual tendencies, how is this going to affect them? Like I said earlier, we had questions too, and we asked the Lord about them. So these and other questions will be answered as you read on.

                71. I know this may seem to be a new concept and a strange one, but it's not! Dad said the same thing years ago, but we just didn't fully understand it then. It's just that we are starting to see that it is not just theory, but that the Lord is asking us to put it into practice.

                72. "God actually needs us and wants us and is in love with us, His Bride! ... What does God need from us? The thing He really wants the most is that intimate fellowship and love.--Just like a man needs sex from his wife most of all, her loving intimate fellowship. And then he also needs her service--he needs her to keep house and cook for him, etc. He does need us very much to meet His need for intimacy, spiritual sex! He likes to fuck us with the Word, the seed, right? ... The thing He needs from us the most is that intimate fellowship in the Spirit!" ("God's Bride!" ML #1389:13-15).

                73. The Lord, through Dad, has been saying this for years. However, the Lord says that it's only now that He is taking away the veil that kept us from fully understanding what He meant: "Rejoice, I say, rejoice in this wonderful gift that I give unto you! A wonderful gift! A gift that I have given unto you! I am revealing this to you alone, and I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant. For the time was not then, but the time is now! For we enter into the dark days, the days ahead in which there shall be gross darkness upon the people and upon the Earth. But you shall be a gleaming light, a light of love!--A light of strength and power and of My Words! As the darkness grows, the light shall shine brighter, yea, brighter I say!" ("Loving Jesus!--Part 6," para.148-149.)

                74. The Lord says that like a man, He wants to be accepted, caressed, held, desired and loved! He wants you to tell Him that you love His caresses, and that you want Him. He says you shouldn't be afraid to tell Him you want Him to hold you, to love you, to kiss you, to fuck you, to make you go. By doing so, you are portraying your desire for Him as His wife, His queen, His Bride. He still wants us to praise, adore and thank Him, but He also wants words of endearment which woo Him.

                75. The Lord knows and understands that this will be a battle!--And a big one, for some! That's why He says a number of times not to be fearful or ashamed, and that it may seem foolish to us or we may be held back by our pride. Nevertheless, because He loves us so much, so deeply, He asks us to, as Dad said earlier, "have enough faith in His Love to obey, and come and strip off all of the outer garments of appearances, cover-ups and false fronts, and expose yourself to the Lord, totally yielding yourself to Him in submission and humility."

                76. He's also showing us how we can love Him even when we're loving each other! When we're loving our mates or our sharing partners, we can include Him in our lovemaking; and when we tell them sweet things, we can say them to Him also.

                77. I know for you men it is much more difficult to get over the hurdle of seeing yourself as a bride and Jesus' wife than it is for the women. But that's been in the Word from the beginning, and you've accepted it in theory. Now He's just asking you to accept it in practice. Even though it may also be difficult for you women, especially if you aren't used to saying such things out loud to the one you love, those words will still come much more naturally to you.

                78. You men may have some reservations if you haven't really understood what the Lord has said about there being no male nor female in Him. We understand--and the Lord understands--that it has to be a leap of faith for you. However, you know that He wouldn't ask you to do something that you couldn't do. Dad said, "And who's His Bride?--We are! All of us!--Not just you women, but all of us in this case! It's kind of a strange symbolism, but that's the way it is! Christ's Bride is both male and female, because there is no male nor female in Christ Jesus! (Gal.3:28)." ("Heavenly Society!" ML #1569:11).

                79. I shared the above prophecy with some of the men in our Home and they all had a few initial hesitations. First of all, they have always related to Jesus only as a friend; and secondly, they didn't see that they could have a sexy relationship with Him, as He is male. So how could they have a sexy relationship with the Lord when they see it as a male/male relationship? It was quite a wrench for them to start thinking of it as a male/female relationship, thinking of themselves as His Bride, a woman in Spirit who has Jesus as a lover.

                80. They wondered if they couldn't instead say these things to the Holy Spirit, as that would be easier and more relatable for them, since the Lord had revealed to Dad that She is the female member of the Trinity. They also wondered how this kind of talking to the Lord would affect any men in the Family who may battle homosexual tendencies. These were very legitimate questions and ones which needed answering.

                81. By now you can probably figure out what I did about those two questions!--Right! Peter and I prayed and brought them before the Lord. First I'll share with you what the Lord said about the relationship our men should have with Him. I'll start with my prayer.

Lovemaking with Jesus in the Spirit!

                82. Lord, You've given us this wonderful way to love You and to show You our love, but we know that some people, especially the men, are probably going to have some difficulties with this, because You were a Man here on Earth, and also You are apparently still very male, even in the Spirit, as You're telling us that You want to make love to us. A great number of those who You are now asking to love You in this way are men in the flesh, and this is going to be difficult for many of them.

                83. However, You said in Your Word that there is no male nor female in Christ Jesus. You called Your Church a Bride, yet You knew that both men and women were part of that Church. In so many illustrations You made it quite clear that we are supposed to come into Your bedchamber like the bride. You talked about the bride with the oil. You don't seem to have any problem calling Your children brides and lovers, but we have a problem because it's difficult for our men to think of themselves as loving You like a woman would.

                84. Also, how do our men who have had homosexual problems distinguish between that which is wrong, their former male-with-male relationships, and this love relationship that You're asking them to have with You? Can they still be assured that their former, human, male-with-male relationships were wrong, while this relationship with You is pure and right? How do they reconcile this seeming contradiction? We could explain this by saying this relationship with You is a spiritual one, but in a way it's not entirely spiritual because we're in the physical and we're saying these loving words to You. So there is that dilemma and problem, Lord, that we need to have some answers about.

                85. Please show us, Jesus, how we all, male or female, can freely call You our Husband. Please show us Your answers so our men won't mind it, so it won't be a "hard saying" for them, so it won't be too difficult for them. It would be so wonderful if they could feel loving towards You without feeling awkward. Help them to know how to do that.

                86. You say things so beautifully, so wonderfully, Lord, so please clearly explain this. Please tell us because You love us. Please tell us because we're Your children and we need to know. You know what other questions there are that we haven't even formulated here, so please answer whatever other questions people will have. Please speak and answer so we don't leave them with questions that make it difficult for them.

                87. This is a big deal. It's so new and different, it will take a big step of faith, and for some, You said a leap of faith! Please make it as easy as possible for us. Give us answers that will make a difference, that will help them to stop struggling and just step out by faith, because they want to love You more. They want to love You closely and intimately, but this blockage, this thought of a male-with-male relationship looms like a mountain in their way! So, Lord, please take away any obstruction. Dissolve it by Your simple answers so they won't have any questions or confusion.

                88. (Prophecy:) In the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                You are happy all day long!

                For in the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                There's much more right than wrong.

                In the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                You can sing our brand new song.

                In the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                You don't need to have a dong!

                89. For I say unto you, there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, for you are all one. You are all Mine. You are all My Bride, the Bride of Christ. Did I not say unto David that after he was gone, it would be a day of women? For I have foretold of this day, the day when the weaker vessel shall become strong, that in weakness and in meekness you shall find your strength. Do not women have that sixth sense, that touch with the Spirit, because of their weakness? So do I wish to impart this unto all of you, My women.

                90. For I say unto you, I am the Bridegroom, you are the Bride. For Here things are different and we see things differently. There you have the distractions of life and of the flesh, and you do not understand the things of the Spirit; at least not fully, for you only see through a glass darkly. But I shed some light into your darkness, and I say unto you, there is no male nor female in Me.

                For in the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                You can be anything you want!

                In the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                You can even have a cunt!

                91. For what is it to you? Do I not also call you warriors and soldiers? Do the women say, "Oh, well, that's not me, for I am a woman"? Do I not sometimes call you children? My children? The children of David? Do you all say, "Oh, but I am a man"? No, you just accept! So if I can call you children, if I can call you soldiers and men, can I not call you women?

                92. Do not think, "Oh, I have this ugly old penis in the way." For I do not see this. I see you as a radiant and loving bride, one whom I love, My dearest one! For I see in the Spirit, and you must see in the Spirit. Do not see in the flesh. Simply think of yourself as a woman unto Me, and say those things that a woman would say, and this will suffice. I will give you peace as you do this thing.

                93. For those of you who have the weakness of loving men, I say unto you, it is a weakness, and I wish for you to remain pure. But I do give you a freedom in the Spirit, for I understand your weakness. I love you because of your obedience to My Word, and your faithfulness to follow, even though it is so difficult. But I love you greatly, and I wish to love you, too, as My Bride. But this is a matter of the Spirit and not a matter of the flesh. Therefore use great care that this become not a stumblingblock unto you, or a license for the occasions of the flesh. But know and understand that I give you a loving dispensation in the Spirit that I may love you and that you may love Me.

                94. Unto all you men, I say, be not afraid to humble yourselves in My sight. For I love the humble, I love the weak, I love the meek, I love My Bride, and I love you. Do not actors play a role, do they not play a part? They speak words that are not truly theirs but are written for them, and in speaking these words they get the message across. They don clothes that are not theirs, and they move in an orchestrated manner, and it has an effect. So, in a sense, is this. For you know that you are not women, but you play a role for Me, and you speak the words that I have written for you to speak, and you do the movements that I have said to do, and it is well pleasing unto Me.

                95. For I know you are men, stout-hearted men, strong soldiers, fighters, diligent in business! I have made you muscular men in the Spirit, men of great strength, warriors of David, My soldiers, My valiant ones! But with all this strength and all this power and all this valiantness, you have need of more. You have need of great humility, great meekness and great weakness. So I ask you to lay down the armament of war and to play the role that I have asked you to play, of the meek and the weak, of the woman, of the bride, of My darling. This humbles you, but it also empowers you. For it is this that will make you the strong soldiers that you need to be for the days ahead.

                96. When the children of Israel began their march into the Promised Land, the Jordan was rushing and high, and I sent the Ark of God, with the priests carrying it, into the waters first. I did not part the waters first, I sent them walking first, and then I parted the waters so they were able to enter into the Promised Land, the land of My promise that I had guaranteed unto them.

                97. You are at the edge of the Jordan, and I say, enter in, enter in! It seems so odd that you would walk forth, stepping, not knowing the result. But from these little steps I brought forth a great new land, and I fulfilled My promise unto My children. So take this step and be not afraid. For have not your priest and priestess said unto you, "Come, step into the water, for we are there too. We are marching across. Come, come with us!"

                98. So be not faithless, but believing. Just play the role that I am asking you to play by faith, in trust. And I say unto you, you shall march across the river dry-shod, and you shall enter into the Land of Promise where great blessings and great anointing await you, great open doors, that you may be used in a new and greater capacity!

                99. Do you want to know the road to the Promised Land? It's the road of humility, the humble road. March on the humble road. This thing will humble you. There will be those who mock and scorn, but they know not the love that I will bestow upon you and the love that I have for you, and the power that I will give you through the seeds that I will pour forth unto you as you love Me. So let them mock! Let them scoff and let them scorn!

                100. For I say unto you, you shall be strengthened with a new strength and anointed with a new power! So come, take My hand, for we will walk in the Spirit together, My Bride and I, My wife and I, My love and I. And when we are done, I will lead you back to the earthly things, and you shall be even stronger and more valiant soldiers unto Me!

                101. This is a step of faith for all, but I understand that it takes an extra depth of dedication for you men to make this step. But trust Me. I will honor you, and I will pour forth great blessing unto you, more than your wildest dreams!

                102. So in the Spirit, with My Spirit,

                                You will love Me all day long!

                In the Spirit, with My Spirit,

                                We will sing this happy song!

                In the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                                I will hold you, oh so long.

                In the Spirit, in the Spirit,

                Together we'll kick the gong!

                103. And the noise of that gong will reverberate throughout all the Earth! Many shall see that the children of David are the Brides of Christ who are willing to love no matter what the cost. And because of this, they shall receive My Spirit in a new and greater way, and they shall accomplish more with effortless ease. For the Spirit of God shall do their bidding, because they do the bidding of the Spirit of God. (End of prophecy.)

                104. (Mama:) What a specific answer to our prayer! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! You never fail! You covered everything we asked You, and more!

                105. The illustration of the actor playing a role helps us to understand so much better how to accomplish what the Lord is asking of you men. Thank You Jesus! Sometimes the idea of "playing a role" has a negative connotation, like it's something shallow or insincere. But remember, Dad said in "Glamour or Glory," "When God has given you a role to play and you can play it with divine anointing and real inspiration of the Lord and by the power of His Spirit, you become that creation of God!" (ML #328:19).

                106. Wasn't that funny how the Lord used the "In the Spirit" poem to get His point across? Both Peter and I laughed out loud during the prophecy when the Lord said, "In the Spirit, in the Spirit, you don't need to have a dong!" I guess you understand that a "dong" is a slang word for penis. He also said, "In the Spirit, in the Spirit, you can even have a cunt."--Ha! For those of you who might not know, "cunt" is a slang word for a vagina. The Lord certainly has a way with words, doesn't He? But even way back in 1972 when the Lord gave Dad that poem, "Spirit Tree!" (ML #194), He said:

                "You can live a life in Spirit

                That no man can ever see,

                You can live a life of Spirit

                And be what you want to be!

                "In the Spirit, through the Spirit

                I can be you or her or me,

                With the Spirit, yes, the Spirit

                We can all be them or we!"

                107. I'm sure you would get a lot out of reading this poem in relation to what we're talking about here. The Lord is opening up the meaning of it so much more now!

                "For the wondrous Words of David

                Are not all for mortal ken,

                Neither are the Words of David

                Always understood by men,

                But the Spirit will interpret

                If you ever have a yen!

                (If you hear the harp of David

                In his spiritual den!)"

                108. He's saying that if you want to know, the Holy Spirit will show you. The Lord always keeps things fresh and new! He is always full of surprises and helps keep us from getting into ruts, or at least not staying there if we do get into them!

                109. Isn't it interesting that the Lord made reference to this being a "day of women"? This phrase was originally given to Dad in "The Shepherdess" prophecy. It says, "It shall be a day for women, and they shall rule My people with a kind hand and gentle staff and such words of love, so precious, so beautiful!" (ML #837:34). The Lord said way back then that after Dad was gone it would be a day for women. Now He is telling us that this is what He meant--not that our females would take over, but that we all, women and men, would begin to love Him as our Lover, as our Husband, as our Bridegroom, and be His Bride and His wife in the Spirit!

                110. He is telling you men that in your love relationship with Him, you can be a woman in Spirit. As you can see in that prophecy, He also says that after your time of intimate love with Him, He will "lead you back to the earthly things," and you will become even stronger, more valiant soldiers for Him. In other words, after loving Him as a woman in the Spirit, then you return to being a manly soldier in your service for Him. So it's obvious you are not always a woman in the Spirit, you are only a woman in the Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus.

                111. He says clearly, "You know that you are not women, but you play a role for Me ... and it is well pleasing unto Me. For I know you are men, stout-hearted men, strong soldiers, fighters, diligent in business!" Of course there's no doubt that you men are very conscious of the fact that you're men, and according to this prophecy the Lord looks at you as men in the Spirit as well. He calls you strong, powerful, valiant, muscular men in the Spirit. But He says that is not enough. Now He is asking you to play the role of being a weak, meek woman, His Bride. In this one facet of your spiritual life, your intimate love relationship with Him, He wants you to be as a bride is with her husband, as a lover with her loved one. But in the other facets of your spiritual life, He will continue to see you as men, as He says, as strong soldiers for Him.

                112. So you men don't need to think that you are now going to be women in the Spirit all the time, or that you'll be a woman when you get to Heaven! That's just one aspect of our spiritual lives. Playing the role of the woman, being a woman in Spirit, is only in reference to our spiritual lovemaking with Jesus, and of course, that's what is emphasized in these Letters because that's what this "Loving Jesus" revelation is all about!--Making love with Jesus and being His Bride! But it needs to be understood that there are many other aspects of our life for the Lord.

                113. It makes so much sense that if the Lord can call us soldiers and children, He can also call us women! In fact, these are not just names, but in the Spirit we are soldiers, we are children, we are His women. He acknowledges your manliness, not only your physical maleness and your physical strength, but also your manly strength in the Spirit, that you are valiant fighters and mighty men of David! But He says that during these times of loving Him as His Bride, in your role as His wife, His Bride, when you are saying these words of love to Him, you need to lay aside those weapons of war. You have learned how to be strong soldiers for Him, but He now wants you to learn humility and weakness, which will give you even greater strength as you obey in humility, by saying these words of love to Him.

                114. As you take the steps to yield to what pleases Him, you will be mightily empowered and given the great strength and great love and great anointing that you need to have for the days ahead. The strength in the Spirit that you have had will not be enough, and He says you will need more. And through this willingness to humble yourself as He asks you, and to love Him in the way that He desires, by saying these terms of endearment to Him, you will receive the needed strength.

A Warning to Those with Homosexual Tendencies!

                115. For any of you who have had homosexual problems in the past, and who may still have these tendencies, the Lord says He understands that this is a weakness. He is proud of you for overcoming in this area, and He wants you to remain pure. He knows you will be very leery and even apprehensive that this lovemaking with Him will tempt you above that you are able. However, you must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your loving relationship with Jesus is not a male/male relationship. There is only a woman with her husband!--Nothing else! He is not asking you to do anything that He has already told you not to, and has already given you a victory over.

                116. This has nothing to do with a male-with-male relationship. This is not a homosexual relationship! This is a relationship between a Bridegroom and a bride, a Man and a woman, a Male and a female, a Husband and a wife. Therefore you can remain pure when you love Him as His Bride.

                117. Up until now you have had to stay away from all thoughts of loving a male. The Lord has commanded it, because it is not pleasing in His sight to have a male making love to another male. But in your intimate relationship with Jesus, in which you make love with Him in Spirit, you are not male, you are a female in the Spirit.

                118. In one of the prophecies above, the Lord made it quite clear. He said: "I see you as a radiant and loving Bride, for I see in the Spirit, and you must see in the Spirit.--Do not see in the flesh." In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man. You are making love to Him as His Bride, His spiritual wife. This is not a male-with-male relationship. It is a spiritual female, you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the man, the Bridegroom, and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife. He says He's giving you a loving dispensation and a freedom in the Spirit so you don't have to be bound by your former weaknesses.--As long as you understand and know and continually think of yourself as a woman in the Spirit when you are loving this way, because this is how the Lord sees you!

                119. Of course for all you men it will take some getting used to! As any new habit takes a lot of effort and work to form, this one will be no exception. This is no more difficult than when the Lord told those following Him that they must "eat His flesh and drink His blood," which also had to be taken purely by faith (John 6:51-58). But as you cry out desperately to the Lord to give you the faith and help you to see things in the Spirit, the way He sees them, He will make it possible and make that transformation much easier.

                120. Granted, it's a little hard to be one thing in the Spirit and then switch to being another thing in the flesh, and to be switching back and forth! But if the Lord is asking you to do this, He is going to help you to do it. He says that as you continue to play this role of the woman, which you are in the Spirit when you're making love to Jesus, He will make it easier for you.After all, just look at the multiple roles that many people in the world play, and that even we do in the natural, to some extent. You are a father to your children, but sometimes if their mother is absent, you must be a mother to them also. You may be a strong husband to your wife, but there are times when you are her child, when you need her strength and comfort.

                121. With different people you take on different roles according to what their need is and what your need is. Good actors who have had much practice can become the character that they play, to where that role becomes as real to them as the one that they play when they are out of the studio and off the set. Now, in your intimate love relationship with Him, the Lord wants you to see yourself as His Bride, as a woman in Spirit, as His wife.However, He says that this step of humility will cause you to be even greater soldiers in the Spirit than ever before, and when you go out to do the work that He has for you to do, you will feel His strength and power and anointing and love in a greater way than ever before.

                122. So again, we want to remind you that the Lord does not want any of you men to look at this as a male-to-male relationship. It is not! You are His Bride, His wife in the Spirit. He knows that you can't understand this with your carnal minds, so He says you can simply step out by faith into the Jordan with the waters swirling and rushing all around you, and just believe Him that you will be able to walk across on dry land. The land of promise, the land of His further blessings and of His rewards, is available for you if you choose this path of yieldedness, obedience and humility. This is a step of faith, and is the only way that you can receive the wonderful blessings that He has promised us if we will love Him in this way. If you're willing to trust your all to Him, He knows that He can trust His everything to you!

Rise Above the Physical and Be Partakers of the Divine Nature!

                123. When it comes to our relationship to the Lord and the loving, intimate way in which He wants to love us and in which He wants us to love Him, both women and men can have just as deep and sexy and intimate a relationship with Jesus! In His spiritual relationship with us, His love relationship with us, the Lord doesn't look on these physical bodies, He doesn't discriminate against males or females, favoring one or disregarding the other, but He accepts us all as His Bride, His beloved, His chosen woman in whom He delights and longs to love! He looks on our eternal spirits, and loves us all the same, as His Bride for whom He bled and died, and now loves and thrills to and wishes to bless beyond measure.

                124. You might say, "Then why didn't He make us all women in the first place, and then we men wouldn't have such a difficult time loving Him in the Spirit?" Yes, it may seem that you are a bit "disadvantaged" when it comes to a sexy relationship with the Lord. You have more to overcome. However, if you look at it in a positive light, you can see that, before you may have felt the women had the edge in their relationship with the Lord in that they could be very close and romantic and think of the Lord as their Lover, whereas you couldn't do that at all.

                125. Now the Lord is giving you the wonderful privilege of being able to love Him like this and of knowing that when He looks at you, there's no difference in the way He sees you from the way He sees our women. His relationship with you can be just as intimate and just as close and just as romantic and sexy as our women members, because when it comes to our spiritual lovemaking with Jesus, we are all His Bride, regardless of gender.As far as the "disadvantage," this will be more of a battle for most of you men; but there have been many things that have been more of a battle for our women, such as yielding to the Lord in the matter of having babies--and lots of them--for example!

                126. There are many things that are more difficult for some people than for others, because the Lord doesn't treat us all the same. In this case, He knows that you men can benefit more from the greater humility it will bring you, that you need the weakness and humility even more than the women do. In giving you His wonderful gift of being able to love Him in this way, He also gives you the gift of humility, which is a very great and special gift, a very powerful one. There is great, great power in the power of surrender! At the same time as He gives you these wonderful gifts of His precious Love which will satisfy your deepest longings, He is accomplishing many things in your life in order to make you a better vessel, more fit for His use in being a blessing to others.

                127. We know that one reason the Lord made us male and female, man and woman, husband and wife, was to be a clear physical illustration of His spiritual relationship with us, His Bride and His wife. Of course, He also created us male and female in order to accomplish His purpose of reproduction and creating new souls for His Kingdom. But what you men need to remember is that your physical body doesn't have any bearing on your spiritual love relationship with Jesus. "Well," you may say, "it sure affects me, because I don't see how it's possible by any stretch of the imagination to see myself as a woman with Jesus making love to me!" Well, you may not "see" it, and you don't have to "see" it at all, but it's something that is a reality in the Spirit, something the Lord has said is so, and He also says if you'll step out by faith and do it, He'll give you peace about it, He will show you.

                128. Through the offer of this wonderful, loving, closer, intimate relationship with the Lord, He is trying to get us to rise above the physical, to be partakers of the divine nature, to see things more in terms of the Spirit. After all, isn't that what our whole Christian life is? It's a life of faith--faith in a God of the Spirit; faith in promises made by that God; faith in the supernatural, that even though physical circumstances would seem to indicate a certain outcome, things that seem don't have to be, by the power of His Spirit!

                129. The Lord knows that the humility brought about through this new way of loving Him will result in great power and great reward. The Devil knows this also and he will fight you with every contrary and contradictory thought that he can pull out of his bag! Think of it! If the Devil hates just plain human sex so much, like Dad taught us, it must enrage him to think of us having spiritual sex with Jesus!

                130. Just remember that the greater the value of something, and the more importance it has for our lives, the more the Devil tries to fight it and do everything in his power to criticize it, belittle it and cast doubt on it. Not only does the Lord know, but the Devil knows that this is going to be one of the greatest strengths to you, and is going to give you more power, more love, and more anointing as time goes by! We who are doing it are already recognizing the Lord's extra blessings in our own lives to greater or lesser degrees. Even if we weren't, we still would be doing it in obedience to His request, because He loves us and He needs us, and also because we believe His promises!

The Three Most Important Things to Tell You!

                131. Throughout this last year the Lord has said many, many wonderful things which we would like to share with you that we know would help you greatly. We had so much on so many different subjects that we were in a dilemma as to what to give to you next, so we decided to ask the Lord what was the most important. Guess what He said? He said that the things which will help you to hear from Him, to praise Him and to love Him were the most important! We've already given you many things which explain to you the importance of hearing from Him and how you can do it. We've also shown you how important He considers your praise to Him. Now He wants us to show you how you can love Him more deeply.

                132. He said that this new revelation of how He looks at us in the Spirit and how He wants us to love Him is the most important thing to tell you about next, it's top priority! He said, "This is the thing that will pull My people up from the discouragement and the disheartenment that they are feeling. It will give them renewed strength and love and anointing. This is what will help them to do a better job for Me and be happier and more fulfilled."

                133. So do you see why the Devil is going to fight against this with everything he has, and bring up all kinds of doubts and all kinds of resistance?--Because he knows that it will give you renewed strength, love and anointing!

We've Come This Far by Faith!

                134. I feel a little bad having to talk about all the battles that may be initially involved, because the Lord is offering us one of the very greatest privileges that He has ever offered to His children! To think that Jesus would stoop to humble Himself to take us, each one of us, as His Bride, and to love us and to be in love with us and to be much more to us than we could ever imagine; the most wonderful Lover ever! Yet, just think of what He has to do!--He has to beg us to love Him, beg us to let Him be our Lover, and to give us the priceless treasures that go along with it!

                135. It's like He's saying, "If you don't want to do this because you love Me and see My need, then do it because of what I can give you as a result!" In fact, He doesn't want us to even feel condemned if we do it only for that reason. In one prophecy He said, "The goal is to get the seeds"--which He will pour into us in our lovemaking times with Him, and that will bear fruit later in the form of greater anointing, greater strength, greater power, and greater love for the great job that we have to do!

                136. It's a lot less than the Lord has asked of some of His other children throughout history. Do you suppose when He asked Isaiah to walk naked, that this was any easier for him?--Or when He asked Ezekiel to eat cakes baked with dung?--Or even when He asked our Family women to be looked upon as "whores" and "prostitutes" and to see their men go through tremendous trials about FFing? In this case, He was asking our men to love Him by not merely saying nice words to Him or fucking Him in the Spirit, but to let their wives fuck worldly men who were so stained with sin and impurities, getting dirty with their dirtiness, getting their dirty diseases and even sometimes becoming polluted by their worldliness! Think of what our women and some of our men had to go through!

                137. How could you let your beloved wife, who was yours alone, go out into the System and have sex with other men? How could you bear the loneliness and jealousy that threatened to engulf you, and do it time after time after time? But you did it! You made it! You found that His grace was sufficient, and He pulled you through! It was a forsaking of what you held most dear, because you loved Jesus and you wanted to obey Him, no matter what it cost!

                138. And oh, the crown that is laid up for you because of your yieldedness and your love for Him! The Lord doesn't look at the terrible battles you went through as something to hold against you; instead He looks at them as a badge of honor because you obeyed, and He loves you so much for it! You were loving Him, you were giving Him your all, and He has not forgotten those labors of love that were performed at so great a price and were not in vain. For you, there is laid up a very special crown!

                139. Think of all the other things through the years that you had to accept totally by faith!--That Dad was God's Endtime Prophet, the David foretold in numerous Bible prophecies; that I am Dad's appointed and anointed successor; Dad's numerous and varying revelations on Endtime events; the Lord opening the Book of Daniel to Dad; Dad's special relationship with Abrahim and other Heavenly counselors; salvation in the spirit world--that there's still a chance for some who've passed on; the accounts of Dad's sexual experiences with various spirit beings and goddesses; the concept that the Holy Spirit is female; the beginning of litnessing--distributing MO Letters on the streets and expecting people to give you funds for them; Dad's visits to Heaven, and his detailed descriptions of Heaven in "Heaven's Children" and "New Heaven's Children"; major changes of missionary emphasis from one part of the world to another--go south, go east, etc.; Space City being in the moon; the utter rejection and debunking of evolution; the original "Go to the Churches" ministry which was a "hard saying" for many who were so used to "damning" and having nothing to do with the churches.

                140. And look at speaking in tongues. Didn't some of you have tremendous trials over this? At first, it was probably the most humbling thing you'd ever had to do, and you couldn't understand it with your natural mind. It was like becoming a babbling idiot, and you just couldn't bring yourself to do it for the longest time! And what about raising your hands in praise to the Lord, which was so humbling and so uncomfortable and you fought such a battle over it? But you did it, you took it, you yielded and the Lord blessed you for it!--And finally it became easier and more comfortable.

                141. "Well," you say, "this has to do with a spiritual `sex change,' and that's much more difficult!" Not really, if you'll just accept it by faith, if you'll just take those steps of surrender to the Lord. All your life in the Family you've been accepting things by faith, so this is just a further step. Well, the Lord said it will be a leap for some of you, but that's how you exercise your faith muscles!

                142. He calls us to love Him deeply, intimately, by saying these words of love to Him that He longs to hear, to lay down our pride and do it because He asks us to, because we love Him! It's not as great a sacrifice for some of you men as FFing was, but nevertheless a sacrifice, a great humbling, a great leap of faith to do something that you can't understand, which goes against your natural feelings, and which totally smashes your pride and really hurts! But Jesus humbled Himself to die on the cross for us, and He is humbling Himself again in asking for you to love Him in this new way. Can you not humble yourself by doing something that is so small in comparison to all that He has done for you?--And something for which He is promising great blessing and reward in return? You can't pay Him back, but you can give Him the love He is asking for, in the way He is asking it!

                143. I'm so very proud of Peter. It was hard for him too, but he took the plunge and began to say those love words to Jesus by faith and to love Jesus in a more intimate, deeper way, and I was so, so proud of him for his willingness to just yield and obey. It made me love him even more! For others in our Home it took a little longer and they struggled a little more, but their faith grew as they continued to be open to the Word and as they asked the Lord to help them and to make them willing. Peter and other men in our Home will share some comments and reactions from a man's point of view later in this series, but before doing so, let me share some further things that the Lord said in prophecy on the subject.

Can the Men Make Love to the Holy Spirit?

                144. Another question we brought before the Lord was why can't the men express their love to the Holy Spirit, Who the Lord has shown is the female part of the Trinity, God's Wife and Jesus' Mother. Dad talked about this in the Letters, and it seemed that it would be easier for the men to relate to making love to the female Holy Spirit than to Jesus. You men may be wondering this same thing. The following are Peter's and my prayers, followed by a very interesting prophecy which came from the Holy Spirit Herself!

                145. (Peter prays:) Lord, I pray with all my heart that You will keep me in touch and in tune with You! You know how desperate we are to hear Your voice, to know we're following You. We don't want to get it wrong in any way. Please, Lord, when I open my mouth to give Your Words, I don't want any of it to be of me or of my own thoughts or opinions. I want all of it to be completely of You. Please, Jesus, I cry out to You desperately! You promised that if I stayed in the Word and stayed humble and stayed desperate and stayed close to You, that You would do it. I ask You, Jesus, to please, please help me. Don't ever let any of me get mixed in there whatsoever. We want only Your pure, clear Words of Truth, Your direction, Your thoughts, Your Words of Love for us!

                146. Don't let me take any credit to myself, Lord, but always give You all the glory and credit. Jesus, I give You all the glory, all the praise and all the honor! Please help me, Jesus, never to take any credit for anything, but like Dad did, to always point up. He always just pointed up and said, "It's only Jesus!" And it is, Lord. It's only You. He was right. He really knew. I pray You will help me to stay close to You. I want You to do whatever it takes to keep me close to You. Please help anything we get to be very clear and straight from You, in Jesus' name.

                147. (Mama prays:) We have something to ask You, Jesus, that seems a little complicated. There are still some things about our loving You that we don't understand. All the answers are simple to You, and the things that we think are so complicated turn out to be simple! But because we don't know the answer, it is quite a mystery and is difficult for us to understand. We need to ask for Your help and guidance about Your Spirit of Love, the Holy Spirit, and why You haven't spoken much about Her in these prophecies about loving You and making love to You. Dad talked about Her to some extent and mentioned about making love to Her, and that if our men felt awkward about loving You, they could love Her instead.

                148. We need to know Your answers on this, because these are things the Family men are going to immediately ask. They will wonder why they can't just love the Spirit of Love, Who is female. Although, Lord, You have told us there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, still we are physical and we're in human form, so it's easier for our men to think in terms of loving the Holy Spirit.

                149. (Peter:) Lord, You know that it is hard for men to think about making love to You. It's more natural for us to think about making love to a woman, thus it's easier making love with the Holy Spirit. You have told us what the men are supposed to do and how it works and that they're playing the role of a woman, Your Bride, and that this is what You want us to do. But certainly many are going to wonder why they couldn't just do it with the Holy Spirit, as it's so much easier and there's not a big hurdle to overcome. In fact, they probably already think of that sometimes because Dad made reference to it.

                150. (Mama:) If we're going to present all of this to the Family, then it seems that it would be good to give them an answer about this, and we don't know what to say! You've said that if we call unto You, You will answer us and show us great and mighty things that we know not. This is a great and mighty thing that we know not, Lord, and we need to know for the sake of the Family. It doesn't bother Peter or me, we just love You and we do and say all the things You said You wanted to hear. We tell You we want and desire You, we want You to kiss and caress us, to fuck us, to make us go. It doesn't bother us. We like it! We love it! We love You, and saying these things doesn't faze us. But, Lord, there are many, especially the men, who will probably find this to be very difficult.

                151. We know You love every one of Your children and You want to help them to take these steps. So the more answers You give, the better and the easier it will be! We desperately need You! We cry out to You with our whole hearts. You said, "I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places" (Isa.45:3). That's what we need. We desperately ask You for these answers, Lord! Please punch through, in Jesus' name.

You're His Bride--The Holy Spirit Prophecy!

                152. (Prophecy, Holy Spirit speaking:) Behold, I am the Comforter that goes forth upon all the Earth calling out, calling out and saying, `Come! Come, come, for I seek brides for My Son, My Beloved Son! Come, come, come be His Bride! Come to know Him!' For it is He that purchased your salvation by His Own blood. And I love Him so much that I want Him to have many brides as one. So come, I say, come unto Him as a bride!

                153. For though We Three are One, We have different ministrations. Is this not manifested even in your teamworks, where the teamwork is one and works together and counsels together and decides together, but each person has different ministrations, different portfolios? This, too, is a manifestation of how We work together as One, and counsel One with Another, but in different ministrations. For I am the Comforter, and He is the Father, and He is the Son, the Savior.

                154. When you love One, you love All. If you love Me, you love the Father and the Son. And if you love the Son, you love Me and the Father. But the only way to truly love Us is through the Son, for He purchased your salvation through His blood and through His sacrifice and through His Love. To truly love Us and to truly know Us, you must come through that Door, for He is the manifestation of Our Love. He is the face of Our Love. He is the embodiment of Our Love. And because He has purchased your salvation, you are His, His Bride.

                155. You can love Me, and you can love the Father, but you are the Bride of Christ, our Son. As you love and desire Him, so you receive of Us. Because He is married to you, so We are married to you, for We are One. But We call you unto Us through Him, for He is the Door, He is the Husband, He is the Shepherd, and He is the Lamb that was sacrificed for you. As He gave His life for you, is it any great thing for you to be His wife?

                156. If you wish for Me to come, I will come unto you, for I am the Comforter, I am Understanding. As a mother gives unto her children to comfort them, to help them and to strengthen them, to help them understand, so it is with Me, and so will I come unto you. But He is your Husband, and you are His wife, His Bride.

                157. For the ways of God are higher than the ways of man and cannot always be understood by men. Many cannot even understand how My Son, Who died so long ago, could forgive their sins, that His sacrifice could atone for their sins today. Many believe, not because they understand, but because they have faith, and they receive Him by faith, not understanding. Yet they believe and are rewarded for their belief and for their faith. As they act in obedience, so are they rewarded. When the time comes that they pass over to this side, that belief is tangible, and that which they only believed is seen and felt, and it is no longer by faith but it is reality.

                158. If you believe that My Son atoned for your sins, and if you can give your life in faith to serve Him, then why can you not believe that We have called you to love Him and to be His Bride, and to manifest your love in this manner?

                159. So come! Come, come, come, be the Bride of My Son!

                Come, come, come,

                                Ravish Him with your love!

                Come, come, come,

                                Love Him, love Him, My Son!

                Come, come, come,

                                Be loved by Him from Above!

(End of prophecy.)

                160. (Mama:) Thank You, precious Holy Spirit, for speaking to us about Your Son. So beautiful!

                161. The things of the Spirit are so wonderful, so marvelous! She asks why we can't take this by faith, when we accept Jesus' atonement for our sins by faith. When you got saved, you had to believe that some Man who had died on a cross nearly 2,000 years ago was actually God, and the reason He had died was because of His Love for you who weren't even going to be born until 2,000 years later, and that He did it for you personally!

                162. You were asked to believe that you were His child whom He knew very intimately and loved very dearly amongst all the billions of people who have lived on the Earth, and that by His dying on the cross you could be saved from your sins, have eternal life and go to where there was a Heavenly Home awaiting you, where you would meet this Man, who was actually God, Who had died for you 2,000 years before.

                163. You were asked to believe that He had come back to life after three days, and that that was why He could take away your sins, give you an eternal home in Heaven, and happiness and peace and joy and freedom not only There, but right here on Earth, and that you could have a change from the way you were to a new creature, where all the old things were going to pass away and everything would become new. All this just by saying this little prayer, which would enable you to have this Man, or God, in your heart!--Or your body, which housed your spirit. This is something you couldn't possibly figure out in your mind!

                164. Furthermore, you probably had to accept all this through the mouth of some person that you had never seen before and who perhaps didn't look like very much, wasn't very highly educated nor even possibly very fluent, and maybe didn't even show you any verses out of the Bible, which you probably wouldn't have understood even if they had! If you could believe all this and make that very big step in your life by faith, the Holy Spirit says that you should be able to believe that you are Jesus' Bride, His wife, and that He and They want you to love Him as a loving wife, craving His fellowship and desiring Him above all things.

                165. She even actively seeks brides for Her Son because She loves Him so much that She wants us to give Him the intimate love that He desires. She says that if we call Her, She will come and help us to understand things better, but She adds that He is your Husband and you are His wife.

                166. She says that to truly know Her, the Mother, and God, the Father, we have to go through Jesus. The more we get to know Him in a very close, deep, personal, loving relationship, the more we will know Them. As we are married to Him, we are also married to Them. She says, "As you love and desire Him, so you receive of Us." She says that Jesus is the manifestation, the face, the embodiment of Their Love.

                167. Isn't it wonderful that She would stoop to our level to use our Home teamworks as an illustration to explain the Trinity?--To explain how She and the Father and the Son all work together. What wonderful love for us! How could we not want to do the things that They request of us that are so tiny and insignificant compared to Their great unending Love for us, that is willing to do anything and everything for us!

                168. What wonders the Lord will show us, because of His Love for us, if we stop and cry out to Him! Peter said something in his prayer about how it seems much more "natural" to most of our men to have a sexy, romantic relationship with the Holy Spirit, because She is Female.--That is, if you are looking at it in the flesh! But, if you are looking at it in the Spirit, the way the Lord is, and you truly believe that you are His Bride, His wife, a woman in the Spirit, it would seem more natural to be making love to Jesus as your Husband than to another female, the Holy Spirit!--Ha!

Why Didn't Dad Tell Us About This?

                169. Perhaps you are wondering why Dad didn't say anything about loving Jesus in this manner when he was with us.fDad did say a great deal about loving Jesus, and he said plenty about us being His Bride, His wife, His spiritual sex partner, but he never went as far as telling us to say sexy words of love to Him. I felt this was certainly a good question to ask, so I did, and the following was the answer that came for both me personally as well as for all of you.

                170. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Well, now you know what it's like! A prophet's job is not easy. It wasn't easy for me. It wasn't easy for me to give the Words of the Lord, especially when I knew that some people would reject them and not believe they were sent from the Lord. But I had to give what I got. That was the commission that I was given, to be the channel for His Words to His people. This is now your job, Honey, and now you understand better why I needed the support and the encouragement and the affirmation, the nodding of the head, the smile on the face, the agreement in heart. But even when I didn't get that, I knew I still had to give the Words because I knew the Words came from God. I knew it was my job to pour them forth.

                171. I gave a lot of things that people didn't understand. Sometimes I didn't even fully understand them, but I knew that they happened to me and I knew the Words came, or the visions came, or the dreams came, so I gave them.

                172. First off, I think people need to understand that the roughest job is to give the Message of the Lord; to not filter it, to not hold it back, to not change it, but to give it. Then it's the people's choice to believe or not to believe, and the Lord blesses them accordingly. That's how it works now, that's how it worked when I was there, and that's how it's worked throughout all the ages. If you believe the prophets, you prosper and you're blessed.

                173. The Words that the Lord has sent you are true Words and He has held back nothing from you, for He knows that this is the time when you need to know these things. You did not need to know them in my time, but this is now your time. This is now your ministry. He's building your ministry upon my ministry. I led you part of the way, now you lead the rest of the way. Then you knew in part and now you know in whole. I gave you what He showed me, and now upon that He builds more, He shows you more, step by step. I brought the concept, you bring the details.

                174. He showed me about loving the spirits, and about loving the Holy Spirit. He had to make people comfortable about that. He had to let it sink in. So He revealed to me my part, the part He wanted to show me, the part He wanted me to show you. Now He reveals to you your part, the part He wants to show you, the part He wants you to show others.

                175. The thought is not so new, for when one fucks the Holy Spirit, one fucks God. When one fucks Jesus, one fucks God. The concept is there. The concept is sound. The concept is within that which He revealed to me, but now He expands it and amplifies it. Now He gives more.

                176. He gave me plenty on the subject in theory and in concept. He gave me plenty about the Bride, about the love relationship between Jesus and His Church, Jesus and His Bride. So the concept is not new, but now it is being amplified, it is being expressed in more detail. It's a furtherance, it's a step further.

                177. Why didn't I tell you when I was there?--Because I didn't know! Because He didn't tell me! He told me plenty! And there was plenty that was shocking, and plenty that was new and plenty that was revelatory. But don't you get it?--My job was just to pass on what He told me. So if He didn't tell me, I didn't pass it on! I didn't make those things up, you know! I didn't think them out and decide that's what God was saying so I'm going to tell you! When He told me, I told ya! And if He didn't tell me, then I didn't tell ya! And He just didn't tell me! But He did give me the concept, and He did show me the truth, He just didn't tell me the details. Now He's telling you!

                178. So what's the big deal? If He could tell me some of the things He told me and you can accept those, then He can certainly tell you the things He is going to tell you and they should be acceptable too.

                179. What did you think?--That I was going to go and everything was going to ho-hum along? Why would you think that? He's the same God. He's still alive! He is still moving whether I am there or not, because this work wasn't built on man, it wasn't built on me. It was God's Spirit! It was Jesus! It was Him speaking, and I was just the messenger, the newspaper boy, the ticker tape machine, the channel. That's what I've always told you and that's exactly how it was. And folks, that's exactly how it is.

                180. Some of these things are a little bit like Jesus when He spoke to His disciples in parables. They weren't always completely understood until He explained them. He gave some of these things to me sort of in parables: The Bride, the Church, the love relationship. It's all there. Now He is giving you the explanation! He is saying, "Oh, yes, the brides, women. That's you! Women! Women in the Spirit." Well, what's a bride? It's no different from what I said, it's just more explicit, it's more detailed. The Lord showed me the bride part, now the Lord is showing Mama the woman part.

                181. Being women in the Spirit should not be such a difficult concept to understand, for it is simply a yieldedness. It's simply a way to love the Lord. It's not a permanent spiritual transformation or anything. I think the Lord has explained it pretty well, myself. I mean, we don't run around up Here dressed in soldiers' outfits. We don't run around Here dressed in diapers! And we don't run around Here in bikinis, either!

                182. But like the Lord said--not I, but the Lord said--"In the Spirit, in the Spirit, you can be anything!" This is a spiritual matter, a matter of the Spirit, that in the Spirit you are loving Jesus. In the Spirit you are the Bride loving the Husband. Therefore in the Spirit you are a woman loving a Man. You are a woman loving Jesus. Is that such a new concept?

                183. Funny, isn't it, that when I said you are the Bride loving the Husband, you are the sexy vibrant Bride fucking the Husband, what did you think I was saying? Come on, boys. What did you think I was saying? "Well, you just said that was in the Spirit." Well, what I am saying is that in the Spirit you are the woman fucking her Husband!

                184. Folks, the Lord just didn't clearly explain it when I was there. But now I'm Here and now He is clearly explaining it. But it's a bit like anything else--when the Lord gives it, if you receive it and you don't worry about it, you just accept it, it's easy! But when you analyze it and you critique it and you split hairs over it, it becomes a muddle.

                185. The natural man, the natural mind, the natural way of looking at things does not receive the things of the Spirit, for they are spiritually discerned. This is a matter of the Spirit. This is not a matter of the flesh. The Lord isn't saying to run around dressed up as women and to act like women. He has made it quite clear that men are men, but in the Spirit, in the loving of your Savior, in the yieldedness, in the openness and the obedience and the receiving of His seed, His Word, His Love, you are as women.

                186. Here is one for you, folks! Think of God. God, think about Him. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, all three as One, right? Male and female. Think about that. Male and female. Well, if They can be that way, then in the Spirit why can't you? Chew on that one, folks. Because in the Spirit, in the Spirit, you can be what He wants you to be! (End of prophecy.)

                187. (Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, for letting Dad speak to us again in such wonderful words of wisdom! Thank you, Dad, for another MO Letter! We just love to hear from you! God bless Dad for helping to explain this as only he can. Did you get the significance of that last part? Dad's saying that God is male and female, since the Holy Spirit, part of God, is female. So if God can be male and female, then why can't you men be male in flesh and spirit, and also sometimes female in spirit? God is setting the example!

                188. This really helped me to understand why Dad didn't make our role as Jesus' Bride clearer and why he didn't tell us that we should say these loving words to the Lord. Dad was always faithful to share whatever the Lord told him, and it wasn't always easy for him. It wasn't difficult for him to receive the message from the Lord, as he often said he had the easiest job in the Family; all he had to do was open his mouth and the Lord would fill it! But to then turn around and deliver that message to you, the Family, especially if it was a new, radical, bottle-breaking message, was often difficult. But he was always faithful to give you what the Lord gave him, and I know that if the Lord had told him that we should say these loving words to Jesus, he would have told us, but since the Lord didn't tell him, then Dad never specifically talked about it.

                189. But Dad did lay the foundation for it. He gave the concept of it, just not the full details, which the Lord is revealing to us at this time. As you will see in the next GN on this subject, Dad has said a great deal about us being the sexy Bride, the wife, the lover of Jesus. Now the Lord is revealing more about this. He is building on the foundation that He laid in Dad's ministry.

                190. Dad pointed out that this revelation, like many other things, needs to be received by faith. "When the Lord gives it, if you receive it and you don't worry about it, you just accept it, it's easy. But when you analyze it and you critique it and you split hairs over it, it becomes a muddle." That's true with most matters of faith and belief, so this is something with which we are all familiar--having faith and trusting Him for the outcome.

                191. I'm proud of those who have accepted by faith what the Lord has shown us, without a lot of analyzing and splitting hairs. I'm also proud of those who have accepted it by faith, even though they have had battles about it and have had to fight the Enemy over it. I'm also proud of you who may be having a hard time receiving it, but who are willing to accept it by faith, even if you are having to wrap it up in a bundle of faith, trusting that the Lord will help you with it later.

Learning to Love Him in a New Way!

                192. After hearing the things the Lord has said about loving Him and saying love words to Him, Peter and I have had frequent lovemaking sessions with each other and the Lord, and they've been just wonderful! We include Jesus in on everything else--why shouldn't we include Him in our lovemaking? Now He's helping us to see that it's a beautiful experience to include Him in our lovemaking as well. It makes it very special to know that we're not only making each other happy, but we're making Him happy too--which is our greatest desire! When we're kissing and caressing, we talk to Jesus, as well as each other, and tell Him that we love Him and that we love His caresses, that we want Him, that we want Him to fuck us. It's very precious and makes us both feel so much closer to Him.

                193. But we don't have to wait for dates with each other to love Jesus together. Often in the morning before we read the Word or hear from the Lord in prophecy, we say loving words to Jesus, telling Him how we want Him and how we need Him and how much He means to us.

                194. We also say these things to the Lord in our own private prayer time as well, just one on one with Him. Why not? He's our Lover and our Husband, and we're His Bride, so of course it makes sense that we should say such loving things to Him! Peter and I began to understand that the way Jesus loves us as a Lover, a Bridegroom and a Husband, is not just symbolic, but that He actually feels those things that a lover and a bridegroom and a husband feels toward his bride. He needs the satisfaction of feeling His Bride's arms around Him and He needs to feel her kisses and He needs to hear her tell Him she loves Him and wants Him.

                195. This made us feel so close to Him and so much more in love with Him. His great love and desire for us has deepened our love and desire for Him. Just to know that He is lonely and yearning for us--each one of us individually--has made us want to do anything we can to meet His need. Doesn't hearing what He has to say make you feel the same way? He's asked you to serve Him, and you have. He's asked you to forsake all for Him, and you have. He's asked you to live for Him, and you have. He's asked you to love Him, and you have. Now He's asking you to take another step and to love Him in this special way! Won't you try it?

                196. At first it may seem a little awkward to say these things to the Lord. Most of us haven't even been used to being so free in our love language with each other! But who said that the most important things in life are always easy? When you give your life to someone in marriage, you know that there are going to be a lot of sacrifices involved. In many ways it's a death to yourself, because you're no longer the you you've always been; you're a new you--merged with the one you love, to where you become a different person, and sometimes it takes a lot of getting used to.

                197. It takes a lot of work to learn to be completely honest and open with each other, to expose yourself to each other, to not be afraid to have the other see your innermost feelings and your weaknesses. It takes a lot of effort to be unselfish and share everything with someone else, to be dependent instead of independent. But you're willing to do it because you love that person so much, because you know that the love you feel can overcome any obstacles, and that the sacrifices are well worth it!

                198. By and by, however, as your love grows, you don't feel so awkward. Instead of feeling embarrassed in being so exposed and so known by another one, you start feeling more comfortable and start being so thankful that you have someone to share your heart with and someone who knows you so well and understands you and still loves you.

                199. Even though we know we love Jesus so dearly, it was a little awkward for us at first, learning to love Him in this new way. But as we kept doing it because we knew it pleased Him, and as we kept saying those words to Him, we began to see Him differently than we ever had before. We began to realize He really is our Lover! He's not just a close friend, but He's much more to us than that!--He's as dear and as close as He can be! When He loves us in this way, we love Him in return, as He says to do, by saying those words of love to Him. We tell Him that we love His kisses, we love His Words. We tell Him that we want Him in us and we want His seeds. We tell Him that we want to make Him happy by kissing Him and by loving Him in whatever way makes Him happy.

Another Test of Faith!

                200. I'll leave you with one more thought! I was just reminded of something that the Lord gave us not too long ago when we had questions about another revelation! I think what the Lord said to us about that revelation might also apply to this one. Here is what I'm referring to, which was published in "Mama's Love Story, Part 3!--King Peter!" (ML #2994:39-54), and which you have already read, but I ask you to please read the portions that I've included below and apply it to this new revelation.

                201. "(Mama:) I thought, `Those are legitimate questions that have come up in people's minds about this `king' business.' In fact, I had questions myself, and Peter did, too.--So we asked the Lord if He would explain it to us in prophecy, and here's what He said:

                202. "(Prophecy:) Behold, I have done a new thing, that which was unexpected, and that which the people were not prepared for. But have I not said that this is a new day? This is also a test, for I know the heart of every man, and I test them. There shall be many tests, and they must take things by faith, and they must trust. They must trust that their queen is in tune and in touch with Me and that she is My very voice.

                203. "These things are a test to purge and to make white, to purify and to make ready, to prepare for the days ahead, for they must learn to have utter faith and utter trust in the words of the queen. For I have anointed her and I have crowned her with many crowns, and I have given her great ones to counsel and to help and to lead and to guide her.

                204. "But we must purge and purify and test the faith of your children that we may know who is worthy. So, yes, these things are new and they are different, and they are a challenge in the Spirit. And each man will have to be convinced in his own mind and heart and spirit as to the truth of these matters, and must take them by faith and take them in trust, take them in courage, whether they understand them or not. Again, it is choices, choices, choices that they must make.

                205. "When I do a new and unexpected thing, it challenges them and they must come to grips with the Words that I have spoken and the things that I am doing. They cannot just rock along and say, `Oh, yes, I know it is right because I expected it. This is what I knew was going to happen, therefore within my mind and within my framework it is all okay and I will believe.' For is that faith?

                206. "Faith believes the impossible! Faith believes even the non-understandable, and without faith it is impossible to please Me. But how well pleased I am with those who have faith and who trust implicitly in the things that I do through My queen.

                207. "In the early days there were those who said, `How can this one be queen? What is she? She is nothing. Look at her background, she is churchy and we are a revolution.' But now they say, `Oh, I see the wisdom of God.' For man sees not as God sees, and My ways are so much higher. But they will come to understand if they will but trust, if they will just accept, and if they will yield, and if they will have faith.

                208. "Some will accept it gladly without question. Others will struggle a bit, but will take the stand of faith and will believe. And others will not be able to accept and will lose faith. For I try the hearts of men that they shall know how they feel and believe, and that you shall know how they feel and believe, and that I shall know how they feel and believe.

                209. "For there are many things ahead, many great places I wish to take you, but only those who are trusting and full of faith and willing to believe anything that I give can go. For this is a new faith trip and we are marching forth in faith, but we must go, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea, and My children must be steadfast and unmoveable in their faith for the days ahead.

                210. "For if they have a hard time with a simple name [King Peter], what will they do when the time comes to call fire from the sky and to command Me to do great and mighty exploits? They must take the little steps now for the big steps later. They must understand that the times ahead are going to be very different, and as times wax worse and worse and darker and darker, they are going to have to wax stronger and stronger and greater and greater. They are going to have more light and more strength and more power, but these things will come by faith.

                211. "So it is choices.--Day by day, step by step, choices. And I watch for the worthy and I watch for the believing, and I watch for the faithful, and there are many. There are many who love their queen and who will follow. I am just sifting a little here and a little there. I am testing on this side and testing on that side.

                212. "And do not feel hurt nor dismayed that some may fall by the wayside. For those which will remain will be the mighty men of David, full of faith, full of strength, full of devotion and full of loyalty, and they shall march forth victorious and glorious unto My Heavenly Kingdom! So give and give and be not afraid. For My Word tries the hearts, discerns the spirits, and strengthens the sinews.

                213. "I will create a strong and loyal band that will do exploits and will marvelously show forth My strength and My power, My Love and My anointing. And it all comes from little things, little beliefs, little acceptances. And some day they will look back at this and say, `Ha! What was that? That was no test, that was such a small thing.' For there are many big things ahead. Today this looks so big, but in time they will look back and it will be but a speck, for they will have so much faith.

                214. "So fret not. I will not do that which they think should be, but I will do a new thing, and I will rattle the foundations of their faith that they may know that they stand sure and they stand strong. And this is not your doing, but it is Mine. When David spake, it came from Me. (End of prophecy.)"

                215. (Mama:) We pray that these things the Lord has told us in prophecy that are presented in this GN will give you the faith you need to fully enter into the precious love relationship that the Lord wants to share with you. If He was willing to give His life for us, then we should be willing to be a wife for Him, don't you think? Praise the Lord!

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