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LOVING JESUS!--Part 4   12/95       DO 3030

--By Maria             Maria #311

                1. My dear sweet Family, I pray for you as you continue reading all the Lord has revealed to us about loving Him. He has so much to give us if we can just open our hearts, minds and spirits to receive it. His capacity to give is infinitely greater than our capacity to receive, but we have found that He is bringing us along--slowly, lovingly, patiently--and He is helping us to receive more and more of His Love and the light of His Truth!

                2. He doesn't want us to be condemned if things don't go as well as we would like, or if we still don't feel comfortable loving Him in this way by telling Him these words of love. For some of us, even though we're doing it, it is still very much by faith, with not a lot of different feelings than before. But we know that as we please Him by loving Him in the way that He desires, by saying love words to Him, we will reap the rewards of our yieldedness and our obedience.

                3. So if you don't feel any different, either physically or spiritually, and in fact if for various reasons you are battling about what He's asking you to do, maybe it will help if you'll think of how very much He loves you, how He has given His life for you, He's done everything for you! What He's asking you in requesting that you say these words to Him is small indeed by comparison! However, He understands that it may not be easy for you, so He's doing all He can to explain things to you.

                4. He's very patient and He gives us time according to our individual needs to get used to new things, as we read His Word for more faith. He has already given us many of the answers to our questions in these GNs, so if you'll read and re-read them, all the while praying earnestly for His help, we believe that your faith to receive it will grow!

Don't Compare or Feel Pressured to "Perform"!

                5. Dear ones, I know very well that some of you may be wondering how much you are personally going to be able to put this into practice in your own life. Some of you men still may not see yourself as playing the role of a woman in the Spirit, the Lord's Bride, and you cannot yet say those intimate, sexy words of love to the Lord.

                6. Please know that the Lord understands and He doesn't want you to feel pressured. The Lord is not requiring any more of you than you can give. Just move at your own pace and let the Lord lead you. He'll be very happy with whatever love you give Him!

                7. Recently the Lord spoke through Dad, in a prophecy which will be published later in this series, explaining that the most important thing for me to remind you of is that this "Loving Jesus" revelation is the Lord's gift of love to you which He wants to use to make you happy, give you what you need, and bring you closer to Him. Many of you have been praying to be closer to the Lord and the Lord has now answered that prayer, though perhaps in a way you weren't expecting. Dad said, "This is an answer to their prayers. Isn't it sad that this is something so wonderful and glorious and beautiful that the Lord is trying to give our Family, and yet they're going to perceive it as something difficult and something heavy? The Enemy is going to try to distract them and dissuade them and lead them astray from the beauty of it, and try to make them see it as something wearisome and something difficult."

                8. So you see, if you're feeling burdened, like this new revelation is too difficult, that the doorknob is now too high, that you just can't do it, then those are the Enemy's attacks! The Lord won't expect more of you than you're able to do. He's not in a big rush, we're not in a big rush. You have time--time to think, pray, reflect, re-read these GNs and seek the Lord.

                9. I recently met with the members of our Home to talk about the "Loving Jesus" revelation. After sharing our hearts together, we asked the Lord to speak, and He gave encouragement for those of you who aren't finding it as easy to love Jesus this way. He said: "I will receive whatever love you give Me with great thanksgiving and appreciation. ... Do not compare with those 'round about you and think that your love is small and that your obedience is small and that your giving of your heart to Me is small, for this is not as I see it. ... I do not look condescendingly and critically. I do not judge you for the love you give Me; I reward you for the love you give Me!"

                10. The Lord doesn't want you to compare yourself with others. He doesn't compare how you love Him with how someone else loves Him. He looks at you as an individual. What someone else does, or how they love the Lord in this new intimate way, is irrelevant to how you choose to love the Lord. The Lord will receive whatever love you give Him with thanksgiving and appreciation. He's not going to think, "Oh my! Why can't he give Me more love? Why doesn't he do more to show Me his love?" The Lord is happy with the love you give Him. He knows you love Him and you're doing all you can to please Him and serve Him, so you shouldn't think your love is such a small thing, because He sees it as a great thing!

                11. You've forsaken all to serve Jesus, you're living your life for Him, you've given your all for Him, your heart's desire is to please Him and do His will, so of course He's not going to disregard your love and loyalty and devotion to Him just because you're having a hard time practicing this New Wine! This new revelation is the Lord's love gift to us to help us draw closer to Him. He says that saying these words will bring a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him, but He wants you to give your love to Him freely and He is not going to force you into anything. He's going to be very patient with you and wait for you as long as it takes. He will continue to love you just as much as ever. He won't condemn you for having battles; in fact, He'll commend you for fighting and not giving up!

Jesus, the Patient Lover!

                12. I'd like to include below another very encouraging prophecy that the Lord gave the other night after our Home meeting. Please take these words to heart and find comfort in them. They are for you personally. If you feel you can't say the words yet, the Lord will be patient and not critical. He pledges His unconditional love to you!

                13. (Prophecy:) Unto you who hesitate, do not condemn yourself, for I do not condemn you. For behold, I love you greatly and I will be patient with you. I will wait patiently for you, even as a man waits patiently for the woman he loves, for the woman he knows shall be his bride. He does not condemn her, nor criticize her, but he waits and loves and hopes that she will give him her love freely. For he knows that she is the one, that she is his bride, and he gives not his heart unto another.

                14. Even so am I with you, for I know that you are My Bride. Even if you do not come into the bed of love with Me now, to be ravished by My kisses and to have sweet lovemaking together, I love you just as dearly, for I know that you are My Bride and I will be waiting patiently for you. I will continue to look upon you with eyes of love and eyes of tenderness, even as a man looks tenderly upon the woman that he loves in the tender hope that she will return this love unto him.

                15. Therefore be not condemned, be not discouraged, be not disheartened. For have I not said in My Word that as high as the Heaven is above the Earth, so great is My Love for them that fear Me? Even so is My Love for you! It has no constraints, it has no measure. I love you regardless of what you do. I do not condemn you. I do hope that you will come unto Me, but if you come not, I will love you just the same.

                16. For I know that you are Mine, and I know that though it may take some time, you will come unto Me and we shall be one. I look forward to that day with great joy and great rejoicing! In that day you also shall have great joy and great rejoicing that you know not of now.

                17. But if you are timid now, and you hesitate, I understand. I will be patient with you. Fear not, for we will be wed, though it may take some time. We were made for one another. (End of prophecy.)

                18. (Mama:) What wonderful love and patience the Lord has with us! It's overwhelming to think that He loves us so much that He's willing to wait for us no matter how long it takes. Meanwhile, He will understand. He is patiently waiting, not criticizing or condemning, just as you would be with someone you're very much in love with.

                19. If you're convinced in your heart that you've found the man or woman of your dreams, that you are "made for one another," then you are willing to wait patiently for the day when you know that that person will return your love in the way you long for. When you're in love with someone, you don't look at them harshly or critically; you give them every benefit of the doubt. You overlook their hesitancy, you understand their timidity, and you appreciate very much any attention at all, even if they're not yet ready to be your lover.

                20. The Lord loves you unconditionally. He's not going to stop loving you or be angry with you if you are shy or embarrassed or feeling unsure about this new intimate love relationship with Him! He'll look upon you with eyes of love and tenderness, and He'll love you no matter what!

Newspaper/Love Letter and More Intimacy!

                21. As I spent time in prayer about all that the Lord has been revealing concerning the love relationship He wants to have with us, I wondered what place the written Word has in all of this. The Lord has said a great deal in this series on the subject of loving Him, of speaking words of endearment to Him, about His filling us with His seeds, and I was wondering how this relates to all the Lord has said in the past about loving Him through the reading of His Word. I felt that this was a very important question, as for years the Lord and Dad have made a point of stressing the importance of the Word.

                22. Once again the Lord wonderfully spoke as Peter and I cried out to Him in prayer. I'm so thankful that He speaks to us in this way and answers our many questions! He has such patience and understanding, explaining the aspects of this in detail. In fact, not only did He answer my question, but He went beyond, and shed more light on the glorious love that He has for us.

                23. (Prophecy:) I will ask you a question: What do you prefer to read--the morning newspaper, or a letter from your lover? How would you feel if your wife listened to you and was interested, but never made love to you? And what is it that you seek in your marriage? Do you not want two-way communication? Do you not want your wife to have an interest in your work and what you do and what you want? Yes, you want her to listen to you. You want to talk together. You want to raise your children together and make decisions together. You want her to listen to your words and to your heartcries and to your instruction, to your counsel and to your reproof. Yes, you want her to obey and cherish you. But you also want time in the bed of love. You want kisses and caresses.

                24. For all together this makes a relationship, and all together this makes a marriage. All together this makes a husband and a wife and a family. So does this not make sense? Is it not quite simple? If we are married, if we are one, if you are My Bride, then yes, I want you to read My Words and to receive My seeds in this way. But I also want to receive your love in the bed of love where you whisper to Me, and you love Me, and you tell Me of your love, and you lie naked before Me, calling for Me to come. And thus you can receive seeds this way too.

                25. For as in lovemaking, are there not many positions and many exciting things to do, many ways to achieve orgasms? So is it in the Spirit. For the goal is to get the seeds--the seeds of My Words. If reading the seeds is only like reading the newspaper or reading a book, then it is not enough. When you read the seeds it must be as a letter from your lover, as a letter from Me. It must stir your heart and stir your passions! It is not enough just to read, for this is formal. You must absorb as the body absorbs the seeds, to be strengthened and to benefit from the reading that you do.

                26. You will love My Words if you know the Author as Adam knew Eve. If you truly love Me, then the seeds take on a whole new meaning; the Words become life, they become joy! Yes, yes, yes, you must have the Words, you must be full of the Words! But you must take time in the bed of love, too, to love Me, to woo Me and to tell Me of your love, to tell Me of your desire for Me. For in this way we become one. And then, yes, then are you ready and open to receive those seeds, and the seeds will be implanted and impregnate you with My joy, with My Love and with My anointing. Otherwise, the seeds go in and are wasted. So let the wooing and lovemaking prepare you as the husband prepares the wife for the insertation of the penis to receive the seeds. (We later found out this is the old English form of "insertion.")

                27. When you are together and you are ready to read My Words together, stop for a moment and tell Me that you love Me, tell Me that you care, tell Me that you want Me. Just tell Me that you are ready and you are open, that I may send forth these seeds into you, and as you read the seeds, they will do the work in you which I have ordained. For the seeds are love letters from Me. The seeds are the Words of life, which bring forth life and fruit in your life!

                28. But as the husband cannot plant in the vagina of the bride unless she is ready and open and waiting, no more can My seeds do the work within you unless you are ready and open and waiting in Spirit. So read the seeds, absorb the seeds, but prepare the way for the seeds by lovemaking with Me, by kissing Me and caressing Me and letting Me caress you, by telling Me of your love, in preparation for that which I would pour forth unto you.

                29. In the quietness of your chamber when you are alone, you can tell Me you love Me and you can show Me you love Me. For this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me. I do not require this and I do not demand it, for I will even be happy with the words and with your caresses, and with the symbolism of your love unto Me. But if you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go, and it will be Me loving you. This is intimate and this is between you and Me alone, as we kiss and caress in our bed of love together.

                30. Just understand, My children, I desire your love. I desire your love even more than you have shown Me until now. For we have been married, and we have had a good marriage, and we have been good friends, and we have been a good team, and we have accomplished a great deal. We have raised abundant children, and our children are happy and they are fruitful! But we have more awaiting us, more intimacy, and this is what I am seeking now. This is what I am calling for. This is what I am yearning for!

                31. For you are My Bride, and I wish to give you My seeds in a new way. As the days get darker and the times more difficult, loving Me and being in love with Me and being close to Me and being intimate with Me will help you through, and things will look brighter. As you love Me and look to Me and face Me and face My light and face My seeds and call for Me, all else will fade; you will have great ecstasy with Me, and we will be one.

                32. For truly you will know that we are one. You will know that I have strengthened you; and you will know that I have blessed you, and that I have honored you as the king honors his queen, as the husband honors his wife, and says, `Yes, here she is, here is the one that loves me. Here is the one that bears my children. Here is the one that receives my seeds.'

                33. When you plant seeds in the ground, you cannot plant them in the cold and the hard ground, for they will not germinate and grow, they will not bring forth fruit. The seeds must be planted in the warm earth so that they can bring forth the fruit which they are ordained to bring forth. So is the seed of My Word. It must be implanted in the warmth of your heart, in the warmth of your spirit. And how do you have a warm spirit? By snuggling close to Me and by receiving My kisses and caresses, that you may be warm and open and ready for the implantation of My seeds.

                34. So do you understand? It is not so difficult. But you must all lay aside your pride, your fear of man and the looking one upon another in scorn, or in dismay, thinking, "Oh, I wonder if she is doing it! Oh, I wonder if he is doing it!"

                35. When you come before Me to read My Words, just tell Me you love Me, that is all I need. Tell Me you want Me. Tell Me you desire Me. Tell Me you want My seeds, and I will bring forth new life in those seeds! They will bring forth new meaning, for they have treasures new and old. You will be delighted and you will see by the fruit that the Words I say unto you are true, and that the love that I have asked you to give unto Me is that which I require and desire, and that I will bless you as you do these things.

                36. So whether it is symbolic to you, or whether it is an actuality to you makes no difference. For if you say the words and if you mean them with your heart, I will hear them and I will come. I will come as when you call your lover and say, "Come, I want you!" For this is My desire, this is what I am asking of you, My children.

                37. Yes, this is humbling, and when others hear of these things they shall scoff and say, "Oh, these are they that think they know more than we know! These are they that think they love more than we love. These are they that are foolish and childish, for do they not know that these things cannot be so?"

                38. But I say unto you, these things are so! I say unto you, I love you with a great love, and if you will pour forth your love unto Me in this way, with these words and these actions, if you will prepare yourselves for the insertion of My seeds, I will pour forth a love upon you and a blessing upon you that there will not be room enough to contain! And these who scoff and these who mock shall marvel! They shall know that you have been known by Me, and that I have loved you and I have placed My blessing upon you, that I have put My mantle upon you and spread My skirt over you and that you are Mine, I am yours, and we are one! (End of prophecy.)

                39. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for this wonderful privilege of hearing from You, Who are all-wise and all-knowing and all-understanding!--You, Who have all the answers, if we will but ask! To think that You, Who reign over all, actually love each of us so much that You want to get as close to us as You can, through giving us this beautiful gift of lovemaking with You! We know, however, that sometimes Your most priceless gifts are hard for us to comprehend and understand, and therefore accept. But as we continue to trust in Your Love that only wants the best for us and that only wants to make us happy, we will begin to understand.

                40. Thank You for these answers of instruction and wonderful promises that help us to see things more clearly. You explain things in such easy-to-understand terms. You stoop to tell us things in language that we can understand, using illustrations we can relate to, like newspapers and love letters and husbands and wives, etc. Thank You for loving us so much, for being so good to us, for sharing with us Your precious, wonderful Words!

                41. I am just amazed at all the Lord said in this prophecy! When the Lord asks us which we prefer to read, the newspaper or a letter from our lover, He is illustrating the two ways that we can read His Word: One way is like picking up a newspaper and reading it for information and instruction, without getting very personally involved; the other way is like reading a love letter from one who is very dear to us. When we read a love letter, we read it to find out what our loved one is thinking, to look eagerly to see what words of love he is communicating to us, to feel closer to that one and be reassured of his love for us. It excites us, thrills us, and we hang on to every word! Because it is a love letter from someone we deeply desire to hear from, it is the next best thing to having them right there with us. It makes us feel so warm and secure, so loved and needed! Those loving words stir our hearts and make us want more!

                42. Then the Lord asks another question: How would you feel if your wife listened to you and was interested, but never made love to you? He's giving us a physical illustration of how He feels if all we do is read His Word--listening to what He has to say--but then not going any further in stopping to take time for Him and to talk to Him and to give Him words of love, as He has given us Words of Love through His Word!

                43. He asks yet a third question: What do you seek in your marriage? He says, yes, you want your wife to listen to you and to your counsel and what you have to say about your needs and your longings and your work, and even listen to the correction you give her. You want all this, but you also want her to love you in the bed of love, to make love to you, to love you romantically, sexually. You want her to kiss you and caress you. He says that one without the other wouldn't satisfy you, because you need both to make a satisfactory relationship. Likewise, He needs both from us.

                44. So, again, as usual, the illustration of the man and woman in marriage is an illustration of how the Lord, our Bridegroom, wants us, His Bride, to act toward Him! He wants us to hear His Words and His counsel, but He also wants us to have those times when we stop everything, so we aren't distracted by our work or children or other thoughts of the day. We are just there for Him, to love Him, to say love words to Him, to please Him, to give Him what He needs. And what He says He needs is our love, and in this case our words of love to Him.

                45. In asking what place the written Word has in relation to our saying words of love to the Lord, He has made it quite clear that the written Word plays the same role that it always has. He obviously still wants us to faithfully read and absorb His written Word. That has not changed. He wants to continue loving you with the seeds of His Word like He always has. However, He's saying that He also wants to receive your love through the loving words He is asking you to say to Him. He says, "I want you to read My Words and to receive My seeds in this way. But I also want to receive your love in the bed of love where you whisper to Me, and you love Me, and you tell Me of your love, and you lie naked before Me, calling for Me to come. Thus you can receive seeds this way too." You receive His seeds via reading His Word, but He's saying here that you can also receive seeds through telling Him you love Him and speaking these words of love to Him.

                46. A second time He repeats the importance of the written Word but adds that He also wants our Words of love to Him. "Yes, yes, yes, you must have the Words, you must be full of the Words! But you must take time in the bed of love, too, to love Me, to woo Me and to tell Me of your love, to tell Me of your desire for Me." It's very important that you understand that the Lord wants us to continue to read His Word, that the reading of the Word is part of our lovemaking with the Lord, and as such we have been making love to Jesus through the reading of His Word all along.

                47. However, now He's asking us to also make love to Him through these words of love He wants us to say to Him. He's asking for more intimacy than we have been giving Him, for more love than we've been giving. "I desire your love even more than you have shown Me until now. ... But we have more awaiting us, more intimacy, and this is what I am seeking now. This is what I am calling for. This is what I am yearning for! For you are My Bride, and I wish to give you My seeds in a new way."

                48. This new way the Lord wants to give His seeds does not detract from the way He has done it in the past. Instead, it adds to it, it's an additional step. He wants us to love Him even more than we have been, and He's showing us how. "This is My desire, this is what I am asking of you, My children."

                49. So if you've been faithfully reading His Word all of these years, don't think that it hasn't counted for anything or that you haven't been loving Him!--You have!--And now He's asking you to also love Him in this new way.

A Step Further in the Same Direction!

                50. You may feel that you've been making love to Jesus all along through various means, during your quiet time, during prayer and praise, during Word time, when witnessing, through a whole host of ways. And you're right, you have been! You've been having spiritual sex with Jesus all along! He says in this prophecy that you and He have been married and had a good marriage and have accomplished a great deal and raised abundant children (souls). If you've had a good marriage and borne abundant spiritual children, where did you get those children from? Of course it's been through His lovemaking and receiving His seeds! (1Pet.1:23). The Lord has been fucking you in the Spirit all along, folks! And don't worry!--He's going to continue to do so as you continue to desire His Words, which is desiring Him!

                51. We've all been receiving His seeds, and because of it, we've borne much fruit. We have demonstrated that we love Him because we've accepted those Words, we've obeyed them and we've been faithful. This is why He's now able to give us this new additional way of loving Him more passionately so we can receive even more of His seeds.

                52. He's giving us this new way of loving Him--this gift of getting closer to Him and understanding Him better. He's helping us to understand what He wants and how much He needs us to be not just a formal wife, but a passionate, sexy one who really wants her Husband and says those wild, passionate things to Him that excite Him and make Him want to give her even more of His seeds! He's helping us to relate to Him more personally so we can desire Him more, and as a result receive more of His seeds, which represent not only His Words, but all that He is.

                53. This is not a complete change of direction. In fact, it isn't a change of direction at all. It's just going a step further in the same direction we have already been going. This is an extra step to draw us closer to Him so we can go even further with Him. He says, "But we have more awaiting us, more intimacy, and this is what I'm seeking now. This is what I'm calling for. This is what I'm yearning for!" The Lord is asking us to show our love for Him by saying words of love to Him so He can give us the seeds of strength and love and anointing that we're going to need for the tough times ahead, even greater and stronger seeds than before. He wants us to want more and to be eager to do anything we can to get more of His seeds, more of Him, more of His Words.

                54. How do you become prepared and ready to receive such seeds? He says that as you love Him in the bed of love by expressing your love to Him, you'll begin to desire Him more and more as a lover. Then, what your lover says to you will be very important to you and you will hang on to every word, you'll crave it! You'll feel lost without it!

The Bed of Love--Your Private Time with Him!

                55. As the Lord explained in a recent prophecy, "These times in the bed of love are necessary because they are our most intimate times. These are the times when we communicate heart to heart, when you can tell Me and communicate to Me your deepest longings and desires without having to be conscious of everyone else around you. You can give Me your full attention, your full heart, your full mind, your full soul. Times in the bed of love are necessary, not just to receive My seed, but so we can communicate and be close, one on one."

                56. The bed of love is your private time with Him, one on one, where you can receive the seeds of His Word and say those intimate things to Him and love Him deeply and let Him love you. This is the time when you can communicate much more deeply with Him than you would be able to while around others. You can speak your heart freely and communicate the desires of your heart to Him so He can pour forth those desires to you. It's also a time when you can concentrate, without distraction, on what He is saying to you either through His Word or in His personal communication with you.

                57. He says that before reading His Word, either in private or unitedly, you will be more prepared to receive His seeds if you "stop for a moment and tell Me that you love Me, tell Me that you care, tell Me that you want Me. Just tell Me that you are ready and you are open, that I may send forth these seeds into you."--His seeds of love and strength and power and anointing--all that you need to do your job for Him!--Your job of loving the lost, your job of loving each other, your job of loving your children.

                58. One of the reasons He wants us to say these words to Him is because it makes us feel our love for Him more. It makes Him more real to us, and thus His Word will take on more meaning, and truly become His love letters to us.

                59. The Lord makes a clear differentiation when explaining how our public times with Him should be and how He would like our private lovemaking times with Him to be. When you are in public meetings with other members of your Home, you should say sweet and loving things, expressing your love and desire for Him, but you wouldn't be sexually graphic like you would be when you are alone, or with your mate or those you share with.

                60. Besides the reasons expressed above, another reason for not being sexually explicit with the Lord in public meetings and united times of fellowship is because we don't want our children to say these things to the Lord. This is only a matter for those who are of age, not for children.

                61. The Lord speaks about how you can love Him when you are alone with Him. He says that you can "tell Me you love Me," and in addition, He says "you can show Me you love Me, for this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me." Then He says, "If you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go, and it will be Me loving you." The Lord is talking here about masturbation. He's saying that if you are alone in private and you are telling the Lord of your love for Him and your desire for Him, you can masturbate at the same time, if you wish. He says this is not required, He doesn't demand this, He's happy with your words, yet He says if you want a special time with Him you can do this and you will feel His Love.

Our Personal Experiences in Loving Jesus!

                62. There are occasions, when Peter and I are apart, when we have such "special times" when lovemaking with Jesus. When masturbating, I am not able to visualize anything, so of course I don't visualize Jesus fucking me. I just have to take it by faith. Even though I can't visualize Him, I know that He is loving me in the Spirit, and I say the words to Him that He desires, because I am His Bride.

                63. Some of our folks, however, both women and men, can visualize Jesus personally making love to them, His Bride. Some of our men didn't think it would be possible to visualize themselves as a woman with Jesus making love to them, and they are surprised that they can. Different folks have different experiences, and how we see it or whether we see it is not the point, nor what is important. The important thing is that we realize that Jesus is our Husband, our Lover, and that we come to Him as His Bride, to be deeply loved by Him.

                64. Now again, the Lord says that He doesn't require any more than the words. Unless the Lord speaks to your heart personally and lays on your heart the burden to do it, you don't have to feel as if you must masturbate. All of this is a very private matter, something between you and the Lord. If you want to love Jesus while masturbating or while having sex with your mate or sharing partner, that's up to you. You're not under any obligation to make it known publicly that you do so.

                65. The Lord also said we shouldn't be looking "one upon another in scorn, or in dismay, thinking, `Oh, I wonder if she is doing it! Oh, I wonder if he is doing it!'" Obviously He doesn't want people, especially those who may feel that this way of loving Jesus is not for them, to be speaking negatively against it or against those who choose to implement it in their lives. To do so would be in violation of the Charter. (See page 120 of the Charter, Offences Warranting Excommunication, point H.)

                66. When Peter and I have sex together we always include the Lord in some way or another. However, this isn't the only time that we have love-ups with Jesus. We often have times when we simply say the words of love and endearment that He desires without any sexual activity. We do this as part of our times of praise, prayer and singing, before reading the Word and hearing from the Lord in prophecy. Saying these words is wonderful fellowship with Him, during which time we can become one with Him.

                67. Recently when Peter was away on business, he wrote the following in a letter to me, which I thought was a good example of how intimate and sexy and wonderful it can be to love the Lord through our words of love and endearment and passion for Him. Peter wrote:

                                68. "I woke early this morning, before the sun was up, and my first thoughts were of our precious Lover, the Giver of Love, our dearest Sweetheart, our wonderful Jesus! I felt as if I were enfolded in His arms. I felt secure, loved, wanted, accepted. I wanted Him so badly and told Him so. He held me, loved me, kissed me, caressed me. We made love together through the words of love that we shared. Though nothing transpired in the flesh, our lovemaking in the Spirit was passionate, erotic, exciting. We were one.

                                69. "What precious moments, what a wonderful gift, to be able to love Jesus in such an intimate way! Thank You Jesus for making this possible, for showing us how You want to be loved. Oh, please help those who find it difficult or incomprehensible to find the joys of simply accepting, of yielding, that they may discover the ecstasies of Your precious Love."

                70. When Peter and I make love, we're finding, as the Lord said, that it is very intimate and meaningful to include Him by saying these things that He likes to hear while we all three have sex together. It's like a threesome, and we alternate our love words to the Lord and our love words to each other. For example, when I'm kissing or caressing Peter, he will be telling the Lord how wonderful His touch and His kisses are, but he'll also be saying sweet and sexy things to me as well. If I'm jacking him off or he's fucking me, he'll be telling the Lord how much he loves Him, how much he needs Him and how much he wants Jesus to love us and give us His seeds, but also telling me how very good I am making him feel, and thanking me for my love. I say the same kinds of love words to both Peter and the Lord. After all, Jesus is loving each of us through the other, so of course we would want to thank Him as well as the person that He is using to love us.

                71. Even though it was a bit awkward at first, as all new experiences are, the more we have loved Jesus together while loving each other, the more comfortable it has become and the more we want to do it. Of course there are also times when we just make love to each other and don't say specific love words to the Lord, but we do always thank Him for His Love.

Another New MO Letter Hot Off Heaven's Press!

                72. Although Dad has said so much in the past on the subject of our being the Bride of Christ, of Jesus being our Husband, and about spiritual sex, I thought it would be a blessing if we could hear what Dad has to say on the subject now. I felt it would be wonderful to hear his counsel.

                73. So one morning I prayed and asked the Lord to have Dad speak to us, and he did, wonderfully! So here's a new MO Letter, straight from Heaven! I won't make any comments after this prophecy because we're all used to the way Dad says things, and I think we can all understand it clearly. As usual, Dad has gone from Genesis to Revelation on the subject. Praise the Lord! It's wonderful!

                74. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Folks, I've told you before that God's ways are not your ways. Look at Noah! Nobody had even seen a boat, especially not on dry land! But Noah did what God said and it saved his life, and he received the blessings and the promises were fulfilled. And what about Abraham, standing there looking over the land and God saying to him, "This land will be for you and your seed, and they shall be as the stars in the heavens, a multitude as the sand of the seas!" Those were some pretty big promises and he had to just take it by faith.

                75. Think about Daniel; he had to have faith that what God showed him was actually a dream that Nebuchadnezzar had had. That was faith! He believed it, and he acted on it, and he was blessed because of it. And what about the prophets of old?--Eating dung, walking naked, virtually doing skits to get God's point across! But these were things God told them to do, and they believed it and they obeyed it, they did it! Even though it seemed ridiculous and certainly was embarrassing, humbling and difficult, yet they did it and were blessed, and the message was given.

                76. See, God doesn't always work the way we think He should. That's because man's mind does not see as God sees. The Lord has ways of humbling His children, always keeping them humble. The churches don't really humble themselves, so He can't use them so much, He can't give them so much, He can't trust them with so much in the Spirit. But you have constantly been humbled and He knows you can take it! And it's because of that willingness to be humbled that He makes you great!

                77. But you don't see the greatness. You look around you and you see the struggle and the difficulties. But here again, you're not seeing as the Lord sees. For you see smallness, but He sees greatness! Think about some of the things you already do.--To the outside they seem pretty foolish! Think about speaking in tongues, a gift of the Spirit. You know, they used to take people away that spoke in tongues, and say they were insane! Children had their parents committed because they spoke in tongues, because they had manifestations of the Spirit. You see, the carnal and the worldly people can never accept the things of the Spirit. Now that seems kind of funny that they would take you away and lock you up because you spoke in tongues, doesn't it?--But it happened! But now it has become accepted and understood that it is a gift of the Spirit.

                78. So if the Lord asks you to receive a new gift of the Spirit, shouldn't you be willing? It's no more strange than speaking in tongues. It's no more strange than the gift of prophecy. To an outsider it is strange that you would sit in quietness and receive words from God. But you don't think it's strange, and you don't think speaking in tongues is strange, and you don't think praying and expecting God to answer is strange! Well, these are all gifts, and now He wishes to give you a new gift; and He gives it to you because He knows that you're humble enough and believing enough to receive it!

                79. You older ones will have an easier time because you've been through a lot with me! You've gone a lot of places with me, and you've taken a lot from me. You've had ups and you've had downs and you've believed, and that's why you're now being blessed with a new love for Jesus, your Lover, your Savior.

                80. You young folks, you'll take it too, but it'll be tougher. You've built up different images in your minds, in your pride. Well, that's just how it is when you're young, and you have to go through the process. You know that process I told you about of breaking, of molding, of finding that God's way up is down. Actually, you've come a long way and you've learned to accept a lot. All things considered, you're doing pretty well! But the process begins in earnest as you have to make major decisions of faith, major decisions to believe, to receive the New Wine.

                81. I hope you didn't think that the New Wine was going to end just because I left. God doesn't stop talkin'! Believe me, He's very much alive! He's very much in evidence and He's very active. Things are hottin' up! Things are moving along faster than you think they are! The picture is unfolding more and more each day and He's preparing you. All of the things that are happening are preparing you.

                82. You know, when there's a war, they don't usually start just from one day to the next. It might seem like that, but they don't. There's a long period of building up, of preparing, building armaments and stockpiling them, getting men into position, in place, so that when the little incident happens--which is usually just an excuse and often something that is triggered on purpose--they are ready. But when it happens, the armies are ready, because they've been preparing! They knew the war was coming, they saw it on the horizon, and they planned and prepared and were ready.

                83. So it is in the Spirit. The Enemy marshals his forces and the Antichrist prepares, and so does the Lord, and so do we Here in the Spirit, as we help to prepare His children. Look around! Look at the world! Look at the wars, look at the confusion, look at the polarization! It's all part of the preparation.

                84. And so are you all being prepared as well. The Charter is a preparation. The message of prophecy is a preparation, preparing you to hear His voice, to be comfortable with it, to be prayerful and to seek Him. And now this gift of love is also part of the preparation, for it draws you closer to Him, and Him to you, and it's really needed. And it will be more needed as time goes on.

                85. So kids, don't give up faith! Don't think, "Oh, it's not going to happen. It's just a fairy tale. The End isn't coming, the End isn't here, the End isn't near." It is! Be patient, it's coming! But as a very wise general, the Lord is preparing His army. He's giving them instruction and training, He's giving them power. But with each step it requires your obedience, your faith, and your yieldedness, so that He can give you more and more.

                86. He gives other Christians gifts that will help them too, that will bring them along a little bit further. He increases that which they have just as He's increasing that which you have. But because you have much, His increases take you further and further, and closer and closer to Him. Others have little, but what He gives them also brings them closer to Him.

                87. But He has given you this gift of love because you have proven to Him that you will obey, that you have faith, that you are willing to receive things of the Spirit no matter what! No matter what the cost, no matter what they are, you are willing to be made of no reputation just because you love Him, because you know He is the Truth!

                88. And sometimes, kids, the things that God says are hard to take! They're hard to believe sometimes! But you know, if you just believe it, if you drink it in and receive it, accept it by faith, He blesses you and it becomes easier, because you see the fruit, you gain the understanding. Faith doesn't always understand, faith just does it because it believes, and then comes understanding. But without faith it's impossible to please the Lord, for he that cometh to God must first believe that He is, and second, believe that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. He's now giving you a way to diligently seek Him, so that He can pour forth the great rewards that He has promised. And believe me, it's true! I've seen it, I'm Here, I know!

                89. The Lord and His courts are excited! They are electric with anticipation and they wait to see if you will do that which has been asked of you. You know, the Lord has thanked me over and over again for my willingness to give His Message no matter what the cost, and for teaching and training you to receive that Message, to believe it and to put it into action. Of course, I tell Him it was all His doing, but He says that there are so few who will believe what they receive and who have the faith to put it into action. There are so few who are willing to be truly humbled in the sight of man that they may be exalted in His sight; so He has great thankfulness for you, His children, who are willing, His children who obey.

                90. You look at this as a big test, but He looks at it as a great gift! So receive the gift, just receive it and believe it! You don't have to understand every facet, you don't have to examine it top to bottom, side to side, and try to figure it out. Receive it! You'll be greatly blessed by it. For though you see it as a test, He sees it as a blessing because He sees beyond the test. He sees the victory, He sees the love, He wants the love. He wants to bestow upon you greater love than you have ever known!

                91. So let Him, won't you? Please let Him. Let Him receive your love, let Him give you His Love. You have no idea how much happiness it will bring to Him, and you have no idea how much happiness it will bring to you! You have no idea what strength in Spirit it will bring for your obedience and faith! You have no idea how much it will prepare you for that which is ahead! You have no idea how much it will change your lives, how much it will grow your spirit, how much more you will be connected to Him, the Source of all strength, all power, all wisdom!

                92. And it's yours through simple faith, through simple yieldedness, through simple obedience. So give Him your love so that He can bless you, prepare you and strengthen you. Give Him your love just because you love Him. Give Him your love so that you can learn more about how much He truly loves you, as knowing that will help you through the hardships ahead--the hardships of tribulation, the hardships of loss. For His way up is down--down in humility, down on the bed of love, down through the tests and the trials.--But up, up in the Spirit, up in victory, and finally up into His arms where He will comfort and love you beyond measure!

                93. So don't disappoint Him, He's looking for your love! He's wanting your love! He's waiting for your love and anticipating your love. So give freely, and He will freely give unto you! (End of prophecy from Dad.)

The King Who Has Everything, But Seeks to Be Loved!

                94. Something else I want to share with you is a precious prophecy the Lord gave Peter and me one morning right after we had a sweet time loving Jesus together. I believe it will help you to better understand why the Lord wants us to love Him, and what it means to Him, and how it will benefit you.

                95. (Prophecy:) Oh My children, so do I love your love for Me, and so do I pour forth My Love upon you. For you bring unto Me great pleasure when you stop and take time to love Me, to kiss Me, to caress Me, to praise Me, when you call unto Me, when I hear the words of love that you speak unto Me, and when we love together; for it is as the pleasure of when two become one. As it brings you great pleasure to be one with another, so it brings Me pleasure to be one with you.

                96. I need your love and your loving. For though I am King of all the universe, of all things, and even beyond, I cannot have your love unless you give it to Me, for I have made it this way. For I am as a King Who has multitudes at My beck and call. To one I can say, "Do this," and it is done; and to another, "Do that," and it is done.--For I am the Maker of all things, the Creator of all things, the God of all things. But in this I have limited Myself, for I do not make My children love Me; they have choice. I have the desire that they would love Me, and I long for it, that they would love Me. Thus I find great pleasure in those that love Me, for it fills My need to be loved by My children.

                97. Oh what tenderness I feel, what acceptance, what joy, when you call unto Me and when you say to Me, "I love You, I want You, I desire You, come in unto me!" For there are so few, so very, very few who feel this way about Me. Yet I would that all My children would feel this way, and would call unto Me in this way.

                98. Knowing how I feel, can you not see why I have such great anticipation, knowing that My children will love Me in the manner in which I wish to be loved? So it is with great joy in My heart that I come to you and thank you for your willingness to love Me in the way that I wish to be loved, and for teaching My children to do the same. For though I have many, many, many friends, those that are very close and dear, those that hold Me dear, that speak to Me, that pour out their hearts to Me, that do My will, that serve Me, and that love Me, I have so few lovers.

                99. But these, My children, shall be that sexy Bride that David has spoken of!--For they are ready, they are prepared, they are seeking, and they are wanting a closer connection, a more intimate relationship with Me. I have put it in their hearts to desire this thing, and I am preparing their hearts through the Words that I have spoken through you.

                100. Will you marvel at the great blessings that I will pour forth upon your children when they love Me with the love that I wish to be loved with? Marvel not, for when I find those who will love Me in this way, I will rejoice with a great rejoicing and I will pour forth My Love upon them in such abundance! I will give them My seed and they will bring forth fruit. I will give them My blessings, for they will be blessing Me with their love. So I will bless them with My Love, and My Love is so mighty, My Love is so fulfilling, My Love is so bounteous, My Love is so full!

                101. Oh, the great joy that they shall have for loving Me! Oh, the great blessings and rewards that they shall have for loving Me! I wish all My children to love this way, but they will not. But the children of David shall love this way, for they are willing to humble themselves. They are already lowly, they are meek and humble in heart; they are not rich and increased with goods. They already show Me great, great love in their obedience, in their hunger for Me, in their hunger for My Word, and in their yieldedness to do that which I have said in My Word. So I greatly honor them and greatly love them, and I know they greatly love Me, so I pour forth My new Love upon them.

                102. As they yield to My request for their love, so will I yield to their requests, and so will I answer their prayers, their needs and their desires in an even greater way. For now I test and I purge, and there be many that struggle; but in that day, they shall know that it has been worth the fight, and I will bless them in great abundance for their love for Me, the King Who has everything, but Who seeks to be loved! (End of prophecy.)

                103. (Mama:) Oh, Jesus, our dear, darling, precious Lover! How it touches us so deeply to hear You tell us that You're lonely and that You need us! It breaks our hearts to see You begging for our love, pleading for our kisses and our caresses, to know that You are longing for us and depending upon us, the children of David, to help meet Your need for deep, intimate love! It changes the way we've looked at You before! Now we see You not only as a King, but also as One Who has needs. Before, we thought You were well taken care of, and we didn't think that the faulty, imperfect love that we could give You would make much difference. We knew it might make a difference to us, but we didn't really realize that for You personally it would make a difference.

                104. We knew that our love in the form of obedience and yieldedness to the Word was important, but we thought that it was only important for us--important because that's what You said was necessary for us to do. We didn't realize what a need it was for You!--A deep personal need, an aching void that You couldn't fill. But now in Your desperation to make us understand, You've humbled Yourself and come to us to explain in terms that we can't possibly misunderstand, because we can relate it to our own experiences.

                105. When we think of the earthly example of a man begging for a woman's love, we realize how desperate he has to be, how much desire he has to have in order to put aside all of his pride and tell her how much he needs her and has to have her. To think, Lord, that this is what You're doing with us, Your Bride!--That on bended knee You humble Yourself, You condescend to completely strip Yourself bare before us, to totally bare Your heart to plead for our love! What more could You possibly do? You've been calling and calling, and we haven't understood. So You finally had to give us these vivid word pictures to help us to understand the way You feel and how You desire us.

                106. This helps us to better understand one of the reasons why so many of our precious Family have gone through such great loneliness, have ached for someone to hold them in their arms, have felt so forsaken and so alone on their beds at night, and have cried so many tears, longing for someone to hold them, someone to love them, someone to share their heartaches, someone to unburden their heart to! By experiencing this deep loneliness, they have a better idea of how You need and desire them!

                107. Because they now understand and because they feel what You're feeling, and because they too have a desperate need for someone to love them, they will come to Your arms with joy, rejoicing to know that You want them as much as they want You! You said, Lord, that as they bring You great joy by their love, You will also bring them great joy. As you feel their tenderness and their acceptance of You as they call unto You and tell You that they love You and they desire You and they want You to come into them, Your need will be satisfied and Your longing will be filled.

                108. We know You're counting on us, Jesus, because it takes humility to express our need to You, and You said so few have that kind of humility. Furthermore, so many of Your friends in the church system who love You so dearly as a friend could never understand Your need for an intimate, sexy relationship. You couldn't tell them because they couldn't receive it. They can't even understand how sex can be clean and pure in their own lives with each other, much less in a hot and passionate relationship with You! Even some of Your wonderful prophets, Your saints who hear from You, if You were to try to tell them something like this, they would rebuke it as the voice of the Enemy! So You can't get through to them, Lord.

                109. Apparently we, the children of David, are the only ones You can get through to about this, the only ones to whom You can explain Your need for a true husband and wife relationship, a lover relationship. Thank You, Jesus, that through the Words of David You have set us free in every way--free to love each other sexually, and now free to love You in that way!--To tell You how much we need You and how much we love You and how much we want You, how much we desire Your love, Your kisses, Your touches, Your seeds!

He's Given You Everything!--Won't You Love Him?

                110. How very greatly the Lord desires us, just as you would desire the one you love so deeply here on Earth, and you would do all that you could to be with them, to feel their arms around you, to get as close to them as you can, both in body, heart and mind. You know how difficult it is for you to be apart from each other and how you're tempted to be constantly thinking about them when they're gone. So is Jesus, our Husband and our Lover above all lovers, with us, and so He wants us to be with Him!

                111. Now, when I think of Jesus and how He needs us so much, it touches me so much more deeply than before. I'm so much more intimate with Him, so much more in love with Him. Now that I realize how much He needs us and how much He wants us and how much He yearns for us, and now that I've begun to give Him the love that He needs, I feel more emotion for Him. When I listen to praise songs or I pray, I am more touched now. Sometimes I cry when I think of how much He loves us. I think it's hitting me more now and becoming much more real and deep. It's just beautiful to be able to think of Him and the sacrifices He's made for us and to be able to relate a little bit more to it and to understand a little better what He has gone through for us.

                112. Some of you say, "Well I don't feel anything." I don't really feel anything either as far as any difference in my physical body when I say those words to Him and I love Him intimately. I don't feel any greater ecstasies than I had before. Usually it's all by faith and I just do it because I know He wants it. What I do feel is very happy and fulfilled because I know that I'm meeting His need and I know that I'm making Him happy.

                113. But I can tell that slowly those seeds that He's giving me during those times of our loving each other are bearing fruit in my life by making me much more aware and conscious of Him and His closeness to me, and mine to Him.--Maybe because now I understand His need for me a little better and I want to do everything I can to please Him. I think that is one of the greatest fulfillments for a woman--which He tells us we're all supposed to be in Spirit in our love relationship with Him. One of your greatest joys is to see the one you love happy and to make him happy.

                114. I just want to tell Him these things because it makes Him happy, because He is the One Who has given His life for me and continues to give me everything! Whether or not I feel anything is not the point. It's that He needs me and I want to fill that need. So even if you don't feel anything, even if you don't understand this whole way of loving Him, even if it feels uncomfortable and awkward, even if it goes against all your natural feelings, even if other forms of loving Jesus make you feel closer to Him, even if others scorn and scoff, even if the Enemy tells you you're crazy, none of those things should matter! The only thing that should matter is that you love Him and you know He wants you to say those love words to Him, and you want to fill His need.

                115. He's your Husband, He's your Savior, He's your King. He gave His life for you, He gave His Love for you! He's given everything to you and He's made you everything you are! He's given you your requests, and now He requests something of you! Will you love Him? Are you willing to say, "Okay, Lord, even though all this doesn't `compute' with me, if this is what You want, if this is what You are requesting, I'll do it"?

                116. He says He appreciates so much the great love that we already show Him in our obedience and our hunger for Him and His Word, and our yieldedness to obey. He greatly honors us for this, and this is one reason that He's giving us this great love gift of knowing Him in a deeper, more intimate way.

                117. He knows that some of you will initially struggle with this because the Enemy will fight you very hard and try to steal away the great thing the Lord is trying to give you. But the Lord is using these battles to test and to purge you, to make you better vessels for Him. That's what you want, don't you? He says if you'll just hold on, when you see the wonderful fruits of this, you will know it has been well worth the fight! The Lord will bless you in great abundance for your obedience to love Him--the King Who has everything but Who needs to be held in your arms and told that you want Him and you need Him and you love Him!

                118. Thank You, Jesus, for Your promises to bless us abundantly if we will make love to You in this way. Thank You for the joy, the rewards, the answers to prayer that You are promising. Oh, Jesus, even if You didn't promise all this, we would still want to love You because You have been so loving to us. You loved us enough to go all the way to the cross for us--now we want to go all the way in love with You!

                119. We pray that Your anticipation will now be over, that Your desire to be loved will become a reality, that You will now have our full love, our full hearts! We want to love You with all of our heart, all of our body, all of our spirit, all of our mind and all of our strength! We love You, our precious Husband and Savior and King! Help us to show You. Help us to supply Your need as You have so faithfully supplied ours for all these years.

                120. Oh, beloved, won't you love Him? He wants you so much! He's asking each of you to love Him and give yourself to Him. It's so little to ask when He's done so much for you! Love Him today, He's waiting for you! Love Him every day! He needs and wants you! Love Him right now! You're His Bride, His wife, His lover! You're His!--He's yours! Become one with Him!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family