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LOVING JESUS!--Part 5--By Maria                DO 303112/95

Maria #312

For Voting Members Only

                1. As we continue with these special lessons on loving Jesus, I first want to say how proud I am of each of you for your faith and your willingness to believe and receive that which the Lord gives.  Some of these things take real faith and yieldedness, but as you put your faith into action, He will reward you. As you take this step and begin to spend special time loving Jesus in the way He wants to be loved, by saying those loving words to Him, He will fulfill those things that He has promised.--And He has promised many wonderful things!  Praise the Lord!

                2. Not only has Dad talked about spiritual sex with Jesus for years, but he has taught us to expect the unexpected.  He has taught us that since God is a God of change and movement and growth, we shouldn't be surprised when He shows us something new.  Dad helped us to tear down our wrong System attitudes about physical sex with each other.  He showed us that sex was a gift of God, that it was something holy, not dirty, that it was of God, and not the Devil!  Therefore, going one step further and using our understanding of this wonderful gift from Him to help us to love Him better should not be so shocking.

                3. As He said, "I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant."  In the following prophecy the Lord explains more about how the Words that Dad gave us were not fully understood, but that now, in this new day, He is giving them further clarity, so we can put them into practice and then receive His blessings for following them!

A Mystery Revealed!

                4. (Prophecy:) Behold the Words of David that have been a mystery unto My children and a mystery unto the world!  Behold as I open them now, to reveal unto you My Love for you and your love for Me. For have I not said that this is a new day of Love, and that I will pour forth an anointing of Love upon My Family? And where else would I start but with you (Mama and Peter), so that you can understand and know and pass on and teach and share, that My Family may know and understand. You must experience My ecstasies so that you can explain them to My children.

                5. I will unfold the Words of David that I have spoken to him, lo, these many years, that many will understand.  The scales shall fall from their eyes. Their eyes will be opened and enlightened, and they will understand this new Love, this new Spirit that I have poured upon them, that they may revel in My ecstasies and that they may be strengthened by My Spirit and by My Love and by My Seeds, and that they may then go forth as strong, renewed soldiers!

                6. For they have fought many, many battles and they are weary and they are weakened. Many have fought in the flesh and many have fought in strain and in worry and in doubt. But now they will be filled with My seeds, and they will be filled with My Love, and they will be renewed and refreshed as the warrior that comes back and rests in the arms of his love.  And they shall rise up and they shall fight again with new vigor and new strength that they know not of!

                7. For they shall be strengthened in a new way through My Love, and through their love for one another.  This shall be a great binding together, a great grasping of My hand and pulling them close unto Me; and they shall be close to My breast and to My heart. They shall be renewed and I shall envelop them in My Love, that they may have the strength to go forth and to do My will.

                8. I teach you day by day, step by step, and you are following faithfully, your hand in My hand, as I show you this and I show you that.  As the father who takes the child into the store and points to this, and over on the other side of the aisle points to that and explains and shows what joys and happiness are there, so have I done unto you. I am showing you. I am giving unto you, because I know that you will be faithful to share this Love and to share My Word and to share that which I teach you, for all the world to hear.

                9. Some shall question and some shall worry, but these My people shall receive and shall have a new and intimate relationship. For they too will feel the ecstasies of My Love as you have felt them. You know what this has done for you and the love that it has bestowed upon your heart, and the connection that it has given you with Me, and how we are now one, truly one.  And these shall know the same.  They shall be loved, and they shall be happy, and they shall be relieved, and they shall understand Me better. They shall understand My Words better, as I unlock these deep mysteries to them. For this is the time that they must learn, so that they can be strengthened for the days ahead. (End of prophecy.)

                10. (Mama:) Beautiful!  Just beautiful! What Love the Lord is showering upon us!  Can you imagine God wanting to reveal His mysteries to us?  First He privileges us with the blessings of His very special Word, the Words of David, giving them abundantly to us for years--things that have stirred our soul and caused great changes in our lives--and now He wants to help us to understand them even better!

                11. The Lord says that some of these Words that have been a mystery to us all these years and that we just had to "wrap up in a bundle of faith," not knowing whether we would ever understand them, He is now revealing to us!  A number of you have written recently saying how much more alive Dad's Letters have become, how much clearer they've become to you. The Lord says that's because He's removing the "scales" from our eyes, especially when it comes to the deeper relationship that He wants us to have with Him.

                12. Now we know that these things that we've read all these years about making love to Jesus and being His lover were not just figures of speech, but were actually what was happening in the Spirit!  You may wonder, like we did, "Why didn't I ever see that before when it was so obvious in the Word!"  The answer is because He was keeping it a mystery!--Until now!--So that in this new day He can pour out His Love on us in greater ways than ever!

                13. Now we are hearing His call of Love to us to become His lovers and actively participate in a much more passionate, sexy relationship with Him!  He says loving Him in this additional way will renew you and refresh you, because you will be filled with His seeds and with His Love!  He says that this deeper relationship with Him is going to help you to be strengthened so you can fight again with new vigor that you never felt possible!

                14. This greater outpouring of Love, the love that He has for you and that you have for Him, will strengthen you. You know how it is if you know that the one you love is deeply in love with you and will do anything for you; it gives you support and confidence and the feeling that you're not alone, and that as a team you can be more powerful.  Likewise, this deeper relationship with Jesus will strengthen you in many similar ways, as well as many ways you never thought possible.

                15. Additionally, it will help you to love others in a new way, which will satisfy you and fulfill you and strengthen you, making you one, not only with Him, but with each other.  He says, "This shall be a great binding together, a great grasping of My hand and pulling them close unto Me, and they shall be close to My breast and to My heart.  They shall be renewed and I shall envelop them in My Love, that they may have the strength to go forth and to do My will."

                16. The Lord explains that we're not going to understand everything all at once. We're going to have questions, but He's going to patiently give us the answers.  He's going to patiently explain them to us, little by little, step by step, as we follow. As we receive one thing He shows us, He will show us another; and as we receive that, He will show us yet another. He says He's been showing me this thing and that thing, just like a father who is showing a child various "goodies" in the store, pointing to first one thing and then another, explaining the pleasures and joys that come from each one. He says that this is what He's done with me, so that I can share it with you!  This indeed is how it has been, as He has revealed His desire for our intimate love step by step, over a number of months.

                17. He says that His people who receive this new way of loving Him shall have "a new and intimate relationship."  This new way of loving Him doesn't mean that His fucking us and giving us His seeds is new. He's been doing that for a long time now and we've gotten many seeds from Him, many wonderful Words that have borne much fruit in our lives, and many children for Him.  The new way of loving Him means that it is mostly new on our part, as we begin to love Him more intimately and return His Love in a deeper way than ever before.

                18. The Lord says that what this deeper relationship with Him has done for Peter and me, it will do for you also!  More each day I realize a change has occurred in me!--Not one that seems so dramatic to me or about which I get "shivers of excitement" all over, but more a sense of happiness and fulfillment, knowing that I'm close to Him and understanding His Love in a greater way than ever.

                19. When the Lord speaks of "ecstasies of love," it doesn't always mean a dramatic feeling or tingling excitement. Though this is the way we usually interpret "ecstasy," it can just as well mean a sense of well-being, of joy and happiness that we're truly united with Him, that we really are held in His arms and loved by Him.

                20. When you're in school and you're learning, you don't expect to know everything all at once.  You still expect to have some questions that you will get the answers to as time goes by.  Likewise the Lord says this is a time of learning, and as we follow and obey, step by step, He will teach us and fully answer our questions so that we will be strengthened for the days to come.

                21. Don't anybody say, "Well, this works for Mama because she's so spiritual anyway. It's just natural for her to be enraptured with praise and love for the Lord!  But we're not that way, so we don't see how it can work for us!"  This is a false assumption, and the other day when someone said the above words to Peter about me, I got quite stirred up over it! I wrote to Peter, who was away at the time and who had passed this on to me, and said: "Peter, you know me and you know that this couldn't be further from the truth!  I'm just like everybody else! I don't get prophecies, I rarely have dreams, I've never had a vision. I was even complaining to the Lord the other day that I just can't hear clearly from Him."  (Although about 20 minutes later He spoke to me about something, so I had to retract what I'd said!)

                22. I suppose you all get this idea of me being so "spiritual" because of all the spiritual guidance I give you. But you see, that is something that is completely the Lord's doing.  It doesn't have anything to do with my feelings or any outer show of spirituality. It does not come natural to me to be "enraptured in praise," speaking these words to the Lord. I'm having to learn to be comfortable with it just like all of you are having to learn it, and I'm hoping it soon will be natural!  I told Peter, "If I'm spiritual, then the definition of spirituality has to be `weakness and desperation and the willingness to try to be yielded and try to obey what the Lord says.'"

                23. So, folks, if you're trying to be like me, all of you who feel very incapable, insufficient, ignorant, unclear and downright weak, very weak, but you're still struggling to obey and to just say "yes" to Jesus; all of you who feel uncomfortable with the new things the Lord brings along, and have to humble yourself to do them; all of you who feel like this are in the same boat as I am!  And if I'm spiritual, so are you; and if I can do what the Lord requires, so can you! Maybe we need to change our definition of "spirituality"!

                24. So dear ones, number one, the Lord is offering you the opportunity to have a wonderful, deep relationship with Him.  Number two, He is saying that He will lead you into it slowly and gently, step by step.  Number three, He promises that through this deeper relationship with Him, you will eventually find happiness, relief, release, understanding of Him and His Words, and love such as you've never experienced before!  For all of us,  we know it will be well worth the small sacrifice of our pride in order to reap the great benefits.  When Jesus gives us something, we always eventually find out that it goes far beyond our natural expectations.  He gives us exceedingly abundantly above all that we could even ask or think!

Dad on Our Sexual Relationship with Jesus!

                25. When we were praying about this new revelation and marveling at how the Lord has now removed the veil from the Words of David, Peter looked up a number of quotes from the Letters on the subject of our love relationship with Jesus, some of which I have used throughout the first four Letters in this series. Now I want to share some more of what Dad said about our relationship with Jesus, especially in regards to a sexual relationship.  First I'll list those taken from the Mop category "Sex," and then I'll include others from the Mop and some from other Letters:

                                26. We have a sexual relationship with the Lord in the Spirit!  (Mop 118:3).

                                27. Lovemaking is a physical illustration of what God does to us through the power and light of His Love! (Mop 118:23).

                                28. There's only one thing better than physical sex, and that's spiritual sex, intercourse with God Himself in the Spirit, being married to Jesus Christ as His Bride! (Mop 118:37).

                                29. We thank You, Lord, above all for our wonderful spiritual sexual union with You, becoming Your Bride in the Spirit (Mop 118:39).

                                30. We are a very sexy religion with a very sexy leader and a very sexy following and a very sexy doctrine, and we got it all out of this book called the Holy Bible! (Mop 118:34).

                                31. God's not ashamed of sex! He's not ashamed to talk about sex! He's not ashamed to be sexual, because He created it! He made sex! He made you! He made your sex! He made your sexual organs and all the nerves that feel good in sex. And He made them as an illustration of the ecstasy and the agony when it feels so good it hurts, the orgasm of His sexually spiritual union with His Bride!  (Mop 118:53).

                                32. If you are ashamed of what God has made and are embarrassed by bosoms, penises and vaginas, you are most surely going to be horrified by the coming orgasms of the Spirit and naked truths of the spirit world which He has yet in store for you if you're able to receive it! (Mop 118:71).

                                33. One touch and you melt!--One kiss and you're gone!--One embrace and you're laid!--One thrust and you're made!--You've let that lovin' Man in and He really sends you and all you want to do is go, go, go until you explode! (Mop 118:82).

                                34. There's nothing like spiritual sex, it's the most sexy of all! (Mop 118:123).

                                35. The orgasm of the flesh in sex was intended to show you what the orgasms of the Spirit are like!--A counterpart of the spiritual ecstasies! (Mop 118:140).

                                36. Cut loose from those old foolish fancies and woeful old wives' tales and let yourself go into the bosom of God and let God do it to you in an orgasm of the Spirit till you're free! You're His Wife!--Sock it to Him!--Fuck God! (Mop 118:153).

                                37. For God's sake, let yourself go! Let go and let God, and enjoy the power of total surrender to the Spirit in an orgy of sexual orgasms of your God-given organs where you get wild and free in the Spirit and know it's right and the way it ought to be! (Mop 118:227).

                                38. He has raised up His New Church, a young Bride, bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!--An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently and ardently to His slightest touch and who is wildly ravished with His Love!  She is exploding with the orgasms of His Spirit and strong to conceive many children unto Him from being fulfilled with the Seed of His Word! (Mop 33:50).

                                39. God actually needs you and wants you and is in love with you, His Bride! (Mop 77:35).

                                40. The spire of His inspiration causes a spiritual orgasm which fills you with His Spirit in spurts of the Seed of the Word of God, which when conceived in responsive hearts, brings forth fruit, newborn babes into the Kingdom of God!  (Mop 45:15).

                                41. I want to lay up with Jesus!  I wanna get loved by the Holy Ghost!  I wanna get fucked by the Bridegroom! ... I wanna get loved up with Jesus! ... Let's just save ourselves for Him, huh?  Let's give ourselves to Him! (ML #20:22).

                                42. I don't want anybody but Jesus to fuck me! I'm the Bride of Christ! Whose bride are you? I don't want anybody but Jesus! Amen? To hell with all the rest! Just give me Jesus! (ML #20:25).

                                43. Even as thou dost thrill with gentle caresses, and communicate with soft whispers in your loving, so shalt thou be enthralled with the caresses of My Love, and the communications of My Spirit as thou dost love Me (ML #P:6).

                                44. What do we have to do to bear fruit? We have to stay very close to the Shepherd, and like a wife to a husband, receive His seed so that we can conceive and bear children in the Lord. We need to mate with the Seed-giver and be a good wife and a good mother and bear fruit, bear children for the Lord (ML #1316:59).

                                45. For I look not upon outward trappings, but I look upon the heart. For there is your communion with Me. This is what I desire, the union of heart with heart, that your heart and My heart might be one, that we may be joined together as husband and wife (ML #2700:21).

                                46. I wanna get loved up with Jesus! I wanna be a bride--not a whore! Let's fall in love with Jesus!  (ML #20:22).

                                47. Oh boy, the church wants no part of me! I've talked about, "You're the Bride of Christ, fuck Jesus! Fuck Jesus!"  (ML #2054:66).

                                48. Most of all, we're happy with Jesus and His Love!--And you're His Bride and He's been fucking the daylights out of you with His Spirit and His Word and His seed and His Love to make you productive and fruitful and to bear Him children for the Kingdom of God!--Amen? Hallelujah! It's a sexy business! TYJ! Praise God!  (ML #1950:5).

                                49. I fuck you in the Spirit with His seeds, His Words, every day! Amen? Hal! PTL! TYJ! C'mon, let's fuck away! Boom! Wow! Whatta Word-fuck! Wotta Word orgasm! Wotta climax!--Amen? PTL! GBY! Fuck'm every day, sow'm every way, keep on fuckin'm to that fuckin' Day--with Jesus!--Amen? HAL! GBYAKY fuckin' away for Jesus!--In Jesus' name forever!--Amen!--Amen?--Amen! ILY!--Thanks for the terrific fuck! WOW! TYJ!--In Jesus' name, Amen!  (ML #1083:123).

                50. It's right there all through the Letters!  It's pretty straightforward, isn't it?  There are many more quotes, whole sections of Letters and even whole Letters on the subject of being intimate with Jesus, being His Bride, His wife, His lover. I know that some of this "New Wine" that you've been reading in these GNs has been rather shocking to some of you, but it's already been in the Letters for years, as you can see by these quotes from Dad!  You've read these things over and over, and they're not new to you. It's just that only now is the Lord pulling back the veil, solving the mystery, and showing us that He has given us, His Bride, this precious gift of spiritual lovemaking with Him in a more personal, tangible way than we would have ever imagined!

Walk by Faith Because You Want to Make Jesus Happy!

                51. Dad set the precedent in the Letters for loving Jesus in this way as he explained that we are the Bride, the wife, and that we should have spiritual sex with Jesus.  In addition, the Lord has given us much new Word that not only confirms His will along these lines, but also expounds upon this truth and explains it more and fills in the details. However, the idea of us all being Jesus' Bride and making love to Him in the Spirit may not be easy to fully grasp. As I said before, that's where faith comes into the picture!  You can't walk by feelings or preconceived ideas or what your carnal reasoning tells you is or isn't possible.

                52. It might comfort you to know that I have to take this by faith too!  In fact, I have to take most things by faith, because I just don't feel that much!  I don't see things in the Spirit that easily.  Some of you can just sit there and see the Lord before you in your mind's eye. I can't. I can't imagine things very well. I don't feel great "highs" in the Spirit.  So I often just have to take things completely by faith, with no feelings attached.

                53. Some of those in WS who have been loving Jesus more intimately by saying these love words to Him have said that it has changed their relationship with the Lord a great deal. Others have not seen much difference yet, but continue on in faith, knowing that they are pleasing the Lord through their yieldedness and willingness to love Him in this way.

                54. This is just another example of how to the Lord we are each unique individuals and He works in each of our lives in a different way.  Those in our WS Homes who have read these GNs and have been experimenting with loving Jesus in this new sexual way have had a wide variety of experiences. Some are content just to say the words; others are going further by masturbating when alone, or loving Jesus together with their partners.

                55. Some were able to simply accept this new way of loving Jesus and started right away without any problem. They felt it was great, a wonderful addition to their prayer life, that it drew them noticeably closer to the Lord.  Many others are doing it because they have faith that this is what the Lord is asking them to do, and it's making them happy because they're obeying, but they've not felt much in the way of excitement nor much of an immediate change in their relationship with the Lord.

                56. Others have had a pretty rough go of it and have gotten discouraged. Some of our men have had battles with accepting the fact that Jesus wants them to come to Him as His Bride, to play the role of women in their spiritual lovemaking with Him, by saying these sexy, loving things to Him.

                57. If you fall into one of the last two categories, don't get discouraged, because what counts with the Lord is the desire of our heart, our wanting to please Him, and our wanting to be made willing even if it's difficult. That's what the Lord sees. The Lord is proud of you because the bottom line for you is, "I'm doing this because He wants me to do it!--Not because I understand it, or even see the need for it!"  And that really is a very great thing in His eyes--your obedience even when you can't see why and even when you don't really feel anything!

                58. It greatly pleases the Lord when you have a trusting, believing attitude and are willing to say: "Jesus is my Lover, my Husband, my Bridegroom, and whatever He wants and whatever makes Him happy, that's what I want to do!--Because I love Him!--And because I want to faithfully follow by saying these words He's given us to say to Him. It's also my responsibility and my duty to trust Him!--That when He says that saying these words to Him is good for me and it's going to make me happy, I will believe Him, even if I don't see any results.  Regardless of how strange I think this may be, if I love my Husband and this is what He's asking of me, I'll do it!  Because I love Him and I want to please Him, I'm going to do it! I'm going to try to say these words to Jesus and not risk disappointing Him!"

We Adults Are as Little Children Learning the Ways of Love!

                59. One of our WS leaders, who is my long-time co-worker and a very dear friend, had a difficult time after reading these prophecies.  I felt very burdened for this dear leader, but I especially felt burdened for all of you. I knew that if this dear one was having battles, then others might have them as well!  I was desperate to know what we could do to make it easier and to help you to understand better!  Therefore I asked several members of our Home to get together and to ask the Lord to speak any words of encouragement or instruction that He could give you, and as usual, He answered us wonderfully!

                60. (Prophecy:) Be not dismayed or disheartened or discouraged or taken aback by these initial reactions, by this initial embarrassment, even this initial repulsion to this New Wine.  For you (adults) are as My little children who are young and inexperienced in the ways of lovemaking in the Spirit.  It would be as if a young child peeks through the keyhole, or walks in upon a man and a woman in the throes and passions of lovemaking.  This little child looks upon them as they revel in pleasure, and she hears the squeals of joy and the grunts as they hunch and as they desire the orgasm, oblivious that anyone is watching, totally engrossed in the lovemaking, striving, pushing for the thrill of orgasm!  To this little child it looks so strange, it feels so strange, it sounds so strange.

                61. "What are they doing?  What are they saying?  Why are they looking so weird?  What is this? Why do they seem to be enjoying it so much?  I thought I knew these people, but look what they're doing!"  The little child is bewildered and amazed by this strange and unusual new scene.  So are you as little children who have opened the door and peered upon this lovemaking in the Spirit, this passion, this total abandonment to lovemaking in the Spirit, this unreserved seeking of pleasure in the Spirit, this total yieldedness and total humility, as My Bride has laid herself down and opened her legs and said unto Me, "Come! Come to me and fuck me!  I desire You, I need You, I want You!"

                62. You have seen and heard and beheld the pleasures of their lovemaking as they did fuck, and as they did hunch, and as they did come to orgasm; and it is so new and different and strange that you want to push it away!  You want to turn away your eyes!  You want to walk away, because it is so new and different; and as one looking from the outside, it looks so strange.  It is embarrassing and humbling, and you hear what seem to you to be animal-like sounds, crude and unreserved and unsophisticated.  You think, "Oh, this is not for me. I could never do that!  That looks dirty, that looks naughty!"

                63. It is because you (adults) are little children and you are inexperienced, and you have not yet reached out to touch this and to behold it and embrace it.  But as the child grows up and enters womanhood and begins to experience the wonders and thrills of love, as she experiences the tenderness and warmth of kisses and caresses, and little by little moves toward the thrill of total intercourse, as she feels the desire welling up within her to experience love and to experience the full union of one with another, so it is with you.

                64. As you do step out by faith to experience, to try even just the kisses and caresses, even just the beginning steps of lovemaking in the Spirit, so shall you feel the desire welling up inside you to become one with Me, the desire for more.  As you step out by faith and try just the simplest foreplay with Me, then the things which once seemed to you so crude and vulgar and animal-like and nasty and naughty and dirty and strange will suddenly begin to feel natural and beautiful and desirable, and you will reach forth and say, "Yes, give me more!  I like these kisses, I like these caresses!  Yes, give me more!  Give me more!"  As you feel the desire well up inside you, then you will be able to go one step further, and one step further, until you finally experience that full union with Me as we fuck and fuck away and explode in the Spirit in glorious orgasms!

                65. Therefore, be not discouraged.  Be not dismayed or disheartened, and certainly be not condemned.  For as a virgin that must be slowly and carefully brought in and taught the ways of love, so are you; and I would slowly and carefully bring you in to experience these ecstasies of My Spirit and the lovemaking of My Spirit.  I would not expect you, as a virgin, to just instantly be fucked, but I would slowly bring you along and arouse your desire and your excitement.  I would slowly open you up, until finally you would be the one calling out to Me and saying, "Yes, yes, give it to me!  I need it and I want it!  I desire You and I want to be fucked by You!  I want to become one with You in the Spirit!"  Your inhibitions and embarrassments will be thrown aside and you will find total humility in this love that we will share!

                66. But think it not strange that this love is bewildering to you.  Think it not strange that you shun it and push it away.  For it is a step of faith.  It is a test.  It is new, fresh wine that is intended to test the newness of your bottle, to see if you will be able to receive it. You must become as little children in faith and expectancy and willingness to try that which is new, and willingness to receive that which is new, without reservation, even if you cannot understand it and you cannot figure it out.

                67. Even if it seems contrary to your natural mind, still I am asking that you embrace this and receive it as a little child, by faith.  And in doing this, and in trying and in experimenting, if you take even the littlest baby steps in reaching out to try it, then in your heart, this, My will, shall be confirmed and you shall find peace.

                68. For I will not give this understanding before you have reached out and stepped out by faith, but only after you have stepped out by faith.  The step of faith must come first, and then the understanding will be given as a reward for your faith, and as a reward for your obedience.  Even if it is just a little bit of obedience, you will be greatly rewarded and you will be encouraged.  Then you will be able to say, "Oh yes, now I see!  Oh yes, now I understand!"

                69. For in this great love that we shall share, I will speak to your heart and I will confirm that which I have given to My Queen Maria and to My King Peter.  That which once seemed so strange and awkward and embarrassing and humiliating will become wonderful and glorious; and you shall look back and you shall laugh at this time when you did question and it was so difficult for you.  You will say, "Oh, if I knew then what I know now," and you will delight in these pleasures of love and in this spiritual sex.

                70. But be not discouraged and be not condemned, for I knew that it would be a test.  I knew that you would be tested.  I knew that you would stumble.  It is needful that you be tested and stumble that you might be an ensample unto the others that will be tested and stumbled, that they can see that it is difficult for you too, even as learned as you are, as strong spiritually as you are, as yielded as you are, as close to the heart of the Queen as you are; still you are stumbled and sorely tested.

                71. But this is for a purpose, that your yieldedness and your experimentation and your willingness to step out by faith will be an ensample to the others that will also be tested.  And so that you will be able to say, "Yes, this was strong meat, but this which was strong meat has become glorious New Wine that is refreshing and strengthening to my soul!"

                72. Therefore seek not to understand in your mind, but simply to receive in your heart and to do whatever you can just to step out by faith, little by little.  I shall bring you along as My tender and wonderful virgin, and before long we shall be reveling in passionate sex. You shall be calling out to Me, "Give me more!" and you shall be as My insatiable Bride!  Therefore fear not for the future.  Doubt not these words and be not encumbered about with much knowledge and much thinking and analyzing, but simply receive.  Open up and receive My kisses and caresses and My tongue, and you shall find great joy and your faith shall be greatly rewarded.  (End of prophecy.)

                73. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! We praise You, Lord, for giving us Your wonderful Words!  Isn't this an amazing word picture?  It's so helpful when the Lord gives us these analogies that are so easy to understand.  It's easy to imagine how a little child would feel if she were to peek through the keyhole of her parents' bedroom only to find them in the throes of passionate sex.  They don't realize she's there, and they're both so impassioned with the heat of the moment that all they can think of is the wonder of love they feel and that moment of release, that orgasm!  But the little girl is shocked, bewildered, amazed!  To her it all looks and feels and sounds so strange! Some of you may have had the same experience when you were children.

                74. The Lord says that's how some of us are with this new way of loving Him. We are young and inexperienced in the ways of love, and this is so new and different that we want to quickly divert our glance, or push it away!  Some of you may find it embarrassing and humbling, and it may even sound dirty and naughty to you. Remember how in "Mama's Love Story!--Part 7" the Lord told me, "Be not afraid, only speak the Words that I give unto you. Be not fearful and do not stand in the way.  Let Me pour forth through you, for I will show you what to say. Only be open and ready and speak the Words that I give. And the Words that I give may be funny, and they may be natural, and they may be humbling, and they may be sexy.  They may be serious.  They may be loving.  They may even seem naughty or dirty, but it is not for you to judge.  It is only for you to give, and for you to be an open channel of My voice unto My children" (ML #3002:98).  At the time, I couldn't figure out what would seem "naughty" or "dirty" to you, but now I understand what He was talking about; it's this new revelation, this new way of loving Him!

                75. If the Lord sees us as little children in this scenario, then it's easy to understand why it would be pretty shocking to us to gaze upon this passionate lovemaking!  But the picture doesn't stop there.  The Lord plays out the rest of the analogy as He explains that when the child grows up and becomes a woman, and begins to experience for herself the warmth and comfort and excitement of tender kisses and caresses, then little by little she will naturally desire more.  So it is with us!  When we step out by faith to even just try the beginning steps of loving the Lord--just saying those sweet things to Him--then we will desire more!

                76. Do you remember how it was when you were young?  You didn't know everything about sex when you first started out; in fact, you're probably still learning and trying new things.  At first, as teens, you were probably shy and inhibited and perhaps even a bit fearful.  Most likely you started with light kissing and then progressed to some light petting, eventually moving on to more serious foreplay like mutual masturbation and eventually to full intercourse. The Lord says that's how it is with our spiritual lovemaking with Him.  He says, "As you step out by faith and try just the simplest foreplay with Me, then the things which once seemed to you so crude and vulgar and animal-like and nasty and naughty and dirty and strange will suddenly begin to feel natural and beautiful and desirous and desirable, and you will reach forth and say, `Yes, give me more!'"

                77. There is so much understanding of our human weaknesses shown by the Lord.  As always, He emphasizes that He doesn't want you to be discouraged, and He says you must not feel condemned!  He loves you and He doesn't want this new way of loving Him to be a burden.  He has designed it as a gift to you, to help you to be closer to Him!  But if you don't see that yet, He doesn't want you to feel bad about it. He just wants you to try to do what you can, but not to feel condemned if it takes you a while. Remember that His Love is unconditional. His Love for you is so great that He will just keep loving you and comforting you and encouraging you and trying to make it as easy as possible for you.

                78. Do you sometimes pray to be humble? I know I have, desperately, many times!  There are so many wonderful promises to those who walk humbly before the Lord, so it is very encouraging to me that the Lord says that this new way of loving Him will help us to do just that. He says that we'll find "total humility" in this love. Humility is a very precious gift from Him, and I'm so thankful that He's giving it to us, along with many other gifts, through this wonderful way of loving Him.

                79. The Lord says that this is also a test.  This fresh New Wine is intended to "test the newness of your bottle, to see if you can receive it!"  Besides the recent "Affection Time" revelation, it's been a long time since we've had a major new revelation which not only did we have to assent to mentally, but we have to actually participate in, in which we actually have to do something to be personally involved, to put into practice the things the Lord says.  He says He knows this one is really strong meat.  You can't figure it out in your natural mind. You're worried about what people are going to think, not only your own peers and co-workers, but your outside friends and acquaintances!

                80. He says that these questions and more will bother you if you're looking on it in the eyes of the flesh and not in the Spirit.  He says the bottom line is that you need to accept this by faith and "not seek to understand it with your mind, but receive it in your heart. Don't get into thinking and analyzing and trying to figure things out."

                81. When the Lord says He wants you to say these love words to Him, maybe you still have the question, "Why is this necessary?"  Clearly it's not necessary in order to gain His Love!--You already have that, and He's not going to take it away.  They're not necessary to be a dedicated, fruitful Christian. It's only necessary if you want to participate in this revelation and receive the blessings that He has promised to those who do, the promises of having an even closer relationship with Him and receiving extra strength for the battles ahead. It's the way we get to experience the wonderful privilege of knowing Jesus in a deeper, more intimate way!

                82. If you want to have this special intimacy, if you want to receive these particular blessings, then it is necessary for you to say these love words to Him. Even if you can't say them very wholeheartedly or enthusiastically, even if they feel very awkward and you don't think you really mean them, at least saying them is a start, and as you keep saying them you'll begin to mean them more and more!  He is not saying that it's necessary for you to masturbate. He says you can do this if you would like, and you can feel His Love this way, but that it isn't necessary in order to receive the blessings He's promised.  For that you just need to say the words of love to Him!

                83. What a wonderful reward He promises for such a little step! You say, "It doesn't seem like such a little step to me!" Well, comparatively speaking, when you think of all that Jesus has done for you and all He has given you, and all He yet promises to give you, this is as nothing!  He is your Husband, your Lover, the One Who has given you everything!--The One who has saved your life and made you fruitful and taken you out of the Pit and put joy in your heart; the One Who has made a place for you in His Heavenly City!  If He wants you to love Him in this way through your words, what is that to you?  If He wants you to be a woman in the Spirit so He can make love to you, what is that to you?  He says that later you'll look back on this time and wonder why you made such a big fuss and what was the big deal, anyway?

                84. He tells this leader who was having a struggle not to be discouraged, because the Lord meant this as a test for him!  The Lord knew that he would have difficulty, but it was all for the purpose of making him a sample to you others who may also be tested. The Lord says he will also be an example to you in that he will yield and experiment and step out by faith, and that the testimony of his struggling through to victory will be a great encouragement to you.  The Lord said that he will eventually be able to say, "Yes, this was strong meat for me, but this which was strong meat has now become glorious New Wine, refreshing and strengthening to my soul!" (Later: This has happened with this dear one!)

                85. There is a wonderful explanation and promise in this prophecy.  The Lord said that if you will just take "the littlest baby steps" to try this, then He will confirm His will in your heart and you'll find peace.  There is a direct link between obedience and understanding.  He says, "I will not give this understanding before you have reached out and stepped out by faith, but only after you have stepped out by faith."  The step of faith must come first, and then the understanding will be given as a reward for your faith and your obedience.

                86. Even if it's just a little bit of obedience, you will be greatly rewarded and you will be encouraged.  Then you will be able to say, "Oh yes, now I see!  Oh yes, now I understand!" It's amazing how such little steps of obedience are so significant to the Lord and result in His pouring out abundant blessings, riches and treasures upon us!  Won't you step out by faith to say the loving words to the Lord that He desires and that He needs?

See in the Spirit with Your Heart--Not Your Mind!

                87. (Prophecy:) There are glories to be revealed unto you, but you must walk by faith, and not by sight.  For have I not convinced you in Spirit that these things are spiritually discerned? Do not try to understand them in your mind, for it is your heart that I seek.  Your mind was created to be used by your heart--not for your heart to be led about by your mind.  I have compassion, I understand, I see that these are difficult things.  In the flesh they seem perverse, but in the Spirit they are glorious!

                88. For I desire you!  I desire to hold you close and to fill you with My seeds!--My seeds of love, My strength, My goodness, My kindness, My loving, My giving, My compassion, My empathy!  The things that My Father has given to Me I will give to you, if you can receive it.  If you can open wide your heart to Me, I will fill you with My Love to overflowing, and you will revel in it!  You will love Me in a way that you have never known before!

                89. I will make you a strong Family, the strong soldiers that you wish to be.  For there are great battles ahead, and great struggles, and you will need My Love and My strength and that closeness with Me, that unbreakable bond between you and Me. I love you, and this is the reason that I pour My New Wine unto you, because I know that you love Me and you want to be My strong soldiers in these Last Days.

                90. So lean not to your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your paths, and I will give you understanding in all these things.  But worry not, fear not, be not condemned, for this reaction is to be expected.  For it is a shock, it is a shocking revelation.  But spiritual revelations are shocking, and they have shocked the world since the beginning of time.  And only the men of faith, only those that walk by faith have been able to enter in to each new phase, each new stage that I am taking you in this progression into the spirit world.

                91. So come, come with Me!  Let us come together in Spirit!  For I love you, and I need you.  I need you to be strong.  Have I not said unto you, "Lovest thou Me?--Feed My sheep"?  But without Me you can do nothing.  And if you wish to be stronger and stronger and stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, and lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you have never known before! I will use you even more mightily than you have ever been used!

                92. I will lead you into new realms in the Spirit, new depths! You shall plunge into waters that are so fresh and so deep and so full of My revelations and My wisdom and My knowledge and My understanding!  But first you must give yourselves to Me, fully, that I may know that your love is so bound with Mine that I can trust you with these deep things of My Spirit.

                93. Be not weary in well doing.  Lift up your hands and praise Me and trust Me, for I will lead you one step at a time and I will not give you more than you can bear.  For there has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but I will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able, but will make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear it.

                94. I love you, My children!  Trust Me, as you always have.  Trust Me now.  Trust your father David as he continues to lead and guide you and be My strong helper.  (End of prophecy.)

                95. (Mama:)  It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths the Lord will go to express His Love to us, His Bride, and to explain to us what He wants to give us and why. If you will simply receive these words of comfort and encouragement and know that they're for you personally, they are from His heart to yours, it will make all the difference in the world for you!

                96. He has given you what you need in His many Words of instruction, explanation, love and comfort, if you will just avail yourselves of the strength and power therein.  If you have reservations about this revelation, don't mull over them in your mind!--Go to the Word that He has given in these GNs and in other Letters on this subject and read these words over and over.  The Word is what will give you the faith!

                97. He pleads with you to walk by faith, and not to be led by your carnal minds!  Let His Words sink deep into your hearts, and there He will speak to you of His truths, which He says are only spiritually discerned.  You cannot try to reason this out and figure it all out in your minds.  He says, "Your mind was created to be used by your heart, not for your heart to be led about by your mind."  Hear the still, small voice of the Lord. He wants to speak to you, to reassure you, to comfort you, and to confirm these truths in your heart.

                98. The Lord has a wonderful plan in this! He hasn't revealed these truths to us for no reason or just as a test of our yieldedness and humility.  This isn't some kind of vain exercise or humility training that we just have to endure or grin and bear, but it's a wonderful gift, a precious blessing, a treasure of inestimable value!  He says He wants to give us His Seeds of Love, strength, goodness, kindness, loving, giving, compassion and empathy!  He'll fill us to overflowing with His Love if we can just receive it!  You wouldn't want to miss all that, would you? The Lord knows you will need all those gifts from His Spirit and His seeds, because there are great battles and struggles ahead, and you'll need His Love, His strength, and an unbreakable bond between you and Him!

                99. He says, "For I do love you and this is the reason that I pour My New Wine unto you, because I know that you love Me and you want to be My strong soldiers in these Last Days!"  The Lord knows the desires of your hearts.  He knows you love Him and you want to be strong soldiers, well able to serve Him and feed the sheep and bear fruit.  Do you see that the Lord is answering your prayers?  It may not be as you expected; in fact, it may be contrary to your expectations.  But if you can receive it, you will find that this is what you need and what you've been longing for and waiting for!

                100. His promises are almost overwhelming, almost incomprehensible!  He says He will take us to new realms in the Spirit!  He'll plunge us into waters that are fresh and deep and full of His revelations and wisdom and knowledge and understanding!  Imagine!  He wants to give us all that!  He only asks that we give ourselves fully to Him. He knows that He can trust us with these deep things of the Spirit if we are bound together with Him in Love! These promises are conditional, and there is a small requirement that needs to be fulfilled on our part, but what He wants to give us is so much in comparison with the little that He asks of us in return.

                101. He says He'll lead you one step at a time and He won't give you more than you can bear.  He's waiting with outstretched arms to receive your love and bless you in return as never before!  He says, "If you wish to be stronger and stronger and stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you have never known before! And I will use you even more mightily than you have ever been used!"

More on Faith and the Lord's Desire to Be Close to You!

                102. (Prophecy:) Have I not said that the just shall live by faith? My children throughout all ages have had to live by faith, to follow Me by faith. When I called them to go out and leave lands, they had to go by faith.  They asked, "Why?  Why should we leave?"  But they obeyed and they followed by faith.  For this is pleasing to Me.--Faith and obedience.  Did I not say that there are many things that I have to reveal unto you but you cannot bear them yet?  There are still many things, as I bring you closer to the Heavenly realm and to the Heavenly Kingdom.

                103. For who can understand faith? Who can explain faith?  And this is what is pleasing to Me, faith in Me.  You believe in Me by faith.  You have everlasting life by faith.  There is a Heavenly Kingdom by faith.  There is a crown for you by faith.  And blessed are those eyes that see by faith and that require not a sign.

                104. For I knew these things would be hard, but I also knew I could reveal them to My children, the children of David. I share these things out of love and the desire for a closer relationship with you.--Not to push you away or to distance you, but so that we can be even closer and more intimate and share all things.

                105. I knew it would be hard.  I have asked you to praise Me, and even that is hard sometimes.  Is it easy for you to go unto the hard fields and sow the seed?  No, it is difficult; but you do it out of love for Me and obedience.  Because of the hindrances of the flesh, the things of the Spirit are sometimes difficult to understand.  That is why you must have faith and drink in and swallow and receive, little by little, drop by drop, step by step, and follow Me by faith.

                106. Many of My disciples turned away and followed Me no more, because they did not see with the eyes of the Spirit, but tried to understand it in the flesh.  But I am preparing My children for the future, for living in the realm of the Spirit.  I am giving them tests now, in preparation for the grades they will need to graduate from in the future.  And you cannot skip grades or jump grades; you must pass one grade at a time.

                107. But I am pleased with you, My children, who have been faithful, and have been obedient, and have followed Me by faith, the children of faith.  And I know you will continue to follow by faith!

                108. I love to be with you--while you are eating, or while you are playing, or while you are on get-out, or while you are working. In the bed of love, I love to participate and be one with you, because I love you and desire to be closer to you and you to Me, so that we can be one.

                109. But how can we be one?  This is by faith and must be seen with the eyes of the Spirit.  So fear not, worry not.  Do not worry about the future or the opinions of men, just look to Me and love Me in obedience and in faith and I will see you through.  For the carnal mind is at enmity with Me.  Do not worry, and do not allow the Enemy to build walls or partitions. For I desire to be closer and not more distant, to be even more one!

                110. So worry not and doubt not and fret not, but simply accept by faith.  For this is pleasing to Me--the eyes of faith and the acceptance of faith.  I will reward you with the desires of your heart, a closer relationship with Me as a result of your faith. (End of prophecy.)

                111. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for being so patient to explain the answer to each question we have and to keep encouraging us along so gently and so understandingly.  What a wonderful Lover you are!  You're all that we ever dreamed, and better to us than anything we could ever imagine!  Thank You for always giving and giving and giving again to us.

                112. In the above prophecy, Jesus shares the basic principles of faith, that ingredient of our spiritual lives without which we could not even have been saved, and the one by which we live daily.  He says, "You believe in Me by faith.  You have everlasting life by faith.  There is a Heavenly Kingdom by faith.  There is a crown for you by faith."

                113. As I pointed out in part three of this series, this certainly isn't the first time you've been asked by the Lord to receive a revelation or spiritual truth by faith!  When you think about it, our whole lives, the things we live for and look forward to, are all by faith; and it is this very faith and obedience in unseen truths and principles that pleases the Lord!  He knew this would be difficult for us, but He reminds us that just because something is difficult is no reason to not obey.  The Lord recognizes that even praising Him and witnessing is difficult, but we still do it out of obedience and our love for Him.

                114. There is a sober reminder in this prophecy that many of Jesus' disciples turned away and followed Him no more because they didn't see things with the eyes of the Spirit, but instead tried to understand with their minds.  The Lord says, "Because of the hindrances of the flesh, the things of the Spirit are sometimes difficult to understand.  That's why you must have faith and drink in and swallow and receive, little by little, drop by drop, step by step, and follow Me by faith."

                115. If you find that you are having a difficult time with this revelation, if your flesh or your mind or your pride is getting in the way, if you're battling in your mind and arguing theology and coming up with all kinds of seemingly logical reasons why this can't be, then please ask for prayer that you'll be able to become more childlike and have a believing spirit and receive this by faith!

                116. The Lord is showing us specifically what He wants us to do in order to show our love to Him in a fuller and deeper  way, so of course the Enemy is going to fight. What he fears most greatly and what will be the greatest blow to his kingdom is our entering into this new intimate relationship with Jesus, which will draw us closer to His heart and give us great strength and great joy and great power and anointing as a result! Don't let the Devil steal this marvelous gift away from you. Resist him!

                117. Remember one of our favorite little songs, "We've Come This Far by Faith"?  It's all a matter of faith!  Without faith we can't please Him.  Our whole life is a faith trip!--Which, if we'll stay on board, will take us to places in the Spirit that we never thought possible, and eventually to the Heavenly City itself!  This revelation is one of faith, faith, faith!--All by faith!--Faith that Jesus loves you and is wanting to become one with you, become dearer and closer than ever before; faith that He's trying to make things easier for you, not more difficult; faith that you can trust Him completely to do only that which will be good for you!

                118. Those little steps of faith are so significant to Him!  They mean so much to Him because they tell Him that you love Him and you trust Him!--And oh, how He rewards those little steps when you "just say yes" to Him!

                119. So if you're being tested, remember, after the test comes the glorious reward!  After the battle comes the wonderful victory! After the struggle comes the sweet peace!  The Lord is doing everything in His power to help you make this grade, because He knows the wonderful things that are ahead!  But there have to be some tests in life or we would never be strengthened, we would never be able to accept things up ahead, because we wouldn't have gone through the early grades. Just like in school, you can't graduate to the next grade and understand the principles that are being presented there if you haven't graduated from the earlier grades.

                120. Tests are just a natural part of life, they're not something that the Lord brings to torment us or to deliberately make things more difficult.  He's doing everything He can to make it easy for us.  He's like the teachers in school who give open book tests.  Those were the ones we always liked the most, because we knew they were trying to make things easy for us.  They realized that if we could find the answers in the book, we at least had read the answer and would know where to find it again in the future.  They were doing all they could to help us to pass the test.

                121. He's doing all He can to help us to be close to Him because He loves us and He knows that is what will make us the happiestHe wants to be happy too! He misses you when you're distant from Him.  He longs for you!  He says, "I love to be with you when you're eating or while you're playing or while you're on get-out or while you're working. And in the bed of love, I love to participate and be one with you because I love you and desire to be closer to you, and you to Me, so we can be one."  He wants to be with you to share more of your life, to love you more completely and intimately! Please don't let the Enemy rob you of this wonderful blessing!  Reach out by faith now and make Jesus happy today with your words of love and your spiritual lovemaking.  It will make you so happy too!

Keep Hanging On!

                122. When Gabe heard that we were working on the "Loving Jesus" series, he was burdened with a message for you, which I've included below.  He says:

                                123. Dear Family, God bless you!  I love you!  When I first read the "Loving Jesus" revelation it was a hard saying for me, it was difficult.  I'd think, "What's going on here?" It seemed so weird.  But that's because the Enemy tried to discourage me and twist the truth and get it all out of context. Also, I was trying to apply it in the flesh.  It was a real battle for me, a difficult battle. That's why I could understand what others were going through, because I initially felt like, "I just can't make it!  I can't make this one, it's too much for me!" I felt like giving up.

                                124. But thank the Lord, as I accepted the New Wine and started to apply the "Loving Jesus" revelation by faith, my attitude and spirit and relationship with the Lord stabilized, and the battles eased.

                                125. Having had that experience, I was burdened to share my heart with you, dear Family, and ask you to please not overreact to these Letters, and don't try to apply them in the flesh, but see in the Spirit and hold on!  The battles will cease.  I firmly believe that if you make a rash decision that you just can't make it, based on the battles and tests you may initially encounter when trying to adjust to the "Loving Jesus" series, that is not going to be a very good and wise decision.  I too battled in the beginning, I too went through it, but now I know that my relationship with the Lord is newer, fresher, improved and better than before I read these revelations.

                                126. I think it's important that we all understand there's going to be a testing period.  This is going to be a test for some, just like John 6 where many of Jesus' disciples walked with Him no more because of His hard sayings. It is possible that initially you're going to feel like you can't make the grade, so why even try, especially if you feel you were already barely hanging on by the skin of your teeth even before you read this strong meat!  But if you can just hold on, things will taper off and you'll balance out. Take it from me, as I speak from my personal experience; if you can just hold on and trust the Lord and walk by faith, you're going to be blessed and have a closer relationship with the Lord.

                                127. The Lord laid it on my heart to try to help prepare you that it might be a roller coaster ride until you get used to it, but if you can hold on, the Lord will bless you and it will result in a closer relationship with Him.  There may be a temporary testing period when you initially hear the Wine and think, "Ugh, I don't want this New Wine!" But if you'll just hold on, there will be victories as a result.

                                128. The Lord is trying to make it easier for us through these new revelations. He wants us to have a closer relationship, but it may seem harder!  It appears that the Lord is making it harder for us because He's asking us to do this and that and the other.  That's the way it may appear--more difficult.  If you are already having a hard time, then it may seem to you like another burden is thrown on top of the many things you already have to do. But the Lord isn't trying to make it harder for us!--He's trying to make it easier!  Well, if you misapply or wrongly apply these new Letters, it is going to be harder for you; but if you apply them in the Spirit, the way the Lord wants them to be applied, it's going to be easier for you!

                                129. So if you're trying to sort things out and you feel, "I just can't make it, this is too hard for me."--Let me tell you, I can relate!  But just like Dad said in "Come on, Ma!--Burn Your Bra," if you receive this New Wine, in the future there will be spiritual ecstasies that go beyond your wildest dreams!  Hang on!  Don't let the Devil rob you of the blessing!  Keep fighting!  It gets easier!  I love you!

                                Love, Gabe.

Questions About Masturbation!

                130. In part four of this series the Lord presented to us the possibility of loving Him intimately with words of love while masturbating.  He said, "In the quietness of your chamber when you are alone, you can tell Me you love Me and you can show Me you love Me. For this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me. I do not require this and I do not demand it, for I will even be happy with the words and with your caresses, and with the symbolism of your love unto Me.  But if you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go, and it will be Me loving you. This is intimate and this is between you and Me alone, as we kiss and caress in our bed of love together."

                131. This possibility evoked a wide variety of reactions from those in WS when they read it.  The women overall were quite receptive to this idea, and a few women were elated!  Usually the women found it fairly easy to have loving, sexy fellowship with Jesus while masturbating; in fact, a few had already been doing so for quite some time. Quite a few of the men received it without any problem, some were thrilled, and some battled. Others initially struggled not only with the idea of being women in the Spirit, but especially with the idea of masturbating while saying love words to Jesus.

                132. However, after getting over their initial shock and having time to get used to the idea, some of these men were quite open to the idea of saying love words to Jesus.  And while they were a bit doubtful that it was possible to include masturbation while saying them, after experimenting a little by faith, they were pleasantly surprised and found it to be a special time of love and fellowship with the Lord.  Others didn't have quite so much success in their experimentation.  Some of the men, and women too, who felt led to try loving the Lord in this way found that while it was a rather pleasant experience, it was somewhat distracting--either distracting them from concentrating on the Lord, or making it difficult for them to reach an orgasm, which caused them to feel frustrated or disappointed.

                133. Hearing of the difficulties some were having caused me to think and pray desperately about this aspect of the "Loving Jesus" revelation.  I had a lot of questions about how the option of masturbation fit into the whole picture.  While Peter and I have done it and it has been a sweet experience for us, I was concerned that others might feel under bondage that they had to do it too. People might feel pressured to do what we were doing, even though the prophecy brought out clearly that masturbation is voluntary and that saying the words of love is the only thing the Lord is asking of you if you want this new, more intimate relationship with Him.

                134. Also, I was burdened about the people who want to participate in this revelation but who just can't masturbate for whatever reason, either because they can't reach an orgasm that way or have no privacy or are not in good health, etc.  I knew there was the possibility that these people might feel quite condemned, like they are failing the Lord, because they can't or don't masturbate, or don't feel that they have the faith or desire to do so while saying words of love to the Lord. Some feel comfortable in saying love words to Jesus but struggle with the masturbation aspect of it, so I wanted to receive some assurances from the Lord for those who want to participate but who don't choose to masturbate, so they wouldn't feel as if they were missing the mark.

                135. So as you probably have already guessed, we came before the Lord in prayer, seeking His specific answers about this.  As usual, the Lord answered, this time through Dad. I believe the counsel that Dad has given will help any of you who may be battling about this matter.

                136. I want to clarify that Dad is speaking here to those who have chosen to partake of what the Lord has revealed to us.  When he makes statements that indicate that you need to or must do this or that, he is speaking to those who have chosen to put this revelation into practice. It is important that you understand this, as otherwise you might feel that you are being pressured to participate.

It Doesn't Matter What You're Doing, As Long As You're Doing Something!

                137. (Prophecy, Dad talking to Mama:) Honey, the Enemy is going to fight this revelation.  He's going to try to make folks think that it's a burden and it's a distraction and it's a load and it's a weight.  He's going to try to put them under the bondage of the flesh, and he's going to try to create some ideal in their minds that they are going to feel they need to live up to in order to please the Lord.  But the most important thing to remind them of, Honey, is that this is a gift of love, this is the Lord's gift of love, and He wants to use it to make them happy!  He wants to use it to bring them closer to Him and to give them what they need.  This is an answer to their prayers.

                138. Isn't it sad that, although this is something so wonderful and glorious that the Lord is trying to give our Family, some of them are going to perceive it as something difficult and something heavy?  The Enemy is going to try to distract them and dissuade them and lead them astray from the beauty of it, and try to make them see it as something wearisome and something difficult.

                139. But this gift of love will make their yokes easier and their burdens lighter!  It will fill their hearts with joy and draw them closer to the Lord!  Of course the Enemy is going to fight it, because he knows it's the secret weapon!  He knows how powerful it is and how much the folks need it!  He knows what a valuable tool it is, what a precious gift it is, what an honor and what a privilege the Lord is bestowing upon our dear loved ones, the Family.  They're so blessed! It's so wonderful!  If they could just see how marvelous it is!  It's not a weight, it's not a burden, it's not something to bring them down or distract them or make them feel condemned, but it's a wonderful gift of love!

                140. Of course, some will be able to enter in more than others.  Some will be able to go further with this gift of love than others. But don't you see, Honey?--It doesn't matter exactly what they're doing as long as they're doing something, as long as they're doing what they can do to love the Lord in this new intimate way. As long as they're saying the words, as long as they're making an effort to receive and believe and walk by faith and to do what they can to follow it, this is righteousness, this is obedience! As long as each person is doing what they can. Each person has to walk according to his own faith.

                141. Honey, you can't legislate righteousness for every Family member in this.  You're not going to be able to tell them they "must do this," because He knows that at that point in time, or at that point in their life, what they are doing is all they can give, for whatever reason, whether it be their lack of faith or whether it be their physical circumstances.  But it doesn't really matter, as long as they're willing to give that much.  And that's why with those people the Lord says speaking the words is enough. But with others, Honey, the Lord will speak to their hearts and they will know that the Lord expects more of them. They will feel the Lord speaking and tugging on their heart strings and wanting more.

                142. It doesn't mean that the people who masturbate or make love to Jesus with somebody else are more righteous, that they've attained some form of righteousness or some level of righteousness or some greatness in themselves. This doesn't set those people up above anybody else.  This doesn't make them better than the people who just say the words to Jesus. The Lord knows their hearts and their needs, and the Lord knows what He can expect of each person.  With some people He will expect the words, and with other people He will expect masturbation as a sample of their yieldedness, and with other people He will expect them to love Him while loving others. It's not like they'll do it begrudgingly just because they feel like they have to, but they'll do it because the Lord wants them to, because they'll feel that tug on their hearts and they'll feel a desire and they'll want to step out by faith and do what the Lord says, because they won't want to miss anything.

                143. Because, Honey, it's not a matter of works.  It's not something where you have to work and you've got to do this, or you've got to do that to attain some kind of self-perfection. It's by faith!  It's according to each person's faith and each person's desire.  Each person must give account of himself to the Lord.  Each person must go according to his own faith, whether he wants to say the words or whether he wants to masturbate or whether he wants to have sex with Jesus and another. The Lord will reward each person according to how they follow Him, according to the leadings He puts in their heart, according to the way He speaks to their heart, and according to the way they feel led by Him as an individual.

                144. Honey, you can't legislate this. You can't require the same thing of everybody. It's just not possible!  Leave some of it up to the Lord.  Leave some of it up to the Word. They're going to be reading the Word, they're going to be reading the prophecies, they're going to be reading your beautiful commentary, and the Lord will speak to them.

                145. Honey, it is up to them. If they find comfort when Jesus says that the words are enough, and that whether it's symbolic or actual, it doesn't make any difference to Him--if that comforts them and they need that and that's all they feel they can do, then that's fine.  But other people will read the Lord's Words and they'll feel compelled to do more.--Not because they'll gain righteousness by it or some kind of merit, but because they'll want more of the Lord, more of His Spirit, more of His Love, more of His power. In order to get that, they'll want to give more of themselves, make themselves more available, humble themselves more, open themselves up more.

                146. So the key, Honey, is not exactly what every person does, but it's whether people give as much as they can as an individual according to their own circumstances. So you can't compare one person with another. This may be very, very easy for somebody. It may be easy for somebody to say the words and masturbate and make love with Jesus in their love-up times with someone. It's easy for them, so of course they're blessed and they're rewarded accordingly.

                147. But for someone else, it may be very, very, very difficult just to say the words. So for them to step out by faith and say the words is such an effort of faith and such a step of faith and such a sign of humility and yieldedness that that person may receive the same amount of reward as the other person who seemed to be going much, much further!

                148. Honey, this isn't a matter of works, it's not a matter of self-effort. That's what I mean when I say you can't try so hard. You can't get under bondage thinking that this masturbation and loving Jesus is a work of the flesh, and that you've got to do it so many times a week, and if you haven't done it for three days, well, maybe you're failing the Lord, and so you feel pressured. That is not where it's at. It's not self-effort, it's not works.

                149. If you lack strength or you lack time and you can't love Jesus as much as you would like, He's not going to look down upon you in scorn. He's not going to think you're failing Him. Of course He'll understand. He's not going to expect any more from you or anybody else in the Family than they're willing or able to give.  It has to be voluntary!  This yoke should be easy, Honey.  It shouldn't be heavy and burdensome.

                150. Of course in the beginning it's hard to understand and it's a trial and it's a test of faith, and as the Lord said, it's a leap of faith for some, especially for some of the men, and it will be for some of the young people too.  But once they've taken the step and made the leap, and once they've entered in and they've proven their faith and their willingness and their humility, then the Lord's got to work in each person's life and heart individually, and move them along and mature them and grow them into this relationship with Him at their own pace.

                151. Honey, isn't this the way it is with everything? People grow at their own pace in different things. They learn at different speeds. Some jump in and they go wholeheartedly and they're into it almost immediately! But for other people it takes a long time. It doesn't matter how fast they go, as long as they're going, because they're all going to reach the goal in the end as long as they keep going, as long as they keep having faith.

                152. And what is the goal?  The goal isn't to masturbate constantly.  The goal isn't to be fucking all the time. The goal is to be loving Jesus! The goal is to be drawing nigh to Him so He can draw nigh to you.  He wants to do this through words, through masturbation, through sex, through raising your arms, through singing to Him, through reading His Word. All these things work together to draw you close to the Lord.

                153. Some people need one thing more than the other.  Some people will be especially affected by just saying the words. That'll be the most special to them. Other people will find their lovemaking with others and the Lord the most special way, the most effective way for them to draw close to the Lord. And others will find that masturbation is the most intimate time that they have with the Lord.

                154. But, Honey, it doesn't make any one of these three things better than the other.  The Lord said that the words are enough, that they will suffice. It's because He knew that anybody could say the words, everybody can say the words. Masturbation makes it easier for people to feel what He's trying to say and to see it.  It's a physical illustration. He knows that for most people it will make it easier for them to understand, it will make it easier for them to see what He's saying.

                155. What He wants is to love you! He wants to love the Family, He wants to love each person, and He'll love them in whatever way they want to love Him, and whatever way they desire it.

                156. You see, Honey, this is the way He's not suffering them to be tempted above that they are able, but He's making a way for them to escape.--Escape the condemnation that the Enemy would want to put upon them. For the people who never masturbate or who can't masturbate are probably only a few, and the large majority of the Family do masturbate at least sometimes. So if they're going to masturbate, they might as well bring the Lord in so they can experience the wonderful glories that He expressed to them that they could experience.

                157. So don't worry, Honey.  You can explain it the best you can and try to give your arguments the best you can, but in the end you're going to need to leave some of it up to the Holy Spirit and just trust the Lord to work in people's lives, and trust that each person is going to give as much as they can and as much as they feel the Lord wants them to give. The Lord's going to work it out and He's going to be speaking to His children's hearts, and they'll be praying and they'll be studying the Letters and studying the prophecies, and they'll be asking for prayer, and they'll be doing the best they can, and the Lord's going to bring them along.  They're all going to grow and they're all going to progress, some faster than others.

                158. But as I said, I can see down the road, I can see the long run. And all the children of David who receive these Words of Truth will eventually grow in power and anointing and strength, and they will discover that this revelation is a great, great gift of God, a wonderful, wonderful gift of love!  With time these initial battles will all be forgotten and they will be rejoicing in love, and they will have peace of mind as they each follow the Lord according to their own faith. (End of prophecy.)

The Lord Sees Us as Individuals and Takes Us Where We're At!

                159. (Mama:) I love you, Sweetheart! It's so wonderful to receive these beautiful answers! Thank you!--And thank You, Jesus, for giving this marvelous understanding to Dad to pass on to us. We're so, so rich with the most wonderful Heavenly Words--Your seeds of Love and understanding and wisdom that You give us because we're desperate for You. We're wanting You and needing You so much!  There's so, so much wisdom--wisdom from above--that we could never know unless You showed us; so many priceless jewels in what You've given us here!  Thank You Jesus for loving us this much!  Thank You for letting Dad speak to us and explain these marvelous truths!

                160. What a weight You've lifted from all of us!--Your assurance that You don't compare us with each other will completely change things for many people.  We're so bound by comparing ourselves with each other, not only in this but in everything!  It's such torture, this envy and jealousy of others, feeling that they're better or they're doing better or You must love them more.  But now, Lord, how can we compare ourselves with others when You've said that You don't compare us!  What a freedom to know this! It's another confirmation of when You said, "I love you!--Just you!"--That You love us individually for ourselves, and that when You look at us, You just see us, no one else!  No one else even enters the picture when You look at us and our love for You!

                161. Thank You so much, Lord, for revealing these wonderful things to us! Thank You for leading us along step by step.  Thank You for seeing each one of us as individuals and taking us where we're at and not expecting more from any one of us than we're able to give or do. That's such a sign of Your great Love for us, that You have so much understanding and patience with us!  Your unlimited Love just makes me love You more and more, Jesus, and makes me want to love You in return!

                162. The Lord and Dad say this more verbalized, more passionate way of loving Him now is a great honor and a great privilege that the Lord has only given to us, the children of David!  He loves us so much and cares so much for us that He is allowing us this precious way of getting very close to Him and very intimate with Him, the great God of all creation, the One Whose glory is high above the Heavens, the One Who sits on His throne reigning above all!  Just think, He loves you and He loves me so much that He puts aside all that and takes on the role of a human man, in a sense, in order to relate to us and be able to show us what beautiful love He has for us in terms and ways we can understand.

                163. He asks us to play a role for Him, but look at the role our great God and Savior, our King, our Creator plays for us!--To humble Himself before us, to strip bare before us, to offer Himself to us in intimate fellowship; to not mind taking us, His Bride, as nothing as we are, into His bed and into His arms and into His heart!  Dad says that the Lord is offering Himself to us like this and showing us how to respond to Him because He loves us so much and wants us to be close to Him, because He knows it will make us happy and will enable us to have all that we need for the days to come! We may have thought we were doing pretty good and getting by all right in our relationship with the Lord, but He says it is not going to be enough for the future, and we need more!--We need a more intimate relationship with Him and to see Him as the Lover that He is!

                164. That's why the Enemy is fighting some people so hard, trying to make it into a burden instead of a blessing, into a bondage instead of the glorious freedom that it is meant to give, through humility and yieldedness.  The Enemy knows just how powerful it is!  The Lord calls it a "secret weapon," so powerful in our fight against the Enemy! No wonder the Devil is trying everything he can to stop our receiving it!

                165. Dad encourages us just to relax and take it easy!  He says that what's important is that we've made the decision to obey and do what we can!  We're not to worry about what we can't do.  We should all be willing to at least try to say the words, because when we tell Jesus we love Him and we need Him and we want Him, we're doing verbally what we've been doing in Spirit for years now.  When we ask Jesus to fuck us and give us His seeds, we're just expressing in words what we've been doing together all these years!

                166. Once we've made the decision to say the words, everything else is up to us and our own faith, and is a private matter between us and Him.  Dad says that the Lord won't require any more of us than we can give, and He'll be happy with us and proud of us for giving whatever we can!  For some of you who can only say the words, He says He understands. In fact, what you can do in saying the words may bring you just as much blessing and anointing as someone else who can go further in masturbation or loving Him with someone else.

                167. The Lord looks at how far you've come, not how far you have yet to go!  Instead of comparing you with each other, He looks at what you do with what you have. He weighs up all the factors and He balances it all out accordingly. He knows it may take you much greater faith than others to just say the words. But because you have shown such great faith in taking this one step, He can bless you as much as He can bless someone else who has not had to exercise so much faith, but who has been able to go further without putting forth so much faith.

                168. His expectations are different for each of us. His standard is different for each of us. He treats each of us individually and takes us where we're at.  He doesn't compare us with anyone else. This isn't a competition or a contest where everyone is lined up at the starting gate and judged (or rewarded) by how quickly they run along exactly the same course.  The Lord knows what He can expect of you, and He's not judging you by what He can expect of someone else. He only expects you to do what you're able to do, according to your circumstances and your needs, your background, your experience, your maturity or age in the Spirit.

                169. This should be a great lesson for all of us! But this is just one illustration of how the Lord takes each person where they are at and doesn't compare!  This, in fact, is how He treats us in every aspect of our lives, and this is how He wants us to act toward others!  This is how He wants us to see them. This is the same kind of understanding and compassion that He wants us to have for them!

                170. Dad cautions us that we have to be extremely careful not to think that those who are doing more are any more righteous! Being able to love Him in this way is a gift.  For some it's just as much of a gift to be able to say the words to Him as it is for others to be able to have the added blessing of masturbation or loving Him with someone else.  If you only say the words, these can draw you just as close to Him as someone else who can do more.  It's according to your faith and your desire, and you must decide what will bring you closest to Him.  Some of you who can't do more than say the words right now may want to do more in the future when you feel more comfortable about it.  As we draw closer to the Lord in whatever way we have faith for, we grow and we mature and we gain more faith!

                171. So Dad's main advice and what the Lord is saying through him is that, number one, He doesn't compare, so neither should you; and number two, don't get under bondage and feel this is a burden.  I encourage you to go back and study prayerfully and read carefully all the beautiful things that Dad is saying in this prophecy.  They're so clear and simple, and if you'll study them as you have always studied Dad's Letters, you will continue to feel the power in those Words of David, and they will change you and free you.  I'm not going to repeat every point that Dad brought out, because you can read and study it for yourself, and the Lord can bring those Words to life in your own heart.

Enjoy Yourself!--Don't Try So Hard!

                172. One last thing I want to comment on, however, is where Dad says, "It's not a matter of works, it's not of self-effort.  You can't get under bondage thinking that this masturbation and loving Jesus is a work of the flesh and you've got to do it so many times a week, and if you haven't done it for three days, well, maybe you're failing the Lord, and so you feel pressured. That's not where it's at!  It's not self-effort, it's not works. He's not going to expect any more of you than you're willing or able to give. This yoke should be easy."

                173. This is a very, very important point, and I found how important it was through experience!  I was doing fine with saying the words to Jesus and I was masturbating quite frequently too, which for me is something that I've rarely done in the past, not only because I've usually had a partner to have sex with, but because masturbation takes a lot of effort for me.  Anyway, Peter was gone for two months and I wanted to do everything I could to love Jesus in the way He wished. So not only was I saying the words to Him, but I was masturbating too.  However, most of the time I was doing it just because I thought that's what I was supposed to do, and not because I was feeling horny or really would have preferred it myself.

                174. It started to get to the point where I was having a battle about doing it, because I knew it took a lot of time and I was wondering what benefits it was actually bringing about.  I got a little discouraged, wondering what good this was all doing.  I didn't seem to be having a real "connection" with the Lord, and I wondered what was wrong.  So I asked dear Gabe to pray for me and ask the Lord to speak in prophecy. I was surprised at what He told me, because I hadn't realized what I was doing.  I thought you would like to hear this comforting counsel that He gave, and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!  He said to Gabe:

                175. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Oh, Son, just tell her she's trying too hard! I never was good enough. Mother Eve had me convinced that I was never a very good Christian; I didn't pray enough, wasn't close enough to the Lord, I was too fleshly and too physical, wanted too much sex.  I never got down on my hands and knees enough like she did, never got desperate like she did. She had me convinced that I was good for nothing!

                176. I was just such a believer in grace versus works, and faith versus doing it in the arm of the flesh. And if we as a Family have represented anything, we've not only preached faith and grace and mercy and love, but we have also lived it to the ultimate!  So, Son, just tell Mama not to try so hard, but to enjoy herself, enjoy loving the Lord, and not to feel that she has to work for it or deserve it or earn it, but simply yield and obey!  She has the Lord's blessings, and He's with her and helping her and anointing her and giving her everything she needs!

                177. Sometimes it is a fight, and sometimes the Enemy tries to distract, but the Lord's allowing her to go through these things to know what the Family feels, to know how the Family feels, to know what a fight it is, and how bad they feel, and how discouraged they can feel, and how I felt until I just let go and quit trying so hard in my own flesh and my own arm, thinking I had to be good for the Lord. Good night, how many times have I said you can never be too bad for Jesus!

                178. Ah, thank God for His Love and salvation and forgiveness and mercy!  Oh, you can't even comprehend it, can't even understand it! So that's my advice, be Lord-letters and don't try so hard! The Family will be encouraged that even Mama has to go through the same battles that they go through. Of course she has to, so she can understand the way they feel and she can relate, so she can pass on lessons that she learns and how she overcomes the battles and gets over these humps.

                179. So if I can give you any advice, all I can say is quit trying so hard! Love never fails!  If the Family is anything, it's built on faith and grace and love and just doing your best for the Lord and being happy in your service for Him. He just wants you to be happy, to enjoy yourself and not to worry if you fall short. Good night! I fell short so often! You know, Honey, how I almost felt like giving up so many times because I was so bad! But thank God, you can never be too bad for Jesus, only too good! And we don't want our Family to be too good.

                180. The Lord loves sinners, He is nigh unto them that be of a broken heart and such as be of a contrite spirit. So we're all a bunch of sinning saints, saved only by His grace. Thank God for His grace, and that's what I've always preached, and that's what I believe, and that's what I lived!--Salvation only through Jesus and not through the work of the flesh, and not through the saving of the right arm, but simply loving Him and even letting Him do it through you, asking for His help, and loving Him.

                181. So, Honey, keep enjoying yourself! Don't try too hard! You're doing just fine, and I'm proud of you! And don't worry, I'm right here with you! I love you, Sweetheart! (End of prophecy.)

                182. (Mama:) I love you, too, Sweetheart!  Family, wasn't that tremendous counsel from Dad? See how liberating it was?  But I was so dense it took me quite awhile to even understand what Dad was talking about when he said, "Don't try so hard." I hadn't even realized that I was trying too hard!  But I kept pondering that sentence, "Don't try so hard," and praying about it.  Then a couple of days later while I was loving Jesus by telling Him I wanted Him and I needed Him and I desired Him and I wanted Him to fuck me and that I wanted to become one with Him, I began to really feel like I wanted Him!  I felt excited by Him and I wanted to have Him make me go as I masturbated!

                183. Later I reflected upon these two different occasions, upon the one occasion where the act of masturbation had seemed like such a burden, and the other where it had been very pleasurable and I had really desired it; and I realized what the Lord was trying to show me.--That the masturbation isn't supposed to be a burden! You're not supposed to have to do it as a duty, but instead it's supposed to be something that makes you happy and makes you feel His Love and helps you to love Him; it's something you want, something that you're ready and open for!

                184. In fact, I think I'm finally getting the point--that it's a gift! It's something that helps to draw us closer to Him.  It's something that we do if we want to and if we feel like it.  Well, of course initially it was a little difficult, but the Lord laid it on my heart that this is what He wanted me to do.  At first it had to be very much by faith and just doing it because I knew that was what He was speaking to me about.  So initially I had to just go ahead out of duty, knowing that's what He wanted for me.  But after those initial battles, as Dad talks about in the first prophecy above, then it should be just according to our faith and our desire.

                185. It should be a loving gesture, something we really want to do; not that we do this because we feel bound and that the Lord is going to be displeased if we don't!  When I finally came to this realization through this wonderful Word that Dad was giving us, it was very liberating! Now I am not masturbating just because I think I should, but rather because I want to!--And whenever I feel like it!

                186. In fact, you want to know something? Right now, right here in the middle of this dictation I just stopped because I felt so much love for Jesus welling up within me and I just felt like I really, really wanted to love Him in a special way, and I started to feel quite sexy! So I stopped everything and just had a little love-up time with Jesus, which was so nice!--So much different than doing it just because I felt the Lord was requiring it of me! I know that it means so much more to Him when He knows that I'm doing it just because I want Him and I feel love for Him. I feel so much better too when I don't feel that it's a requirement or that I'm bound to do it, but instead that I can just enjoy Him and enjoy His fellowship whenever I wish.

                187. I hope, dear Family, that it encourages you that I go through many of the same things you do!  I also hope that it greatly encourages you that I get victories, and that you can get them too.  You can see that I'm still learning too.  It's so wonderful to be able to go to the Word to get the faith to relax and just let Him take care of everything. What a relief!  It's so liberating just to relax and not be on such a works trip.  Like Dad used to say, "If it come, it come! If it don't come, it don't come!"  All of you can apply this to your own situations.  If you're turned off by the idea of masturbating, then don't masturbate; just say the words.  And even if you can't say the words yet, don't despair! Yes, the words are necessary in order to participate in this more intimate way of loving Him, but the Lord will give you time.

                188. Study the Word and let your faith be increased through it, and eventually it will come! Just because something is necessary doesn't mean you have to do it right this minute. Just be patient, relax, keep enjoying the Lord's Love, keep reading and studying this Word that He has given, and eventually your faith will grow!

                189. The Lord's not going to condemn you or criticize you for going slow. Dad says that it doesn't matter how fast you go, as long as you're going, because you'll all reach the goal in the end as long as you keep going and having faith. Let's just all take it easy, okay?--And try to understand that it's the Devil that's trying to get us under this bondage and this condemnation for whatever!  It's the Lord who loves us and is trying to shower His Love abundantly upon us and make it easy for us to draw closer to Him, because He loves us, because He knows we love Him, because He wants us to be happy and He knows that drawing closer to Him will make us happy--and that's the goal!

                190. Dad says that the goal is not to be masturbating all the time or loving Jesus with someone else, the goal is to be loving Jesus, drawing nigh to Him so He can draw nigh to you!--Through words, through masturbation, through sex with someone else, through raising your arms, through singing to Him, through speaking in tongues, through reading His Word, through hearing from Him in prophecy. All these things work together to draw you closer to the Lord.

                191. I can't help but repeat the beautiful thought that Dad leaves us with:  "All the children of David who receive these Words of Truth will eventually grow in power and anointing and strength, and they will discover that this revelation is a great, great gift of God, a wonderful, wonderful gift of love!"

                192. I love you very much, dear ones, and am so thankful for your yieldedness and willingness to receive the Lord's New Wine!  Keep trusting Him and you will see His promises fulfilled in you and your loved ones, and you'll be so glad you once again said "yes" to Jesus, your Husband, Lover and wonderful Savior!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family