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LOVING JESUS!--Part 6 for Junior Teens--By Maria           DO 3032Jnr      12/95

For Junior Teens           Maria #313Jnr

            1. So far in this series we've dealt quite specifically with saying words of love to the Lord, and with the possibility of masturbating while doing so. In paragraph 140 of "Loving Jesus!--Part 5," Dad said: "Each person must go according to his own faith. The Lord will reward each person according to how they follow Him, according to the leadings He puts in their heart, according to the way He speaks to their heart, and according to the way they feel led by Him as an individual."

            2. In the next prophecy, the Lord gives more counsel on our personal relationship with Jesus, and the fruit that a close and loving relationship with Him will bring. The Lord gave this prophecy right after Peter and I had made love, which is why it starts out the way it does.

Married to Jesus!

            3. (Prophecy:) So do I love you and so do I fill you with the seeds of My Words. So do I wish to fill all My children with the seeds of My Words. For lo, I pour forth My Spirit upon all My children, and I pour forth My Love upon all of My children, if they will just receive by faith and believe that I am able to do these things unto them. So deep is My Love for My children, for those that love Me and those that obey Me and those that serve Me and have given their lives for Me.

            4. I have given My life for them, and they do give their lives for Me, for they lay down their lives day by day by day in service unto Me, in obedience unto Me, and in yieldedness unto Me. And I wish to reward them with the lovemaking of My Spirit that they may feel a touch of My Love in this way, that they may be empowered by the Spirit of My Love and the strength of My Love.

            5. For there are many places that we shall go, My Bride and I. For I am as a rich man who can go here and there and not worry about the cost, and who can treat his love, his bride to anything that she needs and wants. I know that My Bride loves Me, and so do I love her, and so will I pour forth My Love in abundance upon her, and so shall she receive of My Love.

            6. What do I ask in return? Simply that she love Me and that she obey Me and that she serve Me and that she yield unto Me. In the doing of these things there is great reward, for in the doing of these things you prove your love for Me. I will pour forth My Love upon you in great abundance and in great power, and you shall see My Love manifested in a greater anointing upon My children, and a greater supply of your needs.

            7. For if you give love unto Me, and if you remain faithful in your obedience of preaching My Word, so will I pour forth unto you in great supply to fill your great needs.--That your children shall have what they need, and that your young people shall have what they need, and that your older people will have what they need. For you are all My Bride and I will pour forth in great abundance. For you shall no longer be the beggar woman, but you shall be the Queen, for you have bestowed great love unto your King, unto your Lover, unto your Husband.

            8. Therefore, love Me and honor Me with the praise of your lips, and lay yourself down before Me inviting Me to come, and, lo, I will fill you. I will fill you with inspiration. I will fill you with seeds. I will fill you with words. I will fill you with love. I will fill you with supply. I will fill you with renewed strength. (End of prophecy.)

            9. (Mama:) Isn't this beautiful? The Lord says that His Love for us is so deep and that He is rewarding us with His lovemaking because we lay down our lives day by day in service, obedience and yieldedness. What a precious reward right here on Earth, a special touch and empowerment of His Love.

            10. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord gives so many word pictures? This time He likens Himself to a rich man who can give his bride anything she wants, as He promises to give His Love in abundance. To receive of Him, He simply states that we must love, yield to, obey and serve Him. Since He just got finished saying that we already do yield, obey and serve Him, all there is to add is loving Him in the way He has told us to, in order to receive the blessings He is promising.

            11. He goes on to say that, besides the things mentioned above, if we also continue to preach His Word, He will pour out great supply, so that everyone's needs are met--our children, our young people and our adults. From the sounds of it, He is talking about our physical and financial needs. He also lists a number of spiritual blessings that He will fill us with: inspiration, seeds, words, love and renewed strength. All this because we love Him, our King and Lover, the way He wants us to.

            12. I am so proud of you for your willingness to receive all the Lord has said throughout this series of GNs. It has been some very "strong meat," yet you have taken it by faith. There are a few more prophecies that I want to share which I believe will encourage you and will help you understand more about this precious gift of love the Lord has given to us, His Bride.

Strong Meat Belongs to Them that Are of Full Age!

            13. The Lord has given many spiritual gifts to Christians throughout the ages, gifts of healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues, etc. Many of the charismatic or Spirit-filled churches that I've heard about recently have various manifestations of the Spirit. Besides speaking in tongues, some are "slain in the Spirit," others have "holy laughter" and other such manifestations. In the following prophecy the Lord explains a bit about these particular manifestations and the special gift He is giving us.

            14. (Prophecy:) For verily I give unto My children the gifts that they need, that they deserve and that they want, those gifts that help them to grow in their spiritual lives. I give them gifts that they can receive, and I base these gifts on their maturity in Spirit and what I know they will do with them. For unto some I give this holy laughter, and unto others other manifestations of the Spirit, being slain in the Spirit, running and jumping and leaping for joy, tongues and other gifts.

            15. But unto you I am giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of love, the gift of love that you can love Me as a lover, as I desire to be loved. For you will not use this gift as a vain show and only for fun and only for the edification of yourselves, but you will use this gift to bear Me children. As a wife receives the gift of orgasms in lovemaking, but also produces fruit from their lovemaking, so shall you from My lovemaking with you.

            16. And they (the churches) who receive these gifts from Me, they use them, and it edifies their spirit and helps them to feel a touch of the Heavenlies, of things that they can see and feel and touch in the Spirit so that they can have a measure of understanding of the things Above.--Even as I am giving unto you this special gift of love that you too can feel and hear and see things from Above.

            17. But the things that I am showing you are the deep things from Above, and these are the gifts that will bring you into a deeper relationship with Me, into a deeper love with Me, and into a deeper understanding of My Truth. For, yea, these are the deep things of God.

            18. They are all manifestations of My Spirit, for I give unto all My children those good gifts--gifts that edify them, gifts that make them feel love, gifts that are a tangible proof of My existence, My Love for My children. Yea, these are as children and they play with the toys that I give them and the manifestations of My Love that I pour upon them, and they joy in them and it makes them feel loved by Me.

            19. But because your David sought the deeper things and was willing to pour forth by faith the truths that I gave him, and you were willing to put these things into action--the love of God, the FFing, the witnessing, the living together, the loving together, the sacrificial spirit--you have proven to Me over the years your love and your desire for the deeper things. So now I give unto you a new and deeper love for Me.

            20. Rejoice and be exceeding glad in the gifts that I have given unto you, in this, My precious gift of love! For it is more than just these small gifts that I have given unto others. For you are My Bride, you are My lovers. I do love these others with a sincere and deep love, but they do not know how to return that sincere and deep love unto Me. They do love Me and they are happy in their loving unto Me, and I am happy with their loving, for this is all they know and this is all they can understand.

            21. But you understand Me better because of the Words of David and the depth of his Words and the width of his Words and the breadth of his Words. For I have revealed unto My David secrets that I have revealed unto no one else. And they are there, there in My Words, and I will continue to open them up unto you that you can know the deeper things of God. For you have let Me into the deepness of your caverns and I will fill you there with My golden seeds of love. (End of prophecy.)

            22. (Mama:) Can you imagine? The Lord says that He is giving us the greatest gift of all, the gift of loving Him as a lover, as He desires to be loved. And do you see why He's giving it to us?--Because Dad sought the deeper things of God and was willing to pour forth the truths that the Lord gave him, and because all of us, the Family, were willing to put them in to action. Praise the Lord! The wonderful fruits of obedience, faithfulness and yieldedness!

            23. The Lord says He has a very deep love for those in the churches as well, and that they do sincerely love Him, so He gives them spiritual manifestations, thus allowing them to be touched with things from Above. That's so precious, isn't it? He says that these gifts edify them, give them a tangible proof of the Lord's existence and make them feel loved.

            24. One of the major things the Lord brought out was that we understand Him better because of the Words of David. The churches may have more money, more members, more acceptance, and may offer an "easier" religion, but we have a better understanding of God, of Jesus and of His will, due to Dad and all he has poured into us. Isn't that wonderful? Doesn't that make you thankful to be part of the Family?

            25. In some of the prophecies in this series the Lord indicated that the churches would scoff at us and say that we aren't wives but prostitutes, but the Lord said we would be queens unto Him. I'm sure that as news of this gift the Lord has given us gets out, we will be mocked and thought of as crazy, nasty, sinful, sacrilegious, blasphemous, etc. But remember, Jesus Himself was called similar things. He was willing to be made of no reputation, to be humble (Phil.2:7-8).

            26. I'm sure that when the Lord told Isaiah to walk around naked or Ezekiel to eat dung sandwiches or Hosea to marry a whore, they all had a few battles about it. We know that Ezekiel did because the Lord first told him to use human dung, but Ezekiel couldn't handle it, so the Lord let him use cow dung instead. (Eze.4:9-15). But in spite of their battles, they obeyed anyway and they fulfilled God's will. I don't suppose that now, in Heaven, they feel too bad about having obeyed and pleased God. I'm sure the Lord greatly honored and rewarded them.

            27. If people mock you, tell them you're thankful that you don't have to walk on hot coals or lie on beds of nails, or be celibate, or live in a cloister and not talk to anyone for the rest of your lives. You don't have to shave your head or wear funny clothes. You don't have to refrain from dancing. You don't have to sit in front of a picture of Dad or me and chant the same thing over and over again for hours, or drink the urine or bath water of your leadership, or any of the other torturous, odd or even repulsive things that many other religions have to do! Actually, most religions have something within them that seems a bit odd to others who are not of that faith, so for us to participate in spiritual sex with Jesus isn't really so odd after all!

            28. Though it sounds like the churches will ridicule us, in the next prophecy the Lord says that some individual Christians will believe it and will benefit from it. The Lord indicates that no other group will receive this gift, but some individuals will. The Lord also adds more reasons why He's giving this precious gift of love.

            29. This prophecy was received as Peter and I were loving up together and praying and speaking in tongues. The first part was a little song that came in tongues, verse by verse, followed by the words in English.

Dropping the Veil!

            30. (Prophecy:) Oh, for the precious love, precious love, precious love,

Oh, for the precious love,

            for our dear Lord!

Oh, for the precious love,

            precious love, precious love,

Oh, for the precious love of our dear Lord!

So sing our song of love, song of love,

            song of love,

So we'll sing our song of love,

            for our dear Lord!

So we'll sing our song of praise,

            song of praise, song of praise.

So we'll sing our song of praise,

            to our dear Lord!

So we'll sing our song of love,

            song of love, song of love.

So we'll sing our song of love,

            to our dear Lord!

            31. And so sing the songs of praise and songs of love and songs of rejoicing that you sing in your heart as you love Me! It is a joy unto My ears to hear your song, to hear your singing, to feel your love and your desire for Me. And so is My love great for you, My children.

            32. And does not this bring great joy unto you? Lo, I say unto you it will bring great joy unto My children and they shall rejoice greatly in that they can learn to love Me and to be with Me and to sing unto Me and to praise Me and love Me. For so shall they rejoice!

            33. I will give them grace and power and understanding. For they do seek to be closer to Me, to draw nigh unto Me that I may draw nigh unto them. And they have found it not, for I have concealed this from them. But now I reveal it unto them that they may find new power and new love and new strength for the task that is at hand. For as the Evil One strengthens his forces, so do I strengthen Mine!

            34. But who will listen? Who will receive this new power? Yea, I say unto you, only the children of David! For there are none other that are open and ready and willing to receive these seeds of life and this Truth! So I reveal it unto you, for I shall give you great strength and great power.

            35. As you preach this message and share this news, some others will listen and understand and will know and will learn and will grow and be strengthened because of it. But they are few, few in number.

            36. As the darkness comes, I will empower them too, but not with the great power that I will give unto the children of David for their obedience, but mostly for their love unto Me that they will show, and yea, they have shown. For the children of David have proven themselves faithful and loyal unto Me and willing to sacrifice and to die daily for Me, that I can pour forth upon them in great abundance this great measure of power and love that I have for them, that they may use it greatly in the times to come.

            37. So rejoice! Rejoice, I say, rejoice in this wonderful gift that I give unto you! A wonderful gift! A gift that I have given unto you!

            38. I am revealing this unto you alone and I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant. For the time was not then, but the time is now, for we enter into the dark days, the days coming when there shall be gross darkness upon the people and upon the Earth. But you shall be a gleaming light, a light of love!--A light of strength and power and of My Words. As the darkness grows, the light shall shine brighter, yea, brighter I say!

            39. There will be those who will listen unto you that are not of you, and they will have faith and it will draw them closer unto Me. But because of the great obedience of the children of David, and their great love for Me, and their great sacrifice, and their years, yea, years of faithfulness, so will I pour forth upon them in greater measure!--Greater than I have ever poured forth upon this Earth and upon My children in any times past. For now is the time that the power is needed and the strength is needed and the light is needed.

            40. And as My children learn to love Me, to draw upon My strength, to put Me first, to call unto Me and to desire Me, so shall I pour forth unto them in great abundance all that they need, for I shall care for them as a king cares for his bride, his queen. I will pour forth great love and great anointing and great provision and great protection, for you shall need all of these things. And you shall know that you are the delight of your King and your Savior and your Lover and your Strength. And for this delight that you bestow upon Me, so shall I delight to give you all the desires of your heart, all the power that you need and all the strength that you seek.

            41. I will bestow much, much love upon you for your humility, for your willingness and your yieldedness, for your faith and for your love, for I know that you truly love Me, and I am well pleased in you.

            42. So sing a song! Sing a song of love unto Me! Sing a song of rejoicing! Sing a song of praise! And I will sing a song for you, a song of the showers of My blessing. (End of prophecy.)

            43. (Mama:) The Lord once again brings out His pleasure in our singing and praising and loving Him. He then tells us He will give us grace, power and understanding as we draw closer to Him. We will receive new love and strength for the task at hand. It's so obvious when you look around at the confusion of this world that the Enemy is strengthening his forces, so it's wonderful to know the Lord is strengthening His, isn't it?

            44. The Lord then asks who will listen and who will receive this power. Apparently only we, as a group, will receive, believe and put into practice this special love for Him. Because of it we will receive the blessings of His great strength and power. However, eventually the public will probably hear about this through various sources, and some others, though few, will also apparently receive and believe it, and He will empower them as well, but not as much as us.

            45. The reason the Lord says we will receive the full blessings and power is because of our obedience, our great love for the Lord, our great sacrifices and our years of faithfulness. So if you've ever wondered if it's been worth it for you to "shtick," to be faithful and yielded, there's your answer! It's because of your faithfulness, obedience and yieldedness, your sacrifice and love, that the Lord can bless you to the full. As we enter into the dark days, He will bestow upon us all that we need to carry on and do His will.

            46. As we love Him, He says He will care for us as the King caring for His Bride, His queen, because we will be His delight. Wow! I just can't get over how much the Lord wants to be loved by us. I guess if you desperately wanted love and you finally found someone to love you deeply, the way you wanted to be loved, you would love and cherish them, care for them, provide for them and do all you could for them because of their love for you. That's just what the Lord has been saying about Himself, that He very much wants our loving and that He will bless us abundantly for giving it to Him. I hope you will.

As the Shepherdess Seeks, the Lord Gives the Answers!

            47. Receiving and explaining this series of prophecies, which all together make up the revelation the Lord has given us, has been a monumental job. It has required a great deal of prayer and faith. I wanted to make sure I was getting it right and understanding all the Lord was saying, so I'd come before Him desperately seeking His wisdom. I often had questions that needed answers, and when I did, He was faithful to answer them. Initially I thought He might get fed up with me asking Him so many things, but He never did.

            48. This next prophecy was a real blessing to me, especially as He encouraged me with, "She is My true shepherdess and she leads My sheep in a clear path, in a safe path. Therefore fear not, for I will not lead this one astray." Thank you, dear ones, for your willingness to follow. I love you dearly.

            49. (Prophecy:) Behold this My faithful shepherdess, My queen, My faithful keeper of the Words!--This My flame, My prophetess, My great and precious lover, My wild and passionate bride! Behold how she seeks after righteousness. Behold how she has been faithful and continues to be faithful in that which is least. As she seeks and as she questions and asks, it is My great joy and pleasure to give her the answers, to fill every need, to satisfy every longing, that she might have peace, that she might have blessed assurance that she leads her children aright.

            50. For she is My faithful shepherdess. She overlooks not one detail, and in her great love and her great desire to feed the sheep, she seeks Me at every turn and at every move. This brings Me great joy! For I have promised that she has but to open her mouth and I will fill it; and I will pour forth to this one My Words of Love and My kisses of Love and My caresses of Love, to fill her heart's desire, to give her peace of mind. Then she can say with complete assurance, "This is the way, walk ye in it." For she is My good shepherdess, faithful and wise.

            51. She is My true shepherdess and she leads My sheep in a clear path, in a safe path. Therefore, fear not, for I will not lead this one astray and I will not cause her to stumble. For she seeks Me diligently with her whole heart and does not lean to her own understanding and does not make assumptions, but in humility and desperation she calls out to Me. This is a great thing in My eyes, and because of this, I can bestow upon her these precious truths. I can shine a light upon her that the world has never seen before, because of this faithfulness and this desperation, and because I know that she will faithfully pass these Words on to My children.

            52. What love I bestow upon this, My queen, for her faithfulness, for her love, for her diligence. What a shepherdess! What a lover! What a wife! What an ardent love relationship we have! How precious she is! How I long to take her into My arms! How I treasure the wonderful, passionate love times that we have together! Oh, how she loves Me and desires Me!

            53. This is how I would that all My children would love and desire Me. I would that they too would read My Words and with eagerness would jump to obey, would be happy to obey, would have the same desire and desperation to obey, to please Me, to make Me happy, to fill My need, to show their love, to humble themselves, to reach out to Me, to receive all that I have to give! For, behold, it is a step of faith, yes, but the gift of love that I have to give is so great by comparison! (End of prophecy.)

The Volcano of My Love!

            54. This next prophecy points out how just because I had yielded to Him and loved Him the way He wanted to be loved, it would bring about such a blessing for the whole Family. This prophecy was received after one of the first times Peter and I loved up the Lord together, and though the first part is speaking to me specifically, it applies to all.

            55. (Prophecy:) Do you understand better now? Have you not now felt My Love and the ecstasies of My Love and the power of My Love and the intimacy of My Love? Yet this is only a touch of the Love that I have in store for you, if you will follow Me faithfully day by day, one step at a time, holding My hand and going where I guide and where I lead and where I direct you. For you should have no thoughts but Mine, no desires but Mine, and you should seek only to go where I would lead and not in your own way in anything.

            56. For if you will follow Me hand in hand, footstep by footstep, I will lead you to new heights and new places. I will lead you to new horizons that you have not even dreamed of. For there is so much that I have yet to pour forth unto you and to My children! I will use you as My vessel to pour it forth unto these that seek and hunger, that love Me and want to go where I lead.

            57. For you are the shepherdess, you are the one that I have chosen, and I have poured forth unto you My Love in great measure, in greater measure than I have poured before. For these are the End times, and these must know that you love them, so that they will follow you wherever you go. The place that you go will be the place where I lead you, for you will follow Me closely, because you love Me dearly. I will pour forth My Love upon you in great abundance, yea, great abundance! You will be satisfied and happy, for I will fill you to overflowing.

            58. You shall rejoice in Me, your Lover! You shall rejoice and rejoice in Me, your Husband! You shall rejoice, for the angels of Heaven will be at your beck and call, and they shall come and do the things that I have said unto them that they should do. A host of Heaven encamps about you and rejoices with you, that you have learned this touch of Heaven, that you have learned to love Me in this way. For this has been a mystery, for so few love Me in this way.

            59. But through you, and through your love, and through your words, and through your honesty and openness, many shall love Me in this way. Yea, many, I say many, will love Me in a new way and a greater way and a more fulfilling way. They shall be filled and they, too, shall know the ecstasies of My Love, and the power of My Spirit, and the power that I will pour forth into them through My seeds of Love.

            60. They shall shine brightly with My Love and many shall see them, and they shall be beacons in all the land, beacons of My Love in the time of darkness when the world is so dark. Yet My beacons shall be a shining bright light that many shall see. Many shall come unto them, and they shall be enlightened and they shall be filled with the warmth of the light. And they shall put forth their candles unto the light and they too shall be lightened, and they shall go forth with their light.

            61. And though their light may not be as strong as the beacons of light, yet it shall lighten the hearts of many, and many shall rejoice! But My beacons shall be deep wells of love, and deep wells of light, and deep wells of encouragement, for they shall be filled with Me because they have loved Me and they have lain in the bed of love and they have been empowered by My seeds.

            62. This world shall see a new thing. They shall see the Christians that I have made, the Christians that have the Love of God, the true Love of God, that share My Love and that give My Love unto one another. And by this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another, and if you have love for Me. For how can you love one another unless you love Me above all? For it is My Love that I will pour forth unto you for one another. It is My Love that will cause you to have great communication with one another. For it is Me.

            63. It is My Love that will do this thing in this new day, and people shall see it and shall rejoice! They shall see that you are unlearned and ignorant men, but they will know that you love Me. For you shall glow! Your eyes shall be enlightened. Your hands shall hold the Elixir of My Love to heal their broken hearts.

            64. And all of this shall spring forth from this one who loves Me. For this is a great thing and a great mystery that I show unto her, how I want My people to love Me. All because she said yes, and all because she laid down in the bed of love and said, "Come, come unto me, my Love! Come unto me, for I want You! I need You and I love You!"

            65. From this seemingly small thing, in love for Me, I shall bring forth love in tremendous proportion which shall burst forth abundantly upon the face of the Earth! As a volcano that is just an ugly mountain until it explodes from the heart of the Earth, so shall My Love explode from this one, from these words of Love, these caresses of Love, this lovemaking that she has done with Me. So shall the volcano of My Love explode into all the world! So shall the heat of the volcano and the globs of heat that shall fall everywhere enlighten the land. My children shall rejoice in a new day and rejoice in the love that I have given unto them through My sweet queen, through her love for Me and through My love for her. (End of prophecy.)

            66. (Mama:) These are great, great promises that our natural minds cannot even comprehend right now. It boggles my mind to think that things of such great proportion could come out of this little step of obedience, this act of trying to love Jesus in this closer way. I don't understand how doing this thing that He told me to do could have such worldwide repercussions, like a volcano of love pouring out everywhere, but because He said it, I believe it.

            67. In this last prophecy we are able to see more vividly than ever the ultimate purpose for this whole Loving Jesus revelation. If you have been reading through this series thinking that all of this love-up with Jesus was nice for some people, but you felt just fine, and you didn't need any more "blessings," and that you were just doing great without them, well, now you know! The blessings are not just for you alone! While they are very much for you personally, their effects go far beyond you!

            68. The personal benefits are very great: To make you happy and to make you feel loved and to draw you closer to Jesus and to give you strength and anointing and power and to prepare you for the days ahead! But don't you see that by giving you all these blessings, He is making you into His beacon of light that will shine on many others to enlighten their darkness and to help them to find the Truth? He is not only making you happy, but He is making others happy at the same time!

            69. Everything the Lord does for us--all the love He showers upon us, all the happiness He gives us, all the blessings He bestows upon us, and all the supply He provides--these things are not only a sign of His Love for us, to make us happy, but are for the purpose of our sharing that love and happiness with others, especially the lost and dying world, His hungry, needy, starving sheep!

            70. The Lord is very efficient in what He does, and He gets everything possible out of a situation. True, He wants us to be happy, and He wants to shower us with many gifts! He loves us so much, that even if there weren't any lost souls in the world to reach, He would still be total Love to us and heap the richest of blessings upon us. But because there are lost souls and because He wants us to reach them so they can know His Love, as we have known His Love, He can use the fact that we are happy and satisfied "customers" to be a powerful testimony of His light and Love.

            71. Maybe if you are still having battles over this whole thing, it will make it easier for you to know that in learning to love Jesus this way and in letting Him love you more deeply and more intimately, you will be a much more powerful and more effective witness. That doesn't mean you should go out and tell everybody you witness to that they too can love Jesus like this!--I don't think it would go over very well! Ha! This is your private, intimate relationship with Jesus that doesn't need to be noised abroad. However, from what the Lord says, He is going to empower you and anoint you through this new relationship with Him, to shine more brightly than ever with His Love and to have a greater impact and influence on the needy world than ever before!

            72. Someone once told me, "Even though accepting FFing and having my wife practice it was difficult, I was able to take it because I knew that it was something that was winning souls!" Well, now you know that you can say the same about this!: The Lord has promised that this new, more intimate relationship with Him will result in many souls, because of the love they will see in you! In addition, you will reap many personal benefits from it, and be showered with great blessings, as a result. What a way to go!

            73. So if you have been wondering why there's all this big fuss and what's the whole purpose for this, when you would just as soon have kept things the way they were, now you know! The ultimate and probably the greatest reason for your lying in the bed of love with Jesus and being filled with His Love and being empowered by His seeds is so you can have love to pour forth upon each other and upon the world. He says, "How can you love one another unless you love Me above all?" So your getting filled up with Jesus' Love will result in it overflowing on others so that they can receive Him into their heart to live and love with Him eternally.

            74. What better reason could there be?--And how could there be anything more important to sacrifice for? What a thrilling, exciting, wonderful way to get the job done! It's like He is giving us priceless treasures and the richest rewards, knowing that it will naturally make us want to reach His lost sheep with the Gospel in a greater way than ever before!

            75. It's like what you do with your children!: You want to make them happy, so you do all you can for them, because you love them! But at the same time, you know that if they feel happy and secure and fulfilled, these attitudes will be conveyed to others and will rub off on them too. They will be better able to interact lovingly with others. They will spend less time thinking about themselves, and more time trying to do what is good for others. They will have fewer problems. It's not that your main purpose in making them happy and showing them love is to help make others happy, but this is one of the results. It is a natural outgrowth, and one which is extremely important!

            76. So as we get filled to overflowing with Jesus' Love, and as we become His beacons of love and light throughout the whole world, Jesus will be happy, we will be happy, and together--we and He--will make His sad sheep happy! Our sample of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment will be a testimony that they can't ignore!--And they will know that we have been with Jesus! All of these rewards, all of these great blessings, all of His Love will spread throughout the world, because His brides are saying "yes" to Him in humility and love!

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Loving Jesus!

            77. Because this Loving Jesus series is long and a bit complex, I felt it would be helpful to present to you some of the most frequently asked questions, with simplified or summarized answers. I pray this will make it easier for you to understand this revelation and put it into practice.

            78. During the time that this series was being finalized, it was read by many members of WS and by the CROs. These dear ones shared their honest reactions, which were very helpful. Along with sharing how this revelation affected them personally, they also brought up various questions which needed to be answered. After hearing their questions, and compiling some questions which others might ask, I was able to make some additions and clarifications in Parts 3 through 6 of this series, which helped to make the presentation clearer.

            79. However, at the time that some of the questions were brought up, the Lord had not yet shown us the answers, so Peter and I, as well as prayer teams from our Home and another WS unit, came before the Lord at various times to hear from Him in prophecy. Peter and I, and the WS prophets, prayed desperately and asked the Lord for additional information and confirmations and answers to the questions that had come up; and each time we'd come to Him in prayer, the Lord would explain more and more and fill in important details.

            80. In this section, along with questions and answers that review and summarize some of the main points of Parts 3 through 6, you will also find questions and answers that provide new or additional information and excerpts from new prophecies that you have not heard before and that you would not want to miss. So please take time to read this part of this GN thoroughly and prayerfully! Thanks!

General Explanation About the Loving Jesus Revelation

            81. QUESTION 1: What is the purpose of this Loving Jesus revelation?

            82. Answer: Some of the main reasons for coming to the Lord in this new, intimate way are:

            1) To love Jesus more. To draw nigh to Him so He can draw nigh to you.

            2) To make Jesus happy, and to supply His need for love, as He says He needs us and desires us as His Bride, His lover. He wishes to be loved in a new, more intimate way. He desires a new relationship with us. He wants us to be in love with Him, like He is with us.

            3) Because He has asked it of us.

            4) To receive the blessings He has promised us if we step out by faith and love Him in this new way.

            5) To be better prepared for the future, for the great battles and struggles in the dark days to come, by having a closer relationship with Jesus.

            6) To bear more fruit by being filled to overflowing with His Love, which will result in our loving our Family more, feeding our sheep and contacts more, following up more, winning more souls, and witnessing more to the needy world.

            7) To be much more powerful and more effective witnesses.

            8) To become Jesus' beacons of love and light for the whole world!

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 50-65, 156-162, 212-215; Part 4, paragraphs 31, 93-96, 101-118; Part 5, paragraphs 78, 149, 160, 187; Part 6, paragraphs 60-65, 73-76.)

            83. QUESTION 2: If I don't believe or want to practice this Loving Jesus revelation, will I not be considered a DO member?

            84. Answer: No. This is not a fundamental Family belief, so you are not required to believe, practice or teach it in order to be a DO member. If you find this too difficult to implement in your spiritual walk with the Lord, you will not be looked down upon or considered a second-class citizen. This is a personal matter that you can freely choose to act upon according to your own faith.

            85. I want to mention, however, that the Lord has promised wonderful benefits and blessings in the lives of those who choose to believe and practice this new intimate way of loving Him. Please seriously consider the promises from the Lord when you're praying about this revelation and deciding how you will personally react to it. The Lord has asked you to love Him in a new way and He has made clear what the blessings will be if you will do so.

            86. We will not require this of you or any Family members by declaring it a fundamental Family belief, but we pray that you will do your best to believe, receive and practice this, at least as far as saying the love words to Jesus, so you will benefit from the wonderful rewards the Lord has promised. Peter and I know these promises are true because we have seen them fulfilled in our lives and in the lives of others, to varying degrees. We wholeheartedly believe this Loving Jesus revelation is of the Lord, and we believe you need this and that it will greatly enrich your personal relationship with the Lord; but we leave the decision with you as to if and when you will personally choose to believe and act upon it.

            87. If you personally decide not to practice this revelation, that is up to you. However, we ask that you please not discourage others from loving the Lord in this way. Please refrain from such things as negative comments, ridicule, voicing your doubts, etc. For you to do so repeatedly would be contravening the Charter. (See page 120 of the Charter, Offences Warranting Excommunication, point H.)

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 12-17; Part 4, paragraphs 65, 94.)

            88. QUESTION 3: How do I know it's really worth all the humbling and having to get used to loving the Lord in this new way? You say there are lots of promises attached to the Lord's requests, but what exactly are they?

            89. Answer: I have gone through Parts 3 through 6 and compiled a list of the wonderful promises from the Lord. I thought it was worth including these to help you better understand what the Lord says will be the fruit of practicing this new revelation. Reading this list is a reminder of what a special privilege it is that the Lord has revealed His secrets unto us.

            © We'll be a strong Family, and you'll be strong, valiant soldiers, well prepared for that which is ahead. Being in love with Jesus will help you through the dark, difficult days to come.

            © You'll enter the Promised Land of the Spirit, where great blessings, great anointing, and great open doors await you.

            © You'll be used in new and greater ways and accomplish more with effortless ease, because the Lord will answer your prayers, needs and desires in an even greater way.

            © You'll receive new strength, new power, new anointing, and the gift of humility.

            © You'll be pulled out of discouragement and disheartenment to do a better job for Jesus, and be happier and more fulfilled.

            © You'll understand this new love, and you'll revel in His ecstasies and be renewed.

            © You'll be humbled, empowered, refreshed, happy, relieved, and you'll fight again with new vigor.

            © You'll love the Lord as never before and have a closer relationship with Him.

            © You'll understand the Lord and His Words better, and be led to a new realm of His Spirit.

            © You'll have physical blessings as well--great supply and abundance, great provision, great protection.

            © You'll be filled to overflowing with His Love, and that Love will flow out to fill the cups of each other and the needs of your friends, sheep and contacts. You'll pour forth the Message to a needy world.

            © This gift of love will make your yokes easier, your burdens lighter, and will fill your hearts with joy.

            © Your lives will change as you grow in Spirit and get more connected to Jesus.

            © As you follow the Lord step by step, He will lead you to new heights and new places, new horizons that you have not even dreamed of.

            © You will become beacons that will shine brightly with the Lord's Love and light throughout the whole world. Many will see and come to you. (More witnessing!) They too will be enlightened and will become fruitful witnesses.

            © You will become a sample to the world of Christians who have the Love of God, and who give that Love to one another.

            © You will have great communication with one another.

            © You will glow, and you will have in your hands the elixir of God's Love to heal broken hearts.

            © The volcano of God's Love will explode into all the world, and enlighten the land!

            © You will be filled with His Love and empowered by His seeds, so you will have more love to pour upon each other and the world.

            90. Wow, that's a pretty impressive list of blessings and benefits! If you've been battling and greatly needing blessings such as those listed above, then this is the answer to your prayers! What the Lord asks of us is so little when compared to all the rewards He has promised us!

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 12-17, 110-118, 136, 143, 148, 152; Part 4, paragraphs 31, 89, 100; Part 5, paragraphs 5-7, 9, 85-89, 107, 134, 136; Part 6, paragraphs 17, 40, 60-65, 67.)

            91. QUESTION 4: Wasn't our previous relationship with Jesus intimate enough? Couldn't we have just read Loving Jesus Parts 1 and 2 and left it at that?

            92. Answer: This is a question you'll have to ask yourselves. I know for myself personally, and Peter feels the same, the answer is no, our previous relationship with the Lord was not intimate enough. He wanted more from us and He wanted to give more to us; and now we're very happy with the renewed, deeper, more intimate relationship we've gained with the Lord by loving Him this way. We may have thought we were doing pretty good and getting by all right in our relationship with the Lord, but He says it is not going to be enough for the future, and we need more!--We need a more intimate relationship with Him and to see Him as the Lover that He is!

            93. Loving Jesus Parts 1 and 2 were very important and they laid the foundation for the subsequent parts of the series, but if we had stopped after Parts 1 and 2 and had not published Parts 3 through 6, then you would have missed most of the revelation, and a great deal of the information from the Lord. In order to find out how to love Jesus more intimately, you had to have the information the Lord gave in the rest of the Loving Jesus series.

            94. QUESTION 5: If this Loving Jesus revelation is so important and such a special blessing from the Lord, why didn't Dad tell us the details about it when he was with us?

            95. Answer: Dad explained in prophecy that he did not tell us about this revelation because the Lord didn't reveal it to him. He could only give us what the Lord gave him. But Dad did give us the concept, the idea of the love relationship between Jesus and His sexy Bride, and now I'm giving you the details. The Lord is building my ministry upon Dad's ministry. We learned about the theory, the concepts and the spiritual principles from Dad, but now the Lord is expanding or amplifying those concepts, and we're learning more about the practical application. Dad said that we didn't need to know the details of this revelation when he was with us, but we need to know them now.

            96. Also, as you read the many specific graphic quotes from Dad's Letters in Part 5 about loving Jesus intimately, you probably were amazed at how much of this truth Dad had already given us through the years, but we just hadn't seen clearly then what it all meant. The Lord explained that that's because He was keeping it a mystery!--Until now! Now He's unfolding the Words of David to us and allowing the "scales" to fall from our eyes. He's doing all this so that in this new day He can pour out His Love and anointing on us in a greater way than ever before!

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 189-200; Part 5, paragraphs 4-12, 25-48.)

            97. QUESTION 6: Weren't we Jesus' Bride all along? The Bible talks about us being the Bride of Christ. In the Letters, Dad often referred to us as the Bride. Even some of the prophecies in these Loving Jesus GNs refer to us as the Bride. But then there are other prophecies that indicate that we are going to become Jesus' Bride, that He's looking for a wife and a bride, that we've had a long engagement, or that we're virgins, but that now He wants to be married to us. Can you please explain this seeming contradiction?

            98. Answer: When Peter and I prayed about this seeming conflict of terms and this varied use of the word "Bride," the Lord said: "Are you a virgin? Or are you married? Or have we been married for years? Or are we just engaged? In the Spirit, in the Spirit, there is no tide nor time. You can be all of these things, for in the Spirit we are not bound by the mind of man."

            99. This means that in the Spirit we can be all these things: a virgin, His soon-to-be Bride, His new Bride, His long-time wife. There is no time in the Spirit, so apparently we can go back and forth between these different relationships with Him, and He can use any one of these terms interchangeably, depending on the point He wants to make in the particular message He's giving to us. Dad said, "There is no past, no present, no future to the Lord! In the spirit world there is no time, it's one great eternal now. In the Spirit, it's like the past, present and future are all one" (Mop 123:21,40,88).

            100. QUESTION 7: We're now supposed to be Jesus' lover, His Bride, but does that mean He is no longer our Friend? Now when I sing the song, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," I wonder if it's really lukewarm; whereas I used to like that song very much.

            101. Answer: Jesus is still our wonderful, caring, ever-present Friend. Just as earthly lovers can fill many different roles--that of mate, companion, lover and friend--so does Jesus. He is many things to us: King, Savior, Lover, Husband and best Friend. So of course you can still sing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and enjoy it as much as ever! I like that song very much and sing it often!

            102. QUESTION 8: When we're loving Jesus in this intimate way, saying love words to Him when having prayer and praise time, or when masturbating, or when having sex with a partner (if we are of age), how will He give us His seed? What is His seed in this case? Does it mean He will give us His Word by way of prophecy while we're loving Him in this way?

            103. Answer: Sometimes the receiving of the Lord's seeds will be manifest through the Words you receive from Him in your heart or in prophecy either during or after your time of loving Him intimately. The Lord sometimes speaks to Peter and me in prophecy after we make love to Him. The same may happen to you. Other times the Lord doesn't speak right then, but Peter said that sometimes he has the distinct impression that the seeds he receives from the Lord during the time of loving Him come to fruition in prophecies that are given later.

            104. But the Lord's seeds are not only His Words. His seeds represent everything He has to give us--His life, love, power, anointing, strength, joy and blessings. He and His seeds are one and the same. When we love Jesus in this intimate way, we aren't just loving His seeds or His Words, we're loving Him. When we are receiving His seeds, we're receiving Him--Jesus! He is the Word, He is the seeds! We can receive the Person, Jesus, and all that He has to offer us by receiving both the seeds of His Word as we read it and the seeds from His intimate lovemaking.

            105. QUESTION 9: I find it very difficult to open up to people, so even though I live with many others, I feel alone. I feel like people don't really understand me. Do you think if I enter into this new love relationship with the Lord that He will help me in this respect?

            106. Answer: As we begin to love Jesus in the way in which He desires, He is going to fill us with more love for one another. He also promises He will cause us to have better communication with each other. What a promise and a real need for us all!--That many walls will be broken down and we can share our heart with each other without fear, knowing that we are understood and accepted unconditionally.

            107. Communing heart to heart with each other is a rich and satisfying experience that is almost non-existent in today's world. But the Lord wants to give us a little touch of Heaven in helping us to open up our hearts and lives to each other through the deep love relationship that we will experience with Him. It reminds me of that little song that we sometimes sing: "Blest be the ties that bind our hearts in Christian love. The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above."

Men Loving Jesus Intimately

            108. QUESTION 10: Are we men in the Family now female in Spirit, and will we be female for eternity?

            109. Answer: No, you men are not always women in the Spirit. You are only women in the Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In this one facet of your spiritual life, your intimate love relationship with the Lord, He wants you to be as a bride with her husband. In other words, He wants you to be a woman in Spirit, loving Him as your Husband. But in the other facets of your spiritual life, He will continue to see you as men--as strong, valiant, manly soldiers for Him, mighty men of David. So you don't need to think that you are now going to be a woman in the Spirit all the time, or that you'll be women when you get to Heaven. This is not a permanent spiritual transformation. This is just one of your many roles and one aspect of your spiritual life.

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 103-118, 131-135, 201-203, 205.)

            110. QUESTION 11: How can men have this intimate, sexy relationship with Jesus and it not be a male-with-male homosexual relationship?

            111. Answer: Because you men become female in Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man. You are making love to Him as His Bride, His spiritual wife. This has nothing to do with a male-to-male relationship. This is not a homosexual relationship. It is a spiritual female, you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the Man, the Bridegroom, and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife.

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 102-110, 131-144.)

            112. QUESTION 12: Does this new Loving Jesus revelation mean that man-with-man homosexual relationships or thoughts are now okay?

            113. Answer: No. The Loving Jesus revelation does not change the Biblical laws, nor our present policy that forbids male-with-male homosexual relationships; and partaking of this intimate lovemaking with Jesus in no way condones homosexual thoughts. As I said previously, this has nothing to do with homosexuality. There is no male-with-male relationship. You must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your intimate, loving relationship with Jesus is not a male-with-male relationship. There is only a woman (you) with her Husband (Jesus)!--Nothing else! The Lord is not asking you men to do anything that He has already told you not to do.

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 137-144.)

            114. QUESTION 13: Why can't men just make love to the Holy Spirit? Dad talked about this in earlier Letters, and it would be much easier for the men.

            115. Answer: The Holy Spirit Herself is calling us all to be Jesus' Bride. She loves Jesus so much that She wants Him to have many Brides. She tells us that Jesus is the picture, manifestation or embodiment of the Love of the Father and the Holy Spirit, and that by loving Him, we are loving Them. The Holy Spirit will still come to us and comfort us and strengthen us, but because Jesus gave His life for us, He purchased our Salvation, and we are His Bride. Being the Husband of the Bride (us) seems to be one of Jesus' roles or portfolios in the Heavenly Teamwork, the Trinity.

            116. The Holy Spirit gently chided us in prophecy, saying that if we can believe that Jesus atoned for our sins, and we can give our lives to serve Him, then why can't we believe that God and the Holy Spirit have called us to love Him as His Bride and to manifest our intimate love for Him in this new, passionate, sexy way.

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 172-179,185-188.)

            117. QUESTION 14: As a man, when I say love words to Jesus, do I have to be able to visualize Him making love to me? Do I have to see it?

            118. Answer: No, you men do not have to see or visualize Jesus making love to you. Some men are able to visualize themselves as a woman, with Jesus, a man, making love to them, which is the way things are in the Spirit. However, if you can't visualize this, don't worry; you don't have to visualize it at all. You can just know in your mind that you are Jesus' wife and He's your Husband.

            (See Part 4, paragraphs 62-63.)

            119. QUESTION 15: Won't this be extremely embarrassing for the men? Won't their loving Jesus in this new way cause the women to be turned off and to look down on them for being "effeminate" or "strange"?

            120. Answer: This may be quite humbling or embarrassing for some of you men in the beginning. The Lord said, "Do you want to know the road to the Promised Land? It's the road of humility, the humble road. March on the humble road. This thing will humble you." But as He promised, the rewards are worth it. He said, "Unto all you men, I say, be not afraid to humble yourselves in My sight. For I love the humble, I love the weak, I love the meek. ... With all this strength and all this power and all this valiantness, you have need of more. You have need of great humility, great meekness and great weakness. So I ask you to lay down the armament of war and to play the role that I have asked you to play, of the meek and the weak, of the woman, of the Bride, of My darling. This humbles you, but it also empowers you. For it is this that will make you the strong soldiers that you need to be for the days ahead." Are you willing to be humbled, so that you can be empowered to be what the Lord wants you to be?

            121. The attitude that the women display will make a very big difference. By being supportive and understanding, a woman can help make it much easier for the man! Please do your best, women, to encourage and support the men in this.

            122. As I said, I'm so proud of Peter when I see him loving Jesus in total abandonment. It's a wonderful picture of yieldedness, surrender and love. I wouldn't want him to be any other way. I think it's beautiful and sexy! Loving Jesus in this way has now become a part of Peter, and I can see the Lord's blessing in his life. I want to do all I can to help him maintain that close, hot, intimate link with the Lord!

            123. On this subject, another woman commented: "I have never felt the least bit turned off by my lover's love words to Jesus when we are in private. It never felt as if he were doing something weird or feminine or bordering on homosexuality. I just look at him and think, `Wow, thank You Jesus for such a humble man who loves You so much, someone so wonderfully yielded and willing to do this for You.' Praise the Lord!"

Saying Love Words to Jesus

            124. QUESTION 16: Should I always say these sexy, intimate, loving words to Jesus when I pray?

            125. Answer: No. There are many different types of prayer, and it would not be appropriate to say love words to Jesus during all of them. There is intercessory prayer, when you're praying desperately for others. There is petitional prayer, when you're asking the Lord to do something or to supply your needs. There is penitent prayer, when you're confessing sin or asking for forgiveness. There is fighting prayer, when you're fighting in the Spirit or battling the Enemy. And there are prayers of praise and adoration. You would say the love words to Jesus mainly during your praise and adoration prayers.

            126. Loving Jesus in this intimate way is a private matter. To wisely judge when to say love words to the Lord, you'd have to consider the occasion, the subject of your prayer, those that are praying with you, etc. Different situations call for different words. Just as lovers wouldn't say sexy and intimate things in public, or in front of children, or when they're in the middle of discussing business, etc., neither would you say sexy love words to Jesus in public prayer or in front of children.

            127. When you're praying for healing, or you're praying against persecution, or you're laying hands on someone to pray against jealousy, or you're praying at morning devotions for the Lord to supply your needs at the market, you wouldn't begin such prayers by saying intimate, sexy love words to Jesus. Also, if there are children or outsiders in your prayer meeting, you would of course refrain from saying love words to Jesus. Coming before the Lord intimately should be reserved for when you're spending time in sweet communion with Him, loving Him, praising Him, reading His Word, communicating with Him in a very personal way.

            128. QUESTION 17: I feel awkward saying real sexy things to Jesus. Can I say other love words that are less graphic or less sexual that I feel more comfortable with?

            129. Answer: Yes, you can. In the prophecy entitled "Words of Love to the Lord" in Part 3, there are examples of words of love and endearment that we can say to the Lord. Some of those include: "I want You and I need You! Come in unto me--let us be one! Let us love! Let us lie in each other's arms. Love me, fill me to the full! Hold me! I love You! I want You! I desire You! Come lie with me! Come fill me! I love Your caresses, I want You in me. I want You, Jesus! Come into me, Jesus! Make me go, Jesus!"

            130. It is very helpful to have specific examples of what Jesus would like to hear from us, His Bride, but you don't have to feel bound to using just those words. Basically you can say anything that a woman might say to a man. If you feel uncomfortable saying the erotic love words, then say something less erotic. You don't have to follow a script, and you're not obligated to say certain words.

            131. All of us are different when it comes to speaking love words to Jesus. There is no set vocabulary, no standard ritual as to what to say to Him. We each relate to Jesus differently in our personal love relationship with Him, so you should feel free to choose the words of wooing, endearment and excitement that you feel will adequately express your love and desire for Him. This is not a competition to see who can say the most graphic, sexy, erotic things to Him. If certain love words are a distraction to you, then find other words that you like better.

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 69-83.)

            132. QUESTION 18: I'm very self-conscious about saying love words to Jesus. Do I have to do that? Will I be missing the mark if I don't? (This question was originally asked by a married person in regards to saying love words to Jesus with their mate, but the answer applies to all.)

            133. Answer: Peter and I desperately prayed, asking the Lord to please clarify this. His answer was tremendous! Speaking to Peter and me, He said: "Have I not said that these are the days of choices? For I am showing My children in these days that which I wish, that which I want, and wherein lie My blessings--for I am showing them My will. I am showing them where My blessings reside and where they can be reached; then I am making them make the choice as to how close to Me they will follow.

            134. "Your job is to tell them the truth. Your job is to show them the blessings that are there, to deliver unto them My Words. You are the presenters, you present My will. They are the choosers, they choose how much of those blessings they wish to receive, by choosing how closely they wish to follow. No longer is it someone else saying unto them, `You're not following closely, you are not obeying this, you are not doing that.' For now they themselves make these decisions, and it is I that judge them and reward them accordingly.

            135. "So present to them that which I wish for them to do, but then let them make their own choices. They will see in time, and they will learn that I bless those that follow closely. For they are growing and they are maturing, and they must learn these lessons, that he that follows closest is most blessed, and he that follows afar off struggles more and cannot receive the full abundance of the blessings that I would give unto him.

            136. "So make it clear that which is My will for them to do. Let them choose, so that they do the things that they do, not because you said they must do them, but because they have chosen to do them, and they are fully set in their hearts to do these things by their own choice, by their own desire, and out of their decision to obey, because they want to be close to Me, they want to please Me.

            137. "So be faithful presenters, that the choosers may choose and then make their decisions according to their faith, according to their desire to please Me, according to their desire to yield and obey, that they may be blessed and rewarded accordingly. For it is in learning these things, it is in learning to make the right choices, it is in the learning to follow Me closely that they will be strengthened for the days ahead. Forced obedience is no obedience, but true obedience comes from the acceptance and the willingness to obey from the heart, from the decisions made in the mind and heart of man."

            138. The Lord wouldn't have given this revelation if He didn't want us to apply it in our lives. He has made it clear that He's hoping we will love Him the way He's asking us to, and that if we do, there are many blessings awaiting us. When giving this revelation, the Lord has given the full story, He's told us what He wants us to do. However, He is not demanding it, He's not forcing it. He wants you to choose how much you want to participate. The choice is completely yours.

            139. It's up to you to prayerfully consider the choice the Lord is presenting to you, and the wonderful promises He has given for those who will humble themselves to love Him in this way. When you see all that the Lord has in store for you, it seems that it's well worth the effort you'd have to put forth, or the humbling you'd experience, to make this change and step out by faith to do what He's asked of you.

            140. QUESTION 19: What is the difference between the love words you would say to Jesus in private and those you would say publicly?

            141. Answer: There is a big difference! When you're alone with Jesus, you can be much more intimate in your love words to Jesus, you can say words that are sexually graphic. Only when you're in private would you say very sexy things like, "Jesus, I want to have You inside me, I want You to make me go," etc. You should reserve the graphic words for when you're in private with Jesus in the bed of love.

            142. When you're in public, such as during prayer and praise meetings or before reading the Word unitedly as a Home, your words of love to Jesus should be toned way down so as to be appropriate for children and/or outsiders. The Lord explained in prophecy that when you're preparing to read the Word together, you can prepare your hearts by saying love words to Jesus, to let Him know that you want to receive His seeds. But those love words should be much more general than the things you'd say to Him in private. You can say, "We love You, Jesus! We are ready and open to receive Your seeds. We desire Your Love. We want to be united with You," etc. But it's very important that you use great wisdom so as to not stumble the children or expose them to the sexual side of this doctrine, which is only for those who are of age! We do not want our children saying sexually graphic love words to Jesus!

            (See Part 4, paragraphs 27, 55-60.)

The Loving Jesus Revelation and Children

            143. QUESTION 20: How much should children know about the Loving Jesus revelation, and should they practice it?

            144. Answer: The sexual aspects of the Loving Jesus series, including the sexy love words, the revelation about men being women in the Spirit during their intimate times of loving Jesus, the idea of masturbating or having sex with another (if of age) while loving Jesus, etc., should not be shared with children. They do not need to know nor should they know about these aspects of the Loving Jesus revelation. The sexual side of loving Jesus is not for children.

            145. When the prayer teams from one of our WS Units were praying about this revelation, the Lord spoke on this subject, saying: "As a husband and wife have a special and private and close relationship, so I would have this relationship be with My Bride. This is not for children. This is for those that are of age, those that are married [to Me]. Those of the outside [people outside the Family] can understand this--that a husband and wife have a private relationship that is not for their children, which they do not display in front of their children, nor speak of in front of their children." In other words, our intimate activities with Jesus should not be carried on in front of the children, just as a husband and wife do not display or talk about the details of their intimate love relationship in front of their children.

            146. Please refer to the MLK of Loving Jesus 1 and 2 if you want to see how the general principles of Loving Jesus can be explained to the children.

            (See Part 4, paragraphs 59-60.)

The Loving Jesus Series and TRF Supporters

            147. QUESTION 21: Will the TSers ever read the Loving Jesus series, Parts 3 through 7?

            148. Answer: The TSers are not receiving Loving Jesus Parts 3 through 7 now. They will receive Loving Jesus Parts 1 and 2 for their Family Birthday Celebration. But, Lord willing, later they will receive the rest of the series.

            149. When Peter and I prayed about this, the Lord confirmed what we had already been feeling, that it would be better for the DO Family to receive this revelation first and have a chance to get used to it and strengthened in it before the TSers receive it. It's not because the TSers wouldn't be able to handle this strong meat. It's because the security amongst our TSers is not as strong as in our DO Family, and there's a pretty good chance that when it goes to TSers it will spread to those not in the Family, who will either ask questions about it or criticize us for it. The Lord showed us that it would be best for the DO Family to have some time to experiment with loving the Lord in this new, intimate way and get grounded in their faith in it before having to answer questions from outsiders.

            150. The Lord said in prophecy: "Behold, I say unto you, this is not the time to pour forth these strong and meaty Words unto these who dwell not within the inner fold. It is not because they cannot take it, but it is because My children in the inner fold must first hear it, absorb it and receive it, before they are faced with questions from the outside. Let them first be strengthened that they may have the strength and the faith to stand strong in this area. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Faith cometh by experience.

            151. "When they have tried this method of loving, and when they have seen the fruit, when they have been drawn unto Me, when they feel close to Me, they will know that the Words through you are true. Then they will rejoice and be willing to stand up and say, `Yes, this is so, and it has brought forth this fruit in my life.' They will have a personal testimony on which they can stand, with which they can defend their belief in these Words that I poured forth. But first these things must be established in their own hearts, and then when they are strengthened can their brethren of the outer circle be given it. So feed these first, strengthen them that they may be strengthened, and then feed those of the outer flock." (End of prophecy.)

Will This Revelation Cause Persecution?

            152. QUESTION 22: Should this revelation be published? What kind of fire is this belief going to bring down on our heads from the System? Are we supplying our enemies with "fresh ammunition" to persecute us just when things have finally cooled down? Is it worth it?

            153. Answer: Some of the people who read this series in advance raised these questions, so two different prayer teams of WS prophets came before the Lord to ask Him about this. He made it very clear that yes, this revelation should be published. There were many confirmations that you need this Word, that it's the Lord's will that the Family receive this, and that Peter and I should not hold back the message.

            154. The Lord said that His children long for these Words, "For many have felt the loneliness and the heartache of being without a lover, and for many [this message] will be the thing that will keep them in the fold." He said, "Many will follow, and they will be thrilled by it and excited by it, as it is presented in love and wisdom. ... Have I not said that this is a new day and a new way? As you have managed to hurdle the revolutions of the past, the many things that back then seemed too hard to accept, even now I will give you the faith to carry on. ... They that have an ear shall hear and shall rejoice and shall understand, for they shall come to the fullness of the Kingdom, and the full stature of My Bride.

            155. "Said I not that all that is required is to speak the words of love, and that shall be the starting point?--And many there be that shall receive it. Step by step lead them along, that they may be able to accept all this revelation, and they shall receive the Word with gladness, and it shall be a joy to their heart."

            156. One prophecy said, "This Word is the very thing that will strengthen you, and will give you the power to withstand the Enemy and have faith and strength. Be not afraid. ... I tell you, this gift will give you the grace for whatever will come. (Speaking to Peter and me:) Withhold it not from My children, for they need it."

            157. Concerning whether this revelation would bring down the wrath of the System upon us, the Lord indicated that this would be another source of division between us and the world, but He also encouraged us not to fear and not to worry about the opinions of man. In the prophecies, the Lord reminded us of the many mighty miracles He has done in the past to protect us, and He reassured us that He will not abandon us now, but He will continue to be a mighty forcefield around us, a covering for us. He indicated that the greater power that will be given to our Family as a result of this revelation will be related in some way to His protection, as we will be following Him very closely and hearing His voice very clearly.

            158. The Lord promised to protect us, saying, "As you keep My Words and fulfill My Words, so shall I keep you from the hour of tribulation, so shall I keep you from the ire of the System, so shall I protect you. For [this revelation] shall be misunderstood, as many of your doctrines have been misunderstood, but I will protect you and I will keep you and I shall not suffer the righteous to be moved. For in Me is a strong tower that the righteous run into and are safe."

            159. The Lord indicated that He will keep our friends who have grown close to us who seek to understand our doctrines. Of course, some will not be able to understand this revelation and some may fall by the wayside, but the Lord said, "Fear not, for I will bring those along that I will bring along. I will not make you such an island that no bridge will be able to be reached between you and those who need to understand you. ... Yes, it is a step further, but it is not too far, for you have already given much. You have loved Me with an everlasting love. Therefore, fear not, for I can very well attend to the consequences. For if this work be of God, no man can stand against it."

            160. The Lord instructed us several times to walk circumspectly, to walk in wisdom towards them that are without. He indicated that we should not flaunt this truth to outsiders. He said, "Use wisdom with those that are without, for the days are evil and many seek to ensnare you and trap you and destroy you, and to seek out your liberty and destroy it. But in private and in the privacy of your rooms and in your Home, without the peering eye of the outsiders, we will be ravished together in My Love, enveloped and embraced and as one, as we love each other to the full. So enjoy this fellowship with Me, but let it not be a stumblingblock, and you will be able to enjoy this with Me forever." This makes it clear that our most intimate times of loving the Lord are to be a private affair.

            161. He goes on to say, "Use wisdom, as much wisdom as is possible, and as much as is possible live peaceably with those about you. But within the confines of your Home, and within the confines of your own heart, you must serve the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all of your mind and with all of your soul and with all that is within you, according to the life that is given unto you, according to My Truth that is given unto you. For I seek such to worship Me. I seek those who worship Me with all of their hearts, and if I seek those to worship Me, I will not abandon them in their time of need."

Masturbation While Loving Jesus

            162. QUESTION 23: Why can't our love relationship with Jesus continue to be in the Spirit only? Are we going too far by putting it into practice in the physical by saying love words, and even masturbating?

            163. Answer: Some of those who read this series in advance had this question, so we prayed about it and the Lord answered wonderfully and specifically, confirming His desire for us to have this new relationship with Him. I'll share with you now a summary of what He said in these prophecies, which were not included in the previous parts of this GN series.

            164. He explained that this revelation is the answer to your prayers to be closer to Him, and that this is the method He's chosen to accomplish it. We may think we're doing just fine in our relationship with Him, but judging from the message He keeps giving over and over again through many different channels, we can and will be much closer to Him, which is what He wants.

            165. That's one of the major points of this revelation, to bring us closer to Jesus!--And who are we to argue with the way He decides to do it? If saying the love words to Jesus is what He knows will do the trick and bring us closer to Him, then so be it. If loving Him while enjoying some form of physical sex is what He wants, then I'm sure willing to give it to Him. He wants more of us. He wants to love us more deeply and for us to love Him more passionately and to feel the need for Him more desperately. He wants to be our Lover.

            166. In the prophecies on this subject the Lord commended you for the many breakings, afflictions, moves, and trials that you have experienced. He said that now He is coming to you in a new way, to heal many of the hurts that you have had, to comfort you. You've had parents, shepherds and teachers who have led you and taught or corrected you, but if you've ever been in love, you've probably noticed that when you're in love with someone, you hear what they say more readily. You open your heart more easily. You don't resent their instruction and their sharing their thoughts with you. You long for it and love that closeness and that time together. That is what Jesus wants you to feel towards Him. He wants to be a lover to you, so He can love you more intimately, and teach you more, and draw you closer to Him.

            167. The Lord explained in prophecy that this revelation is the next step in the progression of our learning about and growing in our relationship with Jesus, our Husband. He said that other Christians cannot receive this truth because they have not understood the blessing that sex can be in the Spirit, but that Dad prepared us step by step, so that now we're ready for this new, more intimate relationship with Him, which will be such a strength and comfort unto us.

            168. It is easy to see how most Christians would not be able to receive the idea of having an intimate, sexy, love relationship with the Lord. If you were plagued with guilt complexes and didn't understand the beauties of Godly sex and the sexual freedom that is allowed under the Lord's Law of Love, how could you ever have the faith that you could enjoy such an intimate relationship with the Lord? You'd never be able to receive it or believe it was God-given. Thank the Lord for Dad, who prepared us for this revelation by faithfully giving us the truth, the wild radical truth of God!

            169. The Lord also explained that we need this greater intimacy with Him not only for the future but for today. If you've felt at wit's end, not knowing if you have the strength or vision or stick-to-itiveness to carry on, then take heart, because the Lord has promised that you'll find renewed strength and comfort from Him, your Lover. He promises, "These are the End Days, and I will pour out My Spirit as never before. This is but one of the many ways that I will pour out My Spirit, and you shall be washed in My Love, and cleansed, and strengthened, and you shall rejoice, as one who finds great spoil!"

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 60-65, 69-83; Part 4, paragraphs 29-31, 88, 93-100; Part 5, paragraphs 78-80, 84-91, 134.)

            170. QUESTION 24: I can understand Jesus wanting a more intimate relationship with us, as His Bride, and I can understand the idea of saying words of love to Him. But I have a hard time understanding how masturbating or loving someone else sexually while saying the words of love to Jesus would make any difference to Him. What is the purpose of physical sex, either through masturbation or loving someone else, when loving Jesus? Why does Jesus suggest we do that? Is it for His benefit, or is it for our benefit? And if it's for our benefit, how is it supposed to help us?

            171. Answer: The idea of masturbating or, if of age, having sex with someone else while loving Jesus raised some questions when our proofreaders read these GNs, so Peter and I and some of our WS prophets asked the Lord for further explanation about this subject. As usual, the Lord spoke wonderfully, giving us very clear, helpful answers, including the two prophecies from Dad which I included in Part 5. (See "It Doesn't Matter What You're Doing, As Long As You're Doing Something" and "Enjoy Yourself!--Don't Try So Hard," paragraphs 134-155, 172-178.)

            172. From the prophecies given, we can see that there are many very good reasons why He has given us the option, if we so desire, to masturbate or (for those who are of age) to love someone else sexually while loving Him.To begin with, as Dad explained, this is a gift of love from the Lord and He wants to use it to make us happy. That's a pretty good reason--to make us happy. He loves us and He wants us to enjoy our time loving Him. If you're having big battles about this, it might be difficult for you to see how this could possibly be enjoyable or make anyone happy. But I can testify that it has made Peter and me very happy, as well as others who have chosen to love the Lord in this way, even some who initially had some battles with it, but who stepped out by faith and tried it.

            173. Dad also said that the goal is to love Jesus, and including some kind of physical sex with your spiritual lovemaking with Jesus can help you to do just that, to love Jesus more!

            174. The Lord also explained that another one of the main reasons He has given us this option of involving masturbation when making love to Him is because when you are masturbating and you near the time of orgasm, the desire you feel at that moment is a picture of how the Lord wants you to desire Him in the Spirit. Remember how you feel when you're masturbating and you're close to having an orgasm? At that point your greatest desire is to reach the marvelous release of the orgasm that you want so desperately, right? Well, that's how the Lord wants us to want Him in the Spirit.

            175. The Lord said in prophecy, "As you experience that passion and that desire before the moment of orgasm, this is an illustration of how I want you to desire Me, to long to become one with Me. That feeling that you have in the flesh that you cannot stop, that you must have it, that you must have that release--this is what I want you to see as an illustration of the love that I want you to have for Me. This desire is what I want you to feel, so that you will cast off your pride and your inhibitions, and you will yield to Me completely and we will become one."

            176. In another prophecy in which the Lord talked about masturbation and, for those who are of age, loving others while loving Him, He brings out the important point that the purpose of these physical manifestations of our loving Jesus is to make it easier for us--easier to feel and understand His Love, and easier to say words of love to Him. The option to include some form of physical sex in your lovemaking with the Lord is not intended to be a test or a heavy burden; it's a gift, something that He wants to be helpful, pleasant, fruitful and pleasurable.

            177. He said, "If you can do this, it makes it easier for you to feel and experience My Love, it makes it easier for you to express these words of love, it makes it easier for you to understand how much I want to love you, and how I want you to love Me, because you have there an illustration in the flesh, in the physical, something you can see and something you can feel."

            178. So in summary, for those who choose to masturbate or (for those who are of age) to love someone else while loving Jesus, there are many benefits:

            © It makes us happy and helps us to love the Lord more.

            © It helps us to feel, experience and understand the Lord's Love more.

            © It helps us to focus and concentrate.

            © It's a reminder or skit or illustration of what's happening in the Spirit.

            © It's humbling.

            © It helps us forget ourselves, our inhibitions and whatever comes between us and the Lord.

            © It helps us to feel good, which is a gift of pleasure that the Lord likes to give us. He also wants us to feel unity, comfort in spirit, and relaxation in heart, mind and body.

            © It helps us to feel that desire for Jesus manifested in the physical build-up to orgasm, and even the orgasm itself, which is an example of the way He wants us to crave and desire Him and His Love.

            © As we feel the heat of passion in the flesh, saying the words of love to Jesus will come more easily and more naturally.

            (See Part 4, paragraph 29; Part 5, paragraphs 136, 151,187.)

            179. QUESTION 25: Is masturbation required if I want to love Jesus in this new intimate way?

            180. Answer: No, it's not required. You do not have to masturbate when having intimate time loving Jesus. It's your personal choice. It's up to you, and no one will be looking down on you if you don't masturbate.

            181. The Lord said, "In the quietness of your chamber when you are alone, you can tell Me you love Me and you can show Me you love Me. For this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me. I do not require this and I do not demand it, for I will even be happy with the words and with your caresses, and with the symbolism of your love unto Me. But if you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go, and it will be Me loving you. This is intimate and this is between you and Me alone, as we kiss and caress in our bed of love together."

            182. This is a private affair, between you and the Lord alone. As Dad explained, the Lord will speak to your heart, and you can follow Him and do as you personally feel led. As I explained, at first I went very much by faith and I did it because I knew the Lord wanted me to; He was speaking to my heart about it. In the beginning I did it out of duty, in obedience to what I knew the Lord was asking of me personally. But after I had learned those initial lessons of obedience and yieldedness, then the Lord and Dad showed me that I could act according to my desires, and I didn't need to masturbate unless I wanted to.

            183. The Lord doesn't want this option to be a big works trip or to put you under pressure. Remember the personal lessons I shared about masturbation in part five, when Dad had to remind me to relax and "quit trying so hard"?

            184. I can understand if you don't feel a desire to masturbate right now. Maybe you're busy trying to get used to the idea of saying intimate love words to Jesus, and the thought of masturbating might be just too much for you. If that's the case, don't worry, and don't get under a cloud about it or feel like you have to work up the desire to do so. Just do as you personally feel the Lord is leading you.

            185. When our WS prophets prayed about masturbation, the Lord said: "I will not force you, I will not require it, and you do not need to feel sad or condemned if you cannot yet love Me in this way. For as I said, your words of love, your words of desire, these too are precious unto Me. I am happy with whatever love you give Me, for I love you with such love that anything you give to Me of your heart and your love is precious unto Me. I will only expect you to give as much as your own heart desires to give to Me."

            (See Part 4, paragraphs 29, 36, 61; Part 5, paragraphs 134-155, 169-189.)

            186. QUESTION 26: I don't personally have a problem with the idea of masturbating while loving Jesus, but in my present circumstances, I don't masturbate much. I don't have much privacy, as I live in a room with other people. That is not conducive to much masturbation. Also, I am very busy, so I don't have much time. If I want to please Jesus, do I now have to start masturbating more while loving Him?

            187. Answer: The Lord made it clear that this is not a requirement and you don't need to feel obligated. He is very considerate of each person's limitations and circumstances.

            188. In prophecy He said: "It is not a requirement. It is not something that I would force upon every single person across the board without consideration of their limitations or their circumstances or their weaknesses. For those who never masturbate, I would not require that they start masturbating just to please Me. Because to love Me through masturbation is a gift, it's not a requirement. It's not a burden, it's not a test, it's not some heavy load that I have put upon every single person. If a person can't do so for one reason or another, I will not look upon that person critically or condemningly."

            189. I understand how if you live in fairly close quarters, like many of you unmarried people probably do, then you will likely not have much opportunity for love-ups with the Lord while masturbating. So in some cases, how you practice this new way of loving Jesus will depend partly on your circumstances. Don't let the Enemy trouble you and get you to feeling condemned or frustrated. Just do the best you can, as you personally feel led, and don't worry.

            190. Also, if you're a person who doesn't masturbate because you can't bring yourself to an orgasm or you just don't like to, then don't feel like you now have to invest a lot of time and energy trying to learn how to do it. The Lord said: "If you desire not to masturbate, do not fear, do not tremble, do not look down upon yourself. For you are My creation. I created you thus. And that is how I have created you. I am proud of you and happy with you and thrilled with you, and I have ecstasies with you as well. So be yourself. Be humble and yielded in My Spirit, and I shall take over and empower, and I shall wash away all your doubts and fears, and I shall bring to full fruition My Love in each of your lives."

            191. You'll notice, however, that the Lord indicates that He would like to participate in your masturbation and other lovemaking (if you're of age), just as He wants to participate in every other area of your life. He doesn't expect you to go out of your way, but if you're already going to masturbate or make love, then He would like to at least be acknowledged and invited to join you in some way. He's not going to force Himself upon you, but it's only natural that someone who loves you as much as He does would remind you of His desire to love you and feel your love.

            192. The Lord said: "But if you can and if you do already masturbate and have love times with others, then why not bring Me in? Why would you exclude Me when I so want to love you and I so want to be with you, I so want to be a part of every facet of your life? So if you are going to masturbate and you are going to have love-up, why not invite Me, why not call out to Me and let Me love you?

            193. "In the normal times that you would masturbate, the regular schedule that you already keep, whether it be once a month or once a day, if you are going to give yourself pleasure in that way, why not invite Me? Why not call out to Me? Why not receive My Love and My seeds and My satisfaction? Why not humble yourself and call out to Me so that I can love you, and I can feel your love and you can feel My Love? If you are going to have a love time with someone else and share your love with them and receive their love, why not call out to Me and bring Me in, so that I too can receive your love and you can receive Mine?"

            194. Now please don't take the Lord's little nudge here to the extreme. This doesn't mean that you need to feel that you must include the Lord every single time you masturbate or have love-up (if you're of age).

            (See Part 5, paragraphs 134-168.)

            195. QUESTION 27: Doesn't this masturbation idea border on a works religion, suggesting that we have to do certain things in the flesh in order to draw closer to Jesus?

            196. Answer: Dad made it very clear that this is not a work of the flesh. He said, "It's not a matter of works. It's not something where you have to work and you've got to do this, or you've got to do that to attain some kind of self-perfection. It's by faith! It's according to each person's faith and each person's desire. ... It's not a matter of self-effort."

            197. Please understand that your participation in this revelation is voluntary. The Lord is asking you to draw close to Him, and He's showing how you can do that. But you don't have to do anything. If you do, however, choose to believe and receive what the Lord is saying, the only thing He says is necessary to reap the benefits of this new, more intimate relationship with Him is that you express your love for Him with words of love.

            198. He said that with those who He wants to do more, He will place it in their hearts to do so, and He will bless you for doing so. But what you do is up to you and dependent on how you personally feel led of the Lord. No one's pushing you. No one is expecting you to "perform" or to do anything that you don't want to do. So this is not a question of works. This new intimate relationship with the Lord is a gift of His grace.

            199. Jesus said: "This is a gift of love, it is a gift of happiness. It is a gift intended to make your lives brighter, more joyous, to make your burdens lighter in the love relationship that we will share and the contact that we will have and the intimacy that we will discover. You will find great joy and you will see that this is a gift, it is not something that you can work for. It is not something that you earn by your self-effort, by trying so hard in the flesh, by working to meet this or that requirement, by laboring in your own strength to try so hard to be good and to be righteous, as if you were to earn this, when I have said it is a gift that I long to give unto each one."

            (See Part 5, paragraphs 134-189.)

            200. QUESTION 28: I have tried masturbating when saying love words to Jesus, but I haven't been able to have an orgasm. Should I keep doing this, keep trying, or should I just forget it? It's very frustrating, and I end up feeling like I've failed the Lord.

            201. Answer: If you choose to masturbate, don't worry and feel like you failed if you can't reach an orgasm. Just having a climax is not the goal when loving Jesus while masturbating. In a prophecy on the subject of masturbation, Dad explained that the climax is not the thing that matters; what matters is the humility you demonstrate by saying the love words to Jesus and touching yourself. The Lord understands that to masturbate while loving Him is humbling, it's a step of faith, to some it's embarrassing, but He will honor it and bless it by giving you His Spirit and power and anointing.

            202. Of course, when you masturbate and say love words to Jesus, you will probably get turned on, as you usually do when masturbating, so not having an orgasm would probably be rather frustrating in the physical. But you don't have to let your lack of orgasm discourage you or make you feel like you're failing or not pleasing the Lord. He really doesn't care if you have an orgasm or not, what He wants is to see your humility and for you to experience that desire for Him.

            203. He said, "Even your orgasm is not as important as the desire that you feel, as you go toward the orgasm." So just having an orgasm isn't the point. It's not a big deal to the Lord if you do or don't. But if you find that your not being able to go causes you to feel frustrated, then you don't have to go to all the trouble to masturbate when loving Him.

            204. QUESTION 29: Reading all this about masturbation is very embarrassing to me. Why do you have to get into all these embarrassing specific details and explanations?

            205. Answer: The Lord explained in prophecy that as people say love words to Him, many will desire to masturbate, so He wanted it made clear that it is okay to do so. This is important, because He doesn't want the people who masturbate to feel bad or like they are doing anything wrong.

            206. He said, "Many of you shall desire to feel the full ecstasy that you are experiencing in the Spirit, to feel it in the flesh as well, and this I shall honor. This is not a requirement, but I shall honor it. I do not want to withhold these Words from those who feel My ecstasy of Spirit and wish to masturbate. For if I withhold these Words from My flock, many shall masturbate when they feel this ecstasy of Spirit, and they shall question and wonder if they are on the wrong track and if they are belittling My Love. So I must let them know that it is a great and wonderful gift that I am giving unto them."

Teens and the Loving Jesus Revelation

            207. QUESTION 30: I'm 17 and I live in fairly close quarters with other teens and YAs, so I don't have a whole lot of privacy. How can I manage to put this Loving Jesus revelation into practice?

            208. Answer: Just do what you can. You can say words of love to Jesus quietly whenever you have a chance, like before your personal prayer time or private Word time or individual affection times. If you're having Word time, prayer time or praise time with someone you feel comfortable with, you can say words of love to Jesus together, if you wish, and if you are in a fairly private location. Or you can even say words of love to Jesus in your heart silently, if you are in a room with others. Some people commented when they read this series that often during their private prayer time they don't vocalize their prayers or praises in an audible voice because their circumstances aren't conducive to it, especially if they are single and they share their bedroom with others. It's perfectly all right in such a case to say your love words to Jesus quietly in your heart.

How the Loving Jesus Revelation Relates to Junior Teens and JETTs

            209. QUESTION 31: Some wondered if we can expect you junior teens, especially the boys, and our youth in general to be able to relate to this radical message.--Saying love words to Jesus, spiritual sex involving masturbation, etc. Isn't that going a bit far?

            210. Answer: Peter and I, as well as two WS prayer teams, prayed desperately about whether you junior teens should read this material, and if so, in what format. The instruction we received was very clear. Both the Lord and Dad said that we should give you this message, but not all of it, only what you can do and participate in.

            211. The Lord brought out that you junior teens can understand your own sexuality, your own desires, but because you cannot yet have dates, according to the Charter, the part of the Loving Jesus revelation that talks about loving Him while having sex with a partner would not be appropriate for you, because that is the one aspect of the revelation that you wouldn't be able to practice. For this reason, we made two versions of the Loving Jesus series--one for you junior teens, and one for senior teens and up. Some edits and deletions have been made throughout the series for you junior teens, the main change being that the prophecies and commentary that spoke primarily about loving Jesus with a partner have been deleted. (But you can read the full version when you turn 16.)

            212. The Lord and Dad gave repeated confirmations that you junior teens would be able to receive this message, and that you would profit by it! When Peter and I came before the Lord in prayer, He said: "These younger ones know much more than you think they know. They are wise beyond their years in some matters, for they have grown up with the Words of David. Though they may not fully understand, they will be thrilled with the excitement, with the change, with moving ahead and hearing and learning new things. So do not be afraid for them."

            213. When Peter and I prayed, Dad encouraged us not to worry about you junior teens, and he explained that the only reason a lot of you aren't making love already is not because you don't understand sexual matters or have a desire for sex, but because of the rules we've laid down in the Charter. Dad said: "Sure there is a diversity between [the junior teens], some being much more active and desirous, and others being more shy, but they know about sex, they have sexual feelings, and they are attracted to one another. Certainly they know about masturbation, certainly they know about sexual feelings.

            214. "Remember, they are young, new, fresh bottles who can take the New Wine, and they are ready for it!--Ready for some excitement, ready for some change, ready for some renewal!

            215. "Sure, there will be some who will scoff and mock, but in their hearts they will know that the Lord has been speaking to them, and in the privacy of their own hearts and their own minds and in their own bodies they will give to Him that which He asks; and it will draw them closer to the Lord, and they will be happier.

            216. "Goodness, if the Lord made them so that they could have physical sex at that age, it certainly makes sense that they can have spiritual sex. So teach'm. It won't hurt'm. It'll help'm. It will strengthen them. It will draw them closer to the Lord, and it will make the Lord more real to them in so many ways.

            217. "So don't withhold, but give! Don't be afraid! I know it's radical, but I took a bunch of radical young teens and changed the world! If I had worried about what their parents said and what the System said, we would have never gotten started. And look at what a difference it has made! But I used wisdom, and I tried to keep out of trouble. So you need to do the same. So give them that which they can do, and leave the rest for later."

            218. When the WS prophets prayed, the Lord again confirmed that He will work in your hearts, just as He's working in ours. You too will make a choice as to how closely you want to follow the Lord. The Lord said He would speak to your hearts, just like He has spoken to our hearts many times in the past about unusual, radical revelations or changes. Many times in the past we older ones followed Dad even though what he said was new and different and previously unheard of. Right? Why did we do that? Because our spirits bore witness of the truth. We knew that Dad was speaking the truth, and we followed, against all odds. The Lord said you young people will do the same.

            219. The Lord said, "These are the Endtime Army that do whatsoever I want. For they are men and women of God in My sight, soldiers born and bred on the Word of God, raised in the Family, taught to fight spiritual warfare from their youth, learned in the Scriptures, strong in the Spirit, faithful and diligent to follow their Creator, born and bred in My household, nourished on the Word of God, filled with the Spirit, able to fight the warfare as David's mighty men. These are they who have been brought up as the calves of My stall. They have been bred as a stronger generation, able to take the New Wine, able to drink in the new and forsake the old more easily, more readily.

            220. "According to their thirst it shall be unto them, according to how they thirst for Me, according to their desire. For each man and each woman shall purpose in his own heart which direction he shall go or stay. Decisions are now being made, and I say unto you that My sheep do hear My voice, and they know Me, and they will follow Me. For in the Spirit this is not an hard saying, this is merely the next step to shake you from the shackles that have bound you, and to lead you into My Kingdom."

            221. We anticipate that there will be a large variety of reactions from you junior teens, just as there will be amongst the adults, YAs and senior teens. Please remember that just as participation in this revelation is not required for the adults, YAs and senior teens, it's also not required for you junior teens! You will need to make your own personal choices according to your own faith and leading from the Lord as to whether you will practice this new, intimate way of loving the Lord! The choice is yours!

            222. As you teens read and study this series, your parents and shepherds will do their best to give you the guidance, help, counsel, and encouragement that you need. You have fed of the Word all your lives, and the Lord is now putting before you various choices, to help you grow, mature and learn to be better vessels of His Love. We'll be praying for you, our dear young people, as the Lord is working in your lives and teaching you many precious lessons. He promised that we will see a mighty growth in each one of you. Each one will grow stronger and taller and mightier in Him, through this wonderful thing that He is doing in your life.

            223. I asked in prayer if we should give the JETTs the same message as you junior teens, and Dad said: "No, they're too young. There is too wide a spread in what they know at that age and what they do at that age. At that age some are ready, but some are way too young. So feed them the milk of the Word. There has to be a cut-off point some place, and that's it."

            224. So it was clear that the JETTs were not to read the same GNs that you junior teens read. However, when praying about how to explain the Loving Jesus series to the JETTs, the Lord had Dad speak again and he told us that we need to give the JETTs a good explanation that's going to satisfy their curiosity, because otherwise they'll try to find out for themselves what it's all about, and they may be stumbled by someone giving them a word-of-mouth explanation. Dad said it's better for me to present these truths to the JETTs with love and wisdom and careful planning, instead of just letting them fend for themselves. The JETTs will be curious, so it's better that I explain it to them wisely and lovingly.

            225. For this reason, I prepared a specially edited JETT version of some of the key prophecies and word pictures from Loving Jesus Parts 3 through 6. If you have not yet received this JETT version by the time you read this, you should be receiving it soon. ("Loving Jesus for JETTs"--Excerpts of "Loving Jesus" Parts 3 through 6.)

            226. When we were praying about the JETTs, Dad gave some counsel about how to prepare the material for them, and I want to pass that counsel on to you so you can keep it in mind if the JETTs ask you questions, which they probably will.

            227. You will see that the JETT version covers mostly the concept of our being Jesus' Bride and how He wants to have a more intimate relationship with us. Dad said to me in prophecy, "The JETTs already understand about being Jesus' Bride. They already understand that He is their Husband. They already understand that the idea of Jesus and the Church is illustrated with a man and a woman, a husband and a wife. So you can build on this foundation.

            228. "You can explain to them the beautiful word pictures that the Lord gave in prophecy, which will help them to understand the emotions that the Lord feels and the desire that He feels to love them more intimately and to know them more personally and to be closer to them.--Not as Someone Who is way far away, but Someone Who is always with them and Who knows their every thought and need and desire.

            229. "So don't be afraid, Honey, to give the JETTs this message of the greater love and intimacy that the Lord wants to have with you, with all of His children. But present it in such a way that they won't be confused or stumbled or embarrassed, so they'll receive it with gladness, and they won't want to push it away because it embarrasses them, or it turns them off. Just present the sweetness of the Lord's Love and how close He wants to be with them and with all of us."

            230. There was a very encouraging promise in the message from Dad about how receptive the JETTs will be to this message. He said, "Give them all you can, for they hunger and thirst after the Words of life; and the more you can give them, the stronger it will make them, for they have a desire to love the Lord. They have a desire to know Him more personally. They want to be close to the Lord, and as they hear that He wants to be close to them, this will inspire them and cause them to reach out and to draw nigh to Him. Then the Lord's promise will be fulfilled in them, that as they draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to them."

            231. The Lord certainly is trying to strengthen all His children in preparation for what is to come. I was so glad that we took the time to pray about the JETTs, as otherwise, think of what wonderful counsel we might have missed! Without this clear message from Dad, we might not have realized how important this message is even for the JETTs!

            232. Dad also gave some very specific guidelines that were a help in the actual preparation of the JETT material. He said: "The JETTs don't need to know all the sexy details to draw nigh to the Lord. All they need to know is that He wants to be close to them, He wants to love them more than He's ever loved them before, and He wants them to love Him more than they've ever loved Him before. He wants to be in first place in their lives, the most important thing in their lives. He wants to be their best Friend. He wants to be as a husband is to the wife, as a lover is to the mistress. He wants that same intensity of emotion and passion and intimacy with them.

            233. "Of course they don't need to know the details about the love words and masturbation and loving Jesus together when making love, because these aspects do not apply to their lives right now. But they can understand the Lord's desire to be close to them, and the Lord's desire for them to be close to Him."

            234. I was happy to see that by following Dad's guidelines, there is quite a bit that is suitable for the JETTs to read. Please keep in mind the above counsel if you're talking about the Loving Jesus revelation with JETTs, so that you don't unwittingly make the mistake of telling them information that has not been included in the material for them, and which is not necessary or edifying for them.

            235. As you will see, we have gone over the material for the JETTs very carefully to make sure it is age-appropriate. We want to give them as much Word as we can, without going too far or causing any legal problems for the Family. We need to try to stay within the law.

            236. Dad confirmed that the JETTs should be the prayer warriors during the Birthday Feast, saying: "The Words that the Lord gave for them [about their ministry as prayer warriors] will give them encouragement and help them to feel important and to feel needed. That's the most important thing for the JETTs: They must feel important and needed, and that will take care of their feeling left out."

            237. I wrote the JETTs a Letter that was published in a flyer (and later reprinted in GN 666) in which I talked to them about the great importance of their ministry as the Family's Prayer Warriors during the Family Birthday Feast days. Please be sure to show them and the children appreciation for their labors in prayer. Their faithful praying for the needs of the Family and the lost is probably one of the most important things that takes place during the days of the Birthday Feast. Your commendation to the JETTs will go a long way toward helping them feel needed, which as Dad pointed out, means so much to them (like it does to all of us)!

What to Do if You're Really Struggling with This New Wine

            238. QUESTION 32: I've read the GNs and I want to believe and receive this New Wine, but I'm really struggling. What should I do?

            239. Answer: If you're battling, or you feel very uncomfortable, unsettled, shocked, or if you're even doubting this revelation, please don't panic or think you just can't make it in the Family. Take time to pray, reflect on the Word, and let the Lord speak to your heart. Remember and review the testimony from Gabe in Part 5, where he said: "Please do not overreact to these Letters, and don't try to apply them in the flesh, but see in the Spirit and hold on! The battles will cease. I firmly believe that if you make a rash decision that you just can't make it, based on the battles and tests you may initially encounter when trying to adjust to the `Loving Jesus' series, that is not going to be a very good and wise decision." (For more from Gabe, see GN 663JNR, paragraphs 120-126.)

            240. As I brought out repeatedly in this series of GNs, the Lord is not pushing you or rushing you, and He is very understanding and patient about your timidity or reservations or unsure feelings. I recommend that you reread the portions of this series where the Lord or Dad or I talk about how to handle and react to the battles or difficulties that you might be experiencing. (See Letter references at the end of this answer.) But for a quick review, I'll list some of the main points you should do or keep in mind if you're having a difficult time:

            --Take time to read and study these GNs. Faith cometh by hearing the Word.

            --Pray for a believing spirit and for childlike faith.

            --Don't get condemned or discouraged.

            --Remember that the Lord loves you unconditionally.

            --Know that you can move at your own pace. Don't feel pressured. The Lord is not in a hurry.

            --Don't compare. This is a personal matter, and each person puts this revelation into practice according to his or her own faith.

            --The Lord sees you as an individual, and He's happy with all the love you've given Him in the past and continue to give Him daily. He is not condemning or criticizing you, and He will not be angry with you or disregard all your past love, loyalty and devotion just because you're having a hard time receiving or acting upon this New Wine.

            --Recognize that the Enemy will try to fight your receiving this wonderful gift from the Lord. He'll do everything in his power to get you to see this revelation as something wrong. He'll try to twist it and misinterpret it and do his best to get you to see it with the eyes of the flesh instead of the eyes of the Spirit.

            --Understand that acting upon this New Wine is your personal choice. You will not be looked down upon or not be considered a member of the DO Family if you feel you cannot at this time or in the future say these love words to Jesus.

            --Think of all the other things--spiritual principles, revelations, new moves and ministries, etc.--that you've had to take by faith in the past when serving the Lord in the Family.

            --Try to step out by faith and take even little "baby steps." The Lord said, "The step of faith must come first, and then the understanding will be given as a reward for your faith, and as a reward for your obedience. Even if it is just a little bit of obedience, you will be greatly rewarded and you will be encouraged. Then you will be able to say, `Oh yes, now I see! Oh yes, now I understand!'" (ML #3031jnr:66). And Dad said, "Sometimes, kids, the things that God says are hard to take! They're hard to believe sometimes! But you know, if you just believe it, if you drink it in and receive it, accept it by faith, He blesses you and it becomes easier, because you see the fruit, you gain the understanding. Faith doesn't always understand, faith just does it because it believes, and then comes understanding" (ML #3030jnr:86).

            --Remember that I have to take this by faith too.

            --Understand that no one is forcing you to participate in this new, more intimate way of loving the Lord. However, as is presented in the "Day of Choices" prophecy in question number 18 (para.133-137), if you decide to participate, it is your choice whether you want to do the minimum the Lord is asking, just saying the love words to Him, or whether you want to take it further with masturbation and/or (for those who are of age) loving Him with a partner. He has given you the freedom to choose how you wish to follow, and He promises to reward you accordingly.

            --See in the Spirit, not in the flesh. Don't try to understand it with your mind, but receive it in your heart. Don't get into analyzing and trying to figure things out in your carnal mind. Remember, the Lord said, "There are glories to be revealed unto you, but you must walk by faith, and not by sight. For have I not convinced you in Spirit that these things are spiritually discerned? Do not try to understand them in your mind, for it is your heart that I seek. Your mind was created to be used by your heart--not for your heart to be led about by your mind" (ML #3031jnr:84).

            --Don't mull over in your mind your questions, doubts or skeptical thoughts. Go to the Word, which is what will give you faith.

            --Listen to His still small voice. He wants to confirm these truths to you.

            --Give it time. For some of the folks in WS it took quite a few months before they were able to understand and accept this New Wine. But because they didn't overreact and freak out, the Lord was able to speak to them, and with time they grew in faith and understanding.

            --Remember that just because something is difficult doesn't mean it's not true or that we shouldn't do it. Many things in our life for the Lord are difficult, like witnessing, praising, reading the Word, communicating honestly, living communally, and sharing, but we still obey the Lord.

            --Understand that this is not a works trip. You're not gaining merit or trying to perfect yourself through self-effort. It's by faith.

            --Constantly remind yourself that the Lord is right there with you, fighting for you and giving you all the support you need as you call out to Him!

            --Hold on. Things will get easier.

            --Remember that Jesus loves you and wants you to be happy, and He's trying to make it easier for you, not more difficult. Peter and I love you too and we're praying for you.

            (See Part 3, paragraphs 145-155, 216-229; Part 4, paragraphs 1-20, 70-91; Part 5, paragraphs 1-24, 49-126, 134-189; Part 6, paragraphs 71-76.)

What to Do if You're Loving Jesus but You Don't Feel Different

            241. QUESTION 33: I've been loving the Lord intimately, but I don't see immediate results, at least not to the degree the Lord promised. Do I just need to wait patiently?

            242. Answer: The results of our loving the Lord intimately and receiving His seeds are manifest in different ways. Some of the ways His seeds will bear good fruit in our lives are in our having more love, understanding, comfort, encouragement, joy, peace, satisfaction, power, anointing, fruitfulness, wisdom, strength, kindness, compassion, empathy and a closer connection with Him.

            243. When we receive His seeds, just like in physical lovemaking, we don't always know immediately what the fruit will be. Sometimes we see His seeds bear fruit right away, but other times we have to wait a while.

            244. One time when the Lord had spoken in prophecy answering our questions, He then said: "For these answers are the seeds of our lovemaking, and the seeds of our communion together. As you say `yes,' and as you say `come,' so I do come and so I do fill you, and so I do give you those answers that you need. And when the time comes, I speak unto you and these seeds bring forth fruit. As with all seeds, they bring forth fruit in their season. For some of the answers that I implant in your heart come forth immediately, and others linger, waiting for their time. But I say unto you, they shall bring forth fruit, and they shall bring forth the answers, and they shall bring forth words, and they shall bring forth wisdom. For these are the seeds of our lovemaking. This is the fruit of your love for Me, and this is the fruit of your yieldedness and your obedience." (End of prophecy.)

            245. QUESTION 34: I'm trying to practice this new Loving Jesus revelation and I'm saying the love words to Him, but I don't feel any different. I'm not feeling the blessings or the promises that He promised. Am I doing something wrong?

            246. Answer: Just because you don't feel different doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. You don't need to worry. We've seen a variety of reactions from those who have been loving Jesus in this new way. Some have experienced a lot of feelings, a major noticeable change in their lives, like a spiritual "high"; whereas others haven't felt much different at all, and still others have gotten discouraged and had some battles. So feelings certainly aren't very dependable, and I wouldn't suggest you gauge how you're doing with loving Jesus in this new intimate way by how you're feeling!

            247. The important thing is not to compare your experiences or reactions or feelings with those of others. Comparing has caused some people major trials, so it's best not to do that! How much you feel or don't feel, or whether you see or feel an immediate difference in your walk with the Lord is not the point. Just continue by faith, knowing that you're pleasing the Lord by giving Him the love He asked for and needs, and giving others His Love as well.

            248. As I explained in Part 4 of this series, I don't really feel anything either as far as any difference in my physical body when I say love words to Jesus and love Him intimately. I haven't experienced any great ecstasies like it seems some others have. But I just continue by faith!

            249. But I have noticed a change in my spirit. Thinking of how much Jesus loves us touches me more deeply now. I'm more intimate with the Lord, more in love with Him. I feel I am more aware of Him and more conscious of His presence and His needs. I'm more eager to please Him and give Him what He desires. I have a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and well-being, knowing I'm close to Him and united with Him.

            (See Part 4, paragraphs 2-3, 110-113; Part 5, paragraphs 18-19, 49-56, 99-107.)

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