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--With the Lord's Answers Summarized for Your Benefit!--Part 3

--Compiled by Peter A.

                1. (Introduction:) As Mama explained in the first GN of this prophecy questions and answers series, she asked one of our WS units to take a few days to pray and hear from the Lord about a number of questions which had been brought up about prophecy.  The Lord spoke wonderfully and abundantly, giving us answers to all the questions we asked.  He poured out such a volume that it would be difficult to print it all!  Therefore we have summarized the prophecies in order to make it easier for you to read them.  We pray that this third GN of the series will be a blessing for you as you continue to step out by faith and use the precious gift of prophecy the Lord has given.

                (Note: When reading this GN publicly to others, please indicate where the Lord starts speaking by saying something like, "prophecy begins," and then at the end of the prophecy, "prophecy ends"--or simply read the opening and closing quote marks. This will help the hearer to be able to better distinguish between what is commentary and what is prophecy. Thanks!)

Question 1

                2. What conditions have to be present in order for someone to be a good channel and to receive the Lord's Message clearly and purely? What is required of the prophet in order for him or her to be a good channel?

                3. Answer: Those who exercise the gift of prophecy should have a deep love for the Lord, be dedicated to His service, be humble, yielded, submitted, obedient and in tune with Him. They should be desperate to hear from Him, creating a vacuum in their heart to receive His Message.  They need faith to believe they can hear from the Lord, and faith to give what He gives.  They should keep their hearts from those things which distract them from the Lord and His service.  In short, they need to be real disciples.  But even when we fall short of these goals, the Lord sees our hearts, and in His mercy, will overlook our failings and will speak His Words to us.

                4. The Lord spoke about a number of things which those who prophesy need to be aware of and to work towards. The primary requirement for being a good channel for the Lord's Words is to love the Lord. "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind."

                5. Another requirement is humility.  "I shall give My Words to the lowly, to the meek, to the humble and pure in heart, to the seemingly insignificant to the world. My Words are precious, and you are precious in My sight. Therefore I give you this responsibility, to be givers of My Words in all humility, in all submissiveness, which brings receptivity. Think not that you are great, for he that thinks that he is shall be humbled and abased, and My Words shall not be given unto him. But a humble and a contrite spirit I will not despise."

                6. In order to have the needed humility, you must be willing to be made humble. "If you hold back and you try to stand upright, and try to look good, you will not be useful to Me. Like Bamboo, you have to be willing to be cut down, to be slit open, to be laid down for My waters to run through. ... The bottle with a tight neck has such a hard time pouring out, so let such be broken. ... Out of broken vessels shall flow the water that will refresh My people, for a broken and a contrite heart, I will not despise." (See Good Thots, pg.561, No. 432.)

                7. Along with humility you need to be yielded and submitted to the Lord. "If you have yielded your hearts and minds, your lives and your bodies unto Me, I can use you to pour out My Words unto others. ... I require that you come before My presence in submission and yieldedness, desperately seeking My face. ... If you will just be yielded to Me and My Words, and listen and hearken to what I have to say and be willing to receive it, ... then I will speak through you."

                8. Being obedient to the Lord and His Word is also very important.  If you are used to recognizing and obeying what the Lord tells you, it will be easier for you to recognize His voice when He gives you a prophecy.  "Be a sheep. Be a follower, and trust the Shepherd that He knows the way.  ... Be obedient, and you will recognize My voice, because My sheep hear My voice and they will follow. So if you are obedient and obedience is in your heart, you will hear My voice." This, of course, doesn't mean that if someone is obedient they will automatically have the gift of prophecy, nor does it mean that if you don't have this gift that you are disobedient.  It does mean that if you do have the gift, you need to be obedient if you wish to be a clear channel for His voice.

                9. Proverbs 4:23 says, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."  It is important that you  keep your heart pure and clean through the Word, and by trying to resist sin. You need to fight against anything that distracts you from the Lord and His service, anything that would clog up the channel of His voice. "When I choose to speak My Words, I do not look at the appearance of the one who is receiving My Words, but I look upon the heart.  If their heart is right with Me, and if they desire to hear My Words, and they desire to receive these things, and most of all believe, ... then I will come to them and speak My Words. ... Therefore, each of you should look to yourselves, that you remain a clean vessel, fit for the Master's use; that you be not distracted nor hindered, so that you can be used of Me.  Because you have given your life to Me, in service and dedication, I will pour through you."

                10. Another very important requirement is that your heart be open to the Lord's will and to whatever He has to say to you.  "Lift up a heart empty of your own inclinations. ... Create a vacuum, an empty mouth, an empty heart, one in which you don't care what the answer is, ... a heart that is yielded and pointed to Me. ... You must seek with no conditions, with no strings attached. ... You must open your heart to My point of view."

                11. You must also be desperate and hungry to receive the Lord's answer, and then have faith to give out what He gives to you. "I look for desperation in the heart, for the desire to know My will and to know My Truth, for the fervency, for those hearts that are longing for Me, that create a vacuum in their spirits that I may fill. For these are as the flowers that long for the dew. They are as the streams that long to be filled after a great drought. ... Therefore, seek this desperation, seek this desire. If you do not feel this desire, ask Me for it and I will give it to you. ... If you will search for Me with all your heart, you will find Me. You must believe that I am, and that I am a rewarder and a giver unto those who diligently seek. ... You must have the faith to believe that I am speaking through you, and the faith to give what I give you. If you desperately pray and fervently desire and ask for My Words, would I refuse you?"

                12. Another key is to learn how to tune in to the Lord's voice without distraction, so that you can clearly receive His Message.  "You must learn to turn the knob to My frequency, so that My voice can boom through loud and clear."

                13. The Lord has given us a lot of counsel as to the qualities needed for those who are going to prophesy, which undoubtedly apply to being able to fully use the other gifts of the Spirit as well.  However, the Lord does not require perfection.  If He did, He wouldn't have anyone to speak through!  "I am not looking at your sins or at your shortcomings. When I choose to speak through you, I choose to speak because the Words that I have to say must be given, and I will give them through any vessel who is yielded and willing to receive them at the time. I am not seeking for perfection. All you have to do is be open at the time."

Question 2

                14. If a person is very fluent in their prophesying, does that mean they're hearing more clearly from the Lord than someone who is slower or more halting in his or her delivery?

                15. Answer: No, it does not. The message given in prophecy is the important thing; the fluency or eloquence of the delivery makes no difference. The Lord chooses who to deliver a prophecy through, and if that person is yielded and gives the prophecy, even though haltingly, he is delivering God's Message as much as someone who is more fluent.

                16. When a prophecy is given, the Lord is giving His Message.  He has chosen the vessel through which to give it, knowing full well the capabilities of that vessel. The important thing is the Message, not the vessel through which it comes.  "It is not you which speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh through you. If I choose to speak through this vessel or that vessel, if I choose for My water to be blue or yellow or red, being colored by the vessel through which I pour it, nevertheless, it is My water. ... Though you speak haltingly, you still speak My Words, and it is the Word of Life that I give unto you that matters."  If you took water and poured some into different colored glasses, the water would seem to be different colors, but when drunk by a thirsty person, the water would be equally refreshing no matter what color the glass was.

                17. The Lord doesn't seem to be too concerned about your delivery of His Message,  He doesn't judge you by how fluently you are able to speak. "You say, `But, Lord, I speak with a stammering tongue, with halting speech. I am imperfect, a poor prophet!'--But I look upon your heart. I look upon your desire to please Me. Have I not said that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings I have perfected praise? ... Though you say that you are an imperfect vessel and that you cannot translate the words as well as another, I look at your heart and I desire to use you, to encourage and enlighten others with My Words through you."

                18. If you don't seem to be so fluent when giving prophecy, if your delivery is slow and halting, don't worry, you're in good company.  Dad didn't even feel that he was a great channel, but he faithfully gave what the Lord gave him anyway. (See ML #980:94; #1403:28; #1703:29.) So just be faithful to give the Message the Lord is giving through you, and the Lord will bless you and others through the Words He pours through you.

                19. "For even your Father David said many times what an unclear channel he was for My Words to pour through. Even though I poured through him many prophecies, and thousands upon thousands of words, poems, prophecies of the future, yet he esteemed himself a poor channel. Therefore, it matters not what you think of yourself or another. The main thing is to give My Words. ... It matters not if it comes out haltingly, what matters is that it comes out.--Not that you are any poorer or any better of a vessel, but that you are a vessel is the most important thing, and that you are pouring out."

                20. Remember, even some of the Bible greats didn't feel they were capable.  Look at Moses.  He said, "O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since Thou hast spoken unto Thy servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue." And the Lord said unto him, "Who hath made man's mouth? Or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I the Lord?  Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say" (Exo.4:10-12).

                21. When the Lord told Jeremiah that he was chosen to be a prophet, he objected. "Then said I, Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. Then the Lord put forth His hand, and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put My Words in thy mouth" (Jer.1:6-9).

                22. In both cases, Moses and Jeremiah, the Lord told them that He was the One Who was giving the Message and that it didn't matter how eloquent they were.

                23. When listening to or judging prophecy, "Look not on the outward appearance. Look not at how it is poured forth. Look not at the vessel, but rather look at what it is being filled with. For it matters not if one vessel is smooth and refined, and the other has a chip or is not so pretty; what matters is what is poured forth."  Always remember, the Message is the important matter.

Question 3

                24. In some cases people don't give their prophecies during the public prayer sessions; they give them privately in their rooms. Does it matter if they do this? Should they try to exercise their gift more openly, so they can give public prophecies?

                25. Answer: For some people it is very difficult to give prophecies in public, and they feel more comfortable giving them when alone in the privacy of their room, which is preferable to not giving them at all.  The most important thing is to receive the Message the Lord is giving, and if someone feels they can only do so in private, then they should.  However, one of the main reasons for having the gift of prophecy is to allow the Lord to speak to the whole Home during public prayer times.  So those who have the gift and find it difficult to prophesy publicly should ask for prayer to be able to be the Lord's channel in public.

                26. Hearing from the Lord in prophecy, whether in private or public, takes faith.  Sometimes during a public prayer and prophecy session the Lord may be trying to give someone a prophecy, but because they have a difficult time giving their prophecies in public, they don't give it, choosing rather to deliver it later in private.  One reason that people hesitate to give their prophecies in public is fear--fear that they will give the first line and nothing else will come; fear that they won't get everything right or that their prophecy will be unsound in some way; fear that their delivery will be slow and halting; fear of what others will think of them; and fear that they can't do as well as others.

                27. The Lord said, "Fear not to speak what I give unto you. But if you cannot give at the time when asked, but can receive from Me better in the privacy of your room where you feel at ease and you have more faith, then give. The most important thing is that you give what I give you. For My people must hear the Words that I have for them, and I would have them receive it any way I can get it out. So do not feel condemned, but have faith and pour forth My Words."

                28. The Lord is most concerned with getting out His Message, so He encourages you to listen to Him and give what He gives, whether you get it in public or in private.  There were a few members of Mama's Home who did not have the gift of prophecy, but after prayer, received it. They couldn't bring themselves to prophesy in public at first, so instead they recorded prophecies the Lord gave them in the privacy of their rooms.  Later, after a period of private "practice," they gained the faith to prophesy publicly.

                29. If you have the gift of prophecy but haven't exercised it much, perhaps you could "practice" receiving things from the Lord in private.  "Try it and see what a blessing it will be.  These things, when given, are such a blessing to the hearer. ... So do not hesitate to stir yourself up. ... Try it in your time with Me alone. Try it in your time with Me on your bed. ... See what it can do.  See what the little extra effort to draw close to Me will bring you in treasures."

                30. The Lord wants us to learn to use the gift of prophecy, if we have it. He said, "For it is a growing process, it is a learning process--the School of My Prophets in this Latter Day. ... Learning to get it, first of all, is the most important thing. Then, secondly, having the faith to give it is the next most important thing, whether you give privately, or whether you give together. Thirdly, it is important that you give to the Body, that you join with the Body and give together, for in unity there is strength." The goal of this learning process is to eventually be able to use this precious gift to be a channel for the Lord to speak to the Church.

                31. One of the main reasons for the gift of prophecy is for the edification of the Church.  In 1 Corinthians 14 Paul said, "He that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort."  He also said, "He that prophesieth edifieth the Church."  At times the Lord wants to speak in prophecy to the whole Home together, and for Him to do this, it requires that prophecies be given in public.

                32. "There is a time that I will pour forth unto you and expect you to give for the edification of the Church. For I wish that as you have united with Me in the privacy of your prayers ... that you will likewise blend with the Body in Spirit and unify heart to heart, spirit with spirit. I would that the prophets should speak two or three, and every word be established for the edification of the Body, for instruction, for encouragement, and for the great importance of more unity, and thus more strength."  So if you have the gift of prophecy, it should be used for both public and private edification, though it may take some time for you to have the faith to give them publicly.

                33. To those who have a hard time giving prophecy in public, the Lord says, "Ask for prayer if you need extra strength and grace and faith to step out. One of My purposes in teaching you to hear from Me is to help you to be more desperate, more humble, and more united. Ask of Me, and I will do it through you."

                34. To those who do give prophecies in public, the Lord warns you not to look down on those who are still learning to do so.  "You that are strong in the faith ought not to condemn those that are weak. If you have the faith to step forth and give My Words in public, so be it. But beware lest you look down upon your brother who gives My Words in the privacy of his temple. For what is that to you? It is his walk with Me, not yours. I find great beauty as he seeks Me within his bedroom. I find great beauty as you seek Me publicly."

                35. The Lord wants us to pour out what He gives us and He's pleased when we do, whether it's in private or public.  He just wants us to give His Message no matter what.  "I am well pleased that My prophets are yielding unto Me, and they are growing and becoming stronger and exercising their gifts.  I would have you give what you get, wherever you get it. Pour it out! Pour it out to your mate!  Pour it out to those around you! Pour it out to your shepherds! Give, and it shall be given unto you.  It shall flow out of you. Therefore, bottle not up My Spirit. For this is the time that My Spirit is being poured out upon all flesh. You are the leaders. You are the cutting edge. You are getting the Word fresh, freshly baked from Heaven, specific counsel for today and for tomorrow. Therefore, give!  Give, I say! Give unto them, and more shall be given unto you."

Question 4

                36. Is it all right for individuals to receive private prophecies for themselves?  Is it okay to get encouragement or comforting words from the Lord privately?  Does this include receiving prophecy about important things like major moves or other events in their life? Or in these matters should they pray with others and not rely only on their own channel with the Lord?

                37. Answer: It is perfectly acceptable for individuals to pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy on their own.  If they receive a prophecy about an important personal matter, they should seek for confirmation by using the other ways to find God's will, and if they choose, by asking others to pray and hear from the Lord on the matter as well.

                38. The Lord most definitely wants to speak personally with us as we spend time alone in communion with Him.  He wants us to take advantage of the opportunity He's given to hear His voice.  As Dad taught us, it's imperative that we learn to hear from God. "The greatest thing we can teach our new disciples and children--and each new generation has to learn it for itself--is to follow God and hear from Him fresh every day" (ML #251:39).

                39. If you spend quiet time with Jesus, He will speak to you, mostly through His written Word, of course, but also through His voice in prophecy. Dad explained in "Stop, Look and Listen" how to get quiet and hear from the Lord: "I love to be alone with the Lord, because you can hear God so clearly when you're alone and quiet. The Lord speaks in a still, small, but very definite, very firm, very loving voice--but if you're too noisy, you're not going to hear it! ... You have to wait awhile and see if He's going to answer your prayer: stop and be quiet and wait for the answer. ... If you really want to hear Him, He'll talk to you. ... I get most of my information from the Lord, alone in the quiet of the night when everything is absolutely still and it's completely without distraction. ...You can't just depend on united prayer sessions--sometimes they don't have'm! You're going to have to get quiet by yourself somewhere, somehow, sometime, if you're going to hear from the Lord!" (ML #74:10-12, 16).

                40. The Lord makes it very clear that He does want us to learn to take this time listening to His voice. "This is something that I would amplify and would broaden, ... how much deeper I want My relationship with you to be, and how much I revel in speaking with you, and having you sing to Me, how much I want you to pour out your heart to Me, and likewise let Me edify you and share encouragement with you. ... Have I not said to commune with God upon your bed?--To come away with Me into the secret place and into the bedchamber, and whisper the words, as lovers whisper in each other's ears. For I wish you to be My Bride, and I wish for these intimate times and times of talking with you, and you with Me, to deepen and broaden."

                41. One reason the Lord gave for His wanting us to take this time to hear from Him is so we can learn to hear and recognize His voice, which we will need to be able to do in the future.  "There will be times also that there is no one else, and you must learn to rely on hearing from Me. It is a muscle to be exercised. When you are used to exercising it, then at times in the future, when you have no others to confirm My Word with, you will know what it is that I say unto you, and that it is I Who say it unto you, and you will have confidence in Me."

                42. One of the seven ways to know God's will is through direct revelation, so in the seeking of His will for our lives we can use prophecy as well as visions or verses the Lord may give.  He is able to be quite specific about matters we pray about and can give very explicit counsel. He gave some Biblical examples: "It is in My power to speak at any time to any one of you. Consider My servant Paul, who prayed, `Whither shall I go?' And in a vision I said, `Come to Macedonia.'--And he came. Peter prayed upon a rooftop, and as he thought and prayed, I visited him with visions and showed him My will, and he went to Cornelius' house." (See Acts Chapters 16 and 10.)

                43. When praying about specific matters and asking the Lord to speak to you about them, it is important to remember that before making a final decision you should seek a confirmation through the other ways to find God's will.  If the Lord speaks to you about a matter that concerns others, you should definitely seek further confirmation. "But as for those things that concern more than yourselves, seek counsel; for in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established. ... Remember that you are not your own. You are all members of the Body, and what affects one, affects all. So if what you ask would affect all, then bring the matter to the Body, that My prophets may all hear from Me, that I might confirm the Word."

                44. If the Lord speaks to you about a personal matter which will cause a big change in your life, it is very wise to confirm it through the other ways to know God's will.  Go to the Word, seek the counsel of others and even ask others to pray and hear from the Lord as well.  "If the prophecy is true, it will bear witness, for Godly counsel has always been one of the ways to find My will. If you still wonder, look to My Word;  and if you still wonder, call the elders and let them pray together, and thus I shall confirm what is My will. I will make it clear. I will make it plain.

                45. "Prophecy can be matched with prophecy, and further counsel sought through further prophecies and further confirmations. For I am trying to show you the good balance of seeking My will through all means to know My will. Yes, there is an emphasis on prophecy, but prophecy is not the all in all. It walks hand in hand as a mate with the other ways to know My will--through My Word, through Godly counselors, through other means, including the faith of the individual. So seek a good, Godly balance, and seek not to make decisions quickly, for time is the great tester as well. My Word shall be confirmed in the mouth of two or more witnesses, and established through other ways to know My will."

                46. Besides seeking confirmation on important matters that the Lord speaks to you about, such as changing Homes or ministries, you must also remember to work out the details of such a change in a loving manner.  Sometimes the fulfillment of such a prophecy may take some time.  Just because the Lord shows you something doesn't mean that He necessarily means for it to happen today. Be patient, be yielded, and work in harmony with others to bring about what the Lord has shown you.

                47. "Whatever is My will, trust with your heart in Me, and I will bring it to pass. I will bless your obedience, your yieldedness, your willingness to keep the unity of the Spirit, your unity with the brethren."  The Lord gave the example of Abraham and others who had received promises from God in prophecy. "How many years they had to patiently wait for the fulfillment of those promises! How many times they had to face daily disappointments in not seeing the things that I told them immediately fulfilled! But in your patience possess ye your souls."

                48. If the Lord shows you something in a personal prophecy or through some other revelation, and you feel led to share it with others, it is important to do so in love and humility. "I expect you to convey that Message in My Spirit, and in the Spirit of My Love, and in the Spirit of My humility, trusting and being yielded, waiting upon Me to perform it."

                49. Also remember that the Lord doesn't only speak about specific matters.  If in your communion with the Lord you will stop and let Him speak to you, He will often speak words of personal encouragement, comfort and love.  He doesn't only speak through prophecy, either.  He may just speak to your heart. He may give a needed verse or a vision. He may speak through the voice of His Word as you read a Letter or a Bible chapter that He's led you to.  He may speak through the voice of another, such as your shepherds, mate or friend.  But to hear Him, and to really get what He's saying to you, you must stop, look and listen.

Question 5

                50. If we freely open the door to everyone prophesying, aren't there going to be a lot of people getting tripped off?

                51. Answer: Some people probably will get a bit tripped off in their use of prophecy, but that is no reason to restrict its usage.  Instead, we each need to do all we can to follow the guidelines closely, and also learn how to judge our own and others' prophecies. We should be on guard against potential problems and use the safeguards the Lord has given, and in doing so, be free to use this wonderful gift to its fullest.

                52. The Lord has given us, His children, a great and wonderful gift that He wants us to use to find answers to our questions, and for direction, encouragement, comfort and edification. He wants us to use this gift freely and without fear.  "Oh My foolish children, why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith for that which I do give unto you so freely?  Have I not written in My Book, covet to prophesy and desire spiritual gifts? Forbid not prophesying. Despise it not. Quench not the Spirit. Let it flow! Rejoice and be exceeding glad!" (1Cor.12:31,14:39; 1Thes.5:19,20).

                53. Although it is possible that some people may get a bit tripped off in their use of prophecy, there are a lot of other things that Family members partake of that are much more dangerous.  "You are tripped off in many things! You watch television and lust after things of the world. You get tripped off in many other ways which are more dangerous for you and for your spirit. ... There is much less danger in your seeking Me!"

                54. The Lord wants us to use His gift and not to hold back.  "Have I not encouraged you and poured this gift upon you freely, that all might benefit? ... Freely you have received, so freely give that which you receive. Freely I have given unto you, and as good delivery boys and girls, you must deliver that which has been delivered unto you. ... Break that box and let it roll! Rolled Gold!--My Word that I long to give unto My children, that I want them to partake of! Fear not, for this is a good gift! This is a beautiful gift! This is a valuable gift, and I am happy to give it unto you.  So revel in it! Delight in it! Dig your hands through the piles of coins, and giggle and laugh and be so happy, for it is for you that I have done this, to show My Love unto you."

                55. As with all freedom of the Spirit, there will be some who won't always use it wisely or lovingly, but that's not a good enough reason to withhold it.  We simply need to learn how to use it properly.  "Yes, there will be accidents. Yes, there will be running when there should be walking. Yes, there will be tumbles and falls and bonks, but these are part of the learning process. I am thankful for this gift being set free. I am thankful, and I will rejoice as I watch each of you practice and take part in this new gift, this free gift that I am giving unto you."

                56. Of course, the Enemy will be looking for those whom he can get off the track, so the Lord gave some things to be on guard against:  "Be not unaware of the Devil's devices, for he knows that I have given unto you a great and wonderful gift. He will try to hinder and hurt and get you tripped off. Therefore beware of pride, particularly spiritual pride.  Try the spirits.  Take time to observe and interpret the different things that are given unto you, to see if these things be so.  Beware of the Enemy, for he walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Therefore be not shallow, but prayerful, and avail yourselves of all these safeguards of the Spirit which I have given unto you, and you shall be blessed."  If we are prayerful in the use of prophecy, if we wisely judge and interpret our prophecies, it will act as a safeguard against any misuse of the gift.

                57. Although there may be some potential problems with the use of prophecy, the Lord doesn't want the fear of those problems to stop us from using it.  He wants us to use it abundantly, but also to learn to use it properly.  "I would have them learn to love, to laugh, to play, to splash about, to enjoy My deep and abiding waters to swim in.  Is not the danger the fear? Is not the danger the inexperience? In teaching your own children to swim, is not the main thing to overcome their fear of the water, their lack of experience with it?  Yet you still teach them to swim. Teach them not to fear. Give them the tools to handle it safely, and exercise great diligence and great care and great watchfulness over them. Teach them the rules, teach them and train them and discipline them diligently, that they do not break the rules, and that they do not hurt themselves through disobedience. This is My gift of Love!  Bring them all to the swimming pool and let them all enjoy it, according to their faith, according to their experience. There is danger, yes, but only in this inexperience, in this fear, and in this lack of watchfulness."

                58. As you can see, it is important to learn to use the gift of prophecy correctly, so that we won't have to fear that we or others are going to be led astray or get tripped off.  Besides thoroughly studying this series of questions and answers, there are a number of wonderful Letters on the subject, such as:  "Faith" (ML #73),  "Stop! Look! Listen!" (ML #74), "The Key of David" (ML #78), "Despise Not Prophesying" (ML #244), "Temple Prophecy" (ML #9), "God's Gifts" (ML #1741, GN Book 20), "Prophecies!--How They Come" (ML #1742), "Prophecy Lessons" (ML #1743), "False Prophecies!" (ML #1744), and "Mama's Love Story, Part 4" (ML #2995, GN 638). For a full and feeding study on this subject, we recommend you read the full Letters instead of the Daily Bread condensations.

                59. Another point which the Lord brought out when we asked Him this question is that as people learn to prophesy, there will be those that enjoy using the gift more than others. People enjoy different things and people have different gifts and talents, so if someone is eager to use their gift to hear from the Lord in prophecy, it doesn't mean that they are tripped off.  If their prophecies are judged to be of the Lord and they bear good fruit, and if the person doesn't get lifted up in pride, then they should not be discouraged from using their gift.

Question 6

                60. Are visions less important than direct prophecy?  People generally give their visions at the end of the prophecy session. Is that right to do? And if so, does that give less weight to visions than to the actual prophecies?

                61. Answer: Like prophecy, visions are a way in which the Lord chooses to give messages to some people.  The message is what's important, not the manner in which it is delivered.  Therefore, visions are no less important than prophecy.  In public prophecy meetings, visions are generally, though not always, given after all the prophecies in order to allow those who are giving prophecy to receive their prophecies with the least amount of distraction.

                62. The Lord speaks to us in many ways, and each way He speaks is important, because He is conveying His Message to us. God sometimes speaks through visions--still or moving pictures that He places in our mind's eye as we pray. These pictures help to visualize the Message the Lord is giving, which can shed additional light on the topic He is speaking about, and make it easier to understand and remember. Because of this, visions play a very important role in hearing from the Lord, especially in group prayer and prophecy sessions.

                63. "For consider how an artist works. He has many different mediums to work in.  This is how I work. I have many mediums by which to portray My Message. The Message is the same; the medium varies. The Message is the important thing. The medium depicts and portrays the Message in a different way to attract the attention of the onlooker. ... Has it not been said that a picture is worth a thousand words? Often, after the words are long forgotten, the picture lingers on. ... Each has its place--the words to describe the picture, the picture to describe the words."

                64. The Lord used many different mediums in giving His Message through Dad--prophecy, dreams, spiritual experiences, His still small voice, etc.  Dad accepted whatever means the Lord used to deliver the message, including visions.  "Did I not give many visions and pictures and dreams unto your prophet David?  When he spoke through the gift which I gave unto him, did he not describe many things with word pictures which permanently fixed themselves in your mind?  Were they not all tools to describe the Heavenly, or to get across My Message?"

                65. In order to further clarify the importance of visions, the Lord added, "Behold the creation of God that is all about you in the world in which you live, and how it is a manifestation of so many spiritual truths. You are living in a vision, a vision of My Love and My Love for you. Is that not enough to answer your question on the importance of visions and how they speak of spiritual truths?"

                66. Although there is no set form as to when one should describe a vision that they have been given in a public prophecy session, people generally give visions after the Lord is finished speaking in prophecy, even though they may have received the vision during the time when people are prophesying.  The telling of the visions at the end of the meeting does not lessen their importance.  The main reason for giving them later is to allow those who are prophesying to receive their prophecies with as little distraction as possible.  When people describe their visions and then add their interpretation of that vision, it can sometimes distract those the Lord wants to speak through in prophecy, and keep them from receiving the prophecy.

                67. The Lord described the receiving of visions as capturing His water in a cup. "For My Words are like a babbling brook of clear waters, and some capture it in a cup and keep it till later.  The water that is captured in a cup can wait.  It can wait because it is captured in a moment, but the water that is poured forth has to keep pouring or you will lose it."  Usually when one receives a vision, they can easily remember it until the end of the prophecy session.  However, giving a prophecy is different in that generally you only receive the first part of it and must then speak it out in order to get more, so it is like the water that you have to "keep pouring or you will lose it."  For this reason, people generally wait until the prophecies are finished before describing their vision.

                68. The Lord confirmed that this was a good way to do it, though it doesn't always have to be done this way. Sometimes He may want you to do it in a different manner, as there are times when someone gives a vision which then leads into a prophecy. Each situation is different and He wants us to operate in a way that is comfortable for us, providing it doesn't cause confusion during a prophecy session. "Let Me speak through the prophets. Let My Words flow through those that are speaking, then afterwards give your words ... to describe those things that you see I have given you.  Then all things shall be done decently and in order. ... I would that you be comfortable.  Only seek not that the Spirit be quenched through disorganization, through confusion; but as you are comfortable, let these things be done. For I refuse to be poured into a mold. Though you have a form in which you are comfortable today, fear not to change your mode of operation.  For as time goes on and as you gain experience, you shall have more confidence to do things in other ways."

                69. We are just learning how to use these methods of hearing from the Lord more abundantly in our daily lives.  In the past we have used these gifts sparingly, but the Lord is beginning to change that.  From the sound of things, there is much more to come! "There are so many things that you will yet do through the gifts of prophecy and visions and tongues and interpretation and knowledge and miracles--things which you know not of yet, but I will loose them in you as you gain experience and grow up into Me in all things. ... Therefore, be open for My leadings.  Do not establish such a fixed order of things that you cannot change things when My leadings would say to do otherwise."

Question 7

                70. In prayer, either privately or publicly, some people receive Bible verses or MO quotes instead of prophecies.  Are these verses as important as receiving prophecies?

                71. Answer: No matter how the Lord speaks to you, it is important, because He's giving His Message through you.  The Lord can use verses either to give His full Message, or as an addition to prophecy, or as a confirmation of His will.  If you receive verses but not prophecies, you should not look down on it, thinking that what He's telling you isn't as important.  You should instead rejoice that the Lord is speaking to you.

                72. As with the receiving of prophecies or visions, receiving verses is a manner in which the Lord speaks.  The most important thing is the Message, not the way in which it is received.  The Lord said that often He will give a verse that will be the key to unlock His treasures.  "For My verses are often the key that unlocks the door to the treasure chest, to the big vault of My Word. ... So be not afraid to give it, for it is often the key that unlocks the door."  He also said that verses are a needed and important addition to prophecy.  "It is the beautiful adornment on the garment of prophecy. It is not to be despised. Each part of the garment has a purpose in making the full garment beautiful and radiant, so despise not the day of small things.  It may look small to you, but it is great in My eyes."

                73. Besides sometimes being a key or an addition, verses also can be a confirmation of what the Lord has said.  We should not think that receiving verses is unimportant, as all the Word, old and new, can be used for whatever purpose the Lord chooses. "My Word which I have given of old through My prophets and men who have followed Me, was it not new in their day?  And yet it has been proven and tried through the test of time.  Even so now, as I give it, at times it shall be a key to unlock the door. At times it shall be a garnish to embellish and to beautify that which others have given. At other times it shall be an echo and a confirmation to fulfill that which I have spoken in My Word. ... Therefore, despise not these things, nor consider them to be little, paltry, humble things. All these things will work together.  My Word, new and old, shall be for your profiting and for your benefit and for your use. ... Therefore, if any man has a verse or a psalm, let him speak it in the power which I would give, for the Word which I speak unto you, it is Spirit and it is life, whether it be new and fresh, or old and vintage. Each has its place."

                74. The Lord gave a word picture about cooking a meal and how even one ingredient can make such a difference. Even so, one verse can add a special dimension that completes the Message the Lord is giving.  "Behold the recipe that calls for but one bay leaf. If I did not feel that it was needed, I would not have put it in the recipe. But that one bay leaf must be added, and then it is complete. Despise not the day of small things, for all elements are important to the recipe--the great chunks of meat, and even the one bay leaf. Therefore despise not My Word in whatever form I may give it, for I have exalted My Word above My Name."

                75. No matter how the Lord gives His Message--whether through prophecy, visions, verses, or reading His written Word--the important thing is to receive it and believe it by faith.  We need to be open to His voice in all of its forms and ready to believe what He gives.  "It is the Word, mixed with faith, that brings forth the fruit whereunto I have sent it. Therefore think not in what shape, fashion or form My Word is given. ... Receive My Spirit. Receive My Word. Receive all that I have to give you through My Word--My written Word, My spoken Word, My Word pictures, My pictures in words. ... Rejoice and be glad that I give My Word to you!"

Question 8

                76. Is it okay to ask the Lord for specific names and places in prayer?  For example, can you ask the Lord for the name of a city that you should witness in, or the name of someone you are supposed to witness to?

                77. Answer: Yes, you can ask the Lord for specifics. You should be specific in your prayers so that He can be specific in His answers.  The Lord spoke specifically to His children all throughout the Bible, and there is no reason why He can't do so today as well.  Sometimes when we ask for specifics He may not answer, but we should not feel bad about it nor let it keep us from asking other specific questions.

                78. The Lord wants us to be specific in our prayers to Him so that He can be specific in His answers.  If we need a specific answer, He is more than able to give one. "When you pray unto Me and you seek specifically for an answer, I will not fail you, I will answer you. ... I delight to give you all that you need. If you need it, call unto Me, and I will show you great and mighty things. It shall be a wellspring springing forth with great water, causing you to bear much fruit for My Kingdom."

                79. He reminded us that He was quite specific with His children in the past. "For consider Adam in the garden.  Did I not teach him general guidelines for the care of My creation? Yet each individual plant, each individual animal had specific needs that needed individual care which was diverse from the others. I taught him and I led him in great detail that he might know all he had need of. ... Consider how great an outpouring of My specifics I did give My children from the very beginning, to teach and instruct them."

                80. The Lord was very specific with Noah when He revealed how to make the ark and how many of each kind of animal to take on board.  He was quite specific with Moses when He gave the Ten Commandments and the rest of the Law, as well as when He told Moses what to say to Pharaoh.  He told Joshua, David and others exactly how to fight certain battles.  So it is not strange for the Lord to give specific answers.  In fact, He wants to give us explicit instructions just like He did for His children in the Old and New Testaments.

                81. "Be very definite with Me, and I will give you what you ask for.  I led My children through the wilderness. I instructed them, and I kept them as the apple of My eye.  I love it when you are specific with Me, and I love to be specific with you.  It is not My desire to be unclear, but to clearly lead and guide My children in love and in diligence and in an orderly fashion. ... Call unto Me, and I have promised that I will answer. Just as I have led many saints of old by specific direction, that they should be led to go to this battle, or led to go this way in the wilderness, or led to climb this mountain, and go through this path, or to this city, or to speak to this man as I led Paul, so I can lead you. For I speak to you in a vision, or in a dream, or by the voice of My Word. I have many ways to speak unto you and to confirm My will with signs following. So be not afraid to ask, for I love to answer and I love to lead you about with My comforting Holy Spirit that promises to lead and guide you into all truth."

                82. It takes faith to ask the Lord specific questions and to speak the answers He gives.  But if you do, He will answer and bless you.  "According to your faith let it be done unto you.  For as you ask specifically, I am able to answer specifically.  As for names, dates and places, did I not tell the centurion the name of the person to seek, the place and the date? (Cornelius in Acts 10.)  Did I not tell Paul the name of the man who would heal him? (Acts 9). And I took Philip to the right place at the specific, precise time (Acts 8).  ... I am not only capable, but more than willing to answer your questions--even more specifically than you expect.  For I am able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think, to give names, dates and places. Only be prepared to hear My voice."

                83. The Lord wants us to ask Him specifics rather than leaning to our own understanding.  "It is your part to be on My little dog trail, to be following Me closely, to be following Me step by step, so that I may give you these specifics. For if you are leaning to your own understanding, or following your own desires, and not seeking Me to confirm and to perfect, and therefore off on the wrong tangent, your antenna will not be turned towards Me; you will not be able to hear the specifics. So I ask you to stay close to Me, and to follow Me closely step by step."

                84. Of course, sometimes the Lord may choose not to be as specific as you might wish. When this happens He has His reasons for doing so, and you should not feel bad about it.  "There will be times when you ask Me for specifics, though, and I will hold back and lead you through another path. This does not mean that you are on the wrong track. This means that I have something to show you that you are not yet able to bear, that I must lead you step by step to bring you unto this final destination in My way.  Whereas if I had told you the specifics in the beginning, you would have arrived there in the wrong manner. So do not feel frustrated nor condemned if you ask for specifics and I give them not.  Do not condemn your brother if you ask for specifics and receive them, and he asks for specifics and receives them not. For I am working in your hearts, in your different situations, in different manners, for different results."

Question 9

                85. It's pretty hard to contradict a prophecy. What do I do if someone gives me a prophecy which directs me to do something that I don't want to do or I'm not yet convinced is God's will?

                86. Answer: Before implementing the directions of a prophecy received by you or given to you through someone else, you must be convinced that it is the Lord's will for you to do so.  The way to find this out is to test the prophecy against the other ways to know God's will.  You should not let someone pressure you or coerce you through prophecy, or any other means, into doing something which you are not convinced is the Lord's will.

                87. The Lord has set up a check and balance system in regards to knowing His will.  He has given more than one way to find His will, and when He shows His will, He confirms it through the other ways. If the Lord speaks about a matter, He will confirm it through other means, such as through the mouths of other prophets, through open doors, burdens, Godly counsel, etc. "As silver in the refining fire, test the Words of God. The Word of God can stand the test. The Word of God can take the heat.  The Word of God will stand. If it be a true prophecy, it will stand and nothing can stand against it. But if it be a false prophecy, it will come to naught."

                88. If someone gives a prophecy that affects you personally, you are not under obligation to obey it.  You should be convinced in your own heart that it is of the Lord before following it.  You should have peace and assurance that it is the Lord; if you don't, don't implement it until you do.

                89. "When one is confronted with a prophecy and they say, `Thus saith the Lord,' test it. If it is of Me, there will be signs following. It will be confirmed.  It will be confirmed in your own heart, and you will feel the full assurance of God. But if it be not of Me, it shall not come with My blessing. It will not come with the full reassurance of God. It will not fill your life with the gifts of the Spirit, the peace, the love, the understanding, the tranquillity that comes in knowing that this is My will. You will not have that blessing, that comfort, that assurance. You will have confusion and doubt. You will have uncertainty, you will feel intimidated, you will feel pressured, you will feel made to do something against your will. If this exists, then keep testing the prophecy. Be as Gideon. He did not accept My first sign. Test the Word of God! I can take it! Test Me, and it will come to pass, I assure you, if it is My Word. If it is real, it will come with signs following and assurances from My Spirit. And if it be not of Me, it will come to naught."

                90. In situations where you are praying about important matters that seriously affect your life or the lives of others, it's best to either pray with others initially or at least have others hear from the Lord on the matter as well.  "Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established. In the multitude of counselors there is safety, and purposes are established. Seek counsel in prophecy, seek Me as a team, for it is safer in a team than as individuals, and My Word will be confirmed in the mouth of two or three witnesses."

                91. It's also very important to strongly guard against prophesying in your own spirit the things that are in your heart.  For example, maybe you have a real burden to do a certain thing and you ask the Lord to speak to you about it.  He may speak and tell you it is His will, and it may very well be; however, in some cases it's possible for your own spirit to muddy the waters through your strong desires.  This is why it's so important to receive further confirmations rather than just go on the one prophecy you personally receive.  "Be not filled with false confidence, for the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.  If you have received something that you believe is from Me, do you not want to test it and to know whether these things be so?"  Be sure to test the prophecy through other prophets or the other ways to know God's will.

                92. It's especially important that you don't use prophecies that you have received to try to convince or coerce others to do something that they do not wish to do. "See that you use it not to impose your will upon another. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established."

                93. You should pray about important matters, especially such things as if you should marry a certain person that you have a burden for.  However, you should not use these prophecies to convince the person to marry you.  If it's truly the Lord's will, then He will usually speak to the other person in such a way as to give him or her the burden or the faith for it as well.  In such a case, you would probably want to ask if he or she wants to marry you without mentioning the prophecy, as if you do, it might cause them to feel pressured.  The Lord may have used the prophecy to give you the faith to ask, but He may want to show the other person that it is His will in some other way.  If they agree to marry you, you would probably want to share the prophecy with them as a confirmation.

Question 10

                94. If prophecies conflict with the burden that I feel in my heart, or Godly counsel, or fleeces, or open doors, which should I follow?

                95. Answer: When a prophecy, or any of the ways to know God's will, conflicts with the other ways to find God's will, you should further seek the Lord about the matter.  A prophecy may conflict because the Lord is trying to show you something completely new, something you may have never thought about before; in which case, after He shows you, He will probably confirm it through other prophecies and through the other ways to find His will.  The most important factor in trying to find the Lord's will is to fully desire His will above your own.

                96. Generally the various ways to know the will of God will confirm one another, so that a prophecy would be confirmed by burdens, open doors, Godly counsel, etc.  There are times, however, when a prophecy might be given which leads in a direction that is different than your burdens or the doors that are open, etc.  In such a case, it is very important to seek the Lord further about the matter.  "When there is a contradiction between your burdens, between appearances, between counsel, ... you should take this as a red light. You should take this as a time to stop, to pray further, to counsel, to seek Me more diligently, to go deeper into the question."

                97. When this happens, it could be that the Lord is trying to show you something that is brand new, something you haven't thought of before, and might not have thought of unless He had revealed it to you in prophecy.  You may not have had a prior burden for what the Lord has just shown you through prophecy because you never thought of it before.  Your Godly counselors may not have thought of it either.  So if the Lord reveals such a matter in prophecy, you should definitely pray more about it and seek further confirmation.

                98. "If your word of prophecy brings forth a different answer, a different path, a new direction, then seek Me diligently, for I may be revealing unto you a whole new situation, a whole new set of circumstances that you may have overlooked in your zeal and your passion, in your desire, and even in your burdens. Therefore consider diligently and prayerfully all the steps that I have laid down in knowing My will. Cast not aside these steps, for they truly are still important in My eyes. But if My word of prophecy reveals a new direction, seek Me diligently and be renewed, and be yielded, and seek further confirmation. Bring your petitions to other prophets to confirm, to establish and cement My will and My answers to your questions."

                99. Throughout the years we have tended to lean more on burdens, open and closed doors, and Godly counsel for decision-making.  The Lord, however, is now trying to get us to use direct revelation more, through prophecy.  This does not take away from the other means to find the Lord's will, but it does put more of an emphasis on using prophecy.  "You have sought Me in times past in many different ways. I do not want you to forsake these ways, but I do say that I hold out to you the gift ... of My Words that will pour through you. Though I do not want you to forsake these other means, I would rather that you become more dependent on the gift of prophecy, because I can speak clearly, so easily. I can address so many issues, I can cover so many topics.  As you grow and exercise this gift, you will see how I can use it, first as a supplement to the many other ways to know My will, and then as a very important one, without which you would not proceed on major undertakings. For I, the good Shepherd, will not lead you astray, and you can trust Me to speak through My prophets, through those who are tried and proven, and those whose prophecy you test and discern amongst yourselves."

                100. The Lord is saying that as we grow in its use, we will have more faith to use prophecy in finding His will. He wants us to exercise this gift, to become more proficient in its use, so He can make matters clear to us when He speaks in prophecy.  If used properly, it can help to bypass some of our own thoughts and feelings which might tend to color our burdens or our counsel together, especially if it's something we feel strongly about.

                101. "For behold, when the Apostle Paul had his overriding burden to go to Jerusalem. My prophet warned him with true prophecy of the consequences, and yet he went ahead and the prophecy was fulfilled. (See Acts 21:10-14.) I give this as an example of one who followed his own burdens in spite of My warnings, to show where it leads.  If the prophecy is a true prophecy, if it is truly Me speaking, and through Godly counsel you judge rightly the interpretation, and you weigh the spirits, and you find out that it is Me speaking, then why would you not obey My voice?  It is often hard for those enveloped in a situation to distinguish their own burdens and counsel from My ways."

                102. Of course, one can be so full of their own desires that it can color their prophecy as well, which is why we need to come before the Lord in yieldedness, seeking His will and not our own.  "Yieldedness is what I require. For have I not said that the first requirement in finding My will is having none of your own?--Having no will of your own, having surrendered it upon the altar of My will. Then you shall truly find My way. You shall truly find My will."

Question 11

                103. We have confidence that the prophecies that come out in the GNs are the voice of the Lord. But as Home members on the field, it is harder to be sure that the things that we get in our Homes are really the Lord's voice.  Should we place the same weight on these prophecies as we do on those in the GNs?

                104. Answer: The Lord has given Mama and me the job of feeding the Family, and for that reason He speaks to us in prophecy about "deep and weighty matters" of the Spirit. Your job is different, therefore it isn't necessary for the Lord to speak to you about the same things. However, He speaks to the prophets in your Home and tells you the things you need to know for your Home.  When He does, it's His voice just as much as when He speaks to us.

                105. The Lord speaks to us and tells us things according to the need.  Those whose job it is to feed the Family, like Mama and I, have a greater need to hear from the Lord in greater detail and depth than a member of a Home.  But this doesn't mean that what you receive is any less from the Lord. Even though the Lord may not show you the same type of things He will show Mama and me or others in top leadership, He still tells you the things that you need to know for your situation.

                106. "If it is a daily matter that you need an answer to, you must pray and have faith. But I will answer you as clearly and with as much intensity and as much heart and as much love and as much direction as I would for other matters which to you may appear greater. Consider this: Will you answer your younger child with less love and less concern and less intensity and care than you would your 18-year-old?  Their concerns and their questions may be different, but your love, your care and your desire to please them is the same."

                107. Even though the Lord may speak to those of us whose job it is to lead the Family in a somewhat different manner, it doesn't detract from the fact that there are many in the Family who have the gift of prophecy, through whom the Lord speaks.  We are all needed and we are all part of the Body of Christ.

                108. "Have I not called some babes and others novices and others elders and presbyters? And yet, have I not likened all of you unto My Body? You are one. You are members, one of another.  Therefore the head cannot say unto the foot, I have no need of you. Yet, I have in My wisdom placed certain members of the Body in prominence.  ... For behold, there are babes among you, those who lack experience, and yet if they have My gifts within them, are they not also prophets?  Yea, they are prophets, ... for each one ministers of the grace which I would supply. ... To one I measure out grace for a specific need, and to another I measure out abundant grace for a greater need."

                109. Even though the Lord feeds the Family His Word through Mama and me, you are very precious to the Lord and He speaks to you as well. "Consider your queen and your king:  Have they not been exercised with much experience and knowledge, and have they not been brought up by the very David of My Love, My dear Beloved One, who has taught them, day in and day out?  Has time not been a greater tester for these?

                110. "Consider your queen: Behold how she has suffered for you.  The great sacrifice which she has laid upon My altar, has that not been a proof of her anointing, of her dedication, her loyalty unto Me and to My very voice? For it has been all in all unto her, to hear Me clearly and distinctly. And has not this one whom I have raised up to be her king and lover passed through many trials and afflictions? Yet I speak through him with great clarity and beauty, and it is a thing of awe unto you.  Therefore rejoice that I have given you these who have hazarded their lives for you, and laid down their very lives and security for your benefit.  But you are not little in My sight. You are not less unto Me.  For in the very littlest things of your day I would seek to speak unto you.

                111. "You shall be blessed for that which you receive not only personally, individually before Me, but you shall be blessed in your obedience unto your queen and My king and their consorts, by that which they do pass unto you.  In great fear and trembling and in weakness do they give unto you the great and wonderful, marvelous and precious jewels which I bequeath unto you.  For they tremble at My Word and they revere My Spirit with great awe and wonderment. For they know that they are nothing, and yet I have chosen them.--And you are nothing, yet I choose you. Therefore rejoice and be content with what I give you, and you shall grow up unto Me, even unto maturity and to fullness and to great fruitfulness, if you will live close beside Me and receive and reverence that which I do give unto you."

                112. The Lord gives us His anointing according to the need and according to how He chooses to do so.  We should be thankful that He speaks to us, no matter what method He uses, and no matter how much or how little He speaks.  "Have I not warned you that it is not wise to compare one to another? Therefore compare not and worry not that that which I would give unto you is not of importance. For it shall apply unto your daily need. It is of great importance unto you. But it will not supersede nor circumvent nor demean that which I give through the mouths of My precious ones whom I have raised up to give unto you nourishment and health and life and strength and direction and brightness."

                113. Each person has their job and the Lord gives them His anointing for it.  The Lord may gift Mama and me in our ministry of hearing from Him in order to feed you, but He mightily anoints you in your ministry of reaching the lost.  "Behold, I send you forth to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick. This is a high calling that I have given unto you--to preach the Gospel and to shed forth My Love and My light and My Words to the hungry ones.  This is My high calling for you, ... this great calling of being My witnesses, of being My front-line soldiers. In this ministry I have highly exalted you.

                114. "I have given the Worders--My queen and My king and their consorts--the ministry of the Word, and this is their calling.--Their holy calling of looking unto Me and humbling themselves before Me, seeking Me for the Words to feed you.  This is their calling and the calling that I have worked in their lives to prepare them for.  Seek not to be loosed from the calling which I have given unto you, but go forth with glory and great exuberance for the calling whereunto I have called you.

                115. "And yes, you shall prophesy and you shall hear My Word and you shall hear My voice speaking in your heart and speaking through the Words that I give unto you.  These prophecies are to guide you and to encourage you and to uplift you.  I seek not only to instruct you for your daily business and your daily walk with Me, but to guide you and encourage you and uplift you with My Love.  This is of great importance, that you take time to praise and to look and to stop, and to listen to My Words.  But your main calling and the preparation that I have given you is to spread forth My Word to the sheep, to be witnessers, to be front-line soldiers, to keep your feet upon the pavement, to spread My Word. This is a very, very high calling for which I am proud of each one of you."

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