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THERE'S MORE TO COME!--Another New Year's Message    DO 30371/96

--By Maria                             Maria #319

Dear Family,

                1. Each of you is so precious to us, and we thank God for your faith and dedication, your simplicity and obedience. The Lord has an extra special surprise for you for the New Year! Not only did He give one New Year's message for you, but He gave a second one as well, pouring it on in double measure!

                2. Not only was the first message a surprise to us, as we weren't specifically asking the Lord for a New Year's message, but this one was even more of a surprise, as we weren't asking the Lord for any message! In fact, we had decided that we weren't going to hear from the Lord in prophecy on this particular morning as we had gotten to bed very late, and as a result had slept in. We had a scheduled appointment coming up, so didn't have as much time as usual for our prayer and devotions. Therefore we decided to read our Word and have a short prayer time, but not ask the Lord to speak in prophecy as is our daily habit.

                3. Since Peter had been working on compiling the first GN of prophecy questions and answers, we decided to read from the "Spiritual Gifts" section at the back of Daily Might 2. These were very inspiring jewels about the various facets of prophecy, including tongues and interpretation, which encouraged us to use the gift of tongues to edify our spirits.  After we finished reading, we had a few minutes left for prayer time, so we decided to do what the Word had said and speak to the Lord in the "tongues of men and of angels," to praise Him and to edify our spirits. To our surprise, the Lord started to give the first words of a prophecy to Peter, so we turned on the tape recorders and the Lord gave us another beautiful message!

                4. We found that we had the time after all, and the person who was supposed to knock on our door at a certain time was just late enough so that we were finished with the prophecy before she came.  It just shows that if we are yielded and obedient, the Lord can get through to us and change our plans, if He so chooses. There is nothing wrong with making plans, if we are open to His changes.

                5. The next day, in prophecy, the Lord even told me that He had given the message the previous day as a love gift to me to use for a Family meeting to relieve me of the burden of having to give a message which I had spent all day preparing for, besides the fact that I was tired and weak. He said:

                6. "Take your rest, My dear child, for you have done that which I wanted you to do, to come to Me in quietness, to seek Me, to search My Word and prepare your heart for pouring out to My children worldwide the Word which I would have you to pour out to them.

                7. "I will pour these Words through you. I will speak as you open your mouth. Whether it be before all those here, or whether it be by yourself, the purpose is to feed My children everywhere. I have caused you to prepare your heart and to study and to absorb so you could deliver.  For I wish for you to give My Words to prepare the hearts of My children, to encourage them, to increase their faith, and to get them ready for that which is ahead. But you are weak, and I will not place upon you that which is more than you can bear.

                8. "I spoke to your heart about delivering this message before the children here, which caused you to prepare. But in My Love for you I gave this other message for the New Year that I may save your strength and reward you with rest for having prepared to deliver My message to My children.

                9. "So take your rest. Be not afraid. I will show you what to do. For I have many things to say unto My children, and you are the vessel that I will pour it through. Whether you pour it forth publicly or whether you pour it forth privately is not the main thing.  But it is important that you take these Words that I have placed in your heart and that you speak them to My children all around the world so they may be fed and strengthened and their faith will increase, and that they may receive the Wine which I will pour forth unto them." (End of prophecy.)

                10. This touched me so deeply, that Jesus, in His Love, would provide another message that someone else could deliver in order to save my strength. So that's how we came to have this extra message for the New Year, praise the Lord!--Which, by the way, Peter presented beautifully to our little Home. I don't know that you need all these details of how these messages came and why, but I thought you might be interested in the background. Besides, I wanted to tell you how sweet the Lord was to me, and how lovingly He cares for me and what a precious, tender, compassionate Lover and Husband He always is. Don't you feel that way, too?

                11. Anyway, without further introduction, here is the message from Jesus, which was a personal one for Peter and me, followed by another one which the Lord gave through Dad, to all of us.

The Fruit of Faith and Obedience!

                12. (Prophecy:) "This has been your year of faith and obedience: faith to open up your channels unto Me and to receive all that I have poured forth to you, obedience to take that which I have said unto you and to pass it on to My children everywhere, faith to follow Me step by step throughout this year, and obedience as you implemented those things that I told you to do.

                13. "Because of your faith and because of your obedience, many shall be made righteous, and many shall come closer to Me. This has already happened. Many have begun the journey of drawing closer unto Me, closer to My bosom. For the Words which I have spoken through you, that you were full of faith, faithful to give unto My children, have been Words of wooing as I have wooed them and called them and drawn them closer unto Me.

                14. "I am well pleased with your faith and your obedience unto Me. You shall see the fruit of that faith and that obedience. You shall see the fruit in the growth of My children and in their strengthening and their drawing nigh to Me and their hearing My voice. The fruits of these things will be made manifest in their lives, as they grow stronger, as they grow more full of faith, as they grow more in love.  For I will make the children of David into all those things that David said they would be: strong soldiers, warriors, Endtime fighters! I shall empower them with My Spirit, by My anointing, because you obeyed and had the faith to give what I have given you--faith to receive, to believe and to implement.

                15. "In this year ahead I will pour forth many new blessings, and I will lead you and guide you step by step.  If you will but obey and believe, you shall receive great reward and great blessing. For I have much to say to you, much to show you, much to give you, so you can help to prepare My children for the days ahead.

                16. "I lead you and I guide you with great anointing, and I give unto you great helpers in the Spirit who give you great wisdom and knowledge and understanding.  For I have chosen you to lead My children in this day, and I will not fail you. I will not let you be led astray.  For I am the Good Shepherd and I go before My sheep.  I walk before you and I show you the way. So follow Me closely, step by step, day by day, seeking Me, crying out to Me, listening to Me, following Me, and doing those things which I say to do. So shall you be blessed, and so shall My children be blessed through you, through your obedience, through your faith, and through your faithfulness." (End of prophecy.)

                17. Thank You, wonderful Jesus, for Your Love and for Your commendation. We know we don't deserve it. Peter and I have only done that which was our duty to do. You've made it so easy and You've filled our mouths with such good things that we couldn't help but want to pass them on to Your precious ones. You've given us such spiritual riches, and blessed us above all people everywhere! It's taken so little on our part! You've done everything! All we've done has been to yield and to be Your channels. It's a wonderful privilege to be on Your team!

                18. Thank You for wooing Your children and drawing them closer to You and helping them to fall more in love with You through the Words which You have given them. Already we have seen the results in many lives. We've heard from many around the world expressing what wonderful changes You have made in them as they have accepted Your New Wine, and the happiness and greater power that it has brought them.

                19. We know that, as You have promised, this year is going to bring forth an even greater anointing and greater power and greater victories than ever before, as Your children gain more faith and more love for You by seeing how great a love You have for them! We believe we are going to see Your blessings poured out on us in greater measure than ever before, and that we are going to see the fulfillment of many of the promises that You have given over this past year.

                20. Thank You for Your repeated promises, in this message, as well as many others, that we would not be led astray, and that what we give to Your children will be the true, pure, clean Words of God. Help us to continue following You closely. And help them to follow us closely so that we will all get safely where You're going. We give You all the glory and the praise and the honor, for Thou art worthy of all these things, and much, much more!

New Year's Encouragement from Dad!

                21. (Dad speaking:) "I used to always say that the last year had been our greatest year, and that we would never have a greater year than that one.--And each new year that came, I was proved wrong!  I could never imagine that we would have a greater year than the one we just had, but the Lord always did even greater things the next year!  We were constantly growing and moving and changing and progressing and accomplishing more and winning more and witnessing more!

                22. "So I'm certainly not going to tell you that last year was the greatest year you'll ever have, because there are more years ahead! There are many more things that need to be done, places to go, people to win, souls to be saved, tools to be distributed, ministries to be created, babies to be born, methods to be pioneered, countries to be won, languages to learn!

                23. "There is New Wine to come! New songs to come! New music to come! New messages to come! There's so much excitement in the Spirit about what is to come, the progress that is to be made, the ground to be gained, the message to be gotten out!

                24. "So I won't tell you that this year has been your greatest year and that it will only go downhill from here. This has been a big year! There has been a lot of change! There have been a lot of new things! There have been a lot of new messages from the Lord! There have been a lot of new changes through the Charter! This has been a really big year!

                25. "But you are going to start to see the fruits of this year in the years to come. You are going to see the fruits of prayer, and of hearing from and following the Lord and the voices from beyond, the spirits who speak to you, who help to lead and guide you--your helpers. You are going to see the fruits of stopping and listening and obeying and following.

                26. "You are going to see the fruits of being in smaller Homes without so much bureaucracy and being able to get out and really reach the lost!  You're going to see the fruits of having to make your own decisions without leaning so much on others. You'll see how the fruits of this will strengthen you. You will see the fruits in the Family as you shed those who are not fully with you, and you will find the strengthening that can be had through strong unity and love, binding you together.

                27. "Oh, this has been a monumental year, with some very, very important messages that the Lord has given to you, but there is more to come! So take it in and absorb it! Fill your heart with the Word, the New Wine. Let it reach into the very depths of your heart!  Let it change you. Let it work in your heart and in your spirit  to refresh you and to renew you. For it will strengthen you as you yield, as you receive, and as you put it into action.

                28. "For all the Word, all the Wine, all the Water that is poured out to you is for a purpose. It's given to strengthen you. It's given to you now because we Here know the need for later. The things that the Lord pours out to you now are the things that you need now, so that you will have them later. So take them in and absorb them, read them, do them, be strengthened by them, so that you'll be ready to take what else He has for you in the future. And there is a great future ahead!

                29. "So hold on! Don't let go! Keep the crown! Fight the fight! Win the war and receive your reward!  For great is your reward in Heaven! Great is the reward of those who overcome, those who fight to the finish. I know it's a struggle! I know it's a fight! But let me tell you, I struggled the struggle, I fought the fight, and I know now it is well worth it. For the rewards are far greater than anything you could ever think or imagine!

                30. "So as you enter this new year, keep your eyes upward and ahead--upward to Heaven and ahead to the great victories and the great rewards that await you if you are faithful and believing and receiving. Enter this new year afresh and full of faith--faith to believe, faith to receive, and faith to do--and you will see the fulfillment of the many blessings that He has promised to pour out to you." (End of prophecy.)

                31. Thank You, Jesus, for allowing Dad to speak to us like this! Thanks, Dad, for that inspiring message, full, as usual, of faith and enthusiasm and excitement! We just love to hear from you!  And I just love to tell folks that you're more alive than ever, going stronger than ever, and leading this Family in a greater way than ever! We just love you so much!

                32. So, Family, that should inspire you! There's only one big difference between Dad's Letters from Heaven and the Letters he gave us while he was on this Earth, and that's their length!--Ha! I don't quite know what accounts for that, unless he is just having mercy on our poor, weak vessels, knowing that "the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak," and several hours of straight prophecy might be too much for us. So he has just decided to speak more frequently, but in smaller bites. It sure is delicious food, no matter how it comes!

                33. Isn't it exciting to see Dad's optimism and enthusiasm about the future? There is no worry nor fear nor pessimism there! We should follow his lead and partake of that same spirit of enthusiasm. It sounds like the possibilities are limitless! There is no end to how far we can go and how much we can do if we'll keep going with faith in all that the Lord pours out to us through Dad and all our ministering spirits.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal--Things Will Get Easier!

                34. The past year has been a little sample of all the excitement that is to come--but just a token, because there is much more!  And the more we receive and the more we believe, the easier it will get!  Perhaps this last year has been quite a struggle for some of you, but as you accept and yield and exercise your gifts and put into effect the guidance He gives you, you will see yourself being strengthened and able to do more and more without so much of a struggle.

                35. You may or may not be seeing the fruits of all the Word that has been poured out in the last year, but Dad says that in this coming year you are definitely going to start seeing them in a big way!--Including all the results of your beginning to pray and praise more, your exercising your gifts of prophecy, your acceptance of the New Wine, and your becoming more sensitive to the spiritual world and our helpers who are There to lead and guide us.

                36. Though it may still be a struggle to be in a smaller Home, and it seems sometimes that you have even more to do than ever with fewer adults and more children, you will begin to see the good results in how this is strengthening you.  If you'll just hold on and keep your eyes on the goal, things will get easier. You're going to start seeing the fruits of being able to get out and reach the lost in a greater way than before. You are going to see the fruits of the Charter and having to make your own decisions, which, though difficult, will strengthen you.

Some of Our Loved Ones May Choose to Leave

                37. Another very important point that Dad makes is that in this coming year, and the ones to follow, we are going to see as never before the strength that unity and love will bring about in the Family. As we become more and more of one heart, one mind, one body, and we merge more with each other and with Jesus, we are going to be molded into a tight Gideon's band which will be able to accomplish the great things that He has for us.

                38. Dad says that we will "see the fruits in the Family as we shed those who are not fully with us."  While it's very encouraging to know that the departure of those who aren't whole-hearted and single-minded and appreciative of their blessings will strengthen the Family, on the other hand, it grieves us to know that some of our precious brethren whom we love and care for deeply will not continue the journey with us. They've been a part of us and we love them very much, but if their hearts are elsewhere and they choose to step out of our DO fellowship, it is better for them, and also for us. Though we love them very much and we will be sad to see them go, if they feel that they need to choose another path, either for awhile or permanently, we will still love them and continue to care about them, wish them well and pray that the Lord will use them in other capacities.

                39. We are not at all eager for any of you dear ones to leave us, unless you've fully decided in your hearts to do so. Our prayer instead would be that you would get fully on board and wholeheartedly embrace the New Wine and the changes that it is bringing about. Just because some of you may be struggling over certain things does not mean that you should feel that this is your "cue" to leave. If you know that the Family is the place for you, then don't give up your crown. Keep fighting, keep struggling, as Dad encourages you to do. Don't give up!

                40. On the other hand, if one thing after the other has bothered you and caused you doubts and you've been looking for an alternative for some time, and you have many doubts and criticisms and questions, you feel too confined by the restrictions, and unenthusiastic about the Word and not inclined to put your heart into trying to obey it, then you will probably be happier in a different situation where you can have more freedom to follow your own leadings. If at a later date you determine without any doubt that the Family is the only place for you, we will welcome you back with open arms!

Absorb What You Can of the New Wine!--And Keep the Rest for the Future!

                41. For those of you who are determined to stick it out come what may, who have determined that the Family is where you want to be, Dad counsels you to "fill your heart with the Word, the New Wine," absorb it and let it change you, because it will provide the strength that you need for the future. The Lord is pouring out abundant Word to us now so that we can take it in and have it for the future.

                42. It's a little like a student in a university: He reads, he studies, he absorbs day after day, month after month, year after year. A little of what he learns he uses during that time, but most of it is preparation for the future, when he will have graduated and be ready to put to full use what he has learned. Likewise, as we absorb the New Wine that the Lord gives us, it will bring about changes in our lives right now.  However, the greatest results will be seen in the future, in the great work which the Lord will give us to do.

                43. You may think that you are being drowned in the New Wine, that there is way too much of it, and that you can't possibly keep up with so much. You can barely get it read, much less absorb it.  Well, you don't have to absorb it all at once.  Just absorb whatever you can and keep the rest as "survival" for the future. The Lord knows your limitations, your weaknesses, your frailties. He knows you can only do so much. He won't give you more than you can bear. As Dad has said, sometimes we are the ones that make the load too heavy for ourselves by taking on more than we should.

                44. Just because there is a job to do doesn't mean you have to be the one who has to do the whole thing!  Just because there are what amounts to books and books of New Wine doesn't mean that you have to read, absorb and implement everything all at once. When you were new babes you weren't expected to immediately learn everything that the older ones knew.  Instead, you grew into greater knowledge and greater responsibility. This is the way it still works. You are only expected to do what you can do.

Are We Producing Too Many Pubs?

                45. Some months ago several of our folks in WS had expressed concern that we were producing too many pubs, and that you would not be able to read them, much less absorb them, and that this would seem like a tremendous burden to you. Some had even suggested that we slow down our output from WS so that the pressure you were feeling, knowing you had to read so many pages of new Word, would be relieved.

                46. We, too, were very mindful of the great volume of pubs, and that it could seem overwhelming.  But the Lord kept pouring it out, giving answers for many of the questions that you had, and we personally felt that we needed to do everything possible to pass it on to you.  However, because some of our WS folks were continuing to have questions about the great volume that we were publishing, we suggested that they ask the Lord about this themselves. When people have major questions about policies or methods, we don't automatically require them to accept things "just because I say so."  We welcome legitimate questions, because they sometimes bring about needed changes. At other times the Lord often uses those questions as a means to teach and further explain why He is doing things a certain way.

                47. In this case, to assure them of the validity of their prophecies, we suggested that they have three separate groups of folks ask the Lord the same question: "Is it really necessary to be putting out so many pages of pubs for the Family right now?--So many lengthy GNs and FSMs in such rapid succession that the Family can't possibly read or absorb it all?--Or should we slow down and give everybody a chance to get caught up?" The Lord, in each group's prophecies, gave an overwhelming "yes" to continuing to pour out the pubs as quickly and abundantly as possible!

                48. The Lord spoke voluminously on the subject, giving many reasons why He was pouring out such a flood of Word. Below we'll give you a few excerpts of the many beautiful prophecies. I'd love to share all of them with you, but since the Lord is giving such a volume, we have to be a bit selective. If you think you have too much to read now, if we were to give you everything the Lord is giving, you wouldn't be able to contain it! Neither do we have the means to get it all out to you! So we pray that we can give you what you most need.

The Lord's Answers on Why He Is Pouring Out Such a Flood of His Word!

                49. The Lord likens this flood of His Word to a river. He said, "There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the City of God, the people of God. Surely it is understood that one cannot drink up a whole river, because there is too much water to even attempt it. But one bathes in the river, and washes in the river, and one is refreshed and recreated in the river, the living streams of God.

                50. "So it is with the Words of God. If you have them by you, pour them out! Be not worried nor concerned that the people will not be able to swallow the river of God. They will be refreshed and they will bathe and they will splash as much as they can on them. Some will plunge in deep! Others will only be able to paddle across the top on little floating devices and get a little wet or drink a little and see the general trend or the flow of the river of God.

                51. "But do not worry. Do not think that every drop of water must be consumed, devoured, or completely used up before you can give another. For these are the wellsprings of God, these are the rivers of God that flow out to irrigate, to give life, to find many diverse uses in the purpose of God, and they shall not return void."

*  *  *

                52. "Seek not to serve My meals in courses, bringing out one dish and setting it on the table, and waiting till all have eaten and cleared the plates, and then bringing out another dish. But I say unto you, serve My meals as banquets!  Spread out all the food upon the table, all the dishes--the meats, the vegetables, the starches, the desserts--that those who are around the table may choose the food that they desire. For some desire meat, some desire starch, some desire vegetables, and not all eat in the same order. Some prefer their meat first, others prefer their vegetables first. I would that the choice be left to them, that they may reach out and take what feeds their souls, and what they need, and what they desire. For everyone has different nutritional needs. I desire that My table be set with all that I have given."

*  *  *

                53. "This is a new day, a new era, a new way of thinking, but how can there be a new way except My people be rewired, except they learn new ways of thinking and being and acting? They cannot learn this unless they absorb the new food, the New Wine, the latest from Heaven. ... These Words are desperately needed to give My Family the guidance and the food and the sustenance that they need in this new day. ... They are saying, `What shall we do?'--And step by step I am showing them how they should be, how they should pray, how they should praise, how they should love one another fervently, how they should praise Me desperately, as though their very life depends on it, for it does! And many more truths will I reveal, step by step. All of this is very necessary for this time.

                54. "This will also help to guide them in their own prophecies and their own leadings. As they hear from Me, they will need this Word straight from the queen and king to know how to judge what they are receiving. ... They will be able to measure their own leading against this yardstick. ...  Those who would follow closest will drink in and study and absorb into their very being these Words from Me, and it will lead and guide them as they wake and as they sleep and as they go about their work.

                55. "Though many do not see the importance of My Word, they will learn this as time goes on. They will also learn to enjoy My Word as they see the beauty and the ecstasies and the joy that I can open up to them. Your young people will begin to read it as a joy, not as a duty. They will say, `What are Mama and Peter doing next?' They will enjoy it and this will also be a blessing to them and will bring them closer to Me. So hold not back the stream of these prophecies and these GNs and the food that is needed for them."

*  *  *

                56. "Not all can drink in, but those who do shall be ambassadors. They shall be the lawyers of the Word, the good shepherds, helping others to know the state of their flocks. ... David your prophet has gone on to be with Me. He is a thundering force in My Realm, and he sees the great vacuum created by My hungry children. They yearn for counsel and they reach out for guidance, those that are close to My heart and to the heart of David."

*  *  *

                57. "I give you more than you can contain. For some it will be too much and they will feel overburdened, because they cannot drink it all in.  But you must teach My children to drink what they can and not to worry for the rest. For I will give and give and give. Some will hunger for one thing and some for another. ... And consider your queen, for is she not your intercessor? She longs for answers for you--not just for herself, but for you, My precious children. She sucks and she pulls out from My bosom the rain, this latter rain which floods upon her. It is even difficult for her to grasp all that I have given unto her. But I give and I give, and I will give again.

                58. "Therefore, fear not, worry not, for it is like the dew of Heaven and it will keep on coming! As long as you hunger and thirst, I will fill you, as a river which passes by with crystal clear water. You can extend your hand and your cup and drink to your fulfilling. The river flows by--much more than you can grab or grasp in your cup, much more than you can drink with your own mouth--and yet it is there for the taking. ... For is not My grace much more than you can contain?  And yet I give unto each a measure, according to their capacity to receive, and beyond their capacity do I give."

*  *  *

                59. "There is a season for every purpose under Heaven. For the Sun of Righteousness has arisen to melt the snow from the ice-capped mountains. It is the season of spring, the season of melting and making My rivers swell. The waters are rushing towards the sea, rushing towards the people, rushing to feed the dry, parched land. This is the season of melting--melting the treasures of God, melting the crystal clear glacial waters of My Word, to bring water in abundance to My children who long and thirst for that thirst-quenching Word.

                60. "Fear not!  Even though some things will be ripped off from the sides of the river, though some things will be swept away, some things will change, though the river will take new turns and break new ground, do not fear, for there is a season for every purpose under Heaven. The time of drought will come soon enough, a time when you will look back in thankfulness at this flowing and overabundance of Word.

                61. "So drink in! Drink from the river of My Word! Fill your heart and soul to overflowing! Store up the Word. Store up the Word for the dry days ahead. Throw open the dams and burst forth onto the dry, parched land, that My plants may grow and be strengthened for the dry times ahead."

*  *  *

                62. "I pour it out without measure, but your cup can only hold so much water. Take what you can, each day, each time, each moment. Drink it, assimilate it.  Let it refresh your being and then come back for more. Think not, `Oh, this is too much. I can't contain all of this.' Can you contain all the water of the ocean? No, you cannot. You can only contain a cup at a time.  But if you assimilate each cup, you will have strength to take the next, and the next, and the next.

                63. "Therefore worry not, fret not, but rather rejoice that the rivers of My will, the rivers of My waters, the lakes and the oceans of My Word, never run dry!  Rejoice that you have it at your fingertips, it is ever nigh! ... Each shall assimilate as they will, as they can, according to their need, their want, and their desire."

*  *  *

                64. "You must encourage those on the receiving end to be able to assimilate these things and digest them.--Not just skim over them quickly and take them in for information, but to take them in as spiritual food.  Encourage the Homes, My flocks, the flocks of David, to be calm sheepfolds, and to have appointed times to take in My Words.

                65. "With the increased flow you must have an increased capacity to receive, so that My Words will have an effect and will empower My children. For this is the time of abundantly pouring out in preparation for those times ahead. This is the time to wash My children clean--their hearts and minds--to refresh them.  For there are times ahead when there will not be the abundant time and the abundant Word, and they must go on these things that they have taken in now. I will supply all your needs, including the time and the way to assimilate these things."

*  *  *

                66. "At this time in the Family there are many who are unstable and uncertain of the things that are happening in the Family, especially since the Charter and all the new revolutions.  It is for this reason that I have allowed you to be putting out so many pubs for the Family, to help lead and guide them at this time.  For these publications have been like a beacon and a guiding light to all those out there, so that they can see the direction that the Family is going in.

                67. "Had it not been for these pubs, many would not have known the direction to take, seeing that there are so many changes, so many people who are moving to and fro.  So it is for this reason that I have allowed you to put out so many publications, and why I have poured down My Words in such volume at this time. So fear not to continue to publish My glad tidings. It is My Word. It is My Light to this generation, to the people who walk in darkness, who need My Light."

*  *  *

                68. "Understand the need to teach and instruct and to train the people. For this is why I have poured out so much of My Word in the form of instruction and guidance and direction in this new day. For I have indeed made all things new. I have not only made the methods new, but I am now requiring many of the workers to be made anew, that they may be more useful and more fruitful for My work.

                69. "Therefore, fear not to repeat and to highlight and to underscore the many things that My dear ones, My beautiful children, need to absorb during this time of change.  For these Words are words of comfort and encouragement. The repetition is necessary to emphasize the new day and the new methods, and all that I have made anew."

*  *  *

                70. "There are different people who need the different guidance in these publications. So even though it may seem like a flood of Words, the guidance and the counsel contained in these Words have different purposes and serve different people differently. So fear not to put out all the Words that I have given. Spread them forth and give them out in great number."

*  *  *

                71. "Because it is a new day, I therefore must cause the flood to gush down the river of My will, in order that all My children might be pushed and guided and constrained to flow along with Me.  Otherwise they stand in the mud. Otherwise they stand stuck, not knowing which way to go, unsure of which way they should proceed. But the flood of My waters will push them off the banks, push them out of the mud, push them down the river, get them going, get them moving into new lands, into new places!

                72. "Therefore, it is important to explain, explain, explain. Is not this the law of memory? Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Say it over and over! Get My will grounded into the grooves of their minds. For My Word is like a great flood that must get My people going!  The river of My will is wide and there are many facets of it. Some of it goes down the rapids, some of it goes over the falls, some of it goes down the middle of the river, some by the sides. The river of My will goes many places. It goes to new lands. It leads the Family to do new things.

                73. "Therefore I send out rafts--hundreds of rafts! Thousands of rafts! I throw them out, and the people are jumping on. Many rafts, many, many rafts. Many of them go unheeded and just float on down the river. But it doesn't matter, because I throw out many so that My children can jump upon those that they see, that they can grab. They might miss one, but then they jump on another, and float down the river of My will. Thus are My publications.

                74. "Many publications are thrown out onto the river of My will, so that My children can jump on that which they choose. Just jump, children! Jump! Jump on! Grab on! Hold on tight, for I am moving!  I am moving to new lands. I am moving to Eastern Europe, to Africa, to Southeast Asia. I am moving in the Pacific, in the Americas. I am moving. Therefore, grab on!  I am moving in the Spirit with new lands, new ways, new praises, new songs!  I am moving! Grab on! There are many rafts of different types and variety, of different leadings, for each of you to choose, for each of you to follow in My will.  Therefore, jump on! Jump on! Choose ye this day! Jump on! Stake your claim! Be convinced in your mind."

*  *  *

                75. "The voice of the Lord is upon the waters. Yea, the voice of the Lord thunders!  The voice of the Lord is upon many waters, and so do I satiate the thirst of My children.  For they hunger after Me as a man stranded in the desert.  They hunger after the water of the Word.  So I pour it forth unto them in double measure. For have I not spoken in times past that I would pour forth in double measure?

                76. "For there is a time coming when there will be a famine in the land, a famine of hearing the Word of God.  But that time is not now. Now is the time of abundance, that I might fulfill all the Words of My Law.  So lean not to your carnal mind. For the carnal mind is enmity towards God, and cannot understand the things of God; it is not subject unto the law of God, neither indeed can be.

                77. "For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.  Though ye should exclaim, `We are being drowned in the Word! We are being smothered in its torrents!'  Yet I say that in the times to come you shall look back at this time and wish it were upon you again.  For, indeed, there shall be a famine in the land. Then My children shall look back unto these Words. They shall find in them many new treasures, as the scribe instructed in the Scriptures, who brings forth out of My Word treasures both new and old. So shall My children look unto these and find them new, and it will lead them during the dark times.

                78. "For it is true that they shall not be able to absorb them all at this time, for they are satiated. Their thirst shall be quenched and quenched and quenched until they will feel they are drowning in it!  So they may miss some details, but they need to be swept along in it.  So fear not that they will not be able to understand it all, that they will miss things. For My Word shall accomplish that which I send it to do, and it shall not return void, but shall accomplish the thing that I have set it forth to do."

*  *  *

                79. "There was a time in history when My Words were kept silent. Ever since I spoke to John on the Isle of Patmos, there have been many who have kept My Words silent and who have left them unrecorded.  But I am tired of being kept silent. I am tired of having My Word squelched. I am tired of being silenced by the people who do not hear My Words, who have left them unrecorded, so that the masses could not hear My Words.

                80. "It is time now, I say unto you, that you spread the Words of My mouth, using your mouths.  It is time for you to print My Words in great number!  Fear not the opinions of men! Fear not what others may think of you because of your recording of My Words. It is a new day!  It is My day to put out My Words in great abundance and in great number, and if you do so, you are pleasing Me. Because, as I have said, I am tired of being kept shut up. I am tired of My Words being left unrecorded. So record them now, and be faithful to My Words. Send them out to the Family and the world!  It is time for the world to hear My Word as never before!"

*  *  *

                81. I saw a picture of someone in a small Home desperately reading the Word, searching it, saying, "Oh, finally! That's what we do about that!" And "Oh, thank the Lord, here's the answer. I was wondering what to do about that." Whereas before, that person probably had someone just telling him what he should do.

*  *  *

                82. I had a picture of the Family sitting in a dining room. There were different ones talking to each other about what they were getting out of what they were reading. The spirit of surprise in the eyes and ears and hearts of different ones was like, "Wow! I didn't see that!" Different ones got different things from the same Word. There was such a volume coming out, but by sharing the different things they were getting from the Word in their fellowship, it was enhancing what they were able to get from it. (End of prophecies.)

Gifts of Love from Jesus to You!

                83. (Mama:) As you can see from the above, the Lord has many different reasons for giving you the Word in such abundance. So take what you can, absorb what you can, but don't worry if you feel you aren't getting it all. Just be reassured that it's there when you need it and it's the Lord's Love for you--waters to swim in, to bathe in, and to be refreshed in!

                84. And if you're struggling about anything in your life, remember that, as Dad says, it's well worth it to hold on and to keep fighting!  Keep your eyes on the goal, so that even though things around you may be in turmoil, you will be able to have the confidence that it won't last forever, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you keep the faith, and hold on tight to the abundant Word that He is pouring out to you, even though it seems all is lost, you will eventually see the fulfillment of the blessings that He has promised. He loves you, and even these difficulties are His rewards in your life, just like the chastisement that He sometimes needs to give you, because He loves you.

                85. Think daily on all the gifts of love that He gives you, because He loves you--just you! He will do anything to make you happy. He loved you enough to give His life for you. He still loves you enough to give His life for you, and He does!--Daily! He gives all that He has!  It's all there for you! Just take it!--His life, His hope, His joy, His happiness, His fulfillment, His challenge, His Love, His compassion, His anointing, His strength, His help, His personal time and attention, all His gifts, all His blessings, all His wonderful, life-giving Words!--Priceless treasures above all that you can ask or think!

                86. He loves you above life itself, for He gave His life for you! His arms are around you, He watches over you every moment. He knows your every thought, your every desire, and He always answers in the way that will make you happiest. He is there, just waiting to do all that you require.

                87. In Him we experience the greatest love that we have ever known, from the Lover of all lovers, the Friend of all friends, the One Who is always with us, the One Who will never fail us, the One in Whose loving arms we can always rest without worry, without fear of failure, without condemnation, without comparison. How richly blessed we are, above all people on the face of the Earth!  How very, very much we have to be thankful for!

                88. He daily loads us with His abundant blessings so that we have so much we can't contain it all!--And we have to do all we can to share it with others so they can also partake of our never-ending riches. And the more we share it, the more He'll pour it on!  The more we praise Him for what He has already given us, the more He will give!  So keep giving. Keep loving. Keep praising, and you'll continue to be amazed at what miracles the Lord will do! I love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family