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TEEN MUSIC!--WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?              DO 30392/96

--By Maria             Maria #321

Dear YAs, Teens and JETTs,

                1, I love you and am praying for you. I want to give you some good news about the progress that is being made on the new teen music tapes, as well as to ask for your help in writing some Word songs! By now you should have received the first two Family Teen Tapes (FTTs), "Hearts Aflame" and "Flying High," as well as the new Scripture tape, "Power Tower."  The studios have informed us that they are now sending out the masters of FTT #3, titled "Hot or Cold," which is full of new songs and should reach you sometime in March.  FTT #4 is also in the works, and we hope to get it to you within the next month or two, God willing.

                2. WS and our worldwide studios are doing all we can to supply you with new music on a regular basis.  In GN 658 we committed ourselves to try to send you a new tape every two months. The studios have been working full steam ahead to accomplish this, and due to their sacrifices and putting aside other projects, they have been able to send you even more than that!--A tape every month!  We knew it would take a miracle to produce even one tape every two months, but the Lord has done above and beyond our expectations and helped the dear studios to so far produce twice as much!--Because He loves you! You're His dear, precious children whom He privileges with multitudes of blessings! We hope to be able to continue getting out one FTT a month if possible, but if not, we will at least produce one every two months, God helping us!

                3. So far, most of the songs that have been included in these first FTTs were songs written before "New Music for a New Day" (GN 658) was sent out to the Homes. Thankfully there was a stockpile of songs available, which has made it possible for these first four tapes to be recorded and sent to you. However, the stockpile will soon be depleted, leaving us with no further material for future tapes.

                4. Not only is our stockpile small, but most of the songs we have left are songs that had been written in response to our request for Current Issue songs for the GP, as well as for simple praise songs. We are not criticizing or belittling these songs, and we have included some on the FTTs that we have sent you, and more will be used on future FTTs, but now we would like to emphasize and mainly concentrate on good "meaty" Word songs taken from the Words of David.--Songs that will help you to grow and be edified, while at the same time provide you with enjoyment and entertainment.  Don't misunderstand; even songs directed to the GP can have very meaty messages, and praise songs can be taken straight from the Word, as well, so we're not ruling those out altogether. You have such a wealth of Word to choose from, so there's lots of room for variety.

                5. But in order to record more good teen music and continue producing the FTTs, we need Word-filled songs which the Lord has given or will give you as a result of your obedience to His challenge in "New Music for a New Day." We have heard that some of you have written some very inspired songs that you sing in your Homes, but that you have not yet sent in to the studios.  If you have written such a song, and your Home sings it and likes it, then you should send it in right away, simply recorded with a guitar or keyboard.  Please also enclose a typed or clearly printed copy of the words.

                6. Do it today!  It doesn't take long!  Your brothers and sisters are waiting! Remember, the Lord said He would pour out new songs, but perhaps He is waiting for you to create a vacuum by sharing with the Family any "meaty" songs He has already given you.  Please don't hold back! Otherwise, you may be partially to blame if the need of songs for you young people is not filled.

                7. Even if you're not a songwriter, but you can write poems taken from the Words of David, send your poem in to the studios, and perhaps someone can put it to music.  Use the gifts God has given you!  (When you send in song words, please be sure to keep a copy for yourself.)

                8. There are some good tips on how to write songs in Hope 66, "Musical Expressions!--Part 2."  So if you have a burden to write a song, please read that mag for some excellent guidance.

                9. In writing a song, even though the music is very important, the message of the song is even more important.  The Lord has made it clear that He wants our songs to have the powerful message of David and of the Word of God, so don't settle for anything less!  If you want your songs to have that power, then get your inspiration for them from His Word.

                10. The Letters provide a wonderful reservoir of topics which can be put to song, including many beautiful word pictures in the prophecies the Lord has given.  These word pictures would make wonderfully inspired songs!--Such as, for example, the one about the beggar woman crying out to the Lord for help, and being taken up into His arms and carried to Heaven and into His bed, to become His queen. (See ML #3013:88-102, GN 650.) The kind of songs we need are those that repeat the Word in music.

                11. Because the Lord is pouring out the Word so abundantly, sometimes it's difficult to retain all that He has said. However, if the Word is set to music, the written Word will be reinforced by the musical Word. It will be ingrained in your mind and heart forever, and the whole experience of getting it there will be a very enjoyable one, as you will love listening to these wonderful Word songs over and over!

                12. So please pray for the Lord to pour out these kinds of songs--songs with meaning, songs that preach our message, songs that will inspire, feed and challenge you! Following is a list of good examples of songs that put the Word to music, which you can study. When going over these songs, please keep in mind that we are pointing you to the lyrics of these songs, the words and message, not the music.  The musical style or arrangement of these songs may or may not be to your particular liking, but lyrically they are good examples of getting the message of your songs directly from the Word. The music can of course be whatever style you like that best fits the words and the message of your song.

                13. As you study these songs, you'll find there are a variety of ways you can put the Word to music. Some songs use actual phrases from the Letters or prophecies, others follow the ideas of the Letter closely, but put them in different words.

                14. Some examples from the "Hearts Aflame" and "Flying High," tapes are: "God's Explosions," "Coming Back," "Affection," "The Wave," "Hearts Aflame," "One Shepherd," "The Antenna," "Sing to Somebody," "Sign to the Nations," "Count Me In," "I'm Sorry," "Now Is the Time," "Pity the Innocents," "If I Never," "You're Ever Near," "Feelings," etc.

                15. Some other examples of good Word songs are: "War of the Worlds," "Magic Sponge," "Brave Pioneer," "We're Showing God to the World," "Heaven Is Full of Sinners," "Jesus Our Loving Friend," "White Sugar," "Take the Time," "Rolled Gold," "Copycat," "Bitterness Goodbye," "Keep On Believing" and "Taurug" from the "Keep On Believing" tape.  Also, "We Are," "Life Is Fair," "Don't Give the Enemy Any Place," "Back On Track," "Love Never Ending" and "The PER Song" from the "Back On Track" tape.

                16. Other Word songs include: "The Green Door," "The Revolutionary Children of God," "Sol Hoopii," "The Prodigal Son," "O'er Uncharted Seas," "Elixir of Love," "No More Tears," "The Robot," "Lady Luck," "Watch Out for 666," "Prayer," "I Long for the Music that Sings," "Diamonds of Dust," "Treasure Ship," "When Morning Dawns," "Give Us Our Sons," "Hard Rock Bands," and many others.

                17. As I said, folks, if you want songs for your generation, you are going to have to pray them through! There is a chain of events that must occur in order for us to send you the music tapes that you want. We at WS are now rolling with our commitment to do our part of the job. The studios are recording the songs, mastering the tapes, and sending the masters to the CROs. The CROs are duping the tapes and mailing them to you.  However, in order to complete the chain and continue the supply, you'll need to fulfill your part as well, that is, praying for new songs, receiving good Word songs and sending them in.

                18. Peter and I promised that we would do what we could to help you get new music.  The studios have made a commitment to do the job, but we can't do it without your help, without you sending your songs, or the whole plan will fail. You'll need to do your part by believing the Word, stirring yourself up and desperately praying, receiving what the Lord has for you, and sending us what you receive. Please don't delay!--If you have a good inspired Word song, send it in right away!

                19. At the same time, we're not expecting you to write a top quality song straight from the Word all on your own. The best songs are almost always those written in teamwork, or that undergo some "polishing" by others. So avail yourself of the help of others to help make your song the best it can be!

                20. One evening recently, after Peter and I had been discussing the desperate need for good Word songs--music from the well of pure waters--Peter decided to try to do something to show it can be done!--That anyone who wants more Family music and feels a burden on their heart from the Lord for it can ask and receive, even if they aren't a songwriter!

                21. Remember how we told you about the Word songs that our little team in our Home got from the Lord? (See GN 642.) David and Techi had hardly ever written a poem or a song before, but when they teamed up with another member of our Home and studied over the Letters and prayed and worked together on it, the Lord gave them some pretty good songs. The Lord will bless if you'll use the Word and try to put the Letters to music.  So when Peter prayed, he felt led to read the Letter, "Where Are We Now?--Endtime Update!" (ML #3027, GN 660).He asked the Lord to give him words which wouldsummarize the main points of its message in a poem that could be put to music.  Afterwards, we went over the words together, and he passed it around to a couple of other folks who made a few good changes too.

                22. I'm sure he could have gotten the melody for it too, if he'd had the time, as he did with another song the Lord gave him called "Crossing the Jordan" that's coming out on the next FTT tape.  Peter does not consider himself much of a songwriter nor poet, but it just goes to show that if someone has faith and will pray, the Lord can do it! I told him it would encourage many of you, that if the Lord can use him to write a song, He can also use you! (One of our studios will be working on putting this to music, Lord willing.) Here are the words:

The Days of Preparation!

Verse 1:

                We must prepare for the war that's coming,

                The war to capture every soul.

                For the End draws ever closer

                As the darkness gains control.

                Now's the hour of preparation,

                To get ready for what's ahead,

                To read the Words from Heaven,

                To absorb all that God has said!

                For in those days of darkness,

                Things of Earth won't mean so much.

                What'll count is my connection;

                That with the Spirit, I'm in touch.

Chorus 1:

                These are the days of preparation.

                Am I giving Him my all?

                For the days are getting darker,

                Am I following His call?

                Gifts and talents aren't what matter.

                Am I list'ning to His voice?

                Will I hold on through the testing?

                Am I making the right choice?

Verse 2:

                Will I do exploits in the Endtime?

                Will the winds my voice obey?

                Will I stand through heavy battles?

                That depends on me today.

                What will matter in the Last Days

                Is my knowledge of the Word.

                Have I learned to hear from Heaven;

                Do I obey what I have heard?

                So to get that Heavenly power,

                I'll keep fighting day by day

                To leave this world behind me

                And prepare to run the race!

Repeat Chorus 1

Verse 3:

                Great Tribulation's coming,

                Drawing closer day by day.

                Lord help me to get ready,

                Help me do the things You say.

                Read your Word, work together,

                Learn to go where Heaven leads.

                Grow stronger in the Spirit,

                Receive Your golden seeds.

                I'll learn this now in days of peace,

                For in the days to come,

                My very life will depend on it,

                If the victory's to be won!

Chorus 2:

                These are days of preparation,

                Yes, I'll give to You my all!

                For the days are getting darker,

                I'll follow when You call.

                Gifts and talents aren't what matter,

                I am listening to Your voice.

                I will hold on through the testing,

                I'll be making the right choice!

                23. Some of you have complained quite vocally over the years about the lack of good Family music.  Now everyone has a chance to do something about it! If you don't feel called to write songs, or you don't feel that's your particular talent, you can always pray for the ones who do have the talent, that the Lord will inspire them with the songs of His Spirit and of the Words of David. Will you?

                24. Since "New Music for a New Day" came out, how many times have you read and studied it? How desperately have you prayed to receive an inspired song?  How often have you encouraged those around you who have gotten Word songs to send them in?  How often have you prayed for others who are gifted songwriters to receive the songs of the Spirit?  How often have you prayed for the studios?  How often have you prayed for WS to have the thousands of dollars it takes to produce and mail these tapes to you?

                25. You are the ones who want the music. You are the ones who have the need!  So please don't fail! We can't do it without your help!  We can't do it without your prayers!  Will you get on board?  Will you look to the Word for the inspiration for your songs?  Will you pray them in?  Will your Home seek the Lord together in prayer today, asking Him to supply the songs and the funds to produce them?  We're in this together, and we're counting on your help! Please don't fail!  The Lord is doing His part, we are doing ours, and we're counting on you to do yours!

                With much love,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family