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TO COMMENT OR NOT TO COMMENT?--By Maria               DO 30402/96

Maria #322

1. In the "Winetaster Prophecy" (ML #3005, GN 647), the Lord said that one of the reasons He was speaking so much through prophecy was to help make it easier for me to feed you, our precious Family.  I can certainly testify that this has been true.  Hearing from the Lord in prophecy, and then commenting on what He has said, has definitely made it easier for me, and is what made it possible for us to send you 46 GNs last year.  If I'd had to labor with writing all of those GNs from scratch without the prophecies, you would have only gotten a fraction as many!  I am so thankful for how the Lord is showing me--and you--His Love by speaking to us in such beautiful direct prophecy.

                2. I know it was difficult for many of you to adjust to reading, receiving and absorbing Letters that contained so much prophecy.  It's been encouraging, though, to see how most of you have now become accustomed to the taste of the New Wine in prophecy, and are now even enthusiastically looking forward to receiving it, just as the Lord said you would. Praise the Lord!  I'm so glad you want more, because our vats are full, and we want to share it with you!

                3. The Lord is continuing to pour out His Words to us in great abundance, and I want to get them to you as quickly as possible, because these Words are such precious treasures that can give you added strength and wisdom and anointing for your tasks!

                4. Recently Peter and I were discussing how the Lord has given us hundreds of prophecies, and that there is such a wealth of wisdom and precious jewels that we have in our storehouse. We had just read "The Birthday Warning" together (ML #215), and we were convicted about the need to get out more of the Lord's Words, both to the world and to you, the Family.

                5. Even though the Lord had led us to get the pubs out to you much more quickly by giving so much in direct prophecy that required only some additional commentary, I wondered if some of these prophecies in our treasure chests could be published without any comment from me.  If they could, it would mean getting them out to you even more quickly!  When we went through the list of prophecies, I realized that there are a number of them that are very clear and self-explanatory, that could easily be understood without my writing an application of them.

                6. Of course, I know that not all prophecy is the same, and some of it does require comment, explanation and application.  Certainly the prophecies regarding some of the more complex issues such as "Go for the Gold" and the "Loving Jesus" series required a lot of comment.  However, there are other subjects that are less intricate, which have, in many cases, been covered in earlier Letters.  Because of this, we could share this further material with you without any special commentary or explanation from me.  Of course, before doing so, I wanted to make sure it was the Lord's will, so we asked Him to speak to us about it. The following is what He said on the subject.

                7. (Prophecy:)  I pour forth many Words unto you, in abundance. I overflow you with My Words, with My Love, with My kisses!  I answer your every question, and I pour forth unto you great explanations.  I reveal unto you the secrets of the Heavenly Kingdom--the secrets of the Spirit. I have opened up unto you the oracles of God, that you may learn of the things of the Spirit, so that you may better understand the workings of My Spirit, so that you may better understand My Love, My compassion, My great mercy.

                8. The Words that I pour out unto you are Words of life and of joy.  They are Words of training, of shepherding.  They are Words of revelation, Words of comfort, Words of cheer.--And these are all Words that I wish to deliver unto My children.

                9. I have given you true compassion and understanding of the needs of My children. You understood the need to ease them into My way of speaking to you. This has accomplished its purpose, for those who were not accustomed to the New Wine have now become accustomed to it. They've learned to love it, to appreciate it, to drink of it, and to become intoxicated by it.

                10. It has been like taking on a new lover, who, though exciting, you were not yet comfortable with. There were many things about them that you did not know, that you had to learn and to grow to love.  So has it been with My direct Words. For they were new, the style was different, and it has taken time to become accustomed to them. But My children are now more accustomed to them, and they are ready and more open to receive them as My Words, and to be fed by them and to accept them.

                11. But know this, that I will not do away with your words, for they need to hear from their shepherdess. They need to hear your voice, your conviction, your love, your understanding. These things are important and they are needed, and there are times when they must be given. For in all things there must be a proper balance.

                12. But I say to you that My children have grown beyond the need of your explaining every word. Some must be explained, and in some matters they must hear your voice and see your conviction and hear your rallying cry. For they are mere humans and they look to you; they know that you represent Me to them, and I have anointed you as such.  So you must speak to them on many matters, and your voice and your words must be heard.

                13. But they too now have learned to receive and accept My voice when I speak unto them in the Words of prophecy that I give unto you.  They can accept these straight from My mouth. You must balance it out so that they receive it directly in prophecy from Me, and also that they hear from you, for I wish to give them both.

                14. The way that you have poured forth My Words has been the proper way. You have done that which I have showed you to do, and you have given explanations that I have wanted you to give. But now My children have grown. They have gone through the transition, and they have more faith.  They are ready now for more of My Words directly. I will feed their souls.  I will use these Words to change their lives. I will answer their questions. I will instruct and I will shepherd them.

                15. So stand back and see Me fight! Stand back and watch My Words melt the hearts of these, My children.

                16. I will lead you by My Spirit so you will know when to comment and when not to. Know and understand that there are times when you must speak your words and there are times when it is not necessary; therefore, judge. Seek Me and I will show you; so you will have a good balance. (End of prophecy.)

                17. (Mama:) I was so encouraged to hear the Lord confirm the burden He was laying on my heart, that I can publish some of the prophecies without the added explanation.  It was a blessing to hear from Him about the balance He wants us to have between pouring out straight prophecy, prophecy with comment, and Letters with me giving instruction without prophecy.  The Lord is so well-rounded, isn't He?--Just like we all should be!

                18. Within the category of prophecies that don't require explanation, we have some powerful ones on doubts, yieldedness, pride, jealousy and a variety of other subjects.  Since there are already whole Letters on these subjects, and you should be well-versed in their principles by now, it isn't necessary for me to write lengthy commentaries on them.

                19. Even though you may not understand everything that was given in each prophecy, I believe you will understand most of it, especially if you read them prayerfully, asking the Lord to speak to you as you do.  If you look back through the MO Letters, you will see that Dad published a lot of prophecy, mostly without commentary.  Some of it he didn't even understand himself!  Yet because the Lord gave it, he published it, and trusted that the Lord would show each of us whatever we needed to know through it.

                20. The remainder of this GN, dealing with the subject of doubts, is the first of these prophecy GNs. I hope you will enjoy it, and the succeeding GNs in this series, and that you will be blessed, strengthened and fed by their contents.

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