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PROPHECIES ON DOUBTS!--By Maria        DO 30412/96

Maria #323

                1. Battling doubts of some kind or another is something that virtually everyone is faced with at different times in their life for the Lord. Because this is such a common problem, Dad wrote quite a bit on the subject that should help you whenever you battle in this arena.  In addition, the Lord has recently given us several significant prophecies along this line which I'd like to share with you in this GN. Because these prophecies are quite clear, I won't add much in the way of comment, unless a further explanation is needed on a particular point.

                2. I want to make it clear, as we have explained before, that not all doubts are damaging or dangerous or devilish. Some doubts are legitimate questions, because you are undecided or uncertain about a certain issue, and you truly want to know the answer. Or perhaps you have legitimate questions about someone's behavior, which you are entitled to seek an answer about. If you handle these questions in the right manner, and the motive of your heart is to sincerely find the answer through the right channels, there is nothing wrong with expressing your lack of understanding and your sincere desire to have something clarified.

3. You must remember, however, that even sincere, honest questions asked out of pure motives can be used to cause serious damage to the Lord's work if they are communicated to the wrong people, those who are weak in faith and weak in the Word. So please make sure when you express your questions or your doubts, that you do so to those who are strong in faith and would be likely to have the answers, not those who you might possibly stumble by them.

                4. When asking questions, constantly be checking your motives to see why you are asking them. Why do you want the answer and what are you going to do with it? And you who are the recipients of questions must look past the presentation of the question to the person's heart. You may find that a questioner can be somewhat obnoxious, argumentative and pushy in seeking an answer. This may be because he is in the wrong spirit and his motives are not right; on the other hand, it may be because he just doesn't know how to present himself properly, nor how to graciously pursue his quest for the answer if he doesn't get it immediately, and if something isn't explained to his satisfaction.

                5. I used to pester Dad with one question after another until he could have gotten very impatient with me. Sometimes I almost hesitated to continue the conversation, because I knew I was coming across very argumentatively and almost obnoxiously. However, there were cases where I wasn't getting the answer I was seeking, and I felt that I needed to continue asking until I was satisfied.

6. Dad was usually very patient with me and gave me explanation after explanation, one time from one angle and another time from another angle, until I finally had everything straightened out in my mind. Sometimes I know it sounded to him like I was trying to prove him wrong; but he realized this was not my motive and that I was only trying to push him to explain it in terms I could understand. I wanted to know not only for my own sake, but for yours as well, because I felt that you might have some of the same questions.

                7. I was Dad's student, and he was always very faithful to teach me even when I had a tough time learning, and even when I made it tough on him to teach me.  He was always patient, always ready to explain and repeat, repeat, repeat until I understood--so much like the Lord. God help us to be the same with those who have legitimate questions and mind "tangles" that they need to get straightened out.

                8. You need to realize that the Lord doesn't mind if you have sincere questions about the Word. If you want to know something in order to strengthen your faith or to help others to better understand, there is nothing wrong with these types of questions. As I mentioned above, I have always asked many questions about the Word, first asking Dad, and now asking the Lord directly, not only for my sake, but for yours. He delights to answer our questions that are asked with sincerity and a desire to better understand His ways so that we can do a better job for Him. He says, "Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find.  Ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Come now and let us reason together" (Mat.7:7; Jn.15:7; Isa.1:18).

                9. He has promised us wisdom and understanding. If we don't understand something, the way to find out is to ask. The Lord has given us many, many answers in His Word, but sometimes there are still points that we need clarification on. When this happens, He doesn't mind if we ask Him. There are very few occasions when the Lord says, "Believe it just because I say it!" Usually He explains why we should believe it, why it is important, and what it will do for us. He helps us to understand the reasons behind things and rarely leaves us to accept things by blind faith alone.

                10. There are times when He tests us to see if we will trust Him even when we don't know what's up ahead or why He is asking a certain thing of us. But when it comes to His Word, He almost always gives explanations of why He requires certain things or why He does things a certain way. For example, look how the Lord went into such detail about how prayer operates. He could have just told us to pray, period! But instead He has given us so much explanation about the importance of prayer, the way it works, how we should do it and when, etc.  He doesn't demand that we just prophesy, but instead He answers all our questions about it and helps us to be able to do it in decency and in order, with all our questions answered.

                11. And look at the many detailed explanations He gave us in "Go for the Gold," the "Music" GN, and most recently the "Loving Jesus" series. The Lord has blessed us with abundant answers, abundant explanations, and abundant details!  The Lord, through the Letters, has answered thousands of questions, and He continues to answer us daily when we ask Him. Obviously, He delights in having us come boldly before His throne of grace to seek Him for the answers we need.

                12. So He does not blame us or criticize or condemn us for wondering about things and wanting to have further insight into a subject, or to find out further information about something. There is nothing wrong with this if we are doing it because of the natural curiosity that the Lord has put within us and the desire to know things in order to be more convinced for our own sakes or that of others; or to have more conviction about what we believe so that we can become more settled or resolved on an issue; or so we can help someone else in that way, so we can adequately answer the questions of others that we teach or whom we witness to.

                13. The Lord is pleased when you want to know more about Him and more about His ways, so you can do a better job for Him.  That's why He said, "Study to show yourself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth" (2Tim.2:15). The other day He called me and Peter scientists of the Word, who are diligently seeking to know His mysteries! He indicated that He was happy we were doing so and that we were doing the right thing. He said He was glad to reveal them to us when we ask, because He knew that we would pass them on to you.

                14. Having said all this and having made it very clear that it is perfectly legitimate to have an inquiring mind and to wonder about things and to want to know answers to things, we have to be certain to make the distinction between this kind of legitimate questioning out of sincere, pure motives, and the other kind of skeptical, distrustful questions generated by the Enemy for the purpose of trying to weaken the questioner and stir up disunity and division and disagreement amongst others. This is the kind of doubts God hates, because they are the voice of the Enemy trying to cause as much damage as possible, trying to tear down His Word and others' faith in it.

                15. This is what Dad repeatedly came out so strongly against, because these doubts from the Devil are insidious--undermining faith and directly or indirectly attacking God Himself!  In this first prophecy, the Lord talks about both kinds of questions--the legitimate kind and the doubts of the Devil, and tells us how to discern the difference. We pray that these messages from the Lord will answer any sincere questions that you may have and will help you to do a better job for Jesus.

                16. One last note of explanation:  You will see that some of the following prophecies are hard-hitting.  The message of correction in them is quite strong. Please understand that these prophecies were received from the Lord in the privacy of a small group, without the person present for whom the prophecy was given. It would be very rare indeed for the Lord to deliver a personal prophecy of correction to an individual in a public prayer session, and if He ever did, it would be done in great love.

                17. Also, whenever a prophecy of correction has been received from the Lord for a particular individual, and you need to share it with that person, remember that, although the message of chastisement is part of God's Love, it may be difficult for them to realize this at the time. Therefore, the Lord expects you, the shepherd, to be the part of His Love that can be seen and felt right there and then. You can put your arm around them. You can hold their hand. You can tell them you love them. You can cry with them. You can pray with them. You can tell them of the times the Lord corrected you. You can check on them afterwards. You can continue to pray for them afterwards. You can treat them as you would want to be treated. You are Jesus' Love for them, and therefore you must be gentle and loving, kind and supportive, never harsh or condemning.

The Difference Between Questions and Doubts--Try the Spirits!

                18. The following answer from the Lord was given in response to a question I asked Him about doubts. I wanted to know the difference between those questions that are legitimate and those questions which are the result of yielding to the Enemy's voice, and how to handle each of them.

                19. (Prophecy:) I say unto you, try the spirits, for there are those doubts that are doubts of man, doubts of the mind, and there are doubts of the Devil.  How do you know the difference? You try the spirit.  There are those who question, who do not understand, and who truly seek answers; who say, "I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!" because they do not understand and it is not clear to them.  In their heart they believe, they want to receive, they want to accept and to drink in, but they do not understand. They question, they have doubts, they seek for answers--and they are open for those answers, for they want the doubts dispelled.  These are they whose spirits are clean, who are seeking, though they have doubts and questions.  In the Spirit they are searching for answers, and they are open to receiving that which answers their question.

                20. Then there are those whose minds are made up and who have made a decision in their heart that they will not receive, for they are closed.  They are not receptive and they seek not the answers, but seek to preach their message of defiance and of doubt.  Their questions are a false pretense, for their questions pour forth the voice of Satan. So I say, try the spirits.

                21. The spirit of him that truly seeks an answer is a spirit of hunger; it is an open spirit, a spirit of true questioning, of seeking, of desiring to understand.  Then there is the spirit of divisiveness, the poisoning spirit of Satan who seeks to weaken, to destroy, to disassemble.  So how do you know?  How can you tell the difference?  You try the spirit, test the spirit.  What is the spirit?  Is it a seeking spirit of questioning, or is it a closed spirit of doubtful disputations?

                22. With those who truly seek, I say unto you, be patient, be loving, and give them the answers.  The answers will dispel the doubts and will help them to fade away, for they are met with acceptance and agreement and understanding.  But with those whose words echo the thoughts of Satan, these must be challenged and confronted, for those doubts are insidious. They are as a disease that spreads from heart to heart, from spirit to spirit, for these are the workings of Satan.  So again I say unto you, try the spirits.

                23. With the one, be longsuffering and understanding and answer the question. Encourage them along and have faith in them, for though they struggle, yet they have a believing heart and truly seek answers.  But with those who spread forth their questions with the intent to damage, give no place, no, not for a moment!  But know the difference, try the spirits. (End of prophecy.)

The Mind of Man Is No Match for the Heart of God!

                24. (Mama:) The following prophecy was given for a couple new to WS who were, at the time, severely battling about and strongly opposed to the publishing of the "Loving Jesus" series.  Their objections went far beyond the legitimate questions that had been raised by others in WS, and when we prayed about what to say to them, the Lord gave the following prophecy.  This couple eventually won a real victory over the fiery darts of doubts that were being hurled at them by the Enemy and have since been doing very well, wholeheartedly embracing the "Loving Jesus" revelation.

                25. (Prophecy:) Your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour! When he latches hold upon one, he rips them and gnashes them and tosses them about! But I am the Good Shepherd and I protect My sheep.  I will protect all that call out to Me in truth and in humility, for I would that none would be devoured!

                26. When the Enemy comes in, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.  So will I lift a standard and so will I defeat him.  But you must call upon Me in truth and in humility, with yieldedness and receptivity. For it is difficult to fight against the ravaging of Satan while at the same time resisting My Spirit, My Word, and My Truth.  As with overcoming all problems, with all deliverance, the will of man must be on the side of God.

                27. Do I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? For have I not said that My Words are as a penis or as a sword? To him that is receptive, it is received with great joy. But to him that rejects in unyieldedness, it becomes a sword.  It is the same Word, but it is the receptivity that counts. For one looks at it with great joy, and another looks at it in distress. And why is that? Because the one is open--open in heart and open in mind--and he receives. The other is closed in heart and closed in mind, and receives it not.

                28. These Words that I have spoken unto you have been spoken in love and in truth. They are for the feeding of My children. They are produced at My hand, they are given to your queen, and they are to be distributed to My children, My sheep everywhere.

                29. Do you not know that I will care for My Own? For these are My sheep, they are My children, they are the creations of My hand, they are the doers of My will! Do you think that I will not care for them, that I will not protect them, that I will not cup My hands about them? Do you think that I would harm them, that I would hurt them? Do you think that you love them more than I do? Do you think that you care for them more than I do? Do you think that you know how to care for them better than I do? Do you think you are more concerned about them than I am? Do you think you know what they need in their hearts more than I do?

                30. Man looks on the outward appearance, but I look on the heart. I know the thoughts and intents of the heart. I know the mind of man, and I know My children better than anyone else. I know their needs, I hear their heartcries. I pour forth the water, the wine, the refreshment, the nourishment, the grain that will fill their needs, that will satisfy their hearts, that will answer their questions and that will pour forth unto them the strength, the wisdom, and the love that they so desperately need.  Would you bottle this up?

                31. Thinking that you know better than Me is a dangerous business. For was this not even the problem of the Evil One? Did he not think that he knew better than God, that he had the answers? And thus in that state of mind he was resistant, unyielded, and was no longer fit for the Heavenly Kingdom.

                32. The mind of man is no match for the heart of God!  It is from My heart that I pour forth in abundance My Truth, My need, My desire, in the Words that I give to My children to satisfy their needs and their wants and their desires.

                33. Do not be afraid. Do not fret needlessly, for I am in control. Were there not times when your David spoke, and you cringed and feared the Words that he gave and the ferocity and the definiteness with which he poured them forth? Yet his Words came out just the way that I designed them to be. For you it was a matter of faith, but I knew just what those Words would do.

                34. Can you not trust Me? Do you not believe that I am in control? Do you not know that the hearts of your queen and your king are in My hands, and that as the rivers of water, I turn them whithersoever I wish? Can you not trust Me? Can you not believe?

                35. For the Words that I am giving today build upon the Words that I gave unto your David. They go beyond them, but they are built upon them.  Like the building blocks of a house, or of a wall, or of a building, one rests upon another and the building continues upward to completion. Does not what I say today amplify that which I have said yesterday? Did not the Words of David amplify and build upon that which had been laid before?

                36. Search your heart: Why is it that you received the Words of David which went beyond the written Words, and you cannot receive the Words that I am giving today? What has brought this lack of faith? Have you decided that you know better? Have you decided that in your mind you can figure out that which is best to do? Do you not trust Me and the leadership that I have chosen and that I have ordained, even through the mouth of your David while he walked upon the Earth?

                37. Are you jealous of Me? Are you jealous of what My Words say to do? Are you fearful of the outcome, of what it means to you personally? Are you fearful of what it asks you to do, the love it asks you to give, both to others and to Me?

                38. I say unto you, search the Scriptures and see if these things be not so. For as you search My Words and the Words of David--all of these, My written Words--you will find that the Words that I am pouring forth build upon and amplify that which I have given, for I take you further. As you challenge Me, now I challenge you, and I say to you, search and see if these things be not so!

                39. But when you search, search with an open heart, an open mind, a receptive spirit. Search not to find how these things are not so, but search and see and look for and desire to find how these things are so. For truly I say to you, this is the way that I move. This is the direction that I am leading. Your queen and your king, your shepherds, are following Me closely. They are delivering to you the Message that I give.

                40. For I say to you, the problem is not with Me nor with My Message, and it is not with your queen and king, who only pour forth that which I give them. The problem lies in the receptivity of your hearts, in the rigidity of your minds, and in your desire to keep things the way they are. Let not Satan deceive you or distance you from Me. For he that comes unto Me must believe that I am, and that I am the rewarder of them that diligently seek Me.

                41. You must come to Me in faith.--Faith that even when the things around you look, through the eyes of man, as if they are not going right, that I am still in control and that My children are still in My hand. For seeing through the eyes of the mind of man, the logic of man, is foolishness unto Me. The ways of man are the ways of death, but the ways of God--faith in Me, trust in Me--are the ways of life, the ways of receptivity, and the ways of My Spirit. (End of prophecy.)

The Healing Medicine!

                42. (Mama:) The following prophecy was also given for someone who was having battles about the "Loving Jesus" series:

                43. (Prophecy:)  What I have spoken, I have spoken; and the Words that I have given, I have given.  These are My Words, and I give them to reveal My will and to show My children those things that I wish for them to do that they may please Me, that they may receive My blessings, that they may receive power at My hand.

                44. These Words do not come from the mind of man, but from the heart of God, and these Words that I have given will speak to the hearts of My children everywhere. They shall find great comfort therein, and great love, and great strength. For they are hungry and they search, they seek, because they wish to know Me even more--more closely, more intimately, more as one with Me--because I have placed this desire in their hearts. Now I create the means to fulfill the desire, that they may be satisfied, that they may drink of Me and quench their thirst for love and for faith.

                45. Many of My sheep are broken sheep.  Their hearts have been broken and the paths which they have walked upon have been difficult. They are bruised, and they are wounded, and they are hurting.  I am the Good Shepherd and I lift them up and carry them in My arms, for I love them.  I hear their bleatings and I know of their wounds. I see their broken hearts and I wish to mend them with My Love.  I am He that knows how to heal and mend these wounds, for I am He that knows the heart of man and the heart of My precious children. So do I give to them My Love, and this Love will cast a veil over countless sins.

                46. It will draw them close to Me in love, so they may feel one with Me, and that there will no longer be a wall of partition between us.  For I cast down this wall with Love, and I bridge the gulf with Love!  There are many who feel distant, as if they are not able to attain, as though they cannot reach My Love.  So do I put My Love very low where all can reach and understand, if they will but receive and believe.

                47. It has taken great faith on the part of your shepherds to give this Message that I have spoken. It is because of their love for Me and their willingness to obey and do those things that I have said to do that I am able to pour forth this Love in this way. For were they not willing to give that which I have given unto them, neither would you receive My Love in the way that I wish to give it unto you.  But it has been their faith and their willingness to first receive the things that I have said unto them--new things, different things, radical things.  They had to be open channels unto Me to receive that which seemed odd and strange.  They had to have faith that these Words were given by Me. And your shepherds had faith, and it is therefore counted unto them as true righteousness, and this faith will help many to draw nigh unto Me. Thus this faith is rewarded.

                48. For these, My shepherds, understand that their task is but to follow Me, is but to give out the Words that I pour through them, and it takes faith.  I have given them faith, and because of this faith, you are blessed and you will prosper--you who take in that which I have given and who receive it, who drink of it, and who let it sink down into the innermost parts of your being.

                49. Now I pour My Love, My Words, out to all My children, that they too may benefit, that their broken hearts may be mended, and that the gap between Me and them will be lessened. These Words will cause many who felt distant to feel close. They will help many who do not fully understand how to draw nigh to Me, to now be able to come close. For I have illustrated for them a way to draw nigh to Me as they never could before.  I say to you that the fruit of this love will be abundant love in the lives of these, the broken-hearted, the wounded, and the hurt, for this is the medicine from the Master Physician.  This is the healing balm that will heal the hearts of many.

                50. So unto you physicians whose job it is to help heal and care for the wounds of these, My children, I say, these Words are the medicine.  These Words are the healing balm, which, when poured upon the broken hearts, when poured into the wounds, shall heal them. (End of prophecy.)

Be Flexible, Not Analytical!

                51. (Mama:) Throughout our history the Lord has given us, His children, a great deal of New Wine, some of it being "Strange Truths" (see ML #360).  Some of what the Lord gives is very different and even quite radical and bottle-breaking.  The following prophecy was given when praying for someone who was having difficulty receiving some of the New Wine.

                52. (Prophecy:) There are many that I test to the very foundations of their faith so that they may take a stand for Me, for My Truth, for My Word, for My prophet, for My queen, for My king, and for the way that I do things in this new day. I test the bottles of many to see if they are old and brittle, or if they are young and vibrant; to see if they will accept that which is new and that which I do, or if they will cling only to the old.  It is always so, for all through the years I test the flexibility of the bottles to see if they are loose or if they are rigid. And so is this one tested--tested to the very core--for I must know what manner of man he is.

                53. But you say, "What brings about these tests?" I allow these tests, yet I do not force these tests.  These tests come from their own willfulness, from their mind being made up about matters, from the unwillingness to change, from the unwillingness to be moldable and malleable and acceptive. For there is unyieldedness and unacceptance of that which I have shown, and that which I have done, and that which I have said.

                54. This one thinks he knows better, that he is right in what he thinks--whether it is that which he thinks should not have happened in the past, or how he thinks it should be in the present. He builds the scenarios in his mind and is sure that he is right. He is unaccepting of the truth, and thus he does not accept that which I am doing.

                55. The answer lies not in fleeing from the task at hand, from the job, from the assignment, for the doubts and fears will follow you. The answer comes by faith: Faith to believe that which I have said, faith to receive that which I do, faith to believe My Words, faith to live them, faith to accept them.  It is the receptive heart that finds peace.

                56. Do not think that you know best, for the mind of man is not greater than the mind of God. That which seems logical to your mind does not necessarily mean that it is the way of God. For My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. It is in the acceptance of My Word, it is in the acceptance of faith, where there is peace and where there is rest in spirit. So lay down the burden of your mind.  Lay down the burden of your doubt. Lay down the burden of your analyticality. Lay down the burden of that which you have seen and that which you believed to be true, and come to Me with faith.

                57. When I lay in the boat sleeping, and the waves and the wind and the storm battered about, My disciples knew not what to do, but were fearful for the wind and fearful for the waves and fearful for the vessel. So they woke Me, they came to Me, for they knew that the answer lay in My power. I said, "Peace, be still," and there was peace. They came to Me, admitting that they knew not what to do, and I gave them peace.

                58. So come to Me in faith, the faith of a little child who knows that his father will not lead him astray, but will speak the truth to him.

                59. My son, I love you, I care for you, and I say unto you, come to Me in faith, laying down your preconceived ideas, laying down that which you are so certain is so. Come to Me with an open heart and an open mind and let Me give you peace--the peace that comes from faith, the peace that comes from trust, the peace that comes from knowing that you are yielded unto the will of God. (End of prophecy.)

Receptivity of Vessels!--And Grass and Grain, We Need Both!

                60. (Mama:) This prophecy speaks about the difference between those who readily receive the new Word the Lord gives, and those who have a difficult time doing so.  It also addresses the question of whether or not it's enough to just read Dad's Letters and not partake of the New Wine the Lord is giving today. Some of this prophecy may sound familiar to you, because we used excerpts of it in the "State of the Nation" Letter (ML #3017:101-103).

                61. (Prophecy:)  The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life. They are the Words of God poured through you to My children. And what is the fruit of My Word in receptive hearts? The fruit is peace and joy and love.

                62. A covered pot does not receive the flow of the water of My Words, yet that does not change the purity of that water, or the fruit of that water, or the thirst-quenching ability of that water. For the same water poured into a receptive vessel is received with gladness, and quenches the thirst.

                63. So when you judge the fruit of My Words, it must be judged by the reception of the open vessel. All My Word, when received by the receptive, brings forth beautiful fruit, changed lives, and love in their hearts. But My Word, when poured upon an unreceptive vessel, is rejected and does not bring forth fruit. So do you say, "Oh, the Word does not bring forth good fruit?" No, for the vessel, the receptacle, is at fault.

                64. When one realizes that their vessel has been closed and then they open it, they receive the refreshing waters in abundance and in gratefulness. So help these with closed hearts and with closed minds to understand that the problem lies not in My Words, and not in the carriers of My Words, and not in the delivery of My Words. The problem lies in the lack of receptivity within their hearts and within their minds. For they block the way and they reject the very refreshing waters that they need.

                65. For how is it that My Word brings such great joy and uplifting to some, and to others it brings heaviness? Is it not the same water? Is it not the same truth? But in one it is received and in the other it is rejected.  It is a battle of the heart and it is a battle of the mind.

                66. Satan would try to defeat through constricting the receptivity. For a bottle with a very small opening, which is constricted and restricted, does not receive much of the great abundance of water that is poured upon it.  But if the restrictions are taken away and the mouth is open, the bottle is filled and refreshed.

67. You are the shepherds. Your job is to feed the sheep. Your job is to receive the grain and to pass it on to them. Their job is to eat it and to let it strengthen them and give them sustenance and joy, and to help them grow. There is much grass in the field that they can eat, that they are content with, but they must also eat of the grain to be fattened and strengthened, for the grass is not enough. The grass is there to feed them and to keep them from going hungry in-between the feedings of the grain. But they need the grain because it is the food that fattens them, makes them useful and grows them. And those that say, "But we are content with just the grass" will find that they don't grow; that they are sustained and they do not diminish and they do not die, for it is food.  But for them to fully grow, they need to feed at the hand of the shepherds.

                68. So it is with the written Words and the Words of David. They are good Words and they are feeding Words and they are life-giving Words. And all need them, all must read them, for it is as the grass that gives them sustenance. But to go forward and to go onward in the places where I am leading, so must they also eat the grain at the hand of the shepherds and receive it, that they may have a balanced diet. For both are needed and neither should be rejected.

                69. But he that thinks he can eat only the grass and is not in need of the grain deceives himself. For he is as one who says, "I only need the Bible and I need nothing else, for it is enough."  But look at those who stayed with only the Bible and did not move forward. Have they not solidified?

                70. For this reason, throughout the life of David I poured forth constantly, because I was leading and I was moving and I was guiding. My children needed fresh grain at the hand of the shepherd to know where I was going. For even David said, "You must read the New Wine."  He said that the Words of old were for the times of old. Though they are beneficial and though they are strengthening, you must follow where God is leading now.--And so it continues and so it is. I test the bottles now to see if the openings are constricted and restricted, or if they are wide open and receptive to receive the water of My Words.

                71. Your job is to pour out in great abundance, for I have promised My children that I would pour forth My Words in great abundance in these days, and so I do and so I will.  So pour forth and hold not back!  The vessels that are open and receptive shall receive and shall rejoice.  The vessels that are closed will have to make the decision whether to open and to receive, or to remain closed. But this is not your doing, for I have called you to pour forth the Words abundantly.

                72. So be faithful with the task that I have put into your hands and leave the results up to Me, and up to the decision of the hearts of these, your children.  (End of prophecy.)

The Key to Faith Is the Desire to Believe!

                73. (Prophecy, Doubting Thomas speaking:)  You heard my story, how I would not believe unless I put my fingers in the holes and in the gaping wound in His side.  I wouldn't believe it because I couldn't see it, and I didn't understand it.  It was beyond my comprehension.  It was beyond that which I thought could be real.  Others said it was so. Others said they saw Him, they felt Him, they touched Him.  Others, my brethren, those that I loved, said that they saw Him. But I wouldn't believe.  Why wouldn't I believe? Because I lacked faith--faith to trust, faith to look beyond my carnal mind.

                74. But do you want to know what saved me?  What saved me was that I wanted to believe, and because of that desire, because I wanted to believe, He showed me.  Though my mind raged against my spirit, though my mind could not grasp it, could not understand it, could not see it, yet in my spirit I wanted to believe.  My prayer through my doubts was, "Help me to believe! Help me to see! Help me to understand!"  Though I said with my mouth, "I will not believe until I touch the wounds with my own hands," in my heart I said, "I want to believe, I just don't understand! I just don't see it!"  Because this was the cry of my heart, so did the Lord show me, and so was I able to touch the wounds and fully believe.

                75. That is the key to faith. That even though you do not see, and even though you do not understand, and even though you doubt, if in your heart you want to know and want to believe--but you do not have the means to believe because of your battles or because of your doubts or because of the limits of your mind--if you will but call out in faith, saying, "I want to believe!--Lord, help my unbelief," if you leave the door open, His light can shine through. It can get into you and give you the truth and help you to see and illumine your heart.

                76. In the day that the Lord said, "Eat My flesh and drink My blood," there were many that were with us.  We didn't understand. It was disgusting! What a thought! There were rumblings amongst us, and many turned back. Those of us who were close, though we didn't understand, we wanted to understand. We wanted to believe and we had the faith to trust, to wait, and then we understood.

                77. The key is the desire of your heart.  Do you say, "No, I don't believe! I won't believe! I don't want to believe!" Or do you say, "I don't understand, I don't believe, but Lord, I want to believe! I want to understand!" Because he that seeks for an answer will find it.  He that knocks shall find the doors are open unto him.  He that asks for faith, he that says in his heart, "Lord, help my unbelief," shall find relief and release in faith.

                78. So choose ye!  Will you choose the path of doubt, the path of a heart that is completely closed, the path that is not searching for faith?  Or will you choose the path of faith, that even though you do not understand, and even if you do not believe, you wish to believe, and your heart is open to receive.  For he that chooses the path of the closed heart is not open to the Truth of God. (End of prophecy.)

Will You Climb Further in Faith?

                79. (Prophecy:) I have spoken many Words unto My children throughout all the ages. I have revealed unto them truth, truth, and more truth.  I have given unto them many revelations through My Words, and it is up to them to choose to follow, to believe, to receive. Those who do, prosper and grow; those who do not, fall along the wayside of limited fruitfulness.  There are many, many in the church today who believe My Words, but do not receive all that I have to say. They are able to accomplish some, but I cannot use them to the full, because they do not receive all that I give, or all that I have given, nor all that I will give.

                80. That is their choice, and this is the choice that I give unto each one of you: whether to forge ahead and to continue to receive and believe the Words that I give, or to remain at the plateau at which you have arrived.  This is always the choice that is given to My children.  Will they continue to climb, or will they be satisfied where they are?  If they choose to be satisfied, then I will use them there on that plateau, and they will be fruitful there.  But those who choose to carry on up the mountain will go to new heights and receive the blessings and the fruitfulness that are higher up the mountain.

                81. These are the Words that I have given, and this is the choice that I put before you:  Do you come to Me with an open or a closed heart?  Have you decided that you have climbed this far and will climb no further, or will you climb further in faith?  This is what I ask you:  that you decide, that you search your heart.

                82. Know this, that I love those that remain on the plateau, and I love those that continue the climb. But they that continue to climb will ascend higher and see more and partake of those things which are higher up the mountain.  Each one must make his own choice. (End of prophecy.)

More Thoughts from the Lord on Doubts!

                83. (Prophecy:)  Be not buffeted about by the Enemy. It is the Enemy's tempestuous winds and foul breeze of doubts and stench of lies trying to cloud your mind, trying to besmirch the purity of My Word.  As My Word says, I am not the Author of confusion, so know these troubles come from Satan. Therefore, raise up a standard, block out his lies with the windshield of My Holy Spirit. You can of yourself do nothing, but run to Me, your strong Tower, to shield you and keep you safe. Rest in Me, and I will overcome the Wicked One and quell his blustery lies that buffet you and trouble you. I will calm you and stay you through this time of stormy trial.

* * *

                84. Now ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you.  For it is the Word that has the power to wash away all the doubts, all the battles, all the fears.  If you go in My Love and the strength of My Word, you cannot fail!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family