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LOVING JESUS JEWELS!--By Maria            DO 30453/96

Maria #327

                1. By the time you read this, it will have been more than two months since you read the "Loving Jesus" GNs, and I pray that you are understanding the principles of the revelation more day by day, and that the steps of faith you are taking--however large or small--to love the Lord intimately in this new way, are helping to deepen your relationship with Him.

                2. You may wonder what the overall response of the Family has been to the "Loving Jesus" revelation. You'll be happy to know that, from what we've heard, most Family members have not only received the revelation, but are thankful for it. In the reactions we've been receiving, a great majority of our people are rejoicing that this revelation has opened a new way to feel and understand the Lord's Love for them. People in general are very thankful, happy and inspired by this New Wine. They have received it with open arms, and are grateful and thankful and praising the Lord for it. Many have commented that it's been a wonderful answer to their prayers to get closer to the Lord.

                3. Some of those who have had a hard time receiving everything in the "Loving Jesus" revelation have at least seen it in the Spirit and have agreed with it, and are just going slow in putting it into practice in their own lives. Peter and I admire and respect you who have struggled, but who are yet willing to take baby steps and carry on by faith, doing what you can do, what you're comfortable with.

                4. There are also people who have had a difficult time with this revelation, who have not been able to receive it, but who are persuaded that the Family is the only place for them and want to stay in the Family. Like we said before, and say again to these: It's between you and the Lord, and if you have a hard time accepting it, the Lord has made allowance for that, in that we have not made this a fundamental Family belief. Therefore you can carry on in full-time service in the DO Family. We are very thankful that you have decided to stick, in spite of any difficulties you have had in receiving the "Loving Jesus" revelation.

                5. As expected, some folks left us after reading the "Loving Jesus" Letters. Most of these were people who had been having problems receiving the New Wine for quite awhile. I'll explain more about that later in this GN.

                6. You have received a couple of FSMs of reactions to the "Loving Jesus" series, which we pray have been a help to you. There will be a few more FSMs coming on this subject, Lord willing. Thanks to all of you (and there were many of you!) who took the time to write me about your thoughts and experiences concerning the "Loving Jesus" revelation. I appreciate your candidness and I'm thankful for all the Lord is doing in your lives. I was very thankful to hear repeatedly that you felt the revelation was presented well, and that by the time you had finished reading all the GNs, your questions were answered. Praise the Lord! Along with receiving reports from the CROs, hearing personal reactions from so many of you has helped me to see how well the Family overall is receiving the "Loving Jesus" message.

                7. I want to share a few comments from a CRO who tells of the initial reaction of the brethren at the HCS after they read the "Loving Jesus" GNs. This was written shortly after the Birthday Feast. I hope that reading this report, as well as the reaction FSMs, will help dispel any worries you may have that "everyone is leaving" because of the "Loving Jesus" Letters. That's absolutely wrong! To the contrary, very few have left, and it has caused all those who remain to be strengthened in their convictions and their love for the Lord's wonderful Family, and all that Jesus is doing for us.

                8. We have also received reports from other areas about how well the reading of the Feast material went, but I thought this particular report would be of interest, especially for you teens and YAs, because there are so many young people living at the HCS. There are 50 senior teens, YAs, and second-generation adults (up to the age of 24). That number does not include junior teens. So to see the overall, very positive reaction in a Home that has such a large cross-section of young people of many ages, personalities, backgrounds, and nationalities is quite encouraging. This CRO reported:

                9. "As expected, there were a variety of reactions to the `Loving Jesus' GNs. We were all very happily surprised to see how many received the new Word gladly, even enthusiastically. Even though many were shocked or surprised or overwhelmed at first by this new revelation, the Lord seemed to have prepared many hearts for this New Wine. Of course, there were various degrees of reaction to the new challenge, but on the whole, most everyone was very receptive and open. Even those who didn't feel they could practice this new revelation fully yet, commented on how the Lord and you had made it as easy as possible for us to receive this New Wine.

                10. "Having a majority of young people here at the HCS, we were wondering what would be the general reaction, and we were quite pleased and encouraged by the openness that most people showed. Most everyone had a very good reaction, and even though it was heavy for them, they took it in the Spirit and were respectful of God's Word. There were a few young people, however, who were somewhat mocking, making sarcastic comments, and hence belittling the Word, which, of course, was having a negative effect on their peers. So we addressed that, and in general the attitude became a lot better.

                11. "As the reading progressed, we learned that people's immediate reactions changed quite a bit over a period of just two to three days. I think at first because of the shocking, bottle-breaking effect this New Wine had upon initial tasting, some of our young people, as well as a few of our older ones, felt a little awkward, maybe even a bit embarrassed. This could even be the reason why some `made light' of the Word--maybe more out of embarrassment and not knowing how to react initially. In general, we've noticed that some of our young folks can feel a bit uncomfortable in discussions and pow-wows regarding sex, especially in larger groups. So that may also explain their initial response.

                12. "Amongst the older members, it didn't seem that anyone had too much difficulty grasping this New Wine, perhaps because, as the Letters brought out, we older adults have been grounded in the Word for longer, and we have been prepared by all that Dad has given on the subject and by the many revolutions and bottle-breaking messages that the Lord has had for us through our years in the Family. It was sweet to see how the older folks quite readily entered in. So far only one adult male had a bit of difficulty at first, as he was a little taken aback by the sexual side of the revelation. But after having read the whole mailing and the Questions and Answers, it seems that it's okay with him, and he has now jumped in to help some of the young people who were having a little harder time with it.

                13. "A few of our young people, especially some of the young men, seemed to have a harder time grasping what the Lord is saying, and detaching themselves from the physical so they could see it in the Spirit. But I've been encouraged by how, when I talked to a few individually, giving them a little extra explanation or pointing them to certain parts of the Letters to reread, it helped them. They were actually quite open, realizing that it was not the fault of the New Wine, but it was because of their seeing things more in the flesh, that they were having problems.

                14. "In most cases where people, especially men, had a rough time receiving the `Loving Jesus' message, we noticed that with more time to think and pray and read further, their questions and apprehensions were answered. One very comforting factor that was brought out in the mailings that we noticed helped a lot of individuals was that no one would be under pressure to `perform' or compare their progress with others. We are trying to follow up on the Feast mailing, talking to people individually to see if they have any questions and to see how they are doing.

                15. "During the Feast days one of our senior teen boys let us know of his plans for eventually going back to his home country with the idea of going to school, getting a job, and living more independently as a TSer or out of the Family. At first we weren't sure to what degree his decision to leave had to do with the Feast mailings. After spending quite a bit of time with him, hearing him out and helping him to make his arrangements to go, we feel that his decision and plans were something he had given a lot of thought to for some time and it didn't really have much to do with the new `Loving Jesus' revelation.

                16. "I've also heard of some very beautiful fruit in the lives of some singles who were having a hard time coping with their loneliness. They were set free by this new revelation. Praise the Lord!

                17. "I truly believe this is the message that our people need at this time and it is an answer to many people's prayers. I know it is an answer to mine, to know how to have a closer relationship to the Lord. I especially feel that our youth who grasp and embrace this new revelation will grow tremendously and be strengthened in the way we've prayed they can be.

                18. "This is a case of `letting the Light in (in a great and powerful way) and the darkness shall flee of itself,' or like the answer you gave to the young people in the `Getting Back on Track' series: `The key to overcoming is really in falling in love with Jesus, to love Him first and give Him our all, and He is more than happy to give us His all.' I think once people have had time to digest this new revelation, reread it and think about it more, experiment with it and study the Word on it, they'll be able to see more clearly its good fruit! I'm excited to see the Lord's beautiful promises fulfilled in us!"

The Shaking of the Tree!

                19. (Mama:)Since most of the Family has done so well receiving this New Wine, I hesitate to spend too much time talking about those few who had such a difficult time that they chose to leave the Family. But it's important that you understand that most of the ones who left over the "Loving Jesus" revelation were those who had been weak and "sitting on the fence" for quite a while. They had not been doing well long before they read the "Loving Jesus" GNs, as they had been having trouble receiving the earlier New Wine and had been having ongoing doubts about such things as King Peter, extensive use of prophecy, etc.

                20. So in almost all cases, it's not that we lost 100%, sold-out, committed DO Family members just because they got "blown away" by the "Loving Jesus" revelation. From what we have heard, the people who left after the Birthday Feast were those who already had not been agreeing with many things, and the "Loving Jesus" series was what you could call the last straw that caused them to make a definite decision to go ahead and leave.

                21. For example, Singing Sam has not been with us in heart for quite some time. He has had serious ongoing problems for the last couple of years with doubts, murmuring, sowing division, rejecting the New Wine, etc. After the Birthday Feast, he officially left the Family and is now working with Brother Thomas, who has withdrawn from fellowship with the Family. Singing Sam has begun communicating with DO members through personal letters that are very divisive. Judging from what we've heard so far, he especially seem to be targeting you young people. He poses as a friend, but then goes into detail about why he could not accept some of the recent major revolutions in the Family, such as the use of prophecy, my and Peter's leadership, and the "Loving Jesus" revelation. We aren't sure how many people Sam will approach in this manner, but given the fact that he has always had a very large personal mailing list, chances are he may communicate with many DO Homes or members. Therefore I wanted to let you know that, sad to say, poor Sam had had serious problems for a long time, and he finally made his decision to leave.

                22. Of course, this loss of some members is not a big surprise. Earlier prophecies have indicated that there would be a purging of our ranks. Do you recall in "Mama's Love Story, Part 3!--King Peter!" there was a prophecy about how the Lord would "rattle the foundations" of your faith? And He explained that the reason for such "rattling" is to test, purge and purify the Family.

                23. In that Letter, the Lord said, "Do not feel hurt nor dismayed that some may fall by the wayside. For those which will remain will be the mighty men of David, full of faith, full of strength, full of devotion and full of loyalty, and they shall march forth victorious and glorious unto My Heavenly Kingdom! So give and give and be not afraid. For My Word tries the hearts, discerns the spirits, and strengthens the sinews. I will create a strong and loyal band that will do exploits and will marvelously show forth My strength and My power, My Love and My anointing" (ML #2994:52-53).

                24. You may recall that Dad also mentioned in a more recent prophecy, which was published in "There's More to Come!--Another New Year's Message" (ML #3037), that this year we would "shed those who are not fully with us." So the fact that some have chosen to leave should not come as a big shock, and it's not something to worry about or get real down about, because we know by faith in the promises the Lord has given that He will use this purging to bring about good for the Family. I know it's not easy to look at this completely positively if one of those who left happened to be your mate, lover, friend, son or daughter, or brother or sister, but we know the Lord will not forsake those who leave the Family, and He will answer their cry when they call out to Him. Recently, when we were praying about a different subject, Dad gave the following message about the purging we're now undergoing:

                25. (Prophecy, Dad speaking to Mama:) We have always been for quality, not quantity! We are not in this for numbers. If the Lord purges the Family down to a Gideon's band, well, so be it! That's what makes us what we are, because we are dropped out and sold out and 100% revolutionaries for Jesus!

                26. The Lord has warned us over and over and over that dark days are coming, and He's doing all He can to prepare the Family for the days to come. We've got a lot to do, we've got a lot of places to go. The Lord's got a lot to teach us. He's got lots of Word to give out and get out, lots of feeding of the multitudes, lots of pioneering to be done. There are exciting days ahead, but if the Family is going to do what they need to do, everybody is going to have to be sold out and pulling together and united as one heart and mind and soul!

                27. So don't be afraid of the purging and the shaking of the tree. Don't be afraid if you lose a few along the way; it's always been that way. We've always had our purgings every now and then to keep the Family pure and strong. Don't think it's your fault, Honey. Don't think you and Peter have done anything wrong. That's just the way of revolutions. In order to continue being a revolution, there are always times of testing, times of purging, to keep everybody pure, to keep everybody dedicated.

                28. To some people it may look like the Family is getting weaker, that all the revolutions and all the Word that's being poured out are weakening rather than strengthening the Family. But don't worry, they'll only be thinking that for a time. They'll soon see great and powerful fruit as a result of the New Wine, the Truth that the Lord has poured forth. Then you'll all look back on these days of uncertainty and you'll see that it was worth it all, because the Family will come forth stronger and purer and more brilliant, and the witness will ring forth more clearly! And those who remain will be happier, and they'll be able to dedicate more of their time to the job at hand. We're a revolution, and we are going forward with the red-hot fiery Word of God! (End of prophecy excerpts.)

                29. (Mama:) Dad said it's a shaking of the tree, and a shedding of those who aren't really with us, so we shouldn't worry. There is so much in store for us--lots to do, places to go, multitudes to feed, Word to get out, pioneering to be done--but apparently we must first undergo some cleansing and purging, to make us a Gideon's band, worthy of the high calling of being His Endtime revolutionaries. As Dad says, this is the way of revolutions, so we can't be afraid if we lose a few soldiers along the way. As I told you in "There's More to Come":

30. "While it's very encouraging to know that the departure of those who aren't whole-hearted and single-minded will strengthen the Family, on the other hand, it grieves us to know that some of our precious brethren whom we love and care for deeply will not continue the journey with us. They've been a part of us and we love them very much, but if their hearts are elsewhere and they choose to step out of our fellowship, it is better for them, and also for us. Though we love them very much and we will be sad to see them go, if they feel that they need to choose another path, either for awhile or permanently, we will still love them and continue to care about them, wish them well and pray that the Lord will use them in other capacities.

                31. "We are not at all eager for any of you dear ones to leave us, unless you've fully decided in your hearts to do so. Our prayer instead would be that you would get fully on board and wholeheartedly embrace the New Wine and the change that it is bringing about. Just because some of you may be struggling over certain things does not mean that you should feel that this is your `cue' to leave. If you know that the Family is the place for you, then don't give up your crown. Keep fighting, keep struggling, as Dad encourages you to do. Don't give up!

32. "On the other hand, if one thing after the other has bothered you and caused you doubts and you've been looking for an alternative for some time, and you have many doubts and criticisms and questions, you feel too confined by the restrictions, and unenthusiastic about the Word and not inclined to put your heart into trying to obey it, then you will probably be happier in a different situation where you can have more freedom to follow your own leadings. If at a later date you determine without any doubt that the Family is the only place for you, we will welcome you back with open arms!" (ML #3037:38-40, GN 669.)

                33. We shouldn't try to hang on to people who don't believe that Peter and I are God's appointed leadership for the Family, who don't believe in prophecy, who don't believe in the Law of Love, and who feel they'd be happier elsewhere. However, we do need to fight to help those brethren who are weak and being shaken, but who can hang on and go on stronger than ever for the Lord, if we will pray for them and help them through this difficult time of testing. We don't want to lose people who do still have faith in the Word, the Family and its appointed leadership, our methods, our lifestyle, and our doctrines, but who are struggling and going through a rough time right now. Please pray desperately and do all you can to lift your brother when you see him fall, and help him hold on.

A Gideon's Band of New Bottle Revolutionaries!

                34. We were recently praying for someone who had been quite entrenched in the church system and who just couldn't take the strong, radical New Wine of the "Loving Jesus" revelation. We were seeking the Lord for some words of encouragement, instruction and guidance to give this one, when Dad talked to us and said that these revolutions are not easy for anyone, but they keep us new and alive and close to the Lord. Here's what he said:

                35. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) God has to have those with crazy faith, insane dreamers that are willing to do the wild, seemingly crazy things that the Lord asks them to do--to go where He says to go, and say what He says to say, and do His slightest bidding. This takes new bottles who are in the Spirit, who have their senses and their spirit exercised, and who are thrilled and enthralled by the New Wine, who are so full of joy and excitement that it causes their light to shine so brightly on the world.

                36. As with every revolution and every changing of the guard, so to speak, the new avant-garde, the new, fresh bottles continue, always with lots of repercussions and things left in the wake. Nevertheless, we have to keep going on, following the Lord, obeying His commandments, preaching the message He wants us to preach, and it always works out for the best. It always improves the Family. It always improves our witness and our ministering to others. So praise the Lord, and continue to thank Him for His New Wine that He pours out that is so refreshing and so invigorating to those who are open to it.

                37. Don't worry about the old bottles, the ones who are left behind, because the Lord loves them and He cares for them. He provides for them and He uses them as much as they'll allow Him to. But it's those who are really sucking and seeking and fighting in the Spirit who are the ones that get to partake of the New Wine, and partake of the sowing of the seed and the reaping of the fruit--young, alive sheep that are hungry to do something for the Lord. That's just the Lord's way.

                38. That's just the Gideon's band that the Lord chooses to preach His new Words and His new message, those who can follow Him the closest, because it takes a great deal of forsaking and continually being willing to change and fight new battles and overcome new obstacles and face new challenges. But that's the thrill of it! That's what makes it thrilling! That's what makes it exciting! That's why the Family will never be stopped, for the true revolutionaries will keep going until the end, no matter what the Lord asks them to do! (End of excerpt of prophecy.)

                39. (Mama:) Thank you, Sweetheart, for your frequent encouragement that we're on the right track, and that in spite of temporary inconveniences, setbacks, problems and losses, the Lord knows what He's doing and He's going to bring us through victorious. We want to be all these things you talked about--Don Quixotes with crazy faith, insane dreamers, new bottles, a Gideon's band, true revolutionaries! We're with you, Dad! We won't let you down! We're really rollin' now! Praise the Lord!

Intimate Quotes from Spurgeon!

                40. One of our second-generation adult men that sent me a reaction to the "Loving Jesus" series also sent some very interesting quotes from Charles Spurgeon* which he said helped him to have more faith to receive the "Loving Jesus" revelation. (*Charles Spurgeon, 1834-1892, well-known English Baptist preacher.)

                41. This dear young man commented: "Loving the Lord in this new way was hard for me to grasp, but I wanted to, and was willing to try. I went to the Word to read up on this and was thrilled at all that Dad and the Lord had already said about our being His Bride. I also came across some interesting things from Spurgeon's writings, his commentary on some verses in the Song of Solomon. I was shocked to read some of the things that this stiff, conservative church Christian had to say about a deeper and fuller relationship with Jesus. I figured that if he could understand the Lord in this intimate way, why couldn't I receive this new revelation. Below are some of the things Spurgeon wrote that stood out to me. The full sentences are not included in some cases, only the phrases that illustrate the great intimacy with which Spurgeon speaks of the Lord."

                42. --For several days we have been dwelling upon the Savior's passion, and for some little time to come we shall linger there. Let us seek the same desires after our Lord as those which glowed in the heart of the elect spouse.

                43. --O Lover of our souls, be not strange to us; let the lips of Thy blessing meet the lips of our asking; let the lips of Thy fullness touch the lips of our need, and straightway the kiss will be effected.

                44. --Believers love Jesus with a deeper affection than they dare to give to any other being.

                45. --His greatness, goodness, and loveliness, in one resplendent ray, combine to enchant the soul till it is so ravished that it exclaims, "Yea, He is altogether lovely!"

                46. --Let Him be set on high forever, and let my soul sit at His footstool, and kiss His feet, and wash them with my tears. Oh, how precious is Christ! How can it be that I have thought so little of Him?

                47. --How cheering a thought that Jesus can find comfort in our poor, feeble graces. Can it be? It seems far too good to be true.

                48. --Such is the language of the believer panting after present fellowship with Jesus, he is sick [lovesick] for his Lord. Gracious souls are never perfectly at ease except they are in a state of nearness to Christ; for when they are away from Him they lose their peace. The nearer to Him, the nearer to the perfect calm of Heaven; the nearer to Him, the fuller the heart is, not only of peace, but of life, and vigor, and joy, for these all depend on constant intercourse with Jesus.

                49. --"I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, if ye find my beloved, tell him that I am sick of love [with love]." This earnest longing after Jesus has a blessing attending it.

                50. --The bushy locks depict His manly vigor. There is nothing effeminate in our Beloved. He is the manliest of men. Bold as a lion, laborious as an ox, swift as an eagle. Every conceivable and inconceivable beauty is to be found in Him.

                51. --The least glimpse of Him is exceedingly refreshing to my spiritual sense and yields a variety of delights.

                52. --O let me kiss Thee in return with the kisses of my lips.

                53. --And sweet the moments, passing sweet, when Thou declarest to me "the love of the Spirit." Never shall my soul forget those chambers of fellowship where Thou hast unveiled Thyself to me.

                54. --Let us return unto our Heavenly Bridegroom, and ask for His Spirit that we may be on terms of closer intimacy with Him, and henceforth sit at the table with Him.

                55. --Spurgeon quoting Samuel Rutherford (Scottish pastor who was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith in the 17th century): We sigh and cry, "Oh, for as much love as would go 'round about the Earth, and over Heaven--yea, the Heaven of heavens, and ten thousand worlds--that I might let all out upon fair, fair, only fair Christ." Alas! our longest reach is but a span of love, and our affection is but as a drop of a bucket compared with His deserts. Measure our love by our intentions, and it is high indeed; 'tis thus, we trust, our Lord doth judge of it. Oh, that we could give all the love in our hearts in one great mass, a gathering together of all loves to Him Who is altogether lovely!

                56. (Mama:) It's beautiful to see such longing, such tenderness, such desire. When I heard these quotes from this devoted man, Charles Spurgeon, portraying an almost desperate yearning to love the Lord more deeply, I was sure that, had he received the revelation that the Lord has given us, he would have found great satisfaction in being the Lord's intimate lover! Perhaps he did, and kept it secret. We are so blessed to have been entrusted with such a precious gift from the Lord, and to know more deeply and more specifically what it means to be His Bride.

You Can Discuss the "Loving Jesus" Revelation!

                57. I've heard reports that in many Homes no one is talking about the "Loving Jesus" revelation, that it's all very hush-hush. Possibly one reason you're so extremely closed about this is because I said in the Letters that loving Jesus intimately is a private matter (ML #3029:16; 3031:166 [references given are for the adult/senior teen version of the "Loving Jesus" series]). I made it clear that the more intimate sexual side of the revelation is not for public meetings or groups, nor is it to be practiced in front of children (ML#3029:16; 3030:60). I also said you are under no obligation to make it known publicly whether you love Jesus intimately while masturbating or having sex with a partner (ML#3030:64). You were also instructed not to go out and tell everyone you witness to that they can love Jesus like this too (ML #3032:182).

                58. You were instructed by the Lord in prophecy that the "Loving Jesus" revelation should be practiced in the privacy of your rooms and Homes, away from the peering eye of outsiders (ML #3033:84). You were also reminded several times not to gossip or speak negatively about the Loving Jesus revelation (ML #3030:65; 3032:45; 3033:170). So I can see why you may have gotten the idea that you shouldn't talk at all about loving Jesus intimately!

                59. However, there were also instances in the "Loving Jesus" GNs Parts 3 through 7 where allowance was made for some discussion and public practice of this. There was an explanation of the difference in love words that you would use in public and in private (ML#3030:59, 3033:56-59). There was the explanation that loving Jesus intimately is sometimes a "shared experience," such as with mates or sharing partners (ML#3033:281).

                60. Several times the Lord gave instruction about how to shepherd people regarding loving Jesus--so obviously there has to be some communication involved if people are to be shepherded (ML #3033:228-233, 279-281). Also, I gave the example of when I met with the members of my Home to talk about the "Loving Jesus" revelation, during which time we shared our hearts together and asked the Lord to speak (ML#3030:9). Also, you did read the "Loving Jesus" series unitedly at the time of the Birthday Feast, and afterwards had a time of prayer and hearing from the Lord in prophecy.

                61. So while it is true that loving Jesus intimately in this new way is a private matter, in that the decision to practice this is between you and the Lord and no one will be forcing you to do so, and while it is true that you are not obligated to discuss the details of your private, intimate relationship with Jesus, that does not mean the "Loving Jesus" revelation can never be discussed either between individuals or as a Home. If you got the impression that you can't talk about the "Loving Jesus" revelation at all, then I'm sorry, because that was not my intention, especially if you feel you can't get the help you need from your shepherds, or you shepherds feel that you have no right to ask people questions or try to help those who seem to be struggling. You need to try to reach a happy medium between privacy and openness.

                62. Possibly the Lord allowed some time of extreme privacy so you could have more time to pray and reflect, and so that you wouldn't be overly affected by people who might have spoken negatively. But now that things have settled down and you're over the initial shock of the revelation, I want you to understand that you can discuss this amongst yourselves. Of course, I don't want you to talk critically amongst yourselves or to gossip, but you can discuss the "Loving Jesus" revelation, if you so desire. In fact, you should be discussing it somewhat.

                63. When you discuss the "Loving Jesus" revelation with your friends and peers, please talk positively. If you are having doubts about it or problems of any kind with it, please talk to your shepherds. I want to make it clear that you are free to talk with your shepherds about your battles or doubts, even if you feel you're being negative or critical, because how else are you going to get the answers to your questions and the prayer you need unless you talk about it openly with those who can help you! But voicing doubts or criticisms to your peers, with the intention of sowing doubts in the hearts of others, is not allowed, as that's contravening the Charter! Please stay positive! Thanks!

Learning to Feel Comfortable with Loving Jesus

                64. Some people who protest that we shouldn't print testimonies about "Loving Jesus" in the FSMs, or we shouldn't talk openly about it, because it makes some feel uncomfortable, have got the wrong idea. If we don't talk about the "Loving Jesus" revelation at all, the Enemy really can get the upper hand.

                65. I remember what happened at one of our WS units, when at first we had asked nobody to talk about it. This continued for some time, without them talking about it, and the negative vibes from the few began to have a much greater effect than the positive vibes from the majority, to the point where one woman even said that though she had welcomed the "Loving Jesus" revelation with open arms and had started to practice it with very good results, she had completely stopped, because she felt so bad that some people were having such a hard time with it. She figured there were more people having a hard time with it than actually were having a hard time, because she just didn't know, and no one was talking. She thought that if so many people were having battles with it, she should be having battles too, and if she wasn't, something was wrong with her. Besides, she didn't want to enjoy this wonderful new way of "Loving Jesus" if others couldn't enjoy it too.

                66. So when I realized that the Devil was really getting the upper hand because people weren't able to testify to the beautiful things the Lord was doing in their lives, I told those in that unit that they needed to have a testimony meeting, whether the few folks who weren't receiving it felt uncomfortable or not! I told them that they should sing "Loving Jesus" songs, pray sweet loving prayers to Jesus, and have several volunteers testify of the beneficial effects of their newer and more intimate relationship with the Lord. Thank the Lord He checked us in time before the Devil could win a victory!

                67. I have heard that some of you young people who are having battles with the "Loving Jesus" revelation can't get the help you need because you don't feel you can talk about it. Perhaps one of the other reasons you are having battles is because you think a lot of other people are having battles, which perhaps isn't even accurate, since you all feel you can't talk about it, and therefore you don't know.

                68. We had to put pretty strict guidelines down at the beginning about keeping this private, so everyone wouldn't be overwhelmed right off the bat with the negative comments from those few who might be very vocal about not liking it. We did give some leeway to discuss it, as I pointed out above, but either that was not enough, or you misunderstood or misinterpreted what was said. But anyway, since we are further along and the majority of the Family has accepted the revelation, I think we should talk more openly about it now and create a positive atmosphere regarding this revelation.

                69. Here is an excerpt of a letter I sent to Peter when he was traveling and holding some meetings recently:

                70. "Just because people feel uncomfortable talking about the `Loving Jesus' revelation is no reason not to talk about it for fear it is going to be awkward for those people. To the contrary, they need to have it talked about--in a positive way, of course. They'll never get comfortable with talking about it if they don't talk about it! They'll never get comfortable with doing it if they don't do it! As Jesus said, `If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of Myself' (John 7:17). Also, Hosea 6:3a says, `Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord.'

                71. "Anything new and radical feels a little awkward at first, a little strange, a little foreign.--Just like speaking in tongues was strange at first, and just like our daily affection times with Jesus (praise times) seemed very foreign and even uncomfortable to many people at the beginning. After they started to do it in obedience to the Lord, it grew on them, until now it's a part of their life which they value greatly and are very happy for and feel good about.

                72. "This uncomfortable feeling is a result of something that isn't of the Lord, and the Devil uses that feeling of awkwardness to try to prevent us from talking about it or doing it, or to try to get us to stop talking about it or doing it. But if we'll go right ahead and do it, in spite of feeling uncomfortable, the more we do it, the more comfortable we will get with it. The more we talk openly about it, the more quickly it will become just a natural part of our life.

                73. "I'm not only telling you this from the Lord, but I am speaking from experience, because at first it was awkward for me, also. But as I continued doing it, it became easier and easier, to where now it is natural, and I would feel at such a loss without being able to love the Lord in this new, intimate way.

                74. "Perhaps people would understand the problem more clearly if they would pinpoint why they feel uncomfortable. Maybe instead of saying we're `uncomfortable' with something, we ought to express the problem more clearly, like, `It embarrasses me.' Or, `It's too humbling.' Or, `I feel there is something dirty about it.' In most cases, the root of the problem is pride, and sometimes along with it, not having been cleansed from the filthy attitudes of the System that make sex something dirty and naughty. So it's only through the washing of the Word, reading the Word, hearing it read and discussing it together, that people are going to be helped to have the right feelings.

                75. "Granted, for some people it takes an awful long time for them to get over their feelings of embarrassment and pride, or to get clean from the System influences that have had such a grip on them. Even for some of you older adults who were raised so many years in the church system, it is pretty difficult just to feel comfortable with even simple little things. I don't want folks to use this as an excuse to not feel comfortable with the `Loving Jesus' series for years, because I don't think the Lord means it to take that much time. I think as they practice it, He'll help it to be comfortable more quickly.

                76. "However, it's true that it is pretty difficult for some things to become comfortable, and it takes time. But the more we talk openly and naturally about it, and the more we hear the Word on it, the stronger our faith will become, and the more we'll know it's the right thing and the more we'll feel happy about doing it.

                77. "For the men, granted, this is even more difficult. It's just not part of your natural logic as a male to be calling Jesus `Sweetheart' and `Darling,' etc. And it certainly has to be seen in the Spirit, and made a habit, which is going to take time, as all habits do. But that's why it's so important to talk positively about it and have positive testimonies and be open and natural about it, so people who are struggling can see that it's not so difficult that others haven't been able to accept it and do it.

                78. "The Devil tries to get them so freaked out about it that they don't want to hear anything at all positive from anybody, but if they'll go ahead and listen anyway, it will help them. When they hear others talking so positively about it, they begin to come to the realization that maybe they are the ones who are wrong, not the message. If others have been able to accept and believe and receive and benefit, the problem must be with them, and not the message. Just like the Lord told us in prophecy, if the message is bearing good fruit in some people's lives, but not in others, it must not be the message that is at fault. So don't be afraid to talk about it openly and get people used to it." (End of excerpts from my letter to Peter.)

Love Words for United Prayer Times

                79. So you see, folks, it just takes some getting used to! And how are you ever going to get used to it and get over the discomfort or awkwardness unless you talk about it a little? As a Home you can sing loving Jesus songs together, and also start saying some of the less graphic love words to Jesus when you have your united prayers together with all, as a Home. You shouldn't be erotic, as you would be in private, but you can at least say words like the following:

                © We need You, Jesus. We desire You, Lord. We want You to fill us with Your seeds.

                © We cherish You and we hold You and we give You our hearts and minds, we give You our all.

                © We want to be one with You.

                © We want to be a good Bride for You, and carry Your seeds and attend to Your household and care for Your children and be a lover for You.

                © We yield ourselves to You.

                © We give You our all and hold nothing back.

                © Thank You for being our precious Savior, our tender Lover, our faithful, doting Husband.

                © We are Your submissive Bride and we wait to do Your bidding.

                © You're such a wonderful Lover, fulfilling our every desire, and leaving us breathless at Your touch, Your wonderful caresses.

                © We desire You above all others, and we pledge our love to You.

                © We run to You, we cling to You; You are our only desire.

                © We wait patiently for You, yielding our all to You in total surrender.

                © You are our all in all, Lover of all loves; You fill our every longing.

                © Oh, how we love You so! Just to be in Your presence is our reward, yet You continue to give without measure Your wonderful, ravishing love. We want more and more! Fill and thrill us to overflowing! We're Yours.

                © We want to be close to You; we love spending time with You. We want to channel all our love and attention toward You, our Love, our Savior, our Deliverer, our Husband.

                © You are everything to us; we can't live without You!

                © We want to be a better wife to You.

                © We give You our hearts, our lives, our time.

                © We love You, our Sweetheart, our Darling; we love loving You.

                © As one lover calls to another lover, so we are calling out to You. Our spirits long for You!

                © We are so comforted by Your Words. We are soothed by Your soft touches and caresses.

                © You are our wonderful Husband, and we are Your wife. We don't want to hold back anything from You, so that we may be one. For we are in love with You and we long for You. We desire to fulfill Your will, to fulfill Your desires, to do whatever pleases You. For we come as love slaves before You, ready to do Your slightest bidding. We are ready to fulfill Your will in the wings, and we are ready to come into Your arms and lie with You and be filled with Your seeds. You have esteemed us worthy to come and minister to You, to minister love to You. For even though we are not worthy, yet You have deemed us worthy. For this love do we give our hearts unto You, that You may do with them what You please.

                © Our lives are Yours. Our spirits are Yours. Our bodies are Yours. Every part of them we surrender to You.

                © We are bound to You, as a lover is bound to the one she loves. We don't want to be loosed from You, because You are far fairer than any other, and far greater than any other. The love that You give us is the greatest, above all loves!

                © We take this time to whisper tender words into Your ears and to tell You of the great things that You have done for us.

                © All praise and honor and glory are Yours, our dearest forever Love!

                80. As a Home you can also have some times of heart-sharing (without children present) when those who feel led could discuss the benefits of the "Loving Jesus" revelation, the good fruit it's borne in their life, how it's brought them closer to the Lord, etc.

Encouragement for Those Fearing Persecution

                81. Besides feeling uncomfortable, some of you are worried about possible persecution we may suffer as a result of publishing the "Loving Jesus" GNs. This was a point covered in the Questions and Answers GN. (See ML #3033:76-85.) Recently Dad said more on this subject, when we prayed for a young mother who wrote me expressing her concern about her three small children. She stated that she believed the revelation and had received it and felt it was good and needed, but she asked why such radical New Wine couldn't have been published in BAR pubs, as she was tempted to fear that when these GNs fell into the hands of our detractors, it would likely cause more persecution, and thus would put her children at risk.

                82. I understand the worries of this young mother and those of you who feel the same. You might have been quite disappointed, and even a little hurt or upset, that just when things had finally calmed down and you felt you didn't have to worry about any more raids or serious persecution, the Lord led Peter and me to publish this very radical New Wine.

                83. As was explained in the Questions and Answers GN, the question of whether this revelation should be published at all was prayed about by two separate groups of WS prophets. As I have explained, the Lord very clearly indicated that this Word should be published. The surrounding circumstances confirmed that it should be published in our normal GNs, not BAR pubs. Let me explain.

                84. It would not be very practical to publish such a complex revelation in a BAR pub, because you need the GNs in your Home libraries to refer to and study. This series is way too much to fully absorb in just one or two readings. Peter and I knew that if you were going to understand the revelation and grasp all the important details, and thereby be able to practice it in full faith, then you needed to have the GNs in your hands, and you needed to have access to them on a permanent basis. If you weren't able to study the Word and refer to it later, there would have been too many questions, misunderstandings and misinterpretations that would have posed a serious problem. Also, sending something out as a BAR pub is no guarantee of keeping the information contained therein secure. We can't be naive concerning the ability of our detractors and enemies to get ahold of our pubs.

                85. Peter and I are wholeheartedly convinced, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was no mistake that we published this radical New Wine. We have seen confirmation after confirmation in the many words of encouragement that we personally have received from the Lord and Dad, and also in the words of confirmation that were received in prophecy around the world when the Family prayed after reading the "Loving Jesus" series at the time of the Birthday Feast. The Lord abundantly poured forth His words of encouragement and confirmation! It was thrilling! We will try to publish some excerpts of those prophecies, Lord willing.

                86. Nevertheless, even though Peter and I are completely convinced that we did the right thing and were in the Lord's perfect will when we published the "Loving Jesus" series, I still can't help but feel for you dear parents who are tempted to worry about your children's security. I believe you want to have faith, and you sincerely want to believe the Words the Lord has given about His promises of protection, but I know that your emotions can be very strong when you are tempted to fear even for a moment that any harm might come to your little ones. I am praying for you dear parents, that the Lord will give you great faith and peace.

                87. I had a team pray for the dear mother who wrote me about her concerns. They asked the Lord for encouragement for her, and for promises that she could stand on and that would help to ease her mind. These promises, while given for one particular situation, are for all of us mothers and fathers, and grandmothers and grandfathers!

                88. Dad encouraged this young mother to continue to follow the sample of her parents. Here's what he said:

                89. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) They trusted Jesus for you, through many persecutions and attacks of the Enemy. Remember that FFing, when we first started it, was a very new and strange doctrine. We knew at some point the System was going to balk at it; we knew that the churches would immediately be offended and would attack us. Many of the older generation, your parents and others, were also concerned about you, their children. But they trusted the Lord. And look, Honey, He carried you through all of that, and all of the persecutions that followed.

                90. Even though some children were taken in raids, look at the glorious testimony that came from it. Every single child was released. The Family was wonderfully vindicated in every case, in every country!--In countries where, when they put you in prison it's nearly impossible to get out, yet the Lord was able! He employed the help of our wonderful Family, who went on the attack for all of our children--picketing, demonstrating, going to governors, kings, newspapers, everywhere, insisting we be heard, and professing and proving our innocence to anyone that would listen. What a wonderful Family! What a wonderful heritage you have, Honey!

                91. You don't need to fear for your children; just trust the Lord. The victory is ours and He's going to carry you through. And your children will be proud of you, just as you are of your parents and the older generation who have gone before you and fought and bled and died to establish this revolution.

                92. Now Jesus is calling you to do the same, to lift up the standard for your younger brothers and sisters and for your peers and say, "I'm going forward! My husband and I and our children are going forward to conquer, just as our parents did, because we love Jesus and we love Mama and Peter, our Queen and King, and we know that the Lord is giving the Truth through them!"

                93. I'm right there with them, and I'm right here with you, talking to you, encouraging you, whispering in your ear to keep fighting, to keep going! (End of prophecy.)

Armies of Angels Are Protecting Us!

                94. (Mama:) Not too long ago the Lord also allowed one of our spirit helpers to give a very interesting message primarily about the dangers of compromise. We may publish this prophecy in full in a later GN, but I want to share a few excerpts with you now. This departed spirit described his ministry while on Earth as follows:

                95. "We were revolutionaries, we were against the System. We were also dropped out. We were challenging the System and infuriating them; and they hated us and they tracked us and they entrapped us and they tried everything they could to bring us down. But it only fed our fire! It only caused us to be more on fire for Jesus! It only caused us to be more dedicated!" (Mama:) That sounds a lot like our Family and what we've experienced, doesn't it? So he really must know what he's talking about.

                96. I hope you will find comfort in the following encouraging words that he gave. I was asking the Lord for counsel about a security question that had come up concerning one of the more radical GNs that was published before the "Loving Jesus" series. He was speaking to me specifically, but his counsel can be applied to you dear ones as well:

                97. (Prophecy, departed spirit speaking to Mama:) "Be faithful to the Truth that God has placed in your heart, be faithful to follow. Don't be afraid. For I know, I can see from this side that encamped 'round about all your dear followers are armies of angels, and they have been commissioned to protect and prosper the children of David, the voice of Truth on the Earth. Therefore compromise not this voice, hinder not the heralding of the Truth, and so shall these angels encamp 'round about you, and you shall find safety and security and prosperity in all your ways."

                98. (Mama:) I pray the Lord will give you strength and faith to stand strong for the Truth, and not to worry. We are the Lord's, and He is going to take care of us and protect us. If you feel tempted to fear or worry, just think of those armies of angels that are 'round about your Home, and know that the loving, caring eye of your beloved Husband and Protector is constantly upon you and your little ones!

                99. I hope it will comfort you to know that one of our pubs units is already working hard on a statement for the GP about the "Loving Jesus" revelation. This statement will help you to be able to answer questions you may be asked about the "Loving Jesus" revelation by the media, friends, relatives, etc., and we hope that it will be a great help to you in this regard. When they were praying and asking the Lord to instruct them concerning the writing of that statement, He gave abundant, specific guidance, as well as some beautiful promises of His protection. I'll share those promises here:

                100. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking first to the team who will be writing the GP statement, and then to the Family as a whole:) I shall anoint you. I shall send spirit guides to help you, to enunciate, to articulate this revelation.

                101. Fear not, neither be afraid, for I shall be with you and I shall protect you. As a husband is jealous over his wife and seeks to protect her, so shall I protect you. I will accomplish that which I have intended these words to accomplish. ...

                102. If you had not come and loved Me as none others have, they would have had a cloak for their hypocrisy. But now they have no cloak, for you have stripped it off, and they are angry and will fight you and seek to destroy you. But there is no way they can do so, for I am not only your God, I am your Lover. I am your Protector, and nothing shall provoke Me to anger more than those that offend or seek to put their finger in My eye by harming you! (End of prophecy excerpts.)

                103. (Mama:) Jesus is our Lover, our Husband, the Father of our children. He has done miracle after miracle to protect us, and He will not abandon us now! He will protect us as a jealous husband protects his wife, and if anyone tries to harm His little ones, they will have the Lord Himself to contend with! I would not want to be in the shoes of our enemies if they were to choose to persecute us!

                104. Remember also the following promise: "As you keep My Words and fulfill My Words, so shall I keep you from the hour of tribulation, so shall I keep you from the ire of the System, so shall I protect you. For [this revelation] shall be misunderstood, as many of your doctrines have been misunderstood, but I will protect you and I will keep you and I shall not suffer the righteous to be moved. For in Me is a strong tower that the righteous run into and are safe" (ML #3033:82).

Jesus' Need for Our Love!

                105. There was a very interesting subject covered in one of the prophecies that was received in one of the Homes at the time of the Birthday Feast which I thought you'd be interested in. I don't need to give much of an introduction to this prophecy because the Lord not only gives the answer, He also explains the questions!--Ha!

                106. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) My little one, you are excited and you are thrilled and you like this new way, this new route, this new approach to Me, this new way of loving Me. But you have this little question in the back of your mind, this little question which I want to answer, as others might have it also.

                107. You wonder, "This is beautiful and this is great, but how come the great God of the universe, how come the great `I Am' depends on me for love? How come He needs my love? How come He needs these intimate expressions of my love? Would not that reflect on Him, would not that reflect on His perfection, if He is not complete, if He has to depend upon me?"

                108. The world looks at the need for love as a weakness, but in the spirit it is not a weakness, it is a strength. Did I not say in times of old that I am a jealous God? I am jealous of your love because I need your love. But this is not weakness, this is no reflection on My perfection. This is a completion of My perfection. I need your love. To need love is but to be Godly. To acknowledge your need for love is but to be Godly.

                109. Therefore, as I acknowledged My need of love, My need for your love, be not afraid to acknowledge your need for love to Me and to others, for I have created you in My Own image. (End of prophecy.)

                110. (Mama:) What a privilege to have the Lord explain how He can need our love and still be so powerful and strong and perfect. In another prophecy the Lord commented on this subject, saying: "Without you, I would have no object for My Love, no vessel for My Love, and love that is not shared is incomplete, unfulfilled, hollow, lost--even My Love. I need you. That is the wonder of My Love." Just think, the great God of the universe is waiting for your love. He needs your love.

Loneliness Trials

                111. Quite a few people--singles, teens, YAs, single parents--have written me about some very intense battles with loneliness. I'm praying for those of you who fight loneliness, as I know it's difficult, especially when you see others who have relationships or are getting together as couples. Before receiving the "Loving Jesus" series, one woman wrote about the deep loneliness trials she was having. We asked the Lord for some special encouragement for her, which would also be a blessing to others, and He spoke beautifully. This answer, though given for this one individual, is the Lord speaking to all of you who are lonely, male or female, no matter what your age.

                112. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) Oh My precious wife, say not that you have no husband, for I am your Husband. I am just away on a journey for a short while. Although it may seem long to you, I will return for My Bride, My wife.

                113. I know your need and the emptiness you feel, the companionship you miss, and the longing to share with someone intimately. There are others, like yourself, who have no earthly husband and who feel the same emptiness. Those of you who have no mate or someone to feel close to, look to Me as your Husband. Let Me fill your thoughts, let Me comfort you with loves and with whispers of love. Be wholly Mine, with no other distractions.

                114. If you choose this good part, as Mary did, it shall never be taken away from you. For though you have no earthly husband, this is only for a moment in time, a fleeting speck of time. For you have always been Mine, and firstly Mine--My creation, My love, My wife.

                115. Those who are married I only lend to another to be a helpmeet, to help each other grow, to help them learn about Me, to help them in their work and the furtherance of My Kingdom. But you are always firstly Mine.

                116. In the times that you are not with another, even in your loneliness, call out to Me. And though you cannot see Me or feel Me, you will be closer to Me than if you were lying in the arms of a lover, and more intimate than when with your closest friend. And in those times our love will grow stronger and our relationship deeper than any earthly love could ever hope to be!

                117. In this oneness with Me will grow your greatest and most lasting happiness, fulfillment and contentment. The aching in your heart that you have for a mate is what I use to start this deeper relationship with Me, which is the beginning of the deeper love that we learn to have, and that is continued when you arrive Here. That longing to share, to talk, to fellowship, to have constant companionship, to love and to feel loved, will be completely fulfilled when I return for you, My wife, My lover.

                118. But for now we can love in Spirit. So come, come into My arms. Love Me, kiss Me, talk with Me, walk with Me, share your heart and thoughts with Me, make love to Me. Come be with Me constantly, all the time, everywhere you go, in everything. I want to be with you. There is not a minute that I don't want to be with you, by your side, listening to you, looking at you, lying with you, sleeping with you, eating with you. Everything about you I love and want to share. So come, come be with Me. Be My wife, My lover.

                119. I will only be gone a short while, on a short journey. I shall return for you. I know you miss Me, but we shall be together again and the wait shall have been worth it. The wait will make the love greater, and the joy of meeting again a great joy, with tears and laughter such as you have never known before. This is a great joy, and we shall be in each other's arms again. You will be glad that you waited for Me.

                120. Come and be Mine! Be My lover and My constant companion, My darling, and My sweetheart.--Your Lover and Husband, Jesus. (End of prophecy.)

                121. (Mama:) Isn't that a precious love letter from our Lover! What wonderful compassion and understanding of our deepest needs. He knows our feelings and desires so well, and wants us to have the answers we need. I've been praying that loving the Lord in this new, intimate way, and having Him as your constant Companion and Lover will help to relieve your loneliness, if you'll turn to Him and find comfort in His arms!

                122. Although He's "away on a journey for a short while," He's with us always and will never leave us nor forsake us. We don't have His physical presence now, but He's with us spiritually, a part of us, and some day He'll come back for His Bride and whisk us away in the wonderful Rapture of the saints, to dwell with Him forever! Praise the Lord!

                123. One dear single adult woman wrote the following reaction to the "Loving Jesus" Letters in which she testifies of how the Lord can help alleviate loneliness:

                124. "I just couldn't wait to write to you about how beautiful the `Loving Jesus' series is! I'm so excited about it, I feel I could burst! After having read Parts 3 and 4, I wanted to step out by faith and love the Lord intimately, even if I didn't feel anything or experience anything. But the Lord is so sweet, and right away, as I started saying love words to Him, I really did feel Him there with me--not in the flesh, of course, but spiritually.

                125. "I could almost tell that He had His arms around me lying there on my bed. Then this morning it was the same. He woke me up a little bit before normal wake-up and I started saying love words to Him, and once again I could feel Him there with me. It was so exciting and encouraging! (I was just saying the love words in my heart and mind, as I share a room with others and didn't want to disturb them.)

                126. "Then when we read in Part 6 the section of prophecy about the special calling that the Lord has for those of us who are single, I couldn't help but cry for joy! It is so true that it is a special calling to be a `virgin' unto the Lord. (I haven't thought of myself as a virgin for many years! Ha!)

                127. "Being single has always been difficult for me. I preferred to be married, and it was very difficult for me to separate from my second husband years ago. Although a few different times over the years the Lord has told me in prophecy that `He is my Husband,' it was always hard for me to understand how He could take the place of a flesh-and-blood husband. Now, I think I'm starting to understand a little better, and I'm sure the Lord will make it clearer as time goes on and I learn to love Him more in this way.

                128. "Loneliness has always been my biggest battle since separating from my husband, and whenever I get a bit down or discouraged, that is almost always the thing that the Enemy attacks me with. At times I have cried out to the Lord, asking why I can't have someone to be close to, asking that He please supply this `need' in my life--as I would see others who found new mates (even when older, as I am) and I would find myself having feelings of jealousy over their relationships. This has always been hard for me to cope with.

                129. "But now, I'm so thankful that the Lord has kept me for Himself! What a thrill and a privilege to be kept separate for Him and His pleasure! I'm so thankful that the Lord didn't give me the desires of my (carnal) heart, but rather knew that my deeper desire was to be His!"

                130. (Mama:) What a beautiful testimony! I am praying for all of you who feel lonely, that you will find relief from that loneliness, as this dear one has, in your Husband, our precious Jesus.

Mama's Lessons on Loneliness!

                131. Not too long ago, the Lord let me again experience some loneliness, partly, I believe, to remind me what some of you go through in this regard. Peter was traveling, and shortly after he left I began to feel lonely. I'd like to include for you here a little excerpt from a letter I wrote to Peter in which I shared with him my lessons on loneliness. This is what I said to him:

                132. "The other night while I was thinking about you and praying for you, I started to feel a bit lonely, missing you and feeling rather empty. Since I know that it must hurt the Lord when we aren't cheerful givers, and when we know that He is right there wanting us to turn to Him to fill that loneliness, usually I get my mind on the Lord right away and start praising Him for all the wonderful, wonderful things that He has done for me and how I am the richest and most blessed woman in the world. It really works, and He gives the comfort and fills the need!

                133. "But this time I sort of `accepted it'--that is, the poor-me's, and that feeling of loss--mainly because I thought the Lord was allowing it so I could be reminded of what so many of our precious folks go through much of the time. I think that since they can have this closer relationship with Jesus now, it won't be nearly so difficult, and if they really do believe Him and they do turn to Him for their help and fight for that, I believe He is going to fill those needs. You know He will, because He's promised it! But if you just accept the loneliness and don't actively reach out to Jesus, it can be pretty sad.

                134. "There is a certain amount of `missing' you that I can do `legitimately.' I can't help but constantly realize that you aren't here and that there is a big hole--a big space--that you aren't filling; and of course I'm constantly reminded of that, particularly because I'm in the same surroundings without you. During my sleep I woke up briefly and automatically felt you should be there. And I miss the constant fellowship, and your wonderful counsel. I miss our prayer and praise time together. However, most of the time it's not a sadness, but more a realization of how much I love you and how dear you are to me and how we are so much a part of each other, a priceless blessing that the Lord has given me in you.

                135. "The Lord doesn't take away that constant awareness that you're not here, but instead He makes that remembrance of you a happy experience, rather than a sad one. This is, I'm sure, because I'm loving Him and putting Him first in my thoughts and affection, and that overrides the feeling of sadness I would have if I were just focusing all my attention on you and what I don't have. But since I'm trying to focus more on the Lord, the great happiness that I have in Him overrides and cancels out the feeling of loss that you are not here.

                136. "Think how sad He would feel if I were just pining away for you, when He has given us everything, and He has even allowed this time apart so we can concentrate more on Him and others. Remember how even when you were here, He allowed our sleep schedules to be so opposite from each other's for a time, and then He told us that He was allowing it so He could have a special individual time with each of us, all to Himself?" (End of excerpt from letter to Peter.)

                137. Having read the "Loving Jesus" GNs will not automatically wipe out all loneliness trials, but it should minimize them if you will really accept the love the Lord offers you. However, if you don't actively fight against the loneliness and make an effort to spend time with the Lord so He can fill you and love you and caress you, you'll still be lonely, no matter what the Lord has offered you or what He says. If you want Jesus to "fill all the empties," you have to really enter in and start loving Him and giving to Him.

                138. As I shared in my little lesson to Peter, when I was tempted with feelings of loneliness, I had to actively turn my thoughts to how Jesus is here, the One Who loves me the most in all the world, the One Who wants me to turn to Him and wants me to love Him and let Him love me. He is right here wanting so much to love Me and to have this special time with Me. When He has loved me so much more greatly than any human being could, and He has given me everything, to be complaining that Peter wasn't here and neglecting the Lord would have made Him very, very sad, and would have been very ungrateful! That's not to say that I'll never have any more feelings of loneliness when Peter's away, but I know the Lord can minimize those feelings and help me to find what I need in Him!

                139. So when you battle loneliness, take the time to find your solace and comfort and satisfaction in the Lord. Say love words to Him. Let Him caress you and love you. You'll find that you can have an amazing love relationship with Him, more than you thought possible! Praise the Lord, our wonderful, sexy, ever-present Lover! Also, reach out to others with His Love. In giving His Love to others, you'll also find His Love through them, as the Lord promised, "I supply for you in the love of your brethren, in the sharing of love one with another" (ML #3032:52).

Way-out Ways to Praise!

                140. Since you've been loving Jesus as your Husband, your most wonderful Lover, your precious Darling, perhaps you long for more ways to express your deep feelings for Him. You want to tell Him how much you love Him and how dear He is to you and how much He means to you, but the words you have just don't seem sufficient. Well, I felt that way, a little frustrated and sad that I couldn't find the words to tell Him how much I love and appreciate Him. I knew my super Answer Man Husband would have a solution, as He's always right there waiting to make me happy and to give me my heart's desires. I knew that He would love to, because it's something that I wanted to do because I knew it would please Him.

                141. He loves our praises, and in fact, He dwells in them. It makes Him so happy when His Name is on our lips continually, and we're singing and saying sweet love words to Him. So we asked Him for further words we could use to express our love and thanks to Him, and in prophecy He gave us many prayers of praise to speak to Him. In fact, some of the beautiful love words that I gave you to say in paragraph 79 were taken directly from these prophecies. They're absolutely thrilling, and it's so wonderful to be able to have these beautiful prayers of praise that have come from the depths of our hearts by His Spirit, to pray to our precious Savior, King and Husband. Lord willing, I'm going to share them with you soon in a GN full of them!

                142. You don't have to wait for these, however, as these are just one way of praising Him. There are so many ways: You can read the Psalms of David in the Bible and those can be your praises; you can sing our songs of love and those can be your heart's praise to Him; you can read the poems in the Thots and those can be your praises. But every day, wherever you are, you can say your own words of love to Him. You don't have to wait for written prayers, although those are wonderful to use sometimes. Just speak from your heart. Just tell Him all the wonderful, beautiful, marvelous, loving things that you could ever say to someone, and say them to Him. He'll love it! If you think Jesus is a fuddy-duddy, old-fashioned and only a "Yes, your royal highness" type of personage, you're really off the track, and He wants to change your thinking!

                143. So how about it, folks, are you ready for something "super cool" and "awesome"? If you stick with Him, He's going to take you to far-out places and show you way-out things! Listen to how He can relate to us:

                144. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) Yes, My love, your praise is very pleasing to Me. Sock it to Me with your words of love and your praises! I love to hear each one, and it inspires Me and excites Me in the same way that My Words excite you. Your praises are your love kisses to Me. Just as My Words kiss you and comfort you and encourage you, your beautiful words of praise and your pledges of love give Me encouragement and comfort and happiness.

                145. I never tire of hearing your words of praise. Thank you for telling Me that I'm beautiful, lovely, inspiring, adorable, fabulous, irresistible, fascinating, dazzling, magical and encouraging, and for telling Me how wonderful My Words are. You can never say enough words to Me. I'm always eager for more. My ears are always listening for your praises.

                146. I am everything, everything to you. Thank you for asking Me what new words to use. I will tell you. You can use any words to praise Me. There are none too small or too big. Stretch your vocabulary, let your heart overflow to Me. Don't be shy. Don't be embarrassed. Use those words. Tell Me I'm incredible, magnificent, electrifying, grand, stupendous, far-out, wild, cool, groovy, "in the house,"* "out of this world," way up, on the ball, the best, the greatest, the neatest, the most! Tell Me I really "send you!" Anything you want, I love it! I'm yours and I'm here for you. (* "In the house" is American slang meaning great, really cool, very together, etc.)

                147. So lay it on Me! I love it and I need it and I want it! Love Me with your words of praise, let go and really love Me! Tell Me that I'm easy to be with, simple, unassuming, comfy-cozy, a homey Hubby. I love to be your Hubby! You can give Me any name of endearment that's in your heart--any pet name that will be real special between you and Me--and I might give you one!

* * *

                148. (Prophecy:) Sweet kisses of love are your praises to Me. Wonderful, warm, affectionate kisses and caresses that touch Me and thrill Me and fill Me. Your words of praise that come from your lips, from your heart and from your spirit to My heart and My Spirit, are the joy of My life. Send them forth at all times! Send out your words. Speak them any time to Me. Never be ashamed or embarrassed or afraid to express how thankful you are for Me and for My Love.

                149. I love your words, each and every one of them! No matter what you say, I understand. Even though you feel your words are inadequate, I understand, and they mean a lot. All the words that you say to Me mean a lot to Me. Every expression of praise and thanksgiving thrills Me and satisfies Me beyond your wildest dreams!

                150. You can talk to Me in many ways, as your Lord, God and Savior, and praise Me for My wisdom, for being a genius, mastermind, mega-brain! Just use your own words that come from your heart. Tell Me I'm smart, wonderful, clever, witty, super-mind, power-packed brain, wonder-worder! I understand and appreciate and love your praises that pour forth from your heart.

                151. Praise Me for My power! Tell Me I'm marvelous, awesome, terrific, strong, mighty, grand, super-human, earthshaking, powerful, the greatest! Praise Me for being your God and King. Tell Me that I'm mysterious, scary, wonderful, elegant, marvelous, beautiful, dumbfounding, remarkable!

                152. Praise Me for being your Friend and Husband and Lover. Tell Me that I am sweet, your darling, gentle, kind, thoughtful, loving, considerate, sympathetic, understanding, encouraging, funny, humorous, sexy, handsome, attractive, appealing, a turn-on, gorgeous, appetizing, lovely, beautiful, pretty, sensuous, muscular, "off the charts!"

                153. Tell Me anything you want! I understand and I know your heart, I know your feelings and I know what you mean. Every word thrills Me. I love to hear the words that come from your heart and out of your lips. Tell Me I'm warm, cuddly, close. Tell Me that I feel good, that I look good, that I smell good.

                154. Praise Me for My protection and care of My children around the world. Say, "Thank You for taking care of us." "Thank You for always looking out for us and watching over us and keeping us from harm or trouble." "Thank You for how You never get tired of loving us and taking care of us."

                155. And when your words fail you, you can praise Me with your tears and with tongues of joy and happiness of praise and thanksgiving. (End of prophecies.)

                156. (Mama:) How's that for variety? No more excuses left for not praising the Lord because we don't know what to say! He's everything we can imagine, and we can tell Him so! He's all the wonderful things we can think of, and we can express it to Him! He's just super far-out and indescribably up-to-date and in tune with all our hearts' desires and secret wishes. He's all our minds can picture and our wildest dreams!--And more! Each day we are seeing another facet of His amazingly "human" nature, to be able to relate to us in a way we can understand. He is not only the Son of God but the Son of Man, and with His whole nature He loves us, and He can be all these wonderful things to us, whatever we need, so that He can fill all our needs.

                157. We're thrilled, ecstatic, delighted and excited with our newfound Lover and all He means to us! We can't get enough!

                158. I love you, dear ones! Keep praising and loving and going for Jesus! You're wonderful! God bless you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family