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--By Maria

(Note: Before reading this GN, it is important that you first read the explanatory Letter, "New GP Books," in GN 679.)

Dear Family,

1. I pray that after reading my Letter about publishing books for the public with messages from the departed, you're excited and eager to get out this unique tool! Those who have read advance copies of some of the messages in the book, such as the one by River Phoenix, which I included in my Letter, have been thrilled at how powerful and moving they are, and what an effective witness they will be to the world!

2. We're working on the first book now and hope to have it printed within the next several months, but I thought you would appreciate a "sneak preview" to whet your appetite for what's to come! There's certainly a lot to look forward to, and I hope that reading these messages from beyond--or "Celestial Interviews," as the series is named--will help give you the vision to get the book out once it reaches you. I'm sure the public will find these messages to be fascinating--and you will too! I know I certainly have! God bless you for being such faithful messengers of His Love and Salvation to the world!

3. In this GN we're publishing three of the nearly 20 messages from beyond that will hopefully be in this first book, which includes messages from such famous people as John Lennon, Mickey Mantle, John D. Rockefeller, Marilyn Monroe, Nostradamus and Pocahontas! Maybe you're surprised some of these folks are in Heaven! Well, stick around and you'll find out if they are or not, and if so, how they got there!

4. As expected from such diverse personalities, each message is unique in both its style and its content. Some messages are more serious and preachy, while others are given in a lighter tone, with interesting personal tidbits. Some are quite long, such as Nixon's message (which is the longest one in the book), while others are short. So there's something for everyone! Along with each message we'll include a thumbnail biography for the sake of those who may not know much about these people.

5. I pray that these messages which describe and confirm the greatness of God's Love will be a blessing and inspiration to you, as you catch the vision to share them with the world. Happy reading!




A message from beyond, by Richard Nixon

(Note from the person who received this message in prophecy: The following message from Richard Nixon came in sort of an odd way. It was as though he was thinking, and I could hear the words as he was expressing them inside himself. He wasn't talking eloquently or confidently. It seemed quite awkward for him, and he spoke rather haltingly. I noticed this after I received the message, and my first reaction was, "I was a very poor channel. I didn't get it clearly enough." But as I thought about it more, I realized that it was quite new and awkward for Richard to speak to this world from the other side. As he said, this was his first time to speak from beyond, and I believe it was quite a big step for him. I think that's why he seemed unsure of himself and rather halting in his speech.)

(Richard Nixon speaking:) I am just a little one Here, a very, very small one. Yes, it may come as a surprise to many, but I did make it into the halls of Heaven. You could almost say I "came in the back door." I guess it had something to do with my mother's faith. She prayed for me, and God didn't despise the prayer of that saint. He certainly had every reason to despise me, for I have been a despicable one!

God didn't look at me alone, and I'm sure thankful for that. He looked at the prayers of my mother and of my grandmother, the dear ones who tried to pour faith into me. Oh, they struggled, they struggled very much, mostly against my self-will. I was so full -- full of myself and wanting to be somebody. They warned me. They told me that trying to selfishly make a name for myself was going to lead me astray. They warned me, and yet that's what I did. I really had to learn the hard way. The sad thing is, I didn't learn.

I went through life trying to make a name for myself. -- And I did! Did you hear the eulogies given for me at the time I left? Did you hear all the wonderful things they said about me? Well, I heard them too. God saw fit to let me listen in. And believe it or not, it was a painful experience.

You might think that while I was listening to all of these wonderful things being said about me, after having been so vilified in many ways during my life, that I would have rejoiced and thought, "Aha! See? I'm vindicated!" But I didn't. I didn't feel that way at all. In fact, when the Lord allowed me to listen in ... Well, actually, I didn't listen in right at the time. I listened in later, after the Lord and His counselors reviewed what was being said. They discussed and hashed over how it would affect me and if it would be good for me, and they all decided that, yes, I was ready for this; it was time for me to see the legacy I had left behind.

Now why did they want me to see this? Was it for my encouragement? (Chuckles.) Well, in some ways I guess it could be encouraging. After all, people didn't spit on me. I guess in that way it was encouraging. They did bring up the good things that happened, or what they deemed to be pretty good. As they brought out, I did open the doors to China, the great doors to China, where persecution of the little people continues today, where the babies are slaughtered and the confusion continues. Yes, I did open the gateways there so our big money-makers could make more money. So they patted me on the back for that.

But when I listened to those eulogies, it just about made me sick. It was heartbreaking. I really wanted to be there to say, "Let me set the record straight and tell you the way things really are!"

Actually, when I first died and I ended up Here, it was as much of a shock to me as it may be to you! I had no idea what was going to happen to me when I died. I lay there in that bed, and I wondered where I was going. I felt the screams of those boys I had sent off to war. I felt their screams as I lay there dying. I felt their screams as I was passing on. I literally felt their screams. I felt their torment. It was terrible, it was excruciating. I could feel it. I could really feel what they were going through. It was almost as if I was right there on the war front, feeling that torturous pain.

And then suddenly there was this peace, and I wasn't feeling that pain any more. Instead I was seeing light, and I was seeing compassion. It was just astounding! One moment I'm feeling the pain of war, and the next moment I'm feeling compassion and forgiveness, love and caring. I felt almost crushed by it. I felt almost totally overwhelmed.

I hadn't experienced much compassion in many years. It wasn't because those around me didn't try to give it to me. I had loving daughters and a loving wife. Oh, they tried to be loving. They did what was within their human capacity, and they tried. But, boy, was I a tough one! I was so sure I was right, and I was so sure I was wonderful, and I was so sure I could do wonderful, wonderful things, and go down in history as this great, wonderful king, this great, wonderful leader, this great saint of a politician! I knew I could rectify all of the wrong that they said about me. I knew I could get them to see that what I had done was right. I knew it, I just knew it.

I knew that everything I did in my life could be written up in a most wonderful way if they would just look at me, and stop looking at what I did wrong. I couldn't understand, I really couldn't understand it. Here I was, giving my all every day to make their lives better. Well, that's what I was telling myself. I was giving my all to make their lives better. But it just seemed like they always wanted to vilify me, stamp on me, crush me, walk on me. I thought, "My God, don't they see what I'm doing? Don't they understand the wonderful things I'm trying to do for them!"

I didn't want that war in Vietnam. I didn't want to become a president with a war on my shoulders. But at the same time, when I ran for election and I knew I was going to inherit that war, I was kind of excited about it. I thought, "Here's my chance to make a name for myself. I can get in there as president, and I can show them! Commander in chief, that's what I'll be. I'll show them how to really run a war! -- The right way to run a war. I'll stop this pussyfooting around and I'll send in our bombs, send in our planes, send in our armaments!

"God damn those commies who are killing our boys! I'll get rid of them! I'll just get rid of them. To Hell with them! I'm sick of it! I'm sick of them! I'm sick of these guys trying to walk on us because we're being so damn diplomatic. To Hell with what people think, let's just do it! Let's just get this war over with!"

Those were my thoughts at the time, and I went for it. I really literally went for it, more so than you know. Only a few who were out there on the front, a few of those generals who were calling the shots, carrying out my orders, only they understand how much I went for it.

You saw the body bags. You saw your husbands and your brothers and your cousins and your nephews, your loved ones come home maimed, tortured, dead, gone. But you didn't know how much havoc I was trying to wreak in that country. I was really trying to pour it on heavy and bring the war to an end.

I didn't care if I devastated those people. I was sick of the way they were making our great land look so puny. It was disgusting! We just let them, we just let them walk on us, and we'd send our troops here and send our troops there. It was disgusting. And that's why I sent in those bombing squads. "My God," I thought, "don't they understand that I'm trying to bring this war to an end?"

So you see, that day I died it wasn't time for me to listen to the eulogies. There were a few things I needed to see first.

I sort of came in the back door of Heaven. I didn't come in to a great fanfare and a hero's welcome. I came in with a wreath of mercy laid about my shoulders. I wasn't given a crown of rewards.

I noticed up ahead all of these rewards going to others who came Here around the same time I did, and I was kind of wondering what was going to happen to me. Then this pretty woman walked up, holding a wreath. I asked, "What's this?"

She said, "This is a wreath of mercy." She took me in her arms and hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek, and said, "You're going to need this."

I said, "What am I going to need that for?" So she took me and she led me along to the hall of my remembrance. At that point the light that had been around me went out. She stayed with me, along with this wreath of mercy that she had laid over my shoulders. It was like one of those leis they give you in Hawaii. It was beautiful, and it gave off a warmth that went around my body.

She looked sweetly and sadly into my eyes and said, "I'm sorry, Dick, but this is your time to understand what you've done. This is your time to understand what you've done with your life. I can't carry you forth to the treasures of Heaven until you shed this past. God loves you. He asked me to give you this wreath of mercy and to stay near you. He asked me to take good care of you, and to shelter you."

I asked her, "To shelter me from what? I don't understand."

And she looked at me and said, "To shelter you from yourself, Dick. I'm here to shelter you as you walk through your past and see the damage you've done."

And then it began. I was on those fields there in Vietnam. I was right there, and I saw the boys dying, and I saw the mental torture. No, no, no, I didn't just see it, I felt it. At one point I was about 21, and I was lying there in some little muddy ditch, mosquitoes buzzing around, slime under me, feeling like, "God, I am so forsaken. How can I be here? I'm so lonely! I just hate this life! I'm so miserable!" I went down, down, down, down, down to such depths, such fear and torment.The shells were going on and on and on, and I was being tormented and killed.

Then I was in another scene, tortured and tormented. I was in scene after scene. I felt so much pain, such pain! I was screaming and crying out! Suddenly, this dear one who was with me reached out and grabbed me, and said, "Come, come, come." And she pulled me up out of those depths of despair. She laid her hand on my head, and she rubbed the back of my head, and she caressed my shoulders.

Then she put her arms around me again and said, "Stop, stop, stop. That is enough for now. You must see the torture, you must see this so you can shed your past and move on to the future, but I am here to protect you. God gave me to you to protect you from the pain of the past. Have you seen what you have done? I know you have seen. I know you have seen these horrors of war. And, Dick, I do not relish doing this, but in order for you to shed your past, I must let you see the full scope of what your actions did in others' lives."

And there I was again. I was a mother in a little village with a baby on my back. I was in the rice paddies, you know, where they walk out there and plant those little sprigs of rice one by one. I was out there planting the rice with my baby on my back. Then I looked around, and there my village was. Well, there my village wasn't. There were screams, these horrible, horrible screams. There were water buffalo running, and these horrible screams, and smoke going up. And I thought of my oldest son, my fifteen-year-old son, and my three daughters. I thought of them back in the village, or off in neighboring villages, and I screamed and I ran and ran and ran! And as I ran I was shot at, and it was my baby that took the bullet.

I felt it. I felt the pain of this mother. I knew what she experienced. I felt the pain (cries). And again I screamed! Again I screamed out. Then this angel of mercy threw her arms around me, and again she pulled me into her arms and comforted me. As she led me away, she said, "This is enough for now. Are you understanding?" It was enough, I understood.

What can I say to you mothers? What can I say to you fathers? What can I say to you who have lived your lives mentally tormented by the torture that I allowed to be placed upon you? What can I say? I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Oh God, I am so sorry. Please, please, please take my apology, and if you can, give me your forgiveness. Oh, I'm so sorry!

You must feel like I took your sons and cut them up and chewed them up and spit them out! And I must have. It seems to me that's what I did, and all for my own glory. I erred immensely!

I do not want your honor. I do not want your eulogies. I do not want to be known in your books of remembrance for my great deeds. I want to be known for telling you not to become such a bad example as I was, [an example] that you would not want others to follow.

You see, when I first got to Heaven, they couldn't let me hear the eulogies, because first I had to see where I had erred. If they had allowed me to hear those eulogies, with all those nice things said about me and how I was such a great statesman, I wouldn't have gotten the point.

So this dear one, this dear angel of mercy that Jesus sent to take care of me, she led me away and we sat down by a stream of water and had a little lunch and then I rested and slept a little. During my nap I had a dream. In my dream I saw such beauty! Everything about me was so beautiful. I saw happy people and babies and children running around. I saw pregnant women and old men. I saw teenagers playing in a soccer field. Everybody was so happy, so radiant!

When I woke up and told my friend about this, she said God had used that time of sleep to show me what Heaven was like, to give me hope for things to come, because I wasn't finished looking at my past. I had to finish looking at my past first, but He didn't want me to give up. Can you believe such mercy? After all the suffering I put others through, He showed me hope for the future so I wouldn't give up.

He really cared for me. She really cared for me. I've never seen such love. Here she was, seeing all the torment that I had put others through, and I was sure that when I had finished reviewing my past and would look over at her, I was going to see contempt in her eyes. I just knew it. But after each scene she'd call my name, she'd call me towards her and say, "Look at me, Dick. Look, turn around, look up!"

At one point she took my face in her hands and turned it up towards hers. I just couldn't look at her, I was so ashamed. But she kept calling my name with such love. When I opened my eyes, I just saw tenderness. I just saw compassion (cries). I just saw sympathy. She just loved me, she didn't hate me. I hated myself, but she didn't hate me. She answered my questions. She was so sweet, so patient. She didn't rush anything. It wasn't like, "Okay, Dick, you've got to see the whole thing now and get on with the rest of your life." She was very merciful and patiently took me through my life, and patiently let me see it.

That was the first time in my whole life that I understood Jesus. I'm thankful that I was taught about Jesus when I was young. I'm thankful for those around me in my years in politics who believed in Jesus and tried to be a good sample. They did a good job. But I never realized, I never, never even came close to fathoming the great, great Love that He has.

Look, He could even love me, a murderer of thousands, hundreds of thousands! Not just a murderer, but a torturer, a tormentor! -- A tool in the Devil's hand to operate his own war machine. And yet Jesus loved me.

Okay, back to my story. I got up from my nap, and I told her about the dream and she said, "Yes, yes, this is what it's like Here." I was elated! But at the same time I was confused.

I asked her, "What's the use of me seeing all of this? What's going to happen to me? I've been such a mess. It seems like I should be in Hell! Where am I going to go? How did I get Here, to this marvelous Place?"

So she reminded me of that time when I was a little boy, and I told Jesus that I wanted Him. I think I might have been about five or six years old, and my mother had been talking to me about Jesus, how the best way to have a good life was to let Jesus show me what to do, and to talk to Jesus. I remember telling Jesus, "Okay, Jesus, I want You."

Then life went on, and I became more sure of myself. I outgrew my childish ways. Oh, I thought about Jesus once in awhile, but I really didn't have much time for Him. After all, I was a smart, brilliant, promising young man with a promising career. I was climbing and climbing, making a name for myself!

The best thing I ever did, I did when I was a child, and that was to receive Jesus. Thank God for my mother, who told me how to get Here. She told me about the Lord's Love and how I needed Jesus. He isn't looking at my whole life, or I wouldn't be Here. I wouldn't even have had a chance without His Love, as I don't deserve one. I'd definitely be in Hell. But He's not looking at that. He's looking at that faith that I had when I was a little tiny child, just a young lad -- and here I am today.

I had long ago forgotten that incident, which is why I asked my angel, "After I've done all this evil, how come I'm Here?" So as we returned from the river to view more of my past, she took me back to when I was a little boy and showed me. That's how I know why I'm Here.

(Nixon addresses his wife, Pat, who died a year before he did, and then his daughters:) Pat, I saw how I hurt you. I saw my gruff ways and how I expected you to just be army-type material. I wanted you to be so tough. I couldn't figure you out. You'd try so hard, but you just seemed kind of wimpy to me. You just seemed to have too much compassion. Oh, I don't know, I just couldn't figure you out. You'd cry over the dumbest things. Well, that's how I felt then. I'm not saying that's how I feel now, Pat, because I took time in your shoes too.

This dear angel, she didn't let me get away without seeing that part too, where I hurt you and the kids. She showed me how I always thought I was so right, I always thought I was so strong, and it made you look pretty wrong. And I knew you were wrong. Oh yeah, I knew you were wrong. You know I knew you were wrong. But I was going on to be somebody, and if you wanted to stay on board you just had to agree with me. And you tried, you really tried, and I thank you for that. You had to agree with me, and you had to sit on my bandwagon and toot my horn. It took quite a toll on you, and I'm sorry, Pat. I really am sorry.

I can see now that I was wrong. I can see now back there in the early days of our marriage, I guess it was about ten years into our marriage, I remember you trying to talk to me, trying to pull me around, trying to help me see that if I just had a little more compassion for people I might get what I was dreaming of. You never fought against my dreams, you just didn't approve of my methods. It seemed like I was moving forward, and you just kept following me. You pretty much just let me go. I'm sorry Pat, I should have listened.

I don't even know if you remember that day. We were sitting on the porch, and you were trying to explain things to me, how I could go a different direction, how I could use a different method for reaching my goal. I just argued with you and said, "Damn it, Pat, can't you see?" Oh, I was so strong-willed. I think I really confused you, and I'm sorry for that. I'm really sorry, Pat.

I'm sorry, kids. I'm looking forward to the day you can be Here and I can make it up to you. I'm looking forward to you experiencing the Love of Jesus like I've experienced it. I'm looking forward to seeing you walk the streets of Heaven. Believe me, they are not streets of boredom. They are streets of excitement and challenge, purity, mercy, and exuberance! These streets are worth coming to! You haven't seen anything compared to the life that is ahead of you, kids!

(Addressing the public again:) Do you know what God has done with me? He didn't leave me behind, He didn't leave me there in my shallowness. He let me go through what I guess you could call the school of hard knocks, and feel what I had done to others. He let me experience all of that. Step by step I went through it all, and it was painful.

As I told you, the sweet angel who took care of me pulled me away every once in a while and let me rest and get strengthened and experience joy, true joy, in the midst of the hell I was seeing. She still let me experience joy. She didn't let me be crushed. Like she said, God sent her to take care of me. Can you believe it? He sent her to take care of me, when He should have squashed me! -- Tossed me out!

Well, talking to you has been my first assignment. About a week ago they told me I was going to have a chance to talk to you all, to tell you I'm sorry, to tell you what I've experienced. I've been a little frightened. In fact, I've been downright scared. I didn't know how I was going to say anything to any of you.

I don't feel worthy of talking to you after killing your sons and your brothers, your fathers and your lovers; or killing the minds of you who have survived and who have to live with your memories. I want to tell you, men, I'm sorry for what I did to you. I am really, really sorry. I'm sorry you have to live those nightmares of seeing what you did in that war.

Listen, for those of you who have been in wars -- not just Vietnam, but those of you who fought in Iraq and killed men there, and those of you who fought in Panama, those of you who have seen the torment that war makes others suffer -- you don't have to have this torment forever. Jesus wants to give You that same wreath of mercy that He gave me! And, boy, if He could give it to me, one of those who were behind it all -- not just one of you boys out front, but somebody behind it all, instigating it -- if He can put a wreath of mercy around my neck, think what He can give you!

Just say yes! All you have to do is say, "Yes, I accept." Believe me, He'll give it to you. Just say yes to Jesus! Say, "Yes, Jesus, I accept Your mercy." See, He's paid it for you. He paid it for you, son. He paid it for you, young man. He wants to give you stability in your mind and heart again. So just say yes. Say, "Yes, Jesus, I believe it. You do it, because I can't do it." Just say yes, okay? Come on, do it! Say yes.

You've got a wonderful life ahead of you, young man! Each one of you who has been through that torment there on Earth, you have a wonderful life ahead of you Here. All you have to do is say yes now and you'll be Here too some day! If you say yes now, you'll be a long ways ahead when you get Here!

In my case, after I went through my "hard knocks" education, they pretty much had to put me into the school of the basics. But I've loved it! I've been learning all about the way things should be, and all about the future that God has planned for the Earth. I love it!

Do you know what my job has been Here? Well, you're not going to believe it. I said I wanted something that would help me feel like I'm paying in some small way for what I did in the past, so I've been working in a nursery! Yup, I've been working in a nursery with children. That's where He's put me. Right now, that's my job, caring for young kids who have gone through the horrors of war and come up Here. I'm here to help them adjust, to help them come through.

I asked why they put me here, and they said, "Well, Dick, if anyone understands the horrors of war, you do, after all you've gone through in having to relive your past and relive what you've done and relive the effects your decisions have had on people." So that's why they have me here. That's my job, seeing these little children through. It's true, I really do care about them! I just love this job!

Some of them come up Here pretty distraught. It's a bit of a hard one for me when they do, because I know that I was one of those who caused such pain. But doesn't that just show how wonderfully merciful God is to me? He's pretty much letting me start my life all over by caring for ones that I could have been responsible for hurting.

And these kids are terrific! I love every one of them. And I love being there at the gates when the next one arrives. I love introducing them to their friends, sitting them on my knee and hugging them, holding them while they sleep. Well, thank God, children heal up quickly, and they come through that pain mighty fast.

I want you to know this is a life worth living. Just say yes! Say, "Yes, Jesus, I'll give You a try!" He'll do the rest! If I got Here by a prayer I said when I was five years old, how much more can you get Here with a prayer that you say right now! Just say, "Yes, Jesus, I'll give You a try."

Thank you for letting me talk to you. Like I said, I was scared. I'm doing great with the little ones, but this talking with all of you ... well, I was a bit scared. I tried not to think about it. I was very excited; it was actually something that I wanted to happen, but I was kind of enjoying the fact that I didn't have to do it right away. I just didn't know how to tell you how very, very sorry I am. I don't think I put it into words very well now either, but I hope you understand. I hope you see it. I'm looking forward to seeing you Here!

Boys, I've seen some of your mothers and fathers, and it was a bit tough. I must admit, I didn't know how I was going to face them. It was like one dad told me when we were walking down by the river; he looked at me and said, "When I heard you were Here I was dumbfounded! Then I decided I wanted to see the murderer of my boy. Well, I had to have a change in attitude first. They wouldn't let me come see you that way." They made sure he was ready to see me in the right attitude.

What happened to him is that he was reminded of some of his past, and he started seeing it wasn't so squeaky clean either. So in the end, he just told me that he loved me. He came over and he watched me in the little schoolyard with these kids I've been taking care of. I have a group of ten with me right now. Anyhow, he watched me with these kids, and he told me it really convinced him that God can do miracles. (Chuckles.) Well, that's just a little insight to help you understand what it's been like for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of you! I've been shown a lot of mercy by God and by those I hurt. Some of the boys who are Here went off to that war -- some good, strong Christian boys who thought they were doing their best for their country. They didn't really understand on Earth, but upon coming Here they got squared away and were shown the way things really are. We've had some good talks, and I've apologized to them.

In fact, the other day I was kind of lamenting my past a bit to one young man, to one of those boys I had sent off to war. He told me, "Come on, Dick, that's the past. Now let's get back to the present." And he started asking me how my kids were. Can you believe it? It just dumbfounds me. It just amazes me!

I guess one of these days I'll get over it when I meet all the different ones I know I hurt. I'll stop feeling like I need to repent, and stop feeling like I have to apologize. Because they all love me. They just keep putting their arms around me and telling me to forget the past and go forward.

That's what He's got for you, too, each one of you, no matter what your life has been like. Maybe you've been some guy on the streets, and you feel like you've done something too bad to make it Here. You've been in some gang, and you've been in some shootings and killings. You've been off to war -- gang war. You know what war's like, you've been right there; you've seen the murder and the pain. Well, look, you haven't been as bad as I have. So just say yes to Jesus. Say, "Yes, I'll take You, Jesus! I want what You have for me." And He's got splendor! Believe me, lad, He's got splendor!

And for those of you who are worried about making a name for yourselves, forget it! Just concentrate your efforts on getting Here, because Here is where life really starts!

Okay, I'm going to sign off now, because I think I've spent a good amount of time with you. I'm looking forward to seeing you Here. So do that, okay? Say yes! Don't let it pass you by, just say yes! Say, "Jesus, I say yes!" Goodbye!


By Maria

You may wonder, as we did, why Nixon in his message addresses his wife Pat as if they were not together in Heaven. Why did he apologize to her in this public message? And why is there no mention of him meeting her in Heaven? To resolve these puzzling questions, I asked Jesus to reveal the answers. This is what He said: There are many mysteries within My Kingdom -- mysteries which the mind of man cannot comprehend, for they are too deep, too broad, too high. I give unto you the keys to some of the mysteries, but not to all of the mysteries.

Have I not said that some will be raised to everlasting glory and others to shame and contempt? [See Daniel 12:2.] Do not some come Here to My Kingdom and receive great glory and great reward? Do not others come ashamed for the lives they led, the things they did, the sins they committed? Surely I have given them their salvation, the gift, but the works that they have done are as wood, hay and stubble. Because they would not receive the love of the truth when they walked upon the Earth, even though they received Me, they believed a lie and were deceived by the Evil One to do those things which were not of Me. Yet they lose not their salvation, for I have given it freely unto these that call unto Me, that receive Me.

These do not come into the Heavenly Kingdom with the same stature, with the same standing, or the same place as those who loved Me, those who did good, those who showed love. For though all in Heaven are loved of Me equally, all are not rewarded equally. Some come with a great knowledge of Me and My Word, My ways, My Love, My will. Others come knowing nothing, not even remembering that they received Me. They know nothing of Me.

If one comes Here and is highly honored and blessed, and another comes and has much to learn and is not of the same stature, they do not always mix. For there is an understanding of the need for these ones to grow, to come to a knowledge of Me, so they are not always together, even as this one and his wife. As he learns and experiences many things, and as he comes to knowledge, so does he repent and change and grow. The words that he spoke are part of his repentance as he admits his guilt, his fault to the one that he loves so dearly.

In time they shall be together, once he has a greater understanding. At that time shall she be the head and he the follower, for she, even in life, had a greater knowledge of Me and a greater knowledge and understanding of the importance of love. On Earth he looked upon this as a weakness, whereas I looked upon it as strength. Now he learns the strength and the power of love, and that those things of Earth that he glorified are as nothing Here. The true power, the true authority, the true strength, is love.

He has made an open confession of his sins and his wrongdoings. There are those on Earth who know him -- how he was, the things he did and the things he said -- and they will understand the words that he has spoken to his loved one. It shall answer their questions and repair the breach. For I am the Healer of wounds, and I wish for these wounds to be healed, even as I am healing this one, that he, too, may progress and grow and be together with the one that he loves.

Know and understand that all who come Here still grow, still learn, still progress. Yet it is in an atmosphere of great love and understanding; for I am a God of mercy and I bestow great mercy upon My children.

Nixon, Richard Milhous (1913-1994), American lawyer, Republican politician, and 37th president of the United States; the only U.S. president to resign from office.

Born in California to Quaker parents, Nixon began practicing law after graduating from Duke University Law School in 1937. He married Pat Ryan in 1940, and they had two children. He began his career in public office in 1946, when he was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1950 he won a seat in the U.S. Senate with a dubious campaign style which earned him the infamous label "Tricky Dick."

In 1953 he began the first of two terms as U.S. vice-president under Dwight D. Eisenhower, during which he played a very active role in government. He was particularly strong on foreign policy, and visited nearly 60 countries while in office.

After narrowly losing the 1960 presidential race to John F. Kennedy, followed by a loss in the 1962 California gubernatorial election, Nixon withdrew from active politics. However, six years later he made a surprising comeback, winning his bid for the U.S. presidency in 1968. Four years later, he was re-elected in a landslide victory.

During his presidency, Nixon concentrated heavily on foreign policy. He scored political successes with the re-establishing of diplomatic relations with China after 21 years, and the signing of the SALT 1 nuclear arms limitation treaty with the Soviet Union in 1972.

His handling of the Vietnam War was viewed much less favorably. While he gradually reduced the American forces in Vietnam and finally pulled them out altogether, he is blamed for unnecessarily prolonging the war despite mounting U.S. casualties and declining public support. He also drew severe criticism for U.S. military incursions into Cambodia that included intense U.S. bombing raids on that country.

Nixon's second presidential term was dominated by the Watergate scandal, beginning in early 1973. This revelation of illegal activities by operatives of his administration eventually led to the criminal indictment and conviction of several of the president's closest aides. Initially Nixon denied any wrongdoing, but a year later, faced with the mounting evidence against him, he admitted to attempting to cover up the Watergate affair. With Congress about to recommend his impeachment, he announced his resignation as president on August 8th, 1974. Nixon was succeeded by Gerald Ford, chosen nine months earlier to replace vice-president Spiro T. Agnew, who had resigned amid scandal. Ford later granted Nixon a pardon for "all offenses which he committed or may have committed in office."

Nixon's law career ended two years later when he was disbarred. He spent the next 18 years living in semi-isolation, while at the same time trying to repair his damaged domestic reputation. Abroad he remained respected as a foreign policy elder statesman. He authored several books on foreign policy, and made a number of speaking tours.

6. (Mama:) After reading the above message from Nixon, we knew some of you would have the question, "How come Nixon says he's in Heaven, when in the 'Green Door' Letter, Dad had a vision of him in Hell?" (See ML #262:4.) So we asked the Lord if He could shed some light on this and clarify it for us. Dad spoke, and gave the following answer. This won't be included in the book for the GP, but we knew you would be interested in Dad's answer.

7. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Have you heard of the term "a living hell"? Many people who live their lives in dishonesty, fear or deception have to suffer the consequences. Therefore their lives are a living hell. They are not at peace in their minds, but they are tormented by their own deliberate sins. Such was the case with Nixon. In his thirst for power, glory, prestige and position, he succumbed to dishonesty and trickery rather than uphold the high moral values that he should have upheld. Therefore, in his spirit and in his mind he was in a living hell, and he was ever running from his own sins and trying to find peace and comfort.

8. The spirit world is an amazing place, and I saw him there in the Green Door because I guess the Lord knew He could use him as an example of someone who was yielding to sin and dishonesty. He had the lives of millions of people under his care, yet his main concern was his own life and his own selfish goals. So I guess the Lord knew He could use him as an example of someone whose life was a living hell. I saw him there because of the torment that he was going through.

9. Yet, Nixon was still saved, and the Love of Christ, the loving arms of Jesus and the blood that He shed for us, was greater than all his sins. No matter how vile we are, if we are repentant and sorry and yield our lives to the Lord, He never rejects anyone. He doesn't forsake them. So we can't always judge people by their actions on Earth, because the Lord knows their hearts.

10. Nixon made a lot of mistakes--enough mistakes that he had to go through torment of mind. He was like that in his life--he couldn't find a place to rest and to go to sleep because he was so tormented. But he's now safe in the bosom of Jesus, Who forgives all our sins and washes our past away. Whereas before he couldn't sleep, and I saw him curled up on that bench with his thumb in his mouth like a little baby trying to find comfort, now he can sleep sweetly and soundly in the bosom of Jesus. Isn't that a wonderful testimony of how God can love us no matter what we've done and who we are? In God's eyes, Nixon was one of His children before he was a president, and that was more important to the Lord.

11. Just like sometimes our spirits can get raptured up into the heavens by means of beautiful visions to temporarily experience the ecstasies of Heaven while we're still on Earth, even so can our spirits be sucked down to the netherworld for a brief glimpse of what's going on there, or to experience it ourselves, like Nixon did. God allows it as a punishment for our sins. Just as He rewards us by letting us shoot up through those tubes into Heaven for a breath of that wonderful air, so those who are really bad and have committed great sins have to suffer sometimes by their spirits actually experiencing a little bit of Hell. But it's only temporary if they're God's children.

12. Just like the Lord lets our bodies experience pain and suffering when we stray away from Him, and He allows the Enemy to prey on us because we didn't stay close to Him and we disobeyed Him, the same is true of our spirits. He allows the Enemy to torment us and to have our spirits for a brief period of time, if things have gotten so bad and we've gone so far astray and we've committed such horrendous sins and such grave disobediences against Him. This was the case with Nixon, and others as well; it's like being sent to jail temporarily for having committed a crime.

13. Well, I hope this little explanation helps. God bless and keep you all on the right track! Stay close to the Lord, and you won't have to worry about anything like that happening to you. Even if you disobey and make mistakes, you don't have to worry about something like that happening to you, because the Lord knows your heart and that you're trying to serve Him and do your best for Him. It's only when people go so far afield, so far astray, that the Lord has to take some pretty severe measures in order to make them pay the consequences for their sins.

14. You're all good children, so you don't need to worry about that. The Lord may have to punish you in some way or other when you're bad, but it's certainly not going to be something so severe, unless you really get so far off track that there's no other way. God bless you. I love you! (End of prophecy.)


A message from beyond, by Martin Luther King, Jr.

(Martin Luther King speaking:) I had a dream! And oh, what a dream it was! A dream of equality, a dream of unity, a dream of solidarity. What a fight, what a battle, as the brothers and sisters lifted their arms, hands raised and clasped together to show their strength and unity and oneness! What a fight, as we marched and protested and sang our songs of triumph and spoke our words of courage! What a fight, as we lifted high the banner of equality -- equal rights for all men and women, regardless of color! What a fight, as we suffered humiliation and setbacks, degradation and injustice! What a fight! But we continued on, courageous, strong, united, arm in arm: a force to be reckoned with!

I had a dream! But I ask you, has that dream been realized? Has that dream come true in your life? Has that dream been fulfilled? Or have our ideals and our aspirations fallen by the wayside? Where is the unity, the brotherhood, the oneness of heart and spirit? Where is the fighting spirit and the willingness to sacrifice and work hard, to lift up your brothers and sisters and make for them a better life? Look around you and see if my dream -- and your dream, our dream -- has become a reality.

What has happened to our people? What has happened to our fight, to our battle cry, to our determination to make a better world for our children? What has happened to our oneness? Instead of lifting each other up and giving of our time and strength and energy to make the world a better place for our brothers and sisters, we are now tearing each other down, fighting against each other, killing one another for no reason, random killings in the streets, gangs fighting one against another! Drugs and violence and crime are taking the lives of our young men and women, ripping apart families, destroying whole neighborhoods and whole cities. Where is the dream that we once fought for? Where are the ideals that we were willing to give our lives for?

I now know that this equality, this oneness of the races, this love between the brethren, this better world, this dream that we all sought so desperately, cannot be found only through the path of legislation and politics. It certainly cannot be found through the path of violence and killing, and the destruction of our young people! It cannot be found when the brothers are pitted one against another in useless, wasteful neighborhood wars.

I now know that this dream can only become a reality through love, the supernatural Love of God! This is what brings unity. This is what brings equality. This is what brings mutual respect. This is what makes a man willing to prefer another and lift up another, and sacrifice of himself to improve the life of another. This is what makes a man willing to look past the color of the skin and see the heart and spirit, to see each man, woman and child as a creation of God. This is what motivates those that are in power to act justly and fairly, without seeking their own gain. It is the Love of God that makes a leader, a politician or a public servant judge righteous judgment, make wise decisions and truly serve the people.

I now see that so many of those of the once great nation of America have departed from the way of righteousness and the Love of God. Their way has become dark through their own sins -- greed, selfishness, waging of wars and taking from the poor of the world. The only way back to true freedom and strength, true unity and equality, is through love -- loving God, loving one another, loving the truth.

So I say to you, brothers and sisters: you cannot wait for legislation. You cannot wait for the lawmakers to make things right for you. Each one of you must make a decision in your own heart to reach out, to lift up, to care, to love, to strive with all that is within you to make the world a better place for the weak and the meek. Your dreams will not be realized through the efforts of others; they will be realized as you look around you and let your heart be moved with compassion, as Jesus' was when He lifted up His eyes and looked on the multitudes. His heart was moved with compassion, and He wept, and healed the sick and fed the hungry.

Only through this love and compassion and caring for others will your dreams be realized, will you find the opportunities that you are looking for, will you find the equality that you seek, and will you find the self-respect and the self-esteem that you long for. These can only be found as you give of yourself for another. They will be found, not in taking the lives of others, but in giving of your own life for others; not in fighting one against another, but in helping each other; not in destroying your neighborhoods through drugs and violence and crime and hate, but in building through concern and kindness and love and self-sacrifice.

Each person is a creation of God. Each person, regardless of color, is precious in His sight. He loves each one dearly! But it is the responsibility of each individual to make of himself that which God would have him to be. Each of you must make a difference by receiving the Love of God into your heart, and then doing everything within your power to change the world, to do what you personally can to make the world a better place.

Fathers, love your children. Mothers, love your husbands. Children, respect your parents. Old-time values, family values -- love, respect and fearing God -- that's what will rebuild the neighborhoods and the inner cities and the ghettos that have become a cancer on our society.

You must unite! But this unity will only come through love. It will not come through aggression, or through frustration, or through anger or hate. True unity of heart and mind and spirit will only come through love; and love can only be found in finding God and finding Jesus and finding His way.

March with hearts courageous, as we marched on Washington! March arm-in-arm, shoulder-to-shoulder, and fight! -- Not with violence, not with guns and killing and pain, but with love and the truth, with respect for one another, and without prejudice toward the color of a man's skin. Lift up your eyes and look around you and see what you can do to change the world and to be the person that God wants you to be.

In October 1995, many of you joined together, committing yourselves, pledging yourselves to a new way of life. Nearly a million strong, marching in unity and solidarity, as a sign of commitment and self-respect. But the change that you are seeking, the solutions that you long for cannot be found through the works of your own strength. They can only be found through the spirit, a spiritual change, a spiritual renewal -- finding God, finding His power and His Love. Thereby you will find the strength to follow through with your commitments and bring about true change.

As you change your own heart through the loving Spirit of God, then you will be able to change things around you. So reach out to the power of God! Make a personal commitment to be what God wants you to be! Then you will have a dream, and your dream will come true!

(Later, Martin Luther King added:) I am sorry for the times I spoke great words, but was not motivated by love, but by anger. I was good at covering up this anger by using words that evoked the right responses. In some ways my words transferred this anger -- not overtly, but subtly -- and for this I am sorry. Many look to me and have conferred a type of sainthood on me, but I must defer such honor and cast it onto the One Who paid with His life in His fight for true equality and justice for all men. In His case, Jesus was killed for not promoting His race, but rather saying that all men have direct access to His Father through Him, that Salvation is available to all races, and that all people may become His chosen people by choosing Him. My appeal and message was limited, and now, through this opportunity I wish to aim for a higher dream, to ignite the fires of God's Love and equality in the hearts of all men, all races, all creeds.

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968), American clergyman; one of the principal leaders of the American civil rights movement. He is widely considered one of the greatest Americans of the 20th century.

King was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of an Afro-American Baptist minister, and was himself ordained a minister at age 17. After completing further studies, in 1954 King accepted his first pastorate, in Montgomery, Alabama.

In 1955 he led a bus boycott in response to the arrest of Rosa Parks, a black woman who had refused to give her seat to a white passenger. The boycott lasted over a year and was ultimately successful in desegregating public transportation in the city, leading to similar victories across the southern part of the United States. While King's house was bombed, his life threatened, and he himself jailed, he emerged from the ordeal as a respected leader of the civil rights movement.

Capitalizing on the Montgomery success, King organized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to promote civil rights and combat racial discrimination. His policies were largely influenced by the writings and ideas of Mohandas K. Gandhi, who had successfully used nonviolent resistance in his struggle for India's independence. Despite opposition from more radical blacks, King's leadership kept the civil rights movement on a largely nonviolent course.

King's massive 1963 anti-segregation campaign in Birmingham, Alabama, attracted nationwide attention when police turned waterhoses and dogs on peaceful demonstrators. King and hundreds of young school-aged blacks were jailed.

In August 1963 he led a historic peaceful march on Washington, where he stirred the American public with the lines of his most famous speech, "I have a dream." His efforts inspired increased action by civil rights advocates nationwide, resulting in the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. That same year, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the following years, King broadened his concerns and began to actively oppose the Vietnam War. As he became increasingly associated with the anti-war movement and its white leadership, he faced criticism from within his own ranks by blacks who considered resisting the war effort less of a priority.

Determined, but near exhaustion from stress, King pressed on to organize a Poor People's March on Washington. His efforts were cut short when he was shot dead in Memphis, Tenn., on April 4th, 1968. His assassination shocked and saddened the nation, and his funeral in Atlanta was attended by over 100,000 people.


A message from beyond, by Albert Einstein

(Albert Einstein speaking, very slowly, with a German accent:) I wanted peace most of all, you know? I was not a man of war. I fled to other lands looking for peace, to get away from war, to find peace, to find peace of mind. You know, my mind worked all the time. I was always thinking about things and trying to discover what made them work, what made the world work, and why things worked the way they did. I looked for the simplicity, for the truth behind it all.

They made a bomb, you know. They killed many people. They were wrong. So many people died, and that killed me inside. I never was the same after that, after the [atomic] bomb. I didn't have the joy in my labors that I had before, when I saw all that science was put to, what the theories and the speculations and the experimentation was applied to, that it killed people. They took the truth and beauty of science and they used it to destroy people.

I was a Jew, you know. I tried my religion, but I found it not so interesting, really. My love was science! My love was speculating on what made it all work and why it did this, and why it did that, and what kept it all together. Why the smallest atom and the biggest universe, what kept it all? And why did this do this and that do that? I tried to find the glue, what glued it all together. That is why I believed in God, the Cosmic Architect, the Engineer, the One Who kept it all; otherwise, it didn't make sense.

Then I died. I didn't mind dying -- I was interested to see if after dying I would find the answers. I was old. I didn't mind it. In fact, I was even kind of intrigued, you know? I was sort of looking forward to when I would "cross to the other side of the Jordan," as they say.

It was very interesting! No noise, sort of different. Sort of in the realm of wondering where I was. Then this man takes me by the arm and says, "Come on, doctor, I want to show you what this is!" So we walk -- I think we walk. I didn't say much at first. I thought, "Well, this fellow seems to know where he's going, so let's see where we go!" And we go to the countryside. There are trees and lots of green, bright grass and bright flowers and blue skies and white clouds and apple trees! It's very pretty. We walked and he started to explain things to me, that this was the next life and things were different Here.

Then I saw it! It was a huge pyramid, great, very, very big, you know, and shining, sparkling! We came closer to it, and I realized that I was very small, because it was very big! As I came closer to it, I saw how big it was -- it was enormous! I didn't know how it stayed like it was. It was so immensely heavy, it seemed like it would crush whatever it was on! This was puzzling to me, in that if this thing, this huge pyramid was sitting on a planet or something, how did the planet hold it up? It couldn't rotate around anything because it would wobble. It made me a little nervous, so I didn't say much, but still, it was fascinating!

I entered the pyramid, and inside it was quite brilliant. There were many things there -- brilliant colors, huge crystal forms and geometric buildings. Edifices is a better word for them, because it didn't seem like they would be used for anything other than a demonstration of some sort, or a decoration. It didn't seem like people would live in many of these things. They were just huge, big, gigantic, brilliantly colored, scintillating, geometrically varied edifices.

So I finally said, "Well, what is this?" The man who was still holding my arm and taking me around was an older man, and he had a white cane. He looked pretty lively for an older man. He wasn't blind or anything, he just had a white cane and he was dressed in white, like a white suit or something. He said, "This is the Control Center. This is where it all happens. This is the unifying force. This is how God does it." Well, for a scientist, this was extremely intriguing, because this was what I wanted to find out all my life, how God does it! There it was in front of me, and still I had no idea what it all meant! If this is how God did it, I was still as puzzled as before! (Chuckles.) Now I could see it, but I still didn't understand it!

(Long pause.) There is only one way, you know? I was familiar with Christianity. I had grown up in a Christian country, though I will say that I was not impressed by it all, and I found out that others weren't impressed either. I found out Jesus Christ wasn't very impressed either! (Chuckles.) He is God's Son, you know? It is just a fact.

You see, I was ignorant of who Jesus really was. He was not spoken of very highly among my people, for obvious reasons. I did not dislike the Man, I just had no feeling for Him at all. And so I come Here, and I'm now faced with the facts, that Jesus is the Son of God. So, you know, I am a practical man -- sometimes (laughs) -- and I have to make a choice, whether to receive Him as My Lord and Messiah or not. It's an easy decision, really, once you're Here, 'cause you see He's there! So it's easy for me.

Besides, He was a Jew too, you know? Yes! So it's easy for me because I'm not so prejudiced as some of my countrymen and fellow Israelites. So I say, "Okay, yah, for sure! I accept Him as my Messiah." That was a good decision, because He is very wonderful, you know. He is very wonderful. I am very sad that my people do not know Him very much, and it is very sad that so much is being said against Him.

You know, I could have been president of my country, but I did not want to be president of Israel. I am not a politician. Maybe if I had been president, I could have said, "Hey, Jesus is okay!" (Laughs.) I would not have been president very long, I think! I think they would get rid of crazy old Einstein really pretty quickly if I said that, huh? My people are pretty propagandized when it comes to Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.

Many of them are good people. My best friends on Earth were all Jews, and they were nice people. Some of them were a little bit contentious and argumentative, but many of them were quite wonderful people. If they never had a chance, then they get the chance up Here. But many had the chance and they rejected it, so they are not so lucky when they die. They have a long wait, I think.

And me? Well, I'm still trying to figure out how everything works up Here. I'm still a scientist and there are many things that I still need to learn; many equations and things that I need to understand. But really, when you know the secret, then you understand a lot more. You see, on Earth I knew that the answers had to be simple and had to be beautiful. This I knew. Because, otherwise, all the beauty and the simplicity and the complexity and everything in the world would be very incongruous. There had to be an answer! There had to be harmony and unity.

On Earth, I struggled for a long time to try and understand and to try and devise a formula as to why the world was how it was, and how it all stuck together, and how it all stayed apart, and how it all interacted. And that is why I decided, "Someone smarter than Einstein does all this! Someone smarter than me has figured all this out and has got it all working together -- chaos and harmony."

That is why I believed in God -- and you see, I was right! (Chuckles.) There are a lot of great minds up Here too. Da Vinci, he is a corker, as they say! (Laughs again.) We have long talks. Of course, we don't have to talk, because we think, and we each know what the other is thinking! -- Which is helpful because he talks in Italian too much! (Chuckles.) But it's okay because I can just think, and think what he thinks.

There are all sorts of people up Here, some surprising characters! There are even some people that I didn't think I would have to share Heaven with. But apparently it's a free gift, and if you accept it, then you get Here, no matter if you're a real stinker. Well, some of those real stinkers, they get theirs for awhile. They get straightened out.

There is so much more for me to learn. There is more to life than science, and there is more to the afterlife than science.

I was never so good with many people, you know, and this is something I seem to learn up Here -- to get along with many people and be sociable and affable, to have friends and to learn other things.

These are exciting times, because it's all coming to an end, you know? Yes! We all know up Here that the world is hell-bent for destruction! But it won't really be destroyed, it will just change. These crazy people with their bombs and bullets and guns, they cause hell on Earth, and that's something that grieves my heart. But all that is going to come to an end pretty soon. Pretty soon the big one is coming, and when that one comes, that's it! That's it for the bombs and the bullet brigade. Down the tubes with them! Then it gets back to the way it was supposed to be.

Heaven on Earth, huh? Yah, Heaven! Heaven on Earth, that's what's coming! (Chuckles.) Yah, keep your eyes on the Heaven on Earth, because that's the only way to see it through and stay sane. You're going to have to know better times are coming. It's going to be pretty bad for awhile, you know, but we are Here to help if we can. So don't worry too much, because it's going to all get straightened out.

Well, that's it! You go through the big one for the real Heaven on Earth! And if you die early, you get to come Here first! But make life easy on yourself and ask Jesus in your heart first, okay? -- Because that's the easy way in up Here. Otherwise well, some people never make it. Some people are just too stubborn. That's sad. It's sad that some people are too stubborn. Hey, I should know, I know a lot of those stubborn folks. I lived with them. But they went through the war, you've got to give them that. They went through a lot of hell to come out the other side. Even so, they shouldn't be so stubborn.

Well, I think that's about it for this, okay? I covered everything, I think. Well, I could tell you more, but hey, if I tell you too much, you might be as smart as Einstein, ha! No! Hey, I wasn't so smart. Anyway, auf Wiedersehen, until we meet again.

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955), German-born scientist, considered to be one of the greatest physicists who ever lived. Einstein revolutionized 20th century physics with his theories on gravitation, light, mass and energy.

Raised in Germany, young Einstein developed a fascination for mathematics and science. Despite initially receiving failing grades in high school, he later resumed his education in Switzerland, where he graduated in 1900 from a renowned polytechnic academy.

In 1905 Einstein published five scientific essays that were to change the world of science forever. It was in one of these papers that he put forth his "special theory of relativity," resulting in his famous equation relating energy and mass (E=mc2).

With the outbreak of World War I, Einstein became an active proponent of pacifism, and was unusually outspoken for the scientists of his day. His campaign against war was to last a lifetime. He vigorously championed the cause of Zionism and the establishment of an Israeli state.

In 1919, Einstein's theories on gravitation and light were proven correct, earning him international renown and acclaim among the scientific community. Many considered him to be the greatest genius on Earth. For several years he gave lectures around the world, but despite being widely sought out, he primarily concerned himself with his scientific research. He devoted the rest of his life to his search for the "unified field theory," a concept of common laws governing the behavior of everything in the universe. Although not a particularly religious Jew, he was widely known for his belief in the existence of God and the exactness of the universe. On this point, he sharply contrasted with most of his peers.

When Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Einstein renounced his German citizenship and emigrated to America. He spent the remaining 22 years of his life continuing his research at Princeton University.

In 1939 the atom was split, and basing their research in part on Einstein's earlier theories on mass and energy, scientists rushed towards the development of an atomic bomb. Einstein's name became publicly associated with the development of atomic power in the United States, although he took no part in research and only discovered upon the horrific destruction of Hiroshima that an atomic bomb had been created. He actively spoke out against any further use of the bomb and spent his last years campaigning for peace and a nuclear-free one-world government.

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