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--Part 3--By WS Staff


                John Candy: Heaven's a Blast!                                          1

                Princess Grace Kelly: Who Are the Real Parents?                       4

                Harry Houdini: Deeper Magic                                           6

                John D. Rockefeller, Sr.: What Will You Do in Heaven?           8

                Mickey Mantle: The Big Game!                                        11

Heaven's a Blast!

By John Candy

                (This message from beyond was received through Shelley Landon.)

                (John Candy starts off by singing:)

                Everybody loves somebody, sometime,

                There's no telling when or how or who.

                Something in my heart just told me,

                That someone is you.

                Thought it was Frank Sinatra? No, it's just me! (Laughs.) Got you laughing, didn't I? I've played the fool a few times, but let me tell you, I've learned a few things since those times. I've always liked to make people laugh. It's so fulfilling when you can put a smile on somebody's face and get them to lift their face up from looking inward. After all, things could be worse!

                I want to tell you, hey, don't be afraid to be happy! If you really want to be happy, try making others happy! It never fails, I guarantee it. -- You will be happy! Sometimes you may not feel happy, but if you just put a smile on your face, you'll be surprised how things can change. It's all in the attitude -- you know what I mean?

                I am happy. I am really happy now! I have found true happiness, eternal happiness, the kind of happiness that won't leave you, won't let you down, won't fail you. Sometimes when I would make people laugh and make others happy, I wasn't necessarily so happy myself, inside, in my heart; but I lived for the happiness that I received by making other people laugh and have a good time.

                We all have our share of problems, and I had a problem with eating too much. It was really hell, a vicious cycle. I didn't seem to be able to overcome it. I was quite amazed, though, when I realized that I was able to find happiness and fulfillment despite my handicap.

                (Later:)I have finally arrived in a place where I have found total happiness. It wasn't like that on earth. Though I was happy in making others happy, still I was somewhat sad and longing for love, longing for someone to love me for who I was. That's all over now, and I have found total happiness, total love, and I am so thankful!

                I didn't know Jesus on earth like I know Him now. Jesus to me was what I saw in the churches. I had no interest in that kind of Jesus -- stuffed shirt, with lots of rules and no freedom. But now that I am here, I see that He is a God of love and of freedom, and I am happy at last.

                Some of you might wonder why I ate so much junk food. Some of you might question and wonder what it was like to be overweight and so hooked on this junk food. Well, sometimes we hide behind things. Some people hide behind alcohol, some people hide behind pills. I hid behind food. But it was not necessary, because I could have been free. I could have been free from that bondage. That's what I want to tell you: I could have been free if I had only taken Jesus and let Him set me free.

                I was a little afraid before, but now I have no fear. I'm no longer afraid, because He has set me free. He is the Spirit of mercy and the Spirit of love.

                I knew about Jesus. I thought He was fine, but I just didn't make Him part of my life. That was a mistake. Don't let it be your mistake. Don't leave Him out of your life; let Him be part of it. If I could tell you anything, that's what I would like to tell you: Let Him be part of your life. Take Him, and He will set you free from every bondage.

                Why wait until it is too late? Do it now! In the days ahead it will only get tougher, so do it now. Don't wait. For although I am very happy now, I could have had a lot more on earth if I had taken Him then and let Him be part of my life. I could have gone further. Yes, I made a lot of people laugh. Yes, I made a lot of people happy. But I could have done a lot more. I could have changed lives.

                You may wonder and ask, "Will things be funny when I go to the other side? Will there be jokes and comedy and laughs? What will it be like?" Well, let me tell you, God really has a sense of humor! He likes us to be happy. He likes us to laugh. Since I've been here, I even read in the Bible that a "merry heart does good like a medicine." [1] So it is good to have a laugh, as long as we don't hurt others or laugh at others, but rather laugh at ourselves and the funny ways we do things, and the funny way we are. We sure are funny, peculiar people!

                So, yes, there is comedy and laughter here, and there are no more tears. It is such a wonderful place to be, free from all the burdens and worries and fears that one might have. I am totally free now!

                Compared to what it was like for me on earth, life is just wonderful now. My only regret is that I didn't do more for Jesus on earth.

                I have learned a few things about happiness and love since I've been here that I would like to tell you about, as they might be of help to you: If you want real happiness, try making someone else happy, and real happiness will find you. Happiness enjoys making other people happy; it prefers their happiness to your own.

                Don't be too serious about life. Have a good laugh at yourself once in a while, at all the funny and ridiculous things you do, and how funny you are. You may look around and think other people are funny, but it might surprise you how funny you are!

                People on earth are so odd; they think they know so much. They think they are so smart, but when you get up here, you realize you're really nothing. You are nothing without Jesus, the real Spirit of happiness. If you want to be happy, not just for a moment or for a period of time, but if you want eternal happiness, take the Spirit of happiness. Let Jesus be part of your life, and you will have happiness forever!

                I'm so amazed at how since being here, I understand things and I see things that I didn't before. I found out about this man of love, this man called Jesus. He is so unlike what I thought Him to be. He is the Spirit of love, the Spirit of happiness, of mercy, of unsearchable depth. He understands every heartcry, every heartbreak, every heartache. He is greater than any thrill you have ever experienced.

                I was a movie star. I was famous. I had good times. But nothing compares to what He has to offer. Now I know. Now I'm on this side, and I'm telling you -- don't wait to take Him in! Don't delay your decision. You can start having all of these things now, if you will just take Him and let Him be part of your life.

                I would like to explain one more thing on the topic of overeating: It's kind of like an addiction -- actually, it can be an addiction -- but you can be set free. You can! You can't do it alone, but He can do it. He can help you, if you ask. I've been reading a lot since I've been over here, and I'm sorry if I sound a little preachy, but I read this other verse in the Bible. You know what it says? It says, "With man it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." [2]

                So if you have an addiction, whatever it may be, if you have something that you know is hindering you and you don't want it, I guarantee if you just call on the name of Jesus and you hold Him to His Word, His promises of help in the Bible, He'll come through. I give my word on it! He won't fail you. I didn't know that when I was there on earth, but now I know.

                I'm telling you so you don't have to wait until it is too late. You can have total freedom now. Just call on the name of Jesus, and you can be set free. Just call on Him! He's right there for you.

                And me? How am I doing? Hey, I'm doing fine! I'm happy, like I told you. There's lots to do here! You may not think there's any need for an actor here, but you would be surprised! You would be surprised how what you learn on earth can be put to good use. Of course, there are some things you learn that can go a lot further here. If you take time and energy to learn how to help others, not only will it be a help to you there while you are on earth, but it will continue to be a help to you in the next life.

                Hey, I'm having fun! Are there movies here in Heaven? Are there videos? Listen, if you think you've seen some fantastic movies with incredible production and spectacular graphic effects on earth, wait till you get here! They have 3-D TV up here, can you believe it? It's incredible! There are so many neat things, wilder than your wildest dreams, that far surpass the things of the earth. It's spectacular here, it's incredible, it's stupendous! I don't even know how to describe it to you, it is so incredible here! There are so many neat things, so much fun, so much love, so much happiness. I mean, you can eat all you want here and not get fat! That's pretty good, eh?

                And the women! My goodness! Ravishing! Beautiful! Lovely, and loving. We've got real love up here, true concern and care, and it even includes . . . Yes, you guessed it! You want me to say it? Sex, guys and girls! S-E-X, beyond your wildest dreams! Great times for the men and the women too! I mean, you never get tired here. You've gotta come! -- Pardon the pun.

                This is the place! This is the place! Pleasures on earth? Hey, let me tell ya, they're nothing but a headache! And what do you have to do to get those pleasures? I know, I was an actor. I know! It's blood, sweat and tears! And many times you have to pay the fiddler. Sometimes you have to sell your soul to the Devil. But I'm telling you, if you'll take Jesus, if you will let Him become part of your life, you're headed for a fantastic place, better than anything you ever dreamed of on earth! Don't delay or wait until it is too late.

                That's my regret. If I had just made the decision and changed my ways, I could have done a lot more with my life. I knew about Jesus and I loved Him, although not very much in comparison to how I should have. But He has taken me in, and has blessed me, and forgiven me, and had mercy upon me. Oh, the things that I've learned!

                So if you really want to make something worthwhile out of your life, something that is going to last, take Him, take Jesus. Take my advice, that's what will make a difference -- if you just take Him. If you really want to make a mark in this world, then ask Him to use your life. Like President Kennedy said: "Don't ask what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Don't ask what Jesus can do for you; ask what you can do for Him! There is so much to be done, and you can make a real difference.

                Don't let all the glitter and glamour fool you. It is here today and gone tomorrow! I was there. -- It's there one day and gone the next. When I stood before the Spirit of love, the number of movies I made and what I did in my film career didn't amount to much compared to what I could have done. So take some advice from Uncle Buck, will ya? Listen up! I'm trying to help you.

                You know the folks that have put out this book with this message from me? Check them out if you want more information. They can fill you in on all the details. Tell them that Uncle Buck sent you. They will be happy to help you. I've really enjoyed being able to speak to you. You know me, I really like to talk; I love a captive audience! I like being on this side, looking out at all of you on that side and having your undivided attention. Natural born actor, eh? I always was like that. Until next time.

                Candy, John Franklin (1950 - 1994), genial rotund Canadian comedian and scriptwriter, famous for delighting audiences with his impersonations of bumbling yet lovable characters.

                Candy's gift for acting became evident as a child, when he performed as part of a children's theater group in Canada. He began his career as a comedian in 1972 when he joined Chicago's famed Second City comedy troupe. In 1977 he gained notoriety as a regular comedy skit performer and writer on Second City's satirical comedy series SCTV, and won two Emmy awards for his scripts.

                He began playing minor roles for the big screen in 1975, but it was not until 1984 that Candy achieved widespread recognition with his performance in the hit comedy Splash. He also played a leading role in several other successful comedies of the '80s, including Planes, Trains and Automobiles. In the '90s Candy turned to more serious roles, including a winning performance in the romantic comedy Only the Lonely, as well as Cool Runnings, which was to be Candy's last movie.

                Candy's weight (over 300 pounds) was a key feature of his comedy routines, and despite numerous unsuccessful attempted diets, it may have played a part in his death as well. At age 43 he died of a heart attack in his sleep, while filming in Mexico.

Where Are the Real Parents?

By Princess Grace Kelly

                (This message from beyond was received through Shelley Landon.)

                (Princess Grace speaking:) Having been a princess, perhaps you expect an elegant introduction from me, but I am just bubbling inside with my message! And I'm not one for beating around the bush -- I like to get straight to the point! You ask me for my message. Well, what I want to tell you is this: Beauty is only skin deep. The real beauty in life comes from within, the real you, the one hiding behind those eyes. This is something that I learned during my time on earth. Though I was lauded by others as being a beautiful woman, I must tell you that real beauty comes from within. -- This is the beauty that will last. No matter how old you are, this beauty can shine.

                (Note from Shelley: I then asked Princess Grace two questions: What was it like being married to the Prince of Monaco, and what did she have to say about her auto accident.)

                What was it like being married to a prince? I really loved him. He was a lover so true, and I loved him. I was sad to have to leave him, but my sadness is gone now. For though he was my prince and lover on earth, I have met the lover of all lovers and King of all kings, who has taken away all my sadness! Though I was well cared for and lived regally and in luxury, I have come to a place where my life on earth could not be compared to the happiness and joy that I have experienced since I left there. I have come to know the King of kings, the lover of all lovers!

                If I may be candid and intimate with you, I did love my dear one [Prince Rainier] on earth. He was such a lover and so sweet to me and took such good care of me. I want you to understand that. It was hard to leave him, but I have since come to know One who has given me an even greater love. It is a love for eternity, that will never leave me. It is a love I will have always. And it is a love that you can have as well.

                Are there any of you out there who are lonely and who long for a lover to caress you and to hold you -- to take you as you are, with all of your idiosyncrasies, all of your faults, all of your weaknesses, and love you as you have never been loved before? Do you long for someone like that?

                You may laugh inside and say, "I don't think there is such a person on this earth!" Well, maybe not one from this earth, but there is someone like that who will love you. He is the real Prince Charming! He is the King who will give you a wonderful life and treat you as His queen, His one and only. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter what your disposition, rich or poor, He is there for you. He is real, and He will fill every emptiness. He will give you joy if you are sad. He will wipe away all of your tears, as He did mine.

                About the accident, oh yes, the accident. Speed is an awful thing. Speed kills. Yet every year in my country of Monaco we take time out to come before this "spirit of speed" and "worship" him [at the car races]. You may say, "It's such a thrill! It's so exciting! I like the danger!" But just because you enjoy the thrill and excitement and danger, is that reason to throw common sense to the wind?

                Something I have learned since coming here is the beauty of taking time, of stopping and seeing and enjoying the wonders around me. Haste makes waste. Sometimes the more hurried you are, the more time you waste in the long run. It's so much better just to go slow and enjoy yourself. You may not make it to your destination as quickly as you hoped, but at least you'll get there in one piece!

                I have talked about beauty, and how you can find real love, and a little bit about the dangers of speed and the vanity of that sort of thing. But now I would like to speak to you as a mother of three children whom I dearly love and who have brought me much happiness and were a joy to my heart.

                I was once a model, I was an actress, I won an Academy Award, I married a prince, I came from a prominent family, I had wealth. But I don't think I truly experienced complete fulfillment in my life until I became a mother.

                Did you know that up here, mothers are champions? They are held in high esteem. They are like royalty. For the saying is true, that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. What you pour into your child goes a long way and lives on after you, for better or for worse. I look at the women on earth and I see how many despise this calling, they run from this calling. It is so sad that motherhood, which is so very important to the future welfare of mankind, is so ill-treated and looked on so unfavorably.

                There is such power in maternity and motherhood; it is a tremendous avenue to accomplish so much good for the betterment of mankind. But I look down from here and see a different message being fed to women -- one of selfishness and personal gain. It is very sad. I hear the voices of many young children, young adults, teenagers. I look down and I see their pain and I hear their cries. It is like an ocean, the multitudes of children crying out, "Where are the real mothers? Where are the real fathers? Who will care for us?" For your life is not in the abundance of things and the pursuit of things. Material things are only temporary and will pass away, but those children are souls, they are eternal! What you pour into those souls is what makes a difference; that's what follows you into the next life.

                I have learned and I have seen that the calling of motherhood is highly honored. It is to be held in high esteem, to be taken seriously. Here there is great energy spent in training the young ones. For if you train your child in the right way, when your child grows old, he will not depart from it. But if you leave your child to his own devices, he will surely bring you to shame. So I plead with you to listen to this message that I bring you, for it is of great importance.

                If you desire to be a real mother, if you desire to pour into your children but find yourself trapped because you need to make ends meet, don't despair; there is help! There is a way. You just need to call out to the Holy Spirit. There is the Father, there is the Son, and there is the Holy Spirit, who is gentle and loving and tender as a mother, waiting for you to call on Her, waiting to lend you a helping hand.

                You may be surprised that I call the Holy Spirit "She" and liken Her to a mother, but that's the way it is. I'm telling you the truth. It's even written in the Bible, in Genesis 1:27, that God created man in His own image, "male and female created He them." Isn't it wonderful that women are represented in the Trinity? How loving, how thoughtful, how well-balanced, how liberating! So just call out to Her. She is right there to help you and lead and guide you into all truth.

                Don't neglect the children, for they are the future. They are your future.

                Kelly, Grace Patricia (1929 - 1982), popular American actress of the 1950s, who became the Princess of Monaco.

                Born in Philadelphia to a wealthy Irish Roman Catholic family, Kelly studied acting and began her professional stage career in 1949. Later that year she made her debut on Broadway. She appeared frequently on television, and in 1951 landed her first role in a motion picture, Fourteen Hours. It was the start of a short but highly successful movie-acting career that included the 1954 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Country Girl. Beautiful, sexy and elegant, Kelly was also the heroine of several popular Hitchcock films.

                After making her last film in 1956, Kelly left Hollywood behind to become Princess Grace of Monaco, marrying Prince Rainier III in a fairy-tale wedding that made Monaco the focus of international attention. They had three children, Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie.

                In 1982, Princess Grace died in an automobile accident near Monaco.

Deeper Magic

By Harry Houdini

                (This message from beyond was received through Vitorio Ginelli.)

                (HarryHoudini speaking:) The great Houdini! The mystic, the magician, the marvel behind the man! The intrigue! The whole world was fascinated by my magic. But let me tell you of my youth. From my earliest memories, I was fascinated by the unknown. I guess I was always a mystic. My whole childhood, even after coming to America, was very sad, but I used to marvel at the freedom in the spirit of certain things that I saw, and even things that I didn't see, but only sensed.

                Throughout my whole youth I had a fascination for trying to look beyond the veil and find out what was on the other side, in the world of the spirit. It was my whole fascination in life! And even though my magic started with simple, foolish little tricks, in my later years, the tricks that really caught the eye of the world and fascinated them were actually miracles! They were things that God did to try to draw attention to Him through me. But sad to say, I wasn't the channel that I should have been. I took too much of the glory to myself and didn't give God enough of it. Nevertheless, He continued to allow me to do these miraculous, magical feats to captivate the world, in the hope that I would tell you of His power, of His magic. For He truly is the Great Magician!

                Since coming to His kingdom, I've found that the great Houdini's magic is nothing. The true magic of this kingdom is beyond anything mortal men could ever dream of attaining: to travel at the speed of thought, to appear and disappear, to walk through solid objects, to communicate with others telepathically. And the beauty of Heaven? Saint John did well when he described the Heavenly City in the Book of Revelation, but it's beyond anything that anyone could ever describe! No matter how deep he saw into the world of the spirit, a mortal mind could not comprehend what God has in store for those who receive His Son, Jesus.

                I was a real cynic on earth. I thought all those that were hearing from the other side were just quacks and charlatans. I was trying so hard to hear from the other side, but I was trying to do it in my own strength. Many of the mediums that I used to see and visit were also trying to do it in their own strength, and many were even doing it to deceive people for money. But I always told my lovely wife, my wonderful sweet honey whom I loved so dearly, that if it were possible to come back from the other side, I would come back and talk to her.

                But in all this time, I have never been able to find anyone who was asking for me to come who had faith -- faith in Jesus. Many asked for me to come, but they asked for their own glory, or out of fascination, or for information, but they never asked Jesus, believing that He wanted to communicate His love to the world through those of us here on this side. So I had to wait all this time for someone who had the faith to ask Jesus to let me speak to you!

                Even though my own wife, who loved me dearly, desired so much for me to come back and talk to her, it was heartbreaking that she couldn't hear my words. It was because she didn't know that it required faith in Jesus. It's a simple matter if people really believe and have faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus comes through hearing His Word and getting to know Him personally, to know His love and to trust in Him and expect Him to speak. It can be a message given in prophecy [3], or perhaps a feeling, or a whisper in your heart or your mind. God is not dead! Jesus is not dead! Of course they wish to speak to you! They will speak to you any time you pray and ask in faith for them to speak, or for any of their heavenly helpers to speak.

                This is a great mystery, but even the Apostle Paul talked of this mystery and taught that people should seek earnestly to prophesy, in order to feed others of the Spirit of God. Even back in the days of the Old Testament, many prophets spoke God's words. Down through the ages many prophets have spoken the words of the departed saints, and of the angels, and of the ministering spirits [4] that surround them.

                You think I was magical? If you could only open your eyes and see all that is around you in the spirit, you would see your guardian angels and the many helpers that wait to help you; you would see the spiritual battle being waged between the forces of good -- the forces of love -- and the forces of evil -- death, hate and destruction. When I was there on earth I could feel this conflict and I could sense the realities of the spirit world, but without faith in Jesus I couldn't find the key to unlock the door to its mysteries. I could unlock handcuffs and trunks and get out of straitjackets and tanks full of water, or find my way out of frozen rivers or lakes, but I couldn't find the key to get through to the world of the spirit, the other side that I desired and sought after so diligently. I now know it was so simple -- all I needed was Jesus!

                In the Bible, Jesus said, "I am the door. If any man will come to My Father, he must come through Me." [5] It was so simple, but I couldn't see it! So many people cannot see it, because they don't want to accept the truth. Even many of Jesus' children have locked themselves out of hearing from the other side because of unbelief, fear of the unknown, and fear of getting in contact with the wrong spirits. This is a lack of faith, for Jesus is the most powerful force in the universe, and those who come to Him in pure faith will not be led astray or deceived or given wrong information. He longs and loves to give people the truth. He wants to set you free to know His beauties and His glories and the wonders of His kingdom, to give you glimpses into His heavenly realm.

                He has given many glimpses! He's brought many people to the gates and even into the kingdom itself [in near-death experiences], and allowed them to take back stories of the warmth, the love, the caring, the sharing, the great love and dedication to our Lord and King, and to our heavenly Father and His Holy Spirit Bride. All is harmony and peace and beauty here. We have perfect comfort in spirit, and a perfect balance in all things. But that doesn't mean we sit around on clouds playing harps! We have many, many missions. We are very active in the spirit world. We're very, very busy with many, many people to help on earth, and much to be done here as well.

                Our time here is full and exciting and thrilling and joyous, full of love and peace and fulfillment. So don't think that Heaven is a place where only those who wish to sit around are happy. On the contrary, it is a very, very active and thrilling place! The love is indescribable! Indescribable! It's so exciting! It's so beautiful! Even I, the great Houdini, the magician, am unable to describe to you the magic of Heaven! But if you'll simply reach out and touch Jesus, if you'll just try Him, you too will come to this wonderful kingdom some day, and together we will rejoice in our Lord and King.

                So don't be deceived by the magic of the earth, for it is deceiving, and much of the magic comes from the wrong source. But if you know Jesus, He will show you which magic on earth is His, and which is the magic of the Devil. For Satan also is a magician, a magician of evil, and he can influence evil men on earth and inspire them to do evil -- evil magic and evil deeds to hurt the souls of men in his war against God and good and love.

                Be cautious, but most of all, be close to Jesus. Be simple and childlike, for He promised that if we would become His children and accept Him, we would be part of His heavenly kingdom. You don't have to be over here to be part of Jesus' heavenly kingdom -- you become a son or a daughter of the kingdom, of the heavenly realm, simply by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

                So take the advice of the great Houdini, the magician who could escape from anything on earth, but who was unable to escape into the spirit world, into Jesus' world, without His magic. No man can see God or know the great love of His kingdom without receiving Jesus, His Son, and coming into His heavenly kingdom by receiving Him through His sacrifice on the cross at Calvary. All who love God will some day have to receive Jesus to come into this glorious, glorious place.

                So that is the magic that I, the great Houdini, wish to impart to the world. Not the magic of man and the sleight of hand and the daring feats, but the magic of Jesus, the magic of salvation, the magic that a sinful, weak human being can reach out and touch the God of the universe, the Creator of all things, and be received into His perfect kingdom, even though he be dirty and sinful and nothing! Jesus will cleanse and take away all sins, for His and the Father's love is so great that they will see past your sins. God will only see Jesus and the sacrifice that He made for you in dying for your sins. All you have to do is receive Jesus and you are instantly cleansed and accepted into His kingdom, and you will surely be with Jesus in His kingdom some day. Don't fear man. Don't fear your own sins, your own doubts, or your own unbelief. Accept Jesus by faith, and as sure as I'm here talking to you, you will become a child of God.

                My message to you, from the great Houdini, who has waited so long to come back and talk to the world, is to be simple! Don't try to reach God in your own strength and with your own mind, your own intellect or your own understanding and wisdom; there is no way, I tried. Even though I was fascinated by the Gypsies in my youth, and great mystics and spiritual people throughout my life, God never let me find the sincere ones, true children of Jesus who were hearing from Heaven. This is because I was doing it in my own strength and I wanted to reach God through my own power, my own greatness, my own wisdom, which cannot be allowed.

                God will only receive those into His kingdom who accept by faith His sacrifice in giving His Son, Jesus, to the world to forgive the sins of humankind. No one is good enough to reach God. Only Jesus can help you and open the magical door into the magical kingdom of God, the Great Magician!

                I love you, and we here are doing all that we can to help you and guide you to Jesus so that you too can be a part of this magical kingdom. Goodbye for now! We love you!

                Houdini, Harry (1874 - 1926), Hungarian-born American magician and escape artist; the most famous magician of the 20th century, and one of the best-known magicians in Western history.

                Houdini was born Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary. His parents emigrated to America when he was an infant, and he grew up in a small Wisconsin town. He began his lifelong career of dazzling audiences at age 8, as a trapeze artist. Fascinated with magic, young Erik soon learned the tricks of the trade. Under the stage name of Harry Houdini, he put on shows at circuses and vaudeville houses across the country. He began to specialize in escapes, and quickly distinguished himself as a master of illusion. His ability to escape from virtually any lock or bind under seemingly impossible conditions earned him great fame in both America and in Europe. Some of his most famous acts include escaping from a straitjacket while suspended upside down from a hoist atop a tall building, or being thrown into a river chained and locked inside a heavy packing crate. While many of his acts were illusionary tricks, his most daring escape -- from a locked glass case filled with water -- appears to have been truly magical, and remains a mystery to this day.

                The death of Houdini's mother sparked in him a keen interest in the spiritual, and he visited numerous mediums in an attempt to communicate with his mother's departed spirit. Unsuccessful and disillusioned by the spurious mediums and spiritualists he came in contact with, he vigorously campaigned to expose their quackery and fraud. Putting communication with the spirit world to the ultimate test, he agreed with his wife on a secret code that would identify any of his communications with her after he died. Many attempts were made by his wife to communicate with his spirit via seances, but the code was never transmitted.

What Will You Do in Heaven?

By John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

                (This message from beyond was received through Natalie Wisper.)

                (John D. Rockefeller speaking:) I am so busy here in Heaven! So busy, and with so much to do! There are so many changes, plans, productions -- so many challenges! I used to think I was busy while on earth in the days of Standard Oil. I was busy then, pioneering and planning and looking ahead to the future in the production and the transportation of petroleum. Those were busy days! There was so much to do, so much to think about, places to go and people to meet, so many decisions, major decisions. I was a busy, busy man! But I'm happy to tell you that I'm still busy, still planning, still looking ahead. There's so much to do to prepare for the Millennium [6], to prepare for the time when Jesus and His faithful children will rule and reign with love, compassion and mercy.

                Heaven is a busy place! We're still learning and we're still challenged to think ahead to the future, to plan for the future. Oh, I wouldn't be happy in Heaven if I couldn't stay busy, if I couldn't create and use my hands and use my imagination and look ahead. One of the most thrilling things about Heaven and the kingdom of Jesus is that everything you learn on earth is of value. Everything you learn that is positive and good and creative and that benefits others can be used in Heaven. What you learn there on earth will not be wasted nor forgotten, but everything you're learning and the person that you are and that you are becoming will be used in Heaven.

                Here in Heaven you continue on very much the same as you were on earth. You look very much the same, you have the same gifts, talents and strong points, you know the same languages and you have the same skills, the same knowledge. You will be able to apply all the good you have learned to your life in Heaven, to your new job, your new career, your new profession. Oh yes, things are very much the same here in Heaven. Everybody is busy doing their jobs, preparing for the new arrivals, and preparing for the future, for the Millennium, for the days that are to come, the Golden Age. There's so much to do! It's thrilling and challenging!

                It's difficult for me to remember or relate all the details of my life on earth, as much of what I did there is insignificant compared to my work here. But I can tell you one thing for sure: I learned that money will never satisfy! No matter how much you have, it will never make you totally happy. No matter how wealthy you are, you can never buy love, you can never buy understanding. I certainly ought to know that money is only a means to an end; money is not the goal. Money is not the answer or the solution to today's problems, or even to your own personal problems. And I certainly know, as the Bible teaches, that the love of money is the root of all evil. [7] What crimes, what sins, what wicked deeds are committed because of the love of money!

                Why do you think I gave away so much money in my lifetime -- so many grants, millions and millions given away to different foundations? It's because I realized that since God had given me so much, giving to others was the least I could do! So I gave and I gave and I gave. Now I realize I should have given more. I should have given much, much more! I had so much, and there were so many who had so little. God doesn't look at how much you give, He looks at how much you've got left. In God's eyes, a person who has very little but who gives until it hurts, until it is a sacrifice, will be more blessed than I am, even though I gave my millions!

                Here in the heavenly kingdom there is true fairness. Everybody has enough and nobody has too much. While some have received greater rewards than others according to what they did on earth, there are no rich with millions they don't need, or poor who are just scraping by. Everybody has what they need. There's a beautiful sense of sharing and helping one another.

                It doesn't pay to hoard or hold back from sharing and giving. It doesn't pay to resist the pull on your heart to be generous, or to give that raise to your employees that you know they deserve. It doesn't pay to resist the urge that God has placed on your heart to give a gift to a charity or to your church or to the missionaries; or to give to the local mission or to the homeless people or to the orphanage or to those who suffered some unexpected disaster. It doesn't pay to resist these feelings, these desires, because that is the Spirit of God speaking to your heart, and He knows that it is "more blessed to give than to receive." [8] You think you lose by giving, but you never lose, because God more than repays! As you give, He will give and give and give to you, in ways that you don't even expect! He will give to you in blessings of many kinds, like good health, protection, well-being, happiness and peace of mind.

                I learned the blessing of giving while I lived on earth. I'm so thankful that I yielded to what God told me when I was young, and that I learned to give. I only wish I had given more! You probably laugh and think, "How can someone who gave away over 500 million dollars be lamenting that he didn't give more?" But now I know I should have given all that I could have. I should have given until it was a sacrifice for me, until it cost me something personally. That would have been righteousness in God's eyes. That would have pleased Him, because I still had so much, and there were so many who had so little. But still, God has blessed me for my giving. He blessed me greatly and prepared a place for me in His heavenly kingdom.

                All the money in the world could not buy what Jesus has given me! Not only has He blessed me with comfort and beauty and pleasure, but more than that, He has blessed me with love, with peace of mind, and with a future that is as bright as the sun! What more could a person ask for than to be in a paradise of love with Jesus, the One who gave His life for us all? What more could you ask for than to live eternally with all of your loved ones -- your wife, your parents, your children?

                What more could you ask for than to be challenged with the kind of work that you always loved? Yet this time you work in unity with others and for the good of all, not hurting anyone, not leaving anyone out or putting anyone down, not having to step on anyone or stab anyone in the back to get your way and to make it up the ladder of success. No, in this heavenly kingdom we're all lifting the load of another! We're not pushing and pulling aggressively, but we're walking arm-in-arm and hand-in-hand. We're working together in joy, caring for one another, knowing that we're building a future and a kingdom of love.

                So if you have an abundance, plenty and more than you need, then give to those around you who are needy and hungry and homeless and starving and sick. Give to the weak, to the fatherless, to the sick. Give to those who are cold and lost and who feel no love. Give to these, and Jesus will give back to you, not only during your life there on earth, but also in the heavenly kingdom.

                Let His love come into your life, and He will be your strength and your motivation. He will give you a generous heart. He will give you eyes to see the blessings of giving. As you give to others of your time and your money and your strength and your love, Jesus is remembering it all and writing it down. No deed of kindness and generosity and charity will be forgotten; you will be rewarded many, many times over!

                Seek heavenly riches. Set your eyes on things above, the unseen riches of the spirit -- love, mercy, tenderness and truth. These are the only things that will bring true happiness to your heart and that will fill the aching void that you feel deep inside. I speak from experience, as one who knows. No matter how much power you have, no matter how wealthy you are, no matter how many people you command, all this wealth and power and prestige will not bring you satisfaction of heart. It will not comfort you at night. It will not keep away your fear of death. It will not eliminate the torment of mind and spirit that you feel, the depression that comes over you, the loneliness that haunts you as you are driven day after day after day by your own greed, your own desire.

                The more you get, the more you want -- more money, more power, more prestige, more honor in the sight of others, more fame, more everything. Yet the more you get, the emptier you feel! That is because these things will never satisfy you. And when you get to the point of desperation, where you cry out to Him for His answers, for His outstretched hand, for His mercy, He will be there for you. For He loves you, He cares for you, and He is ready to forgive you.

                He is ready to give you what you truly need and want, what you have sought for year after year. Only in Jesus will you find the joy that has escaped you and the love that you are longing for. Only in Jesus will you find the power to be a help to others, to give of your life and your time and your money.

                I know I made many mistakes while I was on earth. I did not live entirely as I should have, but I did love Jesus. I knew He was the truth. I knew He was my Savior. I knew that the blessings in my life were from Him, and I knew that I had to try to pay Him back in some way. I had to try to do something for Him to show my gratitude and to make it worthwhile, something lasting, something that would affect many people. This is why I gave. I didn't give to make a name for myself, or to go down in history as the rich man who gave away so much money. I did it because I wanted to please Jesus. I wanted to do something for Him.

                I had not given my life to Him as a missionary or as a minister or as one of His servants, which is the greatest and highest calling in life. I had not served Him. I had not preached His message. I had not given my life to preach the Gospel, so I felt the least I could do was to give my money to benefit mankind and those who were in need. Because of my giving, Jesus has blessed me, and He honored me in His kingdom. But even more than that, He blessed me and honored me because I loved Him, because I received Him and I had faith in Him.

                In Heaven we have a much different perspective than on earth. You'll be surprised when you see how differently Jesus looks at things than you do on earth, and how much value He places on things that are unseen, like faith and love; how much He honors His servants and those who preach His Word, those who live for Him, His missionaries and ministers and nuns and priests, those who give their lives for Him.

                We rich men may be honored on earth, while the poor missionaries and those who preach the Gospel are often forgotten and even looked down upon. But in the heavenly kingdom, the missionaries and those who preached the Gospel and served Jesus, who gave to the poor and gave love to those who were in need, they are those who are most honored. They are the true greats -- the great ones in Jesus' kingdom!

                But if you feel you've failed to give enough, don't be dismayed, because in the heavenly kingdom you have an opportunity to make up for the time that you lost while on earth. You'll have another chance to do the things that you didn't do, to make the right decisions where you made the wrong decisions. Jesus, in His love, gives an opportunity for restoration, to make good in the places where you failed. That's why I'm so happy that I can now use my talents and skills to build a better world in the heavenly kingdom.

                I'm so thankful for Jesus' love and His mercy! I'm so thankful that I didn't reject Him as a child, but that I believed and I received and I kept Him close to me and I tried to heed His voice as much as I could. I'm overwhelmed at His love and at how He has showered me with blessings that I will enjoy for all eternity, because I chose to love and receive Him! He will do the same for you if you will just open your heart and receive Him and know that He loves you!

                Rockefeller, John Davison (1839 - 1937), U.S. industrialist and philanthropist; founder of the Standard Oil Company, America's first corporate trust and business empire.

                Born in New York, Rockefeller started his business career at age 16 as a bookkeeper. In 1859 he began a small commission business near Cleveland, Ohio. Recognizing the potential in the emerging oil market, he soon shifted his efforts to its refining and sale, building his first oil refinery in 1863. Within two years he had the largest refinery in the area.

                In 1870 Rockefeller and several associates started the Standard Oil Company. The company quickly expanded, buying out local competitors. Within two years it controlled nearly all the oil refining business in Cleveland.

                Standard Oil Company's growing business allowed it to negotiate special rates with the railroad companies it used to ship its oil. This, together with other questionable business practices -- criticized as "ruthless" by opponents -- forced many smaller oil companies nationwide to sell out to Standard or go bankrupt.

                By 1882 Standard had established a virtual monopoly on the oil business. That year Rockefeller established the first U.S. corporate trust. Rising public sentiment against monopolies, of which Standard Oil was the largest, later led to the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. Rockefeller managed to keep his company together until 1911, when it was broken up after being ruled illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court.

                Rockefeller was a man of strong religious convictions, and by the 1890s he had begun to apply his energies to giving away some of his personal wealth, which at its peak reached nearly $1 billion. After 1897 he devoted himself entirely to philanthropy, and became as well known for his generosity as for his tough business sense. Together with his son, John D. Jr., he established four major charitable institutions, through which he funneled most of the nearly $550 million that he gave away during his lifetime. His charitable work was continued after his death by his son, who by 1955 had given away nearly $2 billion more of the family fortune.

The Big Game!

By Mickey Mantle

                (This message from beyond was received through Ted Ashton.)

                (Mickey Mantle speaking:) I'm a typical example of a person who put all that he had into running a race simply for material gain, who put all that he had into living in this physical world as if that's all there was. Just think, a person has all these years to live -- 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years! You have your whole life to grow up, to mature, and to decide what you're going to do with it. How are you going to affect the world? What are you going to live for? What are your values based on?

                Are you gonna make your life count? I mean count! I don't mean by hitting 536 home runs or by winning the Triple Crown award. I mean by sinking your life into eternal values! What do you think my successes do for me now? -- The fact that I hit so many home runs, and the fact that I helped the Yankees win so many World Series, and the fact that I'm in the Hall of Fame? What do you think the type of things that I accomplished on earth are doing for me now? Do you think that their value has been carried over into the spirit world? The things that are of eternal value are things like love, joy, peace of mind, and living for other people, things you've done for others.

                Let me tell ya, folks, your spirits are eternal. There's no two ways about it! This is no joke, no theorizing. Each of you has a spirit residing in your body, and let me tell ya, that thing is gonna live forever! So you'd better prepare your spirit to get in the best shape possible, as if it was gonna play in the World Series! Because lemme tell ya, when I say the World Series is coming, it is coming! The World Series -- the big one -- hasn't yet happened, but you're on the brink of it!

                It all comes down to love! It all comes down to what you do for others. It all comes down to being sacrificial for others. It all comes down to loving those around you -- loving your brothers, loving your sisters, loving your boss, loving your mother, loving your father, loving your wife, loving your children. I'm talking about real, sacrificial love. This is what it comes down to!

                Sad to say, I was an icon, an idol, and I went, as they say, "the way of all flesh." Lemme tell you, I paid for my indulgences! I paid with my liver, I paid with my lungs, I paid with my stomach, and I paid with my heart. I hope that you all can just take a simple look at my life and see what it did to me.

                Oh, it's not that I lived such a bad life. You all say, "But listen, this was the great Mickey Mantle, this was my hero!" Yeah, but what I'm saying, folks, is not that what I did was bad, because it wasn't so bad. It wasn't like I was the greatest sinner in the world. But I'm talkin' about what I gave my heart and my soul to, and what it's produced for me now. Let me tell you, it hasn't produced that much!

                But at least I made it here. Thank God I made it! I made it simply because I finally yielded and asked the Son of love to come into my heart. I finally yielded and acknowledged Jesus. That's all I did! That's all I had to do. I just had to acknowledge that, "Yes, You're real! -- Take over!" That's all He wanted. He just wanted my agreement. He just wanted me to acknowledge Him. So I made it! And I'm happy now!

                Yes, Jesus can accept even an old sinner like me, because that's who He came to earth for, the sinners! His only criteria is whether you receive Him or not. By sinners, I don't mean some demonic, wicked, evil, vile people. I just mean normal people like you and me -- that's who He came for. He didn't come for those who think they're so good. He didn't come to try to make you so perfect and so hoity-toity and so righteous that you think you're better than others. That's not Jesus, let me tell ya! He's simply a man who came to earth to give His love to us.

                I wanna tell ya all right now that the great World Series is comin', and it's gonna be a battle between those who are giving their hearts and their lives and their souls for love, and those who are giving their hearts and their lives and their souls for themselves. This is the dividing line! These are the two teams. And it looks like a lot of people are lining up on the wrong side.

                If I was ever any kind of an icon for you folks, and if I was ever any kind of an idol, or any kind of a person to look up to, well, I'm tellin' ya to listen up to this now: Ya need to align yourselves with the right team! By saying this, I don't mean the self-righteous, holier-than-thou church team. You all know me better than that! I'm saying the love team! By love, I mean real love, sacrificial love. Love that will go any length to love someone else, that'll give itself for someone else. That's the team that's gonna win. Except this is no game -- this is what's going on for real!

                I'll tell ya, one of the big boys on the other side is that old man greed, that old devil. You know what I'm talking about! Yeah, I know it might sound funny coming from me, but folks, that's what it boils down to: Greed versus love, plain and simple! Which direction you're going determines which side you're on. Let me tell you, you are gonna end up with ashes between your teeth if you're on the wrong side! Are you giving love to others? Are you trying to love others? Or are you living for yourself, selfishly and greedily?

                I'm speaking from my heart, and there are some of you out there right now who know I'm speaking from my heart! Right, Merylyn? Danny? You know what I'm talking about! You know how I felt before I passed over, before I passed on. You know the remorse I felt. For goodness' sake, it was published in the newspapers!

                Thank God for Bobby! Thanks, Bobby, I just wanna tell ya thanks. You're a true friend! I couldn't have made it without ya! You really spoke the truth, boy! Whew! Thank God for true friends. You know who I'm talking about, right? -- Bobby Richardson [9], he helped get me in! Now I know what he said was the truth.

                Come on! Now's the time to sink your life into something good! So do it, damn it! Don't be like I was. Don't waste it away! Don't blow it off! My God, if I could tell you anything, I've gotta tell you that if you wanna be in this Hall of Fame up here, if you wanna be in the starting line-up, now is your chance to get on the team that's gonna count and that's really gonna mean something. I'm not playing a game! This is serious business, because it has to do with your eternity, with something that's gonna be around forever.

                I'm just askin' ya to stop for a minute and look into your heart, and make a conscious decision about which direction you're gonna go. You can make the right decision regardless of what you're involved in or what you're doing. If you make the right choice, God won't judge you by your past. His love and forgiveness is big enough for everyone! -- It doesn't matter if you're a prostitute. It doesn't matter if you're taking drugs. It doesn't matter if you're a businessman and you're taking cocaine on the side. It doesn't matter if you're part of the Mafia. It doesn't matter if you're a corrupt cop. It doesn't matter if you're a cheating wife. It doesn't matter if you're an unfaithful husband. It doesn't matter if you've lied to your boss. It doesn't matter if you're a robber. It doesn't matter what you are, or what you've done, you now have a chance to make the right decision, to start going the right way, and He'll take you where you're at. God is forcing everybody, right now, to make a decision in their own heart as to what team they're gonna play on.

                I'm beggin' you, if you can learn anything from my life on earth, it's to learn that you've got to do something for somebody else! Just do something for somebody else, okay? Try it! See if it's gonna work. See if it doesn't rebound to you! See if it doesn't come back to you!

                Just try to put a little real love into somebody else's heart. Just try it, okay? I mean, even something little, like getting up from your chair and pouring a cup of coffee for the person sitting there. Just stop for a second, quietly look at him or her and think, "What do they want? What is something of real value, of real love value, that I can do for them now?"

                Or as you're reading this, think of who's downstairs, or who's in the other room, or whoever it is that you're involved with there in your life, and just think of one tiny little thing that you can do for them. God will tell ya. Your conscience will tell ya. Your soul will tell ya. You'll hear something. You'll get an idea. You'll hear a voice. You'll get something that'll tell ya what it is. Then go do that little thing. Just go do it! Because you know what that means? That means you've taken the first step. You've taken the first little baby step, and that's all it takes to show what side you're on. Keep it up, and I'm sure you'll see some results.

                But when ya do it, you've gotta do it not expecting anything in return, okay? Don't do it expecting to get something back, because then it's not real love. Do it sacrificially. Give up a little bit of your time. If it's your son or daughter, just give'm a little bit of your time. Don't expect anything in return. That's what it's all about. It's plain and simple, okay? There're only two ways to go, either out for others, or in for yourself.

                So I'm just begging ya to try to do some little thing for somebody else, and see what kind of results you get. Then think about it and ask yourself, "Isn't it worth it?" These are the things that count up here -- the little deeds of kindness, the little bits of love. Like the song goes, "It's the little things that make the kingdom stand!" Little bits of kindness and love are building blocks up here. Little bits of kindness that people have done on earth have created mansions for them here -- mansions built out of kindness! It's just wonderful!

                Do ya know what I'm like up here? Well, I'll tell you. First of all, I'm happy! I'm really happy, because it's like I've been born again, like a little baby. That's what I am, folks, I'm just a baby compared to a lot of others up here, because I didn't do very much to grow in the spirit down there. I didn't become a very mature spiritual person while I was on earth. By "spiritual," I don't mean somebody that was perfect or righteous, I just mean somebody that had mature values and qualities. I didn't get much of that while I was there, so I've ended up kind of like a baby up here, more or less. But I'm still happy and just thankful to be here. It's not like I got a raw deal. It's just that I'm learning and have a lot of catching up to do.

                God takes you where you're at! He takes you exactly where you're at and He brings you along. There's no big put-down because you're only at a certain level of maturity. You're accepted the way you are, and you learn to accept yourself where you're at, and you take it from there. So that's what I'm doin'. I'm taking it from there and I'm learning a lot. It's like I'm this little babe walkin' around with a big huge bat, ha! -- 'Cause the only thing I could do was hit that ball and run. But as far as what it did for my spirit, it's like I'm a little spiritual dwarf. But, I'll tell ya, up here people love you anyway. I'm really happy, and I am just so thankful to be here! It's a gas! I love it! I wanna see you folks here, too! I wanna see all of you here!

                (Long pause.) It just makes me cry to see the opportunities I had in my life, and to see what I did with them. It's a funny thing how things work up here -- they work just the opposite of the way ya think on earth! I mean, some of the people who were the littlest, most insignificant people on earth are some of the greatest heroes up here, because they have the most love. So they're the biggest spirits around, you know? They're the ones who have grown and have learned and have matured. They're the real adults around here! They're the real mature spirits, the ones who know something about hearts and about giving.

                Let's face it, the only way to grow spiritually is to give to others. As long as you keep taking for yourself, you're just like a little baby. It's such a simple fact of life. Such a simple basic truth. You don't grow until you start giving, sacrificially giving. Once you start sacrificially giving, your spirit grows a little bit and you become a more mature person. As soon as you start taking, you regress a little bit. You become like a little baby.

                Just take a look at how a baby grows. When babies are first born they only think of themselves, they're selfish. As they grow, a sign of their growth is when they learn to get out of themselves, to reach out, to get away from mommy, to step out like an older person. Well, the same thing happens with your spirits. Your spirits need to grow the same as your bodies grow.

                You know what? There're so many spiritual dwarfs walkin' around down there on earth, it's pitiful -- including some of the "biggest" people, some of the most famous people! You'd be surprised! Some of you fame-seekers -- and I'm speakin' to you as one who knows, and one who was on somewhat of your level -- how mature are you spiritually, huh? What is your spirit like? Are you still grabbin' things like a little six-month-old, huh? Are you still a little toddler, grabbin' things for yourself, pushin' people over? Well, that's what it comes down to, man. What're you doin' with your spirit? Are you pushin' people around? Are you grabbin' things for yourself? Well, plain and simple, you're still a little baby! There's no question about it!

                Hey, listen, I'm not tellin' ya this to knock you around or to put you down, I'm just trying to tell ya the facts, plain and simple! If, in your heart, you're still grabbing things for yourself, then that is where you are at, spiritually. This is the state of your spirit, the state of your mind; you're just a little kid! All I'm sayin' is, grow up a little bit! And the only way to grow is to get out of yourself and start doing something for others!

                Look around you! There's lots of good writing about thinking of others instead of yourself. Take heed to it! Listen up! Listen to what some of these people say. Hey, let me tell ya, there're some people down there that have some good things to say, some good spiritual things.

                I was no example, I admit that, okay? But I've been given this chance to speak, so I'm gonna speak my heart out till you're sick of hearin' me! I'm not gonna give up until ya get the point. For once I'm gonna hit the longest home run that I ever hit. I'm gonna drive this point home until you're so sick of me you're gonna wanna shut the book and walk away for a while! If I accomplish anything, I hope I get this point across, to force you to take a look at yourself and measure your own spiritual condition. -- And then do something about it!

                These decisions you make are extremely important. The teams are being chosen now. You can't dilly-dally too much longer, or pretty soon it's gonna be too late. The game is already started, it's in motion, and if you don't choose to be on the giving side and on the loving side, then you're simply gonna be swept away by the greed side.

                Greed is gonna come out so strong and be forced onto the world in such a heavy way that there'll hardly be any resistin' it -- except for those who have staked their claim on this truth that I speak to you now, the truth of love and of giving yourself for others. It's going to be a battle between those who are living for love and those who are living for themselves in greed. Look at what's happening with your own government. Just look, and tell me if you can't see what's happening. Keep your eyes open and watch! And by the way, don't believe everything you hear on the news, either.

                But if you stand upon the truth and make your stand for love, then my God is gonna protect you! He's a God of love. He's not a God of hate. He's not a God that looks down on you with scorn. He's simply a God of love. And if you give a little love, He'll bring you along one step at a time. Just take a little step, and He'll carry you through.

                (After another long pause, Mantle starts speaking again, this time apparently addressing his wife Merylyn:) I wanna see you here, Honey. I want you to come and I'm gonna meet you, Baby! When I see you comin' through that door, I'm gonna run, and I'm gonna grab you, and I'm gonna hold you in my arms, and I'm gonna squeeze you just like I used to do, because I love you so much! You put up with so much. You're a star in my eyes! You're the one, Honey, you're the Hall of Famer! -- Because you're the one that really gave in our relationship. You're the one that gave to me. You're the one that sacrificed the most. So when you get here, I think you're gonna be a little bit taller than me, as far as your spiritual stature goes! But that's okay! We'll grow and live together.

                I just wanna say thanks for puttin' up with all my indiscretions and all the things I did wrong. You put up with a lot from me, Honey, and I'm eternally grateful. Because if it hadn't been for you, I don't think I'd be here either. So I'm gonna be waitin' for ya, and I already am! We've got a nice little place prepared for us here.

                (Long pause, then Mantle addresses the public again:) Okay, I've got one more thing to say, and that's to all you organ transplanters. You folks are not gonna like this, but I've gotta tell you: You can try to keep your body alive as much as you want, but when your time comes, your time comes!

                I guess the reason some people want to keep their body alive for so long is because they're afraid to leave it, for which I don't blame you, obviously! I had a lot to stay around for, too! But the bottom line is: You can do what you wanna do, you can take in an organ if you want, but when your time comes, your time comes.

                So the most important thing isn't whether you take an organ or whether you don't take an organ. The most important thing is what you do with your spirit, okay? What's important is whether you get your spirit in condition or not.

                I'm not sayin' don't take an organ. If you wanna take one, fine! But if you really wanna concentrate on what's important, concentrate on your spirit. Concentrate on your spiritual condition and what you're doin' for others. This is the most important thing and the thing that's gonna count. It's the thing that's gonna give you a boost in the next world. So if you really wanna do something worthwhile, even for yourself, then do something for others! The way to give yourself a big bang to get ahead in the next life is to do something for others.

                It's understandable to be concerned about your physical life, but if you can be that concerned and that worried about your physical life, just think how deeply and diligently concerned you need to be about your spirit! Because, hey, haven't I gotten the point across? Your spirit is a real live thing! Just like your body is a real live thing, your spirit really exists.

                The problem is that most people are diligently taking care of their physical bodies, but are neglecting their spiritual bodies. They're dreadfully neglecting their spiritual condition, woefully neglecting their own spirits. The thing is, your body is gonna drop off like a cocoon, and your butterfly is gonna try to fly away. And if you haven't nurtured your spirit and grown at least a little bit, you're not gonna be able to fly very well.

                So please take a little care of your spirit. Take a little care of what you're doing. I can't emphasize that enough, because to me it's just such an amazing thing. I mean, look at Christopher Reeve -- he knows now! He's knows there's something more than his body. Right? Go ask him, he'll tell you! There's something else there that needs to grow, and, boy, has he grown! You can all see it, and you can all tell, and his wife can tell. People that know him can tell.

                All I'm sayin' is do something with your life! I'm not talkin' about great political movements and that kind of thing, I'm just talkin' about one spirit loving another spirit. -- Love! I mean, the world was created by love. That's what God is all about, and that's what this whole thing is all about, love.

                One more thing: The love team's gonna win! It may look mighty little, but it's gonna make it! It might go extra innings, but it's gonna win. You're gonna see it, mark my word! I can see it, and I know, because I know the Creator. Love is gonna conquer the world! It's shaping up right now. They're getting the teams ready. So get ready!

                Okay, bye for now. I'm signing out! -- Yours forever! -- Mickey.

                Mantle, Mickey (Charles) (1931 - 1995), American baseball player for the New York Yankees. Mantle was one of baseball's outstanding stars of the '50s and '60s and is considered one of the most popular American sportsmen of the century.

                Born in Oklahoma, Mantle was trained by his father and grandfather, both semi-professional baseball players. While in high school, where he played baseball, basketball and football, he sustained a football injury that resulted in a bone-tissue infection in his left leg. The infection was to remain a handicap for much of his professional career.

                Mantle joined the Yankees in 1951. During his 17 years with the club he was three times MVP (Most Valuable Player), and led the American League six times in runs scored and four times in home runs. In 1956 he won the Triple Crown for the most home runs, runs batted in and highest batting average. He also played in 12 World Series, where he set records for the most runs, most home runs, and most runs batted in. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

                Mantle retired from baseball in 1968. He later coached for the Yankees and also sold life insurance. From 1983-1985 he was barred from any connection with professional baseball for taking up a public-relations job with a gambling casino.

                Mantle was a heavy drinker, a problem which eventually resulted in cancer of the liver. Mantle had a liver transplant in June 1995, but doctors soon discovered that the cancer had spread to his lungs. Mantle died of the disease on August 13, 1995.

                The Family, originally known as the Children of God, is an unconventional Christian movement dedicated to spreading the message of God's love. Its members are engaged in full-time missionary and social work, giving their lives to comfort and help those in need both spiritually and physically.

                The Family began in 1968 in southern California, where its founder, David Berg, reached out in a ministry to the counterculture youth. As many of these young people experienced a dramatic change in their lives through their newfound faith and understanding of God and the Bible, a movement to carry on this message of love and hope was born. The group was dubbed The Children of God, and later became known as The Family.

                The Family is perhaps best known for its fervor and dedication to its missionary goals, and for its controversial beliefs on hot issues like sexual freedom, communicating with the dead, and the soon coming One World government which will immediately precede the return of Christ to establish peace on earth.

                Adopting the communal lifestyle of the early Christians, The Family's 4,000 adult members and their children live in communities spread across six continents and nearly 70 countries. The Family's second generation -- now teenagers and young adults -- play an important role in the organization's activities and development. As an outgrowth of caring for its own children, most of whom are home-schooled, The Family produces specialized children's educational material, including audio and video productions which have received wide acclaim and are used by parents, schools and institutions worldwide.

                The Family's unorthodox beliefs and methods have drawn much criticism and harassment from mainstream religious groups and other detractors. Acting on misinformation, government agencies in several countries have gone as far as to conduct violent raids on several Family communities, only to find its members innocent of any wrongdoing. Despite this opposition, The Family continues on, encouraged by the millions whose lives have been bettered through its mission of love.

                David Berg, also known as Moses David and Father David, led the movement for over 25 years until his death in late 1994. Leadership of the movement has since passed to his second wife, Maria David, who also conceived and edited this book.


                [1] Proverbs 17:22.

                [2] Mark 10:27.

                [3] The word "prophecy" in this sense, as used in the Bible, includes not only predictions of the future, but generally refers to direct messages from God or those in the world of the spirit. Prophecy takes place when God, an angel, or a departed human speaks through the mouth of a living person, in effect using them as a channel to give a message.

                [4] Referring to their helpers from the world of the spirit. See Hebrews 1:14.

                [5] See John 10:9 and John 14:6.

                [6] The Millennium refers to a thousand-year period when Jesus Christ and His followers will rule the earth. According to the Bible, this thousand-year period begins with Christ's Second Coming and the subsequent Battle of Armageddon. The Bible contains hundreds of specific prophecies about the Millennium, describing it as a time of peace and plenty, free from the pain, suffering, destruction and unjust governments prevalent in the world today.

                [7] See 1 Timothy 6:10.

                [8] See Acts 20:35.

                [9] Bobby Richardson, Mantle's former teammate and Yankee second baseman, was a Christian friend who apparently spoke to him about Jesus.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family