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THE SUMMIT '96 LETTERS!--PART 2--By Maria      Maria #342            DO 30657/96


                Being Led of the Lord on the Scene!                1

                Thanks for Your Love Report!           2

                Seeking the Lord's Answers Through Prophecy            2

                Telling Others How Much I Love You--& Them!           2

                Our Young People Take Up the Torch!            2

                The Importance of Hearing All Sides to the Story         3

                Reporting and Loyalties     3

                "He Healeth Me!"                3

                You're Always in My Thoughts and Prayers!                4

                Loving Someone Special Is Great As Long As You Love Jesus More!     4

                Loneliness Trials  5

                Set a Good Example by Asking for Prayer!      6

                Take Heed to the Lord's "Touches of Love!"6

                Hotline Telephone Prophecy!            6

                When You Feel Weak, Stop and Come to Me!               8

                Be a Sample of Weakness and Dependence on the Lord!            9

                Gentle, Loving Reminders to Rest!   10

                The Benefits of Afflictions!               11

                Taking Time for the Lord Is for Everyone!      12

                Peter's Love Tape!               12

                Turning Thoughts into Prayers!       13

                New "Loving Jesus" Songs!              13

                Going to the Lord for the Answers!  14

                Trusting Our Young People!              14

                My Love for You!                15

My dearest Peter,

                1. Sweet heart of mine, how are you, my darling? I've been praying so much for you and was burdened for you, knowing how weak and tired you are feeling. But I'm sure Jesus came through for you in a wonderful way. Praise His beautiful Name!

                2. I don't have much to tell you today--at least not yet!--Except, of course, that I love you very much, and you touch me from head to toe, and make me go, go, go! You really do something to me, whether in flesh or in spirit. Of course, I wouldn't mind a little of your nice flesh right now, but I know you're loving me in spirit!

Being Led of the Lord on the Scene!

                3. Peter, don't feel bad if you don't do things exactly the way I have suggested, and please don't feel that you have to write me a big long explanation right away about why not. I don't mind getting the explanation later, but I don't have any question about your doing the right thing and being led of the Lord. I know you have a real good connection with Him, and also that you consider what I have to say, so I'm happy with whatever you all decide.

                4. I know you might feel a little bad that you can't do everything the way I suggest it, but please don't, because I can't see the situation firsthand the way you do. Just put my suggestions in the pot with all the rest of the factors and circumstances and pray about them and consider them, and then do what the Lord shows you. I know I've told you this many times before, but I just want to mention it again.

                5. I know you always will do what you feel is best in the situation, but I don't want you to have the burden of feeling that I will be displeased. I won't, because I trust your connection with the Lord. You are there in the situation, so you have the ultimate responsibility of making the final decisions, unless I send you a direct revelation I've gotten on something. I think that would be the only time when you would probably need to defer to my counsel in the case of any differing opinions. I love you, and it sounds like you and Gary and Heather are doing wonderfully! I knew you would!

Thanks for Your Love Report!

                6. Dear sweet precious Peter, It was so nice to hear this little note from you! It does me so much good! Your little "love report" of happenings at the Summit goes a long way!--And it is a "love report," because it's filled with the accounts of so many deeds and sacrifices of love!--And I love it!

Seeking the Lord's Answers Through Prophecy

                7. I'm so glad that you're asking the Lord each step of the way what to do next, in obedience to His instructions. Isn't it wonderful that with His Words through prophecy you can have that strong confidence that comes with knowing you're doing the right thing? I think it's a tremendous idea for you and the YAs to have a meeting and ask the Lord for counsel and confirmation in prophecy about them having dates with one another.

                8. I'm so glad that you and your team are encouraging the folks there to seek the Lord in prophecy each step of the way. It's going to be so wonderful how it strengthens their faith, and I think they're going to leave these meetings absolutely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that prophecy's the way to go! They're going to be flipped out, sold out, absolutely ecstatic about all that the Lord can say to them and do for them through prophecy!

Telling Others How Much I Love You--and Them!

                9. Sweetheart, thank you for being so Spirit-led in what you read to the folks! I'm glad that you can share with them how much I love you! I think they know how much I love the Lord and I love them, but I'm so happy they can know how much I love you!--And how much you love me!

                10. By the way, speaking of loving you and loving them, when you have your dates, please tell the women that your love is not only the Lord's Love, but it's Mama's love too! It really is, you know, because I'm giving you willingly and cheerfully. Of course, even that is a wonderful gift from the Lord, and nothing of me--to not be jealous.

                11. Okay, my love, you sound like you're doing just great! The fact that you don't know what to do ensures you'll do the right thing, because you'll be asking the Lord! You and Gary and Heather sure make a great team! You're each just so wonderful!

                12. Thank you, Peter, for those beautiful words of love to me! I cherish them, and I know you really mean them! I'm so thankful you're saying all those beautiful love words to Jesus, too, and that He's keeping you happy, and you're keeping Him happy!--And that you're keeping all His precious loved ones there happy, too! That makes me happy too!--Your happy girl, M.

Our Young People Take Up the Torch!

                13. Dear Peter, Gary and Heather, I love you so much and am so proud of you! It sounds like things are going so well--I'm sure due to your prayerfulness, obedience and yieldedness. It must be thrilling to see lives changing before your eyes, questions getting resolved, and faith being renewed in the Word, in leadership, in the Family! The Lord is doing great things for us, whereof we are glad! I think it's also strengthening our faith in what the Family young people are capable of, knowing that if they can just get firmly established and totally sold out, they're going to be powerhouses and fulfill all that Dad has said about them doing great and mighty things! Plus, they're going to be able to play a substantial part in rallying the other young people to greater conviction, obedience and commitment.

The Importance of Hearing All Sides to the Story

                14. Hearing all sides to the story, as all of you folks know, is something that we are all prone to neglect, for a variety of reasons. Number one, it's quicker to just hear one side. Number two, if the one side sounds so right and "legitimate," how could it not be right? But this is a little like judging by outward appearance, and it certainly is answering a matter before we (completely) hear it, both of which are pretty serious deviances from what the Lord tells us to do. And number three, some folks are able to articulate things and express themselves much better than others, and therefore have the "upper hand" when it comes to promoting their side! These are just some of the reasons; I'm sure you can add more.

                15. It's difficult enough when you do hear all sides, and then have to discern who is right, and judge Godly judgment. But if you don't hear all sides, there is a pretty good chance that you are going to draw the wrong conclusions about things. This will not only be embarrassing to you as a leader, and something that you'll have to retract and apologize for, but it may seriously hurt the confidence of those who have faith in you to hear from the Lord and to judge these matters fairly. It may not only hurt their faith in you, as well as in the Lord and us, but cause some folks real heartache and difficulty in their personal situations because of what they feel they have to do as a result of your decisions.

                16. It's a very serious thing, and a very dangerous matter, and one which is probably one of the most difficult things for leaders to do properly. I'm sure you CROs have many instances you could bring out about how you fell flat on your faces because you hadn't heard all the facts from everyone involved. I could go into a lengthy sermon on this point, but the samples that you could share will speak much louder.

Reporting and Loyalties

                17. It is important to emphasize to the CROs, and to teach the young people, that if they or their teamworkers are having any major problems they can't resolve between themselves, they should report this to us so we can be praying for the situation. Or if there is anything they feel is out of line regarding either those on their teamwork or those they work closely with, and the individuals don't respond to their loving attempts to point it out to them, they should likewise bring this to our attention. We know there are many reasons why it is difficult to do this; nevertheless, it is vital that they do. I emphasize that they should of course try to work it out between themselves and the other person first, especially because it may simply be a matter of a misunderstanding or miscommunication. However, if the problem persists after attempts to resolve it on their own, they should report it.

                18. There have been so many things that have gone wrong, and gone wrong for a long time, just because people have been unfaithful and unwilling to risk their pride or friendship with someone, or the possibility that they might be wrong, in order to speak up about something that turned out to be very important.

                19. It's not being disloyal to your friends; it's being loyal to God. Even if you consider it being disloyal to your friends, what's more important?--Being loyal to your friends or being loyal to the Lord and His Family and His leadership? That's a hard one, but just remember that sometimes in order to help people we have to hurt them. "Faithful are the wounds of a friend" (Pro.27:6). You'll be hurting them much more if you don't report the situation. You are your brother's keeper.--And if you fail to report, you'll not only be hurting them, but you'll be hurting the Lord's work.

"He Healeth Me!"

                20. I got your little note just in time to ask our Home to pray against your headaches when they were gathered together. And just a few minutes ago I had communion, and I really poured out my heart to the Lord for you and shed some tears, that He would heal you and deliver you from this extra burden when you need your strength and total concentration for all the matters at hand. You're such a fighter, Peter, and I'm so proud of you! You're such a good sample to me.

                21. I got out the words to "He Healeth Me" and sang them. It's such a beautiful song. I'm enclosing it here for you. People may not be familiar with the words to this song since we found them in an old hymn book, so maybe you'll want to have copies printed out if you decide to sing it at your Sunday communion. You can even use the chorus for the salvation part: "He cleanseth me, He cleanseth me." Or, "He saveth me, He saveth me. By His Own Word He saveth (cleanseth) me. His faithful witness I would be, for by His Word He saveth (cleanseth) me."

"He Healeth Me"

(--Sung to the tune of "He Leadeth Me")

                He healeth me, O blessed truth,

                His mighty Word renews my youth,

                By His Own power from sickness free,

                My precious Savior healeth me.


                He healeth me, He healeth me,

                By His Own Word He healeth me;

                His faithful witness I would be,

                For by His Word He healeth me.

                Sometimes through testing times I go,

                Dark seems the way, and full of woe,

                But in the furnace though I be,

                My great Physician healeth me.

                Lord, I would spread this truth abroad,

                The mighty power of Thy Word;

                It's just the same, the blind now see,

                And demons at Thy presence flee.

                For sin and sickness do depart,

                When Thou dost reign within the heart;

                And I from all the curse am free,

                Since Christ, my Savior, healeth me.

You're Always in My Thoughts and Prayers!

                22. I love you, my dearest, and always pray for you. I pray for your sleep and your dreams, that the Lord will renew your strength. I pray for the preparation of your meetings and that the Lord will lead you as to the subject matter and give you the strength for it. I pray for your meetings--for your delivery, and the receptivity of those you are speaking to. I pray for your dates, that you'll have the strength and the love you need to keep pouring out. I pray that all of you will continue to work together so beautifully and in such wonderful harmony. It's just a beautiful thing to see, not only for us, but I'm sure for all those there.

                23. I love you, my darling. I'm so in love with you and Jesus--and He's so in love with us. He does everything to make us happy.

                24. I love you, my sweetheart. You're always in my thoughts and prayers. I need you! I want you! I desire you! I thank God that He has made our love so wonderful, so steady, so solid that it can't be shaken, so unquestionably part of His design that it can't be altered! I miss you, my love, and I'd love to be there with you, but I am in spirit!--Always needing you, M.

Loving Someone Special Is Great--As Long As You Love Jesus More!

                25. Dear Peter, my precious darling! Getting that nice long letter with all those personal details was just like having you here talking to me! It was so sweet! I really love the fellowship we have together!

                26. And please tell dear Gary that I really, really love him and appreciate him so much. Please tell him I miss him, but I am so happy for him that he can be doing what he loves to do, and I'm happy for our folks that they can have the benefit of seeing the Lord use him in such a wonderful way.

                27. Sweetheart, I'm so thankful that you are helping our precious women to see a wonderful sample of how to love Jesus, completely yielded, with all your heart! I'm so proud of you, and I know Jesus is. Your sample is going to go such a long way.

                28. God bless you, Sweetheart, for going over the "Law of Love" prophecies which the young people received, showing them not only what the Lord said in those particular prophecies, but demonstrating why it is important to go back over all prophecies that the Lord gives. What a great encouragement it must have been to them to get those beautiful things from Him.

                29. I'm glad YA Joy is getting such a wonderful chance to see how much you love me when she types your reports to me. Maybe you should read all of these sweet things you say to me for everybody else. I'm sure it would really turn them on! Of course they already know how loving you are, so I'm sure they wouldn't be surprised! And most of all, I'm so glad they can see how much you love Jesus, and how you go to Him for your comfort and how He is more than enough for any circumstance! He's really wonderful to us, isn't He? Words can't express what a priceless privilege it is to be able to be held in His arms and be loved by Him.

                30. Peter, I'm serious; what you wrote to me here would be nice to share, and maybe some of the things I've said to you. I think it would have quite an impact on the young people. They want to see what real love is like, a relationship that puts Jesus first in every way. Like the Lord has said, it doesn't matter to Him how much we love someone, just so we love Him more! In fact, He loves it when we love each other greatly, just so we love Him even more greatly!

                31. I even wish they could hear all those things the Lord has said to us about how He has blessed us because we were willing to obey and do His will. And part of the blessing that He has blessed us with has been our great love for each other, and the assurance that, in our case, it will remain, and continually grow stronger. It is His plan for us, because He knows that He can accomplish more with both of us joined together loving each other and Him deeply, than if we were single.

                32. This will not always be true of everyone, but at least it shows how great a love the Lord can give two people for each other if they love Him even more greatly. And part of that loving Him more greatly, of course, is to be willing to sacrifice to be apart. Even though we are meant to be a team and always together in spirit, the Lord can, at times, use us even more when we are separated in the physical. But how much better to make these sacrifices, and as a result have the rewards of such great love, than not to make the sacrifices and not have the great blessings poured out by the Lord on our lives because we are not being obedient and yielded to Him.

Loneliness Trials

                33. I was working on one of the "Loving Jesus Jewels" and I was thinking about loneliness. We needed to ask Dad a question, and in his answer he added the following about loneliness, which I thought you'd be interested in.

                34. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) This subject of loneliness is a big one for our Family now. But goodness, if everything was always hunky-dory all of the time in the Family, with no battles or trials, no personal feelings of loss, emptiness or incapabilities, we would be out of touch with the world and the needs of the Lord's sheep.

                35. Loneliness is good for us! It's difficult, but when you think about it, loneliness trials are not any more difficult than jealousy or anger or impatience, or the battles faced by those who think negatively about themselves or are critical of others. They are all trials and they are all difficult. But they are not impossible to go through or survive, because all trials should draw us closer to Jesus. That's the ultimate goal, to get closer to the Lord! Praise His Name!

                36. So encourage those who are lonely, Honey. It's good you experience that when Peter is gone. It's good, because otherwise you might not understand others' trials as easily and as wholeheartedly. You are a compassionate and loving mother, and of course you try to understand and you have empathy, but because of those times when you experience it yourself, you can have sympathy.

                37. I love you, Honey! I'm sorry for the times you miss me; I miss you, too!--But not in the same way, because I get to visit with you and see you often. You always have been and you always will be a part of my heart, so close to my heart, sharing such a big part of my heart with the Lord. You and He fit so wonderfully in my heart. I love you, my dear heart, my sweetheart! And it won't be long, Honey, until we will no longer have to be apart. I love you! XXXXXXX! (End of prophecy.)

                38. (Mama:) Isn't that just beautiful, Peter? I'm enveloped in so much love from Jesus and Dad and you and the Family. It's overwhelming! What a marvelous, marvelous thing that He would take us little nobodies and allow us the priceless privilege of getting all these Words from Him and passing them on! And on top of that, just showering us with love of every kind. It's so mind-boggling, almost unimaginable, if we didn't know it was so, and didn't see it and feel it! And part of the way we see it and feel it is through the love He is showing us through each other. Yours inseparably, M.

Set a Good Example by Asking for Prayer!

                39. Dear Peter, As soon as I received the prayer requests for yours and Heather's afflictions, I sent them around to everyone in the Home. They'll also be having prayer for you at mealtimes when they are together, of course.

                40. As you know, even though they may be small, any little physical affliction can be a distraction and drain and burden, which makes it more difficult for you to tune in to the spiritual and devote your entire efforts to the matters at hand. You know what the Lord told me in that prophecy about my eyes, that I shouldn't neglect to continually ask for prayer, even for the small things, and that He is trying to use my afflictions as an illustration for the entire Family about what they should do also. So you all there need to make sure you set a good example by not waiting until things get bad, but asking for prayer for even small things before they get any bigger--preventative prayer. You all have always been good about asking for prayer, so you probably don't even need this reminder. But if you do, here it is.

Take Heed to the Lord's "Touches of Love!"

                41. Peter, you know that the Lord said He wanted to use your weakness as an example to the flock of your need to depend on Him and cling to Him for your very life, and also as a way to have them rally around you in prayer. He has also told you that He allows your afflictions as an indication that you need to slow down, take it easier and take more time with Him.

                42. The Lord is probably making it necessary for you to slow down now, so you'll be able to last throughout the meetings. You've been giving so much from morning till night, and getting little sleep. You can probably be thankful that you have some heart pains now, which you can more easily deal with at the moment when they are minor, and which will slow you down, as you need to, rather than big heart pains or a big heart attack later because you kept going without having any heart pains, and overdid so much that you did serious damage to yourself. So thank the Lord for the way He restrains us and checks us and controls us, so that we don't accidentally kill ourselves!

                43. Anyway, Sweetheart, you're very, very important to the Lord, and He doesn't want your usefulness to Him to stop with the Summit meeting! There is a lot more for you to do, and you are going to have to give Him cooperation to survive. We live in the physical realm and our physical bodies are what continue to keep our spirits alive and going on this Earth. If our housing gets demolished, the spirit can't work too well without it. It's like a car. Even if its "spirit"--its engine and chassis--are intact and everything is operating smoothly, if the body is wrecked and you can't use it, you're not going to be able to use the engine and chassis either. If it doesn't have a body with it, it's not much good!

                44. So, dear body of mine, please take heed to these "touches of love," and make sure you're getting His phone call on the red emergency telephone and doing what He wants you to do--not only slowing down, but getting more rest, more sleep, more hearing from the Lord. Then, you'll probably have to use it as a lesson for everyone so they will all understand the way the Lord works, and the principles involved.

                45. Thank you, my precious love, for laying down your life for others to show them Jesus' Love. You give and give and give and it takes its toll, but Jesus more than repays, and gives and gives back to us, in every way! I love you so much, my dearest. Yours, forever!

Hotline Telephone Prophecy!

                46. My precious Peter, my sweetheart, my darling, I love you so very much, and I really am with you in spirit! I can't stay away! I've got to be there to "haunt" you. Ha!

                47. I hope you didn't mind that Heather told me that your heart was bothering you. If you can't take the time to write me about it, somebody has to! And because of it, you sure have been getting lots and lots of prayer. Please don't ever be hesitant to have folks tell us things, because they always get you the prayer power that is needed.

                48. Please don't hesitate to have Heather sleep with you whenever you feel that you might need her. I'm so thankful that she loves you so much and that you feel so comfortable with her. Besides, she is a wonderful prayer warrior, and she can be a tremendous blessing, as you know!

                49. I know that you've had lots of Words from the Lord about your heart, and you could probably go to your computer and read pages and pages of them. You could have probably found the "Hotline Telephone" prophecy for yourself, but not knowing for sure that you would, or that you could, I'm including it here! It's just so tremendous! I hope that reviewing this will be as encouraging to you as it was to me:

                50. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) Fret not for your heart, for the pain is not to make you fear. It is a token of My presence. It is a token of My hand upon you, for I will let nothing harm you. But you can comfort yourself in that I am present with you, and if I am with you, you have nothing to fear.

                51. This heart pain is My direct connection with you, like the emergency telephone, the red telephone! It's like the hotline phone the president gets when he comes into office; if there's an emergency, he can pick it up and have an immediate channel.

                52. This is My hotline to you, and you to Me--My direct dial, My instant communication. This is what you inherited when you came into office, My hotline frequency. It is both a privilege and a responsibility to have this hotline with Me. It is the fastest and most direct way to get your attention, and I know as long as you have this hotline with Me, you'll seek Me with all your heart, and those around you will pray for you and uphold you.

                53. Sometimes when you need extra prayer during times of decision, times of change, times of importance, you may be afflicted so that those who surround you may pray for you, and for your connection, for your decision-making, for your anointing, to uphold you in prayer and in support. For how else can I get them to pray, and pray not just for your health? This pain is the buzzer that is ringing, that is calling, to pray for the things you need prayer for--for your anointing, for your work, for your rest, for your decisions as you talk to Me, that you'll hear Me clearly.

                54. The reason you get afflictions sometimes is not so much to pray for the affliction itself, but to pray for other things. Praying for the affliction would be like praying for a phone that is ringing. But using these afflictions is how I get your attention to pray for these things I want to draw your attention to.

                55. So when you feel this pain, know that I am calling on the hotline trying to get through. Sometimes it will be to slow you down. But what is the best way to slow down?--By stopping to pray. Pray for the projects, pray for the people, pray that I will work. You can write as many letters as you want, but unless I work in the hearts, it does not do any good.

                56. So stay on the hotline! You have a direct line to Me, as your father David did. As I promised him that I would speak to him face to face, so do I speak to you face to face, and to Maria I speak heart to heart. Worry not, for the soul of My servant, the life of My servant, is preserved. Nothing shall come nigh you to hurt you, not even a fly, unless it is by My permission. For you are in My hand, and My face is continually toward you. (End of prophecy.)

                57. (Vision:) There was a picture of a red phone called "hotline" with a red light on it. The light was heart-shaped and it was flashing off and on, pulsating with the same rhythm of a heartbeat. And when Peter would answer it, it would stop flashing. (End of vision.)

* * *

                58. (Mama:) I thought that the Lord might have even more to give you regarding your heart pains, so I asked Matthew and one of the girls, who were already praying about something anyway, to ask the Lord why you were having this problem right now. Of course the Lord already gave us valuable insight in the "hotline" prophecy that He gave us some time ago, and wonderful encouragement about your heart at other times in the past, but I just wanted to see if there was anything else that He might add.

                59. As you'll see from the messages below, He gave you real specific instruction, tailor-made to this meeting--much the same principles, but with very specific applications. It was just so precious, it made me cry! Such beautiful, beautiful Words! Such wonderful guidance! Doesn't it make you feel so loved?

                60. You'll probably be able to take all of this material and make a whole meeting out of it, when you can read the prophecies and expound on them. Maybe you'll also want to read some of what I said to you.

                61. Plus, I included a little prophecy for me in this file. I had wanted to know if there was any special reason why I got this little headache yesterday and today. You know me, I just like to have the Lord talk to me, and every time He does, I learn something more! Of course, we don't necessarily have time to hear from the Lord every time we get a little headache, but in this case I felt there was something the Lord wanted to tell me about it. In this beautiful message, He even told me how He teaches me in my sleep!--And that means that He does the same for you, and for all of His children!

                62. Do you remember when I told you once that I wanted to pray more about sleep and see what happens when we sleep? Dad talked about the role of dreams in "Why Do We Dream" (ML #1838), but I wanted to know more about sleep in general, when we're not dreaming. I could just never imagine that He would waste all that time by having us just do nothing for the several hours we sleep every night! Shortly after I had those questions, there was an article on the network news that talked about how in your sleep your mind organizes facts and figures and information that you accumulated that day, and sort of gets rid of the "clutter." But much more than that, the Lord says He is communing with us and putting thoughts and ideas in our minds and teaching us. You know those verses about "instructing us in the night seasons" (Psa.16:7) and giving us "songs in the night" (Job 35:10)? Maybe that's in our sleep, too!--Not literal songs, but learning to love Him and praise Him, etc.

                63. In this prophecy the Lord was also telling me pretty much what I was admonishing you about the need to take rest, and that "without the body, the spirit cannot operate as efficiently." I have been very, very busy with all there is to do now with you gone and the Summit meeting and all, so I guess the Lord wanted to make sure that I applied to myself the same instruction that I gave you. Here's the prophecy we received when praying about your heart and your afflictions.

When You Feel Weak, Stop and Come to Me!

                64. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) I know your weariness. I know your burdens. I know the difficulty that you face daily--the press of the people. When I was on the Earth, I also felt the weariness, the tiredness, the weakness in the flesh. But because of the need, My Father gave Me great compassion on the sheep. I have given you that same compassion, for you are My earthly king to represent Me to My sheep, to My people, to My leaders. Though this is a great burden, My grace will be sufficient for you and I will carry you through and lead you each step of the way.

                65. I will make you weak when I want you closer to Me, when I want you to leave the crowds and the press of the people and go into your chamber so that I can strengthen you spiritually most of all; so that I can draw you close to Me and to My bosom and fill you with My Love and the power of My Spirit, that you will have power to go out and carry My Spirit to these people.

                66. So worry not for these afflictions, for I will keep you. I will help you day by day, and I will show you step by step. When you feel weak, come to Me, for you are laboring and you are heavy laden. So when I make you weak, you must stop and come unto Me that I may refill you, that I may strengthen you. For there is great demand upon you, and you cannot handle this in your own strength and in your own physical abilities.

                67. So worry not for this weakness, for it is of Me. Worry not that you cannot participate in every activity and be involved in everything and every meeting. For you must be the channel that I will flow through. I will mightily flow through you and I will accomplish the purpose whereunto you have been sent.

                68. Hold on to My hand. Let us be lovers together during this entire time, and I will make your face to shine before the people, and the power of My Love shall flow out boundless, incomprehensible, so that all will know that it is I Who speak, that it is I Who am working there. They will know through your weakness of the flesh, through your humility and lack of confidence and lack of your own ability, that it is Me, that I am the One Who is feeding them directly; that you are just a channel, a faucet, an extension of the love and the power and the anointing that I have given to you and Maria.

                69. So fear not, worry not, nor allow the pressure from the press that is upon you to distract you from your purpose. Your purpose is to get in touch with Me each day, to not go out among the sheep until you have the perfect peace that passes understanding, that perfect faith that comes from knowing that I am totally in control. You have My promise that I am totally in control as long as you stay in that inner chamber in your heart, that communion with Me at all times.

                70. I will lift the burdens and the heavy loads. I will give you joy and pleasure in this undertaking. For what I have promised, I am able also to perform. So keep looking to Me and remember, "The joy of the Lord is your strength."

Be a Sample of Weakness and Dependence on the Lord!

                71. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Hallelujah, Son! God bless you! You're really rollin' now! You're rockin' and rollin' for Jesus, and you've got those kids rockin' and rollin' and jumpin' up and down and clapping their hands for joy, for Jesus, for the Family, for love, for the Spirit! You're doing a terrific job--wonderful, absolutely wonderful! I'm so proud of you and Gary and Heather. What a team! What an anointing! What a beautiful working of the Lord's Spirit! It couldn't be going better! You're really in tune and hearing from Him. So don't get discouraged, but keep fighting and keep looking to Jesus!

                72. I'm sorry to see you suffer, Son. I know it weighs heavily on you and it's difficult for you. But these kids need to see your weakness, they need to see your humility. They need to see that it's not of you, but it's the Lord's anointing. It is for this reason that the Lord allows you to be weak in the flesh, bone tired, where you wonder how you're going to be able to keep it up for another month, when you're so tired you wonder where you'll get the strength even for that day, even for the next meeting, much less for the next weeks!

                73. But you see, this weakness is an important part of the Lord's plan, because these kids are strong in themselves. They are young and vibrant and energetic and strong!--And many of them are strong in themselves and strong in the flesh. They haven't learned yet to be strong in the Spirit. They haven't learned yet how to lean on the Lord and hear His voice and follow Him.

                74. So that's one of the most important things they need to see in you, how you lean on the Lord, so they will know that it's not because you are such a brilliant man or such a gifted speaker or such an anointed shepherd who has gotten years and years of training. Although all of those things are part of what make you King Peter, the most important thing they need to see is that you lean on the Lord and you depend on Him and you know that without Him, you are nothing. You look to the Lord and you cry out to Him in humility, and it is that which makes you great. It is that humility and that dependence on the Lord that the kids need to see.

                75. So don't be afraid to be weak. Don't be afraid to have to rest. Even if you have to cancel some of your meetings, even if you can't walk with people as much as you'd like, even if you can't participate in all of the activities and the recreation and the fellowship, don't worry, because that's not the most important thing. The most important thing is that they see you resting in the Lord, depending on the Lord, taking time with Him and hearing from Him.

                76. When the CROs see you taking the time you need to rest and get refilled and strengthened, that will be a powerful sample to them, because they too need to learn to do that. Many of them are no longer strong in the flesh. Many of them fight afflictions and weakness. But many of them have not yet learned to rest in the Lord and take the time for rest and sleep and prayer and the Word and hearing from the Lord.

                77. So you see, Son, this light affliction will work a great work in the hearts of these who behold it. Though you feel weak and like you're wasting time, actually it's one of the most important samples, this weakness of the flesh and this depending on the Lord. So don't worry, the Lord has allowed it so that you will rest and hear from Him and get your instructions from Him, so you don't get caught up in all the business and all that there is to do, and the busy schedule and the many details. You, as the shepherd, as the head of the body, must get your instructions from the Lord. You must be the one who guides the overall direction for the meetings. You must be the one to hear the still, small voice and to receive the overall plan of which way to go. So you must have that quiet time with Him. You must have that rest.

                78. So don't let the Devil trick you into thinking that you need to go fast, you need to press in and you've got to do this and you've got to do that. Constantly remember these words, Son: The most important thing you have to do is hear from the Lord! So take it easy. Take your time. Take your rest. You have Gary and Heather there to help shoulder the load. They can help with the details, the organization, even chairing some of the meetings and lots of the talk time with individuals. Don't overdo. Don't spread yourself too thin. Just rest in the Lord, because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Even during a Summit meeting, Son, His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

                79. So don't let your heart be troubled. I know your heart is fixed and you're trusting in Him, and He will not allow any evil to befall you in any way. So don't worry. You're doing beautifully. It's terrific! The fruit from this meeting will be so widespread that you can't even comprehend it! You can't even imagine what the Lord is going to do through these young people, through the fire that He will light in their hearts. It will be a mighty explosion! So don't be weary in well doing. Keep trusting Him. Keep doing what you're doing and keep looking to Him, and the Lord will lead and guide you.

                80. He will strengthen your heart. He will continue to give you all that you need--strength, health, anointing, love, discernment, wisdom, faith. All that you need is found at His hand and in listening to His whispers. God bless you, Son, I'm so proud of you! It's beautiful what the Lord is doing through you. Hallelujah! I love you, Son! xxxxxxx! (End of prophecy.)

                81. (Mama:) Now here is what the Lord said about my headache:

Gentle, Loving Reminders to Rest!

                82. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) My dear, wonderful Maria, My most ardent lover, My most desperate one, oh, how I love you! Oh, how I love to commune with you in spirit and in love. Oh, how I long to comfort you and put My arms about you and kiss your forehead and whisper sweet, wonderful things in your ear. You are such a joy to Me, such an encouragement, such a blessing to My children.

                83. But you must have rest to do your best. You must also take time to rest your body and to be sure that you have the physical strength you need to carry you through. I know this is very difficult, because I have put so much love in your heart for your children, and there is so much to do every day. But these things, these little checks, these little reminders are just to encourage you, in love, that you must go slow. You must rest your body. You must lay it down and let Me regenerate you and restrengthen you. For I also speak to you in your sleep, and I give you many things for the next day while you sleep with Me. We commune, and I put many things in your heart.

                84. So be not afraid to take that rest when you need it, for I pour very much through you, and it takes a lot of your strength. In order for Me to do this, you must keep your body strong. You must rest and exercise and do the things that are needful for the body, for without the body, your spirit cannot operate as efficiently as it must. For there is much that I must do through you. I must feed My children daily through your spirit, so I must check you and keep you strong in body--weak enough to stay desperate with Me, but strong enough to pour out all that I give unto you. So worry not. Fear not for these things, for they are just gentle, loving reminders to rest. (End of prophecy.)

The Benefits of Afflictions!

(After hearing from Heather that she had a large cold sore on her top lip:)

                85. (Mama:) Through these afflictions, including your cold sore, Heather, the Lord has a way of getting through to us, doesn't He? Please try to look at the positive side of it instead of the negative. The Lord even helped you to get more sleep and take some time with Him, both of which I'm sure you desperately need.

                86. Heather, I'm sorry you're self-conscious about going to the dance because of your cold sore, I can understand your trial completely! I think I would feel the same way! So we'll really be praying for you. Probably most of the dances will be close, and the lights will be low and nobody will be concentrating on your cold sore, just on your warm, sweet body and loving words. So minimize the negative and maximize the positive, and use it as a lesson. I'm sure a lot of them have similar problems at times, and you have to be touched by their "infirmities."

                87. I'm so, so thankful we went ahead and prayed and asked the Lord about it, because He gave a real good lesson for everyone that we would have otherwise missed if we hadn't asked. It shows what the Lord wants to teach us if we are open for it!

                88. Of course, the young people would still have gotten a lesson from it, but so many of the details of the lesson might have been lost! Now you'll probably be able to read most of these prophecies to them, and they'll be able to get so much from them! I'm just so happy!--I feel almost like I'd like to be a little puppy dog who could show it by wagging his tail and his whole body wagging along with it, quivering all over with excitement and joy! I was just trying to think of what outstanding example of happiness there is, and I thought of a little puppy. Isn't that funny?

                89. Heather, here are the beautiful Words the Lord gave about your cold sore:

                90. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) Oh, My sweet and precious one, do not fear nor fret nor worry for this light affliction, for it is but for a moment. It is something that I will use for My glory, because you are surrounded by many young people and they are burdened and distracted with many things about themselves that they worry about--things that they think are ugly, things that they think displease others, things that weigh them down and steal their joy and distract them. I will use this light affliction in your life to help you to be a sample to others, so that they can see your weakness, your human side, your sense of humor, your tender spirit, and so that they will be able to relate to you better.

                91. In a way that you do not realize, I will use this affliction to cause a bond to grow between you and the young people that you will minister unto. Just as you have this outbreak on your face that looms so high before you and you feel that everybody is looking at it, and it distracts you and causes you to be embarrassed, these young people all have something that causes them to be embarrassed, to be distracted, that they think people are looking at and thinking negatively about them because of it.

                92. They're wondering if maybe I am judging them, or if people are looking down upon them because of their afflictions or their battles or their problems or their past sins or their reputation or their weaknesses or their doubts or their jealousy or their past failures. There are so many things in the hearts and minds of these young people that make them feel insecure, that make them doubt My Love, that make them feel people are staring at them or wondering about them or criticizing them or sizing them up.

                93. This is a small sacrifice in your life, but you will see that it will bear great fruit. It will give you more sympathy and empathy for the young people, and it will give them a greater bond of understanding and communication with you. It will make them feel more comfortable when they see that you are embarrassed, that you have something that you worry about, that makes you feel uncomfortable, that makes you feel ugly before others, that makes you feel imperfect. It will only make them love you more and cling to you more tightly and respect you more and appreciate you more.

                94. Don't worry, My sweet, precious, beautiful one. They see beyond these tiny flaws of the flesh which are so insignificant in their eyes when they look upon you and they see your love and sympathy and compassion and understanding. They see your soft heart, they hear your tender words of encouragement, and they feel great acceptance from you. They feel that they can relax and they can be themselves. So don't worry that they'll be looking at you critically or that they'll be put off by this little tiny imperfection, because they'll be looking at your beautiful eyes and feeling your wonderful love and experiencing your tender spirit.

                95. So fear not, and be not impatient, for I will deliver you from this affliction, and at that time you will look back and you will see that I have caused all things to work together for good. Even this burden, you will see, will turn to a blessing, and you will thank Me for even this affliction, and you will know that I do all things well. (End of prophecy.)

Taking Time for the Lord Is for Everyone!

                96. (Mama:) Well, Peter, like the Lord said, folks need to see your example of weakness and your need to take time away from everything, to be strengthened by Him both physically and spiritually. We've told them in the Letters over this past year how we spend that time with the Lord. However, they've always looked at us as some special case, thinking that because we aren't in the middle of everything, we must be "up here in our ivory tower with all the time in the world." Some people seem to mistakenly think we can take all the time we want to read the Word and to hear from the Lord and to praise the Lord and to love Jesus together, etc., etc.!

                97. So apparently one reason the Lord has you there at the Summit meeting--amongst many other reasons, of course--is to show them that taking time with the Lord and stepping back from everything and spending time with Him is not just for folks who aren't involved in the busy rush of CRO business and visiting field Homes, etc. It's even--surprise, surprise--necessary at Summit meetings! It's even for times when you have the very most to do, the most pressing schedule, the most intense pressure and the greatest strain! In fact, that's the time when you need it even more! The Lord is trying to drive that point home very vividly. And as you know, when you're at home we're very busy too, with the whole Family to take care of. It's not like we have lots of time on our hands to spend with the Lord--we have to make time!

                98. He wants them to learn that it's not just for a top leader--although the one with the most responsibility will probably have to take the most time with the Lord--but it's meant to be for everyone! Everyone has to take time with the Lord to get their instructions from Him, their refilling from Him, their peace and rest from Him!

                99. So, my darling, you will need to not only withdraw into your chamber to spend time with our precious Jesus, but you will have to make it known that you are doing so. This is not the time to apply, "when thou goest into thy closet, don't let anybody know about it." This is a time to let people know what you are doing, and why. Take your intercom off the hook and tell them why. Put your "Do Not Disturb" sign out and tell them why. Read these prophecies to them. Explain to them and do everything you can to be the sample of weakness and dependence on Him and yieldedness to His instruction that the Lord wants you to be.

                100. I know you will, Honey. You love Jesus so much, and even when it's hard, you call out to Him for His help, and He always gives it in abundance. You're such a wonderful example of faith and obedience.

Peter's Love Tape!

                101. My darling Peter--I just got done listening to you say those precious love words to me on the tape you sent me, and it did all those things to me that I love you to do! It touched me, it moved me, it made me breathe faster, it made my heart pound, and I wanted you deep within me! It made me want you so much! And I had you, through those beautiful words of love and desire from you. You and Jesus fucked me so good, and I loved it! I really felt it--from both of you! It was soooooooooo exciting, my darling.

                102. What a wonderful treat! You were inspired! And you inspired me by putting your spire into me! It felt so good to have you here with your sexy body all wrapped up with mine, and you thrusting deeply and wildly into me! And to have both of my passionate, wild lovers doing it to me, I could hardly stand it, it was such excitement! You just drove me crazy with desire for you!

                103. I'm yours, Honey, and we're stuck together--forever! I'll never let you go, and I know you'll never let me go. Jesus will never let either of us go, and we'll hold on tight to Him, too! What wonderful love!--Underneath us, on top of us, all around us! I feel so loved! And I need you!--Every day, in every way! I love you, my precious darling, my exciting lover, my wonderful husband! I'm your handmaid--a maid who likes her hands all over you! Thank you for letting me do it to you! I'm glad we don't have to wait until you get home! Sweetheart, you're marvelous!--And I'm so in love with you, and always will be! Yours, M.

                104. P.S. I listened to one of the YA reactions, where the young man was saying about his wife: "Even though I'm with my friends … I still miss my 'other half,' because she is the one who knows me best and loves me most. Without her, something is missing, and there is a hidden longing for her!" Sweetheart, I want you to know that I feel the same about you!--Except that my longing isn't "hidden" because I tell you about it all the time! I don't want you to forget it! I need you!

Turning Thoughts into Prayers!

                105. Precious Peter, I love you so much, Honey! When I miss you "legitimately," I try to turn my missing and my longing for you into prayers for you, and I recall your love-filled touches. I love your touches and your passionate embraces, your warm caresses, the feel of your body pressed against mine, as we kiss and love and enrapture each other with His Love. Terrific feelings of passion well up inside, and I'm so happy and feel so blessed to know that you love me, to know that Jesus has put us together, melted us together as one in His Love! What a satisfying feeling! I love you so much, my precious one.

                106. I'd better not dwell too much on this, or I won't get anything else done--and you won't either! Maybe I can just go on to a few miscellaneous notes I have--except that just thinking about you really got me turned on and it is hard to concentrate on business!

                107. Now I'll try to get down these points for you, Lord willing: (I'll try to be brief!--I guess you've heard that before, and it probably doesn't mean much any more! Oh well! Thanks for your patience!)

                108. Peter, I just thought that the prophecies about your afflictions that we sent you the other day were absolutely wonderful! And it was so touching to see Dad's deep understanding of your situation there, and how he felt for you, how you sometimes think you can hardly make it to another meeting! It must have made you feel so reassured that he and the Lord know all the difficulties you face and all the tremendous responsibility that falls on your shoulders! But they also know how to help you to carry it so it won't be so heavy! It was so, so precious, I almost cried!

New "Loving Jesus" Songs!

                109. I just got your little note, Heather, about your Sunday Fellowship last night! It sounds beautiful! Wow, Peter!--All those new "Loving Jesus" songs that the kids wrote! It sounds like your class and your encouragement to get the words in prophecy--whether they all came in prophecy or not--really paid off! Hallelujah! I can't wait to hear them! I hope you'll get them all recorded, so that you can bring them back with you!

                110. It's just marvelous to see how with a little nudge and a little help and support, these young people can get so turned on and have their fires lit so brightly, that they can just take the ideas given to them and carry on from there, and accomplish such wonderful things for the Lord! They just need to see people having faith in them and giving them the freedom to implement the ideas. It's wonderful to watch them at work, isn't it?!

                111. It's also such a reward for your labors, that when you sacrifice and lay down your lives for them, you see how the Lord more than repays! Look what the Lord and Dad working through all of us have started! It's powerful! No wonder it makes you cry! It's the Spirit at work doing great and wonderful things!

Going to the Lord for the Answers!

                112. God bless you for going to the Lord for the answers, like you did when you didn't know what direction to take next in your agenda. He is so wonderful to answer all of our questions! It's just beautiful! He's trying to show us how He wants to speak about everything! He even said in something the other day that the Family should use prophecy as one way of showing His Love to the sheep!--That the day of FFing was over--the day of wooing the lost through the physical--but that He has given other ways to do it, including prophecy! Isn't that neat?

Trusting Our Young People!

                113. Peter, We prayed about whether we should share some of the GP book material with the young people or not. Our hesitancy was that when they returned home they would start telling everyone about the contents of the "Who Said They're Dead" books. I would rather be the one to explain about the books to the Family, so that they can get a full explanation in print, rather than hear about it by word of mouth. The key is if they can promise not to talk about it when they get home. So I asked the Lord about it, and here is what He and Dad said.

                114. (You may be wondering why I'm including this section in this GN, since it may appear to be a moot point now that the "Who Said They're Dead" material is already out to the Family. I'm including these prophecies because they contain very good lessons on trusting others--young people in particular--which can apply to many aspects of our lives in the Family.)

                115. (Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) The saying is true, that trust is the basis of any relationship. I would that you would base your relationship with these young people on trust--that you should trust them and that they should trust you. For if you trust them in these little things, it shall increase their desire to trust you for the bigger things, for the duties that they will be called upon to perform, for the new revelations that they will be called upon to receive and to implement and to shepherd others on.

                116. I am calling these to be bellwethers to the flock, bellwethers to their peers. In order to be bellwethers, they must follow the shepherd very closely, wherever he goes. They must stay very close to the shepherd in complete trust. They must trust that the shepherd knows where he is going. They must trust that when the shepherd turns to the right, it is the right way to go. Or when the shepherd turns to the left, that it is correct. They must not lean to their own understanding, analyzing, drawing their own conclusions, but they must trust that the shepherd is led of Me. For indeed, My queen and My king, who are their shepherds, are led of Me. And the greater amount of trust that they have in you, the better samples they will be, the better bellwethers to My flock.

                117. Trust engenders more trust. So as you trust them in this thing, it shall engender their trust for you. Therefore make it clear to them that you are trusting them and that you are counting on them to not violate this trust.

                118. For some it will be a test. For if you cannot trust them with these little things, how will you then trust them with the weightier matters of state? This will be your first step in building up their trust--your trust in them and their trust in you.

* * *

                119. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Honey, the Lord has given you lots of wisdom and understanding in many matters. It's good that you seek Him on each one. It was very wise to have these young people attend this important Summit meeting. It sends a very loud and clear message to all, that you are training and raising up a new generation to help carry the load of shepherding and leadership of our wonderful Family. The Lord is well pleased with this. And these young ones are thrilled that they are able to partake of this training, of this spirit, of this vision for the future. Their peers also will be greatly encouraged that their generation is now being included in the leadership of the Family.

                120. But remember, Honey, I've said many times that time is a great tester, that the hidden gifts are the real key to true leadership in the Family--the gifts of wisdom and faith, love and loyalty. The CROs have proven their loyalty, and they've proven their wisdom and their love and their faith, and are tried. Each one has been tried in the fire and found worthy, and has come out as true gold.

                121. Though these young ones have withstood many tests as well, they are still untried in the weightier, meatier matters. As the Lord admonishes us in the Bible, meat is for those who are of age and are able to discern these things. Many of these matters that come across leadership's path are very weighty and very meaty. So you have to be prayerful, as always, about how you pass things on and how you train them.

                122. You are showing a great deal of trust in them, but you must go at the Lord's pace, as you feel led, as the Lord directs you each step of the way. It is good to show large measures of trust in them, but each step must be done prayerfully so as not to stumble these or cause them to misunderstand or be confused, or to not have the faith for something that to them is too awesome and more than they're ready for.

                123. As any parent with a child must know when to give greater autonomy and greater freedom, so it is with the top leaders of the Family; they also must pray and discern and ask the Lord each step of the way. The Lord wants these young ones to have great freedom--freedom of movement, freedom of decision-making, freedom of choice, freedom of action. Nevertheless, they are young and idealistic, and they go fast. So they must work together in teamwork with these strong bellwether leaders who have gone through many years of testing and training, your CROs and those closest to you who have been loyal and faithful for many years, who you can trust and lean on completely. You must entrust this to them as well.

                124. All things must be done decently and in order. Feed these what you can, and of course there are tests for them each step of the way. If you follow this plan you will develop very strong, faithful, loyal and loving leaders from these new young adults that the Lord is raising up and has gifted. Some He has gifted even more than the older leaders, Honey. Nevertheless, these older, wiser heads have many things that these young ones have not yet experienced and developed in their character, in their faith, and even in their personalities and interactions with others. So you must balance all these things out and you must use the Godly wisdom and discernment that He has given to you and to your leadership team.

                125. Praise the Lord! This is going to be a very exciting time for these young people, and they are going to get very, very much input to help them to grow and make them the young shepherds and leaders that they need to be for their peers. We're excited about it up Here, and we're looking forward to it with great anticipation! So keep praying for these young ones, that they will stay humble and in the right spirit and respectful to all those that are there, so that they can grow and really grasp these important spiritual principles that they need for leadership. (End of prophecies.)

My Love for You!

                126. (Mama to Peter:) Hello, my sweetheart, my darling, my husband, the other half of my heart. I'm lying here thinking of you, praying for you, needing you, wishing that you were here, that I could talk to you. Lately I've been realizing more than ever how much I need you. It seems that every time you're away I realize this more and more--how much I need you, how much it was the Lord's plan to put us together. I keep seeing more things that you have that I don't have, and how we make such a good team. At first I didn't think I needed your love, although I did love you very much. But I didn't realize I needed a husband. I didn't know my own needs. But I'm so thankful the Lord knew! I'm so thankful how He used you through your gift of prophecy to give us His Words to lead and guide us.

                127. I see now and understand and I'm yielded to our love bond, the importance of being husband and wife for Him, so that I can be complete, so that you can fill in where I lack with your own particular gifts--your help on the pubs, your wisdom, your counsel, your balance, and even your faith in areas where I lack. Your forging ahead, your desperation, your yieldedness to the Lord, your encouragement, administrational abilities, your love for the Lord, which I admire so much. I know that the "Loving Jesus" revelation would never have come to pass without your help, without your faith, without your being my faucet.

                128. Sweetheart, I know I've said many times before that I love you and I need you and that you're my husband. At the beginning I accepted this by faith because the Lord said so in prophecy, but as time has gone on, it's not just by faith, but it's also by feeling. You are now part of me. I know that this is His plan, that you are the one for me, that the Lord has put us together, that you are my number one, my soul mate, my husband, my companion, my king, the one I love, the dearest on Earth to me.

                129. Sweetheart, I always have a difficult time knowing how to express in words my love for you. But I realize that it goes much deeper than words. My love for you is so much greater than words can convey. The Lord has put us together like He put Dad and I together, because it was His plan. Dad and I were appointed and destined to be together. We were created to be together, almost as if we had no will of our own, because it was the Lord's divine plan, His plan to start and lead the Family, to lead His children. He gave each of us the gifts that we needed to help each other and complement each other for the Lord's work. He made us one in every way by combining our gifts and giving us great love for each other, inseparable love.

                130. I loved Dad in many ways. I loved him because I knew he was the Lord's anointed. I loved him out of admiration, respect, and in devotion as God's prophet. But he was also the great love of my heart, my lover and husband. I was his handmaid, helping him with the Words, as his wife, and in every physical need down to his pens, his food, and caring for him in every way.

                131. And, Sweetheart, I want you to know that this is also how I love you, with this great love in every way. I know that we were ordained to be together as husband and wife, as king and queen, as the leadership of the Family, that we also have inseparable love, and that you have what I need, and that I have what you need to lead the Family, and that no other person can fulfill this need. I know that we are to be together, to work together and to love together, and that this is the Lord's plan. You have my love and devotion, as I loved and devoted myself to Dad. It was as if I couldn't do anything else but love him and serve him and fulfill my place. And although I love you with a little bit different love than I did Dad, because we love each person in a different way, yet I know that you are the love for me for now and the future.

                132. And though sometimes we may not always be together, you are still my husband, my mate, my king, and nothing will ever change that! We'll be able to communicate and counsel together and work together and love together even though we are apart, and nothing will come between our love and our marriage and our leadership together, because we are one, and the Lord has ordained us as one. And though we may have other counselors and other helpers, and we may share with others, the Lord has said that I am yours and that you are mine for His work's sake and because of the talents that each of us have that complement each other, and because I need your love and you need my love, and the Family needs us.

                133. So never fear that I will not love you, or that I will ever love someone else more deeply, for I will always love you above all earthly loves. This love is settled in Heaven, and our calling together is ordained by the Lord Himself. This is my word on it and the Lord's word. So please trust and believe Him; never worry. Our love will grow deeper and more steadfast. And as time goes on you'll be more reassured of my love and devotion to you, and you'll have more faith and confidence that we are permanently joined together by the Lord, inseparable, not only as head of the Family, head of the Lord's work as king and queen, but as lovers and as husband and wife.

                134. I know that you'll always love me, but there's that question in your mind whether I will love you as you love me, and if I need you as much as you need me. I do, Sweetheart. I need you and I want you, and no one can ever take your place, and I couldn't love anyone as I love you. So be comforted and be happy and reassured that our love is settled. I love you, my dearest sweetheart. I need you, my husband, my lovemate, my companion, my king and my helper.--Always and forever yours, your wife, your love, your queen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family