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PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS!--Part 4!     Maria #349            DO 30729/96

--What to Do About the Problems of the Family!--By Maria

Please read parts 1, 2 and 3 of this Letter (GNs 697, 698 and 701) before reading this GN. Thanks!

Table of Contents

                Unite and Fight!   2

                Live the Word!     4

                Practical Tips and Pointers8

                The Times, They Are A-changin'!    10

                I Need Fighters!--Are You with Me?                13

Dear Family,

                1. I love you! As I was preparing the "Problems and Solutions" series, Dad gave some very fitting messages that were on related subjects, which I felt would be beneficial to include in this series. He gives some tremendous advice on how to improve your Home life and "get it together," how to defeat the attacks of the Enemy, how to prepare for the changes that are to come, and what it means to be a fighter! These are some red-hot, on-fire talks, so buckle up your seat belts and get ready for an exciting ride!

                2.I will include a minimum of commentary on the following talks from Dad, because they're very clear and straightforward. They're new Heavenly MO Letters! Praise the Lord! Also, there is a message from the Lord that you won't want to miss. He gives very important counsel about how to make the Word more real in your lives, and about the responsibility you have, as individuals and as a Home, to be a sample of the living Word!

Unite and Fight!

                3.The first message is concerning the lack of unity in our Homes, a problem which sadly, from what we've heard, has been fairly common.

                4.(Dad speaking:) Divide and conquer, that is the Devil's favorite slogan. My father always did say that it was impossible for two families to live under the same roof. And he was right; it's nigh impossible. Unless they really love each other and share all things, and the two families become one family, it just won't work. And haven't we proven that in the Family too?

                5.We're seeing it right now in the Family. We're seeing the proof, the wisdom of my father's words right now in some of our Homes. But it's pitiful, Honey, it's pitiful. Well, maybe we can pray that these poor people will learn through these experiences. Sometimes, sad to say, we just have to learn through these rough times. Sometimes when we go the wrong way, at least hopefully we can learn where it ain't. Although it's easier to learn through the mistakes of others, some people just aren't satisfied, they have to learn it for themselves. But thank the Lord, when they do, it's usually a good solid lesson.

                6.It's important that people learn this, Honey, because that's what the Lord is trying to teach the Family now. The Family needs to learn these valuable lessons, because they'll be needed in the days to come when we are going to rule and reign with Him. Can't you see the wisdom of the Lord, and one reason He led us to put the Charter in motion right at this time? It's requiring people to have to live and work together and learn these lessons. And even when some of our folks see that it's not so easy to live alone and go it alone, then they'll see that whatever sacrifices they have to make to live together in peace and harmony are well worth it. Our folks need to learn this! They should be passing these grades and going on to bigger and better things, winning the lost!

                7.Right now we've got Homes that are living together under the same roof physically, in name only, and that's about all--and this ought not so to be! My goodness, the purpose of the Charter was not so we could prove the truth of my father's statement. Our Family should know better! The oldsters should know better, and the young people should be able to look to the older generation and learn from their mistakes. Even the young people should have learned this already. Well, we all need reminders, and this is my reminder to the Family.

                8.History repeats itself, and God just doesn't bless people all doing their own thing. He can't bless disunity! He can't pour out His blessing, because His hands are tied when people are all running around doing their own thing.

                9.Let me tell you, folks: If you are having problems in your Homes,if God isn't supplying, if you've got troubles and sickness and all the rest, one of the first things you'd better get down to prayer about is your unity. Are you living in love and peace and harmony with your brethren? Are you doing your part, each one as an individual, to keep the peace? Are you sacrificing enough, yielding to one another enough, and showing a large measure of love? This is God's principle, this is His rule: In unity there is strength! And it takes work, it takes prayer, and it takes a lot of love.

                10.I want to tell the Family that the purpose of the Charter was not to create a bunch of so-called co-op Homes where everybody is running around doing their own thing! That's not my idea of unity, and that's not what our Homes are supposed to be like. A co-op Home, and the way the Lord intended it to be, is people living together, sacrificing for one another, sacrificing their own personal independence to cooperate and share and live and love and work together in unison and in harmony.

                11.All these rights that the Charter gives weren't meant as a license to live selfishly, do your own thing, and go your separate ways! The freedom the Charter provides doesn't mean we now have a "me-first" society. The Charter was inspired by God to help people hear from Him individually, according to their own faith, to make their own choices and be able to get to a place where they could live in love and harmony together, not separately, so they could obey God and bear fruit for Him. It was designed to be a tool, a means, a way to help our folks do a better job for Jesus according to God's plan.

                12. God's plan is to live together in unity and love and harmony! The Charter wasn't meant for people to use as a license to live selfishly, all doing their own thing. My goodness, if that's how people are going to interpret the Charter, maybe we should just throw the whole thing out! I'm almost tempted to, except for the fact that I know the Charter is ordained of God.

                13. I might be getting a little heated here, but when is the Family going to get the point that the Devil's favorite tool with missionaries is to sow division? Beloved, this ought not so to be! For God's sake, and for your own sakes, and the world's sake, dear Family, get it together!

                14.If you don't want to get it together on your own, I might just have to come down there with my little Gideon's band of Heavenly helpers and knock a few heads together! I threatened to do it one time years ago when the boys and the girls were having a hard time, and you got a little talk as a result! (See "Get It Together!" ML #123.)

                15.That's what you need to do--get it together! Communicate with one another, bend a little, and get unified. Just living under the same roof doesn't mean you're united! You've got to have unity of the Spirit first of all, and then all the rest will follow. Unity of spirit, mind and heart. But the Family has it! They have it right at their fingertips, because they have the Lord and the Letters! Unity of the Spirit needs to reign supreme, and then unity of the flesh will follow.

                16.You need to get down in prayer together and let the Lord unite you! United we stand, divided we fall! And let me tell you, the Devil and all his little demons are trying to have a heyday, sowing seeds of disunity here and there. Sure the Family's got problems. Everybody has problems, but even weak men, when united, are powerful. You're going to find that when you get united in spirit, when you are strong in spirit, the Lord will do anything for you!

                17.Why do you think that ol' Devil fights unity so hard?--Because he knows he's got to scram and skedaddle when he sees the weakest saint get down on his knees. Now if one saint on his knees can cause the Devil to flee, just think what happens when you all get together and get united! One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight. So just think what a whole Home can do!

                18.One of the main purposes of the Charter was to strengthen and unify the Family like never before. Just like the Early Church--their strength was in spirit, not in a bunch of formalities and centralized government. And look what God did for them! They blew the known world of their day apart as a result! Because of their unity, God was able to pour down His power on them, and they went out and got the job done. They were united in vision and goals by His Spirit, and God blessed them.

                19. This is the Devil's favorite trick with missionaries: Divide and conquer. Don't fall for it! Beloved, this is a wake-up call! It's time to wake up and open your eyes! It's time to get back up on the wall, to fight to repair the breach, and let His Love wash away the black filth of disunity.

                20.I don't want to hear of any more disunity, disagreements before others, and people doing their own thing! If you want division, you can have it--division from us! That is perfectly all right with me, and under the Charter you are free to go. Go back to the churches!--They love to feud and fight and quarrel and bicker and debate. They specialize in that sort of thing. But we are going on to do a job ! We are here to usher in the Kingdom of God, to be united in vision and goals--one mind, one heart, one soul, and one body.

                21. You folks need to do everything you can to strive to keep the unity. Of course you're going to stumble. Of course you're going to fall and make mistakes; I won't blame you for that. But at least you can try. This is what is important and this is what I expect. At least give it your all!--Otherwise, go find a church!

                22.All of you have to do something about it. All of you have to do your part to strive for unity, to strive to keep the peace. "I beseech you, brethren, by the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment" (1Cor.1:10). And I beseech you, dear Family, to hold on to the Word, the Lord and the Letters, because this is your uniting force.

                23.Come on, Family! Call on Jesus for help! Call on me and all your helpers for help! This is a call to repentance! A call to arms! A call to put out the fires of disunity! I am calling you to unite against the foe so we can save His Own, and fill the Earth with the Light of God! I am calling you to forgive those who've wronged you, and seek forgiveness of those you've wronged. I am calling you all to take each other by the hand, back into your circle of fellowship. I am calling you to unite in spirit, in heart, in mind, in body, and in soul!

                24.I am calling you to get it together!--To work, discuss, agree, counsel, talk, love and go together. I am calling you to put aside the fusses and feuds and differences and personality clashes, anything that doesn't promote unity. To Hell with the differences! And that's where they belong--in Hell with the one who created them! Divide and conquer is the Devil's own slogan. But I'm calling you today, dear Family, to unite and fight! That's my slogan: Unite and fight! Fight the foe! Fight for unity! Unite in spirit! Unite in Jesus! We are not divided, all one Body we--one in faith, one in hope, one in unity. We are one Family, one Wife, one Body, one Bride, and we're working together for our Bridegroom. Hallelujah!

                25.So let's get it together today! Don't wait another minute! Get it together and see if He will not pour out the blessings that there will not be room enough to contain. I love you. Unite and fight!--Dad. (End of prophecy.)

                26.(Mama:) After reading this terrific message from Dad, you may want to have communion, which is a wonderful way to show your forgiveness for one another, and to rid yourselves of any divisions. In the above prophecy Dad said, "You need to get down in prayer together and let the Lord unite you! … Beloved, this is a wake-up call! It's time to wake up and open your eyes! It's time to get back up on the wall, to fight to repair the breach, and let His Love wash away the black filth of disunity. … This is a call to repentance! A call to arms! A call to put out the fires of disunity! I am calling you to unite against the foe so we can save His Own, and fill the Earth with the Light of God! I am calling you to forgive those who've wronged you, and seek forgiveness of those you've wronged. I am calling you all to take each other by the hand, back into your circle of fellowship. I am calling you to unite in spirit, in heart, in mind, in body, and in soul!"

                27.What better way to go on the attack to do what Dad is asking than by having a warm, loving, heartfelt communion! As Dad said years ago, "Sometimes communion can be a good time to make things right, if you have anything against your brother or sister. You can have some wonderful prayer meetings on an occasion like this, in which, if you have not gotten along with each other, you can make amends and weep on each other's shoulders, say you're sorry and forgive and get things all straightened out" (MOP 14:46). Why don't you try it?! Praise the Lord!

* * *

Live the Word!

                28.(Mama:) If you're concerned about our young people being unchallenged and leaving the Family, please read the following message! It clearly shows one of the most important solutions to this serious problem!--And the good news is, it doesn't take a lot of preparation, special training, or extra finances to put it into practice. And it's something you can all have a part in! Praise the Lord!

                29. (Jesus speaking:) Prove Me now herewith and see if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing, that you will not have room enough to contain it! Prove Me now! Prove My Word, and see if it will not work wonders! This is the key for My youthful generation--that you challenge them to prove My Word. Challenge them to step out on the waters and put Me to the test. For when My Word is put to the test, when they can see, feel, touch and live My Word, it will speak for itself and they will be won over.

                30.This generation seeks excitement and thrills and the intoxications of My Spirit that can only be found in My Word. Everything that My Word has to offer, they do seek after and want and need, even though at times they realize it not.

                31.Think of My Word and everything it is to you. It is love and warmth and power and light. It gives strength and satisfaction, a purpose in life, and a reason to live. And this is what My youth are seeking. In My Word lies the answers to all your problems. It never fails. It never lets you down. My Word is as precious gold. It is a rare treasure. It stands forever. It is comfort, peace, light and life. My Word is the secret to everything. It is power and enlightenment. It is knowledge and wisdom. My Word is fulfillment. My Word offers thrills, excitement and challenge. Is My Word not everything to you? Is it everything to you?

                32. You believe in My Word as much as you live My Word, as much as you act on My Word, as much as you dwell in My Word and let it dwell in you. Therefore I say to you older generation: Are you living in My Word every second of the day, that your youth may see and feel and witness the fruit of My Word through you? Are you allowing the Word to have free rein in your heart and mind and life, that your children may see? Or are you allowing the cares of this life to choke out the Word, to dampen the Word in your own lives? The best of guides is the one who shows the way. And as these young ones see My living Word come alive, as you thrive on it and allow it to move in you, it will spark within them a desire to want the same and to seek the same.

                33.For these are seeking, they are searching, and although it would seem that many are not interested, they do want all My Word has to offer. But you must help them. You must guide them by leading the way through your own enthusiasm. For they are buffeted about on every side as Satan does fight fiercely, vigorously, with every turn, in every way possible. Therefore hide not My Word under a bushel. Hinder it not, dampen it not. Pull out the stops! Let it flow in you and through you and around you, richly and fully and completely. As a wide, mighty river, open the floodgates and let it flow! I have poured out My Word without measure, and I would not that you store it behind the dam, but that you open the floodgates and let it flow through you! Stir up the Word that is within you!

                34.My darling queen has done her part, and My faithful king, and all their helpers, as they do work fast and furiously to bottle the Wine and send it out. But you who receive the Wine must let it flow! Receive it, and let it flow in you and through you, fully and without measure, so those around you may see My Word in action. When you walk, when you sit down, when you sleep and when you rise, are you thinking about My Word? Are you acting upon My Word? Are you talking about My Word? Are you meditating on My Word?

                35.My Word is contagious! Therefore, if you are burdened and heavy laden and concerned for your youth, check your own hearts. Every man and every woman, lie upon your bed, commune with your own heart, and ask yourself this question: "Am I living, breathing, inhaling, and exuding the Word every moment of the day? Do I freely share the wonderful testimonies of all the Word has done for me? Do I talk about the Word? Do I testify about the Word? Is it obvious to others how I absorb the Word and let it become as the very fibers of my being? Am I pouring forth the Word? Am I myself learning the Word?"

                36.Think not, "Of course we talk about the Word. We think about the Word. We live the Word, for it is our life!" But ask yourselves, "Am I really making this known? Am I proclaiming the Word at every opportunity throughout my days, through my actions and in my life?"

                37.For these young ones do look to you. They look to your sample to see if it be true. They look at the results. And though they would pretend that they do not observe you closely, or that it has little importance, though they would at times seem indifferent and like they are not moved, this is not so. For they look to you throughout the day, every minute that they are with you, to see if you are really living the Word. They look and they see if you put the Word to the test in your own lives.

                38.I would that My young ones put My Word to the test! Therefore challenge them and give them the opportunity to put My Words into practice! Not only to hear and to read, but to live and to put into practice the Words that I speak. This will increase their faith. It will make My Word come alive as they experience the results of My Words. For My Words are Spirit and they are life, and they give life to all that find them. And as they practice the Word and experience the Words, they will become hooked on the Word, for My Word is addicting!

                39.Hinder them not, lest they receive head stuffing only, and it become dull and lifeless and of none effect. Be not as the scholars and theologians who do spend years and years in training, who read the Word only to stuff their heads, but they do not have practice in using My Word, in stepping out on My Word, in putting it to the test and expecting it to work. For these are they who debate over My Words, theorizing, analyzing, supposing, and deposing. These are they who only read and study, but they fail to put My Word to the test.

                40.These do not appropriate faith in My Word. They do not wield My Word accurately. Therefore, for lack of use, for lack of turning on the Word, they are not able to partake of the light and warmth of My Word, so that the power grows dim and weak. They are limited in their use of My Word for lack of real-life experience in putting it to the test.

                41.Therefore do not give My youth My Word in theory only, but give them live, vibrant, practical-life Word experience. And this is best done by leading the way. Begin in your own lives and step out on the water. Put the Word, old and new, that I speak unto you into living action, and see if I will not ignite a fire in them that will set the world ablaze!

                42.And know that anything that you learn but you do not put to use is easily lost. Use it or lose it! Consider how you would teach your child a second language. In class time you may teach them the basics from the book, and go over basic words and rules of grammar and speech. Yet should that child never have the opportunity to practice his new language skills, using the language, going out among the people and conversing, his proficiency in that language is limited. If they are not able to speak the new language with those around them, to venture out and use what they have learned in class, their progress is slow and they are severely limited in their grasp of the new language. If they do not have the opportunity to put what they learn in the classroom into use on a daily basis, they will not grow and progress to be fluent speakers in that language.

                43.So it is with My Word. They must live the Word and put it into practice. And as they live it, they will understand it more and more and thereby be more and more moved by it, more and more dependent on it, hooked on it, and their appetite will grow.

                44.You cannot expect these to grow and love the Word by head stuffing alone. It is as they live the Word and put it into practice that they will grow to learn its value and to depend on it. The best way to acquire faith is to live by faith--to be put into a situation where you must live and practice your faith. The best way to grow in My Word is to put it to the test--to prove My Word!

                45.You do well to bring your youth into close fellowship and allow them to experience the Word along with you. Encourage them to hear fresh from Me daily. Give them responsibility and let them exercise their faith, that they may call on My Word, stand on My Word, and live My Word. Give them exercises in My living Word. Allow them to take action, to pioneer new things every day. Do not limit their faith nor seek to explain My Word away because of your own lack of following closely. My Word can stand on its own. And know that as you swim in it, revel in it, thrill to it, and proclaim it, so will they! As you let the fire of My Word burn deep in your hearts, it will set their hearts on fire!

                46.My Word does not return unto Me void, but it will accomplish that which I send it to do. As you do all you can do, I will do the rest. As you pour out faithfully, moment by moment, each day, every day, I will pour in.

                47.Fear not for these who seem indifferent, who appear dull of understanding and who lack excitement about My Words. Be not weary in well doing nor think, "But we have tried everything. We have poured out, we have spoon-fed them. We have stuffed it down their throats, and we cannot see the results. Still they have no hunger."

                48.Again I say, My Word never returns void, and it will accomplish that which I sent it to do. And these who seem weak and weary, even those who have gone out to seek a new thing, if they have been brought up in the nurture and admonition of My Word, it will not return unto Me void. For in their backsliding, know that I work in their lives. They will learn to know My Word in a way that they have never known before, for it is imbedded deep in their hearts and minds. I will trigger it in time of need, and even now it does speak to them.

                49.Those who try to choke out the Word, who try to cut it off and disconnect it--these are only futile attempts. For they cannot disconnect from the strong cords of My Word that have been planted deep within. My Word is never lost. As they pass through the fires of affliction and the burning heat of the System, they will come to know through bitter experience that My Word, and My Word alone, can save them. For should these ascend up into the Heavens, I am Here! And should they descend down to the very depths of Hell, I am there also, to save and to revive through My life-giving Words!

                50.As I have magnified My Word above My Name, so I would that you do the same. Consider your priorities, consider your methods of teaching. Make every activity, every task, every chore revolve around My Word in some way, that you may reflect the light of My Word in all you do. For when I say you must live in My Word, this means every minute of the day. I do not necessarily mean that you should stop all activity and hide away for hours and hours on end only reading My Word. A false balance is an abomination to Me. Therefore seek the balance between classroom study and practical life experience. Do not leave My Word at the door when you go out to tend to the duties of the day. Do not leave My Word behind in the textbooks, but put it into action.

                51.Take My Word with you wherever you go. Think not that to live in My Word and dwell in My Word, you must always be behind closed doors with the "do not disturb" sign up. For though this is important, and it is vital that you have these times alone in refreshing and refilling, it is also important when you walk out the door and put the "do not disturb" sign aside that you do not forget My Word, but continue to walk therein. Walk in My Word in all that you do.

                52.There are many ways that you can live in My Word throughout the day. There are many ways you can constantly be administering the antidote of My Word--in your actions, in your conversation, in your business --applying My Word throughout the day. Do you apply My Word to your life in all things, in everything you do, in all the little things that happen in the course of your day, in all the ways you go about your business?

                53.When you leave your closet, do not go out and quickly forget all I spoke to you about. Do not latch on to idle words and vain conversation, but let My Word be intertwined with all you do and say and think throughout the day. Let your talk and your speech be Word-based, that it always point back to Me in some way. Apply My Word in your conversation throughout the day. There are many poisons and toxins in the atmosphere that continually try to pollute and destroy minds and hearts. Therefore arm yourselves and arm your youth with the antidote of My Word!

                54.When you sit down to watch the news on TV, a documentary, an interesting show, or a movie, do you discuss it? Do you apply My Word and discern what you have taken in? Are you constantly leading, guiding, and pointing to My Word in some way, in some manner, and in some form--through a lesson, through a discussion, in casual conversation, in your fun times and in your serious times? Do you live, think, and breathe My Word? Do you allow My Word to enter into every area of your life?

                55.When you go out to witness and minister to others, or to run errands and do business, after a day of input of all the sights and sounds of the city, do you discuss the events of the day? Do you give Word-based comments or answers, balancing out the events of the day with My Word? Do you help them seek out Word-based solutions from My written Word, or by seeking Me for My living Words in a normal, natural, fun, alive atmosphere? I am not stiff and dull, boring and lifeless, and I would that you include Me in on everything you do. I want to be included in on everything! Do not leave Me out of one minute of your day.

                56.Do you give them My antidote, My answers, at every possible opportunity? For these young ones are exposed to much garbage, therefore it is necessary to constantly administer the antidote of My Word, that their intake be balanced. And not these only, but for all My Family, young and old alike, you must get a balance. You must be strengthened, daily, hourly, by the minute, with a continual washing and regeneration of My Word. To do this you must constantly be balancing, constantly asking, and seeking to prove My Word.

                57.This is the secret to power and life and strength, and I would that you all, young and old, uphold each other in My Word. Talk about it, discuss it, seek My living Word together. Act on it and live it together in every way throughout your days and throughout your nights.

                58.In your speech throughout the day, constantly point them towards My Word. For these of the younger generation ask many questions in their heart, though they be not spoken, and it is important that you be constantly guiding and pointing to My Word, in all that you do throughout the day. During times of fulfilling duties in the house, when you are driving in the car, when you are witnessing, on outreach, when ministering to friends and kings, in casual conversation, in times of fun and relaxation, point them and each other to the Word.

                59.Did not My David live as such? Was he not always pointing to a lesson, pointing to the Word? He lived the Word, he breathed the Word, he inhaled the Word! And as I am the Word, so is David My living Word for you.

                60.Think not that you can accomplish this through a self-righteous pointing of the finger. Think not, "Oh, but our kids are tired of this. They do not want a sermon. They do not want another pow-wow. They will only laugh and say, 'We've had our fill.'"

                61.Of lifeless sermons and empty pow-wows I, too, have had My fill--and this is not My desire. It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh profits nothing. As you let My Word dwell richly in you, as it becomes a part of your being, living and moving and thinking in you, so it will come out your mouth and be seen in your actions--naturally and freely, that it may give life to the hearers and to the observers. As you live the Word and get turned on by the Word, so will these--not by preaching another sermon, but by living proof and sample.

                62.Was this not what I lived and taught when I walked on Earth? I did not and could not force the Word on My disciples. Only as I lived in the Word and practiced it were My disciples turned on by it. As I was the example of the Word, they too wanted to know more, and have more, and their faith grew. As they observed the Word manifest in Me daily, their hunger for the Word grew. I not only continually pointed them to the Word by sharing with them My stories and lessons, but also by putting it into action by My living example. And My Word grew in their hearts. It was My mission there on Earth to give the Word and live the Word, and the Word took care of itself. Give it out, live it, and trust Me to do the work in their hearts!

                63.Be not discouraged for those who would seem to have no reaction, but only pour out! Do your part and implant the Words into their heart through your own example, and trust Me to accomplish My purpose in My time. Be not weary in well doing, for I do reap. These are Mine, and not one of them will be lost. And as you live the Word, think the Word, breathe the Word, eat the Word, dwell in the Word, absorb the Word, and pour out the Word, it will accomplish that which I have sent it to do.

                64. But each one must get on fire!Each one must do their part. For My Word is contagious. Allow these, your younger generation, to live the Word and stand on the Word! Put them in situations where they have to test it, and as they feel and experience its power and its life and its warmth, they will come to know its true value.

                65.Consider the things that do choke out the Word. Are the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things choking out the Word in your lives? A false balance is an abomination in My sight, therefore apply the antidote of My Word and be cleansed. Let the light in, that the darkness may flee of itself. For this reason I do give you the antidote. For you must have a daily cleansing, a daily washing and renewing, and daily usage of My living Word--not only in the classroom, not only in the privacy of your closet while you are in rest and refilling, but also in daily application of My Word in every area of your life.

                66.Freely I pour out. Freely you have received, so freely give. Explain it not away, but put it to use. And as you guide your younger generation to put it to use, they too will learn and experience the true value of My living Word. Know that all your pouring out is not in vain, for My Word will not return unto Me void. These, My youth of today, will stand as My mighty warriors in the days ahead. Therefore strengthen them in My Word. These are days of preparation for the soon-coming day of march into the battles ahead. In these days My Word will live in their hearts, and they will be strong and do exploits!

                67.Encourage those of the younger generation who are strong in the Word to stand and deliver. There are many who are coming alive to My Word, therefore encourage them to share the good news of all the Word has done for them. Encourage them to sing it, shout it out, share the good news, and continue on--thrilling to the wonders of My glorious Words! And as these get on fire, others will see them burn and they will ignite the hearts of many! (End of prophecy.)

Practical Tips and Pointers!

                68.(Mama:) Peter read the above prophecy to the attendees of a recent delegates' meeting in the U.S. Afterwards they pow-wowed the message and came up with the following practical tips on how to implement the instruction contained therein. You will probably be able to think of more ideas, but these points are a good start.

                 Go on road trips (faith trips), which are a good way to put the Word into action, because you're desperate to follow the Lord, find His sheep, avail yourselves of His supply, etc., which causes you to go to the Word and prove the Lord's promises.

                 Hear from the Lord in prophecy concerning the events, problems, and needs in your daily lives.

                 Memorize and review together. Review a different category from the Memory Book each day.

                 Post verses and quotes throughout the house.

                 Take Word time with your children at Parent time. Get filled with the Word together with your children and the younger generation.

                 Talking about a certain Letter sparks interest in that Letter and causes others to want to read it.

                 Share lessons about how the Word is working in your lives.

                 Share inspiring testimonies with your kids.

                 Pray as a Home with those who don't have the gift of prophecy so they can receive it.

                 Read the new GNs unitedly. Get excited about them, discuss how to put them into effect, how to implement the new directions, etc.

                 Play Memory Book song tapes while traveling.

                 Fight complacency; pray for a hunger for the Word.

                 Include your children in prayer and prophecy sessions when possible.

                 Be a witness wherever you go, like Dad was.

                 Carry tracts when out.

                 Try to break the vain babbling habit; do a Word study on vain babbling.

                 Emphasize the Word on Word and Rest days, not just recreation or entertainment.

                 Witnessing gives an opportunity to use your memory work. Using the Word makes it come alive.

                 Make memory tapes, Memory Books, etc., easily available within your Home.

                 Make a particular part of your house available for study halls.

                 Make reading, studying and talking about the Word a daily habit.

                 Ask each other, "Did you receive anything special from the Word today?"

                 Make the Word fun. There are activities in the Activity Books which adults can do too.

                 Have Word quizzes.

                 Have inspiring devotions that aren't routine or boring. (See FSM 276, "Seeking His Treasures!")

                 Have Word-based skits.

                 Pray for a refilling of the Holy Spirit.

                 Testify of the fulfillment of the Word and prophecy in your own life or Home.

                 Make a to-do list from the New Wine. Post it on the bulletin board and discuss it as a Home.

                 Include the children in prayer and decision-making, when possible.

                 Play Scripture tapes at night when going to bed and throughout the day at appropriate times.

                 Set Home Word goals.

                 Get on fire about the Word! Be enthusiastic!

                 Set up a kids' lit library.

                 Make the Word a part of scholastics. One way to do that is to have the children write reactions to the Word they read.

                 Have classes on prophecy.

                 Sing Word songs during Sunday fellowships and inspirations.

                 Transcribe prophecies you receive and study them. Review them later to see how they've been fulfilled.

                 Write songs based on the Letters.

                 Highlight the most important witnessing verses in your Bible. Prepare short Bible classes to give your sheep on the most important subjects--eternal Salvation, the Holy Spirit, forsaking all to live together, etc.

                 Suggest that your young people pray and hear from the Lord about their ministries. Support them by giving them the time and opportunity to obey the instruction the Lord gave them.

                 Discuss the news, documentaries, movies, etc., to determine how what you've seen relates to or contradicts the Word.

                 Make your own Word tapes by recording portions of the New Wine that are inspiring and feeding on tape, and play them during quiet times or before bed, etc. You can also record your own Letters and Bible chapters to play for your children. They'll love to hear Mommy or Daddy reading to them on tape.

                 The Hope Mag on the Word (DO #59, entitled "Getting Back to the Basics: The Word!") has lots of very helpful articles with practical suggestions on getting more out of the Word. Two of them are "Tips on Reading and Studying the Word" by Sara, and "Ideas for Personal Word Time!" by WS.

                 Read the oldie-goldie MO Letters with your kids. Kids love stories and illustrations. They also enjoy the tremendous word pictures that are found in the prophecies in the new GNs, such as "The Beggar Prophecy" in "Affection Time with Jesus" (ML #3013:88-102, GN 650), "The Root of Unyieldedness" and "The High Road or the Low Road?" in "Prophecies on Yieldedness" (ML #3044: 30-37,59-72, GN 673), "Taking Off the Make-up of Pride" in "Prophecies on Pride and Humility" (ML #3043:28-50, GN 672), "The Three Wells Prophecy" in "New Music for a New Day" (ML #3022:24-40, GN 658), "Jesus' Basketball Team" and "The Endtime Olympics" in "Help from Heaven" (ML #3056:121-127, 262-273, GN 686), and "The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Prophecy" in "The Days of Filling the Storehouses" (ML #3057:2-15, GN 682), just to name a few. There are lots more that have terrific word pictures!

                69.(Mama:) Those are some really helpful points! There are so many ways to make the Word more a part of our lives. I pray these tips help you to put into practice the Lord's instruction, and that you will grow stronger and be happier and more fruitful as a result.

* * *

The Times, They Are A-changin'!

                70.When we recently asked the Lord for encouragement for one of our young people, Dad gave the following very inspired talk:

                71.(Dad speaking:) The Devil is fighting, and he's fighting hard--tooth and toenail! Right now he's doing his best to trip up anybody and everybody he can. That's why it's so important to get quality time with the Lord and get down to serious business with Him and hear fresh from Him every day. The Devil is working hard spreading his propaganda, and the only way to avoid it is to stay on God's clear channel and get your signals from Him. But the Lord will do it. There is nothing to fear, because the Devil is no match for Jesus! These are exciting times you are living in.

                72.The Devil is fighting and he's mad because the Family is going right over the top! He was mad about the Summit, because so many victories were won there. And now he's mad at the fact that the Summit videos are circulating, because people are getting set free. It's an ongoing process, but through it all, greater victories are being won all the time, and the victories far exceed the trials and the temporary defeats. Yes, I say temporary defeats, because God's work is not going to be defeated!

                73. Some of our folks are looking at the hole instead of the donut, and are not seeing all that's being won! Don't let that ol' boy kid you--all is not falling apart! God's plan is not going to be defeated. My God, this is war! We're in a war, and the battles are strong and heavy, but we're winning the war! And for those of you who are fighters, like me, this ought to spur you on to action, and make you fightin' mad to go on the attack against the dastardly tricks of the Enemy! And it should help you be on guard so that you give no place to them.

                74.The Devil is fighting and he's fighting hard, and if it's not one thing, it's another. It can be people feeling discontent and wanting to find happiness, or it can be people feeling lonely. He can tempt others with worldliness because he knows that will weaken them, or doubts, or discouragement, or afflictions, or whatever. The Devil is fighting on every front he can right now, and if one thing doesn't work, he'll try another.

                75.But the Lord is using even all of this! Just like I said in "Greater Victories," when you win one battle, you go on to another, and each time you are getting stronger and stronger. All of it is with a purpose. And just because the Devil is fighting, that doesn't mean he's winning the war. He's trying to get you down and discouraged about yourself or the situation and all these frustrations, but he can't win!

                76.When you start getting hit with all these things, that's the time to order an advance on all fronts! Hit him back! Tell him to scram! Sing, shout and praise the Lord! Love the Lord, make love to Jesus, and that ol' boy will turn tail and run. You should see him shaking in his boots when you all start loving Jesus. Boy oh boy!

                77.Call his bluff! That's all the Devil can do is bluff! So just sock it to him with the Word and your praises and lovemaking with Jesus, and he has to flee. Now if I get going on this subject, I might have a hard time stopping, and I might just have to light a fire under some people's behinds to get'm movin'!

                78.I am getting a little tired of these folks who are saying that things are falling apart! It might look like it in some ways, but if you really take a close look, you will see that the Family is flying high! Even those who are having to go through deep, dark experiences, do so for a purpose. God has a plan, and if He sees fit to allow tests and trials, you're going to see in the long run that it's going to be worth it.

                79.As long as we keep fighting, the Devil can't win. Do you realize what that means? The Devil just can't win! My goodness, just because people are having battles or getting tested, or even if they stumble here and there, doesn't mean we are losing the war!

                80.I'm a fighter and I like to fight, especially when I know that I'm on the winning side, which we are! You guys have gotta remember, though, that the heat is not only on in the Family. The heat is on everywhere and it's getting turned up everywhere! This is it, folks! Troubles that the world has never known before are upon us!

                81.Now I don't want you to be frightened at this. If you're in the Lord's will and staying close to Jesus, you should be rejoicing! Glorious hope! Jesus, your Savior, is coming at last! You're on your way to the Promised Land--gonna shake that Holy Man's hand one day real soon!

                82.The Family is informed enough and has enough contact through witnessing, and everyone watches enough movies and sees the news enough and reads the WNDs enough to see what's happening in the world! If anything, this should be enough to get some of you young people movin'!

                83.Time is short, the heat is on, and we need fighters who are willing to come forward and take a stand! Sure, some of the Family young people might be discouraged and wavering, but even with these, the Lord has His hand on each one, and His purposes are going to be accomplished through them. I don't want to lose any more of them, but if they're having to learn their lessons the hard way, well, so be it.

                84.But where are those who are willing to take a stand and fight? Where are those who want to begin by waging a militant war through their prayers and through resisting the Devil? What happened to the "do or die" spirit?--That spirit of, "I can fail, you can fail, the whole world can fail, but Jesus will never fail!" God's plan is not going to be defeated. If God has to take a little Gideon's band to win the battles and win the war, well then, He'll do it!

                85.Yes, I agree that changes do need to be made, and they are coming. Lots of changes have been made already in the Family. Goodness, Mama and Peter have presented so many changes, the Family can't even begin to grasp them all! Changes take time, that's just the way it is. You are all human and sometimes it just takes some time to turn the ship around. And the first change that needs to be made is always in people's hearts, and that takes time.

                86.But let me tell you, once changes do happen in the Family, they're more lasting and more solid than anywhere else, because they're changes that count and changes that mean something, because they're God's changes, from His hand, and they're designed to bring about His purpose.

                87.Our God is a moving God, and Mama and Peter are a moving queen and king! More changes are coming, they are in the works, and the best thing you young people can do is grab ahold of the Lord and learn what He has for you right now today. Take a stand today and stand up and fight! Changes are coming and you'd better hold on to your hats, 'cause the Lord has lots in store for everyone who is willing to hold on!

                88.I've got another thing to tell you--another rabbit to pull out of my hat! Changes are coming not only because of Mama's seeking and her desperation with the Lord, her undying love for the Family, her fear of the Lord, and desire to please Him and follow closely at all costs, but changes are coming--like it or not, ready or not--upon the whole world! This is it! Changes are upon us, and some of our dear folks who are not following closely, who are trying to figure things out in their own flesh and see how they can do this or that, or who are seeking their own happiness, are going to be in for a surprise.

                89.Sorry if I have to upset the apple cart a little here, but if the truth hurts, so be it! Maybe this might just help to open some people's eyes. These are just the facts. Things are moving faster than ever now. Changes are coming, because the AC is upon us, and ready or not, here he comes!

                90.So yes, I agree that changes are needed, and they are coming--some in the Family and many out of the Family. Changes are coming all right. Lots of changes throughout the entire system are coming, so watch out! The Family needs to watch out and look up! Look up with their eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, and on Queen Mama and King Peter, because they're God's ordained shepherds to lead you in these Last Days.

                91.And let me tell you, the changes that are coming upon the world will be no respecter of persons! They're going to change everybody's life, like it or not. Any one of your lives could change in an instant! All it takes is one little disaster in any given area and people's lives are changed forever. Anything can change your life in your part of the world.

                92.Sometimes changes come on us at the most unexpected times. One car accident, or one long-term affliction, or a hurricane, or an earthquake, or a flood, or a change of government, or persecution, or the New World Order and the AC coming into power, and all of a sudden your life is changed forever! Changes are coming, all right!--Lots of changes that are going to alter people's lives forever. Major things that are going to have a great bearing on the whole world, and of course on the Family as well.

                93.Some of our own people who are not using this time to the full, who are not getting serious with the Lord, who are running a little off kilter or a little off course--or some even a whole lot off course--well, they're going to see, they're going to find out, and maybe wake up just a little bit too late, saying, "If I only had!" They just might have a rude awakening. Then they're going to have to shape up, like it or not!

                94.Some won't be as prepared as they could be, but the Lord is going to sober everyone up. It will accomplish His purpose, and then people will have to get more on the ball. Just like persecution did for some of our Family members. That was a help in many ways, a blessing in disguise. But you haven't seen anything yet!

                95.I don't say all this to scare people. It's exciting! Yes, it's exciting, because just as things are going to get hot and worse, things for us are also going to get better! Because you're going to see the mighty power of God! Those of you who are willing to fight and hold on and cross the Jordan now are going to stand strong and tall when the changes come, because you're going to be prepared. You're going to see then that all this time of preparation was worth it. When the multitudes are flocking to you for answers and for direction, you won't have any doubts then that all you've gone through has been worth it.

                96.When the whole world is going haywire, you'll stand strong in faith and in conviction as you march on to conquer the giants in the land! You're going to shine as a great light in the midst of gross darkness, and nothing will quench your fire. And you who understand among the people will instruct many. You're going to comfort the multitudes with the same comfort that you're being comforted with now, and you're going to shine with the glory of Jesus. All the tests and all the trials and all the frustrations are going to be worth it then, as you march in where angels fear to tread, as you march in bold and brave and fearless in the Name of Jesus! All Heaven will be at your command as you usher in the Kingdom of Love!

                97.(Dad speaks in tongues.) Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! We love You, Jesus! Hallelujah! The future is here, this is the future! You are my jewels, my treasures, and the future is here. And you are it, my young jewels, my treasures! I love you! I love each and every one of you. Don't worry, you have nothing to fear. All Heaven is at your command! That's why you have to learn these things you're learning now. It's a big responsibility, but with big responsibilities come great grace.

                98.So, yes, changes are needed. And they are coming one way or another, or in many ways. Mama and Peter have lots of changes coming for the Family. They are the Lord's changes, because Mama and Peter are desperate and they hear the cries of the sheep and the Lord is leading them and guiding them, and me too! I'm right up their sleeve, ahem, and a few other places too, inspiring and leading Mama.

                99.The whole host of Heaven is behind this Family, with lots of excitement and thrills and joy in store, and fulfillment and happiness and all the rest for all those who are willing to pass the tests, to keep crossing the Jordan and march on to victory! For all those who refuse to be weary in well-doing, but who with their last breath are willing to shout, "I do not doubt!" For all those who are willing, like John Paul Jones, who when his ship was sinking and his arm nearly torn off, when asked if he was ready to surrender, shouted back, "Hell no, we have not yet begun to fight." For all those who are willing to shout back in the face of discouragement or despair, "So what? What is that to me? I walk by faith, not by sight, as I trust in my living God!"

                100.Yes, for all those fighters who are willing to stand with me and Mama and Peter, for those who are willing to fight and die for Jesus and their brethren and the truth, great things are in store for you that you can't even imagine, if you'll just keep holding on! Keep fighting, winning, climbing and don't quit! Okay? XXXXXXX! I love you!--Your Grandpa. (End of prophecy.)

* * *

I Need Fighters!--Are You with Me?

                101.(Mama:) A few weeks after Dad gave the above prophecy, we asked the Lord if He could have Dad give a message for a delegates' meeting that Peter would be attending in the U.S. You'll see that Dad was very happy to be called upon to give the keynote address, a message that is not just for the attendees of that one delegates' meeting, but for all of you!

                102.(Dad speaking:) This is thrilling! I'm thrilled to see that you all are gathered there--and I'm thrilled to be able to come and talk to you. In fact, I've just been champin' at the bit for this chance to come and give you a keynote for this meeting. I've got the preacher's itch! And not only me, but there's a whole host of Heaven up Here too, rallying behind me, eggin' me on! We're fired up! It's a big Heavenly pep rally! They're shoutin' out to me, "Rally the troops, Dave! Rally the troops!" And there are shouts and screams and bugles sounding and banners flying in the air!

                103.It's thrilling! And this is my dream come true, to see you young folks gathered there together--my jewels of the future! This is my chance, the opportunity I've been waitin' for! Now, if there's one thing I want to get across to you today, it is this: The future is here! This is the future! You got that? Think about it. It's an awesome thought!

                104.We're not talking about some time way far off in the faraway future. I'm talking about now, here, today, this minute, this second! This is it, folks! The future is here! Right now! It's happening! You are in it! And it's time you all wake up to what that means. Do you really know what that means?

                105.It's time to wake up to who you are and what you are and what God is going to do with you--right now, today! Because it's happening, it's here, and this is it! This is marchin' time! You've been hearing this all your life, but now you must open your eyes. Don't fall for the Enemy's tricks when he tries to push your nose down to the ground, or so close to the forest that you can't see the trees. Don't let it happen to you, because the future is here and the future is now.

                106.This is the day to take a stand! Choose ye this day whom you shall serve! If God be God, then serve God. But if Baal be God, then serve Baal. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! Are you with me? This is my message to you young folks and you older folks and the entire Family. Because this is the day of march! It's marchin' time and I need those who like to fight the Enemy with the Word of God! I need those who are willing to fight and die for their Family, for their brethren, and for the truth. Is that you? Are you with me? This is a call to arms, and I need those who are willing to take up the challenge!--Those who want to do more than just sit in a Home and eke out a mere existence and just barely scrape by.

                107.I need fighters who know how to go on the attack, who are not going to be scared out at the Devil's first boo, or even his second and third boo! I need fighters who like to fight and die for the truth with the weapon of the Word, and who enjoy defeating the Devil. I need conquering heroes that like to live and fight and die for Jesus and the Family and the truth!

                108.Are you with me? Are you willing and ready to fire back, fight back, and take a stand? This is the day to stand, Beloved! You have had the truth poured out to you in great measure. You've been given the truth and the means and the method and a whole hoot of a lot more besides--the Love Charter and all the rest. You've had plenty of time to think things over and pray and decide what you personally want to do with your life.

                109.And now, Beloved, this is the day to make the stand! And if you choose to stand with the Lord and with me and with the Family--well then, it's time to act like it! For God's sake, and for my sake, and for the Family's sake, if you are with me, then act like it, because I need fighters!

                110.If you don't like to fight, what are you in the Family for? We are fighters! I'm a fighter! I love the battle! I love the fight, because I know I am fighting on the right side, the winning side that cannot and will not lose! I know I am fighting for souls that are worth winning, and goals that are worth attaining! Are you with me?

                111.If you could only see into the Heavenlies at this very moment! Well, that's why I'm here--to help you see, to give you the vision! Now, I want you kids to think about this. And when I say "you kids," I mean all of you, the entire Family, 'cause you're all my kids. Young and old alike, I'm talkin' to all of you now.

                112.Without a vision, the people perish. What do you have a vision for? If you find that your vision has been a little impaired, if it has grown a little cloudy, well, just get out there and see what is happening all around you and open your eyes to what is going on in the world! Open your eyes to what is going on right there in your Homes with your brethren! Ask yourselves, do they need your help?

                113.I'm losing my patience with some of you folks who are bellyaching about this problem and that problem, and getting your eyes off the goal! When are you gonna get it through your thick heads that all these problems you think you've got are for a reason, to help you sharpen your sword? You don't become a sharpshooter without any target practice, for goodness sake!

                114.You folks need to be checking your own hearts and asking yourselves, "Am I lying down on the job and letting that ol' Devil walk right over me?" I want each of you to stop right now, go around the room, and ask yourself this question: "What am I doing about it? Am I doing all I can? Am I giving enough and sacrificing enough? Am I taking a stand? Am I dying daily? Am I fighting the Devil daily with all I have in me?"

                115.Or are you guys inviting Mr. and Mrs. Doubt and all their little Doubtlets right in, pulling up a chair for them, and inviting them to have a tea party? Goodness me, of course there are problems! If there weren't any problems, why would we need to fight a war?! Everybody's got problems. God's got problems! He has the problem of Satan and all his demons who are fightin' a relentless war to win the hearts and minds of men! And he's not just fighting to win the hearts and minds of those outside in the System, he's fighting hard to win your heart and your mind, and the hearts and minds of your loved ones, your brothers and sisters right there in your Homes! So ask yourselves, are you willing to fight?--To fight for yourselves and fight for your brethren?

                116.We are at war, Beloved! War is brought on because of problems! War is full of problems! Our problem is that the Enemy is fighting hard to defeat us, and I need fighters who are willing to hold the banner of David high, and fight on to win the war! The Devil cannot win if you don't give in! But you've got to fight!

                117.Since when are we going to let a few little problems stop us? Where are the Martin Luthers who are willing to take a stand and say, "Here I stand! I can do no other!" Where are the John Paul Joneses who are willing to shout back, "Hell no, we haven't even begun to fight!" Where are the Joan of Arcs who are willing to lead the troops into battle, and to even burn at the stake if need be, for country and homeland? Where are the Bravehearts who are willing to stand firm and strong, courageous and unafraid? Where are David's mighty men? I'm still here! I'm still alive and kickin' and leading the troops!

                118.What do you think I was promoted for? The Lord gave me a promotion and I accepted! I took up the challenge. I answered the call from Heaven. I was promoted to the front line of battle, to lead you on to final victory! That is the offer the Lord put before me that day as I lay in my bed, that day He took me Home. I didn't come Home to Heaven to sit around on some cloud and play some harp! I came Here to fight! I came Home to Heaven at this very crucial time in world history to lead my troops into battle!

                119.I don't want you guys to get the notion in your head that I passed over to this side just because my old flesh was weary and worn out. Sure my flesh was weary and worn out, but that's nothin' to God! He healed me time and time again, and He could have healed me then if He wanted to. I wasn't even that sick at the time of my passing. In fact, I was going to go out that day, I felt so good. No siree, the Lord could have healed me right then and there, like He had done so many times before.

                120.I came Home because I heard the bugle call! I heeded Heaven's call, because I was more needed over Here to lead the troops from this side where my vantage point is so much better! I took up the challenge! I accepted the promotion, Beloved, and this is the day of march!

                121.This is it! Who is willing to stand with me? Who is willing to fight with me? Who is willing to rise above the petty problems and seeming difficulties and fight the Devil? Who is willing to lift the standard high and fight on in spite of troubles and difficulties? Satan is playing for keeps. He knows that his time is short and he is pouring it on!

                122.What did you join the army for, anyhow? We are an army! We are a family, but first of all we are an army! And if you have made the decision to be in the Family, if you have made the decision to be in my army, the army of David, then it's time to get your marchin' boots on!

                123.We are in a war, Beloved, and I need those who are willing to fight and die for Jesus, for me, for the Family, and for the truth! I need those who are willing to hold the banner of David high! I need those who are willing to keep sacrificing, keep forsaking, and keep fighting every day!

                124.Are you with me? I need those who, when one battle is over, look forward with excitement and anticipation to the next one! Those with the "do or die" spirit who are willing to fight on in the face of despair, who are willing to stick to the fight when they are hit the hardest. I need those who are willing to take initiative, who never stop having faith, and never stop attacking! This is war, and the Enemy is playing for keeps! I need those who are willing to keep wielding accurately the sword of the Spirit, cutting the Devil right where it counts--dead center in the heart!

                125.I need fighters! Are you with me? Choose ye this day! And if you choose the army of David, it's time to rally 'round the banner. All Heaven is rallying! All Heaven is rooting! All Heaven is marching! Are you with us? This is my call to arms to you. Put on your armor! Lift the banners!

                126.I need those who are willing to fight and give their all! I need those who are willing to break down the walls of disunity and division between the generations and among peers. I need those who are willing to give no place to evil, those who are willing to fight with everything they have in them to unite as one Family, one strong army, prepared and ready to charge into battle! I need those who are willing to sacrifice to win others. Those who are willing to put aside personal desires, to forsake selfish desires and plans in order to sacrifice for the Family, to win the lost and usher in the Kingdom of God on Earth!

                127.I need adults who are willing to lay down their lives and sacrifice in order to win the younger generation. And I need younger generation adults and teens who are willing to sacrifice at all costs, and lay down their lives to win their younger brothers and sisters. I need adults and younger folks alike who are willing to sacrifice and lay down their lives, to fight and live and die for Jesus, for me, and for the Family. I need expendables--willing to burn out on the altar of sacrifice, wear out as tools of His design, die that others may live!

                128.I need those who are willing to arm themselves with faith and love and prayer and face the foe, to dispel the lies of Satan and to fight on and win the battle! I need those who are willing to refuse to give up, who refuse to give in! I need those who are willing to lay aside the sins and the weights that would beset them and fight on! I need those who are willing to forsake worldliness, those who are willing to forsake carnal ideas and carnal ways and keep their eyes on Heaven, keep their eyes ahead on the goal.

                129.I need those who are willing to set their face like a flint and march forward, unashamed, unshaken by circumstances and conditions around them. I need those who are willing to march in where angels fear to tread and claim the land! I need those who are willing to take a stand, who will not be confounded, but who choose to lean on the mighty hand of God! I need those who are willing to go ahead by naked faith alone and win the battle! I need those who are willing to wage war at my side, not on the side of the right or the left, but on the side of the only One Who is really right--Jesus, our Lord and King. I need brave soldiers who have guts and conviction! I need soldiers who are bold and brave and unafraid--who are willing to fight back!

                130.Are you with me? The battlefield is calling! The bugles are sounding, Beloved! This is it! This is the day that all the prophets have dreamed of! This is the day that I have dreamed of. (Tongues) Thank You Jesus! Blessed are my eyes to behold this day!--The day of march of the army of David! This is the day for which the army of David was created! This is the day of the children of David! Hallelujah!

                131.Are you going to answer the call of the high commission of the army of David? I have received the order! I have received the high commission to lead the troops in this final hour. This commission has been reserved for the army of David! We are the leaders! We have been commissioned. Are you with me?

                132.(Tongues) Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Jesus, help them to see! Rally the troops, Lord! Help those who You are calling to take up their shields! Help them to lift their swords and fight! Help them to stand strong and fight the battle, wielding accurately the Word of God, and cut the Devil to the heart! (Tongues) Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Help them to fight! Forward march! Help them to attack! Help them not to take no for an answer.

                133.Give me fighters, Jesus, who like to fight and win! Help these, Your children, Lord, to keep fighting; not to be discouraged, but to keep on believing and not quit! Help them to get stirred up, Lord! Help them to be militant! Help them to stand guard day and night. Help them to be positive and rise up and fight the Devil! Give them courage, Jesus! Thank You Lord!

                134.If you could only see, Beloved! If you could only see! The Lord and His angels are far more powerful than the Devil and his demons! Even Satan has to obey your commands in the Name of Jesus. But you have to command him! You have to fight! We who have Jesus have more power than Satan. Oh, the power I hold in my hands! It's the power of Jesus! It's the same power you hold in your hands, if you will just fight and tap in! There is no power that is greater than Jesus and me.

                135.We've been called, Beloved. We've been commissioned. The army of David has been commissioned to lead in this final hour. We've been commissioned to lead them into the promised land. Are you with me? If so, take a stand! Stand strong and loyal, willing and ready with whole hearts to live and fight and die for Family and loved ones. Give me fighters!

                136.This is the day of fighters! Rid me of the half-hearts, the namby-pamby, string-for-a-backbone lukewarmers! Give me hot or give me cold. The Lord has purged the ranks, and now the bugles are sounding in the Heavenlies. The bugles are sounding for those who have taken the stand, and they are beckoning--forward march! Many were called, but few have been chosen, because few made the choice to follow all the way. But you, my Gideon's band, I challenge you today! Are you with me? I challenge you to gird yourselves, to baptize yourselves constantly in prayer. Soak yourselves in the Word, quote it to the Devil and to yourself, and wage a militant warfare against the Enemy!

                137.This is war, and you've got to go on the attack! Wage an offensive! Fight! Hit him hard! When the Devil hits you hard and heavy, that is the time to hit him back hard and heavy. Don't lie down and let him walk right over you--hit him back! There is a time to be calm and a time to be angry. And when the Devil is fighting hard to steal away your little lambs, when he is fighting hard to start fires of disunity and dissension and discord, when he is hitting hard with confusion and doubts, that is the time to hit him back! Get angry! Shout, curse and scream at him! Sock it to him with the Word! This is war! Sock it to him!

                138.The army of David marches on! Are you with me? If so, all Heaven is at your command! This is the day all the prophets have dreamed of, Beloved. This is the day of the army of David! There are many circles, many degrees of discipleship, and all have their place. But the army of David has been chosen! We are commissioned to lead in this final hour! I need those who are willing to give up anything, do anything, share anything, for Jesus and the Family and your brethren and the Truth!

                139.Are you with me? If so, raise the banner high! Lift up your swords! Look to Heaven's reward! This is it! This is where the excitement begins if you keep on fighting and don't quit! The bugles are sounding, as the armies of David march on! They are cheering for us, Beloved! All Heaven is cheering! Praise the Lord! We cannot lose because we are on the winning side! Are you willing? There is no limit to what God can do!

                140.The day of march has come! Are you willing to live and die for what you know is the truth? Are you willing to face the foe and free those caught in his snare? Are you willing to make the sacrifice to win hearts and minds and souls for the Lord? Lift up your swords, it's marchin' time! If it's not worth dying for, it's not worth living for!

                141.Are you with me? Give me fighters! Beaten men will compromise and walk the beaten path, but let all my mighty men of David stand up and be counted!--Men of faith who will challenge both men and Satan's wrath! Stand up and fight! The strife will not be long! This day the noise of battle; tomorrow the victory song! Hallelujah! Forward march! Love, Dad. (End of prophecy.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family