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PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS!--Part 5      Maria #350            DO 30739/96

--What to Do About the Problems of the Family!--By Maria

Please read parts 1-4 of this Letter (GNs 697, 698, 701 and 702) before reading this GN. Thanks!

Table of Contents

                Be Like Martin Luther!     2

                Prophecies Received for Mama's Birthday:

                                Step Out by Faith!               6

                                The Word, the Word, the Word!      6

                                Overflowing Treasure Chests!           6

                                Do Your Part, and God Will Do the Rest!        7

                                Slow It Down!       8

                                Believe and Receive!           8

                                Seek First the Kingdom!     9

                                Happy Birthday Mama!      9

                                Library Vision       10

                                Be Farmers in the Spirit!      10

                                The Richest Children in the World!  11

                                My Precious Jewel, Maria  12

                                Birthday Greetings from Dad!            13

                                Faith Comes from the Word!              14

                                Keep Your Eyes on Jesus and His Word!       14

                                My Tender-hearted Prophetess        of the End!            16

                                The Golden Key of Faith!   16

                                Power to Fight Intense Endtime Battles Is in the Word!               17

                                Passing Through the Deep Waters  19

                                More Birthday Love from Dad!         20

My dear Family,

                1.God bless you! This GN is comprised of prophecies that complement or expound upon the message in my "Problems and Solutions" talk. First is the prophecy about Martin Luther that I mentioned in part two of the series. Though this message was given when we asked the Lord specifically about Peter's very heavy work load, it also applies to you! The rest of the prophecies were received for my birthday. Some were received during a meeting Peter and I had with the members of our Home when, before closing the meeting, we prayed and asked the Lord for words of confirmation and encouragement. Others were received later, after the meeting was closed, when some of our Home members prayed to receive their messages in private. These prophecies do not have commentary, as I believe you'll find them easy to read and understand on their own.

                2.But please understand that only one quick reading of these deep truths will not be enough for you to absorb them sufficiently. You must carefully, prayerfully read, highlight and study, perhaps even take notes, to get the priceless answers to your problems that lie within these pages. If you skim over these quickly, you could easily miss some important piece that could be just the one that is missing from your puzzle, and that could make the picture complete. Dear ones, these pages have the answers you need, so please see them as the Lord's precious love gifts to you, because He loves you and He doesn't want you to be strained and burdened and confused. He wants to ease your burdens, lighten your loads and give you happiness in serving Him.

Be Like Martin Luther!--What to Do When the Load Gets Too Heavy!

                3. (Jesus speaking to Peter, but with a message for us all:) A wise man learns from his own mistakes, but a man who is wiser yet will learn from the mistakes of others. And so you must learn, not only from the mistakes of others, but from the sample and lessons of others. Learn from the sample of My servant Martin Luther, who finally came to the realization that when you have so much to do, you need to take twice as much time in prayer, in communion, and in solitude with Me.

                4.Fear not, My faithful one. Fear not, but come unto Me. I see that you are burdened and heavy laden. I see that you are in need of rest. And yet I allow this, that you would come unto Me. Come unto Me with all your burdens and I will give you rest.

                5.The secret is, you must cast your care totally and completely upon Me, and I will give you rest, and I will give you sleep, for I give My beloved rest and sweet sleep. You will lie down and your sleep will be sweet as you rest in Me.

                6.You are My beloved child in whom I am well pleased. Do you not know that I will not give you one measure more of task or burden than you are able to bear? For it is I Who will strengthen you, it is I Who do strengthen you, and I will yet strengthen you for the tasks at hand, and for the tasks ahead.

                7.But you must come unto Me and lay down your burden. Cast your cares upon Me and I will care for you. Look not ahead! Look not ahead to one month from now, or two weeks from now, or one week from now, or even one day from now. Fret not yourself for tomorrow, for as I have promised, tomorrow will take care of itself as you cast your burden on Me and continue to cast it on Me. Look not ahead even one hour from now. No, look not ahead even one minute from now, but rather stand on your faith for this moment only, and I will sustain you, as I have promised.

                8.Are you worried and burdened with the strain of it all? Yes, I know you are. Therefore this is the time when you must fly to Me. Fly to Me on the wings of prayer, on the wings of My Spirit, and I will sustain you. For the mountain that you see ahead on the horizon is huge. It is monumental, and it is too big for you to climb. The pathway is narrow, rugged and winding--very winding. It is very steep, as it winds and turns this way, that way, up and around. It is a narrow path and it is a rugged climb up the steep mountain trail. Many of the people you meet along the way are not always nice, and the obstacles that you must climb over require the utmost of skill. Yes, it is too hard to climb--too hard for you, but not too hard for Me.

                9.Therefore worry not how you will make the climb, for you were not intended to do so alone. These burdens and obstacles you see before you now were not designed to fit your narrow shoulders, but they were intended for Me to carry as I lift you up and bear the burdens for you. For in My Love and in My compassion I have fashioned it so, that you may draw close to Me in the way everlasting, that you might lean hard on My bosom, and rest here on My gentle breast, that you might need Me, love Me, and be driven into My arms. For I love you and have need of you, and I will carry you through, if you but continue to cast all your care upon Me.

                10.But know that I am the good shepherd, and I lead My sheep. I lead you in the paths of righteousness. I lead you in the path of My will, and where I lead, I also provide the strength. And when you are unable to continue, when your strength is little, when you feel the burden and the strain of the rigorous path that is set before you, that is when I will carry you. For I am your good shepherd and I have gone on ahead, I have prepared the way.

                11.Yes, you are right, the tasks are too hard. It is too big. It is too much for your frail, human hands. But it is not too much for Me, if you would but cast your care upon Me. This is the secret. This is the answer to accomplishing that which is set before you. This is the solution. And this you know in your heart and in your mind. For you know that all these many years I have never failed in one of all My good promises.

                12."Oh," but you say, "the battle is getting heavier and hotter, more intense!" You cry, "It's never been this much before, so intense, so raging!" You say, "My Lord, I am but a weak man. I am weakened, I am older, I am tired. How can I find the strength to go on?" But did I not say that My strength is made perfect in your weakness? Is it not written, when you are weak, then you are strong, for only then am I able to be strong in you?

                13.Why do you worry? What do you have to worry about? You stop and question, "Lord, You told me to rest, but how can I rest?--I must do this, and I must do that!" Why do you question? Why do you say, "Yes, Lord, I need to rest, but...!" But this, and but that, and but the other! "And how am I going to do this? And what about that?" But, but, but!

                14. Oh, My beloved king, I see these, the genuine and sincere desires and concerns of your heart. I know that your heart is pure, as you truly are a good shepherd who pours out again and again and again until the bottle is spent. And yet I say, do not look down at the waves, but look up! Look up into My face. Lie back in My everlasting arms. Cast your burdens upon Me, lay them on the altar and leave them there, and I will sustain you. Pick them not up again and walk off with them, but rather leave them in My care.

                15.As you fly to Me on the wings of prayer, as you retreat in rest and refilling, I will give you, day by day, step by step, moment by moment, the solutions that will make the mountains just melt away. But you must rest, you must keep resting, you must lean wholly on Me. Do not try to put the cart before the horse.

                16.Stop, look, listen, and rest in Me. Stop and weigh up the accounts. Stop and ask yourself what is getting in the way. Stop and make a list, keep accounts, write down hour by hour what you did today. And look not upon this list with the eyes of discouragement, but look upon the list as a guide, as a gauge, that you may see how much of that time was spent with Me, in My Word.

                17.Make the list and see what you have done, and simply check off the things that keep you from My Word, that tip the scale off balance. Look at your list and let it be your scale, for I have said you need time for rest and refilling, and this will only be accomplished as you lean wholly on Me. Lean on Me and find your strength. Lean on Me and find that I, and I alone, am enough to sustain you.

                18.If you feel tired and you don't have it in you to even read or listen to My Word, then go to sleep. Lie down in sweet rest, and think on Me. Cast your burden upon Me, and I will sustain you. Simply stop, look, and listen, and I will give you the solutions step by step. For as I have promised, My Word will keep you. As you walk, it will be your guide; as you lie down, it will keep you; and as you rise up, it will talk with you.

                19.And say not, "There are giants in the land! How are we going to tackle this, and how are we going to do that?" Am I not able? Do not look down at the waves, but look up! Look up to Me! Praise is the voice of faith. Therefore praise Me for the answer even before it comes, then keep praising and praising and praising again. And you will soon see that the answer is there. The answer is coming. It is on its way, but you must keep on trusting. Trust and obey! Faint not! Fight on!

                20.It is so simple! As you know in your heart, the answer is always so simple. You can only do what you can do, and then you must leave the rest to Me. And this is why I put these tasks before you--that you might lean, and lean hard, completely, totally and utterly upon Me. For these are but the days of preparation, that in the days to come you may be strong and do mighty exploits. These are but the days of training, that in that great and terrible day, you may stand strong, head and shoulders above the people, in the name of the Lord your God.

                21.And just as I am the Good Shepherd and do go before My sheep, so I make you, My King Peter, My good shepherd to go before your sheep. You hear the cries from your flocks, as they cry out, "Oh, but we have so much to do! Oh, but the battle is so strong, and there are giants in the land! How can we conquer them, for they are too big, and they are many! Surely they will destroy us!"

                22.Are these not the cries that you hear from among your flocks? And is this not how you too feel at times? I see you are tempted to feel this way. And yet I have allowed it, for the sole purpose that you may look up to Me, and cast your burdens and your cares upon Me, that I may sustain you. As I do sustain you, you may in turn comfort and lead your flocks with full conviction and complete confidence, assuring them that as I do sustain you, so will I sustain them.

                23.Think not, My faithful one, that I allow more to be put upon your shoulders than you are able to bear. But know that I do this in My Love, for I know that as you cast your burden upon Me, you may be able to avail yourself of My full strength, that you may revel in My strength and My mighty power. And My strength will be perfected in you as it brings on the victories and the triumphs and the healing in the land that My children so desperately need. Therefore fear not for the fiery trial that is to try you, but know that as you partake of My sufferings, you will also partake of My strength, My power, and My victory!

                24.I know, dear one, the overwhelming feeling that encompasses you on every side. I, too, felt the same burdens and the same pressures. I felt the strain of it all, and I could not always see how the answers were going to come. Therefore be as a wise man that learns from the example of others. Look to the example of My servant Martin Luther, who when he had a task too big, too hard, pulled back and took double time in prayer and sweet communion with Me.

                25.You ask how you will ever accomplish your long to-do list? Do as Luther. When he entered into his closet to pray, he entered empty. He emptied all of his pockets. He opened his heart and cast all of his burdens on My altar and left them there. This is the secret of quiet rest--casting all your care upon Me, knowing that I care for you, knowing that I have always taken care of every problem, every detail, and I always will!

                26.Look to My Own example. For when I was faced with the crowds and the multitudes, I knew I could not solve the problems. How was I ever going to come up with enough food to feed 5,000 people from a mere five loaves and two fishes? That was an impossible task! But I did not worry about it! I could not worry about it. I only had to accept, by saying, "Yes, Father, You are right, I cannot do this. I cannot, but You can." And My Father did! He did what I, in My Own strength, could not do. (See John 5:19.)

                27.And you know, I did not feed those 5,000 by organizing fishing boats and sending My disciples out to catch fish first thing. I fed the 5,000 by quiet trust and full assurance, knowing that what My Father had promised, He was also able to perform. All I did was look up and cast My burden on My Father. He sustained Me, and He sustained the crowds, and 5,000 ate that day. But I had to truly trust first. I had to take the stand of faith first for My Father to do the miracle. Afterward came the organization and distribution of the goods, but the quiet trust and the stand of faith came first.

                28.The situations and the problems and the burdens and the presses of the people about Me were many--the aches and the pains and the agonies of the people, the cries about Me of, "It can't be done!" Many of My followers were tossed and tumbled about with doubts and discouragement on every side. I heard the cries and the groanings, and they weighed heavily upon Me. The problems at times seemed insurmountable--and they were! It was too hard for human hands. Yet that is when I learned to truly trust, to truly lean, and to cast My cares upon My Father. That is when I learned not to settle for the human, but to trust in the divine.

                29.Therefore, fret not for these impossible situations that I set before you now, for in these impossible situations I am able to bring miracles. I will perform in each and every situation, as you simply sit back and rest in Me. And in so doing you lead the way, you set the pace. You set the example that if I can do it for you, I will yet do it for them--each one, in every situation, in every circumstance.

                30.Many are calling out, "There are giants in the land! There are giants in the land!" But know that as you, My servant king, continue to fight on, even when you feel the battle hot, as you continue to trust, though it be with your last ounce of strength, you do rally the troops to follow likewise. For as I have gone on before, a High Priest touched with the feeling of your infirmity, so you, My Servant King Peter, a high priest touched with the feeling of their infirmity, do go before your flock.

                31.For are there not many of your flock who feel no strength, who feel the burden and the weight and the strain of battle, who are weak and weary and heavy laden? There are many who are crying, "There are giants in the land! How can we do this, and how can we do that?" There are many who are sincerely seeking and wanting to solve the problems, who seek solutions.

                32.Therefore I do allow this time as a test, that you may raise a standard among the people. And I say that this battle must be fought and won not by your might, nor by your power, but in quietness and confidence and leaning wholly on Me. As you pitch in and go ahead by the meekness of your faith and the quietness of your obedience to win the battle, your flock will see and be encouraged that they too can do the same. As you don't worry or get all excited and all uptight, as you stay calm and meek and humble and quiet and believing and obedient, everything will turn out all right.

                33.Therefore fret not as to what you should do, or how you should act. Fret not as to how you are to accomplish this or attend to that. Say not, "Oh, but I am spent, I have nothing left to give!" But know that I will sustain you, that you may rather proclaim this day that all might hear:

                34."I, your humble servant of the Lord, King Peter, stand by the grace of God, for I can do no other. Come, all you people, and witness today that salvation is of the Lord! For I, your king, do solemnly declare that I of my own self have nothing to give. For in me, that is in my flesh, dwells no good thing, and yet I stand by the grace of God. I stand back and My God fights for me. For with them is an arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles! And though some trust in chariots, and yet others in horses, we will trust in our living God to save us and to fight our battles! For our God is not limited by many or by few.

                35."So let it be known, proclaim throughout the land, that we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us. For though it seems we are troubled on every side, yet we are not in distress, for our God is a mighty God, to the pulling down of strongholds. And though it would seem that we are perplexed, yet let it be known we do not despair. Persecuted are we, but not forsaken; cast down, but we will not be destroyed. For we do live and fight and carry on by the power of Love, that the life of Jesus, our Lover and Lord, might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. That we, having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, do believe.

                36."And for this cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. And we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

                37."And I know who I believe and I am persuaded that Jesus, our Lord and Lover and King, is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think! And having cast all our burdens wholly on Him, I take the stand and count it done. For I know and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I commit to Him this day. All the problems, all the cares, I do lay at His feet, standing in faith, nothing wavering, fully confident that He will deliver us and preserve us unto His Heavenly Kingdom now and forever. Let it be written and let it be done!"

                38.Let not your heart be troubled. Lie back and rest in My tender arms, and know that I look down with shining face upon you. I do hold you, I do carry you, and I do empower you with powers equal to the task, for you are a miracle of My hand. Know that I will never leave you nor forsake you, for you are My beloved, My special pet. Therefore take rest. (End of prophecy.)

The Lord's Birthday Presents for Mama!--And the Family!

--Prophecies received for Mama's Birthday, 1996

                39.(Mama:) At the end of the meeting Peter and I had with our Home on my birthday, before closing, we asked the Lord to speak. He gave tremendous messages, which I'm sharing with you here. There were also some messages received privately, after the meeting, which I've included as well. I love you and pray that these Words from Jesus and Dad are as big an encouragement to you as they are to me! God bless you!

Step Out by Faith!

                40. (Jesus speaking:) By faith, by faith, by faith. Your whole life has been a walk of faith. Time and again I have asked you to step out by faith, and you know through experience that I have not failed you. I have never let you down. Again, I am calling you to step out by faith. Step out on the water. Don't look at the waves--look at Me. Trust in Me. Come unto Me. If you do this, I will never let you down, for I have the solutions. I know what you need, but you must come unto Me.

                41.Even though it may look like an impossible situation, I am the God of miracles,and it takes those impossible situations for Me to do My miracles. Therefore step out on the water and spend time with Me, time in My arms, time in My Words, and you will see the results. I have so much in store for you if you will just step out by faith.

* * *

The Word, the Word, the Word!

                42.The Word: Believe it!The Word: Receive it! The Word: Read it! The Word: Hear it! The Word: Act upon it! The Word: Yield to it! The Word, the Word, the Word! Just do it!

* * *

Overflowing Treasure Chests!

                43.Seek out the Book of the Lord and read it! Seek and you shall find! For you are millionaires! Your treasure chest is overflowing with rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and jewels galore! Do you want to know how to have finances? Seek it out in the Word. Do you want answers to your problems? Seek them out; they're in the treasure chest. Do you want patience? It's there in the treasure chest. Do you want faith? It's in the treasure chest. It's overflowing!

                44.You're millionaires, and it's all at your fingertips! Dive in! Revel in these riches! Neglect them not, or you shall be paupers. But there is no need to be a pauper when you have the riches in your Home, at your fingertips. The keys have been given to you, the locks are opened, the lid is off and the jewels are flowing out, overflowing! So dive in and seek them out. Seek and you shall find. The answers await!

* * *

Do Your Part, and God Will Do the Rest!

                45.(Dad speaking:) Folks, I've always taught you that if you're faithful to the Lord, He'll be faithful to you. If you're faithful to look to Him, if you're faithful to read His Word, if you're faithful to get out and preach the Gospel, if you're faithful to love, if you're faithful to witness, the Lord will be faithful to you. He's never let you down all these years, and He's not about to do so now.

                46.But you have to do your part. Are you reading the Word? Are you obeying the Word? Are you taking time with the Lord? Are you taking time to pour out the Word on others? To preach the Gospel? To fulfill your mission? If you're doing these things, I know the Lord won't fail you. He can't, because He's promised it in His Word. He's promised and He can't break His Word.

                47.I know for a fact that if you're faithful to Him, He'll be faithful to you! If you just take these small steps--the step of obedience, the step of faith--then He'll do all the rest. He'll take the bigger steps, the ones that you feel you can't take. But He expects you to take the small steps of obedience and faith. Without those He can't take the bigger steps for you--the steps of overcoming the problems, of getting over the mountains, of overcoming the obstacles. Only He can do that. But first you have to take the small steps of faith and obedience so that He can take you the rest of the way. Because if you just stand still and expect the Lord to do everything without even having any obedience or faith, then you're not going to get very far. He expects you to do your part, and then He'll do the rest.

                48.He's purposely limited Himself to your faith and to your obedience--your obedience in taking time with the Lord, your obedience in doing what the Word says, your obedience in preaching the Gospel. So it's not all up to the Lord; it's also up to you and your faith and your willingness to obey. But that's the easy part! That's all the Lord expects you to do, and then He'll take it from there.

                49.So don't worry about it! Don't fret! Don't sink down in despair with the feeling that everything is overwhelming and the problems are so large that you can never get over the mountains. Of course you can't! The Lord doesn't expect you to! But He does expect you to take those small steps of faith and obedience so that He can do the rest.

                50.So relax and don't worry about it! But do your part, and don't just sit down and expect the Lord to do everything for you.

                51.Sometimes when you start to worry so much about the problems and you start to look at the waves, it renders you immobile. You figure the problems are so large that there's not any point in doing anything. But that's part of the Enemy's ploy to stop you from being obedient and from having faith and from taking the time in the Word that you need. His ploy is to try to get you to stand still, to feel like there's no use even taking a small step, because you'll never get over the problems anyway.

                52.So you've got to rebuke the Devil, and you've got to rebuke his fears and those lies! You've got to go ahead by faith, not even knowing, because that's what faith is! Faith is just going ahead trusting the Lord. But as you do so, He'll take you the rest of the way.

                53. Our God is a God of miracles! Hasn't He done miracles in your life? Hasn't He done miracles in the lives of those you know? Think about those things. Sit down and take some time to recount all the amazing miracles He's done for you and that He's done for those you know. Has God changed? Isn't He the same yesterday, today, and forever? Is our God a God that can only solve the problems of yesterday but not the problems of today? No! He's still the same! The miracles that He has done for you before, He can do for you again, but He expects you to do your part.

                54.So step out by faith! Step out in obedience to the Word. Take time with the Lord. Take time to listen. Take time to pray. Take time to hear from God. Make sure your priorities are straight. Make sure you're hearing from the Lord. Make sure you're fulfilling the commission to preach the Gospel, and the Lord will take care of the rest. He has to! He can't fail!

                55. But if you don't have faith, you're not going to get very far. Because, like the Bible says, without faith it is impossible to please Him. Faith includes faith in His Word--faith that if you obey His Word, He's going to do the rest. So cheer up, folks, it's not as bad as it seems, because all you have to do is obey, and the Lord will do the rest.

* * *

Slow It Down!

                56. (Jesus speaking:) Tic toc, tic toc tickin'! Tic toc, tic toc tickin'! Time is just ticking away, passing by so quickly. Hurry, stress, pressure, tension, all these things are of the Enemy. Hurry is a lack of faith. Hurry, pressure and tension come when you're thinking you have to do it in your own strength, your own power, your own ways, and with your own hard work.

                57. It is the Enemy who speeds everything up, but I say, slow it down. Take time to come out of the wings, into My temple. Take time in bed with Me, resting, relaxing, making love to Me, hearing My still, small voice, receiving My seeds, letting Me fuck you. Take time to allow Me to whisper My answers, My solutions, My wonder working Words in your ear in times of quietness and confidence and peace and rest.

                58.When you're hurrying and running around in your own strength, how can you hear My voice or find My strength? Take time to rest in Me. Take time to lie in My arms, to hear My Words, to find My solutions, because they're there for you in great abundance.

                59.For I am not just your King and your Savior and your Shepherd, but I am your Lover, your Husband, the One Who longs to supply all your needs and care for you in every way, both great and small. I want you to see My Love, to feel it. I want it to be manifest in your everyday lives, through solutions and great supply and peace and fruitfulness. But you can only find this as you spend time with Me--loving Me, listening to Me, becoming one with Me. Through those times of intimacy you will find the power and anointing and solutions that you so desperately need.

                60.So don't let the Enemy speed things up and push you and rush you and cause you to hurry and run around in your own strength. Recognize that this is a tactic, a ploy of the Enemy. Slow things down. Take time to relax. Take time with Me. For I am your Answer Man. I am the One with the solutions. I am your Husband, your Lover, and I will never fail you!

* * *

Believe and Receive!

                61. (Jesus speaking through Peter): Are you believing, and thus receiving? Or are you waiting to receive so that you can believe? It is your faith that pleases Me. It is your faith, the fact that you believe, that you stand upon My Word, that draws down the blessings that I have for you. The blessings come no other way, for you must believe in order to receive.

                62.I ask you to prove Me, to try Me, to test Me! I ask you to stand upon My Word, nothing wavering, believing in the unseen, and thus will you receive and your faith will be increased. You will see that he that puts My Word to the test is he that receives the blessings from My hand. He that stands upon My Words, upon all that I have spoken, he it is who receives My blessing, he it is who sees miracles, he it is who sees the working of My Spirit and who rejoices to see My hand move upon his life.

                63.So if you wish to receive, then believe. Take the stand, count it done. Read My Word, believe it, do it, stand upon it, and you will receive My blessing, and you will then know that My Word is true. There's only one way to find out, and that is to put it to the test, stand upon it, trust in it and see Me move, see Me work, and see Me pour forth My blessings upon you, upon your loved ones, and upon your life.

* * *

Seek First the Kingdom!

                64. When I said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you," was I lying? Have you not found that these Words have been fulfilled time and time again in your lives throughout the years? What has changed? Are the problems bigger now? Perhaps. But the solution is the same. My Word is the same today as it was yesterday. If you stir yourselves and cry out to Me with a whole heart, I will give you a whole-hearted answer. Command Me and I will come through for you.

                65.You must do all these things and seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. You must first seek Me and My Words, and do all these things. It's not just good advice, it's a commandment with a promise. Even the lilies of the field were arrayed with more splendor than Solomon, and the birds which do not sow nor reap, those I feed. Don't you think I'm concerned about you, each and every one?

                66.But if you ignore these commandments and if you go out in your own strength, how can I bless you? How can I answer you if you're not asking? How can I show you if you're not seeking? How can I reward you if you're not obeying? When I said, "He which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully," was I lying? Have you not found out throughout the years that as you pour out and feed My sheep, I reward you? If you cast your bread upon the water, it will come back manyfold. What has changed? My power is still the same today.

                67.So be not weary in well doing. Keep on going, for happy will you be if you do all these things. You will find out that the sufferings you endure are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in you. When I return, you will be glad that you persevered and that you kept the faith! For I have a crown for each one of you who endures to the End. When you will hear Me say "well done" unto you, you will be glad you kept going and you fought the good fight of faith.

                68.I know it is not easy, for it is My plan that you be desperate. Every day, even when things go well, even when there are times of abundance, you need to be desperate and acknowledge Me. For times are waxing worse and worse, and some things will get harder, but the solution is always the same. The answer is always there.

                69.My capacity to give is only limited by your capacity to receive. So fulfill all the commandments that I have given unto you and I will pour forth such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.

* * *

Happy Birthday Mama!

                70. To you, My faithful chosen shepherdess, I say Happy Birthday! Do not worry. Do not fear. Do not fret about the problems that you hear. I will help them disappear! For I know your heart and I know your love and your concern for the sheep. You are a true shepherdess and you daily lay down your life for the sheep. Only a few are privileged to see firsthand how much you sacrifice to make this Family what it ought to be.

                71.I have chosen you before the foundation of the world and ordained you to be My Endtime prophetess. You are very dear to Me and I have yet many miracles in store for you. I will not fail you. I will give you all that you need to lead My children through the Endtime.

                72. These are days of preparation. Therefore, do not let these problems discourage you. They are My problems. You have done what you could and you are faithful and diligent. You are most precious among women. So leave these problems and these worries to Me. I can handle them and I will bring the solutions.

                73.Even these words which you have given on your birthday [referring to the talk Mama had with the members of her Home] will help feed My children and will give them the solutions that they need. This year ahead shall be even more wonderful than ever before, and you will see that from this day forth, the solutions will come in greater measure than ever before. For My children and your children will obey and seek My face desperately, and this will bring forth the blessings that they need and deserve.

                74.So fear not, My dear, precious, beloved queen, for I will not fail you. Rejoice on this special day, the day of your birth. Happy Birthday! (End of prophecies.)

* * *

Library Vision

                75. (Vision:) I had a vision of a lit library. It was different from the libraries that we're used to. Often System libraries can be sort of old and dusty and the books are brittle and falling apart. But this library was like a brand-new library, really bright and beautiful. What was also very different was that all the books on the shelves were open instead of closed. They were all over the room and open.

                76.It was like the Words in the books were alive, like each letter was almost jumping out of the books! They were glowing and living and shining and had bright, beautiful colors. It seemed that when you partook of the books and were reading, it became part of you, and when you would leave the library you would also be beautiful and sparkling and shining, full of the Words. It was almost like you'd been eating them, having a really good meal.

                77.There was one condition to partaking of all these Words, and that was that you had to open the door and step into the library and close the door behind you. It was easy! You just had to make that step, that effort to put everything else behind you and go into this library, close the door, and leave everything behind but you and the Words.

                78.Whatever problems or questions you had in mind when you entered the room--all the answers were in there, in the Word. So if you took time to go in there and get the wisdom and knowledge that was in these books, when you left the room, you would have everything you needed to go out and face the different problems. Of course, all the wisdom and knowledge wasn't your own, but was the Lord's wisdom that He has and will give you as you partake of reading His Words. (End of vision.)

* * *

(Prophecies received in private after we closed the meeting:)

Be Farmers in the Spirit!

                79. (Jesus speaking through Peter): Oh, My beloved children, how I love it that you come before Me to seek Me,that you may move according to My direction and operate according to My will. You acknowledge that you know nothing and that you are nothing. You are not full of yourselves and your own ideas, but you are willing to listen to Me and Mine. You know that My blessings come from doing My will, and that the way to find My will is to seek Me and to ask Me. This brings Me great pleasure and great joy! It shows Me your love for Me, your faith in Me, and your faith that I will do the things that I have said I will do. It shows Me that you desire to serve Me, to listen to Me, to follow Me, and this pleases Me well.

                80.Oh, that all My children would learn to hear from Me in this way, to come to Me in such faith, knowing that I will answer and that I will show, and that which I show will work, and if they will just do what I say, that it will bring forth fruit in its season. But so many are impatient. They wish to rush ahead. They wish to see action now. They do not have faith--faith to trust, faith to follow, faith to know that I will bring forth the victories in My time, in due season.

                81.For I am the Farmer God. I slowly till the field, prepare the ground, and plant the seed. I wait patiently as the seed grows. I nurture it, and I stake it, and I weed it, and I dung it. As it grows, I see and know that fruit will come. I know that fruit does not come in the first day, or in the first week, or in the first month, but that it takes time--time for the plant to grow, time for it to receive its nutrients, time for the roots to grow deep, and time before it brings forth the fruit that will benefit others.

                82.Before the fruit there is much labor,much tending, much watering and weeding and fighting against the pests. Oh, that My children would understand these things!

                83.Having to wait for the fruit is a test--a test of your faith, a test of your patience. As you wait and you see not the fruit, you begin to waver. But I say to you, have patience. Know that the plant must grow fully and completely before the fruit is ripe and ready.

                84.So it is with My blessings and with your obedience. As you obey, as you do the things that I say, as you believe My Words, this is as the plant growing. This is the watering and the nurturing. But if you give up and say, "There is no fruit in my obedience, there is no fruit in my yielding, there is no fruit in my doing what the Lord has shown me," and you walk away from the plant and you no longer nurture it and you let the weeds grow and you no longer water it, it weakens and it dies. And the fruit that it may bring forth is not the same fruit--not as healthy, not as full as if you had had faith to nurture it and to let it grow to full maturity.

                85.So though you do not immediately see the fruit of your labors, of your obedience, have faith. Have faith that it will come. The farmer has faith, for he knows that if he does those things which he must do--the watering and the nurturing, the fighting off the pests--and if he has patience, the fruit will come and he will be rewarded.

                86.You, My children, must be farmers in the Spirit--farmers who move slowly, patiently and faithfully, who know that the fruit comes forth through their patient labors. They can't make it come forth faster. They must do what they must do in obedience, in faithfulness, and then the fruit comes forth.

                87.In your patience possess ye your souls. For the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

                88.Trust Me as the farmers trust Me, that you may receive the full fruit and the full benefit of the harvest after patient and diligent laboring.

* * *

The Richest Children in the World!

                89. Unto you, My faithful Queen Maria, on the day of your birth, I remind you of My gift to you--not only on this day, but for these Last Days that are now upon the Earth. My gift to you is the master key--the key to unlock the treasures which I have long desired to pour forth to you.

                90.The time is now. The key is faith. The treasure is My Words. It is not merely a box or even a roomful, but more than can be perceived with the eye!--A whole world full of precious gems, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, precious stones that you know not of, precious metals, gold and silver. They are treasures and riches of the Spirit which I give.

                91.Oh, if only they knew the pricelessness of My Words! If only they could see the riches which I have. If they would but see with their eyes of the spirit, not of flesh, they would be astounded at all that is waiting for them, all that is being given them, all that is being offered to them! For you, My Family, My Kingdom of Love, My children of David, are truly the richest children in the world!

                92.I do not wish for these riches to be for you alone. It is My desire that all My children may partake of My treasures. But to give unto others you must first receive it yourself, accept it, and believe that this is indeed what I am giving you. Take it in and let it become a part of you. Let it fill you until it overflows on others, until it pours out your eyes, your ears, your mouth, unto all who pass by.

                93.I have so much to give that you will never be in want, you will not lack! All you must do is say the word and it's yours. It's your inheritance, for you are My children and I offer it freely. You are children of light, children of the King, princes and princesses who lack nothing--all you must do is ask and receive and believe.

                94.I love you, My dear children! I love to hear you call on Me. I love to hear you seek Me. I love to see you take what seems to be precious time to hear from Me. And when you take the time to hear from Me, I will take My time to answer, to give you solutions to your problems, to supply your needs, to give you above and beyond what you could ask or even think. I have never failed, not once. Not since the beginning of time unto this day have I failed to hear the requests of the lips of My children, and answer them.

                95.Blessed are you who believe these things that are told you by My mouth through My prophets, through these who seek Me and come unto Me with an empty vessel and say, "My Lord, my God, fill me up to overflowing." As I delight in the praises of My people, so do I delight in the faith of My people. I will never turn one away who comes to Me in full assurance of faith, for it is My joy to hear and answer you, My children, My Bride, and My queen.

* * *

My Precious Jewel, Maria

                96.In the quiet of the night I speak unto her heart. In her moments of prayer I open unto her My hidden treasures. For she is My precious Maria, My darling queen, My faithful handmaiden, lover of the children of David, and the one whom I adore.

                97.Her meekness, gentleness, compassion, and tenderness are worthy of adoration [profound love]. For this one is as a rare jewel of inestimable value, of deep richness and marvelous brilliance. She shines with truth and reflects My Love unto all who see her, or who receive her words. For this one's face is bright and shining and her eyes look up unto Me. She reflects the beauty and radiance of My face, for she is always looking towards Me. She has absorbed My warmth, My Spirit and My power from her constant communion with Me. Because of this, My Spirit and Love and radiance and power glow from within her.

                98.I have drawn her unto Me. I have answered the petitions of her heart and I have taken her into My arms, into My bosom, into My Love, and into My intimate chambers.

                99.For as she has received this joy and gladness and great amounts of My Love,and in return has poured forth the same love unto others with great desire and longing, that they too might experience and feel the joys of My Love, for this she is worthy of receiving a double portion of My Love. For this I do take her into My arms, into My bosom, and into My care always. I will never let her go, for she has been found faithful and well-deserving of My Love.

                100.For as I have said, My beautiful and ardent lover, Maria, is a precious jewel. But she is not one that I have set behind a glass that is to be only looked upon, that the beauty may be preserved. But this one, My faithful and diligent queen, is as a jewel that I have set into a ring, which I wear upon My right hand. A jewel that is close to My heart, which is as a part of My body, that this one may be used as an instrument of My hand, that she may do My work and perform My will. This jewel shines and scintillates brighter and more gloriously day after day through her intimate contact with Me. For I have set her at My right hand, and she shall not be moved.

                101.A gem of great price, a jewel of extraordinary quality, a precious stone of superb brilliance--this is My precious queen, lover, wife, sweetheart, friend, and yielded vessel, My Maria!

* * *

Birthday Greetings from Dad!

                102. (Dad speaking:) Happy Birthday, Honey! Happy Birthday, my precious one! I love you so much, and I'm happy that I get to be with you and talk to you so much and so often! I'm so thankful! You know this was always my heart's desire, to be able to be with you always, see your thoughts, and help you just as much as I can.

                103.And oh, Honey, you're such fun to help! You make it so easy! You still ask so many questions, and I love to come and answer! I love to help deliver the Lord's will and His messages. And now it's even more special than when I was there with you, because I can be so close to you, literally inside of you, helping you, understanding you, whispering in your ear, and even talking to you out loud through others. Oh, I just love it, Honey! I love you! Like I've told you before, after Jesus and His Word, you're my greatest love. You always have been, and that hasn't changed at all.

                104.Well, like I always used to say, this has been our greatest year yet! I used to think, "It couldn't get much better than this! This must be the greatest ever! It'll probably be the biggest one, and we'll probably never have another year like this!" But I don't say that now, because now that I can see a little more of what Jesus has in store, I can see the best is yet to come! It's even more exciting! And, Honey, it's all so worth it! Sure, there're problems, and sure, there're people that aren't happy, that have little gripes. But from up Here where I can see the overall picture, oh, Honey, it's just the best ever!

                105.And you're doing great! You're doing just wonderful! You really couldn't be doing any better, because you're just following the Lord every step of the way. Sure, it's a bit of a rough road sometimes, but the closer you get to the End and the rougher it gets, the greater the victories will be. The Enemy always fights the hardest when you're doing the most for the Lord.--And you are, Honey! You've given your all, and you continue to give it every single day.

                106.So, yes, this has been the best year ever!--So far, anyway! But there's even more to come! So please don't worry. You've done just great, just wonderfully. You've done exactly what you're supposed to do. You and Peter are a good team. You follow the Lord so closely, and you're so yielded to any of His whispers and His little breaths of the Spirit. And when you do that, when you follow the Lord, you can't go wrong! And, oh, I'm so happy that we're in it together. I'm so happy that I'm right here with you helping you. This is the most exciting time of my life! It's been so much fun helping you.

                107.When I was there with you in the flesh, lying beside you on the bed, I loved to hug and squeeze you and kiss you all over! I loved holding you in my arms, and I still do in the Spirit! And now I can kiss you with my words. I can kiss you with the Lord's Words. Honey, I give you seven big kisses for your birthday, and many, many more! You love the Words so much! There's nothing that you love more or treasure more than the Words! That's how you always have been, so faithful, not letting even one fall to the ground! So because the Lord sees that you're faithful with them, He just keeps pouring'm out and giving you more and more and more! He's given you more than almost anyone else in all time, because He sees how faithful you are with them, to get them out, to get them to His children as quickly and faithfully as you possibly can, so He just keeps blessing you with more and more!

                108.Oh, Honey, I love you so much! And I'm so happy that I can come and tell you even little special things like "happy birthday," that I love you and I'm so proud of you, and I love to be around and kiss you and love you in the Spirit. You're so open and yielded to it. Honey, I've seen you grow and change so much, and you just get more beautiful with every passing day! You just glow! You glow with the light and love of the Lord! It's so beautiful! It gets me so excited and so inspired just to see you! So, Honey, don't worry, okay? Don't worry about any of the problems. You know that the Lord has the solutions; He's given you so much faith! And when there are rough spots sometimes, well, that's what makes the victories all the more wonderful, because we have to fight for them and cry out desperately to the Lord for them.

                109.You're doing just wonderfully! You're beautiful! You're still my sweetheart, my forever love, okay? I love you, Honey Baby! We're all here with you, helping you and at your beck and call, like the yielded and willing servants in a great palace. You have the hosts of Heaven at your command! Because your greatest desire is to please the Lord and to do His will, He gives you anything you ask for. He's given you hosts of ministering spirits to help you, to give you everything you need, okay? So never worry, never fear. I love you, Honey! Happy Birthday! Big kisses and lots of love!--Yours forever!

* * *

Faith Comes from the Word!

                110.(Jesus speaking:) Cast all your cares upon Me, for I care for you. This is My promise unto you, My precious children. But the reverse is also true. For if you have not the faith and the trust to commit all things unto Me, and to cast your cares into My loving hands, then I am not able to care for you fully and completely as I would like to.

                111.So why the lack of faith? Why the lack of trust? Why do My children feel that they must bear the burdens, carry the weights, and work so hard in their own strength, and that if they do not, they will surely perish? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, and this is the ingredient that is lacking.

                112.While My children do read and absorb and take in My Word, at present they are so tired and weakened that the amount of Word they receive is only enough to sustain them. They are not absorbing the Word in amounts great enough to strengthen them. They are being sustained, but what they need is strengthening. Their faith needs to be built up. Their courage needs to be renewed. Without this faith and complete and utter trust in Me, they will not have it within them to step out by faith, to saw the limb off under them, and to trust Me entirely for their well-being, supply, and provision of all things.

                113.The strengthening which My Family needs through the Word is of utmost importance. This is the first step, and the others cannot be taken until this one has been taken. For when those who are strong in the Word and rich in faith step out on My promises, trusting Me completely to provide and supply their every need, I am able to meet them, fulfill My Word, and to work wondrous miracles! But these who have not had sufficient Word, who are weakened and lacking faith and trust, are not able to step out in full faith, for they lack the faith to believe that I am able to meet them. And because of this lack of faith, I am not able to meet them.

                114. How I long for My children to be strengthened in faith through their feasting on My Word! Oh, what a simple answer--almost too simple, it would seem to some. Yet what a mighty door this little key is able to unlock! For it is the passageway into the world of My abundant supply, of My blessings, and of My answers to their prayers.

                115.Therefore call unto the sheep! Challenge them to take this step of faith--of first being not only sustained, but being strengthened through My Word, through much time spent hearing from Me. And though it may seem an impossibility, I will reward their step of faith. And as they obey My Word and live in it, I will supply their every need and will fulfill all My promises.

* * *

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus and His Word!

                116.(Spirit helper speaking:) Things in this world aren't always going to be easy. They aren't going to seem easy. They aren't going to be problem-free, and it's not often going to look like we're winning. But that's what "taking it by faith" is all about. That's what it's all about--just standing on the Word and believing that the Lord is going to do it, believing that you're doing what you're supposed to be doing.

                117.There were quite a few of us Here that wanted to come and tell you our testimony, and a little more about our lives and the things that we went through, because we thought it might help you to see and appreciate how much you've got, and how easy you've got it!

                118.Of course it's a battle, of course there are problems.And, yes, there are beautiful victories. But in a way, the biggest victory is being able to just look to the Lord, trust Him, and obey His Word no matter what the circumstances--keeping your heart fixed on the Lord and believing the promises, even when you don't see the fulfillment. That's really the greatest victory, because then the Lord can use you however He wants to fulfill His plan.

                119.If you demand results, and have the mindset that you're serving the Lord conditionally and "if it doesn't seem like it's working, we'll quit!"--well, maybe the Lord has a different plan. And if you're not willing to just shtick unconditionally, then He isn't able to fulfill that plan in you.

                120.Yes, the Lord loves to give the answers! Of course He has the answers, and He will always give them when we call out to Him and ask Him for them. But there are also times when He likes us to just trust Him no matter what the circumstances look like, no matter if it seems like we're getting the answers the way we wanted or not.

                121.Look at some of the great men and women of God who came before you, and the things that they went through. They had very little Word to hang on to, very little written inspiration, very little support or fellowship of the spirit from others who believed the same. All they could do was obey God, and sometimes they didn't even see much as far as results in their lifetime. But look at how they changed the world and the way God used them!

                122.I'm sorry if you feel overwhelmed by the problems, but you just can't let that discourage you. You know that the Lord is going to win the victory in the end. You know that He has a perfect plan, and you know, by faith, that if you obey the Word, obey God, and do your best, then He is going to do His best with you--exactly what He made and ordained you for!

                123.That's a little problem with some of you people--you expect immediate results and smooth sailing, and when you have problems, you wonder if you're out of God's will. Well, sometimes that's the case, but sometimes it isn't. You have to be able to just look to the Lord, look to His Word, and believe that He is going to work the miracles, bring the victories, and accomplish His purpose.

                124.So look at those who have gone on before you, and be encouraged! Look at some of the situations and circumstances that they were in, when it looked like there was absolutely no hope, that they hadn't accomplished anything for God, they were in a mess! But they obeyed, they hung on by faith, and the Lord delivered them from seemingly impossible and insurmountable situations. Because they didn't let go; they hung on to the promises. "These all died in faith!" And the reason we were able to do it was because we "endured, as seeing Him Who is invisible." We kept our eyes on the Lord and His Word, and on the promises.

                125.That's why it's so important to keep your eyes on the Lord and take time with Him, looking to His Word as your first priority above all else. That enables you to keep the vision. That enables you to keep your eyes focused, your priorities straight. That enables you to keep going, even when the circumstances around you look totally opposite. The Enemy fights so much, because he knows if he can just get your eyes off the Word and onto the waves, you'll start to sink! The Lord can sustain you above the waves. But the Enemy knows if he can get you busy swimming in your own strength instead of looking at the Lord, you'll never make it--or at least you'll just get all tired out and won't accomplish what God wants you to do.

                126.But the Lord has given you so much in the way of very specific Word for every situation. In some ways, He's made it so easy for you. All you have to do is look to it, stand on it, cling to it, hang onto it, and don't let go. Keep your eyes on Him, keep looking to Him, and He'll help you keep your priorities straight. He'll help give you the vision. And most of all, He'll accomplish His plan and His will in your life and ministry. And that, folks, is the victory! That is a job well done! Not if you're successful, not if everything goes smoothly, but if you just hang on, keep looking to the Lord, stay faithful, keep your eyes on Him, keep loving Him and doing what He asks--that is the greatest victory!

* * *

My Tender-hearted Prophetess of the End!

                127.(Jesus speaking:) Behold My tender-hearted prophetess of the End who tends the hearts of her children everywhere! For she has great love and compassion on them, and she cries out to Me for them--for their needs, for the answers to their questions, for their encouragement, for their comfort, for their feeding, for their strength. She loves them greatly with My Love, and there is none other upon Earth who cares for My children so, who is willing to lay down her life gladly and cheerfully day after day to feed My sheep and care for My tender lambs.

                128.All of My children are as tender lambs in her sight, and as a mother cherishes and comforts her little ones and presses them to her bosom, so does My Maria comfort and strengthen and encourage and lift up her little ones all over the world. Her little ones are young and old, strong and weak, of every age and sort. They are her little ones upon whom she bestows such great care. She understands the needs of their hearts. She listens and hears their cries, and she brings them before My throne to receive My answers, My comfort, My direction.

                129.She knows she is as a little one herself. Therefore she does not try to carry the great burden of their care herself, for she knows that she has not the strength. But she faithfully picks them up and carries them in her bosom and brings them before Me so that I may care for them, so that I may comfort and encourage and love them and meet their needs. This is My true and faithful shepherdess, mother of My flock, faithful in all her house.

                130.I do bestow upon her great honor this day, the day of her birth, as she does bestow great honor upon Meby her love and her faith in Me and My Words, in receiving them and cherishing them and passing them on to her children, that they may be fed and nourished and strengthened and encouraged and made joyful at My hand.

                131.Give her the love and honor due her, for she is your beloved queen and mother, and My precious and faithful bride who I love and who loves Me with great passion and great desire. And so I desire this day to honor her for her great love for Me and My Words and My children. Love and cherish her, honor and obey her. Support her and pray for her and help her in this great task she has of feeding and caring for My children everywhere. So shall you prosper, and so shall you also be blessed.

* * *

The Golden Key of Faith!

                132.Faith is the true coinage of Heaven. Faith is the key that unlocks the treasure house of My blessings--My spiritual blessings, My material blessings, all of My blessings. For without faith, it is impossible to please Me. For he that comes to Me must believe that I am the rewarder of those that diligently seek Me. And why would you seek Me unless you had the faith that I would hear and I would answer and I would honor your faith and honor My Word, My promises to you?

                133.I am not a man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent. Have I said and shall I not do it? Have I not promised that I will supply your every need, that I love to give more than you love to receive, that I would open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing you could not contain, if you would but trust Me and believe My Words and obey them?

                134.But you have not because you ask not. You do not stop to ask Me specifically for the answers to your situation, your problems, what I want you to do. I know your situation. I know your every problem. I know every tiny detail, and I have a great plan that I am waiting to unfold at the touch of your faith. Your faith can release the power of the universe! Your faith can move mighty mountains of obstacles and difficulties! Because if you put your faith in Me and My Words, I will move the mountains, I will overcome the obstacles, and I will provide the solutions.

                135.Faith is opening the door, stepping back, inviting Me in, and saying, "Lord, You do it. We hold You to Your promise! We take the step in the direction You say to go. We step out by faith, trusting You to meet us, and we know that You will."

                136.Faith is the key to the life of a Christian, to the life of My missionaries, My children. It is the key to faithfulness and blessing and provision and power and protection and inspiration and receiving every good thing that I wish to bestow upon My precious children whom I love.

                137.Do you believe that I love you? Do you have faith in My Love, in My care, in My provision, and in My protection? Do you believe that, as a most loving and caring and doting Husband, I would not leave My wife comfortless, without the utmost care, without her needs met, without guidance and direction, without the solutions to her problems, the grace for every situation?

                138.Nay, I could not be such a Husband that would neglect the care of a wife so precious unto Him! For you are My precious one, My darling Bride, My yielded and obedient wife who seeks to do My slightest bidding, who loves Me with all of her heart and who lays down her life and body in service for Me, because of her great love for Me and My children. Would I not care for her as My beloved? Would I not cherish her as the precious treasure she is unto Me? Would I not help her and deliver her from every evil thing and provide her every need and surround her with My Love? Yea, I will do all of these things, and more.

                139.But the key is faith--faith in My Love, faith in My promises, faith to obey in spite of the odds, in spite of overwhelming obstacles and seemingly impossible situations. For this is the proof of My Bride's love--her faith in Me, her faith in My Words, and her faith in My power to fulfill them. Her great love for Me is manifest in her faith--the golden key of faith.

                140.So guard this precious treasure I have given you, this golden key of faith. It is something that must be kept through constant care and nurturing and feeding from My Words, which are spirit and life. By doing these things, by believing and receiving and imbibing and drinking in and partaking of My Words, you keep the golden key of faith bright and shiny and polished, and you will be well able to use it to open many mighty doors of My blessings for all that you need in every area of your life. For you are My precious Bride and loving wife, and I love you.

* * *

Power to Fight Intense Endtime Battles Is in the Word!

                141. Behold now your days of training! Behold the days of battle that I have told you of! Behold these days of intense, desperate battle, where you can feel the conflict, the confusion, and the heat of battle so overwhelmingly and so near to snuffing out your very spiritual life!

                142.For the Enemy knows that his time is at hand, that his days are numbered, his time is short, that the clock is ticking. He sees My soon return on the horizon, and he does fight with all that he has! For this is his last chance to dissuade, to pull away, to deceive and disillusion those who fall prey to his voice.

                143.Behold, these days are cloudy, confusing and intense.But lift your eyes to the horizon! Set your eyes and your mind and your thoughts upon Me and the pure water of My Word, where all is clear and simple, where there lies no confusion, no doubts, no fears, no pressure, no worry, no condemnation, no criticism, no darkness.

                144.You must look away from the Enemy's doubts, fears, worries, lies and accusations, and look to Me and My Word! You must continue to walk by faith and draw your faith from the power of My Word. For My Word has kept you all these years. My Word has faithfully kept you from the day of your rebirth until now, and it will continue to keep you until we are together in Heaven.

                145.David taught you that there is great power in My Word, and he strove to lay the foundation upon which you would remain My strong Endtime army. So you must continue to encourage one another, and uphold one another with My Words, speaking faith one to another, speaking of My Word, sharing My Word among yourselves, testifying of its power, and sharing the positive effects that My Word has on your life. You must continue to strive to uphold the foundation of My Word. For it remains an everlasting and simple truth, that My Word is powerful and able to perform that which I have sent it to do.

                146.So be not as the weak churches of the System, who rely not upon My Word, who do not cling to it and do not lean upon it and do not believe it and do not trust it. But they run to other means, to other books, to other people, to other sources, to other programs to pick them up when they fall. Therefore they have not grown close to Me, and are not My vibrant brides. They are flat and stale and barely existing, barely trudging through their daily lives, because they do not have the Spirit of My Word to sustain them. It is available to them, it waits for them, and if they call upon Me I will help them. But they have not been taught the necessity of My Word. They have not been shown the way. They have not had true loving shepherds to lead and guide them to drink of the still waters, so they remain as sickly, weak, sad and confused sheep.

                147.But you have been blessed upon the face of the Earth! You have been chosen as My Endtime children, to fight in the Endtime days! You have been chosen and blessed and hand-picked by Me from the foundations of the world. Even before you knew your calling or your destiny, I had chosen and ordained you. I have set you in My fold with true and loving shepherds who have led and guided you through all the slippery and dark places, and have held high the standard of My Word to illumine the path before you and to lead you through the darkness.

                148.Behold how they continue to hold high the lantern of My Word! They fail not and they falter not, but they hold it continuously, at all times, through peace and through storm. And now I have added My voice of prophecy to My written Word.

                149.Cling to it and absorb it! Hold on to My voice. Carry it with you. Keep it close by your side. Review My voice of prophecy; read it over and over and over. Let it sink in to your very being. Let it become a part of you. Absorb it. Pray desperately that it becomes alive to you, real, meaningful and fruitful in your lives. Pray and ask Me for a sincere hunger for My voice. Let My voice guide you and sustain you and keep you.

                150.For My Words are powerful! They are life, they are truth, they are energy! They will give you the strength and the grace to carry on. They will give you the answers and the solutions to every situation. They will supply your every need. They will provide direction and guidance and counsel. They will support you when you feel weary or weak, and they will sustain you when you feel faint. They will provide peace when you feel confused and tired. They will provide energy and grace when you feel you cannot go on.

                151.Draw on My Words! Draw on My voice! Be desperate and suck for My seeds! Let Me fuck you and fill you. Just lie back in My arms and pray desperately, and I will come to you. I will answer your call. I will come quickly to you and fulfill your need.

                152.Hear the voice of My beloved queen and My beloved king--My servant queen and My servant king! Hear their voice, for it is My voice speaking through them to your heart. They serve you faithfully and diligently and well, for they love you greatly. They give unto you daily of My Love and My Words. They live to give to you. They live to do My will, and they do whatever I ask them. They obey My slightest commands and wishes, and they pour it forth! They question not My voice. They doubt not My Spirit and My Word, but they give and pour forth. Thus have you received the blessing and the power of My voice and My Words, and thus are you receiving that which you need for today and for the days to come.

                153.So be thankful for your queen and your king, and pray for them. For they do My will, and are willing to do anything that I ask of them. Pray for them. Uphold them with your prayers, and rejoice in them and be thankful and praise Me that I have set before you such a great woman and man of faith.

* * *

Passing Through the Deep Waters

                154.My darling, precious Maria of the Endtime, My beloved chosen bride! You have been glowing and flowing and fulfilling My will from the day of your birth. My precious one, how I love you, and I give kisses unto you on this, your birthday--xxxxxxx!

                155.Fear not, and worry not about the Family, or about Peter, or about the work or the days to come, for I have been training you since the day of your birth to be My messenger and My vessel to the world. You are fulfilling My will. You are doing My will. You are giving what I want you to give, and saying what I want you to say. You are hearing what I want you to hear, and you are doing what I want you to do. So worry not, for I am beside your ear, and My voice will continue to speak to you and guide you.

                156.I know your yieldedness and your desire, your openness and your willingness to be what I want you to be and to do whatever I ask. So you need not fear, for I will be at your right hand, and I will continue to speak to you and guide you. And I will continue to speak through Peter, My mouthpiece. I will strengthen him through this time of battle, through this crisis, for it is only temporary. I will help him and uphold him. He struggles now, that he may understand and have compassion on others, that he may be able to testify and to give them the answers and the solutions to their battles.

                157.My precious Peter must pass through the deep waters first, that he may be able to help others who are drowning. He feels he is drowning now, but he knows that My hand is right there to save him and to help him, and I will not fail him. It is only temporary. I will help him. His struggle and his battles will not be in vain, for I will lift him out of the deep waters and set him on dry land. And he will know how to help his brother who passes through the waters behind him.

                158.It is difficult for you to see your beloved struggling and battling, My precious Maria,and I know it causes your heart pain. But do not worry, My sweetheart. Do not worry, My love. For even though the storm is raging and the clouds are overhead, there will be sunshine and the clouds will pass and the storm will subside.

                159.These battles are representative of the battles that many are fighting within the Family,both the older and the younger, and that many will fight in the days to come: the overwhelming feelings, the severe attacks of the Enemy, the frayed nerves and the weariness. Many will not understand this new battle and this new attack, and they will be fearful. But their faith will be strengthened, their fears relieved, and their courage renewed when they know that their king has gone through the waters before them, and when they know that you understand. They will look to you, their shepherdess, as they always do, for the guidance and the solutions that they desperately need, and they will find sweet relief and strength from your birthday talk. They will find true succor in My Words, and find sure footing in the voice of their queen.

                160.So worry not, My love, but continue to look to Me. Uphold the standard of My Word, raise it high, and proclaim My voice of prophecy. I will strengthen you and give you the might and the power that you will need. I will give you the wisdom and discernment to care for My beloved Family, and to care for your loved one. I will continue to anoint you, and I anoint you anew and afresh for this year. I give you a new anointing, a special anointing for today and for each day!

* * *

More Birthday Love from Dad!

                161. (Dad speaking:) Honey, sweet baby, happy birthday! My sweet baby, you are so beautiful! You are still the most beautiful woman in the world, and you looked so pretty giving your birthday talk! You really looked lovely, you were really glowing! Your talks are so anointed, Sweetheart! He is really anointing you. And I'm so proud of you for how closely you stick to the Lord no matter what! You're like that abalone, Honey, and you're still stickin' to Jesus and me. I love you, Sweet Baby! Happy birthday!

                162.I'm helping you, Sweetheart. Don't you love it, Honey, the way we can still work together? Isn't it wonderful how the Lord has opened the spirit world up to us? Isn't it thrilling and exciting that we don't have to live in just one dimension, but even though you're there on Earth you can still partake of the Heavenly dimension and the wonders of the Spirit? Isn't it just thrilling, Sweetheart? It's really Heaven's Girl and Heaven's Children being fulfilled! Isn't it wonderful, Honey? I'm up Here directing you and giving you ideas and thoughts, and you're hearing my voice and you're discussing it and passing it on. It just is a dream come true!

                163.I love you so much, Sweetheart, and I'm so proud of you! You're doing just what I always knew you could! You're doing even better than I did. You're really leading them, and you're such a beautiful shepherdess. I love you, Sweetheart! Happy birthday, my darling! I give you lots of kisses and stroke your hair. I kiss your eyes and your pretty cheeks, my sweet baby. I hold you close. Put your head on my shoulder--I'm holding you real close now, my darling. Can you feel it? I love you, Sweetheart!

                164.That was pretty exciting that the Lord said He had a new and special anointing for you! Isn't that exciting? Hallelujah! I'm excited about that, Darling! Anyway, just know this whole year ahead is going to be a very good one, and you're going to do just great! God bless you, Honey! I love you! (End of prophecies.)

                165. (Mama:) Thank you, sweet Dad, for your continued love; it means so much to me. I can't tell you how much I love your love, and I need you so. We sure have had a great love affair going all this time, which just continues to get better and better! I could never, ever deserve you, but I thank Jesus for you!

* * *

                166.Dearest Family, aren't you excited by the Lord's promises? It's all there, just for the asking! There are such rich treasures there, just for the taking. Please go back over these beautiful Words and make sure you haven't missed anything. Write down the main points of each message--the promises and the conditions. Write down any other major points that stand out to you. It will be well worth your time and you'll be glad you did, and you'll be glad you took the time to appreciate and savor each Word of His beautiful Love Letters to you.

                Much love, Mama

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family