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Christmas in Heaven! DFO 3076 8/96

--A Prophecy from Dad

1.(Introduction by Mama:) Here is a wonderful surprise for all ages! An exciting new revelation from Grandpa! Look how the Lord led in all the little steps down the line in order for this to come about: The Lord laid it on the hearts of some of our precious kids in South Africa during Christmas season last year to ask Grandpa what Christmas is like in Heaven. They enclosed the message they received from Grandpa with their monthly TRF. Next the Lord laid on our pubs team's heart the burden to illustrate it and put it in a Kidz mag, and they sent it to me to see what I thought. (See the new Kidz mag coming to you this Christmas!) Then when I read it, I got excited about the idea of hearing even more from Dad about Christmas.

2.I asked someone in my Home to ask Dad to tell us how he had celebrated Christmas last year and what they do up There for Christmas. The Lord didn't disappoint us! To the contrary, He allowed Dad to come through with a wonderful message, one of the best things He could give us to get us excited about witnessing this Christmas--and every Christmas, and in fact, every day, as we witness to others about God's wonderful Christmas gift of Salvation! I don't think you'll ever be able to go out witnessing again at Christmas time--or any time--without knowing that you are on a truly important mission, and that you have all the help from Heaven you can desire! It's so exciting! (Coming soon in illustrated form in Hope TK 26.)

3.Have fun listening to Dad tell us how they celebrate Christmas in Heaven! The Lord is so good to His children, and gives us blessing upon blessing, everything that will make us happy and help us do a better job for Him! Thank you for doing such a good job for Him! I love you so much and I'm praying for you!

4.(Dad speaking:) Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Is everybody comfy? Warm enough or cool enough? Let's have everybody get situated and comfy and cozy, 'cause I'm gonna tell you about Christmas in Heaven! Would you like that? Would you like to hear about Christmas in Heaven? God bless Mama, she asked me to come and tell you all about Christmas in Heaven! Isn't that sweet? Do you like that idea? So everyone take your seats, or lie on your bed, or cuddle up next to someone, and Grandpa's gonna tell you all about Christmas in Heaven.

5.Oh, Christmas in Heaven! Christmas joy! Christmas splendor! Christmas love! Christmas in Heaven is so many things! There's lots of excitement and so much activity! We have lots and lots of activity. And we all give presents to Jesus! We give Jesus lots of presents. After all, it's His birthday, isn't it?

6.Do you want to know what we give Jesus? I see some of you are sitting there scratching your heads and wondering what we give Jesus, the One Who has everything. What is the best thing you can give Jesus on Christmas? If you've already given Him your heart, after that, what is the best thing you can give Him? That's right--souls! That's the best present you can give Him--the souls you win to His Kingdom!

7.Oh, you didn't know we can still win souls after we get to Heaven? Well, I've got news for you--last Christmas many of us Here in Heaven went witnessing! Yes, we went witnessing with you! We were all busy helping you win souls for Jesus. Just as Jesus came down at Christmas and gave His life for you, so you could have His Love and His happiness, Jesus now sends many of us to go and help you, so that you can help others find His life and His Love. Isn't that wonderful? We have so much fun and such a good time helping you children, and all you teens and young people and adults too. We help you win souls at Christmas!

8.And just like your Homes are busy and buzzing with Christmas excitement, so is all of Heaven! Everything is all a-whirl with the preparations and organization and planning and figuring out who is going to go, who is going to stay and work on things up Here, and so many details. Everybody gets involved in one way or the other!

9.The Heavenly planning committees are busy at work, and they have a monumental job. But of course it all flows at a very even and peaceful Heavenly pace. It's not anything like all that hustle and bustle that you sometimes see down there on Earth, especially in those shopping centers and places some of you go to witness. God bless you! You all sure are troopers! You are the ones who march in where angels fear to tread, and we are busy helping you!

10.Everything up Here at Christmas is all flowing and glowing and pulsating right in tune and in rhythm and in perfect sync with the Lord and His Heavenly music. And, oh boy, the Christmas music, it's so special Here, and so Heavenly! Well, I'll get into that in a minute, but first, back to our Christmas prep!

11.There's lots of planning that goes into Christmas. The Christmas committees and councils are busy and happy at work planning and organizing how to best help you down there on Earth. And of course a lot has to do with your prayers. Everyone up Here is ready and waiting and on call for each time one of you shoots up a prayer to Heaven asking for help. And when you shoot up your prayers, that is when the committee goes right to work and they assign the right helper to the job!

12.Then over in the Heavenly stadium there is such excitement in the grandstands where we all gather together to watch you--the greatest show on Earth! The whole host of Heaven is waiting and praying for you and cheering you on from the Heavenly grandstands. They're watching and waiting and hoping and praying and cheering for you! And many of us are waiting to get involved. There's a whole host of Heaven waiting to get their assignments, waiting for your prayers to come up so we can go!

13.You see, often our involvement in your Christmas is determined by your prayers! Each time you pray and believe and call out for help--boom, a Heavenly helper or two or three get assigned to the job! Oh, it's thrilling! It's wonderful! We all praise the Lord every time someone gets to go. The send-off committee is there to bid them farewell, and the band plays a marching tune. It's wonderful, so wonderful--all the inspiration and help and support. Everybody gets in on the act! Whether we go or stay back, we're all involved in one way or another.

14.Yes, Christmas in Heaven is full of preparation and planning and helping you all win souls, and cheering you on from the Heavenly grandstands. We're all watching, and rootin' for you, and cheering you, and very closely involved in your witnessing and soul-winning and spreading of Jesus' Love to the lost and lonely people of the world.

15.It's a very exciting time, because we know that at Christmas time, more than any other time of the year, people on Earth are more receptive. They're more tender and ready and willing to receive Jesus' Love. It really is a time when some people stop and reflect, and they feel lonely and in need of love. Especially now, as the world grows dark and the love of many grows cold, people are searching and looking and longing for love. So it's a time of the year when people are especially open. And even though that ol' Devil tries hard to make people forget about the true meaning of Christmas, and he has put lots of things around to trick people and to get them to believe a lie, still people are tender and open at Christmas time, and that's when they need the Love of Jesus.

16.So we are quite involved in your Christmas outreach. Isn't that wonderful? We send out lots of teams from the halls of Heaven to help you in your Christmas push. There are scouting teams who go and help set things up for you! They help prepare the way, and lead you and guide you to know what doors to knock on and what roads to take. That's one reason why it's so important that you folks get quiet and listen to the whispers--the whispers of our Heavenly Scout teams who are out there scouting out the land for you!

17.The Scout teams often work closely with the Heavenly Hearts teams. These are the teams that go and help prepare people's hearts, helping them get ready for all the Lord has in store for them. They are busy preparing hearts, getting people ready to receive the message, to receive you and your love and Jesus' Love through you.

18.Then there are the Heavenly Aid teams. These are helpers who come to your aid and support you right when you are in the thick of the witnessing, right when you need a special boost from on high, help from Heaven to win that soul and get them in!

19.Oh, and I can't forget the Heavenly musicians and song and dance troupes! These are a real lively bunch who are commissioned to help all you performers for Jesus! They're right on call to help you perform and do your shows or sing one on one--songs that move people. Yes, music is the miracle of this generation, and they really have it!--And they help you to have it as you win your way to their hearts through music!

20.And there are the Heavenly Staffers! They are the support staff teams who are sent to help those in your Homes who stay by the stuff. These all equally share in the rewards, and the Heavenly Staffers are well equipped with bundles of inspiration and fun ideas to give to those who stay back. They're full of fun ways to keep the home fires burning and make things inspiring for everyone.

21.Yep, we have many Heavenly teams that go out from Here. There are all sorts of helpers, each talented and equipped to help you in whatever ministry or job you have, whether it be outreach, home care, and even your business, cooking the meals, or taking care of the babies and children. Yes, there are many, many Heavenly teams all busy at work. I can't even name them all, but they are all waiting and ready to come when you call!

22.Oh, and I can't forget the Heavenly Tour team! Ahhh, these guys are fun! They're the ones who inspire your dreams and take you on fun spirit trips, whenever you are willing and ready! They'll take you on a little tour of the universe, or for a little glimpse of Heaven if you like. They'll lift you up to reach the stars where eternal sunshine lights the sky, and sparkling stardust glistens and shines! They'll whisk you way up high into Heavenly heights where you'll see Heavenly sights and hear Heavenly sounds, and smell the fresh fragrance of Heavenly air! All you have to do is ask and believe and they'll be right there to take you on tour.

23.That is how we spend Christmas! We're on call to help you from beyond so you can take Christmas to others. This is Jesus' birthday desire. This is His one birthday wish, year after year, that we help to gather as many into the Kingdom as we can. This is what Christmas is all about! Love came down at Christmas, and it still comes down at Christmas.

24.Yes, we spend Christmas watching and praying and helping you. We're all rootin' for you from the Heavenly grandstands as we watch the Heavenly Scorekeeper, who marks up the score each time a soul is won. Praise God! Every time one of you wins a soul, there's a really big praise meeting! Everyone shouts the victory and praises the Lord, as we dance and sing a new song of praise!

25.Did you know that each time you win a soul, a new song is written in Heaven? The Heavenly musicians go right to work each time a new soul gets saved. For each new soul that enters Heaven, a new song is recorded in Heaven! It's a special song for that special soul. Isn't that wonderful? The Heavenly musicians record the new song that Jesus puts in a person's heart when they receive Him. And when that soul eventually comes Home to Heaven, when they arrive in Heaven, their special song is playing. It's their special song of welcome and love and remembrance of the day of their Salvation--a special love song from Heaven's heart to their heart. Isn't that beautiful? You all have a special song, and if you get real quiet and listen hard enough, even now, you just might hear it! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! We love You, Jesus! You are wonderful! There are so many splendors and wonders of Heaven, but I'd better get back to telling you about Christmas in Heaven!

26.Oh, Christmas in Heaven is everything wonderful, because Christmas is Jesus! Christmas is Love, and up Here in Heaven we celebrate His Love. We revel in His Love, and swim in His Love, and dance in His Love, and sing in His Love, and have a really, really big love feast! That is really all the Lord wants for His birthday--He wants our love, and He wants to enjoy us!

27.Jesus just wants us! Of course, He likes to make us happy, too, so He commissions a Heavenly Party committee that plans and prepares for the Heavenly Birthday Celebration. They deck the halls of Heaven with beautiful, ornate decorations that sparkle and shine with the light of the Lord--each one for the purpose of reflecting the Love and light of the Lord. Everything is vibrant and alive and pulsating with excitement as the love feast begins! For those who want, there are festivities and games. And there are yummy, fun foods to eat if you like!

28.We celebrate Christmas very much like you do there on Earth. We gather round the table of the Lord and give thanks and praise to Jesus. We sing His praise and give thanks and recount all our many, many blessings. We praise the Lord for all His goodness, as we thank Him for His Love and care and safekeeping.

29.Christmas is for Love, and Jesus is Christmas! He's the reason for it all, and Here in Heaven we simply enjoy Him. Just being in His presence is Christmas, as we feel His Love, and His warmth, and His light, and His life, and His peace, and His joy, and His tenderness. We love Him and love each other as we sing His praises. It's a time of love and praise! Angels and saints sing and dance before the Lord! We all join in, singing and dancing and whirling and twirling and praising and loving and hugging and kissing in one big happy praise love feast, as the Heavenly symphony of God plays on!

30.Oh, the Heavenly symphony--there is nothing like it, as it plays Heavenly Christmas tunes, melodic Heavenly tunes that take you to heights and realms beyond your wildest dreams--of not only Heavenly sounds, but Heavenly sounds mixed with Heavenly sights and thrills that lift you into the Heavenlies, to heights unknown! Oh, I can hardly describe it! But you can hear it too, right now if you want, if you will just get real still and lie real quiet. If you want a little peek, a little glimpse into Heaven, if you want to hear the Heavenly symphony, just ask Jesus. Ask Him and tune in and turn on and you can hear it too! And you'll float on the Heavenly music and move with it and dance to it as it carries you along.

31.You can enjoy Christmas in Heaven right now, wherever you are! You can join in with us right now, because you have Heaven in your heart. All you have to do is reach out, believe, and receive. And when you are gathered to love and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, right there in your little home or out on the road, or wherever you may be, just pray and ask Jesus to help you join in on Christmas in Heaven.--And He will! And we will all join in together to love Him and sing His praises! Hallelujah!

32.So that is a little of how we celebrate Christmas. We gather in the presence of Jesus and love Him and love each other and hold each other and tell each other how much we love each other and we all love the Lord together.

33.And as we gather for the grand finale to our Heavenly Birthday Party, Jesus Himself leads the great commission ceremony. Our sweet Jesus comes and hugs and kisses and anoints each one of us, each Heavenly helper, each saint of God, even each angel, with a kiss and a prayer--a prayer of renewal, a prayer of inspiration, and a prayer for strength to continue living Christmas each day. Yes! Because in Heaven, Christmas is every day! Christmas lives in our hearts every day of the year, and the Lord wants us to continue helping you to live Christmas every day of the year too.

34.So each Christmas, Jesus personally prays and anoints each one of us with special oil as He gives us renewed strength for the tasks ahead, that we may in turn help you to carry on, and spur you on to keep fighting, keep climbing, and gather them in. Gather in the sheep. Yes, this is when Jesus will at last receive all His birthday presents, when each one is in. That is going to be the greatest Christmas of all, and the one we are all looking forward to.

35.We're all looking forward to that day, when we will all sit down and celebrate Christmas together in Heaven. When each soul is finally Home and not one is missing, that is going to be the Christmas of all Christmases! And that's the one that Jesus and all of us up Here are all looking forward to! That's the Christmas that Jesus is saving up for! That's the reason the first Christmas took place, and that is the reason we have Christmas at all--so we can gather each one into the Heavenly Kingdom.

36.And you know what? Jesus has a big surprise for that Christmas--a special surprise that not even we Here in Heaven know about just yet! In that day, all loved ones will be united forever. In that day, everyone's heart's desires will be granted. And in that day, we will love and enjoy Him forever! None will be lost! All will be Home at last! All will be Home for Christmas then. All will at last be joined forever with friends and loved ones, and we'll all love Jesus and love each other together. No more tears, no more sorrow, just His Love to the full and forever!

37.So until that time, you folks need to keep spreading Christmas! Keep giving Christmas to everyone you meet every day of the year. Christmas is every day. And don't forget all the Heavenly host you have ready and willing to help you! Whenever you want it, whenever you need it, or whenever you simply want to stop and take a little rest, or have a little fun, just call on us for a Heavenly tour! We're all right here, very close to help you, and we'll thrill you, and fill you, and take you into Heavenly realms of fun and sun--His Heavenly sunshine of light and love! All you have to do is believe and reach out and receive.

38.I love you! I'll be praying for you as you have a Happy Christmas every day of the year. I love each of you! XXXXXXX!

Christmas praises in the air, hallelujah!

Children dancing everywhere, hallelujah!

39.All happy children dance for Jesus our King!

Love and joy forever to the Earth He brings. Hallelujah!

40.Are you with me for a Happy Christmas? Bring them in! Give'm Jesus! I'm right behind you to help you gather in all His lost sheep. Then we'll have a happy love feast with Jesus as we celebrate Christmas forever with Him! Hallelujah! XXXXXXX! Your Grandpa. (End of prophecy.)

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