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THE SUMMIT '96 LETTERS!--Part 5             Maria #358           DO 3084               7/96

--By Maria

Table of Contents

                Feeling-left-out Battles!      1

                Returnees Need Wisdom and Patience!           2

                Why It Takes Time for the New GNs to Reach the Field               2

                More on Reading the GNs Thoroughly and Carefully   3

                Love, Thanks and Prayers!                4

                The Young People's Evaluations of the CROs                4

                Commendation and Encouragement for the CROs!        5

                Young VSs or Bellwethers Traveling with CROs            7

                Young Leaders Earning the Confidence of the Older Generation                8

                The More You Are Trusted With, the More Accountable You Are!          8

                Overconfidence: A Pitfall for Young Leaders!                9

                Reporting: Balancing Business with the "Human" Side!              11

                Peter's Loving Attitude Towards the Men      11

                Agreeing with Your Mate on Sharing with Others         11

                Thanks for Being Willing Vessels!   12

                1.My dear ones, I love you so much! Thanks for carrying on so faithfully there, giving your lives that others may live. How the Lord--and we--love you for that! And what good samples you are to all of us!

                2. Peter and Gary and Heather, you are doing absolutely great! It couldn't be better! It's wonderful! You've done things exactly right, exactly the way we've wanted you to do them!--And, more importantly, exactly the way the Lord wanted you to do them! We're thrilled! All of us here are just ecstatic about what's going on there and the wonderful, wonderful move of the Lord's Spirit upon all these precious lives. I can't find enough words to express how wonderful we think it all is!

Feeling-left-out Battles!

                3.I was discussing with Juan, Francis, and some of the others here at separate times, some of the little "left-out" and jealousy battles that we here have when hearing all the exciting things that are going on there. We concluded that the reason the Lord is allowing us to experience these things is because the folks out there on the field will feel even more that way when hearing everything secondhand from the young people who have returned home.

                4.I think the Lord wanted us to tune in more to this aspect of things, so we can help you to realize, in a small way at least, what may be the reaction on the field to the Summit meeting in general and all the exciting things that have gone on there.--Not to speak of the negative reactions due to people comparing or not getting the full picture, which may come about as a result of the young people talking about some of the pubs they read which haven't gone out to the Family yet.

                5.Of course, the young people are not supposed to share these things, but since they will be very tempted to, you are going to have to explain to them about the negative reactions that could arise--both toward the subject matter itself, as well as towards them as the conveyers of it. If their goal is to go out and do their best for Jesus and the Family, they don't want what they say to backfire and make it more difficult for them to pass on the spirit of what they have learned.

Returnees Need Wisdom and Patience!

                6.We're going to have to continue to prepare the young people for being able to do a good job when they return. We want to do all we can to help them be happy and make others happy. To do this they're going to have to understand how to properly present things--or not present them.

                7.I know that you have been talking about some of these things periodically as they come up, but I think a lot more needs to be said along these lines. I know I've been talking some about this, too, and I'm sorry to keep riding this issue, but none of us want all this work and effort and prayer and time and laying down of your lives, and all the powerful help from the Heavenly realm that has been invested in this important meeting, to not reap the greatest dividends possible!

                8.We know with certainty that it will have a most wonderful effect on the Family, one way or the other. But we want to try to do all that we can to not let the powerful impact of it be dampened or lessened in any way by either the young people's zeal without wisdom, or their unrealistic expectations of how they are going to be able to go out there and completely change others as quickly and dramatically as they have changed!

                9.They are going to have to see and clearly understand that they have been filled with the Word day after day after day, as well as seen the living sample of it! It's the Word that makes the difference, and until our folks on the field have this Word from us to back up their sample, the returnees may not get quite the results that they are expecting.

                10.Now in some cases, where people have already gotten the Word on some things in the form of GNs, the young people's confirmation of it and testimony to the effectiveness of it will be very powerful.--Such as their testimonies of getting the gift of prophecy, using prophecy, understanding the Law of Love and living it, seeing real live samples of the Word, having their doubts about WS dispelled, seeing the Lord do what He promised in "New Music for a New Day," having it confirmed that Mama and Peter practice what they preach, etc. They will be eyewitnesses that the Words work, and that they are true.

                11.Their job is a great big one, and will require much desperate prayer for great wisdom. The Lord is going to require much from them because they've been given so much! And the only way they are going to know what to do and how to do it is by staying very close to the Lord, very desperate in prayer, very yielded and obedient to their leadership, and very humble!

Why It Takes Time for the New GNs to Reach the Field

                12.One way in which they need to stay very humble is to not get ahead of the Lord in thinking they have to divulge the contents of new GNs coming out, or new revelations, or anything that hasn't reached the field through the written Word. They can still live the spirit of the Letters without sharing the actual content. In fact, if they love us and are loyal, they will do everything they can to keep from divulging this confidential information, and they will not betray this great trust that has been placed in them!(Editor's note: Nearly all the GNs which those at the Summit read advance copies of have since been published for the entire Family. These include the "Loving Jesus Jewels," news of the "Who Said They're Dead?" book, "Mama's News and Views," "Prophecies on Leadership," "Be Encouraged," "Prophecies on Yieldedness," etc.)

                13.This may take quite a bit of patience, as well, because pubs usually move quite slowly in getting to the field. They need to realize this, and they have to realize why.It's not that we wouldn't like everything to get out there immediately, but we are doing the best we can. Even though they may question and wonder why, when we have all this Word that could help solve the Family's problems, we don't get it out there faster, the Lord has His time for everything. What they may think are mistakes in moving so slowly are not mistakes to the Lord; in fact, that's His plan. It took us a whole year to get out the "Loving Jesus" series, but the Lord confirmed that it was perfect timing. We have even asked the Lord if we should publish some things sooner, but He has said to wait awhile, such as the prophecy book Letter ("New GP Books!" ML #3050, GN 679). Also, we just can't physically get everything out at once; neither can the Family read it all at once!

                14.So they can be assured that even though it may not look like it, everything is under the Lord's control, and He is leading us in the right direction, and things are being accomplished according to His time schedule.

More on Reading the GNs Thoroughly and Carefully

                15.However, the problem of some people not getting enough out of the Word isn't with the pubs, but the way people read them. I know the problem is not with the pubs, because it's the Lord's Word and He has given it, and He has given it the way He wants it to be given for a purpose. Many of our folks read the pubs so quickly and superficially, and often unprayerfully, they fail to realize that what they are reading is not repetition, but it is answering all the peripheral questions, giving the full picture, not just one aspect of it.

                16.If they would read carefully and thoroughly, they would see that while we continue to speak on the same subject, we are not repeating the same point, but we are covering different aspects of the subject and answering different questions. However, since they often skim things superficially, when they are done they have questions that would have already been answered if they would have read more carefully. The answers have been given, but because they thought it was just a lot of repetition, they skipped over them and missed the answers!

                17.We've had lots of folks write us with questions that had already been answered in the Letter that they are asking about. I must say, it's a bit disappointing to go to so much trouble and so much work to try to answer every possible question that could come up, especially in our young people's minds, going back to the Lord time after time to receive the answers to peripheral or supplemental questions that we know will arise, pouring hours and hours into these pubs to make them well-rounded and balanced so people will get the full picture and not go to extremes, and then have people not only not read them carefully, but criticize them because they think they're boring and repetitious and think that we wasted our time as well as theirs! If they would really tune in, they would see that we often try to cover a subject from every conceivable angle. We even have people read it in its initial stages to see if it is answering even the doubtful, skeptical questions that may be asked later when it gets to the field.

                18.In fact, that's what we do many times with Francis, and what I did only two days ago. I said, "Francis, will you please read this Letter as though you were one of our most questioning and skeptical young people out there, and give us a feel for what questions you think they would come up with, and what answers you think they would need in order to make it easier for them to receive the message the Lord is giving?" So God bless him, he has a lot of faith, and did it. He doesn't give us a hard time with skeptical "illegitimate" questions. But we even like to take these kind of questions into consideration. Even though what the Lord initially gives should be enough for anyone who has faith, we nevertheless do even try to consider some of the "illegitimate" questions that could come up, and try to answer them if we have the time and space.

                19. Then we have more proofreaders go through it to come up with any further questions! We consider each question prayerfully and carefully. We don't always have the time to answer every question, if it's not something that the majority of people would ask. But when we do, even if it's something that only our young people might question, we try to address it if we can.

                20.So do you want to know one thing that often delays the pubs? It's trying to answer all the questions that we can come up with that may be asked by folks on the field! As I said, if we don't know the answers to these, we often have to go back to the Lord and ask Him. All this takes a lot of prayer, a lot of time, and a lot of consideration of these matters.

                21.Thank you, dear J. (one of the YA Summit attendees), for your statement, or maybe it was a question, regarding so much "explanation" and repetition. Not only did it get your name in my Letter, but it got you some more repetitious explanation!--Ha! I love you, dear one, and I'm very glad you asked the question!--Or at least stated what you thought was the case! You brought to my attention something that apparently needed to be addressed, and your statement gave me a good springboard for doing it. Many of the rest of you attendees have also asked very good questions and given us some great feedback. So please keep it up. It really does help. And just because I may seem to come across rather "strong" in what I say above, it doesn't mean I'm mad at you. To the contrary, I'm very happy that you felt free to mention this, so I could explain it!

                22.Okay, back to you, my sweet teammates! I'm sorry this has gone on for so long. We'll be praying very desperately for you during these days when there is so much to take care of, on top of all the classes and spiritual feeding for the young people--all those personal situations that have to be handled, some of which are quite delicate. But I know He'll make the time and give you the grace and the strength for each one. He's promised, and we're praying! Much, much love, M.


Love, Thanks and Prayers!

                23.My sweet teammates!--I love you so much! I'm just overwhelmed by all there is yet to do there! So if I am, I can imagine what you must be feeling! I was so burdened this morning for you that I took quite a long time in prayer, desperately seeking the Lord for you and your physical and spiritual strength for these days ahead. We know the Lord is going to answer and help you to somehow get everything done that has to be done. Please know that we are keeping you always in our prayers, that the Lord will give you supernatural power to complete this great mission. Remember that it's not just you, but you are surrounded by many helpers and ministering spirits. You don't have to carry the load alone, but there are many with you! Praise the Lord!

                24.Honey, thank you so much for writing your report! I really do realize what a sacrifice it is, and the many precious minutes it takes away from so many timely matters in your already packed schedule. The same goes for you, Gary. I just received your report also, of almost the same length, and though I am just going to listen to it now, I want to tell you how deeply appreciative we are to you for having gone to all the trouble and taken the time to keep us informed.

                25.You both are so precious and are such a wonderful team! I'm so blessed to be able to work with you. I'm so thankful for your love and support. The Lord has so richly blessed me with such wonderful, loyal, faithful, giving teamworkers! That includes you, too, Heather! And of course all of those here who stand beside me so faithfully, as well as the others in our WS units and CRO offices.

                26.Peter, Sweetheart, I could hardly believe how much you did in just one day! What a miracle of the Lord's strength. And then, when you were exhausted on the next night, to cuddle with one of the girls, that was so precious! But the Lord seems to say it over and over, and more frequently than ever, that our main goal in life should be to give ourselves to others, to unselfishly pour out His Love. Nothing else is as important as giving our lives for others, so that they can feel His Love and be happy and fulfilled and find new meaning through a closer walk with Him. You'll probably never ever realize how far those little bits of love, given at such great sacrifice, go.

The Young People's Evaluations of the CROs

                27.We're praying for the dear CROs who had to get their evaluations handed out to them, and then try to understand the points where they didn't get such high grades, and why the young people were thinking the way they were. (Editor's note: At the Summit, the non-CRO attendees were asked to fill out a confidential questionnaire on each of their CROs, where they were asked to give their personal evaluation of their interaction with their CROs. For example, questions were asked like, "Do you feel comfortable around them?", "Are they open to suggestions and opinions contrary to their own?", etc. The purpose of the questionnaire was to give the CROs an idea of what areas they might need help in as far as relating to and working with those of the younger generation.)

                28. It must have been pretty tough, because the CROs didn't really have a chance to explain themselves where they thought some of those things might have been unjustified. Plus, they probably feel that we will now see them through the kids' eyes, and "label" them accordingly, which of course isn't true.

                29.I'm sure you handled this very lovingly, Gary, and are doing the best you can to encourage them. But it's inevitable that with things of this nature, people are going to feel discouraged. Even though most of them got pretty good marks, I think all of our CROs are extremely conscientious, and feel it very deeply when they think they may have failed the Lord or us or their flocks. So we are really praying that this won't be too difficult for them. Just because they have a few NWOs or areas that they need to work on as far as relating to their sheep, that doesn't mean they have failed us or the Lord.

                30.It's a funny thing, but after I had shared Juan's evaluation with him, I was thinking that if the Lord had brought him here for no other reason than for me to share these results with him, it would have been worth it. The fact that I was able to share them with him in the way I did--the "soft approach"--I think will go a long way in helping him to be able to accept the "failures" and the "criticisms," and not feel so totally condemned. At least Juan is extremely receptive to any kind of suggestion and needs only a hint.

                31.I don't mean to make you feel bad that you weren't able to handle things with the rest of the CROs the same way as I did with Juan. You couldn't have, anyway, unless they were female! Well, you could have at least sat with them and put your arm around them and talked to each of them personally, if you had had time, but I know that all of them realize that they have to sacrifice right now for the sake of the young people. God bless them, I really admire them--a lot! They're really showing their humility in a big way. They are showing their unselfishness and their great love, and it's beautiful! They're such wonderful generals, so noble, so admirable. They're just tops! I'm sure they're going through a lot, but they're trying to keep it in the background so they can concentrate on helping our young people. I'm really proud of them!

                32.Anyway, Peter, although I wasn't at all intending to make love with Juan, but instead just put my arms around him while I shared his "points for improvement" with him, the Lord led me to do otherwise. I threw the NWOs in as a little "extra"--that way they were "padded" with love before and after and they were a lot easier for him to take. I did get another headache halfway through our date, though. (I've noticed that lately any extra little strain gives me a headache. I think it's just because I'm generally weaker right now. I had to stop in the middle and ask Juan to pray for me.)

                33.Needless to say, I presented these things as gently as possible, because I knew that even the slightest mention that he needed to change in any area would be taken very, very seriously. And it was, of course. He felt very bad that he had not used the Charter as much as he should have and that folks had said that he could be more open to new ideas, etc. I tried to excuse him as much as possible, because from the beginning he was just totally accepting every point without excuse. He said he wanted to apologize and start doing things the right way. He said that after this, he'll always be seen with his Charter under his arm! Ha!

                34.I told him that a lot of these questions, as in all evaluations of this nature, are very open to misinterpretation, and we know that there are many other sides to each story. But we had to start somewhere, and this provides a bit of a springboard for our CROs to start praying about what areas they could improve in.

                35.We know that our CROs have a monumental job, and that others look at them and expect them to be almost perfect. Many times people don't understand why they do certain things, and then criticize them unjustifiably. I'm sure you made this clear to the other CROs in your talk with them, Gary. I know that you must have been very understanding when you passed these on.

Commendation and Encouragement for the CROs!

                36.When sharing these points with Juan, I suggested that he might want to consider checking himself in some of these areas. I told him that I thought the best thing to do would be to sit down with Carmen (his mate) and Mikol when he gets back to Peru (because the others from his area will be landing in different countries), and discuss with them how he can do better. They can give him specific examples to help him see more clearly how he might want to do things differently. Also, he can explain to them some of the things that perhaps they did not understand.

                37.I again stressed to him that even when you are doing the right thing, people may not think so, if you don't explain. So as much as possible, not only for the individual, but for the group, you need to explain why you are doing things. This not only relieves their concerns, but it trains them.

                38.It can look like a monumental task to have more areas in which you must change, when you think you've already made as much improvement as you possibly can! You thought that you had won some victories in those particular areas, so to be faced with the fact that you still have a long way to go can be very disconcerting and even destabilizing, and to say the least, very discouraging. So you need lots and lots of encouragement to keep going. You feel that you gave your best, but it's not good enough, and what more can you do?

                39.Well, I don't know if everyone feels that way, but I am just imagining what I would feel like in a similar situation. Our CROs probably have the toughest job in the Family, and they really do try to be everything that they think the Lord--and we--want them to be. It can be pretty difficult to take when they think they haven't come up to people's expectations.

                40.I really do want to encourage them that we care, and that we know and we understand that this has been very difficult for them to be faced with some of the ways in which they haven't completely "measured up." On top of this, they've had to sacrifice their time with you for the benefit of the young people, and in addition, have battles about what the future holds and how they're going to fare in working closer with the younger ones.

                41.It's pretty rough to put all your personal feelings aside for the good of the work. But God bless these wonderful folks--among the best we have!--They do it day in, day out, month after month, year after year. They are my ideals, my heroes! It makes me cry to think how precious they are in the Lord's eyes, and how great their reward is going to be. It's the dying daily that is the most difficult and requires the greatest sacrifice. The dying to your own desires, your own plans, your own programs. It's the trying daily to make the changes, not only in the Family, but in your own life, that can get pretty discouraging and can make you think that somebody else could do a better job than you!

                42.When you've worked so hard and given every ounce of your strength to the work, to then be hit with a list of areas where you need to change can seem almost devastating! If any of you CROs are tempted to give up, which you might be, maybe the thing that will help you the most is to realize, as I know you certainly do, that there isn't anyone else to do the job but you. The Lord--and we--are counting on you! As you so well understand, these young ones, although they love the Lord very much and are very gifted, will have a long way to go before ever being able to step into your shoes! They can work with you and help you, yes, but they need you desperately--even with all your faults! The Lord wouldn't have spent all these years pouring into you so abundantly if He didn't expect you to continue to do the job.

                43.I'm sorry I couldn't hold each of you in my arms and tell you how much I--and we--love you, and appreciate, more than we can ever say, your love, faithfulness and sacrifice--your willingness to be our hands and feet and eyes and ears. In comparison to the great love we have for you and the admiration we feel for you, we can hardly see the mistakes you've made, and we know the Lord doesn't see them. It's unfortunate that they even have to be mentioned, but it's all part of the purging and the humbling that will bring such beautiful fruit in your lives. The only thing we'll remember is the wonderful love that you have for Jesus and His Family and us, that keeps you going and keeps you sacrificing and keeps you obedient to His call.

                44.When things seem really rough, just remember how much we love you. Just keep the Heavenly vision in mind. Just see the glorious reward at the end of the road. Just look unto Jesus, Who is the Author and Finisher of your faith.

                45.I love you all so much and pray for you--especially for those of you who are going through it the most. I'm eternally thankful to you for the great job you've done! None of us are perfect. In fact, if I were in your shoes, you'd really see my NWOs coming out too! I've got plenty of them, only they just don't show up so much because I don't have as much personal contact with others as you do. If I were in your position, I don't think I'd be able to do nearly as well! I admire you immensely, and if our young people can eventually become even partially the men and women of God that I see in you, they will be doing very, very well!

Young VSs or Bellwethers Traveling with CROs

                46.Speaking of our young people, Peter and Gary, they are going to have to know that when they travel and work with the CROs, they don't immediately take on the same authority as a CRO. As you said, this will have to be a topic of discussion. It's quite a dilemma sometimes to know where to draw the line concerning how much authority should be given to the younger ones so that they can be the greatest help, yet at the same time not give them too much.

                47.There are some very important reasons why there has to be a definite distinction drawn between a CRO and his or her trainee. (Later: When I say "trainee" here, I'm not referring to those young people we have actually appointed as CRO officers since the Summit, but to other young people--some of them VSs, others with no official title--who are or will be traveling with and assisting the CROs.) You can be partners, but that doesn't mean you both are automatically on the same level and with the same authority. You can be completely united in spirit, and even in flesh, and be of one heart and one mind, but that doesn't mean you young ones have the same authority or can carry the same load or have the same wisdom as the more experienced members of your team.

                48.For one thing, in traveling the Homes you may get hit with a lot of problems, each person wanting to pour out his heart about all his tests and trials, which can be a drain on anyone. However, the more seasoned you are, the more you have gone through yourself and seen the Lord pull you through, the more faith you can have for these situations. You don't get so easily swayed, and these things don't destabilize you and cause you to wonder and doubt nearly as much as they would if you were younger and hadn't gone through so much yourself, and hadn't seen the Lord bring individuals through, as well as the Family through, time after time.

                49. However, it is still discouraging to have to hear so much of the negative, and for the young ones it can be extremely difficult. Not only can it be very draining, but when you are constantly getting that negative input, it makes it hard to see the positive. Your faith can be replaced by fear and doubt unless you take an equal amount of time getting your faith replenished. The only way you are going to do that is through the Word, which is what gives you the faith.

                50.Since at your best of times it may be difficult to spend enough time in the Word, it is very probable that your time in the Word while out traveling will be even less than when you are not traveling. This should not be, of course, and it is very important that you include your Word time as part of your schedule, even while traveling.

                51.Not only can you become negative upon hearing problem after problem, but you can become critical of those being talked about, including leadership. You may not be able to get all sides of the story, and you might be tempted to make your judgments based on what you hear from just that one person.

                52.Along with these problems can come the big problem of pride--living and traveling with CROs, sometimes being their mouthpiece, getting the same kind of "royal treatment" as the CROs because you are with them and helping them, as well as hearing people pour out to you, and seeing them look up to you. This is a very serious danger and not to be taken lightly in any way. You should be happy for any safeguards that help you not to fall into this pit.

                53.Hearing so much of a confidential nature is a very great responsibility, and difficult to keep to yourselves, sometimes out of pride in wanting to let others know how much you know, but also sometimes from just wanting to unburden yourself of so many problems and share them with others so they can help you carry the load. But if you don't make sure that you are sharing them with the right people at the right time, you can lose people's faith and confidence in you, as well as in their CRO. You can also hurt others by divulging information that those who shared it with you in confidence did not want passed on to others.

                54.There will be many cases where people will automatically conclude that you, as a young person, will leak information that has either been told to you directly or has been told to their CRO. This isn't just because you are young, but because they have seen this happen so often with young people, who unfortunately are prone to gossip. Of course, this doesn't apply just to young people, but it does apply to them more than to the older ones. Therefore, folks who want to talk heart-to-heart and share intimate details of their life and very deep things may be hesitant to do so with their CRO because they fear that the CRO may turn around and tell you, their young trainee, and that you will in turn pass it on to others.

                55.You can see that it is necessary, for all these reasons, to have some differentiation between the authority given to a CRO and that given to his or her trainee. The rules of the game will have to be different for you, as the younger member, and there will be limitations on you that will help you stay humble and keep your faith strong, as well as give folks more confidence that they can share confidential matters with their CRO without feeling that it will go any further.

Young Leaders Earning the Confidence of the Older Generation

                56.I told Juan that when he goes into a Home during his travels, in his initial meeting he should, "Explain, explain, explain!" Explain that while Carmen is his wife and his trainee, she is not a CRO. She is his helper, and while she will be passing on some things from him to them and helping wherever she can, if they have any questions about her conduct they should feel free to come to him and tell him, and that neither he nor she will be sensitive, and it won't make them prejudiced against the folks who are asking the question. (And this should be true, of course! If they are going to be sensitive, they'd better pray and ask the Lord to help them not to be!)

                57.He should tell others that if they have something to tell him that they don't want her to know about, that they should feel free to mention it to him and that he won't tell her. He should also tell them, however, that if it is all right, he does like to discuss things with her so they can pray together and so that he can train her. She could also give a little message about how whatever she hears she will try to be very careful with their hearts, and try not to betray their trust.

                58.Many of our older generation, even if they had absolute assurance that the young person would not say anything to others, would be a little hesitant to pour out their innermost heart and feelings about certain situations to their CRO if they knew that he or she was going to share it with a young person --any young person! In some ways you can't blame them for feeling like this, because they have probably had experience with some young people who they definitely could not trust their heart with. Because of this, they don't really know if they can trust any of you young people, and you can't blame them for that. But the more you show that you can keep things confidential and not leak them or gossip, and that it doesn't change your feelings towards them, the more they will gain trust and confidence in you younger ones.

                59.So try not to get resentful of the older generation, but try to understand the way they see things. Someof them can probably just barely manage to live with those young people in their Home who may be less than dedicated and causing a lot of problems. So you can imagine that if they've had an experience like that, it could taint their opinion of all young people. It will be a pleasant surprise to them to see that you are different, and that you are trustworthy and reliable and trying to help them all you can.

                60. There will probably be more that each of you should explain at your initial meeting when visiting a Home, and your explanations can be adapted to the situation.

The More You Are Trusted With, the More Accountable You Are!

                61.I'm sure it may be quite humbling for some of you younger ones, because you will feel that you are not being trusted. But always remember, whatever humbles you is good for you. There are some things you shouldn't be trusted with, because you are not ready for them! So don't complain about it. Just be thankful for all the things you are trusted with! The more you are trusted with, the more accountable you are. Being trusted with top-level leadership may minister to your pride, but just remember that the higher up the ladder of leadership you get, the more is going to be required of you, both by the Lord and us.

                62.Some day you'll be the ones who will have some young people sitting there filling out evaluations on you! Some day you'll be the ones who are having to receive those evaluations and face your failures, even knowing that some of them may not be failures, but just misunderstandings. Some day you are going to feel like nobody understands how much the job has cost you, nor how you don't think you can possibly make any more progress than you have already made.

                63."Okay," you're saying, "well, now I know I don't want to be a leader! I've already said that a lot of times, and I feel like I'm just getting roped into it! So here Mama is telling us that we shouldn't want leadership when we don't want it; we want out! It's too scary and too difficult and requires too much!" I understand your feelings. I've had some of the same ones! But I know at the same time that you don't want to fail the Lord and you want to fulfill His calling in your life.

                64.So because I know you are going to be true to His call, I'm just trying to prepare you to be the very best leader you can be! I know you may not want to be a leader at all, but if you are going to be one anyway, I've got to tell you what will help you. Okay?

                65.There are some things that the Lord won't let you get away with, that He may let others get away with. You know that old saying, "Others may, you cannot!" Because of your position, there are certain things you cannot enjoy the luxury of. You belong, more than others, to your public--the Family. While others may have more time to themselves, for example, you have to be giving your time to your people. There are many things that you will find that leadership demands of you and not of others.

                66.At the same time, you have the great satisfaction right now, and the great reward later, of knowing that you are making your Lover of all lovers, and your great Heavenly Husband proud of you, because you are tending to His little ones and caring for them so tenderly and lovingly. You're binding up their wounds and drying their tears and leading them by the hand closer to Him through His Word and your sample of living it.

Overconfidence: A Pitfall for Young Leaders!

                67.Another aspect of our young people moving into leadership is the tendency of some to be quite sure of themselves. Recently Matthew expressed some concern about Francis sometimes being a bit overconfident and so sure of himself, whereas there were times when it was later found that he was not right after all. Because his work is very important, and he needs to be Spirit-led and go slowly and prayerfully and walk humbly before the Lord and others, we prayed and asked the Lord for any guidance He could give us in knowing how to counsel Francis. He said the following, which I thought could apply quite well to all of you also.

                68.(Jesus speaking:) I have highly gifted and blessed this young man. I have given him zeal and enthusiasm, drive and energy, that he might do the important work at hand, that he may help you carry your big load. He has youth and strength and is excited about all that I am doing. He is excited about the Kingdom! He is excited about the Family!

                69.His heart is towards helping the Family; that is his main goal. But he is still young, and sometimes his zeal can run ahead of him and ahead of Me and the Spirit. This is always a danger with young leaders, young shepherds, young Christians--they have a tendency to try to do things in their own strength and to make a god of My service.

                70.This one needs time to pray, time to reflect and meditate, time to read and study My Word. This is important in his training with you. This must be stressed at all costs, even if others must carry more of the load. It is important that he get this balance to his youthful exuberance, energy, drive and zealousness, which without Me [the Word] can cause harm and hurt others and send a wrong signal--a signal that accomplishment and getting things done is most important. But love is the most important thing --understanding, caring, seeing the hearts and longings of others, understanding their weaknesses, their needs, their desires, their disappointments, their discouragement and sometimes despair.

                71.I taught this one much about this during his journey to Russia, but he must apply this worldwide, for My Family is the same the world over. My sheep are always as lambs among wolves. Because of the love and outgoing concern that I have given them, they can be naive to the ways of the mean, cruel world. Therefore they must be tenderly shepherded and guided along at the pace of the slowest--the women, the children, just as Israel did when he was bringing his cattle and his family back. He said, "I will lead on softly and go at the pace of the women and the children."

                72.This principle is very important for the top leadership of My Family. They must not push and drive the sheep, the weak, the gentle and the meek. As gentle shepherds they must woo and prod the sheep gently along. This is the way My Kingdom is built--slowly, lovingly, gently, step by step, point by point, explanation by explanation, with lots of understanding and patience and forgiveness and mercy. This is the way I have raised and trained all of you. This is the way you all must continue to be. You must watch that these young ones run not ahead and push too hard.

                73.They are trying to make a name for themselves and they are trying to do the things that their elders were not able to do, or that they think their elders were not able to do. But much has been done and My Kingdom is moving and growing. Your Family is becoming stronger day by day and accomplishing My will on the Earth.

                74.This one must be kept in check, but he will continue to be a great blessing to you, and to those that he teamworks with. He is an integral part, and I have given him a strong mind that he may use it to help My sheep. I have given him a problem-solving ability that will enable him to help sort out tangled situations and difficult problems, and a quick mind that he will be able to use to search for solutions.

                75.Nevertheless, you must test his solutions and his hypotheses and his theories,and you must judge them against past experience and past wisdom and past understanding. For he is still shallow in these areas and needs your help and your guidance and your instruction. He needs to see your way of dealing with these situations and these problems--how lovingly, carefully, mercifully and patiently you handle your sheep.

                76.Those who work with him have these gifts and talents. They have understanding, mercy and patience, and will be able to teach him these things if they look to Me and ask Me how they can help him. I will show them step by step how to help make this one a more well-rounded leader with depth and understanding. However, these things take time. You must go step by step, day by day, month by month, year by year, reproving, rebuking, exhorting, with all long-suffering and doctrine. I shall make this one a strong arm that you may lean upon.

                77.This one is still trying to come to grips with his differences from the normal sheep. His mind is stronger and faster and he's able to work things out quickly, so it is difficult for him to have love, patience and understanding. But he is trying and he is receiving the correction and the humbling and the breaking. His heart is right with Me and he is walking in the way that he should go,but it takes time.

                78. These leadership principles are built on love and brokenness and caring: the willingness to stay behind to help the weak and the needy, to go slow with them, to weep with them, to pray with them, to carry them. This is part of being a shepherd in My Kingdom, and these are the things that this one desires in his heart. This is his prayer to Me and the desire of his heart which I will grant. But these things take time; they cannot be done in a day or a week or a year.

                79.Encourage and help and direct this one. Continue to teach and pour into him. You are all doing wonderfully in bringing this young man into leadership and training him to carry a big load. Be not weary, for his fruit is good and his heart is right. He will be the man that I have chosen and called him to be, the man that he desires to be and that you need him to be.

                80.But watch for the little signs of self-righteousness, criticalness, going too fast, frustration, impatience. These are the areas that you must continue to train and teach and exhort and reprove and work with him in so that he can learn to be My gentle, loving shepherd with the strong mind--but most of all, with a strong character and a strong love for My children, My precious sheep. (End of prophecy.)

                81.(Mama:) This prophecy about Francis can apply in many respects to all of you young people. If even Francis, who is older and has had much more experience and training, still has these weaknesses, you would do well to realize that you probably have some of the same ones. Many of these cautions can apply to anyone if they get overconfident, or critical, or don't have the love and gentleness the Lord is talking about. But as you can see, the Lord can still use you greatly if you are willing to accept the breakings and the humblings and to go through the lengthy process that it takes to make you into a wise, loving and seasoned leader.

Reporting: Balancing Business with the "Human" Side!

                82.Gary, I want to tell you again that I very much appreciated the last report you sent. It's different than the others we've received in that you much more openly share your heart and feelings about your weaknesses, and also your interaction with the women there, etc. It's sooo nice! I hope you don't mind my being so frank about this. I'm not sure how to describe the difference, but all I know is it's very nice, and I love seeing this tender, understanding, gentle, human, "weak" side of you. It's always there, but you just don't usually express it.

                83.It's not only an exercise in humility for you, but it does me so much good too! And it makes me love you even more! It's more like a personal letter than a business report. Not that I don't like your business reports--I'm always interested and I think they're great! I always look forward to receiving them, but now I think you are getting a better balance in merging the two.

                84.Please don't feel that just because I am saying this, you have to worry about your future reports. They can't always be the same, and sometimes you'll have to concentrate solely on "business." Just give whatever you feel is necessary at the time, and don't feel that I am going to be analyzing it to see if you are coming up to a certain standard. I promise I won't, and I like whatever you have to say. It's just that I wanted to commend you for your humility in expressing your feelings more openly in this last letter. It just especially stood out. But I won't be expecting that in every report you write, so don't worry. I'm not grading you on your reports, and even if I were, I'd give you an "A" on each one of them, no matter what they say! I'm so thankful to get them, and I like each one of them.

Peter's Loving Attitude Towards the Men

                85.Peter, I think it's just wonderful that you are being affectionate with the young men. After all, you represent the Lord to them, and while you can't go as far as the Lord does in loving them, it's very sweet that you can hug them and say sweet things to them. I'm so proud of you, because I know you're doing what the Lord wants you to do.

                86.You can see how much it meant to one of the young men to have you tell him what Dad told some of you boys: "I love you so much that if you were a woman I'd fuck you!" That's precious, Peter. Thank you for being humble enough to say that, because of course it's the truth! Thank you for not holding back, and for being Jesus to them as much as possible. You probably should tell all of them that, because it's true!


                87.God bless you, dear ones. I love you so much! Please forgive me for bombarding you with so much material that I know you barely have time to even skim, let alone thoroughly read and process. I feel bad about this, when you're so exhausted you can hardly do even the most necessary things. Anyway, I've got to give it to you, and if you get to it, fine; if not, well, praise the Lord anyway. I love you so much!

                88.Personal P.S. to Peter: I love you, my darling! I wish I could be there to hold you in my arms and to kiss your forehead. I'm so sorry you're so tired. All I can do is pray for you, and I'm sure doing that! I know that our wonderful Lover and Husband will hold you in His arms and care for you and soothe your weary body and mind, and give you the strength you need to carry on.

                89.Thank you for being His Love for me--and for all those there! No wonder you're exhausted--that's a big, big job! But don't forget how Jesus said He was weary and exhausted too, and He understands and knows what you're going through. Even if you went Home to be with Jesus tomorrow, Sweetheart, you know it would have been worth it, just to see all those wonderful, precious lives changed in such a great way! Of course, the Lord is not going to let you go before your job is done. So you don't have anything to worry about, since there is still so, so much to do! Besides, you have to come home and be with me for a while! I can hardly wait! I'm ready for you! Waiting, and loving you.--M.

Agreeing with Your Mate on Sharing with Others

                90.Peter, perhaps you should explain to everyone there that you and I have an understanding that if either one of us were with someone and we felt led to share with them, that we could go ahead with it without having to check with one another first. Of course, couples can make the rules whatever way they want to make them. Dad told me, "Honey, if you are talking with so-and-so and you decide you want to share, feel free to go ahead." I didn't have to stop everything and go ask for Dad's permission. However, I did of course make sure that he was well taken care of and had someone with him the entire time I was away from him.

                91.Sometimes he would say about a certain person, "If you are ever with that person and there is any time that you would like to share with them, just go ahead." However, if your mate tells you something like this, you can't automatically take it to mean that it applies to everyone, clear across the board. If he or she says it about just one person, it probably means just that person, and before you decide that it means more, you'd better ask. Your husband or wife may be very willing to share, but they might appreciate having some say in it. In fact, they're supposed to have some say.

                92.Of course, you can have an agreement, as Dad and I had, and as Peter and I have, that if the Lord leads us, we can be with whoever we feel led without any advance notice to each other, if it isn't convenient to notify each other first. Of course some time thereafter, according to the circumstances, we tell each other who we have shared with. Maybe we don't always write it in the mail when we are apart, but we tell each other when we are back together. If you can do it via the mail, fine, but you'd better be sure that your partner can take it, and take it happily!

                93.Most people have trouble with this to varying degrees, so I wouldn't suggest you write it in a letter as Peter and I do. Besides, you might not have the wisdom that Peter and I do in sharing this news, nor might you and your mate be able to take it quite as well as Peter and I do. You may think you can take it fine, but if you don't have a real good reason for knowing about it, I suggest you wait until you get back together again.

                94.If you are apart for a while, it would be wise to come to an agreement beforehand that you can share with whoever the Lord may lead during that time. That way you can be free to share with others when you are apart. If one of you, because of a difficulty in knowing about any dates your mate has, wants to relinquish your right to know, that's perfectly all right; in fact, that's often the best course, if you are jealous.

                95. If the only reason you want to know about your mate's dates is so you can compare and decide whether you think he loves someone else more than he loves you, this is the wrong reason to want to know. If it only makes you jealous and sad and depressed, it would probably be a lot wiser not to want to know, and to tell him or her not to tell you. But that's up to you and whatever arrangements you make. Of course, what I've said above is not the full picture, and each case has to be prayerfully judged on its own.

Thanks for Being Willing Vessels!

                96.Thanks for pouring out your hearts and giving all your strength and letting Jesus' Love flow through you so freely. Thanks for being such willing vessels for His use! What wonderful things He can do when He has those He can work through! You're so precious to Him, as you're so easy for Him to work with, on His team! He doesn't have to fight with you to get you to do what He wants you to do. He just speaks softly, and you do your part without question. It's wonderful! Keep it up! Love in Him, M.

                97.P.S. to Peter: You're doing great, Sweetheart! Keep up the good work! It's not your work. It's the Lord's, so don't fret. You're in His hands, and He's holding you tight. I love you so much, my darling, and always want you in my arms. Wherever you are, you make me so happy, but it will be a special treat to have your arms around me and feel your kisses again. You super turn me on!

                98.Maybe at this point all you can think about is getting home and collapsing, not getting turned on! There comes a time when all you can think about is sleep! I don't care what you do when you get home, Peter! I'll just be so happy to have you here! But in the meantime, my sweetheart, "The Lord watch between thee and me while we are absent one from the other"--but together in His Love!

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