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CRISIS OF FAITH!--MORE ON DOUBTS!--Part 1     Maria #361           10/96       DO/TS 3088

--How to Recognize, Fight, and Be Delivered from the Enemy's Doubts!

--By Maria


My dear precious Family,

                1.God bless you! I love each of you dearly! Peter and I pray for you regularly, that the Lord will continue to give you grace, strength and the power you need to overcome the various battles, tests and attacks of the Enemy that you encounter. These are exciting days we're living in--times of change and challenge. The Lord is doing many wonderful miracles, and we see progress on many fronts. He's pouring forth His Word, His treasures from Heaven, in such abundance! He's answering prayer, and leading and guiding us step by step. It's marvelous to see all that's being accomplished through you, the children of David. I greatly admire each of you for your faithfulness, dedication and willingness to give your all for the Lord, the Family and the lost.

                2.The Lord and Dad have been making it clear through their recent messages that we're entering a new grade. These are difficult days, trying times, and as Dad recently said, the Enemy has upped the ante and is pulling out his big guns. (See "Problems and Solutions!--Part 1," ML #3069:56.) So we certainly shouldn't be surprised that with the great victories the Lord is winning, we are also having to fight great battles and endure great tests. We have come to know, not only through our personal communications with the Family, but also through the marvelous insight that the Lord gives us through His supernatural revelations and missives from Heaven, that one of the greatest battles many of you are facing these days is with doubts.

                3.Doubts are a very big subject. It's not always easy to recognize when you're doubting, and it's even more difficult to know what to do about it if you are. Dad was faithful to teach us the dangers of doubts when he said in the Letter "Judas" that doubts are not little things that you can easily cast aside or ignore, but they're monsters that devour and destroy.

                4.There have been various Letters in the past that have addressed doubts, so you already know that entertaining doubts, and accepting and receiving doubts is dangerous business. We all know that as soldiers of the Lord we have to raise the shield of faith to ward off the Enemy's attacks of doubts. Doubts are one of his most vicious, most deadly and sometimes most subtle weapons.

                5.The Lord warned us not to be ignorant of the wiles of the Devil (2Cor.2:11). Especially in this day and age when the battles rage hot and heavy, we need to be all the more on guard, all the more vigilant and ready to stand up and fight and rebuke these attacks of the Enemy. The Lord said recently, in a message that is included in this GN, that this is the day of adversity and sifting. The Enemy is aggressively trying to sift you and stumble you and weaken you. He is trying to knock you out of the fight, and the way he's doing this is by using doubts, discouragement and fear.

                6.In this series of GNs I'm going to address the subject of doubts. I have read various reports, reactions and personal letters explaining in detail the battles some of you are having with doubts. This is a complex subject that can be looked at from many angles. I asked the Lord for more information and insight concerning doubts, and for a while it seemed like the more we learned about the subject, the more questions we had. So we kept going back to the Lord again and again, asking Him to clarify further and fill in the gaps, until now we have what I believe is a well-balanced, complete message.

                7.It's marvelous to me how the Lord is so eager to explain and give illustrations and answer our questions. He does His best to try to make it easy for us to be good by making it easy for us to understand. And now in these GNs we have a wealth of treasure from Heaven--precious jewels from the Heavenly mines that are of inestimable value! The Lord has bulldozed His jewels down upon us in such abundance that we're rich. We're billionaires in the Spirit, as He daily loads us with riches from His Heavenly treasure chest!

                8.I believe you'll find that these messages from the Lord and Dad will answer most of your questions about doubts. If you personally are struggling right now, I'm confident that as you read, accept and act on these words of truth, you'll find the freedom of the spirit and the peace of mind that you've been looking for.

                9.In this series I'll address the following subjects, and more:

                 Further explanation of the difference between legitimate questions and doubts.

                 How what starts out as a legitimate question can become a doubt.

                 Which questions can or should be asked.

                 The difference between inside and outside attacks of doubts.

                 Do bitterness and System influences make a person more receptive to doubts?

                 Do you need deliverance if you're doubting?

                 A step-by-step guide of how to get the victory over doubts.

                How to start getting fed from the Word if doubts have caused you to draw away from it.

                10.If you are battling with doubts, or you have questions that are really bothering you about the Word, the Family, the prophecies in the GNs, or Peter and me, you might wonder if you're the only one having such battles. Please read these GNs carefully, because I think you'll find the insight about who is attacked with doubts and why to be quite eye-opening. And those of you who have a difficult time tuning in to or receiving the prophecies in the new GNs won't want to miss the Lord's and Dad's explanations in an upcoming GN (coming soon, D.V.) about why the Lord is speaking to us through prophecy, and how you can better apply the prophecies and be more led of the Spirit, so you can find the answers and guidance that you need in the New Wine.

                11.There's also a very special treat in this GN--something which I think will blow your minds, thrill your hearts, and make Jesus so much more real to you. When trying to help us to understand how the Enemy attacks through doubts and how we can get the victory over them, do you know what the Lord did? He gave His Own personal testimony! I don't want to steal His thunder, so I won't give you any more details, but hold on to your hats, because Jesus' personal story of His battles and victories with doubts is absolutely fascinating!

                12.I love stories! We all love stories, especially when our most precious Lover and Husband bares His heart to us and tells us the intimate details of His life. We are so blessed--the most blessed people on the face of the Earth, because in our intimate communication with the Lord, He humbles Himself to reveal to us His most private affairs. He's willing to tell us the secrets, the hidden things about His life and His experiences, His battles and victories, the kind of things you only share with those who are your closest friends, lovers and intimates.

                13.Please take time to read this series of GNs prayerfully and carefully so you can be sure to profit from the important new information contained herein. These GNs deserve your full attention, because the Enemy is going about as a roaring lion, seeking to tear and to rend and to destroy the children of David through doubts. The truth in these messages from Jesus and Dad, the exposé of the Enemy's tactics, the clear and simple instruction, and the tender, loving encouragement is just what you need to defeat the attacks of the Evil One.

                14.You may not feel that you're personally having battles with doubts. Maybe you simply feel uninspired or weary in well-doing. Maybe you have questions or you're confused. But whatever the case, please read these GNs thoroughly and take time to pray and apply the Words to your life, and see if Jesus is speaking to you. See if you are suffering the attack of the Devil unawares. Check out the instruction in these pages to see if the Enemy is trying to poison you, weaken you, and ultimately defeat you altogether. Whether you think you need this message or not, please read it and study it. If you don't need it now, you may need it in the future so that you can be well-prepared and you can arm yourself and be ready to stand strong in the face of the roaring lion.

                15.The Lord will hold you accountable for the truth contained in these messages. In some ways, we're like little children when it comes to understanding and knowing how to fight the Enemy's attacks of doubts, but the Lord wants us to be well-equipped and fit for the battle! The Enemy is striking hard at the Family, and he wants to strike a deadly blow at the very foundation of your faith. As you approach this day of battle, you must strengthen and reinforce your armor, and learn how to wage not defensive warfare, but an offensive attack against him. The Lord wants to give us more strength and greater weapons to fight the battles of today and those that are to come!

                16.So of course the Enemy doesn't want you to read this message. He hates the truth of these Words, and he's been doing everything he can to stop it from reaching you! For example, when I began work on this series, my executive secretary, who helps me do my work on the GNs, came down with a very serious flu. She was the sickest she's ever been--so sick, in fact, that she could hardly work at all for weeks, which caused considerable delay in these Words getting to you! When we asked the Lord why she was so ill, He had Dad speak to us, saying:

                17.(Dad speaking:) The Devil is mad! He's angry! When you go over the top, that's when the Devil starts hitting, that's when he fights back. You're all going over the top now! You're hitting the Enemy where it hurts, and now he's angry and he's fighting back, and he's not going to take it lying down. He's going to fight and attack and try to hinder in any way he can, because he is the hinderer, the devourer. He is the enemy of your souls and the enemy of your works. He hates the truth of the Word, and he knows he's about to be defeated and lose his stronghold on many through the Words and revelations of the Lord and Mama.

                18.The "Problems and Solutions" series is powerful! It's hitting the Devil where it hurts, and this series on doubts is more of the same. In fact, it will have an even greater impact! The Lord is preparing the ground of the hearts of the Family. He's plowing it with His Word and His tears, and preparing His children to receive the truth and deliverance. So of course the Enemy is furious, and he'll do anything to stop or slow down or hinder the progress of the Word!

                19.I rebuke you, Satan! Get thee behind me, Satan! In the Name of Jesus! In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke you! Take your hands off this girl [the secretary], for she is mine and she is the Lord's and she's Mama's! She's commissioned and ordained and anointed to help prepare the words of the Queen that will break the chains that have the children bound! So get thee behind me, Satan, for you are already defeated! The truth has already been given, and it is only a matter of time before it is in the hands and hearts and minds of our children. You cannot stop or defeat God's plan! You can only hinder and slow down, cause problems and delay, but your power is limited, so limited! And the children of David are fighters! You have no strength in the face of their fight and faith. So I rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus, in the name of David. Get thee behind me! I claim Your freedom and Your deliverance and Your healing, Jesus!

                20.You've got to fight with everything that's within you, because I'm telling you, the Devil is serious and he doesn't want this message to get out. He knows the effect it's going to have--that many who are wavering and doubting and entertaining his lies and thoughts will see the truth and will be delivered and will rebuke him and be set free! I don't know why you'd be so surprised or so doubtful that the Enemy would attack, when you consider what you're working on. Of course the Enemy is furious! He's shaking in his boots! But his power is so insignificant when compared with the power of Jesus and the power of David and the prayers of Maria. (End of prophecy.)

                21.(Mama:) This is probably one of the most important series of GNs that Peter and I have published, so please don't take it lightly. We have seen the strength of the Enemy's lies and his power to corrupt, weaken and derail people who were at one time some of our strongest and most faithful Family members. But now, through these Words, the Lord is giving you the wherewithal to recognize the attacks of the Enemy, and to fight back and win.

                22.Don't underestimate the Devil's intentions by thinking, "I'll never doubt. I love the Family. I love Dad and Mama and Peter. I believe the Word and I'll never doubt." Because as you'll see in these messages from the Lord, no one is immune to the attacks of the Enemy. No one is exempt.

                23.The Devil attacks everyone at some time or other with doubts, but the Lord's Truth is greater than the Enemy's lies. The Lord always has an antidote available to counter the Devil's poison. But you must do your part by being hungry for the Truth and studying diligently, so that you can learn to recognize the Evil One's ways and wiles and know what to do, how to fight, how to stand strong, how to not be led astray or weakened or sucked in by his lies and doubts.

More Explanation About Questions and Doubts

                24.You may have some questions on your heart, or maybe there are some things about the past, your Home, Family policies, WS leadership, the New Wine, or the failures or problems of the Family that bother you or that you wonder about. Not wanting to be disloyal nor to succumb to the lies and doubts of the Enemy, you may feel puzzled about how to handle such thoughts--whether it's best to talk about them with someone, or pray and search the Word about them privately, or just try to ignore them or forget them. Let's talk about this, and see if we can clarify what to do if you have questions or if you think you're being hit with doubts.

                25.As you may recall, there is counsel on questions and doubts in the beginning paragraphs of the Letter "Prophecies on Doubts!" (See ML #3041:1-23, GN 670.) That Letter explains that questions are legitimate if you are undecided or uncertain about an issue, and you truly want to know the answer. If handled in the right manner, and the motive of your heart is to sincerely find the answer through the right channels, there is nothing wrong with expressing your questions. Handling such questions "in the right manner" means talking to the right people--those who are strong in faith and who would likely have the answers or be able to find them. It's not right to talk about your questions or doubts with people who are weak in faith or the Word, who might be stumbled.

                26.As explained in the above-mentioned Letter, there is a difference between legitimate questions that are asked out of sincere, pure motives, and skeptical, distrustful questions that are generated by the Enemy for the purpose of trying to weaken the questioner and stir up division. The Lord gave us good counsel about how to know the difference in the prophecy entitled, "The Difference Between Questions and Doubts--Try the Spirits!" (See ML #3041:18-23.) That prophecy explains that a person who has legitimate questions will be open and will seek to understand. They'll want to receive and believe the answers; they want the doubts dispelled. But the person whose questions are not legitimate is the one who already has his mind made up, who doesn't seek answers, but who seeks to use his questioning as an avenue to preach a message of defiance or doubt, and pour forth the voice of Satan.

                27.This is very helpful counsel. I trust that since reading this Letter most of you have tried to be prayerful and careful, so as to not stumble anyone or spread the lies of the Enemy. However, even with these very good tips about how to "try the spirits," it still may not be very easy for you to discern what you can question and what you can't. This can be a bit of a problem, because you may have questions on your heart that you'd like to talk about, but you don't know whether it's okay to say anything. And since you're not sure, what may happen is you'll just decide to keep quiet, and then you end up lugging around the burden of unanswered questions, which can really weigh you down.

                28.I have continued to pray about this subject of doubts, wondering, "How far can someone go with their questioning? When is something a question and when does it become a doubt? What are the measurements by which Family members can know what they can question?" After I sought the Lord desperately on this subject, He wonderfully helped to clarify this topic further, as I'll explain in the following points:

* Why you question:

                29.There are various reasons why people want to ask questions--and lots of questions at that! One of the main reasons is because the Lord has given His children inquisitive minds. He's made you that way, with the desire to ask questions, so you'd hunger and thirst after His Word, you'd be eager to find the answers you desire, and you'd have a vacuum to want to discover a greater understanding of Him and the spirit world.

                30.I certainly know what it's like to be curious. As Peter told you on the Summit video in which he talked about me, and as the Lord has said about me many times, I have lots of questions. I'm always asking the Lord about all kinds of things! Recently the Lord said: "My Queen Maria is curious. She is inquisitive. She wants to know the ways of My Spirit. She wants to understand the ways that I work. She wants to know more and more about My Kingdom, and so she asks and asks and asks, because I have given her an inquisitive spirit."

                31.The Lord uses my inquisitive nature to cause me to ask questions, so in return He can pour out the truth of His Word that we need and desire! He can also use your inquisitive nature to cause you to have questions which make you want to go to the Word or to Him in prayer to find the answers you need.

                32.Other times people ask questions because they're lazy. They don't want to take the time to study and research the Word, where they could and would find the answers to many, in fact, most of their questions. But the Lord is merciful, and He allows you to ask your questions even if you're being lazy, because He wants you to receive the answers you need, so that you can be strengthened and grow.

                33.Of course, not all questions are the result of inquisitive minds or curious natures or being lazy. Some questions are inspired by the Enemy in an effort to get you to doubt, criticize, separate yourselves, and close your minds to the Word. He brings up lots of questions, not because he wants you to find answers and grow, but because he's trying to get you to doubt and ultimately reject the Word.

                34.So as you can see, there are several major reasons why people ask questions.

* What kinds of questions are okay to ask:

                35.Now let's see if we can determine what kinds of questions are acceptable. I've come to the conclusion, and the Lord has confirmed it, that any question can be asked, and any question deserves an answer, because how else can you get the answers you seek, or the help and instruction you desire, unless you ask? So even the questions that are inspired by the Enemy can be asked, if they're directed to the proper person, so that those of you who are being tempted or buffeted by the Enemy can receive the answers you need, and thereby find strength. On this subject, the Lord said:

                36.(Jesus speaking:) Ask! Ask your questions! For I am the Answer Man, and I am well able to answer any and all questions. If you have questions on your heart, seek Me for the answers, and know that I am willing, yea, eager to answer your questions.

                37.If you have questions on your heart, seek My Word diligently, for most of your questions I have already answered. The answers are there in the pages of the books. If you would but seek with an open mind and an hungry heart, I would be able to feed you and answer your questions.

                38.And if you do not find the answers to your questions in My written Word, then ask Me today, and I will speak to you with My living Words,and I will give you the answers that you need. If you have not the faith to come to Me yourself, ask your shepherds, your elders, your parents, that they might be able to seek Me for you, that they might be able to help you search My Word, or come to Me in prayer, and find the answers that you need. (End of prophecy.)

                39.(Mama:) So you see, the Lord is not against your asking questions. He wants you to have the answers you need. And the way He'll most likely give you those answers is through the Word--either His written Word or His Word of prophecy. He instructs you to take your questions to Him--to search the Word, and if you can't find what you need there, then ask Him to give you His wonderful, Heavenly, personalized answers in prophecy. If you want to seek the counsel of others, then go to those who are strong in faith, and together you can search the Word or come before the Lord in prayer.

* How legitimate questions can become doubts:

                40.So far we've established that no question is inherently wrong. Even if some question seems really awful to you, even if you feel terribly condemned, like you're really out of it, it's not wrong to ask your questions, as long as you ask the right people. But you need to also understand that sometimes what starts out as a legitimate question can become a doubt if not handled right. If you want to judge whether you have a legitimate question or whether it has become a doubt, or you want to judge someone else's question, you need to look to the circumstances surrounding the question and the person asking the question; those are the measurements by which you can judge. To judge the validity of questions from others and the spirit from which they come, ask yourself the following questions--which you can also apply to your own questions:

                41.Point 1: Who is being asked the question? If someone has a question, are they asking someone they honestly feel will have the answer? Are they asking someone who can realistically help them find the truth--a shepherd, an older brother, a mature disciple, a parent? Or are they asking someone who is weak or perhaps as full of questions as they are?

                42.Point 2: Why are they asking? Some people ask questions because they sincerely want and need the answer, which is fine. But other people ask questions because it is a way for them to vent their frustrations, to spread their criticisms, and to look bold in front of their friends or peers. Some ask questions not because they sincerely want the answers, but because they feel it's the "in thing" to do. They don't want to simply follow and take things by faith and receive and obey, because they think it's "cool" to question, balk and resist, to discuss or debate the pros and cons and why something should be this way or shouldn't be this way.

                43.Point 3: What do they do with the answers when they get them? You can also judge whether questions are legitimate questions by seeing what the person who is asking the question does with the answer. If they receive the answer with an open mind, with faith and gratitude, if they let the truth answer their question, and then they put it behind them and put it in the past, this is the sign of a legitimate question and a sincere questioner. But those people who refuse to accept the truth, who don't believe the truth when their questions are answered, but instead continue on in their contrary ways, voicing their questions again and again, are not sincerely looking for the answers.

                44.When the same questions are asked again and again and again, and the answers are repeatedly rejected, then these are no longer legitimate questions, but they have become doubts. The difference between legitimate questions and doubts depends largely on who is being asked the question, why the question is being asked, and what the questioner does with the answer. Here's what the Lord said:

                45.(Jesus speaking:) No question is too great or too small. No question is wrong. I am willing to answer any and all questions. The key is to ask the right person, and to be willing to receive the answer when you get it. Be willing to believe the answer; that is the key. That is the primary sign and difference between a legitimate question and a doubt. Any question can be a legitimate question, as long as you are hungry, eager, and open to the answer, and when you receive that answer, you let the answer replace the question. That's what makes your question legitimate--when you have a sincere hunger for the answer, and you receive it with open-mindedness and faith.

                46.But when you ask a question over and over and over, and you refuse to receive and believe the answer given in My written Word, or My living Word, or the word of counsel and wisdom from your shepherds, then your question is no longer legitimate. It has lost its legitimacy, because you have not shown yourself open and hungry and full of faith to receive the answer.

                47.Even if the Enemy puts doubts in your mind, they can become legitimate questions if they cause you to go to My Word, to search My Word for the truth and for the answers; or if they cause you to look to Me, to pray and ask Me to speak to you with My living Words, to give you the answers; or if they cause you to go to your shepherds, to seek counsel and prayer, and ask your questions, so that you might receive the answers. So fear not to ask your questions, but be wise and prayerful, be sure that you are asking the right people, and be desperate to make sure you are open to the answers. (End of prophecy.)

                48.(Mama:) So it's important that you ask your questions! If your motivation is to find the truth, and you are open to that truth, the Lord will bless you. But remember, if your motivation is to weaken others or stumble others or sow division, and if your questioning is not a sincere quest for the truth, but you already have your mind made up, and your questioning is only an excuse or a way to voice your negative, contrary, damaging thoughts, then the Lord will not bless that!

                49.You may wonder what you should do if, when you ask a question, you don't get what seems to you to be a satisfactory answer, because in your opinion, the person you asked didn't really seem to know the answer. In such a case, you might want to ask someone else the same question. And if it's a difficult or complex question, it might take your asking a few people before you find someone who can give you a well-rounded, Word-based answer. Or, it might require seeking counsel from various people before you feel all the different aspects of your question have been answered--at least to the extent that even if you don't understand it all, you can take by faith those things that you can't fully grasp.

                50.However, after reading the above message, you may fear that your hands are tied, and that after having asked the question once, you can't ask anyone else or seek any further counsel, even if you're still a little puzzled or confused or feel that the first answer you received doesn't set the matter to rest. I understand that it would be difficult for you if you were to ask a question and get a rather scanty, unclear or non-Word-based answer that you had a hard time receiving or understanding, and you felt you had to just leave it at that. But that is not the case. If you need more information or help, then of course you can ask again, and you can go to the Word again, and go to the Lord to hear from Him in prophecy again. In fact, going to the Word and hearing from the Lord in prophecy is probably the most dependable way to get the information you need, especially if your immediate shepherds aren't able to answer your question.

                51.Often if something is not clear to me in the answers I receive from the Lord in prophecy, I simply ask again, to get more information or a clarification. I know positively that the Lord doesn't mind being asked again, and He is very willing, even eager, to explain further if needed, so we can see things clearly and feel secure in knowing that we understand His answer fully. Also, there is certainly nothing wrong with going back to the written Word for further research and study. In fact, you should if you're not sure about something. You can, of course, also ask other shepherds or mature adults to help you fill in the gaps in the answer you're seeking.

                52.However, when you're asking the same question again or asking for further clarifications--whether to the same person or another shepherd--the thing you need to watch out for is falling into a negative and resistant spirit where you're not receiving the answer because you don't like it. In other words, what you don't want to do is to keep asking and asking, hoping to get a different answer, one that is more to your liking, when the first one was of the Lord and Word-based. As I said before, a lot has to do with your attitude and motive. If you are asking the same question because you're looking for an answer that is more in line with your personal preference, then you may be in danger of rejecting the truth, which is very dangerous to your spiritual life. When you repeatedly reject the truth, then your questions can become doubts, which will seriously weaken you!

Jesus' Personal Testimony!

                53.(Mama:) Now I'm going to share something with you that's very, very special. Jesus has given us a precious treasure. In the first half of the following message, we get a glimpse of the present-day spiritual warfare, a picture of the drama that is now unfolding as the Enemy is desperate to bring about your downfall.

                54.As the message continues, we are privileged to hear the Lord speak about what must be some of His most intimate thoughts and experiences, which I believe may come as quite a surprise to you, as they did to me!

                55.Now that we know our dear Lover, Husband and King so personally and so intimately, He is opening His life to us more and more,and allowing us to see another side of Him, His more "human" side. The Lord continues to humble Himself before us, as He tells us, His Bride and wife, His secrets. He's blessing us with marvelous revelations about His life on Earth that few, if any, other Christians are aware of--truths that are filled with detail, emotion and instruction, that go far beyond the testimonials available in the Gospels.

                56.Along with giving us a glimpse of what He went through and how He battled and suffered while here on Earth, He also gives invaluable counsel on what to do to overcome doubts! This message from the Lord is a gold mine of wisdom and instruction for any of you who are battling the attacks of the Enemy!

Satan Loosed in the Day of Adversity!

                57.(Jesus speaking:) Get behind Me, Satan! Take your hands off of these, for I have reserved them for My Own! In these you have no part. Get out of here! Recess! Recess! I call for recess in the court!

                58.My children, My special ones, Satan is desiring you. He is asking, he is begging to have you, that he may sift you as wheat. But be encouraged! Hold on! For I pray for you. I am praying for you, that your faith fail not. This is the day of adversity. It is the day of adversity and sifting. A great sifting is going on in the land. But know that I am praying. You must know that I am praying. You must believe, that you may hold on.

                59.I pray for you, that your faith will not fail. It must not fail, and it cannot fail, if you will but hold on. Hold on to My hand, that after this sifting, this trial of your faith, you may go and strengthen your brethren. Be encouraged and keep your heart fixed, trusting in Me.

                60.Faint not in this day of adversity--this day when Satan is loosed. Can you not see it? Do you not feel it? I pray for your eyes to be opened, that you may see. I pray for your heart to hold on. This is the day of adversity and Satan strikes hard at you, My Endtime children. His main target is you, My children! His main target is you. Open your hearts and see it. You must recognize that Satan is striking hard at you.

                61.Satan is loose and he is asking for you. He is begging at the throne of grace that he may have you. He wants you, he desires you, and he will not stop at anything in his dastardly deeds, in his evil plots, and his subtle ways.

                62.Satan is the master of the law, a lawyer of the Word. Yes, he knows it well. He has studied it thoroughly that he may twist it, distort it, and cunningly devise his wicked ways, his evil attacks. He has set mine fields across the nations, ambushments on every corner, that he may lure you with smooth words and appealing pleasures and worldly ways, in the hope that you will fall prey to his hand.

                63.Therefore, be wise. Tap in. You must tap in to Me. Only through explicit contact, through a strong connection, will I be able to guide you through the traps. Only through constant contact will you be successful in making your way through enemy lines. For you are behind enemy lines.

                64.This is Satan's day, and he rules the Earth! He rules for a time, for he is loosed. And he argues in the great courtroom of Heaven. He presents his case, his cause. He is crying out, "Guilty! Guilty! These are guilty of doubts, guilty of treason! They fall to confusion! These children of David are guilty!"

                65.He is accusing you and calling for your defeat. He wants judgment! He is asking the judge to pass the sentence--guilty! He says, "These are guilty of fainting in their minds. They are weary and worn and about to give up. Therefore I am ready to pounce on my prey! Look, look," he calls. "Some have already fallen! Look there and see! Aha, aha, they are falling! They are weakening!" He says to My face, "I told You so. I told You so!"

                66.For just as he accused My servant Job, so is he accusing you. He argues in the courts of Heaven. And at the same time, he calls out to you, "Give up!" He is screaming, "Give up!" For he knows his time is short and he is pulling out the big guns! He is pulling out the heavy artillery, and his target is you! He screams, he argues at the throne of grace.

                67.He is quoting the law. He is pointing to the books. He presents his case. He is shouting, "Aha, aha, it is possible! The very elect can be deceived!" He is shouting, "See? See? I told you so! It is possible!" He is ranting and raving, attempting to sway the judge.

                68.He opens the book and points to the law. He quotes, and says, "And many shall fall. It says many shall fall. At last they are mine! I claim them as mine! I try them, I make them squirm! I twist and I wrangle, I finagle and contort their minds, and they do fall! They fall for it! Do you see? They are falling, they are falling! They swallow my tricks! They swallow my delights! They are falling by my spoil! I am spoiling them! Hee hee hee! At last, they are mine!"

                69.Yes, even now this usurper is boasting in the courts of Heaven, for he thinks he has won! Even now he is twisting the law and presenting his case, as he shouts, "Yes! Yes, they are weak and they are mine. Oh yes, it is true--they of understanding do faint in their minds. They fall for my lies, and they are spreading my seeds of doubt! They are spoiled! At last I am gaining ground!"

                70. But I say to you, My children, it is vanities! Vanities! All are lying vanities. You must call his bluff! Blow it away! Satan tries, but is feeble. He cannot win the case. He cannot have you! Blow away this puny punk! Take up the white-hot sword of My Spirit and wield it accurately. Pull out your swords and cut him to the heart. Hit him dead center and cast down his evil imaginations. They're lies! Therefore blast them away!

                71.Stand strong, My beloved! Stand strong and fight! For he only shouts hot air! Clouds without rain! He is defeated at the touch of your faith. He is cast down at your very desire. You have but to say the word, give the order! Order his defeat and it is done! He cannot win, if you will but fight on! He cannot win, if you do not give up! But you must wield accurately the sword of My Word, for only My true Word will vaporize his lies.

                72.Satan is a lawyer of the Word. He uses it, and mixes in a tapestry of lies. Therefore you must hold the pure waters high, the unabridged version of My Word, that he may be defeated!

                73.I pray for you! I pray that your faith fail not. And it cannot fail, if you will only look up! The battle is Mine, if you will only hold on. Only believe, My children! Only believe and reach out and receive. I will do everything else for you, if you will only believe and receive.

                74.Fall not for his attacks. Fear not for his doubts that he would try to fire at you. Receive help from Me, as I did from My Father when I passed through the valley of doubt. Receive, and be renewed in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul. I see your plight. I see these attacks, and I plead your cause. Hold out and hold on and do not give up. You must not give up!

                75.Think not that you fight this battle all alone, for as the Father was with Me, so I am with you. I know and I see, and I pray for your strength, that you may be able to stand strong and reject the doubts, the discouragement and the utter despair that you are passing through. I know, because I, too, went through the same thing. But I made it! I made it and I am here to tell you about it. I am your High Priest, I am your Defense Attorney, and as Satan accuses you at the throne of grace, I launch the counterattack on him. For it is I Who will defend you.

                76.(Mama:) The fight is on, Beloved! The Devil is furious because he knows his time is short, and we're the ones who pose the biggest threat to his program. We, the Lord's little band of wild gypsy children, with all our problems and weaknesses, are causing the Enemy to panic, because he knows the Lord is with us and we are His Endtime army! The Devil will stop at nothing to try to defeat us. He'll go to the nth degree in his dastardly deeds, evil plots and subtle attacks to get us out of the way.

                77.We're his main target, so he's hitting us hard. He doesn't want to waste time with silly little minor skirmishes, so he tries to attack us where he feels he can do the most damage. He has set land mines across the nations, which the prophecy defines as appealing pleasures and worldly ways. These are dangerous, but they are not where the greatest danger lies. These are not the most powerful weapons he is using against us! His most deadly attack is doubts! He knows if he can get you to doubt the Word, that will be a major defeat for you and an enormous victory for him.

                78.What a striking word picture!--The Devil launching an attack against us in the courts of the Lord, ranting and raving, accusing, using the law (the Word)--twisted, distorted and perverted--to try to support his case against us. First he tempts you to doubt, to give up, and to faint in your mind, and then he condemns you for it! But Jesus is our Defense Attorney. He is launching a counterattack and He will win, provided we don't quit!

                79.My dear ones, if you feel the weight of the battle heavy upon your shoulders, if you are burdened with doubts, discouragement, fear and despair, please know that Jesus understands!--And He is praying for you and fighting for you! He's not just saying that to comfort you, or because it sounds good. He's actually doing it! He knows you personally. He sees your struggle and He loves you, and He's doing everything in His power to help you make it!

                80.If you feel like you don't have the strength to keep going, if you're just too tired or discouraged or burdened with your personal problems and battles with lies, doubts and negative thoughts, and if you wonder how Jesus could possibly understand the depths of despair that you're experiencing, please read on.

Wild Beasts of Doubt in the Wilderness!

                81.(Prophecy continues:) Worry not! For the defense is strong! Hold out and hold on--that is your part! Know that you can make it, because I will make it for you. But you must see these doubts for what they really are--an attack on your very life. Satan is attacking you, just as he did Me. He seeks to entrap you in the wilderness of doubts. But I didn't give up, I didn't give in, and because I got the victory over the doubts, so can you!

                82."But, Lord," you question, "You? You were tempted to doubt?" Yes, dear ones, as I have said before, I was tempted in all points just as you are. I too was hit with doubts, I was tempted in all points exactly as you are.

                83.I was tempted with doubts, for this is one of Satan's favorite tricks! His power lies in doubts and discouragement and fear. If Satan was going to fight anyone on the face of the Earth in My day, who do you think he fought the most?--Me, of course! So he hit Me with doubts, and he hit Me hard. But I can only thank My Father that he missed Me every time! The Devil could not win over Me, because I didn't give in.

                84.Come, let Me tell you of My fight. When I was out there in the wilderness all that time, it was a battle royal with the Evil One. All Hell was let loose on Me. Satan fought with every evil thing, and every thought, and every evil doubt he could find to hurl at Me, to try to get Me to give up. He tried absolutely every single one in the book.

                85.I battled as I was buffeted about with giants of doubt flying overhead! Yes, the Tempter came to Me in the wilderness--the wilderness of My mind--and he let loose all his wild beasts of doubts! Monsters surrounded Me on every side, in an attempt to devour and destroy Me. There were vicious attacks on every side. I was tempted by Satan and was with the wild beasts out there in the wilderness. These were the beasts I had to fight off. These were the beasts I had to rebuke. These were the beasts I had to gain victory over--the beasts of doubts!

                86.First it started out subtly, and I didn't even realize they were doubts, these beasts that surrounded Me. They seemed harmless, but then as he tried to lure Me, as Satan tempted Me, I saw the potential; I saw where these doubts could lead, should I accept them. I saw they would only grow. I saw that if I would have accepted them, they would only have grown into wild beasts--wild beasts of doubts that would have devoured and destroyed Me. So I fought! I fought and I battled and tried to ward them off. I fought long and I fought hard and My strength grew weak.

                87.(Mama:) In the above paragraphs, the Lord again tries to impress upon you the seriousness of this battle. It's an attack on your very life! He likens doubts to monsters, to beasts--wild, vicious and dangerous! The doubts the Enemy used against the Lord were subtle and seemed harmless at first. But He saw that if He would have accepted them, they would have grown into wild beasts that would have devoured and destroyed Him!

                88.(Prophecy continues:) I had not fallen, but I was growing weak, because I was being buffeted about on every side. It was My testing time, and the Tempter was let loose upon Me. Then I realized that I could no longer fight on in My human strength. I realized that I had to have a greater power to win this victory. I had not given in. I had not bade them stay with Me. I did not want to accept these beasts of doubts. But in My flesh, I could not muster up the strength to fight on.

                89.Yes, I was tempted in all points just like you, yet without sin. Without sin, because I did not give in, I did not give up. Without sin, because although the doubts and discouragement and despair were hitting Me from every side, I did not accept them. I was tempted to, but I did not accept them.

                90.(Mama:) Just think, Jesus was tempted with doubts too. He knows what it's like. He knows how difficult it is. Dad said in "Temptation!--Guard Your Thoughts!": "It says in the Bible that Jesus was tempted in all points the same as we are (Heb.4:15). Jesus was tempted with every temptation known to man. It's no sin when the Devil tempts you to do something--it's only a sin when you do it!" (ML #2423:5). Jesus was tempted, but He didn't sin, because He didn't accept the doubts! He didn't receive them or believe them.

                91.It reminds me of the illustration Dad often gave, about what Grandmother used to say: "You can't keep the birds from flying over your head"--in other words, you can't keep thoughts from coming into your head--"but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair!" You can't avoid the Enemy attacking you with doubts, but you don't have to accept them. You can resist them and refuse to entertain them, believe them, voice them or act upon them.

A Desperate Cry for Deliverance!

                92.(Prophecy continues:) It was a battle royal, and it was a test. It was a test that I had to pass. I had to go through it, so I would know how you, My precious ones, are feeling. That time there in the wilderness, that time of testing, I thought it would never end. When I realized to what scale these monsters of doubts were capable of growing, I heard My Father's voice. It was still, and it was small, but crystal clear, as He said to Me, "Son, I am fighting for You, that Your faith fail not." That is all I heard, in one distinct moment, and that voice gave Me the courage to carry on.

                93.As I heard His voice, I fell to My knees and I cried out with the loudest cries I ever uttered in My entire life until that time! I fell down weeping and crying and pleading to My Father with all that was within Me! I fell down in utter desperation and asked Him to please deliver Me from these attacks of doubts that were plaguing Me on every side.

                94.I made a decision, and that decision was that I wanted to fight! I wanted to go for it! I wanted to stand! I wanted deliverance! Up until that time, I was on the brink. Up until that time I was still in the valley of decision. I hadn't sinned yet, because I hadn't decided, so Satan was trying hard to sway Me. He fought hard to win Me. Yes, he wanted to convert Me.

                95.But in that moment, when I cried out for help with all that was within Me, it was done. I made the decision to say yes. I cried out to My Father with strong tongues and pleading, saying, "Deliver Me this day! Fill Me with Your power, that I may fight, that I may stand strong in Your might and be delivered! I don't want this way! I don't accept these doubts! Give Me Your strength, and take them away!"

                96.It was from that desperation, from that decision to yield My all, from that plea for deliverance that My eyes were opened. It was from that deliverance that I was able to find renewed strength, because My Father heard and He answered. My Father was there all the time. He was waiting and ready, but I had to decide. I had to choose. I had to reach out and receive help from His hand. It was from that deliverance that there came the words, "Get thee hence, Satan! Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve!" As soon as I called on My Father to help Me, in that instant I was able to avail Myself of the truth of His promise.

                97.My Father's voice had been heard, and I won the fight. In that moment, I got on the road to victory--many victories. Yes, to many victories, for there were many battles to come and many victories to be won.

                98.The Father allowed that time of testing. It was necessary. I had to go through it, as I was about to embark on the greatest mission of all mankind. If I could not have licked the Devil then, in that wilderness, I would not have been able to go on to complete My life's mission that was ahead.

                99.(Mama:) When Jesus was almost at the end of His rope, when He was wondering if the battles would ever end, when He was in the wilderness surrounded by monsters of doubt, He heard His Father's still, small voice telling Him that He was praying for Him. Knowing that His Father hadn't forgotten Him, and that He had faith that He was going to make it, gave Jesus the strength and courage He needed to call out for help.

                100.He cried out desperately for deliverance. He didn't just come casually before His Father in prayer, with a relaxed, lukewarm, la-di-da prayer. He was weeping and pleading and calling out to His Father as He had never done before in His entire life up until that time. He was determined to fight! He wanted deliverance! He was serious! He didn't want to continue battling in the valley of decision. He wanted to go on with His ministry and His work, free from those horrible attacks of doubts!

                101.Just as Jesus heard His Father's voice, so you're hearing Jesus' voice now through these, His living Words to you. And just as the Father was strengthening His Son, so Jesus is strengthening you.Won't you do as Jesus did, and cry out for deliverance? Maybe, like Jesus, you've been on the brink, in the valley of decision, not knowing which direction to go, but now is your chance. Now you can choose to fight, to stand, to be delivered.

                102.Jesus is there waiting for you, like His Father was waiting for Him. But, like Jesus, you have to choose to reach out and receive the help and deliverance you need. If you call out to the Lord, He will open your eyes and renew your strength. He won't fail you!

Satan Twists the Word!--And Jesus Is Tempted with the Riches of the World!

                103.(Prophecy continues:) The Devil fought hard. Just think, if he could have stopped Me then, you would not be here! So he fought hard and long, and he fought in very subtle ways. He used Scripture in very sly ways, intertwined in a tapestry of deceit and lies, carefully woven together with logical, reasonable, understandable, sensible reasoning that appeared to be good and true. Satan knows the Word, yet he twists, he contorts and he connives. He adds a touch of truth with the lie in hopes that he can lure.

                104.It looked so good.The things he hit Me with and offered Me were very appealing, and I was tempted! Just think, all the kingdoms of the world! That was an inviting offer! Here I was, the son of a humble carpenter. I was grieved with the poverty and injustice and the extreme conditions of the world around Me. My people were poor and persecuted under Roman rule. All about Me was a world of injustice and problems--so many problems. The thought of all the world's riches and what I could do with them was very tempting. Maybe I could have made things better. Certainly it would have solved the financial difficulties. I could have used these riches to sort things out. That's what the Devil told Me, and it did look inviting.

                105.But Satan knew I really wouldn't quite go for that right off, because after all, My Father's riches were far greater. So he had to try to get Me to doubt My Father, to doubt He really would help Me and come to My aid. Satan tried to get Me to think My Father had shut Me out of the halls of Heaven and abandoned Me on Earth. After all, Satan told Me, if My Father had abandoned Me and had disowned Me, then why not take this next offer of all these riches of the kingdoms of the Earth? Pretty sly trick.

                106.Here I was in My fleshly body, and life was sometimes hard. I had grown up seeing the poverty and despair of the people, the plight of the poor, and the oppression of the Roman rule. Things around Me were pretty desperate. Now think about this. Think about what Satan was offering Me--all the kingdoms of the world! That was a pretty big job offer! You talk about System jobs--that was the humdinger! I could have ruled it all! It was tempting, very tempting. But deep in My heart, the voice came to Me, "It is better to eat herbs than a stalled ox, or to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season."

                107.(Mama:) In the above paragraphs there's a very important description of how Satan attacks by using the Word! He knows the Word too, and what he does is take a little truth--like a few verses or something from the Letters--and then on top of that little bit of truth, he piles his lies, distortions, exaggerations and misinterpretations, being very careful to try to make his final argument appear logical and reasonable enough that you'll swallow it.

                108.Maybe you've seen the Enemy use the Word in this way in your life. For example, when you're tempted to doubt, you probably feel there is some truth in what you're thinking; otherwise, of course, you wouldn't even be tempted to listen. In order to get your attention and to try to lure you to his way of thinking, when the Enemy whispers his doubts to you, he usually begins with some basis of truth from the Word or the Charter to substantiate what he's saying and make it seem acceptable. He gets a little truth in, and then follows it up with a barrage of lies.

                109.Like Dad said in "The Young Prophet and the Old Prophet": "If you invite old Mr. Devil and old Mrs. Doubt to come in and talk it over, to hear what they and all their little doubtlets have to say, you'll wind up thinking, 'I sure am confused! I guess you're right, I must have made a big mistake!' And you'll be all torn apart and all mixed-up and confused, halting between two opinions --double-minded! (See Jam.1:8.)" (ML #1857:17).

                110.But if you're diligently guarding your thoughts and you pray and ask the Lord about them, and if you're strong in the Word and you're used to hearing the checks of the Spirit, you'll be able to recognize when a little bit of truth is being used as a disguise for a major argument that's going on in your head that is not based on the Word, or that's not taking all the factors into consideration.

                111.When the Enemy tempts you to doubt, unless you look carefully and prayerfully at what you're thinkingto determine what is true and what is false,you may not even realize that you're thinking the Enemy's lies. Initially it will sound good, because it contains some little bit of truth. Take, for example, the well-known example in the Letter "Dumps," where Dad started to sing the old hymn in reverse.

                112.He said, "The Devil starts out seemingly innocently and honestly enough, with some minor little thing that doesn't seem to be too bad, like 'Fold up, ye saints of God, there's nothing to be happy about'--which is the way we sometimes feel when we get discouraged, but then it's the horrors that [such negativity and discouragement] lead to that begin to shake you up and wake you up and shock you into realizing what a liar the Devil is and how bad a state you're getting into! Thank God for His shock treatments sometimes, when you realize what a terrible thing you're saying or doing as a result of some tiny little doubt that you started with!" (ML #33:8).

                113.Isn't it amazing that when the Devil offered Jesus the kingdoms of this world, He was tempted by the world's riches and the possibility of solving the financial problems of His people? The Lord said that was a pretty big job offer, a "humdinger" of a System job! The Enemy tried to get Jesus to believe that His Father in Heaven had abandoned Him, that He didn't have access to the great riches in Heaven. Therefore, why shouldn't He take second best--the ways of the world, the riches and benefits He could see.

                114.I wonder how many of you the Devil is tempting in the same way?--Trying to get you to doubt the Lord's promises and His ability to supply for you, so you'll turn to the ways of the world--System jobs, the riches of the world that you can see, that seem so available, so tempting, so inviting. Think about it.

Ministering Angels!

                115.(Prophecy continues:) During that time I spent in the wilderness having it out with Satan himself, I learned where the real battle was. The battle was in My heart and mind; it was over My very soul, and the Tempter was using these doubts to attack Me. For one, he was trying hard to get Me to doubt My Father's blessing and His riches. He was trying to get Me to doubt My inheritance. He sought to slay Me through so many doubts. But by crying out in desperation to My Father, and in asking Him to fill Me with His Truth, I was able to clearly see His plan. I was able to see that all the wealth of the world was nothing.

                116.I did not know it at first, but as soon as I made the decision, as soon as I said yes to My Father, as soon as I cried out to Him in total desperation, pleading for deliverance from the doubts that were trying to take hold of My mind and My spirit, He delivered Me. And it was from that time on that My eyes were opened, and I could begin to see more clearly the true battle that was raging. I could see the hypocrisy in it all, that all these riches and kingdoms of the Earth were going to come to nothing. They were nothing but a facade, hiding the heinous reality behind them. My eyes were opened from that point.

                117.And do you know what happened? Do you know what My Father did to help Me continue on? In His infinite mercy and all-encompassing Love, He sent His angels to minister to Me. Oh, that was such sweet relief! It was sweet relief and a strengthening for the days ahead. It was the strengthening I needed for My ministry that was about to begin.

                118.The angels came and we had sweet communion. They poured out the Word upon Me. How do you think they ministered to Me? Did you ever think about it? They ministered to Me in body and spirit, and they fed Me the thing I most desperately needed. They fed Me the Word from the very hand of God. Yes, they brought Me the pure, unadulterated Word from My Father above.

                119.I feasted on it! I drank it in! They showered Me with it from head to toe, and My healing began. Yes, My healing. Fighting it out with Satan like that in the wilderness took its toll. It was a long, hard fight, and I had to be restrengthened, re-envisioned, refilled. That was the beginning of a whole new life for Me. From that time on I realized that I had to always take enough time for rest and refilling, that I had to have My Father's Word, for that was the source of My power. From that time on I began to always take those moments to get away, to rise early in the morning if I had to, and go out to a quiet place and receive this strengthening from Heaven.

                120.(Mama:) Just think, when the angels came and ministered to Jesus, they fed Him the Word. The ordeal He had gone through had taken its toll on Him and He was tired, battle-weary, sick; and it was the Word that brought His healing! If Jesus was so weakened by His battles, if He needed to be refilled, recharged, restrengthened, then think how much we need it after our battles!

                121.But the marvelous thing is that Jesus didn't just take a few days off to get in the Word and that was it. No! He learned from that experience that He needed regular quiet time with His Father. Let's all take a lesson from Jesus--if He couldn't make it without that daily prayer time and Word time, then certainly neither can we!

The Secret Weapon!

                122.(Prophecy continues:) That is when My ministry really began. All the years prior to that were my preparation. Although I already had a measure of My Father's Spirit and great power, this time of temptation, fighting these battles and winning the victory over doubts there in the wilderness, brought forth a great decision, which resulted in this deliverance. I overcame! I fought and I won!

                123.When I was in the wilderness, at times it seemed the battle would not end. The battle was fierce, and I was tempted to give up. But through it all, and through My deliverance, I was able to receive even greater power. I was free from the hindrances of Satan as I was thrust out in a new wave of witnessing that the world had never known before.

                124.Yes, I was delivered there in the wilderness. I had to get desperate. I had to fight the battle of doubts, and I had to lick the Devil right then and there, or I would not have been able to continue on. And Satan was fighting hard! He was trying to stop My ministry, My testimony. He was trying to destroy Me and you and the people of this world. He knew if he could stop Me then and there, he would win the battle of the Earth.

                125.It was a testing time and a purging time. My ministry and My mission were so great that I needed to be purified. I would not have been able to continue on had I not been. The stakes were too high. I could not have doubts plaguing My mind in the days ahead. Therefore, I had to take a stand. I had to pass all those tests. I could not escape the tests, for I am your High Priest and I am touched with the feeling of your battles, your trials. I had to be touched, so I could stand here today with conviction to fight for you. But I passed! I passed, and I am here to tell about it. I am here to fight for you.

                126.When I made that decision to desperately call out to My Father with all that was within Me, He sent His angels to minister to Me. They ministered to Me well. They ministered to Me the Word, and through that Word I carried on. That was My secret weapon. That is the only thing that I could fire back at Satan that would defeat him every time. It did then and it does now, for he hates it. He cannot stand it! He squirms at the very thought of the Word. He begins to shrivel up and vanish at the very utterance of it.

                127. My children, your warfare is not carnal, but it is spiritual, so you must fight in spirit. You must not try to fight in carnal ways. The war of the worlds must be fought and won in the spirit. Everybody's struggle is a spiritual warfare, even those who do not know Me, even the struggles you see all around you in the world. The war for this world is a spiritual warfare, therefore you must fight it in spirit.

                128.You seek to solve your problems in a physical way, but you must fight and win in spirit first. You must fight with spiritual weapons first, for they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. Mighty! Mighty are they! And you have but to reach out your hand and receive. Receive the spiritual weapons, avail yourself of them, and the doubts and the struggles and the uncertainty will flee.

                129.I received the Word there in the wilderness and I was strengthened. I wielded it hard and fast right back at the Devil, and he had to flee. I had to win that battle, just as you, too, must win the battle.

                130.(Mama:) When you're going through a battle, if someone is counseling you and trying to help you, doesn't it make it easier if that person can say, "I understand what you're going through. I've experienced that myself"? Doesn't that make you more receptive to their counsel, knowing that they aren't looking at you critically, but they sympathize and really feel for you? Well, in this case it's Jesus Who's saying, "I know how you feel," because He's been there. He suffered for our sake, so He can stand beside us and carry us through when we're lost in the Enemy's wilderness of doubts!

                131.The Word was Jesus' secret weapon. It wasn't enough for Him to hear His Father's voice, get desperate, and make a decision to cry out for deliverance. He also had to receive the Word and use it against the Enemy! He had to fight and win in the Spirit, and so must we!

                132.The Devil hates the Word!--He can't stand it. He squirms at the very thought of the Word! At the very utterance of it he starts to shrivel up and vanish. So use the Word!

                133.(Prophecy continues:) Satan is trying to hinder you. He is trying to stop you, for he not only knows his time is short, but he knows that you are the most powerful force on the face of the Earth. Think it not strange, the fiery trials that try you. For Satan is fighting you, My children, like no others. He knows that it is you who are going to run the world, and he is trying to defeat you.

                134.He has many of you in the wilderness right now--entrapped in the wilderness of your mind. For what is a wilderness but a vast land that is set aside, where the earth grows wild? Therefore let not the doubts of Satan grow wild in your minds. Fall not for this trap! Let not your thoughts run wild and grow into poisonous doubts that will devour and destroy you. Accept not his doubts! Satan attempts to release the wild beasts of doubts upon the wilderness of your mind--to run wild, to tempt you, that they would devour and destroy. Satan fights hard to tangle you up in the wilderness of doubts, hitting you from every side.

                135.But fear not! You have but to call his bluff! Call his bluff and they will vanish! As I called out to My Father, you must call out to Me in total desperation for a deliverance, and I will come to your aid. If you will but open your hearts and your minds and your spirits to Me, simply by asking, simply by putting forth the effort of a believing will, I will send angels to minister unto you!

                136.For I am ready, and I pour out My Word. I shower you from head to toe with My Word in every way. But you must receive. You must call unto Me, and I will open your eyes. Fall not for these doubts, but whisk them away!

                137.I see your despair. I see the plagues of doubts that you are getting hit with, and I long to deliver you. Think it not strange, these fiery trials that are come upon you. Satan is hitting fast and hard, for he knows his time is short. He fights you receiving My power--the power of My Word. He is hitting you hard, tempting you to doubt My Word, for he knows that he will be defeated by the Word.

                138.Right now he even fears you more than Me, because you are Me, since I am in you. My Spirit in you is the greatest force on Earth. And now that I am with My Father, My power in you and through you is multiplied many, many, many, many times over. If you will but open the taps and let it flow, let My Word flow through you, you will be veritable powerhouses of God!

                139.When I walked upon the Earth, I was only one, but now I am many. I am many through you, for you are many! Now that I sit with My Father, greater works than I ever did, will you do! And Satan trembles! He is striking at the very foundations of My Word, casting doubts on My sure Word in every way, because he knows better than any other of the mighty power you have in My Word. He knows that it is the only thing that can destroy him. Therefore he fights for his life. Satan is trying to cut off the power at the very source. He is casting forth these doubts, that he might save his own life.

                140.(Mama:) There is tremendous insight in this portion of the prophecy that exposes why the Devil tries so frantically to get you to doubt the Word--because he knows that only the Word will defeat him. That's the only thing that can destroy him, so he fights for his life. Satan is scared! He's trembling in his boots, because he knows even better than you do of the mighty power you have through the Word.

                141.You might think the Devil fights the Word, and tries to get you to doubt the Word just because he hates Jesus and he wants to hassle you and cause you trouble. That's not the whole reason. It's a life-and-death battle for him. He knows that as soon as you discover the tremendous power that you have at your fingertips through the Word, then his attacks will be rendered nearly useless in your life!--And eventually, the Word will be the end of him! The Word is his destruction, his downfall, his greatest enemy. He's scrambling, trying to save himself, but he's a weak, desperate loser, doomed to defeat!

                142.The Devil is afraid of you! Jesus says in the above message, "Right now [the Devil] even fears you more than Me, because you are Me, since I am in you." When you read that sentence, you may have wondered how that could possibly be so. I thought you might have that question, so I asked the Lord if He wouldn't mind clarifying that a little for us. As usual, He was very obliging and gave a marvelous, easy-to-understand answer, saying:

                143. "When I am in each of you, My influence and power in the world is multiplied many times, and that is what the Enemy fears--the spread of My positive influence throughout the world in each of you. It's not that he fears you individually more than Me, or that he fears you as a human more than My divine power, but he fears your yieldedness to Me and the yieldedness of each of My children. He knows that through your yieldedness I am able to accomplish My purpose. The yieldedness of all of My children collectively opens up a great channel through which I can work, and this is what he fears."

At the Threshold of Kingdom Come!

                144.(Prophecy continues:) Therefore Satan fights you, in the wilderness of your mind. He fights fast and hard and strong. He is trying to defeat you before you begin. Yes, many of you have stood the tests all these years--many years in faithful service to Me. But you are yet at the threshold, for this is the dawning of the greatest part of your ministry. The battle is now long and hard and hot as you stand at the threshold, ready to usher in My Kingdom on Earth!

                145.You must not despair. Stand strong and fight on! Think not that all is falling apart, that all has come to naught, that all is in vain. It is not so! Think not that because you are passing through these tests in the wilderness, you should give up. But call unto Me.

                146.This is but the day of preparation, for the end is at hand. You are at the threshold of My Kingdom come. And as I, too, had to pass through the wilderness in preparation for My ministry of saving you, so many of you must pass through this wilderness, for it is your preparation.

                147.You must fight, My children! Call out to Me, and I will answer. Call out to Me for deliverance, and My hand will save you. Just as calling on My Father was My only salvation, so calling on Me will be yours. And as you take this first crucial step and cry out for deliverance, I will answer.

                148.I will answer, and I will give you the master key, which I place in your hand. Grab hold of My master key and unlock the doors. Try this key in all the locks and see if it will not work. For I give unto you the one master key that will unlock the doors, that will open the passageways to overcoming, to power, to victory, to life, to warmth, to fruitfulness, to fire, to success, to everything! I give you the master key of My Word.

                149.I have duplicated the key so that you all may have one. You have but to call in your order. Call unto Me in desperation and ask for deliverance. Then grab hold of your master key. Call unto Me, and receive. Fill up on My Word, and you will be able to wield the power that I put in your hand. The Word is the power, the Word is the energy, the Word is the life, the Word is your salvation from the doubts of Satan.

                150.While there on the mount, I called out to My Father, and He filled Me with His Word, and Satan did flee. And as I began to quote the Word, I was strengthened for the battles ahead. It was My only salvation. From that time on, I had to stay filled up with My Father's promises. The battles grew stronger, but I too, grew stronger, because as I obeyed and as I received the Word, lived in the Word and quoted the Word, I was able to keep My victory.

                151.The victory that overcame the world was My faith in the Word. I overcame even the death of the cross and I am risen. You, too, can overcome the valley of despair by receiving this power.

                152.I had to keep quoting the Word. My faith came, it grew, as I lived in and quoted the Word. As I walked the shores of Galilee, as I healed the sick and tended to the ragged wounds of the lost and the weary, as I loved the woman at the well, as I healed the daughter of Jairus, as I cast out devils, as I raised Lazarus from the dead and brought down miracles and signs and wonders from on high, each time, each of these victories was won through the Word. It was the Word that I quoted. It was the Word that gave Me the power. It was the Word that kept me free from doubts. It was the Word that inoculated Me against the lies of Satan. Staying pumped up with My Father's Word gave Me power to win the victory each and every time.

                153.After My initial victory in the wilderness on the eve of My ministry, I continued to pass through test after test. The tests did not stop. The fiery darts of Satan never ceased to be flung at Me. But I was always able to win the victory, because I wielded My secret weapon. I wielded the Word. I quoted the Word, I banked on the Word, I fought back with the Word, and I overcame the world through the Word. It was through My faith in the Word. As I began to take even the beginning steps in living the Word, My faith grew; it flourished and continued on.

                154. And it all began with My initial deliverance from doubts that time on the mount, in the wilderness, as I grappled in hand-to-hand combat with Satan himself. That battle, that victory of calling out to My Father, was the beginning process to set My faith in motion. And I grew through the Word. As I listened, as I received, and as I gave it out, I grew in faith. Faith to turn the water into wine grew into greater faith to bring down greater miracles, as I continued on.

                155.It was not that the Devil never hit Me with doubts again. He tried, he fought hard, but it was My living and quoting and staying filled up on the Word that made the difference. The Word was My victory. It was My only hope, and it never failed to see Me through--just as it is your only hope. It will be your victory, and it will never fail to see you through. So live in it, swim in it, claim it, and revel in it.

                156.(Mama:) You might feel pretty pooped out right now, like you've already given so much for the Lord. You might think that by now you should be nearing the end of the road of your service. But do you know what? Like Jesus said, you're on the threshold of the greatest part of your ministry, and that's why you're being tested. The battle is hot and heavy now because you're about to usher in the Kingdom of God on Earth! The best is yet to come! Just as Jesus had to pass through the wilderness in preparation for His ministry, so we have to pass through our "wilderness" in preparation for ours.

                157.To help you in your battles, Jesus gives you the master key that unlocks all the doors--the Word! He's duplicated a copy just for you! All you have to do is put in your order and He's eager to give it to you. The Word, the master key, is available to you all! Like Dad said in "Problems and Solutions!--Part 1": "Everybody has the Word right there at their fingertips. They have endless strength, instruction, encouragement, and the answer to all their problems. Every person in the Family has it equally available to them. It just depends on how hungry they are, how willing they are to take the time to read and study and absorb and believe and put it into practice" (ML #3069:74, GN 697).

                158.Your only hope is the Word! Even Jesus' only hope, His strength, His salvation, His power, was in His Father's Word! The Enemy continued to attack Jesus, even after His initial deliverance, but He kept drawing His strength from the Word! The battles grew stronger, but He grew stronger too. And that's what you need too--to grow stronger day by day by faithfully going to the Lord and the Word! Keep your master key always handy on your key chain and in your pocket or attached to your belt loop, so you'll have it constantly available whenever you need it!

                159.These are the days of preparation for the battles ahead. Just like soldiers or fighters or athletes prepare for the challenges ahead by conditioning themselves, working out, lifting weights, doing calisthenics and running long distances, so we need to prepare for the battles ahead by getting in shape spiritually! You can do that through prayer, faithfully studying the Word, learning to exercise your gift of prophecy, developing a good habit of taking daily quiet time and praise times, learning to discern the lies of the Enemy, having special times of loving Jesus intimately and receiving His seeds, etc.

New Wine for the Final Hour!

                160.(Prophecy continues:) Think not that I am not able to give fresh, new Word for today. I am a living God, and I direct My children in these final days. Therefore doubt not My sure Word of prophecy, for I am not limited! Fall not for the subtleties of Satan. Fall not for his devious ways that would cause you to trip. Doubt not that I pour out New Wine and new direction in this final hour. For it is needed! It is needed to stem the tide of iniquity that is covering the Earth.

                161.Satan pours out his lies in the highways and the byways and shouts from the housetops! In every nook and cranny and crevice in society today you can find the lies and the subtleties and the deceits of Satan. Therefore think not that I am an infidel, that I do not care for My Own, that I will not speak and direct and guide My children through the land mines of Satan. Prove Me now, I say. Prove Me now, by calling out! Choose Me! Put forth the effort of a believing will. Cry out to Me for your eyes to be opened that you may receive wondrous things out of My law. Cry out to Me! For it is I Who have delivered, and do deliver, and will yet deliver, as you but take the first step and call unto Me. Hold fast to My hand, and I will never leave you!

                162. (Mama:) The Lord explains here why He eagerly wants to give us His fresh, new Words for today, His sure Word of prophecy--because we need it! The whole world is flooded with the words of Satan and his message. If you just look around, I'm sure you'll quickly agree that the Devil's lies, outlooks, perversions, distortions, etc., are being broadcast in great abundance. So it stands to reason that the Lord would also want to get out His message for today! He's not going to just leave the field of the world to the Devil without even putting up a fight! The Lord is pouring out New Wine and new direction in this final hour, for it is needed to stem the tide of iniquity that is covering the Earth! The Lord is challenging you to prove Him, to prove His Word for today!

Call Satan's Bluff!

                163.(Prophecy continues:) Above all, put on My complete armor, that you may be able to withstand in this evil day. And know that this is the day of evil, therefore you must stand. Pick up your shields that you may zap the fiery darts of Satan. I know. I see the despair, the uncertainty, the pain, the torment, the plague of doubts that barrage you on every side. Vanities! Vanities! They are but lying vanities, if you will call Satan's bluff.

                164.I pray for you, that your faith fail not. I pray for your strength to call his bluff, that you let not the Tempter's doubts adulterate the pure waters and the pure flow of My healing Word. I pray for you, that you fall not prey to his tricks, for he has disguised his lies in the cloak of doubts that he might launch a more fatal attack on your very life.

                165.Resist, I say! You must resist the dirty lies, the propaganda and the luring doctrine of devils that runs through the streets, that is flooding the world. For this is it! Satan is loosed and this is his last chance. He knows his time is short. Therefore you must fight!

                166.I pray for you, that your faith fail not. Call for My deliverance, receive My Truth, and fight on to the light of a brighter day. And fear not, My beloved ones, fear not. My Father did it for Me, and I will do it for you. This is the victory that overcomes the world, even your faith. For even in the tiniest flickering of your faith will I bring great victories out of seeming defeats, if you will but call on Me. (End of prophecy.)

                167.(Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, our precious Husband and Lover, for opening Your heart to us and giving us this priceless glimpse into Your life on Earth. You have allowed us to see how You battled, how You were weakened and even tempted to doubt Your Father's Love and power, and yet, by faith, You overcame. Thank You, dear Lord, for being there for us, for fighting for us and praying for us, and especially for going before us to conquer the evil beasts of the Devil's doubts.

                168.Dear ones, you can do it! You can find deliverance and freedom from your doubts, if you'll do what Jesus did:

                1) Hear the truth of His Word; believe and receive it.

                2) Get desperate and cry out for deliverance.

                3) Make a decision that you want to fight.

                4) Go to the Word faithfully to be strengthened, and use the Word to fight back when the Enemy tempts you to doubt!

                169.Jesus has paved the way for you, and He's fighting for you! He is praying for you, and His hands are even now reaching out to you. Please call out to Him, won't you? He loves you!

                Love, Mama

                170.P.S.: If you feel you have been entertaining or believing the Enemy's doubts, and therefore you can't fully identify with Jesus' personal testimony, because you didn't reject the Enemy's temptation to doubt, like He did, don't despair. In parts two and three of this series you'll read further counsel and encouragement from the Lord, which makes it clear that you can be delivered as well! The Lord is greater than any of the Enemy's attacks, and the victory is there for you too!

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