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The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 6                Maria #365       DO 3092       11/96

By Maria

Table of Contents

                Prophecy, and the Burdens the Lord Puts on Mama's Heart      1

                I Want to Know You Inside and Out!                3

                The Lord's Love for Us Through Each Other      3

                The Birdie Chorus and Prayer of Praise!                3

                Jesus' Account of His Commission on Earth!     4

                Jesus' Human Side!                7

                Jesus Struggled Against Sin Too!                8

                Words of Love to Peter                9

                Older Women Feeling Unwanted                9

                The Lord Unlocks the Mysteries for Maria!    12

                The Comet and the Eclipse Prophecy!                13

                The Older and Younger Generations Must Be United!                16

My Darling Peter,

                1.I love you so much! Your note to me today was so very precious! I really don't know why I should need the encouragement, since the Lord has given me so many assurances of your love, but I guess I do, because it made me feel loved just to know that you were concerned about me. Anyway, it was very much appreciated. I shared a copy with Juan, and he said he cried through the whole thing. I felt like crying too, but since my eyes can't take it, I'm glad he did it for me. He thought it was so beautiful! Honey, your love is just so precious to me! I need it, and I need you!

Prophecy, and the Burdens the Lord Puts on Mama's Heart

                2.Now on to the subject of prophecy: One point I wanted to bring out is something that many folks on the field have apparently misunderstood. They have thought that if someone states their opinion, and later gets a prophecy from the Lord that reflects that same opinion, then the prophecy must be colored by the person's ideas and opinions.

                3.There have been quite a few people who have thought that about some of the things we've printed in the GNs. When I tell them what I think about something, and then I include a prophecy that the Lord gave through you, Peter, or others, that reflects my opinion, some people come to the very wrong conclusion that, because I voiced a particular viewpoint, then of course whoever is getting the prophecy doesn't want to say anything contrary, so they give the prophecy in line with what they think I want.

                4.This very, very wrong conclusion is only reached by those who don't understand that true prophecy is the very Word of God. Instead they think it is a man-made creation, concocted to suit the situation. How anyone could really think this about prophecy, I don't know, but apparently some do!

                5.What actually happens is that the Lord has often given me His truth and ideas. He has laid certain things on my heart already. Then when we hear from the Lord in prophecy, it is often because we are asking the Lord that if this direction is of Him, He will confirm in prophecy what He has already shown us. Therefore, since He has anointed me to get His mind and speak His Words and to find His will through all the ways that He has made available, of course they are all going to coincide, and one is not going to conflict with the other. If the matter is His will, then what He says in direct prophecy should confirm the thoughts He has already given me, since it's all from the same source--the Lord!

                6.When I hear from the Lord, then the things I say, the burdens that are on my heart, and what the Lord says in direct prophecy should coincide, at least to some extent. The prophecy may give more details or some different aspects, but it will be pretty much in line with what He was already giving me through my own thoughts.

                7.The same is true for anyone who is getting the right ideas and thoughts from the Lord. If He has shown them something, and then they pray and seek the Lord for a confirmation in prophecy, it will be just that: a confirmation! Some folks think we're using prophecy too extensively in leading the Family instead of sufficiently using the other ways to know God's will. But at the same time, when we use the wisdom the Lord has given us and ask Him to confirm what He is showing us in prophecy, they worry that someone's making it up or being overly influenced by my thoughts!

                8.Also, sometimes I may have a certain leading, but I'm not really sure if it's the Lord's will or not, and when I ask someone to pray and hear from the Lord about it, He gives something different than my original leading. You, Peter, and the other channels in our Home through whom the Lord speaks, just give what you receive, regardless of what my original leading may have been. Of course, like I said, usually the Lord has already laid the same burden on my heart. But sometimes I'm not sure one way or the other, and the Lord gives something different through prophecy than my initial thoughts, or from another angle that sheds much more light on the matter.

                9.Sometimes the Lord does lead us by prophecy just out of the clear blue, giving us some direction that we hadn't thought about earlier. But most often He puts at least some of the initial thoughts or burden in our heart first, or leads us through His written Word and the other ways to know His will, and then confirms it through prophecy.

I Want to Know You Inside and Out!

                10.Again, thank you for that very, very sweet and thoughtful note that made me feel your love so strongly. Thank you for taking your precious time to write me. It means a lot, because I know it's your heart!

                11.Peter, isn't it wonderful that we can be honest with each other, and we can share everything? I don't think such complete honesty is for everyone, because you have to be able to be a little hurt sometimes and still not let it affect your relationship. I'm not suggesting that we need to get into all the minor details of our dates, but it's so important that we share our hearts with each other as much as possible! It feels so good, and I don't mind if it bothers me a little sometimes, because I know that you would never do anything deliberately to hurt me, and you only do what the Lord leads you to do. Therefore I'd much rather have you tell me everything. So please keep doing it. Okay, Sweetheart?

                12.I love you so much and I need you, and I need to know your heart and your thoughts. Remember what that cute little prophecy said about my being the Mama hen that wants to pluck all the thoughts from your head? It's really true! I want to know you inside and out, and I want you to know me that way too! I want you in me too, as soon as possible! I'm really horny for you, my love! I want you so much! Hot and sexy for you, M.

* * *

The Lord's Love for Us Through Each Other

                13.Peter, darling! You're so good to me, and you fill my love cup so full! I feel so satisfied with your love! What a wonderful plan of the Lord to allow us to be His love for each other--a very big part of His love that we can see and feel manifested in our lives each day. There are so, so many ways that He shows us His love, but our love for each other is the one that best illustrates how He wants and needs us. Isn't it amazing how He has made it so that as we grow closer to each other, we're also growing closer to Him? And as we draw closer to Him, we are growing closer to each other!

The Birdie Chorus and Prayer of Praise!

                14.It's about 6:30 in the morning, and as I'm dictating this to you, I'm lying in my bed hearing the ticking of the clock on the wall, and above that, hearing somewhere off in the distance the great chorus of little birdies singing to their Creator, our wonderful Jesus! It's such a secure, comforting feeling to hear them all praising the Lord! I imagine in my mind that we're in a great forest, surrounded by many trees, and it's such an interesting thing to realize that the trees are way off in the distance! So I don't know where all these birdies come from, or how we hear their grand chorus so clearly and beautifully, but it's a wonderful thing!

                15.It's so amazing! I have my door open only about two inches, and even though they're in the distance, the birdies are praising Jesus so loudly that it seems like it fills the room! Lord help us to praise Him as fervently, as eagerly, and as beautifully!

                16.(Prays:) All glory to You, Jesus, our most precious and wonderful Lover and Savior, Who has surrounded us with Your love, excited us with Your passion, and done for us such amazing things, far beyond what we could ever have imagined!

                17.Wonderful and holy is Your beautiful Name! How can we thank You enough for so abundantly pouring upon us all the wealth and riches of Your Word--hour after hour, day after day, feeding us at Your hand and showing us little beggar girls the mysteries of Your Spirit! We're overwhelmed! We're in awe! It's almost too much! All praise and glory and honor to You, the One Who has shown us only a token of Your great power and might, but which has changed our lives so dramatically, so fully, and has almost swept us off our feet in a great flood of love!

                18.Our minds are too small to begin to comprehend even one tiny part of Your greatness. We're sorry You have to confine Yourself to our language to try to explain to us Your glory and Your mysteries, because they are so much greater than anything You could ever begin to put into language! We're sorry You have to confine Your feelings of love for us to our weak, frail, fleshly human bodies, since You are so much greater. But we're thankful that You restrain Yourself to accommodate our weak flesh, since we can only take a tiny touch of Your power as we feel You loving us. Even this tiny token is so great for us--so marvelous, so amazing, so magnificent!

                19.To know that there is so much more of You to see and to know in the future, when we'll be able to break out of the confines of the flesh and be joined totally in Spirit with You, totally free, is such a wonderful, wonderful promise of what is ahead! At least we're feeling You in a much greater way than we ever have before. Even though we're limited by our bodies, You are helping us to see just a token of what we will have in the Spirit. That token is so great, so marvelous, that we're in awe that You would show Your love to us in this way!

Jesus' Account of His Commission on Earth!

                20. Last night the Lord gave us some of His personal testimony through prophecy. He speaks about His feelings while on Earth--the trials He went through, the temptations He was faced with, the struggles He had that were just like those that we go through. He was tempted to get impatient with those He was teaching when they didn't understand as quickly as He wanted them to. He explains how coming to Earth from His bubble of peace and beauty in Heaven was a "rude awakening"--such a great surprise. He had to learn to adjust, to take people where they were at, to go slow with them. These are things that our dear folks will be faced with in leaving the Heavenly bubble of the Summit meetings and returning to their mission fields. Following is the beautiful message He gave:

                21.(Jesus speaking:) I left the halls of Heaven for you! I know what you are feeling. I know how you are overwhelmed with the commission that is before you. But fear not, for I ordain you for this mission. I go before you and I prepare the way. I prepare the hearts of the brethren to receive you, even now as I send you forth on this holy crusade. I bless you, I kiss you, and I anoint you with the oil of love.

                22.So go out from these, the halls of Heaven, that you, like I, may also yield, and win and bring forth fruit unto our Father. Go now and carry these days of Heaven in your heart. And know that this time we've spent together when we've thrilled, when we've danced, when we've reveled in the bed of love, this time of singing sweet tunes of love, shall be ever with you. It will live on in your hearts. It will flourish and strengthen you in the days ahead. I have ordained it so, that as you reflect on this time, it will hold you and sustain you in the days to come. These ecstasies, this purity, this loving, this flowing of the cool, refreshing waters of My Word that you have experienced will live on in your hearts, and it will touch the hearts of the brethren. As you have freely received these gifts of My love, you can now turn around and freely give unto others.

                23.Fear not to go out! Go, as I went for you! Go and spread this great love, that others too may see and partake and be freed from the chains of bondage that would hold them down. Go and gather them in to our bed of love.

                24.Go now, and I will be with you. For it is not you that speak, it is not you that will love them, but it is I. Don't delay! Shed no tears. I am your High Priest. I pray for you, and will continue to pray for you, that your faith fail not. I stand at the throne of our Father day and night, interceding on your behalf. I know, I understand, and I am touched with the things you are feeling. I know you feel unsure. I know you feel overwhelmed. I see and I feel and I understand the mix of emotions you are experiencing. I know, because I too went through the same when My Father commissioned Me to leave the great halls of Heaven to bring you His message of love.

                25.I too felt a mix of emotions. On the one hand I was excited with the thrill of a great commission. I was raring to go! I was bursting at the seams to tell the good news, to turn things around, to turn things right-side up on My mission field of the Earth. And yet in many ways I was scared of falling, and of failing. I too struggled and found it difficult to leave the warmth and security of Heaven. I too was tempted to say no, and for a while I almost didn't want to let go. I didn't want to leave Heaven--the task seemed too great! The thought of leaving all the splendor and all the glory of Heaven was almost more than I could comprehend or accept at first. But I obeyed, I went, and I soon found that the love I had within--the love of Heaven--was love enough to sustain Me.

                26.I went out, and it was a rude awakening at first! I quickly learned that it was going to take a little time. My mission was not going to come about in one swift fell swoop of an overnight change. I found that things were not as I had expected. There I was, so eager to see things change and to win others into the Heavenly realm. But My Father, in His loving wisdom, had a plan, and we're all a part of this plan. I had to come to the realization that I, too, needed to learn further precious lessons.

                27.And so I continued, and I learned through the things that I suffered. I learned through My obedience, as you also will learn through your obedience unto Me. As I kept going, I learned that I could carry Heaven in My heart, and that I could spread it to others. I went, and I learned that Heaven was in Me, a part of Me, and no man could ever take it away. I went, and I learned that My Father's loving hand would not fail, could not fail. I kept on, and I kept obeying, and the glory of Heaven was made manifest in Me.

                28.And now, just as My Father sent Me, so I am sending you,that you may go and make disciples of all nations. But remember, I learned through the things that I suffered. And you, too, will learn through the things that you will suffer. Look at My sample and be encouraged. As I went, I learned patience, for things were not always as I had expected.

                29.Peter, James, John, Andrew and the others didn't always catch on as quickly as I would have liked. They didn't understand at first when I tried to share with them about the great love in My heart, the great love of Heaven, the great love that I wanted to give. I tried to help them, but they needed time to be able to grasp it all. I tried to explain to them about the glory and the splendor of Heaven. I tried to help them see that they, too, could have it in their hearts, but again, it took some time. They couldn't always see quite as quickly as I had hoped. Each one caught on at a different pace. Each one progressed differently. So I had to go slow. I had to be sensitive to each individual, to each need. I had to handle each tender heart accordingly.

                30.It was a test of My patience and My love. I found that although My Words were important, the living sample of My love was more easily understood. Many times I just needed to take the time to love them, to show the way.

                31.So I kept on, and I learned how to be a plodder. I learned how to take things a step at a time. I learned faith. I learned how to look up to My Father above. I learned how not to give up. I learned many things through that which I suffered.

                32.I missed the constant peacefulness and tranquillity that I had known in Heaven, but I soon learned it was right there in My heart all the time. It was always with Me--I just had to tap in and avail Myself of the peace that passed all understanding. I felt the burden and the press of the people. I heard the noise and felt the confusion, the worry and the tension. It was so real, and I was right there in the middle of it. I felt their anxiety, I felt their pain. Through it all, I was touched with the feelings of their infirmities, and I learned compassion and tolerance.

                33.Often I wanted to be able to just snap My fingers and set all things in order. I could have called down all the legions of Heaven to set things straight. But it didn't work that way, and My Father didn't plan it that way. He knew that I needed to learn, and that I would learn, and that the others would eventually learn too, and come around to being set free and following closer. He knew that the lessons I was learning and the choices I was making, and others, too, were of far greater importance and would bear far greater fruit. He had a plan and purpose and it was all being accomplished.

                34.With each passing minute, with each test of My patience and each test of My faith, I was learning, and I was becoming what the Father wanted Me to become. I was being groomed for greater things ahead. I was being prepared to face the greatest decision of My life. My Father knew the importance of this great decision. He knew how much was hinging on My weak shoulders, yet He was so lovingly preparing Me, teaching Me, guiding Me, strengthening Me. And the others were learning. They, too, were becoming what He wanted them to become. All things were working together for our good.

                35.I was learning how to pray. With each situation, each difficulty that would arise, when I was tempted to lose My patience, lose My temper, lose My cool, when I didn't know what to do, I had no place to look but up--up to Heaven, up to My Father. And through it all He taught Me how to pray. Yes, I learned all these things when I went out from My bubble of love, this Heavenly abode. I had all the truth of Heaven within, and yet it took time to teach others. It took patience to love. It took wisdom to give. It took longsuffering to keep plodding along day by day.

                36.In the days of My flesh when there was a task too big, too hard for human hands, I came to know the full power of My Father. I learned to lean on Him with all My heart and all My soul and all I had in Me, and in this leaning I found My strength.

                37.So look to Me. Look to My sample, and know that just as the Father's love sustained Me, so will I sustain you. For I knew that Heaven was real. I knew the love of the Father. I knew the splendor of Heaven! This kept Me going, and it will keep you going too. It lived in My heart, and no problem was too big, no difficulty was too hard, no mountain was too high to take that away. As long as I kept My eyes on Heaven, I was sustained. As long as I looked to My Father, He gave the answers that I needed.

                38.So fear not and be not discouraged when you are in your learning process. When you go out there and you think of these days of Heaven and the bliss that we've enjoyed, and you are unable to change things as quickly as you would like to, don't be discouraged! Look to Me, keep your eyes on Me, and look to My sample.

                39.Don't be discouraged if the brethren don't catch on as quickly as you had hoped. They'll come around, just as Peter, James, John and the rest of them eventually came around. They will learn and they will grow, just as you will learn and you will grow. They will be strong and they will be strengthened to accomplish My purpose. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are in My perfect will.

                40.When you get tempted to feel down or burdened under the strain and the worry of it all, do as I did--look up! Look up to Me! Look up to Heaven and know that I will be a very present help in these times. Keep looking to My sample, for you will be tempted just as I was tempted. And you will have to make choices just as I had to make choices.

                41.I had to continually make choices. I was tempted, I was buffeted, and I had to make choices whether to fight on or not. I had to decide if I was going to hold on or give up. The choice was Mine whether to give in to discouragement, to doubts, to fears, or to murmuring. Even though I knew all the glories of Heaven, I, too, was tempted time and again to give in to peer pressure or to compare Myself with others. I was tested on My obedience, on My yieldedness, on My faithfulness in even the littlest things. I had to choose to love. I was tested on My love and how I was going to love. I had to choose to forsake all, and I had to keep forsaking all. I had to choose if I was willing to share those closest to Me with others. I had to decide whether I was going to share love or live selfishly.

                42.I was tempted and I had to make choices. When the Devil took Me up to a high mountain to show Me all the kingdoms of the world, I had to make difficult choices. I had to decide if I was going to live a worldly life, or live for Heaven. I was tempted, and the fight was long and hard! Finally, I had to make the hardest choice of all--the choice of whether or not I wanted to die for you. But I made the right choice, and I have never regretted it! I have never been sorry, because you are the fruit of My right choices. You, My precious Bride, are worth every bit of it! Because I made the right choices, here you are in My arms today!

                43.So don't forget that as the Devil fought Me, he'll also fight you. But don't be afraid, for I will help you, if you'll look to Me. Just as I kept My eyes straight ahead, firmly fixed on the Father, and He held me and sustained Me and helped Me to make the right choices, I will do the same for you.

                44.Get away like I did--somehow, some way, some place--for quiet time with Me and Me alone. When it seems difficult and you find no place of refuge, ask of Me, and I will supply. Remember how I got up early and went out, up into the mountain to pray? I had to, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to carry on. But when I did, it was so wonderful! In those times I was able to fill up and be refreshed. I would breathe of the Heavenly air and receive power--such magnetic power from on high!

                45.Please remember to take this time. You're going to need it even more than I did, because as I promised, you are going to do even greater works than I did. The world is even darker now in these Last Days, and you are going to need even more power than I did when I walked in the flesh. You are going to need it in order to be able to stem the tide of iniquity that has covered the Earth. But don't worry! You've got nothing to fear. I'm right by your side, and I'll pump you with My golden seeds of power as you come lie in our bed of love. It's going to be just fine. This mission is going to work just as I have planned.

                46.So keep your eyes right Here on Heaven. Keep coming back to our little honeymoon cottage. This is one honeymoon that will never end! Keep coming, keep loving Me the way you have been, and know that I am with you always. I hold you in My everlasting arms. (End of prophecy.)

Jesus' Human Side!

                47.(Mama:) I cried so much on that one.It's so beautiful! It's so humble of the Lord to talk about Himself in that way, to show His human side, His human trials and tests, to portray more vividly than ever how He was touched by all these things that we go through, how He really does understand, because He experienced the same things!

                48.Peter, these things the Lord shared with us are like a wonderful birthday present, on top of all the others! (It was nearly Peter's birthday.) This seems so wonderful.--I guess because for the first time it's starting to become so clear that Jesus really was like us during His time on Earth! He did have to learn all those lessons. It's not just pretty words and ideals and theology. He had to learn the same way we do. Finally, His "learning obedience through the things which He suffered" (Heb. 5:8) is clear! He's giving us the priceless privilege of hearing about His experiences while here on Earth from His Own mouth, and He's opening a window so that we can see the human side of Him, His human emotions.

                49.Peter, I feel that this is the message that will get through to people most of all! It sure did to me! Maybe this is the major thing that you should read at the commission ceremony. I hope you have a chance this morning to spend a little time listening to these amazing things He's telling us!

                50.This is such an overwhelming experience! I don't know exactly why, but I think you'll feel the same! I feel this is so special--maybe because He's becoming so real! Maybe it's more overwhelming for me because of My years of being in the church, where Jesus and Heaven were way up There somewhere. Jesus was portrayed as being so perfect, and you somehow equate perfection with lack of emotion, with something that is completely different and foreign to what we go through.

                51.I realize that even when thinking about Jesus being on Earth, I had the wrong idea about Him. I knew He was perfect, so I thought that He was much different than we are. Even though you hear all those things about His being tempted and His learning obedience, they just don't seem to sink in. You just think that since He was perfect, how could He have possibly had any of the kind of trials that we do? You think those things in the Word about Him being tempted and learning lessons are just ways of bringing out spiritual principles.

                52.Just hearing Him talk to us like this broke me free of some of that past thinking. I've been getting a lot closer to realizing this, but hearing Him speak like this last night finally hit me full force. I think I cried the entire time; it was such a breakthrough!

Jesus Struggled Against Sin Too!

                53.You know what it is, Peter?--I think it's that because I knew Jesus was perfect, I thought He couldn't sin! I must have always thought this, my whole life! I thought that was the reason He was perfect--because He couldn't sin! Maybe I never thought that consciously, but now I realize that my whole concept of Jesus was based on this. The whole reason that I couldn't see Him being so much like us was because He was perfect and couldn't sin. Because, of course, He was the Son of God. He was God, and God couldn't sin! Whereas we were very imperfect and did sin all the time!

                54.But last night, through this message to us,He opened my eyes to see that the reason He was perfect was not because He couldn't sin, but because He didn't sin! The Bible doesn't say He was perfect and couldn't sin; it says He didn't sin! He was in all points tempted like as we are, "yet without sin!" (Heb.4:15). Upon reflecting further on it, I realize that I'm not the only one who has thought this. Most of Christianity, with its millions of adherents, would think it blasphemy to imagine anything else. "Jesus was the Son of God, so how could He have sinned?!"

                55.But no matter how many millions think that way, all those millions are wrong. The thing is, if you can't choose to do the wrong thing, you can't be tempted. So then how could Jesus have been tempted, if He couldn't have sinned? Of course He could have sinned--but He didn't! He fought all the same kinds of battles that we do. He really had to fight not to sin! He had to struggle and desperately pray not to sin! It says it so clearly in the Word. He was tempted in all points as we are, yet without sin! Even by definition the word "temptation" means that you have a choice to do wrong. If you couldn't do wrong, it wouldn't be a temptation. And because He could have given in to the temptation and He could have sinned--but He didn't--that's why He was perfect!

                56.Of course, none of the rest of us could be perfect--we weren't made to be! All of us have had to sin in order to fulfill His great plan, in order for us to know that we need Him, and for many other reasons. But because Jesus could have sinned, He had to endure all the same kinds of temptations that we do, to prove Him and to strengthen Him and to help Him relate in every way to us. It helped Him to know what we go through, because He went through all the same battles and trials and testings. He endured all the most intense trials that we have ever gone through or can imagine, yet He didn't give in to the Enemy.

                57.And now, because we have Him in us and we have His mind and His Spirit, we don't have to give in to the Enemy either! Of course, we're going to make lots of mistakes along the way, because the Lord wants us to be weak so His power can be seen in us; but we don't have to deliberately sin. Because Jesus lives in us and works in us, we can think His thoughts and speak His Words and conduct ourselves as He would.

                58.Jesus knows what a struggle it is,what a battle it is to make the right decisions and make the right choices, because He had to battle Himself, just as we do! He set the example for us, He became just like us, went through all the same things, so He could know what we go through and so He could understand us and help us through each test. He didn't just automatically know what we go through; He had to go through it Himself in order to understand us. He learned all those lessons while He was here on Earth.

                59.I must confess I never fully understood how much those words mean exactlywhat they say: "He was tempted in all points like as we." It makes me feel bad that I just didn't realize His struggles and all that He went through. Anyway, I have a hard time expressing it, and I don't know if I am making this clear. I guess you'll just have to read it and see what you think. Maybe it's just me, but I think you'll probably be affected this way too.

Words of Love to Peter

                60.P.S. to Peter: All right, my love, I think that's all I have for now, so I'll close so you can get this without further delay! I love you, my precious part of me, and feel you so near. I wish we could be together on your birthday, but I'm glad that you can be in such a special place, doing such a wonderful work. I think it will make this birthday your best ever--certainly the most exciting! I'm so glad you're there where the Lord can let His light shine through you so brightly on His precious young people. I'm glad we can love them together, even though apart.

                61.I love you so much! I run out of words, though, to express how deeply! But please continue to be assured that my love for you only gets stronger as each day passes and our hearts become knit more tightly. I'm so one with you and you with me and both of us with Him, and it's so wonderful! You and Jesus make me feel so good! We sure have been doing a lot of "feeling" lately, haven't we? It's so nice! We don't run on feelings, or let them rule our lives, and they're not essential, but they sure are an added blessing from Jesus! I love you, my sweetheart, my darling, my precious husband! I'm yours, always!

* * *

Dear Peter, Gary and Heather,

                62.Happy birthday, Peter, my love!--I just couldn't do without you! You've probably never had a busier birthday, nor a more exciting one, nor a more satisfying or challenging one! My dear one, I wish you much love and happiness on this special day, and I'm praying that your birthday evening will be a very memorable one! My heart and prayers are with you!

                63.Thank you, dear Gary and dear Heather, for taking such good care of the logistics of so much there at the meetings! Peter and I just couldn't do without you. You're tremendous!

Older Women Feeling Unwanted

                64.The other day I asked one of our helpers to pray for our dear older women who feel threatened by the younger ones. After I read a recent report on the subject, I wanted to have the Lord give us something about this. The reason I am sending you this prophecy right now is because I thought there might be something in it that you could use in your talk on jealousy. At least it is a very good portrayal of the way the Lord looks at things, which you might want to keep in mind. You don't necessarily have to read this to everybody--you probably won't have time--but it sure gives the Godly perspective on things! Ha! It should!--It's from God Himself, and He should know!

                65.The question I asked to hear from the Lord about was: Our older women are starting to feel left behind. They feel overlooked by the men, or that they're getting less attention than the men are giving the younger adult girls who sometimes seem to them to be prettier, sexier, and more energetic. A number of our women are beginning to face this, and many are battling with feeling old and unwanted.

                66.(Jesus speaking to the adult men:) I would that you give honor to whom honor is due, as I do greatly honor these, My queens, My Brunhelds, My Amazon warriors of great faith, great strength, great patience, great love, and great understanding. How I love these precious ones! Draw not a circle to shut them out. Put not away your wife from you.

                67.These are they who have suffered long, who have loved Me, who have stood by Me and My little ones through thick and thin, through ups and downs. These are they who have loved you and put up with you, stood by you through the years, laboring long and hard at your side in the fields, through much toil and much strain. These are they who have cared for you, raised your children, washed your clothes, scrubbed your dirty collars, mended your socks, cooked your meals, tended to the needs of your body, stood by you at the throne of grace. And these are they whom I have given unto you to honor and to hold, to cherish and to love, from everlasting to everlasting. Upon these do I bestow great honor and great praise--My precious queens!

                68.I weep! My heart is breaking, for I would not that these feel this sorrow and the pain of feeling left out. I say unto you, forsake not your wife; put her not away. But rather live My Law of Love, which is all-encompassing, without hurt, kind, gentle, and easy to be entreated, without partiality. Think not that these are old and faded, ready to be set aside with no further use. Take heed that you be not blinded by youthful lusts.

                69.Open your eyes and behold, for these are they that glow with the golden radiance of My love! These are they that get better and better as the years pass by. These are they that have grown in love, in tenderness of heart, in understanding, and in caring. These are they who are endowed with My special touch. These are they who shine with the resplendence of My love!

                70.Think not that this bottle is spent and has nothing left to give,for upon these do I pour out again and again, for great is their faithfulness and love unto Me and My house. Love begets love, and because these have loved much, therefore I shower them with My love without measure. These are they that have yet much to give, for My love grows, it deepens, it broadens and springs forth in their hearts. These are they who are strong and sturdy and fearless. These are they who have stood the test of time. Therefore give honor to whom honor is due, and upon whom I bestow great honor, see that you honor also. Behold My queen lovers, My queen brides!

                71.My Family, My Family! My darling ones, My favored ones, My called-out ones! Have I not called you to My bed of love? Are we not wed? Are you not My wife--My One Wife? My one spouse? Therefore live and love, care and share together as one. I would that you live My Law of Love; against such there is no law. The greatest of these is love.

                72.To every thing there is a time and a season and a purpose under Heaven. I would not that you attend to the one and leave the other undone. It is a day to expand your borders, broaden your circle of love, to care and share in a greater way than ever before. There is a time to pour out and a time to hold back. There is a time for reaching out. But you must look to Me in these matters.

                73.My love is all-encompassing. My love is sufficient. It's broad enough and wide enough and high enough and gives and gives without measure. My love is not limited. It does not rob from the one to give to the other, but is enough for all. It does not hurt or harm or hinder. My love gives and gives and gives again. As you live in My love, none shall be lacking. These, My queen lovers, have much to give and much to pour out. Yet as they pour out, they also have the need to receive.

                74.I pour out My love without measure upon those who would receive. Think not that there is not enough to go around, for My love never fails. As you look to Me, as you draw nigh to Me in all your ways, I will direct your paths. For you all have need of each other, and the one cannot say unto the other, "I have no need of you." The older has need of the younger and the younger has need of the older. The woman has need of the man and the man has need of the woman.

                75.So do I desire that you stand holy, perfect in spirit before Me, without spot, that you may live and love as one. You cannot do this thing yourself, yet My grace is sufficient, and through your weakness My love is perfected. But you must look to Me.

                76.Fear not that there will not be enough love to go around. Look to Me. Seek Me in all things, and I will direct your paths. For each has needs, and each need varies, situations vary, circumstances vary, times vary. What is right for one may not be for another. What is right for one time may not be so at another time. All things are lawful, but not expedient. Therefore seek Me in all things. Seek and pray and weigh in the balances. Let not the pendulum swing too far to one side or the other. For a false balance is an abomination to Me, but a just weight is My delight.

                77.I know that there are many needs, many situations, many circumstances. For this purpose I give you many ways to love, that your needs may be filled--a time to love with another in the bed of love, and a time to lie solely with Me. I show you many ways to live and love and fulfill each other's need for love, for love has many faces.

                78.I bestow upon you the gift of love, and the privilege of lying in the bed of love with Me, so that when you have not another to lie by your side, you may come and love Me, that your needs may be filled. So seek Me, look to Me. Listen! Ask Me when is the time for this and the time for that. I would not that anyone feel burdened or left out or lacking in love. As you look to Me, seeking Me in all things, I am able to direct your paths, and I will be faithful to whisper in your ear. I will direct you when to love, and when to give, and how to give unto each according to their need. But you must listen. You must allow Me to direct your steps in love.

                79.My Law of Love is greater than all the law and all the prophets. My love is all in all, and for all, and covers all. Now I ask, are you willing? Are you strong enough to live it? Are you strong enough to give it? Are you willing to listen? If you are willing to listen, I will lead and show you how to love, and when to love, and who has need of love, and what kind of love to give. For I fill the need for love in many ways. I am more willing to give than you are to receive, and I would that none be lacking.

                80.So listen! Listen when I say, "This one has need--go give a hug." Listen when I say, "That one has need--take time for a walk." And yet listen again when I say, "This one has need of a kind word, and that one has need of a tender touch." Listen when I say, "This one has need to lie in the bed of love, and that one but needs a listening ear." Listen when I say, "This one has need of your loving concern, and that one has need of a helping hand." Listen when I say, "This one has need of a strong hand, and that one needs but a word of prayer." Listen when I say, "This one needs sympathy, and that one just to have a good laugh." Listen when I say, "This one needs a smile, and that one needs understanding." Listen when I say, "This one needs but a kiss, and that one a loving squeeze." Listen, and I will direct your paths!

                81.There are many needs and many ways to love, and as you reach out to broaden the borders of your tents, I will lead and guide you in how to love and ways to love that will fill every need. For the need to be loved is great and can be manifested in hundreds of ways. There is a time and a place for everything, and I would that you be sensitive to the needs of all those around you.

                82.Take care that you fall not into selfish ways. Live together, love together, be together in all your ways, and trust in Me. For My love knows no boundaries. My love knows no hours. You see with eyes of time, while I see through the eyes of the Spirit. Therefore look to Me and allow Me to open your eyes, that you too may see as I see.

                83.Know that these, My precious queen lovers, these whom you call the older generation, are holy in My sight. Cast them not aside, for they have much to give, and you too are in need of their love. Therefore love them, care for them, and honor them. I would that you all be bonded together in My perfect love. Look up and see as I see! My dear Family, My One Wife, I call you to live and love and care for one another. Live in love and love one another. (End of prophecy.)

                84.(Mama:) That's an amazing message, isn't it, Sweetheart? The Lord seems to be telling us that if we'll all live the Law of Love, everyone will have what they need. The Lord talks about living the Law of Love and not being partial. He says that His love doesn't rob from one to give to the other, but it is enough for all. And as we, the Family, live in the Lord's love, none will lack. We can't do this thing ourselves, but His grace is sufficient. He says not to fear that there will not be enough love to go around. He gives us many ways to love, that our needs may be fulfilled. He makes it clear that we must listen to His signals in order to know how to love, when to love, and in what way to love.

The Lord Unlocks the Mysteries for Maria!

                85.(Mama:) It was amazing that right during the Summit meeting there was a total eclipse of the moon and a comet that could be seen clearly from your location. I had someone pray about this, as I felt it was an important event. I'm enclosing the "Comet" prophecy, which is so significant that I think you will want to read it to everyone. The Lord is explaining the significance of the comet and even the eclipse of the moon in relationship to the Summit meeting. So it's quite amazing! It will also be a further eye-opener to the young people of what the Lord can tell us when we ask Him!

                86.We know that every incident and every event has meaning, and the comet and the eclipse likewise. But how can we find out the meanings unless we ask the One Who knows? The Lord told me the other day:

                87.(Jesus speaking:) Oh, My beautiful queen with the inquisitive mind--always asking, always inquiring! So many questions, puzzles, mysteries! You're always seeking the deep things of My Spirit, wanting to understand, asking Me to explain, always checking, inquiring.

                88.I have put this hunger and this desire to understand in the heart of My queen, because I can fill the hungry heart with good things. I have put within her an inquisitive mind, a hungry heart, so she will draw from My Spirit and create a vacuum, so that I can pour forth My truth and My answers freely and abundantly.

                89.It is because of this vacuum that I can pour forth the Wine so freely that it fills the vats and overflows! This is the desire of the queen's heart, to know and to understand and to receive the answers, to see the deep things of My Spirit and to understand Me more clearly. And so, My little one, I give you the desires of your heart. I give you the answers you seek. I explain the mysteries. I untangle the complexities. I make clear the things that are a puzzle to you. (End of excerpt of prophecy.)

                90.(Mama:) How wonderful to know that we can come to our great Husband and Lover, Who is the unraveler of all the mysteries, the untangler of all the complexities, the Master Answer Man, and call: "Please, my Lord, I need Your help to understand." And He answers so freely, so bountifully, so lovingly! I wish I could tell you how much love I feel at how richly He has blessed me, and therefore, all of us!

                91.To know that we can have whatever we ask in His Name, to know that He will withhold nothing from us, to know that He loves us so dearly and deeply that He will give us anything we desire that is good for us, is overwhelming! All glory and praise and honor to the One Who is love and power and wisdom and strength and anointing and happiness!--And Who is ours, Who has pledged Himself to us, Who loves us as His dearest possession, for He died for us, and He cherishes us and treasures us and delights in us and gives us our every desire.

                92.This was one of my desires, to know of the significance of these "signs in the skies!" I knew you would want to know too, so I asked Him for all of us! Here's what He said:

The Comet and the Eclipse Prophecy!

                93.(Jesus speaking:) Has it not been said that eight things a comet doth bring? You would do well to review these points. I indeed bring these things as a sign. For I have said I will give signs in the sun, and the moon, and the stars. Disasters shall come, and I shall use these as a means to bring people to Me, that they may look to Me. I use these signs as signs of My coming, for those who will discern the signs of the times, for those who are looking for signs.

                94.Also, as the sun and the moon and the Earth must be in alignment for there to be an eclipse, so must you be in alignment with Me. I am aligning the older generation and the younger generation with My Spirit to perform a spectacular sign. For this generation seeks after a sign. But you must yield to Me and let Me move you, let Me guide you, as I guide My planets and My stars to bring about these signs.

                95.So yield to Me and flow with Me, and I will bring these things to pass. For you are a light unto this world, and I have made you for this purpose. Continue to follow Me closely, that My light may reflect from you, that others may see and understand.

                96.Signs and wonders I set in the sky to warn the world and to encourage My children. Many things a comet doth bring--winds, famine, plagues, death to kings, wars, earthquakes, and change. Change in many ways. Look around you. Is this not so? Are these things not happening in the world, all around you on every side? Fierce winds are blowing, widespread famine, earthquakes in diverse places, plagues and scourges one upon another, death to kings, mourning and sorrow, war and more war throughout the lands, fighting and killing, blood flowing through the streets!

                97.Many things a comet doth bring, and many things My Heavenly messenger of '96 doth bring upon the Earth! Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Those who have eyes to see, let them see and behold, that they may discern the signs of the times. And as My Heavenly messenger of '86 heralded the Antichrist reign of the Last Days, so I send this, My messenger of '96, to herald My conquest of all the Earth! For this comet heralds change--direful change to those who do not discern the signs of the times! On the one hand, I mark with this sign the downfall of the kingdom of Satan. And on the other, I mark My mighty conquest--the coming of the Kingdom of God!"

                98. (Mama:) When we read this prophecy, we were curious about these two dates--the 1986 comet heralding the Antichrist reign of the Last Days, and that of 1996 heralding the Lord's conquest of all the Earth. We wondered why the Lord used 1986, as it's now been more than 10 years and the Antichrist reign hasn't become obvious or apparent yet, although a lot may be happening behind the scenes that we're not aware of. Of course, when the Lord uses the term "herald," meaning "to proclaim or announce," there's no reason why He couldn't be proclaiming or announcing these events well in advance. After all, His conquest of the Earth and the establishment of His Kingdom hasn't happened yet either! But since we had some questions about this, we asked the Lord if He could explain the significance of these two dates, and He very graciously obliged.

                99. (Jesus speaking:) I have told you that the comet of '96 would herald change and My conquest of all the Earth, and so it shall be. But I use you, My children, to implement that change and to be those who go forth to conquer the Earth. I work through you, and so it will take time. But it is happening, and you are helping to make it happen, and all shall come to pass just as My Word has spoken. For heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never pass away. The Words which I speak unto you through My voice of prophecy are solid, firm and dependable.

                100. Although you may not fully understand some of My Words in prophecy at this time, you will understand in the days to come, and I will pull back the veil and reveal to you the full meaning. Some things you may only understand in part now, but the day will come when each part and the full meaning will be revealed to you.

                101. These signs of the times are given to you that you may discern the movement of My Spirit and the development of events, just as My heavenly messenger of '86 heralded the Antichrist reign of the Last Days, and it helped you to discern the movement of the spirit of Antichrist in the world in the Last Days. It set My Family on guard and sharpened their faith and belief, and their discernment of the spirit of Antichrist in these Last Days. Thus he was heralded. Although you did not see him physically rise to power, and his absolute reign and rule, you are seeing him rise as the spirit of Antichrist spreads throughout the world.

                102. My children should mark the significance of these signs of the times, and they should discern wisely and listen attentively to the voice of My Spirit which heralds these events. So give them this explanation, that they may learn to depend upon My voice and wisely discern it, trust in it and lean on it as truth, no matter what the circumstances may look like in the natural. They must learn to put their faith in My Word and on My voice of prophecy, and stand unmovable and unshakable, completely trusting in Me, the Lord their God. (End of prophecy.)

                103. (Mama:) Praise the Lord! As the Lord explained, He likes us to take some things by faith, and we'll understand some of these "signs of the times" more fully later on, as He makes things clearer.

                104.(Previous prophecy continues:) All things come of My hand, and I do all things in perfect synchronization and harmony. And this is My sign, to mark the beginning of My final conquest, the beginning of a new era, when young and old are joined together in holy matrimony. Hark the herald, and let it be known, there is a wedding in the land! A union made in Heaven! A wedding of the generations! This is My plan, orchestrated by Me to accomplish My will and My purpose. It is a fixed marriage, arranged by Me since the beginning of time, that through this sacred union, My Kingdom will reign forevermore! Let it be known that this union, this wedding, is ordained of Me, that it may bring about My final conquest of all the Earth!

                105.So join forces together to finish the course, to run the race, to break through to final victory,going forth to conquer the giants of this day! It is a world conquest through love--through My love divine! The day of conquest is at hand, as I, through you, conquer the world!

                106.All things are ordered by Me. Think it not strange that I would mark this event with My messenger from on high. For I say this once, and I say it twice, and I say it yet a third time: This meeting, My Summit, is the greatest happening in all the Earth! For these gathered together represent My Family, My truly yielded pieces in My great chess game--those who come and obey when I call, those who are willing to come, to lie stripped and to bare all before Me, those who drop everything, who forsake all, who are willing to abandon all cover-ups, who yield their ears, their mouths, their tongues, their bosoms and their hearts wholly unto Me. And so do I fill with My Spirit, and fill with My seeds, that they may bear fruit unto Me. So can I use them to accomplish the purpose of My will of conquering the world.

                107.I set My comet in the sky to mark this special event. For as I join together young and old today, so do I prepare to thrust these out, that My message, My truth and My love may spread throughout the land. I send My messenger to proclaim the news abroad.

                108.These are the ones who go forth to conquer the giants of this day--My faithful ones, My little ones--little in their own sight, yet mighty in Mine. These are My children, My buxom Bride, My passionate lover, My secret weapons, through whom I will conquer the world!

                109.Behold, this Summit is as an inauguration day! Behold, My Kingdom comes! It is a conquering of the lives and the hearts and the souls of men. For as these are each touched and set free, so will I turn them loose on the world, to go forth, to conquer, and to pave the way for My coming.

                110.I am at the controls and I send forth My comet to mark the beginning of the end! Those who have eyes, let them behold, that they may discern the signs of the times. Silly, foolish man with trinkets and toys, leaning to his own wisdom, calculating and trying to figure out here and there, why this and why that! What does this comet mean? Will it hit the Earth here or collide with a star there? These are they who do not discern the signs, for I have hidden My truth from the wise and the prudent, from the proud and the unyielded, from those who are seeking after other gods, and who do not seek the truth.

                111.Yet I set these signs in the sky as a sign to those who will look up and hear, that I may reveal unto My children the simple truth! That when you see these things coming to pass, you may rejoice and be exceeding glad, knowing that your redemption draweth nigh! Look up and be encouraged and know that this is a sign from Me. For I will conquer the world, through you, My beloved children, My most precious Bride!

                112.We are on the road to final victory, and it begins with you, and in you, and through you, as you unite in heart, in mind, in body, and in spirit; as you allow yourselves to be molded together in My love, yielded wholly to My Spirit, that I may hurl you out to claim the land. So look up and be encouraged! Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. It is I Who will strengthen you! I am helping you! I will uphold you! So fight on! The day of march has come!

                113.I am your Sun, and you are My moon, lighting up the world with light that shines in darkness. So do I set another sign in the heavens to illustrate this truth. For though the Devil would try to gobble you up in the shadow of his darkness, he can never win. It may look like he has won for a little while, yet just as the moon escapes the darkness in the course of the eclipse, so you, My precious children, escape the darkness that has sought to hold you down.

                114.I ordain this time, this gathering at My Summit, as a turning point. As you look at the eclipse and see the darkest hour, when the moon is hid in total darkness, keep looking and you will soon see that it lasts but a little while before the tide turns and the white light of the moon once again appears, as it begins to escape from beneath the dark shadow of Satan. So this gathering marks a turning point for you--the beginning of escape from the dark clouds of discouragement, of doubt, of despair, of fear, of worry, of burdens too heavy to bear that have covered you up for a little time.

                115.This, My Summit, marks the turning point,as you escape and move on to gain greater victories through the lessons you are learning and the whispers you are heeding; through these strong bonds of love; through this melting of your hearts and molding of My Spirit; through this sacred union as you are wed to Me and to each other, as we lie in the bed of love together, as you receive My seeds and bear fruit unto Me.

                116.Know that through this freedom of My Spirit, just as the moon escapes the darkness that it may once again burn bright and light the sky, so you shall escape from beneath the dark cloak of Satan that would attempt to hold you down, that you may glow and shine forth the bright light of My love throughout the Earth. For you are My moon, reflecting My light, and I hold you up for all the world to see. The Devil can never win, as long as you keep fighting. This is the beginning of new victories! Keep shining and lighting up the sky. Keep burning bright for Me, and I will be with you as we go forth to conquer the world. (End of prophecy.)

The Older and Younger Generations Must Be United!

                117.(Mama:) Isn't that amazing? If you want significance, if you want symbolism, if you want to know God's mysteries, He's revealing these secret things to us. He is trusting us with great wisdom and knowledge and treasures from His Heavenly storehouse. He is giving us the keys with which to discern the times and the seasons, and He's showing us what a very important part we have to play in the Endtime script.

                118.The Lord says that, "On the one hand I mark with this sign the downfall of the kingdom of Satan. And on the other, I mark My mighty conquest--the coming of the Kingdom of God." He's marking the beginning of a new era when young and old are joined together in holy matrimony. With this coming together of the younger and the older at the Summit meeting, and the joining of hearts and spirits, the Lord has done a thing of great significance. He said this is so important that through this binding together of both generations, His Kingdom will be able to reign forevermore.

                119.We know that unity between the younger and the older generations is extremely important for us to work together effectively, but in the Lord's eyes it holds such monumental importance that it is absolutely essential, and there is no question about it. If we want to fulfill the purpose for His Endtime Family, and if we want it to usher in His Kingdom, we must be united. The generation gap must be closed. There must be no division among us.

                120.The Lord is waiting for His army--His Family--to be joined together in love so that He can use us in the conquest of the whole world, as He, through us, conquers the world with love. We are His beautiful Bride--the ones through whom He will conquer the world! He says, "I will conquer the world through you, My beloved children, My most precious Bride."

                121.The Lord says this is a turning point. Just as the moon, which reflects the light of the sun, is sometimes overshadowed by the darkness, so have we, who reflect the Lord's light, sometimes been in the shadows. But this is the beginning of our escape from the dark clouds of discouragement, doubt, despair, fear, worry and burdens too heavy to bear that have covered us up as a Family for a little time. Through these strong bonds of love with each other and our precious Husband, we are going to experience the freedom to once again burn brightly and light up the sky! We're His moon and He's going to hold us up for the whole world to see!

                122.Oh, Sweetheart, isn't that wonderful? It's almost too wonderful to comprehend! Wow, I just don't know what else to say, so I guess I'd better send this off to you, so you can experience it for yourself.

                123.I love you very much and am praying for you and dear Gary and Heather, and all those there. Last night while you and Heather were each having a date, I stopped and cried out to the Lord for both of you, that the Lord would pour out His Spirit and help you to show His love in a very special way to that dear couple. I was glad to hear in Heather's note that it went so well. Praise the Lord!

                124.I love you, my darling! Keep being yielded, obedient, and humble, and you have nothing to worry about! q

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family