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The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 7     Maria #366           DO 3093               12/96

By Maria

Table of Contents

                Peter's Birthday Celebration!             1

                Mama's Birthday Letter to Peter        3

                A Chain Reaction of Love!4

                It's Only Jesus and His Power!          6

                Peter's Sample of Sharing Mama with Juan     6

                Thanks for the Reactions!  7

                Prophecy of Encouragement for Heather         7

                The Importance of Praying Earnestly!              8

                The Need for Prayerfulness During the Last Days of the Summit               9

                Mama's Chidings About Peter's Heart             12

                Mama's Desperation for Peter's Strength and Healing  13

                Battles with Selfishness      14

                Peter's Need to Conserve His Strength            14

Dear precious Peter,

                1. Thank you for your sweet words of love, my sweetheart. As I told you, you don't need to get prophecies to tell me how much you love me--the Lord gives you such beautiful words as you write! Thank you, my dear love, for loving me and caring for me. I know it's Jesus' love and care, and I give Him honor and glory and praise for His wonderful, unending, immeasurable love, as our great Lover and Husband and King and Savior!

Peter's Birthday Celebration!

                2.It was so difficult waking up this morning and it made me pray desperately for you. If I feel this groggy, I can only imagine what you must be feeling! We've been praying really big for all of you, for your strength and your wisdom. My heart is there with you, and I'm really burdened for you. On top of that, I really missed you last night, Peter, and shed a couple of tears. But I couldn't indulge in that very long, so I got the victory right away. Praise the Lord! But anyway, I was praying that your birthday celebration would be a wonderful event. I guess I'm finally getting sentimental, like you! We're eagerly looking forward to hearing how it went!

                3.(Added later:) On Peter's birthday the dear ones at the Summit performed a variety show for him, with different attendees contributing by singing, dancing, reading poetry, etc. They called it "The King's Concert!" For your interest, I'll include a portion of Peter's report to me on the evening:

                4.(From Peter): The concert for my birthday was so precious. Everyone did so well. Miguel did the MCing. He was really good at it and kept things moving.

                5.The first group that came out was "J.J. and the Surrendered Brides," which was Pedro, Jason, Simon, Anne, Mikol, Dave and Genai. They sang some fifties songs--"Rolled Gold," "Johnny Be Good," and then a sweet, sexy song called "I Love How You Love Me," which they said was dedicated from you, Mama, to me. Then Jon A. did a rendition of "Quacky Was a Duck," sung "Sachmo" style, which had us in stitches! Then they sang a rock version of "Happy Birthday!"

                6.Next came five girls: Japanese Love, Melody, Genai, Eden and Japanese Naomi. These were all the girls who were under the age of 21, so they sang a song called "Too Young for Love." It was really hilarious! It's a System song, but they changed the words so it talked about how because of the Charter they are too young for love--at least too young to have a date with Gary or me or any of the adult men. Ha!

                7.Then came the Manhattan 34th Street B-B-Que Barbershop Quartet, which was Simon, Jason, Miguel and Frank. They all slicked their hair back and buttoned up their shirts right to their neck, so they looked old-fashioned. They sang "I Got a Home in Glory Land" and "Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham" in beautiful four-part harmony. After these two numbers, they pulled baseball caps out of their pockets and put them on and sang a rap song about Loving Jesus, which was very well done.

                8.The "Rap It Up" brothers were next. Vas, Jon A. and Frank did a rap number about Summit '96. It was extremely funny, as it talked about all kinds of things that had happened during our time together.

                9. Marianne Fisherman followed with a beautiful Arabic dance to some Arabic music that the Family has recorded. It was delightful to see her dance. Mary Mom and Miguel (mother and son-in-law) sang a song that she wrote for Dad years ago. She had made a crown out of cardboard and tin foil and put it on my head when she sang. It was very, very sweet.

                10.Then Melody, who is Dutch John and Dawn's daughter, danced ballet-style to the song "That's What Heaven Will Be," which was just beautiful. Rebecca read a poem of dedication to you and me. It was something that she'd asked one of the boys to receive in prophecy, which he did. It was very touching.

                11.Then there was what they call the "Birthday Tease," which was a happy birthday dance that Joy, Heather and Melody did. They dressed up quite sexy and danced to the new "Happy Birthday" song that the Thai studio recorded.

                12.After an intermission we had the South American set. It started with a wild Portuguese song which Sunny sang. She danced around real wild, sort of like Tina Turner. It was great! After this, Pedro, Ezekiel, Carmen, Sam, Mikol, Joy, David S. and Jon A., played 4 Spanish songs, "El Hombre Es un Espiritu," "Jesus Es El Mismo," "El Esta Con Nosotros" and the last one was "Eres Tu." All the harmonies were so nice. It was just beautiful!

                13.Genai read a beautiful poem she had written. Then Vas and Jon A. sang "The Days of Preparation," the song that I got the words for some time back, which they put to music. Ezekiel and Sunny sang a Portuguese song together with terrific harmonies.

                14.Then there was a special number in honor of Heather. Victoria had all the girls leave their seats and move up to the front. Unsuspecting Heather was asked to sit in the very front on a little stool. Vas, Frank and Jonathan (Australian) surprised everyone by dancing sexy to the song "Coming of Age!" They started out fully dressed with jackets on. After dancing for a while they took off their jackets, under which they had on vests, but no shirts. Then they took their vests off and unzipped their pants as they danced. That's as far as they went. It was hilarious! I laughed until I cried. Heather loved it, ha!

                15.Andrew from Thailand and Genai sang two beautiful songs a cappella with tremendous harmonies, which were so sweet. Vas and Miguel sang a song they wrote, "The Aqua Velva Blues." It was based on the "He said, She said" classes, which were about what the young men and women like and dislike about their interaction with each other, including sex. The song was dedicated to the girls and talked about how the boys would put on their cologne and try to be tender. It was a humorous blues number with Miguel playing the harmonica. Then Sam, Carmen and Mikol sang a new song that they had written just that day. It was a very precious song.

                16.Lastly, Heather came out and sat at my feet on a little stool, and the musicians played gentle, soft music. Heather then read me that sweet letter and prophecy from you, which just totally touched my heart. I was in tears through the whole thing. Honey, I was so touched. When she said she had something very special from you, I almost felt like you were going to walk out of the next room; that's how much of your presence I felt there.

                17.Heather did a beautiful job of reading it. She said that was the first time she'd read it, as she'd only been able to scan it quickly before the meeting. She read it with such feeling while looking in my eyes. It was just like you were there with me, Honey, and you were. I was so touched, I just wept. That was such a precious thing to do for me and I really, really appreciate it. I love you so dearly, my love. I was so touched. I just melted. It was such a powerful prophecy.

                18. The whole night was just wonderful. Everyone showed so much love and was so thoughtful to put all that work into the concert. The whole thing was just beautiful, and the amazing thing is that it was all prepared and rehearsed during people's evenings and spare time over a two-day period. I'll never forget this night. (End of Peter's report.)

Mama's Birthday Letter to Peter

                19.(Mama:) The following is my letter and prophecy which Heather read to Peter at the end of "The King's Concert." Unbeknownst to Peter, I had sent this letter and prophecy to Heather, asking her to read it to Peter for me on his birthday:

                20.(Mama to Peter:) Oh, Sweetheart, how I wish you were here so I could show you just how much I love you and need you and desire you! You really turn me on! You really get me going! You've lit a fire in my heart that will never, ever be able to be extinguished--a fire of passion and love and devotion. You're my greatest love on this Earth. You're everything I need in a man. You're everything I want in a husband. You're everything I ever dreamed of in a work mate and lover and companion and friend. Honey, Jesus made you exactly as I would have wanted Him to. You have all the characteristics and attributes that I want and desire and admire.

                21.I need you and love you and want to make love to you. I want to feel you in my arms and hear your sweet voice. I want to kiss your lips and feel your strength and have you inside me. I want to be enveloped in yours and Jesus' love. I want you to send me to the Heavenlies with your sexy loving, as you always do. You really send me! You really know how to get me going! I love you, Honey, and miss you, want you, and desire you!

                22.It won't be long now until we're together. I'm so thankful for how the Lord has used you, and how He's given us the grace during this time that we've been apart. I'm so thankful for your yieldedness and your great faith to trust the Lord through all these changes. What a good sample you are to those there. I know they really admire you, Honey, because they know that you have not given unto the Lord of that which has cost you nothing, but you have given even when it hurts. They see you willing to trust the Lord, and it makes them want to do the same. Honey, this is one of God's explosions!

A Chain Reaction of Love!

                23.(Jesus speaking:) Behold the explosions of the Spirit! Behold the explosions of hot, passionate love in the hearts of the children of David! This love shall burst forth in great brightness! It shall draw the attention of many, for so few have seen such love, such sacrifice and giving and unity and oneness of heart and body, and rejoicing of spirit, and clasping of hand with hand between the older and the younger generation. For this is a day when the old are pitted against the young, and the young against the old. This is a day when Satan drives them further and further apart. So by comparison, this love which is exploding in the hearts of the children of David will shine forth brightly for all to see!

                24.It is as a chain reaction of explosions, first beginning in the heart of David and Maria, then in the hearts of David and Maria and Peter, then in the hearts of Maria and Peter. Then they did ignite the hearts of their generals and young leaders, and the repercussions of this explosion are like the fire that travels down the fuse igniting bomb after bomb after bomb, as it travels from Home to Home and heart to heart!

                25.This is just the beginning of one of God's great explosions--an explosion of the Spirit, freedom, love, intimacy, and great fruitfulness! You have felt the excitement in your heart and in your spirit. You have sensed that something great is happening during this meeting of hearts and minds in which you stepped away from the business and pressing needs of the Kingdom to seek My voice and My direction. You have sensed that this is a turning point, that things will never be the same again--and this is true! For the brightness of this explosion will enlighten the land and warm the hearts of all your children who are open and receptive and hungry!

                26.Open the door for Me to be able to strike the match and light the fuse and begin the chain reaction of this great explosion of love! It has already traveled from heart to heart, uniting one with another, uniting you all together in one heart, and in one mind, and in one body. So shall this be the case throughout the Kingdom.

                27.There shall be a great cleansing, a great washing, and a great renewal! God's explosion shall blow away the old--the hardness of heart, the resistance, the discouragement, the feeling of not being needed and used. It shall blow apart and blow away all the hindrances of the past, and in its wake shall come the fallout of showers and showers of blessings!--Greater unity, love, communication, sweetness of spirit, tenderness of heart, more working together and sacrifice and understanding, and a greater supply of one another's needs, spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

                28.No more shall My people feel lost, or alone, or too old, or too young. For this great explosion of Mine will unite the hearts and minds of My Bride as never before! As King Peter and Queen Maria pour forth their love, and sacrifice their time and personal preference for the sake of the Kingdom, they shall feel a great flood of love returning unto them. For this explosion shall break the dams and burst forth the dikes and unplug the plugged channels, so that the water of My Spirit and love and freedom may pour forth freely and abundantly!

                29.You shall hear the rushing of many waters as the streams of My love pour freely throughout all the land! My children shall ride effortlessly upon this stream of water, and it shall carry them to their destination. All this shall be the result of the great explosion in the hearts of David and Maria and Peter!

                30.Lo, this is the beginning of the day of passion, the day of freedom, the day of the fire of My anointing, the day of the flood of My Spirit! This explosion shall open the windows of Heaven, and I will pour upon the children of David the anointing that they have sought for, that they have cried out to Me for, the anointing that they know they need for the days that are to come.

                31.This is the threshold, the beginning of a new era,when old things will be passed away and all things will become new! You shall see Me move as never before! You shall receive My blessing and My Spirit as never before! It shall be manifested in great fruitfulness, great supply of your needs, and great protection.

                32.So go forth speedily to carry the torch and light the fuse and continue the chain reaction of this great explosion! The King's business requires haste, and I am ready, willing, and even eager to pour forth the flood of My blessings that I have promised!

                33.Oh, see the love of Queen Maria! See the love that she has for her king--such love and devotion! See how she prays for him and weeps for him and holds him up with her hands. See how she desires him and is hot for him, and longs for him. She is as one who is love-sick--her desire and desperation is so great! She longs for the day when she will once again be reunited with her king, and she will be able to enjoy the ecstasy of their love and this passion within her heart, and her body will be able to be satisfied with the rod of her king. Only the heat of his passion can quench her desire, for she is as a thirsty woman who holds out her hand, who begs and pleads and says, "Come to me, my darling! Love me! Fill me! Give me your all in the bed of love, for so great is my desire for you, my darling, my king, my hero, my precious one!" (End of prophecy.)

                34.(Continuation of Mama's birthday note to Peter:) I am so proud of you that my heart overflows with love and thanksgiving. I am so proud of you that I wish all of our young people could see you and be with you and love you! I wish that each one of our young women could experience your love, and love our Lord together with you, and feel the heat of your passion and the sweetness of your lips as you love Him and me and them.

                35.My darling, I love you and need you and long for you! I want your kisses and touches and seeds. I want to love you, and love Jesus together with you. I want to hear about all that you have experienced. I want to feel what you have felt. I want to see what you have seen. I want to become one with you in all ways, so great is my desire for you, so intense is my love for you, so desperate is my need for you!

                36.My precious, devoted, courageous king, you are a sample to us all. I eagerly await your arrival. My mouth is hungry for you. My heart is aching for you. My body is hot in preparation for you. Please, my darling, don't be gone one moment longer than is necessary to accomplish the business of the Kingdom, for your queen and lover and wife awaits you!

                37.I need you, my darling! The passion rises within me! I want to feel your heat within me, as you fill me and thrill me! Just the thought of you and the anticipation of such a moment causes me to want you with desire. It causes me to throb and pulsate with expectation! No one and nothing satisfies me so completely as loving you and loving our Lord together!

                38.Come, my darling, for I am as a woman who is on fire with love! I am waiting. I will be here. I will be ready. I love you, my darling! Happy birthday!--Your desirous lover, wife and queen, M.

                39.P.S. to Peter: Sweetheart, I love you so much! I hope I didn't embarrass you by having your private love letter read in front of 60 people! But I guess kings and queens don't have private lives--they belong to their public! I think you have an easier time with that than I do! I don't mind writing it in letters, but being constantly on stage would be a terrible trial for me, I'm afraid! Well, if I had to do it, I'm sure the Lord would give me the grace! He certainly pours it on abundantly for you, and helps you to even like it! It's wonderful, Peter, how well you fit the role the Lord has given you! It's beautiful!

                40.I love you, my precious, wonderful love! Every day I need you more! Every day I miss you more and think of the time when I'll be in your arms again. My fire for you keeps burning, and I need to feel your wonderful lips on mine and your body warm and strong and close. I love you, my most precious one. Yours, M.

* * *

It's Only Jesus and His Power!

Dear Peter,

                41.I love you, my precious, wonderful lover, husband and friend! You're the best of all those things--and much, much more! You make me happy, you light my fire, you help me feel secure, and most of all, you help me love Jesus more. Without you I couldn't do this big job for Him, because He's made it so that we have to do it together, side by side, hand in hand, heart in heart! What a blessing you are to me in every way, my sweetheart!

                42.I just received your latest report, and it means so much! Thank you for filling me in on all the wonderful things the Lord is doing! It's also good to hear how Spirit-led you've been in handling all of these people and situations. It seems that Gary is doing equally well with his part, and Heather, too, with hers. I guess the Lord has to let you get so weak and empty of all your own strength and resources so that everyone will see that you're not the ones who are bringing about all these wonderful changes, but that it's only Jesus and His Spirit and power!

                43.That reminds me: I wonder if you should explain how exhausted you all were, and that the Lord showed us that we needed to be offering up special prayers for you, which in turn have enabled the Lord's powerful forces to be released to come to your rescue.

* * *

Peter's Sample of Sharing Mama with Juan

Dear Peter,

                44.I love you, my sweet love. In the classes on jealousy that you will be giving, you might want to again bring out something about how you have willingly and cheerfully shared me with Juan. You're such a soldier, Peter. I hope we've made it as easy as possible for you. I'm so thankful for the wonderful victory the Lord has given you. I don't know what angle you are going to approach all of this from, and you probably don't either, but I know the Lord will help you and I'll really be praying for you. You're so yielded and such a wonderful example! I thought this note from Juan would encourage you.

(Note from Juan to Peter:)

Dearest King, Shepherd, and Friend,

                45. I love you very, very much, and on this very special day, your birthday, I want to send my prayers and love for someone who is very dear to my heart. I'm not too expressive in my words, dear Peter, but I do want to thank you for your wonderful love and care for me during the years. Your loving shepherding and friendship has meant a lot to me, and I pray the Lord will help me to show my gratitude and appreciation through my faithfulness and loyalty to the Kingdom.

                46. Thank you for allowing me this time next to Mama and those here in the queen and king's household. It has been an experience that words would not be able to describe, but I pray that what my eyes have been blessed to behold and my ears to hear will grow firm in my heart. I pray that I will become a faithful and true knight for the Kingdom, to help others find the same joy, happiness, comfort, and love which I've been blessed to find.

                47. I know your sacrifices of love have cost you. Truly your sample has been what has always helped me, and something that I pray will continue to help me in the days to come. Thank you also for caring for those there at the Summit and for being a sample of loving shepherding to us all.

                48. May the Lord continue to bless you with His choicest of blessings, and may the fullness of His joy dwell within you to give you all the desires of your heart. Much love from your faithful servant and friend, Juan.

Thanks for the Reactions!

                49.Can you please very enthusiastically thank all of those there for their wonderful reactions, their personal letters, and for opening their hearts so beautifully? Please tell them I love each one of them and it's been wonderful getting to know them personally. I'm proud of each of them.

                50.Okay, my dear ones, that's enough for today, and I'll bet you're very happy this is shorter than usual! The Lord is having mercy on you! Please keep trying to think of ways you can delegate things, to make your loads easier. And most of all, don't fail to cast your burdens on Jesus, because He can handle them all! Much, much love, M.

                51.P.S. to Peter: My dearest, most wonderful sweetheart--you make me so happy! When I think of you, I think of everything wonderful--all the love that you constantly pour out to others, your yieldedness, the security of knowing that everything is all right because you're on the right track and so in tune with the Lord and with me, the comfort of knowing how much you love me and care for me--and so much more! My heart is yours, my love. It's bursting with thankfulness at the wonderful love gift that the Lord has given me in you!

                52.How precious of Him to share you with me so unselfishly--you, His precious Bride who He loves beyond all imagination, but whom He is willing to allow to love me, as my husband. He's so, so good to me! It makes me want to be good to Him--with all my heart!--And good to you, too, because He's entrusted me to give you love from Him! This I do gladly and eagerly!--And I want to do more and more! I want to give you all I can, everything that you need me to give you! I want to love you deeply and passionately--and I do! Whether there or here, I love you ardently! I love you from the bottom of my heart! I want you, I need you, and I eagerly await your return.

* * *

Dear Peter, Gary and Heather,

                53.My dear ones, I love you! And with every thought of you, I thank Jesus for giving me such wonderful friends, co-workers and lovers. You all are such a wonderful sample to me. You encourage me so much!

                54.Heather, you said that you are quite emotional about the meetings coming to a close--as are a lot of folks there, I'm sure. Since you asked if someone here could pray for you, we did, and the Lord gave something very sweet, not only to encourage you about your role as "stand-in queen" in the commissioning ceremony, but also about your tears over leaving the ones there. Following is what the Lord said.

Prophecy of Encouragement for Heather

                55.(Jesus speaking:) My precious, precious Heather, My lovely bride, My darling daughter, My double, My stand-in for My Maria, the one whom I have chosen to represent My queen before the people. Chosen for your heart of love and compassion, you are a shepherdess after her own heart. I have chosen you because you know her so well and follow her closely. And because you follow so closely, therefore you are the most like her and the best one to represent her.

                56.It is an important role to play. As every main actor has a stand-in or a double in case of sickness or absence, who can play the role because they are look-alikes, so do you play this role. The doubles know how the main actors think and act, and their every mannerism. Thus have I chosen you. For who else loves as My queen loves, and has a shepherdess' heart as My queen has? You have been playing this part for many years now, so what is a few more hours or a couple more days?

                57.Be not weary, but continue loving as she loves, and giving as she gives, being the sample that she would be, moment by moment, hour by hour--a sample of love, of encouragement, of compassion, of cheerfulness, and even of stability, of faith and trust, anchored and grounded in Me and My Word, so that you are stablished and settled and full of faith, as she is.

                58.You have done well, above and beyond the call of duty! Well done, My loving servant. Much joy I give unto you, and much joy you have planted in the hearts of these young ones. You have watered them with your love and nourished them with My Spirit, and drawn them out of themselves and into My glorious light.

                59.When the time comes to part, hold not back your love for them, but let your tears flow as a waterfall. For these are My tears--My tears of love--not of sadness, but of joy. These are not tears of parting, but these are tears of homecoming, of reunion, and great rejoicing that I cry through you. For I rejoice as the father of the prodigal rejoiced to see his son again. For these My sons and My daughters are brought forth unto Me again from the husks, saved from their wanderings, saved from the questions and the doubts.

                60.I rejoice through you with great rejoicing! I rejoice in the role you have played in bringing these home again. Therefore be not ashamed of your tears, for these My children once were lost, but now they are found again; they are renewed, and they know that they are loved. So rejoice as the father of the prodigal rejoiced, as he wrapped his arms around his son with tight embrace. For these, My children, are not departing from you, My love, but they are returning home. They are returning to you, to My king and queen, and to the folds of David. So be encouraged and be as the father standing with open arms, ready to love, ready to give and accept.

                61.I will strengthen you both in body and in spirit to supply all you need. You are My faithful handmaid and you will never lack, for I am with you to strengthen you and supply all your needs, according to My riches in glory, My faithful one. (End of prophecy.)

                62.(Mama:) The Lord always says things so beautifully, doesn't He? No one can say it like He does!

                63.(To Peter:) Sweetheart, Juan says that he feels married to you and to me. He really loves you as much as he loves me. What a Family! Peter, please, my sweetheart, don't get worried. He's always felt this way. We are all being married to each other, and we can't limit anything. The Lord said you'll have many loves and many wives and many brides, but I will be the one you love the most. So I suppose it stands to reason that it will be the same for me! We're one great big happy family! But my personal love for you, combined with the Lord's love, will always be so much and so great that the others will be nothing by comparison.

                64.God bless and continue to keep you safe in His care, and know that we have you close to our heart, and are laying our hands on you in prayer, and hedging you around with that wall of protection through our prayers.

* * *

The Importance of Praying Earnestly

My precious ones,

                65.I know you'll barely have a chance to glance at this as you're so busy these last few days of the Summit, but I just wanted to let you know that we all here are praying earnestly for you, sending around Heather's notes that say how tired you are and how busy you are, and about your neckache, Peter, and her dizziness. We are very militant about our prayers for you right now!

                66.We also sent these prayer requests to Heather's Home and suggested they have a continuous prayer chain, and we are having prayer vigils here, reading your notes at lunch and dinner, Heather. So taking the time for these little notes was very worthwhile, though it was a great sacrifice for you to write them. Also, we are going to read your little words of appreciation here, and have Apollos read them back at your Home. It was very precious of you to express your thanks, but you didn't have to. We understand and we know how much you appreciate things.

                67.Peter, while you were giving the morning class I felt quite burdened for you and I really cried. I told the Lord that He had to help you because you just don't have any strength of your own. You can hardly think, and you hardly know what you're doing. I asked Him to continue to pour out His anointing and His Spirit and speak through you and give you the right words and the right way to go. When you get so tired--and I'm sure that applies to all of you--you just are almost going around in a daze! You're almost like a blind man, and if it weren't for the Lord directing you, you wouldn't be able to do a thing. We're really claiming His strength for you! He's got to do it! Keep hanging on, and I know He'll see you through!

                68.I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I guess that's an understatement! Well, I'm sure your spirit is feeling wonderful, but it's a little hard for you even to know what your spirit is feeling if your body is feeling pretty bad and you are so exhausted. Anyway, my precious, wonderful love, even though I can't be there to hold you in the flesh, you can be sure that I'm holding you tight in the Spirit. I'll be praying for you all evening, and continuing to pray! Please, please get those there to pray for you as well, as the Lord said. Please tell them how you and Heather and Gary are feeling. Explain it in detail, and tell them that you're not even going to be done after the Summit is over, but that you'll have to continue with more intense appointments and meetings.

                69.Like the Lord said, show them the seriousness of the situation. Tell them how exhausted you are and how they've just got to get desperate, not only for you three, but for the whole situation, for their CROs, for themselves, for the situation they go back to. Tell them they've now got to put into practice what they've been learning, in the ways that the Lord has told them: the sample of tender love, of consideration, of sacrifice, of giving, of laying down their lives, of desperate prayer, etc. You may have hardly any strength left, but with your last ounce of it, that's the point that's more important to be made than any other!

                70.Okay, my dear ones! I'm sorry I had to even take your time with the above points, but thanks for listening. I love you so much.--Mama.

* * *

Dear Peter, my wonderful sweetheart!

                71.I love you so, so much! You--and dear Gary and Heather--are in my prayers so much throughout the day. I think of you every few minutes, in fact, and my clock reminds me of what you're doing--at least in general! At least I know the scheduled times of meals, meetings, sleep and dates! Ha! So I pray accordingly! I'm just so proud of each one of you for fighting this battle. I know it's got plenty of rewards, but it's sure a big sacrifice! You really are laying down your lives that others might live!

The Need for Prayerfulness During the Last Days of the Summit

                72.I thought maybe I wouldn't have to bother you this morning with another letter, but there are two or three things I need to tell you. I love you, my dearest, and I live to serve the Lord and to serve you, and our dear Family. The Lord said in the message we got a few days ago that this was a crucial time--these last days of the Summit--and that we really needed to tune in to what's going on and send you anything the Lord gives us. He also said in some of the prophecies we've sent that those there need to be very prayerful when they leave, and very prayerful before the commission. He told us that we need to pray desperately for all of you.

                73.However, we haven't really specifically addressed the overall prayerfulnessthat is needed by the young people--as well as the older ones, of course--during these last few days. Juan has been reading most of the reactions and praying very much for everyone, and he--like all of us--was pretty burdened that at the very close of the Summit it is especially easy for folks to let their guard down. Even though many of the young people may not realize it, they undoubtedly are quite tired, and this could result in them being careless or lethargic in the spirit--not only immediately after the Summit, but even in the last few days of it.

                74.They have had an awful lot of what they may consider thrilling, exciting highs of the Spirit, that have been like nothing else they have experienced before! And while all of this has been very necessary for their learning and their being melted together in one spirit and even one body, they would naturally want to continue in that vein as much as possible, and not come down to the real serious and not so glamorous job of laboring in prayer for themselves and what they're about to embark on, as well as interceding in prayer for you and others.

                75.But it seems that with the great success of the meetings so far,the Enemy would want to come in and do everything he can to keep you from the victorious completion. Therefore the young people are really going to have to be on their guard. The Enemy knows that if they get to their fields intact, they can start the great work that the Lord has for them to do. So the Enemy is raging now and trying to stop things before they can even get started--that is, the real warfare, the hand-to-hand combat on the field.

                76.Anyway, in those last few days, for many reasons, it would be very easy for them to let their guard down. It seems like accidents or major problems often happen at the end of meetings like that. Remember how the two serious problems that you had during the GP pubs meeting were right at the end--the problem with the vehicle, and the apartment almost burning down?

                77.The temptation right after the commission ceremony will be to feel like school's out and now's the time to enjoy what time they have left in the States, and visit here and visit there and have fun. But this is also when the Enemy is going to really try to get in, when they're without shepherding. They're running around on their own, and the Enemy is going to really tempt them and try to cause them problems, because it's going to be wartime. The army is going out to war, and even if the soldiers haven't returned home yet, they still are entering the battlefield.

                78.So now is the time to warn them and help them see that they have to get sober and extremely prayerful. They've had enough fellowship and enough fun. Now is the time to really get serious, as they're going to have to be when they get back to their fields. They should start now and be willing to cut some of those other peripheral things and get down to business as never before. It's going to be a great emotional letdown to leave the Summit, so they should start preparing for it now, sort of going through decompression. When praying about the seriousness of the situation, the Lord had the following to say:

                79.(Jesus speaking:) As the fragrance of the sweetest perfume, so are your words unto Me when you ask of Me--when you ask for guidance, when you ask for direction, when you ask Me to speak. It so pleases Me! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that you need Me and you desire to hear from Me! I have many answers for you, and it pleases Me that you ask. It pleases Me to hear that you have great need of Me. It pleases Me to hear that you want to spend time with Me, hearing from Me and acknowledging Me--not leaning to your own understanding and ideas and wisdom, but acknowledging your weakness. You acknowledge the fact that without Me you know nothing and can do nothing, and this pleases Me very much.

                80.You are so precious unto Me, and I love to give you answers. I love to tell you which direction to go. I love to show you the way. I love to keep you and protect you, for you are My children, and I care for you as a loving Father, as a loving Husband, as your Lover. I love to care for you, so I love to answer your questions.

                81.Have I not warned you that all the forces of evil are gathering together to try to hinder, disrupt and even possibly try to stop the good fruit that is coming about from this Summit? Many are the forces of evil that are gathering together, so you must continue to pray without ceasing! Be not weary in well doing, for in these last few days the Enemy is going to try to come about as a roaring lion, as a flood! But it is My standard which will keep it from coming in. So My standard must be raised and must be kept high.

                82.Lower not your guard, but stand firm. I know you are tired. I know you are weary. I know you need a break. But the battle has not ended yet. The forces of evil are still trying to hinder! They feel defeated, but they have not given up, for the Evil One knows what is going to happen when My mighty knights and ladies leave the Summit site to go into all the world and preach My Gospel of love, to lift up the standard that has been raised at the Summit in every location they go to. The Evil One knows this, and that is what he is eager to stop!

                83.Worry not for this one, your knight here [Juan], that he cannot sleep; for the time will come when he will be able to sleep. But now is the time to pray, for we are in the midst of battle! It is a time to seek Me, and to seek the Heavenly forces that are at your disposal, to defeat the Evil One!

                84.The time has come now to teach these ones who are attending the Summit--these young knights and beautiful ladies, these My generals--that there is a time for everything, and the time now is to be sober, to be vigilant, and to be in prayer. For they have had time to have sweet fellowship. They have had time to love one another. They have had time to laugh and dance and rejoice. But as they get ready to leave, they also need to learn to have fervent prayer.

                85.They need to come before Me and spend time with Me--time in the temple with Me, time on the mountain with Me, alone with Me--so I can teach them the lessons that they need to learn as they prepare to go, so that when they go, they will go in My power. It is time to pray. It is time to be sober and vigilant, for this work needs to come to completion.

                86.They need to pray one for another instead of seeking to fellowship one with another. They need to pray for their king, for he is tired and weary. He needs their prayers, for he has given his life for them. Is it too much to ask of them now that they would devote time to pray for him, to lift up his arms and pray for his strength? As knights and ladies, they have to realize that with a title comes a responsibility, and a knight or lady must be ready to give up their own desires in order to serve the kingdom.

                87.It is time to hedge the camp about with prayer. It is time to defeat the Enemy and not let him come in. It is time to uplift their king, for he is in need of their strength. So that is My answer, My sweet queen. For as you have asked, I am answering.

                88.(Dad speaking:) Well, Sweetheart, you know how it is with these kids. Unless you set down some rules, it's just hard to keep them under control. Sometimes they just get sidetracked with their own fellowship and looking for excitement and enjoyment, but it's time now that they sober up.

                89.We just need to set down some rules here, for it sure seems like the Enemy's going to try to disrupt this great work. So much has been invested in it, that would be a shame. Peter and Gary sure have given their lives for it, and Heather, too. Everybody's been giving their lives. You've been giving your life too! You've hardly slept. Everyone in the Home has been working almost day and night, so this work needs to come to completion.

                90.I think the kids need to be warned that it's time to really sober up! With the anointing and the knighting comes the responsibility, and as knights and ladies, they're going to have to grow up. They're going to have to realize that many times you just have to leave your own ideas and desires behind for the sake of the Kingdom. After all, that's what forsaking all is--forsaking lovers, forsaking friends. But the Lord will reward them, and it will be a good lesson for them too.

                91.As they go back to their Homes they're going to have to be ready to face reality, and that not everything is fellowship. They're going to have to learn to commune with the Lord, even when they feel discouraged, even when they feel like they're all alone and there are no other people their own age in the Home. They're going to have to keep looking to the Lord and to His Word for their happiness and their joy.

                92.That's the problem sometimes with these types of meetings. Some people just get their eyes on the fellowship and each other instead of keeping their eyes upon the Lord and the Word. The fellowship is fun. The fellowship is great and I'm glad they're having it--we all need it--but there comes a time when it's important to leave it behind. So you're going to have to set down some rules. These last days are very important! Too much has been invested to see it all go to waste now.

                93.I love you, Sweetheart! You're such a wonderful Mama. Thank you for loving Juan too. Okay, Honey, I love you! I need to go and check on the Summit boys. I love you! XXXXXXX! (End of prophecies.)

* * *

Mama's Chidings About Peter's Heart

                94.Peter, it's almost too late to tell you this now, but all that standing around hugging people is very hard on your heart. Of course I know you know that, but I believe you still did it anyway. I guess you're glad I didn't think of this until now, because it would have cramped your style, ha! But I really do think it would show your weakness more, as well as keep you from getting so exhausted, if you would just tell everybody that you can't stand up for so long hugging and kissing them. Maybe you could sit on a high stool and they could just come to you one by one and you could hug them that way. I suggest that you do this next time.

                95.Well, at least you can be thankful I haven't issued too many dictums during the whole time you've been gone--just a very few. You know that I try to let you do pretty much what you want to do and what you feel led of the Lord to do. But there are some things that if I feel strongly enough about them, I guess you'll just have to try to comply. Okay, my sweetheart? I'll try to do what you want me to do, too.--And I do try, don't I? I need your help so much, and your admonishments. Not only do they help to keep me on the right track, but they mean a lot to me, that you feel you can tell me things, and that I'll receive them.

                96.You're not the only one I pick on! I told Juan (who has heart problems too) virtually the same thing, and told him that when he is standing around with a group of people he'll have to do the humble thing and just tell them he's got to sit down!--And that they should, too, because standing is hard on anybody's heart, as Dad always used to tell us. He told us all--not just the ones who had heart problems, but everybody--because if you don't take care of your heart when it's good, it may be bad pretty soon! So I told him to just quote Dad, and if that doesn't do it, then quote me. But regardless, he should just do the humble thing and tell everyone that he needs to sit down, and that they need to sit down, too! So in a situation like that, the rule is: Don't stand if there is any way you can sit!--And in most cases you can do it, if you're not too proud.

                97.So my chidings are not just directed at you, Peter. I'm sorry if I make it hard for you--or others--but sometimes that's what a shepherd has to do. And I might add--when it comes to you--that's what a loving and concerned wife has to do!

                98.This was supposed to be a memo, ha! Anyway, you must admit it's considerably shorter than most of the rest of my communications! At least that's some progress! I hope and pray that you are taking it easy today. We prayed that you would have a good rest last night and be strengthened for the days ahead. I love you so much and think you're just wonderful!--In fact, I know you are! Much love, M.

                99.P.S. to Peter: My darling, precious, wonderful lover, friend and husband! You're all the most wonderful things all rolled up into one! And I can't live without you! You know, not once in all the time that Juan was here did my feelings of intense love and desire for you diminish or change! In fact, they continued to grow stronger every day, just like the Lord said they would! I am longing to feel you here in my arms! Ohhhhhhh! It's going to be wonderful to have you back in the flesh with me, and to be able to touch you, and kiss your wonderful lips and feel your tongue deep in my mouth, and everything else, which I'm not going to describe here, because I have to go on with my work and I can't do both right now! You excite me so! I really want you, Honey! It seems like such a long time before you'll be here, yet it's so much closer than it's been! I am eagerly waiting for you! Always in love with you, M.

* * *

Mama's Desperation for Peter's Strength and Healing

                100.P.P.S.: By the way, Sweetheart, the Lord answered prayer so wonderfully for my health and I'm feeling better than I have been. I think we'll have some interesting things to discuss when you get back, about jealousy, relationships, etc., just because we're all learning so much. I'm not trying to warn you about anything at all; there is no subliminal message here. It's just that I'm very eager to know all the things you've been thinking and learning, and I can tell you things that I've been learning, too--although I've put most of them in my letters to you. But that should be fun! I'm really looking forward to it!

                101.I got so desperate for you last night, Sweetheart. I cried real big and I told the Lord that if it was the only thing that would strengthen you and heal you, I'd be willing to take all your weakness and exhaustion and neckache and sore back, and whatever you have, on myself. I didn't really want to, because then of course it would affect my work, but I felt like it was more important for you to function well than for me right now. I thought if that was the only way the Lord could do it, then I wanted Him to. I was just so desperate, because I didn't see how your nerves could be so shot and your body so weakened, and you could still carry on! And you still have the "commission ceremony" ahead--as well as three weeks of other meetings after the Summit, the documentary interview and other things to attend to!

                102.I think the reason I first started to think about this was because I had a little ache in the right side of my neck and shoulder, which I don't even remember ever having had before. Maybe I have, but at least I didn't remember it. You know, when I get headaches they're always in my head and my eyes. I doubt if you ever remember me talking about having an ache in my neck. I've had stiffness in my neck, but not neckaches. So that was very unusual, and I started to think that maybe the Lord wanted me to pray this way. I wasn't looking forward to feeling the same way you were feeling, believe me, because I feel weak enough as it is. But I was so desperate for the Lord to do something to help you! I didn't know whether I was going to wake up this morning feeling I was about to die or not, but I thought if I did, it would be worth it, so you could be freed from this and could finish your job.

                103.Well, the Lord had mercy, and though I still have an ache in my neck and shoulder, it's very slight. So I figure the Lord must have another way of healing you! But maybe if you are feeling better, it was enough, and the Lord is just allowing me to experience this little token of what you've been suffering.

                104.Well, I don't know how effective it was, but maybe when we get this desperate and are willing to do something, to make some sacrifice in order to get the answer to our prayers, the Lord is more able to move in the situation! I don't know how it works, except I do know that Dad did that for me once many years ago. He told the Lord he wanted to take my sickness on himself, and it worked!

                105.I would suggest, however, that if any of us ever do that, we also add, "If there's no other way to do it," because we don't just want to be transferring afflictions if it's not necessary! But as I say, maybe at least it's a sign to the Lord that we are determined to get an answer. I don't know if it did you any good, but I'm sure it did me some good, and it showed the Lord I was serious about it!

Battles with Selfishness

                106.And then on top of that, I got all condemned and cried because I'm so selfish and I should be willing to do that for anyone--not just for someone I love so much! But the Lord chided me about that the other day, about always crying about my selfishness. Whenever I read the beautiful things He says to me about my being so giving and so sacrificial, etc., it just makes me cry, and I say, "Lord, what do You mean by this? How can You say this, because You know I'm so selfish!"

                107.Finally, I guess He'd had enough of that, and He said, "Sweetheart, I know you're selfish. Of course you're selfish! But because you are, it's all the greater a victory when My unselfishness overrules your selfishness! You do it if I ask you to. It's not your sacrifice and your giving and your love I'm talking about; it's Mine, through you! And the fact that you allow it to come through is a victory. It is a victory, because you are selfish. The more selfish you are naturally, the more of a victory it is when I can show My sacrifice and My love and My unselfishness and My giving through you!"

                108.Well, I got my answer! But I still did it again last night, and cried because I was selfish! I'm so sorry, Lord! Please forgive me! At least I know that anything at all good in me is just You, Jesus. I guess that's why You made me naturally so selfish and so bad, so there wouldn't be any question in my mind that anything at all just comes from You. You're so wonderful, dear Jesus, and I love You so much!

                109.I love you so much, too, Peter!--And you know that that is Jesus' love as well! I just don't have any love on my own! It's such a miracle how He pours so much love through me for you! I just love it, and I feel it, too, and that's such a gift from the Lord! And I feel it more all the time! Thank You Jesus for it! And I know He pours so much of His love through you for me, too. It's such a miracle! I know I don't deserve a drop of it, but I'm so thankful!

* * *

Peter's Need to Conserve His Strength

Dear Peter--my sweetheart!

                110.You know, there are so many things I appreciate about you and admire greatly. One of them is the way you give of yourself without any thought of the cost. Even when you are here and you know the toll that the meetings you face will take on you, you go forward so bravely, with so much faith and cheerfulness. It almost makes me cry. You really don't spare yourself, but you just give and give and give. You keep pouring out as long as there is someone around to pour out to, just like you've been doing the whole time at the Summit! It's so much like the Lord and His unending love!

                111.On the other hand, my darling, it does seem that there should be a limit, in order to preserve you. Just as we have to restrain ourselves a bit sexually because of your heart problem, and you have to confine yourself to certain foods in your diet, you may have to limit your "open door" policy in the future, as far as being so readily accessible to everyone at every moment. It's such a beautiful thing for you to pour out so freely and so abundantly and so readily, but it takes such a toll on you.

                112.It is a dilemma even for me in telling you this, because on one hand I know the wonderful fruit it brings, and on the other, I know the tremendous drain it is to your spiritual, physical and emotional system. I know we have to lose our lives that others may live, and that we have to lay down our lives for the brethren, but I'm not sure that that means to do so to such an extent that it becomes literal, when the Lord still has much more for you to do!

                113.Sweetheart, I'm really concerned about you. As I say, on the one hand, I know that most of the toll this has taken on your health couldn't be helped, but I'm just wondering whether there is some way in the future that the strain could be tempered, so you'll be able to last a little longer.

                114. I'm just so proud of you, Sweetheart! You and Gary and Heather couldn't be doing a better job! And of course the reason for that is because you are totally yielded to the Lord and anything He wants you to do, and you do it with enthusiasm and with your whole heart! Your yieldedness, your great love, and your humility are such wonderful samples to everyone.

                115.(Added later:) Five months after the above letter was written to Peter at the Summit meeting, he attended a delegates meeting in the U.S. At this time I wrote him that I believed he had made major progress in conserving his strength, delegating responsibilities, getting away from the crowds to spend sufficient time with the Lord in the Word and prayer, taking sufficient rest, etc. I also asked the Lord if He had anything to say on the subject, and He gave the following:

                116.(Jesus speaking:) I am well pleased in My King Peter, who has done well. He pours out his heart before Me. He seeks Me upon his face. He gives his all both to Me and to his sheep. He seeks My highest and leaves nothing left of himself, because he gives and gives till there is nothing left. He is a bottle that gives all to the last drop, and if there was more left he would give it.

                117.I am well pleased in these that travel with him, for their support. For supporting the king, encouraging him, and taking care of the details is of utmost importance. Even their help in passing on the love of the king to those in the meetings is part of their job, for the king cannot talk to everyone, spend time with everyone, and hug everyone. These that travel with the king are an extension of him and his love, to help share the load, the weight, the pressures, and the press of the people, because the king cannot be everything to everyone.

                118.I am well pleased that he has spent so much time in the closet with Me alone. He has not been aloof with Me, but we have been intimate and passionate lovers. We have had times of lovemaking, and of talking, planning and discussing. And this is the king's most important job.

                119.I have said to give love without partiality, and Peter does well in this by giving My Word to all My children, and not just a few. This is the greatest love he can give them. They need his love and his touches and his hugs and for him to walk among them, but there are limits to that. His most important calling is to spend time with Me, receiving My thoughts and power before the meetings, so that he can pour out My love in the form of My Word and My answers. He labors hard and diligently to suck from Me, getting My seeds for My children.

                120.For Peter is no longer Peter, he is King Peter. He is no longer administrator, he is a Word-bearer--to give My Word, to be My channel, My pussy to receive My seeds. A pussy is a private place not available and open to all. This is a place first and foremost for Me, that I may have access to whenever and however long I need to. The pussy is only for those who are most intimate, and who the king invites to be with him. So the king should not be available to all.

                121.But those who travel with the king can be his hands and feet to meet and greet all. They will feel the love, and know they are loved, and be encouraged. But the king should save his time for those that I put a special burden on his heart for, someone with a special need, or discussions with the CROs. He should not feel he has to spend time with each individual person.

                122.He is already spending personal time with them just by speaking to them in the meetings and on video. This is already great love and great sacrifice of strength and of giving and laying down his very life and his security. There is no greater love than seeking Me and receiving My Words and giving them as he speaks to them, because the Words are Me, My love for each person, whereby I can touch and caress and love each one personally and intimately, as he is speaking.

                123.My king has chosen the highest part that shall never be taken away from him,even My Words and the intimate relationship we have. It is apparent that he spends time with Me because of the anointing I am placing on him. Is this not the sample I Myself gave to you--that of getting up a great while before day to spend time in prayer, time getting away from the crowds so that I could later feed them? This is the best sample Peter could be to My children at this time--to show that it is possible, no matter how much there is to do, to put Me first and hear from Me.

                124.Where are the samples of leaders who spend time with Me getting My Words and receiving from Me? They are few and far between. The most important sample King Peter can be is that he is the king that spends time with the King. People will know he loves them, even if he can't talk to each person individually. They will feel it. They will see it in his eyes and hear it in the words he speaks. His actions, even his spirit, will all be a testimony of his love, not only for them, but for Me and the world.

                125.There will always be those who will not be happy, who will want more time and attention, or who will be disappointed. This is because they are children, and children always want more. Children always have a hard time understanding why parents cannot give them everything they would like, and all the time that they would like, but they must learn to share. Children do not always understand that their parents are human and must rest, or attend to the most needy children. And the parents must learn not to feel bad when they cannot spend as much time as they would like with all the children, or with the one who cries out loudly. Sometimes the ones who cry the loudest may not even be the neediest. But the parent must learn what his limits are, and how much he can give, and discern who is the neediest and most worthy of his time and energy, so he does not wear out completely.

                126.I am well pleased with My king who has learned to come to Me in the face of the pressures and press of the people. I am very happy with these changes. For the king is changing. He is becoming more tuned in, more attached to Me, looking more to Me, so that he can be more the vessel I want him to be. I am changing his vessel, and he is not the vessel he used to be.

                127.As he grows closer to Me, I change him to be what I want him to be--a sample of a leader close to Me, and also a vessel that pours out My Words. He is no longer Peter the administrator, but Peter the water-bearer. I have called him up on the mountain, to the quiet, to the solitude, to communion with Me, that I may give him My Words, so he can go down to the people to give the Words. But then I call him back up to receive more, away from the crowds.

                128.In this I am well pleased, for he is glorifying Me in giving My Words. It is the Words that live on, and unless My Words are given to the people, then the mission has no purpose. They soon forget his touches and the inspiration and feelings of exhilaration--these are all passing feelings--but the Word will continue to lift, to encourage, to inspire.

                129.This is My commendation to My king for performing well his new role of receiving and passing on My Words to My children, for fulfilling his calling and loving My children through giving them My living Words, and letting Me love My children freely through My fresh Words of encouragement and instruction.

                130.Worry not for this change in Peter. He is under My anointing and is becoming another man, just as Moses became another man when called to lead his people, and David became another man when I called him to be the King of the Beggars. These men of the mountain all became other men when under My anointing to lead My children. (End of prophecy.) o

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