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THE LORD'S COMMISSION TO YOU!        Maria #368           DO 3095               10/96

--By Maria

Table of Contents


                Introduction          2

                Preparing for the Commission Ceremony         2

                The Commission Ceremony--A Challenge of Discipleship!          3

                The Commission Prophecies!            5

                                The Most Important Meeting on Earth!           5

                                Two Generations United!   5

                                Loved and Anointed by Jesus!         6

                                The Lord's Commission to You!        7

                                The Lord's Instructions to You!        8

                                A Chain Reaction of Love!10

                                On to Victory!       10

                The "Squires" Hold Vigil    10

                The Commission Ceremony               11

                The Anointing of the Knights and Ladies!     11

                Commendation for Our Generals!      13


                Holding Vigil Before the Lord!           16

                The Ceremony!     18

                Special Messages for You!                19


                1. As the Summit meeting progressed, the Lord made it clear that He wanted to end it with a ceremony where each person attending the Summit would receive their commission from the Lord, and dedicate their life and heart to fulfilling that commission and calling. This ceremony would be very meaningful and symbolic not only for those attending the meeting, but for the entire Family.

                2.By now, many of you have seen the commission ceremony on the Summit videos that have been shown worldwide. However, I felt it would still be good to go ahead and publish some excerpts of my correspondence with Peter, Gary and Heather explaining how the commission ceremony came about, and passing on the counsel that the Lord and Dad gave concerning it, along with a transcript of the actual ceremony itself. The reason for this is that the Lord and Dad gave some very important direction for this ceremony that not only applies to those attending the Summit but to all of you too!

                3.As mentioned in the notice about this year's Feast which you received, you will be reading this GN unitedly on the first day of the Feast. That evening, each person will then have the opportunity to privately commune with the Lord, as those at the Summit did before the commission ceremony, as a time of preparation and of recommitting your hearts and lives to Him. The following morning, a ceremony will be held in each Home, similar to that at the Summit, a time for each of you to rededicate your life to the Lord and His service, and particularly to the commission of love which He outlines in the prophecies included in this GN.

                4.More details on this are found at the end of this GN, but I wanted to mention it in brief here so that you can be aware of this when reading through the GN, and realize that the counsel, encouragement, direction and challenge the Lord gives in this GN is not just for those who attended the Summit, but it's for you too! God bless you as you study and absorb what the Lord and Dad and I have to say. I love you!

* * *

Preparing for the Commission Ceremony

                5.My precious Summit trio, I love you and am so proud of you for your faith and faithfulness. You may want to consider, or maybe you already have, holding a ceremony at the end of the Summit, which the Lord talks about in one of the prophecies that we're sending, in which He mentions about the older folks laying hands on the younger. Also, in another prophecy which I sent, it talks about having the young ones come forward and kneel before you, etc.

                6.So maybe you'll want to consider having some kind of ceremony, possibly around the next to last day. Maybe you can have some of the folks get together and plan it. They've probably all seen lots of movies with scenes of royalty. You three could be on thrones, with a red carpet out in front of you, and the CROs could be standing beside you in a line, or better yet, sitting in chairs, lining the aisle going up to the platform. You could have a "sword" with which to "knight" the lords and ladies, etc. I'm sure you and they will all have lots of good ideas. This will make a great video! And you make a wonderful king, Peter! Make sure you get a robe!

* * *

                7.You'll have to find a team who can work on the pageantry for the "knighting," or "ordination," or "commissioning"--whatever you think would be best to call it. We prayed about it, and Dad wants it to be made as "splendid" and "magnificent" as possible, so that means getting all the props necessary, within reason! You'll have to get together a little planning committee to decide how you're going to work everything out. I don't know if you can get large imitation gold chains or not. Some of your folks have great imaginations and are very innovative, plus they've probably watched lots of movies, and with the Lord's help and lots of prayer should be able to get everything together and make it just what Dad and the Lord want it to be.

                8.Remember how I suggested that Heather take my place as queen? As you'll see, Dad brought this out in the prophecy as well. This is so exciting, Peter! Like Dad says, I guess you'll have to explain the reasons for all of this pageantry at the beginning. Also, you can explain that Heather is sitting in for me as my representative. You'll also want to give Gary a prominent place, as our prime minister.

                9.Make sure there are chairs for everybody, so nobody has to stand for very long at a time. The king and queen will walk in majestically to very royal music. I don't know if you could keep it a surprise for the kids or not!

                10.As usual, we do things of this nature, which would take the System months to prepare, in just a couple of days! We just "whip it together" and somehow the Lord helps it to come out beautifully! I guess He doesn't want us to get stuck or distracted with planning or putting too much into these one-time occasions, when we have so many other important things to do! It just shows His power and His miracles to help us get things like this accomplished that no one else would even think of attempting in this short a time! You've had quite a few "occasions" there, "whipped together" in just a few hours! It's amazing! With the power of the Spirit, things can really roll!

                11.God bless you, my dear faithful "fearless three"--that is certainly a good description of you! Of course it is, because the Lord said it! It fits you so well! Your courage, your perseverance, your sacrificing and laying down your lives for the brethren is such a wonderful thing in the Lord's sight--and in ours, as well! You're my heroes!--And I love you so much!

                Yours in our wonderful Love, M.

* * *

The Commission Ceremony--A Challenge of Discipleship!

                12.As Peter, Gary and Heather made preparations for the commission ceremony, we at home, who were supporting them in prayer, helped by receiving prophecies regarding the ceremony and for those involved. Initially Peter had wondered if it was necessary to go to all the time and trouble, on such short notice, of trying to find royal attire and props for the ceremony. It was certainly a legitimate question, so I asked someone in our Home to pray about it, and the Lord, through Dad, confirmed that they should. Here's what Dad said:

                13.(Dad speaking:) Praise the Lord, Honey! The Lord is full of surprises! I think it's terrific! As I've always said, a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you're going to do it, do it up big! Go all the way! Make it grandiose and very royal. Make it an event that they will never forget!

                14.Honey, the young people love change and different things. They love the extraordinary! They have a flair for drama! They love it when things are exciting and different, even extreme, because their emotions and their desires are often so extreme. They're on fire with devotion for the Lord! They're red-hot in the spirit, wanting to please Jesus!

                15.The Lord wants it to be an illustration, a skit, something memorable, something grand, something magnificent!--Because it represents what is happening in the Spirit. The Lord wants to show the Family what He is doing, and has done, in the Spirit--how He has raised up and anointed a king and queen to lead His people, and how He has raised up His generals and His young leaders.

                16.So if you make this ceremony a splendid affair--with props and costumes and thrones and red carpet,a sword for the anointing of the young leaders, and a badge of honor for each one that they can wear about their necks in humility as a token of a battle well fought and a race well run--they will never forget the commission that the Lord has placed in their hands. (End of prophecy.)

                17.(Mama:) By a miracle, Ahlai and helpers from the D.C. Home were able to find the proper costumes for the king, the queen and the prime minister, as well as all the other materials needed for the ceremony. The day before the ceremony, Peter read the prophecy about being very prayerful, sober and serious to everyone. (See The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 7, ML #3093.)

                18.The morning meeting on the day of the ceremony consisted of reading the following compilation of various prophecies received during the Summit. Some of these messages the Lord gave specifically in answer to my request for Him to speak about the commission ceremony; others are excerpts of messages received while praying for other matters related to the Summit. I pray that as you read them, you too will partake of all the Lord is saying, and that you will also make the same commitments those who attended the Summit did. Remember, by partaking of this series of Summit Letter GNs, as well as the Summit videos, you have partaken of much of the same input as have those who were physically present.

                19. As you will note, the Lord brings out in the first sentence of this message that those actually attending the Summit were only representatives of all of you who are truly yielded to Jesus and doing your best to serve Him, and as such, those whom He can use to conquer the world. You can be sure He is talking about all of you in His wonderful Family, who are putting Him first and wanting to obey His voice. The handful of those who attended the Summit could never do the job of winning the world by themselves, but they only represent all of you who are laboring together with them. While this message was originally given for them, it is likewise for you, because without you they cannot do the job the Lord has commissioned them to do.

                20.One of the principal themes of these messages from the Lord and Dad is the uniting of the generations. The Lord is saying that there shouldn't be two separate generations, but that they should be one in spirit, one in goals, one in loving one another and fighting together for the same purpose, to fulfill the commission the Lord has given us of reaching the world with His Love. The Lord even calls this a "marriage" of the generations to show how the adults and young people should be joined together as one body, each a part of the other, each with different talents and abilities, complementing one another, helping each other, respecting one another, loving one another.

                21.The Lord calls this a commission of love--love for Him, love for others, and love for the lost. This is a theme which the Lord has been repeating a lot over the past two years since the Charter, and He continues to emphasize it today. I pray that you will carefully study these messages, searching your hearts as to whether you personally, or as a Home, are living up to the challenge of love that the Lord and Dad present.

                22."By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another" (John 13:35). Do you? Are you loving the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul? Are you a channel of the Lord's Love to your brothers and sisters, and a sample of His Love to your children and the young ones in your Home? Are you pouring out His Love on those who have no love, those who are lost and empty without Jesus? Will you take up His commission today? I pray that you will, and as you do, He will fill you to overflowing with His Love. As you pour out, He will pour in abundantly! You can never outgive God!

The Commission Prophecies!

                (Editor's note: A few of these prophecy excerpts are from prophecies previously published in full in the other Summit Letter GNs. However, we felt it would be worth including them here--in spite of some duplication--as they recapture the spirit and intent of the Summit meetings, and bring out important points relevant to the Lord's commission.)

The Most Important Meeting on Earth!

                23.(Jesus speaking:) This meeting, My Summit, is the greatest happening in all the Earth! For these gathered together represent all My Family, My truly yielded pieces in My great chess game--those who come and obey when I call, those who are willing to come and lie stripped and bare all before Me, those who drop everything, who forsake all, who are willing to abandon all cover-ups, who do yield their ears, their mouths, their tongues, their bosoms and their hearts wholly unto Me. And so do I fill them with My Spirit, and fill them with My seeds, that they may bear fruit unto Me. So can I use them to accomplish the purpose of My will of conquering the world.

                24.This gathering marks a turning point for you: the beginning of escape from the dark clouds of discouragement, of doubt, of despair, of fear, of worry, of burdens too heavy to bear that have covered you up for a little time. This, My Summit, marks the turning point, as you escape and move on to gain greater victories through the lessons you are learning and the whispers you are heeding, that through these strong bonds of love, through this melting of your hearts and molding of My Spirit … you may receive My seeds and bear fruit unto Me.

Two Generations United!

                25.(Jesus speaking:) Lift up your voices in praise, as do the holy angels and all the departed spirits that are encamped round about My king and My queen, for a great victory is won this day! … The old is united with the young! The first-generation fighters are united with the second-generation warriors! It is a day and a cause for rejoicing, for through this union shall come great strength in My army. There shall come a great strengthening and purifying of the ranks, a great preparation for the days ahead.

                26.There is great need for the hearts of all My children of David, both young and old, to be united as one,to become of one mind, one heart, and one soul--to see that there is no longer a generation gap, but there is one Family, one army, one body of My children of David.

                27.They are learning to look upon one another with great respect. They are learning to recognize the anointing and gifts and callings of one another. They are recognizing their need for one another, and seeing the great joy and pleasure that they find in working together, loving together, seeking Me together, leading My people together. … They are learning to lean upon one another, to open their hearts, to bare their souls, to share their innermost secrets, to show their weaknesses and their strengths. They are learning to need one another, to call out to one another, to reach out, to lift each other up.

                28.This uniting of the two generations at the top will be the beginning of a mighty flood of love and unity and power that shall wash over the hearts of My people and shall cleanse them from their bitternesses, their resentfulness, their distance from one another. It shall create within them a desire to reach out, to understand, to give, to receive, to love, to feel compassion, to honor one another, to show respect and appreciation, to speak words of love and kindness and encouragement.

                29.This is My day and hour for the uniting of the two generations! For only in unity will you have the strength needed for the battles that lie ahead, for the dark days that are to come, the time when the Enemy will walk about as a roaring lion, more fierce than ever before! Only through great unity, love and respect will you be able to withstand the onslaughts of the Evil One and his people.

                30.Each generation is strong in its own way, each generation has much to give, and each generation is in great need of the other. They must be molded and melted together if they are to have the strength and power and anointing needed for the days to come when the battles will be great, and only those who are loyal and strong and brave will be able to lead the way.

                31.This uniting of heart and mind and soul, this marriage of spirit, is crucial. It is of utmost importance! … It is one of the most important results of this time together in My Spirit, when these have sat at My feet and heard from Me and drunk deeply of the well of My Truth, when they have opened themselves up in humility and allowed Me to wash them clean so that I might make them what I wish them to be.

                32.All of this feeding and cleansing and purifying and strengthening is for a purpose. … It is to join these precious ones, My generals, together in one heart--no longer as two generations, but as one Family with one heart and one mind before Me.

* * *

                33. (Dad speaking:) We're talking about One Wife, about how there doesn't need to be two generations, but you can be one in Jesus. You can be one in the spirit if your hearts and your minds are united; if you're working together toward the goal; if you're fighting together; if you have respect for each other, you communicate, you appreciate each other, and you know the need that you each have for the other. That's what we're talking about.

                34.The Lord calls it a marriage of the two generationsbecause He wants you to see that it's long-term. It's enduring. It's a lifelong commitment. You're in this for the long haul, until death do you part. You're going to be together fighting for Jesus.

                35.The whole point is that people should open their hearts--that the young people no longer look at the older generation as the "old ones," the "has-beens," the ones who are so conservative and who have made so many mistakes. And the old ones should no longer look at the young ones as those who are not dedicated enough, those who are too wild, those who are problematic.

                36.They need to look at each other with love and understanding and respect, so they can each learn from the other and make a powerful team for the Lord. … Both sides have to do their part. The older generation will need to open their arms and their hearts to these young people to receive them with joy, and the young people will have to come in humbly. If they see this in each other, their fears will be allayed. The older people will not fear that they're being pushed aside and not wanted, and the younger will not fear that the older ones look down on them or are jealous of them.

Loved and Anointed by Jesus!

                37.(Jesus speaking:) I will continue to woo, to love, to kiss and to caress these young ones, these who are becoming My young lovers, My young brides. … I have brought them into My bed of love and I have shown them true love and true Spirit--My Spirit, the Spirit of Love.

                38.They have been receptive to Me, receiving of Me and My Spirit, receiving My Love, receiving My seeds, receiving My instruction. And, oh, how they have changed! Oh, how they have begun to love Me as more experienced lovers, as those who now desire Me in a new way, as those who have been bedded by Me, their Lover, by Me, their King, by Me, their God. And as we have become one together, so have we become attached in Spirit as one, married as one.

                39.Anoint the heads of these with oil, and My Spirit will fall upon them in new anointing! I have called and chosen these, symbolic of all My children, of all My young ones, of all the young and old who have entered into the covenant of My Love, the covenant of My bed, the covenant of My Spirit, the covenant of marriage with Me, the union of heart, of mind, of spirit, of body, with Me. Those who are united with Me in this union shall receive the seeds of My Love, seeds of the Spirit which they know not of, seeds that will take them to places they have never been, seeds that will empower them, seeds that will direct them. For I pour a new anointing upon you, the anointing of the power of God, that you may go forth as new creatures unto Me--old things passed away and all things become new.

                40.For you go out as lovers of your God, brides of your Savior, those who are in union with their Maker, those who receive His seed and who spread forth the fruit of this seed unto others. And through these seeds and this anointing and this oil that I pour forth upon your head as symbolic of My anointing upon you, I give you new gifts of My Spirit--the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy, the gift of knowledge, wisdom, and love, the gift of compassion, the gift of a broken heart, the gift of the ways of My Spirit upon you, the gift of My Love upon you.

                41.I give the gifts of My choosing to each of you, that you may be new vessels unto Me and unto My Spirit; that you may be tools in My hand; that you may be the vehicles of My Love, of My care, of My compassion; that you may be vehicles of My heart, of My Love, and that you may minister unto others by My Spirit. This is not a work of the flesh. This is not something that you can do in your own power or in your own strength.

                42.For we only now embark upon the journey, and as you yield, as you say yes unto Me, as you come unto Me and receive My seeds more and more, as you begin to give of yourself and lay down your life for others, as you begin this journey step by step, day by day in faithfulness and in love, so will these gifts grow, and so shall they blossom, and so shall they come into full fruition. For your acts of love and kindness and mercy are as water being poured upon the ground that brings life and causes growth. And these gifts must be watered that they may grow, that they may mature, and that they may bring forth fruit. But know that I pour My gifts upon you this night, for I anoint you and your cup runs over with My Love!

                43.So receive the oil of My Spirit upon your head! Receive the power of My Spirit! Receive the gifts of My Spirit, and receive Me, the Giver of all gifts, the Giver of all love, the Giver of all strength, the Giver of all power! For it is in receiving Me, it is in becoming like Me, and it is in manifesting My Love, that these gifts will be activated, that these gifts will germinate and grow, and that these gifts that I pour upon you will blossom in full measure.

                44.Receive My anointing upon your head, mixed with My understanding, My compassion and My Love. All of you together receive this, My anointing, this, My Love, these, the kisses of My Spirit.

The Lord's Commission to You!

                45. (Jesus speaking:) Come before the king and queen. Kneel before them in humility, and they will anoint you as knights and ladies of the Kingdom. You shall go forth in great power--the power of their love and the anointing of My Love--and you shall win many victories for the Kingdom!

                46.Though you feel weak and incapable of such a task, because you carry the queen's colors in humility and loyalty and obedience, I will be able to do many mighty miracles through you. So fear not, but only go forth as I have commissioned, as the knights and ladies of the realm, serving Queen Maria and King Peter to the best of your ability, even unto the end, and great shall be your reward in Heaven! In that day I shall place upon your heads a great crown of reward, and you shall rejoice and celebrate together with all the children of David, with King David, Queen Maria, and King Peter!

                47.So go forth with courage to all corners of the Kingdom and spread the word! Be a sample and lift up the hearts which are weary; strengthen those who are weak. This is the commission I give unto you--the lords and ladies of the kingdom of David.

* * *

                48. (Dad speaking:) Because so much has been given unto you, the Lord will also require much from you--much giving and sacrificing and loving. Now the real work starts! You've had your days of Heaven, your days of pleasure and feeding and excitement in the Spirit. You've sat at the feet of your shepherds, and you've been well-fed and cared for and strengthened. Now the battle begins in earnest as you go forth to spread the message that the Lord has entrusted into your care.

                49.The commission that the Lord has placed in your hands is to go forth throughout all the Kingdom and proclaim the good news, to be representatives of all that you have seen and heard, and most important, of the Love that you have partaken of.

                * Your commission is to be an example to all, young and old, great and small, of loving the Lord, loving each other, and loving the lost.

                * Your commission is to be an example of understanding, sympathy, compassion and tenderheartedness.

                * Your commission is to lift up the Words of David, to rally the troops to believe and have faith.

                * Your commission is to raise a standard against the attacks of the Enemy, to strengthen those who are weakening, to save those who are almost lost.

                * Your commission is to be an example of the uniting of the generations, working hand-in-hand in love and unity and mutual respect with the older generation.

                * Your commission is to seek the Lord and hear from Him fresh each day; to make prayerful, Spirit-led decisions; to not lean to your own understanding, but to constantly, every day and in every way, seek the Lord.

                * Your commission is to live the Law of Love and to give of yourselves and your loved ones to those who are in need.

                * Your commission is to stand strong in the face of the Enemy and his lies, and to raise a standard against him by turning to the Word and the Truth for your strength.

                * Your commission is to put aside your personal preferences and desires in order to commit yourselves to fight to overcome your personal weaknesses, and do all that is within your power to be a good sample to the brethren.

                * Your commission is to kneel in humility before the Lord your God and to admit at every possible opportunity that it's only Jesus.

                * Your commission is to stand strong and tall and faithfully lead the troops in the battles which are to come, knowing that you can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you.

                * Your commission is to remain loyal to the king and queen and the Words of David, and to remember that your lives are not your own, but they are bought with a price. Now you belong to the Lord and your Family.

The Lord's Instructions to You!

                50.(Jesus speaking:) Freely you have received, freely give, for I have given much unto you. I have poured forth into you, and now I send you forth as vessels full of the water of My Love, full of the elixir of My Love, full of My healing balm to pour upon your brothers and sisters. Be vessels that pour out. Do not be vessels that withhold and vessels that contain, but be open vessels that freely give, even as you have received.

                51.As you pour out, I will replenish, and your vessel shall not run empty. I shall fill you up to overflowing as you overflow upon others. For unto whom much has been given, of the same shall much be required. This I require of you: that you love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your mind, and with all your soul, and that you love your neighbors--your brothers and sisters and the lost--as yourselves. These things do I require of you, because of that which you have received.

                52.As you pour out, pour not out in your own strength, but simply open your vessels so that the elixir of My Love may flow out of its own accord, that it may be drawn out by the vacuum of others, by their need for love.

                53.For did you not have a need for love and for encouragement and for strengthening and for comfort when you did come? Were you not empty? Were you not hungry? Were you not thirsty for love? And did I not supply these things unto you? Did I not quench your thirst? Did I not clothe you with the robe of My Love? Did I not bring you closer to Me? Did I not do even beyond that which you could have expected?

                54.Even so, now do I send you, that you may feed the hungry, that you may pour out the water of life to them that are athirst, that you may clothe them that are naked and warm them that are without heat, that you may comfort them that are lonely, that you may strengthen them that are cast down, that you may bind up the hearts of those whose hearts are broken, even as your hearts have been bound up.

                55.I send you forth as messengers of Love. This is not of yourselves, for in yourselves you are nothing. You are to be but channels of My Love, channels of My Spirit, pouring forth daily in all that you do.

                56.Remember the Word that I have spoken through My servant David,how the sample that you give is so much greater than the sermon that you may preach. Seek not to preach sermons. Seek not to instruct in righteousness, for the sermons have been preached in the Word. I have given the Word through My servant David and through My servant Maria. But be ensamples to the flock, that by your sample men might see My Love and My Spirit.

                57.Be diamonds of dust, be crystals that cling closely to the pillar of My Word, that pulsate with My Light. The light is not of yourselves; it is of Me. You do but reflect it. You do but show it through your loving ways, your loving deeds, the sacrificial giving of yourselves, reaching out to your brothers and sisters, reaching out to the lost and to those who have not yet found Me, pouring My Love both on those in your Homes and on those without, those who are hungry for the Words of David.

                58.For the crystal has no power of its own; it is connected to the pillar and simply reflects the light from within the pillar. You are My beautiful crystals, My precious ones whom I have chosen. You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have ordained you to be My crystals, to reflect My Light. But remember that it is My Light that you must shine with; it is not your own.

                59.When people look on you, when they hear your words, they must see Me. They must see My Love, they must see My Spirit, they must see My Light. The crystal that begins to speak with its own words or to shine with its own light becomes detached from the pillar and it can no longer pulsate in sync with the light within the pillar, for it is no longer connected. Therefore be strongly connected to Me and to My Word.

                60.Remember the Word that I have spoken, that in the multitude of words there lacks not sin. Therefore sin not with your mouth. Be not rash with your mouth or hasty to utter anything before your brothers and sisters. Let your words be few, that you may be known by your deeds and not by your words, that you may be known for laying down your life for your brothers and sisters.

                61.For what is a shepherd but a servant to the sheep--one who tenderly cares, who bandages up the broken legs, who cares for the animals. Even as a farmer who does tenderly serve his cattle and milk them, and brings them into green pastures and tends to them when they are sick, keeping their stalls clean and taking away the refuse, so do I ordain you as servants to your brothers and sisters. For did I not come as a servant? Therefore, if you would follow Me, if you would follow in My footsteps, you must also do likewise.

                62.Fear not and say not that you are not able. You need not be able, for I am able through you. The crystal has no power or ability of its own; it simply pulsates with the light of the pillar. Therefore say not unto yourselves that you are but children. For have I not said in My Word that I could raise up stones as servants unto Me? How much more then can I raise you up!

                63.Therefore be not afraid, for I am with you. I shall tenderly whisper in your ear if you will but listen and be quiet and still. You shall shine with My Love as you lay down your lives for each other and for the brethren, and as you lay down your lives for the lost, to bring unto them the message of My Salvation.

                64.You are My anointed ones. As long as you remain connected to Me, you have My anointing and My blessing. As long as you are little in your own sight and humbly serving one another, humbly serving your brethren, humbly serving your God, you shall have My anointing. And this anointing shall spread from person to person as others receive the anointing that I have given unto you. As they are touched by the sample of your love and your dedication and your yieldedness unto Me, they, too, shall become more firmly connected to the pillar.

                65.The crystals shall be joined together into beautiful structures that shall shine and pulsate with My Light, and there shall be so much joy, happiness, laughter and singing! Even the hills shall rejoice and the flowers of the field shall clap their hands! That which had been thorny and barren shall burst forth into beautiful flowers and bear fruit--the fruit of love, the fruit of peace, the fruit of joy! And this fruit shall be more children in My Kingdom, for there are so many whom I wish to gather unto Me.

                66.You all are My messengers. You shall gather the sheaves together into My barn, and then shall we rejoice at the harvest that shall be reaped. It shall be a great rejoicing with shouts of joy and happiness! We shall be wed together on that day, on that beautiful celebration of the harvest.

                67.Go forth, therefore, in My Spirit and in My Love. I shall be with you and I shall strengthen you.

A Chain Reaction of Love!

                68. (Jesus speaking:) Behold the explosions of the Spirit! Behold the explosions of hot, passionate love in the hearts of the children of David! This love shall burst forth in great brightness! It shall draw the attention of many, for so few have seen such love, such sacrifice and giving and unity and oneness of heart and body, and rejoicing of spirit, and clasping of hand with hand between the older and the younger generation.

                69.The brightness of this explosion will enlighten the land and warm the hearts of all your children who are open and receptive and hungry. … It has already traveled from heart to heart, uniting one with another, uniting you all together in one heart and in one mind and in one body. So shall this be the case throughout the Kingdom.

                70. There shall be a great cleansing, a great washing, and a great renewal! God's explosion shall blow away the old--the hardness of heart, the resistance, the discouragement, the feeling of not being needed and used. … And in its wake shall come the fall-out of showers and showers of blessings!--Greater unity, love, communication, sweetness of spirit, tenderness of heart, more working together and sacrifice and understanding, and a greater supply of one another's needs, spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

                71.So go forth speedily to carry the torch and light the fuse and continue the chain reaction of this great explosion! For the King's business requires haste, and I am ready, willing, and even eager to pour forth the flood of My blessings that I have promised!

On to Victory!

                72.We're on the road to final victory, and it begins with you, and in you, and through you,as you unite in heart, in mind, in body and in spirit, as you allow yourselves to be molded together in My Love, yielded wholly to My Spirit, that I may hurl you out to claim the land! So look up and be encouraged! Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. It is I Who will strengthen you. I am helping you! I will uphold you! So fight on! The day of march has come! (End of prophecies.)

The "Squires" Hold Vigil

                73. (Mama:) After reading the above to those at the Summit, Peter then read the following prophecy:

                74.(Jesus speaking:) Squires, prepare your hearts!Hold vigil one hour unto Me and prepare your hearts for the sacred commission! Kneel down before Me. Lift up your arms in praise; lift up your hands and hearts and seek Me. Prepare yourselves in body, mind, soul and spirit. Let every man and every woman be fully convinced in their own mind. Make a sacred pledge! Pledge Me your love, pledge Me your loyalty, pledge Me your service, pledge Me your total dedication, pledge Me your obedience, pledge Me your heart, pledge Me your life.

                75.Come, let us commune together, in silent prayer, each one, that you may prepare. This is a high office, a sacred commission. Therefore come, let us lie together in sweet communion. Sanctify yourselves. Come before Me, each one individually, in prayer. Prepare yourselves, that you may begin this appointment in prayer, in your secret chambers, in your hearts. Know that as you begin in prayer, you must continue in prayer, that you may see, and know, and feel, and avail yourselves of the marvelous wonders I will do on your behalf if you pray! (End of prophecy.)

                76.(Mama:) Each of the young people attending the meeting received a copy of the above "squire" prophecy to read again privately as they spent the afternoon in preparation for the commission ceremony. After an early dinner, all the young people took a one-hour private prayer vigil with the Lord during which they pledged their love, loyalty, service, dedication and obedience, their heart and their life. Peter told me that it was so touching to look out of his window and see a number of young people, each one by himself, kneeling on the beach, praying to the Lord. Each one took it seriously, as they knew it was a time of real dedication.

The Commission Ceremony

                77.After the one-hour vigil, the young people came to the meeting room. The room had been set up to resemble a throne room. There were three chairs on the raised dais [platform], one for King Peter, one for Queen Maria (Heather was sitting in for me), and one for Prime Minister Gary. There was a red carpet in the center of the room going from the back of the room up to the raised dais. On either side of the aisle, chairs were placed facing the aisle, which was where the CROs sat. Behind them, on either side of the room, sat the young people.

                78.After everyone took their assigned seats, Gary gave a short introductory message for the video, explaining that though these particular young people were participating in this ceremony, it was symbolic of the commission the Lord has given each of us, and that you, our precious Family, were also partaking of it in spirit. After giving this brief talk, Gary joined Peter and Heather in a separate room and put on his prime minister's attire.

                79.Peter wore a beautiful royal purple king's robe and a crown. Heather was arrayed in a royal blue robe with white trim and carried a golden scepter, also wearing a crown. Gary wore a long brown tunic and carried the sword used for knighting the young people. Besides the king, queen and prime minister, there was also a lady in waiting, Brazilian Lisa, who was dressed in a 15th century gown, and a royal aide, Gallio, who was dressed in a dark robe with red sash.

                80.At the appointed time some royal music, written and very simply recorded by one of the young people attending, was played. The lady in waiting and the royal aide entered the room, standing on either side of the dais, and motioned for all to rise. Then the king and queen, followed by the prime minister, walked up the aisle to their chairs on the raised dais. After an opening prayer, Peter read a message from the Lord, where He gives His account of taking up the commission to come to Earth and save mankind. (This prophecy will be published in The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 6, ML #3092.)

The Anointing of the Knights and Ladies!

                81. Peter then read the following prayer:

                82.(Peter:) As the Lord our God proclaimed to us in prophecy: "Anoint the heads of these with oil, and My Spirit will fall upon them in new anointing! I have called and chosen these, symbolic of all My children, of all My young ones, of all the young and old who have entered into the covenant of My Love, the covenant of My bed, the covenant of My Spirit, the covenant of marriage with Me, the union of heart, of mind, of spirit, of body, with Me. Those who are united with Me in this union shall receive the seeds of My Love, seeds of the Spirit which they know not of, seeds that will take them to places they have never been, seeds that will empower them, seeds that will direct them. For I pour a new anointing upon you, the anointing of the power of God, that you may go forth as new creatures unto Me--old things passed away and all things become new.

                83."Give unto them a badge of honor around their necks that they may wear in humility, as a token of a battle well fought and a race well run--that they will never forget the commission that the Lord has placed in their hands, to go forth throughout all the Kingdom and proclaim the good news."

                84.So do we obey Your Word as we anoint these, our precious young people, with the oil of Your anointing. So do we obey Your Word as we dub them as knights and ladies of Your Realm, Your Kingdom. So do we obey Your Word as we place upon their necks the symbol of humility. We include a ring as a token of their brideship with You. A simple ring, as a reminder of lowliness, of servitude. We dub them knights and ladies with the sword which symbolizes Your Word.

                85.So come, you who are called to become the knights and ladies in His Kingdom, those who have stood vigil before Him, those who have poured out their hearts before Him, pledging your complete hearts, minds, spirits and bodies to Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Come now before your king and queen to receive your anointing, your knighthood and ladyship. (End of Peter's prayer.)

                86.(Mama:) At this point, the royal aide, Gallio, rose and bade those come who were to be anointed and knighted. The young people came up one at a time, escorted by one of their CROs. The young people knelt before the king and queen and read or quoted the following pledge: "I, (name ), pledge my love, my life, my loyalty, my all. As I kneel before you in humility, by the grace of God, I promise to live in love and serve in love and be faithful to the holy commission that is set before me. In the Name of King Jesus, in the name of King David, in the name of Queen Maria and King Peter."

                87.Once they had made their pledge, Peter dipped his finger in oil and anointed their forehead. He then placed his hand upon their head and said, "I anoint thee Knight (name) (Lady for the women) in the power of Love. In the Name of King Jesus and King David, in the name of Queen Maria and King Peter, go in love, and live in love." Gary then handed Peter the sword and Peter tapped them on each shoulder and then on the head.

                88.Heather then placed a ribbon with a silver ring attached to it around their necks. They then rose and stood before Gary, who gave them an envelope containing a personal prophecy which had been received specifically for them for this event. As the ceremony continued, there was beautiful, live Family music playing softly in the background.

                89.After the last of the young people were anointed and knighted, the royal aide had everyone rise and together put on their fingers their rings of humility. Then Peter read the following prophecy:

                90.(Spirit helper speaking:) Hear ye, hear ye, holy knights of the realm. Go forth this day in the Name of King Jesus, in the name of King David, in the name of Queen Maria, and in the name of King Peter. For this day a holy commission is set before you. Rise now, and go forth in the power of Love! Go, and spread Love. As freely as you have received, so freely give. Give love, give understanding, give sympathy, give compassion. Lift up the weak, encourage the weary, comfort the sick, love the lost, heal the wounds, love the unlovely. Live the Law of Love, and give to those in need.

                                91.Strengthen those who are weak. Uphold those who are downtrodden. Be tender, be kind, show mercy, and walk in truth. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. Keep your eyes on Heaven, firmly fixed above. Seek the Lord, your God, diligently in all things, and walk in wisdom toward those that are without.

                92.Be sober, be vigilant, and resist the Enemy and his lies! Raise the standard through the Word of God. Fight for the right at all costs. Defend the faith. Uphold the truth. Be strong in the power and might of Jesus. Remain loyal, obedient, faithful, and true to Queen Maria and King Peter, and to the Words of David. Defend the Kingdom and lead the troops in the battles to come.

                93.Wage your war militantly in prayer! When you walk, when you lie down, when you rise, when you speak, when you are silent--pray, and pray, and pray again. Lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Jesus and be led of Him. Serve in love, live in love, and love one another. Join hand in hand, young and old; live in unity, and find strength.

                94.Receive, fearless knights, the holy anointing, and go forth in great power, conquering the giants of this day. Take courage and march on, spreading Love to the ends of the Earth, knowing that God is with you, and cannot fail, and will not fail. Walk in humility, giving all the glory to Jesus, knowing that of your own selves you can do nothing. Lean on Him and find your strength. (End of prophecy.)

                95.(Mama:) Prime Minister Gary then lifted up the sword and read:

                96.(Spirit helper speaking:) Hear ye all, this blessed day, the holy decree. Let it be written and let it be known that these royal knights of the holy realm do kneel in humility before their queen and king. Let it be written and let it be known that these humble servants do pledge their loyalty, their life, their love, their all, in service to Queen Maria and King Peter and the Family. Let it be written and let it be known that these are they who stand steadfast and true, who have yielded, who obey, who humble themselves and live in love. These are they who seek to serve, who seek to follow.

                97.Hear ye, men and women of the Kingdom. Join them in prayer; stand by them in faith. Rise now and go, holy knights of Kingdom Come! The day of march has come! Keep the faith. Hold fast that which you have. Be faithful and true! Fight on! In the Name of King Jesus, in the name of King David, in the name of Queen Maria and King Peter, fight on! (End of prophecy.)

Commendation for Our Generals!

                98.(Mama:) All the young people having been anointed and knighted, Peter then spoke to and about our precious CROs.

                99. (Peter prays:) Thank You, Jesus, for Your great Love. Thank You for the beauty of Your Kingdom, the beauty of Your Love. Thank You that we have been commissioned to take Your Love to all the world. Every Family member has taken Your Love to the lost. Every Family member is filled with Your Love. Help each one to realize that, and to always remember that You're there with them at all times, and that You are their precious Husband, their precious Friend, their precious Lover.

                100.Lord, we want to take some time now to honor these who have given their lives to You and to the Family, to the sheep, for years and years. These who Dad and Mama, and now Mama and Gary and I, depend on every day. These who have been proven faithful and loyal, who have fought the battles for years. And though they were weary and worn, tired, overloaded and heavy laden, they carried on in faith.

                101.To these who are so faithful and so important in Your Kingdom, Lord, we take off our crowns and we lay them down (at this point, the king and queen took their crowns off and laid them on the floor), for each one of these is worthy to wear them. We could not do without them and we are so thankful for them, and we ask that You bless them as we honor them now, in Jesus' Name. (End of prayer.)

                102. The CROs are really the backbone of the Family, and without them we could not function the way we do. We could not be as fruitful as we are. They're generally behind the scenes and they don't get a lot of credit, but they sure do a big job! And we honor them tonight. We have honored you young ones who are moving into leadership to help the CROs carry their burdens. And they need help, for the burdens they have carried--some for 10, 12, 14 years--have weighed heavily upon them. They open their lives, their hearts, their all to you and invite you in to work with them, to be one with them, to be married in spirit to them, to be friends, workmates, teammates.

                103.They welcome you in, and they need you because of the heavy, heavy load they carry. The load is so burdensome that sometimes they want nothing more than to lay it down. But they don't; they carry on for the sake of the Kingdom. Every CRO would love to stop being a CRO. They would love to go with their families to the field and enjoy their children, and enjoy witnessing, and enjoy not having to bear other peoples' burdens and solve other peoples' problems. But they don't. They keep carrying those heavy burdens out of love for the Lord, for Dad, for Mama, and for all the sheep--you.

                104.We need to uphold them in prayer and in every way we can, and help them all we can, because they have borne a very, very heavy load. And you who are going to move into a sphere of leadership to help them, I ask you on behalf of the Lord, and on behalf of Mama and myself, to please do all you can to love them, to help them, and to honor them.

                105.They may feel that in opening up their lives to you that it endangers their position, but they do it anyway. They may feel a little bit like I did the other day when Gary came in and told me that he had gotten a prophecy. It was a revelatory prophecy. For a flash I thought, "I'm not needed anymore." But the Lord began to speak to me, and the message that He gave was one that I'm going to read to you now, and one that I read especially to you CROs who will be moving over a little to call others in to work with you. You too may sometimes be hit with the feeling of, "I'm not needed anymore," or "What's happening? People are taking some of the jobs that I used to do." Here is what the Lord said to me, and I believe He is saying it to all of us:

                106. (Peter, Gary and Heather take turns reading the following prophecy.) (Jesus speaking:) Rejoice! Rejoice! Lift up your hands in praise unto Me! For I do a new thing. I change hearts. I change attitudes. I change spirits. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice to see the fruit of the labors of the Spirit, the fruit of the labors of the queen and of the king, the fruit of the labors of My Word! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, I say, to see these changes of heart and mind and spirit! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice to see My Spirit moving upon the face of the waters, upon the face of these My children! Rejoice, rejoice, to see them embracing My Law of Love!

                107.Rejoice, rejoice to see them receive My Words spoken to their hearts, spoken out of their mouth! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice to see that these have become channels of My Words and of the whispers of those of the spirit! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice to see that these have learned to love Me, to give unto Me that which I ask them to give--their love, their affection, their praise!

                108. Rejoice, rejoice that I have freed them from the shackles and from the bonds that have held them back! Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! For I have poured out My Spirit upon all these, and each one has been touched, each one has been filled, each one is anointed now by My Spirit, by My Love, and by My anointing. Be not discouraged, be not dismayed, be not disheartened. In all that I pour upon these, it takes not away from you. For I do not take away from the anointing of one to give unto another, but I give fresh anointing, so that those who are touched with My anointing continue on in My anointing as I anoint others. I raise up others and, yea, I will raise up a multitude, yea, I say, a multitude of the children of David!

                109. For many have crossed the Jordan, and many others come across and they enter into the new land of the Spirit, the land of Love, the land of anointing, the land of yieldedness unto Me, the land of joy and happiness, the land of milk and honey. For you enter in to the fulfillment of a new day.

                110.So rejoice, rejoice, I say! Compare not, fret not, fear not, for I raise up those who will help to carry the load. I raise up those who will hear My voice. I raise up those who can help shoulder the burden. This does not take away from you. It aids you, it helps you, it lightens your load, it leaves you free to draw even closer to Me. So rejoice, rejoice that I raise up pillars in My temple! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice that there are many who hear My voice and receive of Me! Rejoice, rejoice at the moves of My Spirit, that My Spirit moves upon all, and My Spirit moves in new ways, and that I pour this special anointing upon My young ones that I raise up.

                111.You have fought in the heat of battle, and these are fresh, new, strengthened soldiers who come to aid you. So rejoice, rejoice in all that I have done in the lives and in the hearts of these who have sat at your feet, who have learned of their queen and who have been touched by My Love and My Spirit. Rejoice in the move of God! Rejoice in the move of My Spirit! Rejoice!

                112. I have anointed these, My faithful generals, with many, many anointings and many, many gifts--gifts which have already brought forth fruit and continue to bring forth fruit, some a hundred fold, some a thousand fold. You are as fruitful vines planted years ago. You bring forth the fruits from the mature branch, and you bring it forth plentifully. These young ones are as young branches being grafted in to the old. They are one tree, with My sap flowing through all, and these two will bring forth fruit as one.

                113.You have been anointed not only with oil, but you have been anointed by fire--the fire of affliction, the fire of battle, the fire of desperation. You have been molded and made into the vessels of My choosing. I also pour upon you My anointing. I pour upon your head the anointing of oil mixed with wine, the oil of My Spirit mixed with a broken heart. I give unto you My Spirit of compassion, of love, and of understanding. I give unto you the oil of the Spirit mixed with the wine, symbolic of My blood, of the sacrifice that I have given.

                114.I give this unto you so that you will know that I know and I am aware and I understand the sacrifices that you have made--the giving of yourself, the giving of your loved ones, the laying down of your all to serve Me. I give this anointing unto you--the anointing of My oil, the anointing of My blood--as a token unto you, that you may know that I understand, and that I know of the hardships, the heartaches, and the heartbreaks.

                115.I know your very heart and I love you with an everlasting Love. And I say to you who have given your lives unto Me, you who have laid down your lives daily--great is your reward in Heaven! Great is your reward for Eternity! Great is your reward in My arms! When you come unto Me, you will know that every drop of blood shed, every trial, every test, every heartbreak, is rewarded with great rewards!

                116.Receive My anointing upon your head, mixed with My understanding, My compassion, and My Love. All of you together receive this, My anointing, this, My Love, these, the kisses of My Spirit. (End of prophecy.)

                117.(Mama:) Peter then poured a mixture of oil and red wine into a glass goblet. After a prayer, Gary said, "Come, faithful generals, to receive the anointing of oil mixed with wine, the anointing of the Spirit of God mixed with a broken heart, the anointing of compassion and of love and of understanding."

                118. Gary then called each CRO by name,and one by one they came forward for Peter to anoint them with the oil and wine mixture, embracing each one and praying for them. With the young people, Peter had remained seated on the throne while he knighted them as they kneeled before him. With the CROs, however, Peter also got down on his knees and anointed and embraced each CRO while in that position. Heather then placed a ribbon with a ring on it around their neck, and embraced them, as did Gary. Thus ended a beautiful and very significant ceremony, and an evening that will never be forgotten.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family