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--By Maria

Dear Family,

1. When Peter and I asked the Lord what the activities for this year's Family Birthday celebration should be, as you have read in the introductory notice "What's Happening During the 1997 Family Birthday Feast," He and Dad made it clear that this should be a time of praise and thanksgiving, and that part of our time should be spent reviewing the good fruit that has come as a result of the Love Charter! Peter and I have prayed about and analyzed the developments of these last two years, and we talk about them in one of the Feast Letters. (You will be reading that tomorrow, so that gives you something exciting to anticipate! Praise the Lord!) With the help of our teamworkers, the CROs and our stats man, who've done considerable research, our FAR editors have also compiled a report of our 1996 victories, testifying of the marvelous progress the Family has made around the world! You should be receiving this soon, and I recommend that you read it for your personal inspiration and that you share it with your friends and contacts.

2.As thrilling as this compilation of victories and progress is, I felt that our efforts were somewhat limited, as I figured there would be some positive results that we can't yet see so clearly. I concluded that if the Lord wanted us to celebrate the progress that the Family has made, then He would be more than willing to help us to see and understand the full range of that progress. I knew He could put it into words better than any of us!

3.So to begin with, we asked the Lord to please explain to us how the Family has changed and what improvements have been made in the last two years as a result of the Love Charter. Below are the remarkable answers from both Him and Dad.

The Firstfruits of the Love Charter!

4.(Jesus speaking:) Behold My gift of love to you! Behold the firstfruits of My gift of love! I look down and see firstfruits of My gift, and in this I am well pleased! Behold, how the halls of Heaven are celebrating! Therefore let Us, the Father and I, declare from this day forth a time of joint celebration! Birthday and anniversary celebrations reverberate in the halls of Heaven! Happy birthday, dear Family! Happy anniversary, dear Family! This is the anniversary of My gift of love--My Love Charter to you!

5.Rejoice, therefore, and be exceeding glad! Declare a day of praise and thanksgiving! A day of singing and dancing, of loving and sharing, a day of love! Join in and rejoice, for the day of liberation and love and freedom to do My will does bring in the firstfruits of My gift of love. Rejoice, for the reaping of the firstfruits is come! In these firstfruits of My gift of love I am well pleased! Rejoice, and know that I look down with shining face on My children of love.

6.(Mama:) The halls of Heaven are awhirl with celebrations of our Family Birthday and the second anniversary of the Love Charter, what the Lord calls His "gift of love" to you. These first two years of adjustment to the new lifestyle and Family government under the Charter have not been easy, but the Lord is pleased with how things have gone. His face is beaming! He's so proud of you for taking up the challenge and making the big changes He asked of you.

7.(Jesus continues:) Be encouraged! Look up! And know that as you continue on in My Love, I will bring you ever closer, sure and steady, that you may reap a mighty harvest as you come to full fruition, as you continue to reap the fruits of My Charter of Love. Many fruits! I see many fruits brought about through My gift of love! Therefore, rejoice! Call for a day of celebration and count your fruits! Rejoice and be glad! Give praise to Me for the many fruits of My gift of love! Count them and rejoice! Count with Me the fruits, big and small, for they are many. Come, take count and rejoice!

8.(Mama:) The Lord is going to enumerate the fruits of the Charter now--first generally and then more specifically.

9.(Jesus continues:) I see the fruit of greater desperation among you as you are driven to call out to Me and know Me like never before. In this I am pleased, for I am able to move and think in you in greater measure to accomplish My purpose. How pleased I am with this crying out to Me, this seeking Me! Because of this I am able to pour out, I am able to answer, I am able to lead and direct and guide you into paths of greater usefulness and greater ministry.

10. How pleased I am as you launch out! How pleased I am with the many who do exercise their gifts and talents in greater measure, and because of this I do pour out greater anointing to get the job done. I look down and see greater pioneering! In this I am well pleased, as I am able to lead you in the paths of a greater reaching of the lost, greater pouring forth of My Words and My Love, and greater preparation for the days to come. I take pleasure in these new fields pioneered. I am well pleased with this reaching of My children in foreign lands, those who have been starving, those who are in need.

11.In the pioneering of new ministries and new areas of each individual life, I am well pleased! Many search their own hearts--seeking, re-evaluating, calling out in desperation for needed changes, striving for needed personal victories. This is resulting in greater renewal, a greater seeking, and more intent listening to My gentle whispers as I guide you, saying, "This is the way, walk in it. Turn right here; avoid the left there." I see greater closeness to Me, and for this I am thankful, for I have longed to have you close by My side.

12.I look down and see a greater fulfillment of My Law of Love! In this I am well pleased, as you are learning the true meaning of caring and sharing. I see you growing in love, and in this I am well pleased, for by this shall all men know that you are My disciples.

13.(Mama:) According to the Lord's analysis in the above paragraphs, the Charter has made you more desperate with the Lord. I'm sure you can relate to this, especially you senior teens, YAs and adults, as you have had to take more personal responsibility for your own decisions, ministries, moves, relationships, children, etc. This greater desperation has motivated you to call out to the Lord more, which has enabled Him to pour out more answers to you. The more desperate you are, the more answers you get; the more answers you get from the Lord and put into practice, the greater will be your usefulness and fruitfulness. It's an automatic positive chain reaction!

14.The freedom granted by the Charter has also brought forth greater pioneering! The result of this pioneering is that you're reaching more people in new fields and through new ministries.

15.The Charter has sparked a desire in many of you to make needed changes in your personal lives as well, and this has brought greater closeness to the Lord. Because you've wanted to make progress and gain personal victories, many of you have been re-evaluating your lives, your priorities, and your NWOs, to see how you can improve and be more effective missionaries. When you're hungry to change, it makes you more eager to hear the gentle whispers from the Lord, because you really want to please Him and stay in the center of His will, as He guides you in the way you should go.

16.You're also making progress in living the Law of Love! This may come as a surprise to some of you, as you may have witnessed situations in your Home or local area where there seemed to be a lack of love, sharing, and unselfishness, so you may think that we as a Family haven't done better in living the Law of Love. Of course, some Homes and areas have done better than others, but in spite of mistakes and blunders and situations where a lack of love was demonstrated, the Lord still considers that overall the Family as a whole is making progress in this area. That may sound contradictory, but it could be that He values the progress that's being made very much, because now the sharing and loving you're doing is done from your heart, because you want to--not because you feel forced to or obligated. Even a little care, concern or sacrifice which is given willingly and cheerfully out of genuine unselfish love is of more value than a great show of sacrifice that is done begrudgingly.

17.Now, under the freedom of the Charter, how much you give to others and how much you care for the needy and live the Law of Love in your daily life is 100% your choice and your personal responsibility. And apparently you're making some pretty good progress, because the Lord says the Family is "growing in love" and "learning the true meaning of caring and sharing." (When He says "sharing," by the way, He means it in a much broader sense than just sexual sharing, although there has been an increase in that as well.) Granted, many Homes and Family members still have a ways to go in this respect, but you're growing and learning, and the Lord is pleased!

18. Those are some pretty impressive overall results of the Charter: Greater desperation, greater pioneering, greater closeness to the Lord, and greater fulfillment of the Law of Love. Now the Lord goes on to list more specific fruit of the Charter:

19.(Jesus continues:) I see many firstfruits in the fulfillment of My Love Charter gift: Fruits of greater desperation, greater seeking of Me, greater launching out, greater reaching of the lost, greater fulfillment, greater love bonds between children and parents, stronger ties of love between peers, stronger cords of love between brethren and mates, greater motivation to change, greater drive to pioneer new fields, greater dedication, and greater unity resulting in greater power. Greater anointing and outpouring of My Spirit. Greater satisfaction and happiness knowing you are fulfilling My will. Greater strength. Greater freedom and greater reaching up to the heights of love.

20.(Mama:) We really do have a lot to be thankful for! But the best is yet to come! Read on!

21.(Jesus continues:) Behold the firstfruits of My Love Charter, in which I am well pleased! Rejoice and celebrate! Ring the anniversary bells, that all My children may look back and rejoice! Look back but for a moment, count the firstfruits and rejoice! Then look on and look up! Look up and on to the heights you are soon to attain! Look up and on to the light of brighter days ahead and encourage one another, for these are but the firstfruits. Lift up your eyes, look on the fields! Look up to the Heavenlies for the greater victories that are to come! Despise not the days of small beginnings, for the greatest harvest and most abundant fruit is yet to come.

22.Fear not for the growing pains of bringing in the firstfruits. Be not weary because of the toil, and because of the rain clouds that have been necessary to water the crops and the fields. This passing of time has been needed and helpful, that the day of full fruition may come. Rejoice, I say, and know that as the rain clouds pass, the sun will shine again! Blue skies will cover the fields for the time of reaping, as you gather up the fruits and the gains for the time of great harvest ahead. In that time, when the final harvest is gathered, all the toil, the sweat of the brow, and the wringing of the hands is forgotten. In the time of rejoicing and the reaping of the fruits, the gladness and fulfillment that it brings is reward enough.

23. (Mama:) The Lord, in this message, has enumerated for us what He calls "the firstfruits" of the Charter. "Firstfruits" by definition means,

1) the first gathered fruits of a harvest, offered to God in gratitude;

2) the first results of an undertaking.

When compared to what is to come, all the tremendous victories you just read about and have witnessed in your personal lives and Homes are "small beginnings." The greatest harvest and most abundant fruit is yet to come!

24.The Lord sweetly acknowledges that you have had "growing pains" these last two years. He understands that they have been difficult. You've had to work hard and endure some rough weather in order to reap these firstfruits. But I would venture to say that if you think back to when the Charter was first implemented in April of 1995, you'll probably readily admit that you've made miles of progress, and have learned so much!

25.Remember how nervous or scared you felt when you first moved out of your comfy big blob to a smaller Home? You worried about how in the world you'd possibly make it with so few people! Remember how long and awkward your first Home council meetings were? And wasn't it tedious and time-consuming and even frustrating in the beginning when everyone, 16 years old and up, had to vote on so many decisions? But now, living in smaller Homes, counseling together and making decisions by voting is a way of life. And those are just a few small examples of how you've grown. There are many more! You're doing great!

26.(Jesus continues:) Rejoice and know that I look down with shining face, for the fulfillment of My law is come! Rejoice and celebrate and continue on into the true freedoms of My Love. Rejoice and be glad, for My Law of Love is fulfilled as you live and love in the true spirit of My Love Charter. Continue on in this, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. For in this, the spirit of My Love Charter, is the heart of David and My heart of true love. In this is fulfilled all the law and all the prophets. (End of message from Jesus.)

27.(Mama:) The Lord promises that as you continue to live according to the spirit of the Love Charter, you'll grow in love, truth and freedom. So keep it up and be greatly encouraged! Next is Dad's fascinating message!

Dad's Dream Come True!--The Love Charter!

28.(Dad speaking:) Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Happy anniversary! Two years! Two whole years since the Love Charter has been kicked into motion! Praise the Lord! My dream come true! Praise God! And I might remind you, the Love Charter is one of the main reasons I came Home to Heaven--to help you guys get this going--and I'm thrilled with the results! I don't regret it one bit! It's wonderful! It's my dream come true that my children learn to live, love, and work the way the Lord intended you to. And it's working, Honey! It's working, Peter! It's working, Gary! Isn't it wonderful? The laws of David, the laws Jesus gave are working! Praise the Lord!

29.I never dreamed, I never realized while I was there, the full importance of the Love Charter! I was sold on it, I knew it was needed, I knew it was important, but you've no idea just how important, the magnitude! I had no idea until I arrived Home. (Strong tongues.) Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! That's one thing you folks are gonna realize some day when you get over Here: All the things on Earth that you just can't see the full importance of while you're down there, all those things that you can only see through a glass darkly--when you finally come to the full realization of these things, well, like the kids would say, it's awesome! Ha ha!

30.The bird's-eye view up Here is awesome! We can see the full spectrum!And now I see the full magnitude of the Love Charter. I see how the Devil hates it too, and how he fights it very hard. And one of the biggest ways he tries to fight the Love Charter with our folks is by trying to get folks hung up on the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law. This has always been a trick of his since the beginning of time--to get people stuck on the letter of the law which is dead, instead of the spirit of the law which is life.

31.In the beginning, especially, is when he fights the hardest--when things are newer and people are not yet fully accustomed to them, when they are first learning and the volume and magnitude seem overwhelming, and when it's still taking a little bit of time to break old habits and learn the new.--Just like these past two years in the Family! The Devil has tried hard, but he is foiled, folks, because the Love Charter is working! The fruits are beautiful, just like the Lord pointed out.

32.(Mama:) As we've mentioned before, Dad read the Charter before his Homegoing and gave his input to Peter, Gary and Matthew, who had spent six months laboring over it day and night--praying, counseling, writing and rewriting. (God bless them, they really worked very hard on the Charter for you, my dear Family!) Dad was well aware of the need for a monumental change in the Family, and he was enthusiastic about this massive undertaking. But it wasn't until after the Lord took Dad Home that he was able to help us not only finalize the Charter, but also put it into practice.

33.Dad says in the above message that the Love Charter is one of the main reasons he went to be with the Lord when he did. That certainly shows the importance of this marvelous, far-reaching document of love! Even Dad didn't realize at that time the full significance of the Charter, but he's seeing it now. And as you read on, you'll learn some pretty mind-blowing, thrilling, unexpected things about the Charter and our future!

34.In the above paragraphs Dad brings out an important principle, and that is that the beginning is when the Devil fights the hardest. Wouldn't you agree that the first months or year after the Charter was implemented were the toughest? You struggled to adjust to a whole new way of life, and in the process learned many lessons of faith and love. For some of you, it was a big upheaval and a pretty difficult year. But with time, things have gotten easier, haven't they? So that's a lesson you can apply to other things as well. If you're embarking on a new adventure--a new ministry, a new outreach method, a new Home, new contacts to minister to, or a new relationship or marriage--the Devil will try to dissuade you or derail you or discourage you right in the beginning. He wants you to quit! But if you hang on, no matter how difficult--like you have with the Charter--you'll eventually see that it was worth it!

35.One thing you have had to fight with the implementation of the Love Charter was getting hung up on the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the Charter. I couldn't possibly list all the specific ways this has happened, but generally speaking I'd say being led by the letter of the law is when you attempt to do what the Charter says without being motivated by love or concern for others. It's having a "me first" attitude, and using the rules and "rights" listed in the Charter to legalistically justify your behavior or attitude, which is sometimes less than loving.

36.Back in January of 1995 when explaining the spirit of the Love Charter, we included some excerpts of prophecies, one of which read: "You have to understand the spirit of the Charter. ... As the body without the spirit is dead, the Charter without the spirit, without understanding of the weakness of My people, is of no avail" (ML #2963:32, GN 615). The spirit of the Charter is love. It's putting the needs of others before your own. It's being mindful of the poor and the weak, and using your strength to help meet their needs. It's sacrificing some of your abundance (whether physically or spiritually) to help someone in need. Thank the Lord, with time we are starting to see much less of the letter of the law and more and more love, although it's something we all still need to work on in our Homes and lives. What a victory!

Count Your Charter Blessings!

37.(Dad continues:) Some of our folks don't see the fruits to the full, but they're there, folks--they're there! Maybe in these days of celebration during our Family Birthday, each of our Homes around the world can set aside a time to praise the Lord. Give everybody a chance to say what the Love Charter has done for them in their lives. "Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done!" Most of the time, sad to say, we forget our blessings, until we take a few moments to sit down and pray and count'm up. It's so important to stop and count your blessings together. So let's have a "count our blessings" time--whadaya say?

38.If any of you can't think of any personal blessings that the Charter has brought about in your life, well, just keep hangin' in there! Should that be the case in a rare instance, you folks can be glad and shout hallelujah! You know why? Because that means the blessings in your case are just around the corner! That means your blessings are likely to be even greater and bigger, because you're still here and you held on! The victories that come through struggle and holding on are the greatest victories of all! Victories that come by strugglin' through opposition to reach the goal line are the greatest victories and often bring the greatest rewards! So if the Love Charter seems to have brought on greater trials for you rather than greater victories, then be glad and keep holdin' on, because the victories are in sight!

39.In the end you'll see that even those trials are victories, because they're bringin' about a greater purpose in your life--greater lessons and greater victories. Remember, it's through trials that we learn our greatest lessons, and through tribulation come our greatest victories.

40.I think everybody will find, though, if you sit down and honestly count your blessings and weigh up the facts, that there are many, many more victories than there are seeming defeats. I say "seeming defeats," mind you, because all things work together for good to them that love the Lord!

41. Sure, I see there have been a few rough spots here and there. There's been some friction, and some have not taken it in the true spirit of love. This is to be expected, as in every great change, every great turnover, every great revolution. But it's working! Don't let anybody fool you--it's working!

42.In just two short years we have outstanding fruit to show for it! People are looking to the Lord more for the solutions to their problems. There's greater desperation and crying out to the Lord, and this in itself is one of the biggest victories of the Charter. When you look to the Lord you can't go wrong, and the Charter is driving folks to do just that. Praise God! It's driving folks to hear fresh from Him every day--just what I've been preachin' since way back in 1970 when I got "For God's Sake, Follow God!" (ML #4).

43. We have many more Homes now and have branched out into new countries. The Word is getting out more. Folks are having to launch out and spread their wings and even get involved in ministries and things they didn't have to before, and all this has been good. It's helping folks to walk a mile in the shoes of others too. Parents are getting an opportunity to care for their children full-time, and they are gaining greater victories and learning greater lessons as a result. You're growing closer and bonding with your children and mates, and through the tough times you're learning and growing to be fighters.

44. Some others who have chosen to not get "bogged down" with big families are finding it's not all that easy to go it alone. They are learning what it is to be completely responsible for every aspect of their lives, and they are coming to the realization that God blesses unity. Others, through their trials, whatever they may be, are learning to lean on the Lord and not man, and they are finding that His strength is enough to pull them through.

45.People are being tested in many ways, and this is good! Everyone is learning how to pray and hear from the Lord, how to make decisions and be responsible for the decisions they make. Some folks are making wise decisions and being rewarded accordingly, and growing into greater maturity and fulfillment in the Lord's work. Others are making wrong decisions, and this too is bringing fruit, as each fall is only a fall upward for His children. The road of making unwise decisions is more difficult, but people are learning through their mistakes and wrong decisions. Some have already learned, and others are still learning, but it's bringing about results. You might not be able to see it right now, but folks are learning, one way or the other. The easy way or the hard way, folks are learning and this is a victory.

46.The Charter has moved our folks off the fence! It's moved our folks out of the standing-still mode, out of neutral gear and coasting along, as everybody is having to re-evaluate what they are here for and what they are living for--and this is good! It has made some folks mad, others sad, but the majority are glad, and at least no one is standing still. It has moved people to take a stand, one way or the other. Just what I like! There are no neutrals! The most uncomfortable place for any Christian is a comfortable place! Hallelujah!

47.The Charter has broken up the blobs and we have more Homes, more efficient and easier to run and shepherd, commando teams who are better able to get the job done of preaching the Gospel and ministering to those to whom they preach it. Some of these Homes have gotten off to a rough start, but this too is accomplishing His purpose, and the lessons these folks learn are going to be lasting. They are never going to forget these things, and will one day look back and say, "I'm so very thankful for the lessons I learned in the beginning days of our Love Charter."

48.Some have left us, some have fallen by the way, but those who have stayed are growing stronger than ever! Those who are still with us are set free to pioneer and exercise their faith, and the sky is the limit! Some are still struggling, but you guys need to realize that even this is a great victory. These blessings through battles are making the Family strong. Folks are learning how to fight, how to hold on, how to look to the Word and listen to the whispers! And folks are learning what real true love is all about!

49.Oh, Honey, there are so many good things the Charter has brought about, I could go on and on! But our folks there ought to be able to see for themselves and come up with all the ways the Charter is working for the Family's good. So I would like to declare that during our Family Birthday celebrations, every Home set aside some time to go around and count all the blessings of the Charter! Give them these few samples the Lord and I have mentioned to get them going, but if folks can come up with more reasons themselves, I think it might sink in more! Well, the Lord and I gave you some starters.

50.(Mama:) How would you like to take some time, either after reading this GN or whenever it's convenient during these days of the Birthday Feast celebration, to do as Dad suggests--have a "Count Your Charter Blessings" time! You can make this a fun, upbeat occasion! It doesn't need to be a long affair, you can even do it while eating dinner one night--if you can be heard above the hubbub of all the kids and meal activity! Or maybe you can count your blessings while having a fun snack together.

51.If you'd like, you can start by rereading the above paragraphs from Dad (numbers 37-49) and seeing how many blessings you can list from what he says, and then see what other more specific ones you can add to the list. Dad hits the general points, how the Family as a whole has improved, and when I listened to this portion of his message I picked out over 18 different points. That's a lot! But I'm sure if you try, you can think of some things that have made the Charter a blessing for you personally. Thanks for humbling yourselves to talk about what the Charter has meant to you as an individual. It takes humility to bring things down to a real personal level, but as I recently told someone here in my Home, if it's humbling, it's good for you! Ha!

Pioneering the World of Tomorrow!

52.(Dad continues:) But now, one thing I want to take the time to share with our folks is to keep the vision! Without a vision, the people perish! I want the Family to realize what the Lord is going to do through you and through your children in the days ahead--and how He is using the Charter to bring His plan about. He is already using you in mighty ways, and in the days soon to come the whole world is going to hear about you--and the Love Charter is paving the way!

53.You, beloved, are learning and experimenting and putting into practice right now the very laws by which we are going to rule the world. If you could just grasp what this means! Phooey on these jokers who are running the world right now with all their rallying and politics and ranting and raving--empty promises for a better world. Ha! Better world for what--and built on what? We're the rulers of tomorrow, and you're paving the way right now! We're gonna set this old world right-side up and teach'm how to love!

54.The Love Charter is not the end of the road. All the time, the long hours that have been poured into our Charter are not just for our little Family here and now--but it's for there and then! All the blood, sweat and tears that you folks are going through in learning how to put it into effect, as you're learning how to use the gifts God has given you, as you manifest His power in your life, as you learn to live the Lord's Love--all this isn't going to be lost!

55.The Lord has a great plan! He knew what He was doing when He ordained and sanctioned and gave the Charter. He knew it was not only needed to salvage the Family, but to salvage the world, and He's laying the foundation. Right now He is paving the way for His rule and reign of a thousand years on Earth--and He's doing it through the Love Charter! Great victories are ahead, folks!

56.Just think--you're pioneering the world of tomorrow! The world of tomorrow isn't about computers and the information highway. It's not going to be about fancy gadgets and selfish living. The world of tomorrow is going to be a world of love. Love will rule supreme. And He's teaching you right now, through the Love Charter, how to rule the world of the soon-coming tomorrow. He's teaching you through this Love Charter--the heart of the law--the fulfillment of the law.

57.The world has tried for centuries to live the dead letter of the law, and it has only proven that it kills. The dead letter of the law is killing mankind. But you, beloved, through the Charter, have life and the means to live God's only true Law of Love. You, dear Family, as you continue on living and loving and putting the Love Charter into effect, are the fulfillment of the law.

58.You're now growing into full maturation, as you fulfill His Law of Love, in preparation to rule the world of tomorrow! You're going to be needed, beloved, to rule and reign and advise the world in the way of love--the way of the Law of Love! As you live the Love Charter, and as you put the spirit of the Charter into effect in your everyday lives, you're proving the Law of Love! This book of the Love Charter is going to be the rule book of the world of tomorrow to help you rule the nations. As the good shepherds of tomorrow, you're going ahead and preparing the way for the sheep to follow. My dream come true--the Love Charter--is teaching you how to love each other.

59.(Mama:) Now how's that for some big news! The Lord is so clever in how He manages to get us to fulfill His colossal plans! We originally put the Charter into effect to remedy big problems in the Family. Parents wanted to develop a closer connection with their kids. People wanted more control over their individual lives, decisions, moves, relationships, etc. We needed to throw off the chains of conformity and the heavy burdens of the big blob Homes. You desired more freedom to follow the Lord according to your own faith, without being constricted and limited by leadership or the status quo or peer pressure. Young people wanted the opportunity to enjoy more sexual contact with other young people. Family members, young and old, needed to be instructed about their rights and responsibilities. These, and more, were changes that were desperately needed if the Family was to continue to be the Lord's avant-garde. Thank the Lord, He gave us all the grace, faith and wisdom to put such changes in motion, but little did we know that there was so much more at stake!

60.As always, in the above message Dad is looking ahead. After he took the time to enumerate the many victories of the past two years, he then turned his eyes toward the future! How many of you ever dreamed that by learning to live the Law of Love under the Love Charter you were preparing to rule the world!

61.It may seem to you that you're learning to govern on a very small scale, and your daily decisions and lessons may seem almost insignificant to you, but the point is that the principles of love that you use when you make your Charter-based decisions--whether it's about how to spend your money, when to receive new Home members, what ministries to devote your time and attention to, how to care for your children and Home members (especially the weaker ones), how to conduct city council meetings, etc.--are preparing you to be the rulers of tomorrow! It's practice in such things as learning how to hear from the Lord, make wise Word- and love-based decisions, and be responsible and accountable for your actions that will prepare you for your great work in the Millennium.

62.Just think! Dad says, "The Lord has a great plan. He knew what He was doing when He ordained and sanctioned and gave the Charter. He knew it was not only needed to salvage the Family, but to salvage the world, and He's laying the foundation. Right now He is paving the way for His rule and reign of a thousand years on Earth--and He's doing it through the Love Charter." The principles of the Love Charter and the way we are learning to live the Law of Love will be the rule book that will help us rule the nations! That's pretty heavy, if you ask me! Talk about a vision! That gives you something to look forward to for sure! Praise the Lord!

Keep Fighting, Family!

63.(Dad continues:) So don't get weary in well-doing, dear Family. This is my birthday prayer for you. I know what it's like to get weary. I got weary many times and was tempted to come Home before my time. But I stayed till the time was right, I held on for you. And now I ask you folks, won't you hold on just a little longer for me? For the Lord? For the world?

64.Keep living and obeying and following closely. Keep on loving, keep on striving and fighting to put the Love Charter into effect, and as you do, you will soon be able to see all the good fruit and results, if you haven't been able to so far. You, dear Family, are getting stronger every day, and I'm proud of you!

65.Keep on loving, and through unity you will find strength. It's there, it's here, and there is plenty for everyone. In unity is strength, and as you strive to live the true spirit of the Love Charter, you will find all the strength and energy and anointing you will need for now and for the days ahead, when He is going to use you to rule the world!

66. This is the test run! This time of learning to live the Law of Love is the proof of the puddin', and you're going to be able to fall back on that in the days ahead, when you will be able to comfort others with the comfort that the Lord is pouring out on you now.This is it!--My dream come true! So please, dear Family, don't give up the fight now.

67. Keep climbin' up! Keep holdin' tight to each other! Keep prayin' together. Keep leanin' on each other. Keep relyin' on each other. Keep strengthenin' each other. Keep reachin' out and lending a helping hand to each other. Keep holdin' each other up. If one falls, pick him up, help him dust off, lock your arm in his, and keep walkin' on. Keep lovin' and carin' and sharin' one with another. Keep rising above the petty nagging little struggles of daily life, and forge ahead! Don't despair!--But if you do, fight on in the face of despair. Keep tappin' into the power and tunin' into the whispers. Keep on keepin' on! Don't stop! Don't quit! Keep fightin' on!

68.Keep that old Devil on the run! Keep the love flowin' through you! Keep praisin' and lovin' the Lord. Keep pourin' out to others. Keep huggin', keep caressin', keep touchin', keep lovin'! Keep a soft heart but a tough spirit. Keep showing outgoing concern for others. Keep lending a listening ear and giving understanding to those in need. Keep showing love and compassion to those who are failing. Keep reaching out, that others may feel your love. Keep spreading the Lord's healing touch. Keep spreading hope to those you meet. Keep loving and living our Charter of Love. Keep raising a standard against the evils of this day. Keep breakin' down the walls and breakin' the chains of conformity. Keep storming the gates of Hell and keep chasin' away those dark clouds of gloom and doom!

69.Keep lovin' Jesus, keep lovin' each other, and keep livin' the Law of Love! The Family needs it, you need it, I need it, and the world needs it! Keep yielding and letting the Lord love through you. Don't just read about it. Don't just talk about it. Do it now! Keep spreading His healing balm to others and to the world. Keep lovin' everyone He brings across your path! Don't miss one chance. Don't let one golden opportunity pass you by. Keep on loving and ushering in the Kingdom of God.

70.Keep following close behind me--we're headin' on out! Don't get off the ship of the Love Charter. We're sailin' on into the light of the new day--the new world--where we're gonna live and reign and rule with Him, as we spread His Love and keep His lovin' laws of the Charter of Love. Hallelujah! Happy anniversary! Praise the Lord! Your Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

71.(Vision:) There was a beautiful old sailing vessel, and it was floating along like one of those Heavenly gondolas. Dad was at the helm, and Mama and Peter were right next to Dad on either side of him. Other Family members were on the deck and bow of the boat. Some were arm in arm, some hand in hand. Down below on the ship, where all these Family members were involved in different activities, people were living and loving and interacting in perfect harmony and love as they went about their duties. It was a peaceful feeling, one of great love, unity and harmony.

72.This beautiful ship sailed right along until it entered the new world. It was cruising along above the ground, but close to the surface of what looked look the millennial Earth. The folks down on the Earth were all coming out of their houses or stopping their work in the fields to wave to the ship as it passed by.

73.Everyone was cheering, and the Family members on the ship were waving back and throwing something out to the people below. At first it looked like confetti, but then it became clear it was handfuls of tiny hearts, which symbolized love. They were throwing love out to the people.

74.When the ship sailed off across the millennial world, the back of the ship became visible, and there was written the name "The Love Charter." The Charter was like our ship or our vehicle to usher in love to the Millennium or the new world. Dad looked so happy, free and gorgeous, as did everybody on the ship. (End of vision.)

75.(Mama:) Dad's birthday prayer for us is that we won't quit or get weary in well-doing. Things are going well! We're rockin' out and making tremendous progress, despite some difficulties, battles, tests and trials. So don't give up! Even if you suffer a few little setbacks here and there, or if you feel you're not really doing much, just keep being faithful to do what you can in love. If what you do you do in love, even if your efforts seem rather puny to you, you'll reap great rewards. The Lord will be able to trust you with great responsibility in the world to come, because you will have learned to be loving, which is what counts!

76.God bless you, my dear precious Family! Thank you for loving the Lord and Dad and Peter and me. Thank you for loving each other and our wonderful children and the lost! Thank you for loving the Word and our revolutionary lifestyle! Thank you for following wherever the Lord leads, and being willing to be His Endtime army! You're unbeatable, and Peter and I are so thankful and privileged to be your earthly shepherds. We love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family