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WHAT A HUSBAND AND LOVER! Maria #371 DO 3098 12/96

--Celebrating Our First Anniversary!--The Fruit of Loving Jesus Intimately!--By Maria

For Members Age 16 and Up!

Dear Family,

1. This is our first anniversary of loving Jesus intimately! It was one year ago that you first read the Words that brought to light so vividly the Lord's need for your love. He humbled Himself so you could see Him as a lonely Man Who had many friends, but Who needed a lover, and He revealed the passionate, complete, ardent love relationship that would be available to you through saying intimate love words to Him, and also by including Him in your sexual activities, if you so desired.

2.The messages from the Lord that were published last year in the "Loving Jesus" GNs were packed with tremendous promises for each of us personally, for our Homes, and for the Family as a whole! As many of you have written us, you have already seen some of these promises coming to pass very obviously in your personal lives, relationships or Homes. But on the other hand, because loving Jesus intimately is generally a private matter, and it's something that definitely happens in the realm of the spirit world, it's not easy to recognize all the many ways the Lord has blessed us as a result. Some of the blessings are rather hidden. So I asked the Lord if He would like to explain how He has fulfilled or is in the process of fulfilling His many promises to us--even blessings that we may see, but may not understand the reasons for which they have been given. As usual, the Lord's response was more wonderful than I had anticipated!

Let's Celebrate!

3.(Jesus speaking:) Rejoice! Rejoice! Celebrate! Applaud! Sing songs of joy and thanksgiving! Lift your arms in praise as I do this day in celebration of My Bride, My many brides, those who have heard My cry, who have yielded to My wooing, and who have come into My arms and into My bed and have met My need and fulfilled My dream with their words of love and their passion and desire.

4. Youcan't imagine the joy that you have brought into My life by loving Me intimately! You cannot comprehend how complete you have made Me feel now that we are one, now that we are lovers and we revel in the bed of passion and intimacy. Each time you kiss My lips and look deeply into My eyes and share your heart and express your love and your desire for Me, each time you reach out to Me and hold Me and want Me, each time you fuck Me and receive My penis and fuck My golden rod and drink in My golden seeds, it fills My heart with joy until I feel I could almost burst!

5.Your love and yieldedness and humility, your willingness to love Me intimately as My Bride, have made Me complete. Now I am a whole Man, full and overflowing with boundless love and satisfaction. As you have given Me the desire of My heart, so have I given you the desires of your hearts, and I will continue to do so.

6. (Mama:) Jesus is so excited! He's saying we should be rejoicing, celebrating, singing, clapping, and lifting our hands in thanksgiving, as He is! This anniversary is a big deal to the Lord--and it should be to us too!

7.The Lord is so happy with our love! He's overjoyed! He says He's whole now, He's complete! I want to remind you that in an earlier prophecy which was included in the "Loving Jesus Jewels," the Lord explained why He wasn't "complete" without us. He said, "Without you, I would have no object for My Love, no vessel for My Love, and love that is not shared is incomplete, unfulfilled, hollow, lost--even My Love. I need you. That is the wonder of My Love" (ML #3045:110, GN 674).

8.Let's really celebrate this wonderful anniversary! Let's make it an unforgettable occasion! You can do the same things to make this time special for Jesus that you would do with an earthly lover. You can reminisce, thinking about the wonderful times you've had together and remembering how different your life was before you met "your other half." You can make a special effort to tell your Lover special words of endearment, expressing how much He means to you. You can spend extra time together talking and listening to each other. You can make love especially tenderly and passionately.

Your Lover Forever!

9.(Jesus continues:) I am not as a man, one who would lie or deceive or trick or lead on his loveronly to get what he wants, and then dump her and reject her and leave her hopeless and penniless and brokenhearted. I am not only your Husband and your greatest Lover, but I am also your Lord and King and Savior. I rule the universe, and all power is given unto My hand. My Words to you are true. My promises to you are perfect. Some have been fulfilled, some are being fulfilled, and some will yet be fulfilled.

10.But not one of My promises will be without her mate, just as I am not without My mate, and you are not without your mate [Me]. Just as you and I are complete and whole in each other, so will each of My promises to you be complete and whole, each one with her fulfillment.

11.Your love has moved My hand to work in many ways--some you see and some you do not yet see. But I am constantly working for you, serving you, honoring you. I know your every need, and nothing escapes My vision. My passion and love for you drives Me, compels Me, pushes Me to attend to your every need and desire. For I am not as an unfaithful husband whose love has waned and who plays around behind your back and is unfaithful and untrue and deceptive. But I am your Husband and your Lover today, tomorrow and forever! Nothing will separate us. Nothing will lessen My Love for you. Nothing will cause Me to lose interest and to go seeking someone new, someone different. For you are the Bride of My dreams, and I will take such good care of you--pamper you, spoil you, honor you so before the people--that you will never regret marrying Me!

12.(Mama:) As the Lord explained, He is not an insincere lover or con man like some men in the System are. Maybe you've heard or read about or watched movies about this, where a man will hustle a woman by telling her all kinds of nice things just to use her to get what he wants--promising to marry her, take care of her, provide for her, honor her, be true to her--but then only dump her in the end, leaving her lost and brokenhearted and more skeptical than ever. That is such a sad story. But we don't have to worry about that, because our Lover is sincere and true to His Word. He's not only our Husband and most intimate companion, but He's also the King of the whole universe and all power is given into His hands. So He is more than strong enough and rich enough to do over and above what He has promised. He has already proven this again and again.

13.In the first part of this message and in the paragraphs that follow, Jesus mentions repeatedly that some promises have already been fulfilled, some are being fulfilled, and some will yet be fulfilled. He is working in many ways in our different lives and Homes, and some of His blessings are more quickly manifested than others, depending on the circumstances. But one thing we know for sure is that because we are loving the Lord as He has requested, and we are humbling ourselves to give Him what He wants--our love and desire for Him manifested in intimate love words--He won't fail to reward us, His Bride, as He has promised.

Promises for the Individual

14.(Jesus continues:) Those of you who have loved Me intimately have benefited from My blessings both in ways you have seen and ways you have not seen.

15.I work in each individual's life differently, and I manifest Myself to each one in a unique manner. Some see signs and hear wonders, and others do not. Some are aware of obvious changes, and others are not. Some have felt the ecstasies of the honeymoon and the marriage, and others have not. But I guarantee and promise to each of you, My brides, that regardless of what you feel, or whether or not you think you can detect evidence of My blessings, I have blessed you and I am blessing you and I will continue to bless you.

16.You have humbled yourself before Me, some at great cost, and for this I honor you. You have been willing to come into My arms and into My bed and express your love for Me with intimate, personal, tender love words. Each step that you have taken by faith I have looked upon as great progress, great humility, great love. And as you have humbled yourself in this way and desired to draw nigh to Me, so have I been able to draw nigh to you.

17.This is the dynamics of the spirit world. No matter how much I desire to draw nigh to you, you must take the first step. You must desire Me. You must draw nigh to Me. You must create the vacuum and show the hunger and then I am able to draw nigh to you, to give you all that I wish to give you and all that I have for you.

18.(Mama:) The Lord sweetly acknowledges that it has been very humbling for some of you to love Him intimately, but He has blessed your efforts, and He looks at every step you've taken as great progress, humility and love! It's been worth it.

19.There's a spiritual law that we're very familiar with: "Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you"(Jam.4:8). But in this message Jesus brings out a side to that well-known verse that we don't always consider--that in a sense His hands are tied. No matter how much the Lord wants to be close to you, He has to wait for you to first come to Him and desire Him. We could paraphrase that verse to say, "Draw nigh to Him, because even as much as He would like to, He can't draw nigh to you until you do."

20.He has buckets and buckets of love that He'd like to pour down on you! In fact, He describes His Love as a free-flowing, magnificent waterfall! But He can't manifest as much love to you as He would like until you first create the vacuum. So the closer you come to Him, desiring Him, seeking Him, wanting His Love and seeds and the wonderful intimacy, anointing and power that comes from loving Him with love words, the more He can give you of His great Love! I don't know about you, but that makes me want to suck and suck those seeds, because I sure don't want to miss out on even a tiny bit of His warm, tender, soothing, exciting Love!

21.(Jesus continues:) Those who have loved Me intimately, I have helped and strengthened and blessed in an enormous variety of ways. Victories that have been won, lessons that have been learned, tough decisions that have been made in My will were all part of My reward, My blessing. But the greatest reward, the greatest gift, is greater intimacy with Me. As you have learned to love Me intimately, as you have lain in My arms, received My kisses and caresses and seeds, so have you learned to be attuned to Me. You recognize My Spirit and My voice more easily. You feel the nudges of My Spirit more obviously. You sense the direction that I am leading. You discern My will and My way more completely.

22.Just as it is with earthly lovers, as they spend more time together and share their hearts and learn to know one another deeply and intimately, they become attuned to each other's desires and needs and ways, and with time they are as two hearts that beat as one. They think alike and act alike and are alike. So it is with us--you, My dear bride, and Me. You have learned to recognize My needs and wants and desires. And as we have spent many precious hours in the secret place in passionate lovemaking, so have you become more like Me--thinking My thoughts, reacting as I react, feeling as I feel, and loving as I love.

23.You who have loved Me intimately have allowed My penis to plow the soil of your heart and I have planted My seeds deep within you. You have received the bursts of My seeds in Heavenly orgasms again and again and again. I have caused these seeds to pour forth from your mouths as you have been My channels and My witnesses.

24.You have exercised your gifts of prophecy. You have grown in faith, and My seeds, the results of our lovemaking, have poured forth through your mouth in the form of more specific instruction, more abundant message. For as your desire to receive My seeds and My lovemaking has grown, so has your desire to hear My personal, fresh, Heaven-sent Words increased as well. Your increased ability to hear from Me, to receive help from Heaven, specific answers to your immediate questions through My living Word for you is a direct result of your loving Me and receiving My seeds. You love Me and I fill you to overflowing, and My truth bursts forth from your mouth and heart and spirit.

25.Likewise, so it is with your witnessing. You have been willing to give yourself to Me, to receive Me, to show Me your desire. You have not only allowed Me but you have wanted Me to fuck you, to fill you deeply and fully with My penis and My seeds. Such ardent lovemaking has moved you and warmed you deep inside. It has touched your heart and caused you to be renewed, and anointed with compassion and understanding and tenderness. As you look into the eyes of the person to whom you are witnessing, you are not businesslike or in a routine, just to make a sale. But you look upon each of them with a broken heart, gazing deeply into their eyes and their spirit to see what their needs are, how you can help them and minister to them and really make a difference in their lives.

26.I have brought new life into your witnessing--new purpose, new vigor! It has caused you to want to be more honest, more real, and to have a deeper witness, a more sincere connection with each person you meet.

27.You have also sensed this change in your interactions with one another--with your husband or wife, your friends, your children, your co-workers. As you have broken down the walls of pride and the cover-ups and the false fronts with Me, a desire has been born within you to do the same with those around you. As you have learned to be honest with Me and to confess your need and to show yourself weak and hot and horny before Me, it has made you also want to be more intimate, more humble and closer to those around you.

28.Each time you love Me and fuck Me and humble yourself before Me, the wildness and movement and energy of our lovemaking shakes and weakens and causes to crumble the walls that you have built up around your heart that separate you not only from Me, but from others. For as your lovemaking with Me creates greater intimacy between you and Me, it does the same with those around you--your husband, your wife, your friends, your co-workers.

29.We are so in love! We stay on a permanent "high," always looking forward to and anticipating and daydreaming about the next time we can be together. Not only do we love to make love and feel the pleasures and explosions of the Spirit, but we also love to talk to each other.

30.I love to speak to you with My still, small voice in your heart. I love to speak to you with My fresh Words from Heaven. I want to pour out to you. I want to answer your questions! I want to tell you whatever you need to know or want to know. But I also want to hear your words of love, your sweet prayers of thanksgiving and petition and intercession.

31.You, too, want to talk to Me. You want to pour out your heart to Me, to feel Me right there with My arms around you, looking in your eyes, nodding My head understandingly, saying to you, "Tell Me more! Tell Me more!" So you want to tell Me whatever is on your heart. You want to unburden yourself completely to Me, and in our newfound intimacy and trust you have found the freedom to do just that.

32.But you don't only want to talk to Me, you want to hear what I have to say to you. You have a tremendous hunger in your heart and mind to read My Words, to know My thoughts, to know My views. You want to hear My stories and feast your eyes on My word pictures. You want to revel in My Words of love for you and marvel at My Words of wisdom. You feast not only on My written Word, but in peace and quiet you come before Me hungry to hear My whispers--My special, personal, individual Words of love and instruction and encouragement that are just for you.

33. (Mama:) How can I, with my limited, frail, earthly tongue, comment on such marvelous Words from the Lord? His assessment of how we as individuals have grown as a result of loving Him intimately is so very encouraging! And it's so easy to understand that, rather than offer further explanation or commentary, I'll simply list a summary of the many blessings He mentions in point form. Remember, even if you don't personally notice all these changes in your life, He assures you in the preceding message that He has blessed you for loving Him intimately. He is blessing you, and He will continue to bless you in the following ways and more!

*Greater intimacy with Jesus, which means you're more in tune with Him. This helps you win victories and learn lessons. He also gives you the grace to make any difficult decisions that may come your way.

* You recognize His voice, sense the direction He's leading, and discern His will more easily and clearly.

*You spend more time with Jesus, and as a result become more like Him--thinking His thoughts, reacting as He reacts, feeling and loving as He feels and loves.

*You have a greater desire to hear from Him in prophecy and receive the personalized instruction and shepherding He has for you.

*You've grown in faith to exercise your gift of prophecy, which means you're getting more specific and abundant messages from Him.

*You've become better witnesses--more aware of people's feelings, more "real," not so routine or businesslike. This causes you to give a deeper witness and have a more honest and sincere connection with people, doing more to make a difference in their lives.

*As you've been more humble and honest with the Lord, it's made you want to be the same with others, which means your relations with your loved ones--your mate, friends, co-workers, etc.--are closer and more intimate. The walls and false fronts that had separated you are being broken down.

*You're more in love with Jesus! And just like two people on Earth who are in love, you are excited about being together. You treasure every moment when you can spend time together, making love, communicating, talking, listening! Just to be in the company of the One you love is a thrill in itself, as you hang on to every Word He says, and you want to know everything about Him, just as you want Him to know everything about you--every detail, every secret, every battle and victory, every hidden thought. You don't want to hold back anything. You want to be completely united, like He said, as two hearts that beat as one!

34.The Lord is so good to us! It would be enough reward just to be able to lie in His arms and receive His Love and give Him pleasure and satisfaction in return, and yet He sees fit to also bless us so abundantly and enhance and beautify our lives! Praise the Lord!

Promises for the Homes

35.(Jesus continues:) Those who have loved Me intimately as a Home--saying [non-sexual] love words to Me in their public prayers, having an attitude of faith, and manifesting support and acceptance and belief in this hot new relationship of ours--have also been the recipients of My special blessings. The circumstances of each of your Homes are different, and so the manifestations of these blessings are also different. To some they come more quickly, to others they come later--but to all they will come, I promise.

36. My blessings shall be manifest in a variety of ways. You shall feel more unity and a greater bond of love between you. You shall have greater grace to accept and overlook and not be bothered by each other's little idiosyncrasies and bad habits.

37.You shall learn to have greater sacrificial love so that everyone's needs can be met, not only spiritually and physically, but also emotionally and sexually. The individuals and marriages that have been selfish and closed and untouched by the needs of others will open up and reach out and become more giving.

38.You shall learn to fight more effectively unitedly and through prayer to overcome the battles, the difficulties and the problems you encounter. As you are loving Me together intimately as a body, it will create in you a greater desire to come to Me and hear My Words of direction and instruction and encouragement for your Home. As you more closely follow not only the general principles of My written Word, but also the specifics that I will give you as My channels, you will become more fruitful, and you will be able to stay in the center of My perfect will more easily. By loving Me intimately as a Home, it will be easier for you to come to Me together as a Home to hear My voice and receive My fresh Words from Heaven for you.

39.As you enjoy greater unity and greater love amongst yourselves and a greater closeness and intimacy with Me as a body, you will become more powerful witnesses and a greater testimony to those on the outside. You will have more of the drawing power of My Spirit. When you go out to the highways and hedges to look for the lost sheep, or when they come to your Home to see a sample, the people who see you will look upon you and marvel! My Spirit will rest heavily upon you, and they will know that you have been with Jesus. They will know that they see a miracle, because a life of such sacrifice and a Home of such love and unity can only be wrought by My Spirit.

40.All will behold and partake of your love and peace and the unity of your Home of hearts. Whether it be the adults, young people or children who live there, or whether it be outsiders who simply visit, all will feel My Love and sense My Spirit and know that I am alive. They will know that I am not a King and a Savior Who is distant and afar off, but I am right here beside you, with you and in you, loving you personally and intimately as My Bride.

41.(Mama:) You can love the Lord intimately as a Home by singing "Loving Jesus" songs and saying love words to Him during your times of united prayer and praise. Of course, these words should not be sexually explicit like those you might say privately, but nonetheless they are a powerful witness to each other and they bring the Lord great pleasure. As a Home, you can also have some times of heart-sharing (without children present) when those who wish can discuss the benefits of loving the Lord intimately, the good fruit it has borne in their life, how it has brought them closer to the Lord, etc.

42.Also, you can talk positively amongst yourselves about the "Loving Jesus" revelation in a supportive, full-of-faith manner. As I explained in the "Loving Jesus Jewels" (GN 674), just because loving Jesus intimately is a private matter, and whether or not you practice it is your personal choice, that doesn't mean you can't talk about it at all. You wouldn't discuss it with your kids, of course, but you can discuss it positively with your shepherds, friends, lovers, peers, etc.

43.The Lord will bless you for manifesting faith in the revelation in your Home and personal conversations. Some of the greatest blessings are more unity and love. He says you'll even have more grace to tolerate or overlook those bad habits or idiosyncrasies that bug you about each other. Those little things that are relatively unimportant, but which can grate on you and cause you to be critical and which can lead to damaging rifts in the spirit, will not be so hard to live with.

44.You'll see people more as the Lord sees them. Their dedication, faithfulness, and love for Him will shine so much more brightly than all those little things that could stand improvement. Having more positive attitudes toward one another certainly makes Home meetings, decision-making and working together go much more smoothly, and you generally just feel happier about your situation.

45.You'll also be more effective in your prayers together, petitioning the Lord with greater fervorand thereby overcoming more problems and battles together. It's difficult to know exactly why your loving the Lord intimately would help you as a Home to fight in prayer more effectively, but it's possibly because you have more boldness to come before His throne of grace, knowing you've been loving Him and pleasing Him and giving Him what He desires, and therefore you can claim His many promises more wholeheartedly and with greater expectancy and appropriating faith.

46. The preceding message explains that loving the Lord together makes it easier for you to hear from Him in prophecy together. That stands to reason, because it's humbling to love the Lord together, even when saying love words that are not erotic or sexually explicit. To hear from the Lord in prophecy is also humbling, but if you're already used to humbling yourselves before each other in one way, such as loving the Lord together, then it becomes easier to do so in other ways also.

47.The Lord goes on to explain that one of the great benefits of your seeking Him more in prayer and prophecy is that as you follow more closely by heeding the specific instructions you receive, your Home will be more fruitful and it will be easier for you to stay in the center of His will.

48.If your Home and Home members are loving the Lord intimately, He promises that it will result in greater sacrificial love. The fruit of that will be that everyone will have their needs met more--including sexually and emotionally. People and marriages that have been selfish, closed or private will open up and share more. When you're receiving lots of love, encouragement and comfort, have you ever experienced how it breaks your heart and really moves you to see someone who is lonely and in need? You feel like, "Wow, I'm so blessed, I should be willing to give a little, even if it's difficult. How could I not give when I've received so much?!" Loving the Lord intimately has that effect too, because you feel so full, so rich in love, that you want others to feel the same way. So you're motivated to spend more time talking to that brother or sister who is lonely, listening to that single mom who needs a companion, and being a friend to that JETT or teen who looks up to you, as well as doing what you can to supply the sexual needs of those around you (within the boundaries of the Love Charter).

49.As you love the Lord more and love each other more, humbling yourselves and sacrificing for one another, you'll become better witnesses, as you'll have more drawing power of the Spirit. The love, warmth and unity in your Home will be proof that you have been with Jesus! Not only will this be a great testimony to those on the outside, but even to each other. All who come in contact with you will feel the Lord's Love and Spirit, and will know that He is alive!

50.We're learning as time goes on how very real our new intimate love relationship with the Lord is. In the preceding paragraphs, Jesus says He is right here beside us, with us and in us, loving us personally and intimately as His Bride. Reading about all these marvelous benefits and blessings that are the result of the "Loving Jesus" revelation will likely stir within you a desire to love the Lord more ardently, and to take more time with Him, to say the words He desires more often, and to include Him in your sexual fellowship more regularly. I want to share with you excerpts of a prophecy the Lord gave to Peter and me after we had loved the Lord together. I think these Words will help you see just how very real it is when the Lord loves you!

51.(Jesus speaking:) Oh, My passionate brides! How I love it when you come to love Me. How I love this time together! How I love to fuck you. And all that you say, all that you see, all that you feel is real, for I am there with you and I do these things. I do fuck you. I do kiss you and caress you. You do suck Me. You do fuck Me. These things are not an imagination. These things are not unreal, but they are real--very real--and they bring great joy and pleasure. As a man is pleasured by a woman, and as he is ecstatic, as he explodes in orgasm, so do I.

52.It is not just an imagination. It is not merely a fantasy, for it is true! For truly I go within you! Truly My seeds explode within you, within your spirit, and truly these seeds bear fruit. These seeds bear the fruit of yieldedness, love, compassion, mercy, wisdom, guidance, and knowledge of My Spirit. These, My seeds, are real! (End of prophecy excerpt.)

Promises for the Family as a Whole

53.(Jesus continues:) The children of David have become the brides of Jesus. They have been set free to love Me intimately, wildly, wholeheartedly, with utter abandonment, without restraint, without limit. As the heat of their passion abounds, so do My blessings abound. As they pour forth their hearts and their desire and their longing for Me without limit, so do I open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing to them that is without limit.

54.There is nothing that I won't do for the children of David, because they please Me so. I am mad with love for these, My sexy, hot young brides! Because they have been willing and had faith to receive the truth about My desire for them, My desire to love them and fuck them and become one with them, so have I been able to honor this faith and pour forth to them abundantly, without reservation, of the truth of Heaven.

55.Their greatest blessing and reward for loving Me intimately and coming to My bed of love to revel in pleasure and ecstasy is that I have poured forth to them the treasures of Heaven that none other on Earth has partaken of. They are rich beyond any people on the face of the Earth! Their wealth is beyond description! They are millionaires and billionaires in the Spirit because they receive in such abundance--I give even more than they can receive--of the gold and precious jewels from My Heavenly mines.

56.Deep truth have I given unto the children of David because they have manifested such deep faith. Their willingness to say yes to My desire, to receive Me and humble themselves and disrobe before Me and make passionate love, opens the very vaults of Heaven! And God the Father, the Holy Spirit and great multitudes of Heavenly helpers began to pour forth the riches of Heaven as they have never been poured forth before. The riches of Heaven had been waiting in reserve, waiting only for those who were worthy, those who deserved such honor.

57.It was My responsibility, My part to put forth My requests--to open My arms, to beckon you, to call you to come into My bed of love, to be wed with Me, to become one with Me. And it was your responsibility, your part to simply say yes and obey in love and humility. Then that put the wheels in motion for you to receive the abundant riches that are now yours for the taking because you are My wife, My Bride. What is Mine is yours. Now all the secrets of Heaven and the universe are open to you, and all the wealth of Heaven is at your fingertips. You have but to ask and you will receive.

58.Because you, the children of David, were willing to receive the shocking truth of My need for you and My love for you and My desire to be wed to you and to become one with you, so were the gates of Heaven opened to you, that you might be able to see in freely and partake of all that is there.

59.This was a test, a requirement, a challenge to the children of David. If you as a whole would be willing to accept the deep, radical, revolutionary new truth of the "Loving Jesus" revelation, then would be given into your hands the keys to the truth of the universe. The God of the universe was testing you, and you have passed the test! Now you have entered a new era in which you are given more deep truths of the Spirit. You have proven yourselves worthy of such honor and privilege, and now all Heaven rejoices at your yieldedness! Great preparation is made for the pouring forth of the Words of truth and revelation that will come to Queen Maria and King Peter. This is the greatest reward of the children of David.

60.(Mama:) The greatest blessing for the Family as a whole, from which each of us benefits immensely, is that because we have been willing to receive the truth of the "Loving Jesus" revelation, the Lord now knows He can trust us with the deep truths of His Spirit. As a result, He's pouring out His Heavenly riches to us almost faster and more abundantly than we can possibly receive them! Because we have manifested deep faith, He has unlocked the vaults of Heaven, which are brimming with riches! They've been there all along, but they had been in reserve, waiting until this time to be revealed.

61.When we said yes to the Lord's request to love Him intimately, it was like He bequeathed all His riches to us, as His wife. Just like in worldly marriages--or at least how they used to be before all this prenuptial agreement business got started--when two people become one as husband and wife, they are then joint owners of all their combined assets and possessions. What was once the husband's property then belongs to his wife as well. Now Jesus says to us, His Bride, "What's Mine is yours!" All the riches of Heaven and the secrets of the universe are open to us!

62.Not long ago I held a meeting with the members of our Home, and in the course of this meeting we discussed the subject of prophecy and how abundantly the Lord is pouring forth His Words. At the end of the meeting, before closing, we asked the Lord to speak in prophecy and He gave the following message, which again illustrates the tremendous wealth that He's showering upon us.

63.(Jesus speaking:) This is a day of great riches! For did I not show you before that I opened the doors of Heaven and I swept the streets of Heaven, and gold dust and precious jewels did fall from Heaven to enrich you, to bless your lives, to answer your questions, to lead you in the way in which you should go? (See "Prayer and Prophecies About Our Financial Needs," GN 598, paragraphs 73-76.)

64. I have so much to give, so many riches, so many jewels! For you have struck the Divine mother lode, and I have much, much more to give! Now I won't just be sweeping the halls of Heaven, but I will bring out bulldozers and pour forth My gold and jewels in great, great abundance, more than you will be able to receive! You will be loaded with diamonds and sapphires and rubies and precious gems of all kinds, and I will speak to you of the mysteries of My Kingdom. I will speak to you in revelation. I will speak to you of current events. I will speak to you of the things to come. I will give you the words of encouragement that individuals need. I will answer your questions. I will clarify your policies and doctrines. I will show you these mysteries and many, many more. ... You will look upon these riches with astonishment!

65.For now you think you are wealthy, you think you are the richest people on the face of the Earth, but you haven't seen anything yet! There shall be bulldozers pouring forth the riches from Heaven on all sides! You will be buried in the riches from Heaven! You will revel in My jewels, in My golden seeds, My diamond seeds, My sapphire seeds, more than you ever imagined! You have but to open your mouth and hear My whispers and pour forth. Make yourselves available and I will give more than you ever imagined. (End of prophecy excerpt.)

66.(Mama:) You probably noticed in the previous message about the "Loving Jesus" revelation that the Lord said it was "a test, a requirement, a challenge to the children of David." You might be a bit confused about this, thinking, "How can this be a test, a requirement, when it was made clear that this revelation wasn't a fundamental Family belief?" In other words, you might wonder how the Lord can say that it was a requirement, when to believe and practice the "Loving Jesus" revelation was not required.

67.The key to understanding this is where the Lord says in the following sentence: "If you as a whole would be willing to accept the deep, radical, revolutionary new truth of the 'Loving Jesus' revelation, then would be given into your hands the keys to the truth of the universe." The Lord wanted to see if the Family as a whole would receive this revelation. And in the next sentence He says, "The God of the universe was testing you, and you have passed the test." You, dear Family, have passed the test. Overall you have received it. So even if there are some who don't believe it, or who are still battling with it, or who do believe it but choose not to practice it, obviously the Lord is pleased with the overall reaction and acceptance and willingness of the Family as a whole.

68.While on this subject, you'll see from the "Loving Jesus" FSMs that you received for this 1997 Feast that there are many, many positive reactions from around the world. And I assure you, those FSMs represent just a drop in the bucket of the hundreds of supportive full-of-faith reactions that we've received. Our FSM editors compiled just the most helpful reactions to avoid repetition, and we still have enough reactions on hand to prepare at least five or six more FSMs! We will probably not be able to publish all these wonderful reactions, because there are so many other timely important subjects that we also need to address, but I at least wanted you to know that we have received a very large number of positive reactions via your personal letters and TRF comments, as this certainly is a strong confirmation of what the Lord says here--that the Family overall has received the "Loving Jesus" revelation. Praise the Lord!

69.Now the Lord goes on to list many other fascinating ways the Family has been blessed as a result of loving Him intimately.

70.(Jesus continues:) There are other [rewards], some of which have been manifest fully and some of which are still hidden. Doors have been opened to new mission fields, and faithful ones have pioneered and been met with open arms and hungry hearts. The message has reached those who have never heard before, and the Words of David have poured forth with great abundance in lands that are cold and barren and where the people are brokenhearted.

71.I have encamped round about you an enormous armor guard of angels that have protected you from the attacks of the Enemy in the form of persecution. I have kept at bay your enemies and those who seek your downfall, those who hate you and long to destroy you. Those who live to destroy you have been powerless and helpless because I have tied their hands. It is but for a time, but I have allowed you these years of peace and prosperity, and there are yet more to come, so that you may continue to progress and be strengthened and take full advantage of the doors that I have opened before you.

72.I have also set you upon a new path of ministering My Word. New tools and new ways and means will soon be at your fingertips. I know the desire of your heart to reach the world, to minister more effectively and efficiently. I know the desire of your heart to do new things, to reach out, to pioneer, to break free from your ruts and the ways of the past. I am even now preparing the way, and great will be the company of those who publish the Words of David!

73.The armies of David will march forth with greater power, strength and anointing, and their witness shall be heard around the world! As you have grown in the power of the Spirit through your intimacy with Me, your yieldedness, your willingness to believe by faith and take Me as your Husband, so will your witness grow in power. You shall reach the ends of the Earth, and all shall know of the children of David and the message they bear.

74.As your witness grows in power, so shall your finances grow. Because you have been My faithful beggars and you have been willing to be humble and to be in need year after year, you have proven yourselves worthy of My abundance. As I promised unto your Father David, I will make you a financial power, strong not only in the eyes of God but in the eyes of man, because I know you are trustworthy and responsible and accountable. You have passed the test of poverty and difficulty and desperation. You have proven yourself faithful with that which is least, and now I will pour forth in great abundance so that you will have the wherewithal to do the job that I have asked you to do in the short time that is left.

75.All of these many blessings and benefits are yours as individuals and as Homes and as a body, because you have been willing to give yourselves wholly to Me. You have humbled yourselves by faith. You have said to Me the love words I desire by faith. You have come to My bed of love and reveled in the ecstasies of lovemaking by faith. You have received My Word, the strange truths, the deep truths of My Spirit, by faith.

76.Continue to walk by faith, and My promises will become a reality to you. I love you, My brides, My precious ones, and I will never fail you. You are Mine forever, and I am yours forever. We are forever one. I love you, My loves. Thank you for loving Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

77.(Mama:) It's almost more than I can fathom to read the outstanding ways the Lord has blessed our Family because we're willing to yield to Him and be the lovers that He desires. We give so little and He gives us so much in return. I'll list here some of the blessings the Lord has poured forth, which are pretty phenomenal!

* Open doors to new mission fields, some of which we'd visited in the past but which have been almost untouched with the Gospel in recent years--at least the Gospel as we preach it--such as new Homes in Nepal, Turkey, Lebanon, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Namibia, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the far reaches of Russia, and China!

* Protection from persecution. Our enemies have been very limited in their attacks these last few years because the Lord has tied their hands. They can't do anything without His permission, and He has allowed us this time of peace so we can continue to progress and be strengthened and take full advantage of the doors that He's opening for us to minister to the lost. Of course, we have had some minor skirmishes here and there with our enemies as well as some negative media coverage. But thank the Lord, we have not suffered any attacks as drastic as major raids or whole Homes being imprisoned, with children being taken into custody, as happened in the not-so-distant past. The Lord says this peace isn't permanent; it's only for a time, so Lord help us to use it wisely!

* Progress toward new tools and ways to minister the Word. The Lord is surely referring, at least in part, to the creation of the new GP Pubs unit whose primary responsibility is to produce new GP tools and books! They will also be researching and pioneering other means to distribute the Word en masse.

78.When speaking about the GP Pubs unit three months ago when it was first being established, the Lord said, "Great fruit will come about as a result of the work of this unit. Through their humble, meek efforts, multitudes will hear the Words of David. Multitudes will come and kneel at the feet of the children of David to be blessed and fed and led in the paths of righteousness! Through the small beginnings of this small unit will come great, monumental effects! Door after door after door will open, and great will be the company of those that publish the Words of David! Many who have never heard will hear! Those who are starving will be satisfied. Those who are dying of thirst will be brought back to life!" (End of prophecy excerpt.)

79.Another new way to minister the Word that has opened recently that we don't want to forget or minimize has been the establishment of our new Web site! God bless our dear pubs workers who labored month after month to prepare the material that is now available on the Internet! It's reaching thousands all over the world, and will continue to do so!

* Greater finances to do the job! I'm sure the promise that as our witness increases that our finances will also increase was a big relief for you who are struggling. Because we've been willing to be God's beggars, and we've been humbled by desperate financial situations year after year, and have been faithful with a little, the Lord says He can now bless us with abundance. I was thrilled to read in the above message the Lord's confirmation of Dad's vision that we would become a financial power. In case you don't remember, in Dad's "Dream About Finances" he said, "The picture was that the Family became very, very blessed financially. Because we gave so much, the Lord gave so much. We not only would be a spiritual power, but the Lord would make us a financial power!" (ML #2937:3, GN 604). It may stretch your faith to imagine that now, but the Lord said it, and I believe it.

Love and Thanks--to You and Jesus!

80.Thank you, dear Family, for having the faith to believe and practice the "Loving Jesus" revelation. Thank you for the love words you say from your heart to our dearest Lover and Husband. Your love means so much to Him that it has moved His heart and hand to bless us in ways that we never dreamt possible. You are responsible for such blessings--because you love Jesus so much, and because you are open and humble enough to believe and live His Words! I know you don't do so begrudgingly, but willingly and cheerfully. I'm so proud of you! So proud of your faith!

81.Dear sweet Jesus, in showing us how to love You intimately, You have given us a gift that is so precious to us and that brings us such joy that we would gladly be Your yielded, passionate, sexy brides just because we want to make You happy. Just to be able to love You and have greater intimacy with You is reward enough for us. And yet on top of such privilege and honor, You load us with blessings beyond description! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. We are Yours forever, Jesus! We love You eternally, our precious, wonderful Husband!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family