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MAMA'S MEMOS!--No.1 Maria #372 DO 309912/96

Subject: "Loving Jesus" Tapes and Children

--By Maria


1.Regularly there are subjects that come up--either your questions or other important points that we want to pass on to you--that would normally be covered in variety GNs such as "The State of the Nation" or "News and Views," which include a wide range of topics. However, we don't often have the opportunity to put together such variety GNs because we're busy with GNs that address other timely major subjects. As a result, your questions and other shorter points that we'd like to address sometimes get pushed to the back burner, where they have a tendency to remain for quite a while.

2.To remedy this problem, we would like to try a new approach, and that is to publish short articles in the GNs under this new title of "Mama's Memos!" when possible. Lord willing, this will be a catch-all for any subjects that may be of interest to you, or which are important, but which don't merit a full Letter or GN. We hope this will enable us to get your questions answered and get information to you more quickly and efficiently. Please pray this will be a good, workable solution. Thanks!

"Loving Jesus" Tapes and Children

3.We have received questions about whether children should be allowed to listen to the "Open for Love" tape. One Home sent in the following comment with their TRF:

4. The "Open For Love" tape is just beautiful! In the FSM about these songs cascading down from Heaven, Peter mentions that generally this tape is okay to play around the house. (See FSM 298, pg.2.) In our Home some people felt it was best not to play it around children. So it was announced to not play this tape in public areas, but only on headphones or in private rooms without children present. I wonder if you have any counsel on this.

5.(Mama:)We came before the Lord to ask if He could please explain how the "Open for Love" tape should be handled, as well as another song tape called "Desiring You!" that is being produced that has similar terminology in its lyrics.Our question was whether or not it was okay for these tapes to be played in the public areas of the Home.

6.The Lord sweetly answered our question,and explained that this is a decision that must be made by each of you Homes, according to your own faith. It is up to you to pray about this and discuss it as a Home and make your own Home policy according to how you feel the Lord is leading you. The message the Lord gave is as follows:

7. (Jesus speaking:) According to your faith--the faith of each Home--be it unto you. For each Home is in a different situation and location, and you must prayerfully seek Me. I will direct and guide you, and I will instruct you, and then you must proceed according to your own faith. Just as I have not required that everyone must love Me in every intimate detail of our new relationship, but only that you give Me that which you feel you can, likewise I do not require that you must play these tapes, or not play them, within your Homes. For it is according to your faith.

8.Each Home has a different situation. Some Homes may want to select and choose the songs for their children's listening; other Homes may not be able to do so, due to their situation. So you must pray, and I will show you and guide you and make it clear. But most of all I say unto you, fear not and worry not. I will care for My Own. I will lead and I will help you, and I will not lead you in a way that will cause any harm or hurt to you or your children. If you are able to trust Me 100%, even in this, I will lead you down the right path where you have no need to worry or fear. (End of message from Jesus.)

9. (Mama:) I wondered about what the Lord meant when He said, "Each Home has a different situation. Some Homes may want to select and choose the songs for their children's listening; other Homes may not be able to do so, due to their situation." I asked if He'd like to clarify that instruction a bit more, and He gave the following explanation:

10. (Jesus speaking:) A great alternative for those Homes that can do so is to make a compilation of songs. They can choose the songs they want to have on the tape which can be played in public places, and they can edit out the ones that they feel it best that their children do not hear. They can reserve those songs, or the full unedited tape, for private listening.

11.Some Homes may be able to select and choose the songs which they would like to compile on to one tape because they have the time to do it, they have someone available who knows how to do it, and they have the right equipment to do it. But other Homes may not be able to do that because they don't have the right equipment, or perhaps they don't have the time or the know-how or even the money at the moment to make copies. So some Homes may not be able to do this because of their situation. (End of message from Jesus.)

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