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It's COOL to LOVE JESUS! Maria #374 DO 3101 1/97

A Letter to the Junior Teens and JETTs--From Mama

Dear Junior Teens and JETTs,

1. God bless you! I love you!--And I'm so proud of you when you let the Lord use you as vessels of His love, light, and truth. When you're on fire for Jesus, witnessing and helping others, being unselfish and caring for those around you and those in need, you're a tremendous sample! You're the proof of the pudding! Maybe you don't realize it, but people look at you and marvel that there could be such sweet, loving and even sacrificial kids in this day and age. They're surprised, and it's a terrific example to the world. Because as you probably know, many of the poor parents of today's world have their hands full trying to care for directionless, unhappy, unmotivated teens. And some have to contend with uncontrollable teen terrors who have no regard for their family, other people, or the law! So they look at you and your parents and your happy Homes with amazement! Of course, you have problems too--we all do--and things are not always hunky-dory, but compared to the kids in the world, you're miles ahead!

2.Thank you for your love. It makes me so happy to see you loving the Lord and others. It thrills me when you are motivated by love, pouring out love, learning about love, and partaking of the Lord's love.

3.Love is where it's at! Love is the light and power of God! Love is what the whole world yearns for. Like the old song that used to play when I was a teen, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of!"

4.You teens and JETTs have grown up all your lives surrounded by the love of God. You have felt the love of Jesus in your parents, your teachers, your brothers and sisters, and your friends. You've been strengthened and fed by the Lord's love as you've partaken of His Spirit each day and as you've fed on His Word. Your lives have been so rich with love, overflowing and bubbling over with love! You've had love coming out your ears compared to the average System kid, so maybe you don't quite realize yet how powerful this love is, what a fantastic testimony it is, and how, if you are willing to be a vessel of that love, people marvel when they see you.

5.Love changes the world! Love heals the sick and brings those who are almost dead back to life. Love gives you something to live for. Love is the secret to that warm, cozy feeling you get when you know you're safe and secure and that everything is going to be okay, because you know Jesus loves you. He's your Good Shepherd, He's your Husband, He's your Best Friend. That's the key to all this love--Jesus!

6.The ability to love and care for others unselfishly isn't something you can just muster up yourselves or try to do in the arm of the flesh, is it? I'm sure you've probably tried that before and have seen how frustrating it can be and what a bummer it is when you feel you've failed or when you recognize the limitations of your own love. In yourselves, in your own strength or your own mind or your own heart, you just don't have the love for others that you need. The Lord sometimes lets things happen that show you clearly how you lack the love, sympathy and unselfishness that would motivate you to sacrificially love and serve others. He does this because He wants you to reach out to Him, He wants you to know how much you need Him. He wants you to have a desire to be close to Him, He wants you to see how good it is when you love Him and are a vessel of His love to others.

7.You know, loving the Lord is very cool. He's such a far-out Person. He's such a dependable Friend. Kids in the world don't realize it, but it's very hip to be the Bride of Jesus. It's awesome! There's nothing better in this life than to be married to Jesus and to be one with Him. He's unconventional, different, wild and unique. He's a pretty far-out, cool Guy. He can be called by some pretty far-out names. He's not only your friend, He's your top guy, your number one. He's a mighty man, an awesome dude. He's your main man. You can picture Him as a buddy, a friend, a cool dude to hang out with, or anything else you like. That's okay with Him! He's all these things!

8.The Lord has revealed precious secrets of His Kingdom to you. He has brought you into a very special, private, intimate place with Him. He's whispered in your ears things that most kids your age around the world have never even imagined! The poor kids of the world are all looking for adventure, excitement and satisfaction. They're all looking for something new. That's why they so frequently seek for thrills in drugs, or perverted, unloving sex, or extreme sports, or demonic types of music, videos and computer games--because deep inside they have an aching void, and they're trying to fill it. Those poor kids! It's really tragic, because all these things they're trying are just counterfeits of the Enemy to get'm tripped off, to weaken them in the flesh and in the spirit, to pollute them and make them sick, and even to kill their bodies and their spirits.

9. You are some of the few kids in the whole world who know the truth--the deep truths of the spirit world. You don't need drugs or all-night parties or the incessant driving music of the Devil to push you into the spirit world, to throw you into the dark kingdom of the Enemy in your quest for the truth, because you already have the truth. You have something more precious than could ever be bought with money or discovered through these other means! Jesus has made you His child and His Bride, and day by day, as you get to know Him better and spend time loving Him personally--singing songs to Him and praying from your heart to Him and listening to His voice--He brings you closer to His bosom. Then you become more united, more of one mind and one heart, and you begin to think more like Jesus and act more like Jesus. The more you love Him, the closer you want to be to Him, and it's this close personal relationship with Jesus that gives you power, strength, and happiness.

10.Loving the Lord and being close to Him is the secret! That's really it! That's what's really cool, or as I think you say these days, that's way cool! Being the Bride of Jesus is so far-out and so awesome that the kids of the world haven't even heard of it yet! You're so far out front and so far ahead of them that it's like they're living in the Dark Ages, while you're living in the future, in the eternal now, in God's beautiful Heavenly Kingdom of love that will never end!

11.Jesus has so much to give you--so much truth, love, and happiness! He wants you to overflow with joy! He wants you to be so turned on with life that you feel you could almost burst! He wants you to be flying high in the Spirit! But the secret to receiving these blessings or gifts from the Lord isn't our communal living, or our work for the Lord, or our overcoming all our personal problems--but it's being close to Jesus, loving Him, and being His Bride.

12.You shouldn't be ashamed of your relationship with Jesus. You shouldn't feel you have to hide how much you love Jesus and how much you depend on Him and need Him and want to be close to Him. You shouldn't think it's something that's corny or "religious" or un-cool. When you go out witnessing and you see other kids with their new haircuts and clothes, hanging out with their friends, and they look like they don't have a care in the world as they smoke cigarettes, listen to music, ride skateboards and basically just "chill," you shouldn't feel intimidated or be tempted to compromise your convictions. Because what you have is so much more valuable, so much more precious than what they have! Even though you can't see your riches, they're there nonetheless.

13.What can you do if you're tempted to be embarrassed or to feel afraid of their faces when you're witnessing to the so-called cool kids in the System, or when you see kids who seem to have so much more than you have in the flesh?--They have money to buy the latest fashions and they're up on all the latest music and they seem to have so much time on their hands and the freedom to do whatever they want. Well, just ask the Lord to help you see it in the spirit, to see things the way they really are. (See Psa.73:3-23.)

14.If all your blessings and the wealth of the truth that you know were portrayed in a physical illustration, it would be as if you kids were driving down the streets in a Rolls Royce (the Revolution for Jesus). You'd be decked out with gold, fine jewels and diamonds (the truth of God's Word). You'd have servants all around you just waiting to serve you at your beck and call (your guardian angels and spirit helpers). Whereas those poor kids are like paupers and beggars. They have nothing by comparison. They're sick and dying, and everything you see that they have that looks so good and so desirable is just trash! While you're driving around in riches and plenty and safety and security, it's like they're digging through the garbage dump trying to find a few scraps to feed on to keep them alive. That's how it is in the Spirit. That's how God sees it, and that's how it truly is.

15.You may need to take this by faith right now, because you may not feel very strong or powerful or rich. But believe me, you are God's princes and princesses! You are His Endtime soldiers and prophets and prophetesses, and you are His Bride! He has so much that He desperately wants to give you, and what He wants from you in return is your love. As I said before, that's the key--your personal relationship with Jesus--the time you spend in prayer and in the Word, the time you spend praising Him, the way you keep your heart soft and open to His checks, and the burden you have to please Him. That's what counts with the Lord and really makes Him happy.

16.He's so turned on when you love Him! He's thrilled and flipped out when you want to be close to Him. He really wants you to understand how much joy it brings Him when you love Him. He wants you to see the joy He feels when you want to be close to Him and you want to spend time with Him. He loves you! He's so happy to be your Husband. He's crazy about you! He's in love with you! In fact, He wants to tell you Himself how much He loves you and how important you are to Him. He gave a special message for you junior teens and JETTs, and I'm so happy to have the privilege of passing it on to you.

17.It's such a thrill to hear from the Lord! It's such a blast to get His messages! He really knows how to "become all things to all men." When He addresses kings and the rulers of nations, He speaks with great eloquence and authority. When He speaks to those who are brokenhearted and lonely, He sympathizes and comforts and wipes away their tears with His Words of encouragement. When He speaks to the wicked, He blasts His Words of warning with great power, exposing their hypocrisy and rendering them accountable for the truth that He revealed to them. And as you'll see in the following message, when He speaks to you, He "gets down" and talks your lingo. He gets on your wavelength, and I think you'll enjoy it. The Lord gave this message in this style because He loves you so much and wants to make it easy for you to receive these important principles, these foundations of faith that you can stand on.

18.This is a message from Jesus for you personally. He gave it especially for you, and it's important! He's talking to each of you as an individual. He's telling you of His love for you. He's telling you how much He needs you and how important you are to Him. More and more, as He speaks to us as our personal Shepherd through His Heavenly messages that are fresh for today, we are seeing how much Jesus can relate to us and how much we can relate to Him. We're understanding Him better. We're seeing more of His human side. We're realizing what a close Friend He actually is.

19.In the following message He also explains to you the benefits of loving Him. In the prophecies contained in the "Loving Jesus" series, the Lord gave us some very precious promises about what He'd be able to do for us as we drew closer to Him. He said that as we understood more about how much He loves us and how He wants to be close to us, that we would reach out more to Him, and then He would be able to fulfill in our lives the promise in the Bible that says, "Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you" (James 4:8).

20. He said we'd have a greater hunger to be close to Him, and He would respond to that hunger by showing Himself to us more clearly, making His Word come more alive, and helping us to better understand and recognize His presence in our lives. The Lord said that we'd be much closer to Him and we'd learn to love Him as never before; we'd find new strength, power and anointing; we'd be better prepared for the dark days to come; we'd have greater love for one another; and we'd be better, more fruitful witnesses! The Lord promised that He would strengthen us and prepare us for the future.

21. I understand if you find it a little difficult to relate to these promises, or at least to see if they're being fulfilled in your life personally. You might think they sound good, and you might be trying to take them by faith, but as far as seeing the actual results, you might be a bit skeptical. You might feel this way because it's often hard to recognize what the Lord is doing or has done in your own life and how His promises are being fulfilled. Sometimes we can't see it very easily. Either we don't see the blessings clearly, or even if we do see them, we don't fully realize the reason for which they've been given. So I asked if the Lord would like to explain how those of you who have tried to have a closer walk with Him have been blessed as a result, or are in the process of being blessed.

22.Please remember that the Lord is talking to each of you individually in this message, and you're each different and experience different manifestations of His love. So even if all of these blessings may not be manifested right now in your own life, they are being manifested in the lives of some of your fellow teens in the Family, and some are taking place in your life, too.

23.I hope the following message is an encouragement to you and that it helps you to know how much Jesus loves you, understands you, and wants to be close to you. Thank you for being willing to be Jesus' Bride, for loving Him and letting Him love you. Now I'll let Jesus, our wonderful Husband and King and Friend, speak to you Himself.

Personal Message from Jesus to the Junior Teens and JETTs!

24.(Jesus speaking:) Oh boy, I love you guys! I'm crazy about you, My loving young ones, My young vibrant brides! I'm sooo happy! Hasn't it been wonderful? Hasn't it been fun--this closer relationship that we're able to enjoy? You're all learning and growing so much, and as you keep it up, I'm getting more inspired as the days go by! Thank you for loving Me! Thank you for reaching out.

25.Isn't it great to get to know each other? You, My explosive younger ones, are extra special to Me. I love you! I love you so much. I want to hug and kiss and talk with you all the time. I just can't get enough! Hasn't it been thrilling for you to discover all the new things I have in store for you? Some of you have ventured out more than others. Wow! What a high! What a rush! Hasn't it been great? Keep the love a-comin'!

26.And for those of you who are just learning to love Me more deeply and have a closer relationship with Me, please promise Me you won't worry if you're not progressing so quickly, okay? Whatever you do, don't worry. I'm right here waiting for you as you learn to have a deeper, more personal walk with Me. I'm not going anywhere. Are you kidding? I can't wait to have you close by My side and to share more heart to heart. No way I'm going to miss that, you can bet! I'm right here, close by you.

27.Oh, I love your loving! We've had a great time! I just love the way you love Me. I love the way you speak to Me and draw close to Me in those times when you sing to Me and praise Me. Hasn't it been a strength to you when I pour down My comfort and love? Thank you for loving Me with your songs and words of love. I see you feel much lighter and freer and at ease and at peace, and I'm very happy for that. Just as I promised, sweet relief was on its way. Hasn't it been great to have relief from worries and fears and all those hang-ups? Boy, hang-ups--who needs'm? Waste of time is what I say! Get My drift?

28. I'm so happy to be able to pull you out of the depths of discouragement. What a drag that is! It sure jazzes Me to be able to fill up all your empty spaces--those achy feelings of heartbreak and disappointments. I just love to zap'm all away! You've gotta admit, My electric charges are much greater than all that down-in-the-dumps stuff. I love to give you meaning and purpose in life. Don't you love it when I help you to accomplish more? And better yet, all with such ease--'cause for Me it's a breeze!

29. I'm so happy to lift your burdens and bear your weights, just like I promised I would! Goodbye boredom is what I say! Isn't it a welcome relief? I love to fill your days, and keep you through the nights, and chase that ol' Devil away. What a punk! Pitiful sight!

30.We're havin' a good time! I'm thrilled and really groovin' on your love! So keep lovin' Me!--It really gets Me movin' with blessings galore, protection and power! I'm supplying all your needs and there's more on the way!

31.One thing I love about our times of sweet, intimate communion together is that I am now able to whisper deeper secrets in your ear and help you understand more about My Word. After all, now that we've gotten closer, I can confide in you. You're trusting Me more and are able to receive the things I have to say. I see it's helped y'all to hold on, too, and to have better communication--not only with Me, but you're blossoming and reaching out and it's helping you to communicate with others, with those around you. Since you've been loving Me more, life is much easier all around, isn't it?

32.It makes Me so happy to answer all your prayers, too! Please keep'm comin' strong and steady--how 'bout it? I've got some far-out ATPs (answers to prayer) that'll knock your socks off!

33. Hey, know what I love? Know what really turns Me on? I love to see your face. I love to see the light of your smile and that twinkle in your eye when I answer your prayers. Don't ya just love it when you give a present to someone--something you know they always wanted or that they really need--and you're the one that's able to give it to them? You get all excited and you can't wait to see the look on their face when they untie the package, because you know it's going to make them so happy and they're going to be so surprised.

34.Well, that's a little bit like I am when I look at you and see the expression on your face when I answer your prayers, or when I give you your heart's desire and meet your needs. Now that you're loving Me more and learning to come to Me and trust Me more, I'm able to do all these things on a much larger scale. And I love to watch you! I love to see the look on your face when I shower you with presents, with all the gifts I have for you. I love to feel the same warmth that you feel inside when I meet your needs and give you your desires, when I supply for you and care for you.

35.I just love you!I love the way you're getting close to Me. This new relationship we have in this deeper, closer way is inspiring Me sooo much! Everything is so much better because we're closer. And of course when I hear from you more often, when you come to Me like you do, I just want to do more and more and more and more for you. I'm yours! Isn't that how it is with two people who are in love? The more you love each other, the more you want to love each other, and the more you want to give and give and give to the one you love--just because you love them tons! That's how I am with you. The more you love Me, the more I want to do for you, and the more I am able to do for you.

36. Keep that love a-comin' this way, My young, vibrant, alive and moving Bride! In fact, I'll do anything for you! So keep holding tight!

37.I'm so proud of you--all My live wires! You're My live wires and you're beginning to get hot! Keep it up! Keep lovin' Me like you do, because as we keep at it, the more heated you'll get, and you're gonna glow! You're gonna burn bright with My hot, explosive power! You're gonna light up the sky in an explosion that will enlighten the whole world! All the Earth is gonna see! Everybody's going to see it!

38.I'm filling you up with My love power and nothing is going to stop us! You're feeling the awesome love power of My elixir, and it's making everything all right. It's healing and soothing and comforting. It's burning away all the worries and fears and ugly dark clouds of burdens and confusion and frustrations. It's all begun. It's all in motion now. And there's plenty more to come! You'll be free at last, so keep at it! And if you have yet to feel it, if you have yet to taste it, come on, get on board! Start lovin' today! In the Spirit we're going places and seeing people and doing things you never dreamed possible, so don't miss out!

39.This closer relationship we have and are growing into is making it possible for Me to move you into new realms in My far-out spirit world, new realms that I'm only able to share with those closest to Me. Finally, at long last, I can share it all with you--deep secrets from My alive, vibrating, pulsating, ever-moving, ever-changing, far-out Spirit; deep thrills and ecstasies of My wild and free spirit world; far-out facts and zany zonkers! Finally I can confide in you. You know how difficult it is to have to keep a secret? I'm so happy--the word's gettin' out! You've made Me so happy that now I can let the cat out of the bag! Because as you love and trust Me more, I can love and trust and confide in you more, too!

40.I told you I had far-out secrets, didn't I? Like'm? Well, if you think what I've told you so far is rad, be sure to stick around, because I haven't even begun to get into the really far-out stuff yet! Hey, I'm totally serious here! This ain't no joke!

41.Thanks for loving Me! I love it! Those songs of love you sing to Me lift My soul, just like they do for you. I know you love music. Don't you just love to hear it? Me too!--Especially when it comes from you! I love your songs and uplifting tunes! It moves Me to action when you love Me that way. I get so moved, as you know, when you love Me like you do, and praise Me and sing to Me and cuddle up close by My side. Thanks, you guys! It's been wonderful! And do I love to see you praise Me together! Keep it up! I love all the glory you give Me as you sing and dance unto Me!

42.I'm happy for you and happy for Me! Haven't the benefits of all our sweet love been great? Now I am able to comfort you and hold you and lift you up when you feel down. I know life seems pretty rough at times, but now as we've grown closer, and as we continue to grow closer, I am able to walk you through these things. I can zap you with My power--power for the hour! Power to be and power to do, power to say, power for the day! I love it when you catch it!

43. You're lookin' so good when I beam My light down! Beautiful! You sure need it nowadays, 'cause things in the world are getting so dark. It's wonderful, though, isn't it, all the things I am able to do for you? Things are dark, but you're shining bright. Keep the love comin' My way! Keep laying it on Me! I want more and more of you. The darkest night is yet to come, but as it falls and the darker it gets, the brighter you'll be, because I'm able to turn up the lights.

44.I'm thrilled that I can be your light when everything around you seems pretty dark and drear. Gets pretty scary at times, I know, but with My strength in you, because our love bond is firm and steadfast, no man can stand against it! Now that you've had a touch, a glimpse of what I can do, you just keep holding on. You're gettin' the hang of it, so keep hangin' tight and we're gonna go, go, go! Stick with Me and I'll guide you to higher heights and new places, new horizons you never dreamed possible! Nothin' can stop us now! We're gonna live forever!--Together we'll light up the sky!

45.Oh, you look so beautiful! I can see you on the horizon--My beautiful young ones, My jewels of the eternal now! You're gonna stand tall and strong and valiant, bold and brave! Nothing will quench your fire! See why it's so important that we get close in this personal way right now? We're the unbeatable force! Woe to the wicked!

46. I am your destiny and I am calling! Forward march to new realms beyond the bounds of mortal men! We're gonna light up the sky! I'll give you power--power for the hour, here and now, and there and then! It'll never end! I love you sooo! I need you, too. Keep the love a-comin'! It's only the beginning! I'm pouring it out, and there ain't no end to where all this came from.

47. I love you, My precious young ones, My valiant warriors and lovers of Kingdom Come! Keep the love a-comin'! You're gonna live forever! We're gonna light up the sky! (End of message from Jesus.)

48.(Mama:) That's terrific! Thank You Jesus! I think it's so neat how the Lord talks to us with language that we like and can understand. He's becoming more and more real to us as we get to know Him better, isn't He?

49. The Lord is blessing and helping those of you who have reached out to Him and wanted a more intimate walk with Him. But I can understand that if you're not feeling real good about yourself, and you don't think you've got much of a connection with the Lord, then you might wonder about whether you've actually grown closer to the Lord or not, or if He's closer to you. But I assure you, if you've tried to have a deeper personal relationship with Him by doing your best to pray sincerely, read the Word faithfully and attentively, draw nigh to the Lord with words and songs of praise, and obey Him as much as you can, then He's happy with you!

50. You might not think you've made much progress, but if you've had a desire to learn and grow and you've been trying the best you can, then of course the Lord hasn't failed you and you have made progress--maybe not as much progress as you'd like, but some progress nonetheless. And you can know by faith that He has blessed you and will continue to bless you! He's right there beside you. He's not in a hurry and He's not disappointed in you. He loves you! He's happy with you and thankful for your every effort to draw close to Him. So please don't worry or let the Enemy lie to you or discourage you!

51. The Lord lists some tremendous blessings that He has given, or is in the process of giving, to you who are loving Him more deeply! However, as I prayed about this message, I became a little concerned that you might not be able to relate to these blessings so well. In fact, you might think that this message from the Lord doesn't apply to you.

52.For example, the Lord says He's provided "sweet relief" from worries, fears and hang-ups. But you might wonder about that if you're still worrying about different things that bother or concern you. He also says that He has pulled you out of the depths of discouragement, and taken care of your disappointments and heartbreaks. He's given you meaning and purpose in life, He's helped you to accomplish more and with ease. In fact, He says life is much easier all the way around! But if you're feeling kind of stagnated, and don't seem to be accomplishing much at all, and if you're having a particularly tough time right now and battling a lot, then you might be quite discouraged, and life definitely may not look easier to you! So you might wonder how all this can be true, at least for you personally.

53.I thought you might have these questions, because I know some of you junior teens and JETTs are having difficulties. Many of you are battling different degrees of discouragement, and some of you are feeling a little bored or unchallenged right now. You're also struggling with various trials, feelings of frustration, comparing battles, and temptations of the System, etc. Some of you don't get along very well with your parents or brothers and sisters, and others of you aren't very happy in your present Homes. I know this is the case not only because I read your personal letters, as well as reports from your shepherds, but also because I know the Enemy attacks you ferociously and does everything in his power to cause you trouble. So life is definitely not without its battles. Chances are, life is anything but problem-free for many of you.

54. But I also know that what the Lord said in this special message to you is the truth! I know He sees things the right way, and He doesn't exaggerate or make broad, sweeping statements just for effect, just to get our attention. Sometimes we're distracted with the immediate affairs of this life--our daily problems, worries, and battles--so we don't see things right. But the Lord sees the whole picture, the whole 360 degrees, the whole panorama.

55. I knew the Lord was right, but I figured there must be something I was missing. I felt He had more to tell us that would help complete our understanding of what He's saying and how it applies to your daily lives. So I asked if He would please clarify for us this seeming contradiction between these blessings He's given, or is in the process of giving to you, and the so-called "reality" of the way things are in your daily lives.

56. He's so caring and available and always happy to answer any question we have and explain whatever we don't understand. You never have to worry that you're bothering the Lord. He likes it when we come to Him with our questions or problems. When we prayed about this, He had the following to say:

It's For Real!

57. (Jesus speaking:) Yo, man! It's Me again--Jesus! Thanks, kids, for hanging in there and being willing to listen and tune in, because I have more to say. I'm happy to answer your questions. I'm eager to give you what you want, to make it easier for you, 'cause I don't want you battling and feeling down in the dumps and wondering what in the world I'm talking about!

58. I know you think it's cool when things are a little mysterious. For example, you like the words of your songs to be a little deep and poetic, to make people think. You like mysteries and spy movies. You don't necessarily like everything to be given to you on a silver platter. You don't like to be spoon-fed, as if you have no brains and you can't think for yourself.

59. But when it comes to My personal messages for you and the Words of love and encouragement that I want to give you, I need to be clear, because otherwise the Devil will try to come in and make you doubt. Because, you know, the Devil's always around--and, man, he's evil! He's bad news! He hates you, and he'll do anything he can to get you sidetracked, or to get you feelin' down, and especially to get you doubting. So I'm gonna make sure you understand what I'm sayin'! So listen to Me now, and I'm gonna explain some pretty cool stuff that has to do with My blessings in your lives.

60.First, I want you to understand something that's very, very important, and that is, each one of you is different, you're unique. No one else is just like you, and the way I manifest My love and My blessings in each of your lives is also different. I've listed the blessings of loving Me deeply and seeking to have a closer walk with Me, but you all won't necessarily see all of those blessings manifested equally in your lives.

61.One person may be able to recognize some aspects of the blessings very strongly in his or her life, and another person will be able to recognize other aspects of the blessings, because your lives are different, and your paths of growth and experience and maturity are different. Hey, that's just the way it is! No two people are exactly the same, and I work in each of your lives differently. So you, as an individual, may not be able to see every single one of these blessings manifested in your life right now. But if you trust Me and have faith, you'll be able to see some of them become a reality in your life. And as the days go by, you'll see others more and more.

62.When I gave you this great big list of all the blessings that are available for those who love Me deeply--this list that looks pretty awesome to you and possibly even pretty far-fetched or exaggerated--I was speaking the truth. I was telling it like it is! Because, dig it, man--I'm way up Here. I'm the King of the universe, and from My vantage point Here in Heaven, I can see things as they really are! This isn't just phony jive talk. I'm not tryin' to tickle your ears or make you feel good, but I'm tellin' you the truth! I know how it is, and this is for real, man. This is for real! (End of explanation from Jesus.)

63.(Mama:) I get such a kick out of the Lord's lingo! He sure makes a wonderful teen shepherd, doesn't He?

64.Since the Lord made it very clear that He did have more to say--in fact, He had some "pretty cool stuff" to tell us--I then asked if He could possibly comment specifically on each blessing that He talked about in the preceding message, so we could understand more clearly how each one applies to you. He sweetly accommodated my request, and on most of the points He explained more about how the blessing is manifested. In many cases He also explained what you can do to be able to receive more of that blessing in your lives. I'll list each point, followed by Jesus' comments.

Sweet Relief Is There for You!

65.Point #1: To begin with, I lumped together the various blessings that have to do with your encouragement, strength, overcoming, etc. The Lord explains in His special message to you junior teens and JETTs that He's been able to pour down His comfort and love. The result has been that you feel lighter, freer, more at ease and at peace, and He's provided "sweet relief" from worries, fears and hang-ups. He also says He's been able to pull you out of the depths of discouragement, and take care of your disappointments and heartbreaks by filling up all those empty spaces in your heart and life. He's able to comfort you, hold you up and lift you when you feel down, and during rough times He can "walk you through it" and zap you with His power--power for the hour!

66.(Jesus speaking:) Well, I know that some of you have been goin' down a rough road. I know it ain't been easy. Some of you have been feelin' real down. But you know what? The answer is right there at your fingertips--the relief you're lookin' for, the peace and love and freedom that you want so desperately. I have it right here in My hands to give to you. This is no joke, man. This is for real! You can be set free from that negativity and discouragement and worry and fear that's bringin' you down. You can find deliverance from that emptiness, that boredom, those bummer times when you think, "What in the world am I accomplishing anyway?"

67.You see, "sweet relief" is there for you. I've given it. It's a very real blessing that you can receive if you just have faith. Others of your friends and buddies and brothers and sisters have received it; they've felt it in their lives. They know it's real because they've reached out and grabbed ahold of it by faith. They fought the attacks of the Enemy and his attempts to get them to doubt and to give up. And because they fought the Devil, and because they wanted My blessings, I've been able to give them. They're there for you, too, but you have to fight, you have to want them, and you have to believe!

68.If you've been doin' your best to love Me, if you want to be close to Me, if you've been tryin' to read the Word and obey, if you've been takin' time to praise Me and pray and spend time with Me, then of course I'm gonna bless you and reward you! I love you, and what I want more than anything else is to be close to you. That's the most important thing to Me--to have your love, to spend time with you, to hear your words and songs of praise.

69.I know sometimes you feel crummy. You feel like an idiot and like you blow it so often, and of course you're tempted to give up. You feel like a jerk, and you wonder if it's even worth it to keep fighting. Listen to Me, man; it's the Devil that makes you want to quit. It's the Enemy that makes you think that I'm so far away, and I don't get it, and I'm not here for you. But if you just keep doin' the best you can to love Me and obey Me, and if you have faith and fight the attacks of the Enemy, you'll see these blessings that I have promised manifested in your life.

70.Open your eyes and look around you, and you'll see that some people have already partaken of these blessings. They're happier and more encouraged. They feel more of My love movin' in their lives for their friends, for their brothers and sisters, for the sheep. Even when they go through rough times or things don't turn out as they had hoped and they feel a little bummed out or they get a little down, they feel My presence more, they experience My strength, and I'm able to help them make it through those tough times. So you see, it's happenin'! This isn't a joke or just some pretty words but it's real, and if you look around, you'll see that it's happening.

71.But hey, remember, the Devil is an evil, horrible creep, and he's doing everything he can to stop you from seeing My blessings in your life. The first thing he does is to try to get you to doubt. He tries to get you to think, "Oh sure! Yeah, yeah, right! This is just another prophecy, just more to read, just another GN that doesn't really mean anything--not to me, anyway." Man, if you're thinkin' those thoughts, you'd better get down to some serious praying, 'cause the Enemy is trying to steal away not only your faith, but My blessings in your life.

72.Get this! Doubt builds a wall and it stops the flow of My blessings and My love. It's just like if one of your friends there in your Home kept trying to show you how much they loved you, and they always wanted to do nice things for you, or say nice things to you, but you just constantly said, "Nah, that's not true. Nah, you don't mean that! Nah, that's a lie." Then no matter how much they loved you or wanted to show you their love, they wouldn't be able to, because you wouldn't be open to it. You wouldn't be receiving it or believing it. Their love is still there; they love you just as much as ever, but you're the one who loses out, because you don't believe. You don't make a way for them to show you, to prove their love to you, because you don't create a vacuum, you don't have faith, you don't want to see it. Well, that's the same way it is with Me.

73.I want to show you these blessings! I want to make these benefits real in your life! But if you doubt and are skeptical and you think that loving Me doesn't really pay, then it makes it very rough for Me to manifest My love, to make it real to you, and to give it to you as much as I would like to.

74.So that's one of the most important things: If you've been doing all you can to love Me, if you've really been wanting to draw close to Me and you've been trying hard, but maybe you feel it hasn't made much difference or you don't feel much happier, you don't have much more love in your life and you've battled just as many battles with discouragement or negative thinking, and you're just generally bummed out, well, you've just gotta keep fighting! You've gotta fight the Enemy and hold on, because if you haven't felt My blessings yet, they're just around the corner. Don't let the Devil steal them away! You've gotta fight! You've gotta have faith! You've gotta hear Me when I say that I love you!

75.If there's anything the ol' Devil fears, it's your having a closer walk with Me, a more intimate, personal relationship with Me. He hates the thought of you being closer to Me and being able to hear My Words more clearly and have more faith in My love for you. It freaks him out completely!

76.When he sees that you're obeying and you're spending more time in the Word, and you're praying sincerely, and you're praising Me during the daily praise times, and you're singing songs of love to Me, and you're raising your arms in praise, and you're doing all you can to try to be close to Me, even if all this doesn't make you feel much different, he just starts shakin' in his boots! Because he knows that your doing all those things will bring My blessings into your life, and you'll get to know Me better and feel My love more strongly and have more of My power and My Spirit. He freaks out to see that happening because he knows you'll be a much stronger and a more powerful disciple and a much greater threat to his kingdom. So he does everything he can to stop you! He fights tenaciously* to try to get you to give up! (*tenaciously: tirelessly; persistently; without being discouraged)

77.So you've just gotta hold on! You've gotta keep going! You've gotta keep doin' the things you know you should do to draw nigh to Me, and I will draw nigh to you. I am drawing nigh to you at this very moment. Every time you look to Me, every time you cry out to Me, every time you want My help, I am there for you. But sometimes it takes a little while for you to see it and feel it, because it's a spiritual battle. But believe Me, I am the Victor! I will overcome!

78.My promises to you are true, and I won't let you down. You've seen them manifested in others' lives, and they'll be manifested in yours too--if not today, then tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, or next month. They will come to pass. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

Power to Hold On!

79.(Mama:) Point #2: Next the Lord says that this new closeness to Him has helped you to hold on. Here are some more thoughts on this point:

80.(Jesus speaking:) This new closer relationship with Me has given you power to hold on! You might not feel that you're doing so great--in fact, you might feel that you're doing pretty lousy, that you're not much of a blessing, you're not accomplishing much. But, hey, cheer up! You've held on! You haven't given up! You're still here fighting and trying!--And that in itself is a great victory!

81.As you've done what you could to draw nigh to Me, I've drawn nigh to you and I've given you strength--even strength that you know not of. Even when you felt your weakest, I was there holding you up, lifting you and comforting you and making sure you didn't give up. Sometimes it's hard to see the connection between your closer relationship with Me and some of these blessings, like your holding on, because it's something that happens in the spirit world. You can't really see it in the flesh, but believe Me, it's real! Just the fact that you're willing to humble yourself and obey and try to be close to Me and draw nigh to Me so we can love each other more, makes Me so happy that of course I'm not going to let you fall, and I'm not going to let you give up. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

New Meaning and Purpose in Life!

82.(Mama:) Point #3: The Lord said that as you've gotten closer to Him, it's given you meaning and purpose in life. The following is how He explained this has happened:

83.(Jesus speaking:) The closer you get to Me and the Word and prayer and praise, the more you realize that this is what really counts in life. You start to see that loving Me and hearing from Me is pretty cool, pretty awesome, and by comparison, the things of the world seem pretty shallow, pretty boring, pretty empty. When you're tryin' to find satisfaction in the flesh just by doin' fun things or watchin' movies or playin' video games or hangin' out with your friends, you really don't get very far. It may be okay for a while, and you might think the extra freedom is real great and pretty cool, but after a while it gets really boring. It's the same old thing.

84.Even if you think it's cool at the moment, afterwards you have this dead, sort of yucky feeling inside. It's like eating a whole bunch of candy, real sweet fudge or something like that, and you just scarf down piece after piece after piece. At the time it seems just great, but afterwards you feel sick, and it's gross, and you realize it's not so great after all. Then, by comparison, the next time you see a plate of food like fried chicken and french fries with ketchup and salad with thousand island dressing, it looks much yummier than fudge!

85.Well, it's the same with you after you get burned-out on or glutted with the things of the world. You realize they're not so great and they're not so much fun after all. They don't make you feel so good. Then you start to realize that the things of the Spirit are really where it's at! That's where true thrills, pleasure and lasting joy are found.

86.As you draw closer to Me and really want to know Me better, and you create a vacuum for the Spirit, and you want to partake of those far-out spiritual experiences, then you see more and more how cool the things of the Spirit are! When you participate in a prophecy meeting that's really heavy, you see how awesome it is to hear from Me. Or when you're feelin' down and you read a Letter that really gives you the victory and the specific answers you need, and afterwards you feel light and encouraged and have renewed strength, you realize how powerful the Word is.

87.Or when you get together with your friends and you have a real far-out, wild inspiration, and you sing the songs that made the Revolution and you really get out of yourself and you get free and you dance and you praise Me, then you see how high you can get in the Spirit! You see how far-out it is, and you realize you never felt that way after watchin' a movie or playin' video games or hangin' out with your friends. So you begin to see what really counts, and you begin to have new meaning and purpose in your life. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

Accomplishing More, with Ease!

88.(Mama:) Point #4: Next you might have noticed that the Lord said He's helped you to accomplish more, and with ease. Here's His explanation of how this wonderful blessing has come to pass:

89.(Jesus speaking:) Have you ever tried and tried to do something, and nothing was going right and everything was a bummer? You couldn't find what you needed, nothing was falling into place, and you were just getting more and more frustrated. By comparison, have you ever experienced how cool it is when you want to do something, but before you get started you really pray about it, you come to Me and let Me establish your thoughts, and you counsel with others and you hear from Me? Then when you go to do whatever it is you want to do, things just seem to fall into place so easily, and it's just great! You have so much fun, and it seems to be so fruitful, and you don't get all tired and frustrated. Instead you just get more and more inspired 'cause you see that something's getting done. You're actually accomplishing something, and you're even having fun while you're doing it!

90.Well, that's what happens when you're close to Me, when you're used to seeking Me and depending on Me and praying and asking for My help. Comparatively speaking, it's no sweat to get things done! You can get so much more done with ease, as compared to when you just try to do it in your own strength, without even looking to Me, without even seeing how much you need Me. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

Goodbye Boredom!

91.(Mama:) Point #5: Now let's talk about boredom! Everyone dislikes boredom, but this subject is probably of particular interest to you young people. Here is Jesus' explanation for how you can overcome boredom:

92. (Jesus speaking:) I said that one of the benefits of drawing closer to Me is that you've been able to overcome boredom. Now that's like major, because I know that boredom is a big deal in a lot of the lives of you teens and JETTs. But some of you have found the secret! You've cashed into the treasure of excitement. Even though you're sometimes a little bored here or there, or you have a boring afternoon, or a boring day, or maybe even a boring week, overall you've overcome the heavy cloud of boredom by discovering the endless challenges there are in the Spirit and in the Family, and by letting Me show you how much there is to do and how you can help to get it done.

93.Of course, your life can't be constant excitement and thrills. Everybody has to face some monotony and some routine--that's just part of life. But overall, if you're close to Me and you're seeking to love Me more, then that'll create in you a hunger for the things that really count--the things of the Spirit, the things of the Word. If you have a vacuum and you're looking to Me and praying and seeking and having faith that I can make your life exciting, then I can lead you to all kinds of far-out things that will fill your life with challenge! You'll wake up in the morning excited, with something to do and a reason to get up.

94.You see, it's not My will that you just hang around and waste time! That's so junky, so boring! I don't want you to be bored. I don't want your lives to just be a drag with nothin' to do, every day the same, with no challenge and nothin' to really test you and push you and encourage you to do your best. But if you seek Me and draw close to Me and let Me speak to your heart, and if you counsel with others and are open to My will and the things of the Spirit, I can give you all kinds of things to fill your life and your days! And you'll really feel needed! You'll feel like what you're doin' makes a diff, either to your brothers and sisters, or to your Home members, or to the sheep.

95.See, when you're close to Me and you're loving Me, then you have a desire to live for others. You don't want to just live for yourself. You don't want to just have fun. You're not just thinking about your own entertainment, but you're thinking about others. As strange as this may seem to you, serving others and helping others is really the way to have fun!

96.That may sound very weird to you, and it may not sound like much fun at all. You may think I'm crazy when I tell you that organizing the provisioning, or helping on the mail ministry, or taking care of the babies, or overseeing the kitchen, or being in charge of the lit and tools, or teaching Word class to the OCs, or helping your mother with her laundry, or being in charge of keeping the yard looking nice, or going out witnessing or out fundraising is fun! Pouring out to others when personal witnessing, leading people to the Lord, following up on hungry sheep, getting out the Word when postering, and distributing the tools is a blast! But you may not see things that way, because maybe your idea of fun is so different. Your idea of fun and not being bored is entertainment, pleasure. Working or serving others isn't your idea of fun. But see, that's where you've got it wrong.

97.If you really want to get over your boredom, as you draw close to Me, let Me speak to you about how you can be a blessing to others and how you can serve others. Then you'll find the key to getting over your boredom. Then you'll find what's really fun and challenging! Then when you go to bed at night you'll have this great feeling like you really did something. You accomplished something, and it's going to last! You didn't just spend the day hangin' with your friends, or vegging in a mall, or playin' stupid video games, but you spent the time pourin' out to others!

98.You pushed yourself to the limit to serve others! You had to really pray. You had to research the Word. You had to think and plan and work hard. As strange as it may sound to you now, if you'll do that, you'll find out that it's fun! That's the key to overcoming boredom. And the closer you are to Me, the more I can speak to you about how to spend your time, and the more satisfaction you'll find! (End of explanation from Jesus.)

99.(Mama:) Lord willing, we will have a GN coming out in the not too distant future that will help with more ideas of things you junior teens and JETTs can do to be a blessing to your Home. I pray that will be an answer to your prayers to do more and have more responsibility. In the meantime, however, I hope the above message from the Lord will inspire you. He brings out the very good point that your boredom is not always dependent on your circumstances. Many times it has to do with your attitude or expectations. There's a lot you can do to improve your situation and overcome boredom, even if you stay right there in the same Home! A lot has to do with your personal initiative. Life is what you make it!

100.Of course, as I've said before, there's nothing wrong with some fun and entertainment. Don't get me wrong; I expect that you will enjoy your get-outs, movies, dances, and other activities. But the point the Lord is making is that just being entertained or having fun isn't enough to make your life satisfying and challenging; and sometimes what you think is just going to be real hard, boring work, turns out to be exciting and fulfilling, because you're being a blessing to others and you feel needed, trusted, and important.

Good Communication!

101.Point #6: Jesus says that as you've learned to love Him more dearly, you've also learned to have better communication, not only with Him, but with others. Here's how that works:

102.(Jesus speaking:) To have good communication you've gotta have honesty and humility. And if you're in the habit of being honest and humble with Me, then you'll be honest and humble with others. If you're accustomed to hearing My counsel and being open to My instruction to you, then you'll also be open to the counsel and instruction of others.

103.That's why the closer you are to Me, and the more time we spend in good communication through prayer and talking and listening to each other, the more practiced you'll be at sharing your heart with others and being willing to admit your weaknesses and needs. You won't always be trying to prove yourself, or put on some fancy air, or be somethin' you're not. You'll just be yourself!

104.When you have good communication with Me and you have the faith that I love you and I accept you for what you are, then it makes it easier for you just to be yourself with others. And then you can trust Me that even if they see all your flaws and your NWOs and your imperfections, they'll still love you, they'll still want to be around you and be your friend, and they'll still respect you.

105.When you communicate with Me honestlyand you get in the habit of pouring out your heart to Me and receiving My Words of encouragement when I speak to your heart with a verse, or I speak through your mouth in prophecy, then you just learn to relax and take it easy. You don't try to be so perfect and you don't expect perfection from others either. You just learn to have more faith in My love and in the love of others, and all of these things bring about good communication with one another.

106.Good communication is so important. Because when you live communally and in such close quarters and you need to work together, it's a real drag when there's division and hard feelings and walls built up around different people. When you can't be honest and free and trust that the other person is going to understand you, or give you the benefit of the doubt, and not take things too personally or be overly sensitive, it brings a lot of stress and tension into your lives. And of course, under those circumstances My Spirit can't flow as freely as I would like it to.

107.So good communication is super-important. You know, business executives spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to learn to be good communicators and to understand people. It's a really important quality, and unfortunately, some never learn to be good communicators or to understand others. They spend their whole lives in bondage, feeling misunderstood and fearful of the opinions of others, and it's just terrible. It's awful! So you can be glad that you know the secret of good communication.

108.But if you don't feel like you've made tons of progress in this area, don't be discouraged, because learning to communicate takes quite a while. So give it time, but be encouraged and take it by faith that you're making progress. As you learn to communicate with Me, you'll naturally learn to communicate better with others. It goes hand in hand, because both communicating with Me and communicating with others takes humility, honesty, and faith. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

Life Is Easier!

109.(Mama:) Point #7: One of the blessings that Jesus tells us He has for those who are loving Him more deeply is that life is much easier all the way around. That's quite a promise. I'll bet you're eager to hear how the Lord will explain that one!

110.(Jesus speaking:) If you're going through a difficult time, if you're really struggling or you're generally bummed, or worse yet, if you're having a really tough time and barely hangin' on by the skin of your teeth, then it may be very hard for you to relate to the fact that by being closer to Me, life is much easier all the way around. What you're experiencing right now may definitely not be your idea of anything that is "easier all the way around." You might be going through a time where you're particularly frustrated or confused or just uninspired. Maybe you don't feel very happy right now. And even if you've been trying to be closer to Me and trying to love Me more and spend more time with Me, you may wonder how come life isn't easier for you, and why you don't feel happier.

111.You might not like this answer very much, but figure this: You might not think it's very easy for you now, but if you weren't drawing closer to Me and loving Me more and having a deeper personal relationship with Me, it would be even harder. So the point is, the key to understanding this is that comparatively speaking your life is easier. Even if it's very difficult, it's easier than it would be if you weren't trying to be close to Me, if you weren't loving Me more and trying to have a deeper and more personal relationship with Me.

112.You might not like this, but the life of a revolutionary, a disciple, a true dropped-out Christian, is never really "easy." It's 'cause life is a struggle, and the Devil fights you hard, and you go through tests and trials to prove you and purge you and prepare you.

113.So I hope this isn't too big of a disappointment for you, but even if you're doin' your best to love Me, and you're really obeying and I'm pouring out My blessings on you, your life may never be what you think is "easy." But it will be easier because you'll have the power and the strength of the Spirit to fight the attacks of the Enemy. You'll be able to stay in the center of My will, so I'll be able to protect you from mishaps and unguarded moments, and the Devil will be limited--very limited--in the ways that he'll be able to hinder you or test you. You'll not be tempted above that you're able, but because you're in communication with Me and you're hearing from Me and you're praying desperately and you've learned to hear My voice, I'll be able to lead you through and over and above the Enemy's attacks.

114.So don't worry or be tempted to doubt, thinking I've failed you if you're not living an "easy" life. In fact, it might be pretty tough, because we're in a war and you're a soldier! But it's a Heaven of a lot easier than it would be without the sweet personal relationship that we now have. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

Whispering Secrets and Confiding More in You!

115.(Mama:) Point # 8: Next is a pretty awesome blessing, and that is, as you draw close to Jesus, He can whisper secrets in your ear and confide in you. He can help you understand the Word better. He says He can move you into new realms in His far-out spirit world and share it all with you--"deep secrets from His alive, vibrating, pulsating, ever-moving, ever-changing, far-out Spirit; deep thrills and ecstasies of His wild and free spirit world!" Wow, that sounds fascinating! Here's how and why He explains that's possible:

116.(Jesus speaking:) Have you ever had a really good friend who you were super close to and you'd talk to a lot? Sometimes you'd stay up late at night and you'd talk and talk, and you felt like that person knew you better than anybody. You could tell them all your secrets and you knew that they'd understand. They knew all about your battles and your trials, but they loved you anyway. And the closer you got, the more you felt you could confide in them, the more you trusted them. Well, you know, that's how it is with you and Me--the more time we spend together when you're pourin' out your heart to Me and I'm able to speak to you, the closer we get, and the more I can confide in you.

117.This is one of the coolest things that you can experience when we're close and we're really one in the Spirit, when we're best friends, when you're My Bride and I'm your Husband--and that is that I can whisper to you really cool things that you need to know. I can answer your questions. I can tell you what you should do. I can speak to you about what Word you should read. And if you come to Me in faith to hear from Me in prophecy, I can even give you special, personal words of encouragement and guidance. I can be your personal Shepherd, and I can help you through your rough days. When your heart is aching or you're real bummed 'cause something didn't work out like you'd hoped, you can come to Me. You can confide in Me, and I'll confide in you.

118.Not only will you be fed by your personal link with Me in the Spirit, but you'll also be more fed by the Words of David. (And when I say the Words of David I don't just mean the MO Letters that Dad wrote, but I also mean the Letters that Mama writes. Now she has the mantle of David and now she gives the Words of David.) The closer you draw to Me and the more faith you have, the more intimate we are, the more you're going to be able to be fed from those Words of David, from the new Letters and new revelations and the far-out prophecies and messages. Man, you have some very awesome stuff at your fingertips--mysteries and discoveries and answers that millions of people would love to be privy to (have secret of private knowledge of).But I only give this very special meat of the Word to those I can confide in, to those I trust and to those who are close to Me, who I know will appreciate it.

119.So you see, it really pays to spend that time with Me. As you get close to Me, then I can get close to you. We can talk to each other. We can share our secrets. I'll lead and guide you and answer your questions. I'll bring the Word to life for you. See, when you're closer to Me and you spend more time praying or praising or reading the Word or seeking Me, of course it creates a bigger vacuum, and then I can pour out to you more. See, it's very easy to understand: The greater the vacuum, the more you get. The closer you are to Me, the more the vacuum you have for the things of the Spirit, and the more I can pour out to you. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

120.(Mama:) You might have a question about the points above where the Lord is talking about the Words of David and the new Letters and new revelations and the far-out prophecies and messages. He explains that you have some "very awesome stuff" at your fingertips, but He also says that He only gives this very special meat of the Word to those He can confide in, to those He trusts and to those who are close to Him, who He knows will appreciate it. You might wonder about this, since it's obvious to you that Family members have the opportunity to read the new GNs regardless of whether they've been trying to be closer to the Lord or not.

121.I thought and prayed about this and the Lord showed me that just getting the GNs in your hands isn't what He's talking about. Just having the opportunity to read the Words of David isn't necessarily what makes the whole difference. The Lord talks about how important your vacuum is for spiritual things, how important it is to really desire with all your heart to get fed and learn and grow. So I realized that the Lord is able to bring His Word to life more for those who are close to Him and really want to know Him and His ways. If you're closer to Him, He blesses you with a greater vacuum for the truth, which then enables Him to fill that vacuum with His mysteries and awesome truth!

122.I'm sure you'll agree that there's a big difference between just reading the new Letters out of duty, without much interest, and reading them seriously with a desperation to get fed and follow closely. So that's the answer to your question about how the Lord can confide more in some than others, even if everyone has the opportunity to read the Letters. He can more easily whisper His deeper truths and His applications of the Word in your heart when you have a vacuum and a greater desire to be close to Him.

Answered Prayers and Hearts' Desires!

123.Point #9: The Lord says when you have a deeper relationship with Him, He's able to answer your prayers, give you your heart's desires and meet your needs more. The more you love Him, the more He wants to do for you and the more He can do for you.

124.(Jesus speaking:) Sometimes it takes time to answer your prayers, give you your heart's desire or meet your needs. It's like the ol' time lesson that your Father David taught you about "Prayer Power" (ML #302) and the balls on the billiard table. Sometimes it just takes time for all the circumstances to be right, for all the balls to be lined up just right, so I can give you the things that you want, desire, and need. So just because you haven't seen the answer to some of your prayers, that doesn't mean that the answers aren't on the way. The answer's comin' and it's almost here! You know the words to that poem; you've probably heard it a hundred times. "Keep on believing, trust and obey! The answer's comin' and it's on its way!"

125.Some prayers are answered right away, others take more time,and still others have been answered but you don't recognize the answer. Maybe it's not what you expected, so you don't even see that I've answered some of your prayers. But you'll see it eventually; it'll become clear to you with time.

126.Your love inspires Me, it motivates Me, it compels Me to make you happy. I want to give you everything you need and want and desire. I want to spoil you as My pet and My precious Bride. I can be a very doting Husband when I see that My wife loves Me and wants to please Me. Your praises move My heart and hands to act on your behalf.

127.How much you're loving Me and seeking Me and how much you put Me first in your life directly affects the blessings I can give you. It's like the verse that says, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." You see, seeking Me first and putting Me and My Kingdom first is the condition; that's what you do. And then I am able to give you the desires of your heart. (End of explanation from Jesus.)

Promises for the Future!

128.(Mama:) Point #10: Did you notice that in this special message to you junior teens and JETTs the Lord also gave some promises for the future? He said: "The darkest night is yet to come; but as it falls and the darker it gets, the brighter you'll be, because I'm able to turn up the lights. I'm thrilled that I can be your light when everything around you seems pretty dark and drear. Gets pretty scary at times, I know, but with My strength in you, because our love bond is firm and steadfast, no man can stand against it!

129."Keep lovin' Me like you do, because as we keep at it, the more heated you'll get, and you're gonna glow! You're gonna burn bright with My hot, explosive power! You're gonna light up the sky in an explosion that will enlighten the whole world! All the Earth is gonna see! Everybody's going to see it!"

130.It probably wasn't absolutely necessary to get more from the Lord on these beautiful promises, but He sweetly filled in more of the details on these points, too. He knows how important it is to have a vision, to see where you're headed, and I'm sure He didn't want you to miss the great significance of these promises, so He gave the following further explanation:

131.(Jesus speaking:) You feel so ordinary, so weak, and the idea of lighting up the sky in an explosion that will enlighten the whole world seems pretty awesome to you, pretty grand, pretty out of your league. But, see, that's where you've got it wrong, because the power is not in you. I'm the One that's gonna light up the sky. The explosive power is My Spirit, and everybody's gonna see it when I call you, My precious Bride, back to My arms and back to My Heavenly Kingdom. [The Rapture!] When I call you Home, when I deliver you from this wicked world, finally all eyes will see, and everyone will know that you're Mine and I'm yours.

132.I'm the King of the universe, and you'll reign with Me! There will be a mighty humbling of the wicked, and all those that have hated you and despised you and persecuted you will bow down low before you, for they'll know that you're My Bride.

133.That'll be the greatest reward of all! That'll be the blessing of all blessings, when finally you, My precious, passionate young brides are raised to everlasting power and glory in My Kingdom! Then no one is going to despise you, but everyone will fear you, for you'll bear in your hand the rod of My righteousness and My judgment! The banner of My love will be over you, and the Words of My truth will be in your mouths as fire!

134.Then, in that day, you'll finally receive the glory that is your due. This will be the greatest reward for My Bride, when I call you Home to My arms of love and you'll rule by My side forever and ever. Now that's cool! That's awesome!

135.I love you, My precious, valiant young brides! We're gonna live forever, we're gonna light up the skies! So hold on tight and don't give up! I love you! Love, Jesus. (End of message from Jesus.)

136.(Mama:) We sure have a lot to look forward to! Praise the Lord! The phrase that Jesus used about lighting up the sky reminded me of a song that Dad commented on years ago called "Fame!" I don't know if you junior teens and JETTs would have ever heard that song; it's quite old now, but it was made famous in a movie by the same title. (Dad commented on this song in 1982 in the Letter "Our Theme Song of the End!" ML #1348.)

137.From what I recall, it is quite an upbeat song--something you kids would probably like! But the most important part of the song was definitely the words, especially the chorus. I've asked one of my secretaries to include a few excerpts of the Letter Dad wrote on this, but when you have time, you might want to read the whole thing. It's very interesting and significant! Dad says:

138.That could be our theme song! Ha!--It sure is true of us! TYJ! Wow! Line by line it's significant! Hear it!:

139. Chorus:

I'm gonna live forever! (HALLELUJAH!)

I'm gonna learn how to fly!--High!

(That's for sure!)

I feel it comin' together! (We are!)

People will see me and die [or cry]!

(For what we've got!)

I'm gonna make it to Heaven! (Amen!)

Light up the sky like a flame!

(In the Rapture!)

Ahhh'm gonna live forever! (For sure!)

Baby, remember my name!

(You'll never forget it!)

Remember, remember, remember....


140. PTL! GBY! ILY! This is the way I feel about you! I'm singing it to you!--All of you! GBY all!--You're my Baby! My vibrant, alive New Bride! You make me explode! We light up the sky like a flame!--Amen?--You'll never forget my name!

141. It's also like Jesus singing it to us!--His hot New Bride! HAL! TYJ! GBY!--It's true!--Of all of us! We're the flame of His fame forever!--Amen? TYJ!--It's all JESUS!--Amen?

142. That song "Fame" thrills me, really turns me on! Because it genuinely expresses the heart's desire and the longing for fulfillment, which of course is only possible in Jesus and the Resurrection and the Rapture! You even get a picture of the Rapture in there--"I'm going to light up the sky like a flame! I'm going to live forever, I'm going to learn how to fly! I feel it comin' together"--just like we're coming together now, but especially at the Coming of the Lord! (ML #1348:1-3, 7, Vol.14).

143.(Mama:) I have another special blessing for you from Dad. He was so excited with this wonderful message for you junior teens and JETTs, and so turned on by your willingness to love the Lord and serve Him, that he couldn't help but pay you a visit too, to tell you how proud he is of you. Here are Dad's special, sweet words to all you junior teens and JETTs, whom he loves so very much!

It's Cool to Love Jesus!

144.(Dad speaking:) God bless you, kids, you're really something! I'm proud of you! I know it's not easy to be a Christian in this day and age. It's not easy to stand up for Jesus, to tell the truth. It's not "politically correct" to love the Lord today, especially with the younger generation. Those poor kids, they're really lost. They have gone so far astray. The Devil has really duped them and blinded them, and they're his servants and slaves and captives. What a pitiful sight!

145.That's the fruit of taking God and prayer out of the schools. Now the parents and society at large are paying the price for having no absolutes. They didn't want to love the Lord or follow the Lord, and now they have hell to pay in their kids. It's so sad!

146. That's why you, my precious children, shine so brightly! You're like a spotlight in the dark, like those laser beams that you see shining in the sky at night--so powerful and brilliant and spectacular. But I'll tell you, it's not your talents, it's not your great singing ability, it's not your looks or your education that really makes a difference--but it's your relationship with the Lord. It's loving Jesus that counts, having a desire to be close to Him, spending that quiet time with Him, reading the Word and praying, praising and loving Him, letting Him be your First Love, and being willing to follow Him, be dropped out, and be His disciple.

147.Thank you for loving the Lord, even though it's not very cool in the eyes of today's world to love the Lord and be a Christian, especially our breed of Christian--totally sold-out and dropped-out and red-hot for Jesus! Thank you for being willing to do it, to be His Bride, in love with Him, firmly attached to Him, and wanting nothing more than to please Him.

148.I know sometimes it can be a little rough being a revolutionary lover of Jesus in today's world. Sometimes you go through hard times, you get down and discouraged, and you wonder if it's really worth it. You don't always see the blessings and rewards that the Lord promised, but instead your life seems to be filled with nothing but tests and trials. But please, kids, don't give up!

149.Keep holding on! Keep trusting that Jesus is your Husband, and He loves you and He's going to provide for you and give you, His Bride, the desires of your hearts--just like a man does everything in his power to take care of the woman he loves. He's faithful and true, and you can trust in Him. He won't fail you or let you down.

150. The closer you get to Him, the happier you'll be. The more you love Him, the more He'll be able to show His love to you. So if you want to know the secret to happiness, if you want to be free, if you want a life that's full of adventure and excitement, just keep loving Jesus.

151.The kids in the System may not think it's very cool to love Jesus, but what do they know? They don't know nothin'! We know it's the very coolest thing to love Jesus. You want to be cool? Like the Lord said, that's cool!--Loving Jesus, trusting Him and being His Bride. That's cool, man, cool! Because Jesus is our cool King! He's our far-out Husband, and you just can't beat Him. He's the greatest!

152.So keep lovin' Him, kids! You won't be disappointed, because He loves you so much, and so do I. We're so proud of you--our young, revolutionary brides of Jesus. Hallelujah! God bless you! I love you and I'm praying for you. Happy Family Birthday! I love you! XXXXXXX! Love, Dad

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