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Call to the Rescue!--Part 1 Maria #375DO 31142/97

--The Lord's Call to Help Our JETTs and Junior Teens!--By Maria

My dearest Family,

1. I love you! I admire each of you for your fight and dedication to the Lord, and for tirelessly giving your lives for Him in daily service. When I read reports or personal letters from you, I'm continually amazed at your deep love for the Lord, and how you keep going day after day, doing your best to fulfill the commission the Lord has given you, through good times and bad times. God bless you!

2.While attending the delegates meetings in the States with Peter, Gabe summed it up quite well in a note he wrote me after visiting a few Homes and meeting many Family members--something he's not had the opportunity to do for the nearly 15 years that he's been in our Home. He wrote, "The Family might have a lot of spiritual battles and financial difficulties, challenges with our children, and people leaving for various reasons, but the Lord and His work go on, and tremendous victories are being accomplished. People are learning to love the Lord through it all and learning to draw close to Him. We have a body of people who are strong in the faith. I know in the Endtime when the Antichrist really starts to prevail, the Spirit is going to anoint these men and women, and they are already anointed. It's a Family to be proud of!" Amen! Great is your reward in Heaven!

3.In the "Problems and Solutions" series, I addressed a number of the problems that individuals and Homes are struggling with, and some of the difficulties the Family as a whole has faced since the implementation of the Charter. Thank the Lord, He also explained the main reasons for these problems, and gave some wonderful solutions. We've already received many personal letters and comments in your TRFs expressing how much those GNs were a strength to you, helping to lift your heavy burdens and inspire you with renewed vision and faith! Praise the Lord! The Lord has the answers, and He will pull us through if we do our part to faithfully absorb and follow His Word--the living Word that He pours out daily in the new GNs and to you personally through prophecy, as well as the instruction He gave in earlier Letters.

The State of Our JETTs and Junior Teens

4.In this Letter I would like to zero in on one of the most important challenges or problems nearly every Home faces: giving our JETTs and young teens the time, care and shepherding that they need. Sadly, it seems that in many Homes the JETTs and junior teens are not getting all the attention they need. They are getting their physical needs met, and many of them are now getting their educational needs met more fully, but they're not getting their spiritual needs met in the form of shepherding, good samples to follow, and inspiration. As a result, many of them are drifting away.

5. They may not be physically leaving the Family--as they're too young--but many are leaving the Family in spirit. They're bored, unchallenged, and uninspired about serving the Lord. They don't know what they're in the Family for and don't seem to have much of a hunger for the Word. In addition, many of them are causing you parents and your Homes a lot of headaches and heartaches by their rebelliousness, worldliness, foolish antics, and System attitudes.

6.From the reports we've received from our CROs and VSs,as well as the personal letters I've received from Family members worldwide, and what Peter and Gabe learned while talking to many of our Family adults and young people at a series of delegates meetings in the U.S., the situation with our JETTs and teens is desperate. In fact, we're facing a serious crisis, and we've got to find a lasting solution together!

7.The problem seems to be especially prevalent in areas where there is such a strong materialistic pull, like the U.S., Western Europe, Australia, Japan, etc. Homes on poorer mission fields may not be experiencing problems to the same degree, or even at all. But wherever you are, I believe that if you take the counsel in this GN to heart and apply it in your Home, you'll find that it will greatly strengthen and help your JETTs and junior teens.

8.Here are excerpts from several reports and letters I've received over the past few months, which describe the problem we face and the need to do something about it.

9. (From a CRO in the U.S.:) "Since the Summit '96 meetings I have been able to travel the entire Southeast U.S. (with the exception of a few Homes), and it seems that the problems that our JETTs and teens are experiencing are pretty commonplace in every Home. Some of the problems that the young people are manifesting are: a lack of interest in the Word, prayer, witnessing and memorizing; too much of an appetite for worldly things; too much System music; excessive TV viewing and unedifying videos; lack of respect for the adults and each other; and just general laziness. I have been very concerned about these problems, and it's heartbreaking to see so many of our young people go through these battles. This is a major concern for many, but I know that the Lord is going to help us see more clearly what the long-term answer to these problems is."

10. (From a CRO in Europe, after holding a JETT camp:) "I was a bit surprised at how many kids talked negatively about their parents. Many of them were pretty vocal, saying their parents didn't like them, much less love them; that they had raging arguments with their parents; that their parents were too strict and self-righteous and never listened to the kids' side of things, etc. (Such information was given in private conversations.)

11. "A majority of the kids told us several times that they didn't want to go home, and that they hated living at home. It was pretty sad. The worst part, as I see it, is that a number want to leave the Family over this parent/child relation issue. The kids blame the Family for their problems, when it's actually a domestic issue that concerns their personal family and their relationship with their parents. Since the kids were rather young, some only 13-14 years old, it seemed odd to me that they would so definitely say, 'If I have to live at home, I will just leave the Family.'

12. "Of course, it's not unusual that kids between the ages of 12-15 often have difficulty getting along with their parents. As Dad taught us, at this age they begin to question, form their own opinions, make choices and often want to rebel against authority and declare their independence. Parents, especially when under pressure, can get pretty uptight when handling the more emotional interactions with kids this age, and then the kids feel like war has broken out and that their parents just don't like them. Communications can get pretty strained and intense. All of a sudden the parents find that their little kid has changed into a deep-thinking and questioning adolescent, and they struggle with how to relate to them.

13. "The kids' reports don't necessarily mean that the kids see it right, and I know the parents would have another side of the story. But the kids who were happy at home said they were. They said they didn't have problems with their parents, that even if they were a bit lonely for other kids their age, they were okay. They even had fun at home.

14. "It stood out to me that the Home environments that produced the most well-adjusted and contented kids at the camp, including those that listened the most in class and absorbed what they heard or read, were those kids raised in more unified environments, where the adult personnel were interacting well, or from Homes where the parents were working their way to another mission field. The kids in these situations shared common interests with their parents and other adults, and it produced more maturity in the kids. It stands to reason that when the adults are forging ahead, are challenged, and are getting along with each other, that this will flow down to the kids. As has been pointed out in the 'Problems and Solutions' series, the Lord wants us to be united, and our children will be blessed if we fight for that unity."

15. (From a mother in the U.S. who helped at a JETT camp:) "At first it was very difficult to get the JETTs to enter into inspiration, and for some it was hard to keep their attention during classes. The amount of worldliness is a bit shocking, I feel. It seems that compared with past camps and teen meetings that the 'back-row crowd' has grown considerably. It's clear that many are not getting much in their Homes in the way of good solid Word, and from what I saw, there seemed to be a tremendous need for more input into these kids in all areas. Memory work was real weak, possibly scholastic training as well, and ministry training may be nonexistent in some smaller Homes of one family with little or no help [from older teens or YAs/SGAs].

16. "There seems to be ample worldly video input, Lord help us! I heard that some JETTs go to the local movie theater for 'get-out,' where they have watched R-rated movies on their own. Others said that they don't have much of a schedule in their Homes and that they 'just do what they want all day'!

17. "Our battles with the JETTs now are more complex, as the JETTs themselves are not as simple as our older teens were at that age, largely due to more worldly influence and all. But underneath all that rubble they seemed sweet, and once the heart was reached and the negative peer pressure or worldliness put in check, it became a bit easier for them to enter in."

18. (From a YA VS at a junior teen camp in the U.S.:) "Quite a few of the junior teens have experienced all kinds of things. One of the girls, who just turned 14, not too long ago had a System boyfriend she would go out with. He would smoke pot with all of his friends and they'd ride around in their low-riding car. Another one of the boys here has a part-time job washing dishes at a Mexican restaurant. He's 14 or 15.

19. "It is interesting to note that the majority of these kids will be senior teens in one to two years and will become more involved in the running of their Home, voting, being allowed to have sex with their peers, etc. It makes you want to do all that you can to help them get their priorities and goals in life straight, and at least give them a vision and solid foundation for what we really are here for. They are the up-and-coming generation of older teens upon whose shoulders a lot will fall!"

20. (From the PACRO teamwork:) "We're receiving reports of teens and even JETTs getting into shoplifting, and some have apparently even become very 'good' at it. The items stolen aren't just chewing gum and candy bars, but even include stereo sets. CDs are rumored to be the most popular stolen item amongst the Tokyo teens. It's also been said that everyone amongst the teens knows who is and isn't shoplifting.

21. "We're presently researching the legal consequences of shoplifting, which we'll publish for everyone. One father who discovered that his son stole some items made him, along with the other older children in his family to watch, take the stolen items back to the shop owner to humbly beg forgiveness, explain that they are Christian missionaries, and pay for the stolen things. The boy was shaking at the thought, but when he did it the shop owner was very moved.

22. "So far when teens are caught shoplifting, some are getting a Word study to read from their parents as well as a lecture, and are required to return the stolen things in person. A further deterrent could be the teen paying out of their own pocket for the stolen items. If that teen doesn't have the money, the parents pay but it becomes his 'debt,' which he has to repay them in his free time. We're also finding that public confession to the Home seems to be an additional effective consequence.

23. "We'll address this issue at the teen meetings, including the need for people to straighten out their loyalties and report when they hear of others doing these things."

24. (From a YA VS in the U.S., while at a teen camp:) "I learned a good lesson about heeding the checks of the Lord and being in the right place at the right time. I was typing out some prophecies one night, and someone wanted me to say goodnight to them. I saw this boy lying all alone. It would have been so easy to not go and talk to him for whatever reason, as I was busy, but the Lord spoke to my heart to take the time to talk to him. I started talking to him and he poured out his heart for almost two hours, crying and telling me how much he wanted to serve the Lord no matter what. He was just crying out, wishing that there was someone who could help him and be there for him, someone who wouldn't let him watch hours of TV, or who would take the time to read a GN with him. My heart broke for this poor boy. I cried; it was so sad."

25.(Mama:) On the one hand, it's not surprising that our JETTs and young teens have some problems. Dad has always said that it's the most difficult and turbulent age, when kids are growing out of childhood into adolescence and are hit with a whole new set of feelings, emotions, needs and desires which they don't yet know how to handle. In some ways they're still children, but they don't want to be children any more. They want to be recognized as having grown out of childhood, but at the same time are often unwilling or not mature enough to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. So it's a rough age under any circumstances!

26.However, today the problems seem to be much greater. For one, we have a lot more JETTs and junior teens than we did six or seven years ago at the time of the DTR. Also, our Homes are much smaller, which means that there are less adults available to care for the JETTs and teens, since it takes all hands on deck just to keep up with the care of the younger children, support the Home, and fulfill the Lord's commission to preach the Gospel!

27.Also, our present-day JETTs and junior teens don't seem to have as strong a foundation in the Word as did our first batch of JETTs. There are probably a number of reasons for this, but one is that you parents had less kids back then and were therefore able to more easily pour into the older ones as they were growing up. We also had a number of Homes set up specifically for pouring into and teaching the JETTs and teens. Although the Lord has now led toward more parental involvement rather than large teen combos, one benefit of the teen combos was the large amount of input that the JETTs and teens were able to receive.

28.Another major factor, and the most alarming, is that the pull of materialism seems to be a lot stronger these days. As we draw closer to the End, the Enemy is tightening his grip on the world, and more than ever before, his evil materialistic spirit is permeating every aspect of life in the System. This spirit is manifested very strongly in the wealthier Western countries, and the U.S. in particular, but the Devil is doing his damnedest to corrupt the rest of the world too!

29.The Devil seems to be particularly targeting the youth through TV, movies, music, fashions, advertising, etc., and of course our kids are influenced by it as well. As much as you try to protect them from harmful influences, you can't put them in a bubble and shield them from everything, so they're bound to be influenced to some degree, even if just in the course of their witnessing and going out.

30.The Enemy is not just trying to corrupt and pollute the kids of the world, but he's particularly targeting our kids,because he knows how important they are, and that they are our future! He sees what solid witnesses and disciples many of our first batch of JETTs and teens--now YAs and SGAs--have grown into, and he's determined with everything that's in him to stop any more of our JETTs and teens from becoming dedicated soldiers for the Lord! He's waging a do-or-die war to try to get our kids so turned off or tripped off that by the time they're old enough, they'll want to leave the Family; or if they stay, they'll be weak and unmotivated and won't pose much of a threat to his evil kingdom.

31.The most serious attacks of the Enemy are not necessarily the most visible--such as the obvious symptoms of worldliness, the inordinate desire for material things, or wanting to be "in" with their System peers--but are the much more infectious and damaging attacks of discontentment, discouragement, unhappiness, feeling like no one understands, no one cares, and that there's no purpose for serving the Lord. Sadly, these are often a result of our own lack of giving the JETTs and teens the time, love, attention, correction and encouragement that they need.

32.I'm sure many of you are already aware of the problems we face with our young teens, how heavily the Enemy is attacking them, and the sad state that some of them have fallen into. You're probably as desperate as we are about the situation, and as eager for the Lord's solutions. Well, folks, the Lord does have a solution! Our wonderful Husband and Caregiver has the answer to each and every one of our problems, and the ability to help us over whatever obstacles are in our way and whatever difficulties we face.

33.Our CROs and VSs have been holding a number of JETT and teen camps and fellowships. God bless them and their co-workers for putting so much into them. These have been a tremendous blessing and success in revitalizing the teens, giving them a sample of the spirit of David, and turning them on to the Word and witnessing. They have borne a lot of good fruit, and we've received some inspiring accounts of lives that have been changed as a result--not only the JETTs and teens, but it has renewed the vision of the YAs, SGAs and adults who helped shepherd the camps. As one of our North American CROs reported after a recent JETT camp:

34. (From a CRO:) "Although the camp benefited the JETTs immensely, I believe the most enthusiastic ones who attended were our adults and YAs who helped to staff and shepherd this event. After the implementation of the Charter, and subsequently more indigenuity in each of our Homes, coupled with little direct shepherding or visitation during this time (up until recently), a lot of our adults were feeling a little bit alone in the fight. Some were feeling a little dry and unsure of themselves, while others were feeling that all that they had been trained for was not being used or received by some of the young people in their Homes.

35. "Seeing how everyone worked together and their training immediately came to the fore, and how easily everyone defaulted to working together in love, prayer and humility, was truly inspiring! To me this proves that the Word will not return void, and all of the training that we have received in the Family will come out when it is needed, and that will help us accomplish whatever it is that we need to do! Thank You Jesus!"

36.(Mama:) However, those hosting these camps have also mentioned time and again that the fruit of all their classes and inspirations and personal time with these JETTs and teens will be limited or even lost unless they continue getting the love, attention, inspiration and sample they need back home. After helping to host a junior teen camp, an SGA VS in the States put it this way:

37. (From an SGA VS:) "One burden on my heart right now after the camps is the need for some major follow-up for these teens. So many of them asked for help or a change of Home, or some just expressed that they felt that their Home wasn't doing enough witnessing, or that all they do is fundraising, etc. Of course, we were encouraging them to keep fighting, keep the vision, and stay faithful, as that was what the camp was all about. But at the same time our heart really went out to them, as some are indeed in difficult situations where they are not getting what they need. There is very little, if any, inspiration in some of their Homes, and it is my feeling that if we don't do something soon, we are going to lose many of them."

38. (Mama:) Along these lines, here's a reaction that a YA in the U.S. wrote while attending a delegates meeting there:

39. (From a YA:) "When I was 12 I went to the Peru TTC, and it was fun, like an extended JETT camp. But when I returned to my Home, nothing was carried out, and one of the worst times I ever had as a JETT was when I went back after such an inspiring camp. Nothing was followed up on; there was no continuation.

40. "Then as I got a bit older, like 12-and-a-half, I moved to another Home where people were on fire and I was fulfilled, and I was in charge of different things. I think what helped me the most through those years of 13, 14 and 15, those years of molding, was when I lived at a teen Home, because everything--the classes, the get-outs and the shepherding--was geared toward us and our growing in the Lord."

41.(Mama:) You parents may feel like, "We've been doing all we can, but there's just not enough time! We've got all these younger kids to take care of, plus the rent to raise, plus other problems to deal with. We just can't keep up with everything!" This is a real problem, and I know that the situation is difficult, and that you're quite burdened about your young JETTs and teens, yet uncertain about how to help them yourselves. So what is the solution?

42.As usual when faced with a situation where we don't know what to do, we brought it before the Lord to ask Him for His direct revelatory solutions, straight from Heaven. And the Lord didn't fail to answer! But I don't want to steal the Lord's thunder, so I'll let Him present the solution in His Own Words a little later on in this GN.

43.I'd first like to include a couple of very touching prophecies which further highlight the root of the problem we face and the challenge before us, and which express the thoughts and heartcry of many of our JETTs and junior teens who are in need of help. I think reading them will give you a clue as to one of the main solutions to the problem, and what part the Lord has for you to play in it.

"Does Anybody Have the Time?"--A JETT Girl's Heartcry!

44.(Prophecy, JETT girl speaking:) Dear Jesus, can anybody help me? What's happening to me? I don't understand. Everything is so difficult, and I'm so, so down. I don't understand these things going on inside of me--all these feelings I get, and so many emotions. This pressure is too much. All these hassles! No matter how hard I try to do my best in the kitchen, or doing the laundry, or housework, or taking care of the kids, it's just not good enough. Even when I go witnessing, they say I get tripped off. I'm such a mess, Lord, even when I try my hardest. I just don't know how I can please Auntie Suzy any more--she expects such perfection. And why do some of the other adults look at me the way they do? Did I do something wrong?

45.Jesus, I really don't want to complain, but I just feel like a maid sometimes. Does anyone care about me? Everyone talks about love and appreciation, but where is it? It sounds good, but I don't see it. I sure could use some instead of getting back all this flak, and people always getting on my case. Oh, Lord, I know I blow it, but how do I change? I'm so confused and wrapped up in such a tangled mess. I try to please the adults and I try to please my peers, but I don't do good at either. Nothing seems to work and I always seem to mess up. I'm always messing things up and getting another lecture--either that, or getting caught in the middle of all this gossip and peer pressure.

46.Lord, I want to stand up for what I know is right, but it's so hard and I just seem to always wimp out. I'm in a hole and I can't get out, no matter how hard I try. Besides, what's the use? Everybody's got me so labeled anyhow. It seems like all the bad kids are the ones that get all the attention. Maybe that's the way to go. It's so hard to be good. Oh, what's the use? Why should I care, anyhow, when others don't seem to pay attention to us JETTs?

47.The thing is, I really don't like just doing nothing. When I get away and blast my music on my headphones--well, at least I can forget about everything for a few short moments that way. The only thing is, I still feel so empty inside--so, so empty. I feel so bad.

48.I don't understand all these feelings I get lately. Maybe if I was better looking, things would be different. Why, Lord, did you have to make me with this hair? Mary's hair is so pretty and thick and falls just right when she brushes it--it's gorgeous. But my hair just weirds out. With my hair and crooked teeth, oh what a mess! No wonder Danny doesn't even give me the time of day. I'll never have a chance. The other girls are so much prettier than me. But, Jesus, I just can't help the way I feel so funny whenever Danny's around. What can I do about these feelings I get?

49.I wish I could talk to somebody about these problems, but who would ever understand?--Or who's got the time? I feel so confused--like a real misfit. What's happening to me, these things I feel inside? I'm so confused. I feel so lonely. Is this growing up? All these things I feel and these changes in my body--it's freaky, and scary, too. Oh, Lord, does anybody understand how I feel? Who can help me? Does anybody have the time?

50.Sometimes I want to fly away! But, really, deep inside of me, I want to do something with my life,but it seems so hard. I want to make a difference, I just don't know how. Isn't that a Family motto: "Making a Difference"? I'd love to go out there and make life better for others, but I don't see how I can when I feel so down myself. No one seems to care about us JETTs. I know there is a lot of other important work going on, but if we are going to be what some adults say we are supposed to be--how is that possible?

51.I need help! I feel like I have so much inside of me, but nobody will listen. There are so many things I want to do--places to go and see, people to meet, things to experience. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, isn't there somebody that can help me through all this? I feel I need someone to guide me. Lord, I just can't understand all these things people say about how important we are, but nobody takes the time with us. I'm scared sometimes when I think about it. How can we run the world? How can we be on-fire witnesses? How can You possibly use me? It sounds exciting. It sounds far-out, but me, Lord? Yeah, right.

52.(Crying.) Oh, Jesus, I know I should read the Word more, but so many things get in the way. My mind wanders back and forth. I must be doing something wrong, but what is it? Who can help me? Sure, it's easy to shove the book in my hand and say go read--"wow, neat"--but it doesn't do much for me. Lord, is that because You don't love me as much as others? I'm scared, Lord. All these things I hear people saying--that us young people need to be this and that, and we're gonna do this and gonna do that, and be prophets in the Endtime. Are you kidding? I'm just a weakling! Nobody even listens to me--how can I be a witness in the End? I see the world is scary too, Lord, and everything looks so awesome. What's gonna become of us?

53.Oh, Jesus, Jesus, I really do deep down in the bottom of my heart want to please You. It all sounds so good and right--all these things I hear people saying--but will it really work? I need some help. I'm sinking fast. Is there anybody who can help me? I'm desperate, Lord. If somebody doesn't help me, I don't know what I'll do. (End of message from JETT girl.)

Will My Big Brother Listen?--A JETT Boy's Heartcry!

54. (Mama:) Following is another prophecy similar to the one above, this time echoing the thoughts and heartcry of a JETT boy. You'll see that while the cry for help expressed here is similar to the last prophecy, this one touches on a particular aspect of the problem and the solution that I'll be addressing further on in this GN. As you read this, ask yourself, "Is there a JETT or young teen like this in my Home who needs me?"

55.(Vision:) I see a JETT-age boy in bed at night, all alone and crying. I can see around the room and it's a real mess. Clothes are scattered all around. There's a pair of roller blades in the corner, and a skateboard hanging on the wall. There's a boom box on the desk. Lying next to the boom box is a messy pile of tapes and CDs. The whole room is cluttered and disorderly looking. The JETT boy is lying on the bed, wide awake and bawling his eyes out in the dark room, all alone.

56.(JETT boy speaking:)(Crying.) Is anybody listening? Can anybody hear me? Is anybody out there?Oh please! Please help me! Jesus, I know You are out there, but are You listening to me? (Sobbing and whimpering as if in despair.) Okay, Lord, I admit I've given You and others a hard time. But, Lord, where is the help I need? I always heard my whole life that if I called out to You, You would listen. But are You listening? Or have I been too bad for You to listen to me any more? Lord, maybe You are listening, but is there anybody down here who could listen to me? Nobody seems to listen to what I'm saying. I guess I'm not so important, 'cause nobody really cares.

57.Oh, Jesus, I feel so all alone, and I'm scared--real scared. Everything is so confusing, so messed up. Where do I fit in? How do I fit in? What's gonna become of me? I'm so awkward. Lord, I'm not a little kid any more, but people sure treat me like I am. I know I could do more around here, if someone would just give me a chance. You know what I mean, don't You, Lord? I'd like a chance to do somethin' that counts, somethin' exciting, somethin' that's satisfying or that's gonna make a difference, somethin' challenging.

58.Man, I feel like I'm gonna explode! All this energy, I'm just bustin' inside! I'm gonna lose it--I just know--if somethin' doesn't give. I just can't sit still! I've gotta get this out or I'm gonna go nuts. I feel like I'm gonna scream! I don't really mean to give people a hard time, it's just that I've gotta do something. This day-in and day-out same old scene, man, it gets me down. I have all this energy and I'm bored. That's really it, I'm so bored.

59.What do people expect? I don't know what they really expect, 'cause nobody really takes the time to explain. I mean, I hear lots of rules, lots of things I am not supposed to do. The "don't do this and that" list is real long. And the things they say I should do, well, it's confusing. I don't see it working so well. Isn't there somebody who can show me the way? Oh, Jesus, isn't there somebody who I can be close to? Isn't there something else I can do? Is this what I'm here for?

60.Where's all the excitement I've been hearing about all my life--how exciting it is to serve You? Did You mean that maybe it was just for my older brothers and sisters, and now that it's my turn, maybe it wasn't meant for me? These older groups--YAs, older teens--had their chance when they were my age, but it seems like I'm always just missing the boat. I always get left out.

61.Boy, I look at my older brother, Jonathan, and all his friends--I wish I could be like him. But you know, he hardly gives me the time of day. I can't really blame Mom and Dad all that much, I know they've got their hands full with so many other things--all the little kids and other things they do. I really do love Mom and Dad, but you know, Jonathan is just cool. He's more like me. I've always looked up to him. I wish I could be like him. I spy on him and the other guys when they're watching movies or getting ready to go out, or just around the house. Well, I guess You know that, Lord. But I just wish if maybe Oh, Jesus, they don't pay any attention to me. I'm just the kid to them, just the tagalong.

62.You know, I picked up that book, the Basic Training Handbook, the other day, and I saw this old picture of Jonathan in there at a teen meeting when he was about my age. Ha! I looked at it for a minute, it looked cool. Those must have been far-out days. It had some things about how exciting it is to serve Jesus. It looked cool, and I sort of remember when Jonathan came back from there, he seemed real excited. But no one takes the time for things like that any more. Maybe the excitement and fun was just for Jonathan and the others his age? I guess it's all over now.

63.If I could only talk to Jonathan or some of the other SGAs, maybe they could help me. They must understand what I'm going through. I know I do these dumb things that get in the way, but really it's just to get attention. But you know, it doesn't really work, 'cause nobody really pays attention anyhow. Ah, what the heck! I guess it doesn't matter much. What's the use?

64.Maybe when I get old enough I should just go the way some of the other young people have gone, and try it out in the System. What've I got to lose? Things aren't happening around here, so I might as well give it a try out there. It's confusing to me, though. I look around and see some guys leaving, and then there is Jonathan, and he doesn't seem to want to leave. But, well, which way should I go? The thing is, these guys who have left--well, that's really scary too.

65. Oh, Jesus, who can I talk to about all this? I heard Jonathan one time talking about his JETT years. He was sharing lessons with Uncle Mark about it. I couldn't hear real well 'cause I was hiding out around the corner, but it sounded like maybe he was saying something that could help me. I bet Jonathan knows how I feel. Doesn't he, Lord? I wonder if he could help me? Oh, Jesus, can anybody help me?

66.Lord, I'm looking around and I'm trying to decide which way to go. You said I've gotta make a choice, but I need help. I could use some advice so I can decide. I really don't want to leave the Family, 'cause deep down inside I've gotta admit that those guys out there don't really look all that happy. Besides, some of the stuff they say is so unimportant. Look at me. I cut my hair this funny way, I guess that's cool. And this earring I got, it's cool too, I guess. I like these baggy pants and this T-shirt too. The only thing is, I don't really feel different inside with all this stuff. I mean, I'm still so confused, so empty inside. And some of those guys that have gone out there, well, they didn't do much to help me either. Oh, it's just a big mess. Jesus! Jesus! Are You listening? Is anybody listening?

67.I know, Lord, I ignore You. I really don't mean to. But now I really need some help--something I can relate to. All the adults say the answers are in the Word, but I just don't get it. I just don't see it. I must be missing something somewhere. But if the answers are in there, I want it. Oh, God, I feel so empty inside, it aches! It hurts so bad, I'll try anything. I feel so awkward most of the time, and nobody really notices me. I don't mind even doing some of these jobs I really don't like to do, mundane chores and things around the house. It's really not all that bad, it's just that I wonder, who even cares? Nobody hardly says thanks, and if they do say it, well, they don't show it. Just a little appreciation for the things I do would help.

68.I need a friend. I need somebody to listen to me. Somebody I can talk to. Is there anybody? Do I matter? Man, what I would give for just a little love. Love? I'm gonna explode inside if something doesn't give soon! I just feel so bottled up. If Jonathan or any of his friends would just take a little time to talk to me, maybe I could get some of these things out. Jesus, do You think that it would be possible? Do You think Jonathan or someone would get the burden to help me out? I could tell him about how frustrated I feel or how bored I am. I wonder if he can understand how empty I feel.

69. It's really been a drag. I'm just so tired of things, so bored. I'm so fed up. I tried this stuff for a long time now, and I'm tired of lazing out around here. Now I just want to do something. Something! Anything but be bored and veg out like I've been doing. Man, I need something to do. Something challenging. I know the ropes--the ins and outs of how to just scrape by day after day--but really deep down in my heart, well, I wonder, where is all this challenge and excitement that You promise? I must not be catching it. Endtime prophets?--Ha! I guess that's for Jonathan and his friends. But where do I fit in? What is going to become of me? Does anyone care, Jesus?

70.If I just had a chance to tell Jonathan, or somebody, my ideas, maybe he would listen, or maybe he could help me. Think so, Jesus? Well, if not, then I don't know what to do. (Sobbing again.) Jesus, just between You and me, deep down in my heart I really do want to do what is right. I just need some love, and some time.

71.(Crying hard.) Is there anybody who can spend a little time with me? Just a little time from somebody, that's all I need. Maybe that'll help. And if not, if everybody's too busy and they just don't have the time, well, maybe I should try it out there. It looks scary out there in the System, but what the heck. What've I got to lose? Really, Lord, I need a friend. Please, Lord, please, please, won't You give me a friend, a big brother or a big sister who can help me out of this mess? (End of message from JETT boy.)

72.(Mama:) How convicting! It makes me cry to think of the desperation and longing that many of our JETTs and young teens feel. Lord help us not to fail them! My heart breaks for them, and the Lord's does too! He wants to love them and care for them, to inspire and encourage them. But you--particularly you who are their older brothers and sisters--are His hands that He wants to use to touch the younger ones. You're His arms that He wants to use to place around each of them, to reassure them that someone loves them and cares for them. You're His ears that He wants to use to take time to listen to their worries and fears, their hidden thoughts, their questions and aspirations. You're His mouth that He wants to use to speak words of encouragement, instruction and inspiration, helping them to find the answers to their questions in the Word, and directly from the Lord Himself in prophecy.

Rise Up for Your Younger Brothers And Sisters!

73.I'd now like to share with you the wonderful answer the Lord gave when we asked Him specifically about the recent problems many of our JETTs and young teens have been having. As you'll see, the Lord is specifically addressing you older teens and young adults, although it applies to all of us, of course. As you read through this message, please open your heart to the Lord's call and let Him speak to you personally about the part that He wants you to play in the battle to help and save our JETTs and teens.

74.(Jesus speaking:) I see a great and terrible mighty army marching forth to battle!--Strong, tall, mighty warriors of the youth of David marching forth to war. These are My jewels of the Kingdom, My mighty youth army who will march on to war and conquer the Earth with the power of love! These are they who stand tall and mighty and strong, wielding accurately the sword of My truth, who cut to the heart the thoughts and evil imaginations of man!

75.These are they who call down fire from Heaven to smite the foe! These are they who march on fearless and bold and brave in the face of famine, scourges, flame, bullets, guns, knives, devastation and destruction. These are My storm troopers of the End, who storm the very gates of Hell--bold and brave and unafraid, for they know Me. These are they who will stand strong and do exploits.

76.These are they whom the whole world will wonderabout as they stand back in awe and say, "Behold the youth of David! They know the one and only true God. Therefore let us cling to them, that we may hold on to them for dear life! Surely these are the true prophets of the End of time, for they speak the truth, and they speak to God, the Almighty, and He listens, and He protects them, and He answers their prayers. Run to them! Cling to them! Beg of them, "Save us, save us through your prayers! Call on God for us, that we, too, might be saved!"

77.These are they, My mighty warriors whom I have called and chosen to stand tall and strong and mighty in the evil day! Therefore Satan fights. Because of these, Satan trembles with fear, for he knows that through these his end is near. For these, My children of the children of David, My great and mighty warriors, are a fearful sight in the eyes of Satan. He trembles and he shakes for the threat that they pose, for he knows that through these his end is come. Therefore Satan fights the youth. In a feeble attempt, he grasps at any straw to stop them. And although he fights all the youth of the world, none does he fight like the youth of David. For these are mighty and strong--My Heaven's girls and Heaven's boys of the End! Therefore he attempts to enter in and to buffet them about on every side.

78.(Mama:) Those are quite some words of commendation from the Lord for you young people, aren't they? You may not see yourself as a mighty warrior, but that's how the Lord sees you in the Spirit, because you're yielded to Him and you're wielding the sword of the truth that cuts the Enemy to the heart and rescues souls out of his evil clutches. Even if you don't feel so strong and powerful now, the Lord knows that that's what you can be if you stay close to Him! That's why the Enemy is fighting you so much, because he knows what a threat you pose to his kingdom.

79.You young adults, and the older adults even more so, are well entrenched in the Word and by now you have a fair bit of experience under your belt that has strengthened your walk with the Lord and solidified your commitment to Him. But the young ones don't have that yet, so they're more easily influenced by what they see and hear around them. They're therefore easier prey for the Enemy, and he really goes after them! If you think he fights you hard, think about how he must try to influence them! But there is also an advantage in that: Because they are younger and more moldable, they are also more easily influenced by the positive, so your sample can more easily have an impact on them now than when they get older. In a way, it's like a race against time, with the Enemy and his ungodly attitudes and doubts on one side, and you and the Lord's love and Spirit on the other, vying for the hearts and souls of these precious young ones.

80.(Jesus continues:) You must not lose the vision. Be not weary, but pour into these as if everything depended on pouring into them, for it does. For through these I fulfill My promise, and through these I usher in My Kingdom, and through these, My mighty army of JETTs and the youth that follow, I will save the world.

81.(Mama:) When the Lord says that through the JETTs and younger ones He will save the world, this is of course in context with the promises He has made over the years about all of you of our second generation being the Lord's special Endtime witnesses whom He is preparing for your unique mission. And of course those of us of the first generation are likewise a part of this promise which the Lord has made since the beginning of the Family. But each generation and age group will play a special and unique part, and thus the JETTs and younger ones are also vital to the fulfillment of the Lord's plan.

82.(Jesus continues:) Therefore I seek and I call out to the second generation adults among you. A faithful young person, who can find? I'm calling. Who will take the stand? Who will take up the challenge? Who will join hand in hand, arm in arm, to fight for these young ones? Who will take up their swords? Who will lift the banner to raise the standard and fight back?

83.To you, My second generation adults, I say, have you labored and trained so long and come so far, only to faint? Faint not, I say, that you may enter into the Promised Land. Faint not, for I have need of you. Let all the faithful among you take a stand!

84.I am calling! Can you hear? I am calling you to rise up! Mount up with sword in hand and fight for your younger brothers and sisters. I am calling you to join hand in hand and fight for these. I am calling My second generation adults, YAs, and older mature teens, My bellwethers, to join the older ones and fight for these. All must fight! All must join together and fight for your younger brothers and sisters, for in unity there is strength. I am calling today for you to join forces. Join together, as My Father and I are joined together. So join with us! All one body we, united to defeat the foe!

85.Know that I am desperate for you;for I, without you, cannot be made whole. For as you are made perfect through Me, so I, without you, am not whole. I have need of you, and I have need of these, your younger brothers and sisters. I cannot and will not be satisfied; I cannot rest completely fulfilled until all are Home safely in My sweet haven of peace. For these are Mine, and all Mine are the Father's, and We are not willing that any should perish.

86.(Mama:) The Lord is issuing a call to all you older teens and young adults to take on the task of shepherding, inspiring, and being a sample to your younger brothers and sisters. While the final responsibility for the JETTs and younger teens rests with the parents, the Lord is now placing a great deal of responsibility on you YAs and SGAs--and senior teens, too--to help pull these younger ones through.

87.The Lord is making it clear that He has a job for you--all of you SGAs and YAs in the Family--and He considers this job very, very important. It's so important that He says He cannot rest fulfilled until it is done. He's asking you to take a long, hard look at your younger brothers and sisters and to realize the heavy spiritual attack that they're under, and that it's not just some passing phase that they'll grow out of. Some teen problems are fairly common and normal, but with our young ones, the Enemy is playing for keeps. This is more than just a temporary battle with a little worldliness and a little lack of inspiration and a few little problems and growing pains. It's a serious attack of the Enemy that must be repelled through the Word, love, care and attention!

88.Is there a young teen or JETT in your Home that you could be pouring into and spending time with? He or she doesn't have to be your biological brother or sister, since many of you are not living with your families. The Lord talks about helping your younger brothers and sisters, and you should if you're with them; but any one of our younger teens is also your brother or sister in the spirit, and you should be as concerned about their happiness and spiritual well-being as your own flesh and blood! Will you take time for them?

89.They're in desperate need of your help. If you don't help them, you may have to face seeing them walk out the door to try the System's way of life once they're old enough--or even before they're old enough! I certainly don't want that to happen, and I know that you don't want to see that happen either, and that you'll want to do all that you can to help them. I know that you're concerned about them, and that we can count on you to take up this very important commission the Lord is giving you.

Jesus Gave His Life for You--Will You Do the Same for Them?

90.(Jesus continues:) Will you therefore answer My call? I know it will take sacrifice. I know it will take faith to pull them through. But I am with you, as My Father was with Me when I bled and died for My followers. They were as My younger brothers and sisters, as you are My younger brothers and sisters. I would that you now in turn do the same for these, your younger brothers and sisters, as I did for you. I would that you fight for them, bleed for them if necessary, and lay down your lives daily to win them.

91.This day I do entrust these to your care, as My Father entrusted you to My care when I went out from the Halls of Heaven to save you, My younger brothers and sisters. Therefore, will you not do the same for these, your younger brothers and sisters? For they are in need. Many are wounded and bleeding and in need of rescue. They are under heavy attack, for Satan is waging all-out guerrilla raids against them. Who will go? Who will fight? Who is willing to rescue them?

92.I know the forsaking it will require of you. I know the sacrifice, for I too had to forsake and sacrifice to win you. I know what it will take--all your time, all your effort, and all your strength--for that was what it took Me to fight for you. I know there will be times when you will feel weak and weary and incapable of such a task, as I, too, felt the same when I fought for you.

93.I understand the temptation you have to think that it would seem easier to leave this task to others, as I, too, was tempted in the same way. I was tempted at times, thinking if only My Father would send legions of angels to correct the problems, I could go Home and get on with other things and not be bothered. "If only I could leave the task to others" was a temptation I had to fight. But My Father had called Me, and leaving the task to others was not My Father's will.

94.I had been groomed and called for My task from the beginning, just as I have been grooming you from the day of your birth to fulfill this task of being bellwethers for the younger ones. Had I not obeyed My call, I would have missed the victories of Heaven. I would have missed the mark. I would have missed saving you. All My preparation and training would have been wasted, and everything would have been different.

95.I am calling! Will you take the stand? Will you take up this challenge, as I took up My Father's challenge to rescue you? This is the day I have been preparing you for. This is the day I have groomed you for and preserved you for. This is the day when all the trials, all the lessons, all the tribulations that you have passed through will come to fruition, as you pour out to these. For in this you will fulfill My purpose and My plan.

96.As you pour out, as you raise the standard high and pour into these, you will find happiness and peace that you have never known. As you step out and comfort these with the same comfort that you have been comforted with, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has been worth it all--all the trials, all the tests, all the tribulations you have passed through. You will come to know true joy as you pour in to these. For only in giving are you able to receive. And as you pour out to these, I will pour in to you, that you may receive of all My abundance.

97.To those of you who feel you have nothing to give, I say it is not so. To those who feel incapable and insufficient in yourselves, I say worry not, for it is I Who will sustain you. To those of you who feel you have an insufficient hold on needed victories yourselves, I say step out, pour out, and I will fill you. For I will pour forth the victories, and as you pour out to these younger ones, your own victories will come into full bloom.

98.For in this pouring out, in this taking up of My challenge at hand, I bring great victories--victories for the first generation, for they need your help; victories for you, as you experience the blessing of pouring out to others; victories for your younger brothers and sisters, that they may get fully on board to join the cause; victories for all! For it is I Who have created this need. It is I Who do work this work, that you all may lean on each other. You have need, they have need, and I have need, as we are all in this together.

99.(Mama:) All you have to be is willing, and the Lord can use you. Maybe you don't feel so dedicated yourself or capable of being a shepherd or a sample to the younger ones. Maybe you feel like you have enough battles of your own, and are struggling and barely holding on yourself, much less able to pull anyone else along. But the Lord says He will give you the strength as you obey! As you pour out, He'll pour in! As you try to help your younger brothers and sisters find the inspiration and fulfillment that they need, the Lord promises to bless you with that same inspiration and fulfillment too!

100.If you make a commitment to be a sample to your younger brothers and sisters, even if you don't feel that you are that sample right now, the Lord will honor your obedience and desire to help them, and will give you the victories that you need in your own life too! You don't have to be perfect to be a bellwether to the younger ones. In fact, if they see that you have weaknesses and battles too, but that you're keeping on in spite of them, and that you're determined to serve the Lord and preach the Gospel no matter what, that will be one of the biggest samples of all, and will help them the most. Because they will see that if you can do it, they can do it too! They don't need a sample of perfection, just dedication.

101.The Lord has given you older ones so much through the years--so much input from your parents, from teen shepherds and other adults, from the Letters, from experience. He's given you opportunities to witness and see His love work miracles in other people's lives. He's brought you through difficult situations with the Word and the help of a loving shepherd. Now it's your turn to do the same for the younger ones--to strengthen them like you were strengthened when you were in their shoes.

102.Sometimes you may look at the JETTs or young teens critically and think, "How could they be so naughty and lethargic and rebellious?" You get frustrated with them because they aren't better behaved. But remember the problems you had at that age, and that you've received a lot more than they have. You've been poured into through the years much more than they have. How much have you helped them and poured into them of what you have received?

103.Think back to when you were their age. What kind of questions did you have? What things did you go through? What pulled you through those tough times? Think about the people who you looked up to and who helped you. Who did you like to be with? Be like the ones you wanted to be like; be like the ones you wanted to be with.

104.Try to follow the sample of those who shepherded you through rough times and who spent time with you, loved you, listened to you, and inspired you to serve the Lord. Some of you wouldn't be serving the Lord today if it hadn't been for a shepherd who pulled you through at the time when you needed help the most. Will you do the same for one of our JETTs or young teens?

105.Unfortunately, some of you have become like the ones you didn't want to be with or be like--but you don't have to stay that way! Are you willing to change for the sake of your younger brothers and sisters? Maybe you feel like you have lost the motivation to get the victory and be on fire for Jesus. You're tired of fighting the battles; they seem so big and overwhelming, and you figure, "If it's just for me, then forget it." But are you willing to fight for the sake of your younger brothers and sisters? If you're not willing to do it for yourself, are you willing to do it for them? Are you willing to let the Lord change you and mold you and make you into His bellwethers and shepherds?

106.Are you willing to go through the making of a man or a woman for their sakes? If you are, I know the Lord will honor your obedience and willingness, and bring about wonderful victories in your life as well as theirs! "There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty!" (Pro.11:24).

107.(Jesus continues:) These younger ones are as sheep without a shepherd, and great is their need. They are bleeding, they are crying, and they need you! And I am calling. I call unto you, My second generation adults and YAs and older mature teens: Will you go? Will you fight for these? For these are a generation within a generation. I make of you, all My youth, a mighty army. You need them, and they need you, that My purpose through you may be accomplished; that together, hand in hand, you may march forth conquering and to conquer the iniquity of this day, as you cast down the imaginations and every high thing that would exalt itself against Me.

108.As you pour out to these, you will find great fulfillment and satisfaction that you have not known to this day. This is My plan, that you pour out to these, that you release all the training and preparation that I have poured into you. For I would that you bottle not up all I have poured into you. You have need of this release, so pour forth! Let it flow!

109.As they receive, they will grow strong and mighty,that together you both may be strengthened for the battles ahead. In this is My two-fold purpose: that you pour out and be strengthened, satisfied, and fulfilled; and that they too receive and be strengthened and satisfied, firm and established.

110.Unto you, My army of youth, it is given, for you are a royal generation, a royal priesthood, called out and chosen from among the people, that you may stand strong and tall and mighty! Let not your eyes be blinded so that you forget your calling, but rather make your calling and election sure. For My calling and gifts that I have bestowed on you are without repentance.

111.These, your younger brothers and sisters, look to you. They look to your sample, to your leading, and they are crying out for some direction, some leadership, someone who will help. They look to you who are not distant in age. They look to you who have recently passed through the same battles, the same trials and rough spots, and they receive the truth from you readily. They are in need of close oversight, strong direction, strong samples and role models that they can look up to--someone within their reach, someone they can identify with and hold on to.

112.These are buffeted about on all sides, as you were at the same age. Were you not in times past also buffeted with unbelief, and yet I had mercy? Even so these also pass through unbelief, and I would that by your mercy, they may receive mercy. I would that you spend time with them, pour into them, share your experiences and lessons with them, that they may know that you understand. Shower them with your mercy, that they too may know My mercy, for I would have mercy upon all. Therefore show them love and mercy, and tenderly gather them in.

113.I call today to you, My second generation adults, My YAs and older teens, to take up your swords and present your bodies a living sacrifice, as I did for you, that you may be holy and acceptable unto Me, as I was to My Father. I call you to be not conformed to the world, as I was not conformed to the world, but to be transformed, as I was transformed. Renew your minds and hearts today and stand with Me. Are you willing? Are you equal to the task? Fear not, for I am equal, and I am able as you yield to Me.

114.As you rise up and fight for your younger brothers and sisters, you will come to know strength you have never known. You will come to know the joy and peace and fulfillment that you have been seeking. You will come to find challenge and the sense of purpose that you were desperately longing for. For this purpose you were made, and for this purpose I do ordain you.

115.(Mama:) Wow! What an amazing plan the Lord is laying out for us--not only a way to salvage the younger ones, but a way to give you older ones the boost you've been needing, the challenge that you've been looking for. "Whoa," you may say, "wait a minute! This isn't what I was looking for. This is the last thing I wanted to do, and I fail to see how it's going to make me happy or spiritually renewed!"

116.Well, many times what looks like a stone turns out to be bread. Often what we protest so vigorously in the beginning turns out to be something that makes us very happy in the end. The Lord knows best, and when He says something will work, it will work--if we yield, cooperate, and give Him a chance!

117.Of course there are going to be some sacrifices and some forsaking, as the Lord says in the above message--but let me tell you, the sacrifices are worth it! You may have to sometimes temporarily lay aside some of your own personal desires and aspirations in order to pour into your younger brothers and sisters and take them under your wing, but don't you think it's worth it to help them be happy and inspired, and salvage their lives for the Lord's service? Jesus paid the price for you. He went the distance for you. Your parents paid the price for you too. Will you pay the price for others and go the distance for them?

118.Your parents and shepherds made great sacrifices to pour into you, while still caring for the rest of their kids, witnessing, pioneering, raising support, etc. It was tough! But ask any parent now, and I'm sure they'll tell you that it was worth it, because today many of those kids are dedicated missionaries, some of them with families of their own, who are shining for Jesus and giving their lives for Him! Of course, not all of the children that our Family parents raised decided to stay in the Family, but even for those who left, what was poured into them is not lost, but will be a positive influence on them for the rest of their lives.

119.So don't be afraid of making some sacrifices, because the results are worth it all! And on top of that, the Lord promises that He's going to reward you greatly for your willingness to give your lives for them. Not only does He have a Heavenly reward prepared for you, but also an earthly reward in the form of greater joy and fulfillment. You never lose by giving!

120.And while it will cost you to invest the time that's needed to help them and to instill in them a renewed love for the Lord and inspiration in serving Him, I'm afraid if you don't answer their desperate pleas for help now, you might have to face the heartbreak of seeing them leave later. And it could be your younger brother or sister. Wouldn't it be better to make a little sacrifice and invest a little now, than to see them leave altogether later, when it will be much more difficult to reach and help them?

121.(Jesus continues:) Gross darkness is falling. Gross darkness is covering the Earth, and for this I do prepare My mighty youth army. For this purpose I do ordain you and anoint you to go forth and fight My battles. For this purpose I do raise up My Heaven's boys and Heaven's girls. For this purpose I am calling! Will you heed the call? Will you help to rescue your younger brothers and sisters? Will you do your part to help them?

122.If you will take the stand, if you will take up this challenge, if you will heed My call, I will anoint you to be a light to them. When they see your dedication, when they feel your fire, as you pour out your time and attention, they will in turn also be able to connect to Me and My Word. As you allow the Word that I have implanted within you to come alive, as you allow Me to live and move and think and act in you, so will I turn their key, that they may follow in your footsteps. I will bind you together with the strong cords and strong ties of My love, My Word, and My power, that you may stand strong and tall and fight!

123.Fight, My army of youth! Fight for the right! Fight for My cause, that righteousness may cover the Earth. None shall be able to stand against you, for mighty are the forces of My army of the youth of David. Mighty and strong are they! You shall call down the forces of Heaven, and they shall fight. You shall stand bold and brave and fearless in the sight of all men, and even the devils will fear and tremble!

124.For you are called and chosen--My royal priesthood of princes and princesses. This is the day about which all the prophets have dreamed. You, My children of the children of David, are they upon whom all the prophets and all the saints and even I do look with glorious hope. For all who have gone before you are made whole in you, because you are they who will finish the course.

125.I am calling! Will you take the stand? Will you heed My call? Will you bring your younger brothers and sisters along with you? All will be needed as we march on in battle. Lift up your swords! Raise the banners high! Forward, march! This is My plan. For as you answer this call, I will ignite the hearts of the younger ones. And as they see your fervor and your fire, they too will follow.

126.All are necessary--parents, aunts, uncles, second generation adults, YAs, and older teens--to fight for My young warriors. But you of the second generation hold the advantage, for these younger ones look to you who are closer in age. For this reason I have ordained you, for your own youthful drive and zeal will ignite them!

127.Know that whichever way you go, the young ones will follow you. Therefore choose this day which road you will take. For they will follow you, whether it be up the road to greater dedication and taking up My challenge, or whether it be down the road to falling away, to selfishness and backsliding. Either way, they will follow you. I give this into your hands, to decide upon which road you will lead them--down the road to selfishness and worldly ways, or up the road to power and victory and Heavenly heights. For as parents reap of the seeds they sow in a child, so will you reap of the seeds you sow in these younger ones who look to you.

128.This will I require at your hand. This is the responsibility that I place on your shoulders, for this is the coming of age. It must needs come, for as a parent and a child, it is the same with you and these younger ones. And as a parent matures and learns and grows into full maturity and usefulness as he cares for his child, so will you grow and mature as you take up this challenge.

129.This is the coming of age. I do this in love and mercy, for as I grew through taking on the responsibility of fighting for you and pulling you through, so will you grow and mature as you take on this responsibility of your younger brothers and sisters. In this I will make you into My Endtime army, and you will come to know and avail yourselves of My full blessing and My full power, and the very gates of Hell will not prevail against us!

130. Will you take the stand? Will you fight with Me? Comfort yourselves with these words, and know that I look down with shining face. I anoint you for this coming of age, for I am not willing that any should perish. Will you march with Me? I need you. I depend on you. Will you take the stand?

131.These younger ones need you to lead the way. They desperately need to see your faith put into action. They are in need of challenge and action. Therefore ignite them with your fire. You have but to point them in the right direction, light their fire and let them burn! For an idle mind is the workshop of Satan, and he will use every opportunity he can to take advantage.

132.Challenge them, keep them busy, inspire them and lead them in the way of pioneering. Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white to harvest. Lead these in the way of active missionary work. Give them change, challenge, action! Recognize them and let them know how important they are to the Family, to you, to Me, and to the world. Give them appreciation. Give them a place of service and responsibility. Give them your time and companionship. And I will pour out the encouragement, the fulfillment and the satisfaction that both you and they need. Pour into them My Word, and I will not fail. Invest in them and love them, for love never fails. (End of message from Jesus.)

Will You Be a Bellwether Friend?

133. (Mama:) What a call! Are you willing? Each of our junior teens, JETTs, and OCs, too, needs an older buddy, shepherd or bellwether friend. Will you be the one? You may not feel like a shepherd or a bellwether, but the Lord knows you can be if you will pray desperately for Him to give you the love and the vision to help these younger ones.

134.They need positive role models who they can look up to and who will help show them the way, and one of the main things that's going to make them feel challenged and inspired and turned on to the Lord and the Word is your sample, your shepherding, your love and your friendship. They look up to you. They want to be your friend. They want to emulate what you do and be what you are. They look up to you even more than they look up to their parents, because you're closer to their age and they figure you will understand them better since you went through the same things not long ago.

135.After reading this prophecy, you may feel like, "Yes, I want to take up the torch and do something to help my younger brothers and sisters in the Family. I can see the problems and I believe the need is there, and I'm willing to make the sacrifice. But what exactly am I supposed to do?" Well, besides the general principles of being a good sample, giving them attention and time, let's take a minute to review a few more concrete steps that the Lord touches on in His message above.

Include Them in Your Life and Ministry

136.One question that you may be asking yourself is how you're going to manage this, since you're already too busy with other things that you each have to take care of. I'd like to emphasize that it doesn't always take that much time to pour into the younger ones in your Home. Even a few minutes of listening, showing them that you care, that you're interested in them and want to help them pull through, make a big difference. You can take one of them with you when you work on something else, explaining things as you go and making it an interesting learning experience.

137.Although the Lord is asking you to give your lives for the younger ones, and tells you it will require a sacrifice, etc., this doesn't mean that in order to fulfill the Lord's commission, all you young people need to become full-time JETT or teen shepherds! Maybe after reading this far you're thinking, "I was just on my way to Russia to burn free witnessing, and now I've got to stay here and find a Home with some JETTs and become a 'childcare worker!'" That isn't necessarily so. Go ahead with your move to Russia if that's where the Lord is leading you, and throw yourself into personal witnessing; but if you wind up in a Home that has some JETTs or younger teens, make it part of your job to look out for them as well. When you go out personal witnessing or on follow-up, take them with you and teach them how to talk to people and win souls. Instill in them the vision for why we're here in the first place and the reason why we have a Family at all--to win the world for Jesus!

138.Or maybe you're a full-time provisioner and really enjoy your ministry. This GN doesn't mean that you have to stop that to take care of the JETTs full-time and nothing else. What it does mean is that maybe you can include one of the JETTs or junior teens in your Home in your ministry. Teach them to write the request letters, keep the files or make phone calls, or take them as your partner when doing follow-up visits and give them opportunities to actively participate. And while you're with them, try to spend some time talking with them about subjects they're interested in or that will be helpful, inspiring, and spiritually strengthening for them.

139.If you don't know how to incorporate caring for a JETT or teen into whatever else you're doing, pray and ask the Lord! I know that if you call out to Him, He will show you exactly what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to do it. Besides confirming whether it's His will for you to take a certain JETT or teen under your wing, He can give you specifics in prophecy on how to go about it. And if you don't have the gift of prophecy, ask someone else in your Home who does to pray and hear from the Lord for you.

140.So you see, while caring for your JETT and teen brothers and sisters is a calling, it isn't necessarily a ministry in itself that excludes everything else. The Lord's not saying that you have to gather a JETT group and be a full-time JETT shepherd--although this is needed too in some cases, and already is or will be the ministry of some of you, God bless you! But the Lord is just asking you to pour into the younger ones no matter what else you're doing. Be a good sample to them, pay attention to them, be there for them when they need you, and make them feel like a part of your life and service for the Lord. He's asking you to take these younger ones under your wing, to spend time with them, to love them, to listen to them, to do fun things with them.

141.Be a friend to them. Don't just "take care of them" out of duty or because you're asked to or the Lord says to. Ask the Lord to put a real love for them in your heart, so that you can develop a rapport with them as their friend and shepherd, a role model who's interested in them and whose sample they want to follow.

142.Be there to hold their hand as they walk through the tunnel of their lives. It's pretty dark right now for some of them, and because of their lack of experience, they can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel. But you can, because you've been through that tunnel before. You know what it's like, and you can hold their hand and help lead them through. One day they'll be forever grateful to you for having helped them get through and come into the light of the other side, and it will be worth it all!

143.The following note, written by one of the junior teens who attended a camp in the U.S. to one of the YA VSs, exemplifies how what you pour in to the younger ones, though it may not seem to be doing that much on the surface, will reap big results:

144. (From a junior teen:) "Thank you soooo much for all of the time and effort all of you put into us at the camp. I know it may seem like it's not worth it right now, but I'm sure that camp will be changing lives. It sure changed mine. It has made me try to put my all into everything I do, because one day I will have to answer to Jesus for it. I am going through a lot of trials and stuff right now, but I'm sure the Lord will bring me out as a better tool for His work."

(To be continued!)

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