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Spirit Stories!--Heavenly Ghostwriting!        Maria #380           DO/TS 3119         3/97

--By Maria

For your convenience, this GN has been divided into five sections, so you can easily read it in several sittings without interrupting the train of thought too much.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Mama's Letter to the WS Pubs Units          2

                The Need for More Reading Material for Our Kids        3

                How This Project Began     4

                The Reservoir of God!         4

                Tap In to the Power!            6

                It's Time to Take Off with This New Project!   7

                "Let the Opportunity Be Given to All!"           8

                "The WS Units Can Help Too"         8

Section 2: Confirming Prophecies  11

                "Many Are the Cries of Them That Are Hungry!"        11

                Be a Receiver!       12

                Dad Still Loves Stories!      13

                Be Like John the Revelator13

                Volumes of Stories Are Waiting        14

                "Let Me Pour Through You Freely!"                15

                Do It for the Children          15

Section 3: Messages from Storytellers in the Heavenlies          16

                Message from Louisa May Alcott    16

                Messages from Martin and Jesus     17

                Message from Mike             20

                Message from Christian      21

                Messages from Helga         23

                Message from Edgar Rice Burroughs               25

Section 4: More How-to's and Counsel

                from the Lord       27

                A New Pub Is Born!            28

                The Lord's Leading with Each Story's Placement           30

                Your Help Is Needed!          31

                Don't Get Discouraged!      32

                Stories May Need Some Editing        35

                The Difference Between These Stories and Other Prophecies     35

                Are These True Stories?     39

Section 5: Encouragement from Those

                Who Have Tried It!              40

                Juggles the Clown!              40

                Confirmations of a Supernatural Story!            41

                Story Battles and Sheherezade the Storyteller!               43

                Another Inside Look at Receiving Stories       45

                A Vision of Heaven!            46

Article: Are Stories Important?      47

My dearest and most precious Family,

                1. I love you! I have some very exciting news for you! The Lord is full of new and unexpected ideas, and I think this one is really going to turn you on and flip you out like it did Peter and me! It's wild, different, cool, far-out--a real trip into the fascinating world of the spirit! As you may have guessed, the Lord has led us to another new project, which I believe will be an answer to the prayers of all of you--both young and old. This will fill a very desperate need in the Family, one which I'm sure you're all aware of and have possibly even experienced personally to varying degrees.

                2.Has this little introduction whet your appetite? I'll bet it has! I hope you don't mind if I tell you about this new project by sharing with you a letter I recently sent to our WS pubs units in which I not only explained this new adventure but also solicited their help. As you read this letter, if the Lord burdens your heart with the need and you feel that you, too, would like to participate, then please do! You can be a part of this new project, too! You'll understand this better after you read the following letter.

SECTION ONE: Mama's Letter to the WS Pubs Units

To my dear loved ones!

                3.God bless you, precious ones! Each of you is so close to us and often in our thoughts and prayers. Each of you is so needed and plays such an important part in this great Family. Don't ever minimize your job. If you're tempted to do that, just think of what happens when one of your members leaves to go elsewhere, and how difficult it is to find someone to fill his or her shoes. Thanks for being faithful to your job, and so willing, yielded and obedient!

                4.By the way, we just love the Zine, and you can be sure I listen to every word of it! It's just great! We've heard some of the tremendous reactions from the Family, too! I'll bet those have been a wonderful encouragement to you! As you can see, even the adults love you, because of what a great service you're doing for the young people in giving them a strong message, but packaged in a way that they can relate to, and one which they find fun, refreshing and different! So keep up the good work!

                5.Now that we've got the Zine and the Grapevine rolling, and the young people are benefiting from them both, the Lord has yet more fun things up His sleeve!--Not only for the teens, but for the younger ones as well! And that's what I'd like to talk to you about now. Don't worry, this isn't going to replace the wonderful Zine or Grapevine. It's just going to be an additional pub that will fill a different slot and need in our young people's lives.

                6.Well, there's one pub I didn't mention that you work on and publish periodically, that also falls into this category--the Power and Protection stories. In some ways this is similar to the new project that I'm going to tell you about now. These Power and Protection stories are always received with great eagerness by young and old--a fun family time affair! Everybody loves stories! So our hats are off to you who compile and produce that pub as well!

                7.Also, we don't want to leave out all the other children's and young people's pubs that are keeping our kids well-fed and happy, like the Kidz mags, the Hope TKs, the MLKs, as well as all the Hope mags that were produced in the past, and all the other pubs that you all are faithfully working on now. (God bless the brethren at Family Care [FC] who have now taken up the challenge of carrying on some of these kids' pubs, such as the Hope TKs, the MLKs and the Kidz mags.) Of course, there are other pubs that you work on or have worked on in the past that are not especially for the children or young people, but I'm sure there are many kids who enjoy them and get fed from them--such as the FSMs, the WNDs, the FARs, the Prayer List, Family in Action, the Christian Digest, and the HomeARC.

The Need for More Reading Material for Our Kids

                8.It would seem that we have more than anybody could possibly read! I'm sure you sometimes think so, when the pubs keep rolling in and you can hardly keep up with them. However, for our younger ones, sometimes some of the pubs aren't so interesting, and they have a hard time being faithful to read them. That doesn't mean they don't have a voracious appetite for exciting reading material, though. And if given the kind that appeals to them, they'll most likely find plenty of time to absorb and digest it.

                9.You all, as well as those at FC, have been trying to give our children and younger ones the kind of material that will capture their interest, and you've been doing a good job at it. However, the need continues to be great. The quality is tremendous, but we continue to need quantity. Many of our children and young people are avid readers, and although we've been able to supply them with some very good reading material, it hasn't been enough to meet their tremendous needs.

                10.I remember when I was a kid, I read everything I could get my hands on--book after book of whatever my parents could supply in the way of children's Christian material, as well as books from our small family library, which, thank the Lord, were mostly Christian also, although much of it was a little beyond my years. Of course, I had the school library, which I made good use of to supplement my reading interests. I was always asking my parents to buy me books for Christmas or birthday presents. When I think of how much reading material I needed to keep me satisfied, I can understand why our kids might be bored and kind of wishing for something new to read and do. They've read the Hope mags, Hope TKs,Power and Protection mags and other reading material designated for them over and over, as well as the Good Thots, and they probably know it all by heart.

                11.By saying this, I don't in any way want to minimize the great importance of the Hope TKs and MLKs in the lives of our children. These pubs are the GNs in picture form, or illustrated excerpts of the GNs, and thus they're in a class of their own and are extremely important, even above any of the other children's pubs. These pubs present the Word to our kids, which is desperately needed; it's the ballast that Dad talked about in "Builders Beware" (ML #309B).

                12.When I talk about our children needing other pubs, I am referring to additional pubs that are fun and beneficial, but which certainly don't take the place of GNs in any form--such as the Hope TKs and the MLKs, etc., which are extremely valuable and the most important thing that our kids read. Thank the Lord, FC is doing a great job of producing the GN-based children's pubs, but as I mentioned earlier, what we need is a quantity of good, edifying reading material.

                13.As you know, some of our JETTs and junior teens in particular are hanging in the balances, and a number of them are in quite sad shape. We must do whatever we can do to reach them now. No one thing can turn them around, but each new idea that the Lord gives us can play an important part in helping them to make it through this turbulent time in their lives.

How This Project Began

                14.Okay, is this little introduction stimulating your interest? Can you guess what "new idea" I'm going to tell you about here? I hope you'll be as excited about it as I am--and that's a lot of excitement! I'm just jumping up and down with joy about this! I think this is going to have a tremendous impact, along with all our other pubs.

                15. I'll tell you how it all came about. About nine months ago the baby was conceived! And now, nine months later, it's just about to be born. Way before the Grapevine or the Zine ever came into being, I was thinking about how much our young people needed good story material, in addition to the GNs and FSMs and Hope TKs and other pubs they have.

                16.I was thinking of how disappointed I'd been several years ago when one of our few writers of good children's stories left his plow and went back to the System. We had several others who were able to do some pretty good stories too, like Happy (Simon Peter) and others, including some of you, but you were all so desperately needed for other jobs that we couldn't request that any of you work full-time on children's material, or hardly even part-time.

                17.Stories have such a great influence on children and young people. They read them over and over, and in some cases almost memorize them. Look at the effect that Heaven's Girl had, as well as Heaven's Children. Look at the raves we got about Victory in Babylon. Stories are tremendously effective!

                18.So again, at this time, I was thinking about how much we needed children's stories and what a disappointment it was that we had no one to help. I'd spent several days racking my brain to try to see what we could do to fill this vacuum for material to feed our children and teens, because we have so many ages to accommodate, and such a large quantity of material is needed by each age group. The task looked impossible. But as always, God is the God of the impossible, and He finally got through to me! When we get desperate enough and cry with our whole heart, He's promised to answer us.

                19.So the Lord finally broke through with the following thought that He put in my mind, "Why, of course! Lord, You could give them to us! You could dictate them to us! It's an emergency, Lord, a last resort! There's no other way to do it! Why can't You just give them from Heaven? We've gotten so many messages from beyond. We've gotten the praise prophecies for the adults and for the kids. You can do anything, Lord, so You could give us stories for our kids straight from Heaven. There are a lot of people up There who could be helping us. We only have a few people here--not enough to do much at all. But there are so many up There, and if they're as interested as they've said they are in furthering Your work in this Endtime, then they should be helping us. So what about it, Lord?"

                20.I thought about it for a while, and about the authors that are in Heaven. Think of the thousands upon thousands of authors that must be up There! If we could get songs from Heaven, and the Lord said that all these musicians were waiting to cascade the music down upon us, then why couldn't He do the same with the authors? Why couldn't they also cascade their stories down upon us, too? Why not? What better thing do they have to do than to help the Lord's Endtime children?

The Reservoir of God!

                21.A couple of days later I asked Peter if we could pray about this new project. The Lord always answers, and He answered us abundantly and clearly and beautifully. This time, to begin with, He sent a Heavenly being, which we assumed was one of His angels, to herald the news. Here's what he said:

                22.(Angel speaking:) I am the keeper of the reservoir, the Word of God. I have received the instructions to open the gateways and to let the Words flow freely so that the water of His Word will flood upon the face of the Earth! He wishes it to go forth in many forms so that it can reach many people--diverse people with diverse interests.

                23.You are the receivers, the channelers of this water. I open the floodgates and I send it through the conduits, through the pipes, to the people. For if it goes not through the conduits, it is wasted. The pipelines have been prepared and are ready and tested, and there are no leaks. The water system is in place and ready, and I have received the order to open the gateways so that I can allow the waters to flow.

                24.These waters shall feed and nourish many! Some will be for the feeding of His children, and some will be for the feeding of the lost. It will be diverse, to reach many. For there is much, much water in the reservoir of God! I know, for I keep the waters. I am the steward and I have received my instructions. (End of message from angel.)

                25. This spirit being has given us an awesome announcement that relates to more than just the stories. He explained that he had received instructions "to open the gateways and to let the Words flow freely" so that the water of the Word will flood upon the face of the Earth. He referred to the Word going forth in many forms so that it can reach many people--diverse people with diverse interests.We are sensing more and more how the windows of Heaven are open, and how eager the Lord is to pour forth His Words in many ways--direct messages from Him, messages from Dad and our spirit helpers, and also messages from departed spirits and these Heavenly storywriters. These many different types of messages are coming abundantly, as quickly as we have channels available to receive them.

                26. We were intrigued by the above message, wondering, "Who is this mysterious messenger, the keeper of the reservoir?" This spirit being seemed to be someone very important, so we asked the Lord if He would please clarify to us who spoke and give any other information about him. Following is the message we received:

                27.(Archangel Gabriel speaking:) Behold, I am the Angel Gabriel, the keeper of the reservoir, the Word of God! Great power and privilege is given unto me in the Heavenly Kingdom, as I do keep and preserve and protect that which is most powerful and most precious. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Is it not fitting that it was I who was sent to speak with the Virgin Mary, to proclaim unto her the message from God, the Creator, that the Word would soon be made flesh and that she was the chosen vessel?

                28.The roaring of the rushing waves beat upon the Earth with great power and magnificence! So shall this flood of the Word of God be, now that the gateways to the reservoir have been opened. You shall see a mighty flood of the Word of God that shall sweep the Earth in great power!

                29.As the Almighty One did choose a humble handmaiden to bring forth His Son, the manifestation of His Word and His love, into the world in days gone by, so has He seen fit to once again choose humble ones to be the vessels, the channels, the carriers, that He might once again make His Word manifest.

                30.I have stood in the presence of the Almighty One, the Alpha and the Omega, the God of all creation. He has said that now is the time. He has placed in my hand the golden key of fortune and knowledge and wisdom and revelation, and He has commanded me to open the reservoir without limit, that a flood of His Word might pour forth without measure. For the time is short and the last season is come upon His children. And now in great mercy He has raised His hand and proclaimed: "Let the Words of truth and love and mercy pour forth as never before. For the time is now; it is the Last Days. Let My Word be fulfilled!"

                31.And so it is that I, the Angel Gabriel, have opened the reservoir unto the children of David, and unto all those who hunger after the heart of God. For these shall be days of great plenty and great famine; these shall be days of great light and great darkness. Therefore prepare the way to receive this mighty flood. Work while it is day, for the night comes when no man can work. Redeem the time as His humble channels and processors, and so shall you fulfill your destiny as His waterbearers of the End.

                32.Unto you is the reservoir opened! Upon you has been bestowed the greatest blessing of all time! At your fingertips are the secrets of the universe! Within your reach is the heart and mind of God. Ask and you shall receive. According to your faith it will be given unto you.

                33.I am greatly privileged in all the Kingdom, for I am the keeper of the Words. And you are greatly privileged in all the world, for you are the channels and carriers of the Words. I have received my instruction, my call, my command from the mouth of God, and I have obeyed. And now it is given unto you, the children with the hungry hearts, to obey--you who are the living temple of God; you who are the love of God on Earth; you who are His voice, His hands, His eyes, His Words. Now it is given unto you to obey and to fulfill your destiny, and to take your place amongst the great ones who went before you.

                34.You shall receive great honor, great glory and great reward, now and for all eternity, because you are willing to be His channels, to channel the water from the reservoir of the Mighty One. Fear not, for it is given unto those of low estate to be mightily used by the hand of God. Great shall be the flood which will cover the Earth with the truth of God! The gateways are opened. I have heard the command and I have obeyed. (End of message from Archangel Gabriel.)

Tap In to the Power!

                35.Then Jesus spoke and said:

                36.(Jesus speaking:) My darling queen, I have heard your prayer. I know the desires of your heart. I know how you wish to pour forth My Words. I know how you wish to feed My children. I know how you wish to reach the lost. I know your frustration that there are not enough who can help, who can write, who can imagine, who can put pen to paper and who can feed My children, My little ones, in the volume that they need to be fed. For they hunger and they thirst and they desire and they need. It is a job that is so much bigger than any one person.

                37.But you do not have to be limited to just one person, one writer, one imagination. Instead you can tune in, you can tap in, and you can receive from the multitudes that I have available for you! It's so simple, so easy, much easier than working it up or trying to imagine it.

                38.For I have given the order, and those who are gifted, those who wish to participate, have gathered and discussed and are ready. And now you, too, are ready. We will work together to feed My children and to feed the lost, and we will pour out words in abundance! Did I not promise to pour forth words and music to My young ones, and have I not done this?--Even much more than you expected! Did I not say that you would receive these messages from beyond, and have you not received them in great abundance? Did I not show you that you could receive the praises of God from beyond, and did you not do this?

                39.All of these came so easily in comparison to the struggles of man, to the work, the thought and the energy that has to be put into producing it without direct help from the spirit world. But I caused it to flow upon you, and I will cause this to flow upon you, and it shall be a blessing to many.

                40.Oh, how I love to feed My children! Oh, how I love to pour forth My Words! Do not be afraid to move forward in this. Have faith. Present the vision, and the channels--those who receive--will be ready, will be excited, and will have the vision and the desire; and you shall see that it will bring forth great fruit.

                41.So tap in! Tap in to the power! Tap in to the Spirit! Let these Here who wish so much to help, pour forth, and you will be amazed at all that will be poured down and all that will come through the pipes. You just have to channel it to the right place, and it will feed and strengthen and water and cause to grow.

                42.I say to you who will receive these messages, these stories, these words: Have faith! Receive! Give! Fear not! The water awaits the open channels, so open your channels and it will pour forth through you like never before! You will find great joy in knowing that you are feeding My children, that you are filling a need, and that I have used you as the conduits of My Spirit and of My Words.

                43.Don't be afraid to venture out and to receive whatever it is that is sent forth. For it is not you--it is the Spirit that sends it. It may be wild! It may sound crazy! It may sound exciting! It may be completely different than anything you've received before! But don't let this shake you or rattle you--just give. Your job is just to give, to be the channel, to be the receiver, to be the pipe.

                44.Don't worry about the water--just open up! Open up and receive, and we will pour forth through you so that you may water the thirsty ground of your children. Allow My Spirit and the Words of My Spirit and the words of these Here to flow through you. This will bring great joy, great feeding, great abundance. The young ones will be strengthened and become more attached to Me. They will feel closer to Me, they will be fed of My Spirit, and they will become stronger.

                45.So give! Give what you receive! Give in faith. Speak the Words and do not be afraid. Together, the multitudes Here and you there, we will accomplish a great thing--the feeding of My children directly from Heaven! (End of message from Jesus.)

                46.Isn't this absolutely terrific? The Lord gave such a wonderful confirmation that it is possible to feed the children and young people directly from Heaven, and He promised that it would be so much easier than trying to do it the conventional way of imagining the plot, writing the rough draft, editing it, polishing it, etc. Just think, there are multitudes of gifted people in Heaven, talented, experienced authors, available to help us! And the Lord says they've already gotten together and discussed the project and are now ready. They're rarin' to go! They just need channels who are willing to open their mouths and receive. They just need conduits to receive the message, and the Lord promised they'll pour forth abundantly not only for our own kids and young people in the Family, but for the GP as well! The Lord said we'd be amazed at all that would come through "the pipes." Wow, that's pretty exciting, isn't it? Thrilling!

                47.But don't get scared. I know you probably realize who "the pipes" are and that I'm going to ask you to help in this wonderful project of receiving stories in prophecy. Some of you are probably shaking in your boots, feeling that you can't possibly take part in something like this, that you just don't have the faith for it. But like Jesus said in the above message, don't be afraid; if He wants you to do it, He'll give you the faith for it. And as you continue to read this message, I believe your faith will grow, because you'll hear the many tremendous promises the Lord and various other spirit helpers give. But if you don't feel comfortable doing this, don't worry about it. For those of you who want to do it, like the Lord said, you don't have to be afraid. You can try it and see if it works. You can experiment.

It's Time to Take Off with This New Project!

                48.Well, back to nine months ago. After we had heard from the Lord with the above messages, we were just absolutely thrilled and wanted to start right away. So with our first willing volunteer, we got our first story, which turned out to be aimed at the GP, from Louisa May Alcott. Then in the next couple of days, we got another one, from Hans Christian Andersen, that was suitable for both our Family and the GP alike. It seemed like some of the literary greats were wanting to get in on the beginnings of this great project.

                49.You're probably wondering what has happened since then. Well, quite a few people here were excited about participating, but were a little unsure of themselves. Over the following weeks, several people here prayed and got encouragement from the Heavenly writers who were to help them. These helpers encouraged our folks to team up with them to help produce stories. Several people did get stories at that time. However, as things got very busy and we got involved in the praise projects, as well as other pubs, this project sort of got shelved.

                50.Lately, however, the Lord has been laying the burden on our hearts that now is the time to take it off the shelf and dust it off and start again, in earnest. Or, going back to the analogy of the baby, now is the time to give birth. Our folks here are now more exercised in their gifts of prophecy, and have more faith to launch out in this new direction, and just in the last couple of weeks they've had some exciting results.

"Let the Opportunity Be Given to All!"

                51.When we asked the Lord if everybody in our Home should participate, He and Dad gave the following counsel, which should make you feel more comfortable:

                52.(Jesus speaking:) Ask! Ask of everyone. Ask who will. Ask freely, letting everyone know there are no obligations. For some are willing and excited and used to being channels, used to letting the Spirit and My spirit helpers speak through them; they are comfortable with it. Then there are others who are new at it, just learning. Encourage them that they can try and grow and learn to be better, more yielded channels. Then there are those who are shy and feel incapable, inferior, and have no faith in themselves. Encourage these to step out too, for some of these will be raised up as good, sturdy pipes. Then there are others who won't have the faith and who don't need to have the faith, because there will be plenty of people--both in your Home and elsewhere--who can help fulfill this mission.

                53.Ask and let the opportunity be given to all. There will be some who will be regulars, regularly connected to the pipeline. Then there will be others who will receive by sheer inspiration sporadically, not methodically, which is fine. Then there will be others who could accompany and help others by praying with them, alongside them, but they can decide if they want to and have the time. Not everyone will need to be involved, because there is much other business of the Kingdom to tend to, including you, My queen, and My king. So ask everyone and encourage everyone that they are welcome to try. Also encourage them not to worry if they don't feel led to be used in this way.

                54.Let everyone partake of My confirming Words regarding these stories, to help encourage them, to help them to just cut loose in My Spirit, to yield to Me and expect the unexpected, and not to worry or fear in any way. It will be as a set of guidelines for them to follow and to encourage their faith.

                55.There are many who want to help from Heaven. They've got a lot of plans laid and story lines ready to give--now they're just waiting on the receivers!

                56.I'm happy to see how excited you are, Maria,and how excited your children are, too! This is the beginning of a new project and it's always exciting!

                57.There will be lessons to learn. Each writer has a different technique of presenting his thoughts. Some will need a little editing and changes here and there, but many of the stories will just flow effortlessly. Then there will be all the typing and processing which will need to be set up as well, so that nothing gets bottlenecked anywhere and things can keep flowing. But ask everybody! Invite everyone to participate, letting them know that there are no obligations, and that everyone can be involved through prayer. (End of message from Jesus.)

"The WS Units Can Help Too"

                58.(Dad speaking:) Honey, I just couldn't resist adding a little note at the end here. The Lord is so sweet to let me speak about this project. You always did have more ideas than a dog has fleas--ideas and more ideas. It's exciting to see that so many projects are happening now. In this new day with people receiving new anointing of the Spirit and finding renewed faith in the Word and in the Lord and in His supernatural miracles, more is getting done--more and more! And you ain't seen nothin' yet!

                59.This is another big project you're embarking on, Honey, but you've got lots of help! Just like with the Who Said They're Dead book, you've got lots of help from the Spirit. You've also got quite a crew there now, Honey!

                60.You've got the other WS units, too! You know they can help on some of these projects, and of course they can help with the finalization of these stories. Don't forget to ask those who work on the children's pubs; let them in on this, too, because they've been praying for a long time for more stories to be able to get out to the kids. So they're going to be flipped, Honey. Share the news and everyone will rejoice with you and help you.

                61.Ahh, it's a dream come true having more children's stories coming out in little booklets! This is so exciting, Honey! And a lot of these stories will be great for the GP as well.

                62.This is an exciting project, but it's going to take a lot of effort and concentration on everyone's part. Keep everyone tuned in and turned on and inspired and strongly connected to Jesus! Like the Lord said, there's going to be a lot of excitement and a lot of good stories. Some things are going to seem wild and different, and people's faith will get tested. That's fine and good and wonderful, but you just have to make sure that everybody is okay and is staying strong in the Word, and healthy and happy spiritually, too.

                63.Everyone will do fine. This is just a little reminder. You know me, I like to always make sure that no one is overdoing. Especially when you're working on something you're so excited about, it's hard to pull back sometimes and take a needed rest.

                64.Remember when I was working on Heaven's Girl with Apollos and on the Heaven's Children series? Sometimes I was totally absorbed, totally engrossed, and it was like I was in another world. I was flipped out in the Spirit and sometimes it was hard to come down. That's going to happen to some of these folks, too. It'll be hard to come down because they'll be so flipped out, so turned on and tuned in to the Lord's channel! There's nothing wrong with that, but they'll just need help to make sure they have a good balance of everything that they need, so that they can be happy and healthy.

                65.I love you, sweet baby! You're so sweet! You sure are full of surprises sometimes! You're so wonderful, so spontaneous! You're just terrific, Honey, and you're doing great! I love you, Peter! Thank you for taking such good care of Mama! You guys make such a good team! Praise God! Hallelujah! I love you, Honey! Bye for now! (End of message from Dad.)

                66.That's very encouraging, isn't it! When we asked the Lord if we could enlist your help, too, He had Dad say the following:

                67.(Dad speaking:) Honey, the WS pubs units are an extension of our house, an extension of you, so include them in on this project. But they also have a diversity of gifts, and they're working on other projects, and they help get things to the finish line and out the door. So it would be wise not to involve every single person. Write the letter, present the vision, present the need, present the offer that anyone is invited to participate in this project; but, as you explained to the staff here, it is not obligatory and not everyone needs to participate.

                68.People can try it, and see how it goes. Some will have a more personal burden for it, for they have a personal interest in children's projects. But not everyone will be able to be involved, for it's a time-consuming affair. You might end up with only three or four people who do it on a regular basis, which is just fine. Just keep the chow line going, with people dishing out the Word in the form of these stories. Keep it going and flowing.

                69.As far as inviting anyone else in the Family to participate, why don't you give it a little while and see how it goes. Get some stories done, and then you can send out some of the stories to the Family--similar to the Who Said They're Dead project. When you share these stories and the vision, you can then extend the invitation to the Family, encouraging them to take part if they feel the burden.

                70.Our Family is so talented, Honey! They're oozing with talent--God's wonderful talents. You're going to end up with some real good variety. However, as with any other project, be realistic and let them know that you may not be able to accept each and every story, and that they may not get published right away. But definitely encourage the Family.

                71.There are a lot of wonderful writers out there, a lot of wonderful witnessers, and a lot of wonderfully unusual characters in this big zany Family of ours, so they're going to produce some interesting variety! The Lord promised He'd give out in all kinds of ways, and said not to be surprised or worried.

                72.We need those stories! We need to get them out! We need to work the works of Him that sent us while it is day. Go ahead and get the units involved and rolling now, because they're a real help. They're a wonderful bunch of people and they've got some wonderful channels.

                73.I love you, Honey! You're doing great! You're my wonderful honey, and I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

                74.Wow, isn't that tremendous? Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Isn't that sweet? So what do you think? Are you game to try? Please don't feel obligated, as I said, but if you have a burden to step out by faith, that's great! But if you don't feel this particular project is for you, then don't worry!

                75.The Lord just wants you to do what you feel most comfortable with, because He says that everything is important! All our jobs are important, so if you don't feel you're equipped for one job, just do what you think you can do best. But do seek the Lord about it and ask Him if He wants you to try it. Like it says, maybe you'll just do it sporadically. Maybe you'll only want to do it once, or every once in a while. Maybe you'll want to do it regularly. But please know that whatever you do, it will be a wonderful blessing to our young people and will help to feed them in a way they will readily accept.

                76.So, dear ones, I'm inviting any of you to participate that have the burden and hear the Lord's call. We can use all the stories we can get, so we'll be very thankful if you want to try. If you do try, afterwards you might think your story is crummy. I think I've heard everybody here who has gotten a story tell me afterwards that they felt that maybe it didn't come out very good, or that maybe it didn't make sense, or that it wasn't as good as so-and-so's; but when I heard it, I just loved it and knew that the kids would love it too!

                77.Just be open to whatever the Lord gives you, no matter how different or strange or wild it may sound. Remember, the Lord said in the previous prophecy, "Don't be afraid to venture out and to receive whatever it is that is sent forth. For it is not you--it is the Spirit that sends it. It may be wild! It may sound crazy! It may sound exciting! It may be completely different than anything you've received before! But don't let this shake you or rattle you--just give. Your job is just to give, to be the channel, to be the receiver, to be the pipe. Don't worry about the water." Even if you don't like your story or don't think it makes sense, or whatever you think about it, please send it to me and let me be the judge. The Lord has got every kind of story imaginable--and unimaginable--up There! There are animal stories, adventure stories, nature stories, power and protection stories, relationship stories, witnessing stories, traumatic testimonies, stories of Heaven, NWO stories, ghost stories, spy stories, missionary stories, history stories, space stories, every kind of story!

                78.So will you help us get this started and rolling? As I mentioned before, we are going to need quantity, not just quality. As our young people see the stories begin to roll out and gather momentum and become more plentiful, it's going to thrill them. I really believe that this is going to be a major move of the Lord in helping to turn them around. It's going to have a major impact on their lives. The positive input is going to affect their lives in a very big way, and reading these stories will be another step in drawing them closer to the Lord and His Godly principles. They will see that what He has to offer from the spirit world is exciting and adventurous, and as we continue to give them more and more, there will be no reason for them to go to the System for reading material. They'll have more than they can read of God's good gold, in the form of His wonderful spirit stories.

                79.So, as you can see, there's a great need for anyone who can help us pioneer this project. After we get it rolling, I believe that the worldwide Family will help to carry this load by sending in the things that they get. I think we'll have a tremendous response once we show them what the Lord is doing. In fact, the other day we received in the mail, unsolicited, a terrific spirit-prophecy story from a brother in Thailand. It's almost perfect, requiring very little editing. Of course, not all the stories that we've received are so polished; some need a little work, but that is nothing compared to the work that would be required if we were to try to write them from scratch.

                80.I'm sure we'll get more help with this as time goes on, but right now we really need your help. If you have a burden and feel the call, if you ask the Lord for a story, please don't think, "Oh, this is too strange," or "This isn't very good," or "This doesn't make sense," or "The stories from Mama's house were so much better!" Almost every person in our Home who has gotten a story has said similar things, but then I've heard their stories and have just been elated! Each one has been just wonderful! Please send them to me and let me decide, okay?

                81.Now that you've read this little introduction from me, you have an idea of what this project is all about. Below I've included more confirming prophecies, and along with this message I'm sending some of the stories that have been received, which will give you the full explanation of this new idea. Afterwards, if you would like to take some time to pray and receive a story, if you feel the Lord is leading you to do so, that would be great.

                82.Thank you so very much! I love you and am so thankful for such a wonderful team to work with. We need you and depend on you. God bless you!

                Love always, Mama

SECTION TWO: Confirming Prophecies

                83.PS: For your further encouragement, here are the prophecies of confirmation which were received at the meeting in which we presented this vision to our folks here.

"Many Are the Cries of Them That Are Hungry!"

                84. (Jesus speaking): Behold, how many are the cries that have come to My ears! How many are the cries of them that are hungry, of them that are athirst. These cries come from your own children, from your young teenagers. Even though these cries are not audible, they are the cries of their heart--to be fed, to be instructed, to learn; to learn in new ways, to be instructed with new words. They long to be challenged, to be encouraged, to be given direction, but they also seek new ways and new inspirations. They seek something to fill their hearts with, something to fill their time with, something fresh that will challenge them!

                85.And behold, how many are the cries that have come to Me from them who are without, them who are lost, who are seeking a reason for their lives. Though they are young, yet they are asking many questions. They see so much around them. So much has gone wrong. They've had to grow up so quickly. Their childhoods are being spent so quickly. They're rushed forward into an adult world, so ill-prepared, lost, having to cope with so many difficulties, yet not knowing who to turn to; knowing that they themselves do not have the answers, they themselves are too young, too ill-prepared. Their hearts are crying out to Me.

                86.I have heard your cries also--the cries of your hearts to feed them and fill this vacuum. I know this has been the cry of your hearts. I know that you long to fill the cups that are empty, and that you work for this day and night. I know this is your hearts' desire. You do not shut your ears to these cries, but they have entered into your ears and they have broken your hearts. I will pour forth My Word through these broken hearts.

                87.I have heard your cries and I will help you. I will instruct you in a new way. I will pour forth through you. I will make it easy for you. All this is intended to make it easier for you to pour forth, to fill the empty cups, to mend the broken hearts who know Me not; to lead and guide those of your own fold who need strengthening, who need direction, who need challenge. This is My gift to you, My blessing, My answer to your prayers. Your prayers have come up before Me and they have pleased Me.

                88.Your broken hearts have pleased Me, because now that your hearts are broken I am able to pour forth more easily. My water can flow smoothly and quickly through the heart that is broken. The water can only seep through the heart that is hard, the heart that is closed, and it is more difficult; but through the broken heart My water can flow quickly, swiftly and freely.

                89.So reach out to Me with your broken hearts and I shall fill them, and they shall overflowand fill the cups of them that are empty. Reach out with your hand of faith and I shall fill it. I shall not turn you away. Have I not promised that if you ask for bread I would not give you a stone? And that if you ask for a fish I would not give you a serpent? These are My promises to you.

                90.Ask for bread, and bread shall you be given. Ask for My Words, and My Words you shall receive. Ask for the stories of these that wish to pour out, and you shall receive them. They shall be your teachers and your instructors. You shall be their students--learning and receiving from the teachers, putting it on paper, helping to put it together, polishing it and sending it on its way. You are My beloved team that I have assembled, My faithful chosen ones, those with the broken hearts, those whom I love. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Be a Receiver!

                91. (Jesus speaking:) Behold the receivers, those who receive the seed of My Word. How do you become a receiver? You open yourself to Me and you receive. You lie before Me, waiting, quiet, wanting, desiring, and so I fill you with the Words that I wish to pour forth through you. Why can you receive these Words that I have for you now? Because you have been faithful and true; you have become My brides, My lovers, and you have learned to receive My seeds.

                92.You have given unto Me that which I have asked, and now I pour forth unto you in great measure, as I have promised, the treasures of Heaven, the mysteries of My Kingdom! For you are they who have humbled themselves, who have stripped themselves, who have lain bare before Me, calling unto Me; and I have come in unto you and given you My seeds. As I have said, this seed will bring forth fruit; and yes, this is some of that fruit.

                93.I have poured forth upon you the fruit of God. I have poured forth unto you the music of the Spirit. I have poured unto you the words from beyond. I have poured unto you precious praises. And now I pour unto you the seeds of these stories that will feed many--seeds that will multiply, seeds that will strengthen, seeds that will feed, seeds that will water, seeds that will quench thirst. All of this is because you are faithful, because you are true, because you love Me and you show Me your love and you cry out to Me.

                94.I said that I would open Heaven and pour blessings upon you that you would not be able to contain, and I do this now! And I do this in the future! You shall see blessings pour forth that you never imagined, because you are willing to love Me, to humble yourself and to come unto Me in the bed of love.

                95.For you are the receivers--the receivers of the seed of God, the receivers of My blessing, and now the receivers of My Word and the words of these who have been commissioned to pour unto you. You shall receive the seeds of God that will bring forth fruit, that will change lives, that will change hearts, that will feed souls, and that will draw them unto Me.

                96.So be a receiver! Lie down in the bed of love and receive Me. Receive My love. Receive My seeds, that they may bring forth fruit in your life. Love Me, make love to Me, rest in My arms, and you shall hear the stories of Heaven! (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Dad Still Loves Stories!

                97. (Dad speaking:) Stories, I always loved stories! I loved to tell stories and I loved to hear stories, and there are fascinating stories that I've heard up Here that you'll love, and that our children will love--beautiful stories, illustrations and parables that will teach them good lessons and that'll help them to love and to be happy. So many stories! I've got some I want to tell myself--some new ones that have happened, new experiences that I've had. I'm so excited about this! You know how much I love to tell stories, so get ready, 'cause there are lots of stories--new ones, exciting ones--and you'll love them!

                98.Oh, how I love story time! You know how I could go on for hours telling different funny experiences that I had in the past. I'll probably go on for hours telling more stories of new things that have happened. There are so many exciting stories to be told and that our kids really need, that they want to hear, and that they will be so happy about. It's going to be so much fun, and you'll really enjoy it! You'll be amazed at the wonderful fruit it's going to bear. So just enjoy yourself! Have fun! This is a project that I'm really excited about.

                99.God bless dear Mama for her faith to pioneer, to go on, to believe and to obey and to keep you guys moving! You always need someone to keep you pushing! Don't worry about what people say or what people think. We were never much for being man-pleasers. We just obeyed the Lord. God bless dear Mama for her faith to believe and to receive, and for helping you to have faith.

                100.Have fun! Enjoy this project! It's a good one. It's an exciting one, and you're all really going to like it and have fun doing it. Praise God! I'm really excited about a new project. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! (End of message from Dad.)

                101.The above prophecies were given during the meeting in which Peter and I shared the story vision with the members of our Home, but the following prophecies were given privately after the meeting was concluded and in the days that followed:

Be Like John the Revelator

                102.(Jesus speaking:) Open your heart and the Spirit will flow in, the Spirit will flow in, the Spirit will flow in, in all its power. Open your heart, open your mind, open your ears, open your eyes, open your soul. Open your channels to Heaven and receive the flow! Receive the steady stream of My Words that I will pour down upon you.

                103.My Words will give life and power and will be as refreshing waters to those that thirst--not only to your children, to the children of David, but to My lost children in the world. They are all My children, and I love them the same, and I wish to feed all My children. I will give in different styles--one for My children of David, and another for My children of the world. Nevertheless, all are My children, and My Words will speak powerfully to those for whom they are intended.

                104.Therefore hold not back the flow of My Words. Be not of little faith. Doubt not yourselves. Doubt not your channel or your ability to receive these words from Me--these new words in a new form, in the form of stories. You just need to be My little receivers and hear the words that I give, and open your mouth and let them pour forth.

                105.Be as John the Revelator who sat still, quietly, and communed with Me; who lifted up his eyes to Heaven, who saw My visions, who heard My Words, and who wrote them down, who recorded them. And lo, they have been published for the world! The Words which he did hear, the visions which he did see, write and record, have spoken to millions and millions around the world. So will these stories be, for they are mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven--words from above, stories from beyond--and they will inspire great interest.

                106.They will touch hearts and lives, and they will draw My sheep closer to My fold. And for the children of David, for your young ones, they will be an inspiration and a joy and rejoicing to their hearts! They will be that which they have longed for, that which they have searched for, that which they have desired, that which they have hoped and prayed for--the secret desire of their hearts. For I wish to fulfill all their longings.

                107.So remember the children! Think about the children! Their needs and their desires and their longing for these special words in story form from Me will compel you to take time to hear from Me and to receive these words in prayer. For the children will be so thankful! It will enrich their lives and satisfy their souls, and I wish for them to have this special treasure. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Volumes of Stories Are Waiting

                108. (One of the Austin girls speaking:) This is going to be so exciting! This is just so thrilling! You just can't imagine how much is up Here!--How many stories, how many words, how many volumes are just waiting to be poured down on you! There is just so much that the folks up Here have ready to give! As much as you can receive, that's how much they'll give.

                109.So open your channels and receive these words. They're going to be just what the young people need, just what the children need, just what they've been waiting for. I know, because I'm a young person myself, and I know how thrilling it is for me to hear these stories! There are so many--so, so many! They're so exciting, so interesting, so thrilling!

                110.There are so many neat people up Here who have so much to tell all of you! They're all busy discussing and talking and planning and preparing, and they just can't wait to have their turn to talk and tell their story. They're preparing so many things for you all.

                111.Everybody is so into stories. Everybody loves a story! All the kids do, that's for sure! I loved to read the stories in the Letters when I was young. Those were always the things that were the most interesting for me.

                112.Even the world loves stories. They make such a big deal out of these fairy tale, Disney-like stories that people write. But let me tell you what--Heaven is the ultimate fairy tale story land! This is where all these ideas come from! People try to imagine the perfect place, a fantasy-like world, and this is where it's at! So now you're finally going to get it from the source of these stories, and that's going to be so exciting and so thrilling!

                113.I'm just having so much fun listening to these stories myself. And I know all the kids, all my brothers and sisters down there, are going to love them. I know my friends, the young people there, are going to love them.

                114.And the ones that the folks up Here have for the young people in the world are so powerful!--They're just right, and they're going to speak to them so much! They're going to be such a powerful tool and such a witness! It's just so thrilling! I'm so excited about it. We're doing all we can to help get them to you, so please, please take time to get them. I know it takes a lot of faith, but they'll come, and they'll be so worth it! The young people and the kids will just appreciate it so, so much. (End of message from one of the Austin girls.)

* * *

"Let Me Pour Through You Freely!"

                115.(Jesus speaking:) How beautiful are the kisses of love, the Words that pour forth from the lips of your Lover, to encourage and strengthen the faith of His Bride! Fear not the flood, the volume of water which shall pour forth from your lips from My Spirit, and shall flow into the ears of the multitudes of parched and dry spirits longing for the water of life. My Words of instruction, comfort, light and hope shall flow into the midst of their gross darkness. For there be many that cry day and night unto Me. There are many who agonize in spirit, whose minds and hearts are tormented by fear, oppression, hatred and a lack of love and understanding. Daily they die, parched and dry, without the life and light of My Spirit.

                116.These Words of life, this water of life that shall flow forth from your lips, that I shall pour through you, shall first be a trickle, and shall soon turn into a mighty stream, and then a mighty flood that shall flow out to refresh and bring life and light to many! My water of life will seek the lowest places of the earth, those places which are impoverished and destitute in spirit. It shall flow to those who are crying out in agony of spirit for their thirst to be quenched, for the longing of their hearts to be satisfied, for hope for their future, for a reason for their lives, and the light of truth to guide them in the midst of the darkness that surrounds them.

                117.So fear not, My precious ones, to open your vessels, and to let Me pour forth through you freely. Do not measure the waters, but open yourself wide before Me in yieldedness and humility, and I will pour forth through you in great abundance, more than you could ask or think! For I long to meet the needs of the hungry and destitute, and to answer the cry of those that cry day and night unto Me. My heart is broken for these, My unborn children. My heart weeps great tears of sorrow and compassion, that flow and flow from My heart. They will pour forth from My heart through you, My channels, and out to those for whom My heart is broken.

                118.My children of David are strong and healthy and well-fed, for they have been blessed abundantly through feeding on My Words. They are strong to bear the burden of the weak, to bear the burden of this great task of being the channels, the receptacles, the receivers of My Words, that they may pour forth the water of life to the many multitudes who are in desperate need of My Words, My message, and My love.

                119.They are waiting to be kissed by My Words, and you are My lips to kiss them with these Words which I will pour forth through you in an abundant flow. So suck and suck, My children! Suck and receive My seeds. Kiss and kiss, My children! Kiss them with My Words--the Words which I will pour forth through you, My yielded vessels, My open channels. Open wide unto Me, and let it flow and flow and flow in a mighty river of the life and Spirit and Words of God! (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Do It for the Children

                120.(Jesus speaking:) Young one, you who feel you have less experience, stretch forth your hand. Open it and accept this gift that I have for you, this gift of faith, this gift of relaying the Word, the stories. Yes, I know you can't see it there in your hand, but that's what faith is all about! Otherwise it wouldn't take any effort on your part.

                121.Take each droplet of My seeds that I give you as they come. When I see that you want them, and that you not only accept them but also give them out, I'll give you more and more! Soon you'll be swimming in them and you'll have even more to give!

                122.If you love the children, and I know you do, do it for them. Weren't you thankful that someone had the faith to receive and give, write down and publish the Word for you? You think your gift of prophecy is still at fetus stage; yes, maybe, but fetuses grow into infants, toddlers, children, and continue to mature. Exercise this gift that is but a seed in you, and you will see it grow and become useful. What else would I have given it for, and why did you ask for it--to keep it to yourself? (End of message from Jesus.)

                123.(Mama:) After the meeting, several people, when praying about receiving stories, received messages of encouragement from those in the spirit world who were going to work with them on producing the stories. These messages explain how the stories come and how to receive them. They're fascinating!

SECTION THREE: Messages from Storytellers in the Heavenlies

Message from Louisa May Alcott

Alcott, Louisa May. 1832-1888. American writer and reformer best known for her largely autobiographical novel Little Women.

                124. (Note: Louisa May Alcott gave the first story that was received. It was obviously for the GP, for teenagers, as she used very contemporary language and dealt with subjects that they would be especially interested in and would be able to relate to.)

                125.(Louisa May Alcott speaking:) Ha, ha! Isn't this grand? Isn't this thrilling? Isn't this such a treat? I don't know if it is for you, but it certainly is for me! I'm so excited about being able to write for the children of David and for the world. I've always loved to write stories about people and their feelings and their hearts and their relationships and needs. Maybe you know me; my name is Louisa May Alcott. You may know me from one of the recent movies you saw, Little Women, the story of sisters.

                126.Well, this story that I gave from Here in the spirit world was a story of brothers, slightly different, and certainly in a different setting and in a different time. I'm trying to make my stories relatable. I tried to observe and learn some of that modern lingo that the kids like to use, but I don't think I have it down very well yet. Their vocabulary is always changing and they say a lot of things I don't understand, so if you want to change a few words here and there, please be my guest! You're not going to hurt my feelings. I just had to give you kind of the idea, and at least I was able to give you the main plot and describe the characters, so I hope that was a help.

                127.There's so much that today's young people need to learn about love and forgiveness. They're so empty. They really need Jesus. But they have so little faith, so little hope. They don't even have enough hope to cry out to God. Isn't that sad? You just have to take them where they're at and try to reach them where they're at. So I thought maybe I could talk about some of the issues that they're interested in and that they see every day, such as violence, gangs, pregnancy, drugs, hopelessness.

                128.I like to write about people--their feelings, their inner thoughts, their heartaches, their heartbreaks, their love relationships, falling in love. It's all so very interesting. Everybody is interested in a love story, and it's so nice when they can live happily ever after by knowing Jesus and finding love. That's truly the happy ending.

                129.Thank you for being a channel. Thank you for helping me write what needs to be written. Or maybe I should say, thank you for letting me help you write what needs to be written. I'm helping you and you're helping me. We're helping each other and we need each other, just like in the story. It's so important to be needed.

                130.Well, I'll be punching through! Is that the expression they use now--"punching through"? Whatever it is, I'll be getting through with more stories. Believe me, there are lots of us up Here, and there are so many stories in the works. They're so exciting!

                131.Your children will be so pleased! They'll be so thankful that you're yielded channels. Don't worry, because it'll be easy once you get the hang of it--once you learn to just give what you're getting and not to worry about the plot or the turns that the story is going to take, and not to worry about whether you'll have the right words or not. Just speak. Just be a vessel. Just give what you hear, and you'll be a channel to pour the words of life to the children.

                132.We'll try to make it as easy for you as possible, but sometimes it might be a little struggle. That's just the way it is with writing. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it! So don't worry if you have to fight in the spirit sometimes to get the stories--they'll come. Because they're Here--many, many, many of them!

                133.I'm so honored to be the first one to give my story! Maybe this is a new twist on ghostwriting, do you think?* The Lord let me be the first one because He felt many of the children would recognize my name--or at least they would recognize the title of my book, Little Women, because many of them will have seen the movie. (Note: A ghostwriter is defined as "a person who writes something for another person who pretends to be the author or who takes credit for it." But the reason Louisa says it's a "new twist" is that our "ghostwriters" are actual "ghosts"--departed spirits in the Heavenlies!--Ha!)

                134.Just think, they took my book and made a movie out of it! Maybe they'll take some of these stories and make movies out of them. You never know what the Lord has in store for you. Never a dull moment, that's what I say!

                135.Please excuse me, I need to go now. We're having another subcommittee meeting and pow-wowing another story! See, we're working for you and you're working for us and we're all working for Jesus and the children, and I'm so happy about it! Thank you! Bye-bye! Until we meet again. (End of message from Louisa May Alcott.)

Messages from Martin and Jesus

                136.(Martin speaking:) This is so much fun! This is so exciting! I'm so happy that the kids there on Earth are going to get such wonderful stories from Here. They're so interesting! I listen to them all the time! We have books up Here, too, and there are some really neat stories. If you let me, I'd even like to give you some! After all, I am a child, and I can tell you some of my favorite stories that I've read up Here.

                137.There are lots of children Here and this is such an exciting project that we want to get in on it, too! I want to get in on it. I'm pretty young, but up Here that doesn't matter. There're a lot of people, storywriters that you guys know, and you'd probably be more interested to get stories from them. But I think the children would like to hear stories from us kids, too! I know we'd have lots of fun! We were talking about it.

                138.I've never done anything like this before and this is kind of fun! Wait till the other kids hear about this! Thank you for asking. I've always wanted to do this. I've always wanted to tell stories. I've sometimes even seen some kids on Earth just like me, and I know that they would love to hear some of the things I have to tell them, the things I've heard--funny things, interesting things, and even some scary things. But they all have a good ending, and that's why I like them. I like fun stories!

                139.They call me Martin,and my mommy calls me Marty. Of course, up Here there isn't any time, but down there I would be like seven years old.

                140.This is super fun! And now that I know you're going to ask for stories and I told you that I have some to tell, I'd better go think of some! I have a little book. They have books Here, too, and libraries. I like to read. So next time you ask and next time you call, if you ask for me I'll read you one. I've gotta go 'cause all the other kids are waiting for me. That was super fun! Thank you! Bye-bye. (End of message from Martin.)

                141. (Note: Two weeks after the above message from Martin, the young woman who received it spent some time in prayer, asking to receive a story from him, but she didn't get a story. She received a prophecy from the Lord on a different subject, but no story. When she asked the Lord why she didn't get a story, He gave the following explanation:)

                142.(Jesus speaking:) You must remember that I have limited myself to your capacity to receive, your timing. There is no clogging of the channels. The channels are clear, without any leaks, direct from My throne to you. But just as you are not always there listening at the time that I want to get something through to you, so then Martin, being a young one, was not there when you called. You must persist. You must keep trying and he will come.

                143.It gives him joy to be able to be a joy and a help and a blessing to you, but there is much for him to learn. He's still young and has not learned to fine-tune his method of getting messages to you, as many of the other departed have learned. There are varying degrees of communication, and thus it is more difficult for some to get through, for the young ones, for those who are not as experienced.

                144.But you must not give up! You must continue to sit at My feet, to come before My throne, and I will bless this channel. I will unite you in heart and in spirit, for I have given you a love for him and him for you. You must work together to bring this to pass. He will not fail you, if you do not fail him. I will bless it.

                145.But you must be vigilant. You must continue to stay close to Me and to My Word and have a fighting spirit. For these are the days when the Enemy seeks to clog the channels as best he can, to create static, to make it as difficult as he can for each new project and each new revelation that I give you. For he knows, as we do, the extent of good that this will bring--not only for My saved children, but also for My children who do not know Me.

                146.Have patience with this child, for it is his desire and his joy to be able to communicate with you. This is a big step of faith for him, for these are muscles that have not been fully developed. He must exercise them and he must practice before they become toned. The more you use them and the more he uses them, the easier it will be for you to receive these messages, these stories for My children there.

                147.So stay in prayer, look to Me, and I will bless your friendship. He sees your mother's heart and he desires to become close to you, as you desire to become close to him. But he also knows what a struggle it will be. Therefore you must both count the cost, whether or not you will commit yourselves to this new ministry. He, too, must count the cost and see if he is willing. If you should both choose to continue on with what you have started, I will bless it and bring it to prosper.

                148.Think not of what you shall say, or whether it will make sense. Think not of the vessel, of your lack of ability, of your lack of clarity of thought. It is within My power to make it clear and to get through with the message that I have ordained. Choose when you will come before Me and request an audience with Martin. And once you commit yourself, don't give up no matter how difficult it may seem at first. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! If you will persevere, you will see this come to fruition and you will rejoice at the outcome of this relationship and this bond.

                149.You must also encourage him, for it will not be easy for him at first. It will be a fight. It is within his capability and he has the know-how, but you must both have faith. Come with a willing, open and receptive heart and I will bless it. I will speak to you and through you, to him and through him.

                150.What you receive is only limited by what you choose to receive in this situation. If you have more faith to receive of Me, you will receive more of Me. Whatever you have the faith for, that I will do. He will be able to get through to you only what you have chosen to accept. He can only go as far as your faith, the extent of your receptivity, your desire to get in on this new project.

                151.Make your decision, then come before Me. O you of little faith, did I not tell you that if you have the faith, you can remove mountains, and you can do greater works than I did? So why then do you lack the faith to receive simple stories for these young ones? It is no more difficult than asking for My Words of encouragement, My direction, My counsel, My answers to questions. As daunting as it may seem, it only takes the same amount of faith--and the same desperation as well. You have not because you ask not. Ask, and know that you shall receive. Do not doubt, and I will give it to you. I will call this one, Martin, into My chambers and will give you a clear connection.

                152.But first your faith must be strengthened through My Word. You must know in your own heart that I will do it. Do not come to Me with a wondering or a questioning or a faithless heart and mind, without full faith that I am able to do this thing. This is a thing of the Spirit, and you must give yourself to Me in soul, in body, in spirit, in heart, and in mind, so that I may take full control and link your heart and mind and soul to the Spirit, and take control of your thoughts and put My thoughts in them. But if you have reservations, if you do not desire it with all your heart and soul, or if you do not believe that I can do this, I am not able to do it fully.

                153.I count this as greatness, that you have taken that step of faith and accepted My Words. You have come before My feet and have laid prostrate before Me. You have given yourself to Me and asked for Me and My seeds, My Words, My leadings, My thoughts, and the Words of your prophet David. But with this that you lack faith for, I say unto you, do not come until you can do the same, in full faith, in receptivity, with an open mind, an open spirit, and an open heart. Then I will bless it and I will pour forth and I will anoint the words of this child, and your communications. I will cause it to pour forth so abundantly that you will not have to wonder. You will see the answer to your prayers and the reward for your faith.

                154.This young one has been through school and has learned many things. Communicating with those on Earth is a new step in his growth, a new step in his learning. So do not fail him by your lack of faith, for his ability to communicate in this manner is contingent on your receptivity and your faith.

                155.I know that you love this one, and I have put in your heart a love for him. So you can be of help to him by coming before Me, giving yourself to Me, and asking for a connection with him. Through him you will also get to know many others, for this is only the beginning! There are others who desire to do the same, and he will lead you to them. They also will struggle at the beginning, for they will be learning.

                156.With each new step you must once again get over the initial hump. But don't give up when the going gets tough, when it's a fight, when the communication channel seems to be blocked. There may be times when you do not "get" anything, when you hear nothing, but I say unto you, come back. I will bless your coming back and I will allow them to be able to get through to you with no obstructions.

                157.You think you are asking for something that is very difficult when you ask for stories, but I am a God of surprises! I will give you above and beyond what you ask or think. I like variety! As there are varied channels of communication, varied messages to get through, and many with whom to communicate, so shall be the diversity of what they give. Be not taken aback and do not wonder if you receive something other than what you expected, or if you come to talk to one and you receive from another. For there is great excitement in Heaven and many who wish to get in on communicating with My Endtime prophets in these Last Days!

                158.You will need to have a strong connection not only with My Word and your Father David and Queen Maria and your shepherds, but also with many from Here who will be able to help you as situations arise--with new projects, new ministries, with feeding the flock, with the young people, with a renewed emphasis on childcare, with preparing My children for the difficult days ahead--the days in which I ask everyone to have a close connection with Me, to walk close by My side, and to stay immersed in My Word, drinking deeply of My Word! Thus, they shall stand strong against the fiery darts of the Evil One and against those who wish to smother and put out their faith.

                159.I place great importance on your connection with Me and your communication and closeness with those who have gone on before you, and those who have been Here always. There is so much they wish to say, so many experiences to speak of! There is so much they wish to pass on, and they are lining up in preparation for it.

                160.As everyone's connection with Me grows, so will I pour forth more abundantly than you ever thought possible--for individuals, for the worldwide Family, for personal edification, for counsel, for guidance, for teaching, for learning, for giving to others, for giving to the lost, those who do not know Me, and for those others who lack that close connection. The key to receiving all of this is faith. That is all I ask for: faith without any reservations, faith to receive, and faith to give what I give you.

                161.As your channel with Me grows clearer, I will put others in that channel to speak to you and to lead you and give you counsel as well. For I say unto you, I love you with an everlasting love, and this is a manifestation of My love for you and My desire to strengthen that connection, that link with Me, My desire to see you grow in faith, to grow in love, to grow in spirit. For I wish to use you mightily, and you will have need of all that I have to teach you. I will bind your heart to Mine and I will give you of My love, My thoughts, My strength, My comfort, My rest, My love for others.

                162.I will use all that I have given you, and all that I will give you in the days which are ahead. Grasp My strong hand and I will never let you go. I will hold you in the straight paths, in the uneven paths, through the green pastures, through the still brooks, through the orchards, and into the bright, beautiful sunshine of My love and of My Spirit. I will never let you go. I will give you this faith. I will give you all that you ask as you continue to delight yourself in Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

                163. (Note: You'll be happy to know that Martin was eventually able to punch through and give a story that will be published soon!)

Message from Mike

                164. (Mike speaking): Welcome to the spirit world, Honey! My name is Mike. I love you. I know that you can see me and hear me, and I'm happy that we have this chance to sit and talk together, to get to know each other and become acquainted, because I'm going to be your storyteller.

                165.I know you didn't expect me. I know you weren't expecting someone so young. And I know you're thinking, "Wow, look at him! He's so young and tall and dark and handsome. What's someone like him doing giving me a story?" Well, don't worry about that. I know it's not what you expected, but it will all go to show you and to prove to you the miracle of our storytelling prophecies--that not only are the messages and the stories miraculous, but so are our connections with each other! The most unexpected people will be able to receive some astounding, moving and inspiring stories! Just as I am unexpected as your messenger, so the ability we give you to receive may be equally as unexpected.

                166.I know that you're nervous and you feel very incapable, and that you have no natural writing ability. You feel you have no gifts or talents in this area. Plus, you have to fight to receive messages in prophecy. You're nervous, a little fearful of where the prophecies will go each time you sit down. But because of your desire to do the Lord's will and to obey Mama's request, because you just want to do what the Lord has asked of you and you're desperate, unsure of yourself, feeling weak and incapable, you are in the very best position possible! Your lack of confidence and your lack of writing experience or former training leaves you wide open for the Lord to pour through!

                167.He knows and I know that you're clinging and holding on by pure faith and pure desire to please and obey, and you're stepping out by faith to do the impossible. You're walking by faith and not by sight. You have no training to lean on. You don't have the arm of the flesh to lean on. You don't have natural talents to polish up. All you have is the Lord, the word of prophecy and all of us in the spirit world to help you, and that is the best possible talent that any channel could want!

                168.So don't worry or look at the natural. Keep your eyes on the goal and remember that all you have to do is stop and pray, open your heart and your mind, and surrender completely to the Lord. Put your will on His side, just as you do with everything in life, and He will not fail you.

                169.He has promised to send you His Heavenly stories, and His plan and purpose will be fulfilled! But they can only be fulfilled through those channels that are willing to step out by faith and try.

                170.As you take the first step and turn on your tape recorder, yield yourself as an open channel and make the commitment to come quietly before the Lord and receive whatever He has for you, then the ball is rolling and the Lord will meet you and help you and strengthen you and give you faith to carry on!

                171.It will take strong faith to set aside your thoughts and your mind and to block out your carnal mind. It will take real faith to keep speaking one word after the other. But as you start out by faith, your faith will quickly grow and be strengthened. Don't worry how the words come out or how the story seems to progress. Don't worry if some thoughts in the story or the story line may even seem disjointed or may not flow so well--just continue by faith. Don't retrace your steps. Don't backtrack or backspace.

                172.Keep going by faith, as different sections or chapters or paragraphs of the story can be prayed over a second time, and can be reviewed or edited from the spirit. The point is to get the main theme and the gist--and keep going! Don't get bogged down with too many details. If you run into a difficult spot or a snag and you feel you can't receive any more concerning that particular subject or story line, then you can always ask me to make a note of that part and we can come back to it later.

                173.Don't try to do too much at once. Do things in short, small sittings at first until you become more used to tuning in your channel to me. We'll start off with some short and easy stories. The main thing is just to give it. Just pray desperately, open your heart and mind, and turn on your tape recorder by faith. Be ready, willing and yielded, and everything will go just beautifully and just the way we want.

                174.Don't worry! Don't let your mind make you nervous or worried. Do as your David had to do many times--he just had to obey and say what the Lord gave him, and it was all recorded. The things that were priorities were published first, and there are still some things that have not been published. Don't worry if the stories that we work on get published first or last. What's important is that you do your part, receive them as best you can, and don't worry. Just give it out. Give it out just like you do in witnessing. You give out the Words, you give out the love, you give out His seeds, and you trust God for the results and the outcome.

                175.Do your part and give out the story as I give it to you. I'll send it to you, and you receive it and let it flow out of your mouth into the tape recorder, and trust the Lord. Trust that the Lord will inspire, will open your channel, will help you, and will do the impossible! (End of message from Mike.)

Message from Christian

                176.(Christian speaking:) Hi there! It's me! Well, who's "me"? You don't know who I am, but I know who you are! I'm just a Heavenly kid! I've never been down there on Earth before, but I am a good observer, and I've been watching and studying what you all do, how you do things, and it's really fun for me. Now I'm getting to talk to you 'cause you asked for stories.

                177.I've been watching the kids down there recently and what they're doing--peeking into their lives and their activities, and the things they're experiencing. Some folks up Here thought it would be neat to send you a real life story. I'm not talking about a real life story that happened to me when I was on Earth. I couldn't give one of those stories because, like I said, I've never been on Earth before. But I can still give you a real life story that you've never heard before; it'll just be someone else's. It'll be a real life story that I've been watching, like a movie for me, that talks about some real life things that have happened to some of your kids--your children in the Family.

                178.I like to watch them and see what they do.They've got such exciting, fun lives! What's that saying? "All the prophets have dreamed of your day!" Well, for me, it's kind of like all the kids in Heaven have dreamed of your day, too! All of us kids watch all the kids down there and all they're getting to experience and do, and it's such an exciting time! It's such a great thing to be down there right now! Of course, it's great up Here too! And they'll get their chance up Here, so they don't have to worry about that. Besides, they'll have an eternity up Here!

                179.I hope all the kids down there really live their lives to the full. I hope they don't think, "Well, I don't have to do too much or put too much into today, because Jesus is coming soon anyway, and soon we'll just be in Heaven." They need to make sure they live their lives now and really make them mean something! After all, that's what they're there for!

                180.Jesus didn't put you all down there just so He'd have someone there to take up when He comes back! He put you there for a reason, for a specific purpose, to do a job. Remember that. So I hope the kids don't just sluff off and slack off sometimes from day to day, thinking, "Oh well, it might just be a couple more months or a couple more years," or something like that. Anyway, that's just a sideline. Those are just some thoughts from a Heavenly kid.

                181.I could tell you stories about different ones who have gone through some pretty big battles or trials, and have come through to victory; or about kids who had to learn to have faith and trust, but then got a big blessing afterwards. I could tell you about some little guys who got pretty sick, and through it, learned to claim the Lord's healing and were healed! I could tell you stories about children who are learning to talk to Jesus. There's just so much!

                182.I think the ones that would be really neat--well, I think it would interest the kids--are stories explaining how we kids in Heaven sometimes get sent on special little kid assignments to help the kids down there who are going through trials or tough times, or who just need to make an important choice in their lives. That's one of my favorite things to do, and sometimes I get to go, so I could tell some stories about that. We try to talk to them and get them to listen. We try to influence the kids and show them different things, protect them--stuff like that! It's pretty new for us, 'cause we're just kids up Here, too!

                183.Of course it's different, because even though we're pretty young, time in Heaven is a whole different thing. Well, there's no time up Here, but if I were to try to relate it to your time there, I've been Here a long time! But I'm still young, I'm still a kid, like I said. If you saw me, you'd probably figure I was about 11 or 12 years old, I guess what you call JETT age down there. Oh, and I should tell you my name. I'm Christian.

                184.Well, I guess I'd better sign off here and get together with some of my other friends, some of my buddies who have been on some of these little Heavenly kid missions on Earth, and talk with them about what story we're gonna tell you. Actually, there are several, so you can let everybody know that whoever would like to get some of these real life "Family" stories, they can just ask for them and we'll be working on figuring out which ones to give you. Of course, it doesn't take us much time at all, so you can ask whenever you want, as soon as you're ready.

                185.There'll probably be four or five of us working together. We'll figure out who will give them and how to give them. But I guess it's kind of like my project. I'm going to have to coordinate all this, so I'd better get on with it. Well, it was good getting to know you a little bit--or you getting to know me! You'll be hearing from me soon! Bye now! (End of message from Christian.)

Messages from Helga

                186. (Note: Helga explained that she is a spirit helper who has previously helped another author write stories for her daughter.)

                187. (Helga speaking): Hello! Well, before we get started on our story, how about if I introduce myself a little and explain a little something that might be of interest to you and your dear mother Maria. She'll be interested, because she loves to hear anything she can about God's Heavenly Kingdom and His ways of working and giving His Words. She's such a lover of God's Words.

                188.This whole project of feeding others through stories is a new ministry for many of you--in fact, for most of you. And as Louisa May Alcott said, this is the pure essence of ghostwriting, ha! Oh, we're excited to help you. It's different for you all because it's new for you, but throughout all ages, most poets, writers, musicians and composers have had helpers--good ones or bad ones, as was evidenced by the fruit of their works.

                189.Dear, you need faith. I'm speaking to you as an individual, but also as a sample to some of the others who will be receiving stories. You need faith to believe that what you are receiving is not just from any of us, but it's from the Lord. This is the Lord's doing, and He is allowing us to share our God-given talents with you all, as a result of Maria's and many other people's request for feeding, edifying stories.

                190.Just have faith! Don't let your mind get in the way. I think one of the reasons I was allowed to speak through you is because I used to try to figure things out in my mind a lot, and I had a fertile imagination as well. So because of that, I used to really wonder if it was my own mind that was thinking thoughts, or if it was God--not so much when I was writing stories, but when I would be praying and thinking of others, or doing things for others. That's what you're doing now, the same thing; you're praying and doing things for others. But you've just got to quit battling with your mind. Just turn it off and set it aside. Close the door and focus your thoughts on the Lord. Just kind of blank everything else out.

                191.It's so interesting how all of us Here have different burdens, just like all of you have different burdens and can relate to different experiences and stories. There's some more beautiful children's poetry coming as well, and ideas for pictures. And, yes, adventure stories for the boys and for the girls!

                192.So let's all have fun and enjoy one another, and thank the Lord together for how He's going to use us all. This is very exciting! I'll try to speak slowly enough so that you get everything, yet I'll try to keep up the pace so that you won't get bored and wonder what's coming around the corner and start letting your mind wander.

                193.We'll work as a team, okay?--As a body fitly joined together, a good team for Jesus. We're all a storywriting team, isn't that exciting? It's also an honor for us to be able to partake of helping you all to get to know the real world better, so that it's not so strange or awkward for you, but that it comes as natural as can be. There are many people who do this kind of work for a living--ghostwriters who get inspiration to help publish books and stories. So why not have real ghostwriters writing Heavenly stories with Heavenly themes?

                194.There are many avenues of getting out these stories, and the Lord has promised to supply you all with ideas, and people to help you produce them, and the money that will be needed to get these things printed and sent out. The Lord Himself will show you how to handle this aspect of the project.

                195.So have fun! Enjoy! And remember, no one has to figure these stories out or plan them out. Just turn on the tape recorders by faith, and let us help you. Let's flow together with the Lord's Spirit and get this show on the road, shall we? God bless you! Thanks for listening! I hope some of these points are a help to some people, to encourage you. We're in this together, and it's such a blessing to be a storywriting team. Bye for now! (End of first message from Helga.)

                196. (Helga speaking:) Hello, it's Helga here! Yes, dear, pull your mind in. Use some self-control.Focus your attention. Concentrate on the job at hand. I understand what it's like to be a daydreamer and to have to fight those straying thoughts having full sway. So concentrate. Pray and let Jesus help you, and I'll help you now, too.

                197. It's time to give a story upon your queen's request. I don't mind waiting. You're right, I have been waiting, but I have a different concept of time now from the Heavenlies. But I have been praying for you, that you'd take time to tune in, in spite of being busy with other things.

                198.When the inspiration hits you, it's a good time to try to stop and not do anything else but pray and receive. Of course, it's not always possible to stop whatever you're doing, but when it is, I'd suggest you stop. Jesus has made all of you receivers different, because you're different personalities, your minds work differently, and your work habits are different. It's wonderful that you're getting all set up. That inspires all of us, because we have lots lined up for all of your children to receive, for the Lord's children.

                199.When the inspiration hits you and you can, I'd suggest you stop and receive it right then. Then it won't be so difficult. But also stick to a schedule, because you can't always run by pure inspiration at your will; you have to be able to run by the inspiration of God, at His will.

                200.When you stop and get quiet and pray, He'll never fail to answer. As I mentioned before, stories will come in different ways to different people. In your situation, I give an idea of what the story will be about, because I know that this helps encourage you. But don't worry about how the story will begin, or even how it will end. Your part is having faith, and my part is giving. That's why I said we'll all work in teamwork, and it's so exciting.

                201.It's a blessing and privilege for us to get to know you all--you who are so blessed to live in such an exciting and important time of history, and also blessed with the freedom to enjoy God's liberties of His Spirit, and to have known and lived and worked with David. He's an amazing man, and very much loved Here, as he is by you all there! He pops by to see how we're doing and how you all are doing, and he's so excited.

                202.Okay, well, we'd better get down to work here and get a story out. Remember, don't worry! It's all the Lord's work, His doing, so He's going to help you all. Thanks for listening, and thanks for having faith to receive. Thank you for loving the dear children and sacrificing your time. We all love you, and we're praying for your strength and encouragement and all that you need to do your big, important job of leading and guiding God's Kingdom, God's people. We think you're just wonderful! You're so sweet and full of charm and pizzazz of the Lord! Okay, on to business! Here we go! (End of second message from Helga.)

                203.(Helga speaking:) I love you, my dear funny girl, my teamworker. Well, like Jesus already let you know, the stories won't always come effortlessly or easily. But don't worry, just have faith. As you're getting a story, don't think, don't stop. Don't pause to think, just receive.

                204.I can understand that in this case with this type of story you may feel a little hesitant at times, because some of the facts or happenings in the story resemble things that happened to you in your life. But you can't let that trip you up! Just let it flow. Just let Jesus in me flow in you! All you have to be is a receiver.

                205.If there's anything any of you need or want to know, there's quite a large group of us at your beck and call. Though we are busy with many other things, still we have been given the blessing and privilege and responsibility of assisting any of you at any time with any request. So just call on us. After all, we're in this together, and we love to help you! We're so happy that you all are already plugging away on these stories. There are some more just waiting! We're waiting in the wings ready to rush in and fill your hearts and minds and ears with stories! So don't be shy!

                206.I think that's all I have for now, and I think that's all you had to ask, right? I love you! Thank you for listening, thank you for receiving, and thank you for believing. God bless you! Helga signing off here with lots of love! (End of message from Helga.)

Message from Edgar Rice Burroughs

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. 1875-1950. American writer best known for creating the character Tarzan, one of the most famous characters in fiction. In Burroughs' books, Tarzan is the son of Lord Greystoke, an English nobleman. He is abandoned in Africa while a baby and is raised by a family of apes. He grows up in the jungle, learning the language and habits of the animals. Tarzan has many adventures and saves many lives. Burroughs published the first Tarzan book in 1914.

                207.(Edgar Rice Burroughs speaking:) Stop worrying! Don't fret, don't be a worrywart! I know this might seem a trifle new and different, but look up! It's okay, just give what you get and let it roll. Stick to it. What's that word David used to use? You've got to have some stick-to-itiveness! That's a good word! I like that. I believe one of my colleagues, Louisa, already told you that sometimes it might be a fight and you might come up against some difficulties from time to time. Take it from me as a writer, sometimes that's just the way it is with this kind of inspirational work. You might have to fight for it.

                208.Mostly, you have to fight in spirit--especially right now, because the Ol' Boy is mad, that's for sure! Ha, ha! I love to see him shaking in his boots! He's shaking something fierce right now, because we're all getting ready for this, and most of all, you all are getting ready! We're getting through and you all are getting the point, so the Devil is scared! But don't worry. As long as everyone just keeps their eyes and hearts fixed right straight on, and you keep listening intently to our whispers, everything is going to be all right, and it'll come out just fine.

                209.Remember, we all had to fight for the words from time to time. If it wasn't a fight to get it, it was a fight to publish it; but you can't let that stop you. Don't let that worry you, either, because once you get the hang of it and get into it, it will flow. It will come, but you've gotta stick to it.

                210.Maybe you don't feel too comfortable with me. Why don't we get acquainted--would you like that? I know what you're thinking, "Tarzan? This guy wrote Tarzan? Oh boy, what has that got to do with anything spiritual?!" Well, you know, Tarzan was very loved--by millions, in fact! Take a minute and think of it.

                211.Please don't mind if I say this myself, and please know that I am not trying to speak out of pride, but in my humble opinion, as you all put it, I have to say that Tarzan was a little like Jesus, if you think about it! Look at the story. He was a stranger in a strange land. He wasn't of the jungle; he was actually the son of a wealthy Englishman. He was sent right to the middle of the jungle, he appeared out of nowhere, and he was raised by the apes.

                212. Did you ever think that maybe that is a little like Jesus when He came to Earth? Jesus was from Heaven, the perfect society, where everything works and flows in synchronization and harmony. He came down from the halls of Heaven, from love, from the Father of perfect love, and landed in the midst of the jungle of Earth. He came from perfection and had to learn how to live and survive and function in the jungle of Earth. He was raised by humans, which could be compared somewhat to the apes that raised and nurtured and took care of Tarzan!

                213.Now, don't get me wrong, I am not preaching any evolution here. I am only trying to help you relate a little bit, to help you see there can be a lesson in everything. For Jesus to be raised by humans and have to take on the cloak of the flesh was so different and quite foreign to Him, much like it was for Tarzan. Jesus' Heavenly instincts came to the fore as He grew up, just like Tarzan's human instincts did.

                214.Of course, Tarzan didn't know any better. He didn't realize while he was growing up--at least not for quite a while--that he was really of another world or another society. But, you know, Jesus didn't either! Oh, is that a shock to you? Jesus came to Earth as a human being. He was human, and He came as a baby. It was not as if from the instant He was born He had total, complete recollection of His former life in Heaven. Human babies don't really have that ability.

                215.I know you might be thinking, "Well, He was the Son of God, though, so it was different." Yes, but just think: If He'd had complete, total recollection from the time He popped out of His mother's womb, He might have had a hard time being so patient. He might have been tempted to go too fast with things. He had to learn the ways of man.

                216.Jesus took on the cloak of human flesh, and He had to grow and develop just like everyone else. Yes, He was the Son of God, but taking on the cloak of the flesh, He had to grow and learn. As He did, He was nurtured and He grew strong in spirit. The Father was leading Jesus and guiding Him all along, but Jesus had to listen, just like we all do. He had to make the right choices, and He grew into His role. He learned how to pray because His parents taught Him, and through His prayer life the Father led Him and taught Him and revealed to Him who He was, and what His mission was on Earth.

                217.Jesus had to pray and learn and grow and get His answers a step at a time. This was all a part of taking on the cloak of human flesh. Jesus came with a mission, of course, and in taking on the cloak of human flesh He was able to fulfill that mission. The Father knew, and He had a plan. And Jesus fulfilled that plan, because He made the right choices.

                218.Well, well, I am getting off into some deep truths here. I hope this is okay. I think you all are going to find as we continue with this project that more and more truths of the spirit world and how things are on this side will be revealed to you! Oh, how blessed are the children of David! And how blessed are we, your helpers, who are privileged to be a part of this mighty move of the Spirit! I'm thrilled! We are all thrilled! Do you realize that all the prophets of all time have longed to see this day?!

                219.So, back to Tarzan: He had to learn the ways of the jungle to survive there. And if you remember, Tarzan did make the right choices. He had a sense of right and wrong and he tried to defend the right. He made some good choices, so there was a good amount of lessons in those stories. Think about it for a while. I don't want to get too far off on this right now, but I only want to help you see, to inspire your faith.

                220.You know, Jesus will use anything He can to teach a lesson! And with this project, with this new vision, you are going to find that there are some amazing things that we have in store for you. The main thing I want to encourage you about is to be open. Be prayerful and be open. Don't put yourself in a box.

                221.There is quite a line-up waiting for you! We have stacks of things stored up, ready to give out--something for everybody! Yes, we sure have something for everybody. Think about all the people in the world today and all the things they're into! If we're going to give something for everybody, you will see it's going to be quite a variety! So don't be afraid to give what you get, even if it sounds wild, or completely new and far-out.

                222.There are lots of people out there who are into far-out things, and it's going to take some far-out measures to reach them! So don't worry, Honey. Just pray, like you are, and take it a step at a time. Or better yet, just take it a word at a time if you have to. Simply keep giving and we'll pour it on. Maybe it will encourage you to know that when I first got the story of Tarzan, it was new and far-out in that day [1914]. So I had to have a lot of faith, too. Then I got into sci-fi. Let me tell you, in that day, sci-fi was new and wild!

                223.But you know, one reason so many of us up Here are so thrilled with this vision and this project is that now we can see so much clearer. For us it is a chance to really rock out and give the truth of Jesus and let it roll in full measure! We have so much more purpose now, and complete truths. Not that all our works while there on Earth didn't have some good, and like I told you, there were even lots of lessons and parallels in my Tarzan stories. But now that we're on the other side of the veil, now that we see face to face, we're really ready to roll out the truth!

                224.I realize it takes a good measure of faith,but you have all of us at your disposal! Just ask, and don't worry, because we are all right here ready to give. You really have the easy part; all you've got to do is get it down. Don't worry about the polish, or who it's going to appeal to, or who is going to like what. Just let it roll, and we'll take care of the consequences and the details. Don't worry your pretty little head about a thing. Just tune in, and I'll be whispering in your ear, and many others will be too. You're going to see, it's going to be lots of fun! Okay, now let's get busy!

                225.PS: Why don't you call me Ed? That's what most everyone up Here calls me! I'd like that, if you like it. It's less formal, and maybe it will help you relate more and remember just how close we really are. We're all just pretty normal down-home folk like all of you there. Or you might say we're "up-home" folk, because we are up Here! Remember, though, "up Here" is closer than you think! (End of message from Edgar Rice Burroughs. This ended Mama's first message to our WS pubs units about "Spirit Stories." Following is a second message, which was sent a few days later.)

SECTION FOUR: More How-to's and Counsel from the Lord

(Mama's second message to one of our WS pubs units regarding "Spirit Stories":)

My dear sweethearts,

                226.Happy Family Birthday! I love you so much and pray you had a wonderful Feast celebration! Sounds like your commission ceremony was really anointed and not only a very meaningful illustration, but lots of fun as well. Praise the Lord!

                227.Hey, do you want to hear something neat! While I was with our Home having a little talk the other night, giving them the vision about getting Christmas stories from the Lord, guess what Peter did! He got ... a Christmas story! It was such a surprise, and I was so proud of him! He said it was a present for me, because he loves me! Isn't that sweet! He also said he can't be going around asking people to do things that he hasn't been willing to do! Isn't our king a good sample! The Lord really blessed me for having that little talk with our Home members! If I hadn't done that, I don't think Peter would have gotten a story, and if I'd insisted that he come with me to the meeting, he wouldn't have gotten it either! So the Lord really blessed us both for doing what we were supposed to do.

                228.Peter was a little discouraged with his story because he thought it was a little boring. However, I thought it was a wonderful story; it just needs a little dialogue added to spice it up a bit. The Lord probably allowed Peter to get a story that was not completely "finalized" and still needed a bit of work in order to encourage the rest of you. So just remember that Peter led the way and you can follow. Just give what comes, and don't worry if it's not perfect. It'll be a lot further along than if you had to struggle to write it yourself, that's for sure!

                229.Thanks for being willing to help pull down the stories from Heaven. I know it takes faith, but the Lord will give it to you. I'm praying for you! It's so exciting to see that some of you are already getting stories. It's wonderful! Please keep'm coming! I love you!

                Much love always, Mama (End of second message from Mama to one of our WS pubs units.)

* * *

                230.(Mama:) So what do you think, dear Family? This vision from the Lord for receiving stories via His spirit writers is a pretty terrific answer to prayer, isn't it! With this GN you're receiving the first booklet of spirit stories in this series, which is entitled "Heaven's Library." The Lord is doing it! Both the adults and the young people in our Home and another WS pubs unit have been involved in receiving stories and testimonies from the spirit world. In fact, several of the stories in our first story booklets were received by our young people. So it's happening, folks, and I hope that encourages the rest of you young people that you can do it, too! Praise the Lord!

                231.We are beginning by rolling these stories in 24-page booklets, like the one you're receiving with this GN. We may be able to send you more as time goes by, God willing.

                232.We'd like to continue to include art with the stories, but in order to do that we'll need to pray for our artists. It's a lot of work, and we don't have many people who can do it as well and as quickly as we need it done, although we do have some promising new artists.

                233.If we can't get the art quickly enough, then we'll have to go ahead and send out the stories without art, to keep from holding them up. I know artwork adds to the presentation, and makes it a little more interesting, but I also know that the Lord has given most people a pretty good imagination. So if there's no art, you can simply picture the stories in your mind, which I don't think will be that difficult, since most of them are brimming with fascinating word pictures!

A New Pub Is Born!

                234.When we asked the Lord about publishing most of these stories and testimonies from the spirit world in their own pub, rather than including them in the GNs or other existing pubs, Dad answered us. He confirmed the idea of their being in a separate pub, for the most part, when he gave the following message:

                235.(Dad speaking:) These stories are a vehicle to feed our young people, whet their appetite and strengthen them in their faith, conviction and service for the Lord. They're going to be feeding and strengthening, and will give the kids the vision for reading the GNs and the stronger meat of the Lord's Spirit. These story booklets will make it very easy for parents, teachers and kids to have them at their fingertips and be able to read them. They'll make an easy teaching tool or a tool for parent time.

                236.It's like God's own project for our young people of all ages, from children to JETTs and teens. It seems like He wants to give them something special, a touch of His love and food from His Spirit to inspire them, encourage them, teach and train them. So just like the Hope TKs or the MLKs or the Zine or the Grapevine, it's a brand-new creation. It's God's creation, His wonderful tool, and it has a lot of Heavenly authors behind it, contributors who are probably going to feel appreciated to see their contributions in a special pub.

                237.It's big news up Here, it's making news in Heaven! This project is sending shock waves of excitement up Here and it's going to make big news in the Family, big news on Earth! What a project! What a vision! What a God! What a Mama! God bless you, Honey, for hearing the Lord's whispers and doing what He said. God bless you for believing in what seems like the impossible to the world. Crazy faith--that's what started the Family and that's what keeps it going. That's my Mama! I love you, Honey! (End of message from Dad.)

                238.(Mama:) Thanks, dear Dad, for your help with this wonderful new project! I'm so happy to be working together with you on it! You're such a good storyteller! You showed us the value of stories when teaching not just young children, but all of us! I love you!

                239.It just came to me that some of you parents and teachers may be concerned that if the children get too interested in reading these stories, then they might not invest the time they need in reading the MLKs and Hope TKs, and therefore they might miss out on getting the meat of the Word, because it's generally easier and more attractive to children to read stories. We asked the Lord about this, and He assured us that this will not be a problem. We hope to publish this message in full at a later date, so I'll just give you a brief summary here. He explained that these stories will not take away from the Hope TKs and MLKs, but they will draw the children to them. And though they might spend more time with the stories than they do with the meat of the Word, they will absorb more out of the Word when they do read it.

                240.He also, however, reminded you parents and teachers of the importance of your own relationship with Him and hunger for the Word. He said, "If the children do not see you, their parents, sucking in the Word, they will not go to the Word, not even the stories. If you are feeding off of secular magazines, periodicals or television, and not the pure stream of Word that I give forth, then neither will they. For your children cannot be stronger than you, their parents. They must see the sample in order to be able to fully partake of My Words." Both the stories and the Hope TKs and MLKs need your backing. Your children need to see your enthusiasm. The way you present the Word to them will make a big difference in their reaction to it and the attention they pay it. (More on this in a later GN, D.V.)

The Lord's Leading with Each Story's Placement

                241.Along with deciding where to put these exciting spirit stories, we also needed to decide whether to organize and categorize them according to the various ages that they target. Of course, some of the stories are geared more toward the younger children, whereas others are more advanced, being more for JETTs, teens and even adults. We had the option of publishing the stories that seem to target the younger audience separately, in the Kidz mag, for example. I thought and prayed about this, and discussed it with those involved in the production of these booklets.

                242.I realize that some of the stories may not be super exciting for you JETTs and teens. They may seem elementary to you, or a little beneath you. For example, one or two of the stories in the first booklets are simple and rather childlike, something a younger audience can easily read, understand and enjoy. But I felt that it wouldn't hurt you older ones to read them too. In fact, I figured you'd probably enjoy them. Even the simpler stories contain sweet lessons for all ages, young and old.

                243.Maybe you sometimes don't want to read the things you think are for younger ones because you feel you're far above that level, and therefore you feel they'd be boring and wouldn't hold your attention at all. But when you think of the very simple little stories and examples Jesus gave in the New Testament, which millions of people of all ages have benefited from down through the centuries, you can see that things don't have to be complicated or sophisticated in order to be interesting, appealing and attractive. In fact, the adults that have read this first issue of "Heaven's Library" and many of the other stories that you might consider for young children have enjoyed them a lot, and even though the stories themselves might be geared to those younger, a principle or lesson that was brought out was something that really helped them.

                244. Even though the vehicle for conveying the lesson and the illustration might seem a little childish to you, you may someday look back on that lesson as it comes to mind and it'll be a wonderful help to you. Also, in some of the stories that you might consider for younger children, there are some real surprises about Heaven. They reveal some hitherto unknown, very exciting, amazing activities that go on There, and if you miss them, you could be really sad that you did!

                245. We don't have to feel there's a big age differentiation in these stories from the spirit world. They're a bit like some of the lessons and anecdotes in the Good Thots. Some of those are quite elementary, too. They could be deemed children's reading material, if you were to categorize them. But when you read the Good Thots, you don't think to yourself, "I don't like this. It's for kids." There's something for everyone in the Good Thots, and I felt the "Heaven's Library" story booklets could be the same.

                246.If you older ones are not interested in every single story, you can just read the ones that do interest you. Or you can read the stories for the younger set just for easy reading, for relaxation, even though you may feel they're "not your thing." One big advantage to you JETTs, teens and adults reading all the stories is that then you can use the lessons in the simpler stories when you're with your children or younger brothers and sisters. These stories could also be very helpful even for new disciples who are just learning spiritual principles, as the lessons brought out in them could be used as illustrations. Also, people who are learning to read English would like these simpler stories.

                247.I asked the Lord to confirm whether we should have a definite age differentiation in the story booklets, or generally make them for all ages. The Lord indicated that He is in favor of variety, and that some booklets will have stories for several age groups, and other booklets will be made up of stories for one particular age group. The Lord gave the following message, instructing us to acknowledge Him with every story and He'd lead in where to publish it.

                248.(Jesus speaking:) You must come to Me for each story, desperately seeking to know My will as to where each story goes. For each story and each chapter has its own place, and they all need to be placed according to My will. If you'll take the time to stop, to look and to listen to Me about where these stories go, I will be able to show you.

                249. I have given you many gifts and it is easy for you to rely solely on these gifts, to just use your natural carnal mind and reasoning. But beware, for the pubs will not bear as much fruit unless you come to Me, desperately seeking My will for each individual story. You must come to Me, you must seek Me, and I will whisper in your heart with My still small voice what I wish for you to do with each story. For these are My stories, sent from My hand through My messengers, and each story is sent with a special mission, with a special plan to bear fruit, as special seeds sent out to the hearts of the children of the Family.

                250. Each story has a purpose, and each story will play an important part in many lives. So be careful and make sure that you do not go a step in any direction without hearing from Me, for I am the Author and Publisher of these books, and all the rights belong to Me. Therefore, seek Me earnestly before you make any changes or before you make any decisions, and I will show you exactly what I want you to do. Together we will make this project a success. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

                251.(Mama:) What a good lesson and confirmation about our need to seek the Lord with every move. He keeps telling us over and over that He really does want to be involved in the details of our lives. He's not only our personal loving Shepherd and Husband, but He's also our Work-mate, our Teamworker. If we're willing to take the time to ask Him and hear from Him in prophecy, He'll give us specific direction in even what seem to be simple, straightforward, business or detail-type decisions. Seeking the Lord's direction in prophecy in smaller decisions that we've been used to just deciding on our own, or through prayer and counsel with others, is a pretty big change of modus operandi which takes some getting used to. But not only has the Lord promised that this will make our work easier, but He said if we're willing to do this, He will make our efforts more fruitful.

Your Help Is Needed!

                252.It's tremendous how the Lord is doing everything He possibly can to make our jobs easier and to get out His Word faster and more abundantly! Judging from what the Lord and the spirit helpers said in the messages I included earlier in this GN, there's a whole lot they want to pour out; in fact, much more than our few channels in WS can ever possibly receive. So after reading this GN, if you feel inspired about helping with this exciting new project, please don't hesitate to ask the Lord for a story and send it in! We'll try our best to publish it if possible, Lord willing. We need your help very much and would appreciate it!

                253.This would be a challenging ministry for you young people, especially since some of you seem to have quite a bit of time on your hands. If you want excitement and something different, this is for you! Or for those of you who are handicapped or bedridden or who have a long-term illness which makes it difficult for you to participate in more active ministries, this could be a very fulfilling outlet for your energies. Maybe you could team up with a JETT or teen in your Home who wants to learn to be a secretary. You could have a ministry of being a channel, receiving stories, and the other person could help to type them! What great teamwork! I think it would be a very satisfying ministry for both of you! (On foreign fields where the national language is difficult to translate, you who are national disciples could ask the Lord to give you stories, poems, anecdotes, etc., in the language of the land, which could be used to feed your national children, disciples, friends, contacts, etc.)

                254.You don't have to be a writer or have any talent with words whatsoever to receive stories from these spirit writers. You don't have to be exercised in getting prophecy. In fact, you don't even have to have gotten a prophecy from the Lord or from any spirit helper before. The promises the Lord and His spirit writers gave are for you, and those promises are free of any conditions of writing talent or experience in prophesying! If you have faith and you claim those promises, all you have to do is pray desperately, create a vacuum with your faith, open your mouth wide and give what you receive. You can start being a channel for the Lord right now by receiving stories, which may be even easier for you than trying to begin to exercise your gift by receiving directional messages in prophecy.

                255.The reason I say it may seem easier is because you may feel that receiving stories carries with it less responsibility than receiving messages of instruction, direction or even encouragement from the Lord or Dad. I would like to explain, however, that many of those who have experimented with receiving stories have found that it is quite a fight in the spirit, and sometimes it requires a lot of work and even takes a fairly long time. So don't be discouraged or disillusioned if you find that it takes you quite a bit of work or time, and don't feel like something is wrong with you or that you did something wrong, or were lacking faith, or that your story isn't as good because it didn't come so easily. In fact, the Lord explained that sometimes it takes a lot of work and more time, and the words don't necessarily come easily or quickly. It's because some of those on the other end, in the Heavenly realm, are not as exercised as others at getting through the veil, and they're not as practiced. Therefore, their messages oftentimes do not come through and cannot be heard as clearly as those who have more power and more experience in the spirit.

                256.If and when you send in stories, please try to type them on computer, and send the files via modem or on a disk to your CROs, who will forward them to me. Or you can send them directly to WS via e-mail. The e-mail address to send your stories to is the same one that you use for the Grapevine, which is: grape@ibm.net. Sending your stories in these two ways will greatly facilitate our being able to receive and process them much more quickly! Of course, if for whatever reason you can't possibly modem your stories to your CRO office or send a file on disk or via e-mail, then you can send a paper copy to the Grapevine mailing address, which is: The Grapevine, PO Box 4938, Orange, CA 92863, USA. In all situations, regardless of how you send your story, please be sure to keep a copy of it, just in case something happens along the way and it gets lost. Thanks!

                257.Since I trust that many of you will want to participate in this exciting ghostwriting project, I have more counsel to share with you that I think will be a blessing.

Don't Get Discouraged!

                258.To begin with, here are excerpts of a message the Lord gave when a few of the brethren in my Home were a little discouraged with their stories. Not only was it a fight in the spirit to receive the stories, but on top of that, they felt their stories hadn't come out so well. I prayed and asked the Lord for some encouragement for these dear ones, and this is what the Lord said. Remember, this counsel is for you, too!

                259.(Jesus speaking:) I know that it is a step and stretch of your faith to come before Me and open up your channels and receive a spirit story. I know that it is a real test of belief and trust in Me and My promises, for you must simply trust Me completely even though you don't know the ending. Many times you don't know the middle, and many times you don't even know the next sentence or the next line!

                260.It's all by faith, and it's a real spirit trip. It's a real trip into the unknown, into the Heavenlies. That's exactly what it is! All you have to do is close your eyes, and just like your Father David taught you, allow Me to take you away in the spirit! I will take you away and I will connect you with your spiritual helper, your storyteller, who will make a link with you. All you have to do is open up your channel and trust, and you will receive.

                261.I know that it is discouraging and you are tempted to feel that you have not done a good job as a channel, that you have not received fully or completely. You are tempted to feel that you have missed the mark, that you did not relay the message the right way or clearly, or that somehow you have missed something. But do not worry about all those things, or fret about all those worries. I will be faithful to My promise to use you mightily to receive spirit stories. I will not fail, but I will give. I will send them and you will receive them.

                262.You will receive far beyond your expectation--stories which you never thought possible! For you are not an author, writer or poet. You know that it is beyond your capabilities or your talents, and that you are not gifted. Some may be more gifted in the area of writing or editing, and some may have more experience in this field, but their experience or their gifts and talents in the physical and in the natural do not make them more gifted or qualified to receive stories in the spirit.

                263.For that which qualifies you the most and gives you the greatest qualifications for the job is your faith and your yieldedness to open up and receive. Unto those will be given much and in greater abundance than they ever imagined. It is a reality and it is going to happen in the spirit.

                264.But the Enemy also knows that a great thing is about to happen. The Enemy is also aware of this wonderful new tool which will reach the hearts and minds of Family children and children in the world. He knows that they will devour it and love it; that it will spark their faith; it will kindle a flame of hope and belief in their hearts; it will provide them with answers, comfort and encouragement! So he fights the project getting off the ground right here in your Home.

                265.Your Father David also spoke about the battles he had when he attempted a new project or undertook to carry out the vision that I gave him. The Enemy would fight him with spiritual battles, nightmares, afflictions, problems, persecution--you name it! It is a spiritual warfare, and that is why you have felt some discouragement, but do not give up and do not give in, for the stories are there. They will come just as I have promised.

                266.But the spiritual warfare is also great, for such beautiful, wonderful, encouraging, exciting, thrilling words from Heaven cannot be received without some sacrifice and spiritual fight. Just like a diamond in the rough must be polished in order to release and reveal its beauty, so are these stories. The harder you pull and suck, the more you release and reveal their beauty. As you continue to fight and suck and pull and hang on like the importunate woman, until you get the next words, the next line, the next part of the story, your very desperation and pull in the spirit breaks the spiritual barrier or distraction or hindrance which the Enemy is trying to place in the way.

                267.So do not give up and do not fear. Do not resist the urge to click on your dictaphones and let My Spirit flow through you. Let Me use you to the fullest. When you hear those little whispers and you think you are receiving something, be faithful to grab your dictaphones and give what I give you--and it will be beautiful! You will not be disappointed.

                268.Do not worry if it does not seem perfect to you, if you think this part or that part did not go well, or you wonder if it had a good enough ending, middle or beginning. Just trust Me, for I know what I am doing. There are people and spirits and saints and angels Here who have been selected and chosen and ordained and are being trained to work hand in hand with you to pump out the stories. Some have even been called away from other assignments in order to assist you and write through you. They, too, are learning. They, too, are perfecting their skills to give.

                269.They are also instrumental in instructing you and teaching you how to receive as they work personally with you. So all you have to do is obey those whispers and checks and leadings that you feel in the spirit, for that may be their voice trying to direct you which way to go, what to say and how to say it. Do not worry if it does not come out the way you think is best, for many times, after it has been transcribed and you hear it later or read it again, you will be surprised at how wonderful it is. So just give it as you get it! Feel free, open your channels, burst out and let all Heaven pour through you! Don't let anything stop you! What have you got to lose?!

                270.Even if you receive a story with some funny parts or what may seem like something which is not quite right, do not let it stop you. Let nothing stop you or dissuade you from being free and yielded and open to receive! Just continue to suck and suck and suck, and the stories will come, for I have promised. The parts which may not seem quite right to you can be brought before Me again in prayer and given the polish that they may need, so you have nothing to lose, nothing to worry about.

                271.You cannot fail, for the story that you receive will either be word perfect and can be used right away, or it can be polished and given the final touches and be used a little later. So in either case, you have nothing to lose and you cannot fail.

                272.Now you see the beauty and the importance and the wonder of simple childlike faith. You see the beauty of the children of David. Oh, how much you have learned from your Father David, from his simplicity and humility and childlike faith. You have a heritage of wealth in the Spirit which has been given to you through your Father David. You have his crazy Don Quixote faith which was willing to step out and sing those simple songs of the Spirit and repeat those beautiful Spirit poems.

                273.You have been taught so much at the hand of My Spirit, more than you even realize. It is all inside of you, whether young or old. If you are young, you have been born into it and raised with My Spirit and the spirit of your Father David. And if you are old, you have learned it and absorbed it from the Word and firsthand from your experience with My Spirit. You have so much which I can use. That is why I have chosen you to be My channels, because you have the simple childlike faith which is needed to step out by faith and believe. And once you do, My sweet children, My beautiful ones, as you step out by faith and turn on your dictaphones, the anointing will be upon you. So fear not to receive the anointing and fear not to grow into the anointing. Do not worry whether you understand how it works or not, for it is a supernatural working of the Spirit.

                274.Each of these spirit stories is a miracle and a marvel of My Spirit, one which you cannot understand with your natural mind; you just have to open up and let it go. Release your natural mind and let My Spirit take over.

                275.It is not for you to discern or judge the stories and decide if they are good or not good or anything about them. These are not your stories, nor do they come from you; they are gifts from Heaven, from the individual in Heaven who accepted his assignment to connect with you and give it to you. So much of the responsibility lies on those Here in Heaven to be able to send them through the pipeline in the best way possible. So just suck and pull and do your best to receive them. That's all I ask of you.

                276.Oh, what a mission, what a challenge, what a task! But you can do it! For I want to use you as My vessels and channels, and I will help you. I will make it easier. As the days go by and as you learn to tune in, the stories will come more quickly, easily, completely, and with more detail, needing less work, editing or polishing. So do not give up at the beginning, for it will get easier as you learn how to tune in and fine-tune to that particular frequency, the story book channel.

                277.The more you tune in, the more you do it, the more you open up to receive, the easier it will become and the more your faith will grow. The more you get used to working with your particular spirit helper or helpers--you may have more than one assigned to help you--the more you will get to know the working of the Spirit. You will soon know when to pause and wait and listen intently for the next whisper. You will feel the moving of My Spirit. It will draw you and pull you and show you which way to go; it will instruct you and guide you. You will hear the words whispered in your ears more quickly, more easily, more clearly, and your mouth will repeat them with more confidence.

                278.But you must be willing to endure the initial test and fight and battle in order to get over the hump and into smoother sailing. As you continue to suck and fight and endure and stick, the hindrances which the Enemy is trying to put in your pathway and on your spiritual frequency will soon be washed away. The dam will soon burst and the waters will rush forth! (End of message from Jesus.)

                279.(Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, our dear, sweet Lover, for those precious words of encouragement. Please help each one of Your channels to keep fighting and sucking until the reward is given. Thank You for the promises that this will get easier, and that the departed spirits who give the stories will grow in experience and be able to get through more clearly, and that our connections with them will become more fine-tuned!

Stories May Need Some Editing

                280.On the subject of the stories not necessarily coming to you in perfect condition, as I mentioned above, Peter was a little discouraged with the story he received. He felt it was rather boring and needed quite a bit of work. When we prayed about why Peter's story came the way it did, the Lord gave the following counsel:

                281.(Jesus speaking:) The whole process of receiving a story from the spirit world, or receiving any message from the spirit world, is miraculous and supernatural. It is a supernatural working of the Spirit. I have promised that if My channels are faithful to open, yield, trust, obey and exercise their faith, I will bless and send down the stories. I have promised to do so, and I will. I will be faithful to My promise and I will fulfill it.

                282.Any time My channels sit down and get quiet and lift up their antennas and their arms to Me and open their channels wide to receive, it is a step of faith, of real yieldedness, humility, submission and trust that I will not fail, that I will send the message, that I will fill their channels so they may be used to carry My message.

                283.But there is also a great fight in the spirit world to stop the messages, whatever they be, whether they are answers, counsel, direction, encouragement, revelations, food for My children--whether it is food in the form of stories or testimonies or booklets or whatever. My messages are Here, but there is a fight in the spirit world to get them to you.

                284.But I will be true and faithful to My Word and to My promise, and My channels must not lose hope or feel discouraged, disappointed or worried if they do not receive the story word perfect, requiring very little editing or work. Just trust Me and know that the stories will come. It is a test of your faith and a trying of your patience, but do not give up or feel that you are unable or incapable, for it is all a work of My Spirit. It is supernatural and miraculous and spiritual. The channels are being fine-tuned, cleaned, polished and exercised, so that the stories may be conveyed to you more clearly, more word perfect, more detailed and needing very little work.

                285.So do not let this discourage you and do not consider it a setback, for it is just the opposite. It was a step of faith by My precious king, who has many great responsibilities of the kingdom and important work to take care of. Although it was not his personal responsibility to receive a story from the spirit world, he did so out of love for you and for My children and for your channels there, so that they would be encouraged by his sample of taking his time and being willing to obey the vision.

                286.The fact that his story was not word perfect but will require some work and additional dialogue will encourage the other channels whose stories may also need a little polishing or editing. Do not worry if some stories will need a little polishing or editing or additions or whatever, for compared to the number of those that will require very little work, it will be well worth it to continue to ask for and receive spirit stories.

                287.So do not let the Enemy distract or discourage or dissuade you from carrying on, for the stories are being prepared. The spirit writers are ready; they just wait for the channels to be still and quiet and open and reach up by faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Difference Between These Stories and Other Prophecies

                288.(Mama:) The idea of making additions and changes in these spirit stories may seem a little odd to you, as you may wonder why we feel at liberty to change them if they're received in prophecy. That's a good question!

                289.To begin with, as you read in the above message from Jesus and in the messages from the spirit writers themselves, we have received permission to change or edit the stories as the Lord leads us. The spirit writers were very open about confessing that they're learning, too, and that the stories they send our way may not be perfect. We're working in teamwork with the story writers from beyond, and as they brought out in some of their messages, they don't mind if we make changes in the stories to update things or add a few extra details or a little more drama, etc.

                290.Our folks up There on the storywriting teams are learning, too. They don't know everything about what they're writing about. Remember, Louisa May Alcott mentioned she was trying to learn modern lingo, today's slang, to use it in her story about teenagers and gangs. But she said she's not sure she really understands today's language very well, so she mentioned it's fine for us to change whatever we feel is necessary. Also, Hans Christian Andersen gave a story about basketball, but basketball wasn't played in his day. It hadn't even been invented yet, so it's perfectly understandable that he got a few of the details of the game wrong. Others of the spirit story writers have never lived on Earth, so naturally they may not understand some little details in the setting, characters or events of the story that they're writing about. So we have been given the green light to edit the stories, with much prayer, of course.

                291.It's important to realize that there's a big difference between the stories we receive from these spirit writers, our storywriting teamworkers, and the directional or encouragement type messages we receive from Jesus, Dad or our spirit helpers. I am very cautious when making any changes whatsoever, other than minor grammar changes, in the messages we get from the Lord, Dad or our spirit helpers. If something in those messages seems to need to be changed slightly to make it clearer, I often have someone hear from the Lord about it to make sure the change I am suggesting is correct and that the Lord is in agreement with making it. As I explained in "Crisis of Faith!--Part 2," usually the Lord has a very good reason why He chooses particular words or word pictures. So more often than not, He indicates that He wants the message left as is, but with an explanation given. There are times when He indicates that it's okay with Him to change a word or words to something that would be more easily understood, and in such cases, if we ask Him, He often suggests an alternative wording. (See ML #3089:120, GN 714.)

                292.Not long ago Dad spoke about prophecy, helping us to see the difference between the various kinds of messages that we receive. Hopefully, this full message from Dad will be published in the future, but I want to give you this excerpt of his counsel now, as it can be applied to the spirit writing of stories:

                293.(Dad speaking:) I'm thankful the Lord is pouring forth through prophecy, because I know how much He has to say. I know how much needs to be said, not only to the Family but to the lost. And that's why the Lord Himself is speaking through open channels, and He is allowing me to speak, as well as multitudes of Heavenly helpers. He's even allowing the departed spirits to speak for the Celestial Interviews, because there is so much to be said. There is so much that people need to hear! He is pouring forth through as many channels as He can find, those who are available and willing and worthy to pour forth His message.

                294.Of course, those who speak for the Celestial Interviews are not your Heavenly helpers. They are not the ones who are called and chosen and trained to help you, Honey, and our Family in their spiritual warfare for the Lord. Those who speak in the Celestial Interviews are only allowed a special dispensation of grace in order to get a message across, a unique, specific message that they have to give to the lost. So they have their unique place in communicating messages from this side. They have a special calling, and limited influence and access to the channels. They are mostly witnessing to the lost and giving their personal testimonies to the lost; that's their ministry. They're on a different level from me and the Heavenly helpers who speak to you and lead and guide you in spiritual matters and the affairs of the Kingdom.

                295.All of this massive outpouring of the message is part of the Lord's plan. He is the One Who controls the flow. He is the One Who gives permission to different ones to speak. He is the One Who is in control. He is the One Who orchestrates the great symphony, Who manages the troops, Who organizes and approves the pouring forth of the message. It's all in His hands, it's under His direction and control. (End of excerpts of message from Dad.)

                296.(Mama:) Dad's explanation about the role of the Celestial Interviews messengers in the Who Said They're Dead book can also be applied in some ways to the departed spirits who are doing the spirit storywriting. They are certainly not on the same level as Jesus, nor are they on the same level as Dad or our spirit helpers, those who direct Peter and me and the Family. These ghostwriters have a special calling, which, though very important, is rather limited.

                297.In another message, which we hope to print for you in full shortly, the Lord explained the difference between the stories and other prophecies, and the changes or edits that can be made in them. I'll include excerpts of that message for you here:

(Note: We have boxed in this portion of the GN for your easy reference, as well as to highlight the importance of this message.)

                298. (Jesus speaking:) There are different qualities of messages from Heaven, and there is varying flexibility in the changes that can be made in these messages from Heaven. I have expressly given permission that the stories and songs that are given from Heaven to the children of David might be changed or embellished or polished according to how you feel led of Me, according to the need. For even this process of polishing and editing is part of your training. It causes you to seek Me. It causes you to be prayerful as you go over the stories that you receive and as you continue to prayerfully seek Me and continue to hone your skills at hearing My whispers and receiving My checks.

                299. The difference between the stories and other messages that you receive directly from Me, your Father David or your spirit helpers is that stories will have a different impact on the reader. They are given for inspiration, edification, and for putting forth general spiritual principles. These stories are not the meat of the Word; they are not revelatory as far as direction or instruction for the reader or for the Family as a whole. The stories are designed and written and serve as part of the building blocks of your children's education, but they are not part of the foundation of faith of your children and young people, which comes from the Word of God and the Words of David.

                300.These Heavenly stories are like bait to draw your children and young people to the meat of the Word and the deeper, stronger spiritual principles that are put forth in the Letters and the messages from Me and from Father David and from the spirit beings who have been chosen to lead and guide Queen Maria and King Peter and the children of David. Because the stories have less influence, less impact, less ability to change the course of the Family or the individuals in it, I have allowed flexibility in the preparation of the stories, so that it is a teamwork, with those of you on Earth working hand in hand with those chosen in Heaven. It is both a give and a take: They're giving the story, and you're taking what you receive and are adding as you see fit and as you are led by Me.

                301.But I must be very clear that there is a great difference between the stories you receive in the spirit world and the messages you receive from Me or from your Father David or from your spirit helpers--those who have been chosen and ordained to lead you in spiritual matters, to give you answers to questions, revelations, direction, correction, instruction and guidance in your decision-making.

                302.When you seek Me and come before Me in prayer to hear from Me in these serious matters, then you must know that I do not delegate the giving of such messages to storytellers or to departed spirits who are inexperienced, immature, and even in some cases, less educated in the ways of the spirit world than you are. When it comes to serious instruction or guidance or the answer to your questions, I either come to you Myself, or your Father David speaks, or those spirit beings who have been assigned to your care and protection speak. And such messages are of a completely different quality, for these messages are divinely inspired. They are the Word of the Lord that you can count on and trust.

                303.When you receive such messages that have great potential to change your life, the direction you're going, the decisions you're making; when you're seeking Me desperately for the answers to your questions; when you need to know My will; when you need to know what to do and how and when and where, or even when you're seeking Me for words of encouragement in your time of need, then in all of these instances you must trust Me that the Words that you receive are for the most part exactly as I would have you hear them. If you're desperately crying out to Me, if you come before Me with a yielded heart, and you make of your mind a blank sheet and ask Me to write on it the Words that I choose, then you must trust that when you open your mouth, I will fill it. Trust that if you ask bread of Me, I will not give you a stone, but I will give you that which you need. And I will give it to you and present it to you in a format that is safe and secure and in which you can put your full trust. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

                304.Unlike other messages that we receive in prophecy, which we take at face value as the inspired Word of the Lord, in the case of the stories we have been given the job or the responsibility of prayerfully clarifying, amplifying, adding to or editing them, when necessary. Such improvements can be done through standard editing, or sometimes if there are parts of the story that are weak or that need clarification, those particular points can be brought before the Lord in prayer, and you can ask the spirit writer to clarify them by giving more from the spirit world through your channel. (For more information on a similar subject, please review the explanation about why it is okay to change some of the words received from Heaven for the Loving Jesus songs, or other songs, in FSM 298, "Songs Cascading Down!" Please see the section entitled "Further Explanation from the Lord and Mama about Prophecy and Song-writing!")

                305.These ghostwriters are telling wonderful, thrilling true stories and parables, which we're privileged to receive, but we must understand that they're not all experienced storytellers. Some are authors, and others are accomplished speakers, so their stories come much more polished. On the other hand, some aren't gifted or experienced at telling stories at all, though they have a story to tell. It may be a very good story, but they're not used to telling it.

                306.In a way, what happens in the spirit world with spirit writing is very much like what would happen if we here on Earth were all going to tell some story. In such a case, some people would be very good storytellers who would keep you on the edge of your seat practically the whole time, while others would have a much more difficult time making their points clearly and developing the story line.

                307.We have found that there is great variety in the way these spirit stories are given. Sometimes the stories flow beautifully, needing very little polishing. Other times, there are inconsistencies in the plot or the order of events. Any weaknesses in the story are not the fault of you, the channel, and they may not necessarily be due to anything you did or did not do when receiving the story from the departed spirit. It could be that the person chosen to give that particular story is still learning to tell stories, or to communicate with this world.

                308.We here on Earth are working in teamwork with the Heavenly storytellers. So as you feel led of the Lord, you can prayerfully polish the stories you receive before sending them to us, making any changes or edits that you feel are needed. That will save us a lot of time and help us to get these story booklets out faster! Thanks!

Are These True Stories?

                309.You may have noticed that I mentioned a few paragraphs earlier that these stories are true stories. I asked the Lord about this. With all the departed spirits in Heaven who are clamoring to speak to us, and with so many true stories that they could give, I wondered why they would have to make up any. I knew it would be much more exciting for you all if you realized that these stories in the "Heaven's Library" series are true stories, but of course I couldn't say that without being sure. Most of the stories seemed realistic to me and seemed like they could have happened, but I wanted to know for sure if they really did happen. So I asked the Lord if the spirit stories--not the allegories or parables, but the ones where people are the main characters--are true stories.

                310. He explained that the stories involving people are true stories. Some happened exactly as they're told, and others are based on true events, with some added details. Concerning stories in which the characters are not people, but are, for example, animals or lilies or raindrops, the Lord explained that such stories are parables or fables, and they tell of true lessons. These parables or fables are not the same as the stories from Heavenly writers who are telling of their own lives and experiences, or the lives and experiences of other people. But still, these parables or fables contain true lessons and are for the purpose of bringing a certain lesson or point to life. (This type of story will be identified as a parable, or by a subtitle such as "A Heavenly Tale," or by a credit such as "As told by Hans Christian Andersen.")

                311.The Lord encouraged us to believe, and not to hesitate to enjoy all the stories--the true stories and the parables. They are all coming from His hand--from the great reservoir--and each one has a purpose.

                312.Here is a message the Lord gave about the true stories:

                313.(Jesus speaking:) The reason some of these stories seem so realistic and seem like they really could have happened is because they are realistic, they are true, and they really did happen to someone at some time in some place. These which have people as their main characters--children, teens or adults or whatever age group is represented in these stories--are actually the people themselves to whom the story happened, or they represent the people to whom the story happened. These are true, real life experiences. These events and stories really happened to someone. The reason these particular stories are being given to you is because we know that they are so relatable to you and they will help to convey the message or lesson or spirit that we want them to.

                314.That does not mean that every single story is true word for word or fact for fact, for the authors and writers and spirit helpers up Here are given poetic license to change some events within the experience according to their free choice. They can change things and send the story to you the way they want to, but they are based on real life, or spirit life experiences. For example, the story of Glenda was based on a true experience, although many of the names and facts were embellished or added to, as the author chose to do so. But nonetheless, many of the facts are true. Thus is the story of Jamie and his friend, or the gang story by Louisa May Alcott. Although you may not personally know the people to whom the events happened, the author knows, or someone up Here knows, and they just decide to give it to you or relate it to you the way they do so that you can receive the story and all the experiences and lessons contained in it.

                315.For you are right, My queen; there is such a wealth and storehouse of stories Here amongst all the spirit beings and ghosts and angels and supernatural beings, things that they really experienced or know of from someone else who experienced it, that they have an endless source of story power to tap in to! And they love to do it, and they will do it, and they will continue to send them to you fast and freely. (End of message from Jesus.)

SECTION FIVE: Encouragement from Those Who Have Tried It

                316.(Mama:) You may feel quite incapable, thinking your channel is not exercised enough to be able to receive spirit stories. For your encouragement, I'm including a couple of testimonies from some of the dear ones in WS who stepped out by faith to receive a story. I hope these testimonies will help give you the faith that you can do it, too!

Juggles the Clown!

                317. (Testimony from member of a WS pubs unit:)The other day when I read your message about the "Stories from Heaven" project, I got inspired to try it, even though I'm still very much a novice at prophecy and feel very unsure of myself when getting prophecies. But all the prophecies from the Lord and Dad and the others which you included in your message about just stepping out by faith were so encouraging that it gave me the faith and the determination to try! One prophecy from the Lord that you included in your message to us was especially sweet and encouraging, and I felt like He was speaking directly to me because it fits me so perfectly. (See paragraphs 120-122.)

                318. It took me a while to actually get down to it and determine I was going to go do it, and then find a time and place alone and quiet. It was kind of scary, because I knew the Lord had promised if I really wanted to, I would get a story. Now I was going to prove Him, but I was kind of scared of being disappointed--that it wouldn't happen for me for some reason. But the Lord came through and I got something, though I wouldn't call it an actual story like the ones you sent. It's more like a testimony from someone in Heaven, and it's very short. I felt like it wasn't very good, just like you said most of those in your Home felt about theirs at first. I finally shared it with one of the girls here, as I knew she'd been getting things for this project, and she encouraged me about it. So here it is, for whatever it's worth!

                319. I really prayed and asked the Lord to send me a storyteller who would be simple and patient and go slow with me. And I prayed for lots of faith that I could be a channel for one of these stories, that I could actually receive one, as I felt so incapable and am still such a babe at getting prophecies.

                320. When I asked about my storyteller, he said, "My name is Mark and I'm 9 years old. I'm just learning, and Jesus told me you're just learning, too, so He said we could practice together!" It was so neat because then the story came, told by a clown in Heaven called Juggles. I won't go into the plot of the little story, as I don't to steal the thunder of it. But suffice it to say that he reveals some things about Heaven which I think not only the kids but the adults also will find really interesting.

                321. I was so amazed at getting new information about Heaven, as I never ever had any idea about this before! I don't know if it's the kind of thing we'd print, but at least it's given me practice and more faith that I can get something. Also, it didn't come exactly like this, although most of the sentences were basically there. But when I typed it up, it came to me to add some of the details and rearrange some of the sentences. In other words, I did a little editing on it, but it flowed and was quite easy to do, as if Juggles or Mark were helping me with it.

                322. After the first sitting I wasn't sure if that was the end of it or if there was more to come, but the day before yesterday I sat down again and prayed and asked if that was the end of this story. I got, "Hi! It's me again, Juggles! I want to tell you that that's it for now. I'll hand you over to someone else who's dying to tell you another story from Heaven! Bye now! I love you!" Then I started getting something else, but I won't go into that here, because I haven't gotten very far with it yet, and I just wanted to get Juggles off to you now.

                323. Anyway, Mama, I'm very excited about this project, and so glad we're doing it! For some reason I have more faith to try to participate in it than in other types of prophecy projects. I do have some other personal encouragement type of prophecies I've gotten privately for myself over the last six months or so. I'm encouraged that I've actually been able to get some things from the Lord in prophecy personally, which is a big step forward for me, as previously I've had such a hard time having the faith that I have the gift and can hear from the Lord that way. The prophecy at the end of "Jesus, Our Good Shepherd" (GN 724) with the heading "You Have the Gift" (paragraphs 148-161) was such an encouragement to me about having the faith for getting prophecies myself! Thank You Jesus! (End of testimony.)

                324.(Mama:) God bless you for stepping out to receive this precious story/testimony from Juggles! We sure would have missed something special had you not had the faith and yieldedness to try! This is a good example of a story that is rather elementary, which will be great for the younger children, but which also has fascinating information for us older folks, too. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to miss these neat little tidbits of news about Heaven. (Since when you read this GN you won't have yet read the story from Juggles, I'll give you a little hint: It's my idea of a pretty amazing light show!)

                325.This next testimony is a good example of the supernatural nature of these spirit stories.

Confirmations of a Supernatural Story!

                326. (Testimony from Bethy, SGA:) I love you so much, Mama. I wanted to jot a little note to accompany the prophecy story I'm sending you. The whole story project has really inspired me!

                327. I was really nervous going into it. I prayed specifically for a storyteller that was used to communicating in this way, as I'm not all that used to being a channel and I knew I was going to need someone real clear. It was interesting how I received the story, as the whole thing came in pictures, and then the words would describe the pictures.

                328. You'll notice that at the beginning there is a poem. I started getting poetic verse at the beginning. I got about four lines, but I kind of chickened out and thought, "Lord, I don't know if I have faith for a poem." So then I just started getting the story. Later on, though, I went back and got the rest of the poem. I had the feeling he was sort of introducing the story with the poem.

                329. It was real interesting, as I was hearing a voice with an Asian accent, but very refined English, almost British sounding. At the beginning, I started getting the name of the place, but I couldn't quite get it. All I knew was that it started with an M. Later on, however, I got the name "Myanmar." The name sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. I knew from the pictures I was seeing and what was being described that the story was taking place somewhere in the Far East.

                330. I got the story in three sessions. After the first session I tried to find out where Myanmar was--if indeed it was any place at all. I looked it up and found out that Myanmar is the new name for Burma. I was so flipped out, and so happy that it looked like I was on the right track, whew! The next day I got more of the story, and also a feel for what was going to happen next. However, after the second session I was feeling a little shaky and wondering if it truly was Burma this story was happening in, or if I was getting things way off, especially when the war started and I started getting pictures of the fight with the tiger.

                331. I had never been particularly interested in Burma before and had never studied it or known much about it. So I was totally flipped, and it really encouraged my faith when I looked Burma up in the encyclopedia and it seemed like everything I was getting in the story was right on; in fact, so much so, that from the description of the land, I could have been reading it straight from the encyclopedia. It just blew my mind! Super encouraging!--Especially since, when I was getting the story, I wondered about a lot of things, if that's how it was in Burma, and if this was indeed a true story. I felt pretty sure that it was, but I was stunned by what I read in the encyclopedia.

                332. For example, when the poem said that it's a land of many trees, I wondered about that. Turns out that forests and woodlands cover half of Burma. I wondered if the terrain was how I saw it, with the big river, the large plain and the mountains in the distance, and yes, the Irrawaddy is the principal river of the country and the terrain is "central lowlands ringed by steep, rugged highlands." Again, this is from the encyclopedia: "The majority of people live in farm villages, and most villages consist of 50-100 bamboo houses with thatched roofs. The houses are built on poles above the ground for protection against floods and wild animals." That is exactly like I saw it! This just flips me out.

                333. Buddhism is the principal religion, and 85% of the people are Buddhist. One thing I wondered about was where he was explaining how he could read. I was thinking, "I wonder if it's realistic that a virtual peasant in the 1930s sometime would be literate like that." Well, the encyclopedia said that right before colonial rule, Burma had a higher rate of male literacy than England in their day! I thought that was interesting. It could have easily been that way. And yes, the Japanese invaded Burma in 1942 and occupied it! And last of all, it said that jungle animals like the tiger and leopard are common. Praise God! Right on!

                334. It took faith to step out and give what I was getting, and it was so amazing to find everything confirmed--especially since I knew beans about Burma before I got this story.

                335. Another amazing thing to me is the way that it's written. I could never in my wildest dreams or imaginations have written anything like that, especially not anything so long and intricate or in that style. So I have no doubt in my mind that it was definitely a spirit helper giving it to me.

                336. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and that it's not draggy or real slow-moving. The beginning is a little slow. I think he was setting the scene, and also I was getting used to his style. It seemed to flow better later on in the story. It's rather long, too--almost ten pages--so when I went over it after getting it, I divided it into eight chapters and titled them. I edited it a bit, so it flowed easily. Even while editing, I would hear different things, and get other words to put in certain places, like you said in your Letter--"spirit editing." It was neat. Editing was never so easy! Ha!

                337. Well, this certainly has been an inspiring experience. God bless Sung Yi for his patience with me, as I'm not the greatest channel. (Note: Sung Yi is the name of the departed spirit who helped Bethy to write the story.) I was often impatient, wanting the story to end--not because I wasn't interested, but it took a lot of time. However, looking at the end result, it sure is beautiful. I guess I can say that without worrying about being proud, as I didn't write it! I was just the channel. It sure was fun to do this story, and I am very happy to have been a part of this! Praise the Lord! (End of testimony from Bethy.)

Story Battles and Sheherezade the Storyteller!

                338. (Testimony from Jasmine, SGA:) I am receiving a longer story. I've gotten the first chapter, and part of the second, but I wanted to share a prophecy which I received somewhere in the middle. What happened is that I received the first part of the story, and then I started to get real discouraged about it. It hadn't mentioned the Lord yet and I didn't know where it was headed, and I thought maybe it was from the Devil or something. So I asked the Lord about it. Here's my prayer and what He said in reply:

                339. (Prayer:) Dear Jesus, please help me. I am a bit doubtful about this story prophecy I'm getting. Maybe it's because I usually get the basic concept with my prophecies before I get the words, whereas with this one I don't know where it's going. And I feel sort of pressured, wondering what if the story isn't in line with doctrine or good lessons, or what if it doesn't tie together, what if it's not the Lord but just me, etc. It's been a battle, and I haven't gotten very far, though the times I have sat down to do it, it seems to come through clearly, though not very quickly.

                340. What I'd like to do now, Jesus, is to ask You if You could please speak to me about this story. Please either show me that it's of You, and if so, give me something solid that I can stand on and throw back in the Enemy's face, or else show me if perhaps I got off on the wrong channel and it's not of You, and then I can just start again and not waste my time on it. It doesn't seem like a very spiritual story, compared to some others I've read, so I'm sort of having battles about that. Please speak to me clearly, Jesus. I want my mind to be free of my own thoughts and just hear Yours, in Your precious name. Amen.

                341.(Jesus speaking:) I love you, My precious one. Would I lie to you? Would I deceive you? Would you ask Me for bread and get a stone? Would I lead you on a wild goose chase and take up your time receiving something that was not from Me? If you are seeking Me, doing your best to get Words from Heaven for the children of the Family, would I trip you off into something that's not of Me? Of course not. Therefore you must trust that what you're getting is of Me.

                342.In a way you're making the battle worse by procrastinating, for as the story comes along, you will understand and see that it is of Me. It will bear witness of Me by its fruits. But by delaying, you go so slowly that nothing has a chance to materialize, and therefore you question and doubt, and your heart is heavy.

                343. Bringyour heart to Me, My child. Cast all your cares upon Me, and just trust. I lead you and guide you, and this story is of Me. Tell that to the Ol' Boy when he comes around, all right? Tell him, "My Lord told me this story is of Him. Therefore how shall I doubt, though it seems that my ships have broken sails, and though I see not what direction this story is taking?" As with so many other things in your life, I am teaching you faith and trust and patience in waiting to find out what will happen. I could have given you the overall picture all at once, but I chose not to. I chose to reveal it to you as the words come forth. For in this way I keep you closer and more desperate. And plus, then you won't daydream about what is ahead and get tripped off with your own mind. That way I keep the story more pure, don't you understand?

                344.And yes, this feeling that I have just been giving you is also of Me. There is one behind your story, and I know it will be a big encouragement to you to know that you have a helper--Sheherezade, your friend from long ago. She is a great teller of stories, and why should it surprise you that her stories are set in her homeland, those mystical and mythical lands of the East?

                345. (Note: Sheherezade is from The Arabian Nights, also called The Thousand and One Nights. The book begins with the story of King Shahriyar, who has learned that his wife has been unfaithful. He orders her killed and vows to marry a new maiden each night and have her beheaded the next morning. One of the king's officials has a beautiful and talented daughter, named Sheherezade, who insists on being the ruler's bride. She asks her sister to come to the bedchamber on the wedding night and request permission for Sheherezade to tell one last story. The king agrees, and she tells a tale so entertaining that he allows her to live another day to finish it. One story leads to another, and Sheherezade tells tales for 1,001 nights. By then the king has fallen in love with her.)

                346. Don't worry if your story doesn't have all the specifics and historical backgrounds just right. Those details can be clarified later. Don't compare and don't worry about those things. I am leading you in My Own way and I will bring your story to completion and fruition if you will only make time and continue to seek Me about it.

                347. Stay close to your spirit helper and speak with her and listen to her, for she shows you a great mystery in this story, which will be of help and interest and encouragement to many. It is a great treasure which I am trusting you to mine carefully, and which will be revealed unto you slowly but surely. It is a particular favorite of Mine, and I am trusting you with its delivery unto My children. So take care and despise it not, for you are dealing with one of My delights.

                348.There, does that encourage you? Sheherezade told this story the first time sitting on My lap, as I inspired her with it, and she delivered it into My ear to give praise unto Me. And therefore I have commissioned her, personally, to deliver this story unto you, that you may in turn pass it on to those who need and desire to hear it. It has excitement, it has thrills, it has mystery, it has love. It shall be a great source of inspiration.

                349.So get on with it! What are you waiting for? The muscle of faith in this area will grow stronger with exercise. It's natural that it's a little rough getting started; it's a new thing. Don't worry and don't fear. Well, you'd better go now. Your little one is awake and wants you. Isn't she precious? She too will love this story one day. Do it for her, and for all the little ones like her all over the world. I love you, My dearest. Love Me and love others by tuning in to Me and My helpers. I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

                350. So that's what He said, and it was so super duper encouraging for me. Praise His Name! It was also neat to hear who was behind it! Many years ago, when I asked the Lord who my spirit helper was, He told me it was Sheherezade. So it's neat to see that she's still around.

                351. When I had originally heard from the Lord that Sheherezade was my spirit helper, I was kind of surprised, because as far as I knew she was a fictional character, and never really lived. This was back in 1992! I asked the Lord about this, and I kept a note of what He said in reply, and it was: "Believe, only believe! Reason not in your carnal mind. How do you know that she never lived? What if I say she did? Would you believe Me over your own mind? I say she lived and still lives--the more now in you!" So that was neat!

                352. Anyway, it's still a bit of a test of faith to keep going, because I have no idea where the story is heading, or what the central theme of it is going to be, this "big secret mission" that the girl who is the character of the story is supposed to go on. Oh well, I guess they'll let me in on it eventually! Ha!

                353. (Added later, after having received more of the story:) Another neat thing is that while I was so very nebulous about the historical specifics at the time that I received my story, it's neat to see how the Lord is starting to give me a bit more confirmation. I didn't know anything about the specifics of the country, customs or anything, but at one point the story mentions the "hanging gardens." I asked someone where those are, and they said they were in ancient Persia. And when researching about Sheherezade and the book, The 1001 Arabian Nights, it says that the tale comes from the kingdoms of India, Arabia and Persia. So it seems like the place is actually right-on, which is very encouraging. Praise the Lord! (End of testimony from Jasmine.)

Another Inside Look at Receiving Stories

                354.During Peter's recent travels, he shared the vision of "Spirit Stories" with the members of one of the CRO offices, and encouraged them to step out by faith to receive stories. Soon afterwards we received stories from two of the SGAs there. Here are excerpts of a reaction one of them wrote, explaining what it was like when she received her first story:

                355. It's real neat to feel the excitement that you have for this project, Mama, and I'm so happy that I was able to contribute! I read over the story that I got several times. It was mind-boggling to think that it came in prophecy. Although I like to write and I'm a creative kind of person, I guess, I've certainly never written a story or poem to speak of, which is the wonderful thing about it. Now that I think about it, it must be similar to gifted writers when they get "under inspiration." The only difference is that in this case, you know the inspiration's gotta come from somewhere else if you're not even a writer!

                356. Peter mentioned you'd be happy to hear if we had any observations about our experience, so I wanted to jot some down here. Peter gave quite a sales pitch--actually several--throughout the day that he told us about the story project, so I finally decided to give it a try on my next free day. The main work for me when I get any kind of prophecy is getting my mind out of the way, as I'm kind of analytical and a thinker, which doesn't help any with prophecy! I knew that I couldn't in any way think "I have to write a story" because then I'd just mentally freeze for sure!

                357. At first I just prayed and asked the Lord to give me a story for just about any age group He wanted, as I could picture in my mind some little kids at the HCS who I'm close to. I also have brothers and sisters in the OC, JETT and junior teen bracket, so I figured I'd be happy to get just about anything, and I was sure that the Lord had heaps of stories for each age group. But as I received the first few lines, I found myself being a little disappointed that the story was about some OC-aged girl getting ready to go to some school event. (I wasn't even sure if she was in the Family.)

                358. That's when I stopped and realized that the kind of story that I really wanted to get was for JETTs and junior teens. So I stopped and apologized to the Lord and was more specific. (I figured somebody else could get that other story about the OC girl. Ha!) I told the Lord that I wanted something along the lines of a Heaven's Girl type story, and something about the Lord using them in the Endtime, and along the lines of them using the "new weapons."

                359. I guess I wasn't so specific at first because I figured it might be a little more difficult to get a story for JETTs or junior teens than for kids, which is why I had left it open. But then I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well ask for a story that I'd personally prefer to get. Besides, I have two 14-year-old sisters who had just written me about how bored they are these days, and I really wanted to get some kind of exciting story for them; and I know when I was their age I loved Heaven's Girl.

                360. So, that's basically how I got it. It was really slow, and took a deliberate effort for me not to panic when I wondered if I'd go blank at some point. It also took real effort not to try to project how the story might end, as I guess I was just curious--like reading a book, sometimes you read the last page just to see how it ends, ha! But it just came real slowly and clearly.

                361. So that's a bit of what it was like. Oh, when I went back over it again I put some more details. For example, I had the distinct impression that Tom, one of the characters, was 16 years old, but that didn't come out in the story for some reason, so I added it in at the beginning. And there were a few other little things. I hope that was all right! I remembered Peter had mentioned that the Lord allowed a little leeway to edit story prophecies, so I figured I could add a few details. (For your reference, the small additions are in brackets.) But if you feel it would be better to just leave them out, that's fine.

                362. Anyway, this was fun, especially seeing the results and knowing what a miracle it was that the Lord punched through. I think the kids will just eat up the stories! (End of testimony from an SGA in one of our CRO offices.)

A Vision of Heaven!

                363.(Mama:)So whaddaya say, folks? Are you game to try? As I said, we really need your help! So if the Lord is speaking to your heart, please take the time when you can to receive a story from Heaven! Dad said in the message that I included earlier in this GN that there are a lot of Heavenly authors behind this project, and one of the members of a WS unit I wrote to had a vision which certainly confirms that! He wrote the following testimony:

                364. I had the most amazing vision this morning regarding the stories from the spirit world. I was super inspired after reading your request about the stories, but it's been hard to get the quiet time to be able to get something, as it's been pretty busy, and when I heard others had already gotten some stories I started getting a bit discouraged. But this morning when I was taking some quiet time before I got up, I felt led to pray for the gift of flowing prophecy. Then I started having this vision:

                365. I was in a large open carriage and Jesus was riding beside me. We were going down a Heavenly drive and the sides of the drive were lined with all these people waving and cheering, a real throng. Many were dressed in beautiful costumes and waving hats in the air, almost like a parade. I asked the Lord what it was all about and He said, "These are all the ones waiting to get to tell their stories!"

                366. Just then we pulled up at the bottom of a long staircase, and at the top was the most incredible building. It was like a fairy-tale castle with turrets and towers everywhere, and it stretched out far into the distance in both directions. It shimmered with every imaginable color, almost like it was made of opal. Jesus said, "This is My Story Palace!" It wasn't like Jesus was just happy, but He was absolutely bursting with excitement! He said, "You can go into any room and experience a story! This was one of My favorite places when I was a boy! Where do you think I got all those parables that I told on Earth?"

                367. There was a huge fountain in the entry hall with a small lake around it that He said I could dive into to go under the sea. Or I could fly up to the birds perched here and there on ledges under the high dome to hear their stories. Or I could touch anything and it would come to life with a story for me. He said that here are kept the stories of His children and their lives and lessons, and that He was opening it up for us to choose what we wanted. He also said that the books would even sometimes jump off the walls, they are so eager to be heard and to be of service in these Last Days!

                368. I pray I can get to try out some of these. Jesus is so amazing! I never thought of Him in the sense of being a boy, but now I can't wait to go exploring there. (End of testimony from member of WS pubs unit.)

                369.(Mama:) Thank you so much for your prayers and contributions toward this new project. We'll be counting on you to help receive some of these amazing stories by being a channel for these wonderful gifts from the spirit world! Please step out by faith! The Lord won't fail you! You don't have to be a writer or have any talent with words whatsoever! All you need is to be willing to open your heart and mouth by faith, and give what you receive. Try it! You won't be disappointed!

                Love, Mama

                370.PS: As a final bit of encouragement, I want to share with you a message Dad gave, urging us all not to give up!

                371.(Dad speaking:) Honey, just as we experienced many times before whenever I would start out on a new project or a new vision which the Lord had given me, the Enemy would often attack the hardest to try to discourage me from even starting. That's how it was when I started the posters. You remember that. I'd often get sick or have some spiritual battle or spiritual attack of the Enemy, whether it was attacks in the night or discouragement or an affliction or whatever. So he is still using some of his same old tactics. This particular project is very important to the Lord, not only for the Family children, but for the children of the world.

                372.The Lord is going to use this project and bless it more than you have imagined. So naturally the Enemy wants to do all he can to try to discourage you or persuade you that God is not helping and that He is not answering prayer. But the Lord will help and He will answer prayer in a greater way than you've ever imagined. So keep asking, keep seeking Him and keep fighting, and you won't be disappointed! He's not only going to answer and fulfill His promises and see you through, but I think He's going to do above and beyond what you have asked or thought. Praise God! It's going to be beautiful! (End of message from Dad.) q

Are stories important? Here's what one well-known author, a professor of moral education, has to say on the value of stories:

(From Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong, by William K. Kilpatrick, condensed in Christian Digest No.16:)

                What can parents do to encourage character development? They can, of course, do a great many things--from setting good examples to involving children in helping the hungry. But one of the most important things is also one of the simplest. Parents can spend time reading to their children. It may come as a surprise that a book on moral education places so much emphasis on stories. We have grown accustomed to thinking of stories as no more than entertainment. But they are, or can be, a lot more than that. Of course, no reading method, however good, will bring the child very far unless he is given something meaningful to read.

                Those who become accomplished readers are those who have learned to love reading. And they learn to love it because it helps to make sense out of their lives. The same principle applies to moral education.

                Stories help to make sense of our lives. They also create a desire to be good. Plato, who thought long and hard about the subject of moral education, believed that children should be brought up in such a way that they would fall in love with virtue. And he thought that stories and histories were the key to sparking this desire. No amount of discussion or dialogue could compensate if that spark was missing.

                Stories have always been an important way of transmitting values and wisdom. They become all the more important in a society that, like ours, has experienced so much disruption in the family and in the community.

* * *

                How did the Greeks--and for that matter, all other civilized societies--go about teaching good habits of behavior? The best way for a young person to learn them was by identifying with and imitating someone who already practiced them.

                But the Greeks, and the Romans, did not rely entirely on the power of good personal example. Worthy models, after all, are not always evenly distributed among the population; and some people have the bad luck to be born among thieves. In addition, even the best people are on occasion weak, fallible, and inconsistent. Traditional societies recognized this, and they compensated for it with a generous supply of models drawn from history and legend. A child might be surrounded by crass and uncaring adults, but he could always catch a glimpse of another vision from the storyteller in the marketplace or in the pages of a book.

                This idea of molding or forming one's character according to the example of outstanding men and women--whether from history or legend--prevailed until fairly recent times.

                It was a simple but profound concept: a life based not on principle or precept but on other lives.

                It was also an indispensable concept for those living in a democracy. John Adams wrote that our form of government was only meant for a virtuous people, and Jefferson, Madison, and Washington concurred. A government of the people would work only as long as the people were good people. Schools did their part by explicit instruction in the importance of honesty, hard work, altruism, and patriotism, but also by presenting stories of virtue to children. The McGuffey Reader, which by 1919 had the largest circulation of any book except the Bible, contained readings from Aesop, Shakespeare, and the Bible as well as stories about Lafayette, Washington, and Wilberforce (the Englishman who almost single-handedly brought an end to the slave trade).

* * *

                There now appears to be a decline in shared moral content. On the elementary and high school level the stock of knowledge about right and wrong has dwindled drastically. In 1985 Professor Paul Vitz of New York University reported the results of a comprehensive study of ninety widely used elementary social studies texts, high school history texts, and elementary readers. What Vitz discovered was a "censorship by omission" in which basic themes and facts of the American and Western experience had been left out. Of the 670 stories from the readers used in grades three through six, "there are no stories that feature helping others or being concerned for others as intrinsically meaningful and valuable." "For the most part," writes Vitz, "these are stories for the 'me generation.'" More seriously, religion and marriage--institutions that have traditionally provided a context for learning morality--are neglected: None of the social studies books dealing with modern American social life mentioned the word "marriage," "wedding," "husband" or "wife."

                In one story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, a boy prays "to God" and later says "thank God," but in the sixth-grade version, the words "to God" are omitted and the expression "thank God" is changed to "thank goodness." Although many Americans pray and go to church, hardly anyone does in these ninety books which are supposedly representative of American life.

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