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Mama's Surprise!--Part 3 Maria #397 CM/FM 3139 4/97

--Prophecies received by Mama's staff after reading part 2 of this series

Dearest Family,

1. God bless you! I hope the first parts of this series about my receiving the gift of prophecy have been a blessing to you and a help in receiving or exercising your own gift of prophecy! After I shared the news of my surprise with the members of our Home, they spent a little time hearing from the Lord and received many beautiful promises, lessons and Words which I think you'll find inspiring. (See ML #3133:107-109, GN 742.) You can claim many of the marvelous messages which follow in your own prayer time, and I pray they'll be a blessing to you as you too receive the Lord's rivers of living waters which He's pouring out so bountifully!

Much love, Mama

The Pouring Has Begun from the Heavenly Urns!

2.(Jesus speaking:) My darling Maria, I take such pleasure in your yieldedness, in your humility, in your giving your all to Me. You have such a beautiful, wonderful, sweet spirit. I look upon you with such ardent desire, My heart bursting with passion and longing to show you My love, My thankfulness, and My gratitude for your love, your yieldedness, and your hunger for My Words!

3.I have found you faithful and true in all things. Most of all, I have found you in My arms and felt the desires of your heart as we drew nigh together in the bed of love. You have withheld nothing from Me, but have given Me your all. You have willingly stripped naked before Me. You have not withheld yourself from Me in any way, but have yielded yourself and given yourself to Me as a beautiful bride and a cherished wife.

4.I love you, and I am so very proud of you that it gives Me great joy to bestow upon you this gift of prophecy. It is a true gift, a pure gift from My Own hand that I place upon you. A new anointing shall I cause to be spilt down upon you from the urns of Heaven. As My angels and My cherubs and My chosen ones each empty their urns of oil upon you, you shall be anointed with the oil of My Spirit, with the new oil of My anointing. In time this oil shall fall in such abundance that it shall fill you to overflowing, and you shall be covered with the oil of My anointing!

5.The vessels of Heaven shall never run dry, and the pouring has already begun! I shall not stay the flow, for I have given the command for it to be poured out, and it shall flow upon you from this time forth. I shall cause My Words to flow from your tongue, and you will delight in the taste of them, for they shall be sweetness to you. Though you have craved those sweet Words through the channels of others, I shall now bestow upon you the wonderful experience of tasting these Words yourself, of experiencing the flow of My Spirit through you as I speak My Words.

6. Because you have been found faithful with the Words of David and the Words of your Lord, I shall reward you with wonderful Words that will thrill your soul, inspire your spirit, and lift you to heights of joy and happiness that you have never known! You shall thrill and delight as I speak My Words through you! You shall feel and know the wonder of My Spirit as it pours forth!

7.These Words shall be for instruction, for counsel, and for the edification of My Family, for I know you long for these things for the sake of the Family, and not for your own self. Though you delight in My Words, you also delight in passing them on to those who are in need. You find the greatest pleasure in giving My Words to the hungry.

8.In this I am well pleased! Because you have asked these things for the sake of others, I will give you your heart's desires and much, much more than that! For I am a generous Husband, and I love to lavish gifts upon My bride! I shall pour forth upon you in abundance! The windows of Heaven shall be opened, and I will pour forth more blessings than you can contain!

9. The windows of Heaven are open,

The blessings are flowing tonight!

There's joy, joy, joy in My heart,

For My love sets everything right!

You gave Me your old tattered garment,

I gave you a robe of pure light!

And now we are dancing in Heaven,

And rejoice at the wonderful sight!

10.I see you, My bride Maria

So wonderfully clothed in My love

Now drenched with the oil of Heaven

And soaked with your Husband's love.

I will pour out My fountains upon you

And you will rejoice at My touch

As you feel My sweet Words flow though you.

Oh, I love you so very much!

(End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

The Fountain of My Words!

11.(Jesus speaking:) Behold the fountain of the Lord Most High!Behold the fountain of My Words! It is a bright fountain--sparkling, shining, always overflowing, always pouring out. It is connected to an endless source, a pool that never runs dry, a spring that is always running over with fresh, new water. This is the fountain of My Words. As the water pours out through all the little ducts that surround the fountain, it waters the earth and yields nourishment and fruit.

12.You, My children, are the little ducts that surround the fountain. You are the channels, and I wish to use each of you to pour out My waters. In doing so, this accomplishes a two-fold purpose. One, it keeps you clean. As the water flows through you, it washes away the impurities and the obstructions; it keeps you open, receptive, and yielded. Two, it enables Me to pour forth on others as well through the messages that you receive for them.

13.Open the door! Open the entrance to your duct and be the channel that I wish for you to be. Let My water pour through you effortlessly, smoothly. Simply be open and receive. Simply be yielded. Simply have faith.

14.The water is always fresh and sparkling, bubbling! It never becomes stagnant, for it is always flowing. I will always find a channel through which to pour forth My Words, yet I wish to use many channels, so that it is pouring forth through all sides of the fountain!

15.My water is always new and fresh! It refreshes those whom it touches and gives them new strength, new vigor, new inspiration, new joy, and new direction too. Though the bottled water is necessary and needful to sustain the body, you also need to drink the fresh, new water in order to be refreshed, reinspired, and re-envisioned.

16.Drink deeply of My fresh, new water that pours out in abundance from My fountain! Open the door to your duct and be a channel through which I can pour forth and refresh you, and many others also.

17.My darling Maria lays down her life for her sheep. She sacrifices of her own pride to give her children that which they need, that which I wish for them to have. She has not wished to take this responsibility on herself, for she knows the high price which it carries for her, yet she does this out of love for her children, and out of love for Me. She yields gracefully in obedience to My will, for she loves and fears Me above all.

18.She steps out of the confines of her shyness and her reluctance to bear the full weight of hearing My voice and having to express the Words from My mouth with her own voice, and into the new day of My Spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

The Day of Giving Gifts!

19.(Jesus speaking:) This is the day of My moving Spirit! This is the day of My living Word! This is the day of anointing! This is the day of giving gifts! I choose to give many gifts to My children now, and any who wish to receive them must only come before Me and open their mouths.I will fill the hungry hearts. I will satisfy their desires. I will slake the thirst of those who reach out toward Me.

20.There is a great moving of the Spirit in the Heavens! The winds of My Spirit blow, for it is the Last Days, and as I have promised, I will pour down My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. This is the day of the moving of My Spirit! This is the day that I pour forth My gifts upon My children, upon those who will open their eyes and look up toward Me, upon those who will open their mouths that I may fill them.

21.This gift of prophecy that I have given to your queen further signifies that these days in which you now live are the Last Days. I wish for you all to know that I am ready and willing to pour down of My Spirit in great measure and in great abundance upon all My children!

22.Even as your queen has directed her gaze upward, and has opened her mouth, and yielded her heart and spirit, and has been willing to believe by faith that the whispers that I speak into her ear are My Words and My very voice in prophecy, and has yielded to speak them through her mouth unto you, My children--even so I have this gift ready and available for each of you.

23.Those who wish may come! Come, ask of Me! Ask for My Spirit! Ask for My gifts! For those who come to Me with a hungry heart, I will not send away empty. I will fill you with good things. I wish to give each who desires, a direct link of communication with Me. I wish to give you direct and specific guidance, instruction and counsel, and My personal Words of love and comfort. You will need these in the days ahead.

24.Andas your queen now practices hearing from Me and fine-tuning the frequency of the Spirit, even so is this the time for you to practice. So hide not behind your pride, behind your fear, behind your worries, behind the opinions of men and of your peers, but step out! Step forth into the light, that I may pour My Spirit upon you. Open your heart and yield yourself before Me, as your queen has done.

25.Follow in her footsteps. Follow her example. You know that this has been a hard thing for her. She has spoken to you for many years of how she did not have the gift of prophecy, and you can see before your very eyes what a miracle this is! Truly this is the day of the moving of My Spirit, and the day in which I pour out My gifts upon My children.

26. Let not the winds of the Spirit pass over you because of your fear, pride or timidity. Instead, ask for a portion of My Spirit. Ask for a measure of My gift--My personal gift to you--so that you may hear My voice and My Words clearly in your heart and in your mind, My whispers in your ear, and that you may speak them forth as Words of prophecy.

27.The day to pour out My gifts upon My children has come, and I wish that not one would miss this mighty outpouring! Therefore I plead with you to have faith! I plead with you to lay aside your own thoughts and the questions of your mind, and to reach out your hand in faith, that you may receive this token of My love and this weapon which you will desperately need in the days to come.

28.Let Me strengthen you! Let Me gird you and fit you and prepare you for the battle! Let Me train you in the ways of warfare. Let Me sharpen your skills and quicken your senses. Listen to My voice. Use this gift which I offer you, and you shall be prepared for this Time of the End which is almost upon you! (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Crystal Streams of My Living Word!

29.(Jesus speaking:) Droplets, then a trickle, then a stream, and then a fast-flowing, rushing river--so has My Word been flowing down upon you! In the measure that you, My children, drink of My Words and My seeds and My messages, and let them enter into your heart and fill you up, even so am I able to pour out upon you.

30.You entered into the cave and saw the water trickling down the side of the wall. You were thirsty and your tongue longed for pure, refreshing water. But because the water that trickled in the cave was new and different than the water in the tank that you had been used to, you approached it somewhat gingerly. When you tasted it, you saw that it was water indeed--pure, fresh, refreshing, sustaining water. The taste was different than you were used to, yet it was straight from the glacier in all its purity.

31.The more you drank of the pure water from the mountain, the more of a taste you developed for it, and the more you wanted of it. The trickle grew according to the demand, until the waters were gushing forth and forming a large stream that began to pour out through the mouth of the cave and down toward other climbers whose thirst was also quenched by the flowing waters.

32.The more My children develop a taste for the pure, refreshing, crystal stream of My living Word, the more I will pour out to each of you. When you come to Me with an empty glass, I will fill it to overflowing. In any area that you will seek Me, I will answer you. When you come in need of encouragement, I will wrap My arms around you. When you come to Me weeping, I will be a shoulder to cry on. When you feel lost and confused, I will be a light and show you the way. When you are faced with choices and decisions and you do not know which to choose, I will give you counsel and help. When you are tired and weary, I will pick you up and carry you. When you are lonely, I will come and comfort you and love you, and be all that you long for.

33.In every situation, I will be there for you, and I will never fail to give you My Word and My answers and My encouragement. Don't worry that you will wear Me out, because that could never happen! I have so much more to give than you will ever be able to receive! I am constantly pouring, pouring, pouring out! Every time you bring your little bucket, I will fill it. There will always be a supply--an endless supply of pure, fresh water.

34.So come! Come to Me in the quiet of your bed and let Me whisper in your ear. Come to Me when you are at work and in need of a quick-fix solution. Come to Me together with the children that you care for, and ask Me for My blessing on the day. Come to Me when you are witnessing, and ask for My anointing and My Words to speak to those whose paths you cross. Come to Me when you are cooking, or showering, or having get-out, or reading, and let's have an exchange of words. You can tell Me of your love and ask for a word or two from My mouth to give you inspiration in your task.

35.It doesn't always have to be a long, formal session with Me, but I wish to talk to you like any of your other friends. You can get a lot out of an informal chat with someone, and so it is when you chat with Me, when you listen to Me, when you ask for My life-giving waters.

36.So drink! Drink deeply and you will be filled. And the more you drink in, the more I will give you, the closer we will become, and the easier it will be for you to receive My Words. For the more you practice, the more your channel will become attuned to My signals and you will be able to draw more in. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Be Faithful Recorders!

37. (Spirit helper speaking:) Oh, so many Words flow forth from the Lord! So many flow upon His children! They cascade down--Words of wisdom, Words of truth, Words of encouragement, Words of peace, Words of love, and many more. He casts them down upon His children in abundant measure!

38.But so few take time to put these Words in a book, that they might bind them upon the tables of their hearts. For without being able to read them again and again, that you might fully understand their wisdom or their message, so many Words are lost. They flow upon the Lord's children, but if they are not received and caught, that they might be recorded, then they wash past His children and flow away as does a river, and so often are remembered no more.

39.I say unto you, keep the Words of the Lord! Be faithful scribes and make a record of the Words of the Lord, that they might nourish you and that you may be fed for a long time after they are given. Fill your receptacles. Keep the Words of the Lord, that you may bind them upon your hearts, that you may share them with others, that you may give the Words of the Lord out to feed His children.

40.I am one of old who speaks to you. It has been through the diligence of those that gathered the Words, that the Words of our Lord remain. So do ye likewise and gather the Words of the Lord. Let them not fall. For we, your brethren who have gone before you, have been faithful to collect the Words of our Lord that you might have them. And now we commit the keeping and gathering of His Words to you, that you might continue to faithfully and steadfastly record the Words of our Lord. (End of message.)

41.(Family: I had the impression that this message was coming from a scribe, somebody who had been a keeper of the Words.)

* * *

The Many Uses of Prophecy!

42. (Spirit helper speaking:) Prophecy is a gift, a tool, a weapon--a precious thing with many uses. It is given as a gift and is there for all. It is not forced upon anyone, but to all those who embrace it, it is a fountain of life that produces living waters to be cleansed in, to bathe in, to be refreshed in. These waters can also carry those forward who dive into them. Those who drink of these living waters are nourished and strengthened.

43.Prophecy is a gift beyond total comprehension, yet it gives comprehension of many things that are not understood. Oh, mystery lovers, seek prophecy, that it might help you to solve even the deepest mysteries. Prophecy is as a guide who leads up the mountainside. The guide may point the way, and even show you the way, but he cannot make you walk or even carry you. And so it is with prophecy--it often points the way and leads and guides, but you must choose to follow in that direction.

44.Prophecy may bring you the spirit of comfort or encouragement or inspiration or peace. The fruits that it bears are fruits as those from the Tree of Life. Prophecy is these things and more, and it is yours to use, to treasure, to receive and to be nourished by. It is your tool. It is your comforting blanket. It brings you kisses of love, inspiration, and peace. As well, it is a weapon that you may use to dispel the attacks of the Enemy, to quench his fiery darts! It is a weapon that you may use to cut the Devil to the heart, to quench his power over you and to quell his attacks.

45.Prophecy is all these things and more, and it is yours to use and to receive. (End of message.)

* * *

The Secret of Maria's Shine!

46.(Jesus speaking:) Maria shall shine! This I have spoken, this I have promised, and this I will perform. Do you know why My Queen Maria shall shine in magnificent brilliance in the days to come? It will not be because of her fleshly beauty. It will not be because of her many talents in the natural, nor for the gifts I have given her in the flesh. For you have seen and witnessed that My chosen queen is but a woman, weak and frail in flesh; yet I have made her strong in spirit, strong in faith, and strong in My love.

47.Maria will shine not because of her gifts in the natural, but Maria will shine for her obedience and her yieldedness to Me. So great an obedience to Me is what will cause her to shine with so great a luster, so great a splendor, so great a brilliance that the world has never known before! Maria will shine because of her yieldedness and desire to please Me in every little thing.

48.Because of her great love for Me and her desire to please Me, I will cause her to shine forth to the nations! For her obedience and yieldedness to Me in each and every detail, she will shine with such brightness and brilliance that the world has never known before! Great will be the brilliance and the glimmer and the shine that I will pour out upon My queen for her yieldedness and obedience to Me.

49.So bright will be her glow, that to them who will not receive My Words it will be as a blinding light! The darkness cannot stand the light. The darkness always seeks to turn away from the light. The darkness will seek to flee from the light, and so will it be for those who will not receive My Word and My truth in the Latter Days. They will be blinded by the light that I will cause to shine upon My queen, for so great a light the world has not known, no, not since I walked among the children of men.

50.Maria will shine because of her utter yieldedness and obedience to Me. She is a woman after My Own heart, in whom I delight. Great will be the brilliance of My Queen Maria, and great will be the shine of you, her children, who do follow her sample.

51.I set before you your Queen Maria, that you may see her sample and follow. Follow her example to step out by faith, to step out on the waters and follow Me wherever I lead. Take no thought for what you will do or what you will say; only trust and obey and I will lead you in a plain path. Follow the sample of your queen, for through your obedience to Me I will cause your face to shine.

52.Obedience to My every bidding is what will cause your face to shine and your eyes to glow. As you do the wenting, you will receive power and strength and glory. No good thing will I withhold from you, My children, as you step out and follow the sample that I have set before you in your queen.

53.In this lies the secret of the shine of Maria--in her utter obedience and great yieldedness to Me. For this reason she does shine and will continue to shine as the bright morning star, as I anoint her to lead My people in this last dark and final day. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Your Testimony Will Encourage Others!

54.(Jesus speaking:) My gift of prophecy that I have given to My Queen Maria has been in the making for a long time. And though it may seem to some that this is a gift that she should have had a long time ago, I did not choose to bestow this gift upon her until now. This is because many of My children have battles with receiving prophecy. Many are stepping out for the first time trying prophecy, and many have been discouraged. They think that it is not from Me, but that it is of themselves. They worry that what they are receiving will be misleading, so they choose not to use this weapon of prophecy.

55.But now when they see that My queen has also received the gift, and that it was not easy but a battle, they too will be encouraged! If they see that even Maria has these battles, then they will also want to fight to receive this gift.

56.It's almost like operating a new piece of equipment. You read the instruction manual, but you still don't quite understand it. It seems too complicated. But if someone comes along and shows you how everything works, and walks you through it step by step, then you understand it and you see how it works. So it is with prophecy.

57.Much instruction has been given on how to receive it and how to use it, but still many have not fully grasped how it all works or how they can use it. But by reading your lessons and the things you went through when receiving this gift, this is as a simplified explanation of how it all works. As your David said, people love to hear stories and personal testimonies, and I choose to use your testimony so that others may follow.

58.Do not worry that they will think that now that Maria has the gift of prophecy she must always speak in prophecy, or that they will desire more than what you feel capable of giving at this time. But know this, that they will cherish the prophecies from you even more, because they know that it does not come easily and that it is sometimes a fight.

59.So, My dear, as you place your hand in Mine, I will lead you over this new territory. Isn't it fun and exciting to go to new places in the spirit like this? We will experience each other's love in a fuller and deeper way. I have waited so long for this time that we can be together like this. It's not that we haven't known each other this intimately before, but it's like a new dimension in our lovemaking and in our relationship. And it will bring about the same fruit in the Family. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Your Sample Will Speak Volumes!

60.(Jesus speaking:) Oh, My queen, I am well pleased with you! I am well pleased in your faith to step out and embrace this new gift that I am giving to you. Your sample of childlike faith in Me, of complete and utter yieldedness to My will, will speak volumes to the Family! For they look to you, and when they see that even you, who did not have this gift before, do now have it, they will covet it more earnestly.

61.Now is the time.For as the days grow darker and the time grows shorter, it becomes more imperative for My children to learn to hear from Me. So now as you, My queen, also have this gift, you will be able to help them even more than you have before. You will be able to help them understand more about it. You will be able to see and feel exactly what it's like--just as I came down to Earth to show you what I was like, and also to see and feel your needs. I was touched with the feeling of your infirmities; I know what it's like. And now you also know what it's like, so you can help them.

62.For there are many who do stand back and say, "Well, yes, it is good that this gift is becoming more available and that people are using it, but it's not for me." But it is for them, and now you'll be able to help those who are holding back, who are not launching out by faith like the others.

63.I speak to My children in many ways, and it is not My desire that all of them always have to hear from Me through this one method. But I do want all of them to be knowledgeable in it. I want them all to be efficient at using it. For I have said many times before that prophecy is like a weapon, and it is.

64.I have given you many weapons with many uses. You may use different ones at different times, and you do not need to use the same one all the time. But to be a good soldier, you must know how to use each of them. You must be comfortable with each one. I will show you the times and the differences--when you need to use one weapon or when you need to use another. But if you do not know how to use one, if you feel uncomfortable with it, if you use it awkwardly, then how will you be able to use it when it's really necessary?

65.I've given you this gift for many reasons, but one of them is to help My childrenwho are holding back to launch out by faith. For they will say, "If our queen can receive this gift after so many years and can hear from the Lord this way, then it's possible for us too. The Lord can speak to us and we can do it too!" (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

If the Preacher Comes!

66.(Jesus speaking:) My dear, sweet, precious wife and darling, don't worry about how much the Words come, if they come forcefully or easily, or in a great volume, or if even once in a while they may not come at all! Like the old saying goes, "If the preacher comes!"--And I almost always will come, because you excite Me, you thrill Me, you turn Me on! But there may be a few times when I don't come, and I just tenderly and gently hold you and stroke you.

67.So don't worry and don't compare or fret, because when the Preacher comes, He'll come! All you have to do is be open and ready and receive My seeds, My darling, My sweetheart! (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

Don't Be Discouraged!--Keep Climbing!

68.(Jesus speaking:) Do not be discouraged, My love, even though the climb seems hard and there are stones and rocks and bumps along the trail. Continue to climb upward to the beautiful summit, the peak, where the view will be so beautiful. I know that you want to reach the peak right now and have everything at your fingertips--all the answers, instruction, guidance and counsel that you know is available.

69.You realize that you have tapped into the greatest source of power and answers in the universe, My Own precious Spirit. You know that the answer to everything lies within My Spirit. It lies within your grasp, and you are eager to reach out and take what you need so that you may feed the children, and satisfy them, and be used as an instrument to cause My work to flourish.

70.But do not be discouraged and frustrated if all does not fall into your lap immediately and if the answers seem just outside of your reach and your grasp. Don't worry, My darling, for all things work together for good, and even this itself is a test of your patience which will bring forth greater faith. You will learn to appreciate the answers even more, for you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what a supernatural miracle and working of My Spirit each answer is.

71.The answers are not beyond your grasp. Continue to climb and ascend the mountain so that you may reach the peak and view the whole world, the whole horizon! As you continue to climb and grow stronger and stronger, I will soon lay everything at your feet, all within your grasp,that you may commune with Me and pray and ask to your heart's desire. I will supply the answers, and My precious jewels will tumble about you!

72.But for now, continue to climb and exercise and practice. Don't be discouraged, or feel that you are failing, or that there is something wrong, or that you don't have enough faith, for you have great faith! I have blessed you with a gift of faith.

73.You have unfailing, undying faith! You have faith to keep going when the going is tough. You have faith to continue to say yes and yield, even though you feel like quitting. That is true faith!--Faith that hangs on and carries on in the face of difficulties and obstacles!--Faith that refuses to quit, that demands the blessing, that continues to expect! And such faith will receive.

74.It is all working together for good, My love. For with each test, you ascend higher and higher toward the mountain peak. You are learning precious lessons which you can share with others, so that they too can continue to follow you, climbing the mountain. You will make it, and once you reach the top, you will see that it has been worth it all!

75.I'm helping you now. I'm fulfilling My promise that My voice of prophecy would help you, and it is helping you through your personal tests and battles. My precious whispers are giving you strength and encouragement and conviction and faith to continue trusting Me and to carry on.

76.I will continue to encourage you personally, to comfort you, to give you peace of mind and reassurance. I will help you to know just what is right, which way to go, how far to go, and where to go. You will feel the confirmation and reassurance that you seek. And don't worry if I do not answer every question you ask through you personally; just trust Me that I know what is best for now. I do answer many of your questions personally, through your own channel; others I will answer through other channels, who will continue to be a help and a support to you.

77.The victory is great! The victories are many, and that's why the Enemy fights so hard. That's why the tests seem so severe and why the discouragement seems so great, because the victory which is just around the corner is so very sweet!

78. Be not weary in well doing. Be not weary in continuing to listen for My whispers. Continue to bring your requests, your questions and your ideas before Me, allowing Me to speak to your heart, and I will not fail you!

79.Even though some answers have not been complete and you feel it is not what you need, continue to trust. Seek confirmation through your other channels and just trust Me that I know what I'm doing. I may only give you a little and you may still need to go to your other channels to get the rest, but don't be frustrated and don't be discouraged. I do all things well and they are all working together to accomplish My plan and My purpose.

80.This experience continues to help you be humble, My love, and to understand the little people on the field--those who feel they have no spiritual strength, that they are not spiritual giants. It helps you to understand the feelings and the hidden thoughts of the little people who are struggling daily to serve Me, who are fighting hard to make ends meet and to find the time to preach the Gospel, to raise their children, to uphold the standard, to meet the requirements of a Charter member, and to seek Me for the answers and direction and guidance that they need for their loved ones, for their finances, for their children, for their sheep, for everything! Sometimes they, too, are not sure which way to go or what the right answer is. So it will help you, My love, to understand them and their situations and their needs.

81.You will have a greater understanding of the young person who has never received a prophecy, who feels unworthy and incapable. They hardly have the faith to step out and listen and ask Me to speak, for they fear that they will receive nothing, that nothing will come and I will not speak to them. Perhaps they even feel that it is because I don't love them enough, or that they are not worthy, or not spiritual enough.

82.Your many experiences and lessons and tests and trials will help to wash away all those lies and doubts and fears of the Enemy! Because of course I love each of My dear children and I have been speaking to them! Some may not even realize it, just like you, My love. I spoke to you for years and years in your mind, and it is now being translated into a different form--into My voice of prophecy. I speak to My children, but many times they don't even realize it or recognize it. They just have to learn to open up their channel to Me to receive My living voice in prophecy.

83.It is a great step of faith for them also, and they will take courage from your sample. They will have hope for themselves, that they too can hear from Me. And that is My heart's desire, My love, to speak to each of My children who has the faith to reach out and receive it. (End of message from Jesus.)

It's Like Lovemaking--Just Enjoy It!

84.(Dad speaking:) God bless you, Honey! I love you! I'm so proud of you for stepping out and sharing your story with the Family. Wow, you really are a yielded bride, so obedient! That's such a wonderful sample to the Family, that whenever the Lord says that you should do such and such, you always obey.

85.You're also not afraid to humble yourself before the body and the world. You know, the Lord really likes that. He thinks very highly of those who are willing to let Him work on their pride. The fact that you're willing to do what you wouldn't normally choose to do in the natural shows your great dependence on the Lord and yieldedness to Him.

86.Honey, I know that the Lord will fulfill every word of what He has promised to you--all of what He said you'll do in the Last Days. This is just the beginning! Didn't most of the prophets of old have to do strange things to show their obedience to the Lord?--Eating dung, walking around naked, yelling and breaking pitchers, Abraham going to sacrifice his son. The list is endless. Didn't the Lord have to humble them before they were able to accomplish their greatest works for Him?

87.So, Sweetheart, you're on the right track! You're willing to do whatever the Lord wants, no matter how humbling it may seem to you. I don't have to tell you that we see things differently Here; you already know that. But when we see you doing something that is humbling for you, and you do it anyway, your guardian angels and the ones who are watching over you rejoice, because they know how much power lies in humility.

88. All that to say, thank you for being willing to share your experience of receiving the gift of prophecy,even though you're only getting started. Don't worry about a thing! Just open your mouth and let Him fill it for you. Don't try to analyze it or figure it out. It's so much like lovemaking--just enjoy it and let Him take you. The Lord gets excited when you yield yourself to Him in prophecy,and He loves to whisper His truths into your ears when you're being so intimate.

89.So have a ball, Honey! Cut loose and let Him teach you and grow you in this new gift. And He will, because it's His will, and part of His plan in the big picture. There's lots in store for you, and many will beg you for Heavenly guidance in the years to come. So don't compare, okay? This is the small, humble beginning of the great and marvelous wonders He'll do through you.

90. I love you, Honey! You're always in my prayers. Your lover, always! (End of message from Dad.)

* * *

Be Happy for the Baby Stage--The Rest Will Come Soon Enough!

91.(Dad speaking:) Honey, you're doing very well. You're a real fighter, a real shiner. And you have a lot of faith because you keep going, you keep asking, you keep waiting, you keep listening, and you keep trusting. So I don't think you have to worry about not having enough faith. You had the faith to expect the Lord to give you something on the spot during your public meeting. You knew that He had to, that He couldn't fail, because He had promised to and you were putting Him on the spot. And He didn't fail you--He pulled through and delivered a beautiful message through your channel!

92.That took a lot of faith, Honey! So just remember that when you're alone in your room asking the Lord for a message and listening. You know that He'll do it again--He'll give you the message that's needed and that He wants to give.

93.It's a real test of faith and patience, and you just have to keep trusting Him. Keep trying and keep fighting and don't give up, or you might miss some very beautiful messages. You just have to keep monitoring and listening and putting yourself in a position to receive. If you don't take the time to put yourself in that position and stop and ask and listen, you might miss something very beautiful or very important that the Lord wants to tell you.

94.If there are times when He doesn't tell you much or He doesn't tell you anything, I guess that's because He doesn't have anything to say for that moment! That used to happen to me sometimes. I'd wonder about something and I'd ask the Lord, and sometimes it would take Him time to tell me what I wanted to hear. He just knew when the time was right, when the circumstances were right, and maybe He knew when I'd really appreciate it and believe Him and have full faith for what He said.

95.Sometimes He didn't tell me things right away when I wanted to know,but He waited and told me when He was ready. And He'll do the same thing for you, Honey. He's promised to. He's given you the gift and He has promised that you would grow into your gift and grow into the anointing. So just keep trusting and obeying like you're doing right now, and just keep practicing like He told you to. As long as you're doing your part and doing what you know you should do, and you're doing your best, then the Lord has to do the rest. You don't have to worry about it.

96.If you're asking and listening, and you're open and receptive, and you're there in a position to hear His voice, then the rest is up to the Lord. He has to give the message. He has to say the words so that you can receive them. And He is, Honey. He's talking to you. He's whispering. He's sending down His messages, and so am I.

97.So don't worry about the times when you don't receive much. Just keep going by faith, trusting Him and believing,because He's promised the day will come when you will receive more and more. You will receive direction from the Lord for the Family. You will receive the Lord's fresh New Wine. You will receive His revelations and the food to pass on to His children. That day is coming; so don't worry when it will come, and don't try to rush it. The Lord knows when the time is right--when not only you are ready, but the Family is ready.

98.He has some things to do first to get everything in position, to get things lined up and working the way He wants them to work and needs them to work. There are a lot of other things that enter into the picture--not just you receiving the Lord's messages and hearing His voice. There are other things, other people and circumstances that have to be right and the way the Lord wants them to be before you step into your role and receive fuller, more complete messages. So that's coming, Honey, and it's a little ways down the road. So just be happy and thankful for the little messages you're getting and for the baby stage--the rest will come soon enough!

99.You're doing very well, Honey! You're doing great! I'm proud of you, and Jesus is proud of you, and the Family is very proud of you. You couldn't be doing better! How could you do better? You're trying, you're practicing, you're listening, you're obeying, you're trusting, you're asking, you're waiting, you're having faith, you're exercising your faith, you're stepping out by faith. So you're doing everything right and the Lord is going to bless it and reward it.

100.It's a test, Honey! It takes patience. It's like all of us; we want to see the end result right now. We want to have the victories right now, and it's so hard to go through the learning stages, to go through the tests. But you know the victory is coming; He's already promised it. So that should make it even easier, because He has promised it. Some people have to go through things and they don't even know what the end result will be; it's all by faith.

101.And maybe the Lord wants to encourage dear Peter, too, that he's still very needed as His mouthpiece and channel and faucet, right by your side. He's still very important and has a very important role and position of receiving the Lord's messages for today. He's still going to be very helpful to you and you're going to depend on him and call on him and need him. It's going to be a big encouragement to Peter, too, plus you're encouraging all your other channels that they're still very needed. And you're being an encouragement to the whole Family through your sample of faith and perseverance and your fighting spirit.

102.I love you, Honey! You're going to make it and you're going to do just great! Don't give up and don't be discouraged. It's all going to work out the way the Lord said it would. He hasn't even given you the full picture yet, He's just told you some parts of it. It's even more wonderful and beautiful and awesome than you know now! It's going to be beautiful! You're going to be beautiful and the Lord is going to give His powerful, clear Word through you! (End of message from Dad.)

* * *

Clarity and Completeness of Prophecies

(The following messages are in answer to a questionabout why Mama and others, after giving a prophecy, might feel a little discouraged, like it wasn't clear enough or complete enough, or it wasn't flowing for some reason, or it wasn't really the Lord speaking, but merely their own thoughts.)

103.(Jesus speaking:) I have always asked of My children that you walk by faith and not by sight. This is a test of your faith. I have promised that if you ask, you will receive, and that if you ask for bread, I will not give you a stone. Nevertheless, this feeling of insecurity comes upon you as you wonder if you have truly caught the meaning of all that I had to give, or whether you have indeed heard My voice.

104.The key is to simply believe the promises that I have given. For I have promised that if you call unto Me, I will answer you. I have said this to you many times--that what you hear and what you speak when you open your heart and your mind and your spirit, and when you yield your tongue to Me, is My voice, and so it is. It is a test of your faith, whether you will believe and trust that I have truly given you what you need, and that you have received it.

105.The Enemy tempts you and causes you to worry and to fear. I allow this, for it makes you feel weak in yourself. If you felt satisfied, if you felt sure of yourself, even in hearing from Me, this would weaken you, for it would cause you to lean upon your own strength or your own gifts--even the gift of hearing from Me. Therefore I allow you to feel this bit of insecurity, but I don't want you to allow it to cause you to doubt. If you do, then remind yourself and remind Me of all the promises that I have spoken, and the many times I have assured you with My Own Word that when you call, I answer, and when you open your mind and clear your mind and ask for My Words, I speak them through you.

106.Trust Me. Hold My hand. Continue tomove forward, step by step. With each step you will grow in faith and in the knowledge and understanding of Me and how I speak and how I work. Even though it may take a long time, and for a long time you will still feel insecure and shaky, nevertheless with each step you grow in faith, you grow in belief, and it will become easier. Yet it will not be too easy, for I want your desperation of heart, your desperation to hear Me. And you are desperate, and you are calling unto Me with your whole heart, therefore I am answering, and the Words that I speak are true.

107.I will continue to answer each question that you bring before Me, and give you the Words of guidance that you need, whenever you come to ask Me for them. For I love you, and I will hold nothing back from you, My beloved bride! (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

108.(Jesus speaking:) The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. All of My prophets through all of the ages have felt this incompleteness, this longing for more, this feeling that there must be more, with each message that I give. Because there is always more! My Spirit is constantly pouring out, and there is no end of the love that I wish to pour upon My children and upon the world.

109.The message that I give each prophet is complete, and I show them the stopping point, when they should stop pouring My Words. But I always have more! So the channels may continue if they seek Me for more, and show that they have a desire for more, that they want more of My seeds and of My love. I often leave this to the strength of the channel.

110.Don't worry that you have this incomplete feeling after you give My message. For it is like electricity flowing, the feeling of power and warmth and love. When it is stopped, you feel incomplete. But this is not because My message is incomplete; it is because you feel incomplete without My Spirit flowing through you so powerfully in prophecy.

111.As far as the clarity of the message, this is up to Me. I make the message as clear as I feel is needed for the time. Though the message may not be clear to the giver of the message, it may be very clear to the ones for whom I am sending it, the receivers of the message; it will be what they need. So question not the messages that I give, or think that they are not clear enough; for I am the One Who decides what the message will say, not the channel.

112.In your case, My queen, I have made it clear that your prophecies will not be so flowing at the beginning. This will be a sample to your flock, that they should not hold back because their prophecies are halting and not flowing so beautifully and eloquently. Some of My greatest channels have been men and women with a halting gift. Their words did not flow readily and freely; nevertheless, the message was the same--the same power, the same meaning, the same clarity.

113.Look not to the beauty or the eloquence of your gift, but look to Me and let Me pour through you however I choose. Did not Paul himself say that he was a weak channel, and that his words were insufficient? Were not others of My servants severely handicapped? Some stuttered. Many were shy. It was so difficult for them. But when I seized upon them, My message came through with great power.

114.So question not these methods that I choose to use with each person, and the way that I pour through each of My channels. Just continue to trust and seek Me and stay close to Me, and I will pour My message through whoever will open their channel and come to Me full of faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Specific Answers Will Come in His Time!

(The following messages are in answer to a question Mama had, in which she feels that in order to do her job and to be able to use this gift more effectively, she needs to go on to another level in her prophesying and be able to get more specific, direct answers, rather than those that are general and somewhat vague.)

115.(Jesus speaking:) Have patience and faith, My queen, and I will give you the specific answers that you seek. I will give you counsel straight from My heart to your heart, and I will reveal great secrets--answers to great problems and thorny questions. I will help you tremendously with this new gift that I have given you. But like a child learning to write or to read or to do new things, you must go through the stages and certain steps. With each step your faith will be increased, your gift will be greatly exercised, and you will become more accustomed to hearing My voice strongly and directly. The more you hear, the more faith you will receive.

116.So do not fail to move forward with this gift, continuing to ask for more and more faith. As you listen to My Words, you will be strengthened with faith from On High; and as you exercise this gift, you will be given greater and greater power to receive specific answers to your questions. Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap.

117.So faint not in your mind. I have given you seasoned and experienced channels who can get specific things for you if you need them at this time and feel unable to get them yourself. It's fine to continue to use these channels, for they love to be your channel to Me. But step out by faith also and ask Me specific questions. Expect specific answers, and you will receive them.

118.Don't be discouraged if you're unable to get the very specific answers that you want each time, for it takes faith. I have given you great faith in many aspects of My Spirit. I have gifted you with faith above all people on the Earth! But in this new gift, I am moving slowly--not only for your sake, but as I have said many times, for the sake of your children, that they too will be encouraged and know that they can gain more and more power in the use of this gift of prophecy if they will exercise it and step out and suck from My Word for the faith that they need, to be able to believe and reach out and receive the answers that I have for them. For all will need this strength in the days to come.

119.So worry not about this, but continue on as you have, using your channels, and continuing to practice and exercise your gift. You're doing wonderfully! Thank you for being so believing, so receiving, so full of faith. Be not discouraged, for I will give you everything you need. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

120.(Jesus speaking:) I do wish to take you to yet higher levels of communing and communicating with Me, and of hearing My voice in prophecy. Yes, My queen, I will take you to the highest and to the deepest levels that it is possible for any man or woman of God to attain, of hearing My voice so clearly and specifically, giving guidance for the most difficult or detailed issues. Yet now is not the time, for I use you as an example of faith, of patience, of slowness, of waiting, of believing, of following step by step, of walking by faith. I take you step by step, and we walk slowly but surely.

121.For it is as a great and high mountain that is set before you, and you cannot move too fast. You cannot run up the sides of the cliff, else you would weaken, you would lose your breath, you would lose your strength. You must go at a steady, calm, slow pace, step by step, one foot in front of the other, going up one step at a time to the next level, then the next. You go slowly so you have enough strength, so you can reach the top where you will be able to thrill to the view of the many special treasures and beauties. But you cannot rush it. You must only move step by step, following Me, your Guide, until I bring you to these higher planes.

122.Continue having faith and patience. Trust Me that as you continue coming to Me and bringing Me your petitions, questions and requests, I will continue bringing you along, step by step up this mountain, level by level, to clearer and more specific Words in prophecy. For I hold your hand, I support you, I strengthen you, I carry you. I bring you along in My time, at My speed, as you faithfully follow Me and obey Me. How you please Me! How I delight in your humility, in your yieldedness, in your faithfulness and obedience to follow wherever I lead, and at the pace that I lead. (End of message from Jesus.)

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