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Endtime Prophecy Power! Maria #398 CM/FM 3140 4/97

By Maria

My dear ones,

1. We have a very special message from the Lord to share with you! I wanted to know more about this gift of prophecy that the Lord is just flooding down upon us and how He would use it in the Endtime. There's simply no better way to get the answers we need and desire than to ask the Lord, and that's exactly what I did! I asked one of our channels to pray and request that the Lord speak about the gift of prophecy in the Endtime and how He was going to use it.

2. As you will see, the answer is truly amazing! The Lord talks about prophecy and its use now, but also specifically how it's going to be used in the Endtime. The Lord says we are in a time of peace and prosperity, but the days are coming when we will need to follow His leading explicitly--that our very lives, and the lives of those around us, will depend upon it! I don't think He could make it more clear than He does in this prophecy as to why we need to hear from Him in prophecy, and how He is going to use it to lead, guide, protect, provide, and be a witness to others in the Endtime.

3.I hope you will really tune in and see how vital this gift of prophecy is going to be to our survival and ability to witness in the Last Days. I also hope that seeing how the Lord is planning on communicating with us so wonderfully during that time--giving us specific orders daily and even hourly--will inspire you to use and practice your gift even more regularly now, so when those days come, you will be well-skilled in the use of this gift.

4.Please read this prophecy slowly and prayerfully, and let the Words sink deep into your hearts and minds. These are wonderful truths that the Lord is unfolding for us, His children of David, in preparation for our Endtime ministry. I'm reminded of that verse from Daniel, "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever" (Dan.12:3). As you read these Words, please ask the Lord to reveal the wisdom of His plan to you, that you may be wise in the days to come.

Days of Peace and Plenty--and Preparation!

5.(Jesus speaking:) Hearing My voice is the key to success, the key to fruitfulness, the key to happiness! So much depends on being able to discern My will by hearing My voice, specifically, so that you can know in which direction to walk, which decision to make, and which way to go in your unique situation that will bring about the desired results.

6.You are even now beginning to learn the power of hearing My voice. You are beginning to see its effects in your lives, your Homes and your work. You are beginning to see how much easier life can be when you bring your questions before Me and hear My Words, receive My answers, and put them into practice.

7.These are days of peace and plenty, and life is relatively simple. On all sides you see blessings, provision, opportunities, open doors. There is so much to be done, and the means to do it is clearly at your disposal. These are days of opportunity when you can move forward, make progress, gain converts and new disciples. These are days of pioneering, with new cities and countries being opened up, kings being won, city fathers and rulers being influenced by the Words of truth that I have placed in the hands of My children.

8.These are also the days when your names are in the headlines and controversy surrounds you. Nevertheless, the Gospel is preached, and I give you the grace, the wisdom, and the fighting spirit necessary to rise above the attacks and to go forth to victory!

9.These are days of learning, of honing your skills, of preparing for battle!--Just as soldiers, who before the days of war, condition themselves, exercise and work out to strengthen their bodies, and study and drill and review to prepare their minds. They go on maneuvers and even practice living and fighting under the worst circumstances, so that when they are thrown before the face of their enemies, they will be well prepared. They will not be caught by surprise, but their bodies will be able to stand the physical strain. Their minds will be able to endure the testing, the fear, and the uncertainty. Their natural reaction will be to listen to their commander-in-chief and their officers, and to obey, fighting fearlessly in the face of death.

10.Even worldly governments are wise enough to know that soldiers need preparation, and that it would be foolish, futile and hopeless to simply throw unprepared, untrained, and unconditioned soldiers into the battle.

The Elite Troops!

11.Those who go into the most dangerous battles, the most challenging circumstances, are the few choice, qualified, gifted ones who are willing to go over and above the call of duty. They are the elite troops, the strongest, the most unified, who receive the most intense, personal, specialized training. Often these specialized troops lead the way into the most dangerous battles--those which are often the most crucial to winning the war. Many turning points hang on the actions, abilities and courage of these few chosen, and often unseen, elite troops.

12.The success of their missions depends on their preparation and their unity. They are trained to obey at a moment's notice, and they are so tightly bound together that they work as one body. They can practically read each other's minds and anticipate each other's actions. They are completely confident in each other's loyalty. They know that the other will not hesitate for a moment to do his job, obey, and even give his life, if necessary. It is this oneness of heart and mind, this invisible bond of courage--and the preparation and conditioning of not just days or months, but years--that enable this small band of men to move in, unseen, unheard, in a stealth attack that inflicts a mortal blow on the enemy.

13.The moment of victory is as a flash of glory, but what is unseen are the days, months and years of preparation. That is the secret of success of the avant-garde, the elite troops, the courageous ones who dare to face death and take upon themselves the impossible missions.

14.Few people see what it takes to make these ones what they are today. Few people realize the sacrifice, the commitment, the dedication, the personal loss, the loneliness, the deprivation and pain that they endure to become what they are--a type of saviors for their fellow man.

15.You, My men and women of faith, are like these elite troops, the avant-garde, the few chosen soldiers who lead the way,who do the impossible missions, who snatch victory from the jaws of defeat through your sheer determination, courage, and faith! The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the tearing down of strongholds. Your power is greater than that of earthly armies and soldiers because you wield My power, and offer men the chance to live forever.

16.You, too, are in days of desperate preparation! Therefore arm yourselves and know that the days of battle approach! The war of the worlds is on the horizon! There is no discharge. There is no escaping this battle. You must simply choose what role you will play, what position you will have, and what effect you will bring forth.

17.I, your King, your Leader and Commander-in-Chief, am preparing you, My elite troops, in many ways. Those who are sensitive and wise discern the preparation and give themselves wholly to it. Those who are wise realize that their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, will some day be at stake. So they put their focus and concentration on the preparation and conditioning and exercise that will prepare them to be well-fitted for the battle.

The Bond of Unity!

18.I say unto you, My elite troops,that unity is a prime requirement. I am even now working in your hearts and lives to bring you together as one, to foster greater understanding, patience and acceptance. I am opening your eyes to your need for one another.

19.Don't you feel the fire that I have lit in your heart? At this moment it may be just a spark or a tiny, flickering flame. But if you will only fan it with gestures of love and kindness, if you will only blow on it through outgoing concern for others, and reach out as you see your brother or sister in need, then this little tiny ember will grow until it becomes more and more brilliant, and finally bursts into a beautiful, dazzling flame--the heat of My love in all its majesty and power! I want to put in your hearts the drawing power of My love, the bond of My unity. This is the foundation of your preparation.

Read, Study, and Memorize My Word!

20.I have also given these days of peace, that you might sit at My feet and study the Words which I have poured forth in such abundance. This is the time to sit in the classroom and hear the teachers and lecturers, and to take your books to a quiet place and study and ponder and review. These are the days that I have allowed and supplied so you might read, study, and memorize My Word, so you may come to understand My marvelous spirit world, and come to know Me better--My nature, the way I work, the way I think, what I desire, how I move!--So that My thoughts can become your thoughts, and it will become your second nature, your automatic reaction to do what I would do, or say what I would say, or feel as I would feel.

21.As you study the abundance of Word, the lessons that I have put before you, as you partake of the feast that I have laid before you in the presence of your enemies, you will be strengthened.All that I'm pouring forth, all that I'm giving, the abundance of Word, is for a reason. It's not just for your entertainment, or for your reading pleasure, and it's not just for information. The purpose of the Word that I have placed in your hands is to prepare you, to teach you, and to open your eyes to the spirit world. You have so much at your fingertips, but it will come to naught or be wasted unless you avail yourselves of it through diligent study.

Your Secret Weapon!

22.And then there is the secret weapon that I have placed in the hands of every man, woman and child--those of My elite troops. This secret weapon is the ability to hear My voice--My specific, direct instruction, guidance and encouragement. You have the power to receive answers to any question. This is your keenest weapon, for it allows you to see in the dark and to anticipate your enemy's moves. It will be your source of supply and provision. It is your camouflage. It is your refuge.

23.This secret weapon is more powerful than the atom bomb, more accurate and dependable than smart bombs and computer-guided missiles! And this is a weapon that can be in the hands of every soldier! It is constantly fully operational; no one can ever take it from you, and it can't be lost. It's as light as a feather to carry around, and it's invisible to your enemies. They can't steal your technology and copy the making of this weapon. It's the most powerful, effective, reliable weapon ever used and ever known to man!

24.Very few have ever beheld this weapon in use, much less been entrusted with its care. It is unique, precious, invaluable. It is a weapon of war. It is a lifesaver. It is a comforter in time of need. This is the weapon of all weapons that I am entrusting into the hands of the children of David for the Endtime.

Practically Speaking, What Does This Mean?

25.Now you may ask yourselves, "I understand the analogy of the battlefield and war and soldiers and weapons, and it is an effective word picture. But practically speaking, what does this mean? How is this new weapon, this gift of prophecy, going to be used in the Endtime? Exactly how is it going to be all these things? And what is it going to do for me?"

26.Now, My children, let Me speak plainly--not in parables, not in analogies. Let Me speak clearly to each of you about the gift of prophecy. To begin with, this gift is available for each and every one of you, according to your faith. I have it in My hand even now, and I am eager to give it to you. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive. Step out by faith, take the tiniest first step, and I will meet you, I will honor you, and you will have that which you ask for. When you seek Me desperately, and you desire to hear My Words, to speak My Words, and to have this gift, I will give it to you--freely, willingly, without restraint!

27.It is My pleasure to give it to you, for I know your need. I know that these are the days of preparation, and I would that each one of you be prepared and be able to use these days of peace and plenty to practice and exercise your gift, so you will be ready when war is declared.

Receiving Instruction and Finding My Will!

28.As you can probably imagine, the gift of prophecy will be of utmost importance for you to be able to get your daily instructions, sometimes even hourly instructions, from Me. You will find yourself in situations where it will be impossible to know what to do unless you can hear My specific, divine Words of guidance. For you will be in unfamiliar terrain. You will be as a stranger in a foreign land, seeing things you've never seen before. You will sense the danger and you will know that one misstep or mishap could cost you your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

29.You will have such desperation that your channel will be acutely attuned to Me. You will not only hear My whispers and feel the nudges of My Spirit, but you will hear My Words clearly and specifically. And because you will have spent much time in practice and exercising your gift, you will have the faith to obey these Words and to know that it is I Who speak.

30.You need this time of practice, not only to hone your skills in being able to hear My voice, but also to build and strengthen your faith, so that you will be willing to obey the instructions that I give you. For I will lead you through My Words to do the unexpected, the unconventional, and if you have not had experience at trusting Me and trusting My voice of prophecy, then you will stumble, you will waver, you will lack confidence and be insecure, asking yourself, "Is this the Lord? How can I be sure?"

31.So these are the days of preparation in which you listen and obey, so that your faith may grow, so that in the days to come you will have confidence, and you will know that you have heard My voice. You will have peace to know that in obeying My voice, you will find safety and provision, and My will will be accomplished.

32.So of course one of the primary uses and reasons for the gift of prophecy in the days to come is to receive instruction, and to be able to find My will and know what to do. Whether you are alone or in small groups, or whether you are the leader of a multitude of followers, regardless of your situation or circumstances, each of you will have great need of hearing My voice and receiving My instruction. And I mean specific, exact, personal instruction, day by day. These Words of instruction will lead you to the people you need to witness to. They will lead you to the source of supply of your needs. They will lead you to protection. They will help you to avoid mishaps, danger, even death.

Prophets of Warning and Mercy!

33.This magical gift, this Heavenly connection, this supernatural power that you possess will not be a hidden thing. It will not be something that you do in the corner or only behind closed doors. The speaking of My Words, and peering into the future, and discerning the thoughts and intents of people's hearts and minds will be part of your public testimony.

34.As I have said before, you will be the prophets of the End--not only in that you will give a message of warning and doom and impending judgment, but also prophets in that you will see the future, you will give supernatural messages, you will hear from the departed, you will see and feel things that cannot be seen or felt by mortal man. This will be part of your testimony, as news will travel far and wide of the children of David--the prophets, the ones who can hear from beyond, from the other side, from the spirit world, the Heavenly realm.

35.Few people will understand this gift.Many will mock, and many will not believe--but all will be intrigued! For even the scoffers, even the shallow, carnal city dwellers, even those who seek only after success, power, money and the things of this world, even those who claim to be atheists, even those who say they hate God and despise His children, will be amazed at this gift, and this unseen, inexplicable power!

36.You can already see that people are drawn to that which they don't understand. They love to see magic or be told of miracles and supernatural wonders. They love to think that someone could actually see the future or discern the thoughts of another's mind. They would like to believe that it is possible to communicate with the dead, and they're especially intrigued by the thought that there is a God Who could actually speak to His children.

37.The interest in the things of the spirit world will grow and mount as the darkness deepens. Those who are hungry today will be hungrier still. Those who are the enemies of the spirit world, those who are devils, who prefer darkness and silence, will fight all the harder to discredit the miracles of God and to drown out His voice and to kill His messengers and those who speak His Words.

38.Because there are so many counterfeits, and because people's minds are so occupied with the miracles of technology and the computer age and the mind of man, so the miracles of My Spirit must also be greater, more flamboyant, more obviously miraculous!

39.There will be other miracles as well--miracles of healing, miracles of protection, and even miracles of destruction. But the greatest miracle, and that which will catch the attention of the most people, that which will draw followers like no other miracle, will be your power to hear My voice and to see the future!

40.So you will not use this weapon, this treasure, this precious gift only for yourself, for your own edification or for the supply of your own needs and protection, but you will also use it for others. You will use this gift to answer their questions, and to be a testimony to them that I am the living God, that I love and I care and I speak today, and that I have a personal interest in each of My children.

41.As you practice speaking My Words and hearing My voice, so you will grow in faith in being able to give more specific messages. And the more specific the message, the greater the testimony will be to those who hear. For they will see that you have been shown things by the hand of God that you could not possibly have known otherwise. They will know that a prophet of God has spoken. They will know that you have power that is not of yourself, and they will fall down in great fear and wonder. The news of this miracle-working power will be spread abroad, and many shall hear and many shall believe.

42.Oh, My children, if you could only see as I see, the great power that this gift will bring you, and the great witness and testimony that it will be. Then you would not hesitate to ask and to reach out and receive this gift! Then you would not hesitate to practice and exercise this gift to prepare for the future, so that you will be all that you can be, as My witness and My testimony and My voice for the people.

43.You are My prophets of the End; My prophets of warning, yes, but also My prophets of mercy. Because as you speak My Words and receive the messages that I will give you from this side, it will be a testimony of My love. It will be a testimony of My existence to those who want to believe. Many will come to you with their heartcries and their questions. They will beg you to hear from the God of Heaven for them, on their behalf. Or they will come to you to hear from their loved one who has departed.

44.They will come seeking solace, answers, freedom and hope, and they will find this in you.--Not only in the words that you can speak from your vast knowledge of My Word and many years of loving Me and serving Me, but also in the words you speak to give them the greatest gift possible--My personalized, specialized, unique message for them.

45.They will see it as something so precious, they will be in your debt! They will be willing to give you anything they have, anything you need, for what you have given them will be so great by comparison. They will say, "Take my whole kingdom! Take my house, my car, my money. Take anything you need! For before I was hopeless and destitute. Round about me was total darkness and emptiness. I was confused and without a reason to live. But you have shown me through these miracle Words that you have spoken--not your words, but the Words of the God of Love--that there is something more than this life! There is something more than this treachery, this hopeless, this worthless existence. There is Heaven, there is life after death, there is love!"

46.Through this gift you will have many unseen, secret believers. You will minister to those in high places, and they in turn will give you the protection and provision that you need. They will help you to move unseen about the city or country. They will help you to pass from one country to another, or from one land to another. They will help you to communicate with one another. They will let you know of the plans of the rulers that be, and they will even influence those rulers for your benefit and your good.

47.In some cases, your ministry of giving My Word, your ministry of prophecy, will be a public one. Some of you will be called upon to speak My Words with great power to warn the people of things to come. You will warn of impending doom, disasters, catastrophes, calamities--so that when these things come to pass, people will know that a prophet has been among them. Many of you will also speak My Words of prophecy on the airwaves and through the means of mass communication, so that these Words will be a witness to millions.

48. These Words of prophecy will be one of your greatest witnesses, for it will draw the attention of the stony, cold people, those who are so dead in the spirit that they need something spectacular, something unusual, something supernatural, strange, weird or far-out to even get them to listen. For they will be completely dulled to the conventional means of witnessing and preaching the message. The televangelists, the churches, and the missionaries of the traditional denominations will be of practically no effect, for peoples' hearts will be so hardened and their eyes blinded through indifference, apathy and coldness.

49.I have always kept the children of David in the news, in the public eye and attention, by making you different, radical, controversial! You have been famous and infamous, and you will continue to be so. People will love you or people will hate you, but no one will ignore you.

Arm Yourself Now for the War of the Worlds!

50.So reach out, My precious ones, and receive this gift, this weapon, this treasure, today! I have it to give to you, and I want to give it to you. All you have to do is open your hands and ask. And then have the tiniest little bit of faith to believe that I have heard your prayer and your request, and I have given that which you have asked for. Just as I promised, if you ask Me for bread, I won't give you a stone. So if you ask Me for the gift of prophecy, I won't give you lies or misguidance or confusion. I will give you My Words in abundance, according to your faith.

51.Please ask and receive today, so that you can begin your days of training and preparation. You will be so thankful you did! For in the dark days to come, in the days of the Antichrist's reign, I would that all My children be prophets--those who hear My voice and speak forth My Words of revelation, of healing, of specific direction, and love.

52. Not only will I use this gift to lead you and your loved ones personally, to help you to know My will, to find your way in the darkness, to help you to avoid danger, and to avoid being seen or discovered by the Antichrist forces, but I will also use this gift as a mighty witness--both a one-on-one witness, and a vast mass witness. For as I have said, I am even now working in the hearts of the people, of the multitudes, and putting a desire within them to know about the unknown.

53.They want to go where no man has gone before! They want to know what is impossible to know with the human mind.They want to see what is impossible to see with the human eye. People will be cold and indifferent to religion, but their quest for knowledge and their interest in the unseen spirit world, and even their tolerance for that which is strange and weird and inexplicable, will work for My good and your good, because it will make them hungry and open to this gift of prophecy. And so you will be able to minister to individuals by answering their questions or communicating with their dead loved ones, or discerning the mysteries of their problems and heartaches. And you will minister to the multitudes with Words of revelation or Words of warning.

54.I will use this gift in each of you as a witness, according to your faith, and according to how much you have exercised and prepared. For your faith will grow the more you use this gift. The more you step out by faith and see that I will answer your petitions and I will speak to you and I will give you what you need, the more faith you'll have to call down miracles from Heaven. The greater your faith, the greater the miracles, the greater the testimony. But all of this depends on your preparation.

55.You have often wondered how I will supply your needs, how you will eat, how you will be housed, how you will be protected in the days when no man will buy or sell unless he has a mark in his right hand or in his forehead. But I say unto you that this precious gift--the telling of fortunes, the seeing of the future, the communication with beyond--will be greater than money! People will be willing to do anything for you just to have you in their midst, just to protect your gift, for they will see you as a link with the divine. They will feel that to bring you protection or provision will be to bring the blessing of God on their lives. Even though they won't understand it, they won't be able to deny it.

56.So reach out, My precious ones, and begin today, in the days of preparation, to be My prophets--prophets of warning and prophets of mercy. You will be prophets of doom to the Antichrist and his people, but you will be prophets of love and revelation to those who are worthy. My prophets of the End, the children of David--what a great people I have made you! And you will be greater still as you grow in unity and love, as you read and study My Word, and as you learn to hear My voice and speak My truth.

57.You will be a people such as none has ever seen,and in the End, those who know Me not will marvel! Great multitudes will follow after you, giving up all they have just for the opportunity to hear the Words that you speak, the Words that I will put in your mouth, which will be miracle-working Words, awesome Words of wonder and revelation, powerful Words of destruction and warning. Your greatest weapon, one which cannot be destroyed or counterfeited, will be the weapon of prophecy, the weapon of the gift of My Words in your mouth.

58.You will become Me to the people as you yield yourselves to be My tongue, My heart and My love. Those who are unworthy will reject you. But those who are worthy will receive you, and in receiving you, they will receive Me, and great will be their reward in Heaven. And you will be raised up as heroes! War heroes! You will be decorated with many medals--medals of honor and glory for your faithful, courageous service.

59.You are My avant-garde, the elite troops of the End! So prepare yourselves! Arm yourselves now for the war of the worlds! You shall be the victors, for I am the great Overcomer! I am the Victor, and I will never leave you nor forsake you. And when you open your mouth wide, I will never fail to fill it with My Words, My truth, and My message. (End of message from Jesus.)

60.(Mama:) Didn't I tell you this was a truly amazing message from the Lord? Can you see how important it is that we start using this gift of prophecy now so we will be very comfortable with it in the future? I think you can understand, too, that the Lord is wanting us to not just use the gift, but really come to depend upon it. The more we get into the habit of taking our questions to Jesus and letting Him answer us, the easier it will be as the days go by.

61.The Lord has given us so much in the way of the Word to lead, guide and feed us and others, and we are very dependent upon it. Now we are learning to go to Him for His fresh Words of prophecy, too, just as Dad told us we would need to do--to "hear fresh from Him daily." What the Lord wants us to do is really lean on these Words of direction that He gives through prophecy, to practice using the gift for our guidance now, so that in the days of the End it will just be a part of our normal routine, our daily habit of getting our directions straight from Him! Let's practice now while we have a time of relative peace, so we will be "expert marksmen" in the days to come! Your life and ministry will depend upon it!

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