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Birthday Yieldedness! Maria #399 CM/FM 3141 7/97

The Story of Mama's 51st Birthday!

By Maria

Dear Family,

1. I know you're probably curious to hear how I and those here in our Home celebrated my 51st birthday. I've heard many reports of special festivities you had on that day in your Homes, and each one of them sounded so sweet and lots of fun. I wish I could have been with you! And I was in spirit! Now it's my turn to tell you what we did here, so you can enjoy it too.

2.I know you won't want to miss hearing about the special events, and finding out what birthday presents the Lord gave us! When I say us, I mean you and me, 'cause there were some for all of us! My birthday wouldn't be special without you, because we're all part of each other, and I without you would be nothing. So when the Lord blesses me and celebrates my birthday, He's blessing you too! It's a celebration for all of us! So come on! Let's go! We're gonna really have fun! It's gonna be exciting! I'm eager to enjoy it again with you, as I recall all that transpired.

3.After hearing the title, I bet some of you are wondering how it could have been so much fun! Yieldedness, fun? That certainly doesn't sound like a very exciting birthday subject. Well, I've gotta admit that if I hadn't yielded, it might not have been so much fun! I certainly wouldn't have received all the blessings that the Lord wanted to pour down upon us! But because I did, everything was just great. That's the way it always is when we yield--things always turn out right!

4.To begin this account, I'll go back to a few days before my birthday. I had asked the Lord to show me clearly in prophecy what I should present to everyone at my birthday meeting, and in the course of doing so, He also spoke directly through one of our channels to all those here about what kind of birthday presents they could give me! Gabe read it to everyone at dinner one night:

Birthday Gifts from Jesus!

5.(Jesus speaking:) Let all rejoice and make merry in a wonderful celebration, for you have much to celebrate! What a feast of love! What a spiritual feast of My many blessings! So lift up your voices in praise to Me and honor Me for all that I have done and all that I do through each of you.

6.Let the praises ring and let My seeds roll down! Open up your channels and let Me pour out My gifts to My queen. I know My queen's greatest love and desire is to hear from Me and receive My Words, so let there be a feast of My Words and My voice in prophecy!

7.This is My birthday gift to My queen, that she can request My voice on anything that she wants--any subject, any area--and I will pour forth many waters through her open, eager channels. This can be your gift to your queen--My pure sweet waters of life! So open your channels wide and let Me bless My queen and reward her and fill her heart's desires. (End of message from Jesus.)

8.(Mama:) That was such a tremendous offer from the Lord that I felt a little awestruck, not knowing exactly what to ask for. I have a long list of many questions waiting to be prayed about, but I figured on my birthday I should ask special questions, things that I wouldn't normally ask in the course of my work. The problem was that I just didn't exactly know what would be appropriate, so I decided to ask Dad for a list of questions! Here are some of the questions he suggested.

List ofQuestionsfromDad

1) Ask a guardian angel to give an account of a day in their life.

2) Ask Dad for more of his experiences in Heaven.

3) Ask for a praise time prophecy done in Heaven by Heavenly beings.

4) Ask for a glimpse into the future on any topic you'd like.

5) A prayer for yieldedness and humility.

6) A prayer for faith and strength during battles.

7) A prayer for the Family.

8) Love words from Mama to Jesus.

9) Love words from Jesus to Mama.

10) Jesus' promises of power, strength and anointing to Mama.

11) Dad's birthday wishes for Mama.

12) Ask to hear from one of your spirit helpers.

13) Ask for spirit stories about Heaven.

9.The Lord was showering me with so much on my birthday, but I felt that I should be giving Him gifts. Because the only reason I'm here and the only reason I'm so rich in every spiritual blessing, and physical ones too, is because of Him.

Brief AccountofBirthdayMeeting!

10.To give you an idea of the order of events, I'll share with you some excerpts of a personal letter I wrote Peter telling him about my birthday meeting and celebration. (Peter was at this time holding Family meetings in Russia, reports of which you already read in Grapevine #24 and #25.) Not only will these excerpts give you a quick overview of what happened at the meeting we had together, but they will also give you some of the background information of what I was thinking and learning while preparing for the meeting, and how the Lord was working in my heart. Later in this GN I'll share more details about some of the things I mention here to Peter.

11.(Excerpts of Mama's letter to Peter:) Yesterday on my birthday, of course one of my greatest wishes was to have you, my love, by my side, loving Jesus and receiving His seeds together, enjoying Him and each other and our precious Family, and ministering to them through our united meeting. But I know that your mission and ministry to those there is far more important at this time, and this birthday wish for you to be here in my arms will not lose its shine any for the slight delay in its being granted. The time apart will make our reuniting so much sweeter, our love so much deeper, and our unity so much stronger.

12.So, my dear love, I'm waiting patiently for a very special birthday present to return to me--you! Please know that I'm so very thankful to have spent another year by your side! Every year just gets better as our love grows deeper for the Lord and each other and our precious Family.

13.I wanted to glorify and praise Him on my birthday, so when that night arrived, we gathered together for the celebration and I prayed a birthday prayer with my vows of love to Him. I figured that was the most important thing I could do on my birthday--to glorify and praise Him. I also sang some songs to Him, solo, because no one else knew them, since they had come back to me after many years:

14. Sweeter as the days go by,

Sweeter as the days go by,

Richer, fuller, deeper,

Jesus' love is sweeter,

Sweeter as the days go by!

15. Also, (slightly adapted):

Oh, Jesus, my Lover, my Husband, my King,

Your praise all the day long

With rapture I'll sing.

To You in my weakness

For strength I will cling,

For You are so precious to me.

Oh, You are so precious to me.

Yes, You are so precious to me.

'Tis Heaven below,

You, dear Jesus, to know,

For You are so precious to me!

16.Also, the Lord said that we should hear from Him unitedly in prophecy. I had been thinking about the meeting during the week, and I figured that since I was going to be leading the meeting, I didn't have to worry about giving a prophecy as well!--Because, if you can believe it, I would rather have led ten meetings than give one public prophecy! I guess that shows you just how difficult I considered giving a public prophecy.

17.However, when my birthday rolled around, I was going over my prayer and reflecting on how I was pledging my love, loyalty, yieldedness, and all to the Lord when I realized that while I had yielded in other areas, I hadn't in this one. I'd promised to give Him everything He asked and not hold back anything, but I wasn't yet yielded in this matter of public prophecy. On top of that, I had listened to some other birthday prophecies where the Lord was telling me how yielded I was and how He loved me for my willingness to do anything for Him! Ouch!

18.Needless to say, I was duly convicted. I knew that the Lord was wanting me to be a sample of yieldedness in receiving His Words during a public meeting, mostly just for the sake of yielding--for my own sake and as a sample to others!

19.I reflected that I really didn't have a right to my position as queen if I didn't uphold the standard of that position and conduct myself according to what the Lord expects of anyone in the position of His representative. I, as His representative, am supposed to do just that: represent Him, and be an example of not only His love, but His yieldedness and obedience to His Father. It would be hypocritical to let people admire me and applaud me as their queen, thinking that I was setting the right example for them, if I were doing something different. One or two great yieldings are not enough. We have to keep yielding and keep moving with the flow of the Lord's Spirit, or at any time we can stagnate and start going backwards.

20.So I felt that if there was anything I was holding back when I got up in that meeting and prayed my prayer to Jesus, telling Him how much I loved Him, how much I was going to serve Him, how much I wanted to give Him, and how much I would obey Him, I'd better get it straightened out right away or the Lord would be quite sad and disappointed, and probably wouldn't be able to bless me for it.

21.It was at that point that I knew I had to hear from the Lord during the meeting, because that was the one thing that was standing in the way of my being honest, obedient and yielded, and receiving the blessing of the Lord. The Lord had spoken to my heart very strongly about this, and I was very certain of what I was supposed to do. Nevertheless, I wanted to hear what He would say to me about it in prophecy, so I asked for a confirmation through one of the channels here. The Lord gave me beautiful promises that He would be with me in the meeting and would help and anoint me, and that it wouldn't be too difficult.

22.Since I had so much planned for my birthday meeting--my birthday prayer and prophecy, reading other prophecies, a whole list of things to chat with the Family here about, including giving them my love and appreciation, making some announcements, going over the Lord's blessings of the last year, talking about new projects, giving them some news, having the Lord speak to us unitedly in prophecy, and having refreshments and fellowship at the end--at the last minute I decided that since we had so much on the agenda, and I probably wasn't going to get it all covered, that we should do the most important things first--my birthday prayer and prophecy, and then hearing from the Lord unitedly. If we had any other time, probably during the refreshments at the very end, I could do some of my "chit chat" talk.

23.I was so glad that the Lord led this way, because if we had tried to have my talk first and then hearing from the Lord in prophecy, it wouldn't have worked out nearly as well. My talk would have probably gone on quite awhile, and everybody would have been tired at the end. As it was, right after my birthday prayer and prophecy was a good time to have a united prophecy session, since we were all tuned in. I'd just let the Lord speak through me and we had read a very beautiful prophecy about how the Lord has blessed us so much. It was very moving, and seemed the perfect time to have the united prophecy. Not only was it a beautiful time, but it was early on in the meeting, and several people mentioned afterwards that they were so thankful that we did it then, when people were fresher and it wasn't so late.

24. The things the Lord said to us were absolutely beautiful! After that we had the refreshments--yummy cheesecake made by our wonderful cooks with a lot of Heavenly help! Then I gave a few of my points--very few because of the lateness of the hour--and we just sat around and talked informally.

25.Peter, I wore that red kimono robe that you brought me from Thailand. I had my picture of Jesus beside me in your chair, since you couldn't be there. I told everyone they could sing "happy birthday" to me, and that I was getting the victory over birthdays! I had someone read a beautiful prophecy about how much the Lord loves birthdays. Then I prayed my birthday prayer, in which I poured out to the Lord about how I wanted my prayer to not just be words, but that I would really yield and obey in whatever He wanted me to do. Then I gave my little prophecy, followed by the reading of a very beautiful prophecy about how the Lord has blessed us, which one of our channels had asked the Lord for at my request, in order to praise and glorify the Lord for all the mighty miracles He has been doing in pouring down His Words.

26.After the reading of that prophecy, we stopped and had seven people receive prophecies. Those seven people had been designated at the beginning of the meeting to receive things from the Lord, so that the others who are pretty shy and might worry if they thought they had to give a prophecy publicly wouldn't feel pressured. I wanted them to have fun and enjoy our birthday celebration, and not be worrying about having to get a prophecy later. Besides, almost everyone had already gotten a prophecy for my birthday in the days before the meeting, so it was as though they'd already participated. That was the end of the main part of the birthday meeting.

27.[By the way, to explain further about why I had chosen seven people to prophesy in this meeting, as I mentioned above: Sometimes I do encourage everyone to give public prophecy, even if they are in the beginning stages of learning to use their gift. For example, in the prayer and prophecy meeting that Peter and I had with our Home before Peter's trip to Japan and Thailand, I encouraged everyone to give something from the Lord publicly. Most everyone did, God bless them! But I didn't want anyone to worry that they would be asked to do the same thing at the end of this meeting, as that would have been quite a distraction for some of them. Also, due to shortness of time, I would not have been able to cover all the Lord had indicated we should discuss and read if we had planned a very long time of hearing from the Lord in prophecy during the meeting.]

28.I'd only been able to sleep four hours the night before my birthday and had tried several times during the day to nap, but couldn't, thinking about my birthday meeting coming up that night. I started to feel headachy before the meeting and had prayed desperately that the Lord would strengthen me.--And He did, miraculously! I felt so good throughout the meeting, thank You Jesus! What a miracle!

29.I know you, Peter, have lots of miracles like that--probably every time you have a meeting! But I'm just a beginner, and way, way behind you in giving meetings, Sweetheart. I'm just learning about and experiencing these things, but the Lord is helping me! So thank you for your patience in listening to my long tale. It's all so new for me. I guess it's rather amazing, even to me, that I'm actually giving meetings and enjoying it! That's why I have to tell you about it!

30.I forgot to tell you that right at the beginning of the evening and at the end we had real good prayer for you and the girls, Sweetheart! You were very much in our hearts and thoughts, even though not able to be here with us.

31.So, my love, you are one of the gifts I thanked Jesus for the most on my birthday! Besides His wonderful Words, poured out so abundantly and richly day after day, and the great gift of Dad's continuing help from the spirit world, you are the greatest gift He could give me. I'm so blessed! Whether you're here with me or whether you're out there, you're helping to carry the crown and make my load so much lighter.

32.Your absence only makes my love for you grow stronger as I think about how wonderful it will be when you return, and Jesus, you and I can again enjoy our wonderful love face to face. The cords of love that bind our hearts together can never be broken, because He's tied them so firmly, so securely by His Own hands. I'm so thankful that I can be bound forever to you and to Him. I'm your love slave!--And His!--Eternally.

Yours forever, Mama (End of excerpts of letter to Peter.)

The FountainofYouth!

33.Now that I've given you the background and the order of events of my birthday meeting, and shared with you the prayer that opened the meeting, I'll let you hear what Jesus has to say about birthdays, as well as share my birthday prayer and prophecy, and the beautiful things the Lord gave to me--and to you--on this, my 51st birthday. I told someone that I could hardly believe that I'm 51, since I feel so young in spirit. Remember how the Lord told us some time ago that we had found the fountain of youth? This is amazing! Let me repeat it here, as it's certainly appropriate for the occasion.

34. (Jesus speaking:) I raise up a new and young army--an army of those that are full of faith--not those that are strong, not those that are mighty, not those that have done great exploits, but just those that have faith--faith to trust Me, faith to hold on, faith to say yes to Me! These are they that will partake of the fresh waters of My Spirit, and that will have great rejoicing in these waters.

35.But the road to the well of these waters is a difficult road, and those that climb it are those that must be young--young in spirit, young in willingness, young in yieldedness, young in obedience, young in desire for Me.

36.Those that feel old and think, "No, but I am old. I am old in spirit and I find the changes hard and the new things difficult,"I say to you that before you stands the fountain of youth! For the fountain of youth is the will of God, and to receive of it and to drink of it you must only say yes--yes to My will, yes to that which I bring your way, yes to My new Words, yes to Me and all that I would ask of you. If you will do this thing, you will be young in spirit all the days of your life, and you will have the fountain of youth!

37.Even as your David, though old in flesh was young in spirit, so shall you be! For he was yielded to Me, and he said yes to Me, and he was true and faithful to Me. And so will it be with you if you will but say yes to Me.

38.So come unto Me, young and old, and, lo, I will make you all young, even as those who enter into the Heavenly realm are once again young and rejuvenated and revitalized because they are in the Spirit! Those of you that say yes to Me and that follow Me and that yield to Me and who trust Me--you are they that walk in the Spirit. And I say unto you, the Spirit of God is the fountain of youth! You shall be as a new creature, a young bottle, a young and radiant bride! You shall be forever young! (End of message from Jesus.) (ML #2987:170-174, GN 629).

39.(Mama:) I really want to be young in spirit, don't you? I guess that's why it was so important for me to say yes to Jesus on my birthday. However, while it's very necessary to be young in spirit, being older in the physical has its advantages also, as you all have recently read about in the "Midlife Victories" GNs. Dad used to say that even if he could, he would never exchange his age for being young in years again, because he considered youth a much more difficult time of life than old age. So we who are older in years can be happy that the Lord has given us the strength and grace to make it this far, and that He has graced us with the honor of a full, rich life of experience for Him.

40.And you know what? I'm starting to enjoy the fact that the Lord loves birthdays! Each year that we live is another precious time that He can spend with us. He doesn't want us to dread each year as it comes, but to be very thankful for the wonderful life He's given us. Here are His beautiful Words on birthdays that, as I mentioned above, we read during the first part of my birthday meeting. You can read it again on your birthday, too!

The LordLovesBirthdays!

41.(Jesus speaking:) Birthdays are very special occasions for Me, for they are a manifestation of My love for you. I made you because I love you, because I need you, and because you are special to Me. I made you special and different from anyone else, and I have given you a name that no one else knows but Me. I've assigned angels to watch over you all your life, to help you and keep you, and I never forget you! I love to celebrate your day of birth with you, because just thinking of you and how much I love you makes Me happy, and I want to make you happy!

42. I gave you personalized gifts at your birth to celebrate your entrance into this world--a multitude of gifts as starting presents to help you all the way through your life, special tokens of My love. Along with these gifts I continue to give you other gifts throughout your life to aid you and bring you happiness and fulfillment.

43.I love giving to My children, and every day I love to celebrate My care for you by showering you with My love, protection and mercy! And if you have special requests, as many do on their birthday, please bring these to Me too, as I love to answer My children's requests and give them everything that is good for them!

44.Rejoice with Me on your birthday! Be happy and sing and dance and praise Me! For your life is a priceless gift--priceless to Me--and that is why I died for you, so we could share our joy together forever. You will be with Me forever and we will celebrate My love forever. And when we meet, you will praise and thank Me for the greatest gift you have ever received--My love for you in creating you and giving you life. For without that one great gift of life for you and the rest of the world, none of the others would be possible. If no one had been born, then I couldn't have given My life, there would be no salvation, and we would not be spending eternity together.

45.So birthdays are very special occasions --special for Me and special for you--and I love to celebrate the day of our love, My love for you! So sing and dance and praise, as the angels do at each birth, and as they did at your birth. It is the celebration of life, and of a love that will last forever--My love for you! (End of message from Jesus.)


46. (Mama:) After reading the above message together, I prayed my birthday prayer.

47. Thank You Lord! We love You so much! We really want You! We really need Your seeds! We need You! We need Your help! We're so thankful for You. We're so thankful for the gifts You've given us. I'm so thankful for the gift of life and I'm so thankful You created me. I'm so blessed by You in every single way. I want to thank You tonight and make this my birthday pledge to You, and tell you what I want to do for You and the way I feel about You.

48.Thank You that we have this wonderful privilege of speaking with You and communicating with You. We can be so close to You; in fact, You're right here! We don't have to be thinking we're sending these prayers up to Heaven. In a way we are, but at the same time You're right here and You hear every word. You're sitting here beside me as You said You would be, and we know You're right here. We can't see You with our physical eyes or touch You, but we can in the Spirit. We can see You and touch You and feel You and hear You. It's just wonderful, Jesus!

49.Thank You, Jesus, for giving me the life that You have. Thank You for placing me in Your service and using Me to give Your love and Your Words to others. You are so good to me and have showered me with blessings. I feel like Your pampered lover who You've bestowed gift after gift on, and I'm so thankful for it all. You've called me to do a big job, a humanly impossible job. When I look at the job and the circumstances, I know it's impossible. I look at myself and my weaknesses and how nothing I am--just an ignorant and unlearned woman with so many faults--and I know that it's an impossible situation. But when I look at You, Jesus, and the great miracles You have done already, I know that all things are possible!

50.I just want to follow You, my precious Lover, wherever You lead, and to keep my hand firmly fixed in Yours. I know You're leading in the right way and that You won't fail to guide and direct my path. This is all Your doing, Jesus, and I know You know what You're doing. All I have to do is follow. And I will follow You. I'll be right behind You every step of the way and happy to be following in Your footsteps. Even though some of the way might not be entirely clear, and sometimes it might even be a little scary, I'm still going to stay close to You and do whatever You say!

51.This has been the happiest year of my life, Jesus, and the reason it's been that way is because this year I think we've gotten more of Your wonderful Words than ever before! They've just poured down in such abundance on us--much more than we could hold, much more than we could contain, more than we could ask! You've given over and above even what we've asked.

52.I love Your Words more than anything, and I want to give Your precious, life-giving Words to the world. I'll do all that I can to keep pumping out Your seeds and the waters of life to feed the sheep. I know there's no greater gift to people than knowing You and finding Your love and peace, so I promise to be faithful to speak about You and show them Your love.

53.You're the dearest in the world to me, Jesus. I want You above all others and I want You to be in every part of my life. You're dearer to me than Peter and all my loved ones. Even though I love Peter and them very, very much, I know that without You I have nothing and couldn't even live. I desire to be closer to You than to anyone or anything, and I promise to do all that I can to love You and show You my deep, devoted love.

54.I'm deeply in love with You, Jesus--very, very deeply in love--and I need You so much! I love to need You, and I want to keep needing You and loving you for the rest of my life. This burning love that I feel inside of me will never die; it's eternal and it's supernatural and it only grows stronger with time. My love for You and my desire for You grows stronger and deeper the more I know You and love You. With each year that passes, I look back and see how our love has grown. I look back and see how You've cared for me and loved me as Your wife and lover, and it makes me even prouder to belong to You.

55.You are everything to me, Jesus--my very breath and heart and life! I can't live without You. I want You in every part of my day, in everything that I do. I want You, sweet Jesus. I promise to be Yours completely. I promise to love You and cherish You and make love to You. I promise to hold You very close to my heart and to give You all of my heart. I want to give You everything and hold nothing back. I promise to give and not hold back. Whatever I am and whatever I have is Yours to do with as You will.

56.I'm Yours, and I only want what You want and desire. Take my life and use it for Your glory. Take my hands and heart and everything, and use them to bring Your love to others. Help me to be yielded and willing in every way. I want to be yielded to You and willing to perform Your will, and I promise that with Your help I will yield and do whatever You ask of me.

57.My wonderful, darling Jesus, You are so precious to me, so very precious! It's a joy to be in Your arms and I long to stay right here close to You. I'll give You my kisses and wrap my loving arms around You. I'll open myself to receive Your golden seeds any time You want. I'll make love to You and ravish You with my love whenever You want. I'll fill You with pleasure any way You want, however You want! It's a blessing for me to love You, it's a reward. You give me great pleasure.

58.I promise to try never to be too busy for You, Jesus. I'll be ready to love You, ready to listen to You, and ready to obey Your wishes. I'm Yours, and I want to be moved at Your slightest bidding. I want to give You the desires of Your heart. I want You to be able to ask anything of me, so that I can have the joy of knowing that I'm fulfilling Your heart's desire. I love You, Jesus!

59.Jesus, my dearest Sweetheart, I really don't want any of this prayer to be just empty words. When I say I will do anything for You, and I will yield to anything You ask of me, I want to really mean it. I want to do what I say. I want to put it into action. I know I've gotten some major victories in yieldedness over the last months and years. I know You've really helped me. I know it's nothing in myself, but it's only Your supernatural power because I've desired it so much, and I've been willing to fight to say yes to You. However, I realize that my yielding can't stop or can't be just in one area, or even two or three, but I have to yield in every part of my life. I can't rest on the laurels of how I've yielded in one area and feel that that's enough, but I have to keep yielding in every aspect of my life. Every time You bring another test before me, I have to fight to pass it.

60.Every time we yield, You bless us for it! But then another test comes along and we have to cry out again for Your power and strength to say yes. Even today as I was praying and preparing to give this birthday talk, I listened to a lot of Word where You were talking about the rewards of yielding. I wasn't even planning to read on yielding, but You brought these things before me. And as I was listening to these things, I realized that there's another thing that I need to yield to You, that I've sort of been holding back in and not wanting to yield, mostly because of my pride.

61.I was so happy, so relieved, thinking that since I was going to be giving this meeting and it was my birthday, that I wouldn't have to consider giving a public prophecy. But as I heard these messages from You on yieldedness, You convicted my heart and spoke to me very clearly that this was the thing I needed to yield in. I knew that I couldn't hold back in this, because I have to yield.

62.You've given me this privileged position, and along with it comes a lot of responsibility. This position means being a representative of You and following You closely in obedience and yieldedness. If I don't yield in every respect, then I'm being hypocritical and don't really have a right to this position or the title of queen. I have to yield in every respect, and it's very important for me to do it.

63.So, Lord, I don't want these to be vain words that I've said to You, or empty promises that I've made to You when I vowed I will do anything for You, go anywhere, and be anything. I want to mean these things with all my heart.

64.Your gifts are so wonderful. They're so bountiful, and Your Words just keep coming and coming--such beautiful downpours of jewels from Heaven! The Words that You speak to us are so marvelous that how could I not want to yield and do everything I can to learn to use this beautiful gift that You've given?--To show my thanks and appreciation for this priceless garment of prophecy by putting it on and wearing it so all may see!

65. Sometimes it's a difficult or fearful or embarrassing thing to yield, but it's really such a small thing in comparison with the great, great things You've given us. This is such a small thing You ask, for me to humble my pride, to receive so much in return now and in the days to come.

66.I want to be so thankful and so in debt to You for all that You've given me that the little things that come up in the yieldedness area will seem as nothing and won't even be a sacrifice and won't even bother me, because of all You've given to me. Thank You Jesus! You've given again and again and again, and on this birthday of mine I just want to give to You because You've given so much to me and to all of us. I just want to thank You on this night and praise You for everything!

67.This thing about prophesying in public and stepping out to exercise my gift has been difficult for me, very difficult, but in comparison with what You've done for me, it's really ridiculous to be proud and to hesitate and to hold back because I'm so conscious of myself and not conscious enough of You.

68.It's pride, plain and simple! I'm proud and embarrassed and I compare with others here that have much more well-rounded and developed gifts. I compare with those and I have just not wanted to do this. But when You spoke to my heart about it, I realized that I needed to. I was so convicted as I heard those prophecies before the meeting in which You were saying how yielded I am and how I will do anything for You.

69.I'm sorry, Lord, to make such a big thing of such a small thing. I really thank You for Your promises, that whenever we come to You and ask for anything in Your Name, You will do it. So, Jesus, please do give Me whatever You want to say right now, so we can hear Your beautiful Words. We should never look upon this treasure You give of Your Words of prophecy as a difficult thing, or a burden, or something we don't want, or something we have a problem with. It's such a beautiful thing! It's priceless! So help me not to have that attitude, no matter what. All You want to do is bless us.

70.Whatever You want to say, big or small, many words or few words, that's fine with me. I just want to do Your will. To yield and obey is the important thing. Thank You for loving me so much, Lord, to give me this priceless opportunity to sit here in front of my precious Family and to yield to You, to open myself to You and receive Your Words. Thank You for everything You do for us. Thank You that we're so richly blessed. Thank You Lord! We praise You, Jesus!

71.(Mama, Jesus speaking:) Thank you, My child, for your yieldedness. Thank you for saying yes again. Thank you for not refusing My requests, My desires. Thank you for your honesty and baring your heart and showing your weaknesses. Thank you, My child, for in that way I may be glorified and I may show My power and My strength.

72.I love you and will never leave you comfortless. I'm always here for you. I'm always with you and always ready to give more than you can even ask. Even though I don't always do it as you might wish or as you might have planned, still I do it with perfection, with foresight, and with infinite knowledge. I do it for your ultimate happiness. I do it for the happiness and security of your children who look to you for an example of following in My footsteps.

73.So do not belittle what I've given you. Do not say it is not enough or it is too small or too simple, because I have a plan and I will lead you step by step. You will find that My way is best. In your faith and confidence in Me, you will find great rest and peace and happiness--and your children along with you. (End of message from Jesus.)

74.(Mama:) As you can see, the Lord didn't fail, but gave the sweet message that He had for us--commendation for our yieldedness and a reminder that His way is always the best way!

The LordHathDoneGreatThingsforUs!

75.I was thinking a few days earlier about my birthday, and just thinking in general about how the Lord has blessed me--and all of us--so much! The Lord is constantly pouring His Words down upon us! They just keep coming and never stop. Do you realize the incredible miracles that take place in the Family every day? It's just wonderful! It's marvelous!

76.I'm just so awed and so at a loss for words about the marvel that this is and the magnificence of what the Lord is doing! Every question we have can be answered, and He answers so clearly and beautifully. Like I said, I just can't find the words to express it. It's such a wonderful thing that the Lord's done, and I wanted so much to be able to really explain what a great thing the Lord is doing here and throughout the Family in order to give Him the praise and the glory that He deserves for such miracles.

77.I felt so incapable of even beginning to try to explain it, so guess what I did? I asked the Lord to express it for us, because that's so much better, and when He does, He fills in a lot of gaps. I just know it in general, and we can all feel it, but when it comes to knowing the fine points and realizing the great things He's done for us, we don't really realize it.

78.It's sort of like a baby. You see the baby and you marvel at this wonderful creation of the Lord, but you don't know all the intricacies of the systems inside. You don't realize all the marvels that make that baby live and operate. You understand to a certain extent, but there's so much that you don't understand. So it's a little like that. We see the results and we understand in part--a very small part--but the magnificence is a little bit lost to us, in a way.

79.I wanted to ask the Lord if He could show us a little bit more about how great this thing is that He's doing. So He did, and it's so beautiful, I couldn't resist sharing it the night of my birthday, and with all of you. It talks about me, but it talks about you too, and it's showing the marvelous things the Lord has done for us!

Message fromtheLordonHowGreatlyHeHasBlessedUs!

80.(Jesus speaking:) As I have said in My Word, and as My prophets have said, blessed are your eyes--those who live in the last generation--and blessed are your ears for the things that you hear, and will yet hear!

81.Whose eyes and whose ears were they talking about? These are not the eyes and the ears of those of the world, and neither are they the eyes and the ears of those who give Me part of their time or part of their heart. But they are the eyes and the ears of the children of David with the truths that I have poured out upon you--the Words, visions, dreams, instruction, guidance, commission, power and anointing that I have given you, and the secrets that I will yet reveal to you that have not even been made known Here to those in the Heavenly realm! These are designated for you, My obedient and loyal children, for the sacrifices that you have made to serve Me and to yield yourselves as living sacrifices of love.

82.It has also been said that all the prophets have longed for this day. This is a very special time, for in this time more power shall be poured out upon My children than I have ever poured out upon the Earth since the beginning! More truths have been poured out on you than on any other. You have more access to these truths than any generation that has ever lived. For this reason you are known as the blessed ones, for no one else has been so privileged to have so much truth. Never has so much been opened up or revealed! Never has so much been said in such volume and in such detail!

83.In times past these things were sealed and not available, for it was not time. And all who have come before you, though I have given them My Words and My truth, they were paupers in comparison to the wealth of truth and the words of wisdom that I have poured out upon you. For this reason, all the prophets who have ever lived longed to live in this age, so that they could be fed of the wealth that I have poured out upon you.

84.I am pouring out upon you, My children, and upon Maria, a great measure of My Spirit! And for this reason both she and you are blessed more than any others who have ever lived!

85.I have opened the vaults of the libraries of Heaven because I have heard her prayers, I have seen her desire, and have felt her vacuum. So I have opened to her the storehouse of knowledge that she may choose what she will. The requests of her lips shall be given, for I have instructed the keepers of the vaults to find and to give her the answers, the secrets, the knowledge on whatever subject she requests. Aforetime these libraries were closed except for very special circumstances and by permission.

86.Your queen is a queen because of all that I have given her. She is a queen because of the authority she has; because of the vast multitude of peoples and riches that I have given her; because she has access to the treasury of Heaven; because of all that I have given her to rule; because of all the troops that she will command; because of the ability that I have given her to govern and to care and to administrate; because of the wisdom that I have endowed her with to make decisions and to rule diligently; because of the love that I have given her to shepherd with the greatest care and tender touches; because of the great heart of sympathy and feeling and compassion that I have given her.

87.I have given her more than I have given to any other in spiritual wealth, knowledge, power, and faith! And you are the blessed generation and children to have as your queen this one whom I have blessed so greatly. Because she is blessed, you will also be blessed, and what she has inherited, you will also inherit. The gifts that I have given her, you will also receive at her hand, for she is faithful and generous.

88. You will be blessed because of her ability to lead you from truth to truth, and through tribulation, and on into the Kingdom to come! You will be blessed even by the tribulation that you will suffer, for great will be your reward. You are blessed just because you have been chosen for this very special and privileged task that you have been called to perform in the great events to come. And she has been blessed by having been chosen to lead in this last era and on into the Golden Age. (End of message from Jesus.)

89.(Mama:) Isn't that amazing? Oh, we should love Jesus so much and give Him everything, because He is giving us everything! We love You so much, Jesus! Thank You for such beautiful Words--these precious things that we were able to share at my birthday celebration!

90.We were just in awe at what the Lord had to say, and I'm sure you are too. I don't know why the Lord has chosen us to heap His gifts upon and to help the world in these Last Days, but we can all be very thankful for such a privilege! Lord, we're nothing at all. We don't have anything. I guess that's why You can work through us, because we're so nothing. We're thankful that You can show Your power and Your glory and Your might!

91.There was nothing I could say to follow that wonderful message! We could only cry tears of happiness and thanksgiving that the Lord has called and chosen us out of all the millions of the Earth to be His children of David of the end.

92.After this, what could we do but praise and glorify Him that He has given us such an honored and privileged position in His Kingdom and in world history--and in His heart! It was not a time to speak our own words, but it was a time to hear more of His, while we were so touched in the Spirit and humbled and moved by His precious Words that we had just read. He had earlier showed us to do this when He had said:

His SeedsWillFlowTonight!

93.(Jesus speaking:) Receiving My Words in public has a special drawing power, a special anointing of My Spirit that pulls down the messages. It's very anointed and glorifies Me in a special way. It's unifying and electrifying for you to feel My Spirit moving amongst you. It draws you together as one body and one mind as you all listen together and monitor for My whispers and are sensitive and in tune with Me, sucking together, praying for each other and for My seeds to pour forth. It's a real spiritual feast, a feast of the prophets, and carries a very special spiritual blessing.

94.There will be a flow of seeds tonight through My channels--a beautiful free flow that will thrill My heart and quench the desire of My children! I have such open and ready children, so eager to hear My whispers and fuck Me and get My seeds. I love it when they want Me so ardently and ask Me for it. But not everyone need be a channel tonight, as I do not want to make My children weary with lovemaking. Some will receive and speak, and some will pray for the seeds to fall and be given through others. But all will be thrilled with the flow of My sexy, hot seeds! I'm ready, My loves! I'm going to fuck you real good, and we will celebrate the birthday of My queen! (End of message from Jesus.)

95.(Mama:) So, with eager anticipation we asked for His seeds, and we got them in a wonderful explosion of His love! So many birthday presents from Him! I'll share them here with you, along with some of the ones that had been received in the days leading up to my birthday. We don't have time or space here to share them all, but we would like to share more of them eventually, God willing. These messages are not only gifts to me, but gifts for everyone--gifts of His beautiful promises for all of us!

New AnointingsAreDescending!

96.(Jesus speaking:) Oh, the new anointing I have this day for My queen because of her faith, because of her obedience, because of her saying yes to Me and yielding! The new blessings and anointings of My Spirit are descending even now on this day that you celebrate her birth.

97.Because of her vacuum and because of her faith, there are more blessings to come as she continues to yield and obey and follow the voice of My Spirit, listening to My whispers and heeding My command as a faithful follower and a loving shepherdess.

98.You also will partake of these anointings as you continue to follow by faith and obey, and choose to follow Me. New anointings will be placed upon you, My children, which you will need in the Last Days. For even as these new anointings are being poured forth, the Enemy is fighting and trying to stop the flow of My Words, trying to stop it from reaching the hungry, the lonely, the lost. You must continue to fight for these anointings of My Spirit which you receive of Me--new weapons for the warfare, as you continue to upgrade for the many battles ahead. But there will be great victories, testimonies of faith, miracles of supply, miracles of provision for My children, which all the world will wonder at!

99.Thank you, My children, for your faithfulness. Thank you for being the receptacles of My Words. Thank you for being My prophets of the end. Be not limited by your vision, for I have a greater vision. Be not limited by your carnal mind and what you perceive in the flesh, but be open to My Spirit, that we might conquer new worlds and win new territories and go beyond what you can see and feel and comprehend with the carnal mind.

100.Thank you, My faithful children, for your faithfulness and your obedience and your love for Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

The AnointingtoReceiveHisGoldenSeeds!

101. (Jesus speaking:) This is a great and notable day! My Spirit is upon My queen because I have anointed her--not only to preach glad tidings unto the poor and to proclaim liberty to the captives, but also to receive My golden seeds! I will open the windows of Heaven and pour out upon her such as I have never given before!

102.Not only will I pour out upon her, but I will pour out upon all My Family, the blessed and privileged members of the children of David. For this is where My love dwells and this is where I will pour forth My golden seeds. For My Spirit is upon her and My Spirit is upon you, because I have anointed her and I am anointing you. You are the children of David, and you have the promises of the inheritance of the children of David. You have his seeds and you have My seeds. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Lord'sGonnaPourOutLikeNeverBefore!

103.(Dad speaking:) Honey, you thought last year was the happiest year of your life--well, wait'll you see next year! Wait'll you see the things that the Lord has in store for you in the coming year! The Lord's gonna pour out like never before! And I'm right here with you, you know.

104.This is a special day--the first day of the best year of your life! The Lord's gonna pour forth His seeds, and I'm gonna whisper in your ears. I'm going to pour out and the Lord's going to pour out like never before! (End of message from Dad.)

A YearofHappinessandHealth!

105.(Jesus speaking:) This will be a year of happiness and of health, for I, the Son of Righteousness, come with healing in My wings to you who fear My Name! To you, My chosen and My anointed queen, I come with health and strength and happiness. I will give it to you because of your yieldedness and your love, along with My seeds, which you desire more than life itself.

106.Because you have delighted yourself in Me, I will give you the desires of your heart. I will give you light and happiness and truth and love! You will walk before Me in health and in happiness. This is a great and notable day! Rejoice in it, for I the Lord have made it so. (End of message from Jesus.)

Follow MariaandHerSampleofYieldedness!

107. (Jesus speaking:) Oh, the power that I have for My children who will follow My Maria in yieldedness. Oh, the strength and the glory and the power that lies in yieldedness. Follow her sample of being willing to go wherever I ask her to go, to do whatever I ask her to do, to believe whatever I ask her to believe. For she has yielded again and again, and has gone from strength to strength.

108.You, My children, can have this same power. If you will yield and follow her sample, I will give you the same wisdom, the same power, the same love, and the same courage that I have given to My queen.

109.Be not fearful, but believing. Follow her, for she represents Me. Her heart follows hard after Me. The truth that she shares is My truth, the love that she gives is My love, and the wisdom that she shares comes from My throne. For she seeks Me daily. At every turn and at every moment, she reaches out and longs for My seeds. She draws them from My lips and from My tongue, and this I wish to give to each of you.

110.Be not afraid to yield, for in yielding you will find the peace and the joy that you so yearn for. You will find the strength to do My bidding, to feed and care for My sheep.

111.So rejoice in this yieldedness that you have experienced tonight, for I offer it to each of you. Reach out and take it! Be not fearful, but only believe. (End of message from Jesus.)

Promises ofPowerandAnointing!

112.(Jesus speaking:) I come to you, My queen, because of your desire to hear from Me, because of your longing for My comfort, encouragement, strength, anointing and power. I promise you, My queen, that I will give you the strength to do the job I've given you to do; the stamina to carry the responsibilities of the kingdom that I have placed upon your fragile shoulders; a dependable head to carry the crown--the royal crown which symbolizes My anointing upon you.

113.But you of all people, My queen, know what it costs. You know the sacrifices that are necessary--the death to your own ideas, your own personal desires and ways--that you might be filled with My will and My ways.

114.My anointing--My power and strength --will continue to flow upon you in abundance as you continue to give your all to Me; as you continue to be obedient to the Words that I give you; as you continue to give and to love and to share the precious Words of life with the lonely and lost of this world.

115.For I have many that I wish to reach. There are many that are dying, that hunger and thirst for My Words, and you must continue to strengthen My Family by giving them the Words that will help them to grow--grow in faith, grow in stamina, grow in obedience. And as you continue to obey My Heavenly vision, I will supply the anointing and power that you so desire, the strength to do My work.

116.Even so, My dear queen, contrary to the natural, contrary to the carnal, contrary to the physical, as you continue to give of your time and energy and strength, I will give you more time and more energy and more strength. As you give of your king for the sake of your kingdom, I will give you a closer relationship with him. As you give My Words to others, I will give more of My Words to you. So, My dearest sweetheart, My anointing, My strength and My power which you will need as the days go on, are dependent on your yieldedness to Me and to My will, your obedience to My vision, and your following My whispers closely.

117.To you, My queen, and to all My kings and queens in training, I say: As you continue to choose to love Me and serve Me and do My will, you will have new strength, new anointing, and new powers to perform My miracles in these Last Days. So when you are buffeted about by the distractions and lies of the Enemy, continue to choose to serve Me and love Me. For the blessings and promises of My power and anointing are reserved for those who continue to obey and follow Me. They are poured forth with a price and given to those who sacrifice to do My will.

118.Do not compare your anointings with the anointings upon others, and be not discouraged if they seem more blessed than you. For I give each of My children special blessings in a personal way--manifestations of My love for them. And part of your receiving special anointing from Me is accepting the anointing that I have placed upon another, and rejoicing with them at the blessings that I pour upon them. (End of message from Jesus.)

Great StrengthandPowerAreNeededforTheseLastDarkDays!

119.(Jesus speaking:) My children, wherein have you earned these many blessings that I have bestowed upon you? I say unto you that you have not earned them, but they are given to you because of the greatness of My love. You feel that you are nothing, that you are undeserving, that you are unworthy. Yet the greatness of My love for you and your receptivity to My love have made you worthy.

120.This is not a thing of yourselves, but it is of Me. As you have been open and received My love, I have created channels. The more you receive, the greater your channels become, and the more My blessings are able to pour forth upon you. The more you receive and the more you act upon what I show you, the more I am able to give you. For you have not become as bottles which simply store that which is received, but you have become as channels that receive and pour out, that accept that which I give, and then obey and pass it on to others.

121.For this reason I've given you great blessings, greater than have been poured out on any, ever before, as you've poured out. This I do not only because of your great receptivity to Me--for there have been many great men and women who have also been receptive to Me--but also because of the times in which you live. For the Enemy goes about as a roaring lion, and his power on Earth has become stronger in these last dark days.

122.Therefore you are in need of greater strength and greater power! You are in need of more of My Words to refresh you and to strengthen you. For the Enemy of your soul seeks to attack you more vigorously. He is enraged, for he knows that his time is short. For soon all these things will come to an end, and he will be put to an end upon My return. Therefore he does all that is within his power to stop and hinder, to try to cause you to close up the channel, to bottle the flow. For this reason I give you greater power. For this reason I have poured unto you more abundantly of My seeds, that you may receive them and that you may be strong.

123.You have nothing of yourselves; you are but dust. I could raise up even the rocks to do My will. It is not of you, but you are empowered with My seeds. They glow within you. In the flesh you are but worms, but as you receive My seeds, they glow within you and you become glowworms that bring light.

124.Continue to receive My strength and My power. Continue to receive My blessings, for you have great need of them. You have need of them because of the dark days ahead and because of the times in which you are now living.

125.I say this not to make you fearful, but so that you will understand the great measure with which you need Me--even greater than ever before--and the great measure wherewith I can pour out My Words, My abundance, and My blessings upon you.

126.You are My chosen children, My precious ones in whom I have great delight, because you delight yourselves in Me. He who delights himself in Me, I also shall delight Myself in him. And of those who delight themselves in Me, there is none like unto My Queen Maria, who gives her all to Me, who delights herself daily in Me, who lives for no other purpose than to delight herself in Me.

127.Look to her and follow her sample, for I wish you to do likewise. In doing so, you will find strength, anointing, power and blessing, even as she also has found these things. I will make each of you little Davids and little Marias in the time that is to come. In that day must the seed of David and of Maria multiply. You will all be little Davids and little Marias because of the anointing of My Spirit that will come upon you, if you will yield to Me and delight in Me, like My Servant David and My Queen Maria. (End of message from Jesus.)


128.(Dad speaking:) Hi, Honey! Well, you sure have a lot of questions, and you've got a lot of us folks up Here hopping to send down all the answers and stories that you have asked for. Not only do you know how to keep all the precious folks in our units down there busy, but now you're keeping Heaven pretty busy as well. Ha!

129.But we love it, Honey!The folks up Here are more than willing to send down anything you ask for. They're honored that they are being called upon by the Queen of the Endtime to share their stories, their experiences, their words. So hang on, because there's lots to come and I know you're just going to love some of the things that we have cooking for you up Here!

130.The Lord knows that there's nothing else that He could give you that you would love more than His direct Words, or even Words from the multitudes of Heavenly helpers up Here. And there's so much in store for you, you wouldn't believe it! Well, I know you believe it. You're just incredible, Honey. You are the most incredible woman I have ever known! You just take things by faith. No matter how out of the ordinary it seems, it doesn't faze you. Whatever the Lord says, you just accept it. And that's why He continues to pour out so abundantly to you!

131.Honey, you asked if I could tell some stories of the way things operate up Here, and I'll be getting to that, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of you. You're doing an absolutely terrific job in leading the Family. I knew you could do it! I knew you and Peter would make a great team, and you've done it. I'm so proud of you.

132.So, happy birthday, Honey! We're all celebrating your birthday up Here together with you, and we're preparing all the gifts that the Lord will be giving you throughout this new year. So keep looking to the Lord, Honey, and know that I will be right there with you. I'm always by your side, whispering in your ear, loving you, making love to you. Honey, you're just wonderful. You're absolutely the greatest!

133.So, let me tell you a bit more about life Here in Heaven. You wanted a story from someone who has an assignment on Earth, so here I am! What do you think of that? I have an assignment to help someone on Earth, and that someone is you! How about that? I am assigned to help you, to be with you, to lead your thoughts, to guide your decisions, to whisper words in your ear, and to help you hear from the Lord.

134.I was so happy when the Lord said that I could come back to be with you, to watch over you, to help you, and to love you. Oh, the Lord knows every desire of our hearts, and He is so good to us when we delight ourselves in Him. And you've been delighting Him plenty, Honey. The Lord is absolutely flipped out over you--head over heels--just as I am! You're His little pet and He loves you dearly. So He has allowed me to come down here to be with you, because He knew that was the heart's desire of both of us.

135.There's nothing in Heaven or on Earth that I would have wanted more than the assignment to be with you and help you. I know you so much better now than I did when I was with you, and you know me better too. That's because the spiritual realm is just so real--so much more real than you realize. I can look straight into your heart and mind--it's almost like we're one soul--and you have no idea how sexy that is! I mean, it just feels so good. But I'm getting tripped off here, ahem!

136.So, what's it like to work with someone on Earth? Well, it's pretty exciting. I mean, for us, it's like we're in constant communication. You probably don't realize how much we can influence you--especially you, Honey, because you're so in tune and prayerful and praiseful. All these things help you get closer to the realm of the spirit: the more you pray, the more you praise, the more you love the Lord, the more you read His Words and listen to Him. The more you do these things, the easier it is for us to get through to you in your everyday thoughts. You're just so close to all of us here in the spirit, Honey. It's really incredible. Sometimes I even wonder if you can see me!

137.We influence your thoughts--that's a great deal of how we lead and guide you. The more in tune you are, the easier it is for you to be attuned to us. I say us because it's not only me here. There's quite a crowd of helpers here with you, some of which have been with you since you were born, and others that have been assigned to you by the Lord at various times, and are still with you. And of course there are the royal guardian angels that stand not only around you, but all around your property, to protect the Sanctuary of Love from any onslaughts of the Enemy.

138.But there are also times when we're alone together, just the two of us. And do you know when those times are? It's when you're asleep. Then the two of us can be together again. I told you how when you sleep, your spirit doesn't need sleep, and that's why you dream. So when you're asleep, that's what we're doing. I take your hand and we walk--well, we float--around. I take you through the house, and we visit all of our dear folks here. I'm able to tell you things about them--their secrets, their needs, their wishes, their battles. And though you don't remember when you wake up, you still know and are aware.

139.Then we can lead you to talk to that person and tell them just the things that they need to hear. You know just what to say to them, because in those times that we're together, I put these things in your heart for them. And so even though you're never consciously aware of it, you are working closely with us, closer than you even realize.

140.It's not as easy with some other folks, but you are just so in tune, Honey, and so close to the spirit world, that it's very easy to work with you from our end. And now that you've been learning to hear from the Lord in prophecy, it's gotten even easier. It's so easy for us to get through to you now. Some others have a harder time, but really, anybody can hear from the Lord and be led by their helpers and guides if they'll just take the few steps that are necessary to tune their receivers to the right frequency.

141.The secret is in the Word, in prayer, in praise, in yieldedness, and in love. All these forces draw down the power of the Lord and bring you closer to the realm of the spirit, to where it's not only easier for the Lord to get through with His messages, but also for us to get through with our thoughts.

142.Remember that prophecy about the engineers that work hard to put all the elements in place for something to happen, and how happy they are when the plan comes to pass? Remember how they also said how disappointing it can be when they're not able to get through to someone, and thereby the person misses all that the helpers have tried to do to engineer something to happen? (See ML #3005:83-93, GN 647.) Well, that's really what happens, and it all depends on these things: how much you read the Word, how much you pray, how much you praise, and how much you love and yield. Those are the keys, the secrets, the elements that it takes to be more easily influenced by those of us who would help you.

143.That's why it's so easy to work with you, Honey, because you're really a master in all these things. With each new thing that the Lord has brought along, you've just said, "Yes, Lord, I'll do it. I'll do it because You said that You wanted us to do it. I'll do it because You said it will make You happy. I'll do it because I love You. I want to do all that I can to please You, and I know that this will please You."

144.No matter what it is, Honey, you just do it--and the Lord just loves you to pieces for it. He can't help but pour out His blessings, His love, His Words, and His answers to you all the time, because you enjoy it so much. You're the insatiable bride, Honey, and the more you suck and desire and moan and groan in delight at the seeds that the Lord gives you, the more turned on He gets, and the more He really wants to give it to you! Oh, Honey, it's just absolutely beautiful. It's absolutely thrilling to be working with you. You're the best assignment--and the easiest assignment--I could ever have to work with.

145.And David, this is just a small P.S. to you, Son: I love you! I love you! I love you! Keep going for God, Son. You're gonna make it. Don't worry about what lies ahead, okay?--Because the Lord has got it all under control. I'm right with you, leading and helping and guiding you too. I love you, Son, and I'm glad that you've been able to have this time with Mama, and to be here helping out in the Home. I just want to tell you that no matter where you go, I'll be with you. I love you, Son. (End of message from Dad.)

From OneQueentoAnother!

146. (Spirit helper speaking:) The Lord is even now moving each piece of the chessboard into the position where He wants it to be in order to perform His will and to perfect His plan and to bring about the promises which have been given to the children of David--and not only to the children of David, but to the lost who are crying out for their Lord and Savior. All must be in the right position, in the proper place.

147.The Lord is even now strategically placing, planning, and preparing. He looks down upon the world, upon each nation and each area. He sees the situation and the circumstances, and He is moving and working in the Spirit. And you, the children of David, are feeling the great movement of His Spirit.

148.I have been sent unto you, Queen Maria. I have come to you at this time to give you encouragement and strength, as from one queen to another. I am Catherine, who has been chosen to be your helper, your spirit guide, to teach you and to give you the things which I have learned, which helped me to be a great queen. I am Catherine the Great, and I lived in the 1700s. Like me, you will receive many others who will help you from the spirit world--great helpers, great men and women who have been given great powers from our Lord--in order to help you rule and reign over the children of David.

149.I too love the children of David. They have reached into my country and have brought my people the love of Jesus. They have come to this cold land where few desire to come. The children of David have come with a burning love in their hearts and have been willing to give everything in order to reach my people of Russia. I love them dearly and I will do anything to help you lead them and guide them, so that my people can hear more and more of the Words of David and the Words of Jesus and the Words which He will give through you in these Last Days.

150.Great and powerful will be the words which you will speak.--Not because they will be eloquent or complicated, but because they will be simple words of love that will speak to my simple, hard-working people.

151.So I sit beside you, dear Queen Maria, to give you strength and comfort and encouragement. I have been given great powers of the Spirit and you too will be given great and mighty powers of the Spirit which you know not now. There will be many who will rush to your side to help you reach their people, to bring the love of Jesus to their country. You will not be alone, for you will have the strength of many. You will not work in your own strength, for you will have the mighty strength of many spirit helpers! You will be encompassed about with a great cloud of helpers. That which you will perform will be beyond your own strength, for it will be the strength of God. (End of message from Catherine the Great.)

152.(Vision which was recorded after the meeting:) When Mama was praying her birthday prayer at the beginning of the meeting, every now and then I'd open my eyes. Every time I opened them a little, I thought I saw a figure of a woman sitting in the other chair, but then when I would open my eyes all the way, she would disappear. This happened about three times, and I was wondering, "What is this?" Then later when someone started getting the prophecy from Catherine the Great, I realized that it must have been her I was seeing sitting in the chair next to Mama. Then, during the prophecy, I opened my eyes a little bit to see if I'd see her outline again, but I didn't see her there any more because she had moved and was speaking through the person prophesying. (End of vision.) (Editor's note: Catherine the Great [1729-1796] was a German princess who became empress of Russia. During her rule, Russia expanded greatly. Catherine was a gifted person, and she proved to be a conscientious ruler.)

More BirthdayLovefromDad!

153.(Dad speaking:) I want to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday, Honey! My love, I send you my birthday wishes and seven times seven the kisses of David. Oh, how I love you, and how my heart is knit to thine. We will always be one, and our love is eternal and forever.

154.Honey, I believe this is going to be your best year ever! You've ripened into a wise and loving prophetess of God, a real queen who wears her crown so nobly and lovingly. I've always admired queens such as yourself, Victoria and others. A people and a nation are so blessed to be ruled by a kind and loving queen, a mother of men and of women who rules with tenderness and mercy, a queen who is kind to her people--and such a queen are you.

155.All hail to the queen on this her birthday! All hail to the queen, the mother of men! All hail to my Maria, whose reign is in righteousness and in truth, who rules with mercy and love, and whose lovingkindness is over my great people.

156.I love you so much, Honey! I kiss you from Heaven! I hold you in my arms and I pray for you. May the Lord give you great grace, strength, power and wisdom, and above all, the great love that it takes to rule His people. May He also give you the desires of your heart, my precious honey. May He pour out from Heaven upon you all the good things of God. May the Lord cause His lovingkindness to pour into your heart with great abundance, that you in turn may shed forth the lovingkindness of the Lord upon all the Family. God bless you, Honey! I love you forever! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

Celebration ofYieldedness!

157.(Jesus speaking:) My precious one, My darling sweetheart, My lovely Maria, I have made you a queen of such a great people! I have made you a shepherdess of the children of David. I have made you My Endtime prophetess. I have made you a great administrator, a great manager of My Kingdom's business. So many gifts I have entrusted into your care because of your great faithfulness.

158.Day and night I see your labors. I see you toil when you are weary. I see you lay down your life because you are pressed with the needs of the people and the affairs of the Kingdom. My heart goes out to you, My precious one, My wonderful queen, My faithful Maria. You give and give and give again, even when you have no strength in yourself, and you call out to Me with your whole heart. I see your tears, I hear your desperate cries, and I rush to your side and to your aid to give you all that you need that you might serve My people.

159.I find such pleasure in your faithfulness. I find such joy in how you have taken up this cross that I have entrusted into your care. It is such a great weight, such a heavy responsibility, but you are willing to bear this for Me, and for the children, and for the lost, because of your great love.

160.It is a love that I have placed in your heart since you were a child. You have nurtured it. You have protected it. You have allowed Me to fan the flame of this love and dedication with My Spirit and with My whispers, even from the time you were a child.

161.I have led you in the way. I have protected you. I have groomed you for this day. You are My anointed queen, My precious shepherdess, My leader of the end. Great will be your anointing, and great will be your reward. Great will be your fruitfulness, and great will be your people.

162.All of this, your service to Me, brings Me great pleasure and satisfaction. But I say unto you, My precious one, My darling, what brings Me the greatest satisfaction is your love for Me--your wholehearted, undivided, unswerving devotion to Me. Of all the things that I have made you and of all the ways that I have gifted you, what is most precious to Me is how I have made you My bride and My lover.

163.The pleasure you bring Me is indescribable! I have not words to describe the passion that swells in My heart to see your devotion, and to see how you put Me first above all things. You count all else as naught that you might have Me, and that you might do My will.

164.Sweetheart, My precious one, I love to love you. I love to fuck you. Your yieldedness is your greatest sex appeal. It's what turns Me on more than anything. When I see you say yes with your heart in your hands, lifting it up to Me, saying, "My Lord, do with me as You will, for I am Your servant, I am Your bride, I am Your lover, I am at Your service," then My heart is overwhelmed, and I am overcome with joy and excitement. I want to love you completely. I want to have you completely. For I know you are Mine completely, and I am yours completely.

165.I promise you, My precious one, that My birthday present to you this year is that our love relationship will be more intimate,more passionate, more satisfying than ever before! You will feel Me closer than ever before. You will hear My voice and discern My Words as never before. We will be as honeymooners. We will be on fire for each other, constantly hot, constantly turned on. We will ravish one another day and night. We will fuck to our hearts' content! You will continually cry, "Give me more! Give me more!" And I will continually say, "Yes, My darling, I am here for you! I want to have you! I want to give you My seeds!"

166.I have so many seeds for you, for I am a strong man! My rod is the rod of God, the rod of power, the rod of empowerment, the rod of strength, the rod of anointing!

167.This will be a year of joy! This will be the year of our honeymoon! This will be the year that we will explore the joys of Heaven, as I will reveal to you the secrets of the everlasting. You will see and hear things that no one has ever seen or heard before. For your yieldedness has opened a gate and unlocked the mysteries of Heaven!

168.Great is your worthiness, My queen, My lover, My precious one, My bride, My nymph, My sprite! Great is your worthiness, and your worthiness is born of your yieldedness, for I have worked mightily in your life!

169.For in those times when you were pressed, when you were tested, when the Enemy did try to dissuade you and to persuade you to cease from following close after Me, you resisted and you rebuked the attacks of the Enemy. You destroyed the power of the Enemy in your life through your yieldedness. And I broke the chains that the Enemy sought to forge around your heart, around your lips, around your eyes.

170.He sought to put you in bondage. He sought to stop the flow of My Spirit and My love, but you resisted! You fought, for you are a great and bold fighter! You are a warrior! You are a Brunheld, mighty and strong, with great weapons in your hand. You've fought and you will continue to fight, and you will go from victory to victory, from strength to strength!

171.You think that your sample is limited. How far can one person's sample, one person's yieldedness, one person's open heart, one person's commitment go? But I say that your sample will ring out far and wide throughout all the land, and this day will be a celebration of yieldedness throughout all the Kingdom and the hearts of the children of David! They will rejoice with you! They will feel the conviction of My Spirit working in their lives, and they too will move forward step by step to greater yieldedness.

172.There will be days of testing and purging ahead, days of struggle, but fear not for these days. For just as your days of struggle brought forth greater yieldedness in you, so will it be for your children, My precious Family. Through their struggles will be won great victories, for through these struggles I will bring greater yieldedness.

173.You fear that many of them are weak, that they are contaminated with System attitudes, with division, with lack of motivation. You fear that they follow afar off, and you wonder if they will have the strength to make the choices and the decisions that will be required of them.

174.But I say, fear not! For My children of David are strong in their love for the Words of David. And when they are brought to the crisis, when they are brought to the turning point, they too will say yes, and they too will take their hearts in their hands and lift them up to Me and say, "Oh, Lord, do with us as You will. For we seek only to follow closely that which we know is the truth, and we know that our queen speaks the truth. Give us grace, give us strength, give us the power of yieldedness!" I will hear these sincere prayers, and I will see these sincere tears, and I will reach down My hand of deliverance.

175.So shall you see that your sample of yieldedness will multiply again and again and again! It will be a chain reaction--one which will bring forth great power and great fruitfulness! You will see a day of unlimited provision, blessing, and a great publishing of My Words. So many Words, so many pages, so many booklets, so many books, so many television programs, so many videos, new tools, new ways, new avenues! You have not yet imagined the great way that the Word will be preached in the years to come, and all of this will be the blessing of yieldedness!

176.So let this day be a celebration of yieldedness! Long live the queen! Long live her yieldedness! Long live the children of David! So will it be, because I have My hand and My blessing upon My children. I will not fail in one of all My good promises to these, My special chosen wives! (End of message from Jesus.)

The DarkDaysofTribulationWillBeDaysofVictoryforUs!

(Singing in tongues, a beautiful melody, like a love ballad.)

177.(Jesus speaking:) Behold the love of My life, My precious queen, My darling, My bride, My intimate love! Behold this day of celebration, this day of rejoicing, this day of love! Behold this celebration of passion, this giving and receiving of seeds! This is a day of praise, of rejoicing, of celebration--the birth of My queen, the creation of My bride, the celebration of her existence, the fulfillment of My will!

178.Oh, My precious darling, how I love to love you! How I have looked forward to this moment. What a special night, what a special time! Now I can take you in My arms and show you how much I love you, how much you mean to Me, how much I need you and want you and desire you.

179.Every day My passion for you grows! It mounts and rises; it soars as an eagle in the sky, without boundaries, without limitations. So beautiful is My love for you, My precious Maria, My gorgeous queen of passion, My wonderful bride of desire. You are the love of My life. In My eyes you are the picture of perfection. You are exactly what I want and need. You are perfect for Me. I love everything about you. I wouldn't change a thing!

180.Oh, the happiness and joy you bring Me! I have such satisfaction of heart, such peace of mind, knowing how you love Me, how you yield your all to Me, and how your greatest and foremost desire is to please Me and do My will. I know this, and I am secure in knowing that you will lead My children aright, for you are a faithful and true shepherdess. You are willing to follow your Shepherd wherever He leads. So I am able to lead you in a plain path, one that is heavily laden with blessings, and I am able to lead you to the mysteries of My Spirit. I am able to lead you where no man has ever gone before!

181.You and your king are truly sailing uncharted seas, and I will continue to reveal more and more to you as you enter into and pass through the dark days of temptation, tribulation and testing. Fear not, for these will not be days of defeat, but they will be days of great victory for you and your children--days of great anointing, great power from on high, and great miracles!

182.You and your children have nothing to fear! For the temptation and tribulation and testing will come upon the people of the world as they grope in darkness and as they reap My judgments for their sins, their unyieldedness, and their rebelliousness. But you, My dear precious one, and your king and your children, will go from strength to strength!

183.So let us rejoice! Let us celebrate that there are days of great victory on the horizon--days of strength, anointing, and power in which you will not lose, but you will gain! You will not stumble, but you will continue to climb higher and higher and grow stronger with each step.

184.This is My promise to you, My precious queen, on this, the day of your birth. It is My promise of power, progress, anointing and success. It is My promise that I will continue to lead you and your king and your children in the true paths of My will. Nothing and no one will be able to dissuade you or distract you. You will stay in the perfect center of My will and I will protect and keep you each step of the way. You will lack nothing, for I will provide all your needs--financially, spiritually, physically. Your health will be better than ever. Your security will be stronger than ever. The staff that you lean upon will be more faithful than ever.

185.As darkness falls upon the world, the light of the children of David will be brighter and more piercing than ever! The wicked will not be able to deny the truth given into the hands of the children of David! For they will stand as a beacon--a light of warning to some, and a light of mercy to others--and this light will shine throughout all the Earth!

186.Be not weary for what you see as weaknesses in your children, for you have not even yet begun to see the strength of My power manifested in them. This is only the beginning! There is so much more to come that your eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard. Even you, My queen, with your many questions and your great faith and your vision for the future, have not begun to perceive the great works that I will do through you and your king and your children in the days to come.

187.I promise you, My precious one, My darling, My wife, My lover, that I will keep you in the perfect center of My will. The words that you speak, the message that you publish, the direction that you lead your children, will be perfectly within My will and My plan. For I promise you, I swear to you, My queen, that I will not lead you astray. I will not lie to you, nor hide from you anything that you need to know--even anything that you want to know that is good for you.

188.I am at your service, My precious one! Your wish is My command! I am your love slave, your servant. Command Me as you wish. For the great love that I have for you, My bride, constrains Me to give you the desires of your heart. You have but to ask and you will receive.

(Sings in tongues again, the same beautiful love ballad melody.)

189.Let the people rejoice! Let them raise their hands! Let all the Earth give praise! For this is the day of the birth of My queen, My precious love, My most ardent bride! Rejoice, rejoice, for this is the day that the joy of My heart and the pleasure of My lips and the warmth of My love was made flesh to bring Me great pleasure, to be a faithful handmaiden, companion and lover to King David, to be a queen and fellow warrior and co-laborer with King Peter, and to be a faithful shepherdess, mother, friend and example to the children of David. (End of message from Jesus.)

190.(Mama:) Thank You, precious Jesus, my wonderful Lord and Husband! What beautiful gifts You've given me and each one of us on this day. They amaze us, they astound us, they humble us, yet they so rejoice our hearts and make us want to love You even more and give even more to You.

191.So, dear Family, I hope in hearing these wonderful messages of love from our dear Jesus and Dad that you have gotten as high in the spirit as we did! My birthday was a momentous occasion indeed, because of the great things that were spoken--the tremendous promises that were given for me and for you!

192.Each of these messages is so precious and I could comment on any one of them, but I want to draw your attention to the one where the Lord says to me, "You are the love of My life." When I asked the Lord about this, He said: "You, My precious queen, are the love of My life, but so is each of My brides who loves Me with such passion, ardor and dedication, as do the children of David who love Me intimately. Each one brings Me such satisfaction, such joy! I could and do say this to each of My hot, insatiable, obedient brides of the children of David." Isn't that beautiful?! That's a wonderful little tidbit of special encouragement for you personally!

193.Also, you might wonder how in the world the Lord can say of me, "In My eyes you are the picture of perfection. You are exactly what I want and need. You are perfect for Me. I love everything about you. I wouldn't change a thing!" You and I both know I'm not perfect! The Lord knows this for sure! I have many faults and weaknesses! But when I asked the Lord about this, He said, "Have you not had earthly lovers who you felt were the picture of perfection, and that you wouldn't change anything about them, even though you knew they were not perfect, that they had faults and could stand to improve in some of their weak areas? If you, being weak, frail men, can love with such power and overlook the imperfections of your loved ones, how much more so can I who am Love."

194.The Lord chose this particular use of words because He knew it would be easy to relate to for those of us who have loved another human being with such intensity. I felt that way about Dad, and now I feel that way about Peter--I wouldn't change a thing about him. Even though I know he's got faults and weaknesses, still, because of the great love the Lord has given me for him, he's perfect in my eyes! Maybe you have experienced this as well. You can be encouraged that that's how the Lord feels about you personally, and about each of us! Praise the Lord!

195.Each day only gets better as we yield and grow closer to Jesus, our wonderful Husband, and anticipate with awe and excitement the wonderful things that He has ahead for us. This will be a wonderful birthday to remember, and I will always thank my precious Jesus for His wonderful birthday gifts on my birthday in 1997.

196.I can't pay Him back, but I can continue to yield and give Him my heart, my life, and all that He has given me. I pray to grow closer to Him every day, to be more loving and giving, to be more Christ-conscious and not so self-conscious, to absorb and retain His Words better, to grow in the beautiful new gift of prophecy that He's given me, to do all I can to feed you, my wonderful Family, and to give His Words to those who are dying without them--His poor lost sheep.

Love NotesfromKingPeter!

197.Not only did the Lord shower me with so many treasures and gifts of His Word and also allow Dad, whom I'm still very much in love with, to say so many loving words to me, as you have heard, but He also sent me a very precious message from my earthly husband, our King Peter! Since he has been traveling the world and you've been hearing him in person and seeing him on video, you know why he's chosen of David and anointed by the Lord, and why I love him so much. He's a humble, yielded, broken vessel, and that is why the Lord can use him so mightily. His birthday note to me, and the one he sent me just previous to that, said:

"My precious love! I love you so much and miss you a lot! Last night was the end of our meeting here in Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia). It was nice to finish it, as it means I'm that much closer to coming home to your arms. It went very well, thanks to your and everyone's prayers. I've been missing you, though, and it seems to get progressively more as the trip goes on. But I know I'll be home soon. I can hardly wait! There's just something so precious about being with you, in your arms, feeling your love. I love you, Sweetheart, more than anything but Jesus. And the wonderful thing is that in loving you, I'm loving Him, too! ...

"I count the days until I return. I look forward to having your arms around me, your lips on mine. I love you, sweet baby! I'll write when I can. ..."

* * *

"Dear, precious Mama, I love you! Happy birthday!! I love you dearly and I'm praying for you. You're so special to me, Honey. In some ways I'm sad that I can't spend your birthday with you, but being here with these precious missionaries on the day of your birthday is the next best thing. Maybe it's even the best thing, because they're so appreciative and so humble and worthy. God bless them!

"I love you, my dearest, and I pray that your year ahead will be more fruitful than any that you've ever had. I pray that the Lord will continue to mightily anoint you and bless you and keep you and strengthen you. I also pray that I can be a blessing to you, and I want to restate my pledge of love to you--that I'm yours and the Lord's together, forever. My heart is knit with yours and always will be.

"I pledge to love you and to serve you, and to be all that I can be in order to help you serve and love the Lord and our precious Family. You mean the world to me, and besides the Lord, you're my very best friend. You're the only one who really knows my heart, besides Jesus, and I'm always very thankful for how tender and full of understanding you are when you probe into my heart.

"I love you, my love! Everything about you, I love! I love your looks, your personality, your laughter. I love your body, your sex--I just love you! You're so very precious to me. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for taking such good care of me. Thank you for keeping me close to the Lord. I love and admire you.

"I really do want to come home and see you. I love you, my love, and I'm praying for you. Please give my love to everyone there, and tell them that Amy, Rebecca and I send our love, and that we're very thankful for them and all they're doing to support us in the spirit.

"I love you, my darling. Honey, when we get home, let's really have a big celebration of your birthday together, okay? You know the kind I mean, like many hours where I love you! Love, Peter." (End of messages from Peter.)

(To be continued in "The Birthday Party Vision," coming soon!)

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