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The Birthday Party Vision! Maria #400 CM/FM 3142 7/97

A sequel to the "Birthday Yieldedness" GN

(Please read "Birthday Yieldedness," ML #3141, before reading this issue. Thanks!)

1.(Mama:) The Lord certainly has made this a year to remember with so many birthday presents for all of us!--Priceless promises of love, protection, provision, comfort, health and anointing--everything that we could ever need or want!

2.And that's not all! As if this was not enough, our wonderful Husband still had one more extra-special birthday surprise to come! It wasn't until a few days after our Home celebrated my birthday that the Lord revealed in amazing detail what actually took place in my honor in the halls of Heaven, as well as on Earth, during our time of festivity. I was surprised enough to realize that many of you, dear Family, were also celebrating my birthday, but then to see the Lord and Dad and the host of Heaven joining in was overwhelming--more than I could ever ask or think!

3.Jesus has opened the windows of Heaven to us! He's privileged us, the children of David, by allowing us to take a trip behind the veil and see things as they really are! He's given us this very unique and special birthday surprise to enjoy for our inspiration and encouragement and to spark in us a vision for the great things He has in store! My own words can never do the subject justice, so I'll let you read on and experience this thrilling visual account for yourselves. Join in and thrill to the tunes and the sights and sounds of Heaven--it's sure to lift your hearts and set your heads awhirl as it did mine!

(Illustrated version coming soon in a Hope TK.)

4.(Vision:) Wow! What a picture! Lord help me to describe all this! I can see into Heaven, and everything is buzzing with excitement! The air is alive, pulsating with energy! I don't know if I ever saw such excitement--it seems something really, really big is about to happen!

5.Everybody's getting ready for something spectacular! There are departed saints and prophets of old, there are angels--lots of angels--and other Heavenly folks, some who have never lived on Earth, and there are lots of Family members! Oh, they look so good--some of our Family mothers and fathers who have gone to Heaven. They look gorgeous, so handsome and beautiful!

6.And now I see some of the children--Family children who are in Heaven--and they're so adorable! They're calling out to me. They're so thrilled, they're just bursting at the seams 'cause they want to tell me where they're going. They're shouting, "Hey, Auntie, we're going to a birthday party! Did you know today is Mama Maria's birthday? And guess what? Grandpa said we're gonna celebrate, because Jesus has a special surprise for Mama Maria and for the whole Family! Jesus has a big present for Mama Maria, and we get to watch her open it! You wanna come too? We're gonna have inspiration, and we get to eat ice cream and cake and lots of yummy things!"

7.Oh, Jesus, it's so beautiful!Now I can see what looks like a big hall. It's all prepared and decorated. It's glowing and scintillating with light--this warm, bright light. It's funny, the light is really bright, but not blinding or glaring. It's not like a fluorescent light that is sort of impersonal. This light is very strange in a nice way, because it's bright, but soft at the same time. It puts me in the mood for loving!

8.This hall is magnificent, and there're flowers everywhere--gorgeous roses and other dainty flowers, every blend of color you can imagine! Some of the colors I've never seen before. I'm taking a very deep breath, breathing in and then out. Ahhhh, their sweet fragrance perfumes the air! I've never smelled any perfume in my entire life that would even come close to this. So many flowers, so beautiful! There are clusters of flowers on the big pillars in the hall, and these have streamers dangling from them. They're flowing and waving in the gentle breeze. These giant columns are made of gold, it seems, but it's transparent gold and it glistens--so pretty!

9.In this big hall there are these golden columns, but at the same time, this hall, well, it's partially open-air. In other words, it's not all closed in. There's not a conventional roof on it, but instead it's like a latticework of some sort which is golden too. And it's all covered with gorgeous greenery, vines and flowers. It's beautiful, all open, light and airy!

10.The flowers are everywhere, and the gentle breeze is blowing. There seems to be some special power in the breeze. It's very refreshing. I can almost feel it--the warm, soothing, gentle breeze that's blowing. It's perfect--so warm and comforting--a perfect climate. This breeze is invigorating and gentle at the same time. It's as if all the people are being refreshed by this soothing breeze.

11.Everybody's gathering in this place. Oh, there's Dad! Wow, he looks absolutely wonderful, so handsome and full of pep! There are several teens and young people accompanying Dad, and they're all excited. They're all dressed up special for this occasion, some in long, flowing gowns of light! These gowns are long with high slits up the side. Others are in short little skimpy skirts and tops. But both the long gowns and the shorter skirts look like they're made out of some type of transparent material that radiates. The material is so lovely--it shines with a Heavenly luster! It's a flowing, silky material that's see-through and soft and it shimmers with a magical shine!

12.Some of the young people have crowns of flowers on their heads, with their long hair flowing down their backs. Some of the girls have these amazing braids and twists in their hair, some intertwined with small, delicate flowers, and others with these gorgeous shimmering ribbons--very delicate, but all very lovely. Everybody looks gorgeous, absolutely dazzling!

13.Dad is making an announcement now, saying that the celebration is going to begin! He's calling everybody to gather for a word of prayer, and he's explaining that the Lord wanted to get everybody together in order to have a little tribute to Mama, a little time to unite in prayer for Mama and the Family, to pray for Mama and her strength for the new year ahead.

14.To begin, Dad is calling on everyone to join in on the one thing that Mama would want everybody to do, he says. He continues saying he knows the one thing Mama would want the folks down there on Earth to do most on her birthday would be for everyone to have some loving Jesus time--a time of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for all He has done, with a really big praise meeting to give all the glory and thanks and praise to Jesus for all His wonderful love and blessings. Dad goes on to say, "So what better way to begin our little celebration up Here also than with some good praise time! Okay, folks?"

15.Right then the Austin girls give the signal to the Heavenly band, and throughout the halls of Heaven everybody breaks into singing and dancing and praising the Lord! Everybody's twirling around and around as they dance and laugh and smile and sing! They're all dancing really free and wild--singing and dancing and shouting praises to the Lord!

16.Thank You Jesus! Praise You Jesus! Oh, Jesus, it's so beautiful! It's so spectacular how everybody praises all together and in unison. It's so powerful when they all do it together like that. Now the light is even more brilliant! It's pulsating and throbbing as if the light itself is dancing. The light is alive--it's whirling and twirling! It's swirling round and round and round! Oh yes, I see now. That's it, that's why--it's the Lord! It's as if everyone's praises were announcing the arrival of the Lord!

17.Oh, Jesus, I wish I could draw this! You're so awesome, so handsome, so gorgeous, so strong, so manly, so sexy, so mighty, so irresistible, so powerful, yet so warm, so tender, so understanding, so loving. Your eyes are so piercing, yet so soft, and so sympathetic, so kind.

18.The Lord is dressed in special attire. I've never seen Him look quite like this! Everything He has on is golden. He looks so sexy in those pants! They look somewhat like those Gypsy pants, with a drawstring waist, and they're soft and flowing. Mmmmm, they're sitting on His hips just right! The pants are golden and shimmery--some sort of semitransparent material. He has a cape on; it's golden, too, and glowing. It's just over His shoulders and it doesn't cover His strong bare chest--whew--so strong and handsome!

19.One thing that's really pronounced in this scene is the golden ring on Jesus' finger. It's shining and glowing so brightly. I get the impression there is something very special about this ring, as if it's made out of very, very pure gold--a gold that has been purified and tried and tested in the fire. The Lord has His hair pulled back in a ponytail, but it's not real slick. It's so nice. He's wearing a golden arm bracelet, high up above His elbow. Oh, whew! He just looks so good! It's very overwhelming. I can't take my eyes off of Him!

20.Jesus is so happy that everybody is singing to Him and praising Him! He's enjoying it tremendously as He makes His way over to take His place at the head of the table. All of a sudden the praises begin to die down as the Lord picks up some sort of instrument, like a small golden rod in one hand and a golden triangle in the other hand, and He strikes the triangle in order to call everyone's attention. Dad takes his place sitting on the right side of the Lord for this very special occasion, and the others all take a seat at the long banquet table.

21.In the blink of an eye, the Lord lays the table before them.What a feast! A banquet of delicious goodies is spread before all--luscious fresh fruits and delicious desserts of assorted kinds. Oh, but that's not the main course. Yummm! Look at that! These cute little cherubs are going around serving everyone. Wow, look, it's pizza! The most delicious pizza! Pizza and pizza and more pizza! I never saw so much pizza in one place. Oh, Dad, how thoughtful! Dad requested the pizza for this gathering in special honor of Mama's birthday, since that's one of her favorites!

22.At each place setting there is a golden goblet-type wine glass filled with the finest choice wine, selected by the Lord Himself from the wine cellars of Heaven for this memorable occasion. The Lord is standing up at the head of the table and He wants to make an announcement. He's about to start:

23.(Jesus speaking:) Hallelujah for this special day--a day to remember, a day to commemorate, a day to reminisce, a day to be thankful for! For this is the day I created My darling queen, My insatiable bride, My always faithful, always loving, always cheerful, always open, always giving Queen Maria! Therefore let us rejoice and sing in honor of our Queen Maria, My yielded bride, My adoring bride, My faithful and true bride, who leads My children out of the darkness into My glorious light! (End of words from Jesus.)

24.All those presentraise their cups and shout "Amen!" as they take a sip of wine. Then the Lord Himself leads the singing as everyone sings "Happy Birthday to Mama" in the most beautiful three-part harmony. I've never heard it sung that way before! It's so Heavenly! They seem to be playing some different types of instruments that I'm unfamiliar with--it's sending goose bumps all over me.

25.After the singing, the Lord begins with a little word,and then Dad, and then everybody goes around the table saying what they love and appreciate most about Mama. The Lord Himself begins:

26.(Jesus speaking:) How I delight in the creation of this one, My little one, My cheerful one, who from her mother's womb was created to bring life and joy and light into the world. With great fulfillment I look upon her now, for the joy she brings Me. How I love My Queen Maria for her cheerfulness and the continual song in her heart toward Me! How I love her praises unto Me as they rise up in a continual flow, never ending, sweet and lovely melodious tunes that reach My ears, thrill My heart, and move My hand to move on her behalf and that of her children.

27.Maria, Maria, My darling queen who fills My soul with delight! Oh, the faith of this one, who though she be little in her own sight, I say she is a mighty bulwark, strong and sure and steadfast in faith! Such great faith does My Queen Maria possess that it is unmatched by any other! Because of her great faith I have made this one rich--rich in faith, rich in understanding, rich in compassion for her children and the lost of the Earth, rich in mercy and rich in truth!

28.This one is endowed with curiosity, for I have made her so--eager to ask, eager to know, always seeking, always knocking, always asking. Oh, the curiosity of My Maria, My insatiable bride! Unending curiosity I have planted in her heart, that she might ask and inquire of Me, and thereby become wise.

29.Oh, the wisdom I pour out to My Maria! For in her much asking, I am able to pour down the answers. To My Maria I pour out wisdom and truth that far surpasses that of all the ages and all the sages! Through the faith of this little one, many are made righteous. Many will come to know My truth and many will be freed.

30.Precious jewel, My Queen Maria, let us sing on her behalf! So great a love as this, of My lovely queen, I find in no other. For she is My queen of hearts, My queen of love! Through her I pour out My great love to a lost and dying world.

31.On this day, the day of her birth, I do bestow many new gifts on My beloved queen and her children. On this day of her birth I now enhance the gifts that I have placed within her since the beginning of time. With this kiss, My darling queen, I do embellish the gifts that lie within you. Receive, therefore, the enhancement of My gifts of love, that all the gifts I have put within you may shine brighter, more brilliant, with greater intensity and beauty than ever before!

32.Receive now, My adoring love, greater anointing, greater power, greater yieldedness, greater boldness, greater faith,greater wisdom, greater love--greater and more abundant gifts! As I put this cloak upon your shoulders, fear not, My darling queen, but let this be an ever-present help for the days ahead. Wear this cloak of yet greater anointing and know that I am always near.

33.Oh, the beauty and shine of My Maria as she reflects My beauty, love and light! This is a day to remember, for in this day Maria does shine! How I love My darling Maria, My mediator, My amanuensis, My shepherdess upon the hilltop who does feed and care for and tend to her flocks. My lovely Maria, who does stand bold and brave and unafraid, for her eyes are fixed on Me. How I love My Maria, My incomparable queen, My mighty strong tower, My prophetess of the end!

34.Love her, My children! Love her, cherish her, obey her and follow her. For through this one, My humble queen, I will lead you into the light of a brighter day--a day of freedom, the day of the full power of love manifested in the world. Through the faith of this one, My Queen Maria, the morning dawns, and the light of a brighter day breaks forth. (End of Jesus' message.)

35.(Dad speaking:) That's my Maria! She's always been my link of love, and she still is. She's still my spark, my fire, and she really knows how to get me going! What would I have ever done without my Maria? All those years she held on to me, she believed in me, she put faith in me and made me what I am today. Maria was my little soldier, always by my side, and she still is! Or rather I'm at hers now, ha, ha! Now the tables are turned in a way. Well, she's still at my side and I'm at hers.

36.Maria is still my other half! She's still asking all those questions, and I'm just thankful I can continue to help answer'm. She's still my little robot. That's my Maria! You'll never have a better intercessor, a more faithful shepherdess, a more loving, serving and sacrificial queen than Maria.

37.I know dear Mama would never call for this time of appreciation on her own, so I'm just gonna go right ahead here and do it for her! I claim the prophet's right and I hereby decree we all give credit to whom credit is due. If it wasn't for Maria, the Family wouldn't be where it is today. Her taking care of me all those years is what made the Family into what it is today. When I was weak, she was strong for me. My Maria, she's always been my mediator. She held on to me and kept me going when I wanted to quit. She fought for me, bled for me, died to herself daily for me, fought back Satan and all his devils on my behalf, and on your behalf, dear Family.

38.If you want to thank anybody for how far the Family has come, you can thank Maria! She never lost faith in me, never gave up hope in me. She never lost a Word! I don't know anybody in the whole world who loves the Lord's Words like Maria. Faithful Maria--look at her now! This is the day I told you about, folks, the day that Maria would shine! Isn't she radiant?

39.She can still think of and dream up more ideas and projects than anybody I know! She's pouring out more and faster and with greater fury than I ever did. She's still sucking and searching and pulling those gold nuggets out of the mines of Heaven. That's my Maria! She's doing more and going farther than I could ever go.

40.This is it, folks! This is the day that Maria will shine! Hold on to your hats! Heeeeere we go! Keep taking care of my Maria. She's going to be the greatest prophetess that ever lived as she shines with the love of Jesus!

41.Let's go around the circle and you can all say one thing you love and appreciate or are thankful for about Mama, okay? (End of Dad's message.)

42.Everybody is having such a good time as they go around the table, each one saying something they love and appreciate about Mama. And every time someone says something, all the others chime in with an "Amen," or a "That's right," or a "You can say that again!" Everyone is so enthusiastic.

43.Then it comes around to the Lord again. He looks so happy! The Lord stands up and He takes His goblet of wine in His hand and says, "I want to make a toast to Queen Maria!" Dad is sitting there, very honored. He's very happy and just very, very touched by this whole thing.

44.As the Lord raises His glass and everyone follows suit, the Lord says: "Let us make a toast on behalf of our precious Queen Maria! Here's to a new year ahead--of greater victories, greater anointing, greater power, greater accomplishment, greater and stronger health, greater blessings, greater enrichment and endowment from on high! In honor of My beloved queen, and her faithful King Peter, and all our Family in the house of David, let us make this toast!" Everyone says, "Amen!" as each one taps the glass of the one next to them and then takes a sip of wine. Then the Lord goes on to explain to everyone, as they continue sipping their wine, that He has a very special surprise and He's going to need everyone's help.

45.At that moment everyone's attention is turned toward this gigantic viewer! Goodness, it's the whole length of this giant hall, and right before everyone's eyes, in living color, Mama's Home appears on the screen. I can see on the viewer too, and we here in Mama's Home are all going about our duties as usual, preparing to gather in the living room in just a few minutes. The Lord continues, going on to explain that of course on this night (Mama's birthday), Mama is planning on giving a talk to the Family.

46.Then the Lord asks everyone there at the banquet table what they suppose is the main thing that Mama is going to want to do tonight. Right then, everybody--saints of old, angels, Dad and all the Family members, and the Heavenly host that are present--they all shout all at once: "Hear from Heaven, of course!" And then they all start praising the Lord. They're all so excited and happy about it, and many of them can guess that they might be called on to speak. Oh, it's really a thrilling moment! The Lord has the biggest smile on His face, and says, "Yes! Yes! Yes! That's My Maria!" He looks so happy about this, like He's so proud of Mama and her channels who want to hear from Heaven.

47.Then Jesus goes on to say that this gathering in Heaven is not only for the purpose of having a party in Mama's honor, but that it's also for the purpose of rallying everyone, sort of like a pep rally where everyone can come together and rally and praise and get prepared for what they're about to do.

48.Right then the Lord announces the names of various ones who He has selected to go on teams that will be going down to deliver all Mama's birthday presents to her personally! Some will pass on the messages from Heaven, and others will bestow on not only Mama, but all the Family, a number of birthday gifts.

49.The Lord is giving a little word here, that whatever presents Mama is receiving for her birthday, they're not only for her, but for the whole Family if they will just reach out and receive them, and He explains that that's why they're so important. This is also one reason why this mission is so important and why so many teams will accompany the mission, because the Devil and his imps won't like it, and they will make an attempt to foil things, even though it will be very feeble. The Lord is explaining all this to everyone in the big hall as they are intently listening and giving their full attention, as if waiting with bated breath for any other surprises the Lord might have in store!

50.Jesus explains that another reason there are so many present at this big banquet is that everyone is needed and will have a part in this endeavor. Those who don't personally go on the mission will be assigned to stay back and hold special vigil for the teams that do go down to Mama's Home. He explains that because of the importance and urgency of this mission, they are going to need all the support and power that they can get!

51.Oh, this looks so awesome! Everyone has a look of excitement and expectancy. It's as if they are projecting the thrill of this mission on their faces. I don't know how to explain it--it's thrilling but sobering at the same time.

52.The Lord Himself is going to lead this mission because He wants to deliver some of the goodies to Mama personally. Wow, look at that! There are seven enormous angels, and they're glowing like they're on fire! They have an aura of fire all around them--around their entire body. They're standing head and shoulders above all the others, right up there in the front. These seven angels are really special! They really stand out because they have this special aura of fire around them. But there are many, many more angels behind them, I can't count them all. Then behind those are many other helpers, departed saints, and some Family members too.

53.Jesus comes and stands in front of them all,right up in front of the seven fiery angels, and He calls Dad up to stand next to Him. The Lord is saying something. He says, "Well, folks, this is a special night, one that is going to go down in history, one that is going to live on throughout all eternity--the day of the enhancement of the gifts of My Queen Maria and all the children of David! David, this is your day too. It all started with you. Through the obedience of this one man, many are made righteous."

54.Dad, very touched by the Lord's acknowledgment and compliment to him, starts giving the Lord all the credit. Ha, ha! The Lord and Dad are going back and forth praising each other. Each time the Lord gives Dad another commendation, Dad shoots back a praise to the Lord, giving Him all the credit! It's so sweet! Dad just keeps giving all the glory to the Lord. Then everyone kneels down before the Lord and He gives the entire host His blessing.It's a solemn moment.

55.Oh, that's wonderful! Look at that! Everyone that's going on the mission is lining up on one side of the hall. It looks like they're ready to take off--they're going to get beamed down in some way! It looks like they're going to just phase out and beam over to our Home down here. But everybody else--this is so neat--is singing a beautiful hymn. It's a fighting song! They're all singing it as they each light a candle.

56.It's a vigil candle! My goodness, that's overwhelming! Look at that--so many, many candles as far as I can see! They're all flickering and twinkling. It's so beautiful, so awesome! These candles seem to be something very, very special--that's the impression I get--because normally all the light in Heaven is the light of the Lord, but these are very special! Everyone is lighting their candle. They're scented. It's another fragrance of Heaven that is new and indescribable.

57.As soon as every candle is lit, the Lord raises His hand and says, "Away team ready? Let's go!" And off they go! I have to chuckle here. Can you believe it, the Lord refers to them as the "away team!"--The same name that we call our folks when they go off on trips! Wow! And off they go!


58.All of a sudden the scene switches. Now I see us all here, gathered in the living room. Mama is sitting in her chair and she's sharing her birthday prayer with us.

59.Wow, look at that! Who is that? Oh, Jesus, I've never seen anything like this! I see the most magnificent angel! Well, I'm not sure. No, I don't think she's an angel. She seems like an angel, only much, much more! Is she an angel or a departed saint, or who is she? No, she's someone very, very special. Oh my! Yes, She's the Queen of Heaven! She's all aglow and bright and vibrant. She's dressed in the most gorgeous gown! It looks like a Grecian gown, or one of those old Roman gowns, I'm not sure which. It's a simple style, but the material, whatever it's made out of, is literally out of this world, that's for sure!

60.The gown is sleeveless, sewn at the shoulders, and has a low scoop neck in the front, and a low back, and sort of drapes down soft and flowing, yet clinging and accentuating the shape of Her body. It's an elegant tunic-type style, very elegantly belted at the waist--which begins with some crisscrosses just below the bust line down to Her waist, like those old Grecian styles, I think--but it's long and flowing down to the ground, and also has slits up the side.

61.Whatever it is, the material is so overwhelming! It seems to be made of sparkling gold too, but it's not quite like the material I saw the others were wearing. It looks like soft sparkles, very small delicate sparkles that all come together in this gown. Like small intricate sparkles of gold. There's nothing like this on Earth! It's golden--a translucent type of gold--but at the same time it shimmers with color. It scintillates with not only a golden glow, but like a prism, it reflects the most gorgeous, soft, yet brilliantly glistening colors--like an opal. At a distance it looks like shimmering, soft, golden, flowing material, but if you look real close up, you can see each little sparkle is so intricate and delicate; like a snowflake, it's unique.

62.Here on Earth we have sequins; that's maybe the closest thing I can think of that might very, very remotely describe this, but this material is far, far better than that! Sequins are sort of hard and tin-like, but this is very, very soft, flexible, flowing and brilliantly glowing and glistening, scintillating with such magnificence!

63.This iridescent gown radiates a soft, warm, comforting feeling. It's not brash or flashy in an earthly sense. I've never seen anything like it. It has energy! It's not that the gown in itself, though, is the source of the energy. I don't know how to describe it, but the gown is transmitting or emanating the power and energy of the Queen of Heaven! Oh, Jesus, help me to describe this, it's so gorgeous!

64.She's magnificent, and the gown is glistening--so spectacular! It's radiating a warm, sparkling feeling out toward others, and I get the impression you can have it if you want it. You can have that glow all over you if you want. It's very invigorating, revitalizing, and tantalizing! It pulsates and glows and glistens with such splendor! The Queen of Heaven is giving off this power in that brilliant glow as it twinkles and shines with magnificent energy. She's so tremendously gorgeous, and She's hovering over all of us as we are gathered in the living room.

65.Wow! Look at that! With one wave of Her hand, our whole living room is transformed! Look what She did! Our whole living room looks similar to that beautiful hall I saw in Heaven! It's as if She just transported a portion of Heaven right down here to our house. The walls right here have those same golden pillars I saw in the hall of Heaven, and the clusters of flowers are all around--and the smells! I'm breathing in deeply. Can you smell that? The fragrances of Heaven are filling up our house right here! Oh, I could breathe in this Heavenly aroma all day and all night long!

66.Now the Queen of Heaven is standing right behind Mama, so gorgeous in that pulsating gown, and Her crown is shining so brilliantly! I forgot to tell you about Her crown! It's glowing gold and studded with precious jewels. I see diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and others, some unlike anything known on Earth. They glow and sparkle, so majestic. That crown fits so beautifully on Her head, neatly highlighting Her long, flowing hair.

67.She's standing right behind Mama as she's sitting there in her chair, and it looks as if She's going to do something. Is She going to whisper in Mama's ear? Oh no, look! Look what She's doing! With one touch of Her hand on Mama's head, She's clothing Mama with a beautiful glistening gown very much like Her Own. Just like that--presto! In one wave of Her hand She's robing Mama, outfitting her in a gorgeous Heavenly gown! Look how She does that! I can see it, like it's rippling down on Mama from her head to her ankles! All the while it's scintillating and pulsating as it flows down on Mama--as if it's layering right down on Mama from head to toe.

68.Oh, Jesus, this is so amazing, so magnificent! The Queen of Heaven Herself is adorning Mama in this gorgeous, gorgeous gown of power and energy and light with that wonderful, glowing, glistening, golden substance. She's filling Mama with this power and energy and light. Wow! Now look--it's going to go out to all of us, too! We can all have some--all we have to do is take it. Look!--We're all receiving this power and energy, too! I hear Her saying something. The Queen of Heaven is standing there admiring Mama and all of us with a big smile on Her face and She's saying:

69.(Queen of Heaven speaking:) Believe, receive, and be filled, My children in the house of the queen,and all My children in the house of David, for the day is come! Behold, how beautiful is the lovely Queen Maria as she receives the sheen of Heaven! Behold these her children, who believe and receive. Look and behold My Spirit poured out in greater measure, in greater power, in greater anointing, for the day is come. Receive! Receive and bask in it! Revel in it! Breathe deeply of My Spirit and power! Receive My energy and light and life and warmth!

70.Receive! Receive! Receive and be touched by the elixir of Heaven! Be renewed and refreshed by My Heavenly anointing and power and energy as never before. For the day is at hand when My Queen Maria shall shine, and all her children who do believe and receive. Shine on, Queen Maria, and all your children! Believe and receive and be refreshed with the luster of Heaven! (End of message from the Queen of Heaven.)

71.Oh, this is stunning! It's so awe-inspiring to see Mama there in that gorgeous gown, that beautiful Heavenly attire--robed in the glory of Heaven!

72. Now what is the Queen of Heaven doing? She's standing very tall and erect, very stately looking, right behind Mama, with Her hands on Mama's shoulders, with Her eyes lifted upward. I have a very funny feeling like something important is about to happen. It looks like She's beckoning someone. She's looking up and giving the okay, as if nodding Her head in approval--giving the signal.

73.Wow! Look at that! Oh, dear Jesus, oh my goodness. Can it be? Here comes the whole crew from Heaven, all the ones that I saw take off in that marvelous Heavenly farewell! Here they come! Everyone's arriving right here in our Home!

74.First, the seven angels surrounded by fire--they're leading the way. They seem to be like the honor guard. It seems they're sort of like the scouts, going on before to make sure there's no trouble along the way and that the coast is clear of any static or trouble the Devil and any of his little demons would like to cause. At least that's the impression I get. They're so big and powerful and awesome looking! I don't think anyone would want to get in their way, so they're heading up the team!

75.Now I can see them even clearer than when I saw them in the hall in Heaven. Wow! The female angels--there are three of them--are dressed so far-out! These particular angels don't have long, flowing attire on; they look more like they're ready to fight, ready for battle if necessary! That's the impression I get--for one, because of the way they're dressed. The girls have sandals on that lace up crisscross to the knees. Both sandals and laces are golden and glowing, and on the heel of their foot they have wings--small wings right at the back of their heels. This seems to be significant, a special emblem of some sort, marking the fact that they can travel faster than the speed of thought. Wow! Faster than the speed of thought! How's that possible?

76.Oh yes, I'm so sorry, She's reminding me the Queen of Heaven is reminding me that all things are possible with the Lord! Amazing how She reads my thoughts and seems to beam back the answers in an instant. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

77.These female angels are very womanly, sexy. They are wearing tight-fitting two-piece garments that reveal their figures. The panty part is similar to a bathing suit bottom that goes up to the waist and is cut up high on the sides to reveal more of the legs. Around the waist they have a belt--some kind of golden, glowing waist belt with swords attached--huge swords! Those belts are magnificent--quite outstanding! Then they have a tight-fitting top on that reveals their midriffs, and that part is also golden. They have arm bracelets too, and they wear them high, above their elbow, and they glow just like their belts.

78.Oh! Awesome! Two of the men angels are not holding swords in their hands, but they're holding lightning bolts! Wow! Lightning bolts blazing with power--and they're holding them right in their hands! Oh, these guys are so tall and mighty looking--all seven of them! The men angels with the lightning rods are bare-chested and they're only wearing a loincloth type thing--no sandals or anything else, just a loincloth--and they have a glowing golden belt too and those amazing lightning bolts in their hands. One of them has blond hair, and the other dark hair, both with long flowing hair, and nothing is holding it back. The dark-haired male angel has that gorgeous olive-colored skin. Both are very, very handsome looking. They all are! All seven of them are overwhelmingly beautiful or very handsome--some with light hair and some with dark.

79.The other two men angels are wearing a very short tunic. The top of it is attached at only one shoulder, then it crosses down to the waist, and they have the same type of golden, glowing belts. All seven angels have these incredible belts on! These two with the short tunics have long, flowing hair and a golden band around their foreheads, and they have huge swords in their hands.

80.All seven of them are taking their place standing around Mama. The three female angels are in a line behind her. The other two men angels with the swords are standing on guard, right on either side of her with their giant swords in front of them pointing down. The two with the lightning rods are on either side of Mama too, but standing more forward and farther apart diagonally out from the two with the swords. It's so awesome to look at them.

81.They're all standing around Mama, but it looks like they're leaving some room, as if someone else is going to come. Listen! Can you hear that? It sounds like trumpets! Wow! That's why they're leaving some space there--look at that! There's a whole host of folks showing up now--lots of helpers--and they're all taking a place among all of us. There're so many of them! Some are sitting right here among us, and others are standing behind us, a few are leaning up against the pillars, and a few more are hovering over us. Oh, this is gonna be something! And there's still more to come--it seems not everyone has arrived yet. I hear more trumpets sounding.

82. Oh, here they come! She's majestic--so queenly looking! Lord, who is she? Catherine, czarina of Russia! Catherine the Great! She's very regal-looking, walking very stately with such grace and poise, so beautiful in that long, velvet gown, her hair pinned up so lovely, as if making a crown on her head. She's very, very wise; her years of experience have made her that way. She's walking right up to Mama. That's so sweet. She's leaning over to give Mama a kiss. No, two kisses--one on each cheek--and then she's taking the seat right up in front in the chair right next to Mama. The Lord has given her permission to go sit in the chair Mama always reserves for Him.

83.Oh my, and who's that? Oh, she's really incredible--so tall and fearless and strong!She's Rianna, the brave and noble Amazon warrior! She's so strong!--And very tall. All she has on is a small shammy-type cloth, very skimpy, around her loins--that's all. She's gorgeous standing there bare-breasted! Her hair is very long and tied back in a very intricate fish-bone braid down her back, and she has a thin headband around her forehead. She's holding a bow and arrows in her hand, and she's taking her place, standing right next to Mama on the side opposite where Catherine is sitting. Oh, Jesus, all this is very, very awesome! What's going to happen here? Jesus, Jesus, please help me. What are all these folks going to do?

84.(Jesus speaking:) Behold the honor guard of Maria! Behold this day the might and strength and power that I bestow upon My faithful queen and the children of David! Behold, for the time is at hand. Behold the power and might of the Heavens that I pour down upon My Endtime Queen and her children. The time is at hand, yea, even now is--the day that Maria shall shine! Many helpers will I send to stand by the side of My Queen Maria. Many, many, many are preparing to give aid, to help and to guide. Behold, many will be the helpers of Maria and the children of David!

85.Behold the seven angels of Maria that I assign this day to guard her, to stand strong for her, to fight for her! Behold the might of Heaven, the power of Heaven that I pour out this day! Seven angels will stand guard from this day forth to guard and protect My Queen Maria. Seven mighty angels stand strong in the power and might of Heaven. Seven angels, standing in the aura of My fire and light and life I give to Maria, that she might be protected and preserved to feed My children in the house of David. Behold these angels as they take their stance, always ready, never sleeping, always protecting, always standing guard at the side of My Queen Maria.

86.Behold the helpers of Maria! Catherine, czarina of Russia, I send to comfort, encourage and guide. Behold the strong Rianna, fearless warrior, who I send to stand strong in the strength and power of My Spirit. Rianna, bold and brave Amazon warrior, do I send to inspire My darling Queen Maria to fight on. To Maria, My queen fighter, who does beseech Me daily for her children and for a dying world, I commission the courageous Rianna to fight by your side, that she may always inspire you and help stir up the fight that I place within you, My darling Maria, as you fight on and never give up.

87.Behold the honor guard of Maria! Behold the helpers of Maria, tried and proven and wise, strong and ready to fight, always defending the faith, in the name of My righteousness that will cover the Earth! (End of Jesus' message.)

88.Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! It's so awesome, Jesus! I wish I had a better word to describe it. Words just don't seem to do the subject justice. Thank You Lord!

89. I hear the trumpets again! It's the Lord and Dad and still others arriving! They're all surrounding us. They want to speak. They're hovering over us, all around us, and just waiting their turns to speak. They're all so polite, so considerate of each other, as they all hover over us and take turns speaking through different channels, as everyone tunes in intently, all sucking and pulling together. It's marvelous! Priceless, wonderful Words from Heaven! Precious counsel, encouraging Words of comfort and promise! It's flowing right out of their mouths through the channels. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! We're so blessed! Thank You Lord!

90.Everyone finishes speaking and we all join in together to praise the Lord! Oh, the Lord is so happy! He's looking so great, standing at the opposite side of the room from Mama. I wonder why He's over there? They've given their messages, and now the Lord and Dad are standing there, both in awe, gazing at Mama and at all of us. It's a very precious moment. The Lord and Dad seem to just be appreciating everything--all of us, and all the fruit that will come about as a result of this time we are able to have all together. They seem to be simply taking a moment to reflect and enjoy gazing at Mama and all of us.

91.The Lord and Dad are not talking to each other, but I can hear their thoughts as they're thinking of all the wonderful things that Mama is, and how much they love her--and most of all how thankful they are for her hunger, her faithfulness, and her insatiable desire to please the Lord and do His highest will.

92.Now the Lord is saying to Dad, "Just think, David, these are the saviors of the world--your own dear Maria and all your children--and it's all thanks to your faithfulness. The world has never known until this time so great things as I will be able to perform through your children. And it all started with your obedience. Thank you for a job well done!" Then the Lord says to Dad, "Well, shall we begin? All the messages are delivered; it's time for the waltz!"

93. Look at that! Again, in the blink of an eye, all those cute little cherubs are flooding the room! But this time they don't have pizza! Oh, it's so gorgeous! They're carrying baskets of rose petals and they're spreading them all around, sprinkling them all over us, and all around the floor in the middle! They're spreading them everywhere! All these rose petals are floating down right on top of us, and all around us, everywhere, as if to bathe us in their Heavenly fragrance! It seems to be announcing something at the same time. Oh, that's so beautiful. Heavenly music is playing. It's very, very special music!

94.What's the Lord doing? Oh my, that look in His eye! It looks like He's going to dance. Yes, yes, He is! He has His eyes fixed on Mama over on the opposite side of the room. The Lord has requested the music, and He wants the first dance with Mama. He's standing opposite Mama on the other side of the room, as though just enjoying and admiring her from this vantage point before He begins the dance.

95.But there's something very important He wants to do first. Oh, He's going to make a toast! The Lord wants to make a special toast, like they did up in Heaven. With a blink of His eye, He signals the cherubs, and all of a sudden, just like that, we all have the most exquisite crystal wine goblets in our hands. The cherubs are coming around with these beautiful ornate urns and filling up our cups. It's so neat to watch them filling up our cups--they're so cute.

96.I wonder if this is wine from Heaven? Oh, thank you! Wow, all I had to do was think that--I just was wondering what type of wine it was--and right in that exact moment, one of the little cherubs whispered in my ear, "This is Heavenly Reserve--a special aphrodisiac for the children of David!" "Wow! Aphrodisiac?" I question. And the cherub quickly replies, once again whispering in my ear, "Sure, my love. Go on, taste and see and enjoy! It'll help you keep your love for the Lord vibrant and strong." And he's giving me the cutest little wink with a twinkle in his eye as he flies off to fill other goblets. Ha!

97.Now the Lord, still standing on the opposite side of the room from Mama--with Dad on one side, and the Queen of Heaven on the other--raises His glass and makes a toast to Mama, to Peter and to the Family. He's saying that this toast is to a day of greater anointing, greater power, and greater love. The Lord is commending everybody and thanking everybody for all their love and praises, and saying how He can't live without those things.

98.It's so touching--the Lord is really commending us, and especially praising the whole Family for all their love, and how He's so happy and so thankful to have this more loving, intimate relationship with us, His Bride. He's really praising everyone as we sip our wine. So sweet.

99.Oh, Jesus, You look so good! He's dressed just the same way I saw Him up in Heaven, with that special attire. Now I see, He was dressed special that way to come here for this special event and time with Mama and the Family. But now He's taking His hair tie out, letting His long hair fall down on His shoulders as He's walking right over, straight to Mama. Wow! He looks so good with His hair down, bare chest, and that cape over His shoulders!

100.The Lord nods His head, signaling for a special new melody to be played. How sweet! The Lord Himself is asking Mama for a dance, as He bends over, takes her hand, and gently kisses it. Mama accepts, and the waltz begins with just Jesus and Mama dancing alone as we all look on, appreciating the beauty and grace with which they move. Mama is completely overwhelmed at being in the arms of her greatest Love. She keeps telling Him how much she loves Him. Spellbound by her most passionate Love and such Heavenly tunes, Mama is telling the Lord how wonderful the music is, saying she's never heard anything like it.

101.Everybody is simply astounded at such sweet music, and the Lord winks at Mama and says, "I'm glad you like it!" He goes on to explain that this is a special melody, a special waltz that He had prepared especially for the Family, and that He wanted to present it to her on her birthday. He calls it the wedding waltz because, He says, "After all, you are My brides. Because you and all your children are My special brides, My faithful brides, My most ardent and favored brides, I have ordered this special waltz just for you. It's a wedding waltz, a bridal waltz, for you, My faithful, loving brides!"

102.The Lord is telling Mama that this is the first time He's ever danced this particular waltz, as He's been saving it especially for us of the house of David. He says He wanted it to be a surprise for her birthday so that they, the Lord and Mama, would be the first to dance the wedding waltz of the children of David.

103.Oh, they look so carefree and wonderful and elegant as they waltz round and round the room! The whole time the Lord doesn't take His eyes off of Mama as they waltz around and around with such ease and grace. It's beautiful! Mama is completely enthralled, mesmerized by the Lord, dancing in His strong arms as she gazes deeply into His eyes.

104.What looks of love! They're both completely captivated by each other! Thank You, Jesus, it's so beautiful! Thank You, wonderful Jesus, for showing me this. Hallelujah! I love You, Jesus!

105.After a long waltz, the Lord escorts Mama back to her chair, telling her that before we all join in this special waltz, reserved especially for the Family, that He has yet another surprise! As Mama stands there, she's glowing--so radiant in that exquisite gown that the Queen of Heaven adorned her with. And now the Lord is removing His Own cloak. He slips it off and is gently placing it upon Mama's tiny shoulders. Then He takes the golden ring off of His Own finger and places it on Mama's. That ring really stood out to me earlier, up in the hall in Heaven. It seems very significant. Then the Lord says:

106.(Jesus speaking:) My darling bride, My lovely Maria, how I delight in you--My faithful, My lovely, My insatiable bride, who delights My soul. This day, My fairest, receive these gifts of Heaven, for in this day you will shine! Therefore receive these garments of strength and power and might! Receive these enhanced garments of faith, compassion, understanding, yieldedness, wisdom and love. Receive this, the cloak of My anointing, that the world may look and behold that this is the day of which your Father David did speak--the day Maria shall shine!

107.With this ring I place upon your finger, remember always that there is no other love like ours. Gaze upon the golden glow of this ring, and know that although your faith be tried in the fire, it will come through as the gold of Heaven, stronger, purer and everlasting. As the circle that has no beginning and no end, so is My eternal love for you, My darling, insatiable bride. So is My great love for you, Queen Maria, and all My children in the house of David--true love, faithful love, a love without end. (End of Jesus' message.)

108.Mama, overwhelmed at the Lord's tender mercies and devotion, melts in His arms, as Jesus seals all this with a kiss--a very deep, passionate kiss--as He holds Mama in His arms. So gorgeous, so beautiful! Mama is shining and the Lord is kissing her so deeply and fervently, as everyone cheers! It's so beautiful!

109.Then the Lord motions to Dad to come over to Mama's side. Jesus then takes Mama's hand and puts it in Dad's hand, and looking deeply into both Dad and Mama's eyes, He just smiles and nods. They all seem to have this Heavenly thought power among them; no words need to be said, as the Lord gallantly places Mama in Dad's arms and bids them to dance.

110.It reminds me a little of those old-time balls or galas of the aristocrats where someone is being highly honored. In this case the Lord Himself wanted to highly honor Mama. So they usually have an initial dance, and the one being highly honored will dance the first dance. But now the Lord is handing Mama over to Dad, to honor them both.

111.Mama and Dad are now dancing the waltz round and round so beautifully, as all of us look on just enjoying watching them. It's so wonderful seeing Dad and Mama waltz like that. Wow! And look, there's Peter, he's right there, as if translated home from the battlefront to join in and be part of all this. He's dancing with the Queen of Heaven while Dad and Mama are dancing, and now they're trading partners! Oh, they're all waltzing so beautifully!

112.Now the Lord is turning to everyone--He's calling us all to waltz! We're gonna waltz and waltz on into the night! Everybody joins in the waltz, with the Lord taking turns with everyone around the room, and eventually everybody's all joining in and mingling and dancing to our special Heavenly waltz, so free and light and graceful.

113.It's gorgeous! As we dance, the luster and brilliance of the Queen of Heaven and the light of the Lord reflects all around the room. It's so spectacular! It makes those old-fashioned glass mirror balls that they used to have in the center of the ballroom look so puny. This is marvelous, wonderful, as we're all caught up in this sparkling light of Heaven scintillating all over us. We're all basking in this wonderful brilliance as we twirl round and round, waltzing to the Heavenly music.

114.As we dance on and on and on with the Lord, each other and all these Heavenly visitors, all of sudden something awesome is happening! Wow! Oh, Jesus! Thank You Jesus! We love You, Lord! Thank You for the glories of Heaven! It's as if the roof is lifted right off our house here! Wow! The Lord just gave the signal and the ceiling is rolling away! It's opening up, as we gaze up into the night sky above. It's a little like a planetarium, when they turn off the lights and the celestial bodies are projected up above. But the Lord Himself has opened up the heavens to us!

115.Oh! Wow! I've never seen such a clear night and so many stars! I've never seen the stars shine so brightly. They twinkle and shine, almost as if they're talking to us, or trying to tell us something.

116.Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, that's wonderful! Thank You Jesus! The heavens declare Your glory, Lord, and the firmament shows Your handiwork! It's so pretty, this starry, starry night. All those stars seem to be winking at us as we dance and waltz so free. Oh, Jesus, thank You Jesus! That's gorgeous! I can't keep from crying! I see now, Lord, that's what some of those stars are. That's wonderful! Thank You Jesus!

117.As the time for this particular festivity draws near a close, the Lord is explaining that He wants to give us a continual reminder, a small token that all the Heavens will continue to be at our beck and call--that all the Heavens are finely attuned to us and our work and our mission here on Earth.

118.Oh, thank You Jesus! He's explaining what many of the stars we see are. Oh, that's marvelous, that's it! Some of those stars are the candles I saw being lit in Heaven! All those special candles that I saw everyone light--those special candles that those who stayed back in Heaven lit--they're for us, and the Lord is allowing us to see them among the stars! Those candles are burning brightly for us, and the Lord is shining them down, beaming their light down to us through the stars, so we can see them and be encouraged.

119.Oh, Jesus, thank You! So many of those twinkling stars--they're vigil candles! Heavenly vigil candles just for us! This is overwhelming, to think that the folks in Heaven are keeping all those beautiful candles lit! They're praying for us, supporting us, holding vigil for us. The stars are twinkling to remind us that the vigil candles in Heaven are lit for us, to light our way and lead us through the dark night that is approaching. Hallelujah!

120.The host of Heaven has vigil candles burning brightly for us, and they're not going to let them go out until we all make it safely Home. Those candles will burn brightly, as a token, a reminder to us, that all Heaven is watching, waiting, supporting, praying, standing by us. Those Heavenly vigil candles are shining brightly through the stars to remind us of their devotion to us. It's to always remind us that Heaven never sleeps! The host of Heaven--they're always there for us, holding vigil, standing watch, ready at all times, at our beck and call.

121.Oh, it's so beautiful! That's what some of the twinkling stars are--they're vigil candles burning brightly for us in the halls of Heaven! They never go out, they're always lit so we can see our way. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! It's so wonderful! So gorgeous! Praise You Jesus! (End of vision.)

Mama's Prayer--And a Praise Prophecy!

122. (Mama:) That was almost overwhelming, wasn't it! Could you have ever imagined such a thing? Just think how much the Lord loves us all! It's beautiful! He didn't have to do this! It's a special, special sign of His love for us--so precious! He wanted to show us something we could easily see via His terrific explanation. He wanted to give us a picture of this event that we could keep in our minds forever. This is not a fantasy, nor is it our imagination; this is real! This really took place!

123.Thank You so much, Jesus! You went to all that trouble to love us like this and to do all these special things for us and give all of us--Your whole Family--beautiful gifts! We're so thankful! It's so precious! It's overwhelming that You would do all this for us. We don't have words to thank You enough for it. Thank You, Jesus! We just want to give You our praises. We don't know how to say it or what to say to You for this special, special honor that You've bestowed upon all of us. Lord, we don't deserve one bit of it. We're nothing and we know we're nothing. We don't have anything without You, Jesus. It's all You, every bit of it! We wouldn't even be here without You. We're nothing without You; we can't make it a moment without You.

124.We don't know why You give us all this commendation and honor us so greatly, because we need You so much! We can't do anything without You! If we ever look as though we are accomplishing anything, it's just because You are working through us. We appreciate how You use us and we're so thankful that You allow us to be anything at all in Your Kingdom. We love Your love, Jesus! We need You so much! Lord, we want to praise You in any way we can. Our words are so feeble after such a beautiful display of Your love manifested in such a great way through this spectacular celebration in Heaven and here on Earth. You brought it down to us, being here with us in this special way, with all our Heavenly helpers and the hosts of Heaven, our bodyguards, our spirit helpers, all those who have come to do Your bidding and to help us in this great work. Thank You, Jesus!

125.We love You so much, Jesus! We praise You, Lord! Thank You for this awesome experience. Thank You so much for opening the Heavens to us and letting us see things that are happening in the spirit--the exciting, fascinating, awe-inspiring things that are happening and have happened. It's an experience we will never forget and one which we will cherish forever. Thank You Jesus! We only want to praise You, our precious, wonderful Husband! All glory to You, sweet Jesus! Thank You, our wonderful King and Savior! All praise and glory and honor belong to You, Lord! It's nothing of us; it's all You! We're just Your little robots, Your little chess pieces, and we can only move as You empower us by Your Spirit. Thank You, sweet, wonderful Jesus!

126.We now ask You to give us the praise words to You that You deserve. We don't have the words; we need more words to praise You and thank You for this priceless privilege of being Your honored guests on this glorious occasion. Not only can we not do anything without You, but we can't even praise You without Your help. We can't even say what we would like; we need You to give us the words so we can express a little bit more of our hearts and how much we appreciate the greatness of Your love toward us. Please speak through us now with our praises to You.

127.(One of our Family members speaks our praises in prophecy:) Thank You, Jesus, our wonderful Lover, our Savior, our King. Jesus, You're our Champion, so mighty, so spectacular! How can we find words to describe the love that wells up within us, and our thanks for this marvelous gift that You have bestowed upon us, this treasure that You have given into our hands this night, a glimpse into Heaven? You've opened the doors and You've let us see sights that no one else has ever seen. How could we possibly thank You for such a marvelous, marvelous gift? We're so undeserving. We are so small, so weak, and yet You have reached down from the halls of Heaven--not just reached down, but come down Yourself from the halls of Heaven--to bless us, to anoint us, to strengthen us in ways that are far past our understanding. We have no words that could possibly express our thanks, our appreciation, the wonderful joy and excitement that we feel inside.

128.Thank You, Jesus, for being our Lover--so close, so intimate--for trusting us with this precious truth. Thank You for revealing to us these secrets--brilliant, marvelous, stupendous secrets of Your Heavenly Kingdom. You have counted us worthy, when we know that we are so unworthy.

129.Thank You, Jesus, for making us one of Your Family, for bringing us into the house of David, for giving us such a high calling. Of all the people in the world that live today, and in fact all those who have ever lived, You have chosen us. You called us and You gave us the grace and the faith to follow. And now through all these years, You have continued to give us the strength to say yes, to listen to Your still small voice, to receive the truth and to be soldiers and part of Your Endtime army. Though we are a small band, we are so blessed and strong through You, Jesus. You have made us what we are. We acknowledge that and we know that it's nothing of ourselves, but it's all You--Your anointing, Your gifts, Your leading, Your Word!

130.Thank You for the faithfulness of our King David, our Queen Maria and our King Peter. Thank You for their humility, Jesus. Thank You for their obedience to You, that through their great works of faith, we are what we are today. Thank You that through thick and thin they did not compromise, but they stayed strong for You. They stayed faithful to Your Words and to the standard that You placed within their hands to carry and to bear before all the people of the world--the standard of truth, the standard of the meat of the Word, the standard of Your Kingdom that is to come.

131.Jesus, You've done such a marvelous thing in the Family, in the children of David, in each of us. It humbles us, and yet we're overjoyed that You can take such ones as us and use us in such a mighty way. We give You all the glory, all the praise, all the honor. We know it is for You and You alone.

132.Thank You, Jesus, for the marvels of this wonderful night, this birthday celebration of the queen. Thank You for all the preparation that You put into it, and those of the Heavenly realm. Thank You for the faith of the channel who was willing to open her mouth to receive and to pour out these precious Words to us. Thank You for counting us worthy to not only experience and be a part of this night, but to have it explained in such detail and such beauty, so that we wouldn't miss anything but we could partake fully and experience all that You have to give us.

133.We thank You with all our hearts for the honor guard that You have charged to care for Queen Maria. Thank You that You have called out the great Queen Catherine, the czarina of Russia, and Rianna, the Amazon warrior, to care for, protect and anoint our queen. We thank You for the aphrodisiac from Heaven that You promised would keep our love strong and true and hot and passionate for You. We thank You for the anointing which You have given from Your Queen of Heaven to our queen, and through her, to each of us--not only those of us here, but each of Your faithful children who love You so much in the house of David.

134.So many blessings and so many honors! What a privilege! What a glorious place of service! Our words are so minute, so tiny, so insignificant, and yet we know that You feel and You sense and You know what is in our hearts. You know the love, the joy, the expectation, the thrill that wells up within us to be Your bride, to be in service to King David, Queen Maria and King Peter, and to be a part of the house of David. We know that You understand our sincerest desire to be faithful, loyal and true to the end, to serve You with our whole hearts, with all our strength, all our might, with every breath, with every word, with every step we take.

135.We give You the glory for all the fruit that has been borne and we give You the glory for all the fruit that will yet be borne. And we once again say--and we can't say it enough--that it's only You, Jesus! You are the One Who gives us strength, life and power. You are our Answer Man, our Lover, our King, the Champion of our cause. You are our reason for living. Without You, we are nothing and we can do nothing. All glory to You, Jesus. And in our thanks for such a blessing, such a privilege, such a treasure that You have given us this night, we once again pledge our loyalty, our lives, and our service to You now and until the end. Thank You Jesus! We are Yours forever! (End of prophecy.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family