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Important Notice to Home Teamworkers Regarding GN 751 Maria #401 CM/FM 3143 9/97

From Mama

Dear Home teamworkers,

1.God bless you! I love you so very much! In this mailing you will find GN 751, "The Birthday Party Vision." Rather than pass this GN out for everyone to read privately, perhaps you would like to consider having a special Home meeting to read this wonderful message from the Lord unitedly. I know you're always looking for fun activities to do together, especially with the children and young people. So it would make me very happy if you'd pray about taking advantage of this opportunity to read this unitedly, which I think you'd find both spiritually feeding and exciting.

2.This Letter is something very special, and it would be a shame if those in your Home did not enjoy the full impact of it because it was not presented with enough preparation, enthusiasm and attention. My suggestion would be that instead of reading this GN privately or during your regular morning devotions or Word time, you schedule a special evening or nighttime activity to read it together, which is what we did in our Home. Peter and I joined all our dear loved ones here and we had an extraordinary time together, letting Jesus carry us off in the spirit as Peter read to us. Everyone was very thankful for the opportunity to enjoy this spirit trip together, and several commented that it was much like we did in the early days with such Letters as "The Ultimate Trip" or "Space City."

3.This is not mandatory, of course, but if you decide to do this, I have a few suggestions for you:

a) Please do not pass out this GN in advance, so that when you read it unitedly it will be the first time everyone hears it (except for the person reading).

b) Be sure to read "Birthday Yieldedness" (GN 750), either privately or unitedly in the days before you read "The Birthday Party Vision" GN.

c) Please choose a very good reader, someone who can help your Home members to experience the wonders of this adventure by reading with a lot of excitement. You would want to choose a reader who is expressive and can emote and even be dramatic and animated where appropriate, because that's the nature of the text. The person who reads this does not have to be a teamworker, of course. He or she should definitely read this GN in advance, so as to be able to read it aloud with the proper expression and without much stumbling.

Another possibility is to have two good readers alternate reading the text, since it's rather lengthy and might be too much for one person. These two could alternate reading every 3-4 pages, or each read half of the Letter--whatever you feel is best in keeping the attention of your audience and not wearing out your reader.

d) The details of how you organize this special event are up to you. You can have your whole Home together, if you feel the young children will not distract too much. If it's read with enough expression and drama, even though long, it might keep the attention of the younger ones. But if you prefer, you could have one reading for the older children on up, after the younger ones have gone to bed, and then you can have a special reading some other time for the younger children. If you choose the second option, then the younger children wouldn't have to read the whole GN in one sitting. You could break it up into two or three reading sessions, which would probably be easier for them.

4.Thanks for considering this suggestion. I pray this Heavenly vision is a blessing to you, and that you all enjoy this awesome, far-out, spectacular, amazing trip in the Spirit! Jesus is so good to us! I know you'll enjoy it as much as we did. God bless and keep you!

Much love, Mama

5.PS: When asking the Lord about the importance and value of trying to make a special time to read this birthday party vision, He said:

6.The Words I give are like different kinds of food. Some can be served up quickly and easily, with little preparation, like the way you serve snacks or sandwiches on paper napkins. Others are full-course meals that are best served up on plates and enjoyed sitting down in fellowship with others. Some are like full banquets, where the food is laid out in great abundance and much time is given to the presentation of the food, so that it can be eaten with great gusto. Those who partake of such delicious spreads of food do best to give them plenty of time, to relax and enjoy them.

7.This birthday party vision is a very special "dish." It is a delicacy. I served it up on a beautiful silver platter, and I'm dishing it out to you on very decorative plates with a special spoon. All this is to call your attention to this message, which is one of the specialties of the House, one of the recommendations of the Chief Chef.

8.You're all invited to this birthday party! You're My special guests. It's free of charge. All you have to do is come, take your seat in the recreation room, and I'll serve you up a dish like you've never had before. What a celebration! And I do all this because I love you so! Come one, come all! Don't miss the fun! (End of message from Jesus.)

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